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Homebrewed Blues Chapter IV: Take A Chance And Roll The Dice Edition
Turns out Uni is the father Sub-Edition
In the last thread themes of the BAs and DAs were discussed, a DGfag is reaching NLfag levels of productivity, we had to explain why the Furious Abyss is bad and talked about what was going to happen to the marines if the HH never happened, the remaining threats in the galaxy were mentioned, and one Anon wanted to know how you guys picked your legions and much more in the last thread >>48754325
Red Books Links:
HH Book 6 - Retribution PDF:
http://www.mediafire.com/download/8aqx9j3a8erqv8d/The_Horus_Heresy_Book_6_-_Retribution.pdf or
HHG FAQ - http://pastebin.com/iUqNrrA8
Official HH 7th Edition Errata (Updated January 2016) - http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/resources/fw_site/fw_pdfs/Horus_Heresy/Horus_Heresy_7th_Edition.pdf
Other official downloads: http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/Downloads#horusheresy
HH Rules:
Age of Darkness Army List: http://www.mediafire.com/download/f0c2pnieoijyrqk/Legiones+Astartes+Age+of+Darkness+Army+List.pdf
Mechanicum Taghmata Army List: https://mega.nz/#!LFwTjQ7B!mF0eVOY8P1MPT0a-QSXypXo_ZfskhYynD41PrkaTbD8
30k/40k Rules: https://mega.nz/#F!pFgm0RKR!J06C1gVYcjzNGsF8YNLsjQ!EVh0GZZS
30k/40k Rules and more (torrents): https://kat.cr/usearch/%22Forge%20World%22%20heresy%20user:epistolary/
30k Black Library: https://mega.nz/#F!0RlxDZQC!qAu9BaubWa3KeihJRmOcsg
Strawpoll links: http://www.strawpoll.me/10558764

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Just how many personalities should I put on the Personality Traits table? There is a lot of those.

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Roll a D292 :^)

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Bitter is the only option.

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Rolled 601 (1d2500)

Real clever guy, aren't?

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See thats exactly the problem, theres no way to recreate Kyr Vhalen's performance within the rules. Then add a flavour from each legion. Books 3 and 4 should have given us rites specific to assymetrical attacker vs defender games. The legions are different to each other on the campaign, but not within the actual battles.

Thats literally all I want here, and the stories will keep this board entertained for a thousand years.

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Any IW result is going to have bitterness. But how you make sense out of an magnanimous/good natured/artistic Iron Warrior is your problem, not mine.

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How are Deredeos in terms of assembly? Does the ammo feed for the autocannons require an inordinate amount of work and bending to fit properly?

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That's not true at all.

There's also paranoid and gun-crazy >>48774752

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>"I hate not my enemy, for I must respect them for standing against the might of the Iron Warriors
>Good Natured
>"What if we're the baddies, comrade?"
>"A good fortification is art unto itself, don't you think?"

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>There's also paranoid and gun-crazy
Really that should go without saying. They're Iron Warriors.

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>artistic Iron Warrior
>Warsmith Pallimodes, what fills your thoughts? You haven't said a single word in this meeting! Do you need help in bolstering the effectiveness of our bombarmend patterns?
>Nah, I already sorted that out, improved it to 287% effectiveness, whilst also making the craters spell my name.
>I'm trying to guess which would the middle finger go...

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>artistic Iron Warrior
>Warsmith Pallimodes, what fills your thoughts? You haven't said a single word in this meeting! Do you need help in bolstering the effectiveness of our bombarmend patterns?
>Nah, I already sorted that out, improved it to 287% effectiveness, whilst also making the craters spell my name.
>I'm trying to guess where would the middle finger go...

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Those would do it. You diet IFs deserve a gold star for that.

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>Primordial Truth - actually the truth.
>"Imperial Truth" - a bunch of lies concocted by pair of scheming cucks, one of them a turk, the other likely a jew.

Really makes you think.

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No wonder why they're pals with the Ordo Reductor.
Breakers of Worlds, go!

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>Can you do one for Blood Angels? I'm still very new to 30k and the HH novels, only read Horus Rising so far.

Sure! Feel free to read Fear To Tread(all about Blood Angels) after finishing the first four books in the HH series.

Horus Rising, Fear to Tread, Sins of the Father, Virtues of the Sons, The Herald of Sanguinius.
The Unremembered Empire & Angels of Caliban also has some Blood Angels stuff, but you sort of need to read some other books first before that, Vulkan Lives is one of them.

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Alright, challenge mode:
meme legion

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Says the guy who posts the biggest jobber next to the Avatar of Khaine. We'd know who jobs more but they can't even fight because they're too busy jobbing left and right. Also Lucius is pregnant.

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Reverse Vauban I tell you

How about The Ultimate Fortification

With Void shields, AA gun emplacements, surrounded by tank traps and razor wire. And razor traps and tank wire

From Ville to Campagne

IW's substantial artillery weapons.
>Inner Courtine
Auric-Wall, with Iron Havocs shooting from the top.
Lacks back wall, so that attackers cannot use it against the main fort. Can self destruct so it falls onto the moat bellow, which will fill with phosphex.
>Chemin de Ronde (what's behind the parapet)
IF infantry (BS5).
Filled with trenches and barbed wire. Fearless IW troops with attached IF Centurions will ride the Iron fire on No-man's land if needed.

I could swear I wrote that D-strenght.
I'm not the best I could be
>ecimates internally ;^)

Now that's a sweet-enough anon.

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>Also Lucius is pregnant.

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It's not a conventional pregnancy as we know. Apparently Lucius is finding his resurrections taking longer, parts of his personality/soul fading away, and he feels something growing inside of him.

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>meme legion
So be it.

Legion, The Face of Treachery, Deliverance Lost, Seventh Serpent, Hunters Moon, Wolf King, Wolfs Claw, The Serpent Beneath, The Tallarn books. That's all I think, but fuck it I guess all of the HH books have some undercover AL dude in them.

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Original chaplains best chaplains.

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Why does Dynat remind me of Lex Luthor?

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Because he's also a slave to baldness. Lorgar and Horus also remind me of him.

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So terminator armour during the heresy. The pattern common in 40k did exist during the heresy right? Or was that a later development?

Cataphractii was the older model, tartaros was the new, top of the line model whos development secrets were lost during the heresy.

So how would I want to model, or convert the 40k era terminators into their 30k equivalent? The immediate thing is to remove crux terminatus and imperial eagles and swap out the storm bolters for combis, but what else? Is there anything Im missing?

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>The pattern common in 40k did exist during the heresy right?

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Dynat looks like Lex Luthor.

>> No.48776740

I swear I saw a comic where he had hair. Something about younger Sups burned it off or something.

>> No.48776749

>Is there anything Im missing?
If you're Iron Hands you don't have to convert a damn thing, they have rad Indomitus suits anyway

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Yes, it was called the Indomitus-pattern. You don't even need to remove the Crux if you don't want to as it still existed in 30k as a symbol of veterancy. I would remove the eagles, if you're Emperor's Children you might consider replacing them with Palatine Eagles, or if the model is for a loyalist from a traitor legion consider scratching or inscribing the Imperial Eagle onto the armour to show your allegiance.

>> No.48776783

Any source on the name? I thought Indominus was never labelled as the 40k ones.

>> No.48776866

It's in the description of the non-Legion Tartaros Pattern Terminator Armour on Forge World's site.

>> No.48776925

>Any source on the name? I never read the HH books

>> No.48776964

According to the previous Legion book, Tartaros, Indomitus and Saturnine were developed around the same time and were roughly identical. Cataphractii was among the first suits made and is the oldest.

>So how would I want to model, or convert the 40k era terminators into their 30k equivalent?

I got mine all legs without knee pads. Seeing that the MkIV style single piece greaves can be found on the Gorgons, which are based on the Indomitus, and since Tartaros and Cataphractii seem to have similar single piece designs. Felt right. I replaced the shoulder pads with ones from Master Crafted Miniatures, which is about the only place I've found that sells blank, basic terminator pads. All other have Catapharctii style plates. Torsos don't seem such a big problem, since most of them are just winged skulls. If Cataphractii can have decorative trim on them, why not Intomitus? I gave them all CSM arms, mostly because I thought the design without the cable attached to the arm as found on them seemed right and distinct from the Tartaros and 40k Indomitus. Also got me bases for power axe conversions. Replaced the CSM combi-bolters with SM storm bolters, since GW has had no problems calling that style gun a combi-bolter before and it's the only one I could find that's most likely to be .75 caliber. Also easy to convert into combi-weapons, the twin-magazine design is iconic from all the HH art, etc. etc.

