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Anyone want to help make a new sector and flesh it out?

I hope you guys brought your thinking caps.

Where shall we start?

Segmentum Solar, bordering Ultima Segmentum near the galactic core?

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Hey there, friend anon. Are there any, ahem, canonical parameters to sector sizes? From what I've gathered, each sector seems to contain some 100-200 Imperial worlds, but the actual physical size seems to vary from something like 200 light years diameter to 1500 light years diameter. Any thoughts on this?
Also, to contribute, let's say the sector is plagued by raiders from the nearby Maelstrom. And squats! Homeworlds with squats!

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Not sure about the size of the sector.

Probably about 500LY, but chalk full of planets, seeing as how it's that close to the core.

>And squats! Homeworlds with squats!
I like the cut of your jib, lad.
Let's say there's a colony of Squats who have been hunkering down for a while, trying to rebuild their once great civilization. What do you name their world?

>plagued by raiders
is this going to be orks, or d eldar, or chaos?
At any rate, I'm plopping down forge world Xiphon, making the majority of arms for the sector, as well as the necessary mining tools.

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Valley Forge, a world of cliffs and clefts, soaring mountain heights and plunging valley deeps. And even deeper secrets. Archeotech secrets.
How are their relations with the Administratum and the Mechanicum, one wonders.....

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Space in er, space is actually fairly meaningless. Nobody cares about the void between planets beyond travel time.
Star systems are really all that matter, so areas with dense stars closer to the galactic core are generally smaller than firmware ones due to the number of stars in a given area.
Stars without any notable planets can also cause a sector to appear bigger, as no colony or industry there, so there's nothing for the Administratum to really do with it.

Segmentum Solar, apart from being reasonably hubward has plenty of traffic and thus colonies and so inhabited planets, thus denser sectors.
It's sort of like political jurisdictions today with low population density ones being massive on the map, while cities have multiple crammed in close.

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>deldar, ork, or chaos raiders?
Why not all three? One should perhaps be most prominent, but the Maelstrom warpstorm ought to support all three.

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Yeah, that splains the physical size differences - one sector could contain 50 stars, another 5000 stars, yet both could contain 200 imperial worlds.

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Shall we roll up a couple factions? Can't go wrong with a SM chapter and IG regiment having a base.

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actually, we could make Valley Forge an abandoned Forge World. Some crazy cataclysm happened there, and no one's been brave enough to go back, though it would definitely yield some pretty swank rewards... if you survive...

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I got a space marine chapter I rolled up once.

Sons of Heaven.

I'll try and post a summary in a bit.

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old forgeworld BEING REOCCUPIED BY SQUATS!? Interesting - admech and the imperium 'support' squat efforts to establish a colony on the mysterious and dangerous Valley Forge....make sure it's safe.......from that nasty DAoT shit that went down here..............

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The Sons of Heaven

Ancient China themed chapter

You got Space Marines that are believed to have been descended from the White Scars, and do maintain relations with them.

They have a sensitive occulobe mutation, though, and a penchant for terror tactics.

Start off with a homeworld and the duty of watching over a different sector of space, but the one time their chapter master got lost in the warp, and their line of succession not fully hammered out, they got to infighting, becoming Three Kingdoms in Space.

Fortunately or unfortunately, there was a warpstorm that cut the sector off for a period of time. Decades to maybe a century or two. When it lifted, the Inquisition was not happy and had the survivors go on a penitent crusade. Their Homeworld also got taken away from them as a result, so now they're fleet based, having just arrived in the sector.

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alongside possible chaos shit, too.

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they also have a reverence for Librarians, referred to as Oracles.

Using old 'oracle bones' from their previous homeworld (bones from a dangerous beast with prophetic characters carved into them), the Oracles mix and match pieces to determine outcomes in the future and divine the best approach.

Additionally, the chapter lacks an honor guard. From the experiences of its members who have entered the Deathwatch, they've created Zodiac Warriors: Battlebrothers who are matched into teams based upon their supposed comparability with one another based upon their Zodiac animal (Reflecting the Chinese zodiac). This process is usually overseen by Oracles as well.

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Could one also have space stations floating out in the middle of nowhere?

Or would it likely make more sense to have them placed by places with lots of traffic?

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The battlefleet of the Sons of Heaven has entered the sector! on penitent crusade to safeguard the squat explorer/colonists from what they might find and to smite the unholy and the xeno!

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Spoopy station in middle of nowhere sounds cool. Possibly a relic of the Pharos project? Bustling station - with secrets and a dire fate - could lurk on a major warp nexus. ANd a Deldar port in the webway might be appropriate?

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huh, I wonder what we should call this sector?
At any rate, the Sons of Heaven shall use the flagship called.... Ok, I don't know. Blood Dragon?

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Depends on the purpose of the station. Research stations in deep space make lots of sense if your researching anything incredibly dangerous/heretical. Listening posts on astronomical phenomena too.
But then, defense stations make no sense without shit to actually defend, you know? People are just going to fly around you.

There's also space hulks of course, but I dont think they count for the Administratum when drawing the lines for a new sector, as they're not Imperial colonies. Unless something very strange happens anyway.

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We could make it an abandoned Imperial Station that's not operated by Pirates. Like, human pirates.

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>space hulks
You know, speaking of space hulks...

Which would you prefer? DAoT ship or random old Imperial/Admech vessel?

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Let's say... the Kandathi Cuthroats. Really nasty pieces of work. Take people for ransom, often raiding the best routes, because their leader is a former Imperial navy officer, Captain Gideon Crow.

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ok, I got a name for the sector now.

Voltari Sector.

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Also, I rolled up the chapter with unique organization

I was thinking of having the chapter split up, not as 10 companies, but as 3 or 4 'sects'. Each sect has it's own variation on the terror tactics, with the first three being composed of battle groups, while the last one is more for training their initiates and getting the scouts ready.

They are all independent, but do answer to the Chapter Master, called the Shi Fu.

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Space hulks are ship graveyards who have drifted together and become one moon sized heaving heal of rust and lower case "c" chaos.
So, why not both? A vast ship from the Dark Age of Technology remains at it's core, with slowly newer and newer -or at least more recently lost- ships including some of Xeno origin making up the outside of the hulk.

There is said to be a fabulous treasure trove of technology at the core, though in truth the rumour is near entirely fictional. The DAoT ship is still there, in theory. Other Imperial ships in the hulk seem to connect to it's systems sporadically, but actually working out where it is in the middle of it all is next to impossible. And finding out what the ship's name, cargo or purpose is flat out undoable.
Still, every now and then someone gets in their head thst they'll be the one to find something of value in there or they need to deny any other faction the opportunity, so they park nearby and head in... and a century later their ship is slowly rusting into place on the outside of the hulk.

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I was thinking that the space hulk started out as the DAoT ship, first known as the Sleep of Reason. For what better way to refresh one's reasoning than with a good sleep? Of course, if any of you are familiar with Francisco Goya's artwork, the Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters.

