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>Multiclass done right.

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That's Eclipse Phase, you loser

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>Artificially hightened DC

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If Augmented Reality ever becomes a common thing, I sure hope it will come with some equivalent of AdBlock.

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What the absolute fuck is going on at marvel

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It's better than preachy bullshit about fags, fuckers, bisexuals, minorities and women. But not by much.

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I think it's kinda cute.

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Is it mommy make out day yet?

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I'm fucking dying here.
Honestly though, why would the players get that upset?

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>wait for an acceptable post in a thread
>post obvious bait
>get flamed
>delete post
>laugh as the flamer appears to be flaming the acceptable post's poster in a nonsensical manner

This works better when the person replying doesn't link to the post they're flaming.

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>Race/class specific weapon - Indian archer

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Arjuna's bow looks more ridiculous.

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To say nothing of this guy.

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>"You listen here, boy, this is honest-to-god Japanese steel, folded over 1000 times. This shit can cut through damn near anything. Those Orientals are in to weird porn, but damn if they don't make a fine weapon."


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man, Florida Man is the worst superhero ever.

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I don't know what I'm looking at here, but it looks really stupid.

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The hell is the sauce to this shit? My girlfriend loves the hell out of that yaoi shit.

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Bouzu to Kumo. It's fluffy romantic gay shit.

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>My girlfriend
Sure, whatever you say homo.

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Anon, it's ok to be gay on the Internet.

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Is that a bow or a fucking harp?

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I think it's a bow-harp

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Holy shit I remember this old ass greentext

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>When your father first saw you, he must have been mortified!
>At least mine can be identified
Jesus Christ, he ain't coming back from that one.

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>"do you catan?"

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I might not be a newfag, but I don't frequent this place regularly, what greentext is this?

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Here's an link to it.

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I'll let you in on a secret: Most things on /tg/ are exaggerated or completely made up.

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>"I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow in the knee."
>"Well at least you only had arrows, were I come from, they shoot beach umbrellas!"

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Oh no it's Rambear!

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No it's Transhuman Space.

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Are they the ones from the green text?

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Because most people here are just living fantasy lives describing encounters they've never had with people they've never met and they've done this for so long they're completely incapable of making realistic lies anymore since they've forgotten how relatively normal people actually react to things

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On mobile, thepruld?
>you a polentone?

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What is this from?

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Still don't get why the guy made the comic. I don't think the target audience plays WH

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Monkey Island forever in my heart

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I can't be the only person sitting here wondering when something was going to come out of the mist-like gray area and grab the guy, right?

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I'm gonna need 30cc of artist name and source, stat.

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Found it easily with Google image search.

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Aww that's nice
>WoD Innocents

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You could fill a thread with simpsons ones.

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>Kill Bill Prequel

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The bottom barrel is a typical rifle, the top one is a 40mm grenade launcher. It just looks dumb because it's new - back in the 60s, people said the same thing about the M16.

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>Brahmashirsha Astra

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Yeah, reverse image search does nothing.

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Which one? The one I know about is about a khajiit the writer really has a boner for making sure she never advances anywhere.

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>orks are more technologically advanced than elves
Shoota 1, Choppa 0.

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full of shit. even using my own keywords nothing comes up. So can someone give this man>>48549418 his source of >>48549154.

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That is fucking terrifying.

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No, YOU'RE full of shit.

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Litterally three seconds, using vanilla 4chan's in-built Google Image Search tool. You're all retarded.

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>monochrome photography
of all the random shit. Pic related is what I got, and I searched with the words hentai and manga and got the same amount of fuckall. I used the inbuilt google image search too, though I have 4chan x. would be interesting if that somehow effected it, but it shouldn't have.

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Not on my phone it doesnt

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>you kill all my brothers and sisters
>and now i look in your face to remember it good

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You got safe search enabled?

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Personalized search results are a cancer on finding source. Google is almost completely useless for me recently.

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Well going deeper into it, Thomas Edison would be a Technosaint for the AdMech for bringing around the era of standardized electrical current, and there's nothing Cult Mechanicus likes them nearly as much as some standardization, patterning and growing production.

For a heretic of the highest order, look no further than Elon Musk:
>Challenges the existing establishment with alternative tech for his personal gain.
>Pushes a questionable (and probably heretically twisted) variation of existing technology to wrestle control from the real masters of technology.

