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Pathfinder General /pfg/

Friendly reminder that 2hu is banned for his crimes by thread consensus and shouldn't post

N. Jolly's vigilante book playtest: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Hrk1hl8uXVHazaiPOCvWsFUHX3PB6fQVd13tzguJTgE/edit?usp=sharing

Unified /pfg/ link repository: http://pastebin.com/hdPm41ad

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Old Thread: >>48423864

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How about instead of shit posting you actually give the thread a topic related to the game to talk about?

>> No.48435380

What's your favourite gish, anon?

>> No.48435393

What's a fun Prestige Class for a Harbinger/Aegis?

>> No.48435399

I always liked the more defensive focused gishes. Paladin sorcerer bases in particular. I hate prepared casting, so I think my style of play isn't really supported in pathfinder?

>> No.48435406

Guru and daevic.

Akashit Mysteries PDF when?

>> No.48435444

What is the difference between optimizing and min/maxing?

>> No.48435458

Yo, might want to remove my playtest link from the OP, it's officially ended.

>> No.48435464

Optimizing is always done, just to different extents. Min/maxing is where you optimize to an extreme which leaves you excessively weak in certain areas. Other than that it depends on the players/table.

>> No.48435486

Optimizing is when sensible people do.

Min/maxing is what 2hu autistics do and ruin /pfg/.

>> No.48435503

Ruining /pfg/ by constantly bringing up shit no one was talking about just to rant about others?

>> No.48435517

Exactly. 2hu should go and stay go. Did you see how much he destroyed the thread before the last one?

>> No.48435519

Optimising is taking Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Rapid Shot and Manyshot with a ranged build.

Minmaxing is starting with 5 charisma just to get 20 strength and 20 dex to do so.

>> No.48435535

I don't know the threads mostly go on about "I WANT FUCK FLUFFY TAIL", it's hard to destray that even more.

>> No.48435572

Min-maxing and autism is worse because it drives away good devs.

2hu drove away Forrest.
2hu drove away Gareth.
2hu made QANON cry and leave.
2hu scared away the Spheres of Power devs.

He's the true BBEG of /pfg/, worse than BUILDPOSTER.

>> No.48435615

He drove out the Onyx Path guys too. They got sick of him on their own forums and came here, only to find him waiting for them.

>> No.48435626

>Friendly reminder that 2hu is banned for his crimes by thread consensus and shouldn't post

>> No.48435650

True. Every dev he talks to, he ruins.

And it's all completely wrong "RAW" bullshit. He says he likes rules, but he can't get any of them right.

He can't even REALLY make any good builds. I swear it's fucking trivial to show why any of the builds he makes are trash dogshit that would flop and die at any real table.

His builds aren't "min-maxed" at all. They just LOOK min-maxed when they're utter shit. Anyone else agree?

>> No.48435653

1) No that was someone else
2) No, he's taking a break and was supposed to come back in August. Although given how much shittier the threads seem to have gotten, that's questionable.
3) No, that's /pfg/ in general's fault.
4) No, that's /pfg/ in general's fault.

We are the demons.

>> No.48435654

Can a monkey familiar wield a weapon?
If a shikigami (http://www.d20pfsrd.com/bestiary/monster-listings/outsiders/kami/kami-shikigami) performs a coup de grace with an improvised weapon, does it not provoke?

Looking to abuse slumber + coup de grace.

>> No.48435685

[citation needed] on all of those. It's obvious 2hu was the catalyst for all of them.

2hu even admitted and BOASTED about driving away Forrest in IRC.

>> No.48435700

No, Forrest even said it wasn't 2hu. Y'all need to stop your witch hunting and go back to actually discussing read bitching about the game.

>> No.48435706

No 2hu didn't. 2hu just said that it was never explecitly said that IRC stuff should stay in the IRC.

>> No.48435717

Guys, seriously. It was shitposting that claimed 2hu did it. Stop.

I'm honestly surprised that I was able to meme this into existence this hard, and that other people jumped on it. But it's time to stop.

>> No.48435721

That's an admission of guilt.

>> No.48435738

No, an admission of guilt would be saying.
"I did it, I drove Forrest away. I'm glad I did it, no one should have to suffer through such a shitty general."

>> No.48435739

Can we discuss literally anything else?
Is there a way to cast from HP?

>> No.48435740

You really are retarded, aren't you? So much so you can't even remember how the shitters (you included probably) were so proud that you made a girl cry and lost us our beloved QANON. And that someone else, with absolutely no picture and a single line of text that said
>Maybe you should leave for a while, Gareth.
Is what made Gareth leave until August. Or are you actually so retarded that it's looped back around into making up things just to satisfy your own hateboner?

>> No.48435746

Are you a cleric with a fauchard?
Or why can you reach that far?

>> No.48435756

This is true. All of his builds are weakass dogshit.

The level 5 warder he made last time is shit. A wizard could shit all over it.

The level 9 Intimidater he made before that? Why not do the same thing as a wizard?

The level 5 SoP only blaster BEFORE that? Shit, you have been a wizard for a real caster.

If you want to minmax for real, pick the best classes.

What 2hu does is dogshit minmaxing. If he wanted to be the strongest EVER then he wouldn't take any class but wizard.

>> No.48435764

>2hu scared away the Spheres of Power devs.
This is simply wrong.

Most of the Spheres freelancers never showed up in the first place. Stack has no time to monitor /pfg/, and I'm simply quiet and more prone to lurk than to post.

>> No.48435788

He autismed all over Stack when the destruction and alteration books got posted.

He also kept on saying bullshit like LELELEL I CAN TURN PEOPLE INTO FISH AND MAKE THEM DROWN which isn't even RAW.

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>> No.48435811

>If he wanted to be the strongest EVER then he wouldn't take any class but wizard.
Anon, I don't know if you know this, but some people don't like playing Wizards.

>> No.48435817

Wasn't 2hu the guy who caused Adam Meyers to crack down on everything and make the Spheres handbook writing even more draconic?

He leaked shit, broke a contract he signed up for (literally oathbreaking scum), and sent everything into chaos.

>> No.48435826

This general is bad and all y'all should feel bad.

>> No.48435835

Then 2hu is a big crybaby.

"Waaaaaaaah, I wanna be the strongest ever and break the game, but I don't wanna be a wizard!"

Come the fuck on.

>> No.48435848

Actually if I remember correctly 2hu wasn't formally contracted yet. Meyers just offered him the opportunity to write the Divination Handbook, which is why 2hu asked us what we'd like to see for the divination sphere.

>> No.48435858

Blood Money is the closest we get. Kineticist also exists but it's SHIIIIIIIIIIIIT

>> No.48435861

>Wasn't 2hu the guy who caused Adam Meyers to crack down on everything and make the Spheres handbook writing even more draconic?
Didn't Meyers just make a thing on facebook awhile back talking about the exact opposite?

>> No.48435869

[citation needed]

Ssalarn and PsyBomb called him a literal contract breaker.

>> No.48435872

Meyers complained about having to write consistent rules, yes. It's all ogre now.

>> No.48435884

>Citation needed
>Proceeds to make a claim without citing proof.

Oh the horror!

>> No.48435897

We all autismed over Stack, you moron. Stop rewriting history.
He never signed a contract, and Meyers has never made Spheres draconic to write for, in-fact the opposite is true and it's almost frustrating to write in an environment where everyone is allowed to do what they want kinda like 4chan. Stop making shit up.