It suffered a gellar field and warp drive malfunction, drifting between real space and the Warp. Gradually, various Imperial Ships and AdMech explorator fleets tried to find it and pry its secrets, only to become lost with the mess as it's malfunctions included them in the mix. Soon, other creatures, such as Orks, Eldar, Tyranids, and the forces of Chaos have found themselves in it.

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I also had an idea for a guard regiment, but I haven't rolled it up yet.

Essentially, though, their backstory is thus:

1st Raxarian Penal Legion.

From the Hive world of Raxus, the planet is wrought with political instabilities and backstabbing.
The ruling dynasties have often sent their political opponents and dissidents to the labor camps or the firing squads before, but more recently have decided to put them to other uses in order to curry favor with certain elements of the administratum.

These convicts are expected to die by the droves, constantly replenished by the ever growing prison populace on Raxus. However, they've been given an offer by an Inquisitor going by the name of Halmut. Complete a series of missions for him across the Voltari Sector, no questions asked, and he will overthrow the ruling dynasty on Raxus.

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How about we add an anomaly into the sector?

Like, a Warp Fissure that occasionally has daemons and warbands popping out.

or, maybe to make things a bit unique, the part of the warp that it leads to is relatively stable and has some artefacts that can be plundered. You'd just have to get past some warp entities other than daemons to get there. Perhaps not as much as some really daemon infested places, but still quite a challenge.

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Who do the Sons of Heaven fight?

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well, I did roll up the option for Daemon Prince or some other Disciple of Chaos.

I had half a mind to make it one of the leaders of the infighting factions, who turned to the Ruinous power for help and got mutations or something.

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Also, they rolled Rogue TRader as an ally.

Which, I guess kind of makes sense, seeing as how this particular sector deals with quite a bit of mining, so the rogue trader is likely to have his or her hand in the commerce of this particular region of space.

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Early cannon had each sector being a cube of space 200 light years on a side. I vaguely recall some more recent FFG stuff making it a little fuzzier and treating the 200 lg stat as a guideline more than a hard and fast rule.

I actually did some math a while ago trying to calculate the stellar population of a "standard" sector. Assuming the regions hospitable to life have a similar stellar density to near solar space, you get 32,000 stars in a region of 8 million cubic light years (200*200*200).
Recent exoplanet research indicates that one in five stars has an earth sized planet in its habitable zone, so each sector would have 6,400 potentially habitable planets in a sector. The 100-200 number you cite is cannon, and the discrepancy can be explained by large numbers of dead or otherwise uninhabitable worlds, many worlds having minor uncharted settlements, and by many worlds being unreachable due to local warp conditions.

so, general numbers:

> ~32,000 stars per sector
> ~6,400 potentially habitable planets per sector
> ~100-200 "worlds" considered significant by Imperial authorities.

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thanks for the calcs, anon.

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on this topic, we could potentially introduce worlds that lie right on the border of the fissure, where the laws of reality are occasionally broken or on vacation.

Think an entire world that looks like S.T.A.L.K.E.R.'s Zone or the Zones from a Roadside Picnic, only the alien artefacts also include chaos/warp artefacts and there are unexplained structure with their lovecraftian architecture, some floating around, some buried under the surface, delving deep into the depths of the planet.

anomalies every where and dangerous ones, too.

For some reason, daemons generally tend to avoid some of these planets, though other warp entities don't seem to mind so much. Bit of a mystery, eh?

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Of course numerous daemon worlds would lie along the edge of the Rift of Perdition. Most are infested by the daemons known to the inquisition which commonly plague mankind, but others are rule by stranger beings born of the ancient nightmares of long extinct xenos races.

>> No.48529377

quick correction. It's 1/5 of sun like stars, which are themselves only 1/5 of stars. So that's:

> ~1280 potentially habitable planets per sector

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Hm, also thought about having some Eldar and Sororitas stationed near the Fissure as well.

Order of the Hallowed Glyph
Order Dialogous Sisters who were tasked with collecting various alien and warp artefacts found around the sector, especially the rift.

Of course, their fortress/shrine world is located at a delta where the majority of warp based entities tend to pour out of.

They started out having rather poor relations with the Ecclesiarchy and their secretive nature didn't make them any friends in the sector. When asking for help defending their homeworld, they got scant words and gestures.

Meanwhile, a Craftworld called Ny-Qah has been guarding an exodite world on the far end of the rift and periodically circles the outer regions to monitor it for anything unusual or to push back any invading warp entities.

An uneasy alliance of sorts developed between the Sisters and the Eldar in this instance, where the aliens helped their human 'allies' with useful information to contain the tide of warp things.

>> No.48529576

of course, this further increases suspicions on the Sisters, and their support from the Imperium wanes further.

While the 'alliance' has so far maintained a successful, though strained, defense and containment of the Rift, it may not hold for long. There are rumors that some things have managed to slip past in small numbers, and an Inquisitorial inspection is long overdue.

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also, how odd would it be to field a regiment or legion of mutants from the Underhives?

Maybe we could come up with a guard army like that for this sector?

which also bring sup the question of: What kind of mutations would be considered tolerable?

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At one point the Guard in Epic Scale 40K could field units of "Beastmen" mutants, so it's not against cannon.

>> No.48530290

Stable mutations that breed true over multiple generations can be designated as "abhuman" and tolerated in the Imperium.

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would having things like extra limbs and eyes be considered terribad?

Or unusual features that are adapted to environments?

>> No.48533355

hey... maybe the admech got to stabilizing a breed of Gland Warriors.

Could be using a test group in this sector for data collection's sake.

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Usually yes, but 40K is a sandbox setting so just focus on having fun and being creative. If you want to be "realistic" then accept that lack of symmetry is instinctively disturbing to people IRL, as are features which are unique to an individual rather than common to a group. We could assume that "extra" bits and pieces will be OK so long as they are balanced and symmetrical. A pair of extra arms, or a centauroid body shape might be acceptable in an entire tribe/nation/planet of abhumans, but a 3 foot long tentacle sprouting where your left nipple should be... that's a blamming.

If you want to be Lore friendly, the "beastmen" of GW lore were called that because they had animal like characteristics: fur, claws, horns, etc. This is why the whole thing with "cat girls" being introduced a few years ago wasn't actually a violation of lore.

See: https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Abhuman


I've always assumed a fair amount of genetic fuckery goes into the Skitarii and other admech forces.

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You know, I remember a guard creation thread where some guys from an ocean deathworld got trained in siege warfare and fought 'nids.

Like, Navy seals doing underwater demolition against aquatic tyranid species as well as assaulting coastal or island fortifications.

We could fluff them as ad mech modified soldiers with gills or something. Fully amphibious in their operations.

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The 1280 figure actually works really well in the context of canonical ideas like the age of strife wiping out 90% of humanity, and most imperial sectors having history all the way back to the Dark Age of Technology. One would expect the average Imperial sector to have hundreds of worlds which once hosted human colonies but are now dead worlds littered with the remains of the DAoT. Most such worlds would be uninhabitable (and insanely dangerous), due to warp fuckery, nuclear fallout, lingering bioweapons, and automated defense systems.

