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ARCHIVE: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Dungeon%20Life%20Quest
PREVIOUS THREAD: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/48603246/
CHARACTERS AND PLACES: https://docs.google.com/document/d/19gNVgtevar647l4ZumUaVH6GlJzvxLlDNKaH8DrQMWE/edit?usp=sharing

You are Brianna la Croix, necromancer, and you have a decision to make.


> 1. Leave Silence to her death
> 2. Attempt to bring Silence back
> 3. Gather her loved ones; they decide

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1. Leave Silence to her death

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invalid, link to op and number for vote only

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just the number, baka

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This one has a period.

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I ain't about to pitch a fit over a period.

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It makes a difference for FD votes. They have to be the same otherwise 1 person can vote

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The reason for the strict format is 4chan prevents you posting the /exact/ same thing within 5 min. the period makes it a different post.

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Called, tallying, writing.

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...Fuck, y'know, I didn't realize? Thanks.

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Goddamnit why did we need to do a final destination at 3 in the morning? Everyone is asleep

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Half of this quest is about learning to live with death. It's not right that we should destroy Bri's values because anons don't like their waifu dying. I liked Silence a lot. I would have been all over that if Bri wasn't in a committed relationship with best Bird and Nate. She died, and it hurts, but I'll be the first to admit that Bri wouldn't completely disregard the last request of the dying.

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Oh well. My statement stands at least.

Because people are upset their waifu died.

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these are technically over the line, but they cancel each other out anyway

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Goddammit Vox. Really?

You didn't know the reason why FD exists?





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I dunno, someone cried 'final destination, final destination' enough times so Vox decided to take a poll at 3 am so only 1/10 of the posters could have an input into an important decision

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>being buthurt about the vote
lose with dignity.

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The two quests I follow have never needed them!

>> No.48633485

You don't need them here!

There's literally no reason this needed to be a final destination vote.

(Also is anyone else having problems with captcha?

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how long have you been around 4chins anyway?

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We only need final destination votes if there's rampant samfe fagging or people literally can't make a decision. There wasn't any same fagging!

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We could just tell him this stuff.

>> No.48633523

FD is a tool, same as any other. The bigger quests often need them, yes, but many of the smaller ones don't.

mine switched back to the numbers

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Bring her back

Leave her to death.

Collected votes from the old thread before vox declared final destination.

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As someone who supported the final destination vote, I thought that this vote was likely to be samefagged. I will say that it probably would have been better to hold the vote at a different time, so that more people could participate.

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that wasn't before he declared final destination, that was when he was 'mulling it over'

there were still votes after that.

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There was samefagging out the ass for those votes. Why do you think the final destination was so decisive?

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looks like it matches the fd results at least.

ideally yes, but he would have had to stall writing until the vote. Could have been the better part of a day. And someone will always miss it anyway.

>> No.48633617

because it's like... 3 AM and the original vote was called for like two or three hours ago?

Posters probably voted and went to sleep

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So normies got their votes disregarded?

I see no issues with that.

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I didn't lose.

I would have lost with dignity if I had lost.

Yeah, I figured it was you samefagging.

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ugh I feel like going over the votes and counting myself to see if one side or the other was actually in the lead but it's so early

My gut says that it was "Bring her back" but I can't be certain.

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>all this buthurt over 1 winning
Fuck it, if you guys are gonna be sore losers, imma be a sore winner.

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>Implying I samefagged at all.

I did vote for 1 however.

Silence is dead.

Get over it. :^)

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You take in a deep breath, let it out slowly, and finally use your cane to help yourself stand up. The pounding headache from the Roost aside - big battles are terrible things - you're feeling stronger, better, than you have been. The rest did you a world of good.

Grimly, you note that your bottle ought to be full by the time you're done assessing the damage.

It's been a helluva day already.

"I'm going to respect her final request," you say at last. "I don't think I win for daring here. I don't think Silence, and the people who care for her, do either. The talking sword thing is still creepy."

Flitter shrugs. "For you. Personally, if I end up dead and you scoop me up, I'd like to get planted somewhere. Just, like, pack some tree seeds in with me, bury me in fertile ground, call it a life."

Jack folds his arms. Flitter bites her lip and looks up, guiltily.

"How'd Diving Shadow and Larry do?" you ask softly.

"Pretty well. Shadow took a few shots to the wings but she's expected to recover with minimal loss of strength. She was protecting hatchlings. Their parents..."

"It's the way of harpies," Jack's ghost intones. "Their children have numbers instead of names for a reason."

"Yeah, that," Flitter agrees glumly. "Only now she won't give the kids back and Larry's slapped down one mother that tried to get 'em already."

"...I'd better get over there."

"Probably," the pixie agrees. "I need to go ferry medicine anyway. I'll see you around, alright?"

You nod, and move towards the wounded. Natalia's there with Nathan; both have taken off their jackets, rolled up their sleeves, and are working to assist Jewel and Meadows. The losses could have been a lot worse than what you're seeing. With a faint pang, you catch Tatters among the dead. Her young, bedraggled murder perches above the corpses, looking lost and confused.

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>I didn't lose.
Mhm. 'Course you didn't.

>> No.48633698

Does the silence issue even need to be resolved RIGHT NOW

She's dead. She's not going to get any deader as time goes on apparently. A lot of voters wanted to check the atheneum and other necromancers before making a firm decision one way or another. There's no real pressing need that this issue needs to be settled RIGHT NOW
I'm just a little sore because I feel like if the rest of the regular posters had the chance to actually exercise a vote this would have had a different out come

Instead, nope, we gotta do this now three AM, when the only people who are still active are the ones who have been protesting the decision most vehemently and kept asking for Final Destination

>> No.48633702

Diving Shadow is surrounded by nearly a dozen hatchlings of various ages, from tiny little things still fluffy in the way of newborn chicks to adolescents that might have been old enough to earn a name, if their lives had gone a bit differently. Most of them are on the younger side of the scale. Lawrence sits with his wife; Amy is down amongst the children, cuddling a little boy to her chest and scritching his head. He's clearly been crying.

> Help Meadows & Jewel
> Talk to Nathan and Natalia
> Go see Amy and her parents
> Attend to Tatters' murder

>> No.48633722

....I voted 1 as well, moron.

>> No.48633726

Here's what I got; This is post Vox "muse about fd"



>> No.48633732

> Help Meadows & Jewel

>> No.48633741


. . . I didn't samefag, dingbat.

>> No.48633748

What part of "I want Silence to remain dead" means I lost?

>> No.48633753

I just now realize I posted 1 instead of 2. Fuck.

I guess it wouldn't have done anything.

Vox, in the future, please don't kill characters off screen without giving us a perspective swap. At least give is the illusion of choice if we have none.

>> No.48633755

>> Help Meadows & Jewel
Help those in dire need first

>> No.48633767

>At least give is the illusion of choice if we have none.




>> No.48633777

>Attend to Tatters' murder
>Help Meadows & Jewel

>> No.48633784

>help meadow and jewel
Let's focus on the living before dealing with the dead

>> No.48633788

I dunno, a year, year and a half? I showed up late last summer, I wanna say, in a professional capacity; I'd written a vampire supplement for Pathfinder and someone on the /pfg/ of the time had questions about it that my co-author found with a Google search. Been learning slowly since.

And look, folks, I called my shot at this point. I rather enjoyed the discussion that fell out from the initial vote, but the FD's gonna stand. This whole thing's been a helluva learning experience and I'll be chewing it over for awhile and seeing how I can handle things like this better in the future. Obviously there's a strong feeling that this being a possibility wasn't communicated; there's definitely a feeling that it should have been shown on-screen. I'd had some reservations before I went through with it but ultimately decided that I'd learn nothing if I didn't follow through.

I appreciate the feedback and discussion you folks have offered on this event.


>> No.48633793

> Attend to Tatters' murder
Give them direction and help them survive. Their emotions must be going crazy.

>> No.48633803

I'm still going to vote that we use her body to make a new life rather then some weapons when the time comes to vote for what to do with our share of our 'inheritance'

It's the closest thing to making this right

>> No.48633804

Railroad anon, do you have any quest recommenations? I need something to read that I obviously have no choice in.

>> No.48633822

>I need something to read that I obviously have no choice in.

I mean you're already reading Dungeon Life Quest.

>> No.48633827

Nothing can make this right.

That's why you never have off screen deaths.

>> No.48633830

> Attend to Tatters' murder

>> No.48633841

Thanks for running. This has certainly been an interesting discussion. Even after all this time, I am /still/ amazed at how civil things stay here during disagreements.

>> No.48633843

Yeah, but I'm already caught up, and have to wait for updates. Got something completed for me?

