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Now you're just splitting hares.

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That's not very bunny, Yoro.

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A Yandere, eh?

Isn't Kos dead? As for Ebrietas, maybe, maybe. But Kos would be a MILF, no? Shub Niggurath too...

And yet, I wanted to pod Doll and Maria, hm. Would these not be too eldritch? Great Ones just want a child, that is all. I am not ready for that sort of commitment yet.

It's a wonder that noone made anthro or gijinka versions of em...

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I was wrong.

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Did Worm _Anon ever make a ruling on Sword and Sorcery magic?

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In the Bleach jump you can apparently switch between your spirit and physical body? What happens to your clothing and equipment?

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Just go Hollow

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>when you know one of your Companions is getting tired of all this, but you don't want to let go
>you still value their free will, but you've reached the point where you'd have died several times over without them

Wat do, anon?

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Yes she is dead, but you asked who the females are.

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>losing interest
You fucked up somewhere.

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Now now, let's not start a pun war. We don't want anyone to Leporidae.

You have to let them go. If they find something they want in the multiverse, or are tired and simply want to go home, you can't force them to keep going and still respect their free will.

Just remember, you'll see them again someday, if you're strong enough.

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Hey Jumpers!

Have you ever made a build for a Jump before/during actual consumption of the media, only to find out that a small decision you made in the beginning of the Jump leads to some of the later plot elements being non-factors?

I've been watching Battlestar Galactica, and realized that giving the pregnant Boomer asylum aboard the Defiant completely derailed Tyrol and Helo being rushed through a kangaroo court-martial and sentenced to death as well as Galactica launching fighters at Pegasus.

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Anyone wanna toss my Gamer/Minion Master build?

The Gamer Chain-
Concept-Overlord Native-Chain, a Gamer like Ainz who got sucked into the New World. Built the way I would build a character for an MMO, Minions and Buffs for Minions.
Has a Gamer mind-set for most of the chain, trying to exploit anything he can, and to get more Minions and Buffs.

Companions- Forsetti, Gnarl, Lilith, Mooks, Lupa d'Angela

So far almost every jump he's been tossed to has been a vidya universe funnily enough.

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Well, keeping on the vidya train, Ring of Red. Not a lot in the way of Minions though. Sadly.

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Sword and Sorcery has good minion magic.

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Don't know what that is but it'll go next

That'll go third

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No he didn't, and in fact, your shitposting about it even drove him off and kept him from the thread.

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>Jumpchain CYOA Thread #976: A-side Edition
Jumpers, we don't have a A-Team jump yet!
What MEMBER of the A team are YOU, and what PERK or ITEM did you buy?

Commanding Colnel
The (Please Don't hit me in the) Face
Mad (as a Hatter) Member
Bruiser with a Heart (& BLING) of Gold
The Guy/Gal That No One Else Can Help

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He's not losing interest in me personally, anon. He just didn't take the "cannot permanently die so long as I live" part as seriously as he ought to have, and has come to the startling realization that he's been living in his mom's Warehouse for over 100 years.

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How about going to Sekirei? Nothing could go wrong there.

>> No.48444206

No, and he likely won't now that people've realized S&S is a worthless jump.

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Everything will go wrong.

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Eh, why don't you go into Fallout?

>> No.48444223

Ten years is a long time. Might could suggest he go explore for a Jump, find himself and all that.

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What about SMT, or the DS games? Thoe both involve minions in a critical role.

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Maybe next time, not gonna take anymore than three "saved" ones.

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It isn't, it's just pretty vague on where the limits are, which is actually a problem for knowing what the standards for abilities lay.

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Could also waifu a Necronomicon personification if you are into the whole eldritch librarian shtick

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He's not posting because of shitposters like you who can't just accept a jump as perfect for what it is.

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What jump.

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For fuck's sake, could both of you go the fuck to sleep instead of shitposting.

For once in your life.

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Lovecraft, would need the civ perk realms of myth to do it I think. Otherwise its just a book with power.

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Put them in stasis. I know that deciding to go back home would soon come to be a decision I'd massively regret.

By putting them in stasis, you can call upon them if you really need them, and they might change their mind. Besides, their world is also in stasis, so there's literally no point to sending them home.

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I swear you Jumpers think with the wrong head.

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Anon, if you don't know the answer to that question already, you might need to consider the following query:

Where do you think you are?

It's hopeless. We're stuck with these idiots and there's not a thing we can do about it.

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I don't know anything about this setting, but I love the fuck out of No Fair Cheating. It'll make Gauntlets so much easier.

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Nah, that might be too much.

Are these all Eldritch yet interesting waifus one could waifu? Kinda dissapointed. At least I got Nyx, GNR and Ebrietas. Maybe more...

And then they fuse into one giant Great God Waifu

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Sounds like a personal issue. The jump doesn't have any real flaws, just subjective problems, and just because you don't like vagueness doesn't mean Worm needs to satisfy your autism with an explanation.

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Another Overlord question, reposted from last thread.

The Companions you import with A Local Hero get The Realm of Heroes automatically, and if you complete the Peer of the Sorcerous Kingdom scenario get Level One Hundred as their part of the reward. Would they be as powerful as a Jumper who picked Lvl100 + RoH at the start, or would they be as powerful as a Jumper who just picked RoH and trained up to Lvl100 later?

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>>Don't know what that is...
Don't worry, no one does. I swear I'm one of three people who remember that PS2 game, but I love it, so I made the Jump for it.

I feel like that would be a bad idea, but I can't say no to a lovely stack of... pages.

You're going to have to have a heart-to-heart with him. It sounds like he needs a purpose beyond just being one of your hanger-ons. I've found that to be a surprisingly large part of keeping Companions happy and interested.

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The only one shitposting right now is you and that asshole demanding clarification on the jump in question.

>> No.48444349

We could theoretically stop responding. It isn't going to happen, because there's always idiots like either >>48444276 or >>48444302 or me who bite the bait (depending on if any of you isn't the shithead responding to himself to stir up further responses), but it's possible.

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Actually, since you already have GNR, I'm surprised no one has mentioned this, but the angel with tentacles, the second one Shinji fights, is confirmed female. I think her name was Shamshel.

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And after it gets clarified he will randomly pick some other jump to shitpost about, first it was naruto, then worm, then overlord, now s&s. Its a pattern.

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Vampire Diaries. I entered knowing that there was a trapped girl being used as the anchor for an artificial purgatory, so I rescued her and broke the spell onwards. Season 4 onwards disappeared along with 2000 years of accumulated trapped supernatural beings, including various nasty powers-behind-the-thrones and one of the two original Big Bads being sent on into the afterlife. Some people got really upset about that for some reason.

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I wonder if you can buy the 300 CP 20 followers option twice to get the 40 thieves.

>> No.48444403

Anon, I'm taking genetic samples of each angel, if I can, along with trying to save their souls.

Issue is, I don't know how to companion them as I don't have enough pods. I need a method of soul storing that would go between jumps, and then I can just freeze the bodies or something...

Right now, these are my plans for a Chain, all of what I plan to do. I hope to go into these chains later, let others decide chains later on.

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Are you seriously implying that bait you're responding to has a point?

>> No.48444437

How fast is the ray from a ranged touch spell like disintegrate? Also how difficult is it to find spells from the standard Sorc/Wiz spell list?

>> No.48444439

Can we just leave it alone? Seriously, we all got it already, he's not going away, he's here forever, blah blah blah. Stop devoting entire threats to his shit. We have more interesting things to talk about, like waifuing eldritch abominations.

>> No.48444443

Anon, I have to tell you that the post you're responding to is actually in itself bait. And to end this response chain right now, your post is also bait, and my post is also bait, and anything that responds to this post is also bait.

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Jump #6: Harry Potter

Half-Blood - 100
Middle-class - 0

Brave At Heart - 0
Occlumency - 0
Non-Verbal Speciality - 200
Setup Wizard - 200
Wandlessly Magic - 600

Wand (Pine, Dragon Heartstring) - 0
Fellow Marauder (Priscilla) - 200
Wand of Elder - 250
Felix Felicis - 50

Prophecy + 100
Saving People Thing + 200
Prisoner of Azkaban + 300



Just and Loyal - 0
Occlumency - 0
Break Blood - 200
Care of Magical Creatures - 150

Pet Owl - 0
Nimbus 2000 - 0
Dragon-Hide Jacket - 0
Refilling Zonko's Bag - 50

Magic. Neat.

More importantly, after half a century, I'm back on a world with hot water and cold air conditioning. ....even if I will be spending most of my time in a medieval castle.

So, despite my best (read: I sort of tried) efforts to fuck up the plot, stuff happened and the Battle of Hogwarts took place during our 5th year instead of when it normally would. That is, until my improved Vow of Silence was cast over Hogwarts.

Turns out Wizards really are squishy without their magic. You know what isn't squishy? A superhuman knight and a draconic demigoddess.

Pic vaguely related.

>> No.48444451

You're the one being a rampant, insult-slinging dick.

>> No.48444459

To demand that, after all I've done? I can't say I have the right. I asked, he agreed, but I fear I overselled the journey.

I should have let him live a normal life, in a normal world, but... I just couldn't let go.

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Well, there are Blue Feathers, anon.
Actually, there's another item for companions, but I forget what it's called.
Anyway, for further Eldritch waifus...uh, the Slime race from Overlord are actually Shoggoths, apparently. Does that count.

>> No.48444468

Nice try shitposter, nobody's falling for it.

>> No.48444481

glad to hear it!
I'm just about done with the main Jump, and I'll be posting it sometime in the next 24 hours if nothing gets in the way, so you folks will get to build for it soon!

>> No.48444488

It's slow enough that someone could conceivably dodge it, since it has to hit touch AC rather than only requiring a Fortitude save.

>> No.48444501

>everything and everyone is bait
>trust no one, not even yourself

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>> No.48444532

Isn't it more like they're 'dodging the barrel' if I'm to reveal myself as a Gundam fanboy?

>> No.48444539

I am the true self.

>> No.48444540

Hmm, would it be possible to use such a spell as a touch attack? Since if you are toughing them with what ever the ray springs from. . .

>> No.48444556

Slytherin scum detected!

>> No.48444601

More like Ravenclaw...

>> No.48444610


'Puff 4 Lyfe.

Draconic demigoddess? You now have my attention.

Not familiar with that series. Is it the one with Anna Paquin?

>> No.48444625

>>How fast is the ray...
Well, maximum range as the system stands is 100 ft. + 200 ft (10 ft/level x 20 levels) = 300 ft.

We can reasonably assume the ray takes roughly a second to reach the edge of that range. So 300 ft/sec. Doing some rough, napkin math puts that at around 204 Miles per Hour. So there you go.

>>How difficult is it to find spells...
Not very. Hell, most major towns in any D&D setting will have a magical trinkets shop, if not multiple of them. Some even have wizard's colleges you can buy scrolls from or pay for the privilege of studying at. Unless you land in the middle of nowhere, you could easily gather every spell on the list within your ten years.

I imagine you would do well to put yourself in his shoes. That is truly the best advice I can give you.

There's no reason you couldn't, especially if you abandon some of the rules that exist in D&D simply for the sake of it being a game.

>> No.48444633

Lack of relevance detected.

>> No.48444654


>Puff 4 Lyfe.
Puffs are cool. See, Priscilla is one.

>Draconic demigoddess? You now have my attention.
Priscilla, from Dark Souls. She's half-dragon half-god. Pic related.

>> No.48444676

I dunno, I dunno.

Cheat Mode and Blue Feathers... But should I marry the Angels? Lilith-Adam Hybrid might work due to perhaps sharing some memories of kaworu and Rei, and that includes human knowledge and customs

>> No.48444679

Persona- Great game series, thanks for sending me here boss-lady.
Rolled for Mikage
Rolled for November
Transfer Student
Persona-The Emperor-It fits me now,not as I was before, but as I am now.
Free Expression
Discount Red String
Discount Self-Awareness
All Together
Unbreakable Bond- My Minions and my....Friends, make me Stronger than I could ever be without them. And I thank them for that

I'll Face Myself+200- Oh....Shit. This is gonna suck. But I have a Quote to fix "If there is anything I have learned in my travels across the Planes, it is that many things may change the nature of a man. Whether regret, or love, or revenge or fear - whatever you believe can change the nature of a man, can. I’ve seen belief move cities, make men stave off death, and turn an evil hag's heart half-circle. This entire Fortress has been constructed from belief. Belief damned a woman, whose heart clung to the hope that another loved her when he did not. Once, it made a man seek immortality and achieve it. And it has made a posturing spirit think it is something more than a part of me"
Crawling Chaos+300- REALLY!? This is OP bullshit, even for a JRPG

Ring of Red- A Mecha Cold War?....Awesome.
Rolled for 23
Poland, Speltember 1st, 1939
Free Tactics 101
Discount Cooperation
Discount Fresh Recruits
Discount Rodriguez's Protege
Consumate Knowledge
Emergency Repair
Swiss Army Engineer
Ammunition Cache

Aleister Crowley+600- Mecha/Super Science World War 2 and fighting Super Nazis? Fucking. Awesome.

Get to you in a moment

>> No.48444702


How about you, Justice. Which house is best? Not counting waifus or anything...

>> No.48444719

>I'm just about done with the main Jump
Um Emtys, WHY does the inanimate object adviser count as a companion?

Don't just slap a companion limit on stuff because. I have seen bad jumps do it to summons, and now this.

Companions should at the very least be be people that can do their own think separate from you. All you are doing is charging 300 CP to remove an existing companion from the world. We have other interacting items that give info on the world (and self update even) and are not companions.

>> No.48444731

Who needs quote-unquote relevance when I dragged a troll corpse through the Entrance Hall with its skull bashed in and its telephone pole of a club over my shoulder barely two months into First Year. There may or may not have been troll brains and skull dripping off the end of the club.

Besides, the Hufflepuff Common Room was closest to the kitchens.

Ooh, she's pretty. Might have to look into this series.

>> No.48444739


>> No.48444749

How would it be it to find 9th level spells from the standard D&D spell list? Like Wish?

>> No.48444769

Gryffendors are arrogant, and kinda jerks to everyone.
Ravenclaw as a Bullying problem
Slytherin is full of morons who don't deserve to be in the house
Hufflepuff wins by default.
That's in terms of "how the house is in canon"
In terms of what they represent?

Courge without Brains will get you dead
Brains without any will to act on them leaves you as just a boring fuck in a library
Loyalty without anything else leaves you gullible.
Cunning and Ambition can get you somewhere.

>> No.48444777

If you did anything like that you would've been transferred to another house.

>> No.48444779

How would one go about becoming a gestalt class in D&D? Just train two classes to the same level, or is there something more involved?

>> No.48444789

OK is this just me or has the drive flipped out for you guys? A few weeks ago it just stopped working for my ipad, as in you could see the jumps but nothing past the first page would load. Then today the the drive on my laptop stopped working. When i click on the files there is nothing in them or they disappear. What is this and how do i fix this?

>> No.48444857

The Canon Companion is not very good. For 300 CP, just let Jumpchan convince them to come along.

CP options that could end up doing nothing are not good.

Here you need to convince the AND keep them alive AND pay 300 CP. Jumpchan CAN do resurrections you know? So once they agree, companion immunity should apply.