This is a big part of why 40K has so much potential as a sandbox setting. With a million worlds parceled out 100-200 a time to each sector, then there's probably around 6,667 (1 mil / 150) sectors in the Imperium; any one of which would be a great space opera setting. Most such sectors would include vast tracts of "wilderness space" and hundreds of dead or lost worlds. Most sectors will have local alien civilizations, rebel/independant human societies, pirate outposts, and daemon worlds.

Not counting Voyager, everything that has ever happened in Star Trek could fit inside a single Imperial sector. Hell, every world ever seen in the Star Wars movies could fit in a few subsectors.

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>muh squats
OC ruined with first post, bravo anons

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>chalk full of planets, seeing as how it's that close to the core
I thought being in the core meant less planets would be able to survive

>> No.48534009

If you're in the core sure, but if you're just near it then you're in a region with high metallicity and therefore good planet formation compared to the metal poor population 2 stars found along the galactic periphery.

>> No.48534028

Actually, the central bulge is also population 2 stars. Population 1 stars suitable for good planet formation are found mainly in the disk.

>> No.48534099

the point is that most of these worlds are for mining and not so much for outright habitation.

If there is life, it's going to be pretty hardy, mutated, or highly buffered by Imperial technology.

Though, with Imperial Terraforming tech, would these world be made more survivable for normal humans?

>> No.48534149

>most of these worlds are for mining

Population 1 stars are still prefered as they have higher metal content in their surrounding systems, and thus are more likely to have planets

>> No.48534168


so what does the core have in abundance?

>> No.48534343

Wait, I was wrong: http://www.astronomynotes.com/ismnotes/s9.htm

>The bulge stars have metal abundances of 1 to 3 times that of the Sun. Early in the history of the Galaxy, there was probably a lot of star formation and death in the bulge component, so the metal content rose quickly.

I was getting the bulge confused with the halo.

>> No.48534388

Oh, I got an interesting idea.

There's a cluster of civilized/hive worlds that are spinward in the sector. The Qillion Cluster. They've got good footing with the ad mech, some even having their own forges (like angel forge from DoWII).

They've been part of an admech project Axon, where they've been hooking up a shitload of astropaths together from the various worlds to make a sort of proto/psuedo internet

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My own rough calcs have shown me approximately 5000 sectors, so can confirm. Just over 30,000 hive worlds in the Imperium (from a direct geedubs source, once, from unknown edition) gives about 6 hiveworlds per sector.
1000 space marine chapters means 1 chapter per every 5 sectors (so space marines are spread rather more thinly than is generally accepted, and they thus have a helluva lot more on their plates)

>> No.48535157

>space marines are spread rather more thinly than is generally accepted, and they thus have a helluva lot more on their plates

Yeah, I pretty much assume that a typical chapter will dispatch individual companies to "patrol" particular sectors on journeys which take several years at a time. This actually makes sense of how in the lore you often see Astartes operating on the company scale, and are just as likely to see companies from multiple chapters operating in an active war zone as you are to see multiple companies from the same chapter.

Many sectors won't see any marines for years, and then suddenly a flotilla, consisting of a strike cruiser and several escorts, shows up at an outlying naval base. It's carrying a battle company, a few squads of scouts, and a veteran squad for when things get really hairy. They requisition supplies and intel from local forces and then go out and hit the hard targets the locals lacked the ability to deal with one their own; pirate nests, orc fortresses, rebelling worlds, etc. They solve a couple of otherwise unsolvable problems, then head home. Even for naval officers, the Astartes will be mysterious figures who show up, beat the people you can't handle, and then just fade away.

>> No.48535170

which can easily be disrupted by an incoming hive/splinter fleet of tyranids.

One second, cross planet communications are going smoothly, allowing for efficient transmission of data and orders. The next, blackouts everywhere and dead astropaths.

or, on the other hand, having enough psychics bound to one another could create a powerful gestalt that could not only survive the shadow in the warp, but also help tap into the tyranid hive mind and help pull out 'nid battleplans, like spying on the bug's comm links and shit.

>> No.48535308

>pirate nests, orc fortresses, rebelling worlds
Oh, these would be perfect additions to the sector.

Pirate nests, as discussed a bit earlier, could be located on an abandoned Imperial shipyard, surrounded by the hulks and remnants of various ships, orbiting a gas giant. Kandathi Cutthroats.

The love to do a bit of salvaging, and by salvaging, I mean forcefully commandeering and/or breaking down vessels.

and probably black market transporting shit as well.

Ork fortresses, hm...
Well, we could say that the worlds most coreward are swarmed with orks who are normally raging against one another but with the increasing commerce and shipping routes, they've started to look forward to ambushing humies and looting their stuff. They operate out of a number of planets that are fortified against Imperial intrusion.

And as for Rebelling worlds, A movement on the center of the sector has shown dissent, criticizing the high lords for not providing better living conditions for its citizens and advocating a political agenda not unlike the Greater Good...

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>Pirate nests, as discussed a bit earlier, could be located on an abandoned Imperial shipyard, surrounded by the hulks and remnants of various ships, orbiting a gas giant. Kandathi Cutthroats.
Kandathi Cutthroats? Or...

>Kandathi's Cutthroats

>> No.48535421

Black holes and supernovae. Admittedly, the solar/ultima border isn't in the Deep Core, but you would still expect a higher-than normal rate of gamma ray bursts, cosmic radiation, etc. than further out in the arms. And therefore a higher mutation rate, both in humans and native wildlife. Due to the high mutation rate and constant (in geologic time) extinction events, I image native biospheres would come in two varieties: cancerous algae mat, and death world.

>> No.48535429

>>Kandathi's Cutthroats
ok, that's better.

>> No.48535447

>death world.
Oh, prime IG and SM recruiting grounds, then.

>cancerous algae mat
which can be ground up as a useful nutrition source, perhaps?

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>Left my name on

>> No.48535467

>cancerous algae mat
Sounds tasty. 10/10 would harvest there.

>> No.48535480

Guys, I think we just found a new class of agri worlds. Oceanic Vegan

>> No.48535515


>we all saw the real you

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I can dab to this.

>> No.48535535

>prime IG and SM recruiting grounds

Local chapters and regiments should get bonuses for resisting radiation and heavy metal poisoning.

>> No.48535559

Possibly a number of rad-resistant abhuman strains around, too.

>> No.48535600

ok, so this craftworld, I rolled for info, and i got

Plains biome,
common path Healer
prefer lightning warfare/falcon assault
and guardians with support weapons
favored aspect warrior is warpspider
hero is a harlequin troope master who killed a hive tyrant and made the hive fleet bugger off.

Probably why the 'nids are back for revenge.

calls himself Kelrendil of the Masque of the Shattered Heart

Bitter enemies: daemons
Figured we could also throw in necrons into the mix, seeing as how necrons come from radiation blasted worlds like those near the core, and the fact that they have tomb worlds everywhere. Maybe have the forces of the craftworld monitor a number of those worlds.

Like, uh, Daraak's Lament, civilized world that's known as a commercial hub for various algae worlds, having close commerce with the Qillion Cluster worlds.

