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Magic: The Gathering Modern General
(competitive discussion)

Eldritch Moon card image gallery:

>> No.48585500

The overall and paper Modern Metagame


Modern deck primers link:

Reminder that Tiers are usage-based. A Tier 2 deck can be better than a Tier 1 deck in a specific metagame.

>> No.48585614

Any cool Mono-White decks around?
I want to play the New Thalia.

>> No.48585633

mardu and esper
they are also tier 1

>> No.48585659

Death & Taxes can be mono-white

>> No.48585678

there's the sigil of the empty throne / heliod enchantment prison deck, but she doesn't really slot in there.

>> No.48585692

Dude, we get it you have a giant hardon for dega and esper. Now fuck off.

>> No.48585740

First for lmao Tarfire in delver

>> No.48585756

Is Collected company worth its pricetag or should I wait for it to rotate out of standard?

>> No.48585757

What side /tg/ think about Restore Balance? As "fun" as fish is, I'd like to play something a bit more involved then hoping for turn 1 Vile and hope to never see another one for the rest of the game.
The list I'm going for is as shone

Creatures (17)
4 Simian Spirit Guide
4 Riftwing Cloudskate
4 Durkwood Baloth
4 Greater Gargadon
1 Emrakul, the Aeons Torn
Spells (19)
4 Restore Balance
4 Ardent Plea
3 Dismember
4 Violent Outburst
4 Nahiri, the Harbinger
Lands (24)
1 Breeding Pool
1 Copperline Gorge
4 Flooded Strand
1 Forest
1 Gemstone Caverns
4 Gemstone Mine
1 Island
1 Mountain
1 Plains
1 Razorverge Thicket
1 Sacred Foundry
1 Seachrome Coast
1 Steam Vents
1 Stomping Ground
1 Temple Garden
2 Wooded Foothills
1 Windswept Heath

I'm most likely going to run 3 Anger of The Gods, 3 Leyline of Sanctity. And I'll formulate the rest around my meta

Any thoughts other then the deck is shit will be appreciated

>> No.48585804

I like Taxes, and it fits NThalia, but I can't really afford a playset of Aether Vial.
Thanks, do you know any Interesting lista?

>> No.48585807

like do you laugh at seal of fire in jund? it's the same concept - it grows the goyf.

>> No.48585843

Oh what a surprise, /tg/ being bad at magic again.

>> No.48585884

Wait for rotation. It's good but if you still haven't picked up a playset by now I think you can wait until the next block.

>> No.48585924

I used to play it. It's really bad. It's too easy for some decks to come back. Sometimes you blow everything up and then do nothing to win.
It's just so bad and not fun because of it. Pls don't buy it

>> No.48585947

Why would I ever play NuThalia over Arbiter/Mindcensor/Moon? She doesn't interact with Path, she's boltable on-tempo, and by the time you vial her out your opponent's fixing is taken care of.
It's probably worth the pricetag, but it'll be cheaper when everyone's trying to dump their copies. Wait until it rotates, but not long afterwards; plenty of other people will be wanting to build Abzan Company for modern once DTK rotates.

>> No.48585982


Tier 10.


>> No.48585984

>Why would I ever play NuThalia over Arbiter/Mindcensor/Moon?
You play her in addition to those cards, silly.

>> No.48586121

Mindcensor costing 3 makes sense, because you can hold up mana for Path, or flash it in, in addition to vialing in a Blade Splicer, or something else that actually effects the board. Thalia costing 3 and not being reactionary without vial is a massive mark against her for tempo.
You don't need Mindcensor/Arbiter #9-12. In my experience, there's just much more value to be had at the three drop sorc speed slot.

>> No.48586216

Suiide Zoo doesn't play basic lands, so you can Ghost Quarter them pretty well.

>> No.48586404

It really depends on what you're facing.
NuThalia is amazing in a favorable board position.
Tapped Fetches, Tapped creatures. It's easier to beatdown.
I guess it's more of a Hatebear card than a Taxes card.

>> No.48586474


did i do good?

>> No.48586705

I know everyone's memeing on spirits in standard, but do they have a place in modern now that Rattlechains, Mausoleum, Selfless and Queller are a thing? I feel like it's just going to be another bad deck that is playable only because of vial, but I want to be wrong.

>> No.48586924

>not scarecrow tribal

>> No.48587028

It's too slow

>> No.48587139

I know people are knocking spirits, but it could be legit.

Take a look at the winning lists in Standard: the good ones are tempo decks and the Modern version of that should probably be the same. I feel likeke Vial shouldn't really be played, and instead take some play style from Esper lists. Always have something to do with your mana. Flash in spirits, lots of interactions. There are a ton of options. Just need to.find the right combination of cards.

Right now I'm thinking Esper or Jeskai spirits. Hopefully, I can have a list ready Tomorrow.

>> No.48587159

Esper. Lingering Souls innit.

>> No.48587188

Why play bad cards? Snap, clique, etc. Are just better. Same problem with faeries. Elves and merfolk work because they do broken shit.
With spirits you're just playing tempo with subpar cards to force mediocre synergy.

>> No.48587216

Oh man, I didn't even think about that. I was thinking about R for bolt. Helps early game interaction and gives you late game reach.

Of course, a light black splash in the form of Mana Confluence could get the best of both. Makes it weak to blood moon and ghost quarter, though.

>> No.48587264

Dude, of course you'd play clique and snappy. Probably 1 and 2 respectively.

And it's not a tribal deck like Merfolk or goblins. I'd play sprits because flying is so good in the format, and coupled with value. It seems pretty good.

>> No.48587977

Vials in a modern spirit deck would just make it a shitty merfolk deck with more interaction and less lords. A tempo/control shell would probably be better, like faeries, only rather than bitterblossom, you abuse Lingering Souls, which is much better in this format. With all the shocks and fetches, bitterblossom is too painful and slow against most aggressive decks. One sided boardwipes thanks to sefless spirit seems cute. I like it. As well as the spirit of the labyrinth + geier reach santiarium lock.

My biggest concern though is its ability to actually close out games. Ofc you're gonna be grinding out most wins, but I feel like the deck needs a better finisher. Faeries had v clique and mistbind clique to close things out.

>> No.48588193

you run geists and spirit tribal enablers

>> No.48588236

How likely do you think it'll be for this supposed "New Frame" format to be a thing? What would it mean for Modern if it were?

>> No.48588264

>Faeries had v clique and mistbind clique to close things out.
Spirits has Queller and I feel like Deep Fiend can act as mistbind for decks that want it.

>> No.48588275

Very likely.. Like 90% chance by next year.

Modern will die. It's already off the PT

>> No.48588299

>source: your ass

>> No.48588318

I just realized if they go ahead with it the bar for Artifact decks in the format will be Kaladesh. It better be good.

>> No.48588328

Can Geist of Saint Traft be a closer?
I did some digging, how about this 5 drop?

>> No.48588338

Godhead is better.

>> No.48588378

>he thinks no modern pt is a bad thing

>> No.48588395

>How likely

What the fuck do you want? Nothing has been said except Maro saying it's very likely. There is no source for either side.

>> No.48588397

>Can this 5 mana card with no immediate board impact, no benefit if it dies, and no way to protect itself be the closer?

Tell me, how many cards like that are hanging around in the format?