>> No.48444858

There should be a little box with the upper right corner replaced with an arrow. They SHOULD load fine if you hit it, as it makes them pop into another window.

Drive's been freaking out for a lot of people.

>> No.48444893

It's probably easiest to just stop thinking of any D&D Jump as being bound strictly by the rules of the system. Train two classes at once if you want. You'll probably take longer to master each class, but there's really nothing stopping you from multi-classing like a boss. Think of a D&D Jump as more of a real work and things work a lot better.

Admittedly, Paladin and Monk vows might be a little hard to work around, but there's plenty of examples of both multi-classing with at least one other class.

It's working just fine for me. I'm not sure what problem could be affecting both devices like that, unless it's a problem with your internet connection. Sorry I can't be more help.

That Aleister Crowley Drawback is always popular. I wonder if I made it worth too many points.

>> No.48444903

>Drive's been freaking out for a lot of people.
I blame the Spanish inquisition.
They SAY no one expects them, but the Spanish Inquisition messing up the files does not surprise me at all.

>> No.48444924

I don't know much about Berserk, but I'm curious. Has anyone here fought against the God Hand?

>> No.48444928

Sword and Sorcery- Ah, old Fashioned Fantasy. It's been a few decades, I missed you old friend.
Rolled for Free Choice, I choose The Land of Steel
Rolled for 24
Discount The Heart of Man
Discount The Making of Myth
To Call Forth
Free A Wanderer's Cloak
Discount A Map of Long Lost Glories
An Occult Tome

Tattered Veil+300- Cthulu Phatagn?
The Plaything of Your Betters+300- The Gods? The Gods? Who do you fuckers think I am? I'm the Protagonist!

It's obviously difficult. But I get to fight Super-Science AND Magic-Nazis.
You can enjoy a Drawback, despite the added difficulty

>> No.48444949

With the Hogwarts admin? I would've been given detention in the Forbidden-except-for-punishments Forest. Said it was to protect my friends and Sprout ate it up once she got finished taking away points for not being at the Halloween Feast.

Refuge in Audacity is one of my themes.

>> No.48444971

Mecha Elvis did, i think

>> No.48444992

No, not punish you. Just the moment you weren't completely useless you'd end up in Slytherin or Gryffindor.

>> No.48445005

You have a point there, friend Justice. I suppose I should take it as a compliment then that so many people want to dive face first into a Diesel-Punk WW2 Warhammer 40k mash-up.

>> No.48445013

...wha? You're gonna hafta explain the "why" of that.

And what do you mean by useless?

>> No.48445029

Castiel coasts on ridiculous, RIDICULOUS amounts of plot armor. No other angel has his circumstances-in fact, I'm pretty sure EVERY SINGLE ANGEL in the series only ever experiences downgrades in power.

He’s being directly buffed by Chuck aka God. Who apparently gives more of a shit about him than any of his archangels, who he never did anything about once they got locked in the Cage.

Drawback: Rival Guild (1600)

Rolled The Fortress City, E-Rantel

Local, Age 31

Angel (1300)

Innate talents: Enhanced Healing Magic, Physical Powerhouse, Enhanced Summoning, Alchemst, Magical Powerhouse (1200)

Level One Hundred (600)
The Realm of Heroes (Free)
Class Skills, Magic Caster: Divine Caster (Free)
The Abyss of Magic (300)
Specific Specialisation: Summoning, Evocation, Warding (0)
Divine Tier Equipment: Boosts spell potency (+200) (0)

-Dark Wisdom (100), Innate Talent: Use Any Magic Item (0),
-Custom NPC: Local, Dark Angel (500), Physical Powerhouse (Free), Martial Arts Prodigy (Free), The Realm of Heroes (Free), Class Skills, Warrior: Damage Focused, Defense Focused, Magic Warrior (400), Tireless (300), World Champion (0)

Whelp, not much to say here that hasn't already been said.

Gonna mentor Momonga on how to overlord over some vidya while taking over the Slane Theocracy thanks to my remarkable resemblance to one of their gods, and curtailing the racism a bit.

Once our ying-yang empires are stabilised, gonna try and investigate exactly what moves over YGGDRASIL players.

Gross. I'm so glad I backed up my copy electronically long ago.

>> No.48445036

>Actually, there's another item for companions, but I forget what it's called.
The Ring from KanColle?

>> No.48445040

...I do have to let go, then, don't I?

>> No.48445042

Plus it helps that Gamer's whole gimmick with his Powers is summoning endless Minions, of various kinds.
Combined with those Strategy perks in that jump? I might be able to take the Nazis, or at least seriously slow down their Blitz. And slowing down the Blitz would FUCK them in the long term.

>> No.48445046

Luna wasn't *completely* useless, nor was Gilderoy Lockhart.

>> No.48445069

>Who do you fuckers think I am? I'm the Protagonist!
Whelp, you are waking up with scorpions staring at you for 10 years
And be faithful to your women, lest they turn into monsters and seek vengeance.
Also, you are going to be lost a lot.
But since Cthulu would be a problem for the Gods also, you don't have to worry about finding the Farplane incursion, the Powers That Be will play matchmaker. And also bookie.

>> No.48445080

I'm always surprised we don't have a The Gamer jump.

>> No.48445089

That doesn't sy it does anything like that.

>> No.48445091

There would be possible way to balance the gamer perk with the rest of the Jump.

>> No.48445095

It'd be impossible to balance 'The Gamer' -- which is what most people want -- against everything else.

>> No.48445098

There's not enough decent content for one - just look at the drivel Spacebattles tried to make into one.

There's literally one power - no points for guessing which one - and five perks.

>> No.48445111

Was there a perk somewhere that made you into a supporting character?

>> No.48445114

But Slytherin is the most useless house

No matter what Rowling says, they spent every book being a bunch of elitist cuntwaffles who don't achieve anything other than be incompetant bullies, and all pussied out at the final battle.

I've just had the first problem you've mentioned, but for all my devices; otherwise it just works fine.

Is your laptop a Mac variant? I'm starting to think it's just Apple devices being shit.

>> No.48445141

Why are elves such sluts?

>> No.48445144

Nor was Tonks

I can summon an army at a moment's notice and just finished fighting the Anthropomorphic Personification of Man's Evil a decade ago. I can deal with it.

Not enough content. People cry the main draw, The Gamer power, would be OP. But we have similar powers already for around 600 points, and discounted at that. It's just a supped up version.

>There's literally one power
There isn't enough content for a full jump, but there's more than one power.
You have the Druid guy's magic
You have the Magic Kung Fu
You have that weird Shadow-shit
You have the Magic Fueled By Money
You have Elementals

Not enough content for a full jump, but it's more than "one power"

>> No.48445152

Once Upon A Time and Rick and Morty's Morty background have great perks for that.

I like being the man behind the man/woman/elf/AI/dragon/religious movement/writhing tide of eldritch abominations.

>> No.48445171

My pet theory is that anyone who's actually ambitious wouldn't want to get put into Voldemort's old house, since that would name their ambitions more difficult. So they ask not to be, and because of that, they're only left with the kids too dumb to say no.

>> No.48445173

thanks that works for the ipad but it is still trash for the laptop. Is anyone working on fixing the drive?

>> No.48445178

I know there's more than one power - I'm saying the Spacebattles "attempt" at The Gamer only had that one.

>> No.48445183

There was one power in SB's pathetic attempt to make a jump for it, there was a better attempt on reddit but fuck reddit.

>> No.48445191

I'm afraid you might. It's heartbreaking, but life is all about comings and goings. Entrances and exits.

Sometimes the best thing you can do is let them go and always carry a little bit of them in your hearts.

Oh yeah, you'll be fine. It'll be a long war for sure, but you'll be able to blunt the initial Blitz long enough for the Allies to regroup and start reverse engineering the strange magi-tech for themselves.

>> No.48445213

Ah, my mistake. I apologize for being an asshole.

Sure they'll be worried about all of the Monsters suddenly protecting Poland, but I already have an excuse.
What is the Moral and Common Theme of many many MANY Germanic and Slavic Fairy Tales?
Don't Go Into The Woods, All The Bad Shit Happens There.

The Nazi's went into the woods obviously.

>> No.48445243

>Magic Fueled By Money
Or in jumper terms, infinite magic.

>> No.48445252

Would Like Riding a Bike (SAO) + Conjoined Conjures + Copycat/Mimic effectively allow you to do what Dark Wisdom does?

>> No.48445274

The entire Company fight was awesome. It took so much effort to defeat the Board Members(or whatever they were, they were high ranking members, that's all I remember).
Then The Owner just brought them all back to life by paying some money.

>> No.48445277


>> No.48445300

True, that was certainly an amazing fight/power.

>> No.48445301

...are you me? Becuase I always figured this was true in practice; think about it, any TRULY ambitious wizard wouldn't associate themself with the house where you EXPECT treachery and cunning. The whole POINT of treachery and cunning is that people aren't supposed to see it coming, and I wouldn't be surprised if the Founders set up the house in order to reverse psychology all the edgelords into one manageable corner instead of having them spread everywhere, incidentally motivating the other students to be better at stuff by beating them for house points.

Incidentally after the books Hermione apparently goes on to become Deputy Head of Magical Law Enforcement, Harry becomes head of the Auror office and...the only notable thing Draco's achieved was getting married, apparently.

>> No.48445314

I rather like that interpretation. After all, if Crowley got his hands on something so powerful, who's to say just how many other "fairy tales" aren't true in that world.

Also, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lrDU8DcT9lU

>> No.48445325


No one ever suspects the Hufflepuffs.

>> No.48445337

I've seen that concept a lot in fanfiction.
Only rather than "actually ambitious" it's "actually cunning"
Because "who expects the cunning person to be in a house other than slytherin?"

I kinda like it to be honest.

>> No.48445360

No, Anna Paquin's in True Blood. I mixed them up at first too.

>> No.48445381

>Draco's achieved was getting married
To Be Fair, is family is loaded and he can afford to live off of his inheritance.

But I hate the Epilogue anyway.

>> No.48445412

So, the HP canon is dumb and broken. What else is new?

You guys read Methods?

>> No.48445424

>Ravenclaw as a Bullying problem
Wait what? Do they bully people, or do they get bullied for being a

>> No.48445433

They hid Luna's stuff in all manner of odd places.

>> No.48445447

I'd rather not read about some guy wanking what he thinks is science over everything else about the story.

>> No.48445466

Find them where? In an archmage's personal library? Sure. In the depths of a forgotten tomb full of magic and danger? Sure. In a magical academy's restricted vaults? Sure. In a high-class store, with more protections than a federal bank, in a magical metropolis? Sure. Dusty corner of a closet of a room in an inn run by a retired adventurer in Tinyville, Nowhere? Not bloody likely unless some higher power is using you to their own ends.

>> No.48445467

Jump #7: Supernatural

Angel - 600
Apparent Age: 23
Actual Age: 1,100

Possessive - 0
On The Wings of Prayer - 0
Soul Channeling - 200

Archangel Blade - 200
Friend Upstairs (Priscilla) - 300

Enemy of Hell + 300

Okay, first, does anyone know if Angels get the basic abilities that scrub-tier angels have? Super strength, durability, immortality, and minor telekinesis and telepathy? Because it kind of seems like they don't, but I'm not sure.

Second, if I travel back in time a few years in, can I I spend the remainder of my jump in the past? Because I'd really like to avoid the clusterfuck that is the later seasons of Supernatural.

>> No.48445474

They also locked her out of the dorm, at night, and without her shoes

They bully members of the house they consider "odd"

>> No.48445477


If I wanted to entertain myself by watching some autists circklejerk over how science > magic, I'd just read some of the archived jumpchain threads.

>> No.48445478


This: >>48445447.
And it's about to get even more dumb and broken.


*diabolical laughter intensifies*

>> No.48445495


What this >>48445447 guy said. I'd rather not read a fic written by someone so arrogant they think it'll get accepted by the author as an canon alternate universe.

>> No.48445511

Methods is worse than Canon.
Methods is almost as bad as Cursed Child.

>> No.48445516

Considering you have to pay out the nose for their basic abilities? I highly doubt it.

>> No.48445523

But Anon

Magitech is Best.

>> No.48445530

Okay I won't lie, that was actually pretty funny. I needed that laugh.

>> No.48445536

Hmm. I think it'd come close in style, but Dark Wisdom would still be better at what Dark Wisdom does.

>> No.48445545

Methods? What's that?
Is it one of those fanfictions where the author wanks science or some power from some other universe as just the best thing ever?

>> No.48445546

You're pretty good

>> No.48445558

Got it in one. Guy doesn't even do the science right is the biggest issue.

>> No.48445563

Is it just me or does the description flat out read like a bad HP fanfic?

>> No.48445570

It's THE fanfiction where the author wanks science as the best thing ever.
Methods of Rationality. It has its' head stuck so far up its' own ass it can see its' teeth.

>> No.48445650

I wouldn't call one person "a bullying problem"

I'd call it high school. Or middle school. Or any type of school because kids are dickwaffles.

>> No.48445655

Two Overlord questions. Can Slimes produce chemicals and concoctions other than potions? Are there lesser versions of all the P2W items in the actual setting?

>> No.48445659

When a decently large portion of the house engages in it, and at least one Prefect, it's a bullying problem

>> No.48445660

The worst thing is, i was not even kidding when I said he wanted it to be a canon alternate universe. Look: http://hpmor.com/notes/119/

>> No.48445665

>decently large

>> No.48445666

And it turns into an Enders Game crossover for some reason.

>> No.48445683

>Nominate my shitty fanfiction for Best Novel
What the fuck

>> No.48445692

aaaaaaand 4chan eats my pic again. Curse you, captcha.

I figured you did, and that was why the background's priced so high.

Personally I created my own supply of Cambions and used a custom perpetual soul slaughterhouse (>>http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/46002230/#46004506) to amp up my powers. I also used a variant of the Darkhallow converted into a miracle to digest the Leviathans safely, boosted by my nature as an artificial demititan-a Titan Shifter, if you will.

...okay, I have to ask.

Does anyone remember this atrocity well enough to list a highlights reel of the worst, WORST moments? Because I'm now fascinated by the idea, yet afraid to actually read this tripe.

>> No.48445695

Extrapolation. You can't lock someone out of the dorm without a significant portion of the house.

>> No.48445702

Oh my God, is this guy serious?
Wow, that's...wow. I legitimately don't know what to say.

>> No.48445708

Fuck no. I tried to read it a few years ago. I wanted to like it at first since it wasn't THAT bad the first few chapters.
But then it just got boring and arrogant as fuck and I couldn't keep reading.

>> No.48445709

>Anthropomorphic Personification of Man's Evil a decade ago
Hitler, Genghis Khan, Stalin, or Peewee Herman?

>> No.48445712

I got to chapter three before losing interest. That was several years ago and all I remember is the pretentiousness of it.

>> No.48445716

It's a fic written by a guy running what's effectively a modern day cargo cult. The guy worships and adores his concept of "science" which breaks down to knowing lots of trivia and claiming you're smarter than everyone else. It's decent as a crack fic until you realize this idiot actually believes stuff like that science should be practiced completely in secret and the results hidden from the common folk. Because while that's a great way to sell it to a pureblood with a stick up their ass it's retarded in real life.

