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Black Crusade edition

This is a 40k alt-lore thread, new posters are welcome

Post your writefaggotry and argue about how cool it is.

Drawfags welcome.

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Old thread

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The wind whipped through Ionnas Komnene's hair. He wore no helmet, and the furry, matted curls of his hair roared about his head like the mane of a lion. His armor was halved blue and white. On his shoulder was an Gryphon sigil, gilded and decorated with precious gems. The other shoulder was bare of ornamentation, but bore the purple hue which only a Captain was permitted to wear. He sat in the command seat of a Storm pattern Land Speeder, a three-man gravship painted the same bright blue as Ionnas' armor. To Ionnas' left and right were his Excubitores, Symean and Zynobius, loyal officers who had served on the same speeder with him for decades. Flanking the ship in a flying v pattern were twelve riders. They rode warbikes with treads capable of crushing stones, and the far bikes on each flank had sidecars with mounted melta turrets. On the control array in front of Ionnas, an auspex showed Alpha squadron twelve kilometres to the west, and Gamma squad twelve kilometres to the east. No other signals appeared, the three dots sitting quietly on the dark plane of the auspex.

The world around Ionnas was flat and barren. White silicate sand covered this planet end to end, with only the occasional wadi or oasis offering haven for Imperial colonists. Ionnas' squadron, Beta squadron, sped through the night at high speed. They were, after all, on the hunt. Six ships had broken through the blockade and entered this system, called Kythera. Six enemy vessels, carrying unknown passengers or cargo, had made their way from xenos space into this system. This system, which had been officially bestowed upon the Gryphon Wing chapter by the White Angel himself. That insult could not be allowed. Ionnas' lord had tracked at least two of the ships to Kythera 2, and had dispatched three squadrons to investigate.

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"Sir," said Zynobius, "We are approaching Camp 15. No signs of xenos landing zones. Should we proceed through to Camp 16?" Ionnas pondered for a moment, then replied, "No, Brother sargeant, I think not. Bring us into the camp." The squadron rolled into the low canyon of Camp 15, one of the few successful settlements on the surface of Kythera II. Camp 15's buildings were dug into the canyon walls of a deep gully, living off seasonal flooding to feed their sparse crops. Those same crops were churned under the treads of Ionnas' squadron as they came to a stop in the center of the camp. Symean brought the speeder to full-stop, settling it into the dust. As it touched down, Ionnas and Zynobius dismounted, making their way toward the houses.

An Old Crone of a woman sat on the stoop of her sandstone hovel in front of the squadron. Where all the other colonists had hustled into their homes at the roaring of the bikes' engines, this woman stood resolute. Ionnas approached her, his shadow blocking out the sun. "Where are the ships, Matron?" said Ionnas, his voice silver smooth, "What have your people seen?" The Crone did not look up upon the Astartes' face, only sput out her chew and muttered, "You been ridin' the desert fer hours, yeh?" It took a moment for Ionnas to understand her accent, and he replied, "Nine hours, since we left Camp 14. What of it, crone?" The crone continued, "Seen the ripplins' on the horizon? Reflectin nothin at nothin?" Ionnas eyed the woman keenly, unsure at her point, "You mean Mirages? A world as flat as this with an albedo so high should cause many of them, I presume. What is your point, madame?" The woman finally turned her head upward, making eye contact with the Astartes, "'It 'taint Mirages, m'lord. Them's shadow-shields, twisting of the light, yes, but twisted by hands, not by nature, no, not by nature at all..." Ionnas' eyes widened as he began to understand. "Mount up!" he cried, hustling back to his command seat.

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Beta Squadron sped through the waning daylight. Ionnas kept his eyes on the horizon, scanning for any signs of disturbance. His eyes found what they were looking for, a glimmering shadow easily mistaken for a natural mirage. He diverted the squadron to a circular route around the target. Ionnas spoke into the vox transmitter on his armored gorget, "Orbital command code Epsilon Pi, subcode Beta, request drop." The vox crackled for a moment before responding in the robotic voice of a servitor helot, "Drop request confirmed, beta squadron. Report coordinates and await confirmation." Ionnas nodded to Symean, who calculated and transmitted drop vectors to the orbital command vessel in orbit. It was not long before they could hear the whistling cry and golden streaks of fire which foretold a Drop Pod attack. As the drop pods descended from the sky, Ionnas sped his squadron into tubrodrive, turning directly toward the target. Facing the objective, and getting closer, Ionnas could see the foe more clearly. Behind the shimmering shield was a rock-crete domed building. Surrounding that building were five towers with some sort of mounted gun platforms. Ionnas' heart beat loudly in his chest, and with each beat his landspeeder accelerated. "FOR THE GOD EMPEROR!" shouted Ionnas in a resonating harp-like voice, "MAY HIS ANGELS KNOW NO FEAR!" replied his men in unison.

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The Drop pods crashed to the ground ahead of Beta Squadron. The pods' angular structure was decorated with golden arches, and their surfaces painted with images of the Emperor's many Saints. The Paintings drew back with the doors, and from the pods spewed a cohort of the Gryphon Wing's comitatenses. The soldiers fired upon an enemy Ionnas could not yet see. The towers opened fire upon Ionnas' brothers, spewing icy-hot plasma down at them. Ionnas gave the order, and the multi-meltas of Beta Squadron opened fire. Super-heated beams of bore holes through the robotic turrets. As the dust of the drop pods' landing cleared, Ionnas could finally see the foe. Ionnas had just enough time to say "That cannot be!" before his squadron crashed into the enemy.

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Their armor was the same pale white of the sandy desert around them. Their design patterns were altered significantly, more angular and with increased mechanosupport, but Ionnas recognized them all the same: Astartes. Four of Ionnas' squadron crashed into the enemy, their bikes knocking down the mecha-paladins just long enough for their riders to recover. Sidearms and Power Swords drawn, the dismounted Gryphons engaged the enemy with their comitatenses brothers. The remainder of Ionnas' squad rode through the town, strafing what enemies they could with their bolters and melta guns. Ionnas' speeder itself unloaded its heavy bolter sponsons, pockmarking the armor of the Paladins with thousands of impact craters. The Paladins opened fire with their own xeno-enhanced fusion cannons, burning any of the encircling marines who got too close. From within the domed structure came reinforcements for the enemy: Tau fire warriors. Ionnas pulled his squadron around for another strafing run. Turning to his Excubitores, Ionnas spoke, "Brothers, I mean to dismount and face the enemy. Fight well from the skies!" In a hailfire of bullets and plasma, Ionnas leapt from the landspeeder as it zoomed by. He drew his blade, as he fell, he plunged it into one of the paladins. "Traitors!" Ionnas boomed, "You dare turn against the Imperium of Man? I will have your head for this!" The largest paladin turned to face Ionnas. Its blocky shoulderpads were painted with grey sigils, visible only up close. Ionnas' eyes widened as he took in the sigils. "The Inquisition? You are Inquisitors? This is heresy!" He pulled his hand-flamer from its maglocked holster, and fired it at the ground before the paladins. The promethium burned the sand, turning it to glass.

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The Paladins fired, and the Gryphons closed in from all sides. Bolter shells exploded among the fire warriors even as assault marines crashed in among them. The Paladins killed marines by the score with their fusion guns, but one by one the Multi-Meltas of Beta Squadron tore them apart. Ionnas struck one of the paladins with his sword, dousing him with promethium and kicking the armored form to the ground. As the paladin within cooked in his armor, Ionnas knelt down and examined its helmet. He pulled on a catch, and the armor plating opened to reveal the marine within. His nose was like that of a snake's, and his skin was as pale as his armor. The paladin hissed at Ionnas, "Your people have burned the stars for centuries!" Its voice was shrill and resonated with vibrato, "Not here, not anymore. This world is protected, and you shall spread your madness no further!" The mutated creature spat on Ionnas, uttering curses at him. Ionnas placed the head of his hand flamer into the Paladin's armor, and doused the fiend in the God Emperor's holy promethium.

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more like Imperium ass-thunder amirite

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This is meant to be going on on the edge of the Tau Empire, right?

I imagine Tau territory is basically 40K Afghanistan with the Angels pushing in while the Paladins prop up the Tau with logistical and industrial support.

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Well i kind of wanted there to be a thing about the void dragon either dying or getting out of
mars in the battle


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We doing the "C'tan are shards" thing?

The Dragon of Mars would probably be a particularly big, beyond-Transcendent shard in that case.

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Its release would be an interesting predicament for the Necrons. I always feel like they have things too easy in standard canon, so giving them a seriously powerful nemesis like that is a good idea in my opinion.

It'd also be a cool little hiccup for Chaos forces trying to push through the Tempestus Gap. A fully mobile, free-willed C'tan shard of The Dragon's power would definitely not want Chaos supremacy, and could be a real thorn in their side.

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Id love to have that be a part of this cannon, another fighter added to the mix you know. Part of that is the fight for mars during the herasy becomes a much bigger deal because of this
Also i think it would make the fists of mars a bit more interesting since it kind of screws with their whole omnissiah thing

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What in this canon though can pose a threat to the void dragon? Its beyond everything except maybe the chaos gods themselves.

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Well its awakening would coincide with the eye of terra opening so the idea that it gets smacked down pretty hard by chaos gods could totally work there

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wouldnt they be pretty weakened by the fight with the Emp?

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Im not talking about the chaos marines and such i mean when the portal to chaos opens up after the emp dies, all sorts of shit spews out of that rearing for a fight

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Well, The Dragon of Mars wouldn't be the complete Void Dragon. It'd be an extremely powerful shard, more powerful than any we can field on the tabletop.

Some of the Daemon Primarchs could probably fight it and not be destroyed utterly. With sufficient plot on their side, great hero types might be able to too. Solitaires and the like.

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maybe im off the mark, but I understood it to be mighty powerful as >>48467474 says.

I don't know what the warp is spitting out that can slow it down noticibly.

And onces its free, whats to stop it attempting to reform - and if nothing can stop it - how does the universe handling it max power?

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I'm just trying to think up interesting angles on the situation. Personally i would suggest it's pretty boring if nothing happens with the void dragon after mars gets wrecked by chaos. I dont think it would be unreasonable to suggest that crazy shit that happens when the emperor dies would in some way weaken the power of the void dragon and i also think that having a hugely powerful end of the universe threat isn't really out of the ballpark for 40k so long as we find a reason for it to be slow about the whole thing.

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The Dragon could simply be taking a good amount of time in getting its hundreds of others shards. They're split between a whole bunch of Necron dynasties and heavily guarded. Just finding them would be hard, taking them would require resources and planning. Furthermore, as soon as the Necrons realize this massive shard is loose, they're going to be gunning for it. It may be able to destroy any individual Necron or war machine single-handedly, but I doubt it would want to fight one of the larger Dynasties by itself, let alone several of them.

It would probably have taken its time gathering underlings and maybe even allies. There are other, much smaller, rogue shards, mostly of the Nightbringer and the Deceiver. It would probably not want to alert the Dynasties to just how great a threat it is until it has to.

The Void Dragon is one of the smarter C'tan. It shouldn't just go on a rampage like the Nightbringer or the Outsider might.

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An addition to this: It could be manipulating elements within the Forgespace to its end. Many of them believe the Emperor wasn't Omnissiah, and that the true saviour is yet to arrive?

Twisting the Mechanicum from within is The Void Dragon's whole thing in main canon fluff. The Dragon of Mars could have a web of corruption and conspiracy spanning Forgespace, perhaps resulting in greater Fists of Mars aggression against Necron holdings it suspects have its (or other) shards in their possession.

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actually i really like that especially with the how Sinistrum becomes a brain in a box. Because of that the forge space is filled with red tape and politics with everyone bickering of what the right course of action is and who really has the highest authority.

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Possible rough timelime:

1. The Siege Solar begins around Terra. Mechanicus warships, taken by surprise, are corralled into a defensive firefight around the Red Planet. In the chaos, the Emperor-class battleship is struck down, and experiences a total Warp Drive collapse as its fiery corpse crashes down on the surface of Mars. The explosion is great enough to shake the planet to its very core, and in the deepest and oldest of vaults, the engrammic wards holding the The Dragon of Mars flicker and fail. Lucid for the first time in millennia, the ancient C'tan shard reaches out with its mind, infesting the cranial cogitators and internal cybernetics of nearby techpriests. In the panic set off by the blast, commandeering the Ark Mechanicus Resonant Truth is easy, and the Dragon escapes into the dark of the void.

2. A significant portion of the original C'tan, the Dragon of Mars remembers much of what it once was, and that it is not whole. Directing the Resonant Truth far out into the galactic fringe, the star vampire begins plotting its return to wholeness, sifting through its disjointed, incomplete memories for any hint at where its lesser shards could be imprisoned.

3. Picking at the old stones of the outer fringe yields results of an unexpected kind. The Dragon discovers that its betrayers have entombed themselves in stasis, finding the holdings of a lesser Necron house. Forcing its will upon their systems, it jolts them awake, though not before altering their consciousness protocols to ensure loyalty. Now with the command of a Necron fleet, the Dragon continues to move through the shadows of the galaxy, watching the young races regroup and form their petty empires, searching for its missing self-shards. It manages to subvert several Necron tomb worlds, amassing a substantial fleet, and even frees several of its kin, but it has less luck with tracking down its own scattered elements.

>> No.48469518

4. The Dragon realizes that the expanse of stars is too vast for one soul, even one as vast as a C'tan, to search alone. Studying the civilizations of mankind, it finds ideal tools in the forms of the Forgespace and the Kor Protectorate. In its slumber, the Dragon engraved its image into Mechanicus culture, and the Protectorate is full of enterprising fools willing to barter with powers beyond their comprehension. Slowly, carefully, the Dragon insinuates itself into both realms, spreading its agents and agenda through their infrastructure.

I'll do more later.

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b u m p

Are all the Americans asleep or something?

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We're all at work right now. Even I am.

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Cross country bus, actually.

Reading over Vraks for shits and giggles and it got me thinking about state organization.

I'm thinking that the Sky Serpents play an active role in administering their domains and the state cult is just that. Unaugmented humans can serve the state by passing civil service exams, the same ones that the astartes have to pass to be admins, it's just that in practice, Astartes live a lot longer and are much smarter than the average human.

The legion's Librarius corps is similar to the White Scars stormseers in function and general attitude, if not practice, and they're given advisory positions over the cult, but there is no ecclesiarchy in the Imperium's sense.
This, I'm thinking has a lot to do with the Xun's teachings and his 'Lecticio Divinitatus', which he'll have written in collaboration with Malcador.
I doubt it's used anywhere outside the Jade Empire, but I'm thinking of doing something akin to a Daoist/Buddhist/Shinto feel with some Mesoamerican bits, as part of a way of playing around with the setting, again, I'm seeing this legion as a way of really messing with the cultural formula of 40k.

I'll put up ideas in a few hours.

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5. The Necron Dynasties begin to awaken across the galaxy. At first, the Dragon of Mars manages to avoid detection, using its influence within Forgespace and the Protectorate to fight proxy wars against the rising tide of old enemies, but soon the larger Dynasties begin to detect traces of its influence, finding more and more of their holdings gutted during their long slumber. The Dragon invents much of its resources in the development of several worlds in the Tempestus Segmentum into into forge worlds, setting up a seemingly benign Mechanicus cult that the Crusader States - particularly the Fists of Mars - would find worthy of protection, given their tactical position at the mouth of the Tempestus Gap. It keeps its enslaved Necron houses scattered throughout the galaxy, fighting and raiding from other Necrons when the opportunity arises, searching for any trace of their master's self-shards.

>> No.48473686

This sounds like a potential for Fists vs Scions warfare. Elements among the Scions become more and more interested in the Necrons, and the Scions do their best to root those heretics out. However, the Fists of Mars hear about this tech-heresy and the Void Dragon manipulates their leaders into aggression.

>> No.48474664

I can dig it.

>> No.48474760

>Tor Ironheads
Space-Prussians, ride cybernetic mounts.

>Vytorian High Guard
Patton IN SPACE, armored warfare

>Grogan Thunderheads
Space North to the Fire-Eaters' Space South, artillery specialists

>idk yet
Sisters of Battle, but Guard

Three more after I'm done with the Tor Ironheads.

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>Vytorian High Guard

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File: 167 KB, 525x991, Ironhead Inspiration.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Tor Ironheads

The terrible realm of the Hunting Grounds are the birthplace of many traitor regiments whose doctrines are forged by the Bloodhounds' bloodlust and love of fresh meat. The unfortunate denizens of the North are caught in an eternal hunt for prey and foes, the unending cycle of blooded seasons bringing new quarry. In such a violent realm there can only be the hunter and the hunted, the ruler and the servant. The nobility of the industrial world Tor take great joy in hunting, especially the most dangerous game of them all. When the Bloodhounds head south they are undoubtedly joined by the Tor Ironheads on their robotic mounts, whose scouts are ever vigiliant, ever watchful. Their high mounts stalk the battlefield, their lasguns aim far, their eyes see to the ends of the Earth. Then, once they have found their prey, the regiment gathers for the slaughter. They charge the enemy, overrun them with steel too tough for lasbolts, legs too swift for cannon fire. Once the prey is encircled and slaughtered the Ironheads take their trophies. They post the heads of the fallen on spikes, take the wargear as prizes. The hunt is complete when the bodies of the enemy are shredded by scavenging vermin and rotted by maggots and fungus.