>> No.48633849

> tiny little things still fluffy in the way of newborn chicks


>> No.48633859

Hmm. I'd vote for attending to Tatters' if the issue of the hatchlings wasn't present. Gotta put the kids first.
>Go see Amy and her parents.

Maybe the kids can move up to Lakehallow? It's a hell of a lot safer up there, and there's Roosters on the surface who can help look after them.

Also, just got back from work to seeing all of this 'discussion' over Silence. Thing is, I've never liked resurrections, simply because they are often so poorly done and a lot of people treat it like a magic reset button when its not.


While I might be upset that Silence is gone, I'm certainly not going to abandon the quest because /oh my god there are CONSEQUENCES TO OUR ACTIONS!/

I support the idea from the previous thread to make a bell, though I also think we could make a hammer and anvil. Kinda continue with something symbolic, that death and life, destruction and creation, are two sides of the same coin.


Okay, bedtime now.

>> No.48633874

I'd vote for that, for all the good it'd do.

>> No.48633875

Well a good quest that's already finished?

So you'll have no control over the story at all?

Hmmmmm, I'm trying to think of a good one.

Read one of MercCommand's quests. Valkyria Merc Chronicles.

That should be up your alley!

>> No.48633876

You'll have to fight Diving Feathers for them. Enjoy!

>> No.48633914

Thanks for the recommendation, m88.

>> No.48633948

There's also lots of older quests, like RUBY quest, Drew the Lich, and some other ones like the one about an ice giantess

>> No.48633950

I'm imagining Fetch trying to sit on them.
It is a wonderful image.

>> No.48633955


> Help Meadows & Jewel

>> No.48633969

> Attend to Tatters' murder

>> No.48633982

Called, tallying, writing. This'll be our last update for the night, I need to sleep.

>> No.48633987



you really do.

>> No.48634071

If you mean Diving Shadow, I'd love to have her as well.

>> No.48634115

She's happily married.

>> No.48634147

>Brianna gets invited to tell stories to the hatchlings. Brings along Fetch.
>Tells the about the heroic Sir Fetch the Nightfeather, Slayer of Hellspawn and Valorous Knight of Lady La Croix.
>All of the chicks go nuts for `em, and bicker like all little kids do over who gets to hold the rooster.
>Fetch's dead little heart actually /beats/ when one of them says 'When I grow up, I wanna be a Hero like you!"

>> No.48634158

You take your hat off and put balance it on Fetch's back. "You give that to Amy and wait with the children," you tell the undead knight. He squawks his affirmation and obeys, taking his brother - as well as Vim & Vigor - with him. You give Amy a little smile, then a look of faint panic as one of the smaller children goes to swat at Vim. Amy stops him with a little chuckle and puts your hat on her head.

That done, you pin up your sleeves and approach Doc Meadows. "How can I help?" you ask the elf, frankly.

"Check for infections," the elf says curtly; he's operating on a wing, trying to save it, and he doesn't look up from his work. "Treat them as best you can. Get Jewel if you have to, but don't let the girl push herself too hard. She's still injured, and she /will/ worsen her condition if she overdoes it."

"Yessir," you affirm. You get out the stone with a hole in it, and you prepare yourself for a long day.

It doesn't let you down.

Meadows and Jewel work clean and insist that their assistants do as well, but infections are still a serious concern. You call Jewel over whenever you find a patient at risk, or Meadows when he's not busy attempting to salvage a harpy's wings or, more rarely, a human or dwarf's arm or leg. You also discover and note plenty of other long-term problems and write them down to be handled later.

The Roost is in sore need of dedicated healers. Something else to talk to the surface about, or maybe another floor of the Dungeon. Shit, have Brooks' teacher train some harpies, /something/.

You take a seat, intending on getting five minutes, just five minutes, of rest. Jewel sits down next to you, her dark hair escaping its ponytail in little wisps. She's looking the worse for wear, and from the look Meadows is giving her, she's going to be sitting down for the night. Day. Camp. She needs to rest, is the point.

"I should have been here," you sigh, tiredly.

"I wasn't your fault mom," Jewel answers.

>> No.48634168

Nothing a little murder can't fix.

>> No.48634171

There is absolute silence for a long moment.

"Cherry?" you ask.

"...Would you like me to be Cherry?" she asks in a small voice.

Merciful gods.

> Not now, Jewel. We'll come back to this when we've both rested.
> Do you /want/ me to be mom? I haven't exactly been...here. As River pointed out to me recently.
> Jewel, that's fucked up. Cherry's getting to you.
> Write-in?

>> No.48634180

what would a small gathering of harpies do to make Diving Shadow sexually available?

>> No.48634183

>> Do you /want/ me to be mom? I haven't exactly been...here. As River pointed out to me recently.

>> No.48634213

> Do you /want/ me to be mom? I haven't exactly been...here. As River pointed out to me recently.

>> No.48634221

> Jewel, that's fucked up. Cherry's getting to you.

Now I'm worried that the two of them blending together might be a side effect of their back and forth possession and reverse-possession.

>> No.48634234

If they're a murder of sexy harpy women, tempt Larry to infidelity maybe?

>> No.48634238

>Do you /want/ me to be mom? I haven't exactly been...here. As River pointed out to me recently.
>And don't be Cherry, be you. I'll have to talk to Cherry about that.


Literally, she'd kill them all.

>> No.48634247

I hope we get to still talk to tatters murder

>> No.48634276

> Do you /want/ me to be mom? I haven't exactly been...here. As River pointed out to me recently.
Also, their mixing is getting to them. Jewel is Jewel. Cherry is Cherry. They shouldn't possess each other for now. it's clear that at least one of them is being affected in a bad way.

>> No.48634294

I think that would just result in Diving Shadow killing a lot of people. Somehow I don't think she'd tolerate some new chick (dohoho) trying to put the moves on her man.

>> No.48634296

Seconding this.

Is soul-merging or a bleeding effect even possible? I'm still aware that these two are treading new ground, but we don't want the daughteru's to be scarred or badly changed by it.

We might have to hold another meeting of the Parliament to talk with all of the surviving leaders of the Roost about..well, if it's even safe to stay there. It's too open, there's not a whole lot of unity, they only /just/ got food and resources back in, and they just dealt with an invasion.

Maybe we can ask the folks of the Basement and the Lichyard if they'd be willing to shelter the Roosters for a while, at least till things are cleaned up and the Roost made safe and secure.

>> No.48634329


I got it.

You have to seduce them both simultaneously.

Hey, just want to go out to grab a bite to eat with my girlfriend's parents.

Hey, y'know you two make a very CUTE couple. Like, really cute.

Wow. So, Diving Shadow. Do you have any tips how you and Larry spice up the bedroom with the whole Harpy/Human thing?

Oh, wow, why are you two blushing? You're two very beautiful people. Has anyone told the both of you you both look very attractive. I see Amy gets it from both sides -- Wow!

Etc, etc

>> No.48634427

As foretold in prophecy, I am going to bed. Votes remain open.

Questions, comments, discussion, feedback, and criticisms remain welcome and appreciated. Just did a partial update of the characters and places doc, will try to update it further later.

Thank you all for reading and participating!

>> No.48634514

I just wanted to ask; is Diving Shadow so attached to the hatchlings because she lost her own before Amy, or because of some instinctual harpy-thing, or both?

>> No.48634582

>Do you /want/ me to be mom? I haven't exactly been...here. As River pointed out to me recently.

>> No.48634626

Why do you have so many train pics anyways?

>> No.48634683

>>> Do you /want/ me to be mom? I haven't exactly been...here. As River pointed out to me recently.

>> No.48634697

That's his fetish.

He's got a very expansive collection of cabooses.

>> No.48634705

Ok that's just terrifying, would...would Bri feel that?

>> No.48634736


>> No.48634759

I bet both.
Are the cabooses actual cabooses, or is this innuendo for being an ass man? Because either way that's my nigga.

>> No.48635222

Wait, I thought we already went over the adoptive mom situation? They both have their issues; Cherry was abandoned by her shitstain of a dad, and never knew her real mom, while Jewel literally /cannot/ remember her own parents and childhood because, for all intents and purposes, that person is gone.

Which has to be an awfully fucked up thing to deal with.

The middle-ground here is to just tell Jewel that, whatever she decides to call us, we (Brianna and crew) will always be there for her and won't care for her any less.

>> No.48635293

Meadows doesn't use magic for his healing, does he? I was just wondering if Jewel has learned any forms of restorative magic, or even if she was interested in picking up some of the La Croix Necromancy.

She's going to have so many tricks up her sleeve, everybody is going to think she's a full-blown savant.