>> No.48588456


this card is a five mana duress
all you do is play it and trade with their removal

>> No.48588476

He hasn't said it's very likely, he said it will inevitably happen when the gap between Modern and Standard becomes too great
Which would be years down the line

>> No.48588503

but you can give it hexproof with other spirit cards

>> No.48588506

You can see the foundations of the format already being laid. Fetchlands from Khans and the new duals from Oath make it so multicolor decks can exist but have clear and immediate drawbacks. That lets them keep a bit of a lid on New Jund or whatever equivalent of that would have cropped up, and also lets monocolor decks have a proper form and function.

Modern cards probably won't significantly depreciate in value, but it might lessen the degree to which they're rising.

>> No.48588552

I love queller but he's not exactly a finisher. Deep fiend is way too risky without a build to support it. The beauty of mistbind was that in a pinch you could champion a token or a land, or even better champion your bitterblossom to avoid killing yourself. Or even better, pull some cute trick where you champion a spellstutter sprite to use as counter backup when you're trying to close out a game and only have bits of removal in your hand left. Deep fiend has nothing on mistbind. Especially with no evasion.

That means you'd want 7 mana at the ready. If I planned on having 7 mana, I'd rather rev for 15-11

Too expensive and doesn't do much in the way of impacting the field. Geist is too slow for a deck that wants to play on your opponent's turn. Having only 4 flash enablers for your nonflash guys makes it risky to rely on. Vial would be good doing that, but on the same token, vial kinda sucks unless you're really packing a sizable amount of creatures.

Without a decent finisher, I'd probably fall back on using some sort of sword package. The tallowisp/aura package is cute, but it really needs to be built around to make it even playable let alone good.

>> No.48588560

>survives bolt, doom blade, and abrupt decay.
There's no reason not to just play Baneslayer but outside of Path and Dismember, not much popular removal hits it.

>> No.48588563

obzedat can be a 5 drop?

>> No.48588577

Sounds boring as fuck and I hope it fails hard of they do it

>> No.48588596

Okay, ass pies, do I play Dredge in paper or are you cunts going to RiP my rectum every postboard game?


^^ if you do not complete this strawpoll, your mother will die in her sleep tonight.

>> No.48588648

What do you hope to gain from a literal 24 person sample

>> No.48588670

>tfw you forgot bloodghast is a spirit
deck confirmed viable

>> No.48588690


24 > 0

>implying I won't spam this in every Modern thread for the next two weeks

>> No.48588713

If you're playing dredge, you should run some combination of nature's claim, ray of revelation, and abrupt decay in the side. Don't be a faggot. Most people mull aggressively just to get their hate cards against you

welp, time to go full esper.

>> No.48588756

alright guys spicy meme deck coming through

>ethersworn canonist
>erayo, soratami ascendant
>0 cost artifacts (equipments/mox in a puresteel paladin shell?)
>fill with answers of choice, celestial colonnade for beats

wow, such a choice deck! don't worry about variance. better hope they don't have a sup verdict though because that blows the lock wide fucking open

>> No.48588759


Decay, EE, and Thoughtseize are the best ways to beat hate postboard, as they aren't terribly narrow answers to the hate. That being said, it's still a linear deck that's very soft to persistent hate cards, much like Affinity. Just as you shouldn't pilot Affinity when everyone is playing 4 Stony in the board, you shouldn't play Dredge if you're going to run face-first into turn 2 RiP all day.

>> No.48588779

celestial crusade seems ok?

>> No.48588828

Artifact creatures like memnite and orni, with glint hawk like creatures and quest for the holy relic.
The deck has some nut draws.

>> No.48588845

so much good shit
and some good junk
celestial crusader
spectral raider

>> No.48588856

Oh good Lord, spirit shitters go away.

>> No.48588899


>artifact creatures
yeah, good base
>quest for the holy relic
not following

>> No.48588914

anyone who isnt thinking about scarecrow tribal should kill himself

>> No.48589008

The whole deck tries to cheese erayo, quest is basically another copy except instead of forming a lock it cheeses out an argentum armor onto your thopter/glint hawk

>> No.48589324

>look through mtgtop8
>zooicide is #1
>check out the deck list
>all I'm missing is baubles and shadows

What bad matchups does this deck have besides burn? Because no one plays burn or zooicide at my meta and I'd love to see something besides jund and infect

>> No.48589326


it might work sometimes but it sounds sketchy

>quest is basically another copy of erayo
i feel like you're duressing them by ditching your entire hand, once they path your thopter there's no way you're reequipping that bitch. at least erayo protects herself to an extent

>> No.48589332

Why is spitballing so bad? This set put out a not!cursecatcher, and not!clique, and a flash enabler in the tribe, so why not try brewing it? Lingering Souls has always been good, and Dauntless Escort was always fringe playable.

>> No.48589453

Go look up Blood Baron of Vizkopa.

>> No.48589532


Any deck playing this in the sideboard :^)

>> No.48589594

Not a spirit

>> No.48589703

So? If you want a thematic deck don't bother asking for help with making it better. I was only pointing out how bad your suggestion was.

>> No.48589709


>tfw tier 300
We moved up a tier, nice!!

>> No.48589741

R8 my deck M8

>> No.48589815

>people are specifically discussing spirit tribal
>you come in swinging and suggest a card that has nothing to do with spirits
hur hur I not retard

>> No.48589821

not running tarfire

>> No.48589845

Oh fuck I love MR Burn.

Excellent list. Thoughts on Swiftspears?

The prowess nonbos with creatures so I can totally see why they aren't included, it feels bad to follow a tswift with a hellspark, but I really do like the turn 1 swiftspear turn 2 double bolt play when it does come up though.
>no mana clash or thunderous wrath

>> No.48589915

i only have 2 so i didn't put it i what should i switch with it

>> No.48589936

You're fucking stupid.
Just earlier it was decided that the deck obviously wouldn't be all spirits.

>> No.48589938

forgot the picture

>> No.48589945

lightning bolt

>> No.48589953

>4 shard volley

>> No.48589957

bruh why would i switch a 2/2 tar fire with a 3/3 lightning bolt

>> No.48589974

cause its way better

>> No.48589976

To grow the tarmogoyf

How many times we have to go over this?

>> No.48589979

kek not 2/2 but just 2 damage

>> No.48590014

yeah i'm thinking of switching those out for a playset of bedlam reveler thoughts?

>> No.48590048

swiftspear is great you should always have a playset just incase you want to put it in your deck

>> No.48590066

>how to spot someone who hasn't played monored burn

Stick with your Naya burn, patrician, and leave the true burn to the common folk.
>he doesn't even till

>> No.48590084

It's a finisher/curve topper, which suggests that at the point you get it out, you already have Drogskol Captain in play, making it hexproof. If you have Rattlechains there too, it can be flashed in at opponent's end step.

>> No.48590133

>this retard is passive aggressively making fun of my reply from my previous thread
How butthurt do you have to BE

>> No.48590149

Good suggestions, but don't forget Natural State.

>> No.48590189

Because you can't play 5 bolts.

>> No.48590195

Chalice decks.

I also played turns vs zooicide today. Slightly favored the aggro deck, though Gigadrowse into Exhaustion into Cryptic into timewalks does the job.