Heavy flamers and plasma blasters are easy. Reaper more difficult, since your only option is the CSM one with all the Chaos crap on it. I just used SW assault cannons fed from a back mounted box and replacing the AC barrels with Taurox Prime gatling cannon ones.

Then I'll listen to faggots tell me I need to put more effort into the hobby and buy official FW kits.

>> No.48777108

What sized shoulder pads from MCM?

>> No.48777115

>"Of these, the Indomitus pattern is perhaps the most widespread, due to its template being held on key Forge Worlds such as Mars, although Tartaros Pattern Terminator armour is also issued to the Veterans of a Chapter’s 1st Company. Perhaps the most advanced form of Tactical Dreadnought Armour, the Tartaros pattern shares many systems with the MkIV ‘Maximus’ pattern of power armour, and provides greater mobility for its wearer than the Indomitus pattern with no loss in durability or protection."

Straight from the FW site, under the 40k Tartaros armour (complete with crux and all).

>> No.48777133

Large. Small is Guard. Medium is PA Marines. That's how it's on most 3rd party manufacturers.

>> No.48777207

Freaky, I was literally just thinking about converting the TDA DW commander into a new praetor.

>> No.48777772

You got any pics? I'd love to see them.

>> No.48778237

Is Vengeful spirit fun? Or should I just jump to Pharos or the next White Scars book?

>> No.48778287

>Or should I just jump to Pharos or the next White Scars book?

>> No.48778404

>Vengeful spirit
If you enjoy Knights, SoH & DG fucking shit up, I'd say it's worth it. It's really action packed. Pharos & Path to Heaven are pretty good too tho.

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>> No.48778471

Have you listened to all the Garro audios? Have you read Daemonology, The Divine Adoratrice, and Little Horus?

If not, then no, it's a mess that pulls things from too many sources without even giving a hint as to why they are the way they are for those who haven't read them. It was with this book that McNeil was pushed into my 'worthless' pile, along with Ben Counter and Nick Kyme.

>> No.48778515

Anyone have the book tier list? Which are the must-reads? been out of the loop for a while.

>> No.48778528


I've listend to one Garro audiobook and that's about it.

>> No.48778547

I never said he should read Pharos. The other WS book is what he should read.
Just the first four novels. Just those and only those.

>> No.48778570

Oh fuck off. Haley is the most "tow the line" BL author, by his own admission. He was told that it was the beacon that first got the Tyranids attention because for that one moment, it was a hell of a lot brighter than the Astronomicon.

>> No.48778611

Yeah okay. I'm sure The First Heretic, Know No Fear, Betrayer, Scars, Meduson, and Path of Heaven aren't worth reading.

Flight of the Eisenstein really blows those all away...

>> No.48778613

Add "the Harrowing" to the list.
A squad Alpharius also features in the Unremembered Empire.

>> No.48778631


But then he wouldn't ever read Betrayer, Know No Fear, Scars, The First Heretic or Path of Heaven.

>> No.48778632

>2/5 for out cast dead
40%? really? its was a pile of wank

>> No.48778670

Read by author. Don't bother with worthless tiers.

>> No.48778690

>Haley is the most "tow the line" BL author, by his own admission.

And look where his spinelessness got us? Forcing Tyranids into 30k.

>> No.48778691

But the thunder warrior was really cool, and sandworm spaceships

>> No.48778741

First Heretic, Betrayer, Thousand Sons, Know no Fear and Scars are god tier, rest are from okay to meh.

>> No.48778761

Then go join ADB in bitching about it, because he was the only one against it.

At least Sotha makes sense because when the Tyranids do show up, they made a bee-line straight for it, hence why the Scythes of the Emperor are the first chapter to fall to them.

>> No.48778768

Note: Know no Fear is pure bolter porn, and it's amazing bolter porn.

>> No.48778795

Agreed on this. Some 'meh' elements, but Abnett writes fantastic bolter-porn

>> No.48778813

>Horus Rising is 10 years old

>> No.48778826


They don't. They go straight for Macragge. It's a splinter of Hive Fleet Kraken that decided to om nom nom Sotha.

>> No.48778829

I liked that part about unremembered empire too, the plot was dog shit, but jesus did it have good action.

>> No.48778834

The thunder warriors was kinda cool, he only looked really cool because he was standing next to the rest of the book

>> No.48778972

>when the Tyranids do show up, they made a bee-line straight for it

And here I was thinking the Tyranids were coming into the galaxy from various directions and going for different targets. Don't remember them all just going straight for that one world.

But hey, maybe next they'll have some primarch go and fuck about in some Tomb World and rebooting some old software that causes all the tombs to come back online, but fortunately it'll take some 10,000 years for the process to finish. Maybe Calgar can visit some viable world at the edge of the galaxy, look at the primitive blue aliens and feel great respect for them and know in his heart that one day his troops might have to do battle with these noble creatures and their advanced technology. And while they're at it, they can shoot down an ork ship above a planet full of birdlike creatures.

>> No.48779074

And hand some Dark Eldar slave a black-hole-in-a-box, hoping the filthy xeno uses it to fuck up the webway.

>> No.48779119

thank you for showing me pigeon girl. now I'm following pigeon girl on instagram and the grim darkness that is my life is a little bit brighter for it.

>> No.48779424

Behemoth did, and it was the first.

>> No.48779844

All I can find says that it was Kraken that attacked Sotha and from what I can see, only a small tendril dipped itself into Ultramar where the planet's suppose to be. Behemoth was nowhere near that same area and was heading straight for Muhcrack.

>> No.48779928

Any good transfers or something to give thunderbolts to models? I want to mark some vets with lightning bolts (denoting that they've served since Terra, right?) but apart from what's modeled on the dudes (like MkIII suits), I can't really find any.

>> No.48779991

Stormcast Eternals have lightning bolt transfers. You get a decent amount of transfers with the cheap three snapfit miniature box.

>> No.48780117

God fucking damn it, I always keep forgetting AoS is a thing. Those look nice and it just happens to be that I've been planning on buying two sets of the snap-fits to make 6 Chaos Ogres (as like big huge warriors).

Is there any pattern to how the bolts, like how they'd be placed on a person? I'd like to give a dread or two them as well and just a bolt or two on the front might look a bit boring. Maybe like 4 around the sarcophagus in an X-shape? Two with a skull in the middle on the shoulder?

>> No.48780271

The bolts are rather simple since they go on the shoulder. Check GW stormcast to check them.

>> No.48780423

I mean like how did Heresy era troops wear the bolts to denote shit? Was it just a bolt on them somewhere, certain pattern of bolts (X-shape and bolts pointing in opposite directions are two styles I've seen), etc.

>> No.48780497

I sadly don't have a clue.

>> No.48780518


>> No.48780746

Rate my list, m8s.

World Eaters Army List
Berserker Assault Rite of War
Legion Praetor - 100
Paragon Blade - 25
Digital Lasers - 15
Archaeotech Pistol - 20
-160 pts

Legion Command Squad - 75
2 additional marines - 30
Lightning Claw - 15
Power Fist - 15
2 Power Weapons - 20
-155 pts

Land Raider Proteus Dedicated Transport - 180

Legion Tactical Squad - 125
10 additional marines - 100
Free Chainaxes
1 Vexilla - 10
Sergeant - Artificer Armour, Power Axe, Plasma Pistol - 35
-270 pts
Legion Tactical Squad - 125
10 additional marines - 100
Free Chainaxes
1 Vexilla - 10
Sergeant - Power Sword, Artificer Armour - 20
-255 pts
Legion Assault Squad - 175
Free Chainaxes
Sergeant - Artificer Armour, Pair of Lightning Claws - 30
-205 pts.
Contemptor Dreadnought - 175
Kheres Assault Cannon - 15
-190 pts
Apothecarion Detachment
3 Legion Apothecaries - 135
1 Jump Pack - 15
-150 pts
Legion Terminator Squad - 175
Heavy Flamer - 10
Sergeant - Thunder Hammer, Combi-melta, Grenade Harness - 27
-212 pts
Land Raider Phobos Dedicated Transport - 225
Heavy Support
Legion Heavy Support Squad - 135
5 additional Marines - 100
Autocannons - 50
-285 pts
Legion Sicaran Battle Tank - 165
2 Sponson Lascannons - 40
205 pts

TOTAL - 2492 pts

>> No.48780800

>Free Chainaxes
it's gonna be one of those days...on topic though: is the Proteus an assault vehicle? Might be better to do a Dreadclaw. If you're not feeling like spending all the money on the FW model just eBay the Drop Pod sprues for cheep and make a converted one using a guide online. if anyone gives you shit for it punch em in the dick.

