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No tau player cared that the game was Unbalanced till GW put on the FAQ mask.

>Rules databases

>FAQ’s and Errata (outdated but official)

>40k 7th edition quick reference sheet(s).

>Forgeworld Book index

> The Black Library(Stay the fuck away from the clowns)

> Space 0Din's fanfiction(nsfw) [Beastiality][Rape][Bondage][HandHolding][Cuckholding][French][WaterSports][InterpretiveDance][31WaysToRoastChicken][Yuri][ProlongedEyecontact][Interspecies][MindBreak][StarwarsChristmasSpecial][GermanEletroYodel]

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So apparently I neglected to realize that Iron Hands got buffed in Angels of Death, and now my Space Marine Dreadnought army can be Battleforged instead of Unbound if I drop my sternguard squad or stick it in a formation
Time to convert some more techmarines

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The Dark Eldar have claimed this thread's treasure for Commorragh.

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That diorama looks way more impressive IRL.

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Can Dark Eldar Acherons take Scourge wings?

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That diorama looks impressive.

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Yeah im picking them up because of the core armoured task force and the other buffs
They seem pretty fun forreal

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idk. I haven't even touched the rule book. I just got the start collecting box because DEldar has always been my favorite xeno faction.

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Is the Iyanden supplement still valid? What about Warzone: Valedor? I don't see any options for them on battlescribe.

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What job do you guys have in order to keep up with this hobby

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Yes, Khorne. Iyanden is still valid as of the latest Eldar FAQ.

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learn how to budget, dude

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You might need to add another repository

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isn't valedor apoc only? Apoc only is kind of outdated in this day and age though.

Also Khorne; what are your thoughts on swords vs axes. if i needed to butcher a few dozen men which do i use?

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what are your pet peeves when playing 40k games? I got back into the hobby last summer and my biggest pet peeve...people who want to play Apocalypse or random free-for-all games with 1000 points a side. I think this game is a lot more fun with two players at 1500-2000 points using tactical objectives. kill points and free-for-alls just bore the shit out of me.

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that hades drill thing seemed a godsend for me, since i was trying to find a good deep striking unit

but now i see there are different rules likes this one or the ones on 1d4chan.

what are the current rules? this one says i can deep strike more squads attached to a drill, or this only works for krieg engineers?

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people getting rules really wrong. i'm not perfect nor play often but some are just really silly. instant death/force does not ignore invuls (though i think it might have in daemon hunters)

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Death Korps of Krieg Siege Regiment can be found in IA: Siege of Vraks (2nd edition), and has a hades breaching drill for only siege Krieg

IA:1 (2nd edition) has the most up-to-date rules for a hades breaching drill usable for imperial guard

IA:12 has the Death Korps of Krieg Assault Regiment, which has its own hades breaching drill rules

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My friend introduced us to Triumph and Treachery last year. 4 way free for all with some objectives and a bonus rewards system. Played with like 1000 pts a side. Pretty fun.

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people who move units farther than they measured

Like, dude, you realize I have eyes.

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My pet peeves are when people are so anal about how they like warhammer to be played that they want to restrict the whole game so that everyone has to play the game exactly like them. I'm looking at you Skirmish faggot.

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thanks m8, too bad, that meltagun seemed pretty sweet, guess ill just charge the enemy!

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>Opponent moves "6 inches" using the front of the base at the start, and putting the back of the base at the 6 inch mark, so they actually move 7-8 inches.

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This us a copy from the most recent Imperial Armor Volume 1. Enjoy.

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>tell them to knock it off
>"oh okay lol"
>they keep doing it

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Not really. It looks great in that shot, don't get me wrong, but in person it's a lot more intense. It's a lot bigger than the image makes you realise, for one.

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>Only measure and move one model and have the rest follow behind
>Opponent Starts complaining that some models are too close together and didn't move the proper distance.
>Opponent starts crying how I was cheating by letting my models get extra 1 inch movements to the local attendent.