>> No.48590217

Natural state is a supremely designed card, personally I would forgo both State and Claim in favor of ray and grudge. Natural State is really damn good, but if someone cheeky decided to pack Leyline of the Void that day...

>> No.48590231


>> No.48590237

>everything is about me
It's a joke, precious

>> No.48590262

>survived at 2 life vs zooicide with fountain
I love that shitty little land so much

>> No.48590264

>haha it's just a joke haha
You're bad at Magic The Gathering™

>> No.48590275

In my experience playing Turns, Jace sucks balls while Waterveil and Gigadrowses are definite 4-ofs.
Here's my list.
Exhaustion is sweet against aggro decks. I can see why you'd run 4 of them. I run 3 cryptics mainboard because they also work against combo and control.
I've been testing with some mainboard counterspells, and I've found that 4x Spell Snare helps a ton against both aggro decks as well as control decks, as they typically run Mana Leak, Remand and Snapcasters in numbers.

>> No.48590281

I'm not even the same guy. Jesus, you're a sperg

>> No.48590292

chain lighting is better

>> No.48590302

yeah well it's also not modern legal

>> No.48590309

At least I'm good at this game, unlike you who are bad

>> No.48590330

Whatever you say. I haven't said anything that could give you this idea. But it's clear you're a sad person

>> No.48590349

yeah i guess it isn't legal ok i put the 2 tar fire's in my deck

>> No.48590350

>who are bad
I doubt you can play the game when you can barely grasp this language

>> No.48590383

I want to believe that Commandeer and Misthollow Griffin have a place in Modern.

>> No.48590415

>Misthollow Griffin
food chain

>> No.48590424

rate this list from 1-spicy meme


>> No.48590432

Is not legal in Modern.

>> No.48590495

Nahiri is a Standard card. This is the Modern thread.

>> No.48590499

Jace is there incase I run out of Waterveils before 9 mana, and he's won me the game vs infinite life melira, which felt really damn good. Otherwise he's supremely average and usually gets sided. You don't neccesarily need 4 parts if you run an alternate wincon such a Thassa/Jace/Labman, but without I'd certainly run 4 incase you end up exiling them all. Inkmoth is cool as an alternative to Jace vs infinite life too.

Counterspells are gravy mainboard, especially Spellsnare, and when you sideboard it gets so much better since you have these niche powerful counterspells.

For decks that run 4 Temporal, one might be averse to running Remands for fear of whiffing the miracle trigger, but Delay can work as a nice substitute (plus it's thematic).
Telling Time is sweet in 4 Temporal lists too.

>> No.48590529

other dudes deck is 10 times better

>> No.48590542

have you tried making an izzet version with some planeswalkers

>> No.48590576

It would be bad for Magic as a whole.

Pushing new product down everyone's throats; short term profit gains at the expense of the long-term stability of the game. That's what killed Yugioh, and it certainly would not be good for Magic either.

>> No.48590610

They'll start it at BFZ, not the border change. That way they get to exclude fetchlands and delve. And 2 set blocks is a relatively coherent starting point.

>> No.48590633

I wouldn't say that man, it's such a strange deck that each card choice has merits and arguments for it, and each argument is valid if evidence can prove it to be so.

I really like the mainboard snares anon packs, I've been bringing in a snare from the sideboard in many matchups and I could definitely see mainboarding some number.

>> No.48590693


>Lavinia of the Tenth

Normally I despise the Eldrazi decks, but that is 9/11 WOULD BANG

>> No.48590696

I doubt they would do this. WoTC tends to be smart with making sure the game stands the test of time, unlike VS System and Yugioh, which have died (Yugioh is technically not dead yet, but is certainly terminally ill) because the companies that managed those games kept milking new product in ways that were damaging for the long-term stability of those games; up until the point that the games became next to unplayable.

>> No.48590698

can someone set me up with some competitive blue decks

>> No.48590701

Post yfw the new format is named Beleren.

>> No.48590723

You think Magic is playable? How many at your LGS own a Legacy deck? Hell even Modern is prohibitive. And I know lots of people being kept out of Standard by the speed of rotation.

>> No.48590732


>> No.48590802

But lately WoTC has certainly been milking new product at the expense of MtG's long-term health.

1. The faster Standard rotation, as well as the increased power creep of mythic rares. This has convinced many people to quit Standard, but forces people who do still play Standard to spend Caw-Blade levels of money just to compete at a damn FNM.

2. The fact thatv WoTC has done literally nothing about the increasingly frequent RL buyouts, and has not even MENTIONED them. even though notorious criminal Martin Shkrelli has gotten involved.

3. The fact that Eternal Masters was clearly just highway robbery, as it actually made Legacy MORE EXPENSIVE, which is kind of the opposite of what reprint sets are SUPPOSED to do.

>> No.48590865

>The fact thatv WoTC has done literally nothing about the increasingly frequent RL buyouts

What exactly is it that you want them to do?

>> No.48590876

The problem is that they have not made a comment on the issue.

>> No.48590937

Technically, Yugioh is on life support. The mass reprints being that life support.

If Magic ever ends up in the position Yugioh
is in now, all of your valuable cards will likely be reprinted into the ground, so I fear that it might be time to cash out.

>> No.48591005

>What exactly is it that you want them to do?
Reprint 15 cards once a year in FTV style aimed at reducing the price of those cards. Imagine a $100 box with a Goyf, Lilly, Snapcaster, Mox Opal, Burnwillows, all kinds of fun shit in. Fuck it, make it $200 and they'll still sell out. Instead they make tripe like FTV annihilation and angels, which my LGS can't even sell at half RRP.

>> No.48591006

In addition to the spell snares, I'm contemplating the correct number of Cryptics for the deck. The deck needs at the very least one, I don't think it needs a playset at all (as you only ever want to see one), but I could definitely see two being a very solid number, as during matchups like Gruul Zoo and Dredge it does an excellent job at holding them back and 2 would make finding it more likely.

The main drawback for Snare is that some decks will go straight over the curve, such as Bant Eldrazi having literally no 2cmc cards.

If I were to mainboard Snare, or a second Cryptic Command when I can afford one, I'd probably trim a Mine.

Here's Mikhails list from a while back, I'd like to ask him for a more recent list but I don't speak ruskie.

It's got a home in my sb and it's been a lot of fun

>> No.48591071

>Goyf, Lilly, Snapcaster, Mox Opal, Burnwillows

What does that have anything to do with the Reserve List?

>> No.48591131


>> No.48591198

Nobody likes LegaMeme anyway

>> No.48591232

What walkers you thinking bout senpai?

Red for Fevered Visions is reasonable, there's also green splash for a green Mine (forget the name of it), but monoblue is the way to go for me anyways.
If I had to splash I'd go white for Timely, as it's such a solid speedbump in a deck that loves stalling, but the downsides to splashing imo aren't worth it.

I have a proxy 2nd Cryptic I'm going to be testing with a bud in place of the 4th Mine, I'll let you guys know if it either hurts or helps the deck.

>> No.48591262

wait for it...

>> No.48591332

Ral is a fucking beast, he's not overpowering but he's got class, unlike that total buzzkill Keranos guy.

>> No.48591363

desu he is my favorite planeswalker so i would play him 100%
Do you know any good deck aginst aggro now?

>> No.48591376

This general is shit

>> No.48591472

You're wrong if you think you're improving it.