>> No.48635757

>Do you /want/ me to be mom? I haven't exactly been...here. As River pointed out to me recently.

Ride never ends.

>> No.48635801

> Do you /want/ me to be mom? I haven't exactly been...here. As River pointed out to me recently.
I really wish I could spend more time on this quest, but my free time no longer aligns with Vox writing. Such a shame.

I'd say we work out our thought process while we come to terms with this out loud, and preempt Jewel by saying we'd like to work our way through to our own conclusion without any input until we ask for her opinion on it, because this came out of *nowhere* for us.

The whole 'mom' thing is still pretty uncomfortable, but we did want a big family. The fact that she's been repeatedly possessed by Cherry might have something to do with this, though, and we can't ignore that.

There's also Cherry's unresolved parent issues and that, as a necromancer, we should be helping her pass on, not keep her around because we're personally invested in her situation.

I'm still largely okay with letting this play out, though. Truth is we all die eventually, and Cherry's issue will ultimately be resolved when we pass, as she can follow us (Jewel, Bri, or both) into the afterlife, assuming she isn't alright with passing earlier.

Yeah, sure, okay, that's good. I'd like to know what Jewel sees in us that's mother material, because we don't have a great deal to go on related to that in our personal life. If she comes up with different reasons than Cherry, that'll also probably calm us a bit more about the whole 'possession' aspect coloring her perception.

>> No.48635906

> Jewel, that's fucked up. Cherry's getting to you.

Though regardless of which option people go for, I'm pretty sure we need to look into the idea that Cherry might be bleeding over into Jewel, potentially because of their bizarre possession setup.

>> No.48635947

If jewel already considers us her mom, telling her that is fucked up or because of a ghost is gonna devastate her.

>> No.48635983

>> Jewel, Cherry's getting to you. This reverse posession thing is not helping that.
>> Do you /want/ me to be mom? I haven't exactly been...here. As River pointed out to me recently.

And thats one more thing for Briggette to research. What happens when something like Jewel/Cherry gets to the point where you cant separate them?

>> No.48636004

Jewel is turning into the greatest mary sue
>aged back into a child but with adult skills
>half ghost with ghostly powers
>used to have the favor of an angel and is set up to maybe get aid from her again
All we have to do now is give her some wraithsteel and turn her into a woundseeker!

>> No.48636062

How about lets not and ignore this incredibly dumb idea. She is also currently dealing with a mild case of oncoming amnesia, split personality disorder because of a ghost, and almost died recently.

>> No.48636088

I see some people are still too heated for jokes.

>> No.48636117

If we end up making something from Silence's bones I think we should at least make a knife to replace the one we gave to the lady of Ravens. A new heirloom which can actually guide people a little.

>> No.48637091

1. Cherry might be rubbing off on Jewel.
2. Jewel let that one slip.
3. How badly do we want to kill the giant?

>> No.48637187

>3. How badly do we want to kill the giant?

>> No.48637443

Just read archives, that way you have a complete story without need to waste effort on arguing. Hell you can get invested in fights like sports fans do in matches.

>> No.48638415

I'm up. Will call and write soon.

>> No.48638784

>> Do you /want/ me to be mom? I haven't exactly been...here. As River pointed out to me recently.

>> No.48638943

Ask her.

>> No.48638966

And CALLED, writing.

>> No.48639598

You turn your chair to face Jewel and give her a long, serious look. The young woman blushes but doesn't look away.

"No, I wouldn't like you to be Cherry," you tell her quietly. "Cherry's got her own problems, and in any event I like /you/ too. Was that a slip of the tongue, Jewel?"

The apprentice healer shakes her head. The poor girl looks nervous as hell. You beckon for her to lean forward and take her hair out of her ponytail; she relaxes, helpfully, while you brush it back and bind it again.

"Most healers cut theirs short," you murmur.

"I've been thinking about it," she admits. "...Is that it? That's all you wanted to know?"

"I just had the same day you did, Jewel. I'm gathering my thoughts." Natalia approaches with a couple mugs of tea; you each take one with a murmur of thanks, met by her tired nod before she walks away.

She's doing better. Or she's too tired to be afraid of herself. One of the two.

"You're upset," Jewel says at last.

"I'm /thinking/," you correct, softly. "Jewel, do you /want/ a new mother, let alone me? I haven't exactly been around. River pointed that out to me, recently, but it's true for you and Cherry too. I've been busy."

"Busy. Yeah." Jewel looks away, over at Meadows. "...Your work is important. I know that. I'm not a kid, exactly, not...not any more. I know your reasons, and they're good. And even with all of those very good reasons, you've been here for me to help. You've made sure I'm doing okay, respected my choices. And...and I like that." She turns her head and gives you a wan grin. "Cherry already calls me her sister."

"...We've got more to talk about with this. Later," you add. "Probably after the Cornucopia."

"Can I still call you mom?" the young healer asks, in a small voice.

> ...Alright
> Hold off


> Attend to Tatters' murder before they go to sleep
> Go see Amy & her parents
> Check up on Nathan and Natalia

>> No.48639641


>Attend Tatters' murder

>> No.48639650

>Attend to Tatters' murder before they go to sleep
Fuck me, I kind of liked Tatters.

>> No.48639665


>> No.48640077

> ...Alright
> Attend to Tatters' murder before they go to sleep

>> No.48640177

>>Attend to Tatters' murder before they go to sleep

>> No.48640212

> ...Alright
> Attend to Tatters' murder before they go to sleep
Wanna help me read a story to some harpy hatchlings?

>> No.48640286

>> ...Alright
Attend to Tatters' murder before they go to sleep

>> No.48640747

Called, writing, then I gotta go AFK to secure things like food and human dignity.

>> No.48641287

You look Jewel in the eye. "/You/ want to?" you ask, pointedly.

She nods, without saying anything. You can see the nervousness in her eyes, the fear of rejection.

Fuck it.

"Alright. But we still need to talk about this later, okay?"

You get a chest-crushing hug from the former assassin that spills a good half of your tea, but you return it with one arm and a good-natured chuckle. You've had worse complicated questions in your recent life. This one can slide.

"I have a few more people to see to," you tell Jewel. "You stay down for awhile. You're about to drop."

"But -"

You raise your eyebrows at her.

"...Alright," she agrees, with a sigh.

"I definitely can't be your mother if Meadows guts me for letting you push yourself too hard," you remind her. You kiss Jewel's forehead and stand, finish your tea, and set the mug down before walking slowly towards Tatters' murder, and stopping a good distance from them.

You're uncomfortably aware that it's diving distance, but that might put them at ease.

"I'm sorry for your loss," you say softly.

"They didn't kill her, not really," a young man at the front says. His face is scarred; someone cut him, and took their time about it. He looks down at Tatters' body. "She was getting people to the higher levels. Away from the melee. Kids, noncombatants. She wouldn't stop coughing, wouldn't stop flying. She got a hatchling out and just...toppled. Like a toy."

"She's been sick for so long," a female adds.

All of them are dirty, greasy, and underfed. Tatters did what she could, but you remember back to her words in the Parliament. They get by on being too weak and small to be worthy of notice.

"She told us it would get better," the scarred male whispers. "She promised. She said we should be part of the change in the Roost."

"Most people don't get to pick when they die," you tell him gently. "She did everything she could."

"What are we supposed to do now?"

>> No.48641331

> I don't know
> ...I know someone who might need some help taking care of her new hatchlings
> Go up to the Lichyard for awhile. There's a shrine there, with the rose emblem. Tell them I sent you to find work
> Write-in?

>> No.48641385

> ...I know someone who might need some help taking care of her new hatchlings

>> No.48641440

>...I know someone who might need some help taking care of her new hatchlings

>> No.48641714

>I know someone who might need some help taking care of her new hatchlings.

>> No.48641854

> ...I know someone who might need some help taking care of her new hatchlings

>> No.48642032

>Suggest they think of training as healers.
It would really help the Roost in a manner that Tatters wanted and they'd be able to trade their services for necessities.

>> No.48642089

> ...I know someone who might need some help taking care of the hatchlings.
We still need to talk to Shadow about this. Amy and Lawrence too. When need to talk to Natalia as well, but there's priorities. Kids first, questions of mental health later. And she has Nate, so she's not alone.

Is the Reverend still in the Roost? Is he safe? That old bird's going to be a lot of help in taking care of the broken murders and families. And I imagine, if we wished to, we could talk with the Lady again at her shrine.

>> No.48642108

Seconding this, though we should probably run it past Meadows first. He's already got one apprentice.