>> No.48435898

>calling someone a contract breaker
There's a pot calling a kettle black at midnight in a dark room somewhere.

>> No.48435902

Yeah, let's look at these builds. >>48417691 >>48417995

They're dogshit because they CAN'T DO JACK SHIT against a flying wizard.

They're both "hurrrrrrr damage" build and they're supposed to be optimized?

How can you be optimized if you can't even deal with a flying wizard?

They're useless dogshit. Into the trash they go.

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>> No.48435915

Yeah okay, I can do the same, [citation needed] on them calling him a contract breaker. The only one who's ever said those words is you.

>> No.48435918


Which furry race is the best for fucking?
I think Kitsune because dat CHA.

>> No.48435919

Only if we ban the guy responsible for shitting up /pfg/, 2hu.

>> No.48435920

Yes we can.

So what are you guys looking forward to in Horror Adventures?

>> No.48435924

3.5 Encyclopedia Arcane - Blood Magic, and some assorted stuff online, often on dndwiki

>> No.48435930

I don't recall 2hu taking up the last 50 posts of this thread.

>> No.48435945

Nothing, cause Paizo is writing it.

Maybe some neat feats or spells might come out of left field though.

>> No.48435946

>implying anyone would use homebrew which is, at the best of times, questionably balanced

>> No.48435949


Well, I think the "corruptions" someone posted here a while back looked kind of neat. Not sure how the rest of it will go, though, and I'm not exactly holding my breath for it.

>> No.48435952

Only if we ban you.

>> No.48435953

A good adventure path! In other words all I'm looking forward to is disappointment

>> No.48435954

Long and short: 2hu is hypocritical.

He wants to post builds to be the best and strongest characters EVAH.

But he doesn't just make wizards. Or druids.

And then he gets huffy puffy and throws a tantrum when someone says his builds get instantly BTFO by any wizard.

Isn't that fucking hypocritical?

>> No.48435956

>How can you be optimized if you can't even deal with a flying wizard?
Most level 5 martials can't deal with a flying wizard unless they specialized in range.

>> No.48435958

I'm really hoping that the new corruption template things don't completely suck, myself.

>> No.48435966

Aspel isn't considered human, and any opinion that says otherwise should be ignored.

>> No.48435968


>> No.48435977

We already all use Path of War and assorted homebrew from anons here, and whatever shit we each make or our groups make.

What makes the site worse than any of that?

>> No.48435983

You can't be "optimal" if you can't deal with a flying wizard.

He should've made someone who can take out a fucking flying wizard. But noooooo, he had to make a dogshit build he THOUGHT was good.

>> No.48435992

No? Because everything loses to Wizard, especially "other wizard". At no point does he claim to build the best and strongest characters EVAH, as you so retardedly put it. He's claimed to make powerful options for martials. While they aren't all that powerful, he's never once claimed they were stronger than a wizard/druid/cleric. In fact, the only tantrum I'm seeing is your autistic ass shitting all over the floor.

>> No.48435999

Suck off a shotgun, faggot.

>> No.48436004

Since we're getting bait by the truckload here, can everyone post their favorite bait pictures to these inane responses?

>> No.48436015

Optimal is a subjective quality.

I can optimize a Strength Based Dervish Defender, but he won't be "optimal" compared to just being a Zweihander Sentinel and neither of these options are optimal compared to being an Archer Warlord spamming full attacks and that's sub optimal compared to a Druid.

>> No.48436017


>> No.48436019

This is all inaccurate.

So, moving on. With the Light expansion finished, I'm currently working on the Warp handbook. Are there any mechanics or concepts that Warp needs to cover, but currently doesn't?

>> No.48436032

>He's claimed to make powerful options for martials. While they aren't all that powerful

If they're not all that powerful, then they're dogshit.

>I'mma go make a powerful martial!
>But whoooooops, it isn't all that powerful because it can't deal with a flying wizard!

Come on, doesn't that make his builds dogshit?

Look at >>48417691
Look at >>48417995
Can you seriously say these are strong if they can't deal with a flying wizard?

>> No.48436037

Why has prophecy gone all haywire with the death of Aroden? Was he the only god that had control of fate?
Which wouldn't make sense because pathfinder doesn't operate under D&D rules, there is no overbeing who flips their shit when two gods have the same thing in their portfolios.

>> No.48436041

Tell me about your favorite roleplaying moment, /pfg/. Was it a funny IC conversation, a plot twist right the fuck out of nowhere, a moment of dramatic character growth?

>> No.48436044

How do we optimize baiting mother fuckers in Pathfinder?

How to we achieve the platonic ideal of the ruse cruise?

>> No.48436050


>> No.48436051

Warlock (Vigilante) with a conductive weapon

>> No.48436054


>> No.48436060

Why doesn't 2hu just make archer builds? Or PsyArms?

Archers and PsyArms can both DEAL WITH FLYING WIZARDS.

>> No.48436068

>level 1 maneuver removes readied maneuvers
>level 3 maneuver reduces initiator level, including preventing maneuvers from being used
>level 5 counter that returns a strike used against you as an immediate action, regardless of the actual maneuver's action
>level 9 maneuver that permanently removes maneuvers known

>> No.48436082 [DELETED] 


>> No.48436083

>still more balanced than PoW's Broken Blade

>> No.48436086

Anon, we already knew Broken Blade is broken.

>> No.48436089

Because optimization is a subjective quality. Not everyone wants to be an archer 24/7?

>> No.48436092

What happened was 2hu barged into the Spheres of Power freelance Skype group and autismed all over them. He got them to infight and shit all over each other, and THAT'S why they all hate each other and can't agree.

Adam Meyers shat all over the other writers in return.

That's why Keledrath jumped ship to DSP: all the SoP writers were fighting with each other because 2hu is a shitter of dissent and societal chaos.

>> No.48436099

I've been thinking of converting some 3.5 homebrew to PF, but I've never actually converted anything before and I'm not sure what to change. Do any of you have any advice? If it helps, I'm going to start with this thing:


Any advice would be very much appreciated.

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>> No.48436104

Citation still needed, faggot.

>> No.48436105

I mean, he's trans, so...

>> No.48436107

Fair enough, you have me there.

>> No.48436124

That's a pretty good one. Here's a /tg/ one.

>> No.48436126

Go ask Adam Meyers. 2hu basically ruined Spheres forever.

It's all because of that stupid contract-breaking for Divination. He had the fucking gall to ask /pfg/ for ideas.

"Hey, I'm supposed to write this book, so write it for me /pfg/! What's that? You don't want to write it all for me? I quit!"

Then he broke his oath and sent SoP group into chaos.

>> No.48436137


>> No.48436139


>> No.48436147

does anyone have that old pastebin of the hyper optimized fighter?

>> No.48436166

I mean if they literally could not handle a freelancer quitting they weren't that great of a company.

>> No.48436181

You mean that one Buildposter made, the Mutation Warrior Lore Warden thing? I think it was called Spellbane or something.

>> No.48436189

This is true. I've seen it.

I've seen 2hu asking for ideas and trying to get /pfg/ to write the book for him.


Then later in the thread he gets pissy because nobody is writing the ideas for him.