Also notable for massive character derailment to have everyone pander to his just barely not a SI. But don't worry, he says if it were an actual SI he would've been even more of an insufferable Sue,

>> No.48445719

...I can dive into it, if you want me too. I can look for some of them.
Not all. I'm not that self sacrificing.

>> No.48445725

So you don't have a source. Who could've guessed.

>> No.48445726

I remember how people were talking about how Tower of God Rankers are bad news. Would Overlord Level 100 + Heteromorphic + Realm of Heroes be enough to survive a fight with them?

>> No.48445741

>Because I'm now fascinated by the idea, yet afraid to actually read this tripe.
I read the whole thing. Liked it. This is just 4chan ragging on everything to be hip.

>> No.48445742

It's like reverse Scion/Gilgamesh now.

>> No.48445743

>/jc/ shits on Methods

Wow, I knew this place was horrible, but really? You idiots are fucking pathetic.

Maybe consider trying it for yourself instead of letting other people decide what you like. If it helps, I read it and liked it a lot. It's not perfect, but these people are greatly exaggerating its faults.

In fact, the biggest fault they're pointing out is actually one of its virtues, if you can learn to separate "what the characters say" from "what the story is actually about".

>> No.48445744

You can't lock anyone out of the dorm though.
Semi-sentient talking door-knockers yo.
Also, Luna is very much the kind of person who wouldn't ask for help. And let's be honest, the older students have better things to do then keep their eyes peeled for a dongle case of bullying.

>> No.48445749

Not a true highlights reel but here's a let's read:

>> No.48445750

It looked incredibly generic looking, like someone you'd pass by on the street and never even notice.
Because when you conglomerate things from ALL humans, you're gonna get something generic looking.

>> No.48445761

>this idiot actually believes stuff like that science should be practiced completely in secret and the results hidden from the common folk

This is not true, and has never been true. Just for the record.

>> No.48445776

Instead of "can I kill these characters" it's "could these characters kill me at this point?"

>> No.48445784

>People don't like thing that I liked
>they are just trying to be hip.
Fuck off. People have different tastes. If you liked it? Fine.
Doesn't mean I have to.

>> No.48445791

That's neat, but I'd rather just not deal with that shit, honestly. Lovecraft goop and God's big sister are just something I'm not prepared to deal with seven jumps in.

>> No.48445792

Nobody fucking knows how strong the Rankers are, the webcomic follows a bunch of regulars (guys who want to be Rankers) and never shows a serious fight between Rankers. All we know is that the MC and his friends would be helpless against them in their current high street level state.

>> No.48445799

That probably depends on how willing you are to run the hell away (and if you took drop-in).

>> No.48445810

I just wanted to know which perks and drawbacks I could handle. Sorry, for asking questions.

>> No.48445821

Don't do it ASA, it's not worth the-

>remembers you read The Boys

...you know what, just do what >>48445749
said and look up the review/spork. or look up this
since the site was taken down. Done by actual scientists to boot.

>> No.48445847

>Because when you conglomerate things from ALL humans, you're gonna get something generic looking.
If you do it RIGHT, you get something SO generic your eyes keep slipping past it. Even when it stabs your gut and slices your throat. Was it at least something like that?

>> No.48445851

The posts here are a lot more intense than "I didn't like it." As befits shitpost central.

>> No.48445883

Well it is honestly impossible to tell, the issue is that some of the drawbacks result in suddenlyrankers.gif and nobody knows how strong the Rankers really are. They are at least strong enough that a group of regulars who are casual neighborhood busters would be helpless to even try and run away.

The main thing is that most of the drawbacks don't force you to directly fight Rankers right off the bat and you should avoid those that do because there really isn't enough information. With the right choices you will be able to gain the necessary power to face them in the jump.

>> No.48445897

Out of curiosity, how do you guys fanwank Conjoined Conjures works?

>> No.48445899

A little bit yes.

Let me use another example.
There exists a movie called "Rocky Horror Picture Show"
Whether or not this is a good movie, what is comes down to is this.
My Mother, and sister, loved this movie to death. It was one of their favorites.
I hate the movie with the passion of a thousand white hot suns.

It's due to us having different tastes in what we like and dislike in films.

Despite you liking Methods, many other people despise it. I know that's hard to understand, as obviously you liked it. But it's equally hard for us to understand why you like it.
It doesn't mean we're shitposting, or trying to be hip. It means we have different tastes.

>> No.48445915

Okay, thanks.

>> No.48445919

Yeah it is, if you look on his site you'll have papers talking about how science should be structured as a mystery cult to prevent it from being abused. His whole spiel to Draco about not letting anyone else know about their secret conspiracy isn't just him pandering to Draco, it's how Yudowsky actually believes science should be done.

>> No.48445929

If you want to wash out the taste of HPMOR I can 'recommend' these stories:
A fan sequel. Has its own brand of terrible but far less patronising and insulting to the audience.

A psychological mystery story! With smart and smart-alec character interaction that feels genuine.

A must read for zany OCP adventures. And it's funny.

>> No.48445933

I unilaterally reject the entire perspective on taste that you have just described. But I respect your right to have that perspective, and more relevantly, I'm not willing to argue about it.

My only constructive comment is that people should form their own opinions on things, including stupid fanfics.

>> No.48445947

"What if" is not the same thing as "It should be this way."

How can you exist in this general with so little imagination?

>> No.48445951

I most certainly agree that people should form their own opinions, but someone asked about it, so we gave our opinions.

>> No.48445960

Honestly, when I first read it, I liked it. Sure, it had the Mary Sue protagonist and the science wank, but it was an enjoyable enough read, to begin with.

And then, it went on. And kept going on. And it just kept repeating the same stuff over and over again.

And the naval-gazing. God, the navel-gazing. I lost track of where one internal turmoil ended and the next began.

>> No.48445963

Speaking as someone who enjoyed HPMOR a lot, I also liked at least two of those stories.

They're all great in their own way.

>> No.48445967

And your opinions are shit.

>> No.48445970

Clover, for Generic Virtual World, do the difficulty of the Great Troll "boss fights" scale with your companions, too?

>> No.48445990

Oh right one other thing. . .
NEVER under ANY circumstances fight Ranker No.1, you will definitely lose and probably die. He is one of those conceptual bullshit enemies you just do not want to face Pre Spark.

>> No.48445992

And I think the same of yours, but insulting one another, or each other's opinions, will get us nowhere.

>> No.48446006

Think all the main characters, protagonists and antagonists. Now think of which house the belong too.
They were pretty close.
You need you always fucking up villains from somewhere. They're house team rocket.

>> No.48446007

God I hate that trash, expected a young Harry Potter experimenting on magic instead got a author jerking off to himself about how brilliant he was.

>> No.48446018

For what it's worth, as a different anon who likes Methods of Rationality, I don't think your opinion is shit. I just think it's based on some significant misunderstandings.

>> No.48446034

Wait, what? So, if your taste is actually total fucking garbage, does that mean Methods is actually great since you also hate it?

>> No.48446040

Dude, you literally missed the entire point of the story. I guess expecting people to think while they read was too much?

>> No.48446041

>People cry the main draw, The Gamer power, would be OP. But we have similar powers already for around 600 points, and discounted at that. It's just a supped up version.
Definitely. The Gamer is basically your typical rpg growth perk combined with a "you can create any skill" perk. Like Arcane from Smite but not as good. It's strong, sure, and technically it has infinite potential, yeah. Stat growth is linear though, with requirements having exponential growth, so it'll stop being very useful long before you even get close to the top-end of what's available in other jumps. Never really going to get YJ/PS238 Superstrength, for instance.
>Not enough content.
Eh, I'd disagree. Can easily pull 4 fillable backgrounds, and I haven't read it in forever, so there's prob more stuff now/that I'm forgetting.

Probably The Gamer line, simply because that stuff is usually associated with the Drop-In origin, and it represents how abnormal that power is in-setting. There are def alternatives though (being a Normal Guy, for instance).
>Magic Kung Fu
This is easily a line all it's own.
There's a number of different magics shown in-jump, easily enough to fill a tree.
With the Auction House and the Company, should be sufficient.

There's other stuff as well (dungeons, for instance).

There's definitely a lot more stuff that would have to be included (Natural vs Acquired), and that in particular would probably be the toughest bit. Acquired is pretty easy (basically the perks above), but for Natural you'd want to have a power list a la various superhero jumps.

>> No.48446078

You know, all of this talk about this Methods story reminds me of other fanfics where the author wanks this one thing or another that make the protagonist invincible.
Like the one where Naruto was a Sith and could stomp S-rank ninjas pre-timeskip. And where he would go on and on about how strong the Force was, and yet when Itachi mentioned the Sage, he sneered and said it was impossible for someone to create the moon. I almost wanted the story to continue to the point where it was confirmed, "No, that's story was literal. Oh, also, the Sage's mom can warp you to different dimensions and apparently planet bust? Yeah, that's a thing.", JUST for his reaction.

>> No.48446081

Why don't you explain what the point of the story is?

>> No.48446094

There was actually a semi complete jump for the Gamer on the CYOA subreddit, it had serious issues and was on Reddit but it was mostly complete.

>> No.48446100

Part of it is bias, I was a small child and it was a stupid movie in the eyes of a small child.
Then we watched again
And again
And again
And again
I had have seen that movie hundreds of times by the time I was eight.

Not "getting" a movie, because I'm not old enough to understand what's going on, and having to watch it hundreds of times, sometimes once a day for a month or more, makes you hate a thing.

>> No.48446107

And what is the point of the story in your view? Because for most of us it appears to be autofellato with a side of autism. Everyone is OOC to the advantage of the two SIs, and even they can't be bothered to do actual science most of the time, instead relying solely on random facts taken out of context.

>> No.48446112

To SJ-Chan and AncillaAnon!

Looking through Girls Und Panzer, and noticed that the Throat Mics are 250cp, disc Scion, but there's nothing else in the Jump that would end with 25cp. Also, the Bokobears are stated as being 50cp Fee for Transfer Student. I'm assuming that was meant to be Free, but please correct me if I'm wrong.

>> No.48446138

So Discworld magic is basically Dresden Files magic, but better, right?

>> No.48446145

Alright, so for future reference just so nobody panics and thinks I've been run off, most days I leave the house at noon for work and don't get home until eleven to twelve hours later. So if I'm not posting responses and answering questions in the thread it's because I don't want to spend my breaks/lunch time trying to fight phoneposting to keep up with the flow of conversation in thread.

Also that is my reprieve from moving heavy things all day. Understandably I'd rather be taking the time to recover my energy.

I'll post a large post/posts to go a bit more in-depth on S&S magick and why the jump is the way it is in a bit, though when it was first brought up one anon did provide some excellent examples of how it works in the genre.

I'll also be using the in-jump perk text and whatnot and showing why it is the way it is. I understand that it's caused some salt throwing and I'd like to apologize for any trouble it might have caused.

I'll state up front that I'm more than satisfied with S&S the way it is beyond the scenarios being added, along with a Mass Import option and a few grammer tweaks in small corners where I realized I could fix a small blemish here or there. Might release a pre-scenario update soon just to get the mass import option out so you guys that want one can nab it.

>> No.48446151

Did anyone claim Eureka or Warehouse 13?

>> No.48446154

Sure. I'm going to spoiler it. If anyone reading this wants to give the story a fair shake, I strongly recommend not reading the spoiler.

Harry was stupidly arrogant and overconfident because he was smarter than the human average, which led to him making countless stupid mistakes and ignoring the wisdom of every other intelligent characters, of which there were many. Methods is really the prelude to Harry and Hermoine's real story, as Harry learns how to ACTUALLY be rational (he doesn't even start figuring it out for many chapters) and Hermoine figuring out what you actually need to be a hero. You're supposed to be noticing the flaws in Harry's reasoning, because you lack the blindspots he has. Dumbledore was right all along.

>> No.48446161

Uh... no? Not for the fist part, at least. From what I can tell, it's fairly strong, but it has its own mind and is basically 'Wild Magic'.

>> No.48446175

The story isn't really about science, it's about rational thinking. The two are different. I admit, you may have to turn off the part of your brain that thinks screaming "autism!" is a valid response to anything if you actually want to enjoy the story.

>> No.48446187

Mai tsundere waifu.

>> No.48446195

Oh, I just always hear it compared to Dresden Files magic in the thread, but what I gathered from the wiki, it deems less bound by physics.

>> No.48446199

Yay Worm_Anon is still here!

Pessimism means always being pleasantly surprised.

>> No.48446211

Only you see, even if that was the intended lesson, that requires slogging through hundreds of thousands of words of his asshattery in order to finally reach the supposed payoff. Even assuming that was the intended meaning, it gets buried by sheer volume.

>> No.48446213

No. Please make a Warehose 13 jump so my jumper can fix the disappointing final season.

>> No.48446231

Well, no, you're supposed to enjoy the journey. But if you're the type of person who thinks of those story arcs as "asshattery" then it may not be the sort of story for you.

I understand. Thinking is hard.

>> No.48446246

Here we see exactly the same sort of 'nerd elitist' that wrote the story. Have a looksie people, not every day you see one out of it's natural habitat of 'exclusive' forum sites.

>> No.48446253

No. Please make a Warehouse 13 jump so my jumper can steal everything that isn't nailed down and then come back with a crowbar. And punch Wil Weaton in the dick.

And also Claudia

>> No.48446254

Agreed. Pessimism master race.

>> No.48446256

Any quantification and qualification is appreciated immensely.

>> No.48446261

Even if you do bring your friends, rally the troops and so forth, it will be difficult. The objectives were meant to take 10 years to accomplish. They are NOT impossible. Even the crazy +600CP drawbacks I add from time to time can be completed by a sufficiently high chain jumper. As a matter of internal chain consistency, I design so that jumpers can survive their time with what I offer in jump.

Did you grow up in a theatre family or something Justice?

If that were the case, why did the ending set itself up so that Harry never suffers any real consequence?

>> No.48446277

You know, now that I think about it, there's already a version 0.0 of every possible jumpchain.

>you have 1000 CP
>there's nothing to spend it on
>there are no drawbacks
>you get the usual choice after 10 years pass

As long as you don't mind the complete lack of pre-created content, you can jump anywhere you want.

>> No.48446295

Ah yes, it was intentionally written as a terrible story at start. Truly a clever and engaging trick to ensure nobody paying attention actually wants to read it through. An amazing masterpiece, a story so shit the fans start trying to claim it was intentionally bad to make it look better.

>> No.48446297

>i-it's not like I care about you anons or anything!
>I'm just making these jumps because they're for me!
>I mean I guess you can use them... but it's not because I like you!
>Worm's face as they're saying this

>> No.48446312

No, my mom just really loved that movie. Despite having a rather sizable collection of movies, she loved that movie and watched it all the time.
We had one TV, and no Internet.
And all of my games were on the N64

It was Watch the Movie, or Read while they watch the movie because my bedroom had a shitty light for reading.

>> No.48446327

Fuck off already man, this isn't your blog.

>> No.48446330


>> No.48446334

Anons have shit taste though, so don't feel any need to justify it to them, they're predisposed to hate it no matter what.

>> No.48446337

H.G > Myka > Claudia.

>> No.48446346

If he denies this he's lying.