>> No.48642123

Okay, so Real Talk moment before I go and pick up my food: this is feeling like we're reaching the end of this interlude's narrative arc soon. There's gonna be some policy decisions to vote on, sure, but I kinda feel like we're getting close to where we wanna start The Giant's Drink. Is that something y'all are feeling as well, or do you wanna kinda stay zoomed-in during the aftermath of the battle and take a few threads to handle things up close?

>> No.48642167

Can you give us an idea on what topics you're planning on addressing before we move on?

>> No.48642183

Okay, I'd love to stay and shoot the shit and enjoy Vox's lovely, delicious words, but I've got a family reunion to get to.

They aren't ANYWHERE near as bad as Vox's, just...y'know. Sometimes they're the kind of weird that makes you glad you only see them once a year.

Even though I won't be here, I think we should take a bit more time to put things together.

There's defenses to establish in unison with Glen and the upper floors, the recovery effort in the Warehouse and Roost, upgrades to perform on the minions (Scorpion tails or eyes for Vim & Vigor, armor for the Boar, Ice Claws for Kat). And then...then we attend to Silence's wake.

>> No.48642275

I think it'd be good take a bit more time to deal with the aftermath, not to mention Silence's wake, of course. (Is that going to be before or after the Giant's Drink?) I'd also like it if you wrote Silence's last stand from her perspective at some point, even if it'd have to be separate from the main narrative now.

>> No.48642335


>> No.48642406

I'm fine with wrapping this up, long as we get Silence's wake

>> No.48642502

The defenses of the freed levels, the disposition of Tatters' murder (since you've chosen to take responsibility for them), whether or not you send a team into the Sunless Sea to try and scout it out (and if so, who), upgrades.

Zoomed-in scenes to still do include a talk with Lora, catching up with Natalia if you choose to, and Silence's wake.

>> No.48642832

Could we ask Kells to patrol the river through the freed levels? I know that his duty is to defend Lakehallow, but he can travel quickly through the water, and he's got the raw oomph to eliminate most threats.

Also, we should make more of those communication bells to help coordinate our forces. Give Silence's bell to Vik, make one for the Reverend (or Razor Feathers, whoever is our ally in the Roost), the Lich or the Warden of the Warehouse, one for Jewel, and maybe even one for Captain Miller.

>> No.48642860

Can't forget Diving Shadow and the hatchlings.

Maybe we could ask the Roosters if they'd like the kids who lost their parents to stay at the Orphanage? It's safe, and there's other harpies up top for them to talk and look after them.

>> No.48642870

The trouble there is mostly that it's a lot harder to get back up than it is to go down. As amusing as imagining Kells trying to swim up rapids like a giant undead salmon is, you'd need someone to help him out.

>> No.48642899

Sure, harpy magic fixes that easily, just toss him up

>> No.48642940

Hmmm. Could we make him a teleportation circle? Y'know, give him some kind of spell key to leap back to Lakehallow when he's done in a lower level.

I know the book-travel thing in the Atheneum is special, but that'd be sooooo useful for us and our allies.

>Amy: Hey Kells! Ever hear of something called the 'Fastball Special'?
>Kells: I swear on the Gods, lass, if you try that on me, I will bite your pretty little wings off.

>> No.48643546

> Not imagining Kells flying through the air with a giant crocodile smile on his face.

Dude totally seems the adventurous sort who would be into that.

>> No.48643550

Alright, you're gonna have more time to discuss this and/or vote, because chores ate up my update time and now I need to walk to work. I'll be back at around 11:45 or midnight or so to call & write. For all reference, >>48642502 is approximately what the glossed-over stuff would be plus the scenes still done in-close.

Questions, comments, discussion, feedback, and criticisms remain welcome and appreciated.

Thank you all for reading and participating!

>> No.48643640

Fuck Real Life and all of its horrors. Eternal unlife is the way to go.

As for scouting the Sunless Sea, I say we send River with either Hatchet or Catherine, as well as Tina (that is, if she's up to helping out). We still need to sit down and have a long talk with Emily about how we're going to handle this Chosen business. For now, we could ask her to help the Roosters who've lost their loved ones; she knows that pain, and helping others can also be a good way for her to deal with her grief.

How's Brianna's necromancy coming? Is she a Master yet? I'm all for giving the dear departed Fae a full and proper burial, but how would a wand made from one of Silence's bones work? And what should we do with the Spider's remains?

We're NOT stapling that shit onto the damn pig, Zerg vibes are fine but that would be going overboard.

>> No.48643688

>Zerg vibes overload
Its like you don't want an Ultralisk.

>> No.48643722

You did already tell River that she's going to the Cornucopia with you.

>> No.48643911

Yup, that's right. I'd forgotten we were hitting that fucker first.

Okay then, maybe we can just send Hatchet and Catherine? I wonder if Scribbles would be up to doing some work for us? We could always tell her about /where/ the Pallbearer came from as a reward.

>> No.48644298

Oh yea, about Emily:

She was made Lora's chosen right? Is that permanent? The only reason Lora did that in the first place was because it was all she could think of to protect her and honor her promise.

What if Emily isn't down with being Death's chosen? Can we just get her some place safer and call the whole chosen thing off? Just pondering the ethics of dragging in someone to the conflict against their will when all we did was promise to keep them safe.

So was making her chosen a stop-gap measure or permanent? Also, Lora had to break her sword to do that. What's the significance of that? Was it a major sacrifice on Lora's part? Can it be fixed if Emily surrender's her chosen status?

>> No.48644620

As far as I figure, the Chosen thing may be revoked, buut she's already ripped out of her home so may as well let her keep the powers.

And I figure the sword was a separate boon of a magical artefact, rather than a necessary part.

>> No.48644660

Does Emily even want to keep them?

>> No.48644826

>> tiny little things still fluffy in the way of newborn chicks
Twenty threads of fluffbirbs.

(first thread was misarchived a bit http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=RE:%20Monster,%20harpu )

>> No.48644832

Y'know, being Death's Chosen may bring to mind killing, but Emily might make a decent healer with her powers too. Dunno how well she'd stomach the work, but it'd keep her off the front line well enough.

Do we know anything about her powers yet?

>> No.48644953

Thank you, I will be back later.

>> No.48644986

Is this thread still going or does it cut off and we have to wait for more?

>> No.48645037

It kinda died.
But QM has been since spotted running things in /qst/ and promised birbs later on.


>> No.48645092

ehhh not a fan of qst, but I might check later.

>> No.48645168

Bri still needs to talk to Lora about Natalia and Brigette

Also we should start getting other people to help delegate stuff.

>> No.48645216

Refresh me, why Natalia?

>> No.48645257

Got Natalia mixed up with Brigette's girlfriend.

>> No.48645830

Two hours and change to call. I'm seeing support for wrapping up the interlude?

>> No.48646023

Ah, more or less, though knowing use we'll want to stretch out minor interactions

Is there anything from before the hiatus that we've forgotten about?

>> No.48646102

What? No, Bridgette mentioned that Natalia had a bit of a thing for Jack.

I'm pretty sure that Jack and Bridgette were the only people involved with the Master who had any redeemable qualities. Natalia was driven crazy by visions, so she also gets something of a pass.

I'd like to keep going, though if it goes differently I won't be sore about it.

We definitely need to do Silence's wake though.

>> No.48646108

Wow, just reread that. Pardon me mate. Long night messing with me.

>> No.48646279

I'm all for using the spider parts to buff the hands. Or Kat.

>> No.48646369

Buffing Kat would be good. I would actually like to help her grow into a person

>> No.48646500

I was thinking like this;
>Spider fangs & eyes for Vim & Vigor. They get claws with necrotic venom, and greater intelligence for more utility and cleverness.
>Ice Claws from the Elementals in the Broken Jaw for Kat. She gets a freezing touch and greater offense. We haven't had any reason to worry about NO WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! I MADE YOU!!
>Demonic/Forge Beast armor for the Boar. Obvious. We can also give it some brains, but that's not exactly necessary. He's a glorified battering ram, battle tank, and pack mule.
>It's difficult to figure out what we should do with Silence's remains. I say we make protection charms for the heroes and our friends. A way to keep Silence with us in a figurative sense. There's also that wand idea from before.
>The Wraithsteel from Silence, on the other hand, I can see being turned into something for the people of the Mine. We could also make the Hero a helm so he doesn't get insta-killed by snipers or melee head wounds. Hell, I think some else mentioned oath-rings for the star-struck lovers.

>> No.48646576

That wraithsteel belongs to Vik.

>> No.48646583

Hey, actually now that I think about it, we could switch out the spider fangs for Kat, and give the Boar the Ice Claws. Maybe we can give it an ice-breath attack?

