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Pathfinder General /pfg/

Friendly reminder to tell us what 3pp your game allows if you need character building help.

No Elves Allowed Edition

Unified /pfg/ link repository: http://pastebin.com/iYhDNSTq

Please search for the unerrata'd content here:

Horror Adventures: http://imgur.com/a/r2TOH

Previous Thread: >>48751592

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The red eyes of that Elf make me wary, the Japanese only give a character red eyes if they're some sort of animal (usually a rabbit or wolf.)

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Anyone check out that vigilantes of skyborne? How's that shit looking?

>> No.48765639

If Forrest here, any chance to get a full supplement of Magical items and regulars items to support Path of War ?

I bought Path of War long ago and my DM was complaining that PoW was lacking on that department.

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New thread here: >>48765659

>> No.48765674

Pretty sweet. Basically lets you play fantasy superheroes, lots of interesting options, a dread pirate Roberts PRC that makes you functionally immortal by having a member of your crew become you if you die and aren't brought back.

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What would you want? Anything that's good for a standard martial combatant is generally just as beneficial on an initiator.

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Listen, kitsune posters are annoying, threatening them, however, is bad in a different manner! Please no bullying! And no shit-posting!

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Wow, Dread Pirate Roberts is popular, Vigilantes of Porphyra had an archetype like that too.

>> No.48765829

Dwead Piwate Wobutts?

>> No.48765832

Hahaha, I wanna make a snek person. Is the best way to do that through eberron changelings or are reptoids actually useful in Pathfinder?

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Sadly my DM is at his class right now, but what I remember him is saying about stuff that alters some maneuvers, items that focus on boosting initiator levels on certain maneuvers too.

Oh yes he said one thing that DSP should had in mind that Book of Nine swords wasn't just a "Weeb approach on melee combat" it was an actual effort to make it fun, what DSP should strive is to make melee combat fun and rewarding and giving a certain Equipment Meta helps the player to fill this, one thing that lacks in Pathfinder is enchants that alters the way the person enter in combat, is just simply add numbers to his melee hit, while a spellcaster as he increase his level he gains news tools to deal with more situations.

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>hasn't seen The Princess Bride
I wouldn't believe in R.O.U.S.'s, but I've now seen you post.

>> No.48765847

>dread pirate Roberts PRC

Great, just what my table needed. MORE Princess Bride quotes.

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As much as I unironically like kitsune, would you kindly fuck off and never make a thread OP again? Post about literally anything else, or at least shitpost about kitsune less frequently.

To continue, I'll go drag... Uh... How about these posts from last thread. That anon probably could use more tips

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It's better to either refluff a crossblooded race like oread or tiefling, or as a last resort use the race creator rules (subtract ~5.5 from your total RP if you want something to be actually snakelike instead of merely described as snakelike). The reptoid races in PF are pretty bad.

How many times have your players tried to get hitched?

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What are some good witch builds. I don't much care for vancian casting, so does anybody want to explain spheres casting to me?

>> No.48765955

My group homebrewed it to where acid damage actually makes fucking sense vs. object and robot hardness.

Instead of it being treated like any other elemental damage, we actually treated it like what it is WEAPONIZED FUCKING ACID. We put it to where acid ignores hardness and additionally lowers the total hardness by half the damage (rounded down) that the acid dealt. We ended up with all of the martials carrying atleast one acid flask on them at all times to throw at those pesky robots.

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>two trash threads

>> No.48765977

This is why the other boards laugh at /pfg/.

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What's going on in this image anyway? I get "I'll do my best" is a Japanese thing, but is the girl a character from some game?

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>Be Harbinger
>Use Riven Hourglass
>Have 90 foot fly speed
>Charge 180 ft.
>Use Fetch's Wrath to vanish the moment you hit the enemy.

Holy fuck this is a hilarious skirmisher build.

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>We all rolled "dorfs" (bearded dudes with a love for ale and "muh family honor") in a one-shot campaign
>Entire session we hummed The Misty Mountains song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BEm0AjTbsac

Have your table ever turned into a musical, /pfg/?

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>heh they got two threads going imma make fun of them

/v/ plz leave

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I'm thinking unlewd elves.

>> No.48766012

Other boards? What do they know of /pfg/?

>> No.48766018

There was a anon few days ago that wasn't having any of that shit and created worthy threads, you niggers should do the same to cull the degeneracy, only by action you will manage to save /pfg/

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>I'm thinking unlewd elves.
Can't you read?
>No Elves Allowed Edition

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That was not an unlewd elf, but I needed something on fire for it to be fine

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Bring me witches!

>> No.48766044

Bitch can't you read? No Elves allowed.

Post more dragons.

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We sang the Bohemian Rhapsody while Shadowrunning.
Yes, we all watched the Suicide Squad movie.
Fuck you, it was a great flim.

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This good enough for you?

>> No.48766048

Post cute but stoic characters!

>> No.48766050

Why aren't you playing a kitsune vigilante who kills with fluffy tails using Lethal Locks?

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>> No.48766058

Like a monstergirl snek or an actual snake person?

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Players are playing in the modern world (yes I know), assessing, investigating and putting down supernatural and paranormal threats.
People are kept ignorant of the supernatural, the paranormal to prevent widespread panic and breakdown of society.
People still think elves, dwarves, etc only exist in fairytales, but they do exist but are rare.
Elves have been recast as fey lords who abduct and are heavily inspired by Changeling the Lost, for example.

The elves, true to some folklore, are the ones who inspired the original abduction myths. Their extreme beauty is also as much glamor as anything, they still are extremely attractive if you could pierce it but their glamor allows them to affect emotions or actions in their victims.

Grays are also a feature of the setting, they're a strain of us from the future, here to conduct experiments on our base forms and livestock, to prepare or protect or eliminate us for some unknowable end.

The elves and grays are locked in a secret war.

Originally decided to have them access racial/race traits specific to other races but am actually considering having them play other races but refluff that fact to have them just appear as human.