>> No.48781024

In anon's defence, in the last thread he posted that he paid points for his chainaxes and was told he didn't have to.

Anyway, no, only the Phobos is an assault vehicle.

>> No.48781124

Help anons, I want to incorporate a weathered brass base for my Iron Hands with their black base instead of the weathered silver, give me excuses to do this without butchering the fluff.

>> No.48781279

Sub-culture of Iron Hands before they united with Manus?

>> No.48781309

Could give the Praetor a fist instead of the pistol for +1 attack and the ability to properly threaten multi wound models

>> No.48781407

What about the media an immortals and gorgon terminators?

>> No.48781793

Wonder if these transfers from the IG vehicles sheet would suit some Space Wolves castaferrums on the right side of the sarcophagus. Has the lightning bolts and the axe works as to symbolize them as the Emperor's Executioners or something.

>> No.48781836

>Has the lightning bolts and the axe works as to symbolize them as the Emperor's Executioners
Hey, nice idea.

>> No.48781841

What's the deal with the chainaxes? Wasn't there an FAQ explaining it?

>> No.48781859


FAQs apply to rules, not memes

>> No.48781892

I have to see how they fit the dread. The sheet does have the symbols in two sizes, so there's options. What do they even mean? I've seen them on Marine sheets as well. There's also a fist holding a lightning bolt for any Fisties.

>> No.48781894

Some clarification could have been given for those who still don't get it, even though the wording is pretty unambiguous.

>> No.48781923


>> No.48782037 [DELETED] 

I did something. Toxic or not, just did it.

>> No.48782105

Did something
Fixed typo

>> No.48782198

What happened to the softcover gamers edition books? i cant find them on the forgeworld site

>> No.48782431

30k Solar Auxilla 2500

290 Auxilla Tactical Command Section, +3 additional Veteran Auxulla, x2 Grenade Launcher, Dracosan Armoured Transport, Demolisher Cannon, Flare Shield

120 Auxilla Rapier Battery x2, Quad Mortar x2
75 Auxilla Medicae Detachment, +1 Medicae Orderlie

375 Auxilla Infantry Tercio x3, Blast Charges x3
90 Aegis Defense Line, Quad Gun
330 Veletaris Storm Section x2
380 Dracosan Armoured Transport x2, Demolisher Cannon x2, Flare Shield x2

290 Auxilia Malcador Infernus Special Weapons Tank, Chemical Ammunition
275 Malcador, Demolisher Cannon, Siege Armour
275 Malcador, Demolisher Cannon, Siege Armour

290 HQ

Am I too troop heavy in here? If so, I can drop a Lasrifle squad and the Medicae.
Do I have enough AA w/ the solo Quad Gun? Or should I pack a Flyer or 2 of my own?
Despite having lots of tanks w/ templates, do I have enough Anti-tank?
Only hypothetical list, I am not made of cash.

>> No.48782720

Well fuck, I guess that's pretty unambiguous, isn't it?

Cool, I'll give it a look.

Fuck, completely missed that. I'll give the Dreadvlaw a look.

>> No.48782880

Run two tercios of single veletarii with demolisher dracosan, cut the extra veterans, medicae, infantry tercio and aegis, run a Thunderbolt/lightning and a Knight, or two flyers and some more quad mortars

>> No.48782961

Reason be? Just trying to understand the army better.
Is 2min squads in Dracosans enough?
Usually run 3 troops in 30k lists at this point.

>> No.48783122

Just how no-no is the aquila in 30k? I keep hearing only the EC got to wear it, yet FW puts out kits that display it. Where does the line go?

Also, how is one suppose to field MkIV Castaferrums when FW doesn't make them (outside of like GK and Ironclad variants) and the GW one has aquilas on all the sarcophagus options, and the ones I'd like to use are rather difficult to just file it off.

>> No.48783163

>Just how no-no is the aquila in 30k? I keep hearing only the EC got to wear it, yet FW puts out kits that display it. Where does the line go?
See the Aquila on this EC? This is the Emperor's personal heraldry. This is the Aquila only he and the EC can wear. Normal Aquila is fine.

>> No.48783182

Its a mark of honor, think of it as similar to having your entire army of Ultramarines having a Deathwatch pauldron, its stupid but if you have a couple of deathwatch veterans here and there then its cool.

>> No.48783187

Then why are people making such a big deal about removing aquilas from 40k models?

>> No.48783214

If you want to play most objective games you'll need a transport to get there for your footsloggers. Three veletarii would work if you want the third troop. I've found blob squads mediocre, in that they die in droves, force morale checks too easily, melt in assault, cost you a Dracosan that could have a demolisher instead, and otherwise never make it to an objective if you don't give them a transport. If you are playing maximum gunline, they might have a niche, but otherwise, nope. The one niche for blast chargers is high-toughness enemies, since its unlikely someone will show the butt of a predator/rhino, so unless you know someones bringing a bunch of castellax, don't bother. You need better anti-air than a quadgun, too.

>> No.48783247

Misinformation? Pic unrelated.

>> No.48783271

Thanks! All this makes lots of sense.
I was thinking 3 Veletaris Storm Sections in Dracosans anyways.
Will make a new list now

>> No.48783484

Updated 2500pts V2

285 Auxilla Tactical Command Section, +2 additional Veteran Auxulla, x2 Grenade Launcher, Dracosan Armoured Transport, Demolisher Cannon, Flare Shield

60 Auxilla Rapier Battery - Quad Mortar x1

345 Veletaris Storm Section x3
570 Dracosan Armoured Transport x3, Demolisher Cannon x3, Flare Shield x3

200 Auxilla Primaris Ligntning, 2x 2 Kraken Penetrator Heavy Missiles, Battle Servitor Control
200 Auxilla Primaris Ligntning, 2x 2 Kraken Penetrator Heavy Missiles, Battle Servitor Control

290 Auxilia Malcador Infernus Special Weapons Tank, Chemical Ammunition
275 Malcador, Demolisher Cannon, Siege Armour
275 Malcador, Demolisher Cannon, Siege Armour

285 HQ

>> No.48783737

Watched two friends play a HH game this evening - it seemed like a ton of fun. If I want to play Death Guard what books do I need to go in that direction?

>> No.48783930

Age of Darkness Army List and Age of Darkness Legions.

Get a Calth box for like 40% off from some retailer and some units that can take phosphex and you're ready to rock cock.

>> No.48783989

>40% off from some retailer

I barely see 25% discounts. Would love a 40% one.

>> No.48784005

I did a thing, too. Yours is fine, but i find it a little lacking in the primarch removal way.

255-Command Section-Demolisher Dracosan, dozer blade, extra armour, two grenade launchers

570-2xStorm Section+demolisher Dracosan with Dozer Blade and Extra Armour

420-2xThunderbolt Fighter, Ground-tracking auguries

310-Infernus, Chem-Inferno, Armoured Ceramite
560-2xMalcador-Demolisher Cannon, Dozer Blade, Siege Armour

385-Knight Paladin with Rapid-fire Battlecannon and Ocular Augmetics

This gives you a method of killing off most (non-s10, basically) primarchs. Its gonna catch them with its great movement and kill them through stomps or D. Watch out for terminators with Chainfists, and the really heavy hitters (s10 ap1 or armourbane, so ferrus, perty, vulkan, Alpharius etc), but against Corax, Morty, Curze, fulgrim, Lorgar and Dorn, at least, you've got something to efficiently murder them. Also five demolishers, four battlecannon shots, two jets and all the goodness of a hellstorm ap3 template

>> No.48784080


Ah yes the mythical 40% off bac box people refer to.

>> No.48784113

I got two for 50% off, it's not that hard.

>> No.48784119

Not him, but i managed to get my second for 185 AUD rather than the 265 retail price-by ordering it from Bongland post-brexit.

>> No.48784155

Yeah, but not everyone of us live in a socialist prison experiment.