>> No.48646617

That answers that question. But would using Silence's bones for charms and a wand work? We could give Vik one of the charms, to keep her close to his heart.

>> No.48646664

For that matter where are you getting the demon parts from?

It's an idea, yes, but remember what she said - her bones will forge like steel.

>> No.48646744

Eh, I figured we might find a Forge Beast in New Hell, or the Black Anvil clan might have some on stock.

As for Silence's bones, the oath-ring idea still works.

>> No.48647370

Hrm. Silence, mines, and forging like steel.

... stealth-metal armor. Heavy metal that doesn't make a sound. Perfect for the knight to get the drop on someone without the clickety clank.

>> No.48648441

Home, called, writing. I'm going to work in the train-as-healers suggestion as something you toss in as an idea, as it's fairly non-invasive and there was both a presence of support and a lack of opposition.

>> No.48648530

Also we can get Nates shadow to snuggle/dick Kat into compliance.

Look, it's hard to be angry at your creator if they hook you up with a compatible lover.

>> No.48648537

> Look, it's hard to be angry at your creator if they hook you up with a compatible lover.

How well did that work out for Job?

>> No.48648561

Nah, just an icy aura that freezes those around it.

FYI lizards usually ain't great at self regulating temperature. Probably why the Cornucopia is so great for them, not too hot nor too cold.

>> No.48648581

Pretty sure everything worked out okay in the end, he kept his faith and got a better family all around and doubled his previous wealth.

Not sure where you're going with that response there.

>> No.48648608

> Lose everyone you know and love
> Get a new family as an apology

I dunno about you but I'd be pretty mad.

>> No.48648849

Job was pretty cool with it though. He knew his lord had a higher purpose in mind for his suffering and was rewarded in the end.

You can think of it more as Iroqui slavery if you want, where they kidnap you and make you work for the tribe and eventually say "How, Pale face, you are now Eats Mild Chilies. Take-um many squaw for wife" and you get to put the "poke" into Pocahontas. At which point you're pretty solidly integrated.

>> No.48649248

dude, even most christians admit the story of job is fucked up. God tortures a man of extraordinary virtue and kills a bunch of innocents.

bring it up to prove a point online will just get people to think you're crazy.

>> No.48649353

>Christians not being crazy like all other religions
I think your overestimating this guys intelligence or humanity>>48648849
Although that could be said for any Christian that has read the bible and believes anything from it.

>> No.48650492

Does anyone know the volume of a human skeleton? I'm wondering if we have enough wraithsteel for our ideas.

>> No.48650525

Also, are the bones solid or are they filled with gaps and such like human bones? Do they have marrrow? Are they actually wraithsteel?

>> No.48650640

Vox said here >>48646576
The Wraithsteel belongs to Vik now. We could ask him what he'll do with it, but it's his.

>> No.48651075


Yea, Job comes up a lot in theodicy discussions. The entire story was almost entirely constructed as an insight into why bad things can happen to good people. Definitely not the most easily digested message to be found in the Bible.

And personally, I'd be pretty insulted if anyone I had cause to dislike tried to buy my loyalty with a hookup. I am prepared to believe that Kat might react in a similar fashion if she were capable of it.

No offense to Brianna, but while she is quite cunning in many respects, creating intelligent, powerful minions safely seems to be well out of her league for now. The only reason Fetch is intelligent is that he is her familiar.

She is a good person but strikes me as little more than a middling necromancer. I think Brianna might even agree. She tries to be wary of her own limits, an important trait in a successful necromancer.

Seriously though, Brianna might want to buckle down and work on her studying more. Her sister got the hang of necromancy and demonology on top of that right quick. Time for Bri to step it up.

>> No.48651133

You look at the lost faces of Tatters' murder. They've clearly been grieving, but more than anything else they look confused. Numb. Like they don't know what to do. For a moment you wonder how they survived, but you silently berate yourself for the thought. They're barely more than kids. Tatters took them under her wing and helped them when no one else would; of course they feel lost without her.

"I know someone who might need some help with her new hatchlings," you suggest. "And who, maybe, is looking for a murder to back her up for other reasons."

"Diving Shadow," the scarred young man says. It's not a question.

"She led a murder, once upon a time. She left the Roost because she didn't want it for her daughter. Now it's trying to become a better place." You shrug, mostly to yourself. "Maybe she'd like to be part of that. This was her home, once."

"It can't hurt to talk to her," the female who spoke before murmurs.

"...Alright," the scarred young man agrees. "...Call me Nine."

You cock your head curiously. "You have no name?"

"Tatters told me there was no shame in setting aside the one given me and earning another," he insists, a red blush coloring his scarred face. "That I could be who I wanted to be, and not what others call me. I am /not weak/."

"I didn't say you were," you say soothingly. "I'm pleased to meet you, Nine. Come on down."

The others turn out to be Screams Piteously ("Screams, please," she asks, looking away), Rising Strike, Two, Fourteen, and Dirge. Two is the youngest, though all are /young/. Screams and Nine are the oldest, and you're pretty sure they're adolescents.

Diving Shadow eyes them warily as you approach.

"How're you holding up?" you ask, carefully ignoring the harpies behind you.

"About as well as you might expect. One of these days I really will lose my wings." She looks down at the hatchlings snuggled around - or piled onto - her cot and gently strokes the feathers of the young girl next to her.

>> No.48651359

"I heard what happened," you tell her. Amy offers you your hat back; you take it and put it on your head.

"And now you've brought me more lost souls," Shadow says, amusement at the edges of her tone. "Tatters died a good death."

"Tatters died exemplifying the Roost she hoped to create," you reply. "A Roost I think you'd be proud to live in. Her followers need someone to lead and guide them. I think they could benefit from your wisdom."

"It has been a long time since I led a murder," Diving Shadow says quietly. "Many years and more. I -"

Diving Shadow stops. Her husband has taken her hand and squeezed, gently. "We would be glad to help them," the sorcerer tells you, without hesitation. "All of us have to do our part."

Diving Shadow opens her good wing and wraps Larry in it; she makes a rolling chirp, and nuzzles her head against him, a grateful expression on her face.

"What should we do?" Nine asks, immediately.

"Rest," Diving Shadow answers simply. "Then bathe. The Shaft has facilities. Come back to me clean and ready, and we'll talk."

"The Roost could use healers," you point out.

"There's a few in the Warehouse that might take students," Larry muses. "We'll think about it."

"Bri," Amy interjects, her voice quiet and respectful. "You need sleep. You look like hell. Nate's already passed out in his chair. C'mere."

Fuck it. She's right, and you know it. You snuggle down next to Amy, amidst the pile of young and sleeping harpies - Amy moves a few, who chirp happily in their rest - and cuddle in close to her before putting your hat over your eyes. Amy laces her fingers into yours and nestles in.

"I wanna have this," she murmurs, sleepily.

"So do I," you tell her, as you drift off.

>> No.48651389

Oh god, I....I'm dying right now, the sad comfy is killing me.

>> No.48651406

Lora is crying when you arrive in her waiting room. She looks up, eyes wet with tears, and tries to suck in a steadying breath. It ends in a sob instead, and her wings slump in defeat.

"Of course you show up now," the angel mutters, her voice thick with anger and sorrow.

"What's wrong?" you ask softly.

"The Lush is throwing a party for his officers soon," she murmurs. "I'm to be their reward for faithful service."

"I'll -"

"YOU CAN'T STOP IT," the angel roars, standing. "Do you understand? If you awoke /now/, if you rushed into the Cornucopia /now/, it would be over and done with hours, days, before you ever arrived. He always was /clever/. I - you - I shouldn't have said anything. Speak your peace, necromancer."

You look up at Lora's fragile anger, sigh, and take out your pipe to clean it.

> You can talk about it, Lora. I'm here to listen.
> ...Okay. Let's talk about Brigette.
> Do you know what happened in the Roost?
> Tell me about Emily and being Chosen.
> Write-in?

>> No.48651448

> You can talk about it, Lora. I'm here to listen.

>> No.48651481

Lora can't be summoned while we're sleeping right?

>> No.48651512

>You can talk about it, Lora. I'm here to listen.
There must be SOMETHING we can do!
Could Brigette hog Lora like us? Can we shore up defenses and sleep to help Lora out?

>> No.48651523

Technically, but that might not help. What happens if she gets ordered to do something awful? She's not allowed to hurt you but that doesn't stop the Lush or anyone else from torturing her, ordering her to perform for you (or attempt to service you) or otherwise do awful shit to herself.

>> No.48651548

I guess if this is the case for a sick bastard like him huh. Then in that case lets do
>Tell me about Emily and being Chosen.
get some more work done and maybe something to keep her mind off it. Once everything is together we can put that bastard on a spike while Lora rips his soul out from his dick and severed balls.