>> No.48446347

How difficult? "You'll pretty much guaranteed to succeed if you try really hard" difficult? 50/50 chance of gg no re? Or "/maybe/, if you spend very day training and manage to muster the whole of the internet against them, MAYBE you'll succeed" difficult?

>> No.48446349


>> No.48446353

Yeah, it was my mistake to even try. I've done what I could. Time to let them accuse us of being the same person and move on.

>> No.48446356

Yeah! You tell em! None of them explained their reasoning for hating it or linked to incredibly in depth reviews that comprehensively showed why the story is awful and full of errors. Obviously they just screamed "No is bad tho" over and over and over while we reasonable, rational scientists gave them what for!

>> No.48446367

Worm's mad because someone beat them to the punch?
Who're they?

>> No.48446374

There are incredibly in-depth reviews that comprehensively show why Twilight is a revolutionary classic of literature. And those are written by actual journalists, not random faggots on the internet.

This is why it's important to form your own opinions, kids.

>> No.48446385

I'd rather not have knives in my back thanks.

Even if they are very pretty, very elegant knives with British accents

>> No.48446388

Force of habit with pronouns, you can just imagine this little silk worm in monk robes flailing as it's trying to deny everything people are saying.

>> No.48446400

>in-depth reviews that comprehensively show why Twilight is a revolutionary classic of literature
Not the anons you're pissing with, but really? Links plox. I could always use a giggle.

>> No.48446404

I-is your argument REALLY "If you don't like Methods, you like Twilight"?

>> No.48446425

Is they meant to refer to yourself or worm?

>> No.48446427

Well, if that's your only jump and you took no drawbacks, its option one. Depending on how many other drawbacks you have against you and the time you'll need to spend against them, it will get really difficult to merely survive and complete your objective. If you have some jumps under your belt, it won't get to a 'perfect run, no deviations'. Unless you kept picking drawbacks over the limit.

>> No.48446429

No, it's "don't always trust people who obsessively write entire essays about why their opinion is the right one. They may be more biased than you appear. Trust cautiously, and take the chance to form your own experience."

Please stop deliberately misinterpreting my posts. I mean, it is deliberate, right? You're not seriously this stupid?

>> No.48446435

Except that's exactly what you're doing right now. Your justification for the story being shit is that the writing annoys you, and you don't like the characters. Any attempt at legitimizing an opposing argument is just strawmanned and dismissed outright because you've presupposed that you're right and that any other opinion is wrong.

Arguing with you is pointless. There's nothing that could be said to you that won't be a waste of time and effort to think of and type.

>> No.48446445

Except our opinions are apparently all shit so what does it matter if we learn them ourselves?

>> No.48446453

Are you stupid enough to not realize that going straight to one of the most hated book series on the interest wouldn't have connotations?

>> No.48446463

No seriously, you got those Twilight reviews about how it's a literary masterpiece? Help an anon out.

>> No.48446465

Hey, I forget, how long does it take to for Sacrificial Bestowment to grow to full power in someone you've SB'ed it to?

>> No.48446466

Except what's the point of telling you what our own opinion is when you dismiss everything that doesn't agree with your own opinion instantly? You're just a common hypocrite man.

>> No.48446470

But seriously, Methods is straight garbage, no justification or argument needed.

>> No.48446479

Wow, you guys are bad at this! I have to at least take a look at HPMOR now, if it inspires this much vitriol in idiots.

>> No.48446482

I-it's just pity! You're all such a mess I can't help but throw you a bone every once in awhile! T-that's all! It's not like I want to hear about all the fun and adventures you guys had. O-or the obstacles you overcame. And it certainly isn't to see you go to settings that I loved!

Still working on the info-dump, sorry for the wait guys. I'm tired and a trying to put it all together while staying awake.

>> No.48446505

I didn't finish the last season, rather have my own happy finale.

Claudia most definitely would have to be included.

Very much agree.

>> No.48446510

Oh, I'm sorry. Were you under the impression that I was trying to change your mind? Fuck no. If you read Methods and didn't like it, I don't intend to try and fix whatever's wrong with you. Just like how I don't intend to try and fix Justiceanon's past trauma with Rocky Horror.

I'm only posting in hopes of getting some anons to give the story a shot if they hadn't already.

>> No.48446512

>HP and the Natural 20
>"Good Lord," said the barman, peering at Milo. "Is this—can this be—"
>"Tom, I thought I asked you to stop doing that to every student who passes through here?"

10/10 read already. Makes me wonder too.. Jumpers! Any time you've been mistaken for the subject of some old prophecy/the protag?

>> No.48446518

Worm anon confirmed best waifu.

>> No.48446534

>So Discworld magic is basically Dresden Files magic, but better, right?
When YOU perform Discworld magic, it has the rule doing something with magic takes just as much effort as doing something without magic.

That can diminish it by a fair amount.

>> No.48446536

Can you choose what your (insert tier here) equipment is in Overlord looks like?

>> No.48446541

I don't know which came first, but that joke is present, near-verbatim, in HPMOR. Just saying.

>> No.48446565

Well we get 'Worm_Anon is Best Waifu Edition' threads far more often than we get such threads for other Namefags.

>> No.48446566

Tell us what's good about it then.

>> No.48446577

Go to bed and type it up tomorrow, Worm.

>> No.48446608

How do you quantify how much effort it takes to turn someone into a frog?

Didn't Granny Weatherwax send an entire fucking kingdom into the future or something?

>> No.48446628

It's a brilliant deconstruction of the canon, and a countless number of tropes. It manages to create a wildly different interpretation of a large number of characters with only one "hard" change to canon. It contains powerful messages about the power of the human spirit and intellect, the value of life, and so on. It's funny, it's filled with subtle, amusing references, and it has great appeal to anyone who cares about understanding their own mind.

This post is going to get absolutely fucking blasted by shitposters. But you asked.

>> No.48446631

>Hey, I forget, how long does it take to for Sacrificial Bestowment to grow to full power in someone you've SB'ed it to?
One year per 100 CP the Perk costs before learning/training boosters, so they need 6 years to learn to make a full strength Megatama
(This is what I made up for my jumps)

>> No.48446643

Yeah in the light novel it even mentions this. Stuff is made from data crystals if I remember correctly so that people can make their characters look the way they want. They were big in to player customization in the game.

>> No.48446654

>It manages to create a wildly different interpretation of a large number of characters with only one "hard" change to canon
Yeah, you know what that change was?
What's-his-face hadn't actually read any of the books at the time.

>> No.48446673

No, it wasn't. Thank you for helping to fulfill my prophecy, shitposter the first.

>> No.48446677

No one ever makes Crux Is Best Waifu Edition threads. No one even considers it.

I need rhinoplasty.

>> No.48446695

You do realize the author has admitted he hadn't read the books, nor seen the films, right?

>> No.48446696

No. I meant the author literally hadn't read the books when he started writing his fanfiction.

That's why everyone is out of character.

>> No.48446698

Except it changes canon at countless points so it's more of a semi_AU
>Different characters
OOC characters. Ones that shouldn't be so from just this 'one' change you speak of.
>one 'hard' change
Many changes, considering how differently so many characters act.
>Power of the human intellect
Make shit up that sounds vaguely scientific and you'll sound right? Sit on your ass and the villain solves all your problems for you? That stupid people are subhuman filth that don't deserve to exist?
>Funny and filled with references
References that are almost always incorrect or in the wrong context, if they aren't also written in the story's usual stilted writing.
>Understanding their own mind
I don't even know how you can claim this one.

But of course, any criticism you get is just going to be dismissed as mindless shitposting isn't it? Always great to see fans taking after their idols.

>> No.48446710

>And punch Wil Weaton in the dick
That might be an option that costs CP.

Like you need to buy him as a companion first or something.

>> No.48446716

It's alright Tommy, I never got those threads either.
But I'm a terrible waifu anyway.

>> No.48446722

You are far too slutty to be a waifu Justice.

>> No.48446725

But the point is, that's irrelevant to the quality of the story. It doesn't matter. It's not a criticism. It's a shitpost.

Well, I'm glad to see other people creating self-fulfilling prophecies. Mine was self-fulfilling because I dared to praise smart writing on 4chan. But yours is self-fulfilling because you called yourself a shitposter before I could.

I guess I'm proud of you?

>> No.48446745

>But the point is, that's irrelevant to the quality of the story. It doesn't matter. It's not a criticism. It's a shitpost.
Really? Yeah no, shitposter confirm

>> No.48446746

That's why I said I'm a terrible one.
But I'm not slutty. I marry all of my girls.

>> No.48446757

You...you know he gets almost all the science wrong right? Like, this isn't something that can be argued, he gets proved and existing theories wrong, quotes things that don't apply at all or mixes up ideas/theories with other ideas/theories.

>> No.48446763

>A Fanfiction about an existing piece of media
>Author has never read the original media
>This isn't relevant
Are you a moron or a shitposter?

>> No.48446764

Yea all 52 of them, harem jumpers are all sluts. SLUTS!

>> No.48446767

Say you found out that the author of Harry Potter and the Natural 20 hadn't read the books.

Would that make the story bad?

Why do I need to even explain this to you? Holy shit, this is so fucking sad.

>> No.48446769

Someone asked him a question you autistic fuck.

>> No.48446771

It's not that bad. At least people remember you in the threads themselves. About one third of the Namefags that frequent here are forgotten when they're not around.

I'd list some off but I can't remember them.

>> No.48446791

If you say so.

Sometimes they do, sometimes I'm forgotten like the others.
I'm in a middle ground.

>> No.48446797

>The trickling stream of affection in denial echoes throughout the thread.
>It fills you with DETERMINATION.

>> No.48446803

Ironically the only one that everyone knows is Bancho.

>> No.48446813


>> No.48446814

I don't think I've ever seen people mention DevilSurvivorAnon or GundamAnon outside of their respective jumps.
Pretty sure they even got skipped over during the "Jumpmaker Stand" thing we had a few threads back-
...oh. Oh wow. You're actually right anon. That's...kind of sad actually.

>> No.48446821

Fine. I'll go to bed like you said. But it's because I have more important things to do than hang around here.

It's not like I wanted to spend more time with everybody or anything....

I'll drop a post in the morning guys. I should be awake and fully alert then, and I'll have an hour or two to talk about things. Assuming my damn alarm goes off like it's supposed to. Have a good night guys, sleep well.

>> No.48446823

Actually, it's incredibly relevant since you brag about him making one change which results in "a wildly different interpretation" of characters.
1: the author even says that there isn't one change.
2. Even if there WAS, it should have no effect on other characters (why would Harry being rational cause Voldemort to be competent?)
3. The characters have different interpretations (read as: vastly OOC) because the author never actually viewed the primary or secondary content.
4. Why would anyone think that JKR would make this garbage canon?
5. Go back to wanking over "rationality" Eliezer

>> No.48446834


>> No.48446837

We love you worm

>> No.48446846

I'll never understand how Chara overpowers the player at the end of the Genocide run.
I mean, it makes no sense in universe or out of universe.
Wait, since Frisk is attacking Flowey, shouldn't that make it Neutral at best?

>> No.48446850

>Not SAVING Chara as well as everyone else
You tried, but you missed the final thing to get a Perfect Score.

>> No.48446867

Technically the image says "genocide rejected" not "true pacifist"

I have no idea how it works.
I just want to save Everyone. Including Chara and Asriel.

>> No.48446868

>Say you found out that the author of Harry Potter and the Natural 20 hadn't read the books.
No because the story is meant to be a CRACK Fic you shitposter.

>> No.48446869 [SPOILER] 

What is your Flagship?

>> No.48446872

>If that were the case, why did the ending set itself up so that Harry never suffers any real consequence?

My tongue-firmly-in-cheek idea: because Harry still had plot armor, which ironically he would refuse to accept because 'muh rationality'.

>> No.48446882

That's the spirit. Dream of silk.

A good way to determine if a namefag is being remembered is if:

-Someone is talking about a jump
-Someone is salting about a jump
There's also shitposting but honestly that's a whatever thing.

Besides, some namefags aren't as active in thread. Some simply turn their name off while not talking about what they directly made. It comes and goes.

>> No.48446885

Anon, you must go neutral before you achieve pacifism.

>> No.48446901

>Not SAVING everyone WITH Chara

>> No.48446906

Fair enough.
I used Resurrection Magic to bring back and SAVE Chara and Asriel.
I considered podding Chara as a Daughteru, but decided against it.

>> No.48446912

Can I add chrome shelled regios among the settings that I'm surprised isn't a jump and hasn't ever been suggested as one?

>> No.48446917

I'm not Frisk, Chara's soul isn't bound to me.

>> No.48446929

>Chara as a companion
This is why I wished Undertale had a fanfiction drawback, so I could go to Storyshift and grab Frisk, Asriel, and Chara as companions.
Yes, yes, I know, A.U., but actually, despite that, despite everything, from what I've seen of their character, they're still them.

>> No.48446947

Flagship or "flag"ship?

Because my flagship is a 2.5km long Gwadan with various techno goodies built in.

>> No.48446955

Actually. Jumpers, how do you like to characterize Frisk, Asirel, and Chara?

Frisk is a boy, who has a big heart, a good sense of humor, and flirts constantly.

Asriel has a kind heart, and is ashamed of his actions as Flowey.

Chara is all smiles and jokes, especially puns. Even when depressed, especially when depressed.

I spent the points to grab Sans as a companion. The endless puns are amusing.

>> No.48446980

I feel a deep, profound sadness to see two of my favorite magic systems in all of fiction reduced to "X is better than Y"

I'm now going to explain why the premise of your question is wrong:

1. Dresden Files magic has more direct associations with drawing on the power of free will as a conceptual strength; with a little Soulfire, Harry could use it to no-sell the force of will attacks from Mother Winter (the most powerful Winter Fae entity in existence) and Sharkface (an Outsider champion). HOWEVER, Discworld magic has similar feats, they're just deployed against opponents who are a threat not because of the mystic properties they hold, but because of the mystic properties they DON'T: Tiffany Aching essentially achieves enlightenment and thrashes the Queen of the Elves (Discworld elves have very little talent outside illusions so good, they can inflict real damage-and implied to be full-on reality warping in their native reality) in her native realm, and uses a makeshift ritual to essential channel the concept of Horse and grant death to a disembodied consciousness incapable of death.

2. Discworld magic has more confirmed feats about wide-scale devastation: Ancient wizard battles are essentially described as nuclear warfare, but with massive spells. Some of the more specific feats (binding Death-who can intimidate the local pantheon into leaving his adoptive children alone, interplanar teleportation) are direct expies of D&D spells, translated into a system revealed to be inherently freeform under the trappings used to deliberately prevent wizards from being too powerful. HOWEVER, the full potential of Dresden Files magic has yet to be truly explained in the books. See: Demonreach's construction and the outcome of a successful Darkhallow.

3. In short, both systems have deliberately obfuscated softcaps and metaphysics which make it difficult to make definitive statements in a direct comparison.

>> No.48447002

>Magic Kung Fu
The problem is, these are garbage in comparison to
>Probably The Gamer line,
because you can take one of them and get a certain level of ability at it, or you can take The Gamer and get access to all of them that grows faster and without the growth caps they apparently have. And also improves everything else, too.