>> No.48591579

at least it's not the legacy general. that place is a fucking shitshow right now.

>> No.48591585

Ral Zarek couldn't become president of Ravnica. First and foremost, Niv-Mizzet would actually attempt to murder him if he tried.

>> No.48591595

dude go make a vorthos thread if you want to talk about this, you fucking dork

>> No.48591621

You shouldn't be talking about ral zarek at all in a modern thread. So really, shut it

>> No.48591812

Hey man he's certainly no Keranos but he can fill a similar role is a peezy deck sideboard as a budget replacement.

As far as his home in Modern goes, that doubling season meme deck makes decent use of him as a one-of, so he's not completely useless in that regard.

This is memedern, everything can be viable if you believe in the power of memes.

>> No.48591866

Mardu is cute! CUTE!!

>> No.48591961

Oh wait a sec Keranos is the same price. Thought he was still 20$, that's pretty sweet.

Both a beautiful looking card and degenerately strong, I wish I still had muh delvers :(

>> No.48591989


Mardu will forever be a bad version of Jund because it doesn't play Goyf, anon.

>> No.48592040

Delver is like a dollar

>playing a 5 drop in delver decks

>> No.48592051

it's like 2 dollars. also, delver in modern is different than delver in legacy. it plays like a control deck, not a tempo deck.

>> No.48592055

the raw power level of blood baron is clearly better than any synergy you gain from playing a 5 mana spirit

>> No.48592057

A third anon (there's probably just 3-4 of us turn players at /tgt/) posted his list a few times, claiming he's been doing very well at FNM with his list:

I kinda like it. It's really to the point. The lack of early interaction leaves me a bit worried. I've tried Snares mainboard, I've tried Remand mainboard, and I've tried neither mainboard. I favor them in the order I just wrote them.

Sideboard (and to a lesser extent mainboard) depends completely on local meta, I guess.

>> No.48592110

Do any devotion decks work in modern?

>> No.48592128

I mean, there's a good correlation between devotion and winning with Burn and Merfolk.

>> No.48592137

Would never mainboard the guy, he's a sideboard hero in grindy matchups though.
If you mainboard him you'll have a dead card vs aggro, but you'll piss the heck off of any midrange player you run into as he proclaims "who the fuck mainboards keranos??"

>> No.48592153

I play delver. You're incorrect

>> No.48592167

Yo nigga, that's my list. Here's to you my friend. I find unless your against burn or some soet of crazy aggro list you are ok with very little interaction cause you're just trying to get card advantage with mines and dictates while holding up mana for a lucky Mastery or cryptic.

>> No.48592462

"Crazy aggro" is on the rise, time bro. Left uninteracted with, Zooicide pilots can consistently kill on turn four. Let's not forget that Infect and Affinity are heavily played extremely fast decks, and Merfolk backs up their pressure with blue tricks. Better err on the side of patience. We have all the time we need :^)

>> No.48592496

Hey /tg/
I am building this deck right now , am coming back to magic i stop playing when mirrodin came out for obvious reasons. what you think guys ? i chosse the lands removals cuz i seen a lot of decks with 3 colors or tron and shit like that
creatures (15)
Phyrexian Obliterator x4
Bloodghast x2
Dark Confidant x4
Gray Merchant of Asphodel x4
Geralf's Messenger x3
Dismember x3
Rain of Tears x4
Befoul x4
Thoughtseize x3
Whip of Erebos x2
Inquisition of Kozilek x2
Liliana of the Veil x2
Extirpate x2
Lands (24)
swamp x18
Tectonic Edge x2
Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth x2
Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx x2
Thoughtseize x1
Hero's downfall x3
Fulminator mage x4
Languish x2
Bile blight x1
Inquisition of Kozilek x2
Extirpate x2

>> No.48592558

Needs 2 or more lotv

>> No.48592649

i thought about it , the control of lili its awesome but for now am going with just two lilis. it's too damn expensive

>> No.48592885

Funny you mention Zoocide cause there are like 3 at my lgs and I beat all of them 2-0 now Idk if they just kept bad hands or if I got lucky but it seemed fairly even. I just use my life total as a resource. I will admit that I got the turn 3 combo win with t2 mine, t3 miracle mastery, t4 miracle mastery and second mine, t5 timr warp.

>> No.48592950

Concerning the sideboard, I am surprised that more control decks don't run engulf the shore. Most will run 4-5 islands at least 3 of them are shocks. In most circumstances it puts aggro lists back a turn or two.

>> No.48592968

The UR lists are just tempo decks that can't really go long but the grixis version boards into a control deck. Look at the list that won the modern open a few weeks ago.

>> No.48593053

I'm the anon who originally asserted it was a control deck. you are correct, I was referring to grid is delver and jones' build in particular. ur isn't even really a deck.

>> No.48593191

Anyone wanna jam some games on cockatrice? I'm headed to a modern pptq this weekend and I'd like to get in some more practice with my deck before the tournament

>> No.48593264

Lmao. This fucking pic is gold

>> No.48593591

Specify your username and players might approach you to play some games.

>> No.48594171

The very first booster I ever opened had a foil demon of death's gate in it, and it has been sitting in a folder ever since...
Would making a deck with it and a bunch of 1 drop black creatures be good, I could have him out on turn 2 if i get a good hand... but I think it could get countered pretty easily by a card such as Unsummon.
Any other ideas?

>> No.48594249

Use black one drops with recursion such as gravecrawler or Sanitarium Skeleton

>> No.48594326

No, that doesn't really seem like a good idea to me.

>> No.48594419

>the demon of 4 for 1
very nice card, I think you're on to something here

>> No.48594777

They also have Phantasmal Image, which can protect itself by copying a lord and can be put on the battlefield at instant speed with Vial and copy a Spell Queller. This gives the deck a flexibility other tribal decks since Phantasmal Image is a blank card per say that lets you adapt you variety of situations.

I also think Bygone Bishop will be a two of because this deck isn't actually an aggro deck like Merfolk, but more of a midrange-tempo deck that'll want some way to consistently get cards in your hand so you can have answers or at least pretend you do while you leave your mana open. Then you can expend all your leftover mana in cracking clues.

It may seem slow but its consistent and generates a powerful advantage turn by turn. Even if the opponent responds with an instant you can still potentially Queller-Counter with a vial.

Token generators, specially instant-speed ones help a lot with Mausoleum wanderer too, quickly making it grow. That or Spirit Anafenza works wonders too.

>> No.48594987

>I also think Bygone Bishop will be a two of
>I think my Vial deck should have a creature that rewards me for casting creature spells
>And I think that reward should cost me mana

So what tier are you looking to be in here? 6?

>> No.48595880

Spiritfags everyone. Actually retarded.

>> No.48595930

let them have their fun. they'll find out they're brewing a tier 4 deck after a while

>> No.48596146

>that guy who needs to shuffle his battle of wits deck

how do you like to prevent any fun

>> No.48596325

Does vial really makes spirits any better? I feel like it can hold its own enough counter magic.

>> No.48596558

Spirits is weird, it felt like vials helped access quick mana but I drew three vials once and let me tell you spirits does not have gas.
I'm not sold on the fish route, and I think that's why spirits is considered a meme, because they're missing the raw power to jam on the battlefield. They mostly have flash, I want to tinker with a u/w control shell with tons of shitty counters and 2 mana tithe.