>> No.48651555

> Tell me about Emily and being Chosen.
Agreeing with >>48651548 "try and take her mind off it"

>> No.48651693

Isn't Lora versed in death energies? Why not turn her into a fountain of it, like the pendant?

We could also find some way to bind the pendant to her such that she would not be able to remove it, but that would technically still be giving the Lush one of the keys.

>> No.48651723

>> Tell me about Emily and being Chosen

>> No.48651828

I gotta hit bed, y'all. Votes remain open.

Questions, comments, discussion, feedback, and criticisms remain welcome and appreciated.

Thank you all for reading and participating!

>> No.48651884

Now here's an idea, Lora gave us a feather and we kept it outside of the dream, what if it works the other way around as well? we could fashion a little 'party trick' while not telling Lora what it does exactly (Rot some dicks off) so she wouldn't purposely be bringing harm to her binders. We would have to make sure the Chain Holders wouldn't be able to retaliate with this method either.

Sadly this is the best I could come up with and if it's a bust, well...

>> No.48651946

As much as I would absolutely love to second this, we cant risk Lora being abused more for it. If the Lush takes part and maybe has his dick rot off, he still has a Thirster around to do something worse to her. Well that is until we can get into Lush's territory and maybe close enough to gang him, then we could probably rig a little something up.

>> No.48651956

I get what you're saying, but man, this feels the worst.

>> No.48651969

>Mark them. Mark them for me. I may not be able to help you, or save you....but I can avenge you.
>And not just me. There are many who will avenge you, many who care about you, even if you can't speak to them or let them know.
>Because sometimes vengeance is all I can give someone.

>> No.48652033

Well this is a good alternative>>48651969
In fact the best we can do right now. Maybe make a few zombies out of them.

>> No.48652042

Truly marked for death, I like it!

>> No.48652123

...we may have a job for Emily...

>> No.48652162

>> Tell me about Emily and being Chosen.

>> No.48652323

>> Tell me about Emily and being Chosen.

>> No.48653011

Does Lora have to follow orders if she can't hear/understand them? Like if we mumbled an order and she didn't catch it would she still have to do it?

If so its a bit morbid but, Order Lora to continuously (since she heals) cut our her hearing until we come back to see her in dreamland again.


>> Tell me about Emily and being Chosen.

>> No.48653064

We have healers around us right? Do they have anesthetic with em? Could we ask Lora around when its gonna happen and have the healers continuously have us put under starting just before then?

>> No.48653086

And what do you think will happen after we have denied him of his fun? He'll just make it ten times worse unless you want to put Bri in a coma until he's dead.

>> No.48653153

I don't know just trying to come up with something.

>> No.48653734

I wouldn't order Lora to do anything. We're also not chainholder.

>> No.48653749

Sometimes you just have to take the hit.

But that doesn't mean we can't make them pay later, like >>48651969

>> No.48653765

We are the Heritor. We have /the ability/ to order her. And I never said we order it against her will. We can ask her for what she wants before we do anything but I'd be willing to bet she'd take a way out of her current predicament if she could.

>> No.48653830

But will she do it to take the worse shit that the ~creative~ and ~clever~ Lush will inflict later? He's not an idiot. He's not even slightly fucking stupid. He's SMART, hes proven this multiple times now.

Comfort her, succor her, reassure her we WILL punish these people.

And this monster gets NO mercy.

>> No.48654061

It's a shame Lush likely is sociopathic asshole enough for gray-out to not do shit to him.

>> No.48654573

>> You can talk about it, Lora. I'm here to listen.

I wonder who will be stupid enough to try to rape DEATH

Like, these people are all still mortal. the chainholders have Lora imprisoned but she's still going to come for them when they die

>> No.48654666

I'm not convinced of that, actually. The Grey-out effect seems to strip personal defenses

>> No.48654757

if we gave lora an order and the chainbearer attempts to stop it, who's order supersedes? if we do this enough times can we break their chain through stress or some other metaphysical shit?

>> No.48655462

Up. Will call and write soon.

>> No.48655611

That would probably not be a very fun experience for Lora, so I'd rather we avoid that.

>> No.48656018

and what she's doing now is pleasant? i'm sure death can endure.

>> No.48656145

Called, writing.

Domo's brought you another present. Porn's good for perspective and anatomy study, as it turns out: https://wildwestscifi.net/nsfw/16190-dungeon-lewd-quest-more-perspective-and-anatomy-practice-with-amy

>> No.48656180

It makes you go through all your worst - a sociopath doesnt have a lot of worsts, but can justify plenty of bests to draw from.

>> No.48656367

Masterfull work!

>> No.48656782

Called, writing. I'm going to take the 'mark them' suggestion to go with talking about Emily.

>> No.48657032


>> No.48657385

Yeah, what >>48656180 said.
For people with morals it's "oh damn what have I done"
For him it's "damn I had some jolly good times"

>> No.48658234

"...Mark them for me, Lora," you tell her softly. "You'll be avenged on them, one way or the other. I can't promise you better than that."

Your friend gives you a long, hard look, but finally nods. She takes her seat again, her wings still stiff and twitching. She's high-strung right now, and why wouldn't she be?

You can't even imagine what she's thinking and feeling. The Lush is going to die painfully for this, and for everything else.

"We need to talk about Emily," you offer, at last. "Can you guide her right now?"

"No," Lora says flatly. "She can't trust a word I say to her."

"...I'm sorry," you murmur.

"Yeah. So am I." Lora lights one of her cigarettes while you pack your pipe. "I promised I'd keep her safe. Her power can do that for her. If she wants to fight to free me, that's on her. At the very least, I imagine she'll want vengeance for John."

"I haven't talked to her about that yet," you admit. "...What manner of power?"

Lora frowns, thinking. You give her the time to collect her thoughts and put them order; it gives you an excuse to light your pipe and puff contentedly at it.

"Emily should be able to sense death and the things attached to it, much like you," Lora finally begins. "She'll be able to interact with ghosts and banish them beyond the Veil, and the things she kills will stay dead, or ought to. She'll be protected from things like balefire and necromantic toxins, and I imagine she'll be a lot harder to kill in general."

"Like a woundseeker?" you ask, curiously.

"Not a bad comparison," the angel agrees. "I...think...she ought to be able to turn her talents to healing if she's inclined. She'll know how to kill or destroy the things she's confronted with. And, of course, like all Chosen she's somewhat cut off from mundane concerns."


>> No.48658294

Lora shrugs her wings. "You know. Walking on water, sustaining herself without food and drink, that kind of thing. Once her new blade has a hilt and a name it'll serve her well but I've never broken Grief before. I don't know how hers will be different."

"What is it you'd like her to do?" you ask. "You can tell me. Your masters can't stop you there."

"Until they notice and forbid it," Lora mutters. "...Protect people."

"From?" you ask, softly.

"Me." The angel's wings fold in front of her, leaving only her eyes exposed. They're sad, and distant. "...I am not cruel, but I create cruelty. I hear them, you know. The prayers. 'Spare my son', 'save me from death', 'cure my ills'. All of the Firstborn live in fear of me, of my voice, of my touch. I am hated, and despised. And why shouldn't I be? I rip babes from their mothers' arms, steal lovers from their beds, call the innocent to the Sunless Lands, never to be seen again. Impartial. Indifferent. All are equal before the scythe, and the living are of no concern to it."

"Lora -"

"Don't," she warns, softly. "I learned my lesson. I tried to pass this cup to another and they betrayed me. There is no other. But I can dream. I can dream of being able to be unfair. To answer those prayers. To hold grudges, to treasure friendships, to spare over the innocent, to punish the wicked. I can dream of that. No one can tell me otherwise."

> What do you say?

>> No.48658385

>All are equal before the scythe,
... tho she uses a sword named Grief. Is this just in-setting pop-culture or a mistaken assumption or an assumption default?

>> No.48658412

Death Choir are generally depicted with various kinds of gardening or farming tools. Most people don't meet /Lora/. When they do meet or see an angel of Death it's the one assigned to whatever difficulty has called them out.

That in mind, the few times Death Choir aren't depicted in art or sculpture with such tools, they do tend to be depicted with swords.

>> No.48658421

>> What do you say?

'Look to the future. We're making progress. There may be setbacks and stumbles, but we're making a lot more progress than being set back.'
'You'll have a life, perspective, etc, once that happens. Hang on to your dreams.'

>> No.48658435

>There are countless people out there, today, and there will be countless more in the future who do everything they can to be fair where you can not. They cure the sick, give food and shelter to those who need it and they do it because they understand you. They know that death has to be fair and that is why they fight tooth and nail against you, say "not today" and actually mean it.

