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How would you mechanically represent the effects of morbid obesity in your favourite system?

Is there any type of campaign where obesity is a notable disadvantage without being so totally crippling that obese characters are useless no matter how good they are in other ways?

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That... has to be a disease not self inflicted.


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Count character weight against encumbrance.

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This feels like you're trying to trick me into making rules for fat fetishists magical realm types.

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Black Crusade.

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This is a parody.
Don't show me proof it isn't.
Don't inform me of anything else.
Let me live in my delusional bubble because I don't want to live on the same planet as that thing.

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>Low-key cult of nurgle

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That thing will eat itself do death before the end of the decade.
It might eat couple other people in the process. Also to death.

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>fatness has nothing to do with health

Twenty bucks says that lard leviathan took the elevator instead of the stairs to that class.

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"How big of a charcter?" "Like... 50lbs over weight." Cool. So s/he get tired 20% faster when forced to walk, but is able to static leg press/lift at 5% greater then their normal strenght." ... "what about 200 lbs over weight? " ... " like a 400lb neckbeard fat fuck that wants to adventure? .. "yeah".. "ok, first off, you lose 5 lbs a week for regular light work, 10 for heavy. Heavy work causes you to be fatigued after 30 minutes. Walking at any speed causes fatigue after 15 minutes. Only benefit is the 5% leg press strength increase.

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As a fatty I'm tired of other fat people's refusal to admit it is their fault they are fat sacks of crap.

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I lost. Couldn't make it through the first bullet point.

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Read the >stick-oh wait.

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Feminists have been pushing the "healthy at any size" bullshit pretty hard.

It wouldn't be so bad if the people advocating it weren't morbidly obese with 4 chins, 160/100 blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and and cholesterol levels you'd expect to see in from the scrap bucket at a meat processing plant.

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Pretty sure there's an "obesity" mutation in Dark Heresy that fucks over your Agility bonus.

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I might consider applying Shadowrun's rules for drugs and addiction to unhealthy foods or the act of overeating. Somebody morbidly obese would have the "burnout" level of addiction and suffer significant penalties to all their physical dice pools.

Addiction and other mental health issues make people do incredibly self-destructive things all the time.

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>How would you mechanically represent the effects of morbid obesity in your favourite system?
Endurance = health + ((10 x height in inches) / weight in pounds)

Endurance deals with how much you can do without getting tired and how much you can do without needing to sleep

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>Twenty bucks says that lard leviathan took the elevator instead of the stairs to that class.
Actually the "human stat" we call weight ALONE has nothing to do with health.

PS: Before you complain, I am talking about it alone, if you give a card to a doctor with just the name of a person and her weight he wont be able to tell if she is healthy or not

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I think >>48493469 had a pretty solid answer, but I'd add some form of addiction fatigue; as in they eat 20-30% more food (or scale it based off of how overweight) and if not, suffer addiction penalties or some other form of fatigue

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I get what you mean but you just don't get that heavy without some serious poor lifestyle choices.

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If the card says: Eva Bitchia: 400 lbs then I don't need to know anything else. That fat whore is not healthy.

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Well, if we're playing semantics, a woman could hypothetically be healthy at 400 lbs. When she would be like 8ft tall.
But yeah, that's usually not the case.

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Healthy at any size used to mean that if you ate right and exercised it was okay if you didn't look like a fitness model. It wasn't supposed to be "I can be as fat as I want and no one can stop me",

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I'd steal from dredd, giving them blubber wheels and have their main form of offence charging down wide streets or similar clearings.

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>fatness has little to do with health
>health is not a moral obligation nor is entirely within our control

if the first is true the second is unnecessary.

Its like she is trying to cover all sides.

its like those guys that first complain about bitcoin saying it is a scam and them complain it is used to do illegal things.

>"I will complain about it saying its is a scam, if this didnt made you not buy bitcoins, I will complain that it should be banned because it is used to do illegal things"

Look just one is a problem:
If bitcoin is a ponzi scheme, it would defund people the ones trying to use it to do illegal thing, so the fact that people use it to do illegal things would be a positive thing, like a made by and for terrorists that doenst work, the gun not working is a positive thing, not a bad one.

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depression and comfort eating are an unfortunate combination that can happen.

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>a woman could hypothetically be healthy at 400 lbs. When she would be like 8ft tall.

