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What's the difference between mermaids and sirens?

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Usually the mermaid song is beautiful but nonmagical, while the siren's song is actually a magic charm effect. Also, sirens aren't necessarily aquatic; variations that resemble beautiful harpies exist, too.

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Not much. Hell, in some languages, they use the same word for both. In English, however, mermaids tend to be the good guys and sirens tend to be the bad guys, since they're the ones who tend to lure people to their death. But it varies, they're like orcs and ogres in terms of similarities.

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So was that really her skull they found in the last issue?

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Mermaids don't mean no harm, death is an accidental byproduct when it happens. Sirens are dicks that want to kill folks.

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Rusalka are the eastern-European version of both

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I did notice that rusalka is under the Russian translations, but I didn't really think about it at the time. To be fair, they get less coverage than both. The only reason I even know the name is because of DMC.

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One's half-fish and the other half-bird.

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The former will cuck you, the latter will fuck you
> t. Wandering Scholar

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Somebody post the page where Laius tries to sing with them.

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Mermaids, sirens, and harpies are all basically the same thing with different coats of paint

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Except harpies will talk shit about you.

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Mermaids are women with fish tails instead of legs.

Sirens are female spirits that use enchanting music and song to cause sailors to shipwreck themselves.

A Mermaid can be a Siren, but not all Sirens are Mermaids. Some depictions of Sirens have them closer to Harpies while others have them more like normal women.

Not really. Mermaid and Harpy are descriptions of body shape while Siren is more a description of capabilities.

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She's not lying though. That guy had it 'cumming'

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At least he took responsibility.

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>Little Mermaid (the original, not the whitewashed Disney shit)
>Bitch falls in love with a guy she only just met, gives up everything to be with him, saves his life, he cucks her, she kills himself

>Greek myth
>Mermaids exist only to sing sailors to their death

>Monster musume
>They have a fetish for both cuckoldry and early death

Is there even a single setting where mermaids aren't shit?


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Nawww, I've seen this image on monster, but I didn't get the reference until just now~
> Is there even a single setting where mermaids aren't shit?
> Forgetting the objectively worst girl in Monster Girl Quest
0/10 would not touch fishy tail. At least when the day of the rape comes, the betamax males will have 2 choices, mermaids or tumblrtots, and they'll leave our superior arachne waifus alone

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sirens are birds

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Sirens don't live in the water.

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You spelled worse wrong.

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The sirens rule the merfolk.

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Sirens are birds mermaids are fish.

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Hey, I like fluffy tail as much as the next man, but spooder is my guilty fetish.
> tfw arachnaphobic
> tfw can only get off to Rachne

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Who would win, /tg/?

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nothing they are the same word in different languages, then one got introduced too into english.

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In the original myth, the siren were bird-people (specifically, a woman's head on a bird's body). They only later became associated with mermaids for some reason.

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I'm assuming their singing powers basically cancel each other out, and it's going to come down do an old fashion cat fight. I'd give it to the mermaid if it happens close to water since she could probably drag the harpy underneath and drown her, but otherwise probably the harpy or a draw due to neither being willing to risk giving the other the huge home field advantage and just backing away

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they both lure sailors to their death that's the common ground

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He seems to have also married a Lamia too.

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what does this imply

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That image search is shit.

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the flying one could just drop rocks on the mermaid without any risk

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speaking of which, source?

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pixiv id=586750 ganbanman

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Mermaids are fishwomen, sirens are birdwomen.

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Sirens are often employed on the top of ambulances .

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The mermaid has the cave for amplification, but the harpy has the harp-thingy for music/song duo.

I'm gonna give it to the harpy, adding music seems like it would grant finer control than just "YOU CAN'T IGNORE THE BEAUTIFUL SINGING". (but that might overpower the harpy's song and prevent the mermaid from hearing it, also caves work both ways though... hmm, still gonna give it to the harpy thing)

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I don't think so. The series' been pretty comfy so far, so I doubt that they'd pull something so grimm.

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sirens are birds, not fish.

The question should be what;s the difference between sirens and harpies.

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Harpies are ugly bird women who are bitches.

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School Ningyo had cool "sirens".

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Mermaids are a subset of siren, which also includes goat-legged and flying forms.

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Sirens sing and have legs
Mermaids have fishlegs and dont sing much

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I mostly heard mermaids sing as much as sirens.

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Same here.

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>chick happily admits you fucked her
>talking shit
You and I have two very different meanings for that term.

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What is the source to this comic?
Is there more?

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>Not knowing the most /tg/ related cooking adventure.


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It depends. Is it considered normal and acceptable to bang that chick or is it considered weird and perverted to bang that chick due to having the mental capacity and body of a child? Now what if she makes it out to seem worse? In a public area? By name.

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I don't know if it's ever been more relevant: lurk more.

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I wouldn't put it past the series. Besides, her spiritual talents could make it easier to rez her from the bones. Maybe her spirit will stick to the remains better. I don't know. The story isn't over yet, but I think it could very well be her.

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The thing is the dungeon has a constant effect that stops spirits escaping their remains, whihc is why resurrection spells work so well in it, so the dream Laius has, while it could represent what farnese' spirits WANTS to do, it can't actually leave the dungeon.

So I expect her to get rezed soon, but to want to undo the necromantic spells on the dungeon to free all the trapped spirits, forcing them all back into the dungeon again.

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Yeah, I know about that enchanment.

I just think that Farlyn's talent with spirits will somehow have an effect on the rez spell, possibly because her talents appy to when she IS a spirit, too.

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Guys... Farlyn said goodbye. That's one hell of a permadeath flag.

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You can't be serious. Have you ever heard of the mermaids in Irish folklore, One Piece, and every anime/manga where they are the only sapient species aside from humans? Talk about expectation bias.

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