>> No.48535656

Should we make the Qillion Cluster the one with the Capital World?
>Order of the Hallowed Glyph
let their fortress world be known as
St. Rhianane’s Sanctuary

Also, where would you Anons place shipyards? Above forge worlds?

>> No.48535665

Corbalock 9 is a both a boon and peril for the hive worlds of our sector. The Bloat-trawlers harvesting its Sarcomalgae mats provide more edible protein than any other single source in the sector, but the rapid rates of mutation in the scumfroth stock presents constant challenges to the Adeptus Biologis savants who monitor them. On no less than 5 occasions in the past century aberrant protein strains in the Sarcomalgae led to mass hallucinations and riots in the hive cities fed from this world.

>> No.48535692

Maybe not any tombworlds in the sector, but there are a lot of tombworlds in the less-explored areas further towards the core and there are regular sightings of Necron vessels passing through the sector on the way to other places.
And therefore, a number of secret Inquisitorial and Mechanicus listening posts set up to track those movements. Not a joint operation, as the Mechanicus operations tend to attract closet Hereteks, as anything involving the Necrons tends to.

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There's not enough Death Korps in this sector.

>> No.48535715

I hope their incompetence was rightfully punished?


Have the capital call itself Markovia, named after its glorious leader, Markov the Mad.

>> No.48535753

a sector's got to at least have one tomb world, man.

I mean, they got to wake up eventually and cause havoc, but if for narrative reasons you don't want them to, then that's just as well.

Hm... come to think of it...I had this lovely idea for a tomb world. Give me a sec...

>> No.48535766

>I hope their incompetence was rightfully punished?

Of course. Unfortunately, the neural reformatting of the Savants after the first incident lead to loss of valuable experience and precipitated the subsequences crises.

>> No.48535788

there's probably a death korp like civilization in this neck of the woods. Or a bunch of them.

might be one of the causes for the rebelling worlds

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>there's probably a death korp like civilization in this neck of the woods. Or a bunch of them.
I mean literally Death Korps.

Now, just hear me out. Doesn't need to be a big blob of fatalistic murderteens like at Vraks. My idea was just an artillery regiment, stationed somewhere to assist against the enemy.

>> No.48535831

Imperium loses comms with one of its worlds. Investigation finds everyone on the planet dead. No apparent signs of injury, except for stumbling and falling onto things. No signs of struggle. No lingering indication that poisons of any kind were used.

They all just stopped dead. Further investigation shows that archaelogical excavations were being done across the planet during this time. News came out of something big.

Excavations sites delve deep into the earth and show all sorts of catacombs and tunnels underneath.

And necrons, because fuck you. Only, for some reason, necrons aren't paying that much attention to the intruding Imperials.

Seem to be battling something else deeper in the planet. Further exploration reveals an entity made of pure darkness, radiating an abyss as it lashes out tendrils and attacks Necrons willy nilly. Seems to be some sort of warp entity.

Imperials escape, terrified, Call down exterminatus on the planet. Not sure it actually did the job.

>> No.48535847

sure, toss in some guys from the Korp, maybe they'll get along with some of the locals for sharing a somewhat similar background.

>> No.48535864

Fits in with the warp-rift thing.

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>Death Korps
>Posted Tempestus Scion

Fuck me.

Looking through my folder, it seems that quartermaster pic was my only Death Korps pic. I suspect Trazyn.

Like, seriously, artillery doesn't get enough love, especially from Death Korps fans.

Artillery regiments are the hammer of the Death Korps of Krieg, the ultimate extension of their stoicism and callousness. The guns of the Death Korps boom day and night to pound their targets to dust, their deaf crews working to maintain the deluge upon the enemies of the Imperium under the worst of conditions, even as counterbatteries respond in kind. Indeed the Death Korps cannoneers are given fully to their charge; when given the order they shall bury a target in shrapnel, whether that target be enemies proper, civilian populations, or even friendlies entwined with the enemy in close combat. Once commanded, the guns will never fall silent until those calling in fire are content with what Krieg has sent them.

>> No.48535892

you know, as an additional piece of info about the warp rift, it's not like the Eye of Terror in that it engulfed some worlds, it's like real space was there, with stars and planets and shit, but then a tear ripped open and the real space got spread out, leaving nothing but the Empyren in the gaping wound.

>> No.48535932
File: 22 KB, 2280x1840, Ny-Qah symbol.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Also, did a shoddy job with microsoft pain, but this is how I imagine Ny-Qah's symbol would look like.

>> No.48535982

Well, there's likely to be some rebelling worlds, so much Krieger support appreciated.

Also, not entirely sure when the rift opened up, but I'd venture that it came about fairly recently, as in after Slaanesh' birth

also, you'd think that necron pylons would prevent a world from getting warp fucked, but no.

>> No.48536046

>>Order of the Hallowed Glyph
>let their fortress world be known as
>St. Rhianane’s Sanctuary
we could also say that they're situated at a protrusion into the Rfit called the Cape of the Savior's Light.

anyone want to bring in heretics into this mess?

>> No.48536106
File: 703 KB, 460x302, Big guns never tire.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>anyone want to bring in heretics into this mess?
I may have heretics up my sleeve...


Yes, I'm Death Korps anon. How did you guess?

>> No.48536137

are you suggesting a chaos counterpart to Krieg arty guys?

>> No.48536152

hey, guys? how many posts does it take before we autosage?

>> No.48536224

Very grimdark and 40k - I like it!
I wonder if the Sons of Heaven sm fleet could thus be a kind of 'holy terror' that has arrived in the sector to inflict the Emperor's Will on His subjects?

>> No.48536242

don't SM normally inspire Holy Terror?

They'd probably be really great at psychological warfare, though.

Also, Sons of Heaven got me thinking.
Sensitive occulobes and terror tactics. Are we sure these guys are white scars? Sounds a bit more like night lords to me.

>> No.48536444
File: 84 KB, 700x789, IG Artillery.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yep. Artillery duels make sniper duels look like slap fights.

>> No.48536464

come to think of it, might be interesting to have a chapter with contradictory history, loyalists but with traitor background, a la blood ravens

Or would that be too overdone at this point?
actually.... How about a corrupted Krieger Regiment? That'd definitely earn the loyalist ire, and it might also add some mystery as to how a Krieger regiment got corrupted and sided with Chaos.

>> No.48536485
File: 26 KB, 800x345, Death Korps Zeppelin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why does the system think it's spam?!

The planet of Saint Rhianane's Sanctuary is the bastion of the Voltari Sector against the Immaterium's nightmares. It is a fortress world most blessed by the God Emperor, covered in shrines dedicated to Him, warded against the creatures of the night. It is the first line of defense against the forces of Chaos that pour forth from the warp rift, protected by holy sanctions, the Sisters of Battle, and the Imperial Guard's most faithful soldiers. Where there are not cathedrals there are miles of defenses, deep trenches and thick fortress walls. All the time new regiments of the Imperial Guard come to Rhianane's Sanctuary to bolster the ranks exhausted in the latest Chaos incursion, selected for their loyalty and skill in battle. Among these new regiments is the 2781st Artillery of the Death Korps of Krieg, bringing with them the big guns that shatter worlds and smash the enemy. Its soldiers are callous and hard of hearing, willing to perform fratricidal fire missions and barely able to hear the order to stop when the order is given.