>> No.48436196

Buildposter didn't make it. I don't think it was a Lore Warden either.

>> No.48436207


>> No.48436223

But it is this one, right?

>> No.48436225


>> No.48436226

No, fuckface. You make the claims, you back it up. Citation needed.

Put up, or shut the fuck up.

>> No.48436254

More proof.



He asks for ideas on these, gets shut down (because he's trying to stick 4e's dick down Pathfinder's throat when that'll just ruin the fucking game), and then goes on a tantrum when everyone drives him off.

Then he breaks contract and leaves, making Adam Meyers feel bad and sending the project into chaos.

>> No.48436260

Please stop the bullying! We're not living up to the love and excellency expected of us!

>> No.48436265


>> No.48436267

No not this one.

Thanks. Can this deal with a flying wizard?

>> No.48436279

It can deal with a flying wizard with archery.

2hu's builds are ALL USELESS DOGSHIT if they can't deal with flying wizards.

>> No.48436291

So what might an antiPoWladin look like? Disciplines are probably the easiest; cursed razor, black seraph, and perhaps an oddball like eternal guardian or veiled moon. What would be a decent parallel to guardians shield? A ToC that you can channel through strikes?

>> No.48436295

Isn't the simplest solution to ban the guy who's causing all of these problems?

I mean, he's the root of the problem, right? Ban him and it's over. /pfg/ lives in peace and we don't have shitposters.

>> No.48436299

But it doesn't have any archery stuff.

>> No.48436307

Yes, at level 7 when it gets the Wings discovery. Until then no, unless you count using an unoptimized Sling which is only slightly a step up from just throwing stuff.

>> No.48436323

It's likely multiple people at this point, and probably isn't even the original person.

>> No.48436326

2hu is known to evade bans.

That isn't so bad. Wizaeds only get fly at level 5, sorcerers get it at 6. So not really that long without a solution.

>> No.48436330

I am a Sphere's Handbook Writer, and I'm putting on my big-boy pants to shove it down your goddamn throat that 2hu NEVER SIGNED THE CONTRACT. He explicitly didn't sign one because he didn't like Pathfinder all that much, hadn't seen much of Spherecasting until he dug into it relatively recently, and left the group because he didn't feel the need to stick around and cause a disruption when he wasn't doing any writing or part of a contract in the first place. He did the OPPOSITE of tearing anyone up or send the project into chaos, he left within A WEEK of the whole thing getting started.

So get off your goddamn high horse, get back into your cage, and shut the fuck up you shitposting mongrelman.

>> No.48436340

Let's make this a rule then.

If your build is, like, level 5ish and it can't handle a flying wizard, YOUR BUILD IS DOGSHIT.

I don't care how much melee damage it does.

If it can't deal with a flying wizard, it can't deal with the most important and dangerous enemy in the game. It's a dogshit build.

Best part: all of 2hu's builds retroactively become weakass dogshit.

Deal, /pfg/?

>> No.48436353

No, you dumbass. Banning 2hu, the guy who's causing all these problems.

>> No.48436354 [DELETED] 

Not your army, not your rules, not your thread. Reported.

>> No.48436357

Yeah, but that's not level 5 which this autist >>48436340 seems to be taking as a requirement to play the game.

>> No.48436360

But the Spellbane build is retard strong. Just has a 2 level gap where it can't fly. Or is level 7 count as 5ish?

>> No.48436362

Don't post drow with that shit attitude.

>> No.48436368

He still went to /pfg/ and DEMANDED that we write the book for him and threw a baby tantrum when we righteously refused.

Contract breaking or no, that's just not cool. How do you respect a dude like that?

>> No.48436390

Goddamn this is so over the top now that I'm starting to think it's more sensible this is a 2huanon fan playing the part of an irrational hater to get everyone to band against him and like 2hu more.

>> No.48436392

I'm really not seeing these tantrums you're talking about.

>> No.48436394

You don't, you call them out on that shit and remember that's what they did. But you don't then claim they also caused the entirety of the thread to become shit, because it seems like the thread does a fine job of doing that by itself.

>> No.48436396

Isn't avatarfagging against the rules?

Shouldn't 2hu been banned for avatarfagging?

>> No.48436407

It isn't 2hu, though. It was 2-3 people who memed about 2hu being bad, and then all the shitposters jumped on the bandwagon and started stomping on her.

Seriously, I was part of starting this. It nearly got the Trove deleted. It drove DSP out of the threads due to excessive shitposting. It is, literally, directly hurting the Pathfinder community as a whole because the developers who reached out to us, who took the risk of coming to the asshole of the internet, can't actually do what they came here to do because we're shitposting too hard.

Seriously. It's passed the point where it's actually funny or enjoyable. 2hu is an autistic shitter, but the threads aren't the place to bitch about it. If you want to do that, go to that shitty IRC the namefags use, or go post on another forum. This site is anonymous to AVOID this drama bullshit, yet here we are, having forced it into fucking reality.

Yes, and a shitload of other rules broken, but she evades all the time. Can we just stop shitposting about it and let it die already?

>> No.48436462

Perhaps we should try another subject to tear apart.
So, on that note, has anyone been in any of these 'living campaigns'? I've seen few floating around and have always viewed them with immense suspicion. It seems like the people who got there first/spend 20 hours a day there every day would just become gods and run the campaign.
Are my suspicions right?

>> No.48436463

Look at those archived threads. There's a lot of tantruming there.

>> No.48436475

Let's make this a rule, then.

Before you are allowed to post another word, you must play Russian roulette with a fully loaded revolver.

>> No.48436480

They're absolutely fucking awful, yes.

>> No.48436482

You want to see some cringe? Here's some cringe.



>> No.48436493

>Go to the IRC to whine like a bitch about something we've all repeatedly told everyone to fucking drop

We don't want them either.

>> No.48436504

It sounds like a RP thing I played in when I actually used Gaia Online. Just a bunch of people with OC Donut Steel Speshul Snowflake characters who are acting like they're the main character of the game.

Those were dark, dark days.

>> No.48436510

Don't forget these, anon.



And don't forget Blatant Porn Guy, featuring Enemy: Dad

>> No.48436519

aaaaAAAAA don't remind me

>> No.48436533

So I have my first gestalt game coming up and I can't decide between two build concepts.

I know one half will be a ZS Warder, but I can't decide whether to make the other side Empiricist or Questioner Investigator (haven't decided which I like better) or to go OD/ZS and make the other side a Hunter.

Pls to halp /pfg/

>> No.48436549

Actually what's so bad about this one? Crazy drow live sin the woods for a 100 years and leaves once his woods are destroyed. It's a drow with a normal elf's shtick, sure, but not that bad.

>> No.48436559

How could you forget this """"creative""""" character?

>> No.48436562

Hey, fuckface, guess what.

You just posted something a dev had not made public as if it were public knowledge without their consent.

You know, the exact same shit you're whining about 2hu doing? The shit Forrest explicitly asked everyone not to do?

Go fuck yourself.

>> No.48436566

Saelethil: His friends call him Sae, his enemies call him Lethal

Did someone seriously write this?

>> No.48436567

If we banned 2hu, wouldn't this all stop?

>> No.48436572

What do you want to do? Any plans for the character? Any goals to accomplish? What's the game about? We need information, man.

>> No.48436584

So how strong is this build really?