>> No.48784208

Not OP you are talking to, but:
Why Dozer Blades? Explorator Adaption already allows failed Dangerous Terrain tests to be re-rolled.
For Thunderbolts, do you really needs +1BS when your non-missiles are already BS4 and Twin-linked?
I'd almost rather see you drop the Malcador Infernus for +1 Veterans in Dracosan. Mostly cause I don't think anything will survive in the open as is. Then again, likely everyone will just camp in cover when playing vs this list, so not sure.
I like the addition of the Knight.

>> No.48784258

Stop by LGS, trying to get back into the hobby and starting 30k, buy Tactical Objective cards...do they just not use those at all in 30k?

>> No.48784274

You can if you really want to?

>> No.48784517

Guess I could use them when playing against 40k armies since I'm one of the few dudes who went the HH route.

>> No.48784555

Theres also the Adepticon 30k objective cards which look pretty good.

>> No.48784709

How the fuck do I EC? I just moved to a new area that plays 30k pretty often, and got [email protected] as a test start for a cheap intro. I'm going EC, but everyone else already has a shit ton of models and experience with knowledge on what works with their legion. I hear stories about 5 Dark Furies putting out like 61 attacks on the charge, and BS 6 heavy bolter IFs and Super breachers being impossible to charge. What the hell am I getting into?

>> No.48784713

I'm not either of those guys, i just saw that list he posted and felt it was too vulnerable to Primarchs and such.
>Dozer blades
Oh yeah. Uhhhh, since i didnt notice explorator, aesthetic i guess?
my AL friends favourite way of dealing with big armour (two outflanking rhinos full of meltas mid game) could be easily solved with ap2 armourbane missiles. I'd rather not waste demolisher shots on a rhino. Could easily be dropped, too, just figured they'd be useful
>Malcador Infernus
I love the look of the thing, and ignores cover is the difference between a crippled unit and a unit being completely removed. I also fucking hate Iron Havocs sitting in ruins, and i sometimes see fifteen of the fucks on the same table.
More veterans is all well and good, but the Auxilia have little in the way of decent melee. Also i own a Paladin/Errant

If i drop the dozers, the auguries and drop the paladin to an Errant, i can give the Malcadors Flare Shields, which would probably be a better investment overall.

>> No.48784924

Give back potato.


The mussels were amazing though!

>> No.48785081

>I hear stories about 5 Dark Furies putting out like 61 attacks on the charge,
Who the fuck cares? You should be wiping out those furies before they can even swing back. Just get the charge. The entire mantra of the EC is strike first, strike fast, strike hard, and leave none alive. For achieving that the EC are very well set, Maru Skara allows outflanking (as well as arriving from reserves at the perfect moment) and greater mobility.

>and BS 6 heavy bolter IFs
BS 6 is pretty much worthless, it is BS 5 that gets a second chance to hit by rolling a 6. Plus heavy bolters are shit.

>and Super breachers being impossible to charge
Never heard of this one

I would say first decide on a theme

>> No.48785145

>How the fuck do I EC?

Maru Skara if you want shooty EC and Fulgrim is a must in my opinion. EC are a bit like UM and IF in that they do a bit of everything, Maru Skara will make sure all your shooty bits will arrive when you want them and overwhelm your opponent as you take out whatever you want, 3 Fire Raptors? 3 Veteran Squads? 3 Dreadnought talons? Your imagination is your limit and Fulgrim will bolster whatever you want to do with the army, just take Fulgrim as he's one of the best primarchs.

Choppy EC work best with PotL or 3rd Company Elite, you just have to make sure you always get the charge and dont get stuck on prolonged assaults as you'll probably lose those.

>> No.48785200

I'm thinking 3 vet squads with Weapon Master and power weapons, Cataphractii squads with power fists, 5 land speeders with grav cannons, and then bikes to flavor. Something about go fast hit hard, maybe Rylanor to pump up that combat res.

I like the idea of the elite weapon masters, so PotL seems like a good fit, and plenty of gold to spread about.

>> No.48785251

Pride of the Legion is a great starting list, just remember that all those power weapons and fists add up, anon. Terminators don't have power fists by default in 30k, but power weapons.

>> No.48785459

>I'm thinking 3 vet squads with Weapon Master and power weapons, Cataphractii squads with power fists
Just a note, while vets with PW are cheaper than Palatines they are still very different choices despite their similar stats. Palatines can take power spears while vets can take axes and mauls. Since EC primarily benefit from higher initiative axes are generally a poor idea meaning that if you field vets power swords or mauls should be your choice.

As for the terminators, cataphractii tend to be better for shooting and tartaros for assault due to the latter being able to run and sweep. Just a little point.

I agree with the idea that you probably should go pride of the legion for now but as you expand your list you will probably want some more staying power either absolutely spamming vets (good luck tearing through 60 WS 5 vets and 40 Palatine Blades) or bringing some less elite dudes to fill out your ranks (225 for 20 marines is dirt cheap and is great for objective camping).

Also fun EC list. Fulgrim outflanks everything like an asshole.
>Fulgrim/primarch's chosen
>60 vets with some power weapons (snipers/outflank)
>30 palatines with some Phoenix spears
>Throw in some anti-tank preferably in the form of javelin land speeders
>Outflank everything everywhere

>> No.48785585

I say Cataphractii because of [email protected], but I could probably just use some Indominus since I don't even have to worry about the Aquila or anything because of being EC.

Would proxying/converting a vet squad into palatines and then having two sniper vet squads be better?

>> No.48785813

thanks a ton, never saw these before...coulda saved me 8 bucks!

>> No.48785930

For the love of the Omnissiah, tell me how this is done.

>> No.48786023

what are you guys working on tonight and/or this weekend.

>> No.48786320

I wish I knew, Anon. I cannot remember the thread where the Anon with the AdMech boner showed us the fruits of his AdMech boner.

>> No.48786384

>3 weeks with no heresy releases

kill me

>> No.48786439

>Would proxying/converting a vet squad into palatines and then having two sniper vet squads be better?
Honestly? Probably not. This is what I would use each for

>Mulching marines
Vets with power swords win unless you are cautious in which case take palatines with power swords (counter-attack), or a gambling man in which case take palatines with power spears.

>Killing terminators
Palatines win but at a fairly steep price at 335 for ten, could go 50/50 phoenix spears and charnabal sabres for a better 285 points cost. If you want to stay cheap take vets with axes, still WS 5 even if they don't strike first.

>Killing elites
Palatines win hands down with 3 pseudo WS 6, I 5, S 5, AP 2 attacks each on the charge.

For your exact situation I would probably say
>1 unit of palatines with 5 Phoenix Spears and 5 charnabal sabres
>1 unit of veterans with power swords
Should more than suffice at low point levels. At higher points you could make the Palatines be a full 10 Phoenix Spears and throw in a chaplain or something for rerolls. On the charge the vets kill 13 marines which is good enough for most purposes, while the palatines kill 6 cataphractii terminators which should be enough at low point levels. Of course this is my opinion of minimum, if you want to be a melee heavy army my suggestion for your core army is
>1 unit of palatines with 10 Phoenix Spears
>2 units of veterans with 4-6 power swords per unit
>1 unit of terminators with power fists
Palatines should be able to kill almost anything, termies can soak up fire and dish out the hurt, and vets should still be enough for what you need them to do. That total would cost you about 1k points with a cheap delegatus.

>> No.48786446

Soon, pack brother! SOON!



>> No.48786465

Forgot my pic!

>> No.48786478

Give potato, FW!

>> No.48786491


>> No.48786514

I love that song.

>> No.48786536

What did he mean by this?

Working on a friend's Night Lords Contemptor Dreadnought. Should be a fun time.

>> No.48786561


>> No.48786567

Unless you have money to burn I really don't rate Dracosan's. Defence lines are generally better in my experience. Having no Leman Russ' is heretical.

>> No.48786610

Please don't.

>> No.48786613

More accurate

>> No.48786786

>I would remove the eagles, if you're Emperor's Children you might consider replacing them with Palatine Eagles
There's a difference between 40k eagles and palatine eagles?

>> No.48786855

>Angel Exterminatus
No comrade, it is you who is of mediocre! All Iron Warrior books are best books, especially ones I have not read! That way I cannot be disappointed nor surprised pleasantly or unpleasantly!

See? Is best logic.