>> No.48596611

my meta has a lot of suicide zoo all of a sudden. I run this in my sideboard now.

>> No.48596627

Hi so I wanted to get into modern with a blue/black zombie deck but I've heard that it's not good enough,so does anyone have some recommendation for a u/r deck at 200$~ budget

>> No.48596635

i like to prevent fun

>> No.48596673

>the turn 3 long walk
Mah wizard, you done good

>> No.48596702

I'm playing tempo with like 8 counters plus 4 Spell Queller and feels like plenty. They want to try and control the board and slowly wittle your opponent away. Geist really pulls through sometimes

>> No.48596705

cool tech, I'm guessing you're burn or zoo?

>> No.48596727

you mean wishboard.


>> No.48596737

wait, u want blue/black or blue/red recs?

for u/r budget you can go "shotgun" with kiln fiend, blue/black tron isnt bad either.

>> No.48596849

yup, it also works in my titanshift deck.

>> No.48596856

Does eldritch evolution into kiki stand a chance?

>> No.48596898

EE isn't quite as abusable as Pod was, but it will make for quite a different deck. I think Mirror-Breaker combos still have a place in it though.

>> No.48596908

Oh please sac a creature and use a card so I can kill the 2/2 you bring out

>> No.48596962

Um, so I keep dispel up? or peirce? Or Glen Elendra is on the field? or hell even fucking vines since there's G and it could be used as a pump to if you're missing combo pieces and just need to get in, or survive a swing. Maybe i have spellskite out.

With twin the plan was always twin on exarch of course, but it also had lots of ways to play through a bolt-able creature combo too.

>> No.48596979

Both actually,I'll check your rec.U/B tron use a lot of artifact right?

>> No.48597029


Pretty sure you only go for the combo against decks that can't interact with it, dumb dumb. Against your meme Jund deck, you sacrifice a Wall of Omens to turn it into a Pia and Kiran Nalaar, or a Kitchen Finks into a Swagtusk, or a Reveillark into an Elesh Norn :^)


Yes, read the above for instances of how it's good in grindy matchups. More importantly, however, is that itt fixes the clunky problem that the deck faced before. Needing a board full of dudes before you can cast your Chord for the anti-combo bullet made the deck very slow. This lets you get one as early as turn 2 with a dork.

>> No.48597044

Selfless spirit is cool kikichord tech that does similar things (except against path. path op), but he can also act as a nice fog or protect against wraths, and swinging for 3 with noble isn't half bad either.

>> No.48597069

>only jund plays removal

>> No.48597070

Splashing W in a deck that already would have to be running RUG seems not so great, but it is an idea, maybe SB tech of some sort.

>> No.48597109


I'm going to try out this shell I just put together dissecting a tarmo-twin list(took out the tarmos, at least as of right now). I'm sure there's something I'm missing but I'll find out I guess. The W Splash is for testing some SB tech as well, since I see Jund and Jund-like decks to be a problem, Sigarda is in the SB because she wrecks them and is easily tutor-able with evolution.

2 Pestermite
3 Snapcaster Mage
4 Birds of Paradise
1 Kitchen Finks
2 Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker
1 Glen Elendra Archmage
4 Deceiver Exarch

2 Cryptic Command
1 Electrolyze
1 Spell Snare
4 Lightning Bolt
3 Remand
1 Spell Pierce
1 Vines of Vastwood

3 Serum Visions
4 Eldritch Evolution

1 Breeding Pool
2 Forest
1 Mountain
1 Stomping Ground
1 Cascade Bluffs
2 Misty Rainforest
2 Steam Vents
1 Sulfur Falls
2 Wooded Foothills
3 Island
4 Scalding Tarn
1 Raging Ravine
1 Temple Garden
1 Ghost Quarter

SB: 1 Thragtusk
SB: 2 Ancient Grudge
SB: 2 Dispel
SB: 1 Huntmaster of the Fells
SB: 1 Negate
SB: 1 Roast
SB: 1 Sigarda, Host of Herons
SB: 2 Firespout
SB: 1 Aven Mindcensor
SB: 1 Forked Bolt
SB: 2 Spellskite

>> No.48597120

>rug kiki combo
pretty respectable for old twinfags to play temur since it's the coolest sickest color combo

>not playing R/W/G/b Kiki with black splash for pontif
resto is besto my friend

>> No.48597178

>so many two drops
>only three drops that can evolve into a kikijiki are your other combo pieces

>> No.48597220

forgot to add, the deck runs nahiris too

it's one of hoogsters lists but i added a bell ringer and a mindcensor

>> No.48597221


Okay, friendo, since you want to argue semantics, what deck are you playing? If you're an interactive deck, I'm not tutoring up Kiki to try and combo you; I'm going to play the value game to find something insane like Reveillark. If you're playing a linear deck, I'm either tutoring up the combo or a bullet that shuts down whatever trash you're trying to do. The card is good in the right shell (think Hoogland-style Chord).


This, dear anon, is not that shell. This deck is REALLY bad, and I'm not just being a dick. I'm sorry to tell you, but the Splinter Twin dream is dead. Leave it in the past where it belongs.

>> No.48597249

shiet thats 4 birds 2 e witness and 1 ofs

>> No.48597359

Mono-white hatebears is fucking smashing people left and right with Selfless Spirit now. New Thalia is probably fringe playable in the list against like Zoo or something.


>> No.48597559

What's so great about spirit? Sweepers aren't terribly common in Modern.

>> No.48597577

Cards bad. I'll let time make my argument

>> No.48597627

It's actually a decent clock and protects the deck's centerpieces, Arbiter and Mindcensor.

It's basically impossible to double up on removal spells when you're restricted to maybe one mana source.

>> No.48597670

Cut some number of instants in favor of two chord of calling. Add 2 wall of roots.
Add another finks, and 2 eternal witness, for more chance to hit kiki from evo.

Courser is an ok 3cmc, trinket mage is a nice sb option if you pack engineered explosives.
I'd go 2 snap 2 ewitness but 3 snap is fine.
Add p&k, spellskite, scooze for bullets, maybe huntmaster main.

Wall of roots is nicer than you'd think, maybe add 2-4. it can add mana on either turn and tap for chord as well, and kiki can clones it for mana in a pinch to get exarch

>> No.48597726

It prevents you from getting btfo by spot removal in a tempo sense. If they can kill something, they kill it, your 2cmc, instead of anything you play after. Basically it's a must-bolt at 2cmc in a creature-heavy deck, not because it's powerful (well its a 2/1 flyer for 2 so its ok) but because they are forced to bolt it instead of your thalia. You keep thalia and prevent loss of tempo. It's a nice one-of.

>> No.48597794

and it's not simply a bannerman effect, it can make blockers invincible to fog, give you a free alphastrike, or stop a wrath.

>> No.48597825

thanks but i refuse to play kiki-chord

>> No.48597933


Okay, instead of being a dumb cuck, you could go look at the recent results of the SCG Classic and read Jeff Hoogland's top 4 list that played a full four copies of the card. That would require being open-minded though, so I guess that won't do...

>> No.48597936

Fair enough man.
Have you considered trying an Ulvenwald route? With Serums, Bolts, and whatnot, it could be procable.
Also I think you don't neccesarily have to jam 3 drops for evo to be great at finding kiki. p&k ae op, and turn 3 deceiver, turn 4 pia is a nice board state that threatens to combo off the next turn thru both evo and kiki.