>> No.48436586

So let's talk about guides for classes. What kinds of things does /pfg/ like to see in a guide? Outside of the "here's what the class does and what's good", what's something every guide SHOULD have? What classes need more guides? Should more guides cover 3pp content options in addition to just the paizo stuff?

I actually started that Vigilante Warlock Guide. This is kind of fun, maybe I can get a good first draft done in a reasonable amount of time. The urge to shill for the Stregone at the end is intense.

>> No.48436589

Sorry, /pfg/ is shut down due to shitposting right now.
Please come back at a later time.

>> No.48436591

If we banned you, wouldn't this all stop?

>> No.48436601

t. Saelethil's player
>Saelethil: His friends call him Sae, his enemies call him Lethal

>> No.48436606

It's a shitty one liner, really I don't see what's so bad about it. He made a bad pun, normally /tg/ loves bad puns.

>> No.48436616

/tg/ sure, but this is /pfg/
/pfg/ is out of commision right now, so please comeback at a later time.

>> No.48436620

Look for yourself. It's laid out like shit, but it looks pretty decent.

>> No.48436621

Yeah, it's a bad one liner. I don't see the problem. He tried to make a bad pun with the later half of his name. Really it's not that bad.

>> No.48436626

What? This is public knowledge. Go ask Adam Meyers.

2hu shitting all over the Spheres Skype group is why Keledrath quit spheres. He couldn't stand 2hu and moved to DSP.

But DSP tried to protect him from 2hu. Gareth and Forrest took the bullets from 2hu instead.

So DSP is heroes and 2hu is a villain.

>> No.48436627

>implying Forrest has any power over us

Forrest didn't ask anyone to do anything either, he just left after people kept doing that.

>> No.48436629

I say Investigator just because I love Investigator.

Empiricist is probably the strongest option. I also like Lamplighter and Mastermind but they're definitely not as strong in a gestalt or in general, the IM-SAD is too strong.

>> No.48436633

It's not that shittly laid out, everything is itemized pretty well to see where the buffs came from.

>> No.48436639

Just as a note, I don't think I've ever said anything about 2hu, and anyone who thinks I've ever in my life broken a contract doesn't know what they're talking about.

>> No.48436641

Keledrath hasn't quit spheres, he's still writing a handbook. Now you're literally making shit up out of thin air.

>> No.48436642


>> No.48436647

>39 will save
>47 fort save
Can spell DCs even get high enough for him to fail?

>> No.48436650

My friend keeps bashing on the base rogue class like it's sacrilige to play base rogue, and he talks up unchained rogue like it's on a pedastel. He says that base rogue is "the most bland and boring class you can play in the entire game with no flavor or roleplaying capability outside of being a boring sneak attack class. He even says none of the archetypes are interesting at all and then he turns around and says unchained rogue is so much objectively better.

he is avidly known for being a min/max powergamer and I know he's just saying base rogue is terrible because he likes to build all of his characters as if he's soloing the campaign.

How can I convince him that the regular rogue is okay compared to the unchained rogue?

>> No.48436664

What archetype(s) is it even?

>> No.48436666

Look at all these filthy SJWs trying to determine who's allowed to post in here. This isn't your damn safe space, if you want to curate the discussions you're a part of go back to tumblr, cucks.

>> No.48436670

Buddy, you're hated as fuck here because you ruined Arcforge, Tzocatl, and Akashic Magic. Fuck back off to whatever hole you crawled out of.

>> No.48436672

>So DSP is heroes and 2hu is a villain.
DSP are also a bunch of shit head drama queens.

>> No.48436674


Well, I do like sample builds. Helps to visualize progression, which is useful if I don't know the class very well.

>> No.48436678

Yes you did, liar.


You disciplined 2hu for us. You're a hero for BTFOing a known shitposter.

>> No.48436679

The base rogue is... really not okay. Their sneak attack is turned off by darkness or blur effects, they don't have the ability to do much utility-wise, and they aren't even that good at fighting because they have no mobility options.

>> No.48436682

Maybe it's just my eyes then, because it's really hard to read in the Pastebin format.

Also he never actually says what his class levels are. I know he's a Mutation Warrior/Eldritch Guardian with VMC Barbarian, but that's only because I'm familiar with the classes.

>> No.48436685

I need a suggestion for what to play in an E6 campaign.
The rest of the party is a STR-based non-lethal rogue, a shocking grasp-spam magus, and a support/lockdown cleric who won't be doing much actual fighting.

>> No.48436691

Eat a frag grenade, anon. The chained Rogue is garbage and noone deserves such suffering as playing chained rogue inflicted upon them.

>> No.48436705

Eldritch Guardian/Mutation Warrior VMC Barbarian it seems.

>> No.48436711


Come all you young autist men
Listen to me
I'll sing you a song of the 'shit Mysteries

When it uploads
We'll bantz together, boys

There's a race here with
Plus 4 Int and flight
Thick-headed Ssalarn, boys, publish he goes!

>> No.48436722

/pfg/ is currently out of order.
Please come back at another time

>> No.48436731

Yes, I think so. A super optimized Wizard specializing in a single spell can reach about ~50 on a DC I think, but that's like "this is the only spell he can cast" levels of optimizing. I mean fuck, I'm looking at Lucifer, a CR 40 creature, and his DCs aren't high enough to cause this guy to fail one.

>> No.48436732

Regular Rogue is absolute dogshit and should be removed entirely.

Unchained Rogue is vaguely acceptable if you're playing really low power campaigns.

Legendary Rogue from Legendary Games is honestly a hell of a lot more useful, and actually puts it on the level of other classes without giving it anything bullshit. Probably the most "overpowered" ability I've seen it get is a way to sub Sleight of Hand for CMB on Steal maneuvers, and to be able to roll twice and take the better result for SoH. And if Steal is breaking your game, then I don't even know what the hell you're doing wrong.

>> No.48436736

>anon trying to speak for all of /pfg/ at once

Or you could fuck off. I'm disappointed with Akasha, but I wouldn't call it ruined. Just shittier than it could have been.

Arcforge is still way too WIP for me to decide if it's shit or not, and I never cared about Tzocatl but aside from the problems with casting checks being fucked right now it doesn't seem awful.

It's... really not. Regular rogue is a trashheap that does nothing well unless it's hyper-optimized. Unchained Rogue is actually a lot easier to *not* min-max, because its floor is so much higher than chained Rogue that you can be a bit more casual about your build. And even then, Unchained Rogue is still a 'meh it's okay' tier 4 with a ton of potential weaknesses where it just can't do fuck all.

>> No.48436764

Eh, It's more about the nature of the game he's in. That's probably one of the less egregious examples.

>> No.48436779

Can you fuck off

>> No.48436783

Regular rogue IS bad, the unchained rogue is literally just the regular rogue with MORE stuff because everyone knew how bad the regular rogue was. There is actually not a single reason to ever play a regular rogue if you have access to an unchained rogue, even if you're going strength-based.

>> No.48436786

are we back on track?

I'd love some help on >>48435654

>> No.48436793



>> No.48436806

In regard to covering 3p, if the guide isn't 3p exclusive (like a PoW guide), I try to keep the 3p stuff separate and easily skipped. Having it integrated into the guide proper can put off some people, and for a guide, you want to make it as widely accessible as possible.