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cheers, gonna have some fun with this thing and a two plasma assault squad attached

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Important reminder

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Man, every time I try to bring up stuff in the spirit of that I get looked at like I just grew a third head. What I get for playing with a bunch of tourny players.

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Hey friends. I've been a fan of 40k for years and want to build an army. I want to go deathwatch but I'm not really sure how to build it. Can I buy literally any space marines, buy a deathwatch shoulder pack, and make them deathwatch?

how do you pick your army leader?

idk anything about the tabletop game, basically.

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Give it a few months, rumor mill is saying Deathwatch codex is coming.

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There aren't any rules for a fluff accurate Deathwatch right now. But you could just get some marines and get the shoulder pads and they'll basically be Deathwatch.

Your leader, or warlord, can be any character in your army. If you mean HQ unit, those are usually Chapter Masters, Captains, Librarians, or Chaplains for Space Marines. You can pick one of those and make it your warlord.

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Also, using Sternguard can be a good representation of Deathwatch right now since they are the only units with special boltgun ammunition.

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Should I buy the deathwatch overkill game for the models?

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Do you like the models? Then yes.

Do you not like the models? Then no.

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I didn't know if it'd be cheaper or not. I also didn't know if I'd be allowed to use them in actual gameplay.

I don't like how Ultramarine heavy they are, but you take the good with the bad.

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So I just bought my Sphess Murheens starter kit. What gun do I put on my Venerable Dreadnaught? My options are assault cannon, plasma gun or flamer

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Multi-melta as it's free.

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im totally blanking on the name of the special rule that allows you to choose what table edge you outflank on and im too lazy to go downstairs to get my rulebook

plz help

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This is easily the best post that has ever graced this general.

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You literally said it in your first sentence.

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Acute senses?

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dammit op

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This thing is pretty useful

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So I'm a new player and I'm going to play a dark heresy 1st edition game as an arbitrator (Who has a daft punk helmet because why not)

any tips?

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Hey guys what do you think of my new dreadnought ;3

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>measure distance between Daemon Prince and Riptide at start of turn
>confirm with opponent that it's 16 inches
>confirm with him that I'm moving 12" straight at the Tide
>go to assault, roll 4"
>he immediately claims that I'm actually 4.5 inches away and fail the assault

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People who get pissy when you check the rules on something. Especially when they've already gotten several things wrong.

>> No.48302630

what the fuck is your problem

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>every fucking Tau player

>> No.48302767

>Taufag goes full bitch
>Are you not entertained

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i want to make a solid gold plated dreadnought with battle scars and xeno blood splatter as well as no guns, only cqc weapons.
his banner shall proclaim "i hope Emperor senpai notices me"

heresy level?

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Sounds pretty loyal to me.

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I want to run Skitarii and AdMech alongside my Imperial Guard but I don't want to be a War Convo guy (outside of my group's bimonthly MAXIMUM TRYHARD weekend).

Could I pull this off in 1.5k point games or should I not bother?

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no only a venom or raider

>> No.48303192

A war convo has a knight, free upgrades and army wide rules for stuff that normally wouldn't have those rules.
How are you being a war convo guy?
A war convo itself is like 1540 points

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Everything I've seen about War Convo has been about it being super bullshit.

Although that may all be from pre-FAQ...

I managed to make a War Convo just under 1.5k that I was going to run alongside my 1.5k IG list for our bigger games but I wasn't sure if War Convo was still cancer-tier.

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As a former Tau player who ditched the game when they said THE ELDAR, of all fucking races, were the only ones who couldn't use psychic powers inside their vehicles, back in 5th: shut your cock holster.

>> No.48303298


No. Best they can get is a venom or an unattached raider.

>> No.48303302

Just do the admech/skitarii part, without the war convo they're still a really good army that can dish out heavy fire.
Use the war convo for try hard games.

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If you let a rhino get within range of your anchored stormsurge, you deserve the tank shock desu.