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No. She can't. People over 8 feet tall have serious circulatory and musculoskeletal issues arising from simple physics, even when extremely thin.

ANYONE at 400 pounds has health issues, and being eight feet tall would only compound it.

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Laughter or rage?

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Just treat the extra weight (above the average range) as encumbrance.

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eh. extreme height (tall or short) has its own set of health issues.

the simple truth is that if you diverge significantly form typical human size you're going to have on going and potentially quite significant health issues.

the biggest one is that the heart doesn't change in size much or at all as people do.

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And joint pain.

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>if you diverge significantly form typical human size you're going to have on going and potentially quite significant health issues.
Even if you diverge towards smaller size? Say 4ft something.

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>inb4 magical realm

>-90% movespeed
>-75% DEX
>auto fail running, sneaking, acrobatics checks, etc.
>-50% CON
>-75% CHR
>-50% WIS (diabetes induced vision problems)
>-25% INT (fat people tend not to be very intelligent)
>+100% health

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>>+100% health
oh, the irony

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My friends dad had a large heart. He was like 6'7". His heart was closer to the size of a lung.

The human heart does not function properly at that size.

The electrical signal that makes it beat isn't strong enough to reach all the way across an oversized heart.

He had to have a pacemaker for like 20 years.

And then his doctor put him on a no salt diet, while forgetting she had put him on meds that leeched all the salt out if his body as a side effect.

By the time they realized it, there had already been serious brain damage and his health was awful. Spent a few months in a nursing home and died.

And Jim wasn't fat, he was stick thin .

But either way, a larger heart doesn't solve the problem, it causes me problems.

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Literally the only RPG system I have ever seen have rules for the effects of Morbid Obesity is Deadlands.

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Causes more problems *

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I have one character that's a Gollemancer. One of the first golems he built was a chair that would carry him around everywhere so he'd never have to walk again. A few years later he gave it sentience (But still programmed to obey him) because he thought it'd be funny.

Fast forward years later and he's like 400 pounds and his chair's been upgraded nine times.

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Just don't play self insert op

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Rogue trader.
Have a palequin carried by slaves carting around your 300 kg trader and his life support gear.
And bar, kitchen and butler.
And some slave girls/gents.
And a boulder made of gold.
And... well you get the idea.

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Roleplaying as Baron Harkonnen sounds like it'd be fun actually.

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>health is not a moral obligation
but that's entirely wrong, you disgusting land-manatee, you being unhealthy stresses the healthcare system, which makes everybody else pay more taxes to pay for your disgusting eating and exercise habits

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>paid from taxes
I'm pretty sure the bitch is american.

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that's distinctly likely, but I've seen some retarded shit at university in Canada that would match the autism displayed there

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yeah. dwarfism has it is own sets of health issues. some are musculoskeletal others come about because you can have normal sized organs squashed into too small a cheat cavity. When people are odd sizes their various body parts don't all scale up/down correctly and that causes issues.

alternatively if you're that small without dwarfism its near certainly because of malnourishment which can cause all sorts of other isues again.

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Ok but we're talking about fat not bitcoin

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I kind of want to play a one-shot dungeon-crawling game with a party of super obese characters. The potential for hilarity is endless.

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Wasn't he so damn fat because of some space witch super-STD?

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I like how The Riddle of Steel does it. Obese is a character flaw you can take, and comes in both minor and major versions. It basically makes you permanently encumbered, but you can "buy it off" as part of your character advancement. It's simple but it has all of the effects one would expect, taking dice out of your combat pool and from pretty much every physical ability or skill test.


Feminist here. Don't you lump those HAES freaks in with us.

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How did she get into the store in the first place?

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it's the first time she left the store in years.

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She walked in sideways.

It's from a show called "My 600 lb Life."

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So what you're saying is that selective breeding of shortstacks would be neither ethical nor feasible?

Oh well, at least we can focus all resource on catgirl program.

>> No.48494630

Probably waddled in. If that cart belongs to the store she would have had to walk inside to get it

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Them tall anorexics must be pretty OP huh?

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I don't believe in the "health at any size" tripe, and I think obesity is disgusting and needs to be treated, but by your logic anybody with a disability or chronic illness, or even people like athletes who need extra medical care due to their strenuous lifestyle, is morally reprehensible.

Health ISN'T a moral obligation, but neither is it a moral obligation to respect obese people who so obviously don't respect themselves.