>> No.48436818

I'm going to be honest, as much as I love me a Rogue, the core Rogue is pretty bad. Not to say you can't still make a functional character out of it, but that requires you to optimize heavily just to keep up with even a medium-op party.

>> No.48436821

With hyper optimization as a wizard you can hit 50int.

So 10+9 (spell level) + 20 (int) + 2 (SF/ISF) + 2 (Spell Mastery) + 3 (also crossblooded sorcerer 1 using a compulsion spell) + 2 (is also a level 1 Arcanist) = 48 will save

But he has a +39 and rolls twice. He only needs to roll a 9. And it has to be a compulsion spell and requires multiple multiclassing.

>> No.48436827

How do I git gud at making characters, N.Jolly senpai?

>> No.48436837

Arcforge is 100% mine. DSP never contracted me for it, never paid for it, and when they realized that they needed to thin their backlog, I took it with me. Akashic Mysteries has a pretty substantial fan base, though I'm aware that doesn't include a lot of the people here. Not all products are going to appeal to all players, and that's something I can live with. Unfortunately, the AM playtest has been closed for a year and a half. I have no control over it languishing in layout, though I have made myself extremely available to the DSP layout and publishing staff to anything I can to expedite its release.
As to Tzocatl, I've written exactly one class and several feats for that. Literally every issue people have with it existed before I ever touched the project, and I volunteered to try and assist with that because the original writer dropped the project.
Anyways, my main concern was that some words were being put in my mouth, and while I certainly tried to help the guy asking for assistance on the Divination project out at one point, it's going well beyond what I said to claim I called him a contract breaker.
Have a good day everyone, and be excellent to each other.

>> No.48436846

>tfw you're a filthy slut for ERP
>tfw you're never in a campaign that even remotely seems like the players are okay with that
>mfw I'm totally 100% fine with that and can keep it in my pants and all, but every once in a while I just want to try a bit of the filthy stuff, you know?

>> No.48436848

Read any of my guides and don't play CRB rogues.

>> No.48436864

I'm sweating bullets here because I'm in that one.

>> No.48436865

That's why you find online ERP forums.

>> No.48436867


>> No.48436869

>That's why Keledrath jumped ship to DSP: all the SoP writers were fighting with each other
>2hu shitting all over the Spheres Skype group is why Keledrath quit spheres

Stepping into clear something up: Yes, I recently did step down as the author of Conjuration. That was completely unconnected, since I've still been in that position until...I think it was Thursday? And I'm also sticking around on the internal chats because I enjoy the people and want to be able to give feedback.

I left because I looked at the Handbook that I'd meant to send to playtest in...beginning of March. And I hadn't written anything since January. And I only had a few pages of ideas. In other words, I had horrible writer's block. Entirely on me. I'm still hanging out with the handbook authors. Hell, one of my main gaming outlets is with 3 of the other spheres authors. That chat is incredibly chill.

>> No.48436880

PF's Rogue was butthurt nerfed by Buhlman in alpha and is still considerably worse than the 3.5 Rogue despite having more class features. You don't.

>> No.48436882

So what's your favorite session? What made you remember it? Does the combat make the session or was it the RP?

>> No.48436884

So I gotta ask. Who are you and who are you affiliated with? I saw your pastebin pop up, but I have no idea who you work with (if anyone). Are you part of DSP, the general hero worship leads me to believe so, but I don't want to make judgement.

>> No.48436892

Oh, and something I forgot to add: Elric had actually contacted me originally about Lords of the Wild about 3 months before Meyers put out the call for freelancers. I was onboard with DSP before I was onboard with DDS

>> No.48436902

Nah, he's an op guide writer who also did Legendary... Kineticists, I think? And maybe worked on some of the other Legendary [X] classes. They're all much-improved versions of trash classes like Rogue, Swashbuckler, etc.

>> No.48436916

You can't. It's hot dogshit.

>> No.48436926

But how do I git gud enough to be the man WRITING the guides?

>> No.48436928

>Name: N. Jolly
>Rank: Freelance Writer
>Affiliations: Purple Duck Games, Legendary Games, Flaming Crab Games
>Accomplishments: Barbarian guide, Kineticists guide, Alchemist guide, Investigator guide, Gunslinger guide, Warpriest guide

I haven't done any LG class books except for Legendary Kineticists, although I did write the Kineticists of Porphyra line and a few other things.

>> No.48436936

Well everything is sort of nebulous at the moment. All I know about the campaign is that I'll be the only non-full caster. I really like having an animal companion, but I've never played an Investigator before and I think it would be fun.

I have more of a solid character concept for the Hunter as well, trying to play it as a sort of defender of nature alongside my tiger friend, whereas I don't really know what I would do for the Investigator.

Yeah, I was leaning toward Empiricist if I go Investigator anyway just because of how poor the Bard's spell list is.

>> No.48436945

Speaking of, how is the Legendary Swashbuckler? I'm intrigued by "a redesigned legendary swashbuckler class", and the promise of lots of options, but I also noticed Augunas listed as a writer, which leads me to worry.

>> No.48436951

Read everything related to the class, which means searching through to see what mentions a class feature.
Then, read everything else to see if there's a piece of the puzzle you're missing.

>> No.48436962

Probably because my DM let me get away with bullshit. Prior in the campaign we had encountered a giant firebreathing alligator. Giant as in "at least gargantuan-sized". It wasn't a hard encounter, but it certainly left an impression. Anyway, we were fighting on top of a tower and in front of us were about 5 orcs and two ogres. I was a Wizard specializing in illusion spells, so what I did was use Silent Image to create a series of cubes next to each other, each containing a segment of the giant firebreathing alligator to create a full "hologram" of it which proceeded to freak out the orcs and ogres, splitting up the force long enough that we could win what would otherwise have been a really rough encounter.

And then he got killed the next session when the DM pulled out Bo9S with a small army of orcs and killed him, all because he had just hit level 5 and learned Fireball.

>> No.48436966


That's the thing, I know about a few ERP forums - quality ERP forums at that, but it's just not the same, you know? I don't want an advertised sex romp inhabited by dickwolves and lustful orcs, I just want a proper campaign where my character and another character engage in some lewd shenanigans outside of the session.


We're all in this together, bro.

>> No.48436970

You just write them. My first guide (Alchemist) was done while GiTP was writing theirs, I caught flack for it, and now it's probably one of the most popular class guides out there.

Getting into guide writing involves trusting your own instincts on if something is good or not as well as being willing to budge when you're told you're wrong.

You also have to be willing to dumpster dive a bit, as sometimes there's some gold in janky source books. Guide writing is really about having passion for the class for which you're writing about, meaning if you like a class enough, you can write a guide for it. Just do your best to make sure it's as user friendly as possible, and you'll do fine.

Also PUT YOUR NAME IN THE GUIDE'S TITLE! If you don't, people won't know it's yours, and that is not fun.

>> No.48437017

I see, thank you.


>> No.48437024

Okay dude, I have beef with your opinions of the Gunner Squire in your Gunslinger guide, and I'm going to fix this travesty right NOW.

While up there, the fight in the flowers wasn't the best part of MGS series.

>> No.48437039

Funny how the shitposter leaves as soon as devs come out and call him out on his lies, isn't it?

This is why we need tripfags /pfg/, despite all of our whining. They shut people up when they're outright wrong, and we shut them up when they're shit.

