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Tell me /tg/, why are Space Dwarves so rare?

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They prefer to fortify planets all the way through to the core, and travel by their own webway routes

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Is it possible for Space Dwarves to have no space ships or colonies but make entire planets & moons into their transport devices?

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I see the Squats have accepted Roboute Guilliman as their spiritual liege.

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Behold, a satan!
>Ultramar Squats are the greatest of the Space Mar- I mean Squats
>other Squat clans, although rightly proud of their traditions and great works look on in envy to the Ultramarin- er.. Squats of Ultramar.

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Here /tg/, have a thing.

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Endless Space/Legend did them pretty well. I think they are rare because stereotypical dwarves don't fit well into scifi settings without feeling forced. It's hard to break with Tolkien's drunk Scot-Nordic axe swinging deep-jews I guess.

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Forgot picture because I'm a dumb.

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I remember someone was designing a codex last Squat thread.

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They're Human.

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So are ogryn and ratlings, but they're still scifi ogres and hobbits.

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>Tolkien's drunk Scot-Nordic axe swinging deep-jews

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That WAS me! Version I uploaded is latest version!

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Implying Tolkien didn't form modern ideas of fantasy races?

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Space Dwarves should be rockmen with beards of moss. Bunch of mini-asteroid people.

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I hope you're pretending to be retarded. See the Orcs.

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Because GW didn't bother with them, so no one apes on the idea.

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>What is Spelljammer

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The image in OP's from Warpath.

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yes, but i mean that's why there's not an influx of them. like most other miniatures. it's sad that most companies can't come up with their own ideas.

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It's not just GW. I noticed a surprising number of Space elves with virtually nothing in common with the Eldar or High Elves. Even James Cameron's smurfs can be considered Space elves though far more mary sue than normal.

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Dorfs are more inherently comic than elves. It's hard to take small creatures seriously.

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I find it to be the opposite. Bigger ones without big emphasis on the legs tend to make me question how they can remain standing. It's like how over half the humanoid mechas would be horrible for actual combat. I can't take the elves & their millions of variations & occasional mary sueness seriously.

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Call me crazy, but if they tried to reintroduce Squats into 40K, then I'd see them being best buds with the IG and Marines.

Hell, I'd see Squats as sufficiently badass to actually even have the possibility to become commanders of a IG Regiment.

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The Squats were allied with the Imperium. They're more separate from them than the Kroots & Tau but they're still together.

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Ah, right. Forgot with the whole independence thing.

On the other hand I'd see Squats include into their forces other abhumans.

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That's literally what the squats where. Pro tip guys kreig is spiritual successor to squats.as far as cannon law goes thou the squats .but as far as modern cannon goes thou the latest mention of dwarfs was dark iron dwarfs or chaos dwarfs effectively that work with tau and had ships in battle fleet Gothic. So her if squats came back prob be tau and so in other words never. The new AOS steamdwarfs are Kent to look like squatsthou and have a big robot and jetpacks maybe so maybe they could make good counts as tau.but the IG or SM allied squats are all long gone but if but if you really want to run a squats list today use kreig list.

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Why would you want to play as dwarves in a sci-fi setting? Isn't their entire appeal lost with modern technology for you?

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But 6th ED mentioned that the Squats were still Imperial.

And we still don't have any more info on the Demiurgs apart of being "those Space Dwarves that are with the Tau"...as well as having a ship for BFG in the Tau Fleet.

Space Dwarves would have pretty crazy tech.

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Squats r not abhuman thou they where treated as just like another planet of IG ratings r abhuman so are beastmen in 40k mutants and possibly hrud thou hrud seem to have formed a civilisation but a bunch of inslaved skaven holding laz rifles would be abhuman I guess but I do think squats n hrud kinda are their own thing n it would make more sense for squats to be treated like normal guardsmen maybe even scions/grenadiers depending on gear and hrud or space skaven I've always felt suit the bids codex best beacuse early kids did look more hamster or rat like. N also now that skaven r chaos gods n mutations n biological shit prob going to get more intense I think it 100% makes sense n is a lot better than the whole skaven hrud are greenstuff jelly monsters now or hrud need laz rifles. Like the actual tech of skaven rifles is in 40k it actually exists I have no problem people running skaven hrud as imperial army in 30k that makes sense when they where more organised possibly with the militia and cults mutants bit in 40k squats are definatly kreig army lists and hrud are definatly mid or genestealers I think its that simple and if you really really really want to use dwarf models tau is also a option if you paint them darkdwarfs