>> No.48659057

I am personally thinking>>48651548
with the spike going up his ass Vlad the Impalor style.

>> No.48659098

And in this scene we have our documentary target birdgirl enjoying her favorite snack, fresh from the source while her lover is off to the side also enjoying the show.

>> No.48659136


>> No.48659174

Nah. I got a better idea, the best possible way to torture a hedonist.
We kill him, and then Lora just leaves his soul stranded in that grey empty space after Death but before the Sunless Lands.
Let's see how all his thirsts and hungers fare after a few centuries of sensory deprivation.

>> No.48659206

Oooo good idea, this guy is BASICALLY a Slanneshi cultist just without the mutations(being a woundseeker not withstanding), taking away their ability to feel would be effective torture.

>> No.48660505

Called, writing shortly.

>> No.48661405

Two vote call. Record of some sort?

>> No.48661499


Aw, I didn't get the chance to add my submission

>> No.48661725

Eh, it had been a couple hours and change. I'd say most of us are just going with the flow right now.

>> No.48662108

Or I got kidnapped by Real Life. NOW I'm writing.

>> No.48662257

"It's not so bad as all that," you murmur. "Out there are countless people who do everything they can to make life fair, because they know you can't. They cure the sick, offer food and shelter to the helpless, and they do it because they understand you, Lora. In a way, we appreciate that you, at least, are fair. Life sure as hell isn't. And...who know?"

Lora looks up as you stand and put a hand on her shoulder, just where it meets her wing. You've got to stretch your arm for the comforting gesture, but you can tell she appreciates it.

"We're making progress," you tell her softly. "There's been setbacks, yes, but we're still pressing forward. Your captors live in fear of me, and soon they'll die in fear of /you/. Don't set your dreams aside so easily. The gods - your parents, they heard you out once before. Maybe they can hear you out again."

"I couldn't ask someone else to take this from me," the angel whispers. "I wouldn't dare. What kind of hypocrite would I be, to say that I cannot handle the burden that would drive them to just as much sorrow?"

"Have you ever considered having a partner?" you ask frankly. You can tell from the look in her eyes that she hasn't. You puff your pipe, with a little grin, and pat her shoulder before taking a step back. "I realize death tends to be all-or-nothing but I do deal in that rare middle ground quite a bit."

"I...I'd need a suitable candidate, and to talk with my creators. Maybe the Second Singer...I don't know."

Lora stands, and you get a whole lot of angel hug.

"Thank you," she murmurs.

"What are friends for?"

* * * *

You have some parts to dispose of.

And an unexpected additional one. Flitter gives you a small glass sphere that swirls with a faint mist and explains its nature to you. One innocent soul, unborn and unshaped. Not meaningfully a person - but whatever you stick it into will /become/ one. Something a little like a child, a little like a geargrinder, and a little like Fetch.

>> No.48662316

> The angel's wings fold in front of her, leaving only her eyes exposed. They're sad, and distant.
Lora a cute.

>> No.48662356

> Save it for now
> Give it to (Nate/River) to be used in forging something
> Give it to Sir Fetch (Fetch ceases to be your familiar)
> Give it to Kat (Kat becomes sapient)
> Give it to the boar (the boar becomes sapient)
> Give it to the other chicken (it becomes sapient)

> Let River use them for armor
> Have a new weapon forged for yourself
> Use them to create protective talismans for the group
> Save them for now

> Upgrade Vim & Vigor (Tougher, poison claws, perceptive)
> Armor the boar & give it poison tusks
> Upgrade Red Kells (tougher, needs less maintenance, poison bite)
> Upgrade Kat (shadow-spider form, heightened reflexes)
> Set them aside for making a necromantic construct

> Upgrade Kat (chilling touch, icy claws)
> Upgrade the boar (better traction, ice breath)
> Augment Vim & Vigor (icy grip, faster movement)
> Give it to (Nate/River) to be forged into something
> Save it for a necromantic construct

>> No.48662366

Also for the love of Christ PLEASE. LABEL. YOUR VOTES with the parts they're related to.

>> No.48662443

Oh god. The choices.

I'm running away to find a book while I think this over, but I'm honestly wondering if we can't combine the innocent soul with something non-living (like a sword or armor) to make it sapient.

>> No.48662456

You can.

>> No.48662463

is combine everything into 1 weapon a thing?

>> No.48662493

Spider parts are useless for it. Combining the soul with Silence's remains is not suggested in any sense. Could combine the soul & the ice, or Silence & the ice. But who would use such a weapon? Bri's not exactly a main melee combatant.

>> No.48662516

>Give innocent soul to kat

>Save silence's bones for now

>Upgrade Red Kells with Spider Parts

>Give Elemental ice to Nate/River to be forged into something (My recommendation something that can affect local environments/give control over ice if possible, this would be hella useful with the pallbearer- just make instant ice floes)

>> No.48662538


>> No.48662545

it feels disrespectful to use silence's bones for anything

>> No.48662561

wasn't there a spear the could kill a god or something? could we use that? or was it broken?

>> No.48662623

>write in
>give it to Vim and/or Vigor
if not possible
>Give it to the other chicken (it becomes sapient)
> Have a new weapon forged for yourself
We're not much for close combat, but we do get stuck in on occasion. We usually come out worse for wear. Maybe it's just the matter of finding the right tool.
> Set them aside for making a necromantic construct
for a necromancer that sucks at close quarters, we lact close combat monsters. (the boar doesn't count, we can't take him hardly anywhere).
> Save it for a necromantic construct
See spider part explanation.

>> No.48662643

The Gods gave that to Lora to hide away so none could use it. It's currently scattered throughout the Lichyard
She /wanted/ them to be used.

>> No.48662651

> Save it for now

This seems like something immensely important that we might want to sit on for now.

>> No.48662702

Necromantic construct would be easier. Not sure if we want to go that mad with power, though.

Pieces of it are in the Lichyard, if I recall.

> Upgrade Red Kells (tougher, needs less maintenance, poison bite)

I'm wondering if we can't port him using teleporting and sympathetic magic to battle /The Pallbearer/.

Next question then! Would it be possible to put the soul into a place (such as the Atenaeum or Warehouse) that could assist with the operation of said place? If possible, I imagine it'd be an undertaking for someone like the Caretaker.

>> No.48662750

Ehhhh. You'd need to give it a body before it could assist in /anything/, is the trouble. There's no personality to it right now; it's not anyone /in particular/.

>> No.48662758

> Save it for now

> Use them to create protective talismans for the group

> Armor the boar & give it poison tusks

> Upgrade Kat (chilling touch, icy claws)

We're going into the cornucopia soon, and we're going to need to face down both the Lush (a giant) and his pet demon (a taster I think? Was that the type?). Some sort of group protection will be useful I think, plus something to toughen up the boar to throw down with the Lush, and then the remaining upgrade for Kat.

The innocent soul seems like something we might want to hold on to for now. That seems like a really big decision. Like, making a baby level decision.

>> No.48662805

No Genius Loci then. Figured it'd be hard to cultivate.
> Save it for now
Like >>48662758 said, this is baby-making territory here. I'm not shoving this thing somewhere where we're going to feel like we made a mistake cause THAT never works out well with kids.

>> No.48662818

> Give the soul to Kat

> Use them to create protective talismans for the group

> Upgrade Vim and Vigor

> Give to River to be forged into armour

We might not be into Melee, but River surely is. Also she already has quite frankly terrifying offensive firepower. Balefirepower.

>> No.48662888

Ironically the boar is really going to shine against the Lush and was invaluable for the Ice level.

So fuck you for talking shit about best ride.

If anything we could have Vim and Vigor ride aboard it and then assassinate officers in the Lush's army while the Boar is distracting everything.

>> No.48662968

The boar is awesome, but we've only been able to use it /once/. Cornucopia will make its second ever use. The upgrades are better spent on creatures that will get more use.

>> No.48663099

I don't suppose we could look into getting more minions before the start of the next chapter? As it stands, we have 2 chickens, 2 human hands, and a boar so large we can't take it anywhere. Something good at close combat would be great, but anything would be nice.

>> No.48663106

Can I just ask if we could brain storm something else besides generic weapon/armor/talisman for Silence's body?

>> No.48663145

Got something in mind? I was thinking a scythe, but that seems kinda gimmicky.

>> No.48663149


> Save it for now

> Use them to create protective talismans for the group

> Armor the boar & give it poison tusks

> Upgrade Kat (chilling touch, icy claws)

>> No.48663156

Alchemic equipment? An enchanted instrument? I've been trying the same thing, and coming up with zilch.