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File: 296 KB, 2448x3264, Not a Vytorian, but Patton's tank uniform design.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

These guys are next.

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First of all, this is cool. I don't want to try and stifle what your doing at all.

The problem is though, that the Dragon is already immensely powerful, the Emperor himself barely able to defeat it.

Couple its immense strength with its intellect (as said before this guy is also crafty, doesnt need to straight up brawl)

Then throw in the fact it can corrupt & hijack machinery and this is a huge threat - and more so, its not any particular factions issue - so they are less likely to actively come after it, allowing it almost limitless freedom of action.

Then add in that is has
>several Necron tomb worlds, amassing a substantial fleet, and even frees several of its kin,

to make it work, but to make it fit I think we need to put some restraints on it.

part 1!

>> No.48475990

So lets look at the resources it has now.
(A) A substancial fleet, keep in mind that necron ships are RIDICULOUS in canon.

IRT Cairn-Class tomb-ships
>two warships proved to be nigh unstoppable opponents that annihilated everything in their path.

The only instances that caused these ships to disengage was assaults from the Minotaurs 1st Company in boarding actions, and even then they barely achieved that (at significant cost). OR when the High Marshal Helbrecht drove on into a Star.

And their cruisers are just as bad.
IRT Scythe class harvest ships
>A minor Imperial fleet of 6 Escort ships and 1 Light Cruiser were destroyed, with the only survivor being a single Cobra-class Destroyer.
By a single Scythe.

>at least twenty Scythe-class Harvest Ships...
>they destroyed many times their number in Imperial warships and had shattered the combat effectiveness of Battlefleet Orpheus by the time they disengaged.

(B) several of its Kin.
At this point, the space & ground forces it controls are unlike anything we have seen in canon under a single banner (except possibly the great crusade).

The problem as I see it, is that in traditional 40k canon, the balancing of necron fluff with their power levels is that the shards are broken apart, the worlds are largely sleeping, and even when they wake up they rarely unite.

This scenario has none of those. The Dragon is strong beyond anything in the material realm to start, is smart to boot (so incompetent leadership doesnt fit), is actively waking them up, and when it does so has them join it.

To reiterate, I like the idea and want

>> No.48476109

I agree. The Dragon is powerful enough that it creates narrative problems, so we have to be careful.

What if the Void Dragon is somehow 'injured' by the impact on Mars and its awakening? Maybe its mind is atrophied from millennia in a comatose state. It hides in the deep void, tentatively reaching out with subtly manipulations while it heals.

It can be another of the "the galaxy is doomed as soon as X gets its shit together" villains that make 40k so fun.

>> No.48476177

Does the Void Dragon have to stay on Mars? Would it be going too far to have it leave for a place less-surrounded by enemies?

>> No.48476208

We could put him on Tyche instead.

>> No.48476219

>The problem is though, that the Dragon is already immensely powerful, the Emperor himself barely able to defeat it.

I'm not sure that's actually canon anymore. Not since the shard retcon kicked in.

>> No.48476224

Eh, I'll come back to Vytoria tomorrow.

>> No.48476227

I think it definitely HAS to leave mars. It'd wake up and leave. The Warmaster wouldn't abide it living nearby, and visa versa.

>> No.48476458

Well let's think about what it does. It's smart, powerful, alien in the extreme. Keeping it chained up is somehow vital for humanity's ability to use technology.
When the thing was last running about, chaos wasn't yet a thing.
The Ctan could not directly influence the material universe in some way such that they required the necrons.
Warp-tech is some kind of a threat to them, suggested by the extreme antipathy that they have towards the warp and the fact that they continued the war on the Old Ones after securing the necron's souls.
The Ctan needed the necrons to make their bodies and these bodies can be destroyed.
If I recall correctly, they can also be trapped in complex dimensional prisons like tesseract vaults.
They can also interact with souls, IE, to eat them

>> No.48476784

So they're metaphysical in some way, but don't operate in quite the same way as the Warp, given that the Warp was really developed by the Old Ones, right?

So perhaps the Ctan would inevitably come into conflict with Chaos and an awakened Void Dragon would find that it had common cause with The Emperor. It's not like it would be loyal to the Necrons and if it had no body and nobody who knew how to make a necrodermis body for it, then, if it lost its body in escaping from Mars, then it would be SOL, since it would have to negotiate with the Necrons to build it a new body, which they'd be in no hurry to do.

In fact, it would probably be looking for someone who would do the legwork for it on how to make a new body, perhaps a legion with an interest in Necrons.

Of course, Ctan are cruel buggers, so it would be better for everyone if it never got that body, which the Emperor might well try to divinely signal, meaning that every so often someone would get a cryptic vision warning of danger from undying space.

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10/10 posts

What if the Dragon lives in the firewall for a while? It schemes there, hunting warpsmithed chaos ships and quixotic crusaders until it learns where the Necrons are sleeping. It chooses a Tomb World which the Scions have unknowingly built a fortress monastery on.

It starts infiltrating data networks and finds connections into the Dreadnought Vaults. Any sufficiently cybernetic techmarines, all the servitors and mechanicus support staff, every security system gets infiltrated by the Dragon in the blink of an eye. Dreadnoughts and servitors and shit start mindlessly marching into the deep caverns of the planet, with biologicals asking them 'dude wtf u doin?' They march down further and open vaults which had never been opened before. Out march the Crons.

Dragonhacker taking control of large mechas and shit mite b cool.

>> No.48478305

This really makes me want to paint my necron battleforce, guys.

>> No.48478392

do it senpai

>> No.48478426

Maybe I'm mistaken, but wasn't there some sort of "ancient xeno presence" in the Istvaan system? And Cassian Dracos developed some sort of machine empathy. If it was some sort of necron artifact, then his abilities may be due to them, and we might see stuff like that showing up with the Undying.

>> No.48478981
File: 73 KB, 720x960, 691201_md-Cape, Conversion, Green, Necrons, New, Overlord, Plastic, Stuff.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Maybe I'm mistaken, but wasn't there some sort of "ancient xeno presence" in the Istvaan system?
That would be the Warsingers who are pretty cool priestesses of slaanesh

I think there should be some sort of Necron artifact on one of the Vigil Worlds. Like the pillars of Cadia, in scope but different in purpose. What about some sort of Necrontyr forge, capable of crating new fleshmetal? The void Dragon and his necron slaves want it, the Fists of Mars want it, the Behemoth Guard and Iron Hearts want it, and the Undying Scions just want everyone to fuck off, including the heretic traitors in their own ranks who want it.

The conflict as a whole could be one of the numbered Crusades.

>> No.48479103

>The Ninth Crusade
With the emergence of the innumerable legions that make up the necron race, the Unyielding Vigil was torn in two. A sizeable faction of dreadnoughts and techmarines were corrupted into the service of the Void Dragon, one of the masters of the necrons which they had cast off long ago. Secretly supported by free necrons, great fleets from Forge Space brought their armaments to bear in scouring the Unyielding Vigil of these traitors. The untainted sons of Sarco Funerus, however, could not allow this transgression to go unpunished, and soon pushed back into the realms of the Fists of Mars.

>> No.48479283

M36 First Stirrings
Odd flesh metal ships are sighted with increasing frequency along the Firewall, particularly in the Undying Vigil. It is at first assumed to be the newest horror from the fever dreams of Gengrat Vannevar, but warp soundings taken from Jade Empire Astrologic Observatories show that these fleets are based in the Firewall, as often as not originating from Vigil Space.
On several occasions, traitor legion fleets are sighted engaging these flesh metal ships.

I'm thinking that the Jade Empire may blame the Undying Vigil and after some false flag nonsense, may get an invasion fleet together. Heck, the VoidDragon may even be sparking a civil war in the Vigil. Even as it departs, the Firewall blinks out along sections of the Undying Vigil border and heretics pour in, the Void Dragon hoping to use the confusion of the crusade to annex the fortress world.
Over the course of the war, the Void Dragon drags it into warp storms, but maybe a freak warp storm prevents the void dragon from achieving all its goals. It makes off with a bunch of necron shit, but the planet sinks into the warp? Or it gets exterminatused?

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File: 291 KB, 1024x713, necron_vs_khorne_by_faroldjo-d9wgmz7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I really, really like this.

>> No.48479455

You may not have been here so I'll oat this again:


Rain fell like ice picks on Marius' ceramite form. Wind howled around him as lightning flashed nearby. If there was thunder, Marius did not hear it over what the words of the towering dreadnought before him.


Orpheus' chassis was marred with filthy xenotech: obstructing the dark purple of their legion colors from view was a shiny black substance. Necrodermis, as the heretekal magos that Marius had purged called it.

"Xenos shall have no dominion over Mankind or its works," Marius replied, quoting one of the tenets that the Emperor had laid forth at the outset of the Great Crusade. One that he had oft repeated to himself during the past months. "They have naught to offer us but death and misery."


“The path you go down can only lead to ruination!” Marius warned.


“The sarcophagi grant us strength, brother. The Eldar can be beat back with the help of our ally states!”


It was then that Marius knew his brother was too far gone to see reason. There was only one way to cure him of his delusion.

Marius detonated the melta charges.

>> No.48479467

Post* fuck

>> No.48479498
File: 200 KB, 786x1017, 1420408973992.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah this is metal as fuck

>> No.48479588

I'd also like to point out that Mandragora is in the no man's land west of Tau space.

>> No.48479661
File: 521 KB, 1144x952, NecronTerritory.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's a map

>> No.48479710

I want in on this Necron action. Here goes another writefag attempt.

"Garvus, I'm well aware of the threat these 'Necrons' pose. We just don't have the resources to commit to a war with the entire race."

Garvus Draedell, Captain of the Errant Paladins and Champion of the Protectorate, stood before his Primarch hoping to gain his support in fighting against the Void Dragon's armies. It was going about as well as he expected.

"Besides, we have reports of some of these aliens interacting peacefully with our people! You would forsake their whole race based on the actions of so few?"

Looking up at his leader's throne, a wave of anger washed over Garvus. This is how it always was. Garvus would ask for more resources for his men, and Kor would deny it. Or worse, he would lecture Garvus. There was a reason Draedell had volunteered to lead the Errants, and during his meetings with Kor any doubts he had about doing so were discarded faster than a crashing Thunderhawk.

"What is it I always tell you, Captain?" As if he'd forget.

"Judge not the xeno for the actions of his brothers, but on his own."

"That's right! Yet every time you come to me, it seems you need to be reminded. Your time with the Errants has done you good, but I fear their more warlike traits may be affecting you negatively."

That might be true, but at least Garvus wasn't sitting idly by while his brothers fought for the fate of the galaxy! "My lord, I don't think you understand the gravity of-"


>> No.48479733



"I understand it perfectly, Captain. That is why you have my permission to take whatever resources you need from the Capital Vault to make a comprehensive threat-assesment of these Necrons."

Garvus was stunned. "My lord?"

"The armoury and treasury are open to you, Captain. Take what you need, and report back to me when you can give a proper report on their capacity for destruction."

Surprised, Garvus stood up and saluted his Primarch. Had Draedell misjudged his progenitor so much?

"I shall not let you down, my lord! When I return, you shall know just how dangerous these monsters are!"

The captain saluted once more, and moved to leave the throneroom. As he left, Kor said one final thing.

"If they are as dangerous as you say, you will not come back at all."

Of course. As it always was with the Primarch.
Hope this isn't terrible.

>> No.48480678

Just my 2c, but I think we are better off having it have escaped into the void - and then not touching it again in any significant way.

I'd suggest handling it in a sort of "evidence suggests... / Imperial scholars debate whether XYZ / unexplained events.

This way, we can keep it in the setting, we can even hint that it has occassionally taken a more active part in events, but we leave the rest blank - forever unexplained with any validity.

Such as:

>> No.48480686

++ Imperial Chronicler Johnathan Drake Personal Log ++

>Day 1054.
>My investigation into what has now become known as the Protius Conundrum has yet again ended abruptly. A paranoid man might even believe the universe plots against him. A lesser man maybe, not not I.

>Recent interviews with the Knight-Commander of Operating Base Omega III suggest that the Astartes believe the machinery of the planet was not controlled by some malicious spirit as the civilian population believes, instead a simple misfunctioning algorithm turned the servitors against the factory workers.

> Indeed, from what scarce findings there are infact to be found, the Machinist-Telepath i've brought with me can find no warp-affliction to credit this event to, suggesting it was not an attack by the Great Enemy.

> What question I truly seek to answer is the one no-one else seems interested in... Whatever the problem, whatever the cause, who was it that fixed it? how? why?

> For exactly 4 hours 13 minutes and 21 seconds - every machine, servitor, and system in an entire system went rogue, irreparable damage was done, thousands lost their lives, though only a handful of accounts suggest the rogue machines actively sought to cause harm - could such an event be random?

> I am to be urgently recalled to the Council to report on my findings, I will leave Jurgo here to finalise the last threads of investigation, some raving prophet of the minor cult "Mechanico Deus" claims to have visions from a metal dragon who can see through the eyes of machines - likely the ravings of a madman, but considering the lack of other sources, it must be looked at.

>> No.48480737

>"If they are as dangerous as you say, you will not come back at all."

I get what youre going for here, but something about this rubs me the wrong way.

because either he thinks the captain is dead wrong, and is wasting resources on a golden goose. OR he thinks the captain might have a point, and jokingly is like "u ded now, bye".

I think it might be improved by just changing it to.

>"If they are as dangerous as you believe Captain, you'd best hope you make it back at all."

I donno, maybe im over thinking it?

>> No.48480792
File: 75 KB, 604x960, 13668980_1756819797893290_2594062463344901098_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think the Void Dragon's participation in stuff should be questionable. Maybe he's responsible for things, maybe he isn't, reports in the Ninth Crusade might be contradictory. Records might also be expunged by Inquisitors, Silent Sisters, Eyes of the Warmaster, and regular old rogue trader theives.

Administratum historians on the libroworlds of Imperium Minorum in M41 might debate the veracity of accounts of some 'malignant force' controlling the Necrons during the Ninth Crusade in M36.

This rubs me the right way.

>> No.48481009

In any case, I think IF the VD is growing in power, or accumulating resources or whatever..

AT BEST it should be hearsay.
At worst it should be contradicted a dozen ways from sunday.

IF the VD shows up in person, then the only reports are from the 1 or 2 lucky dudes to have survived the utter destruction of the continent/planet/system.

Thats the way I'd play it anyway, it is too big and powerful to legitimately introduce into the setting without either A: arbitrary parameters to stop its power, or B: having it just win.

So lets just have it be an enigma, something so unfathomably powerful, intelligent, and alien (in perspective) that we cannot grasp its intentions.

The only thing we do know is it doesnt like Chaos and Chaos doesnt like it.

Honestly, I wouldnt even have it manipulate the normal factions. Id have it be suggested by some abstract philosopher - that should such a being actually exist, it would be akin to a Lion taking an active roll in the management of an ant colony, whilst a buffalo is wandering around in its savanna.

>> No.48481273

>AT BEST it should be hearsay.
>At worst it should be contradicted a dozen ways from sunday.
I agree, partly because ambiguity is more interesting, and partly because the dragon really would leave little trace for imperial recordkeepers to figure things out.

>> No.48482577

Ooh that could tie into the ghost ship, daemon sword idea i had for the broken blades where they essentially suicide crusade at full pace into the segmentum solar because a tzeentch daemon operating under the guise of ghost klaus told them to.

>> No.48484062


>> No.48484649

I just had an idea, how many worlds worship the primarch whose territory they fall in instead of the emperor? There'd be cults of Alexios on pretty much every backwater world in Imperium Minorum.

>> No.48485170

I reckon there'd be straight up cults where these Primarchs are deities and in some cases have become conflated with the Emperor (after all, they basically WERE the emperors of their Crusader States while alive), then there'd be sects where they're treated more like saints or angels.

Or, in the Jade Empire's case, bodhisattvas.

>> No.48486469

I guess most of their stuff in Segmentums Solar, Obscurus and Pacificus would be gone?

Or maybe they'd be a serious thorn in the Dark Imperium's side that is preventing the full power of the Imperial war machine from descending upon Segmentum Tempestus? The blast of Warp-energies could have triggered an early awakening for Necron worlds in Chaos space. Or maybe The Dragon started awakening them for its army, and failsafes caused other Tomb Worlds to spark to life all across the Chaos-held regions of the galaxy?

They might need more stuff in Chaos space to be relevant, as the eastern side of the galactic map is pretty cramped in this continuity.

>> No.48488783

Gentle bump.

>> No.48490757

I actually quite like the idea of a big Necron presence in Pacificus.

There's ample room, and it would mean the Warmaster's forces have more fights going on than many of the Crusader States realize. They could be a real problem, what with all the warp-nullifying technology they have access to. If these are C'tan controlled Necrons then they'd be producing stuff like Pariahs too.

>> No.48491430
File: 358 KB, 1920x1080, ZzjdEqP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think there should be some schism/differences among the Necrons.

The leaderless Mephrit and untrustworthy Nekthyst dynasties are awakened and secretly enslaved by the Void Dragon. They are woken up early, before the other necron tomb worlds awaken or are discovered by humans. These are the Necrons of the Ninth Crusade.