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no true scotsman

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In the Brian Herbert/KJA novels yeah, but in the original Frank Herbert books he was just fat because he could be. IIRC he enjoyed the fact that he was so fat he repulsed people.

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>believes that health is not an obligation

Now, if you were willing to embrace glorious capitalsm I would let that slide, reap your own destruction, but in a socialist or communist system you become a parasite.

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Well, if we would consider excluding harm which was obviously self-induced (and not accidental) from being covered by public healthcare, overeating might not even be the top issue - there's smokers, alcoholics, junkies...

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Obese people don't exist in the spotlight theurgy of my games.

Sure, they exist in the broader setting, might appear in descriptions as a source of comedy or as a means of repulsion. But they don't get full character status.

It's not hard to do some fucking cardio and lay off the Ben and Jerry's, fatty. If you're desperate, most steroids that help with the issue aren't harmful in moderation.

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>Obese people don't exist in the spotlight theurgy of my games.
Makes sense. Remember some fat hero? Me neither.

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I play GURPS so my system already has rules for that.

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>Remember some fat hero?
Siddhartha Gautama.


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>Siddhartha Gautama.
Literally who?

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the original health at any size idea was fine. Fitness is more important than weight too health. To a certain extent though, which some people unfortunately forgot.

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>the original health at any size idea was fine

Only if your DICK hangs lower than your BALLS! C'MON!

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>i'm proud of being uneducated

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Not that anon: you srs, nigger? That's like saying, "Who the fuck is Yeshua bin Yosef?

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addiction and mental health complicates the defining of self induced harm.

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He had a thin phase too.

>> No.48495035

disadvantage on checks to do physical things.

>> No.48495048

He asked a question, you arrogant shit. Requesting enlightenment.

Let me run off the name of a long dead foreigner you likely won't recognize, like Ali ibn abu Talib (of huge importance to Shi'a) and then mock you for beong 'proud of your ignorance' when you ask who it is.


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Only for taking hits. The CON penalty is sure to neuter any disease resistance.

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>assuming I haven't into Islam as well as Buddhism, Shinto, Jewishness, and just about every other religion

Dumb sandnigger.

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Isn't she responsible for pic related becoming a meme?

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I'm guessing this isn't the first time she's come to class with five takeaways.

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>5e just cuz
one-fourth movement speed
Disadvantage to STR/DEX/Con/Athletics/Acrobatics checks
Disadvantage to all attack rolls
-5 AC
Automatic 2 failures when you start making death saves

>> No.48495196

-2-3 to str
-2-3 dex
-2-3 cha
resistance to cold
If you roll high stats, its not bad, but not helpful at all.

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dunno if it was her specifically. but someone with that world view at least.

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The girl giving the presentation is Trigglypuff. Your picture is from some talk show.

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>not healthy

well look at that, you're wrong.

>> No.48495298

For anyone interested in more disgusting things about fatties.

>> No.48495349

>those lifespans

Even if you were 8ft and thin for your size. You are not healthy.

>> No.48495367

woops, fucked up the link

>> No.48495379

That's true but only to a level. Shit I'm a doctor and you hand me a card with Ted 600lbs or Jenna 450 lbs I'm calling unhealthy as fuck.

>> No.48495444

>I'm a doctor and you hand me a card with Ted 600lbs or Jenna 450 lbs I'm calling the vet because somebody obviously sent their cattle to the wrong clinic.

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Who is maui then? Since your so educated, without a Google search.

>> No.48495572

This was said as a joke but there are people that are legitimately big enough to require scales from the zoo.

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Thankfully those people gave us some primo reaction images.

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Y'know, I don't know if being fat is really a detriment when it somehow makes you three times as tall as a normal person and somehow gives you superhuman strength and durability.

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File: 1.44 MB, 450x472, julius.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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>fat troll

If enough of us start a breeding program that might be the result kek

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Never have I seen so much disbelief in one man's eyes.

>> No.48495833


He be one wit' da 'Loa man.

>> No.48495915

Jesus Christ dude

>> No.48496033

No, Jesus Christ was the other guy. The cross guy.

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>not engineering cute dragons
Pleb priorities.

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I think I just facepalmed so hard I concussed myself. I need to lay down.

>> No.48496135

>I eat meat ... I'm primarily vegetarian
Ah, I get it now. She's assumed P ^ !P, and can now derive anything she wants from it.