>> No.48536501
File: 193 KB, 1024x731, On_pale_horses_by_diegogisbertllorens.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Their commander, Colonel "Varheim" , is legendary, at least by Krieg standards. At the age of 44 he is ancient for a Krieg, though he seems much older due to his ravaged body that is slowly succumbing to cancer. He is one of those few among the Guard - and especially among the Death Korps - who has lived to return to the fatherland, surviving nuclear fire and lethal cancer to come back to Krieg when his command was vaporized in an atomic exchange. A veteran determined to hide his weakness and prove his worth, Varheim remains vigilant on the defenses of Saint Rhianane's Sanctuary, keeping his cannon prepared for whatever the enemy brings to the battle, and fighting to survive his terminal illness long enough to be useful to the Imperium.

>> No.48536522
File: 99 KB, 677x425, Death Korps bunker.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Okay, it was Varheim's numeric designation.

>> No.48536551
File: 758 KB, 737x569, on_the_march__1__by_comrade_commissar-d5paokc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>actually.... How about a corrupted Krieger Regiment? That'd definitely earn the loyalist ire, and it might also add some mystery as to how a Krieger regiment got corrupted and sided with Chaos.
Chaos is penises, there's no mystery about that. I was thinking something original however.

>> No.48536573


Yeah, we could fit this stuff in. Just need to say that, though the Order started out with bad relations with the sector and couldn't get the time of day, recent increases in chaos incursions have forced the Imperium to boost its defenses there.

Initially, during that time when they were kind of helpless, they got aid from the Eldar. Now with more Imperial support, their there are concerns that their 'alliance' may soon be broken.

>> No.48536600
File: 61 KB, 564x589, Imperial Guard Transport.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Something like Irish.

>> No.48536611

what was on your mind?

also, see how well they synergize with these guys.

Figratthi Molemen

Figra is a radiation blasted mining world with all sorts of things, like gold, and jewels, but what it has in great abundance is Adamantium. Great ships used to be made out of their hard work.

However, the whispers of chaos came to them from the Rift of Perdition and slowly encroached upon their hearts. Now armed with their mining equipment, digging tunnels and holes into fortified positions, the Molemen have become experts at breaking open sieges, often helped by distracting support fire/assaults above ground.
what about the irish?

>> No.48536684

>what about the irish?
Irish artillery. Though your Figratthi Moleman idea sounds just about right for the Irish instead.

>> No.48536748

Speaking of the Irish,

Has anyone done American Civil War themed units before?

Because I figure a Fightin' Irish regiment and a regiment of Black / Freedmen soldiers would be pretty cool to field.

>> No.48536804

Fightin' Gaels, with Laslocks.

and Grox Soldiers, again, with Laslocks.

Coming from a hive world with segregation by skin color. Racism abound, so these regiments generally stay clear of one another and have a distaste for the other.

Of course, out on the battlefield, they'll have to learn that there's not racism in a foxhole. Only Xenoism and the fear of chaos.

>> No.48536831

Ok, so in this case, Gideon Crow used to be a member, before being backstabbed by his crewmate Oscar Kandath, who took Captain Crow's knowledge of secret hidden treasure for himself, stranding the poor captain on some miserable deserted planet.

Yes, I know it's ripping off Pirates of the Caribbean, but just think of it as a shout out or something.

>> No.48537152

I'm currently doing the Grogan Thunderheads in Imperium Asunder as part of the miscellaneous forces. The Brimstone Fire-Eaters are a mix of pre- and post-war South, named for the southern politicians and dressed like the KKK.

>> No.48537171

I want to say how distasteful it is to field KKK themed soldiers, but this being 40k, that kind of fits.

>> No.48537203
File: 319 KB, 450x300, The Legend of Zelda Burn Everything.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pic related. They're also pyromaniacs.

>> No.48537267

how apt.

what do they burn instead of crosses and enemies of the Imperium?

>> No.48537296
File: 322 KB, 830x584, Shit's on Fire yo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Enemies of the Imperium.

>> No.48537691

More like a perpetually open warp transit than a conventional storm then?
There's an idea: the greatest rite of passage for the sector Navy is to pass into or out of the Warp through the rift (Gellar Fields fully up, obv.) It evolved out of simple pragmatism- having a naval patrol in the area helped catch raiders coming out of it, and pursuit of fleeing targets often required passing into the rift, but it evolved over time. Newly-commissioned ships do it on their shakedown cruise, and ratings and officers alike get tattoos to commemorate the event and hold bizarre rituals, much like sailors of Earth when it still had seas used to commemorate crossing the meridian. This has, of course, attracted repeated Inquisitorial scrutiny, but as yet no major action has been taken.

>> No.48537750

in order to tie in with >>48535831
which will now be known as Haytham's Nest,

the Sleep of Reason has onboard with it an artefact of most ancient design.

Imperial investigations detect signs almost similar to necron activity somewhere in the deep bowels of the space hulk, and at the same time, detect other readings that are reminiscent of the Eldar, or rather, the ancient Eldar, but not quiet. Speculation posits something even being left over by the Old Ones which was uncovered by DAoT humanity, only to cause the ship to go haywire. and create its ghastly grave.

Further investigation via indirect means seemed to initiate rapid signalling pulses and cause the space hulk to warp off yet again. In addition, the timing of this event seemed to correspond directly with the deaths of those on Haytham's Nest.

It was more like the stars and planets in real space got pushed aside as the warp opened up, so they wouldn't be in the rift, but some outliers got caught at the edges.

If this was some sort of open warp transit, it would have to be a fairly dangerous one, seeing as how there are daemons and shit pouring out of the hole, just not as much as the Eye.

But yes, rite of passage, literally in this case. I like it!

>> No.48538116

Maybe there's a particular spot that's commonly used. Rhiemann's Pass

>> No.48538280

Yah know...

Maybe we could have a heretic cult pop up on one of the backwater feral worlds that's started following a Fallen Angel.

That should draw in Dark Angels and cover up conflicts quite nicely into the sector, I think.

>> No.48538315

I have an idea for a minor enemy force:

When the rift opened, a previously-charted rogue planetoid fell into orbit around it, treating the rift like it had an absolutely massive gravitational signature- even though no other object was behaving that way. Inquisitorial and Mechanicus investigations revealed nothing; aside from its orbit, there was absolutely nothing else unusual about the dusty snowball.

Eventually, a listening post and observatory was established on the world to keep an eye on the rift, as the stable orbit made an excellent platform for such activities. Although mostly staffed by Mechanicus and a couple of Inquisitorial overseers, responsibility for defense fell to the Guard. Specifically, the New Ceres Belt 883rd, vacuum and micro-grav specialists recruited from the asteroid-kingdoms of the New Ceres system.