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Just use the IQDB/saucenao search.

Google is shit for finding most anime anything.

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Nope. It's off.
I know IQDB doesn't work for pages aaaand, oh hey saucenao worked. Need to remember that one in the future. Always forget its there.

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>phone poster

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That's the point, to his target audience all it means is "something that's probably a way more complicated costume for mom to make than a sheet with eyeholes"

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It's a fucking aimbot, you can shoot the fucking ground and the arrows will hit their mark, fuck Failnaught.

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Wasn't he the one who compared AI research to summoning demons?

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> easily
keep in mind we've discovered Google now personalizes your image searches.


oh, modern moms now realize their kids are in to some complex and trippy shit. have you ever listened to 2 30-somethign women talk about their kid's hobbies?

it is not pretty, how accurate and inaccurate they are...

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better, that red limb color means he's suffering chemical burns from the anti-wasp agent even right now....that wasp DESERVES respect for getting this far....

and yes, lots of anti-bug chemicals dye the exo' red.

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>When you're having a big character moment, but you level up before you're done

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>reading this while listening to power rangers theme

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I do unironically like pannenkeo/oek's videos, though.

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What is that from?

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Yozakura Quartet: Hana no Uta.

There's two TV series but that's the only one worth watching, alongside its two OVAs.

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>posting this without sound

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Found it a thread or two ago, thought it needs different filename.

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I now want to see Rance x Admiral Crazytits crossover

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That's because he's a villain.

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Nah. IIRC she was blonde and skinny.

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You know how that one would turn out, yes?

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Dwarf lacks the goggly eyes/10

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The instant i saw the sign,m i brought back memories of Viscera Cleanup Detail...

Now i have the urge to zen-clean a space station again.

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Would you mind summarizing the main differences between zen cleaning and regular cleaning to the uninitiated?

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fuck that game.

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Zen cleaning is like regular cleaning except you zone you and get so into the process that you don't realize you're three houses down the street from where you started and you've used up all the cleaning supplies you own, and some you don't.

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Well, I'm sure her father would be prouf of her.

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Zen cleaning is the art of cleaning without... and within. Purification of the home to purify the soul.

In the case of VCD, you start with the bits of corpses, then you scrub the floor of blood, toxic waste, oil and ichor... Eventually you've got everything binned and can just start incinerating the remains of your fallen co-workers.

Ahh... Cleanliness.

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What did that poor gun ever do to you?

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That only applies if the cake looks palatable.
I've drawn some metaphorical toxic-looking cakes.

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Meh, I've eaten some toxic-looking cakes.

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>Good healers
>[space intentionally left blank]
Sad, but true.

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Free toxic cake is free cake.

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So many alternative names for this one.

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>party roles.jpg

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He's the only one who passed the SAN check

Alternatively, he is the perspective character, and he is the one who failed.

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That's the one

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Demon Path is the best.
>enslave everybody
>kill the rest
>kill everybody you enslaved
>diablerize your friends and mentors
> murder the gods
Evil questline done right. The consequence for game-over was so steep. You lost your pride.

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>warforged monk
>level 20
Such a thing cannot exist, a warforged monk will never reach that far

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Warforged make better monks than you'd think, what with the free armor that doesn't turn off their abilities, and the warforged battlefist that makes their unarmed strike enchantable.

>> No.48558042

I don't wanna call you a liar but of all the monks I've seen over the years, Warforged have made the best ones.

>> No.48558085

It's not that Warforged are worse monks than other races, it's that a Warforged monk is still a monk.

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six string samurai.

one of the best movies ever made....it gets BETTER the more you watch it.

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Source? And what is the genre of lewd tojo elves harassing peaceful monsters called anyway?

>> No.48558320

"Who are you?"

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This is pretty much exactly what my first shadowrunner lived in. Except, y'know, metal. Because there's no wood in the grim Loglo of the cyberpunk century.

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Is this the new EDF?

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That wasn't what I wanted to post

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Please explain

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Why is there such a split about monks. Everyone else's impression of monks seems to be either
>Monks are overpowered
>monks are useless
I've seen evidence of neither.

>> No.48558640

If they're playing 3.pf and think Monks are OP, they're completely retarded.

>> No.48558676

If anyone thinks monks are OP, they must be the people who somehow think Fighters and Wizards are equally strong because over 100 rounds or so of combat a Fighter and an Evoker will deal roughly equal damage (they actually won't, I know, but the ones these morons build will).

