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What is the most /tg/ video game?

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Funposting on /tg/

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Baldur's Gate.

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Games that directly and completely simulate traditional games: Chess, Mahjong, Go, Poker, etc.

I like CRPGs but they're not like the traditional pnp versions. They just aren't.

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Dwarf Fortress

Autistic levels of detail and things can easily go horribly wrong/right/‼FUN‼ easily.

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Tabletop Simulator

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I miss funny games

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Dragon's Dogma feel like a D&D action RPG. Especially with some of the characters, monster mechanics and how regarded your companions can be sometimes.

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>all these posts
>not a single correct answer

i bet you question your orders too!

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>i bet you question your orders too!
Not me, sir! No, sir!

But, uhh, I have this little question...

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Planescape: Torment, nigger.

BG and co is a close second. ToB was fcking amazing.

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can someone sell me on EYE? I occasionally see it pop up where everryone lauds it for being mind-expanding cyberpunk philosophy-stuff but I just see a multiplayer fps, and an unappealing one at that...

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Imagine a slightly less confusing translation of the Witcher 1, combined with a drug addict's version of Deus Ex.

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>Planescape: Torment, nigger.
I wish for a modern clone of this. Not a remake, that would inevitably go to shit, but something like OpenXcom that preserves functionality while patching bugs, improving compatibility, allowing inspection, etc.

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>ignoring E.Y.E's singleplayer

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Oh it has a single player? Now THAT might explain a ton!
Aha, now that I realized thanks to the other anon there's a single player, this already makes a ton more sense. Sounds like something I could enjoy.

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I didn't know it had multiplayer, and I've played it.

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Isn't that basically Pillars of Eternity?

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Fallout 2 is pretty tg

Dorf Fort is up there, though I bitched out of fort mode, so I can only speak for adventure mode

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Well, my memories are vague but I remember watching trailers that presented the player classes in such a way that it seriously looked as if it was some TF2-type game.

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No. PoE is pretty much a shittier, less fun version of Baldurs Gate. The original.

Tides of Numenera promises to be an okay sort of spiritual successor.

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It has 32? 64? player co-op, and a deathmatch mode.

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something between planescape:torment, fallout (both 1 and 2) and dwarf fortress.

I have a better question: What would the most /tg/ video game be like, in your opinion ?

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Dorf Fort when it's finished.

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Dying Light.

Overused crap that was given a fresh coat of paint to hide mechanics that make no sense in the game they are in.

When you hit critical plot moments, the "gms" that made the game shackle you with how they see you should play it. They finish this up with an unsatifying ending that has more oppertunites for what ifs then what you would be satisfied with. The gm might revisit the campaign outside of one shots one day but who knows when that will be as he started planning a new campaign from his old setting.

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If by "that" you mean a shit remake, yes, Pillars of Eternity is basically that.

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Crusader Kings 2 obviously

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Came here to post this.

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>your wife has cucked you
>it was with multiple men

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It's the overkill retribution that makes it all worth while.

She gets divorced and is forced to become a nun.

You then imprison all of her former lovers and they eventually die in your dungeon, blinded, castrated and tortured.

Whilst they are in your basement you are out seducing all of their wives and fathering a small tribes worth of bastards.

Eventually they get beyond child having years and you break up with them.

You then marry the daughter of your ex-wife.

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It is a game with unexplained mechanics, strange design decisions, and an almost nonsensical plot.

It is also a game where you can be hijacked by a door.

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Corruption of Champions

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good one m8

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Fuck doors. No seriously, I made the mistake of going gun heavy and then having to hack a door. Worst 5 minutes of my life.

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>Failing to hack the door at the end of the tutorial
>Fuck this, try to shoot the door open
>Nothing happens
>Eventually hack it
>Evac dude on the other side is dead
>Realize I shot him through the door
>Finish the mission without him

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wait what.

Do you just go berserk for five minutes as the door indulges its bloodlust?

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It varies.

Once I got popups and spam on my HUD.
Another time I just exploded.

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>You then marry the daughter of your ex-wife.
that's CK2 in a nutshell

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I once had a Lord who really didn't like me and I wanted his fief. In order I,

>Fabricated rumors of him being a faggot
>Apparently he was actually a faggot and caught him red handed
>Fabricated claims of him planning treason
>Tried to arrest him, he fled England for France
>He had apparently abandoned his wife and child, who I arrested immediately
>Threw the wife into the dungeon and starved her to death
>Executed his son for the lolz
>Another child came to own the dude's fief, so I killed that kid too by pushing him off a cliff
>Assassinated another kid who was apparently heir
>Finally come into possession of the dude's county

I'm a monster.

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Be grateful it wasn't actually incest.

I once had a royal line that was nothing but brother-sister marriages from 769 to 1453.

Yes there were concubines. They were other sisters. If no sister of child bearing years were available they were his daughters.

Occasionally new genes would trickle into the family by brothers taking concubines from out of the royal blood line.

Persia. It's one hell of an empire.

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Sure you weren't playing School Days?

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>ctrl+f king of dragon pass
>no results
shame /tg/

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Dorf Fortress


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>/threading your own post

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Dwarf Fortress.

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Pretty sure.

Although that is what the family tree looked very much like.

In contrast I once played as a tribal king of Ireland and went the exact opposite way. Every wife and concubine that the king had was from a different cultural and ethnic group.

Just as well considering that by the time the Celtic Empire formed the dynasty made up at least 90% of the nobility and finding someone you weren't related to became really fucking difficult.

it got to the point when mainland Europe was mostly swallowed up by the Irish Horde that the Royal Tribe was so numerous that it could have been described as a social caste in it's own right. The tradition of out marrying as far as possible continued amongst the kings to keep the bloodline as broad and stable as possible.

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Xcom and Dwarf Fortress threads are actually allowed on /tg/, so I think those.

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The most tabletop vidya is probably a Baldur's Gate, Temple of Elemental Evil, or one of the super crunchy old school Civil War hexgrid strategy games.

But the most /tg/ vidya is Monster Girl Quest.

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I remember my second game of CK2 ever, first one that didn't immediately end with me dead, I killed a man, his wife, a fifteen-year old boy, a seven-year old girl, and finally a three-year old girl (who was my spy master's ward, because I recruited this guy's best intrigue guy out from under him.)

This was all for one county. It took seven years.

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Surely King of Dragon Pass is allowed? It's Glorantha!

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It's what I wish my campaigns were like.

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WTF is going on in that diagram? Is it one guy fucking several dozen generations of his own family, or what?

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He is in one branch the only male ancestor for 6(?) generations.

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>But the most /tg/ vidya is Monster Girl Quest.
no, you're confusing /tg/ with /qst/ again

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Grandpa, tell us again of what it was like when the Quests roamed free and ruled the board!

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What's up with this obsession /tg/ has with EYE? It's just a shooter that makes no sense

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Just look at it right now considering they're still fucking here even after getting their own board

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>6(?) generations.
How is that even possible. Is he an immortal vampire or something?

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A "shooter that makes no sense" has surprising relevance for most of /tg/'s contributors and activities.

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No idea. I'm just going off the pic

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Holy shit, that really is like every group ever.

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Won't say it's the only correct answer, but it's a damn good one

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care to explain? I am not a smart man.

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So is Elder Scrolls, but really it's not/tg/ at all with exception of Morrowind. Luckily usually those threads are Morrowind threads by another name.

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You answered your own question.
Arcane rules? Check. Systems you put up with because the game drew you in? Check. References to errrything? Check. World that makes sense only after a gallon of LSD? Check.

May you gain plentiful brouzouf and may your legs ever be OK.

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The same to you, friend.

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