Things proceeded with only minor hiccups for over a hundred years: a few raider fleets were observed and logged, a few new warp phenomena were observed.
Then the entire station disappeared. A routine resupply flight never came back, and when a patrol went to investigate they found the place gutted. There were all the signs of an orderly evacuation; everything valuable, from astrographic servitors to the water-recycling to the small reactor had been cleaned out, leaving a hollow shell. Ultimately it was shrugged off as one of many mysteries.

Until the missing ship and outpost crew returned as chaotic raiders. The first months of activity were devastating out of all proportion to their assets, as the Interrogator who had been overseeing the outpost used his Inquisitorial codes- not yet canceled- to direct Imperial forces into ambushes and acquire intel. Even after than avenue was closed, they have remained a persistent thorn in the side of the sector.

>> No.48538373

Their naval assets are slim, a single armed merchantman with only a brace of lance turrets and a mine-laying rig. Thus, they focus on hitting targets with negligible space defenses- isolated mining posts, unarmed merchantmen, feudal and feral worlds. On the ground, they are a force to be reckoned with- vac-carapace, stalk-tanks, lascannons, all lovingly maintained by the hereteks who formerly ran the observatory systems. And, of course, ever-more-elaborate arrays of mutations. Their favored tactic is to pretend to be a normal Imperial merchantman until the last moment, raid for slaves and equipment, then obliterate what they cannot take with lance fire from orbit.

Still haven't come up with a name for these guys, though.

>> No.48538442
File: 26 KB, 1311x1127, 40k sector template.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here is a template for a map if someone is up for making a very simple on in MS paint?

>> No.48538446

designate this rogue planet as

Call them Ceres Backstabbers.

>> No.48538465

I'll get to making a rough draft of it after lunch.

>> No.48538573
File: 816 KB, 1624x859, 40k world generator.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rolled 100, 36, 69, 39, 30, 50, 53, 33, 41, 55, 38, 18 = 562 (12d100)

I am terribble at comming up with planets, so i'll just roll one up

>> No.48538635

Ok, so I got:

>Fortress world
>Ice world
>Safe for widespread habitation
>Adherant to imperial religion at an average level
>In a state of war
>Petty cults active
>Tyranid invasion
>Traditional enemy: Eldar
>Planet is a moon of a gas giant

Saw that I used the wrong number, and type of die. So I'll just use 10 of them, and pick the first number of each roll

>> No.48538902
File: 147 KB, 1311x1127, Voltari Sector.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's a draft

>> No.48539316

Ceres Backstabbers works.

Anyway, system proposal:
New Ceres was settled just barely before the Age of Strife by expatriates from the planetoid Ceres in the solar system. A young system whose planets are still in the process of coalescing, it consists of a series of asteroid, dust, and gas belts. It could so easily have been simply exterminated with the loss of high technology to the Iron Rebellions and Age of Strife, as the vast majority of other space colonies were.
Instead, it became a masterpiece of low-tech space living. Steam engines, powered by focused sunlight, provide electrical power, the vapor captured and condensed in exposed radiator arrays. Crops grow in asteroid caverns, lit by arrays of mirrors and protected from micrometeorites and cosmic rays by meters of rock. Lightweight solar sailers carry small cargoes between worldlets, while primitive fission thrusters maintained by complex mechanical armatures or gangs of condemned criminals provide motive power to the larger ships. And the occasional lovingly-maintained and irreproducible piece of archeotech- solar-sail looms and the like forming the basis for whole dynasties.
It was a nomadic civilization, constantly moving to avoid dense areas of meteorites, to seek out new sources of accessible resources, in pursuit of seasons. (Summer, close to the sun, crop-growing and energy-gathering; winter, away, to shed accumulated excess heat. Repeat.)

That old culture has mostly vanished with the Imperium, and the introduction of plasma engines, grav-plates, and void shielding. Except for a few traditionalist die-hards stubbornly maintaining their ancient ships, this loss is little mourned; as the best asteroid miners in the sector and possibly the entire segmentum, New Ceres has grown rich exporting its skills. Its sons head out on contract for twenty, thirty years, then return flush with accumulated wealth to raise a family and teach the new generation.

>> No.48539394

(The system also has an unusually high degree of latent psykers, respected as 'navigators'; an apparent adaptation to the needs of navigating a proto-planetary disc with primitive or no auspex.)

Their greatest hate is for the Ceres Backstabbers, of course. Widely dispersed and frequently poorly-armed stations scattered across an entire solar system; ideal targets. New Ceres has been hit more than any other system, apparently in some sort of misguided evangelical effort; each attack is accompanied by system-wide propaganda broadcasts to "abandon the gravity of the False Emperor" and "embrace the true stars," repeatedly referencing the pre-contact animist beliefs of the ancient New Cereans. New Ceres has raised multiple hunting expeditions out of its own resources to bring these traitors to heel; none have yet succeeded.

>> No.48539456

>an apparent adaptation to the needs of navigating a proto-planetary disc with primitive or no auspex.
may not actually be necessary. Still, having having people barely considered psykers (as just below the threshold to be labeled as such) would make interesting naval personnel, since they seem to be rather 'lucky' overall.

>> No.48539517

Rolled 1, 9, 1, 2, 4, 5, 10, 6, 7, 7 = 52 (10d10)


>> No.48539530

also, capital world will be the hive world Alcyon.

>> No.48539567

Yeah, that works better.

Anything special about Alcyon, or is it a generic hive-world?

>> No.48539587

just the name for the capital world. Center of the Qillion Cluster, administrative head.

pretty generic.

You got anything to spice it up?

>> No.48539859

My first idea.

Alcyon is a elision of 'halcyon', the original name of the world, and one well-given. As a capitol world, the terraforming might of the Mechanicus has been deployed to keep its surface pristine for the pleasure of the nobility. Instead of building up, its hives are built down, burrowing kilometers into the Earth and taking advantage of Alcyon's vast natural cavern systems. Waste products are dumped into the immense mantle boreholes that produce geothermal power, instead of being left to poison the surface. With the exception of those structures that cannot be concealed, such as starports or the immense hyperconductive arrays that pump the world's waste heat into space, the surface is near-pristine wilderness.

The citizens of Alcyon count themselves lucky, and with good reason. Their air is recycled by continents of greenery, not ancient machines; their water drawn from pure glacial runoff of Alcyon's many mountain ranges. Even the lowliest of citizens have opportunities to visit the surface; holidays often feature random gifts of travel passes to ordinary citizens, which can also be purchased through diligent saving. To stand on the edge of a cliff and see green from horizon to horizon... these are opportunities no other hive-world in the Imperium has, and the people love their world and their rulers for it.

>> No.48539913

seems like a refreshing change

>> No.48540005
File: 172 KB, 1311x1127, Voltari Sector.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

another star chart update.

>> No.48540059

Oh yeah, forgot to mention this

Inside the Qillion Cluster is an Academy World Zoeheim: Think a hive world mixed with Academy City from a Certain Magical Index.

There are all sorts of Guard Academies, Scholas, Ecclesiarchal schools, Medical research centers/colleges and universities here. Even the moon, Isoclese, is used as a Navy training center.