>> No.48786861

>all 3 Dark Angels stories are Heresy-Tier.
>at least we get a half credit for being in "Guilliman and Lion Bitchfest" the book.

Being a Dark Angel fan is Suffering. At least the ADB short story for DA was pretty good.

>> No.48786885

Thrope's Law, Anon.

>> No.48786982

People are saying Angels of Caliban is decent.

>> No.48787055

At least you aren't a Salamander. Nothing but Kyme, ever.

It's gotten so bad I'm not even building Sallies anymore, I'm makin Scars.

>> No.48787151

>At least you aren't a Salamander. Nothing but Kyme, ever.
Read Meduson. Guy Haley's got a pair of Salamander short stories in it that give more character to post-Isstvan Salamanders than all of Kyme's novels combined.

>> No.48787154

I am still jealous of WS biker troops. I don't want Jetbike troops I want Biker troops! REEEEEEEE!

>> No.48787193

He wouldn't be so bad if he didn't have Eternal Warrior.

But that scepter man, that fucking scepter.

>> No.48787247

It's just ALRIGHT. The first readable DA book, but suffers from too many characters and Curze being stupid

Definitely a downgrade from Path of Heaven though.

>> No.48787340


Decent, but nothing more. Unspectacular, middle of the road.

Will Praetorian of Dorn or Master of Mankind be better?

>> No.48787378

Um... Why would you compare them? They're completely different authors. Of course it's going to be a downgrade, you're comparing a bottom 3 BL author with a top 3 BL author.

>> No.48787413

You mean will John French or ADB write better than Gav Thorpe? Yes they will.

>> No.48787510

Huh, apparently FW's suppliers for the legion-specific dice have not been responding to any of their calls or emails, nor have they sent them any new stock.

>> No.48787529

>buying overpriced dice with shitty contrast

>> No.48787590

>not inload and exload

>> No.48787596


I already bought chessex dice in my legioncolors for a quarter of the cost years ago. The EC dice look like shit anyway

>> No.48788084

It's hard to put together a tiered list because we can never agree. Personally, I liked:
The opening trilogy (Horus Rising, False Gods, Galaxy in Flames)
(Haven't read Thousand Sons/Prospero Burns but I hear they're good)
The First Heretic
Know No Fear
Scars and The Path of Heaven
Tallarn Executioner (novella, first part of the Tallarn series)

Books I read and thought were not that great:
Flight of the Eisenstien - a little dry, imo
Legion - actually good if you want to read about the Imperial Army during the Great Crusade, but the story for how the Alpha Legion pick sides is silly
Mechanicum - just weird
Fear to Tread - a must-read if you like the Blood Angels but the characters are so generic
Tallarn Ironclad - poor follow up to Executioner, glosses over the giant tank battle and focuses on weird stuff instead

>> No.48788163

How good are Phoenix Guard and Palatine Blades? Win condition lounge other legion units or just chumps?

>> No.48788269

I thought Fulgrim was fantastic.

>> No.48788289

Phoenix Guard are pretty good. Palatine Blades are slightly suboptimal, but if you like models or unit then just take them. They're not chump-level.

>> No.48788296

>phoenix guard
REQUIRES you sweep, not that great unless you have Fulgrim/Rylanor/both. If you sweep things that have trouble harming them, they're amazing. If you charge them at anything with AP2, you're boned. If you lose your transport, you're boned.
>Palatine Blades
Like Phoenix guard, but way faster and much less survivable.

>> No.48788367

Alright, I've edited my 1500 point list and hopefully improved it. What needs fixing, and what can/should I do with the 65 left-over points? What should I take to make it to 2000?

>> No.48788375

Palatine Blades are one of the best melee units in 30k. Phoenix Guard would be good but they are heavily overcosted for one wound terminators with no real options. On the bright side Phoenix Guards help buff the Fulgrim bomb even more. Drop Fulgrim and some Phoenix Guard into the middle of the table and laugh as justaerin run away after slaughtering hordes of tactical marines and get run down.

>> No.48788380


Iron Warriors Ironfire 1.5k

Centurion, 50
+Delegatus, 15
+Master-Crafted Thunder Hammer, 25
+Artificer Armor, 10
+Refractor Field, 10
Total, 110

2x Quad Launcher Support Battery, 60 (120)
+Quad Launcher, 60 (120)
Total, 120 (240)

2x Legion Tactical Squad, 125 (425)
+10 Tacticals, 100 (200)
+Nuncio-Vox 10 (20)
Total, 235 (470)

-Heavy Support
Iron Havoc Heavy Support Squad, 185
+Autocannons, Free

Deredeo Pattern Dreadnought, 185
+Aiolos Missile Launcher, 35
Total, 220

Complete Total, 1435 points.

>> No.48788443

My 2000pt WIP 7th Legion Armored Breakthrough led by Sigismund shortly after obtaining the unpainted Mark IV armor on Mars and allying with a Knight to fight against the Dark Mechanicum. Still so much to do but I'm happy with the gold instead

>> No.48788465

A for effort, Knight Anon.

I require more bodies.

>> No.48788466

The whole side plots surrounding the artists and remembrancers really drags it down, imo.

>> No.48788503

with an Armored Breakthrough technically the Predators count as bodies too! But seriously after this I'm never building another Mark IV again. really hoping there's plastic Mark III this Christmas or else I'll just buy a bunch of Iron Hands stuff from FW.

>> No.48788522

This post seems far more ominous than I had realized it would.

Why Iron Hands, hmmm? Why not the stolen glory and bitterness of the IV legion?

>> No.48788533

Say i have 600 free points on a non-legion list. Can i use an Allied RoW, or does the '1000 points per MotL' thing require the full 1000 points in the one detachment?

>> No.48788537

Well I now like metallic painted tanks. Still seem a bit bland though, could benefit from picking out details in some ways. Not quite sure exactly what to do but if nothing else I would just add some grime on the tracks and maybe some sort of rust spots on the rivets of the tanks.

>> No.48788563

gonna try to give a grimy wash to the tank treads for everything. which wash would you recommend? Agrax Earthshade? gonna be doing a lot of the details this week after my transfer sheet comes in.

>> No.48788565

Add decals, add details, do something to mitigate those open spaces. That said, not bad, knightanon

>> No.48788584

I'm just too loyal for my own good. only traitor legion I'd want to play is Sons of Horus but another guy at my store is doing them.

>> No.48788632

Those are VIIth legion?

>> No.48788667

what I was going for. ended up way more golden than yellow but I liked it. getting the same decals on the right shoulder pad and painting the eyes a bright red should help a bit.

>> No.48788958

What would be the best all-around LoW choice, beside Typhon?

>> No.48789017

Questoris Knight Gallant with a Meltagun. It's like playing Reinhardt in Overwatch, everybody loves you!

>> No.48789030

A Knight, which one depending on the rest of your army. Eats tank superheavies for breakfast, stomps through anything short of chainfists, 4++ against shooting, can have 3d6 run or a directional flare shield

>> No.48789038

Iron Within Iron Without!

>> No.48789040

But anon, Typhon is an HQ?

>> No.48789092

Seriously? Thought Knights fall behind those mega-tanks. Like, no Armored Ceramite, short ranged cannons, has to charge to go against LoW, etc.

Can you guys be more specific and sell me a Knight? I love how it looks (GW one I mean), but its performance kept me from buying one.

>> No.48789109

I personally prefer giant robots over giant tanks. your mileage may vary, but having a directional 4++ is nice.

>> No.48789115

What the hell is that pic?! Where can i find such fun?

>> No.48789161

I thought it added a human touch: we got to see fulgrim how he actual was, rather than how his drug/warp addled mind thought he was.

>> No.48789209

Alright, what about this fella:
> Flare sheild build into the normal sheild
Fast as fuck
>all weapomns as twin linked vs GMC and SHs
>ap1 D arm, that also has a 8" range for sniping fun
>main cannon can rip a hole in reality and creat a 5" D that jumps around for a few turn
>come with a tiny church

>> No.48789227

And the rules for this sexy beast

>> No.48789267

I prefer the shorter plastic ones, but I'll definitely have this one in mind.

Any recommendation among the short ones also?

>> No.48789279

Best looking Knight too.

>> No.48789324

They've already established that the region of space the tau will occupy is a "no fly zone"

>> No.48789339

Personally i like the classic paladin: whilst the crusader is technically better, as it can bring more destruction, the paladin brings a great weapon able to target both infantry and vechles, and retains the D. plus that trailer for DoW 3 gives me a war-bonner everytime.