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Nids I mean stupid pbone

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But they are a type of abhuman who, like the Ogryns, evolved on high gravity planets, but instead of devolving into giant dumb mountains of muscle, they turned into muscular stunties with creativity (unlike WHFB Dwarves who are slow to change) and really stubborn natures.

Due to their nature, and the fact that they had tech Imperials wanted (including one generator running on anti-matter the AdMech failed to create multiple times), they were given independence in many aspects (though the Squats did accept Emps as something of a spiritual guardian of their ancestors and not just the greatest human being in the galaxy and exemplar of humanity same way the Space Marines do).

Hrud were Space Skaven back then, but they were xenos from the start. Then they were turned into eldritch creatures that could age you to dust.

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Do you grammar, faggot? You should grammar moar, to be honest senpai.

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To be fair 6th Ed brb book was a long time ago we had fine cast a d metal everything fw was niche and 40k was being resurrected from a dark place it had been left in for a long time the chance that section was copy past from a old imperial source book is pretty high I do think they could become cannon again but only as cannon as a obscure IG regiment as it stands right now their worlds are disyroted their army's vanquished n slain or eaten and only afue kicking about the place but. Not enough yet. To warrent a (brakes 4th wall) official army model line.. You could be a lone squat revilotionary that traveled the imperioum to find what's left and form it into a glorious army but you would be using kreig hadies breaching drill rules and moal launchers and engineers and artillery carragaes and trains in place of old squat ones (thou the front steam engine part from the chaos. Dwarfs FW could make a nice leman Russ command tank at the front or some thing one of thpus things kreigified could look so cool ... But if you used the kreig list the entire aesthetic would prob slowly change from being cute n bright. To grim dark Schindler's list dwarfs like I wonder if GW SHIFT to a more historical based gaurd had any to do with it. When half ypir IG army's look like ww2 shit land trains get alpt more blackship and bit too dark I think for the kiddies didn't think of that maybe dont do kreig squats and just forget bout them or go tau. .

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Demirge are slowly turning to stone beacuse they have been sitting in their ships commanding drones for so long but they are definatly Cdwarfs you can see in the ships design personally I'm doing them with stormcast heads on chaosdwarfs n maybe some crystal beards n tools for weapons maybe some skitari bits n commander vox n just arcane looking stuff. Then I'm going to do a bunch of them dressed up like a empire monarchy hunting party maybe even with a hound AMD feathers as my kroot n then just cover all tau stuff with runes and extra sensors that look slightly dwarfy. I think in the fluff the engines and iron cannons are actually dwarf built so I might make them look hybrid like play up thpus parts as theirs and the rest look like a custom tuner job on a fast and furious car or some thing. Hopefully the irony of a degenerate dwarf race that decided to modify some tau stuff for street racing is as halerious as I hope to achieve. Still waiting on that daurdin steam golum or what ever AOS is getting ... I guess the jump packs can be vespid .. Not sure how much I'll reference the actual historical squats as the demirge do seem their own thing guess I'll wait n see but it would make sense that they fractured off from the squats thousands of years ago and they are turning to stone for being epically lazy and Ai is their equivalent of goblin and blackorks n slaves

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Literally what the fuck is going on with this engrish.

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Sounds cool, but you really need to parse our posts so they aren't just walls of text that no one will read, desu.

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You mean the squats?

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Squats, Forge Fathers, Spelljammer Dwarves, etc.

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Because they lose a lot of their niche coolness.

slow durability becomes less cool when scifi races exist that project forcefield that can be mass produced and reason for slowness doesn't exist due to FTL, and regular high output engines.

ornate armor is less cool when every race has access to environment sealed power armor

craftsmanship is less cool when every race makes tech that's years beyond contemporary science

Being an old empire that has endured and witnessed the early strifes of the world is less cool when every race has endured millennia of history to get to space faring point.