>> No.48540225

I notice there appears to be an absolute shit-ton of civilized worlds clustered around Alcyon. Is there a reason for this? Are they colonies of Alcyon? Was the area subject to particularly intense terraforming back in the DAoT? (Which might fit with Alcyon's use of terraforming to maintain its environment; maybe a lot of salvageable equipment was left lying around.) Is it one of those statistical anomalies inevitable in an empire of a million worlds?

>> No.48540269

There's just a bunch of close star systems here which got colonized.

It's the Qillion Cluster.

It's where the AdMech had the permission to conduct Project Axon, where they hook up a shitton of astropaths across several planets to have a sort of internets.

>> No.48540405

Ah, right. For some reason I was thinking the Qillion Cluster was the name of a neighboring sector.

>> No.48540799

hey, maybe we could add in a black hole.

You know, for garbage disposal and shit.

>> No.48541033

The Whirling Abyss,

It used to be a Binary Star system, but one of them turned into a black hole and the other one is slowly being siphoned off.

It's used as a dumping grounds fore very dangerous materials, such as warp tainted objects, alien horrors, and shit people want covered up.

Horror stories/ghost stories come about when ships sail too close to the Abyss, almost whispers and hallucinations.

>> No.48542431

Also, Muilkor, the prison world/penal colony. Since this sector has a considerable number of mining, agricultural, and other projects going on, why not use slave labor?

Slave trade in terms of convict labor boosts sector productivity and trade.

>> No.48542660

Another cult.

The aberrant protein strains >>48535665 had further-reaching effects than temporary rioting. Hallucinations, with a warp rift clearly visible in the sky?
The varied servants of the Emperor were well aware of the possible consequences; after each incident followed purges, interrogations, executions, mind-wipes. Everyone affected by the failures of the Adeptus Biologis was ruthlessly hunted down and examined.
But nothing can be perfectly effective.

They call themselves the Bleeding Sky, the Hungry Sky, the Staring Sky, a hundred names besides; all [adjective] Sky. They exist on a dozen worlds, linked by a common doctrine and common visions. Their rituals focus on astrology, on communion with the Rift, and can communicate across the gulf of space with ease through these rituals. They are Slaaneshi first, Tzeentchian second, Nurglite third, and Khornate not at all.

Their goal is, of course, to spread the Crushing Sky to all the worlds within sight of the Rift, to reforge the sector into a vast engine of worship. Their methods focus on recreating the same circumstances that created the cult; introducing mind-altering chemicals to food, water, and air supplies, and trying to compromise the sarcomalgic agri-worlds.

Their success so far has been thankfully limited; absent any sort of independent industrial base or space capability they simply cannot manufacture their poisons in enough quantity to affect an entire planet. However, despite the best efforts of the Arbites and Inquisition they nonetheless persist, and have even been expanding.

Interrogations have revealed that they are contemplating a change in tactics, and have managed to establish communication with the Ceres Backstabbers- likewise illuminated through observation of the Rift. It seems likely they will become a still greater threat in the years to come.

>> No.48542809

Additional Inquisitorial investigation into the contamination of sarcomalgic deposits also revealed a second type of foreign substance.

As the last of a large batch that had mostly been shipped out to several worlds in the sector, the Red algal paste has shown itself to be infested with a host of foreign microbes. while on the surface these microbes may appear innocuous (indeed, they appeared to feed off of the algae much like intestinal flora), further genetic examination show a disturbing relation to tyranid species, showing as much as a 96.74% protein sequence identity with gene stealer strains from Ymgarl.

By the time the Inquisition managed to shut down Algal trade at Darak's Lament, multiple shipments of the microbe contaminants, as well as the chemical contaminated batches, had already passed through to other systems.

>> No.48543332

Led by the charismatic Fistbeard Beardfist, the Squats are mostly fleetbased in this sector, but have set up shop on Antigone, attempting to reclaim the forgeworld and its secrets for the benefit of the Imperium and the Squat race.

Still, Sector Governor Markov knows the great boon these abhumans are to his region of space and has set aside a portion of his Hive to accommodate Squats, that they may increase trade and facilitate the passage of ancient and ingenious designs.

>> No.48543883

also, more stuff about Sons of Heaven.

The Zodiac itself (derived from Yin Shan traditions) consists of Dragon, Tiger, Horse, Snake, Wolf, Crow, Ape, Bull, Ram, Boar, Bat, and Scorpion. These animals are painted on their right shoulder pad, rather than the symbol indicating their combat role. While little of this is known to those outside the Oracles, battle teams of Zodiac Warriors prove to be a formidable force, sent on a team by team basis to conduct the toughest of missions, often times beyond the range of support from their fellow space marines.

In a bit of irony, members of the Zodiac Warriors are barred from entering Deathwatch and vice versa, as the Chapter’s marines based their teamwork around compatibility among the Sons of Heaven, whereas Deathwatch required teamwork with members of other, sometimes drastically different, Chapter members and were likely to cause considerable problems. Therefore, those Sons of Heaven having served in Deathwatch now ironically have a rift of sorts between them and the Zodiac Warriors, creating a rivalry between them.

>> No.48543928

Also, forgot to mention, Yin Shan is the name of their homeworld (before the chapter lost the privileged of having one.)

>> No.48544819

Do they have any recruiting worlds in the sector, or are they currently without a source of reinforcements?

>> No.48544858

Ostensibly, they'd have a number of death and feral worlds to recruit from.

If we want to push the implication that they're actually descended from the night lords, we could also have them frequent a world that's also perpetually at night.

Call the world Nyx.

>> No.48544899


You know, if we want to further imply things, we could also say that they have a very strict view on the word of law. Maybe they're also on really good terms with the Arbites?

>> No.48544933

Experiment World Huang Sha.

This world had a higher than normal occurrence of psykers in its population.

It's rumored that it's part of some sort of breeding experiment that either the admech or the inquisition has cooked up regarding psyker genes, as early as M35.

There are long family lines that have sprouted more than a few useful psykers that have been taken by the Black Ships. The planet's ruling dynasty has a cordial and familiar relationship with the Scholastica Pyskana.

However, there are concerns that the presence of so many psykers poses an existential threat to the security of the sector and the Imperium as a whole.

An Inquisitorial inquiry has been filed for this world, though there has been considerable delays due to bureaucratic red tape as well as objections from other parties.

In the meantime, with the growth of various cults worshiping the Rift, and security has tightened around the planet's ports, with guards and agencies double checking every source for anything that could cause heresy and mass panic. However, given the large population and a large black market presence, it's doubtful that the Planetary government can keep its populace untainted for long.

>> No.48545050

Star Stompas
Klan: Freeboota

Colors: Purple (da sneakiest. Neva saw one, didja?)

legendary ork: Ork Boy (Slugga)

deed: Krumped loads o' 'umies

Favorite god: Deyz both good, ya squighead! (Gork and Mork)

Warband Size: (6) We gots enuff boyz to 'ave us a propa foight!