Thoughts please?

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No, spellcasters that could be manipulating energy like a kineticist! Basically, kineticist artwork, including archetypes!

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>> No.48766064


Yeah but OP a shit

Sure thing.

Coming right up.

I might have some of those.

>> No.48766065

Gijinka Murkrow witch?

>> No.48766083




That one's the best witch.

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I love spheres, and it's pretty simple. Go here: http://spheresofpower.wikidot.com/
That's the rule set. The basic idea is you get X Magic Talents based on your class and level. You can use a talent to gain a sphere, which gives you some basic abilities based on that sphere. Destruction gives you a blast, Life gives you healing, temporary hit point granting, and restoration, Alteration gives you an alternate form similar to alter self, and so on. Some of these abilities are at-will, and some use Spell Points, which you get based on your class (almost always 1 per level, plus your spellcasting modifier).

Once you learn a sphere, you can then use any additional magic talents to learn sphere talents, which generally improve or add to your base sphere ability, though some give you entirely new abilities that are still related to the sphere (like the Warp sphere, which gives you teleportation as a base power, but allows you to take the ability to open up extradimensional spaces as a talent).

It's a great system. The only warning I have is to watch out for Conjuration, as it's easy to abuse, and Weather, since you can create some pretty big effects with the time to get things going. An optimized Conjuration sphere user can summon an entire adventuring party that sticks around all day, while an optimized Weather sphere user can call up a storm that can level an entire town with enough time. Be careful with those two.

>> No.48766095

>Post more dragons

I've got several lewd dragongirls.

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>> No.48766103

Aw hell yeah, look at that cool-ass motherfucker and his bigass pet dragon. THAT'S what a dragonrider should have looked like.

>> No.48766112


Anon, that is clearly a sorceress with a significant charisma score.

>> No.48766118

Dragons are not for lewd, anon!

They're for snuggling!

>> No.48766124

Doesn't matter!

>> No.48766125

What about dragon mages?

>> No.48766132

What about Half Dragons?

>> No.48766134

I really enjoy dragonrider art.

>> No.48766136

That's not a dragongirl

THIS is a Dragongirl

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>> No.48766182

So is this thread just going to be dedicated to vapid shitposting and image dumps? Because I do enjoy discussions here when they crop up.

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>> No.48766187


They're okay but I like them when they wear ridiculously fancy dresses more.

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>> No.48766199

The well was poisoned from the start. There is no hope for useful discussion. If you want that go to Giant in the playground or Paizo forums.

>> No.48766213

>its a "the DM is clearly friends with some of the group and favors them" season

>> No.48766216 [DELETED] 

Why aren't you rolling a Dragongirl Vigilante with Companion to the Lonely, Innocuous Servant and Rough and Ready with profession: Maid

>> No.48766217

>If you want that go to Giant in the playground or Paizo forums.

Oh my god please don't say that anon, I remember years ago when we would chuckle and laugh at those forums as we discussed Adventure Paths or the newest lore from a Campaign Setting book.

>> No.48766225

Use a Vishkanya.

They've been depicted visually as just people with scales, but they work just fine as actual snakepeople.

>> No.48766251

Ok I will make a new decent thread.


New non fetish thread here.

>> No.48766255

>optimized Weather sphere user can call up a storm that can level an entire town

>a town

>not a 20 mile radius

>> No.48766258

Don't we already have humanoid snakepeople? The Nagaji?

>> No.48766262


I tend to prefer discussions in-between the image dumps, myself, but I can't help it. Image dumps is my stress response to shitposting.

Are you not friends with your group? That sounds rough. The closest friends of the DM tend to get hit with the worst shit in my groups, because of the whole "bonds of trust" stuff.

>> No.48766267


Some weird reverse-thing happened with me, I was the only newcomer to a group of real-world friends and I was getting favors more than any of them.

>> No.48766272

You are literally doing the OPPOSITE of helping right now, anon

>> No.48766279

Congratulations fucktard. Now we've got 3 /pfg/ threads on /tg/

>> No.48766282

The DM and I grew up together but he and I haven't talked that often lately and these other guys in the game are clearly much closer to him so they get a lot more favors.

>> No.48766289

The problem is that these threads won't die until they hit 310, because /pfg/ as a whole is bad about letting it lie.

Last time we had a mess like this, we had THREE threads around, and had to step through each until we were back to one.

So we'll go to yours later.

>> No.48766292

Wow I should be shitposting with dragon images, hell I'm helping a lot :^)

>> No.48766311

Well people should report the fetish and bait tier threads and move to a regular thread. One anon was doing last week and it was working all right.

>> No.48766314

Hello lovely people, is anyone currently looking to start a campaign or find players for an existing one?

>> No.48766317

Reptoids, Lizardfolk, or ask your GM to help you with using the Racebuilder to make Serpentfolk into a playable race, since they are literally snake people.

>> No.48766328

Trying my hand at making a blaster, which do you prefer out of Arcanist, Wizard, and Sorcerer? A orcsorc with blood havoc replacing their 1st level power can get +2 damage per dice without going into crossblooded shenanigans and has the most spells per day, but has to deal with energy resistance. Wizards can use admixture school to get around immunity and resistance where the sorc would need different spells, but can only get damage per dice by dipping sorc (which I would rather not do but sort of on the fence about). Arcanist can get both powers but they get the fewest spells per day, and are unable to get blood havoc OR crossblooded.

>> No.48766332

Man, that's rough. I know the feel. I hope your game improves though.

Maybe they don't realize it? Might be worth bringing up to try and get stuff given out to everyone instead of just the closer friends.

Yeah, they should. I know I did. In the meantime, though, I see no issue with taking an active hand by furthering discussion if I can, and posting images for people if I can't.

Ideally, both.

>> No.48766338


>> No.48766388


Could you give me details so I can spend the next couple minutes flailing about in an attempt to join the group?