>> No.48558730

Inexperienced people see all the abilities monk has and goes "holy shit look at all this, they've gotta be total powerhouses"

People that actually know the system enough see a bunch of mutually-exclusive abilities (Move faster! But you need to not move to use flurry of blows) and super situational abilites (better hope your 1/week quivering palm doesn't flub!)

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It's from one of the Prequel side stories on the same site.

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easy answer is point buy every skill, talent ext. no classes needed

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>spend all your wealth on Ioun stones and fight by chucking them at people

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Their opinion may be skewed as the majority of their monks use Vow of Poverty.

>> No.48559092

VoP is shit unless you're a druid

>> No.48559108

Path of exile, right? I just picked that up today and have been quite enjoying it.

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>> No.48559208

That means fight they want to fight.

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>> No.48559486

No, I'm not laughing at your image.

>> No.48559498

>qualifying as an mmo
>even taking overwatch seriously
>a single word for the filename, which is the topic discussed in the image

No wonder you don't realize good healers exist. You're stupid and most likely clinically retarded. I hope this flies under the radar instead of getting reposted like most of the other shitty filenames.

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Thank you for specifying.

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Vow of Poverty gives you less than what you can get from magic items and prevents you getting a whole lot of utility like flight that let you do your actual job as a melee fighter.

>> No.48561411

I love Murcielago.

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>> No.48561501

Get a new girlfriend.

>> No.48561507

>You have made a powerful enemy this day Sign.
Every time.

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>> No.48561804

Right, play GURPS. That's what I keep telling people. But they call me mad. MAD!

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>> No.48561840

No I haven't but that sounds entertaining as shit

>> No.48561890 [DELETED] 

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>> No.48562027

how is bisexual relevant for just walking around though

>> No.48562049

Alright, fine, what porn game is that from?

>> No.48562078

You walk both ways.

>> No.48562262

>mfw 15 minutes in the penalty box for that post

My only crime was being unfunny and I'm certainly in a prison with good company.

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He does a really good job trying not to cry.

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>> No.48562679

>> No.48562703

>> No.48562704

Too many to choose from

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>> No.48562735

Say it! Say it!

>> No.48562750

heh got me.

>> No.48562781

They're never going to find THIS fucking dragon ball.

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>> No.48562850

>> No.48562889

What movie is this?

>> No.48562895

>> No.48562940

You mean...AD-mented Reality?

>> No.48562941

>> No.48562960

Unfortunately, telling you after you've seen that clip sort of ruins the movie a good deal.
The World's End

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>> No.48563092

I don't get it.>>48562675

>> No.48563094

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the barbarian thought he had a difficult fight on his hands and then realised he had an extra rage use left, making this fight entertaining and terrifying for others who are not them.
Lonestar is well known for brutalising the SINless, folks without the setting equivalent of a social security number. They can tell by glancing at you if you've got one, sincve you're usually required to broadcast it in Augmented Reality at all times. To them, you're not a person. So the officer is going to fuck you with that shotgun.
d20 is an infamously bad system. Add in modern, an attempt to blend fantasy concepts with the modern world and you get parties with office ladies filled with cross dressing renaissance re-enactors.
This is a play using mango and animu stuff on the fact that an untrained stealth user would likely think that yes, screaming CHIRP CHIRP in the bushes will make people think you are a bird.
This is a reference to Vampire: Bloodlines (see picture, which deviates from rules of thread, sorry), where the Malkavian characters, of a bloodline famously tainted by madness, can have a somewhat involved conversation with a stop sign as though it were a real live entity.

>> No.48563378

The CHIRPing is more likely cicadas considering it's night time and Japan seems to love having cicada background noise in everything.

>> No.48563836

>> No.48563873

>PC Plans.webm
This has to be the most appropriate filename I've seen in months.

>> No.48564012

you still need sauce?

>> No.48564036

Okay, that one had me chuckle, what's the sauce?

>> No.48564137

>that Hitler in the background
>"what the fuck?"
This will always be the best filename.

>> No.48564168


Mel Brooks is a genius.

>> No.48564262


>> No.48564436

>> No.48564554

The weird part here is that he wants to be Tarkus, and not, like, Davian Thule, or even Gorgutz, because all you'd need is a few boxes and some paint for that.