>> No.48447038

>binding Death
I thought it was less "binding" and more "Death politely stops by when we do the ritual. Sometimes".

>> No.48447041

Not to mention all those percentage boost effects the Gamer can nab from certain skills/items/abilities. +20% strength as a human/street level superhuman? Not too great. +20% strength as a late game jumper? Probably one of the best strength effects you'll be able to find in the chain and you can get more and better.

>> No.48447056

My interpretation:
Frisk is a girl, and plays the part of my morality pet, being an all loving heroine. She's also become a master of both puns, and flirting, and I've more than once played the part of the overprotective dad.
Asriel is a sweet kid who has, thanks to Frisk and myself, move on from his grief and past as Flowey, becoming DETERMINED to help others. He still has the occasional relapse, that takes a while to surpass, but he's ultimately a good person. For some reason, he's become a huge fan of Kamen Rider, and he became my Chain's Kamen Rider Birth.
Chara is sort of the sarcastic older sibling to Frisk and Asriel, keeping an eye on them while taking every chance she gets to snark at me and others. She can get a little moody sometimes, but she's surprisingly sweet when she's happy. Also, very protective of Frisk and Asriel. Like, willing to support my saturday morning cartoon villain antics if it means keeping them safe.

>> No.48447061

Or, you know you could have The Gamer be a Non-Discounted power, unaligned with any of the trees.

>> No.48447073

So we have entire builds that are just The Gamer then?

>> No.48447080


Under the power of human magic users, magic like that operates on equivalent exchange. In the case of transformation magic, you essentially need an equivalent mass of matter in order to be "bounced" away and "translated" into another form; turning someone into a frog required the bits of them that didn't FIT into a frog to be placed into a gooey mass inside a balloon. It also means more complex transformations are more difficult; link related.

Another example of this principle in action is how in order to teleport Rincewind from another continent, the Unseen University wizards had to send a crude Chinese bazooka in his direction since it had similar mass to an adult human. Granted, the spell went a bit wonky because the divine personifications of Luck and Fate were playing God Chess against each other at the time.


Things get...interesting, when other sources of magic are tapped. Granny Weatherwax used a ritual involving a cauldron, the concentration of 2 other witches and the mystic home turf advantage of being on her native homeland Lancre to essentially draw on all the magic around her rather than just her own. She's frequently described as someone who earned rather than was born with talent, and is basically an expert at mystic jujitsu.

Another example would be the University's library, which is supercharged with magic from lots of magic books being in close proximity with each other, being capable of turning a man into an orangutan through a freak surge of magic-which is normally extremely difficult because of the complexity of reconfiguring matter into an orangutan.

>> No.48447097

I don't have one.

>> No.48447110

I dunno why I see Frisk as a boy and Chara as a girl, but I do. I know both are intended to be androgynous so the player can decide, but it's just the way I view them.

If it happens, it happens. There's no way a Gamer jump would fly without the Gamer power.
But at the end of the day, we have similar perks that are 600 points and discounted. It's just a stronger version of things we already have. It's not Super Duper OP Bullshit. At least not in Jump-chain.

I'd likely go down whatever line lets me make Dungeons, cause that's cool as hell.

>> No.48447111

Not that guy, but having read the entire story, your post becomes incredibly hilarious. Not even related to the quality of the story, either. Fuck it, I'll just spoiler it.

The one "hard" change that anon mentioned was Tom Riddle being smart. That caused butterflies that led to all the changes you observe in the story.

>> No.48447130

There are so many settings that are really weird to think don't exist as jumps already at this late stage.

What about all the WoD splats?
What about all the DnD settings?
What about all the Tales games?
What about all the Dwarf-Fortress-aliked?
What about all those failed MMOs?

and more.

These would be even more pressing if looked at even just a few months ago, as we've gotten more in these areas than we have thoughout most of jumpchains lifespan

>> No.48447145

...yes and no. Tradition hold great power over a world where narrative is a tangible force. Other events in the book however seem to show it is a binding, it's just most surviving wizards are smart enough to realise binding Death is a short-term proposition from his point of view when he can just wait for you to weaken from old age, THEN come out of the circle and reap you.

When the Rite was invoked, two people who inherited/acquired some of Death's aspects (Susan, his granddaughter and Mort, his apprentice) where both affected. Mort temporarily lost his "Deathiness" (he was starting to turn into Death because Death went on holiday; he seemed to regain his death mantle powers in the final fight implying he regained them once the RIte ran out of magic) and Susan was bound in a circle until Ridcully invited her to step out of it.

Also just to be clear-binding Death just binds the anthropomorphic personification. The Rite doesn't stop people dying in other parts of the world, possibly because Death can travel outside linear time.

>> No.48447146

What exactly do the Demonic Blades an SMT Tyrant can summon do? Is it just cursing people that get cut with bad luck?

>> No.48447161

I'm just gonna say, I thought about this stuff a bit on a lark, and here's what I came up with:

The Gamer should not be offered. The full powerset is just too big of a hassle to balance with what we currently apparently have. However, you can offer abilities based on it. Gamer's Mind, Gamer's Body, Observe and ID Create serve as good independent Perks. Being able to read skill books to learn is also a good one. Something I thought about was a lesser version of his theoretical ability to endlessly grow. Essentially, you separate your skills and powers into small packages which you develop independently, getting good ol' arbitrary percentages added to them by training, and then you choose a limited number to have active at once so you're not just getting infinitely strong given time. So Firestarter Lvl 3 to boost all of your pyromancy and fire magic, Bear Warrior Lvl 2 to boost your strength passively, together with a special Cruel Blow ability to make a single attack which deals bonus damage based on pain every so often.

My idea's probably fucking shit also I've only read The Gamer fanfics because I am human garbage so probably none of this makes any sense.

>> No.48447168

Okay, I have a question for the thread, because I'm not entirely sure if this is valid or not, but I took all the Specialist perks from Evangelion, and I wanted to know, with that and some Angel DNA, could I make an Evangelion of my own?
Also, would taking the Director origin put me in Misato's role, or something like it? I mean, as the officer in charge of Evangelion battles and...all that stuff.

>> No.48447175

WoD and DnD and MMO stuff generally takes a fair bit of effort to make into a good jump, though if you don't give a shit about quality you can just churn out another Forgotten Realms. We have gotten settings from all of those over time, even earlier on we had stuff like Vampire Bloodlines or Tales of Symphonia. People just decided to make jumps of other things.

Maybe it's because /tg/ settings get talked about on /tg/ so much that some people aren't as interested in making them here?

>> No.48447176

It never stops surprising me how discussing Discworld these days results in occasional pains in my chest.

Especially when talking about Death.

>> No.48447188

>whatever line lets me make Dungeons, cause that's cool as hell.
That would be Gamer.

>> No.48447195

Demonic Blades would probably be something like Soul Edge, or swords like it.
You know, cursed swords or swords possessed by demons or swords that are demons or...you get the point.

>> No.48447198

All right. Tell me what perk is 600 and discounted and does everything Gamer does.

>> No.48447203 [SPOILER] 

When I got the Light of Terra, I immediately made it my flagship. Since then, I've continued to retrofit it and build off of it to the point that it no longer looks anything like a 40k ship.

I have big plans for it. I haven't quite reached it yet, but I'm not giving up.

>> No.48447224

I heard a theory it seems pretty legit if you go and look back at the ending statement of Chara's but Frisk is Chara's Reincarnation. So long as there isn't some player driving Frisk to murder everything in sight you don't have to save Chara.

>> No.48447246

The Starwars OT ship would actually be better for that, it gives standard fiat protections to upgrades you make on it. You could eventually make it insane.

>> No.48447271

>Frisk is Chara's reincarnation
You know, it's funny, I always imagined that if Undertale had been a movie or cartoon or something, that would have been the plot twist. Like, at the end, it's commented that someone, or something(I guess either that universe's version of the Anomaly/Player or Gaster) revived/reincarnated Chara as Frisk in order to save the monsters and Asriel.

>> No.48447272

Gamer isn't the only one who makes those Dungeons.
And there are some really advanced labyrinths later on he had no hand in making.

You're twisting my words
I said "similar perks" not "does everything Gamer does" and I described Gamer as a stronger version of those perks.
But Soft Cap from Elona, and Folded a Thousand Times from Obsidian Tower Trilogy.
They both have the "can get better infinitely" Which is one of the main draws of The Gamer. 600 points, Discounted.
What they are missing is the ability to learn new things incredibly easily. But there are 100 point perks that do that.

I don't buy it. I don' think enough years have gone by for that to have happened. I find it more likely that Frisk's DETERMINATION drew Chara's soul to him.

But that's all conjecture.

>> No.48447299

I've read Methods.

... it's okay.

But I'm a self-admitted lover of garbage, so.

I mean, the writing itself -- like his ability to convey ideas specifically -- isn't bad? But it's author is super arrogant about his personal view and it BLEEDS through the story.
Like, I don't even know anything about him, and I very adamantly don't care, and even I got that.

I remember Harry going on about how people should think for themselves and be logical, and he does this by talking down to people, throwing tantrums, and quoting people smarter than him. He quotes people a LOT. And is so far up his high horse it's a wonder he can see his own shit. I guess he's so far above it, he thinks it doesn't stink, seeing as no one can empirically prove it to him?

Voldemort is super perfect and smart, and his only flaw is that he's a monstrous sociopath.
He was kind of fascinating to watch for me while at the same time being total garbage.

Hagrid is a footnote and this is a travesty all its own.

Hermoine ends up dying and becoming like some impossibly pure maiden jesus figure and it's frankly a little creepy.

I kindof liked Dumbledore, despite his flaws. He is very sad and doesn't want to be here.

Right before the last chapter the author ran a contest telling reader to come up with a super logical way to kill Voldemort or Harry would die.
I remember thinking, "I wish you would. I fucking dare you."
This is not a way to adhere readers.

>> No.48447323

>he had no hand in making.
You know that one was entirely based on the mechanics of the Gamer power, even granting a weaker version of it to the participants.

>> No.48447326

>This is not a way to adhere readers.

The actual fanbase loved it, and solved the problem within hours of the challenge being posted.

Just saying.

Also, I dunno how you finished the story and still think of Harry as an author mouthpiece. That's nearly the opposite of true.

>> No.48447329


On the surface, is as you said. But he starts off more introverted and shy, which explains why Toriel handheld him so much at first. He just sort of grows into it after connecting with the monsters. Someone did something bad to make him to make him climb that mountain, after all. There's a reason why the possibility for complete resets existed in the first place; he wouldn't want to let go of somewhere as nice as where he ended up


As per canon, pretty much.


Is literally Lisa from that trilogy of RPGs with the same name by Dingaling. She's Frisk's narrator. His/the player's actions determine whether she got better or worse as a person

Undertale is a timeline where she never met Buzzo/Bernard, worked up the nerve to run away from home and instead latched on to Asriel as her intended instrument of revenge after learning about the human-monster war.

>> No.48447330

Despite how I personally disliked the fic, I LOVED how Voldemort not only had his own version of the Evil Overlord's List(complete with one that's the exact opposite of the "No turning into a giant snake" rule, and yet it still makes sense), and was smart enough to make a horocrux out of a satellite,

>> No.48447340

I'm glad I wasn't the only one rooting for Harry to die. Voldemort put on the dunce cap once he reincarnated, without question, but if it weren't for plot armor the whole thing would have gone entirely differently.

Other than a handful of quotes, the best part of that story was the Matrix omake.

>> No.48447348

>ID Create
ID Create is the perfect example of the problem with the Gamer power; it's not even a "The Gamer" thing, it's a basic part of the setting that every single person in the Abyss can use, because it's not actually a personal ability but asking Gaia, the planet spirit enforcing The Masquerade, to make a spot out of sight for muggles where they can do their magic. But of course, the Gamer gets it as a personal skill that can improve and let him pull shit with it no-one else can do, as they can with basically every other magic in the setting.

>> No.48447366

>I don't buy it. I don' think enough years have gone by for that to have happened. I find it more likely that Frisk's DETERMINATION drew Chara's soul to him.
>But that's all conjecture.

You could very well be right but if you look at the genocide route the exact words that Chara uses after thanking the player is that they understand now why they were reincarnated.
Also keep in mind there had been enough time for 7 other humans to fall down the hole so it may have been a longer amount of time than it seemed. I can't imagine that is an everyday occurrence.

>> No.48447390

Fair enough, and a good point.


I don't know who you're talking about. But my description of Chara's personality is the vibe I got from how she acted with the Dreemurrs. I could see her acting like that once revived. The whole "Fake it till you make it" being all smiles and jokes even when depressed. But eventually getting over her depression, and just being a happy person.

I've never seen him do anything with ID Create others can't do. Beyond the Loot Drops.

Eh. Fair enough. I'mma keep my head canon though, but you do make a good point.

>> No.48447403

Err... I meant 6

>> No.48447414

Undyne and Papyrus have literally never seen a human before. That's how long it's been since the sixth child fell. And keep in mind, it seems like they were born in the 90's. That means it's been at least more than ten years, possibly even twenty years, since the SIXTH child fell. For all we know, Chara could have died more than a century ago.

>> No.48447446

So in fact you use two perks, not even as good as what the Gamer's version of them is, that are already capstones, as justification for why the Gamer isn't broken, even though there is still everything else the Gamer power has that you still haven't justified?

Yeah. I think maybe you should just stop trying to justify this.

>> No.48447462

That is a fair point, but let's be honest, in terms of the story it makes a lot of sense. That things so far gone, it would take a jumper with space capabilities to reach it.

>> No.48447469

It isn't a power set, it is basically the power to organize your abilities and gain buffs to those abilities by using them frequently enough.

>> No.48447482

But, see, I knew he'd never do it. There's no way he'd have the balls to kill off Harry after over a hundred chapters and build up. Not naked and standing in a graveyard. That's not how stories work. His fanbase would implode so fast his voice would go up three octaves.
But I will give him the credit that I ran back to see how the fuck he was going to save him. So he obviously did something right.

Also? I never said Harry was a mouthpiece. I just insinuated that he was a shitty character.
Which he is.

The actual mouthpiecing was distributed across the board. There was just this constant feeling of "This is right! This is the Right Way" that permeates everything the scientific and questioning characters did. It's... hard to describe, honestly, but it's definitely present throughout.

Yeah, like I say. I think Voldemort was kindof a ridiculous Mary Sue? But at the same time I loved reading him. At least while he was still playing the Professor role. He kinda took a downturn at the end there.
He was... fun.


>> No.48447509

Seriously, be careful on that shit. The story misuses and gets quotes wrong 90% of the time. Check around what you're using first so you don't look like a moron.

>> No.48447510

The thing that most annoyed me about it was his insistence that souls don't exist in that universe despite ghosts, horcuxes, the veil of death and the resurrection stone. That and harry was ridiculously arrogant

>> No.48447530

>That things so far gone, it would take a jumper with space capabilities to reach it.
Given where he ended up after the first death in canon, that's sort of the issue. Nobody wants to be a powerless shade stuck in space forever with no hope of ever being rescued and not even the ability to end yourself, after all.

>> No.48447545

Lucy. Formerly the Lux Terram, then the Lux Jovian, now the Lux Folium. Or some other Clover related pun. I'm terrible with names.