>> No.48766393

I've tried and he claims he doesn't see what I'm talking about so I probably just won't continue with the campaign when I go back to university.

>> No.48766395

I wish. I want to play a roil dancer, but I've got no new games to join.

>> No.48766397

Why aren't you rolling a Dragongirl Vigilante with Companion to the Lonely, Innocuous Servant and Rough and Ready with Profession: Maid

>> No.48766408

At least wait until the old thread drops off the board. We have THREE OPEN THREADS, and the old one hasn't even dropped off yet.

>> No.48766410

The problem is how long until we create a crisis with the hotpockets? This is going to suck a lot for /pfg/ when they decide to actually moderate here.

>> No.48766414

Because she can't move. Her breasts are literally leaving her bound to her bed. I want my characters to be able to move by themselves!

>> No.48766430

add Draknirv #4693
We can talk privately instead of muddying up the thread.

>> No.48766441

All I see is Climate, which is 2 miles, not 20 miles. Also, Climate is an advanced talent, which are not assumed to be included in every game. If advanced talents are allowed, the GM should understand that it can have a huge impact on the power level of the game.

>> No.48766443

Sorry if sperged a bit but my point is that we need to start being active in culling the shitposting/fetish/animeposting behavior.

>> No.48766445

>muddying up the thread

This thread is already muddy, I wanna hear about this too.

>> No.48766455

I don't even know what Rough and Ready is...?

>Benefit: When you use a tool of your trade (requiring at least 1 rank in the appropriate Craft or Profession skill) as a weapon, you do not take the improvised weapon penalty and instead receive a +1 trait bonus on your attack. This trait is commonly used with shovels, picks, blacksmith hammers, and other sturdy tools — lutes and brooms make terribly fragile weapons.

This might be cool, but most improvised weapons don't really do much damage higher than a d6

>> No.48766465

God, that's annoying. I hope you manage to find a better game! In the meantime though, what's your favorite sort of character archetype?

To be fair, depending on the towns, a 20 mile radius might BE the town, if it's sprawled out enough.

Though really it's probably hitting like five or six farming villages that got built near each other.

If I get banned I'm gonna be sad but I'm hoping that since I'm trying my best to post on-topic as well, I won't be pruned.

I am posting quickly but trying to stay on-task here.

>> No.48766468


Friend request sent!

I'm really bad at the Discord thing so I don't know if there was an easier way to contact you through it.

>> No.48766495



>> No.48766505

SHIT. My image got dropped and I can't remember which it was.

Have these instead.

What's your favorite familiars, anon? Mine is anything birds.

>> No.48766514

Didn't get the request, try again.

>> No.48766517

I actually enjoy image dumps some threads.
gives character inspiration, and its fun.

>> No.48766519


>That figure

Jesus, I've seen bigger for sure but for some reason those breasts just *work* on her.

>> No.48766520

>To be fair, depending on the towns, a 20 mile radius might BE the town, if it's sprawled out enough.
Where are you people finding this 20 mile thing? The biggest I see is Climate, which is 2 miles... maybe 4 miles if Widen Spell is one of the metamagic feats that works with sphere magic, I can't remember.

>> No.48766521

Gimme your best Orc characters, /pfg/!

>> No.48766532


>> No.48766537


>> No.48766543

I still want to make a Ork Warboss in Pathfinder universe see how long I survive and if I manage to at least start a small scale WAAAAAAAAAAAGH!

>> No.48766548

Ain't that Mismagius?

>> No.48766554


>> No.48766560

This is actually my first pathfinder campaign and I'm playing a hexenhammer that is planning to multiclass into gunslinger.

In 5e I played a lot of melee support roles though.

>> No.48766569

Nagaji are just uglier vishkanya.

>> No.48766571


>> No.48766581

>start a small scale WAAAAAAAAAAAGH!

roll an Orc Skald. Rage Song is the closest you can get to WAAAAAAGH

>> No.48766587

Except there's shit all we can do except hide and report and people seem to be really fucking awful at that.

>> No.48766593


>> No.48766595

If you use Masterwork Transformation on an improvised weapon you can make it a masterwork weapon version (as it is a weapon), then enchant it.

Get a magic mop and murder people with it.

Holy shit I need one.

Good to know. Mostly wondering so I can post some of it.

Nope, shiny murkrow.

>> No.48766610

I was thinking about that, but still a Warboss need to have that "Fightness" element he needs to be good at chopping to inspire WAAAAAAGH

>> No.48766613

I COULD use some kind of Inquisitor art because I do like playing this guy and need some art to use for future Inquisitors. I plan to keep building them as people who use magic only to kill magic users.

>> No.48766614

Magical Child Orc!

>> No.48766615

THIS is that artist's Mismagius.

>> No.48766637

>I COULD use some kind of Inquisitor art because I do like playing this guy and need some art to use for future Inquisitors.


>> No.48766639

And there are actually two.

DESU the inqusitor is a varied enough class that I'm not sure what you're looking for. Armored non-flashy vaguely religious gish sorts? Red-robed spaniards?

>> No.48766644

Here's a war torn orc.

>> No.48766659


And here's something that could work for the token, or if someone wants a face.

>> No.48766661

Still looking for people?

>> No.48766667

I don't know, I don't really do spheres. I was basing it off the figure mentioned in this thread.

Orcs you say?

>> No.48766680

Fair enough.

>> No.48766683

I was in that group.
half the group either left or doesn't pay attention during the game, because it's
>combat starts
>same characters nearly die, Again.
>Ray "generously" saves them, and blatantly cheats to do that and wipe something the rest of the party couldn't kill together in one turn.
>Dm goes "oh geez, better make the campaign tougher, despite me literally now going against the rules to make it this tough"
>gives Ray even more fucking stuff for being the mvp for some retarded reason
>this snowballs

I stopped going, I didn't understand the popular /tg/ phrase no game is better than a bad game until that fucking GM who's "been playing since early second edition"
but doesn't use initiative because its "too much, just another thing to keep track of"
It was -really- annoying, because people would come to me for rules over the GM (even the GM would) and then wonder why I was getting mad when they wen't "Oh, ok" and completely ignored those rules unless it suited them, or arguing with me about my own character, when I literally have the book open to the ability.
this was a D&D game, not PF. current PF gm is a fucking bro, can visibly see that he makes the entire group happy

>> No.48766688

Is this thread a wash?