The Atun Dynasty wakes up at the same time, picking up shockwaves of the Void Dragons' control of their kin. These Necrons oppose the Void Dragon, not wanting to be controlled, and also wanting the Necrontyr Forge in the vigil worlds (which we should give a cool name) for themselves. This could be a Necron x Astartes enemy of my enemy team-up a la Blood Angels or it could be a third party who's both your ally and your enemy situation like Eldar in Dawn of War games.

Thokt and Sarnekh dynasties are awoken by chaos warpstorms during the heresy. Their primary goal is the destruction of chaos to put an end to the warp storms which are Anathema to necrons. These provide a second opponent to the Warmaster's forces, particularly the Behemoth Guard who claim Pacificus as theirs. Another enemy makes the stalemate between Chaos and Crusaders make more sense. They are mostly unaware of the Void Dragon's status because they're too embroiled in constant warfare to learn about current events.

The powerful Sautekh dynasty and the lesser Nihilakh, Charnovokh, Sekemtar, Dynavakh, and other dynasties of the east are more like vanilla OU necrons. They wake up later on in M40/M41, by that point only a vaguely remembered threat to the Crusaders. In the aftermath of the Twelfth Crusade, and with the additional arrival of the Tyranids, the Kor Protectorate and Imperium Minorum are both utterly crippled, standing on the precipice of obliteration when the 13th Crusade comes.

>> No.48491432

Speaking of pariahs, what would a chaos empire do with its blanks? They can't be sacrificed to the dark gods as they have no souls.
Oh shit what if the warmaster is able to use the ruinous powers to his own ends because he's a blank?

>> No.48491500

Blanks would make extremely good spies/assasins. Especially given the Warmaster's disposition and sneakyness, maybe he even keeps chaos versions of the Assasinorum?

Blanks are also extremely useful for the handling of daemons. Daemons don't attack them and can barely even see them or realize they exist, and Daemons aren't aggressive in general when in the presence of Pariahs. If you're running some sort of daemon pit where you sacrifice humans and turn them into daemons, a keeping a Pariah around to keep things 'safe' could be very useful.

>> No.48491515

Also Primarchs literally can't be blanks. They were created using the warp.

>> No.48491793

This is fundamentally what stopped me in the very first "create your own primarch" thread from making Raydon a blank.

I was tempted to anyway (not knowing what the thread would evolve into) but in the end, I just couldnt justify it, regardless of how awesome I thought it would be.

>> No.48493175
File: 32 KB, 201x281, Warp Raiders.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thinking about putting some more work int the Warp Raiders. They've been untouched for too long.

How do you guys feel about them being secret semi-loyalists, a la Alpha Legion? Oramar discovers the nature of the Primordial Annihilator, but also the Anethama (the Emperor.) He's the type to use his enemy's weapons against them, as he does with the Eldar, so he uses sorcery against Chaos. He starts gazing into the Warp more and more, trying to learn the nature of Chaos so he can defeat it. He keeps this knowledge mostly secret, but he tells the Warmaster, Anshul, and Balthasar, all of which he mistakenly trusts. The Warmaster and Anshul's respective ambition and curiosity get the better of them, and Balthasar narcs in Oramar to daddy, triggering Nikaea.

They flee after Nikaea and start hiding across the galaxy, hiding in warp pockets and the webway. They establish contact with Eldar and the Cabal, and start doing their best to curtail the power of the Primordial Annihilator.

>> No.48493302

>working with Eldar
>trying to use chaos against chaos

these two are mutually exclusive to my mind, the Eldar (while yes use pskers) are too smart to align themselves with someone who is naive enough to think they can use sorcery to defeat chaos.

>> No.48493304

That could work. The other direction we could take them and I've been throwing out there is that Oramar gets in way over his head with Slaught-tech and chaos craziness and ends up feeling pretty vindictive towards everyone.

>> No.48493367

More like the Cabal than craftworld Eldar. Oramar is an "any means necessary" kind of guy, and seeks out others with like minds.

>> No.48493402

And I was thinking that Oramar shoes some of his stuff to Xun, given their similar interests. Xun considers telling the Emperor and confides in Raydon, but if it's Balthazar that narcs, that would work pretty well, as Oramar could blame Xun and Xun could blame Raydon, messing up loyalist cohesion pre-heresy.

I think it would make more sense if Oramar gets clued in by the Eldar, but takes it way too far and really goes off the deep end. I'm imagining him ending up as a well intentioned extremist, who ends up summoning daemons to fight chaos, like if Lorgar was a Malal fanboy.

>> No.48493442

I mentioned Balthasar because Spess Wolves. Xun being the one to trigger Nikaea makes some sense as well, though.

>> No.48493455

>I'm imagining him ending up as a well intentioned extremist, who ends up summoning daemons to fight chaos, like if Lorgar was a Malal fanboy.
Exactly what I'm picturing as well.

>> No.48493781
File: 533 KB, 1320x1600, andrei-pervukhin-coboi-final-1600.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A rare pict-capture of the noble men of the Protectorate Marshals in action.

>> No.48493991

Saw this on reddit a whole ago and immediately thought of the protectorate

>> No.48494760


>> No.48495012

Wow, I love this pic-

Hate this picture, get rid of it!

>> No.48495160

You crazy son

>> No.48495578
File: 140 KB, 783x467, BALTHASAR.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The Emperor tasks the Bloodhounds with the prosecution of the Warp Raiders after Nikaea
>years later
>Balthasar's expedition encounters the Interex
>Balthasar thinks Oramar is hiding on their worlds
>fuck diplomacy we hunt
>bigass purge of world eater proportions
>Discover the Anathame
>Warp rift opens
>Oramar says just as keikaku
>Slashes Balthasar with the Anathame
>metal as fuck warp dream
>Warmaster contacts Balthasar in the warp
>Join me and we'll kill stuff forever
>Balthasar says kool
>joins Chaos, embracing Khorne
>Grabs Anathame and breaks it into pieces
>gives the pieces to his captains

>> No.48495881

In Nemesis, they have a rather silly thing where a daemon is a symbiot with a null.
It's a dumb idea, but perhaps there's a way we could have Warmaster have a warp dampening effect, perhaps akin to the Nid shadow in the warp. He might distort the warp around him, which is why people have trouble remembering details about him.
Heck, that could explain why his marines can be everywhere--you have a hard time noticing them and even if you see one, you tend to forget about them, sort of like Corax and his boys.

If psykers have + souls and nulls have - souls, then these guys might have souls that are fractions or irrational numbers that clash with the warp's architecture, similar to how the Ctan can interact with souls, but not the warp.

>> No.48496188

Aye. I'm thinking that Xun and Malcador design their religion very carefully and keep it as a framework into which local ritual can easily be slotted, akin to the way Buddhism has been able to integrate itself successfully with various cosmologies.
The primary axis is about self actualization and the enlightenment, with nebulous forces of chaos or evil being described as illusion and lies. In an ideal world, each human would be free to follow the example of the Emperor and seek virtue, but humanity is beset on all sides by enemies. Humanity is at war and as a result, everyone has a duty they must fulfil in this lifetime, whether that be being a good citizen, dying in the defense of humanity, the Emperor's vision, and the Empire, or something else.
Chaos isn't so much evil as fundamentally misguided and self defeating, it is the path of fools. The Emperor shows the way to what is good, to enlightenment.
I suppose in real world terms, you might say that:
The Emperor became enlightened while still alive and lived as a sage. He saw the Dao and lived by it. (This doesn't mean that he never made mistakes, but he saw clearly and he was committed to providing a path for people to follow. In this way, he was more a bodhisattva than the Buddha.)
Every human has dharma that they must fulfill, both for their own good and for that of humanity. Ideally, this is an integration into the Dao, coming to satori, sunyata.
Chaos is antithetical to the Dao. It is motivated by illusions about the nature of reality. They don't cite the chaos gods by name, but they do speak of 4 major delusions.
There is the fallacy of control. The Dao is outside of our control. (Tzneetch)
There is the fallacy of rage. Anger and destruction will not help, rather it merely entraps you further in the Web of illusion. (Khorne)
There is the fallacy of senses. Always seeking a new pleasure and sensation makes you a slave to them, there is no liberation there. (Slaneesh)

>> No.48496371

There is the fallacy of stagnation. Simply because we do not control everything does not mean that we should cease seeking enlightenment. Through our labors we can attain the Dao and become junzi. All is not decay. (Nurgle)

Ideally, it provides an ideological firewall against the temptations of chaos while motivat8ng everyone to do their best and not being too distant from what the Emperor was actually trying to achieve for humanity.

Sin doesn't really enter into it. Instead, failing in one's duty is shameful and losing out on virtue. Basically, karma is a bitch.
Reincarnation is probably a thing, though just what happens after death is left open ended.
Those who fall to chaos are fucked by daemons and suffer eternal misery and madness, not far from the truth.
Some people get sent back to complete their duties in a new format.
Some are rewarded with a better next life.
Some souls who are deemed unworthy are consumed by the Emperor as energy in his war.
There are also sacrifices who lend their strength to the Emperor, which is seen as a glorious ascension. This happens to psykers who are sacrificed to the Emperor atop the great obsidian pyramids.
Others who attain enlightenment become bodhisattvas and can aid people. This is what makes up the legion of the damned equivalent, among other things.

The primarchs are venerated and the traitor primarchs have stories about them too, that serve as warnings about various mistakes one can make.
They are treated as pathetic entities who sold their greatness for shadows. They're dangerous as fuck, but they're fools. The stories are, of course, heavily fictionalized, but they're more fables than anything else, and doubtlessly many people don't take the existence of the traitor primarchs seriously.

The idea with all this is that Xun and Malcador figure that they can't hide the existence of chaos and the heresy, but they can do much to diminish it's allure and, for the most part, they do this by ...

>> No.48496427

... by framing the truth into a story that gives the people something to learn from. As a result, someone trying to convert a citizen of the Jade Empire can't use the 'suppressed truths' route. Chaos cults still happen, but it's harder for them, I'd think.

>> No.48496517
File: 865 KB, 713x1023, daemons of the emperor.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Religion on angelic worlds would be very different, and probably be a point of contention between Alexios and MalcaXun. Alexios is space catholic as fuck, and very much believes in sins. The Abbots who set up in Imperium Minorum would be zealous fundamentalists, opposed to Maldacor's moderate Imperial Truth and Xun's meditations. Alexios composes volumes of Biblica Theologia proscribing the character and behavior of 'godly' imperial citizens.

Scholars in monastic research chambers on the fringe worlds of Imperium Minorum study the arts of binding spirits of the Emperor. Alexios' Lexicographers record what they refer to as divine saints, humans who are for whatever reason chosen by the emperor to become angelic demi-gods.

Several chapters of Angels successors are chartered for inquisitorial purposes, tasked with hunting down heresies in Alexios' territory. his abbots would act like Inquisitors, using their space nuns to exterminate ANY suspicious populations.

Unlike the wild wild west of the Kor Protectorate (which is to the east) if you even smell like chaos in Imperium Minorum a mob of acolytes will burn down your house and hang you.

>> No.48499378

I don't know why, but I imagine Balthasar as this guy... in a waistcoat.

>> No.48500342

>And I was thinking that Oramar shoes some of his stuff to Xun, given their similar interests. Xun considers telling the Emperor and confides in Raydon, but if it's Balthazar that narcs, that would work pretty well, as Oramar could blame Xun and Xun could blame Raydon, messing up loyalist cohesion pre-heresy.

Really like this sequence of events.

I feel like the Warp Raiders, or Oramar at least, should definitely feel like he's in the right and that he's fighting Chaos. But I imagine him being pretty bitter over how everything went down. Which is why he may have been on the Warmaster's side during the Heresy.

>> No.48500630

>This doesn't mean that he never made mistakes, but he saw clearly and he was committed to providing a path for people to follow.

This could be a great point of contention between Crusader States.

I'm willing to bet that the Storm Kingdom and the Imperium Minorum are, in the majority, absolutely unwilling to concede that the Emperor was flawed or made mistakes. They're all about rebuilding and retaking what was lost, where Xun and Malcador's idea is more geared toward creating something new.

>> No.48503012

As I've said before, the Undying Scions do not care what religion their subjects follow as long as it isn't chaos and they're willing to die for the defense of the Vigil. Perhaps their territory could be the location of a sort of theological war between Xun and Imperium Minorum? Also, I need to think of successor chapters for the Scions.

>> No.48505657


>> No.48506801

>Perhaps their territory could be the location of a sort of theological war between Xun and Imperium Minorum?

I could see that. That could be one of the grievances they might have with both the Jade Empire and the Imperium Minorum. They're both deporting their grievances with one another into Vigil territory, leaving the Scions and their successors to clean up the ensuing sectarian violence.

>> No.48507896

This would be neat but it makes no geographical sense as the Vigil Worlds aren't between the Jade Empire and Imperium Minorum

>> No.48508654

I'm not sure it would be a conflict of a geographical sort, but an ideological one. It's not about the Jade Empire or the Imperium Minorum actively sending stuff there, it's about religious diaspora naturally progressing into other areas of the galaxy.

I'm assuming that over 10,000 years people have moved between the Crusader States, bringing ideas and such with them.

>> No.48508885
File: 18 KB, 296x170, download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


every time discussions like this occur, I think to myself... where would the hawks fit in with this? How would they feel about a theological debate / evolving tensions / skirmishes or even outright war between their Brothers.

And I come to the same answer, which has made me think maybe these guys are too hollow.

Because I imagine them like pic related.

Utterly at a loss as to why people are arguing about trivial junk whilst traitors still live in the same galaxy. Their galaxy.

Im thinking of changing abit of the post-H fluff to represent this, mainly their ties with the Crusader States.

They will maintain close ties with the KE & FoM, and will attend the council of titans with a representative in the hope that one day they may be able to convince their misguided Brothers to join them. But other ties, I think other than that, the old-ties they have will go to the wayside.

Not nessecarily agressive to them, but apathetic to their "trivial" issues and even spiteful that they waste their gifts.

>> No.48510596

Polite bump

>> No.48510742
File: 119 KB, 333x432, What the fuck is this shit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Still trying to conceptualize the Vytorian Highborn.

>> No.48510887
File: 105 KB, 500x580, knife ear.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm working on some Eyes/Warp Raiders stuff, but I write sloooow

>> No.48511756

Makes a lot of sense to me.

On a tangent, what ever happened to Grahanak?

>> No.48511867

Mystery primarch. Sometimes his spooky space hulk shows up when the story needs it to.

>> No.48512240

Legion of the damned style? Or more like a massive nomad predation fleet?

>> No.48512310

nomad predator fleet sounds like the warhawks though

>> No.48512332

Warhawks are a thousand massive nomad fleets in constant warfare with the enemy

Void Lords come screaming out of the warp unexpectedly and without warning, kill everything in the entire system, and then leave without telling anybody anything

>> No.48512358

Yeah, predator nomad / pirates.

However you want to see them.

>> No.48515007
File: 182 KB, 550x778, 1377280868340.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.48516086

Grahanak honestly seems like Loyalist Night Haunter.

>"Did I finally reach the limits of reason?
>And find the devil waiting?
>And was that fear in his eyes?"

>> No.48516089

I like it.

>> No.48517215

Out of interest, have the Warhawks broken up into successor chapters?

I feel like with their 'never forget' ethos and their constant war, they would have chapters with specific names, but they'd all consider themselves Warhawks and wouldn't really have the same rivalries and feuds that other successor chapters have. They're not fighting over land or ideology, after all, and they need unity to survive as a society of corsairs in enemy territory.

>> No.48517453

I feel like the Warhawks and the Scions have similar ideologies. The sons of Neratos and the sons of Funerus are both fully committed to the long war, but the Warhawks are focused more on bringing the fight to the Dark Imperium while the Scions are dedicated to weathering their attacks.

>> No.48518127

Given that it would be hard to keep supply in a war fleet, do they have supply pacts with the Undying?
I imagine other legions would offer varying degrees of support, too.

>> No.48518266
File: 43 KB, 400x500, Undying Scions.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Most definitely. I should write some stuff up about Sarco's relationships with his brothers before and during the Heresy come to think of it. Any ideas of what Xun would have thought?

>> No.48518914

Wrote some stuff up about Amaranth, the Scions' homeworld.

Amaranth is a world of steamy jungles and stalking predators. Located near the border between the segmentums Ultima and Tempestus, its feral inhabitants face a daily fight for survival against the beasts that lurk beneath the cannopy. When Sarco Funerus arrived on the world after being flung through the warp by the Ruinous Powers, he lived in seclusion for years before he was discovered by other humans, wrapped in the furs of indigenous megapanthers and bristling with a savage cunning. It was not long before Funerus became the chief of his new tribe. Eventually he led them to a secluded valley, safe from the vicious beasts that had plagued them for so long. It was here that the Emperor found Sarco Funurus and here where the Undying Scions erected their first fortress complex.

>> No.48519009

To be honest, I'm not sure. I don't quite have a sense of Funerus. I'd been imagining him as rather Gung ho about things, with the will to endure anything. Xun would respect that, but also kind of have the attitude that while it is impressive to be able to tank every hit and keep going, there's nothing wrong with getting out of the way from time to time.
I'm not sure if Funerus is the sort to look down on mobile warfare and go in for man-wrestling. (If I recall correctly, he was put in the dread in the first place because when he saw a titan, his first thought was "I'mma wrassle it!")
So yeah, Xun respects anyone who can hold the line and take the blows, but beyond that, his attitude will depend on how Funerus feels about other ways of war.