It's a mutual symbiotic relationship.

>> No.48437040

Well, one option if you want to get Investigator flavor AND an animal companion could be Construct Rider Alchemist. You can even keep your bombs and let your wolf mount breathe fire.

>> No.48437046

>As to Tzocatl, I've written exactly one class and several feats for that. Literally every issue people have with it existed before I ever touched the project, and I volunteered to try and assist with that because the original writer dropped the project.

Shouldn't it be even easier since you have a base to work off and fix?

>> No.48437058

Possibly, but there's already a Wizard/Alchemist in the party.

>> No.48437069

We just need people to be less shitty.

>> No.48437073

The base to work on is terrible.

>> No.48437077

I respect your right to be wrong (kidding).

Fun fact: The only reason I didn't go off on an A:TLA tangent in the kineticist guide is because I knew Mark Seifer was following the guide, and he's a chill person (even if kinetic chirugeon could have been replaced by me talking about my love of Korra).

>> No.48437078

It's harder to fix a bed that's been shat on than it is to buy a new bed, anon. Haven't you made anything in your life before, either as a physical craft or as a homebrew online?

>> No.48437080

>Starting from negative numbers is easier than starting from zero

No, the other guy basically made extra work for him by fucking things up and then fucking off.

>> No.48437097

Is it 2hu appreciation day all of a sudden? /pfg/ sure turns sides like Benedict Arnold.

>> No.48437100

No, we just need to be less retarded. Tripfags cause more problems than they solves.

>> No.48437101

The reason I love Alchemist so much is you could have a party of five Alchemists and each one could be drastically different from the next. You're the one who can make the call in the end, but it's an option.

>> No.48437111

We're tired of shitposting.

>> No.48437114

I agree with you 100% that 2hu is trash and drives away all the good devs. It's such a shame that the 2hu defense force like
>>48436019 AmberVael
>>48436330 this guy claiming to be a sphere handbook writer
>>48436837 Ssalarn
>>48436869 Keledrath
and the DSP guys in previous are all chiming in defense of 2hu and basically ripping all your arguments to shreds. It's all 2hu's fault that you look like a fool and no-one's going to take 2hu bashing seriously from this point on.

Keep up the good fight!

>> No.48437120

To be fair, that probably would have been a better use of space than that archetype.

>> No.48437132

No, 2hu a shit

But this fuckhead whining every thread is twice as annoying and three times as autistic.

>> No.48437135



>> No.48437142

holy shit, this

>> No.48437150

Now, this is untrue. I NEVER speak about contracts of others, especially on a public forum. The DSP crew still lurks, just needed to focus on actually getting products out the door (and in my case prepare to move to another country).

There are also a couple of things we're handling in the background, to include the extremely labor-intensive PoW Errata project (don't ask, I don't know when it's going to be ready). Add Life into the mix, and you have the recipe for silence

>> No.48437198

Wait it's real? I thought it was a carrot on a stick.

>> No.48437205

Sorry, I should have refreshed before throwing my shit.

>> No.48437206

Naw, you totally called him a contract breaker when you and Ssalarn were giving him shit for whining at /pfg/.

>> No.48437215

Hello /pfg/ I am looking to build a Hexcrafter Magus. I was wondering if I could get a few pointers? Only thing is that I want to use a rapier, so no Alter Self/Monstrous Physique shenanigans.

>> No.48437220

2hu still drove away BOTH Gareth and Forrest and they're the only 3pp devs that matter in /pfg/.

Try explaining THAT. He's still a shitter for it.

>> No.48437227

Why does Rapier disqualify you from AS/MP?

>> No.48437232

It's an actual thing, but consider the scope of the project.

They've gotta basically rewrite at least three disciplines, edit most of the others, errata classes... It's damn near a book in itself, or at least going to be the size of one of their monthly releases.

And it's something they have to release for free, because charging for errata is the work of the Great Satan, and would destroy their reputation. So it's going to naturally get shifted behind 'shit that allows us to actually pay human beings the money they need to live'

>> No.48437236

Stop playing monstergirl waifus.
What level?
DSP allowed?

>> No.48437246


>> No.48437251

No, /pfg/ being shit is what caused Gareth to take a break. I don't blame him if you constantly shitposting prevents him from coming back.

>> No.48437270

Didn't Forrest say Rising Zenith Strike's getting nerfed?

It's fucking bullshit.

The 2hu build in >>48417691 MAKES it look strong, but that's nothing a level 5 barbarian couldn't already do.

Shit, I'm totally sure a level 5 barbarian could dump all over that warder, isn't it true?

>> No.48437275

Why don't we just stop talking about petty schoolyard shenanigans and get back to what really matters; Pathfinder?

Even an inane discussion on NPCs is better than this.

>> No.48437279

It seems like you are the only one thinking that.

>> No.48437284

I don't know what happened to Forrest, but it wasn't 2hu that drove Gareth away.

2Hu is absolute scum and deserves a perma ban and to be ignored every time he posts, but it wasn't him.

Gareth left because he has issues and we suggested he take some time off to work through them.

>> No.48437296

Would you waifu Shayliss?

>> No.48437322


She's a big-breasted bimbo that wants your hero dick.

She's an impure slut with petty reasons for hooking up with you, but as waifus go she's still pretty solid. She's just a horny teen, she'll grow out of it (and hopefully into motherhood, if you choose to stick with her in RotRL.)

>> No.48437328

I've been given an opportunity to try out Henshin Hero in a game. Pretty excited for it. I'm playing a fanglord skinwalker and planning to take Heroic Leap and Charging Finisher so that I can take advantage of Acrobatics + Jump as an SLA to have a truly absurd charge range (Since Heroic Leap makes your horizontal jump distance = 4 times your acrobatics check result, and Charging Finisher allows you to charge with a jump, ignoring your normal movespeed limits)

It's still not an incredible build, it's basically just a chargefuck martial, but it should be fun to just leap across the battlefield rider kicking nerds

>> No.48437350

>2Hu is absolute scum and deserves a perma ban and to be ignored every time he posts

You're right.

We should ban 2hu on other grounds, for being a min-maxing autist who ruins threads worse than BUILDPOSTER.

Any time you see 2hu posts, you know it's going to be a shit thread.

>> No.48437351

You know, just a thought but is this image supposed to be based on that one?

>> No.48437356

Guys, I need a basic backstory and country-of-origin for a level 12 badass dedicated to Dragonslaying.

>> No.48437361



>> No.48437364

Anon I'm right here.

I said that the zenith strikes were something that were being looked at regarding balance (like literally everything else high-damage and low-level), and in the context of the person asking (in a non-official chat), since they had previously expressed issues with Rising Zenith Strike being too strong in their games, that it might be worthwhile to just not use it.

I don't have any official word on the strike, nor on the errata right now. I've been out of the loop the past week or so because I've been dealing with some personal stuff and don't have the energy or focus for playtest threads or active projects at this moment.

Here, have a rhamphorhynchus.

>> No.48437366

If I only play in costum settings but still am interested in Golarion, where do I go to learn more about the lore? I don't just wanna shuffle through a wiki or something.

>> No.48437368


Probably not, Shayliss Vinder was drawn to look seductive in that shot.

The image you posted is Sona drooling at the sight of a big dick.