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>implying any self proclaimed feminist has a basic understanding of anything relevant

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>the buddha and jesus 'whos on first' bit going on right now

>> No.48496236

>P ^ !P

>> No.48496286

P and not P. Essentially, you start with assuming the most basic of contradictions (false is true) and from there, you can get anything but the truth, e.g. (P v P) ^ (F v !P). Don't remember its real life applications though.

>> No.48496488

It's real life applications are mostly programming. If you allow a computer to accept this as an argument, if you're lucky your program will crash. If you're unlucky, it will crash after it used to run fine for a while.

>> No.48498088

You do not get shortstacks from dwarfism. You could probably selectively breed short-ish persons with minimal health issues, though.

Just hope for true genetic engineering, for when we'll design everything to fit together well rather than praying to evolution RNG.

>> No.48498117

It gives you a bunch of extra wounds, but prevents you from running.

>> No.48498126

Hi there Baron Harkonnen.

>> No.48498167

>It's not hard to do some fucking cardio and lay off the Ben and Jerry's, fatty.
It is quite difficult, actually. Imagine being addicted to cigarettes and having to, not quit, but go down to just smoking just a little bit, because if you quit cold turkey, you die.

>> No.48498172

Wouldn't that just always equate to False? It's either 0 AND 1 or 1 AND 0, which is always 0.

>> No.48498187

>Requesting enlightenment.
Saying "literally who?" isn't a request for enlightenment, you slavering fucking retard, it implies you're talking about someone obscure and unimportant.

You would understand this if you possessed basic communication skills, and weren't such an autist.

>> No.48498198

Eh, cold turkey is applicable still. For example a lot of fatties eat a lot of extras to their regular food intake - that should be turkey'd. And on the flipside, some things may be left as is, at least for start.

>> No.48498214

>Just hope for true genetic engineering, for when we'll design everything to fit together well rather than praying to evolution RNG.

This will never ever happen. You will never be able to convince the masses to allow it, and even if we had the technology, it would take a ton of trial and error before we got it right, and that would mean countless ruined human lives before we got all the kinks out.

And countless ruined human lives is only okay if it's due to starvation in third world countries.

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My favorite system for morbid obesity is Dwarf Fortress. Fat is a tissue layer like any other, but fort denizens invariably eat more than they burn. As a result they keep getting fatter and fatter. Its not GREAT for surviving hits, but it does make you bigger and to some extent tougher.

How fat do characters become? Well:

Size 60000 - average goblin elf or dwarf size
Size 70000 - average human size
Size 15000 or so - average child size
Size 125000 - average troll

Normally its basically impossible to see a creature's size. However DFHack lets you see their size. People have reported dwarven children, raised over a decade or so in the fort and trained every day (so we're not talking sedentaries by any means), getting size of 110000 to 130000!

People are frequently reporting kids hitting above their expectations, and killing improbable monsters. Why? Well, they're fucking HUGE.

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File: 103 KB, 288x499, 1348301741991.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We've had some fat NPCs in our game, but they're invariably used for comic relief. Our ST really hates fat people. (Thankfully, none of us players are fat.) I'm a bit more tolerant, because they keep making these fat people jokes and I just think it's a bit weird. Like, I think religious people are retarded, but I keep that to myself.

>> No.48498268

That's not even close to quitting food completely.

>> No.48498276

>This will never ever happen
I bet nobody in the history of humanity have ever said this and been wrong before.

Seriously though, it's pretty much inevitable, as long as we don't kill ourselves off before then via nukes or some bullshit disease. All it needs is time.

>> No.48498287

So basically every DF resident is a-la Alex Mercer: a monster of supertough tissue.

>> No.48498295

...but so fat has absolutely no effect on speed? Getting fatter is just better in every single way? That's an "interesting way" to handle it I guess.

>> No.48498299

>fat buddha
That is not correct, my unenlighted friend.

>> No.48498301

Yes, like I said apply to quitting unhealthy parts of your food intake and it'll already help.

>> No.48498315

Hey, thin people have this problem as well. I fucking hate food, but I'm forced to eat it, or I'll fucking die. That's no fun for me either, but I still have to do it. It's not that hard.

Also, quitting smoking is easier than people claim. Sure, it does take some willpower and I won't say it's EASY, but it's not as impossible as it's made out to be.