>> No.48519155

He was pretty overconfident up until his run-in with the titan, but being put in a dreadnought sarcophagus was a humbling experience. The Scions of Amaranth were once very similar to the Raven Guard, but his injuries led to a change in tactics because the legion campaigned with the Emperor as Sarco recovered, and by the time he was 100% again the legion's infrastructure was changed so significantly that he pretty much had to switch to siege tactics.

>> No.48519682

I should probably do this for Aodhán too. It's actually surprisingly hard.

He probably would have thought Alexios was a bit of a cunt.

>> No.48519710

Who didn't desu

>> No.48519947

It's Cyclops Syndrome. Except Cyclops is always right.

>> No.48520579
File: 126 KB, 640x360, Drawing blank.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Okay, no matter how I think of it these guys are just stereotypical guard with tanks in the Hunting Grounds. Bleh.

A little assistance plz?

>> No.48521475
File: 442 KB, 850x1676, WHAT THE FUCK.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I mean, the other factions I've thought of some pretty distinctive features for. I mean like

>Anthrax Chem Guard
Nausicaa Guard, siege and chemical experts, their planet is literally a Ghibli movie. That's pretty wicked IMO.

>Corps Zero
I thought,"What if we had an army of Eversor assassins?" and bam. Kinda neat concept, suicide troops made with shoddy implants because the creators knew they wouldn't last long.

>Karadon Cold Ones
I had trouble with them until I read about Fenris and married the ice age with the meteoric impact that killed the dinosaurs.

>Argon Apemen and Silverbacks
Penal Legion with ogryns, and elite barrier troops with ogryns! Not many of those in the Galaxy.

>Brimstone Fire-Eaters
So it's a mining world for sulfur and promethium called Brimstone. Brimstone, like fire and brimstone, like what preachers shout about, especially preachers in the South. Fire, South, fire, South. Hmm... Highly religious Space Southern pyromaniacs! Genius!

>Suka Steelborn
Once upon a time I played with /tg/'s regiment creation tables with other people in a thread, and got an airless feral world Imperial Navy Guard with archeotech and cloning vats. Literally how? Eh, made it work, and behold, Not!Destiny Guardians.

>Sabbath Ice Maidens
Night Witches, from there I thought of the Snowball event on Earth where it was covered in ice and made an oceanic ice world, and explained why women would be the regiment's entire pool with some shoddy gender roles. Oh well, both an axe and a chainsaw can chop a leg off as good as a surgical saw.

>> No.48521528
File: 13 KB, 266x220, Should I even try being original.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>House Rammstein
Literally. Lendsknechts. Enough said.

>House Hekaton
Initially a space marine legion concept, but it was too similar to every other legion so I salvaged Greek Marines as Greek Hades Knights. Not just Greek, but specifically Hades as well.

>House Melkor
Sauron Knights. Unf! I don't know about you guys but I like them.

>Avalon Manslayers
Took the other half of the Hekatonkires concept and turned them into British SAS.

>Tor Ironheads
Prussian Aristocracy on cybernetic mounts. Fucking cash, man.

>Vytoria Highborn

Okay, since typing this I've had an idea. Aristocratic hiveworld residents? (Even though I've done pretty much the same thing with Tor Ironheads in the same realm)

>> No.48521667

I think medieval nobles would be a better concept. Kind of like knock-off space marines except they do it purely for bragging rights of who killed the biggest dude.

>> No.48521692

Never be afraid to drop an idea if it doesn't pan out. If you can't make the Vytorian's interesting, don't make them, and make something else instead. It's not like you have a shortage of good ideas.

>> No.48521752
File: 71 KB, 1024x768, Tanks for the Memories.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Eh... But their concept is supposed to be Space-Patton and Space-Third Army. Maybe not medieval nobles, but the bragging rights thing is an idea. An entire regiment of prima donna tank commanders sounds like Patton.

>> No.48521790
File: 861 KB, 2880x1800, Not Karadon Cold Ones.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good point. Now for the next concept while I put Vytoria aside for a minute. Pick one, preferably the named one.

>Grogan Thunderheads
Space North to the Fire-Eaters' Space South, artillery specialists
>idk yet
Sisters of Battle, but Guard

Also any comments on the Realm Guard and Mercenaries I've come up with so far?


>> No.48521806

2many Dark Imperial regiments. Do more loyalist stuff.

>> No.48521821

Any way that I can improve this? Is everyone cool with Sarco being space Tarzan before being dreadnoughted?

>> No.48521907
File: 42 KB, 296x289, Thine Argument is Refuted Forthwith.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I never thought anybody would ever say that, but that's actually false. Under Realm Guard there are three Crusader State Realm Guard (four if you separate Apemen and Silverbacks since they are technically different regiments) and three Chaos, and the Avalon Manslayers are unique for mercenaries in that they only serve Crusader States. Steelborn and Ice Maidens are mercenary and thus technically renegade as well as an independent Mechanicus concept I've been thinking about, same for House Rammstein who are technically the vassals of aforementioned Mechanicus. As for knight houses other than Rammstein, two are Crusader and one is Chaos.

>> No.48521940
File: 604 KB, 900x1323, heretic_warlord_by_taurus_chaoslord-d4vcp65.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In short, it's 6 or 7 versus 4 in favor of the Crusaders.

>> No.48521969
File: 56 KB, 244x297, Alexios the White.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mercenaries who deal with traitors are also traitors, heretic. Alexios would not consort with such base creatures.

>> No.48522005
File: 80 KB, 736x677, Axe Knight.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Okay, so by Imperium Minoris standards it's 6 against 6 or 7, but that's still pretty even.

>> No.48522032

The Undying Scions raise regiments of mortals to fight and die for the good of the Vigil. Is there anything you could do with that?

>> No.48522208
File: 39 KB, 314x320, Scopedogs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, let's see.

1. I intend for the Totally-not-Sisters-of-Battle to be in the Undying Vigil, so that's one.
2. Karadon Cold Ones are supposed to be in the Undying Vigil (But I need to edit the map to reflect that) in your honor, so you got two.
3. A death cult regiment would be cool flavor. A generalized force that draws from across the Vigil's war-ravaged worlds (SoBLand and Karadon are not so war-ravaged I guess) would be neat. Perhaps call them...

>Hosts of the Vigilant


Pictured: Their primary armored support, cheaper and more disposable than Lemon Rush tanks.

>> No.48522229
File: 557 KB, 960x1626, Helldiver Saint Theo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Original Design, donut steel

>> No.48522272

Also, I honestly think GW should rip off Scopedogs and give the Guard the mechanical monstrous creatures they've been giving everyone else.

>> No.48522362

Post thematically relevant music.

Alright that's great, thanks.

>> No.48522449
File: 1.95 MB, 245x245, Vigil Titan.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tell me about the Undying Vigil. What are their worlds like?

>> No.48522599

The worlds of the Unyielding Vigil do not generally have a unified culture, as the Undying Scions only require that a world under their influence supply them with either war materiel or food supplies to support their battles in Segmentum Pacificus. The Vigil does, however, have the largest human naval fleet of all the crusader states, because their marines do not operate their own vessels. Those chosen for the Naval Tithe are often treated with honor, as they defend the very stars of their realm.

>> No.48522710

This sort of thing is exactly why >>48519682
is likely.

I'm guessing there's probably a lot of ancestor worship and a general ethos of hardiness and endurance, this being the Scions' thing. The Vigil is there to be a bulwark against Chaos, right?

>> No.48522829

That's the niche they fell into, yeah.

>> No.48522921

>Hosts of the Vigil
>Anthrax Chem Guard
>Corps Zero
>Karadon Cold Ones
>Argon Silverbacks and Argon Apemen
>Brimstone Fire-Eaters
>Tor Ironheads
>Suka (Working name) Steelborn
>Sabbath Ice Maidens

Fucking duh.
>House Rammstein

It was obvious!
>Avalon Manslayers
>House Hekaton

Couldn't find a hekaton of Greek shit.
>House Hidalgos
>House Melkor
Of course.

>> No.48522992

I'm cool with that.
And I think the dramatic shift in tactics has the potential for a lot of cool stuff.
I'd imagine that they still do a lot of RG type things, integrated with the dread heavy core.

How does Funerus feel about Aodhan? Were they rivals? After interment, did Funerus feel the same about Aodhan?
Heck, just how much of a shift in his personality occurred with interment? Did he just mellow out or was it a much bigger shift of priorities and relationships?

>> No.48523388

Here's an outline of what I'm writefagging

>location: Oramar's homeworld Azrimuth, an desert-covered Eldar Croneworld with miles of eldar ruins buried beneath the sands
>Oramar and his trusted advisors examine a rune-carved wall
>wall describes the nature of the Primordial Annihilator
>also records prophetic visions of the Anathema
>concludes to his allies that some sort of opponent is needed to keep chaos in check
>advisors disperse
>Oramar tells Warmaster he can show himself now
>Warmaster appears from the shadows
>they discuss the Anathema and conclude it must be the Emperor

>> No.48523567

Alright, when this booze passes out of my system I intend to right a Lawbringers story. Probably longer than the stuff I've wrote so far, but I can't guarantee it.

Oh, I absolutely love doing the whole 'theme song' thing. Feels right.

I like it, can't wait.

>> No.48523963

So, these not!Sisters should have

1. A strong tradition of saintly veneration. Lots of honored dead. I'm imagining a lot of skeletal motifs, almost a dash of Latin America Catholic influence where you've got stuff like Calavera Catrina. An example of Jade Empire cultural proliferation, showing that the Vigil doesn't really enforce anything of its own?

2. A 'hold the line' mentality. Greater proliferation of the heavier carapace armor stormtroopers use, maybe even bionic and chemical enhancements to endurance to. Trench warfare specialists?

3. A reason to be all-female. Is this regiment from a planet where there's a skewed population? Where the women are just built sturdier? Maybe they're so committed as a culture that they funnel enough for two distinct Realm Guard regiments, and they divide them on male/female lines? Maybe their men just have a gals with guns fetish that has spiraled way, way out of control?

>> No.48524055
File: 228 KB, 2000x1563, Sister of Anime.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>A strong tradition of saintly veneration. Lots of honored dead. I'm imagining a lot of skeletal motifs, almost a dash of Latin America Catholic influence where you've got stuff like Calavera Catrina. An example of Jade Empire cultural proliferation, showing that the Vigil doesn't really enforce anything of its own?
I'm imagining sisters, like, actual sisters, just not as expansive.

>A 'hold the line' mentality. Greater proliferation of the heavier carapace armor stormtroopers use, maybe even bionic and chemical enhancements to endurance to. Trench warfare specialists?
Carapace armor? They're SoB. Power armour.

>A reason to be all-female. Is this regiment from a planet where there's a skewed population? Where the women are just built sturdier? Maybe they're so committed as a culture that they funnel enough for two distinct Realm Guard regiments, and they divide them on male/female lines? Maybe their men just have a gals with guns fetish that has spiraled way, way out of control?
Their homeworld having a female saint they model themselves off is sufficient explanation.

>> No.48524071

Oh shit, I thought you meant a guard regiment that were similar to Sisters.

Not actual Sisters with the power armor and bolters and everything.

>> No.48524083

I imagine that before his interment he had a similar disposition to Aodhan, but afterwards he realized that there was more to warfare than glory and they subsequently grew apart. They still had a positive relationship at least until the outset of the heresy, as seen in VANTH's story, but the Scions' change in tactics meant that they were more often deployed to different warzones.

>> No.48524106

I still don't understand why you want to make Sisters of Battle 2 when the setting still has sisters of battle.

>> No.48524121
File: 713 KB, 700x765, Literally Sisters.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I meant actual sisters with power armor and bolters and everything, the difference being there is no Ecclesiarchy and no Adepta Sororitas, so their role is much smaller.

Remember that Saber reference I made? That's what I meant. They're same in pretty much every way but they're totally different, guise!

>> No.48524538

So then are we spinning it that Warmaster and Oramar orchestrate the Heresy specifically to keep the warp under control by keeping the inevitable heresy under their control?

(And so does the Warmaster kill the Emperor in such a way as specifically to deify him? )

>> No.48524593

It does? Where?

>> No.48524723

I think they have very different goals. Oramar wants what you say. The Warmaster sees the same thing but starts thinking about how he can use it to gain more power.

That's one important horus-trait I think we should pass over to the Warmaster: extreme ambition. He's always thinking of how he can improve his station, and how a particular bit of knowledge can be used to his own ends.

Malcador's Abbeys

>> No.48524736
File: 1.97 MB, 3460x439, Two sides.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Malcador's Abbeys
I thought they were Sisters of Silence.

>> No.48524809

Yeah, but guess who the sisters of silence become after a few hundred years in OU?

>> No.48524830

The Bene Gesserit?

>> No.48524926

lol. In the OU, the organization that is the Silent Sisters eventually can't find as many pariahs and just starts recruiting regular women. When the ecclesiarchy emerges they get rolled up into their command structure, and slowly become the Sisters of Battle. Sisters of Silence plus a few hundred years equals Sisters of Battle.

>> No.48524946

I was actually imagining them more along these lines too.

Well, more like a fusion between canon Sisters and Bene Gesserit.

>> No.48524990

Does anyone remember that list of the twelve or whatever different Abbey schools of thought? We actually have a lot of building blocks for really cool and actually relevant sisters of battle writing, Mr Sauron.

>> No.48525012

I remember it, but I don't have it saved.

>> No.48525188
File: 199 KB, 566x800, Korean Sister.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Huh. Can there still be Sister Guard that's pretty much the same as OU though?



>> No.48525209

>Can there still be Sister Guard that's pretty much the same as OU though?
Meant to edit that out and ask,"How similar to OU? Like, pretty much the same or just kinda the same?

>> No.48525517

Yes and no.

During the great crusade they operated mostly as autonomous fleets only coming together for big operations.

So they just do that. Due to the time spent apart they have developed minor cultural differences, training methods etc. But they still see themselves as a part of a whole.

The nearest parallel i could draw would be something akin to the white scars brotherhoods combined with the dark angels command structure for the chapters. Except not secret at all.

Thats true, but the hawks see that as a half measure. Essentially enabling others to be lax. Im sure the Scions would be a topic of debate among the ranks - still maintaining the war, but sitting "safely" in castles and allowing the west to be owned by traitor scum.

They rely on the fists of mars who have set them up with sweetass fleets. They also maintain 2-3 star forts in the east which they use as regroup points. To refit/rearm and such. They also maintain recruitment outposts on unclaimed planets but if need to will recruit from others planets because in their eyes passive legions dont deserve to take promising candidates.

>> No.48525925

I imagine them still having a solid core of pariah specialists. And seeing as they're in charge of the Astral Beacons and the Black Ships, they'd probably have the pick of the litter when it comes to psykers too.

It'd be cool to see the Officio Assassinorum traditions melded with psyker training over time. Biomancer assassins that kill with a touch and move like lightning.

That's one of the posts, I think.

>> No.48526028


Xun, I think, sees value in keeping the Warhawks and Void Lords well armed and supplied, but finds Raydon's attitude wearing.
I suppose this also raises questions of endgame.

>> No.48526127

It would be awesome, if stereotypical, for the Sky Serpents to have psykassassins, both augmented and non augmented, trained in things like qi-blocking techinquesfor use against daemons.
The dreaded Dim Mak, the five finger death punch, exploding heart technique.

And awesome, if poorly dubbed, fights between the Sky Serpents and some of the other legions like the Warp Raiders.

>> No.48526294

Remember at this point, Raydon is long gone though.

One of the things that to me, leaves the Hawks locked in an eternal struggle is that they no longer have a single leader who could even end it if they wanted to.

Anyone who tried to change them from the inside and said "enough is enough" would be met with "TRAITOR/FOOL/WEAKLING" etc. They would be seen as someone who forgot their purpose.

Only the Primarch commanded enough respect and had enough authority to cause such a drastic change in outlook / mission and he died.

The member who attends the Council of Titans for the Hawk would be a grumpy old dude, probably injured to the point he isn't combat effective anymore (for an astartes).

And all he does is try and rally people, to the hawk side, get people out of complatency. In truth a war-monger really. Always keen to get the states to get take up arms and reclaim the imperium.

>> No.48526599

Ah, gotcha. That makes a lot of sense. In which case, the Jade Empire still gives them stuff whenever they can, with the attitude that offensive raids are useful, even if the Warhawks have become assholes.

The Jade Empire, I think moves into a general stance of trying to coordinate (manipulate) legions to keep the pressure off, for the common good (till their plans come to fruition).

As an empire, I'm thinking the top officials are attempting to complete Xun's works and do some sort of insane warp ritual to defeat chaos and incarnate the Emperor. Something like.

>> No.48526904
File: 112 KB, 428x750, space nuns.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Here's what I'm thinking,

The four different branches of the Abbey Inquisitoria, Malcador's last remnant of a unified imperium.
Burn heretics, make weird flagellant mechanoids, turn into angels, etc

Silent Sister pariah assasins who track down psykers n shit

>Astro Telepathica
Maintaining beacons, serving on starships,

Inquisitors, usually Astartes. Powerful sorcerers charged with hunting down chaos. Wat cud go rong!?

These are orders that exist over most of the crusader states in the latter half of the timeline. Fists of Mars manage to keep them mostly out, except for the Telepathica, but occasionally an Abbot will come knocking and they might play along.