>> No.48766700

Fun dialogue just came up during our session, /pfg/

Between a traditionalist Paladin and an anarchist AntiPali

>Everyday we stray further from God's teachings
>You keep looking down on mankind, down to their roots. When you should be looking up to our crowns, to how high we've grown past "God".

We kinda got confused who's supposed to be more "right" between the two.

>> No.48766703

Every /pfg/ thread is a wash.

>> No.48766721

Can a Skald become a Rubato?
There really should be a PoW Skald.

>> No.48766739

Neither of you. You both should've killed each other upon meeting.

>> No.48766743

Ah, well, my current Inquisitor goes around with a shortsword that he lights on fire with his faith while charging around relying on his leather armor to keep him safe.

He basically looks like a 40k Inquisitor but with less... insanity.

This is a better face, gonna have to use this.

>> No.48766751

>We kinda got confused who's supposed to be more "right" between the two.

The tree with rotting roots will soon grow yellow and sickly before dying.

The Anti-Paladin sounds more right, but the Paladin is actually correct.

>> No.48766760

This thread ain't gonna die until it's at the bump limit, sadly. /pfg/ has proven to be unable to ignore shit threads.


Pull in some DSP psionics stuff and adapt the Dromite trait that lets you join a collective without counting against its size. Give the biggest boss in a waaaagh the collective ability, scaling in size based on his Hit Dice, and then give all the other orks the ability to join it.

>> No.48766774

I just use a Scythe with Profession Farmer.

>> No.48766799

If I come across one that fits, I will post it.

Skalds can't be rubatos, it's just for base bards. I'd love to see a PoW skald too though.

>> No.48766808

people posting images, I need kinda gothy looking characters (male or female, but pref male) in covering outfits, black feathers either as a cape or just in the picture is a bonus.
GM is maybe hosting kind of an "everyone has some relation to a god, as some kind of acolyte/servant/cleric" and it's pharasma, which is pretty boss even if he's not, I'm making a pharasma worshiping character

Cute Psychopomps/girls in black outfits with black wings also works.

>> No.48766820

Here's a tengu.

>> No.48766828

I think I'm actually going to build this.

God I'm bored.

>> No.48766831

That was sadly not in the right timezone for him.
If anyone else wants to talk to me about joining a game, message me on that contact info on Discord and be in mind the usual times of play are 9-11AM to 3-6PM PDT

>> No.48766854


>> No.48766857

class =/= actual occupation

The Paladin is a Church Militant
The Anti-Pali is a Mercenary

>> No.48766879

Here's a play between light and darkness.

>> No.48766899

They still have their oaths, though I guess individual god oaths may not need them to murder the other upon meeting.

>> No.48766916

but I don't need tengu, friend.
Damn, now I actually want to make that kind of paladin.

>> No.48766918

The Paladin is the correct one.
A strong root is more important for the tree overall. We prune branches if we believe it will hurt the tree, but we don't prune roots.

>> No.48766928

I have a surprising dearth of these, wow.

>> No.48766947

>people posting images, I need kinda gothy looking characters (male or female, but pref male) in covering outfits, black feathers either as a cape or just in the picture is a bonus.
>GM is maybe hosting kind of an "everyone has some relation to a god, as some kind of acolyte/servant/cleric" and it's pharasma, which is pretty boss even if he's not, I'm making a pharasma worshiping character

>> No.48766955


>> No.48766957

I mean yeah.
Gothic stuff /is/ kind of a feature, there.

>> No.48766958

Mhm, same.

It's covering, he could be a goth!

>> No.48766981

>Lethal Locks

>> No.48766989

Lemme see what I have.

>> No.48767010


>> No.48767011

Shit this guy is cool. I want to play that new Dread using this one.

>> No.48767027

It's a shame gunslingers are so bad, I want to use this art.

>> No.48767041

Not this art?

>> No.48767042

New talent from the vigilante playtest.

>> No.48767065 [SPOILER] 

Someone earlier said unlewd elves?

>> No.48767069


How about this?

>> No.48767079

I'm like 30% sure that's a gnome!

>> No.48767089

And now for something a bit more casual.

>> No.48767098



This guy ain't super gothic but he is FUCKIN FABULOUS

>> No.48767105

Third party?

>> No.48767110

I wanna play a capoeira martial artist!

>> No.48767117


>> No.48767131

Yeah, the Legendary Vigilante playtest. Seems like it'll be in the book coming out later.

>> No.48767133


Hey Gareth, I liked your book.

>> No.48767136

Wrong picture!

>> No.48767139

Be honest with me /pfg/, what's your experience with making characters that have kids?

Hard Mode: Their husband or wife is still alive.

>> No.48767145

Vigilante's of Skyborne has a nice cover, Hopefully the rest of the stuff in it is as good.

>> No.48767161

Make it happen during down time. Don't impose penalties. The spouse takes care of the kid while they're on the adventure.

>> No.48767191

Yay! Anything in particular stand out as good or bad?

>> No.48767192

Oh, I might actually use this.
Outfits not very dark, or feathery, but eh, can't win everything.

>> No.48767201

Found this gem like 2 pages in. Fucking gold.

>> No.48767202

But the whole point of going to the tower was to find information, did that conveniently not get blown up?

>> No.48767206

Closest I've gotten was DMing for a party that was the the adopted daughter of an ancient, bored lich (necromantic princess), the biological son of a low-end cosmic horror turned family man about 80 years back (friends of the lich, convinced the lich to raise the kid he found because having family's GREAT), his sister, and their butler.