>> No.48498323

So why are Buddha statues always so fat then? Explain.

>> No.48498324

I remember the bug where if a dwarf walked though heated water (or something to that effect), that all the fat would MELT off their bodies and they'd bleed to death.

>> No.48498341

Boiling water then? Or just a hot bath? Weird.

It would be neat if that fat then clogged the pipes and made everything overflow.

>> No.48498354

It was a bug that set melting point of fat way too low, around summer room temperature.
Any interaction that forced a check for temperature would melt faces. Common use was a hallway with slightly heated water.

>> No.48498358

Ah, here it is. It was related to climate.


>> No.48498362

Ok, this will take a bit of explaining.

Fat = prosperity, so fat buddha basically means enlightened prosperity.

The "actual mythological" buddha actually took on a form of asceticism and got to levels of thinness that is usually reserved for corpses and supermodels. The guy fell in a river and nearly drowned because he was living on one nut or one leaf a day, and only survived because some watery tart fished him out and gave her some milk pudding to him if you know what I mean.

Fat buddha is basically like rich people claiming to be good christians, when jesus said you've got a better chance of getting a donkey through a needle than being rich and getting into heaven.

Ok, not that much explaining.

>> No.48498364

Because there's more than one Buddha.

>> No.48498386

Thanks for the explanation bro. Being deathly thin is probably not a very good idea either, I don't think Buddha sounds very wise to be honest. But what you're saying is basically that fat rich people make fat Buddha statues as if to say "hey, look at Buddha! He's fat. I'm fat too, we have so much in common!"

>> No.48498392

>In the West, the image of Budai is often mistaken for Gautama Buddha, and is hence called the Fat Buddha
I love how straight forward this is.

>> No.48498407

>fat baldie content with being a lazy bum
What a champ

>> No.48498433

Yes, fat affects speed. So does huge amounts of muscle, but strength also increases speed enough to usually make up for it.

There does not, ultimately, seem to be a significant drawback, however. So yes, being morbidly, impossibly obese is strictly advantageous. The only drawback is that fat makes you more vulnerable to death by fire.

The mustard race is probably superelephantly strong elephant men gifted with massive obesity, with their strength scores about 4x that of a normal elephant person, and who've hung out in a fort for ages, long enough to fatten up.

Size also determines thickness of armor.

>> No.48498465

Well, take it in context. Siddhartha was a prince noble lord dude, and was very sheltered. One day he managed to sneak out of the palace, and saw an old man, a corpse, and a aesthetic hermit, who told him that aestheticism was basically a get-out-of-dying-free card.

After that he got stuck in the "fuck, people DIE, man, that's fucking terrible" mindset.
"Wait, ascetics survive fuckloads, according to this one guy I met, let's try to starve myself to attain enlightenment."

Then he sat under a tree until he worked out "hey, the reason why this is bad is because people want stuff. If you don't want stuff, you can't be hurt."

>> No.48498478

>The "actual mythological" buddha actually took on a form of asceticism and got to levels of thinness that is usually reserved for corpses and supermodels. The guy fell in a river and nearly drowned because he was living on one nut or one leaf a day, and only survived because some watery tart fished him out and gave her some milk pudding to him if you know what I mean.

IIRC correctly he then realizes that it's best to take the healthy middle ground, so actual Buddha is probably normal build.

>> No.48498482

Basically the gist is 'stop giving a fuck about physical things'.

>> No.48498518

Yeah, basically that. He founded the middle way through the eightfold path.

But >>48498364 is also true. Buddha is a title, not a name. And there's that fat fuck who is just a hobo dude of fortune.

...after looking it up in wikipedia, the buddhist titles are pretty neat. It'd fit in with exalted pretty well.

Buddho – Awakened
Sammasambuddho – Perfectly self-awakened
Vijja-carana-sampano – Endowed with higher knowledge and ideal conduct.
Sugato – Well-gone or Well-spoken.
Lokavidu – Wise in the knowledge of the many worlds.
Anuttaro Purisa-damma-sarathi – Unexcelled trainer of untrained people.
Satthadeva-Manussanam – Teacher of gods and humans.
Bhagavathi – The Blessed one
Araham – Worthy of homage

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please, i see way worse in /fit/s fat hate thread. like having to use a very long brush to clean between their flaps.

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Did you look up the living Buddhas?

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That is a broken man.

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