Because the branches span such huge distances, they have some cultural variations. Lots of different chapels of the space nuns, different assassin and abbot ordos, etc. Assassins recruited as psyker tithe from Jade worlds might be very different from Vigil-worlders.

Obviously all the branches need kickass grimdark names

>> No.48526918
File: 21 KB, 600x565, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the Warhawks have become assholes.
I would just say they are...


>for the common good.
>as said by the guys who are manipulating others to protect themselves.
how noble!

>> No.48526948

>I imagine that before his interment he had a similar disposition to Aodhan, but afterwards he realized that there was more to warfare than glory and they subsequently grew apart. They still had a positive relationship at least until the outset of the heresy

This is probably accurate.

One thing I'll probably try to drive home in future writefaggotry is that pre-Heresy Aodhán was pretty personable and friendly. He may not have been all of the Primarchs' favourite brother, but he tried.

He retains some level of that charisma in the modern setting, but he's a lot more jaded and dickish, and possibly a ticking time bomb for both traitors and loyalists alike. His primary thing, the thing that really drove his betrayal, is the desire for self-determination, and he's realizing that he's probably just traded one uncaring god for another.

In the early post-Heresy years he was probably ruling a whole plot of worlds somewhere in the Chaos Marches before, eventually, he was just like "I'm done. I quit, this is bullshit, this is almost as bullshit as when dad was in charge. Bye." Which is when his Legion became fleetbound for a while, before settling in Commorragh.

>> No.48526977

At that point why change the name? why not just keep them the inquisition,

also what happened to those different orders some anon wrote up. they were metal.

Also why do the telepathica do they both serve on ships AND be the maintainers of the beacons. Why not let tech dudes do the latter if they are going to be in space.

>> No.48527746


But yeah, I'm thinking their big drive as we get towards M40 is the idea that in order to fight chaos, they need to harness the warp and the only safe way to do that is through the Emperor, at least for humanity (I think Oramar would have briefed Xun enough on the Eldar for him to know that they have safeguards too, but these are keyed to the Eldar psyche.)
So they're working on something, trying to keep in communication with everyone who stands against chaos, but they're also going a bit nuts, which arouses suspicion and not everyone is on board with the plans.

>> No.48527867

Could you post that bit you did about Sarco and Aodhan? I'd like to read it again.

>> No.48528605
File: 246 KB, 900x808, Warpstorm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>At that point why change the name? why not just keep them the inquisition,
Fine by me.

>also what happened to those different orders some anon wrote up. they were metal.
They were

>Also why do the telepathica do they both serve on ships AND be the maintainers of the beacons. Why not let tech dudes do the latter if they are going to be in space.

Astral beacons aren't tech.

Extreme pain or psychic power resonates in the warp. The Astronomicon was maintained by the Emperor's psychic nature while he was alive, and in OU it's maintained by the Emperor's pain and anguish on the golden throne, fueled by millions of sacrifices. Lorgar's Shadow Crusade against Ultramar was actually an attempt to create music in the warp, using the suffering of five hundred worlds as his instrument.

Abbeys are essentially fortress monasteries where millions of people are thrown in pits every day, and the emotional horribleness of that act manifests as light/music/waves in the warp, which Astro-Telepaths can see. All you really need are a psyker to keep the beacon focused and contained, and a staff of people willing to sacrifice a whole bunch of psyker-active slaves every day.

>> No.48528986

Give me something to write about in ten hours when I wake up.

>> No.48529768

A discussion at the Council of Titans, about some prophetic vision someone or other has had, each faction present wants to put in their 2c but also thinks they have a more pressing issue to address.

Ill leave the specifics of who attends, and what they think their version of a "pressing" issue is.

>> No.48530035


For what its worth, I like the different Order ideas more than just the 4.

IRT this
Inquisitors, usually Astartes. Powerful sorcerers charged with hunting down chaos. Wat cud go rong!?

Who provides these astartes? Do they forgo their old legion for the new calling or do they have divided loyalties? Alternatively if they are being set up by Malcador are they !Grey Knights, incorruptable psyker-marines who are made from a gene-seed unlike anything heard of elsewhere? *cough* Emperor himself *cough*

>> No.48530064

>Who provides these astartes? Do they forgo their old legion for the new calling or do they have divided loyalties?
Sort of like the Death Watch or Astartes who become Inquisitors in OU, they forsake loyalty to their old Chapter and/or Legion to work for the Inquisition.

> Alternatively if they are being set up by Malcador are they !Grey Knights, incorruptable psyker-marines who are made from a gene-seed unlike anything heard of elsewhere? *cough* Emperor himself *cough*
Think more like Inquisitors than Grey Knights.

>> No.48530227

The only difference I see between Inquisitors & GK is largely the Astartes part, one is the more militant arm and the other is the investigation/diplomatic aspect. If the Abbots are Astartes then it would fit better to have them be !GK.

If they don't need to be astartes then they shouldn't be. Astartes are too few & cost too much to raise, train, and sustain to just use as managers IMO.

>Sort of like the Death Watch
But Death Watch tours arent typically forever, they serve a vigil of X time and then return to the chapter. The benefit the chapters get out of it is prestige and access to training/experiences they wouldnt otherwise have access to.

What is their motivations to just send battle brothers off if they don't return and strengthen the chapter for it.

I like the ideas, just not sure how they play into the AU we have set up.

MIght it work, if we either make the position temporary (ala DW) or if permanant, make them like GK - purpose built to serve that function, the reason they need to be astartes is to ensure they are incorruptable with their supa-special geneseed.

Im fine with both permanant & temporary positions, just need to figure out how and why if that makes sense.

>> No.48530357

>The only difference I see between Inquisitors & GK is largely the Astartes part
Uh, there are loads of Astartes Inquisitors in the OU. To be an effective Inquisitor you need to be an extremely strong psyker, and Astartes Librarians are more powerful than most, so it's natural for them to pick from that stock. Not all Abbots are Astartes, but especially early on many of them would be.

>Astartes are too few & cost too much to raise, train, and sustain
Just the opposite, actually. The primary motivation of the Codex Astartes and the Second Founding is to make it so that single commanders don't command such massive amounts of marines. One of the reason the Heresy happens is because waaaay too many marines are made.

>> No.48530461

>Astartes Inquisitors in the OU
Really? I mean i figure the universe is big enough to have had it happen, but ive never actually heard of any.

> To be an effective Inquisitor you need to be an extremely strong psyker,
I flat out disagree with this, Amberley is a great inquisitor and isnt psychic at all.

>One of the reason the Heresy happens is because waaaay too many marines are made.
And then die, Marines and 1:million at least. In this AU there are waay more than the OU for sure, but humans still outnumber them by an astronomical amount. The difference is orders of magnitudes.

>> No.48530581

>One of the main reasons the heresy happened was because waaay too many Astartes were made

"And I suppose this is how you wind the conversation back around to your reform, Alexios?
The heresy wasn't because there were too many Astartes. The problem was us, the Primarchs. We didn't indoctrinate them correctly. They were loyal to us above the Imperium and our father's vision.
Do you know why defections from the Sky Serpents were practically non-existent, despite being one of the larger legions?
Because my sons believe in the Imperium and not just me.
It's the same reason your own Angels are so loyal. Splitting up our legions just makes oversight and coordination that much more difficult.
My legion has always been decentralized and each company capable of independent action, it is key to our way of war. But just as critical is the fact that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. My legion will stand as it always has.
This codex of yours may be just the right cure for your legion, but it will only harm the rest of us.
Perhaps it could have saved Gengrat and Sherridan's legions, but the hour of the codex has passed. Do not make this an impassable issue."

>> No.48530598

>Really? I mean i figure the universe is big enough to have had it happen, but ive never actually heard of any.
They're pretty common. Pic related.

>I flat out disagree with this, Amberley is a great inquisitor and isnt psychic at all.
If you're really perceptive and intelligent you can inquisit with the best of them, but when you're hunting entities of the warp, it's extraordinarily useful (and dangerous) to be able to touch the warp.

>but humans still outnumber them by an astronomical amount. The difference is orders of magnitudes.
Absolutely, but there's so many humans in the galaxy they can't even be counted, so that's not saying much.

>and sustain to just use as managers IMO.
Abbots aren't managers. They're commanders.

>> No.48530606

I suspect Inquisitor Hector Rex is an astartes, but he's the only one I can think of.

>> No.48530616
File: 14 KB, 320x293, 308102-inquisitor_toth.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Pic related.

>> No.48530762

I don't think Toth was a space marine.

>> No.48530810

Neither Toth nor Rex were marines, are you kidding?

Rex was genetically modified yes, but no evidence suggests it was the same process as a marine goes through, he was just made bigger and stronger.

Astartes processing includes a lot more than that.

So far in Fluff there has been 0, confirmed Astartes Inquisitors except possibly the Knights Errant who would go on to found the inquisition (and arguably werent inquisitors anyway just the founders).

>> No.48530815
File: 1.28 MB, 800x4280, Extropian Collective.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I might be horribly wrong.

>> No.48531496

Yes, I did abit of looking around and I cant find any hints of a Astartes inquisitor.

Even the Errants went on to be GK and the humans founded the Inquisition proper.

This doesn't mean we cant do it ofcourse, but I think we do do it, we should have a good reason.

Astartes are first and foremost soldiers.
Inquisitors (in my mind) are agents, operatives, investigators, and the like.

Combining the two is pretty much the Warmasters gig and I dont think the loyalists would want a repeat of that.

>> No.48531544

I believe it is actually implied Toth was a daemon.

>> No.48533771


Sarco barely felt the weight of his blade as it tore through flesh and ceramite alike. Screams resounded against the walls of his sarcophagus, its girth lurching back as he drew his power sword to him for another mighty sweep. He could faintly comprehend the patter of unfamiliar tongues - prayers, wails, laments - against his metallic shell, like rain against a window pain. There were so many of them now. So many languages, so many worlds, so many. He had lost count long ago, when he was young and his flesh was unspoiled by the embrace of this damned machine.

The elaborate floor of the hall, wrought from iron and chiseled marble, was slick with blood and entrails, the remains of the traitors strewn like a carpet across the chamber. Flecks of ruined flesh clung to the feet of the immense columns that supported the arched roof, like the roots of a tree. Beneath the sheet of gore, he could just about make out his own visage alongside that of his brothers, carved into the ceiling and floor, a procession of conquerors and giants, shrouded by written devotions and circles of inscribed light. He stood above the rest, a terrible ogre of creaking, lumbering steel.

Tearing his attention away from the carvings, the Primarch raised the mammoth power fist that enveloped his left limb, its palm opening to reveal the workings of a heavy grav-cannon. Men with terrified eyes and blackened, hastily-fitted carapace armour screamed in agony as the blast of gravitational forces rolled over them, a shimmering fan of perceptible distortion. Bones cracked under their own weight, tearing loose from shaking flesh, organs collapsing and spilling forth from broken bodies as rivers of gore. There was a collective crash as scores of lasguns clattered down to the floor, quickly followed by the battered remains of their wielders.

Still, more poured forth from the stairways that flanked the great, bronze gates ahead. More, more. There were always more.


>> No.48533797

The speakers atop his hulking Contemptor chassis flared to life, issuing a voice he could barely recognize as his own - a voice of booming steel. A surge of sudden anger springing up in the Primarch, he drove his power fist into the nearby pillar, an explosion of powdered marble filling his sensors. With a mighty heave, he tore the column loose, the entire fortress groaning around him as it very foundations shook. The cloying dark of his shell swung forward as, in a single motion, he pitched the massive pillar of marble straight into the closest stairwell. He felt the force of the impact shudder through him, even swaddled as he was in his cradle of wire and steel, the entire entryway collapsing as his improvised javelin tore through it. Men shouted in a panic and rushed for cover as slabs of stone rained from the ceiling up ahead, crushing them like insects beneath the thumb of a petulant child. Wheeling about, he leveled his grav-cannon once again, this time targeting the second stairwell. A coherent stream of undulating distortions burst from the inner machinations of the weapon, tearing into the ancient masonry of the building. There was a great, collective scream from the men and women rushing down from the upper levels, and then silence.

Letting his weapon rest, he bid the fingers of his shell to close, surveying his surroundings. The hall was almost still, corpses arrayed as though in parody of the engravings that lined the walls and floor. The only movement came from his periphery, where his brother was withdrawing his sword from the throat of one of the strange, bloated creatures the traitors of this world fought alongside.

Aodhán looked up at him, his chest heaving with exhalation, a broad smile lifting his jaw. Unlike the Primarch's sons, his brother wore armour of purest white, almost like the marble of the columns that stood around them, its design crafted to adhere closely to his form and echo his own musculature.

>> No.48533817

It was ostentatious, but his brother could afford a measure of ostentation. He still had blood to beat in his veins, warmth to burn in his skin, life to live. Sarco, entombed in his world of cold, unflinching steel, couldn't say in full honesty that he'd fault anyone for indulging in that transient flame.

His oversized sword hung loosely in one hand, the other clutching an ornate spear. Few Astartes could could heave a weapon of such size freely, let along swing it with a single arm. The blade of the alien weapon constantly wept a fiery, crimson ichor, the floor below turning white with heat at its touch.

Sarco had never approved of that thing. His brother had a great love of trophies, however, that no amount of admonishment could dim.

"I'd say we're about done here." Aodhán said, moving to stride past Sarco, toward the grand doors that stood at the end of the all. There was something vaguely whimsical about his voice. "Thank you, brother, for thinning out the chaff."

If he still had a face to frown with, he would have. Upon breaching the hall, his brother had immediately leaped into combat with the hulking beasts this world fielded among its traitorous armies, giving little thought to the scores of guardsmen leveling their lasguns at the other end of the chamber. Not glorious enough a task for the Aodhán's liking, he supposed.

"THERE IS A QUALITY IN QUANTITY, BROTHER." His voice churned from his speakers. Not his voice, really. "SOMEDAY YOU WILL UNDERSTAND."

His brother let out a loud, hearty chuckle, glancing back at him.

"Being dead doesn't make you wise, brother."

The words stung, but only faintly. In a way, Sarco was glad for this sort of jibing. Few other of his brothers were willing to jostle him so. Perhaps they were not aware of it, but they looked at him differently now, spoke with him differently. He was a broken thing, a cripple. Something to tread lightly about.

"WISER THAN YOU." He intoned, each syllable a distant hammer blow.

>> No.48533834

The response was a second guffaw, lower this time. "Of that, there is absolutely no doubt."

Turning away, Sarco cast his forward sensors across the armoured corpses clustered at the opposite end of the hall. Adorned in plate of grey and blue, Aodhán's sons seemed almost serene in death. If it weren't for the bloody gashes across their arms and chests, one would think they were merely at rest.

Outside, that battle for Malphas raged on, the steady percussion of artillery fire sounding intermittently to shake the fortress walls.

He let his shell dip slightly in respect for the dead. It was the closest he could come to approximating a bow.

"Are you coming?"

Joints whining, he turned toward Aodhán. His brother stood at the bronze gates to the inner chambers of the fortress, a look of vague disinterest on his face.


Aodhán raised an eyebrow. "What of it?"

He was struck suddenly by how easily his fellow Primarch stood, how he almost seemed bored.


A smile cracked his brother's jaw.

"Good for them. They died gloriously."

His smile remaining fixed in place, he gestured invitingly to the doorway before him. Hesitating but for a second, Sarco spared one final glance for his brother's fallen sons, before striding across the hall to join the other Primarch.

>> No.48533843

...I'll finish this eventually, I promise.

>> No.48534681
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Stop the presses! I had another idea for an RG&M force. Thanks Nile.


Ancient Egyptian Guard! I'm imagining them in Forge Space, or possibly in Chaos space. Very cybernetic, fatalistic.

Another idea: Space Pararesque. Elite forces that extract important individuals from warzones such as governors and commanders, as well as normal troops when they're not doing that.

>> No.48534914

>Space Egyptians

Originating from a Tomb World maybe? And worshiping the Emperor as a sun deity, with the Primarchs as basically stand-ins for Isis, Osiris, Horus, etc?

>> No.48535082
File: 143 KB, 406x465, Dissatisfaction.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Das ist Sauron

>Grogan Thunderheads
Artillery is the king of battle. It brings pain and fury on the enemy's heads, spewing gas and shrapnel in the air. The cannon is the bane of the soldier, the tank, the plane, and the bunker; a versatile and destructive weapon that reaches to Heaven and drags the heretics to Hell. But if artillery is the king, then the Grogan Thunderheads are the kings of kings. Thunderhead siege crews are the hammer of the Undying Vigil, rightly feared for their raw power and accurate fire. Though they are typically miles behind the line, Thunderheads make themselves known with the booming of guns and deafening explosions, pounding positions into dust. A Thunderhead's life is loud and dangerous, so much that anyone who survives misfires, counterbatteries, enemy raids, commando strikes, breach-related accidents, and alcoholism are near-deaf. You would know how experienced a Thunderhead is by how loudly he shouts, and how often he asks,"What did you say?! Speak up, mousy!"

>Originating from a Tomb World maybe?
Pic related

>And worshiping the Emperor as a sun deity, with the Primarchs as basically stand-ins for Isis, Osiris, Horus, etc?
Perhaps, but I'd rather not them be LITERALLY EGYPTIAN. Not all the other RG&M are LITERALLY X. Except for the Knight Houses, maybe.