>> No.48767210

How do we fix Magical Child, /pfg/? We can't let potential like this just go to waste.

>> No.48767219

I enjoyed the playtest materials. Lots of goodies in there.

>> No.48767235

The good: really enjoyed the worldbuilding and characterization.

The bad: the relationship between the main characters felt kinda off to me. Kinda abusive, a bit uncomfortable at times.

Image for Inquisitor Anon.

>> No.48767236

Give it an eidolon or just mash the magical childishness parts onto the warlock?

>> No.48767308


I made a sturdy DILF who was questing to rescue his daughter from an evil witch, in the process reuniting with his estranged lover and eventually settling down with her and the daughter to pump out a bigger family in peace and plenty.

He's the PC that denied a direct request by the king to continue adventuring and slay more bad guys. He got what he wanted, why should he continue?

>> No.48767321

Use the Gonzo Magical Girl instead.

>> No.48767336

I 'preciate the feedback, character art anon. Have another non-lewd elf.

>> No.48767337

Anon who got linked by >>48765874 here. Might as well fish for tips.

So I want adamantine weapons ASAP is what I got last thread, which I figured I'd probably need anyway. I did get confirmation that in addition to getting URogue Finesse slapped over the Investigator, I get to skip the infusion tax, so I may go for a mutagen at 3rd to bump up my Dex. Assuming 1pp, maybe light 3pp if I can pitch it, what's a safe way to build for combat? I've been itching to actually try a TWF character and dig the idea of running with dual daggers just because it "sounds cool", but I don't know how easily I'll be able to get in range for full attacks with an investigator. Plus, trying to get Adamantine AND Inspired on both weapons would probably be a headache. Kind of stuck taking technologist at 1st level since it's... A campaign all about technology.

Also requesting rogue-ish individuals, because I do not have nearly enough character art and will be going through the thread for it anyway. Preferably using either a rapier or dual-wielded daggers. Bonus points if it's a tiefling girl. Please and thank you, artanon.

>> No.48767344

And now, anons, I have to go to sleep because I'm exhausted. Good luck killing the degenerate threads.

Have a robot carrying hot chocolate. Toodles.

>> No.48767371

So lads, what kind of tit do you prefer; cute perky things like >>48767337 or huge soft handfuls like >>48766047?

>> No.48767390

Okay I was gonna sleep but I realized I have tieflings!

Depends on who's drawing them.

>> No.48767400


>> No.48767410

I have a few tieflings!

>> No.48767417

I don't have rogues but I do have two pics of a tiefling.

>> No.48767419

Not a tiefling probably.

>> No.48767420


I prefer whatever looks best on the character.

Granted that means I gravitate towards chesty and otherwise voluptuous, but a pair of small little bumps can look great on the right character.

>> No.48767424


>> No.48767443

Might work?

Okay now I'm gone and done dumping stuff. Hopefully other anons have images covered.

>> No.48767454

Here's more of a light armored tiefling!

>> No.48767468

I think this is like an iconic tiefling rogue.

>> No.48767475

And this one.

>> No.48767480

Don't feel obligated to cater to me, artdumpanon, we have tons of people perfectly willing to do it for you! I appreciate it though, have a good one.

I do kind of prefer horns like those in >>48767417 and >>48767424 actually. Though I am also kind of annoyed that SO MANY OF THE DECENT TIEFLING IMAGES ALL HAVE SPADE TAILS. There's so many possible tails but that's what gets used? Maybe I should just quit being a baby and go make a collage to toss into the art request thread.

>> No.48767485

Here's another, but this one is using a gun.

>> No.48767506

Also space goats are practically tieflings too.

>> No.48767520

The reason for that is the spade-tipped tail was the one used for Victorian stage devils - you know, the ones with the red skin, sharp teeth, goatee, all that? It became iconic for demons/devils & things associated with them.

>> No.48767550

I know the generic "devil image" has spade tails, but people got creative with the horns. You've got every kind of horn, but the same tail on everything? At least sometimes there's a lion tail (I think that's what it is, at least) on some of them, like so: >>48767468

>> No.48767564

Campaign idea: Vengeance of the Council of the Second Carrion Crown

>> No.48767576


>> No.48767595


Oops, I meant Vengeance of the Council of the Second Carrion Throne

>> No.48767596

Hey Gareth I'm kind new to /tg/ what books you are responsible for?

>> No.48767620

>> No.48767637

Gareth is personally responsible for Childhood Adventures.

>> No.48767649


A google search for "Curse of the Carrion Throne" comes up with nothing. Are Pathfinder fans so unimaginative?

>> No.48767664

Um. In terms of supplements I wrote large chunks of Psionic Bestiary (including the dragons), I did some editing work on Path of War & wrote the Traditions, I wrote more Traditions (as well as the Harbinger, four archetypes, and some feats) for Path of War: Expanded, and did Psionics Augmented: Wilder on my own. I did Bloodforge with Matt (it wasn't our fault) and Lords of the Night with Alexander, and I've got the playtest for Lords of the Mist on hiatus.

Oh, and I wrote the gravity slime in Steelforge.

/pfg/ was also extremely helpful in getting my first-ever novel published - Mourners: Scum of Shatterdown.

>> No.48767682

No. No I am not.

>> No.48767695

Ah do you take feedback for Path of War by any chance or you are not working on it anymore?

>> No.48767708

>I did Bloodforge with Matt (it wasn't our fault)
fuck you I love Bloodforge

>> No.48767712


Gareth, the hero to all creepily drawn kitsune.

>> No.48767747

Don't get me wrong, I'm proud of the work, it's just...

I don't actually want to say it for fear of summoning the evil back to these threads again.

Path of War 1's errata is currently being actively done. There will be a public playtest of the errata so that we don't follow the example of a random, nonspecific, and definitely unnamed gaming company that tends to publish unpopular and poorly done errata that they then never change.