>> No.48564599

>I am Jelly Baby?
>I am Gelatin Skelly

>> No.48564716

I realize that they were in the moment there, but wasn't the entire point of doing it in a shower is so they can just turn on the water and put it out?

>> No.48564745


>> No.48565150

You could also call it "A Small Favor"

>> No.48565239

this needs a filename

>> No.48565270

Mass combat rules in practice

>> No.48565274

4chan threads

>> No.48565323


I don't know, but we need more

>> No.48565326

There's a whole bloody genre of bullied orc nice guys at this point, holy hell.

>> No.48565337

>> No.48565340



>> No.48565352

Fuck, can't remember of fthe top of my head, but it's about the dude getting his own clan of ninjas, and the hijinks that ensue.

>> No.48565382

Shiinake no Hitobito

>> No.48565404

Walnut ending the best.

>> No.48565489

I could find you the Danbooru link for it if you want to read what was said.

>> No.48565526

I honestly don't know what the point of it is. Like, there's a reason for setting himself on fire, right?

>> No.48565540

>>try not to cry
>>cry a lot

>> No.48565596

That's more dex vs. con if anything.

>> No.48565762

>> No.48565942

>>Battle of the Bastards

>> No.48566263

I'm gonna need a source on this pne

>> No.48566411

cake is cake, I'd still eat it even if it looked and/or tasted horrible, just so I wouldn't make you feel bad.

>> No.48566468

Name of the mod?

>> No.48566492

sauce? I remember it's a fallout mod. For NV i think.

>> No.48566766

You know you can't do that outside of /gif/ and /wsg/ right?

>> No.48567324

That line brings back memories. Artemis Fowls was a neat series.

>> No.48567348

Damnit. I mean there was that one time, but still.

>> No.48567368


Plural of a series isn't necessarily wrong.

I'll admit, Artemis Fowl is a major inspiration to my Shadowrun work.

>> No.48567831

Pretty please

>> No.48568009

Looks like what happens when you zoom in on a Total War game running at max graphics settings.

>> No.48568106

>> No.48568275

Oh shit, this is real

>> No.48569470


>> No.48569603


I tried to find it, but as i dont speak japanese all i got was a demo that did not show anything

>> No.48570485

Hey, just the Japanese title is enough, I can probs just get off to the cg, or use it in a smut quest

>> No.48570645

Goddamnit Boromir
GW MUST be destroyed! Only then will its properties be liberated!

>> No.48570667


i have no idea what of that is the title

>> No.48570671


>> No.48570705


>> No.48571043

I think I read somewhere that the artist's kid really liked the DoW games, and died, so the artist did that in memoriam.

>> No.48571071

Everything from Atomic Robo could be in a filename thread.

>> No.48571135

I know this is Touhou but what the fuck is it from?

>> No.48571584

>but not by much
Why is it bad at all? As long as it's not always like this, it's good.

>> No.48571639

Gee, Bill, why does your mom let you have SIX bowstrings?

>> No.48571674

It's a prototype that's in such early stages that it will fall apart if you try to fire it off of that rack.

>> No.48572413

that's a shitty filename

>> No.48572447

Enjoy Mexiweeb goodness

>> No.48572463


As well as a shitty trip.

>> No.48572548

Okay now which 2hu thing is your gif from? For me GIS can only figure out that this is anime.

>> No.48572576

Probably an edit

>> No.48572591

I'd watch it, but kemonomimi with human ears triggers me.

>> No.48572785

shitty trip is redundant.

>> No.48572899

Not anon, but rereading the Smurfs when adult let your realize it's an entire community of males living in harmony and love and where femininity is an abomination. There are Implications.
The same, when rereading decade old modules with a new insight on society and the world, you may realize hidden things or stupid things or...

>> No.48573231

>> No.48573346

>> No.48573361


>> No.48573794


> JavaScript validation

>> No.48573891

I don't quite understand

>> No.48574054

unnecessary steps

>> No.48574523

I'm sorry bro, I misremembered, it's not translated.

>> No.48574581

looks like this one is though

>> No.48575807

Yep, it's PoE. If you want a shit-easy build, Summoner Witch can just derp around and let zombies/skellies/specters do all the work.

>> No.48576288

except everything would be titled "because SCIENCE!!"

>> No.48576431

ment to reply to >>48571071

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