>> No.48535218
File: 77 KB, 569x394, Grogan Thunderheads Inspiration.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Perhaps, but I'd rather not them be LITERALLY EGYPTIAN. Not all the other RG&M are LITERALLY X. Except for the Knight Houses, maybe.
So Sun-Emperor, yeah. Primarch gods? Eh...

>> No.48535643

A kinda unconventional Realm Guard concept...

Custodian Hosts: As the Eldar Empire expanded through the lower Tempestus, it became apparent that, even with many populations colonizing hospitable worlds and setting up bases of industry, the overall Eldar population of the fledgling Empire was barely sufficient to secure its growing borders. Not in short supply, however, were worlds inhabited by human civilizations and colonies. While the rising Khainite movement within the Empire wished for nothing less than their utter displacement, the Asuryic majority saw their uses. Incorporating these worlds as protectorates, the Empire established a form of orbital oversight dictating the direction of their governance and culture. A mixture of technological assistance and religious conditioning has turned these worlds into loyal subject of the Empire, eager to provide industrial and military labour for the betterment of their celestial masters. To be elevated into space to fight for the Eldar is lauded as the highest of honours in these cultures, and they have since become a significant part of the Empire's military arm. Custodian Hosts are generally equipped with a mixture of simplified, non-psychoactive technology. Splinter weaponry, heat lance tech, lasblasters, and implosion weaponry - generally manufactured on predominantly human worlds - make up the bulk of their armoury. These regiments are generally schooled in direct, enduring methods of warfare, providing the anvil for the Eldar warhosts' hammer.


>> No.48535670
File: 423 KB, 800x600, I am aroused but not amused.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hate it. Not enough hating the alien.

>> No.48536181
File: 102 KB, 300x269, ha ha oh Zaal.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's probably the correct loyalist response.

>"Faggots stop subverting our glorious human manifest destiny with your self-serving idolatry!"

Insert pic related response.

>> No.48537227
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So with that I have completed all current RG&M ideas except for the two new ones and Vytoria.

And not!Sisters, because fishwives.

>> No.48537882

I can dig it.

I was also thinking of a few Dark Imperial Regiments. I'll put them up when I get home.

>> No.48538019

Also, can you add a link to the Realm guard and mercs page to the main wikipage and the copy pasta?

>> No.48538177
File: 291 KB, 1200x1600, Knightthulhu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And now for timeline.

>Great Crusade Era
Like all of these worlds are brought into the Imperium. Except Suka.
The Argon Correctional Facility is built on Argon to house criminals in the sector.
Suka is discovered.

>Heresy Era
Anthrax is attacked by the Second Sons with bioweapons. A toxic jungle covers the planet, confining the remaining population to the chem-bastions.
House Hidalgos fends off a Bloodhound invasion force on Conquista.
House Melkor swears fealty to Chaos and sacks the Villis Sector. Khorne grants Baron Gilgas Daemonhood when he destroys Houses Johansson and Streltsik with a massive daemon weapon. kek. I just tossed the daemon thing in there for the lulz.
An asteroid impact awakens the Firespitters on Karadon. Chief Ka-So-Tusok tames the Firespitter Artul and joins the Undying Scions in their fight against the traitors.
The Mechanicum of the forgeworld Banis V disappear.
Techpriests from Segmentum Pacificus take refuge on Grogan.
Magos Scittatrix is caught siphoning geneseed from a space marine legion and disappears. Just an idea

It's on the wikipage, Realm Guard and Mercenaries under Non-Astartes Factions

>> No.48538819

Unfortunately, I don't actually know much about the council of titans. Could someone fill me in?

>> No.48538863

After the failed First Crusade, Malcador calls his boss' kids into the office to tell them to cool their shit and settle down.

>> No.48538930


It's the moment the mutual suspicions of all the remaining Loyalist Primarchs ensures that there will never be a united response to the fall of the Werstern Imperium, and sets the stage for centuries of war between the Crusader States.

>> No.48539051
File: 3.51 MB, 4000x3401, Imperium Asunder Non-SM Forces3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can I get a timeline for crusades?

<Latest map for RG&M.

>> No.48539477
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>Heresy Era
The librarians of the Crimson Warhawks banish Gilgas.

>Post-Heresy, First Crusade
Morgoth is razed by the Crimson Warhawks. Gilgas returns and turns it into a daemon world.
First factories are built on Grogan.
Prison world of Umma is destroyed by renegades in the Jade Empire. Prisoners of that sector are rerouted to Argon.
Corps Zero regiments first appear, and destroy Crusader positions in suicide attacks during the First Crusade.
Anthrax Chem Guard 38th Legion turn Planet Tryxes into a toxic jungle in the Undying Vigil. Battlefleet Vigilant purge the world with virus bombs.

>Second Crusade
A passing planet-sized meteor disturbs Sabbath's orbit.
The 121st Brimstone Fire-Eaters defeat the Anthrax Chem Guard 144th Legion on Chit in the Contested Territory.
The Argon Apemen 300th Penal Legion is purged for heresy by the Silverback 225th Regiment on Planet Vakos in the Contested Territory. The planet is lost to the Anthrax Chem Guard 382nd Legion.
The 140th Hot Year of the Karadon Cold Ones defeat the Tor Ironheads 508th Regiment on Planet Ignis in Contested Territory.

>Third Crusade
Sabbath freezes over.
Chaos Traders bring Steelborn from Suka to join the Behemoth Guard.
Gilgas leads house Melkor against Baron Ramos of House Hidalgos and the Angels of Light. Angels of Light Librarians banish Gilgas as Ramos holds him in place with his own knight suit.
Lindemann's Black Band of House Rammstein repels a boarding attack by Corps Zero and Steelborn mercenaries on the battleship Xun's Helm in the Dark Worlds.
Grogan is besieged by the Anthrax Chem Guard 555th Legion. Holtz's Black Band and the Undying Scions break the siege.

>> No.48539765

I'm still not seeing it, but I may be blind.

Also, what are people's thoughts on Legion Auxiliae?
I've been imagining tactical refinements of the Saturnine Void Hopolites of the Solar Auxiliae.
There's two major derived patterns, Siege Cohorts and Airborne Cohorts. Each of these is then distinctly implemented by various legions.
I'm picturing the Behemoth Guard and maybe the Undying Scions making use of Auxilia seige cohorts. Heck, maybe the Sky Serpents, too, to patch that hole in their arsenal, since theyd prefer not to keep astartes tied up manning artillery pieces.
The Siege Cohorts are used to form a cordon and then to rush a gap, with something sturdier than a standard human wave assault. Gengrat devises them based on the Iron Circle of his own home world.
As time goes on, the Behemoth Guard Auxiliae are increasingly augmented, a tier above the thralls and kill-servitors,but less than Astartes.

I'm picturing the Airborne Auxiliae as the preferred support for legions like the Warhawks and the Void Lords. They'd fly things like Thunderbolts, Marauders, and Valkyries, as well as larger transport flyers. Depending on the legion that employs them, they'd serve to scout an area, provide additional air cover, or help secure a landing zone.
Basically, human Auxiliae to serve like the Chainveil or as the Vigil Operatii or even as an ashen claw, a force more tailored to a specific legion than the general army forces.

>> No.48539930
File: 383 KB, 3000x2250, Tzeentch Knight.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Note that these don't necessarily take place during a specific crusade. They could be after the crusade, up until the next crusade.
>Fourth Crusade
The Karadon 282nd Cold Year land on Sabbath and destroy a city ship. Sabbath bars the Undying Scions from its surface for a thousand years.
Gilgas leads a host of slave warriors against Grogan. He is repelled by the intervention of the Oathsworn and Hass's Black Band.
Steelborn mercenaries commissioned by the Sky Serpents raid Dark Imperial outposts in Contested territory.
Gilgas invades Meinherz. Sabbath Ice Maidens and Suka Steelborn are hired by the Grey Realm to assist House Rammstein, and the Black Bands are recalled to repel the daemon prince.
The Vytorian Highborn 650th Battlegroup land on Sabbath. Paladins of Kor arrive, and sink their tanks by shattering the ice sheet with atomics.
Battlefleet Vigilant encounters vessels of the Grey Realm in the northen Undying Vigil.
Avalon Manslayers fight Kroot mercenaries on Wespa in Forgespace.
House Hekaton fights WAAAGH!! Orgard in Forgespace.
>Fifth Crusade
Avalon Manslayers hunt and kill the commanders of the Anthrax Chem Guard 1701st Legion on High Hass in Contested Space. The legion scatters and is run down by House Hekaton and Sabbath Ice Maidens.
Argon Silverbacks 567th regiment, and Apemen 1329th and 1331st Penal Legions, fight on the hiveworld Wyspa against the Vytorian Highborn 704th Battlegroup. The campaign ends in a Chaos victory when Vytorian grenadiers decimate the Apemen in the Battle of Hive Four.
Suka is invaded by House Hidalgos. The knights are unable to push into the underground villages, and flee when the Grey Realm fleet arrives with House Rammstein.
The Changer of Ways called Zhak-Ahnkos leads a legion of star krakens against the Undying Scions. He is defeated by Abbey vessels and Psy-titans of Legio Jupiter.
>I'm still not seeing it, but I may be blind.
It's literally at the bottom of the page. It's literally the last thing.

>> No.48539944
File: 1.88 MB, 1300x1298, Let me tell you about the Tyranids.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


My ideas about how auxiliaries function in each legion/realm.

>> No.48540025

The great doors, their arches emblazoned with processions of their Father’s avenging angels, crumpled inward in his grip. He watched his brothers’ forms, exaggerated in the way of artistry, twist and writhe as the bronze folded and cracked, the power field coursing around his fist sending shudders of destructive force across its surface.
The chambers beyond, once a hall of representation by the governors of this world, reeked of death. The rows of cushioned seats that had once borne the deciders and shakers of Malphas were strewn with decaying corpses, a great many of them frozen in a perverse rictus. They were strewn through one another like the branches of a forest, fingers splayed through skulls, arteries bunching and twining outside of their bodies, conjoined in some unholy state of symbiosis. Malformed, half-eaten skulls seemed to grin through their dripping flesh, the baleful light emanating from the centre of the chamber exaggerating their dying expressions into parodies of themselves.
At the great marble podium in the centre of the hall, there stood a pillar of coruscating, twisting flame, its light a sickly shade of purple. Its edges flickered and snapped soundlessly, moving like no fire Sarco knew, whether fuelled by wood or promethium, its strange lack of heat seeming to scald his eyes even through the metal of his tomb. Bodies lay strewn about it in concentric circles, woven together in worship, their blood thickened to a miasma of viscous filth.
He was very slightly ashamed when, at the sight of it, his thoughts turned to Oramar, his exiled brother. There was sorcery at work here, though not any kind that he had ever been witness to. It was as though the world itself had fractured, its laws spilling out of place, twisting the chamber into something entirely alien to this world…

“The centre of all things, I would imagine.”

>> No.48540037

I'll toss some specific ideas out there for various legions and see what sticks after dinner.

>> No.48540058

He turned his chassis toward his brother. There was no sign of shock on his face, no horror, no disgust. He seemed perfectly at ease no matter his surroundings, standing apart from the vileness of this place. It was almost unsettling, how comfortably he strode through the morass.

His reply boomed through the chamber. “WE MUST MAKE SHORT WORK OF IT, WHATEVER IT IS.”

Tightening his grip upon his immense power sword, he felt his shell lurch toward the centre of the room, where the unearthly fire spewed from its chalice of decaying worshippers.

“…That may not be wise.” His brother’s voice was so calm – calm enough to, against all reason, to stay his hand a moment.

The dark whirling around him, he steered his frame toward the other Primarch. Aodhán’s eyes were drops of brilliant azure flame, boring into him, seeming to burn their way through this blasted shell and stir something in the very seat of his being. He felt a momentary chill pulse in his tattered heart. His brother was gripping the hilt of his sword tightly, as though in readiness. Almost without thinking, he felt himself rerouting a measure of power into his oversized fist.

“When [REDACTED] pulls our father’s head from his shoulders, this place will be crucial to him, somehow.” His smile never faltered. Sarco would remember that. Centuries would pass, and he would always remember his brother’s smile. “I don’t particularly care, but I have made certain promises, and I intend to uphold them.”

The silence beat at his chassis. Every hiss and click of his cumbersome shell seemed almost deafening.


The Primarch shook his head. “I assure you, this is no joke. We are here on Malphas because it is as far from Terra as feasible. By the time either of us make it to our father’s palace, his fate will be sealed.”

>> No.48540106

His thoughts swam. There was a steel in his brother’s tone, a tempered fire, that made it impossible to doubt his traitorous words. The Warmaster had turned upon their Father? And Aodhán had thrown in with him? It… it defied belief. These were his brothers.

His brother’s eyes softened slightly.

“What are we, Sarco?” Aodhán’s tone was quiet, but determined. “What is there for us in our father’s Imperium? What is there for anyone save him?”

“THERE IS THE PURPOSE WE ARE ASSIGNED.” His speakers crackled, his voice distorting. He could barely believe what he was saying, who he was saying it to. “THERE IS MANKIND’S FUTURE.”

Aodhán almost seemed to flinch slightly.
“There is his future. A future I will have no part in.”

This had to be some deception. He knew his brother. Aodhán was as he had once been – proud, fearless, passionate. He cared about so many things, loved so many things. If [REDACTED] had broken his ability to see reason, then it could be sewn together somehow…

“OUR FATHER IS WISE, AODHAN. WISER THAN [REDACTED].” Images of a Terra besieged flashed through his mind. They would return there together, all this behind them… “WE ALL HAVE A PLACE IN HIS FUTURE. WE WILL ALL SEE BETTER DAYS.”

A chortle. Bitter, bestial. Almost a hiss, really. “I don’t imagine the citizens of New Constantine would agree.”


“Sacrifices like Oramar?” The mention of their truant brother seemed to silence the both of them for a moment, before Aodhán continued: “Like Rubinek? What right did our father have to condemn them? What right has he over any of us?”

“HE IS OUR FATHER.” His voice had risen to a thunderous note now, as though he could somehow shock the sense back into his brother.

>> No.48540123

“He is mad.” Aodhán raised his blade. The point gleamed in the air between them, slithers of bright, ghostly fire twisting upon its tip. His voice was hard, unrelenting. “While he lives, there is no freedom for any of us. I will not stand to be a mere shadow. I will not be some apparatus of my creator’s will. Choice is life. Subservience is death. Even if you were to strike me down here, brother… you will still be dead, and I will have lived.”

There was a great silence cast over the hall, and it came to him, in a moment of bitter clarity, that there were to be no more words between them. His brother would not be swayed – at least not by him.

His weight shifted, feet girding themselves against the fleshy morass. His brother’s smile returned, and his knees bent slightly, a frenzied gleam entering his eyes.

This was it, then.

>> No.48540155

That's it for now.

>> No.48540578
File: 161 KB, 552x328, Night Witches.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Fifth Crusade
Scittatrix reappears after several thousand years and founds the Imperium Mechanicus in Contested Territory, defended by renegade space marines he created himself from stolen geneseed. He leads a Jihad into Forgespace, but is repelled by the Fists of Mars.

>Sixth Crusade
Corps Zero escape captivity aboard the battleship Wicker Titan and destroy the bridge and engines.
The Anthrax Chem Guard 2016th and 2017th Legions set siege to Grogan. The Grogan Thunderheads successfully break the siege.
The Grogan Thunderheads 1055th Regiment exchange artillery with the Vytorian 946th Battlegroup on Wilco in Contested Territory. The Undying Scions later inform them they had a catastrophic kill on their prized Leviathan battlefortress.
Three regiments of the Brimstone Fire-Eaters are wiped out by House Melkor and Sabbath Ice Maidens on Prosul in Contested Territory.
The Necron Tombworlds of the Indigo Sector awaken in the Dark Imperium. The Vytorian Highborn muster ten battlegroups to curb the Necron resurgence.

>Seventh Crusade
Gilgas leads an incursion on Meinherz again. The Paladins of Kor and Kroot mercenaries come to House Rammstein's aid.
Scittatrix's successor Falson leads another Jihad into Forgespace. A united force of Crusaders destroys the Imperium Mechanicus.
House Hekaton's rear detachment leads auxiliaries of the Fists of Mars against Gilgas's invasion of Forgespace while the space marines are away on campaign in Contested Territory.
The 1861st Brimstone Fire-Eaters purge Somalos X after WAAAGH!! Waghul passes it in the Storm Kingdom.
Kroot mercenaries raid worlds outside any Crusader State. The Karadon 1457th Hot Year burns their camp on Quixotia.

>> No.48540975

>A chortle. Bitter, bestial. Almost a hiss, really. “I don’t imagine the citizens of New Constantine would agree.”
Little touches like this make me happy

>> No.48542241

Awesome. I like where this is going.

>> No.48543178

Would you say most of the mercenary groups in the Tempestus only work for loyalist factions?

It seems weird for some of these people to be employed by Chaos.

>> No.48543429

See that selection of neutral ground between the Crusader States? That should have some sort of kickass grimdark name.


>> No.48543473

>“Sacrifices like Oramar?” The mention of their truant brother seemed to silence the both of them for a moment, before Aodhán continued: “Like Rubinek? What right did our father have to condemn them? What right has he over any of us?”

You might want to switch these. Rubinek's dead (or so they think) and most of his men were purged. Oramar and his men are exiles, but mostly unscathed. They'd probably have the more serious reaction to Rubinek's name.

Otherwise really good stuff. It gives a very good image of Sarco and Aodhan's personalities.