>> No.48767764

At the very least, Calistrian Antipaladins are fairly friendly if you don't do anything that would annoy them to any degree whatsoever.

>> No.48767781

>how I imagine DSP's devs every time PoW 1's errata comes up

>> No.48767810

Except she has sex with a Paladin right in the book, that's the opposite of non-lewd.

>> No.48767811

Do alicorn have horse dicks or elf dicks? Enquiring minds must know.

>> No.48767817

Unsurprisingly they have alicorn dicks.

>> No.48767828


>> No.48767838

My DM is not much of a internet guy, we normally meet on "normalfag" circumstances like having a drink or dinners but I commented about /tg/ and you guys in DSP, he really liked the Psionics book and really like the material produced by the company but he wanted to pass the feedback that he didn't like Path of War said it was lacking instead of bringing to a next level like the psionics book did, one thing he said that he felt missing the magical items and Martial gear in general, he wanted to see items that boosted initiator levels and such or altered in some way the special attacks and that element of bringing Martial characters close to spellcasters in terms of "fun progression", a caster as he levels he gains new tools to solve more problems, a martial character just have ways to boost his numbers on limited attacks.

Anyway hope you guys manage to keep doing your best!

>> No.48767848

>items that boosted initiator levels

oh god no, that would break everything.

>> No.48767888

or at least in some certain maneuvers or stances with the balance on price of course.

>> No.48767899

You can't give us "elves literally fucked unicorns" and then pull that

>> No.48767910

Yeah he can. Tolkien didn't describe elf dicks, there's no reason why he should describe alicorn dicks.

>> No.48767923

When I was 15, I was forced into sexual activity by a girl from the senior class. She had these huge, soft tits that still haunt me to this day.

>> No.48767946

Like forced in a agressive manner or just made an approach on you that made you go with the flow ?

>> No.48767963

I can, I will, I did.

We have some of that stuff planned for Steelforge & later supplements, but I do wanna note that stuff like IL boosting is...it is not a great idea. It sounds innocent and then it ends in blood and sorrow.

>> No.48767966

Wasn't there some nonsense how if elves were raped they would die?

>> No.48767975

Well more like
>Anon I'm the only person who cares about you, none of your friends actually like you, not even your family does
>Anon you need me or your life is nothing
>Anon if you don't drink with me, you don't care about me
>Anon if you don't let me do this to you, you don't really love me
>Anon if you tell anyone, nobody will believe you

Fucked me up real good.

If I had been a girl and she had been a guy, he'd be crucified.

>> No.48767990

If you had to play a race from Bloodforge in your next campaign, what would it be and why?

Actually, everyone should answer that.

I want to play a Hexbreather Warder trying to make the most of his cursed heritage by protecting the innocent. Good at heart, but horrifying in his methods.

>> No.48767991

You sound like a bitter fuck, where did it go wrong?

>> No.48768005

>elves literally fucked unicorns

I don't even know why that's a thing.

>> No.48768008

To be fair, >>48767410 is more of a barbed tail.

>> No.48768016

I'd play in her too, if you know what I mean

>> No.48768019

roughly thirty threads about fucking the offspring of halflings fucking blink dogs, anon.

>> No.48768024

Wow, mate. Busty or Not, I hope you didn't stick your dick into THAT kinda crazy. No woman is worth that.

>> No.48768026

I, as a player, have been given permission to gather a number of NPC's to be soldiers in my levy. What level could I expect them to be and I would use the NPC "Warrior" class, correct?

>> No.48768032

Then it was a abusive relationship, hope you manage to move on from it

Even if really limited to certain maneuvers? Because for example Judgement Surge feat, you basically move the effective level of your judgement to the "next level" once per day making a perfect tool when you need to make a last stand or get yourself in a boss fight encounter. So that would be a good theme and buff for martial character to shine in these kinds of situations. If you don't mind going more in depth with the explanation that would be awesome since I just have the player PoV

>> No.48768033

I don't, can you please explain?

>> No.48768035

Probably the years of sustained beatings from my peers that the adults at school ignored.

Merg harbinger, devil-may-care gal who sees nature and by extension the world as unintentionally, yet violently, cruel. Wants to see the world, fight horrifying shit, and tell the stories to attractive young folks in questionable taverns.

>> No.48768038

Pls no bully Gareth

>> No.48768041

It's times like this I'm actually kinda glad I have literal autism. My blanket inability to deal with social conventions properly saved me from a relationship like this because my brain went "you know, that's just false" as soon as she said it.

My condolences man. It's a pretty fucked up situation to be in.

>> No.48768045

Look at that cute horsebutt and tell me you wouldn't ravage that all day and night.

Look at it!

>> No.48768046

I like it so far. Lots of options to make fantasy superheroes, archetypes for every Skybourne race, nonSkybourne archetypes, 2 prcs. Way more material, and more interesting, than the Porphyra one.

>> No.48768051


>> No.48768057

Gotta remember I was 15 and she was 19.

I know it might sound like I'm apologizing for her, but I do wonder if she ever got help for whatever was wrong in her brain that caused her to need a 15 year old boy to satisfy her.

>> No.48768060

Grendle Paladin

>> No.48768063

Imagine if you get spammed about motherfucking blink dogs, I'd be fucking mad at this point.

>> No.48768066

Also, the cover /did/ get updated.

>> No.48768067

That book is terrible. It just needs to die.

>> No.48768076

I wouldn't.

>> No.48768077


ew. no.

>> No.48768079

Paste source

>> No.48768090

You sound especially bitter about Paizo. This shouldn't cloud what you say as it demonstrates extreme pettiness and the symptoms of being a colossal fuck.

>> No.48768091

>Vigilantes of Porphyra is decent
>Vigilantes of Skyborne is good
>Legendary Vigilantes is looking to be great
>Night Terror from DSP and Serial Killer from HA are fun

Why is the Vigilante the best, most interesting class that Paizo's released in recent years?