Amen my brutha. Just look at that techno-cannon

>> No.48789491

That bolter looks bent. Maybe they're the same ones who did this.

>> No.48789608

Allies can use RoWs but they have to adhere to the limits of the allies foc. For example you can't use a row that requires 3 Troops or 2 HQs or something like that.

>> No.48789631

Also you must have 1000 points for the MotL

>> No.48789634

Not really, as that's what Consul Delegatus are for.

>> No.48789686

Oh yeah I forgot about that.

>> No.48789704

As long as the Delegatus is on the primary FoC, as he's required to the warlord

>> No.48789727

true, that's something I indeed did not take into account.

>> No.48789755

What's the consensus on using 40k bikes in horus heresy? There's not a whole lot of material on 30k era bikes other than the FW outrider model

>> No.48789775

Eh, they have MkVII riders, I'll have to say nay.

>> No.48789785

Swap out the rider torsos and heads for MKIV/MKV and you're mostly good to go.

>> No.48789821

is there some sort of road map for FW products (especially book releases) or are they following the fan-starve+false-rumor+year-later-real-rumor+leaked-picture+final-release paradigma (which sucked, sucks and will forever suck Tyranid dicks)?
I want to know if I can count on any Dark Angel releases in this life or if I am still doomed to do other hobbies until I am 50.

>> No.48789997

That's Rainmeter according to a friend of mine.

>> No.48790088


When I stop being a poorfag this little sexbot right here is gonna be my first purchase

>> No.48790096

Name him Fisto. You have to.

>> No.48790097

Where? Why?

I mean, it's next to a warp anomaly and beyond the Damocles Gulf, which hinders warp travel, creating a natural barriers, so are these a reason not to go there or something else?

>> No.48790106

This and add some studs to the legs to represent mk5 armour and you're golden.

>> No.48790230

Old HH art is filled with both SM and CSM bikes.

I made a squad of bikes for my army using SM bikes and CSM rider legs. With new torsos, heads and shoulder pads turned them into MkVI bikers.

Studs are not mandatory. Neither are cables. Even the fluff said when possible, MkIV armour materials (thus no need for extra layers bolted on) and cables (no external cables) were used. Hell, even MkIV helmets were used on some. So you can take MkVII legs, arms, backpack, MkV torso and pands (get cheap MkIV ones and file off the trim) and put a MkIV helmet on it, and you can justify it fully with the fluff.

>> No.48790747

Bought a Betrayal at Calth box and painting them all as Night Lords. But the chaplain feels a bit missplaced in a NL company.

Should I still paint him NL and include him or paint him like a Word Bearer and pretend Erebus and Lorgar sent him to spread the primordial truth?

>> No.48790771

You can hack him up and use him as something else, like a Moritat or Vigilator.

>> No.48790806

I modelled him a chainglaive, gave him a 40k chaos raptor jump pack, added a shredded guardsman corpse to his base and stuck him with my Night Raptors. If you want to paint some other legion though, go for it, especially if you're not a fan of converting

>> No.48790828

I used the chaplains as sergeants. Artificer armour, crozius into an axe, etc.

>> No.48790853

What's a good all-rounder gun option for boxnoughts since they can't have assault cannons?

>> No.48790898


I'm leaning towards converting him into Flaymaster Mawdrym Llansahai.

Just need a narthecium or something resembling one. Any tips?

And use something from the skitarii set for his archeotech gun.

>> No.48790903

List your top 10 Horus Heresy novels abd explain why.

>> No.48790922

None really, the kheres is the only good all rounder. Everything else has some glaring weakness, usually low amount of shots.

>> No.48790926

>or something resembling one. Any tips?

Scion injector and saw thing? I used those on my apothecaries, because fuck the prices they ask for apothecary bits online.

>> No.48790930

>Just need a narthecium or something resembling one. Any tips?
Get one from the 40k command squad set, or you could eBay fabulous bill's freaky backpack

>> No.48790961

Well, to put it the other way, what's the options not to take? Melta and flamestorm cannon feel a bit too short ranged for non-pod dreads. Autocannon really needs a rifleman configuration and at that point you might as well go mortis. Torn between lascannon and plasma at the moment. Both offer low AP fire. Plasma feels like a gamble, lascannon like it's not enough against anything.

>> No.48790980

My favourites are probably
>Horus Rising/Vengeful Spirit
>A Thousand Sons
>Angel Exterminatus
>First Heretic
because these books really get the personality of their legions (LW/SOH, WS, TS, IW, WE, WB) across. Even for legions that I wouldn't like to play, it was cool to get into their heads and kind of get a feel for how these legionaries and primarchs think.

By contrast, Fear To Tread, Legion and Deliverance Lost were big disappointments, because the personalities of the legions involved didn't really come out of the pages. The marines were just...military guys in those books.

Going to pick the anthologies for the remaining slots in my 10, for a similar reason to the novels: it's good to get a sense of some of the different legions and how they think and work.

>> No.48790981

That's an outrageous phone.

>> No.48791016

Military shit often is.

>> No.48791027


Fear to Tread evoked some flavor from the Blood Angels, but agreed, it was less about the Legion and more about Sanguinius and less his sons.

>> No.48791037


When you meet your average soldier and throw then into 'exotic locales' you'd understand why they are designed that way.

>> No.48791039

I was talking about the colors more than the size.

>> No.48791052

>not having your accessories matching your battle dress

What are ya, a faget?

>> No.48791060


>> No.48791091

Can someone experienced enough in 30k create me a base list of Thousand Sons figures that i might need once the rules come out.

>> No.48791120


The one in the 40k command squad set is the wrong arm.

Would it be too extreme to convert that scion injector and saw on a lightning claw from pic? (Only using it as a nartecium of course)

>> No.48791128

>tactical or assault marines depending on what you want from them
>some form of HQ
>probably some rhinos or drop pods
>add vehicles, dreads, terminators and special units to taste
wow, its like almost all the legions share the exact same army list with very few differences! Wow!

>> No.48791141

All you need is a pistol arm to mount the thing. It's already a pistol. Put a marine arm on there and it's good.

>> No.48791152

>add vehicles, dreads, terminators and special units to taste
Quite specific, thanks.

>> No.48791160

But we dont know the rules yet, how would you even make such a list.

>> No.48791176

Its not like theres a particularly 'best' option for anything, this is 30k. Unbalanced options, barring Destroyers, Typhon siege tanks and a few legion-specific units (phalanx warders, headhunters, pre-update justaerin, etc) dont really exist. Anyway, just buy, build and paint what you like, and wait for the rules for the NEEEEERDS to drop

>> No.48791196

With veterans in the state they are with the last red book, you may get more mileage out of achean pattern helmets than the standard Mk IV upgrade helmets. Other than that it's hard to say, we really don't know how their special units, rules and ROWs are going to pan out. Well, obviously they'll be pretty psychic-heavy, but that doesn't help pick models now as TSons psykers probably won't wear the same bling as other legions'.

>> No.48791255

Unrelated but this set has so many wonky bits and flash I couldn't help but feel mildly bothered when cracking open the blister.

>> No.48791473

Alpha Legion Army 2500pts - Coils of the Hydra

Armillus Dynat 200pts

Legion Tactical Squad 135pts
-melta bombs for sergeant + power dagger
Legion Tactical Squad 135pts
-melta bombs for sergeant + power dagger
Legion Tactical Squad 135pts
-melta bombs for sergeant + power dagger
Legion Tactical Support Squad 125pts
-volkite calivers

Legion Rapier Weapons Battery 165pts
-3x Laser Destroyer Array
Legion Terminator Squad 195pts
-Banestrike ammo
Invictarus Suzerain Squad (Rewards of Treason) 215pts
-1x Thunderhammer

Fast Attack
Legion Seeker Squad 155pts
-Banestrike ammo
Legion Storm Eagle Assault Gunship 215pts
-Missile Launcher Upgrade
Xiphon Interceptor 205pts

Heavy Support
Legion Sicaran Battle Tank 205pts
-Lascannons Upgrade

Lord of War
Alpharius 415pts

I wanted for a while to start playing 30k after getting tired of the general situation of the 40k game and after reading a lot of the books I think i want to start the Alphas because why not. As an initial army how would this be?