What about the hard change of making learning the great magic from books impossible, the 'Edict of Merlin'?

How the hell did the Unspeakables not get butterflied away by that? An unbroken line of apprentices?

>> No.48447562

Oh, I don't mean repeated quotes. I mean 'the standard counter-charm to a boggart is, of course, fiendfyre' and suchlike.

The story started out strong but it got weak fairly quickly, sadly.

>> No.48447566

No anyone can do what he does with ID create they just have to study and train longer than he does. I don't actually think the gamer power gives him any distinct abilities other than the gamers mind and body. it mostly gives a number to his abilities, increases how much he gets out of training and allows him to distribute the effects of training to other areas.

>> No.48447575

>Powerless shade stuck in space forever, with no way to get rescued or end himself
So Methods Voldemort is Kars?

>> No.48447627

Is this wrong as a description of the Gamer power?

>The gamer is a power that organizes your skills/abilities in a way similar to an RPG video game interface, gives you buffs to those abilities based on achievements related to those abilities, and provides you with several RPG themed abilities.

>> No.48447633

Overlord (LN/M/A)
> Age: 20 [Rolled10] (1/4/5)
> Location: Dragonic Kingdom [Rolled8]
> Local [Get a Freebie!]
> Race: Automaton [-200CP]
> Origin: Drop In [Get a Freebie!]
> Tolerance For Evil [Get a Freebie!]
> Personal Inventory (DX) [-100CP]
> Themed Aesthetics [Get a Freebie!]
> Shared Language [Got a Tempjob!]
> Innate Talent
> + Omnidextrous [Get a Freebie!]
> + Golden Mind [-100CP]
> + Magic Learning Affinity [-100CP]
> + Identify Talents [Get a Freebie!]
> + Martial Arts Prodigy [-100CP]
> + Magic Item Creator [-100CP]
> + Use Any Magic Item [-100CP]
> + Bestiary Knowledge [Get a Freebie!]
> + Favored By Fortune [-100CP]
> Friends With The Devil [-100CP]
> The Realm of Heroes [Get a Freebie!]
> Class Skills, Drop-In
> + Rogue [Get a Freebie!]
> Skillful Acquisitions [-200CP]
> Dark Wisdom [-400CP]
> Golden Coins [Get a Freebie!]
> Medium Tier Equipment [Get a Freebie!]
> A Local Hero [Get a Freebie!]
> Foreigner [+100CP]
> Sub-par Equipment [+200CP]
> Rival Player [+300CP]

So, there's another update? Sure let's do it again while we're in autosage why not.
I took Rival Player to add Favored By Fortune, because I love stacking luck perks.
I also added Friends With The Devil and Magic Item Creator with the remaining points, cuz why not. Still one of the few jumpers not to take Level One Hundred!
Woo fighting from home!

Anyway, remote controlled a golem, loafed around Nazarick.
Probably shot a laser satellite at my Rival and missed a couple times.
Fun times.

>> No.48447637

The gamer should be a 800-1000 undiscounted perk if that jump is ever made.

>> No.48447670

It shouldn''t be buyable at all, because if it is it makes everything else in the jump pointless. Why spend 300cp on a supernatural martial art, 300cp on fire magic, 300cp on flight, 300cp on a different supernatual martial art, etc etc, when you can just spend 800-1000cp on The Gamer, use it to grab all the others virtually instantaneously injump by buying skill books, then improve them faster than someone who bought them normally?

>> No.48447685

Nobody would accept it if that ability wasn't available.

>> No.48447693

And no one is going to accept it if it is.

Not every setting can be made into a jump. Some things just have too many problems.

>> No.48447701

Then it shouldn't be a jump. If there's only one option in the jump worth purchasing because it gives you everything else and more besides, then it's a fucking terrible jump.

>> No.48447705

It's the name of the setting and the focus of a large part of the story. It should totally be buyable.

>> No.48447708

Make it so that you can only learn things if you're capable of learning them without the gamer power. There are plenty of learning perks but people still buy tech and martial art perks after all

>> No.48447721

Sekirei- What is this place boss-lady?
Rolled for The North
Rolled for 25
Ashikabi- What the fuck is this place?!
Free Winging Ceremony
Discount Datekeeper
Discount Short and Sweet
Discount Norito
Sakurako Style
Free MBI Card
Free Sekirei(Akitsu)
Discounted Sekirei(Yashima)
Discounted Sekirei(Haihane)

Flamboyant+100- HOHOHOHOHOHO! Going full Ham are we! I can dig it!
Clumsy+150- What
Slapstick+250- No, seriously, what is this place?

>Gamer's Companion's Reactions to his utter confusion to what's going on here.

>> No.48447734

Since when do you speak for the thread? Has anyone besides Spacebattles/Reddit even attempted a jump?

>> No.48447740

The gamer power doesn't let you learn anything you couldn't already, skill books have requires X to learn displayed when you try to use them.

The gamer literally just has you auto learn it from the skill book, there is no reason why anyone without the gamer power couldn't read the book to learn the skill/spell/ability.

>> No.48447745

Look at the posts around you.

>> No.48447757

Look at the post to your right.

>> No.48447759

It's not really that op, it's basically just a boost to learning and training. You could probably make a facsimile with other perks like that speed reading one that lets you read a book if you touch it, the one from the elder scrolls that sometimes improves your abilities if you read a book and I'm pretty sure that there's a perk or item somewhere that gives you a stat list of all your abilities. Anyone know where it's from?

>> No.48447760

Sure. And spend weeks/months/years practicing to get to the point that Gamer is already at. And by that time the Gamer has used their enhanced learning and various other abilities to get far ahead of them in that too.

>> No.48447762

Put your hands on your hips.

>> No.48447774

My read is that BUYING Level 100 & Realm of Heroes at the same time gives you a nicely minmaxed build that guarantees you some notoriety among Level 100 players.

Thus, buying RoH and simply leveling your way to 100 wouldn't AUTOMATICALLY give you such a build, you might not be as effective as someone who bought them, but you could potentially be, if you curated your progress properly.

>> No.48447776

>list of all your abilities
Not that I am aware of, the detailed and organised list of my abilities is the most appealing part of it to me.

>> No.48447778

8bit Theater.

It's a Drop-In freebie, literally your character sheet.

>> No.48447797

You know that the MC is a scrub compared to his friends even with excessive time dilatation training, which is again something that anyone can learn in that setting.

>> No.48447814

> Jumpers, how do you like to characterize Frisk, Asirel, and Chara?
Frisk is introverted, and starts off extremely shy, but eventually becomes way more outgoing and impossibly kind -- but still tends to stick to the silent protagonist angle. If there's any way to stay silent, they do. But they can talk, so it comes across as a big deal.

Chara... believes in justice. Or more accurately revenge. Chara earnestly believes that they are doing the right thing, no matter what that thing is.
I think they genuinely wanted to save monsters, because the monsters were kind to them, and while Chara isn't really capable of true love, they do care in their own way. Think high end Yandere with a capital Y.
They hated humans, and loved monsters, so obviously the thing to do is save monsters while killing humans.
Then Asriel betrays them... which means that Asriel has to die, because betrayal is betrayal, and NO bad deed goes unpunished.
... as you yourself learn, should you try to go back on your deal.
But Chara isn't bad. Chara always does the right thing, no matter what. That's what Chara thinks, anyway.

Asriel is just Flowey with the ability to care. A lot. In fact, he cares a little TOO much, and is a total wishy washy crybaby.
Also, likes anime. Particularly the fight scenes where the HERO (CAPITALS) always wins!

I barely knew any of them. It was mostly just me, Flowey, and... the Anomaly.
Frisk and Asriel only showed up at the very end.

>> No.48447820

Open the door.

>> No.48447825

I know that's how it works when you - the jumper - don't buy Level One Hundred, the question I'm asking is about my Companions who start with RoH and can get Lvl100 if I complete a scenario. So they haven't leveled to 100, they got perk boosted up to it, but I don't know if it counts for giving them the full bonus or counts as them leveling to 100.

>> No.48447834

Because they've been at it for years or decades or even more for somewhile he's had his powers for weeks? His friends all also complain about how bullshit his learning is and he's catching up too.

>> No.48447866

>Chara was a fan of seinens like Elfen Lied who secretly likes F/SN but doesn't want anyone to know about the latter and is quiet about the former
>Asriel openly enjoys sentai ranger stuff and pokemon-style shounens

...this explains everything, and is now canon for me.

>> No.48447868

So I have a complicated and probably insane question about both Sekirei and Fate/extra...
On a scale from 1 to suicidal insanity how bad an idea would it be to trade Data on the moon cells for the freedom of the Sekirei and would Minaka be likely to go for that?

>> No.48447878

MC's best friend
>Cool it with the time dilatation training, you are going to wake up one morning and discover that you are way older than your friends.

>I'll take that into consideration
Proceeds to do even more time dilatation training.

Basically any one can do it but they don't because it has the issue of cutting your lifespan due to aging in the Not Time Chamber. MC does it for months at a fairly high level of dilatation, he is still weaker than his friends who are also teenagers and avoid Time BS training.

>> No.48447916

That is because every one day for every one else is several days of mindless grinding for him, other people could train like that too if they wanted and it would also be very effective. The Gamer makes it more effective for him but the main issue is that he is recklessly abusing Time Illusion Barriers to put in asinine amounts of training.

He is fast but it isn't a high level growth perk level of fast.

>> No.48447917

And said teenagers have been doing this since they were born/kids since they were all born into families that train in these powers. MC got them in high school, where he and his friends still are in.

>> No.48447925

I think this starts to enter "how you interpret your purchases working" territory.

If you're like me, and you take it as "what you buy is what you START with" then earning it in a scenario would be closer to earning it through sweat, albeit with the fiat enforcement behind it that perks carry.

If you have a different interpretation it might go differently.

>> No.48447926

...what happens if I import Chara as a Diclonius when the Elfen Lied jump is finished.

>> No.48447933

>He is fast but it isn't a high level growth perk level of fast.
Yes it is. It's absurdly fast and the abuses he's found have been commented on many times. It's just not fast enough to let him catch up to people who have been doing this all their lives, with mentors and equipment and other forms of aids.

>> No.48447988


>> No.48447998

Arguably it isn't all that fast compared to a few- but most of them focus on a single thing, like martial arts or magic.

>> No.48448007

>I've never seen him do anything with ID Create others can't do. Beyond the Loot Drops.
That's a bit like saying that we've never seen Sun-Il do anything that a normal classmate couldn't. Beyond being born into a clan of mystical martial artists.
I mean, Jee-Han visits their super valuable inherited secret time dilation training dimension, smacks around some ogre's and gets some loot, basically says "yeah this is pretty good, I should go grind ID Create some so I can make these whenever I want" and leaves, then comes back to them having a bunch of members in the infirmary and having closed the place down because his mere presence turned the training dimension into basically SAO and none of them have a clue how that happened. That's not exactly nothing.

>> No.48448016

Fallout- Oh boy, a Classic.
Rolled for NCR
Rolled for 24
Tag-Repair, Science, Speech
Free Jury Rigging
Discount Certified Tech
Cult of Personality
Free Food Purifer
Free Power Armor
Free Laser Rifle
Free Pip-Boy 2000, Upgrade to 3000

Wild Wasteland+0- Fun Times ahead children
Fallout 4- More Radiation Adventures!
Rolled for Free Choice, I choose Sanctuary Hills
Rolled for 32
The Institute
Free Chemist
Discount Mechanist
Discount SCIENCE!
Benevolent Leader
Free Starting Gear
Import Option
Make Akitsu(Sekirei), Lilith(Demon), Forsetti(Dragonoid), and Lupa(Alpha Werewolf) into Legendaries

All Roads+0(Keep Wild Wasteland)

>> No.48448021

Not fast enough to catch up to high school students with three months and using 10+ time multiplier training chamber on a daily basis. He has put at least two years of training into this and has not caught up to other teenagers.

>> No.48448039

And the other teenagers could have put even a decade or more of training, depending on the manwha's view of children training to become strong is (Is it like DBZ where you can get strong even if you're 5?).

>> No.48448051

I don't really have a way to interpret split combo purchases like this.

Also, does anyone know >>48445655 ?

>> No.48448056

So do you bring law to the wasteland or bunker down and deliver vengeful justice to whomever takes one step on your land?

>> No.48448057

>Is it like DBZ where you can get strong even if you're 5
No it is most certainly not.

>> No.48448064

Doesn't that mean the training boost from Gamer is only like 5-10x at most?

>> No.48448073

>Chara with an additional psychic voice of muder in her head

Death and pain.

Death and pain to everything.

From what I remember that guy's all about exploiting alien resources for stuff.

And the Moon Cell is clarktech so bullshit it can make data that's significant enough real. Apparently the fighting arenas it generates are akin to Reality Marbles.

I don't know much about Sekirei, but I think either nothing because the tech would be too advanced for him to make use of, or else he'd try to essentially bring about Human Instrumentality but with only bullshit moon crystal-based hardware.

>> No.48448087

This is Gamer Chain. He wandered around, did good deeds when he felt like it, and meta-gamed his knowledge to get All The Sweet Loot.
Like G.E.C.K.s. Multiple of them. So he can take them apart to see how they work, so he can make his own.

>I brought a Sekirei, a Demon, a Dragonoid, and a Werewolf to the "peak physical ability of their species" with my Legendary Purchases.
My Bodyguards/Girlfriends will be unstoppable! And I will be Safe!

>> No.48448099

He hasn't "caught up" in the sense that he can't beat them in their field of expertise (which isn't even the field he's focusing his training on). If he puts up all his barriers, summons his summons, takes to the air and just blasts away, there's not a lot those friends would be able to do about it. And they certainly can't match him in healing, ID creation, teaching, making shit, or any of a whole bunch of utility shit he's managed to learn in the tiny bit of time he actually had and used his ablity out of the entire lifetime of training they had in a focused field of study that they can at least say "he hasn't beat me in this yet."

>> No.48448117

Not even, his training only increases the power of his abilities. They have spent a considerable amount of their time studying the less martial aspects of the abyss.

More than 2 years working solely on combat power < less than 10 years of broad training including a lot of non combat related knowledge/skills.

>> No.48448122

He's not exactly focusing solely on one field like his friends do.

>> No.48448134

They are overall stronger than him.

>> No.48448154

>his training only increases the power of his abilities
>More than 2 years working solely on combat power
Blatantly false. He's gotten to the point where all his int grinding makes schoolwork and shit basically child's play, and he's learned more utility magic such as healing than both his friends entire clans combined.

>> No.48448164

I am kind of counting on this being something beyond his ability to replicate but him being smart enough to know it's something he would really want. Ironically it would be like the holy grail to him. However I am hoping that it is so far beyond his ability it will take longer than his life span to fully grasp and build. At the very least longer than whatever time of the remaining 10 years I have there. I am also intending to ask Matsu the MC's Intelligence type Sekirei keep an eye on his progress to make sure I didn't underestimate him. After all it's not bad to have contingency plans.

>> No.48448187

Because humans are vibrant, energetic, naive, and excitable in a way a full grown elf isn't, and it adds an element of chaos and wonder that their lives otherwise lack.

Basically all elves are loli/shotacons, because the traits that they find attractive in humans are the ones that are more childish in them.