I'd be down for whirler rogues too and maybe goyfs too,

>> No.48598087

Is anyone trying that dank titi storm deck? I am only 100bucks away from having that deck and im wondering if it worth jumping on that meme dream.

>> No.48598131

I've tested it a few times already, and honestly i think the only thing that it might benefit from right now is swagtusk in the MB. T3 Swag gives you enough breathing room against burn, and seems more useful in other matchups than finks.

Traverse the Ulvenwald doesn't seem to be as useful against most decks, but I guess with delirium it could grab you a Boseiju to stop a countered evolution being a 2 for 1. So Ulvenwald might be good SB against decks that run blue with the occasional, grabbing a snappy or some cheap value. It's just in testing Ulvenwald doesnt seem to be fast enough, if it was an instant I would dig it, even if it was 1G instead. But at sorcery speed it always seems to get in the way more than help.


All in all, I'm happy with the basic idea, the toolbox needs some work, but being able to kiki turn 3/4 most of the time if your opponent is not giving you disruption is fucking amazing. Lands need fixing a little too, although that part is playable as is.

>> No.48598140

It's just the same as a cheapo combo deck from squawks and valakut standard.

>> No.48598170

Replace shards with skreds and mountains with snow

>> No.48598180

You should consider an eternal witness. At 6 mana, with eternal witness on the field and cryptic in hand, you can cast cryptic to bounce witness and tap, then on your turn cast witness with 4 mana open. The loop stops dredge and gruul in their tracks. I've seen it done with vials on 3, to make the loop on turn 4.

>> No.48598342

You can always pack swords to stop the relevant removal.

I'd take out the kor outfitters, and maybe put one of the equipment in the sb. I think this deck could cut a bunch of lands, go for a darksteelcitadel/glimmervoid/moth landbase, maybe with drums, if theres room alongside the vaultskirges maybe signal pest. add cranial plating.

Elburus is nice because of equip 1 but he can get btfo as well

>> No.48598344

What do you mean snow? Snow-covered mountain?

>> No.48598357

Ok i looked up skred and i know what you mean now i'll look into getting the snow

>> No.48598374

Alternatively, cutting the kor guys and replacing them with anything you'd like and running that linked list is nice too, i've seen it done and it's pretty sweet.
You could replace them with 4 hangarback walkers, it procs quest at 0 mana which might help out the combo.

>> No.48598397

Skred is creature only :(
tarfire is worse than burst lightning unless you want delirium or goyf to be boosted, or you have some weird goblin tech.
1 ball lightning is next level. Browbeat is cool too.

>> No.48598644

Try running 2 bedlam revelers because memes.

>> No.48598665

Bought a playset of those a couple days ago but i'm not sure if i will put them in

>> No.48598701

St Cloud? Ill be there with four friends.

>> No.48598713

Eh i rarely have 4 lands on the field

>> No.48598736

-4 keldon
+4 swiftspear

-4 magma jet
+4 gitaxian probe

+2 land
-2 hellspark

cut some mainboard skullcrack for cool things like 1 browbeat and 1 lavamancer (not sure on lavamancer w/o fetch tho)
Ball lightning is cool instead of browbeat, or you could jam the 4 skullcracks instead.
Basically, you use life as a resource with git probe and add more redundency to the deck, plus it buffs swiftspear.

>> No.48598744

Nope, A1 in Sacramento CA.

>> No.48598746

Thx man

>> No.48598778

Anyone have or see restore balance making results? I hear it's borderline uncommon T2 on MTGO. I have it in paper and its fucking delicious!! Link here https://www.mtggoldfish. com/articles/instant-deck-tech-four-color-restore-balance-modern

>> No.48599127

It has a fundamental flaw against remand/spell pierce decks. Other than that, I can see it getting a few games out in specific meta.

>> No.48599334

Pretty much a strictly worse hatebears that gives your opponent seven turns of mana instead of zero.

>> No.48599364

Run them as your only creature in Storm.

>> No.48599373

Just play Jund with Crumble to Dust in sideboard.
Remember that this is a Christian family-friendly image board
I think I'll try it as a one-of in sideboard, thanks for the suggestion
What is this picture?
Only way I'd see running him is with Lingering Souls, and then just playing a Lingering Souls deck would be strictly better.
The problem is that Path to Exile exists, and if you sacrifice three creatures to get out your demon and I kill your demon with a removal spell, you just lost the game.
My idea is to play GrisHoalBrand.deck if you want to cheat out fat demons.
For 200 dosh you can play Standard. U/R Goggles is a deck.
You could probably pull together a Goblins deck or burn deck without Goblin Guides for that budget.

>> No.48599451

Storm is playing titis as its only creature as an alt wincon and it looks much more resilient for it. There can be only one

>> No.48599831

How about running Tities in the sideboard instead? Imagine running no creatures mainboard. Your opponents side out all his removal, only for you to bring in Tities and/or Reveler.

>> No.48599840

You could always sideboard between them. TiTi demands removal, but removal is weak against Reveler. I'm not sure how relevant that would be though considering they'll likely just board out all removal anyway.

>> No.48600144


Your options:

1. Goblins sans guides (tier 3 deck)
2. Allies sans cavern of souls (it's a tier 3 deck)
3. Mono red burn sans guides
4. Mono green stompy (the meme never dies)

>> No.48600220

Death and Taxes
Mono G Infect
Mono G Stompy
Mono R Burn
Mono R Gobbos
RG Scapeshift
Mono U Tron
Ad Nauseam
Living End
BW Tokens

By compromising on the manabase and substituting expensive cards for cheaper options where possible (ie. Vexing Devil instead of Goblin Guide), these are your best budget options.

>> No.48600792

Start with bw tokens. It's fun and fair. Save some dosh up. Make that upgrade to Mardu. Join the mtg elite.

>> No.48601359

I've been working on building this deck list and I would like suggestions on alterations to fine tune it.

Here's the revised version so far.

>> No.48601399

>the "I want to play super friends but have only played magic standard for 6 months" starter pack

>> No.48601421

> 6 months
> Scars block
> Ravnica block
> RTR block
> Zendikar block
You what now?

Also, they are just cards I had laying around save for the Seasons.

>> No.48601429

You are aware that even middle tier linear strategies are going to walk all over that deck before you begin to establish a board presence right?

>> No.48601439

Just a quick question. What does m/tg/ players think of this convo?

>> No.48601449

I'm fully aware that it's not competitive.

>> No.48601471

>1 card from rav
>3 cards from scars
>1 card from rtr
>no good planeswalkers
It seems horrible anon, for a plethora of reasons

>> No.48601472


>this meme never dies

You need a sphinx rev up there.

>> No.48601476

Levi writes like a moron, I'm guessing he's equally dumb in real life.

>> No.48601480

Then make suggestions.

>> No.48601492

>cool hwip

It's pronounced sh-an-drah. Fight me.

>> No.48601493

Play this in edh
Play wraths
Good walkers
Not this de

>> No.48601495

Try hards trying hard to make things memes. Go take a shower and go outside for a change.

>> No.48601513

Why do all the list I see of this never include Karen, Ugin, or Bolas?
I mean at least play shit that will ruin people not just gently tickle their ball sack

>> No.48601515


Add Zurgo as your commander.