>> No.48303330

Alright cool, I was mostly interested in having some robots and shit.

>> No.48303343

If I didn't keep myself abreast of these things, I'd ask you what the fuck you're talking about. We didn't have those, Riptides, or plastic fucking Broadsides. We had sticks! Two sticks and a rock for the whole platoon, and we had to share the rock.

>> No.48303395

Oh the days before markerlights, TWIN LINK TWIN LINK EVERYTHING

>> No.48303404

My new goal is to kill an anchored stormsurge with a tank shocking Zhadsnark.

>> No.48303419

Nah, we had markerlights, they just gave us +1 BS, fired missiles, and... I want to say they removed cover saves? Been a while.

>> No.48303542

but can my dreadnought be MORE loyal

>> No.48303547

-1 to the CS for each markerlight spent. So it was 2-3 instead of just 2. The only time it´s gotten much better is during night fighting and against DE.

>> No.48303609

Yeah, that.

>> No.48303671

Except for the fact that GW have explicitly said it cannot be used.

It is the exception, not the rule.

>> No.48303736

Except that GW said the exact opposite?

>> No.48303764

>Solid Gold Plated
Literally Auric Patricians.

Not even joking.

>> No.48303796

What should i give to my devastators and assault marines?

I'm thinking multi meltas and flamers because of the master crafted rule, but some say they're shit and short-ranged
(I've already built the tac squad)
Space Marines (Combined arms detachment)

@HQ [ 2 ]

Vulkan He'Stan (190pt.)

Librarian (95pt.) Terminator armour;

@Troops [ 1 ]

10x - Tactical Squad (235pt.)
> 1x - Space Marine Sergeant (44pt.);Power weapon; Plasma pistol;
> 1x - Space Marine (29pt.); Missile launcher;
> 1x - Space Marine (29pt.); Flamer; Meltagun;
> 7x - Space Marine (14pt.); Boltgun;
> 1x - Rhino (35pt.); Storm bolter;

@Fast attack [ 1 ]

5x - Assault squad (130pt.)
> 1x - Space Marine Sergeant (17pt.);Chainsword; Bolt pistol; Jump pack;
> 2x - Space Marine (22pt.); Jump Pack; Chainsword; Flamer;
> 2x - Space Marine (17pt.); Jump Pack; Chainsword; Bolt pistol;
> 1x - Drop Pod (35pt.); Storm bolter;

@Heavy support [ 1 ]

5x - Devastator Squad (145pt.)
> 1x - Space Marine Sergeant (14pt.); Signum; Boltgun; Bolt pistol;
> 2x - Space Marine (24pt.); ;Bolt pistol; Multi-melta;
> 2x - Space Marine (24pt.); Bolt pistol; Heavy bolter;
> 1x - Drop Pod (35pt.); Storm bolter;

@Secondary Detachment [ 1 ]

Dominus Maniple

Tech-Priest Dominus (115pt.)

Onager Dunecrawlers (90pt.)
> 1x - Onager Dunecrawler (90pt.); Eradication beamer;

10x - Skitarii Rangers (220pt.)
> 1x - Ranger Alpha (41pt.); Arc pistol; Taser goad;
> 5x - Skitarii Ranger (11pt.); Galvanic rifle;
> 1x - Skitarii Ranger (21pt.); Galvanic rifle; Omnispex;
> 1x - Skitarii Ranger (26pt.); Arc rifle;
> 1x - Skitarii Ranger (36pt.); Transuranic arquebus;
> 1x - Skitarii Ranger (41pt.); Plasma caliver;

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good, but not loyal enough.

>> No.48303831

There any word on when the nid FAQ is gonna be out?

>> No.48303865

You need 2 troops choices for your marines if you want two HQ choices.

>> No.48303867

>He thinks not having a solid-gold space marine chapter and a name that literally means Golden Nobles isn't loyal enough
What are you, some sort of Argent Plebeian?