>> No.48543487


>> No.48543554


Technically it's another contested zone.

>> No.48543610
File: 82 KB, 793x546, Khornette Marine.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The GREY WORLDS OOOOoooooooOOOOOOooooooOOOOOooooooOOOOOOooooooOOOOOOooooo!!!

Not to be confused with the Grey Realm.

>Would you say most of the mercenary groups in the Tempestus only work for loyalist factions?
No. The Suka Steelborn have worked for Chaos several times and the Sabbath Ice Maidens have a beef with the Undying Vigil. If they were only employed by Crusaders then they wouldn't be mercenaries, would they?

The Avalon Manslayers are the exception because they're so deep in Crusader territory. I also mentioned Kroot mercenaries several times in the above timeline. We also need some Squat mercenaries FOR THE LULZ.

I would also like to draw attention to >>48540578
>Scittatrix reappears after several thousand years and founds the Imperium Mechanicus in Contested Territory, defended by renegade space marines he created himself from stolen geneseed. He leads a Jihad into Forgespace, but is repelled by the Fists of Mars.

and >>48538177
>House Melkor swears fealty to Chaos and sacks the Villis Sector. Khorne grants Baron Gilgas Daemonhood when he destroys Houses Johansson and Streltsik with a massive daemon weapon.

Just so nobody's caught be surprise if I start talking about Mechanicus empires and jihads and daemon prince knights.

>> No.48543669

>If they were only employed by Crusaders then they wouldn't be mercenaries, would they?

I assumed some of them were often employed by Crusader States fighting other Crusader States.

>> No.48543682
File: 227 KB, 1300x1000, Karadon Cold Ones if they were in Forgespace.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lemme rephrase that.

Just so I can get some feedback on these ideas and know whether to use them or lose them.

I guess I didn't really mention much of Crusader forces fighting each other. I should do that.

>> No.48544355

291st Sky Serpents Auxiliae
These guys are scouts and saboteurs. This group is primarily made of failed aspirants, typically those who proved biochemically incompatible with full implantation, though this is by no means universal and recruits from other Legion Auxiliae cohorts are usually augmented. Depending on the mission profile cohort members are either dropped into wilderness areas or infiltrated into urban areas. When the time to strike comes, they will deploy beacons to lead in orbital strikes and legionary landings, as well as setting off diversionary explosions to sow confusion as the legions land.
Essentially, these are the guys to call in when Astartes would attract too much attention or Astartes cannot be spared for preparation for the strike.

Working on a name for them... Jaguar Cohort, I dunno.


>> No.48544549

Oh shit, I just realized that the Scions' heraldry is a megapanther, which probably falls under the purview of the Jade Empire. Do you think I should change it? I want it to reflect their disposition before Sarco was put in a dreadnought sarcophagus.

>> No.48544663
File: 129 KB, 750x576, Thrones for the throneskull!.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A boar maybe?

>> No.48544697

Nah, keep it bro. I like the symbolism of the mega panther for the Scions. It shows just how much they change.
If it still bothers you, make it a sabertooth or something to really drive home that Mesolithic feel.

Besides, the Sky Serpents draw on mesoamerica and ancient China, which means a metric fuckload of iconic animals. I'd basically end up stealing half the animal kingdom if I claimed all those beasties as sole domain of the Sky Serpents.

>> No.48544733
File: 14 KB, 1518x646, Line graph.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How many crusades was it again? Eight?

>> No.48544745
File: 24 KB, 320x241, rhino-beetle.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm still team Beetle

>> No.48544801

>I want it to reflect their disposition before Sarco was put in a dreadnought sarcophagus.

>> No.48544862

That said, the boar is a damn good animal to capture that belligerence.

For reference, I'm thinking the Sky Serpents have a thing for:
Snakes/Chinese Dragons
(Those being the four directional animals of East Asia)
(That Mesoamerican feel)
Possibly Owls, if that's what you think Tlaloc is supposed to be.

I suppose rabbits come into the picture too, but screw rabbits. Coyote is my preferred trickster.

Oh, Magpie/Ravens.

The big icon of the legion is that Sky Serpent and the calendar stone of Tepectitlan, and it's just that these animals are culturally iconic and are used for different formations.

So maybe they have Cipactli Pattern Stormbirds, elite Jaguar Warriors, etc.

Maybe I'll throw in some Shaolin animal style attack patterns that Xun uses in his Art of War, something akin to a discussion of the merits of the Mantis Style vs the Tiger Style of assault rather than Roboute (and probably Alexios naming them after blades)

But I think it's less the specific animal than the cultural context in which the legion uses it.

>> No.48544911
File: 43 KB, 640x320, Raptor Riders.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What about lions?

And no comments on this?

>> No.48544951
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>>Second Crusade
>A passing planet-sized meteor disturbs Sabbath's orbit.
>The 121st Brimstone Fire-Eaters defeat the Anthrax Chem Guard 144th Legion on Chit in the Contested Territory.
>The Argon Apemen 300th Penal Legion is purged for heresy by the Silverback 225th Regiment on Planet Vakos in the Contested Territory. The planet is lost to the Anthrax Chem Guard 382nd Legion.
>The 140th Hot Year of the Karadon Cold Ones defeat the Tor Ironheads 508th Regiment on Planet Ignis in Contested Territory.
Editing this to

The 121st Brimstone Fire-Eaters defeat the Anthrax Chem Guard 144th Legion on Chit in the Undying Vigil.
The Argon Apemen 300th Penal Legion is purged for heresy by the Silverback 225th Regiment on Planet Vakos in the Undying Vigil. The planet is lost to the Anthrax Chem Guard 382nd Legion.
The 140th Hot Year of the Karadon Cold Ones defeat the Tor Ironheads 508th Regiment on Planet Ignis in the Undying Vigil.

>> No.48545018

Meh, I figure between Jaguars and Tigers I've got the big cats covered and I'm picturing more of a Shang Dynasty aesthetic than a Ming one.

And I'm liking the timeline.

>> No.48545073
File: 257 KB, 1600x1200, Mechanicus Knight.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Even the Daemon Baron idea and the Imperium Mechanicus thing?

The latter is an idea I've ALWAYS wanted to use for an AU 40k setting like this.

>> No.48545110

You kidding? A daemon knight is fucking awesome and I'm totally down for the Mechanicum stealing some Astartes for their own use.

>> No.48545163
File: 149 KB, 800x600, chaos_knight_of_khorne_2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guess I'll be doing more with Gilgas then.

>> No.48545205

And the Mechanicum state strikes me as very cool. I think there's a lot to play around with a sovereign Mechanicum domain, sort of a human state v Mechanicum state v Astartes state and the various legions finding equilibria in the middle spaces.

>> No.48545228
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Or was it thirteen?

>> No.48545343

Drop Cohorts
These are the jump troops, the airborne infantry. They typically deploy to screen the Astartes thrust and to reinforce landing zones as the Astartes move on to prevent the Legions from getting cut off as they rapidly advance.
Because non-Astartes cannot hope to keep up with, much less survive Legion high-G maneuvers and steep plunges from orbital space, the aircraft of the Auxiliae is typically designed for durability over maneuverability. Sturdy assault craft such as the Vendetta make up the core of the motor pool, supported by wings of marauder bombers.
For ground operations, these cohorts are usually deployed with modular prefab cover and utilize air dropped versions of crew served weapons such as las and auto cannons.

In initial phases, human losses may be higher as they screen the Astartes assault, but after zones of control are established, these forces tend to be tasked with far safer perimeter control duties. They are also employed to transport and deploy auspex distortion systems or to use transmitters to broadcast false vox-traffic and transponder signals. Such deception tactics can make a Sky Serpents legion force appear far larger than it actually is or give false signals about deployment, allowing feints, ambushes, and avoidance strategies as foes are kept penned up and isolated, waiting to defend against a force that has already moved on to far more strategically significant objectives.

In a pinch, these cohorts can also stall an enemy advance, should the Legion be out maneuvered, buying time for the Legion to reorient itself, and, if necessary to withdraw off world.

>> No.48545925

The first council is the meeting Malcador calls between the remaining Primarchs,

in the years since it is a meeting of representatives of each legion, as well as the equiv of high lords, who hold senate meetings to discuss major issues between the crusader states.

A way to resolve the many many many issues that come up without turning straight to war. Its ineffectual as can be, essentially a 40k U.N security council.

>> No.48546727

Siege Cohorts
These are the heavy armor Auxiliae. The legion itself has armor, in fact is known for fielding completely mechanized forces, but the vast majority of legion vehicles are geared towards fast and mobile warfare. The Sky Serpents field fast predators, sicarans, and Malcadors over much slower tanks such as the Typhon or Medusa Assault Guns.
However, every so often, a specific point must be taken, a line must be held. In such circumstances, the legion calls upon the Siege Cohort Auxiliae. These forces are made up of slower tanks such as the Sarco Funerus Battle Tank (leman Russ), field artillery pieces, baneblades, and other such armor. The precise deployment depends on whether the campaign is defensive or offensive, but in either event, the Auxiliae serve to man additional tanks beyond what the legion could for themselves, freeing up the Astartes to wreak havoc behind enemy lines and crush enemy assaults.

>> No.48546788
File: 40 KB, 494x622, 1460621694005.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Sarco Funerus battle tank

>> No.48546855
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Repostan old shit while I work on new shit

>Conjunction at Octarius

Captain Gaspar Armistead stood on the embarcation deck of the Executioner, flagship of the 46th expeditionary fleet, and personal vessel to Balthasar the Bloody. The Gloriana class ship floated elegantly in high anchor above the planet 46-8. 46 because of the fleet which discovered it, and 8 because it was the 8th world discovered by that fleet. Armistead's men had taken to calling the planet Octarius, and now that the Remembrancers had heard it, the name was likely to stick. Armistead himself stood on a gantry overlooking the rows of Thunderhawk dropships filling the deck. His armor was the deep red of wet blood. Speckles of dried blood, deliberately left uncleaned, made a camoflage pattern across the red plate. He wore no helm, instead favoring a black cloak and tabard over his armor, with a hood drawn over his head. On his equipment belt were two blades, one crimson, and one black. The crimson blade was a sawtoothed beast, with a three feet long chainblade which could tear an Ork apart in seconds. The black blade, in contrast, was a simple thing. Its blade apparently of knapped flint, and its hilt of unpolished gold. It did not seem a dangerous thing, but in truth it was by far the more deadly weapon.

>> No.48546879
File: 838 KB, 2400x1350, KVRahPO.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Armistead came to this gantry every time a ship launched, or near enough. He liked to marvel at the sheer audacity of it all. Their ship, and thousands of support vessels, had been parked above 46-8 for six years, and showed no signs of leaving. The planet below was an unending mountain range, with each peak climbing higher than the last. In the steep valleys between the mountains, however, lived billions of brutal Ork xenos, green monstrosities the size of an Astartes with an insane lust for war. In that way, Armistead supposed, the Bloodhounds and the Orks were alike. Thunderbirds deployed down to the surface of the world in squadrons, dropping off companies of marines on their three week hunting expeditions. When they returned, they would bring back trophies of the hunt: Ork teeth strung along wires, weapons of the enemy, and even, if the marine were boastful enough, the decapitated heads of the foe. Armistead had seen and liberated dozens of worlds which the foul greenskins had torn asunder, terrorizing the human populace for centuries. But here, on this crinkled ball of a world, the Bloodhounds hunted them for sport.

>> No.48546896
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The voxcasters lining the walls of the deck crackled to life, jostling Captain Armistead out of his ruminations. The mechanical voices of a thousand speakers all spoke in unison, "A fleet has entered the system. All hands, all hands, a fleet has entered the system. Await orders as the fleet enters auspex range." The marines below stood in bemusement, unsure if they should continue boarding. The Captain, however, acted with knife-like certainty. "Disembark and muster on decks. Whether they are friend or foe, they will board us, and we must be prepared for it. Gear-check all chainswords and get your breacher shields." A holo-display on Armistead's eyepiece informed him he was summoned to the bridge. "I am summoned to the Hunting Lodge, brothers, see to your orders."

>> No.48546931
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The Captain climbed up the many passageways of the ship to it's command center, the Hunting Lodge. It was a massive circular chamber with a hololithic windowed dome, through which one could see the surface of 46-8. On the walls of the chamber were arrayed thousands of trophies of war. Rows of ork heads, monstrous talons of the megarachnids, and countless trophies of the myriad beasts of a thousand worlds. Arranged against the many taxedermied trophies hung thousands of weapons taken from the many worlds who had surrendered before the might of Balthasar's Bloodhounds. In the center of the chamber stood seven Astartes, armored like Armistead. They were his brother captains of the Warpack, highest and greatest officers of the First Legion. Each of Armistead's brothers were armed as he was, with crimson chainsword and black flint blade.

>> No.48546945
File: 1.14 MB, 1250x632, bridge.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Forming two concentric circles around the captains were navigation consoles, data readouts, and auspex stations. In the inner circle sat Commodore Frost and his command crew, in the outer circle sat support staff. All of their stations were set deep into the ground so that no one's view of their Lord's trophies would be occluded. Occasionally Servitor Helots would skitter into the chamber, report to one of the staffers, deliver or receive some message, and then scamper back out again. The Lodge had always made Armistead think of a massive ampitheatre, except the audience was facing the wrong way.

The Primarch's place at the center was conspicuously absent.

>> No.48549788


>> No.48550014
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Updated the map with the three star forts of the Warhawks.

>> No.48550049

We should probably mark out the eldar empire on her at some point. Maybe the necron domains in pacificus too.

I'm thinking the eldar borders should snake down from around where Biel-Tan is marked to somewhere near Targus. Or maybe it should stretch downwards into the veiled region, toward Naiatoc.

>> No.48550098

If you could, would you mind changing Undying Vigil to Unyielding Vigil?

>> No.48550140

I might make up a new one tomorrow, if I do ill change that for you, maybe add some of the details >>48550049 suggests.

It will depend on how busy I am though.

>> No.48550483

Hey, Lord General Guy.

I had a thought, and since you wanted to write not!Sisters, it might be something you'd want to use. Basically, mercenary Sisters. Like an Abbey that had gone rogue, maybe more out of frustration with the disunity of the Crusader States than anything else, and now its military arm is basically a bunch of traveling hedge knight battle nuns that sell their services to the highest bidder.

>> No.48550497
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>Renegade Sisters

>> No.48550647
File: 101 KB, 493x991, Miriael_Sabathiel_-_Servant_of_Slaanesh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.48550655
File: 1.73 MB, 3264x1836, Space-KKK_Brimstone Fire-Eaters.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They must be burned.

I keep asking, how many crusades was it?

>> No.48550824


>> No.48550849
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And I thought I was almost done.
So that's up to 7. Still 6 to go. Do we really have to have 13?

>> No.48550927

It's a mirror to how there's been thirteen Black Crusades in main canon.

If it helps, I think certain details of the last one have already been fleshed out.

>> No.48550955
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>Eighth Crusade
Gilgas FUCKING GILGAS is banished by the Oathsworn in Forgespace.
Grogan is besieged by the Vytorian Highborn 985th Battlegroup FUCKING GROGAN.
Steelborn mercenaries commissioned by the Dark Imperium raid and destroy the battleship Ave Sarco.

>Ninth Crusade
A cult in the Protectorate of Kor summon Gilgas FUCKING KOR PROTECTORATE. This marks the point where the universe goes like,"Fuck these guys, they're not vigilant enough."
Steelborn protect Battlegroup Grogan from Silver Spears boarding actions.
Sabbath Ice Maidens raid Grogan.

>Tenth Crusade
Gilgas assembles a legion of Chaos to invade the Imperium Minoris. He is defeated by the Angels of Light and banished.

>> No.48551144

This is all really good.

By the way, the Negators field a shit ton of mercenaries, and sometimes do the mercenary thing themselves, so feel free to write them into realm guard stuff. They've probably employed most mercs in Segmentum Tempestus at least once.

Currently fleshing out the Eldar page. Putting the skeleton for its structure down has made me realize how much stuff is left to write. It's a lot.

>> No.48551238
File: 100 KB, 2400x614, Kor Protectorate.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Eleventh Crusade
The Grey Realm brings Kroot Mercenaries to Contested Territory to fight on worlds infested by the Anthrax Chem Guard.
The Oathbreaker Serpentio unleashes the Gene-Plague on the Paladins of Kor. Hundreds of Paladins are exiled and their progenoids are destroyed to prevent its spread.
The female ward on Argon slides into the ocean. The other wards become Co-ed.
Multiple regiments of the Brimstone Fire-Eaters are deployed on the hiveworld Saxon to fight WAAAGH!! Greygut.
The Tor Ironheads

>Twelfth Crusade
The Steelborn Holk and his band capture a Prexes-class cruiser and christen it the Black Maul. They begin raiding in the Undying Vigil.
The 2662nd Fire-Eaters accidentally destroy the forgeworld Hierars in the Grey Worlds.
Gilgas slays Baron Orthros of House Hekaton on a battleship in the Grey Worlds.
The Hosts of the Vigil drive back the Vytorian Highborn and Anthrax Chem Guard on Grogan.
Corps Zero destroy several Karadon Cold One regiments on the deathworld Bellistus in the Undying Vigil.
House Hidalgos defends worlds in Imperium Minoris from Hivefleet Basilisk.