>> No.48768093


is that a large futa bulge?

>> No.48768097

Is that centaur wearing a cotton thong? I guess that answers an untold question about horse underwear. What the fuck Japan?

>> No.48768106

Here's the most recent version of it:

Lethal Locks (Su) The vigilante gains the prehensile hairUM hex (using their Charisma modifier in place of their Strength for attack and damage rolls and in place of their Intelligence for how much weight it can manipulate), although they can treat the attack granted from this talent as a manufactured weapon for the purposes of how often they can attack with it. This talent can be used indefinitely, ignoring the normal restriction on how often it can be used. At 6th level and every 4 levels afterwards, the damage die of this talent increases by 1 step (to a maximum of 2d6 at 18th level).

The vigilante can make an iaijutsu slash with their hair as though it was a one-handed slashing weapon, estocMTT, rapier, or swordcane, treating a hat, hood, scarf, or other hair covering as a sheath (unless the hair covering is made of a sturdy material, it cannot used with the sheath block talent).

>> No.48768107


>> No.48768113

After the fucking double joke that was both Legacy of Dragons and Horror Adventures, I wouldn't be bitter with then, more sorry because they can't even manage to produce quality content anymore.

Speaking of which just bought Akashic Mysteries and its good so far (yes I'm shilling shameless)

>> No.48768118

You uh

You know where you are, right?

>> No.48768120

Fuck yeah. They make great paladins too. Fun to imagine one growing up in a temple, squiring it up, then finally being knighted and sent out to do good.

>> No.48768124

Paizo's errata has been a particularly thorough education in how not to handle that process. If you'd like to suggest more positive lessons to learn from it, I'm always taking feedback.

>> No.48768129

Is the Daevic still terrible and the Guru still great?

>> No.48768138

even better

>> No.48768141

It's not out yet, and it's coming in the Legendary Vigilantes: Villains book, by... Well, Legendary Games.

The reworked and separated version has me hype as fuck, by the way. I want to run a Noble Soul with that shit and have Cha-SAD not!paladin.

>> No.48768151

always relevant when I browse this board.

>> No.48768156

Guru is still amazing.

Daevic isn't terrible, but it isn't as versatile as the Guru for sure.

>> No.48768161

Probably didn't hurt that Seifter was on the team and had more experience under his belt. Plus, even though the idea was kind of stupid, the mechanical execution and the willingness to play with parts of the class chassis that are normally locked in and untouched after they're set was incredibly smart.

>> No.48768184

It gets even more bizarre...

>> No.48768191

Vigi of Porphyra was written by a friend of mine, it was their first book, and they're pretty proud of it. Seems like we're really hitting stride on good vigilante content. I'm just hoping Legendary Vigilantes does well since the playtest was a ton of fun. If it does, it gives me a chance to run more of them here.

>> No.48768199

>shitty magic items I've given my players

>Hungry Blossoms
>twin rapiers, each cross guard styled to look like a silver blossom, the blades a pale orange, the hilts are curves. Connecting them is a cord of woven vines, three closed blossoms on it. Up to three times a day one, when targeted by a spell, may, as an immediate action, attempt an opposed caster level check, substituting your BaB for your caster level (which ever is higher). If successful the blade slackens, opening to devour the spell. One of the blossoms along the vine opens and the spell fires from the other rapier, as if the wielder has cast it.
>actual rapiers are a set of +2 cruel cold iron rapiers

>Bloody Barnacle
>A set of brass knuckles covered in rust and barnacles, fished out of the bottom of a port. The barnacles are thaumaturgically mutated by alchemical run off. The Barnacles are still alive, and defend themselves. Up to five times a day the wielder can agitate the barnacles, having them expel numerous fronds of ribbon like digestive system to coat both the wielder and victim in digestive fluids. The wielder, and anyone he strikes while this is active, taking 2d6 acid damage. Anyone struck takes 4d6 acid damage for 1d4 rounds. After activated the barnacle's intestines retract after 1d4 rounds, this is activated as a swift action.
>they are a set of +1 corrosive seaborne brass knuckles

>Tiger's Maw
>A spiked gauntlet stylized to look like a tiger's head (may be used to replace the existing armor of a set of full plate). Once a week the wielder may awaken the construct, the creature inside appearing as a mechanical Dire Tiger with the Constructed Creature template, it stays this way for ten minutes, acting as a summoned creature, before retreating back to the arm. Once a day the wielder may partially awaken it, lashing out gaining a primary claw attack of his size with that arm, that he may make in addition to his normal attack cycle (claws of metal lashing out on their own).


>> No.48768204

If it's in downtime, there's no issue. For all the risks of adventuring, in the wagon surrounded by a Gunzerker, Master Asia, two Full-Casters and a Psion is probably the safest place on the fucking continent.

If a player insists on running around adventuring in 2nd trimester or later though, at that point mr.magical-realm is just fucking begging for it. Being still capable despite the penalties does not mean they aren't there: Just because you're a gymnast doesn't mean you aren't heavily encumbered and dealing with swollen joints; you're just in better shape to begin with and so might still be a bit above average instead of getting annoyingly close to disabled on bad days. Likewise, not being able to keep your food down very well for a few weeks is starvation if you're throttled at full military power, and do I need to remind you what happens to things on your person like familiars and equipment when you fail a save? GUESS WHAT ELSE YOU'RE CARRYING. Plus you won't even want to anyways most likely; everyone else around you aren't the only ones who want you to stay home and maybe set up a little nursery room. Babies alter your brain chemistry for their survival.

One last bit: Mommy or Daddy it doesn't matter (but do the slaneeshi freakshow a favor and kill it when it's born if you give birth to a magical accident); if you're carrying a baby on your back, falls, flanking and failed saves are probably a death sentence for little ones. Don't be fucking stupid when you can avoid having them there!

There are many precautions one can or must take, ranging from someone staying home to raise the children to dimension-hopping crib-golems with multiple cannons.