>> No.48601531

Have you actually played the deck on Xmage/cockatrice?
How about you try a real, tested superfriends deck starring Emmy:

>> No.48601533


They're already memes. Autistic masterpieces.

>> No.48601572

Personally, I don't cares run them. I have friends with casual superfriends decks, one that runs a single bolas and one that runs 2 ugins and 1 apex predator. So, I'd like to stray away from that. And as for Karn, I don't have one nor do I want to dish out for one. Those are all good suggestions though. I'm just trying to stray away from anything 7+ mana.

>> No.48601573



>> No.48601591

>browse top8
>find a Possibility Storm deck
Wew lad, that's dank.

Then for the millionth time, start a Casual thread rather than shitting up our COMPETITIVE MODERN thread.

>> No.48601604

Try hard. You know you're the only one who is pushing for that, right?

Shit, I bet YOU are the Rev for 15 guy who's trying to keep your meme alive while trying to make something "worse" than you said. Which nothing will ever be that retarded.

>> No.48601642


The hard way is the only way to get autistic untermensch like you to fuck off once and for all.

>> No.48601670

>zombie tribal won't be viable inyour lifetime

>> No.48601728

The upper right would be improved if he had folded her wings. Maybe have her left wing be in mid fold. The way artists depict angels in mtg, you'd think they never retract their wings.

>> No.48601730

I don't know who is trying to make fun of this, but it seems like a fun deck that can control a gram easily. I'd drop the Dreads for more Reanimates though.

But, lets dissect this image.

1) I'd say without the Dreads this deck can lockdown an opponent second turn consistently.

2) You don't FoW a animate card. You FoW the entomb that way they don't have a creature in the gy to use 12 other animate cards on. I don't know about FoW a dark rit unless you just want to be a dick just to stall them out a turn.

3) I believe he was thinking of Pro Tours. Nonetheless he's wrong.

>> No.48601759

Is there any proof the third post is the same person? Or are you just grasping at straws?

>> No.48601783

> muh competitive
While so sore ass?

>> No.48601804

> like you
> implying all anons that disagree with you are all the same anon
It actually looks like you were getting trolled, and now you are taking all serious like they are the dumbshit, when really you are the one jumping through hoops for them. Have fun with that, kid.

>> No.48601856


Just look at his manabase - he kept it mono black yet not even a single wasteland. Moreover I can't even explain the existence of Reliquary Tower (I don't even want to comment on caves of koilos).

Keeping like 20 reanimation targets isn't the smartest idea ever.

Imps/dread return are also a pretty bad choice.

I can't even find explanation for duress other than "hello I'm poor" (but the guy said he's playing the game since invasion). Unmask exists, Thoughtseize exists.

FoWing dar rit is actually a really dumb thing and it's the reason why I used it as a quote.

It's a bad reanimator deck, and the guy was defending it a few threads ago like you would defend a tier 1 deck.

>> No.48601870


It's the very same guy. Just check the old threads (like a week ago) on archive.

>> No.48601877

can people please stop replying to people who post their casual decks (superfriends) and just report them instead, so that janitors can clean up their posts? Shitters never learn.

>> No.48601984

> Wastelands
I think you should stick to modern. Wasteland will just make that deck slower. As it seems, Tower is probably for Jin if the game goes into turn 4 and 5. Koilos is a cheap shock land. And in a Reanimator deck, a little life loss means nothing if the game is over by turn 3 or 4. I'm guessing it's a toolbox Reanimator and not a legacy competitive Reanimator. He probably plays it with just friends and locals. Imps are a critter and free discard if you have fatties in your hand. It's kind of a staple for mono-black Reanimators. I might even run 3 of them in that deck. Duress is probably for FoW and gy hate. Thoughtseize won't get rid of anything Duress won't in this type of deck. I doubt he worries about creatures at all. Tiers are not always the cream of the crop. They are just what is popular at the moment. This Reanimator is actually pretty decent. I'd add in more Reanimates and Therapies, but other than that it's good as it is. The only way to make it significantly better beyond what I suggested is to splash in U for FoW and draw. That's it.

>> No.48602001

How is seeing anon posts as proof? I could just say that you are that guy and wanting to sound cool by tagging on something stupid that you posted on purpose. But, there is no proof.

>> No.48602010

Looks pretty modern to me. Stop getting all bent out of shape over other people.nwe're /tg/, not /b/.

>> No.48602101


Just check the archive instead acting like a Russian upon Crimea Invasion/Flight 17 incident. The guy said even more dumb things that I had space on the image.

>> No.48602244

Again. What is your proof that it was him? That could have been any anon. He wasn't tripfagging. I think you're just grasping for straws.

>> No.48602253

>This Reanimator is actually pretty decent
It really isn't. Not even for a budget list.

>> No.48602273

This thread discusses modern as a competitive format.

You can make a deck that has modern legal cards, but a "modern deck" is one that is designed to operate in the competitive modern metagame.

I cannot fathom why you think posting that superfriends list here is going to get a result that isn't "take that shit to a casual thread"

You've had this explained to you countless times, so take the advice given to you. Make it tuned for competitive, or get out.

If you believe that deck can square off against the modern metagame, then by all means, download Cockatrice/Xmage and play games with it.

>> No.48602300

You really don't play legacy. That deck isn't a Junk Reanimator. Just look up Junk Reaninator. And even that is a decent deck. Not really competitive by tournament standards. But, decent.

>> No.48602325

> implying two anons are the same
Why are you so mad, bro? Sounds like your whole day is turned to shit just because some anon posted a modern legal deck in a modern thread. Cool your jetfuel.

>> No.48602388

>it's good as it is
Your words fool. That list would get buttfucked.

>> No.48602417

I still said it needs more Reanimates and Therapies.

>> No.48602436

That guy who's defending it is the guy that made that list

>> No.48602466

>Price spike has already begun
>Playsets going for $30
>Kick myself because I was eying a playset at $10 just earlier this week
>Find a $20 playset on eBay because the seller put it as "Eldrich" Evolution

Thank goodness for typos.

>> No.48602484


How many times I have to tell you to check the archive?

>> No.48602490

Almost had me until you suggested FoW for a black deck.

>> No.48602581


>> No.48602621

Sometimes I wish Zombies were more than just a faded memory of Scars/Innistrad Standard.

>> No.48602676

>upper left

>> No.48602721


>> No.48602742

i think they have the potential, but they need a couple of play sets of broken cards that make their niche (recurrence) almost broken in order to be viable in modern.

>> No.48602752

Maybe if they reprinted Contamination.

>> No.48602778

>but it seems like a fun deck that can control a gram easily
More like a shitty deck that gets curbstomped easily.

>> No.48602802

>This Reanimator is actually pretty decent.
You're just wrong. It's bad on so many levels.

>> No.48602832

> splash U
> not knowing what this means
The SCG Legacy champion about two years ago ran a BU Reanimator.

>> No.48602839

If you say so, Peaches.

>> No.48602855

It's not just me. Anyone with a clue sees how laughably bad that deck is.

>> No.48602889

I see it

>> No.48602919

>Why you so mad, bro?
I could care less about what you consider to be a modern deck, or what advice you hope to gain by posting a non-competitive deck in a competitive thread.