>> No.48437377


Show them your justice, paisan. And look totally rad while doing so.

>> No.48437379

Usually when I leave it open people opt to try and push me towards a Nat Attack build, so just put that limitation there to discourage that a little. Nothing wrong with it per se or even using it, was just trying to set the precedent I want to focus on a rapier.

I actually was thinking about doing a Human/Elf, that was just the first 'rapier' related image I could find in my folder. Tried to save myself some effort.

Level 1 but our campaigns tend to go 15-20, and DSP depends. I've introduced the DM to it from time to time, allowed me to play a Warder and a Gunsmoke Mystic but he's unsure on other things so it ends up a case by case basis.

>> No.48437392

>where do I go to learn more about the lore?

Golarion is a Theme Park, which means the only way you will ever really learn anything about the setting is by picking a region and drilling down.

In other words, pick a country on the wiki and start reading into it.

>> No.48437426

Been said before, will be said again, but NOBODY in this business does it for the money. The amount of math I put into the average maneuver so far is roughly equivalent to a day's work as a banker (which I've done). If I was after the dollar, I'd just go be a banker.

DSP is fortunate in being able to pay about 50% more than 3PP standard for work. This translates to beer money, and I'm a teetotaler.

Long story short, this is all effectively a labor of love sweet, under the sheets, hand-holding love, we do it to get good ideas out into the world where people can have fun with them.

>> No.48437441

I really do like the class, but some of the decisions are ones that I've rallied against publicly. I know the writer of the archetypes for Horror Adventures, so here's hoping that they managed to pick up the slack, archetype wise.

>> No.48437452

Yeah, it's gonna be a lot of fun playing White Tiger.

Went with Ice motif. Freezing burst dropkicks!

I know, but DSP still has to keep the lights on.

Or whatever the equivalent is of lights for a company composed of primarily internet freelancers.

>> No.48437462

Even if 2hu didn't drive you away (and he did), he's still an autistic shitlord who deserves a ban from these threads for shitting everything up with autistic builds and RAWposting.

RAWposting is the fucking worst. It's nothing but min-maxy bullshit. Come on, sneak attack Intimidate? Seriously?

>> No.48437488

Ask your DM to give you a Rapier Dance feat.

Like Scimitar Dance, only with rapiers.

Then play an erinyes-blooded tiefling. +2 Dex/Int, bam.

>> No.48437493

Don't try to drag people into this shitstorm.

Just report every single post he makes and don't reply. That simple.

>> No.48437495

>kineticist horror archetype
I have no idea what that could even entail, overcharging your limbs with energy so they explode in a gory mess? Elemental tentacles? Elementacles?

Side note: Elementacles sounds like a good infusion.

>> No.48437521

Baneposting discipline when PsyBomb?

Remember, it's not about Bane himself, it's about the PLANE SCENE. Even CIA.

>> No.48437526

How fucking far up your own ass are you, exactly? Can you check for cavities yet?

>> No.48437540

I think we're all in agreement that even Forrest thinks 2hu needs to be banned for shitting up threads with RAW?

>> No.48437554

>Kineticist has the dark elementalist, which uses Int instead of Con and tortures souls to avoid burn, and the psychokineticist, which uses Wis instead of Con and experiences burn and overflow in his mind.

Those are the descriptions, although they sound rather similar to some KOP options. Also elemental tentacles can already be done with KOP, as can tons of other body horror stuff.

>> No.48437555


>> No.48437559

You're literally putting words into other people's mouths.
Stop it.

>> No.48437570

Nobody in /pfg/ fucking cares about RAW.

Holy shit, Sneak Attack Intimidate? Does ANYONE here believe that shit?

>> No.48437576

Stop trying to drag people into this. Just report all 2hu posts, don't reply to them, urge others to report 2hu posts.

Stop trying to drag Forrest or anyone else into this.

>> No.48437577

I think we're all in agreement you need to fucking kill yourself.

>> No.48437582

Nice backpedalling, faggot. You say 2Hu made the DSP folks vanish, Forrest INSTANTLY shows up just to prove you wrong.

No one but you thinks 2Hu did any of the stuff you claim, and no-one agrees with you.

>> No.48437585


Okay folks, this line of questions has got me wondering one of my own. Now, this might sound like waifuposting and, I'll be honest, it kind of is, but I'm actually more interested at this from a writing/narrative perspective.

Who, in your opinion, is the best written love interest in all of Paizo's APs? This could be simply the most prominent, but it could also mean someone that's written with maybe a paragraph of information, but that paragraph speaks volumes as to personality, motivations, etc.

Personally, I'd say the best written girl is Arueshalae.

>> No.48437589

Kill yourself already.

>> No.48437591

>Rising Fire discipline
>Keys off Disguise? Intimidate? Craft: Master plan?

>> No.48437595

I want to marry QANON

>> No.48437599

Please don't put words in my mouth. Even if I had a strong opinion on it, I wouldn't voice it here.

Personally I find the thing with all offensive actions being attacks to be something between amusing and infuriating. It's annoying to write around, particularly when seemingly everyone forgot that the passage existed, including me and Paizo's writers.

I've considered allowing it in my own game but decided it wasn't a rabbit hole I wanted to go down.

>> No.48437609

Knowledge (planes).

>> No.48437621

Isn't there a Vigilante Talent that explicitly lets you create a master plan to avoid intimidation?

>> No.48437631


>> No.48437644

Alright, that's Forrest's official word.

>I've considered allowing it in my own game but decided it wasn't a rabbit hole I wanted to go down.

CONSIDERED allowing it means it's not allowed by default.

So 2hu's a shitlord who pushes a "RAW" (it's not RAW) reading that isn't even default and saying "Hahahahahaha it always works."

I think you and I can both agree that Sneak Attack Intimidate is bullshit.

>> No.48437656

What have we done to deserve you?

>> No.48437670

>> No.48437672

Arueshalae is the only waifu I know of with actual characterization written out for a full relationship. Greta is a throwaway who only achieved major waifu status because of that one series of posts, and Cassandalee is whatever you make of her. Maybe one of the Jade Regent ones, but I'm not familiar with the AP or the NPCs in it.

>> No.48437674

Considered allowing the RAW, yes. That is, I have houseruled it to not be the rules as written, because I recognize that the rules work one way but it wouldn't improve my home game to have them work that way.

It's in a similar boat, in my opinion, to stuff like multiclassing penalties in 3.5, Call Weaponry being able to grab rocket launchers, and drown healing.

>> No.48437685

What the fuck are you even smoking, anon? She JUST SAID that it's not official.

I unironically want BUILDPOSTER back. I'm sorry for all the shit I said man, you're a better guy that this living pile of excrement.

>> No.48437713

We drove off our namefags, something had to flow in to fill the void. This is the future we chose.

>> No.48437719

You have common sense to ban it.

2hu doesn't and pushes it as "It's allowed allowed allowed until the DM says no, neener neener."

That's why we need to ban 2hu. He promotes a poisonous shitter attitude on rules that no sane GM would like.

>> No.48437721

didn't this shitfag drive off our namefags?

>> No.48437731

Holy shit this guy is even more autistic than touhoufag. He doesn't even realise that was absurdist humour poking fun at the ruling of "all offensive actions are attacks" and the clearly ridiculous implications of it.