Average size: Dey ain't Big, but dey get the job done

ally: Spiky 'umies an' stuff loik dat (Chaos)

enemy: Da pointy-hed pansyboyz (Eldar)
Hive Fleet Progenitor: Moloch
Classification: Hive Fleet Splinter
Fleet size: Large

goal: Rejoin the fleet (Fleet looking to pair up with their progenitor or a larger fleet)

strategy: Stealth and Infiltration (Stealers and lictors)

Common Biomorphs: Other/Create one

Specialist creatures: Seeded Lictors

Rivals: Blueberry pie (Tau Sept)
anyone want to help fluff these guys out? I figured we'd need some orks and 'nids here.

>> No.48545137

actually, going even further, White Scars also have a rivalry with the Raven Guard, and Night Lords were essentially evil Raven Guard. So as a descended chapter of Night Lords/White Scars, there would be quite a bit of animosity between the Sons of Heaven and Raven Guard + descendant chapters. So if they did have malice for the Ravens, it would be hidden under a traditional feud

>> No.48545231

Orks: Based on the space hulk /Krumpymoon/, they emerged from the Rift and promptly got into a fight with the Eldar, which ended inconclusively when the hulk drifted back into the Rift. Since then, they've been raiding throughout the sector, with only limited control over their destination: their movement is largely at the whim of the currents of the Rift. Their current great ambition is to seize control of the /Sleep of Reason/ and be based out of /two/ space hulks. This ambition has been complicated by the fact that they do not actually know where it is and would have difficulty navigating there even if they did know. Their short-term goal is therefore to loot some proper warships to use as scouts in their search and as tugs for the /Krumpymoon/.
And once they've got the Sleep of Reason, then they shall go back to the Eldar and finish what they've started.

>> No.48545352

I like that name.

Should probably have them work with Chaos guys trying to break out by attacking the Fortress/Shrine world where Eldar and Imperial forces are preventing their escape. If they succeed, the heretics promise to give the Orks all the loot necessary to make it out to the Sleep of Reason. With no intention of backstabbing them at all.

>> No.48545476

What about a cemetery world embroiled in a conflict, trenches dug amidst the graves and people live in grand mausoleums?

>> No.48545539


Ice world Loki.
Recruiting world for the Sons of Heaven, due to a nostalgia factor, since Yin Shan was also an Ice world.


Possibly contaminated due to that bad shipment of algae.

With concerns that some of their recruits may have been infected, and that perhaps some of their more recent battle brothers may be sleeper agents of some sort, the Shi Fu has called upon the services of Chaplain Tang Gui Lin (veteran of Deathwatch) to investigate the possibility of heresy in the chapter and pass judgement accordingly. He must, however be subtle and inconspicuous in his investigation, so as not to arouse any suspicion and alert possible heretics.

To assist him in his investigations are the brothers Sun Yi and Sun Yan, blood brothers from Yin Shan and Zodiac warriors to boot. Sun Yi having proven himself to be a talented Oracle, while Sun Yan has shown himself to be an excellent shot with a wide assortment of weapons.

(This could probably make for an interesting DH/DW like rpg session, huh?)

>> No.48545558

oh, that is kind of dark.

What shall we call the world?

>> No.48545620

You know, considering how the sisters are stationed right next to a warp rift,

I figure it's likely that a considerable number of them have glowing blue and violet eyes, like Cadians.

>> No.48545683

Proposition for a recruitment world:
Vituperae (a name derived from an archaic and obscure word for bitter criticism) was a death-world when DAoT explorers passed it over for greener pastures, a death world when desperate refugees crash-landed upon it in the Age of Strife, a death world when it was rediscovered by the Imperium.
With the opening of the Rift, it has become more than a death world. Some quirk of Empyredynamics resulted in Vituperae being far more affected than worlds that were physically closer, and its biosphere was driven into paroxysms of mutation.
Currently, it becomes hard to speak of 'species' at all, each organism bearing its own unique traits. As the millennia pass, the forms of the creatures of Vituperae will settle down into new species, as over time mutant human strains may become abhumans. However, that will not happen for centuries yet.

Astonishingly, there are still humans upon the world. Killing all their mutant children and moving through the world's toxic savannahs without a single trace of their passing, purifying their food with elaborate rituals, the people of Vituperae face a constant assault from the subtle whispers of chaos as well as the tainted wildlife, hardened by constant battles with their fallen kin.
Ideal recruitment material.

Living in a tainted environment as they do, Aspirants from Vituperae undergo far more stringent screening procedures than do aspirants from other worlds. As a result, it produces much fewer Astartes than other death-worlds of similar population, but those recruited from Vituperae frequently show a remarkable resistance to the powers of Chaos, even by Astartes standards. Relying upon the Armor of Contempt from the very moment of their birth, they have hardy souls indeed.

>> No.48545702

Depends on how edgy you want to go with it. Nekro-something maybe.

>> No.48545712

Cemetery world Nazareth is the resting place for many a martyr and hero. However, it is a great shame to the people that heretic cults have sprouted under their watch, spreading plague magics across the sacred grounds, converting the faithful into disease ridden monstrosities and raising the dead as mockeries of their former lives, as puppets to the dark gods.

With the rampant activities of Pirates, a looming Ork attack, and an infestation of tyranids on the horizon, the Cemetery world has found itself by its lonesome in this fight, with IG regiments spread thin on fields of battle far from Nazareth.

>> No.48545773

not sure about the wisdom of recruiting from a world that's that heavily mutated, even if the remaining humans are technically viable.

Still, if they could muster a guard regiment from this, they'd be friggin awesome.

>> No.48545797

Hence the mention of unusually heavy screening and relatively few viable aspirants.

>> No.48545853

though, if they've got very few aspirants, it may not be very economical to use this planet for SM purposes.

If we go by the whole 1 out of a 1000 aspirants become a space marine ratio, it seems a bit of a waste.

They may be better off as a guard regiment, putting their experiences to better use in greater numbers while also passing on some skills and experiences to other regiments they interact with.

>> No.48545955

You know, I also recall the White Scars made tech modifications to their ships.

Is that allowed? Also, would anyone care/be able to do anything about it if the Sons of Heaven did it or something similar?

>> No.48546050

I think it'd be fun to have a Sherlock Marine try and solve a string of mysteries in his own chapter, trying to figure out what was done with warp magic and what was done with human ingenuity. I mean, it'd be easy to just blame everything on space magic, so I'd like to see some conflict there between going with the easy answer and going with the harder one and seeing which one is correct. Could be one or either or both depending on a case by case basis. Could have the detective marine travel to places all over the sector where his chapter brothers deploy in order to solve the mystery.

>> No.48546197

Hm, you know, if we're doing Ancient China Marines, they had better know some sort of Kung Fu.

Probably have each of their 'Sects' know a different version. Like, how one sect does drunken style brawling while another is about taichi or something.

>> No.48546521

>would anyone care/be able to do anything about it if the Sons of Heaven did it or something similar?

Space Marine chapters usually have pretty broad autonomy, but these guys are on a penitent crusade, so they would be under extra scrutiny.

>> No.48546532

I was thinking they'd have done the mods before the penitence thing happened.

>> No.48546605

I'm not saying they shouldn't have the mods. I'm just saying they will have to be extra sneaky about it.

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