I am angry because this thread keeps getting filled with shitposting back and forth about your deck. I gave you the benefit of the doubt the first time because the reaction you probably went straight to posting and didn't read the OPs, but at this point you're just starting this shit on purpose.

>> No.48603032

Except he wasn't indicating the addition of blue cards to feed it's alt cost, dummy.

>> No.48603070

>to splash in U for FoW and draw.


>> No.48603088

Not even me and this anon sees.

Some peeps just don't read thoroughly.

>> No.48603166

Looks like I'm the dummy. My bad.

>> No.48603170

It's cool we all make mistakes.

>> No.48603182

>unpopular opinion
Jace the Mind Sculptor is not as powerful as Nahiri, he takes a very long time to close out a game and starts at such a low loyalty value. His bounce is strong but against top tier decks that won't get you far. Gonna bounce jeskai controls snapcaster? Anything in affinity after turn 4? Ohohoho

Anyways honestly he was the strongest planeswalker at the time but Nahiri is a much better and faster win con and no amount of deck control on jaces behalf can make up for a four turn faster game ending clock. The biggest deal with an unban is giving players access to the brainstorm effect again, but you aren't getting it until turn four at least, so who knows how many fetches you'll have.

I think modern would survive a jtms unban.

>> No.48603210

If Mardu is such a meme how comes I keep hearing tier 1 net decks. Sure it has some holes but I dont want to be a jund baby who just slams 3 goys down and then tips there fucking fedora.

>> No.48603310

>I'd add in more Reanimates and Therapies, but other than that it's good as it is.
The sideboard plan is compete garbage, he needs more white sources and has too much artifact/enchanent hate

>> No.48603355


>I want to tip fedora at my fnm every time I play shit-go

>> No.48603811

You're hearing wrong, there are no Tier 1 decks in mardu colors. Jund isn't just for Fedora tippers, all of magic is for fedora tippers; each archtype will have those shitters. If you don't wanna play Jund, play Abzan/Junk, it's only a bit worse than Jund but still good. Also it's different enough to satisfy your special snowflake needs

>> No.48603960

>If Mardu is such a meme how comes I keep hearing tier 1 net decks.
Because that's the meme retard. Mardu players insist their deck is great but it's mediocre at best.
>playing good creatures is fedora level autism

>> No.48604006

What does this have to do with the post you're replying to?

>> No.48604275

mardu also runs nahiri and he's so retarded that his mind skipped past jeskai and assumed the post was an attack on mardu

>> No.48604285

I can honestly support that. He's strong, no lie there, but modern could handle him.

>> No.48604296


>tfw want to play junk
>tfw have enough cash to buy goyf
>can't justify spending that much on cardboard
>tfw can't play junk without it

existence is suffering.

>> No.48604324

It's probably to avoid the endless bitching that would come from the kiddies that think he's power nine material.

>> No.48604403

I think they just know that if they unban Jace he'll be $120 again in a heartbeat and they're not willing to print for that kind of demand.

>> No.48604535

What got JtmS banned wasn't his card alone. It was the release of Proliferate and the use of him in Caw Blade that resulted his ban. WotC didn't want to say "we fucked up on all these cards", so they just pulled the trigger on JtmS instead.

>> No.48604561

Probably not. It's probably just for gy hate early in the game. Meaning he probably just needs one and then continue on with his game plan and only be a turn longer than his deck normally runs.

>> No.48605127

This guy.

>> No.48605451

>Play midrange Mardu at my LGS
>Go 6-0 against the local Eldrazi and Taxes player
Not gonna lie, the deck just feels good to play. The one of Sorin, Lord of Innistrad was just unbeatable. It showed up in more games than it deserved to, and it closed it out every time because you just can't swing through a token each turn, then the ultimate blows you out.

>> No.48606001

So....what's the most abusive modern deck out there that doesn't necessarily win all the time.... I'm looking for no fun

>> No.48606074

Lantern Control.

>> No.48606150

I'mma go look up the cards.....can you tell me what the gist of it for when I get back?

>> No.48606187

You play a card that reveals the top card on both player's libraries, then play shitty artifacts that mill players for 1, and make your opponent draw nothing but land all game.

>> No.48606213

sounds interesting

>> No.48606274

damn, you 6-0'd a T3 deck, congratulations are in order

>> No.48606277


>> No.48606333

Lantern of insight makes your opponent play with the top card of their library revealed.
Codex Shredder and Ghoulcaller's Bell mill your opponent 1 card at a time.

Your opponent essentially ends up only drawing what you choose to let them draw.

>> No.48606346

that's very dirty

>> No.48606406

Just drop dead, please.

>> No.48606408

What does the deck do if you haven't got a Lantern out?

>> No.48606414

4 Lightning Bolt
1 Dismember
2 Inquisition of Kozilek
4 Thoughtseize
4 Path to Exile

4 Dark Confidant
2 Lightning Helix
2 Abbot of Keral Keep
3 Soulfire Grand Master

1 Anguished Unmaking
4 Lingering Souls
1 Crackling Doom
2 Kolaghan's Command
3 Liliana of the Veil

1 Sorin, Lord of Innistrad

1 Sacred Foundry
1 Blood Crypt
1 Godless Shrine
3 Marsh Flats
4 Bloodstained Mire
1 Vault of the Archangel
1 Ghost Quarter
1 Dragonskull Summit
4 Shambling Vent
2 Mountain
2 Swamp
1 Plains

>> No.48606428

Dig for a Lantern.

>> No.48606435

Waits for it while sitting behind an Ensnaring Bridge. If you have blue mana+Academy Ruins online you can blindmill yourself with all you got until you hit it.

>> No.48606438

new thread

>> No.48606443

It finds a lantern with 4 of pic related whilst hiding behind an Ensnaring Bridge.

>> No.48606475

One day. One day, anon.

I'll be sure to not to do that.

Just for you.

>> No.48606488

I have friends who spend thousands of dollars on cars, friends who spend it on collectible bullshit, and friends who spend thousands on drugs. I can easily justify spending $2000 on my hobby, especially when I don't necessarily ever have to spend more again AND can resell the cards for a near full return.

>> No.48606565

Where the fuck is Terminate, why play Dismember? You have access to play 3 of the 4 best removal spells in modern, drop dismember.

>> No.48606572

at least put 4x nahiri 1x emracool in there so it can hold its own against other tier 4 decks.

>> No.48606601

Dismember only costs 1 mana.

>> No.48606646

Forget Terminate, where's Dreadbore?

>> No.48606674

It's right there in the 4 mana slot.

>> No.48606747


>> No.48606813

Sorin's ult destroys 3 creatures and/or walkers, then I get them. It's also very achievable at just 6 loyalty when he protects himself. Also while screaming like a mad Pepe at how shit my deck is for not running a single fucking Dreadbore, you missed the Anguished Unmaking which deals with way more shit than Dreadbore does. Nahiri is falling out of favour anyway.

And for the faggot saying I should run 4 Nahiri and Emracool just because I'm playing RWx, I'd like to point out the set of Bobs in my list.

>> No.48606871

>Sorin's ult destroys 3 creatures and/or walkers, then I get them.

That is the dumbest possible response you could have given.

>> No.48606889

New thread

>> No.48606890

>Sorin's ult destroys 3 creatures and/or walkers, then I get them.

You know, unless he gets Dreadbore'd.

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