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Modestly dressed female adventurers

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That's unacceptable!

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No druids or barbs then?

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This is something that I've been loving about ffxiv.

I can have a female character wearing plate so heavy you can't discern her gender.

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Well this was all I had, you lazy OP

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Unacceptably cute!

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This is modest in my setting.

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yes, cover up sinful shameful bodies!

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>all these uncovered faces


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This is modest in her culture.

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I can't fap to this

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your setting is shit

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>druids and barbarians are naked

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Tell that to her tits and not my face and see what happens.

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I disagree.

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What happens? I would really like to know now.

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Anyone know who this artist is, I want to commission them (if possible)

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I've got a request, while we're posting grills. Professional soldier types with swords and shields.

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I like this picture

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That's all I've got for swords and shields (I think, but I'll double-check). I've got a couple more with just swords.

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Oh, whoops, I've got a bunch more.

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I legit know that lady! She punched me in the face during a swordfight.

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Your wording's just a wee unclear, but I'm assuming you want lady professional soldiers types with swords and shields. 'Cause I've got dudes, too.

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Wait, was it a re-creation of some kind or is she dead now?

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You're not trying hard enough.

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Does anyone have warforged, exo, robots, or android (N)PC character or concept art? I'm looking for a slick science fantasy feel but all contributions are welcome.

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Any of you have a lady Half-Elf Cleric?

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I've been looking for a blonde male elf with an eyepatch for a long while now to no avail. Anyone have anything along those lines?
I've got a few lady clerics, lemme see if I have any passable half-elves.
Something like this?

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I like my robots just a tad bit alien, but it still counts and beggars can't be choosers, so it's cool.

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If the head is small enough in the image an eyepatch wouldn't be too hard to edit on or draw.

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Historical European Martial Arts. It's a legit thing. Not sure what she is up to now but she came by my school and we had a chance to spar.

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I've tried that before to poor results.

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I'm pretty barbaric, and I'm naked...

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>he doesn't get into consensual fights for fun and profit

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Can I get some changelings of both genders, male preferred since it's so hard to find

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Dumbass hair choices aside, I really like the design on that helmet.

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I always assumed it was a helmet plume, honestly.

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wow so edgy

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I cant help but notice she has no legs from the knee down.

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Baller! I freaking love that kinda stuff. I once got my ass kicked by a few scotsmen in a sword fight at a simmilar event.

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>yes, cover up sinful shameful bodies!

I can only assume you're posting this wearing a speedo in your public library.

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Just so you know, I'm wearing a tux. It's a speedo tux, but it is a tux.

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wait... a Tuxpeedo?

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This one might be a little specific, but I'm looking for a mechanical jester/clown character. Preferably of the clockwork variety, but any mechanical thing would work.

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Odd request, but requesting Death Clerics. I'll dump some.

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Had farless then I thought

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Yo we Kessel from Kingmaker now!

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requesting female knights/paladins that are valkyrie/Aasimar/humans

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I have a few that might fit that.

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Sorry, I should have specified no weeb shit.

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Why is she wearing ice skates?

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I am a little curious about the ice skates as well, but I like it. >>48348620
this not me

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Does anyone have those links to the websites that have all those art assets. Or any art of very young mages maybe even necromancers.

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thanks mate have a art

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Huh, I actually have a picture saved on my phone I can contribute. Neat

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No idea. Never noticed that until now.
I saved it because she's moderately dressed.
That's rare. Here's one of my favorites.

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Yeah it's FE, but whatever.

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my favorite kind

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Anyone got girls that look like they could come from Dark Souls?

Extra special points for a clear redhead wearing something like the Elite Knight Set.

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Where she's going she won't need legs to walk.

Given that she can apparently fly, skates might be a good backup weapon for divebombs?

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I think that's all I've got that haven't already been posted.
Well, I have a few more that I like to think are wimmins, but I can't be sure.

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Nope, found some in the racial folders.

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Thanks, anon.

This one is rad as fuck. It reminds me of Noxus from League of Legends. >>48350280

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Not sure this neckline counts as modest, but some like it have been posted already.

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I'm rather fond of it myself. Warhammers a best, and the lobstered armguards are great too.

>> No.48350359

Some OC I just had commissioned from the wonderful Arthur Asa. Exercise wardrobe.

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Here she is in proper garb.

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So just a question, does anyone have any male tieflings who can pass for bards?

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>Where she's going she won't need legs to walk.
>no feet

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Dang, that's nice. Some fantastic definition in her arms, though I can't help but wonder what does that to a person's face-

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That'll work, anon, thank you!

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Yeah, that was dumb, but I couldn't resist the reference.

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Survived a Sith Inquisitor's interrogation. As you can see, the results weren't pretty. The durasteel mask she wears is actually fashioned after the lower jawbone of a rancor. ^^

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I don't know that I'd go so far as to call it unpretty, but yeesh, that can't have been comfortable. It looks like the Emperor's lapdog tore out a chunk of her cheek and then cauterized it with Force Lightning or something.

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Happened to find this while sifting through the mess of unsorted stuff for more modest girls.

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I need a paladin with a shiny sword for my new setting and some fighters with chainmail too. It's surprisingly hard to find good ones
have some?

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Actually I think that might be a female Tiefling after all. Huh.
Well in that case it's still relevant to the thread topic. Win/win.

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How's this?

>> No.48350629

I should have specified male, but thanks still

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Not sure about this one's gender.

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Funny, I never noticed this one's boobs before.

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I'm gonna count this as modest, because fuck yeah rangers. Or druids, whatever.

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This is another of my favorites. I have a better resolution version somewhere, but it's not properly filed.

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I think this is a girl, but there's really no way to tell.
So I guess it's pretty damned modest.

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Skipping the Kasrkin because her caked-on makeup is disgusting.

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This is probably actually a male, but it's an Eldar, so close enough.

>> No.48350882

Lotta ambiguous genders in here.

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This is another one that could go either way. I think it's male, but could well be wrong.

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Wait, shit, a superior version was already posted in >>48349121. Deleting and posting one last image; I forgot how low /tg/'s image limit is or I wouldn't have hogged it all with a dump.

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Good thread, teegee.
Are you satisfied, OP? If anyone has more we can start another thread.

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I wouldn't mind another thread if people have some orcs/half-orcs that aren't hideous and aren't wearing tribal gear. I don't care if people call them "green elves". I want greenskins with cute tusks and dyke haircuts wearing actual armour instead of barbarian shaman shit.

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