>> No.48768207

>Look at that cute horsebutt and tell me you wouldn't ravage that all day and night.

I wouldn't, the mere sight of centaurs makes me angry due to a childhood memory I had apparently forgotten, but that's just me.

>> No.48768210

>Merg harbinger, devil-may-care gal who sees nature and by extension the world as unintentionally, yet violently, cruel. Wants to see the world, fight horrifying shit, and tell the stories to attractive young folks in questionable taverns.
There are definitely worse ways to spend your life. Murdering the shit out of badguys to impress people sounds like a lot of adventurer's hobby.

>> No.48768211

... Wait, does the hair count as being "two-handed"? Are you... Are you getting 1.5x Cha-to-damage?

>> No.48768213

Daevic never was terrible. The main issue is that akashic is super dip/multiclass friendly, and you can cherrypick a lot of the good daevic stuff with the aegis, slap on some initiating, and create a hybrid monstrosity that does Wrath better than Wrath. Compared to Paizo martials, daevic is still a better designed and more versatile class.

>> No.48768242

Is that some eldritch horror monstermusume?


>> No.48768247

I believe anon was inferring that he would "play" (with his genitals), "inside" (inside) the girl ('s genitals).

You know.

>> No.48768258

>The vigilante can make an iaijutsu slash with their hair as though it was a one-handed slashing weapon, estoc, rapier, or swordcane
All of these weapons are 1-handed, so no.

>> No.48768281

I don't know sexually. I'm on /pfg/, after all. Could you explain that more in depth for me?

>> No.48768289

For iaijutsu slashes, yes. Having statted out a mercurial duelist as a sample character as an NPC, I think that's probably fair. Even if she was using her hair instead of her hand, a mercurial duelist still needs to pick up an amulet of natural fist, making the overall cost more rough for a hair duelist.

>> No.48768308

The mercurial duelist always counts as using two hands while making an iaijutsu slash. Sadly Mercurial Duelist isn't coming out until the second book is announced.

>> No.48768340

Ponos and vagoo, j-j-jam it in.

>> No.48768346

[z-ton] Squid Love

no relation to Splatoon or Ika Musume

>> No.48768356


>> No.48768372

Anon you can't just say something strange like that and then not regale us with tales of your exploitation.

>> No.48768377

Making love.

>> No.48768405

I'm totally okay with centaur-pussy...

But panties on the back of them is just...
I've seen sexier things at an old folks home anon.
This is a unique blend of "giant-ass panties" and "wrong".

>> No.48768417

Is there a Fighter archetype that only replaces Bravery?

>> No.48768423


>> No.48768427

Y'all niggas need Jesus.

>> No.48768449

What supplement is that in?

>> No.48768453


>> No.48768464

Don't play fighter, something something memes, unchained fighter.

>> No.48768487

Thanks, that was helpful

>> No.48768499

Why would you want to replace bravery? Doesn't the advanced weapon trick make it effectively a good will save?

>> No.48768541


>> No.48768549

Yeah, Armed Bravery actually makes Bravery an extremely useful thing to have around now.

>> No.48768552


>> No.48768557

Oh, yes. Drow!

>> No.48768562

It's pretty dumb though.
I distinctly remember how much child rage that centaur scene in fantasia caused me. It was probably because it was mildly racist and I wasn't able to process that at the time I saw it. My parents may have said something, but if they did I honestly don't remember. For probably a decade after I had forgotten that scene I possessed a mysterious hatred of centaurs. It was a weird surprise when I watched the movie again as an adult.
I mean, my favorite part of god of war was the scene where you slaughter that group of centaurs by disemboweling them. That movie had a weird effect on me.

>> No.48768569

For a serious answer Gladiator only replaces bravery, but it changes several other features. Eldritch Guardian gets close as it replaces bravery & two bonus feats. Blackjack also gets relatively close by replacing 4 bonus feats and bravery. Siege breaker is the next closest with bravery, three bonus feats, and weapon mastery.

>> No.48768575


>> No.48768583

Well fine, here's a different non-lewd elf.

>> No.48768585

Remember folks, use one of the two other threads instead of making a new one. Preferably the Samurai one instead of the kitsuneposting thread.

>> No.48768592

>Speaking of which just bought Akashic Mysteries and its good so far (yes I'm shilling shameless)

I have been enjoying it as well. The art is great, and some of the little tweaks like removing the limit on total binds and just letting you bind automatically if the slot is unlocked are good, especially for the daevic. Aerial Nimbus got a much needed buff, Forcestrike Knuckles got a needed nerf, and the monsters are awesome. Beautiful artwork all around.

>> No.48768593

Any thoughts on these?

>> No.48768596 [DELETED] 

Okay, sadly we still have another awful thread to go

New Thread

>> No.48768603

Provide a link, anon.

>> No.48768609

So /pfg/
Best class at early levels of the following:
ranged Sacred servant
what are you looking for, I have a decent amount

>> No.48768616

Right here

>> No.48768637

We're still on page 2, damn it!

>> No.48768649

We had three threads already. I posted the one that was closer to the top, they posted the less awful one.

>> No.48768652

those threads already existed, friendo.
I'm not saying we should already migrate, but it's no use getting pissed off now.

>> No.48768689

I think you mean this:


>> No.48772298

>Even if really limited to certain maneuvers? Because for example Judgement Surge feat, you basically move the effective level of your judgement to the "next level" once per day making a perfect tool when you need to make a last stand or get yourself in a boss fight encounter. So that would be a good theme and buff for martial character to shine in these kinds of situations. If you don't mind going more in depth with the explanation that would be awesome since I just have the player PoV
As another player (not a dev), the thing to remember is that maneuvers do not actually scale with IL like spells or other things do. All boosting IL could do for you is break things by getting you higher-level stuff than you're meant to have.

>> No.48772688

>clumsy elf
I fucking hate japan.

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