>> No.48448215

>mental traits elves find attractive in humans are all childlike ones
>Humans are often shorter than elves, and almost always have rounder faces, more body fat and more clumsiness, all childlike traits
Goddamnit, elves.

>> No.48448230

That is only a tangent benefit, he has been focusing solely on efficient grinding.

>> No.48448264

Remember that elves are also masochists so they are pedophiles who get off on being tied up and whipped by people they view as children.

>> No.48448273

Frisk was extremely quiet, but I wouldn't have called him shy. I doubt he spoke more than a few short phrases during the whole handful of conversations I had with him, but he did make a point of talking to everyone and actually listening to what they had to say, and he was a notorious flirt. He was just more of a listener than a talker. He also befriended damn near everyone in the underground with so few words. Active, charismatic, quiet, curious, easily distracted by pretty girls, something of a goober.

He did have a problem with being damn persistent, even in cases where it was unwise. I couldn't figure out whether he wanted Toriel as his mom or future girlfriend.

Chara was a schemer, and something of an absolutist, and could be the greatest Sith to ever live. He was ambitious, and smart, and idealistic in the sense that everything was elevated to ideals. His real reason for joining with Asriel was that he, quite literally, wanted to be what Asriel was in his head. A monster was a being of kindness and wonder, and a human was a being of cruelty. He wanted to be kindness, and since he was a creature of cruelty he decided to act in accordance with that. "Justice" would win the day and he could be what he wanted. He thought in poetic terms, from what I could tell using my weak powers at the time, and enjoyed being in the kind human.

I wonder if I hadn't tricked Frisk into giving up Chara's soul if he would have done it of his own will?

Asriel is idealistic in a similar way to Chara, but with different ideals. He loves novelty, and traveling with us, and the wide variety of experiences he can actually feel now that he has his heart. He's quiet until he talks, like Frisk, but verbose and poetic like Chara. He's the groups other healer, because he really does care, and a magical powerhouse because monster magic lets him be creative. He has a whole light show about our journeys, though it's dangerous to touch. I could go on.

>> No.48448276

Sorry, I don't really follow the series but:

1 What was the point of the Sekirei Battle Royale?
2 The Sekirei are xeno-fertile hermaphrodite-capable aliens? What?
3 What's up with the soft-hearted picking Akitsu?
4 The guy that took hunted by Miya and Karasuba and bought as Sekirei was me. Do I have to deal with it for ten whole years?

>> No.48448298

>Toriel as his mom or future girlfriend.

>> No.48448310

Just remember normal, non-super genius humans (Maguses, to boot, so some of the least technologically adept people around) somehow figured out how to digitally patch into the Moon Cell sometime between the 1970s and the 2030s. And one of them developed a plan to take it over more or less on their own.

Now that said, even before entering the Moon Cell that person (Kiara) developed a computer program that mindraped people with cathartic Buddhism. I have absolutely no idea how a religious cult develops software that can hurt people in the real world when all the magic is literally extinct.

All I know is I'm totally encoding it as a hidden subroutine into my version of the Demon Summoning Program.

>> No.48448313

Bullshit, he heard about how Sung-Ah was sick from birth with a curse that Sung-Gon, a guy that could make two of the most powerful clans in Korea back the fuck off (one of them by beating up their members to the point that 35 of them were be ability-crippled for life), had spent basically her entire life looking for a way to remove, then decided to grind healing until he could fix her. And then fixed the other 35 guys, that one of the most powerful clans in Korea couldn't afford the healing to fix, so they'd not cause more trouble.

>> No.48448322

>(Maguses, to boot, so some of the least technologically adept people around)
Well, they figured out magic coding, so they'd probably shaped up a bit in that timeline. At least, considering real timeline Rin couldn't even work a recorder.

>> No.48448326

There wasn't one, Minaka is a cunt

Xeno-fertile yes, Hermaphrodite no. Homura is an odd case, and is specifically noted as such. Pic related is proof.

Akitsu is what is known as a "Discarded Number". She "Winged herself" and can never find her "ashikabi", kind of a Soul Mate. She's also very cute, and wants nothing more than to be Loves, and not to be Discarded.

They will try to kill you because of Hunted, and Each other because they LOATH one another.
Miya MIGHT put aside her hatred of you enough to not kill you because of the Bond, but Karasuba is on record as saying she would kill the person she Reacted to, if she ever had.

>> No.48448334

The point was to have one final Sekerei and Ashikabi fight No. 1 for power over all the Sekerei

One of the Sekirei was messed up and was basicly masculine genderless until he/she/it reacted to a Ashikabi and turned into that Ashikabi's preferred gender, female.

Those who don't take her have no heart, she deserves a proper Ashikabi and buying her with CP should clear up her messed up "tuning".

That will probably never end unless you beat/kill them, their hunt for you will stall any plot events that would put an end to it.

>> No.48448354

I thought it was less magic coding, and more "everything is connected by internet so hackers are basically wizards in terms of the scope of how they can affect the world and navigate the Moon Cell" not that they're actually doing TRON/Blame! stuff where coding actually makes magic happen

If it does, fuck Nasu

>> No.48448395

I don't think that you can buy Miya and if you bought Karasuba she would kill you even without that drawback for the crime of being her ashikabi.

>> No.48448430

Now you know their true secret, and you can never look at elves the same way again.

Or you now know the perfect way to seduce any elf you come across, and will use your knowledge for lewd.

>> No.48448486

Terrain of Magical Expertise- An MMO! Oh how I've missed you!
Engima, rolled for 16
Free Libra System
Discount Exclusive Encounter
Discount Wallflower Empath
Discount Really Nice Guy
Hot Stuff Comin' Thru
Welcome to the Guild

Spellcaster, Summoner
Free Shoot an Icicle
Free I've got at least one HP
Mysterious as the Dark Side of the Moon
Rock you like a Huricane(Sun)

The Owchies are Legit, they don't Quit!+100

>> No.48448669

>Beyond the Loot Drops.
Pretty huge thing to discount, Justice. If his friends without that are Unarmed Swordsages, with training-for-level rules in place and WBL, Loot Drops make Jee Han that Elder Scrolls character that runs off into the woods, beats up a bunch of level-scaled generated bandits and comes back with 6 sets of Daedric armour to sell.

>> No.48448710

>Are there lesser versions of all the P2W items in the actual setting?

>> No.48448716

You could grab some without the fiat copy protection from Nazarick.

>> No.48448736

I seem to remember a plot arc about a magic item creator that wanted to make the super-healing potions Mononga uses, but who already made "standard" healing potions.
So there's definitely weaker healing potions in the setting. It would make sense for there to be weaker versions of all the P2W items.

As I've come to learn, making jumps based on /tg/ content can be very difficult due to the sheer scope of some material.

>somehow the update allowed me to buy Bard skills

>> No.48448782

How does everyone make these character sheets?

>> No.48448795

>Greak Tomb of Nazarick

>> No.48448831

It's like the Great Tomb of Nazarick only the treasure room is empty.

>> No.48448839

pay denbts

>> No.48448852

The thought occurs to me.

Should a female 42nd being be worried that Albedo might consider them a threat for Ainzz' love?

>> No.48448859

Albedo is canonically in full support of Ainz getting a harem, as long as she is the top girl that is.

>> No.48448862

>Should a female 42nd being be worried that Albedo might consider them a threat for Ainzz' love?
No, their loyalty toward SB would override that. Plus, Albedo has already proven herself to be pro-harem / polygamy on multiple occasions.

>> No.48448902

Not unless you threaten her position as the head of the harem she is building for him. . . which you would by default as a Supreme Being. . . shit.

>> No.48448905

Yeah, I wouldn't mind knowing that either.

>> No.48448939

You saw nothing.


Only if Ainz (in my jump, he didn't take the name Ainz because there was another guild member - me - present) was actually infatuated with said player.

>> No.48448957

Sorry, I use a copy of the official character sheets, plus photoshop, just extending the existing lines and replacing the text and stuff. There is apparently a program that can do it for you or something (google it if you like), but I had no luck with it.

>> No.48448988

Why isn't Seven Deadly Sins on that list of desired jumps? Diane and Merlin must be waifued.

>> No.48448994

Because that list of desired jumps is just a bunch of jumps people said they wanted and isn't comprehensive in the least?

>> No.48449002

Yes but it was mentioned in the tread that list was built from, multiple times.

>> No.48449037

269. Polity
Age: 36, Origin: Drop-In, Race: Human
Location: Elysium
Perks: Runcible Technician, Prototyper (-300), Biotechnician (-600)
Items: Quinces Guide, Experimental Aug (-300)
Drawbacks: Trouble Fitting In (+100), Delphic Pronouncements (+100)

Reverse engineering is the best shard. Thank you, Isaac, for taking on that burden and just staring at things with integrated super-analysis eyes.

The Polity AI don't really like me, but they've dubbed us harmless enough to let us wander about. We're eccentric and unstable and so small as to not be a threat to literally anything that matters. We talked on their weird internet thing and I let them look at whatever they want. They asked about things, but eventually grew tired of the whole "a good question" or "a pointless question, but interesting" style responses and non-answers. Isaac's nigh immediate upgrades to the ship were unsettling as well, especially since the Polity couldn't copy the integrated magic, and that we couldn't actually explain any of it, but eventually the ship was more Polity tech than anything else. This ship can reproduce itself and most anyone on it from some scrap and a handful of molecules now. I don't even know how the fuck that works, but Isaac does try to explain it often.

We stayed out of major conflicts and played tourist for this jump, collecting the smallest sample of the Erebus and Jain technology we could and a splatterjay to examine and dispose of. I'm fiat-level resistant to viruses, so it was more or less safe, but I did end up degrading a helper monkey into goo because of infection. And then I had to burn the goo to ash, and teleport the ash into the heart of a sun.

Post-jump, I'll have to use Prototyper on the whole fucking ship, but it shouldn't be too hard to spend some time up there. I just have to pick a long-lasting jump.

>> No.48449053

Oh well? Make it yourself if you want it so bad.

>> No.48449121

If you're talking about my list, it's added now. I do miss things.
Or anons could leave comments on the sheet, which I encourage you to do, so I don't miss things in thread.
It doesn't really affect the chances of anyone actually making it, though. It's just "what jumps do people want/what's currently in progress" is such a common question I thought a big list would be good.

Good to see someone treats experimental mistakes seriously around here.

>> No.48449127

>Just noticed that I could get more freebies

Overlord (Manga/LN series)
Drawbacks: Rival Guild [1600]
Age: 31
Starting Location: Throne Room, Nazarick
Origin: Player, Fallen Angel [Freebie], Magic Caster
Perks: Tolerance for Evil [Freebie]
Personal Inventory [Freebie]
Themed Aesthetics [Freebie]
The 42nd Supreme Being [800]
Dark Wisdom [600]
Class Skills, Magic Caster:Arcane Caster [Freebie]
Specific Specialization: Summoning [500]
The Abyss of Magic [200]
Level One Hundred[Freebie]
Homunculus Maid [Freebie]
Specific Specialization: Necromancy [100]
Innate Talent: Enhanced Summoning [0]

Custom NPC [Demon, Magic Caster, Magic Item Creator, Use Any Magic Item, Class Skills, Magic Caster:Talismonger, Tolerance For Evil, Level One Hundred, Legendary Tier] [Freebie]
The Orb of Death [Freebie]
Summoned Mount [Freebie]
Spectacles of Translation [Freebie]
Magic Icon [Freebie]
Golden Coins [Freebie]
Divine Tier Equipment [Freebie]
Ring of Ainz Ooal Gown [Freebie]
Scenario: An Eternal Legend
Reward: Use Any Magic Item [100, discounted]
Magical Powerhouse [0, discounted]
Made by an anon in /a/, I don't remember his name.


>> No.48449128

It would suck if I made it and more than one jumpmaker who actually knows what they are doing have expressed an interest in it.

>> No.48449156

Then ask around if anyone is interested? The list is the worst way to measure that because plenty of people don't care about it and most of the people who do and suggested things were anons, who may or may not be jumpmakers.

>> No.48449159

Escanor is best husbando!

>> No.48449320

Honestly 42nd supreme being gets an almost unfair number of bonuses...

And yet the scenario these people get offers less cp but a companion and that staff so hmm...

>> No.48449404

That's funny, a lot of people prefer local.

>> No.48449446

But why?

>> No.48449449

Now imagine being a player without it.

>> No.48449451

You think so? I actually think that local has the advantage here for free RoH, at least 2 free innate talents pretty much no matter what you pick, imports cheap enough to actually import all 8 companions and the mass import for 500 getting Level 100 AND RoH (because it's a freebie for locals).

All 42nd being gets is free 300cp race, free Level 100 and a free NPC (that would have been discounted otherwise. Plus the ring of course.
Players get discounted race, but that's not much with the free CP from 42nd, a free mount, some free P2W items and (new) a discount on 2 talents of choice. But they have to pay for RoH, their companions are too expensive to import a full team, they pay extra for any innate talents they want and their mass imports are weaker.

It's reasonably balanced if you want an expensive heteromorphic race, don't want to import companions and only want two innate talents that would be discounted for you already.
Otherwise local is just hands-down better.

>> No.48449503

For me specifically, i took an elf magic caster with summoning spec and also the rogue class.
That means i get Enhanced Summoning, Magical Powerhouse, Alchemist and Omnidextrous for free.
I also picked the mass import for 500cp. All of them get Level 100, and because they're locals they also get Realm of Heroes. They also each get at least 2 free innate talents from their origin/class combination. Hell, rogues get 4 free talents if they're local.

>> No.48449511

>All 42nd being gets is
Don't forget "improved access to the plot, access to the gigantic fucking treasury full of the best loot in the world, being worshipped as a god by the strongest faction in the world, and actually being able to survive the Powerless+Rival Guild combo, so basically extra CP."

>> No.48449525

Also a reason not to immediately kill yourself if you happen to lose the chain.

>> No.48449540

>and actually being able to survive the Powerless+Rival Guild combo, so basically extra CP.

Considering that you have no extra-knowledge nor any out-jump help, you might survive, but they also have at least two of the twenty and another ten world items.

Their guild should also be just as impenetrable as Nazarick and they have their own version of Rubedo.

So, you 'might' survive if you play your cards well. But you're so evenly matched, that if you slip for a second, you're dead.

>> No.48449547

I have one question:

All the post-spark limitations get lifted if you fail/abandon the chain, or you need to get a spark for them to be lifted?

>> No.48449570

Like Riding a Bike and Copycat or Mimic would do it alone, I think. Hell, if you have some other way to learn the spell you only need Like Riding a Bike.

>> No.48449583

Using the mass-import option as a local already puts you pretty much on-par with Nazarik, and thus the rival guild.
The loot can be acquired in the age-old adventurer tradition of prying it from your enemies cold, dead hands.
If you're too worried i'd suggest spending 100cp on Friends with the Devil to have Ainz help you out with the rival guild, but a smart jumper should be able to survive ten years with the amount of power you get even if you don't manage to wipe out the rival guild.

Why would you do that? Even if you lose (which is admittedly possible if you don't play your cards right), you still have god-like powers when you return to your old life.
I mean i certainly would prefer to keep travelling, but it's hardly a fate worthy of suicide.