>Thirteenth Crusade
Several Vytorian Highborn Battlegroups set siege to Grogan.
Gilgas leads House Melkor against House Hidalgos and three other houses of Imperium Minoris.
Dozens of Argon Apemen legions and Silverback regiments are used to defend the Jade Empire from WAAAGH!! Rehab.
The Negators discover the Grey Realm, within the ancient Dyson sphere Kazad. They turn their attention from the Thirteenth Crusade and assemble a massive army of mercenaries and pirates to destroy the Grey Realm.
Signs of the Gene-Plague are found in other legions. The Oathsworn work to find a cure.
Hivefleet Ancalagon reaches the Dark Imperium. The Anthrax Chem Guard assemble dozens of legions.

>> No.48551272
File: 130 KB, 314x342, Safety Factor.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You know what, I never did a summary for the Vytorian Highborn, but I don't care. They're rich hiveworlders with lots of tanks and they're bad news whenever they're on the same world as you.

Would you want more tanks than a Soviet front pointed your way?

>> No.48551287
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Oh right, I forgot we solved the Tyranid problem with Orks. Oh well, they sometimes slip through.

>> No.48551322

>Hivefleet Ancalagon

Extremely metal.

>> No.48551695
File: 88 KB, 654x534, Quartermaster 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Zaphnath Sun Soldiers
Space Egypt, no relation to the fucking necrons goddammit, specialize in infantry combat.

>Samar Archangels
Space Parajumpers/Airborne, specialize in drop assault and rescuing stranded soldiers.

>Palatine Lionhearts
Space Bretonnia/Medieval Europe, mounted charge, mercenaries.

>House Hemaglutin
Nurgle knights

>> No.48551726

I'm imagining these guys as the "Drive me closer, I want to hit them with my sword!" of the setting. Privileged nobles with their household tank formations, sitting up on top and waving their power swords in the direction of the enemy while their various houseguard in the tank scrabble to take out whatever they're pointing at before it shoots their charge.

>> No.48551781
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Well, they're pretty much an army of Pattons, so yeah, probably.

>> No.48552252

Got five of the imperial craftworlds done. Just five more to go.

>> No.48552457

>Zaphnath Sun Soldiers
>Space Egypt, no relation to the fucking necrons goddammit, specialize in infantry combat.


>> No.48552569



>> No.48552597

Oh yeah that technically makes more sense.

>> No.48552677
File: 793 KB, 850x3307, WHAT THE FUCK 3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.48553336 [SPOILER] 
File: 77 KB, 800x582, 1469989283798.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Possible merc concept.

>Iscaran Ronin
As the Twelfth Crusade stretched on, the forces of the Undying Vigil launched a devastating assault upon Imperial Eldar space, hoping to cleave through the faithless xeno and encircle the Chaos Legions rampaging through the upper Segmentum. The first to feel the brunt of this offensive were the Corsair Princedoms at the edge of Imperial territory. Many worlds were abandoned as the Eldar made a fighting retreat, but some territories were struck harder, such as those of Prince Uledainn. The Prince's flagship was destroyed in the fighting and his fleet scattered, his Princedom falling into chaos. As the tides turned and the Eldar began to push back, the scattered elements of his fleet returned with new masters to reclaim Uledainn's worlds, but the Eldar underestimated the indigenous populations' loyalty to their former master. The Princedoms played fast and loose with the laws of the Empire, and many human Custodian Worlds within Uledainn's domain were bound to the deceased Prince not only by veneration, but by a sense of mutual respect.

Disgusted by the sight of their celestial lords bickering over Uledainn's holdings, the world of Iscarynn declared itself ronin, pledging that if they could no longer serve their former Prince, their only master would be fortune. Successfully fighting off the small, hastily-assembled force sent to reclaim it, the planet has since settled into a state of truce with its neighbours, and has become valued for the quality of its warriors, few Princedoms wishing to risk losing such an asset in an attempt to take the world for their own.

Since then, the Iscarians have fought on battlefields across the Segmentum and for a multitude of employers. Specializing in mobile warfare, they utilize large numbers of Stinger (simplified versions of the Eldar Wasp walker design, dumbed down for use by Custodian World humans) squadrons to great effect, engaging in perilous skydrop maneuvers to outflank their marks.

>> No.48553407

In this Grimdark Galaxy torn asunder by war for 100 centuries came a new faction: the Arms of Atlas who crushed all that opposed them with their tried and true strategy: Huge.

>> No.48553418

Being huge is a pretty good strategy.

>> No.48553433

First off: it's the Unyielding Vigil.
>the world of Iscarynn declared itself ronin, pledging that if they could no longer serve their former Prince, their only master would be fortune.
I fucking love the way you worded this.

>> No.48553509

>Unyielding Vigil

Oh shit really? Is that a recent change?

I've been going off the stuff on the map.

Also, thanks.

>> No.48553546
File: 331 KB, 1464x994, blood_dusk_1st_infantry_onigryn_by_taurus_chaoslord-d5d1dwr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not gonna comment on this because 1.) Eldar, and 2.) I've done space Japan before. Three times.

Yes, three times. In one setting alone. Hektor Heresy, I did House Goda who were space samurai, then I did their men-at-arms/Imperial guard regiment called the Goda Imperial Retainers who were the entire history of Japan from the Sengoku Period to WWII shoved into one, then before HekHeresy went into its second lull I was working on the space samurai called the Ogre Legion.

This may not be literally Japan like those, but it's still mecha and Ronin and thus Japanese.

>> No.48553553

The map's been wrong since it was created, I've just decided that I should probably let everyone know.

>> No.48553573
File: 1.85 MB, 480x360, Holy shit private.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh come on!

>> No.48554147

>I've done space Japan before. Three times.

Gee golly.

Welp, I gotta go through some stuff and do some edits.

>> No.48554446

Yep. Unyielding Vigil, Undying Scions.

>> No.48555576

Detailed some of the Custodian Host equipment in the Eldar Empire wiki page. Hope I'm not going to far with this stuff, it just feels like a chance to do something 40K doesn't really have.

>> No.48556532


FINALLY DONE! All the Craftworlds in the Empire now have entries. Now to work on the Starholds and Corsair stuff...

>> No.48557133

Do we have a master timeline with every event so far? I'm planning a timeline for the Scions and I think it'd be helpful.

>> No.48557326

This is one post of many about mercenary XYZ

Answer me this anons.

Why are mercenaries such a big thing here? Why does chaos tolerate them? (and not just enslave them)
Why does the crusade state pay them rather than just gang press them into service?

Sure some are going to be established enough and have reputations enough to be not worth the hassle, but otherwise why?

>> No.48557373

>Protectorate of Kor summon Gilgas

Well that certainly marks a turning point for the protectorate and the Hawks.

They would be bumped up the hit list quite significantly

>> No.48557430

I tried making one up but I ran into a fair bit of conflicting information and got lost. Ill revisit if I can find the archived threads.

>> No.48557738

Alright, craftworld military doctrines pretty much done.

I'm having a lot of fun expanding on the minor ones. It's kinda weird how many niches the major craftworlds don't really fill.

>> No.48558048

Man, whoever tidied up the History section on the Eldar page, you're a fucking hero. I was totally distracting myself from getting around to that.

>> No.48559241

Next thread we should work on timelines, I think.

>> No.48559693
File: 398 KB, 524x800, Lawbringer1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's not the Protectorate summoning Gilgas, it's a cult.

You do know who deals with cults in the Protectorate, right?

>> No.48559797

Probably a good idea. I've been fleshing out the Eldar one some more, trying to include more contact with other stuff.

>> No.48559999

The Resurgent Eldar Empire seems to uncannily lucky. There they are camped out in the middle of a permanent Warzone, with a massive as shit Chaos Empire breathing down upon them, and yet Chaos never seems to bother them at all until near the end. Having that many Eldar in one place is like leaving out a freight train full of pure uncut cocaine for Slaanesh. Why Slaanesh doesn't throw literally everything he/she/it has got at the Eldar endlessly is a mystery.

>> No.48560058

...yeah, actually. Do we have an explanation as to why the Eldar don't get a shitload of Slaaneshis knocking down their door?

>> No.48560349

Maybe Aodhan likes to fuck with Kashaln? And perhaps Khorne is empowered by the veneration of Khaine and so has his legions defend the Eldar indirectly?

>> No.48560495

Aodhan being a dick to Kashaln makes sense, but the Khorne/Khaine thing is present in canon and doesn't happen.

Is Aodhan enough? Or should we come up with a bunch of other little things that stop Slaanesh from eating their souls?

>> No.48560652

They can't really do their jobs right. Thank's Kor, your "tolerance" let a foul Baron of Hell do wonders in your realm. Can you stop being so multicultural now?

>> No.48560654

We probably need a bunch of other things, since Aodhan seems like the sort to have a very short attention span and though he may crash in Commoragh, I don't think that'll help much.

Maybe the Eldar are big into Cegorrach and Ynnead and Khaine and thst helps?

>> No.48560781

They do their jobs exceptionally well, by breaking the law.

We could also have anyone attacking key Eldar cities be at an extreme disadvantage due to the elevated activity/volatility of the Warp now that Chaos reigns supreme in the Materium?

>> No.48560809

I started incorporating Slaanesh stuff toward the end of their timeline to suggest that covert Chaos stuff is definitely going on, and it's going to get bad.

>> No.48560827
File: 107 KB, 1680x989, I'm going to kill you now okay.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>They do their jobs exceptionally well, by breaking the law.
They're not breaking the law hard enough.

>> No.48560859

Alright, that makes sense.

That's a matter of opinion, considering you just kind of made that happen without asking if such a thing would be possible. Lesser daemons, yeah, but anything that big would almost certainly be put down really quickly.

>> No.48560864


Slaanesh isn't one to wait. Indeed, waiting seems anathema to Slaanesh. Why would he/she/it let the Eldar dick around and entrench themselves and only then come and claim their souls?

>> No.48560875

Oh and yeah, this is probably right, Aodhán would despise Kashaln by this point in time. He'd see the way he killed Raydon as disgraceful weak shit and nowhere near what their brother deserved.

Every meeting between them after than would be Aodhán telling Kashaln he's the gayest faggot to ever suck dicks in all of galactic history.

>> No.48560912

If anything volatility in the warp would aid chaos.

>> No.48560937

Possibly because there's stuff going on in the upper sections of the segmentum. The pathways through the region are rarely going to be clear.

That said, there are TONS of Eldar in Commorragh, and Slaanesh hasn't broken in there yet, despite it being literally on the edge of its domain. As long as Eldar do their Path/souldrinking stuff they aren't going to be constantly mobbed.

>> No.48560989

Well, while Slaaneshi daemons certainly find Eldar tasty, population density doesn't really = Slaanesh a coming yo. Most of the biggest populations of Eldar in canon are pretty much untouched by Slaanesh. Only lesser Craftworlds have fallen to it.

I do want to add more Slaanesh stuff attacking during the earlier years of the Empire though. It's not there mostly because there are so many other cool toys to play with.

>> No.48561042
File: 346 KB, 873x627, Chivalry Intensifies.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>That's a matter of opinion, considering you just kind of made that happen without asking if such a thing would be possible. Lesser daemons, yeah, but anything that big would almost certainly be put down really quickly.
If it happened under the nose of a ruthless and paranoid institution with figuratively unlimited power and a license to kill, it can happen under the nose of an illegal organization that does not have as many resources. That's just my logic, but this is 40k. Powerful daemons popping up where they're least expected is expected.

>> No.48561066

For those wondering by the way, early M40 and early M41 are probably where I'll flesh out this stuff.

Ayup, I dropped some mentions of House Rammstein and the Sabbath Ice Maidens in the Eldar timeline. If you think none of them could be at that place somewhere in that stretch of time, feel free to say.

>> No.48561108
File: 165 KB, 500x500, Thumbs up.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Ayup, I dropped some mentions of House Rammstein and the Sabbath Ice Maidens in the Eldar timeline. If you think none of them could be at that place somewhere in that stretch of time, feel free to say.
This is why I made them. This is EXACTLY why I made them.

>> No.48561141

Pretty cool image of a daemon-Marine stepping into the middle of Beltaine through a burning hole in reality and, in perfect pre-fall Eldar announcing "You live with our souls. You live by our grace. You have run your little ways, but now, She who Thirsts has come to collect. Offer yourselves to us and ascend in glory or make us fight for you, the end will be the same."

Something like that.

And the Eldar behead the apparition, but it takes up its head and walks off into the warp, laughing.
The incident sends ripples of doubt theough9ut the Eldar Empire.
Months later, the first major incursions begin on 7 craftworlds, and uncounted exodite worlds.

>> No.48561148

Well the Lawbringers aren't illegal, just so you know. They just constantly bend the rules so they can actually do their jobs instead of occasionally killing an obvious child-sacrificing psychopath.

I have no problem with the summoning taking place and all, what I take umbrage to is you saying that this occurring makes the Lawbringers ineffectual or "whipped" by the government. These guys were created specifically because there needed to be a way for the Protectorate to combat malign cults. It's what they do, and it's what they're good at. That's what people asked for, and that's what they got.

>> No.48561205
File: 206 KB, 507x502, 1457920126111.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Eh, fair enough. It wasn't exactly a jab at the Lawbringers so much as at the entire Kor Protectorate for being HERETICAL, and it wasn't serious.

>> No.48561243
File: 21 KB, 299x448, Lawbringer2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not the only person who misunderstood, but I do apologize for being defensive. Space Cowboys are fucking awesome.

>> No.48561293 [SPOILER] 
File: 458 KB, 3508x2480, 1470018736473.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Space Cowboys are fucking awesome.
And they're also completely ineffectual.

>> No.48561329

I've been considering writing a short bit of fluff with a Lawbringer, a Harlequin, a Silent Sister, a Knight Errant and a Tarellian basically being a D&D party.

>> No.48561361


>> No.48561364
File: 306 KB, 568x432, Enjoying it.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We should totally run this in a Dark Heresy campaign. I'm not too familiar with the 40KRPG or GMing but I'lll learn if I have to.

>> No.48561365

So to ask a dumb question, does the Protectorate hierarchy accept the Law givers and their illegal actions?

>> No.48561372
File: 74 KB, 436x700, Lawbringer3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

On that subject, I feel obligated to say
>use special custom nullifier-rounds with prayers to The God Emperor engraved on them, so that even the weakest Lawbringer can go toe-to-toe with a daemon
Is a suggestion I am totally going with. Fucking badass.

Sounds like it could be really good, do it.

>> No.48561408
File: 257 KB, 1000x700, Tzeentch-Chan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's an entire organization of Dirty Harries, of course they don't.
>use special custom nullifier-rounds with prayers to The God Emperor engraved on them, so that even the weakest Lawbringer can go toe-to-toe with a daemon
Eh... Nah, not a fan. The point of daemons is they are so incredibly dangerous and beyond normal mortals.

>> No.48561443

If the bullets are so hard to make that any given lawbringer would only have about three on them at any time, I think it might work out.

>> No.48561465
File: 58 KB, 650x450, Lawbringer4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Amazingly, while the general public and most of the Council know about what the Lawbringers do and how they do it, Anders Kor and the Paladins are completely in the dark. So while it is commonly accepted, conflicts arise when Paladins and Lawbringers work together.

I haven't come up with the training/selection process for the Lawbringers yet, but 100% they aren't going to be regular Joes. They're the Protectorate's answer to the Inquisition after all, so I guess that makes the actual Lawbringers in the same family as inquisitors.

>> No.48561486

IIRC the idea of Lawbringers was that they're highly trained combat psykers with handcannons, right? Bionics and gene therapy and all that stuff?

Basically, they're wild west Inquisitors.

>> No.48561547
File: 328 KB, 1100x1513, Kor Whore.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I haven't come up with the training/selection process for the Lawbringers yet, but 100% they aren't going to be regular Joes. They're the Protectorate's answer to the Inquisition after all, so I guess that makes the actual Lawbringers in the same family as inquisitors.
Well if they're up there then it's pretty reasonable and thematic.

>> No.48561633
File: 321 KB, 1000x958, Lawbringer5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Kor Whore
Not bad.

>> No.48561650

> general public and most of the Council know about what the Lawbringers do and how they do it, Anders Kor and the Paladins are completely in the dark.

Thats a special kind of retarded.

>> No.48561678
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By the time the Lawbringers are founded, Anders is an old man and the Paladins are glorified trophies. It's not actually that retarded.

>> No.48561696
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Until the day the Kor Protectorate pays for its heresy, until the xenos barbarians have raped its worlds, until Chaos comes and turns the entire realm into a dark enclave of ruin, I will forever make passive, aggressive, and passive-aggressive jabs at them. Mostly in the form of vaguely right-wing attacks on multiculturalism and tolerance.
Anders is a PRIMARCH.

>> No.48561729
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Anders is a non-corrupted Primarch that is not in the Warp or a stasis pod. He lives up until RIGHT before M41, which is a DAMN long time, before he is MIA presumed dead on Cydonia.

>> No.48561761
File: 35 KB, 475x570, Ruining the Story.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He's a PRIMARCH. He's supposed to last indefinitely, isn't he?

>> No.48561791

I've always wondered about this.

The canon ones were all too incompetent to test the limits of their own lifespans.

>> No.48561792

I think it would make sense for the non-corrupted ones to age, but a fuckload slower than even Space Marines. I don't think there's any real precedent, but Alexios is also described as an old man when Anders kills him, so...?

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