>> No.48791511

>DGfag is reaching NLfag levels of productivity
I thought it was the same NLfag. Didn't he say he was going to get DGs as allies?

>> No.48791606

You are correct.

t. DG/NLfag

>> No.48791609

I've got a dozen scimitar jetbikes, what legion besides White Scars would they work best with? I'm leaning towards SoH or World Eaters.

>> No.48791623

What do Night Lords play like in HH? HOW is they're lore ans novels? I like the paint scheme but I don't want to commit to a faction if they turn out to be retarded and edgy.

>> No.48791637

Surprise, they're retarded and edgy.

>> No.48791660

>being edgy is somehow bad in Edgy: The Setting

>> No.48791680

What's your opinion on Sevatar and Morturg having the same WT name yet with different effects.
Also, what's the deal with the asymetry of DG and NL alliance levels? Not on the fluff, but in the crunch.

>> No.48791699

>What's your opinion on Sevatar and Morturg having the same WT name yet with different effects.
FW stupidity
>Also, what's the deal with the asymetry of DG and NL alliance levels? Not on the fluff, but in the crunch.
No idea.

>> No.48791781

I really like that "just out the forge" look (least so on the Dread, given they're not mass produced like tanks are but w/e), but I agree with >>48788537 that some details might be nice - maybe little manufacturing markings (check out pictures of tank production lines, most things assembled like that will have annotations during assembly), dings and scratches

>> No.48791846

Yeah I'll do that, thanks for the tip!

I was lucky, mine weren't too bad. Still resin though =/

Here's my wip tactical support squad. Going to do the the flaymaster afterwards. I'll post pics of him when I'm done.

>> No.48791874

Will you keep them clad in midnight or make them bluer?

>> No.48791891

Also, if you want more Apothecary bits, look for Grey Knights terminator apothecary bits. IT comes with two belt kits with vials and such, and light and scanner you can mount quite easily onto a PA backpack.

>> No.48791896

EC benefit from the 2+, plus it really helps get their charge off. SoH don't like bikes as much because merciless fighters affects infantry only.

>> No.48791920

building a non-generic list without rules is crazy. Get BaC + upgrade kits, throw away HQs and Sergeants, wait for rules to happen. Be ready for vehicles and special models/squads.

>> No.48791921

Could someone make a good example army list for Blood Angels for me? I'm still new to 40k and 30k, crunch-wise, but I've followed along with the books and collected their models for fun. Recently found out there was a 30k group playjng not far from where I live so I finally decided to pick it the game.

>> No.48791924

They are bluer than they look. The lighting isn't that good. inspired by pic.

Thanks, I'll look in to that!

>> No.48791934

And I'm not finished with the lightning on them.

>> No.48791960

not a NL player, but I found many characters from the NL trilogy in the rules. miniwargaming shows them in a batrep.

>> No.48791979

But they're not smurf blue. More towards midnight, and I'm keeping them like that.

>> No.48792022

Things that fly or jump. 30k is a fluff game so leave any waac attitudes at the door.

>> No.48792046


I'm sorry but what is WAAC??

>> No.48792084

WAAC stands for "Win At All Costs" which is often seen as counter to fun or story rich gameplay. :)

>> No.48792255

Iron hands can take medusan immortals as a troop choice with a specific row right?

>> No.48792306

>Iron hands can take medusan immortals as a troop choice with a specific row right?
That's the "Company of Bitter Iron" Rite of War, from the Age of Darkness Army List Red Book.

>> No.48792694

What, which characters?

>> No.48792710

How do you paint the blue?

>> No.48792878

Blood angels seem fun, but are they any good without their special units? Will I be boned without having any yet?

>> No.48792883

No main characters but the Flayer, Sevatar and the primarch are in the redbook.

>> No.48792914

(ok, three isn't that many but building an elite unit in power armor with an apothecary wielding a Blood Angels sword and one dude with red hands should not be too difficult, even though they won't have special rules)

>> No.48792955

Talos didn't get the BA sword during the heresy, he used a chainsword back then.

>> No.48793049

Anybody here got an epub or mobi file for Angels of Caliban? forgot the damn book at home and just left for a road trip

>> No.48793194

So we all know that you can convert a poor man's Dreadclaw out of a drop pod. Can you convert a poor man's Kharybdis out of a dreadnought drop pod? Or is the Kharybdis just that much taller than the DDP?

>> No.48793216


>> No.48793591

Ok, so if the Kharydbis is about 1.5x the size of the Dreadclaw, then as long as the DDP is about 1.5x the size of the regular drop pod, it might work. I could just get some cyclone missile launchers from some other kit and glue those on.

>> No.48793604

I should have checked *before* I posted that, because the dread pod is not, in fact, 1.5x the size of a regular drop pod.

>> No.48793668

I wish those were yours. I want to know the recipe for that blue.

>> No.48793701

How about this "blue" instead?

>> No.48793875

What does it mean?

>> No.48793913

How do you paint that runefang steel

>> No.48793914

anyone has a link to a epub of Angels of Caliban?

>> No.48793953

Chessex don't have purple dice with gold pips, do they?

>> No.48793964

Bring all Chainaxes
Betrayal at Calth

>> No.48794010

Give me a minute, I'll upload it.

>> No.48794081

>Drop Fulgrim and some Phoenix Guard into the middle of the table and laugh as justaerin run away
>Drop Fulgrim and some Phoenix Guard into the middle of the table and cry as justaerin charge you and your weapons are only AP3


>> No.48794135

>Phoenix Guard are pretty good. Palatine Blades are slightly suboptimal
I am astonished that anyone thinks Phoenix Guard are better than palatine blades. Even ignoring the superior versatility of palatines you are claiming that a 2+/5++ and bulky is worth 14 points (per model) over power armour. Furthermore you are claiming that it is worth 4 points more than a jump pack in an army that highly favours mobility.

Honestly I feel the real killing blow the Phoenix Guards are that they are bulky highly limiting their transport options. I would have much preferred they get artificer armour than terminator armour but I suppose if they had artificer armour they would have been too similar to Palatines.

>> No.48794149

Here you go anon, enjoy the read.

>> No.48794193

>Not using Maru Skara to charge them with a different unit the same turn Fulgrim shows up
Its like you don't even know how to EC.

>> No.48794291

>drop fulgrim and Phoenix guard in the middle of the table
>get immediately obliterated by a veritable tsunami of danger close Medusa shells
nothing personnel kid

>> No.48794369


>> No.48794371


I've been looking for apothocary bits

>> No.48794389

I used FW Night Lords blue at first, but they turned out too dark.

Now I base with kantor blue -> wash entire blue area with nuln oil -> clean up with kantor blue again -> highlight edges with caledor sky -> final higlight (fine details) with calgar blue.

>> No.48794398

Purple with gold pips, not purple and black with gold pips

>> No.48794439

Why don't you just go to their website and look for yourself what they got?

>> No.48794456

Because I already have and I didn't find any purple dice with gold pips, which is why I'm asking if they exist

>> No.48794517

Here is how FW painted theirs. They look better but I can't be bothered to do it all.

"Painted by Mat Kane.

1. The models were undercoated with GW Black Spray
2. The models were dry brushed with Rub and Buff Pewter, bringing the black undercoat upto a silver colour.
3. Tamaiya Clear Blue and Clear Red were mixed together to make a clear purple which was applied over the whole model in 3-4 very thin coats.
4. Once the model had dried, the whole thing was airbrushed with a layer of Auto Air colour Transparent Blue.
5. The Lightning strikes were painted on with Administratum Grey as a base coat. Then were the lightning strikes meet, it was highlighted with white.
6. Once the model had dried, it was protected with a coating of GW Purity Seal."

>> No.48794654


>> No.48794753

probably human skin

>> No.48794792

I'm not doubting that, but gloves on marines throw me off for some reason.

>> No.48794822

Not those, but some are.

>> No.48794824

>You see, Kauragar, the enemy cannot decapitate you if you don't have a neck

>> No.48794841


They certainly look like they ate a few worlds.

>> No.48794885

Collected Visions art is pretty funky, bordering on cartoonish sometimes.

>> No.48794906

Night Lords are sick

>> No.48794938


>> No.48795021

Good thing you pointed that out. I still don't get why a NL would be in a picture called "Horus's Pride".

>> No.48795029

Did they have warp dust back in the M30's?
The Night Lord must have taken a mount of it.