>> No.48449592

There's one idiot here who apparently things continuing to exist in this universe is a fate worse than death even with magical powers. I'm surprised he hasn't killed himself IRL.

>> No.48449596

>Their guild should also be just as impenetrable as Nazarick
That's the point. Both sides are far, far superior in defensive capability to offensive capability, so it'll turn into a long, grinding stalemate, which means if you don't go and take risks you can survive fairly easily.

>> No.48449631

Don't forget that there's also free high-tier loot (including world items) available from the Slane Theocracy.
The Slane Theocracy who are basically magical nazis and whose strongest fighters barely manage to scratch the realm of heroes, so it's pretty much free and ethically unquestionable.

>> No.48449749

If it turns out that the companion reward of Level One Hundred from the Local scenario /does/ stack with their Realm of Heroes, then you can get it for 350CP and they all get 600CP and a set of Legacy Tier equipment, though they only get Level One Hundred at the end of the jump, which may be too late if you need them at full power in the jump itself.

Brellin, are you here to answer this? Cracker Jack, or anyone else on SB care to ask if the companions would be at Level One Hundreds plus Realm of Heroes, or Level One Hundreds who once had Realm of Heroes? Is the reward the equivalent of training up to it or does it work 'normally'?

>> No.48449752

>basically magical nazis
No, they're not.

They're just humans trying to survive in a world where the average human-eating intelligent demi-human is at least ten times stronger than your average soldier.

Destroying the ST is basically dooming humanity, unless you can remplace it. It's basically Cauldron all over again.

>> No.48449807

So trying to survive includes destroying other human villages (Carne)?
The enslavement, mutilation and torture of non-human commoners who are no threat even if they were inclined to be one (elves and dwarves)?
The systematic genocide of demihuman farming villages by special forces (it's what the Sunlight Scripture does)?

It may have started out that way, when the six gods founded the theocracy.
But if you call what they're doing by the time of canon "trying to survive" then we have very different definitions of survival.

>> No.48449889

Isn't that Bancho?

>> No.48449899

No, actually. Anon is talking about me. I am not Bancho, this universe is just completely devoid of anything interesting or valuable.

>> No.48449906

If it says post-chain, it's post-chain whether you get your spark or not; if it says post-spark, then it's only if you get a spark.

>> No.48449923

Forgot to say that the 350CP cost is if you use the 'A Local Hero' import, which Locals get one free of and discounts on further purchases.

>> No.48449952

Depends on where you lost your chain. You could head into outer space and look for stuff if you can't find anything on earth or teach magic to people if you had those abilities.

>> No.48449966

>what is Overlord

>> No.48449980

There's nothing in outer space here.

>> No.48449983


I assume it will work like jumper training up to level 100 with realm of heroes. As in, realm of heroes starts you up at level 60. You do not get special boosts afterwards. You need to start with both Realm of Heroes and Level 100. I assume getting Realm of Heroes AFTER you get level 100 might do the thing though

>> No.48449984

Nope, there's been Overlord builds posted without Level One Hundred.

Not with that attitude!

>> No.48449992

There's nothing there but what we make. Make a colony on moon on Mars, without people knowing. Then when further expeditions to these places will happen and they try to claim stuff just come out of your house and go "gosh darn Astro kids, get off my space lawn!"

>> No.48450009

I'm sure people will do Gamer builds without Gamer too.

>> No.48450017

Not that we're aware of. Doesn't mean there aren't things out there, though. We've been scanning the skies for a tiny fraction of our existence; who's to say that we haven't missed signals?

>> No.48450026

See, you can get level 100 by training for long enough.

But see, the stat boost from buying both that and Realm of Heroes can't be replicated.

And 42nd supreme being gives you free maids

>> No.48450036

Jumper, which jump offers more power than level 100 plus realm of heroes?

We need tier list for jumps in terms of power levels

>> No.48450045

What is better to have a RoH pet or lvl 100 pet from overlord

>> No.48450058

End Jumps and SMT. That's basically it.

>> No.48450060

>Jumper, which jump offers more power than level 100 plus realm of heroes?
Loads. Personal favorites inclu-

>We need tier list for jumps in terms of power levels

>> No.48450084

>So trying to survive includes destroying other human villages (Carne)?

It was to force an all out war so the Empire could absorb the Kingdom before it destroyed itself with all its corruption. Destroying a few villages is worth much more if you get a functioning kingdom producing heroes like Gazef. It's explained on vol 10.

>The enslavement, mutilation and torture of non-human commoners who are no threat even if they were inclined to be one (elves and dwarves)?

Elves are a threat. They slaved humans before the six god arrived and stab the humanity in the back whenever they have a chance. Vol 10 again.

>The systematic genocide of demihuman farming villages by special forces (it's what the Sunlight Scripture does)?

Demihumans are not human friendly. At all. Just see what the beastmen or orcs can do. And that the elves used to be the masters of humanity to be sold as slaves or food.

>It may have started out that way, when the six gods founded the theocracy.
>But if you call what they're doing by the time of canon "trying to survive" then we have very different definitions of survival.

They're playing the long game, because they know that another non-human player can appear and start killing humans and there are only 4 human kingdoms that are much more smaller in size and power that their non-human neighbors. And most of those neighbors either hate human, or want to conquer them to be used as food or slaves.

>> No.48450092

There was an Overlord build a couple(?) threads back with no Level 100 and no Heroes. Went more or less Blue Mage instead.

>> No.48450105

Doesn't interest me.

Don't deal in maybes.

>> No.48450109

>Ideas that got shot down in 2013

>> No.48450122

Fuck you, and fuck powerlevels.

>> No.48450130

>thirsty anon
>offered a half-full glass of water
>complains that it is half-empty.

>> No.48450149

>SMT, Persona and DDS
>Arguably Fate if you do a good min/maxed build
>Fairy Tail with god-slaying magics
>Rick and Morty
>Asura's Wrath
>Basically any Jump that gives you super-tech like Homeworld or Sup Comm
>Any sci-fi setting where you can get surface wiping ships

That's just on Fire-power terms. Then you need to add more exotic abilities like the ones from Touhou, SCP or Worm.

>> No.48450156

Human's have looked at the sky for over a hundred thousand years wondering whats up there and given the opportunity to find out you say you don't deal in maybes...

>> No.48450160

That's his shtick, he Eeyores his way through any conversation he's a part of.

>> No.48450161

"But they did it first" is not a justification for slavery and genocide.

And you really shouldn't take the words of high-ranked members of the theocracy at face value when their actions during the series clearly show that a whole lot of them are fucked up sociopaths.

>> No.48450162

>God slaying magics
I agree Fairy Tail should be here but GS magic has fuck all for feats.
Any shounen like Naruto or Bleach or One Piece should also be on.

>> No.48450187

Sadly the whole setting is pretty fucked up, regardless of species. Lot of weeds needing mowing.

>> No.48450188

To be fair the people in the series who aren't fucked up sociopaths is astoundingly small. I still wonder how grim dark worlds could possibly function considering what everyone with power tends to do.

>> No.48450194


Help please

>> No.48450206

We live in one of those worlds anon, the fucked people in power have a thin veneer to cover it up.

>> No.48450207

>"But they did it first" is not a justification for slavery and genocide.

It's not a 'they did it first'. It's more a: they did it first, stopped for a while because we had god-like beings defending us, and once they were gone, they started again. It's made clear that most demi-humans do not see humans as something of value. Carne is a rare exception because the goblins are led by summoned goblins who are stronger than them and are forced to collaborate with humans.

>And you really shouldn't take the words of high-ranked members of the theocracy at face value when their actions during the series clearly show that a whole lot of them are fucked up sociopaths.
>They do not get paid for their jobs
>Have to spend most of their lives fighting country ending monsters
>Know that out there a being stronger that their gods could pop-up and start destroying humanity or conquering it. AGAIN.
>They were the ones that created the Kingdom and were actually sad to have to attack their fellow humans, but they knew that the Kingdom was damaged beyond repair and needed a clean-up.
>They cannot directly help the Kingdom if they don't want a giant dragon and his armies come down to their capital and burn it up because the Dragon doesn't like to share borders with them.

One Piece doesn't have that many feats that would put you up to a level 100 whatever. Naruto could. On the highest tiers.

And I said God Slaying because it's one of the newer 'slayer' magics, although all high-tier magics are powerful on their own.

Get a 'Kinetic force x-slayer' or a 'Magic x-slayer' and start destroying anything in any setting.

>> No.48450209

Just RoH is about level 60 without lvl 100. So... lvl 100 pet is better?

>> No.48450217

lvl 100 is better in pretty much every way I think

>> No.48450224

RoH just going by cp values, you can train up to level 100 with a lot of time.

Power wise right now level 100 is better.

Buying both is recommended.

>> No.48450225

Wrong quesiton.

What kind of animal would you like to own as a pet?

If it's nonsentient, RoH

If it's an elf, level 100.

Same way the Assyrians, Aztecs, Mongols and Rome did I guess: Self-interest and survival instincts overriding mindless destruction. Most of the time, anyway.

>> No.48450226

>RoH is almost level 30
>Level 100 is level 100

Geez, you tell me.

>> No.48450246

Mid tier naruto has that chakra ball spam thing as a jinchuriki, that shot takes out miles of forest, its basically a nuke.

>> No.48450250

Isn't it closer to 60?

>If you’ve got Realm of Heroes you’re in the top tier of what this world is capable of producing, as far as natural talent goes. You’re at the tippitytop, roughly comparable (if you were a magic caster) to Narberal Gamma of the Pleiades Battle Maids from Nazarick (61st level).

>> No.48450254

I wouldn't say it's that bad, if the leaders go too far they will eventually be overthrown because they have to rely on others to support their rule. In contrast imagine Donald Trump with superpowers that mean no one can challenge or defy him and being forced to live in that world.

>> No.48450258

You haven't been reading One Piece...well, ever. As far back as Enel we saw people doing stuff that matched Level 100s in destructive ability or surpassed them. We're at the point where the main characters are starting too as well.

>> No.48450263

Well, then how about this. I'm certain you don't know whether or not anything is up there, so at minimum you could go take a look. Lazy shit.

>> No.48450285

God Slaying has been around since before the first timeskip when Zancrow had it man, did you just get info from the thread or something? It's been consistently outshone by dragon slaying magic anyway (Zancrow vs Natsu, Cheria only matching an inexperienced Dragonslayer Wendy), which gets multiple super modes or by normal mages (Lightning Godslayer getting his shit rocked by Jura).

Frankly, it seems you're just overselling Overlord power levels a bit.

>> No.48450287

With the current level of technology we have that is practically a reality. There is no way the average civilian populace could overthrow the US gov. Simply because the military force is too large. Besides in the last decade there have been loads of calls to impeach presidents but that never works.

>> No.48450291

Those are all good explanations for why things things are as they are.
But they don't excuse or justify anything.

RoH only gives you the boost if you buy it and Level 100 both. Otherwise it sets you at level 61.
And training to Level 100 is explicitly weaker than buying the perk, since you don't get an optimized build (not being in a MMO anymore).

Nothing about tailed beast balls is in any way mid tier. A Jinchuriki with the training for that is high-tier pretty much by default.

>> No.48450303

You said the highest tiers though. That's Kaguya, Madara, Eos Sasuke/Naruto and Juubi shit. Regular jinchuriki's and Bijuu are complete shit to any of the above who generally ignore or stomp them.

>> No.48450306

>RoH is almost level 30

But doesn't RoH give it unique traits and powers ?


>What kind of animal would you like to own as a pet?

A slime and then I would use midnight bliss on it to turn it into a waifu

>> No.48450310

>By the way SJ, for Thousand Hand Divine Fist, it's a bit unclear from the description, but do we start at being able to throw 60-80k punches a second?
No, It starts out at maybe a dozen kicks or punches a second. and the ability to punch through concrete walls and block subsonic weapons.
>What does 'true mastery' entail, given that it takes longer than any other style to achieve?
True Mastery entails the ability to throw hypersonic punches and kicks without shattering your fists or feets.
>Also, since the primary point of the style is to increase combat speed, does that mean if you take Divine Fist with other styles you can use their techniques faster (such as Buddhist Palm)? Does it translate to swordplay?
To a certain extent yes, but Buddhist Palm's techniques are Chi techniques that don't rely on speed, but rather focus. If you can focus the immense energy those moves need faster, you can attack faster. As for swordplay... you'd need a sword that could withstand the torque, sheer, and bend forces generated by moving that fast and hiting that hard.

>> No.48450313

The strongest natural NW in the series is roughly a 50 level (loli vampire).

The strongest adventurers and warriors are all around level 30.

God-kind hybrids are around level 40-50.

But if we're going by jump-fiat, it seems that according to the wording you would be level 60.

>You haven't been reading One Piece...well, ever. As far back as Enel we saw people doing stuff that matched Level 100s in destructive ability or surpassed them. We're at the point where the main characters are starting too as well.

Enel 'island' destroying weapon took a while to form and needed to nuke the island for hours. Any level 80 can do that using level 10th spells or over-rank magic or sheer force if you're a warrior.

Admiral-tier can destroy islands, yes, but it also tooks a while for them to do that. And they don't seem to be as versatile or actually powerful as an average level 100 (who are world-enders).

>> No.48450322

>World enders
You've gotta be fucking with us now if you believe they're planet busters.

>> No.48450345

They are just as world-enders as any orbital bombardment ship is a world-ender. They can cause so much damage that they can wipe out the face of the planet given enough time.

There was a tree-monster that could end all life in the world and it's level was 85. Any of the guardians were capable of killing it with two or three blows.

>> No.48450346

Level 100s arent world enders man, they are powerful but they cant crack a planet.

>> No.48450351

Yeah, but they still have to have the support of the military. While that does mean they can still get away with some messed up stuff I still wouldn't say it's as bad as the places where the ruler is so individually powerful there's nothing to keep them in check.

>> No.48450361

>If given enough time
You could say the same for most of the top tiers in One Piece too(Or a lot of the top or high tiers in most series with power levels above city busting or with the right powers) then if that's your judging line. Whitebeard is explicitly this in series due to his powers.

>> No.48450379

I think they mean world enders in the term that there's nothing that can stop them and given that they can take out a city pretty easily if they decide to just start killing people then they can eventually end the world. Not a matter of power but more that there's nothing that can damage them

>> No.48450380

Hell, if we're talking lifewiping as a measure for world ending, people like Panacea from Worm count. Just make a virulent and deadly enough plague to wipe out all life.

>> No.48450384

That is a fair assessment.

>> No.48450398

>Nothing that can stop them
Well that entirely depends on the series doesn't it? Even in Overlord there's beings who can stop a level 100 jumper (All in AOG of course but still). Point here >>48450361 still applies too. Someone like Aokiji could spend a few weeks/days going around freezing everything for a long range with Ice Age, move to a non frozen spot, freeze everything with Ice Age again, repeat until he started an Ice Age.

>> No.48450411

That entirely depends on the military staying loyal when the civilian populace is revolting doesn't it? Unless I missed a memo, the US military is made up of normal people, not terminators. If the civilian population revolts, I'd say it's damn likely at least a good portion if not the majority of the military is doing the same.

>> No.48450418

Fuck, wrong post link. Meant to link to >>48450287.

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