>> No.48663179

Someone suggested a bell (also named Silence) for the Mine. I forget what the purpose of it was; maybe something symbolic.

>> No.48663188

Maybe some kind of communication device? We already have bells though.

>> No.48663215

Think we could make a forge out of fae bones?

>> No.48663254

making a forge out of something forgeable is asking for a bad time. An anvil might work, but that seems kinda like a waste of weapons-grade material.

>> No.48663277

Right, forges like steel. Damn. Scrap that idea then.

>> No.48663342

Magic mirror?

>> No.48663397

Are you saying Sir Fetch isn't good at close combat?

Also I'm okay with the Boar making two levels significantly easier. We can also use it to guard the Cornucopia afterwards. Without losing innocent lives.

>> No.48663483

Fetch is 1 lucky hit from redead. He fights well, but that's due to his speed, not his offensive or defensive ability.

I'm not okay with wasting another upgrade on something that barely gets any use. It's not like we don't have other uses for the parts if they don't go on the boar.

>> No.48663490

> Give it to Sir Fetch (Fetch ceases to be your familiar)

Shame on every person that refuses him this reward.

> Let River use them for armor

Shields ain't actually for pussies.


> Armor the boar & give it poison tusks

I would prefer it had better grip, because SPIDER-PIG, SPIDER-PIG, DOES WHATEVER A SPIDER-PIG DOES.

> Upgrade Kat (chilling touch, icy claws)

Also makes her more compatible with Nates shadow. Stockholm syndrome is a thing.

>> No.48663537

> Save it for now
I'm... leery of placing a living soul into something undead

> Have a new weapon forged for yourself

> Upgrade Vim & Vigor (Tougher, poison claws, perceptive)
The boar doesn't get enough use to justify further upgrades

> Save it for a necromantic construct
we need more creatures; we have a pitiful amount right now

>> No.48663581

Well we could have Kat if people weren't such pussies about giving her free will. I mean, do we really seem the kind to treat our creations poorly to the point they would turn on us? She loves her little witch light and likes Nates shadow at least, and I haven't seen anything hostile towards us or our companions from her.

Regardless we can still upgrade the fuck out of her.

>> No.48663647

I'd rather have tougher creatures that are more effective than try to horde right now.

Besides it's also a pain for quest management.

We have the Boar for assault/cavalry then Fetch and unnamed Foul for skirmishing and flanking, Vim and Vigor for assassination and infiltration, Nate and Amy for holding the line, River and Bri for magic with River being her own martial defense and Bri having Kat.

Not to mention our many other allies.

>> No.48663703

>> Save it for now
> Use them to create protective talismans for the group
> Upgrade Vim & Vigor (Tougher, poison claws, perceptive)
> Give it to (Nate/River) to be forged into something

>> No.48663777

The boar is extremely situational and has already been upgraded once; It doesn't need more.We don't need a horde, we need 1 or 2 medium sized minions for direct combat.

Adding minions won't be a notable drain on quest management unless we give them high intelligence.

>> No.48663801

Innocent soul

>Give to Kat

Silence's bones
>Let River use them for armor

The spider parts
>Upgrade Red Kells

Elemental ice
>upgrade kat

>> No.48663840

My thought process regarding Kat upgrades is: upgrade Kat (risk of backlash) or upgrade something else (no risk of backlash)

>> No.48663853

> Give it to Sir Fetch (Fetch ceases to be your familiar)

> Other : Silenced armor. Stealth tank go!

> Armor the boar & give it poison tusks

> Give it to Nate to be forged into something

>> No.48663936

>Give it to Kat (Kat becomes sapient)
>let river use them for armor
>upgrades vim&vigor
>upgrade Kat assuming she takes to sapience well, otherwise
>>upgrade the boar

>> No.48663966

>> Save it for now
>> Use them to create protective talismans for the group
>> Upgrade Vim & Vigor (Tougher, poison claws, perceptive)
>> Give it to (Nate/River) to be forged into something

>> No.48664013

What about a jaw harp or a flute? They wouldn't take much material.

>> No.48664027

Kat won't hurt us, she's been very useful and for a shadow very well behaved

>> No.48664051

Flute would be nice, I still also like a bell.

I feel like Silence would be best served by making a pick. Something to work the mine she devoted herself too

>> No.48664066

definitely. But there's a risk in upgrading her that simply isn't present in other upgrades. /tg/ likes to play it safe; there'd need to be a tangible reason to take this risk.

The symbolism is great, but what is an underground mine going to to with a bell?

>> No.48664143

>jaw harp
what an odd little instrument
if there's leftover material from whatever main thing is made, that might not be a bad idea.

>> No.48664180

Well the pick would be for the mine, I guess the bell would be for us?

>> No.48664229

Oh. I thought you meant a belltower sized bell. same issue though. unless it gains some useful property due to that material, there isn't much of a reason to carry around a handbell.

>> No.48664248

can we give the dungeon the soul? i mean animate the /entire/ dungeon.

>> No.48664352

The problem is a lack of good choices for mid-size minions, unless we find something non-sentient. We have a shadow, but zombies are suck incarnate and skeletons are rather crap as well, and Draug are right out.

>> No.48664393

It may just be a matter of looking. The is the /Dungeon/, there's surely there's /some/ mid-sized monsters somewhere down here. We found the boar in the maze; who knows what else is in there?

>> No.48664411

I'm gonna call and tally in 15 or so. God this vote's gonna be a bitch to count.

>> No.48664465

> Give it to Kat (Kat becomes sapient)

> Save them for now

> Upgrade Vim & Vigor (Tougher, poison claws, perceptive)

> Upgrade the boar (better traction, ice breath)

I mean, perceptive is a huge boost for our spy hands. Can't believe people are missing that.

As for Elemental Ice, well that would be fucking devastating for Lizards in the Lush's army. Reptiles and temperatures yo.

I think anti-boar fags are underestimating how fucking brutal fighting trained and equipped legions is going to be, and how many people we could lose here. One or two medium size undead aren't going to make the difference a massive boar breaking their formations and chilling them will.

>> No.48664508

Meh. We have Amy and Nate filling those roles already. I'd still rather get them better gear or boost our current minions than get some fodder that will also require upgrading before it's competitive.

>> No.48664523

> Save it for now

> Use them to create protective talismans for the group

> Armor the boar & give it poison tusks

> Upgrade Kat (chilling touch, icy claws)

>> No.48664554

Might want to look at a new thread soon.

>anti-boar fags
my stance is more of a long term outlook. sure, the upgrades will help the boar, but he's already got 1 upgrade, and he'll see use something like 2 times after Cornucopia. Plus, the spider upgrades increase armor and poison, not terrible useful for calvary.

>> No.48664585

> Give it to the other chicken (it becomes sapient)

> Save them for now

> Upgrade Vim & Vigor (Tougher, poison claws, perceptive)

> Save it for a necromantic construct

>> No.48664904

if the bell creates silence it could be a pretty useful tool, though...I guess we don't know what enchantments the objects created from her body will give huh?

Still wish we could do something with the bones that would be more then just turning her into an object . Fairy daughter idea had appeal

>> No.48664968

That's why I voted icy breath and better grip. Although in previous votes armoring the Boar was a popular option as some people wanted it to go the "meat wall" route.

Probably too late to make a difference vote wise.

Anyways, I think the Cornucopia is going to be pretty brutal without some way of disrupting the formations. Especially if the Lush gets help from that clockwork fucked.

>> No.48665013

And machine crashed. Bear with me.

>> No.48665027

> Save it for now
This thing is damn irreplaceable with some serious ethical baggage attached let's not use it impulsively.

> Use them to create protective talismans for the group

>> Upgrade Vim & Vigor (Tougher, poison claws, perceptive)
Figure they need the combat boost the most

>> Upgrade Kat (chilling touch, icy claws)
Cause I think that would be badass.

>> No.48665062

If only we had something like a blank soul to cram into Silence's remains to make a daughter of her. Or maybe a conscious extension of the Mine itself.

>> No.48665086

that would be pretty cool. I'd vote to save the bones to see if we can get something like that with more time

>> No.48665118

Jeeeesus fuck next time we have an upgrade pile this big I'm splitting it into two votes.


>> No.48665143

Vox is there anything to the ideas here?


>> No.48665152

Ugh, I know thy pain, O lich of the black bean.

>> No.48665162

We're slipping down the board. Might want to make a new thread.

>> No.48665318

And our winners are:

> SAVE the soul
> Use Silence to create TALISMANS (& an instrument)
> Upgrade VIM & VIGOR with the spider parts
> Upgrade KAT with the ice

Writing new thread now.

>> No.48665538



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