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I Just read up on this and had a good laff


Let's discuss how much fun we'd get out of a Brighthammer universe.

I'm guessing next to no one has done a campaign with this but let's talk about how it'd go down

I personally want to know more about Slaanesh (*The Order God of Love*)

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>The Imperial Guard are normal men and women serving in the galactic military of the Imperium. They are expertly trained and the absolute best soldiers of any world they are taken from. They are largely similar to the Imperial Guard of regular Warhammer 40k, but are better trained and equipped; closer to stormtroopers than regular guardsmen. Commissars are carefully trained in the arts of war and serve to keep up morale and advise officers in its arts. Because war is relatively rare in Brighthammer 40k, they serve to keep the Guard in good working order. They always lead the charge, and are the last to retreat. In times where their units fail, Commissars have been known to take their own lives rather than face the shame of defeat, knowing it was they who were supposed to keep the unit battle ready.

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>Commissars have been known to take their own lives rather than face the shame of defeat

Over my dead body they will. Affixing bayonet, sir.

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>Protect the Commissar's smile

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>So sweet and nice
>But no Kriegers ;-;

I guess I can give up my favorite regiment for a better universe. ;-;

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Ya' damn right.

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>Slaanesh Daemonettes are now just friendly sluts

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>Love DOES bloom on the battlefield

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