>> No.48795107

Yes but also no. The Warp dust is making the image behind that NL.

>> No.48795206

>Yes but also no
Son, is the Warp overtaking you again?

>> No.48795217

I know they are supposed to be chest-mounted voxes, but I can only see them as shower drains.

>> No.48795240

>Son, is the Warp overtaking you again?

>> No.48795255

Why the hell do so many people make up a specific strategy to combat a general concept? If an opponent was fielding medusas I would either kill them first, waiting to deploy Fulgrim or deploy them outside of the range of the medusas.
>Oh my god your concept isn't immune to everything it is so shitty
Go on tell me your unit that is immune to medusas and being charged by Justaerin, buffs the entire army, and can kill tons of elite units.

>> No.48795305

Are blood angel terminators a viable list? I really want to go full Space Hulk on this bitch, but would a PotL Termi list be an acceptable way to do this?

>> No.48795322

Deepstriking Horus alongside said Justaerin.

>> No.48795325

Let's say I deep strike a Dreadclaw full of melta-equipped marines within Interceptor range. If I disembark them the turn they arrived, can the enemy shoot them via Interceptor?

>> No.48795350

>If I disembark them the turn they arrived, can the enemy shoot them via Interceptor?
Yes, for it shoots at the end of the enemy's movement phase.

>> No.48795368

>Yes, for it shoots at the end of the enemy's movement phase.
I see, thanks for clearing that up.

>> No.48795408

>Not the best solution to that
One or two medusa shots and the unit is at best at half strength, more likely at like 1/3rd strength. When it comes to medusas Justaerin fare only slightly better than Phoenix Guards.

>> No.48795444

But medusa is evil...

>> No.48795447

Here's John's rendition of Ferrus. I really don't know what to say besides I like his modern Frank look more. The captcha does not want me to show this to you guys for some reason.

>> No.48795465

FW version is better.

>> No.48795471

They'll be at 60% strenght, actually
wound (5/6), invuln (3/6), Instant death.

It's a good thing that Horus doesn't scatter, and Justaerin can both bring a Multimelta and/or BS5 Combimeltas, meaning you can indeed pull a "Deepstriked behind your Medusae - Psss, nothing personal kiddo", while your army gets boosted my Horus' rules.

And Medusae cannot buy Armoured Ceramite.

>> No.48795526

Oh yeah. It's the Frank castle desire.

>> No.48795544

thank you kindly anon

>> No.48795569


Seconding Rainmeter.


>> No.48795575

I think the FW models looks more like someone cosplaying as Ferrus. The suit looks too light for what's basically a Techmarine the Primarch. He even has bare arms and hands. Could have also used more cybernetics and implants, wires on the head and stuff.

>> No.48795579


I'm gonna draw Roboute now, thanks.

>> No.48795598

Omnissiah keep you, anons.

>> No.48795613

Assuming one medusa shell can hit all ten it is inflicting 41% casualties, with two that is brought up to 66% casualties. Also you are assuming your opponent goes into a game with medusas knowing he is facing Horus and Justaerin with combi-meltas but doesn't bother to bubble wrap them.

Plus there are always vindicators and typhons, even if you could kill one vindicator squadron, nothing would stop someone from sending the second squadron to fuck up Horus and co. Plus with Horus and 12 Justaerin you are talking at minimum 1035 points. I would rather just take a Typhon with ceramite and two vindicator squadrons made up of 2 tanks each with armoured ceramite. Costs 975 points and gives you 4 str 10 large blasts and a str 10 7" blast.

>> No.48795638

>He even has bare arms and hands.
Anon, a lot of IHs have exposed bionics, and Ferrus probably doesn't feel anything on the metal parts of his hands.
I don't know if I want.

>> No.48795693

In fluff Ferrus is described as one of physicaly strongest Primarchs, thet's why pose on model suggesst armor does have no real weight for him..

>> No.48795732

>Anon, a lot of IHs have exposed bionics

Yes, bionics, not useless flesh like Ferrus' upper arms.

>Ferrus probably doesn't feel anything on the metal parts of his hands.

That doesn't mean he can't put armoured gauntles on to give him even more strength and protection.

The whole thing feels like it was done purely as fan service to show off his metal arms. That's what he's known for, so how would you recognize him without his metal arms?

>> No.48795793

Not talking about the weight, the presentation. Not only is it mostly a regular looking power armour with a servo-harness, he doesn't even have arms on it. Would have expected him to look like pic related in Primarch form.

>> No.48795810

>Yes, bionics, not useless flesh like Ferrus' upper arms.
That's still Primarch flesh. Fulgrim regrew his feet and survived a shot to the head remember?
>That doesn't mean he can't put armoured gauntles on to give him even more strength and protection.
>The whole thing feels like it was done purely as fan service to show off his metal arms.
>trying to sexualize Frank
I'm sure that was not their intention.
>That's what he's known for, so how would you recognize him without his metal arms?
I guess you're right on that.

>> No.48795869

>Yes, bionics, not useless flesh like Ferrus' upper arms.
Primarch flesh. Besides Manus hated the obsession his legion had with cybernetics.

>> No.48795930

>Deepstriking a deathstar alone and within sight of several AP2 blast templates.

If you missuse them then sure, they'd be utterly fucked. You wanted something that could both deepstrike AND buff your army.

Personally, I'd drop Grav Secutor-Myrmidons inside an Arvus and disregard both AV and bubble-wraps. The only Interceptor weapon that could kill even one of them (T5, 2W, 3+/5++) would be the Dorito's Lascannon.

Or could choose to stay inside the Arvus.

>> No.48795946

>Primarch flesh

Why do they even hare armour again?

>Manus hated the obsession his legion had with cybernetics.

So, how did he interface with his armour and controlled his servi-arms?

>> No.48795979

>Why do they even hare armour again?
Because the Emperor didn't want his children being nudists.
>So, how did he interface with his armour and controlled his servi-arms?
He had the right plug ins, he just didn't like how his boys were becoming more machine than man.

>> No.48795985

The heresy art originally came from a card game so it makes sense

>> No.48796033

New >>48796005
I'm seriously thinking about not doing the personality traits table. Maybe you guys should decide if Warsmith Jimmy Bob is Debonair, daring, and considerate.

>> No.48796035

>Deepstriking a deathstar alone and within sight of several AP2 blast templates.
That was my whole point. Someone might say a general idea (eg. deepstrike an expensive unit) and retards will shout "muh interceptor, muh demolisher cannons" assuming that the person who came up with the idea is literally doing that and nothing else, nothing to support their deathstar or anything.

I am simply saying a Justaerin deathstar is far from infallible, which is true of any unit. Retards shouldn't read a concept and respond "hurr its shit because demolishers exist." Do you want to know how I would respond to the idea of a Justaerin death star? "That's a lot of points, make sure to be careful to not deepstrike too close to anything that can ID your Justaerin." And that's all that needs to be said, because one can assume if someone is fielding a death star that they are properly supporting it unless they prove otherwise.

>> No.48796050

>Because the Emperor didn't want his children being nudists.

Even in 40k clothes, other than armour, existed.

>He had the right plug ins

Could have had more, like in >>48795447

>> No.48796092

Well, most of them don't wear helmets...but this is still warhammer, after all.
Nothing wrong with having some tubes, but Ferrus was concerned about his children outright hating the flesh. Cyberization does make you stronger, but if the Emperor had wanted you to be metal, then you'd have been born metal.
Unless you're AdMech, Emps says that's ok for them.
>Why do they even hare armour again?
They can still be hurt, but they regenerate. The tougher ones, however...
Hell, some Salamanders shot Mortarion with meltas, and his armour melted on top of him like wax, but he merely flinched.

>> No.48796142

I still like it. Find it more creative and a better source for ideas than the modern ones that are just paintings of official miniatures.

When I heard the new Visions replaced old fluff and art with new, I just had to go and buy the old one to have it.

>> No.48796293


Cheers mate, I asked for this as well!

>> No.48796437

No prob, thought you were the same guy bumping it so I didn't include the other post.

>> No.48797759

It's readable
That's not high praise. A newspaper is readable. And those cost next to nothing

>> No.48797838

What a lazy, half assed paint job.
News flash- 'dunk in wash' should NEVER be your final painting step
> but mah fluff for mah army
Yeah whatever. Your just fucking lazy

>> No.48797933

Looking pretty good anon.

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