>> No.48437743

Is this what Uncle meant when he said that a void will always be filled with a new, stronger evil?

>> No.48437748

Ok, so whats the battle plan? Cause shitposting wont actually help.

1. Do not reply to 2hu
2. Report 2hu posts
3. Tell others to do the same

>> No.48437760


Ameiko actually has a significant amount of characterization, and is probably the de facto Best Girl in all the Pathfinder APs.

Granted, you could argue she's cheating since she has an entire AP dedicated to her, along with being the former PC of a developer that already knows her personality and backstory.

With that in mind, Arueshalae is indeed Best Girl if you consider completely original characters that aren't the focus of the campaign.

>> No.48437762

We have the common sense to ban you.

You don't and push yourself as the voice of a group who despises and hates you for everything you stand for.

That's why we need to ban you. You're a poisonous shitter that no sane person likes.

Kill yourself.

>> No.48437790

This guy has it but I'd change it a little.

1. REPLY TO 2HU TO TELL HIM TO LEAVE. We need to make a stand against this shitlord.
2. DO NOT BELIEVE 2hu. He's wrong in basically everything about rules. He always gets rules and his "RAW" understanding is bullshit.
3. REPORT 2HU POSTS. He deserves a banning.

Got it?

>> No.48437806

>this thread

>> No.48437812

Woah woah woah, how come a few threads ago, you guys were all in agreement that 2hu needed to be banned, but now there's a 2hu defense force?

>> No.48437828

You mean the people constantly bitching about her when she isn't even present.

>> No.48437842

Woooooow, you've advanced to telling people what to do! I'm surprised you can eat all this shit SHITPOSTER, I assumed you were too retarded to do so!
"We" were never in agreement. It's just you, talking to yourself. I take it back, clearly you can't even eat you're own shit since you're this retarded and foolish!

Kill yourself. And have a touhou while I'm at it, just to spite you.

>> No.48437858

Tranny fuck.

>> No.48437862

The poster count isn't going up, fucking samefag.

>> No.48437887

You've run out of arguments, 2hu defense force.

2hu shits up these threads with rules arguments and he's the worst player if reports are to be believed.

He's done basically nothing good for /pfg/ AT ALL and only makes it worse.

>> No.48437888

Hey guys what's going on in this thr-

>> No.48437907

Where did everyone get the idea that 2hu was a tranny girl anyway?

>> No.48437920


Nope. I'm just tired of the shitposting. Don't want anyone shitting up the thread. Silent reports are better than "2hu pls go"

>> No.48437931

Does anyone realize that 2hu has been reviled since 2008?

Don't you think there's a point to it all? If everyone's hated him since 8 years, then he's a shitposter in /tg/.

>> No.48437933

>What? This is public knowledge. Go ask Adam Meyers.
>It's public knowledge, you just need to get one of the people involved to say it

That's not a citation, fuckface. Go kill yourself.

>> No.48437943

On an unrelated (or maybe related, from a technical standpoint) note, /pfg/ likes homebrew, right? I homebrewed an initiating kineticist, anyone want to take a look?


>> No.48437959

You're one of 2hus "acquaintances." Get the fuck out.

>> No.48437960

You've run out of arguments, SHITPOSTER.

You shit up these threads with your incessant bitching about someone who hasn't even posted in this thread, and you're worse than Hitler if your family and unfortunate acquaintances are to be believed.

You've done basically nothing good for /pfg/ AT ALL and only makes it worse.

Kill yourself.

>> No.48437964

An autist did some digging and found a 6 year old Deviant Art with one of 2hu's online handle and a realish sounding name. The profile gender was listed as female.

>> No.48437971

Anon, it's better than walls of text with 2hu pictures.

>> No.48437976



>> No.48437984

Speaking of shitposts, where has Buildposter been? I feel like we need a common enemy here.

>> No.48437985

>2hus friends can't join the thread either
>shitposter is literally saying that the namefags can't come back

>> No.48437999

We do, it's 2hufag.

>> No.48438005

Did 2hu break your little heart or something, faggot?

Did you try to get a piece of that Philippino autsist ass and get shut down?

>> No.48438009

Let me tell you about a glorious game with no foolish RAW arguments and no touhou posters. A game with only one mechanic, and a mechanic with a 100% fun rate and 0% loopholes.

Let me tell you about a game called...


>> No.48438010

It's really not. He's managed to shitpost his way an entire /pfg/ with pretty much no actual game discussion.

At least when 2hu shitposts, it's with actual game builds.

>> No.48438015

Encouraging people to tell others to report 2hu posts is just as shitposting as telling 2hu please go.

>> No.48438016

Oh hey, I did the same!


>> No.48438017

New Thread >>48438006

>> No.48438018


>Initiating kineticist

Couldn't people just take Elemental Flux?

>> No.48438034


>> No.48438039

Philipino? Anon we all know 2hufag is just Chrischan

>> No.48438044

I just joined this general 5 days ago, I'm not even sure who this 2hu is, I'm just tired of it all, I want to talk about Pathfinder already. Pathfinder's fun, no?

>> No.48438045

Huh, I was wondering if this was the same one, seems it's different, guess I'll have to check it out.

>> No.48438047

Anon I'm pretty sure that's Forrest without his trip, forgetting that docs shows names.

>> No.48438054

>Still railing against Touhou
>Calling Forrest a he

Kill. Your. Self.

>> No.48438069

Come join us in the IRC.

>> No.48438080

That file name is a master stroke.

>> No.48438081

Pathfinder? Fun? How could a game with five hundred rulebooks be fun!

Anon, the REAL fun is found in Dungeon World's elegant conflict resolution mechanic, which opens the door for REAL ROLEPLAYING!

>> No.48438089

Yeah, report people who break 4chan rules.

>> No.48438090

Should I make another thread and let that one die? Because I think two threads is better than one with that shiposting in the OP.

Plus he didn't remove N. Jolly's playtest doc.

>> No.48438092

Sure. This does both.

>> No.48438112

Make a new thread.

>> No.48438115

Or it's Forrest not using her trip to post non-DSP content, as it should be

>> No.48438123

Anon, transgendered people aren't real or even people really.

>> No.48438124

The newest of fags.

>> No.48438149

New thread:

>> No.48438156

We don't deserve a new thread.

>> No.48438164

This is the hell we chose

>> No.48438232

>CONSIDERED allowing it means it's not allowed by default.

You just proved that you're even worse than 2hu.

>> No.48438252

>Forrest's not real

>> No.48438275

And yet the people bitching about him somehow manage to be worse.

>> No.48438295

Forrest's real, but he isn't transgendered, he's either mentally ill and projecting his woes onto his gender or doing it for attention.

>> No.48439524

Since I figure it's about time somebody bitched about something entirely different;
After a number of people posted about kestrels (half harpy half halflings) in the last thread, I decided to check out the book there in, a Dreamscarred PRess book called Bloodforge.

Now, I don't care that much that the book is blatantly a PF copy of a 3pp book Green Ronin did for 3.5 called Bastards and Bloodlines. No, what really boggles my hornswoggle is that the author, in the blurb you can fidn on sites that sell the book, claims that the book has "great full-color art".

The art is atrocious.

>> No.48440735

I've always seen minmaxing as the extreme form of optimization
It's the difference between making a character good at their job and making them so horridly bad at everything but their job to make them obscenely good at their job

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