Being the rare gun using race is non-existent since everyone will have guns.

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From a gameplay perspective, the Tau sorta have such.

In some settings like 40k there are still armors better than other armor. Regular Space Marine armor doesn't compare to Terminator armor.

Again, it varies depending on race & there's no simple "high tech" which everyone follows. The Orks are nowhere near the Necrons yet still do well.

The Eldar still never shut up about their past glory even if that was the case.

Some guns & tech are better than other guns.

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Apart from Warpath which other miniature game allows the use of dwarves?

related to Warpath
how much do I have to spend to build a full army of them?

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Tau is nothing like that.

Tau is tacticool at low points and stompy robot blitz at high points.

Again, it's not about being effective, it's about having no niche to fill.

It's irrelevant whether which SM armor is better, the point is that everyone has access to power armor
I also don't get this unified high tech thing you are spouting. It doesn't matter that Orks or Necrons perform, the important thing is that advanced tech is a niche that's not worth exploring.
Eldar's about being a fast army that's unmatched in the speed. There's no niche for slow slogging durable army when both Ork green tide, IG gunlines and SMs all do that.

Space dwarf is a wasted slot unless there's a conscious decisions to eliminate any competition from the get go.

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Not really, the tau are somewhat the high tech race. Necrons aside, they're the best at tech.

That wasn't what was said. "ornate armor is less cool when every race has access to environment sealed power armor" implies that power armor somehow makes ornate armor non-special, which isn't the case in Warhammer at all. Warhammer has special armor despite the high tech stuff.

I don't think you understand >>48527166 so well. It's pretty much saying that >>48526349 is nonsense because even Warhammer blows that stuff out of the water. Special ornate armor? It's there despite the presence of power armor, just like how the Dwarf weren't the only guys with guns & armor in Fantasy. Craftsmanship? Mastercrafted items exist. The later one I especially disagree with because "rare gun using" for 40k could imply the tau's advance weapons, necron flayers, and even in Fantasy the Empire & Skaven used guns despite the Dwarfs having better guns.

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What niche do the Sisters of Battle serve that the others don't? Plenty of races have overlaping themes. The Tyranids aren't the only "drown your enemies in bodies" guys there.

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>Space dwarf is a wasted slot unless there's a conscious decisions to eliminate any competition from the get go
See OP's pic. Forge Fathers do that.

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>What niche do the Sisters of Battle serve that the others don't?
Back in the witch hunters days they were a means of getting power armor saves in a guard army filled with specialists or they were meant to be more of a fodder army for SM.

Since ally charts are a thing, sisters lost a lot of niche. Honestly sisters are crap design point wise. They could've been unique with the whole faith point thing, but they blew that.

thanks... for proving the point? I'm not sure why you posted that.

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>used to have something now not anymore
They're hardly anything now.

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I think Pluto's filled with them. It's Dwarf Planet after all

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You win the "worst pun I've heard this week" award.

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It is non special because it already exist in the setting in droves.

Adding yet another source of fancy tech shit is redundant and has no niche.

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And yet jokaeros are a thing.

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It's because dwarves don't really have any fetishistic qualities. Most of the times someone brings fantasy races to sci-fi it's for magical realm and thus always elves. You don't see much space hobbits or orcs either.

WH40k is one of exceptions (reason for fantasy races being just that they wanted to make fusion of sci-fi and fantasy), but then again it actually had dwarves. No idea why dwarves got dropped though.

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Dude. What the fuck are you saying?

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>that one retard who can't speak English and writes long posts anyway
Jesus Christ

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Squats predate the creation of the primarchs. Guilliman copied them.

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Anon, it's Carlos. Many forget that his puns aren't exactly enjoyed by fellow classmates on the Magic School Bus.

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I wonder what this implies. The WHFB Dwarfs would likely make ideal Imperial citizens, hardworking, hate Chaos, downright racist (no love for others aside from humans & even then) & shit.

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