>> No.48303874


The first Shruvesday of Neverween.

>> No.48303882


Oh, thanks. I'll probably add scouts or something

>> No.48303885

Nice! It's only Flurvesday, so that's not bad at all.

>> No.48303894

oh god my eyes and I thought I was bad

>> No.48303923


Da Golden Nobz

>> No.48303934

I own 18 Destroyers, 12 Heavy Destroyers, 2 Destroyer Lords and a for funsies centaur-Necron conversion I've ran as a counts as Destroyer Lord.

I ask you: Do I have enough Destroyers?

>> No.48303985


Let's see...

>1 lord and 9 destroyers each for two minimum cults
>3 heavies as a heavy unit per cult
>remaining six heavies attach to the destroyer units

To get two maximum sized destroyer cults, you need six more destroyers. So no, you don't have enough destroyers. Pleb.

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>> No.48303993

Post pic of Centaur, so I can evaluate your Destroyers

>> No.48304001

Well of course there's black in it. You meed at least three colors for the tabletop standard, anon.

>> No.48304004

>GW is backpeddling on their own FAQs
They literally released an FAQ shortly after the release of codex: Craftworld Eldar saying you couldn't, and now they overturn the old one?

Come on GW. At least be consistent with your shitty rules.

It does beg th questuon why anyone asked for an FAQ on a quesion we alreadt had an answer to. But I guess that is what Eldar shitters do.

>> No.48304018


>> No.48304031

Well, you've got me there.

But obviously then the black is for artistic taste, as befitting Patricians.

>> No.48304042

"You’ll receive a Terminator Captain, a Venerable Dreadnought, a ten-man Tactical Squad and an exclusive Space Marines Formation rules sheet - the Firespear Strikeforce - allowing you to collect, assemble and play with your new miniatures right away!"

Does this mean that I don't need the SM codex to play with the units included in the start collecting sets? I'm not really a fan of the codex format but I was quite happy with the sheet included in Dark Vengeance, is this similiar?

>> No.48304056

but seriously, any ideas or advice for a lone wolf/rogue dreadnought thats obessed with getting the emperor to notice him for his utter devoutness
won't be in a game just something for silly display, possibly enter in flgs paint contest. the golds will be metallic

>> No.48304059

No. You do indeed need the codex, it's just that the models in the box cannot be run as a CAD.

Also, if you don't plan on using either the Termi Captian or the Dreadnought, you don't make any savings with that box.

I accidently deleted the savings comparison pic I had, but the SM box has near $0 savings.

>> No.48304060


Can't find a pic on my phone, but have this stupid headline I saw to tide you over till I get home.

>> No.48304105

I was planning on getting the Ork box, I just happened to copy the SM one.

Seemed too kind of GW to release a product with everything you needed to use it anyways.

>> No.48304109

Can someone please tell me what WAAC means? I'm at a should I get into 40k/AoA stage and I want to understand what criticisms I'm reading.

>> No.48304116


They're kinda overpowered as is, honestly. I can only take them out in pre-arranged games because durable models doing JSJ with no terrain penalty and massed wound-rerolling AP2 and 3 is painfully strong.

Plus the two Lords can join one of the units, have it scoot forwards, then detach them to wreck face as pseudo-MC's mid game.

>> No.48304126

>Planning on getting the Ork one
For what purpose would one play Orks in this day and age?

>> No.48304129


Win at all costs.

The objective of the game is to win, but the point of the game is to have fun. WAAC refers to assholes who can't tell the difference.

>> No.48304134


>> No.48304141

>near $0 savings.
15£ ~20$

>> No.48304149


>> No.48304159

Only if you intend to use that Termi Captain, who himself is $20.

>> No.48304160


>> No.48304165


The terminator faptain is the saving. Which is shit, means you have no reason to buy the box twice.

>> No.48304212

Why are Grey Knights popular when they're literal cancer on the setting and game?

>> No.48304243

Nurgle is literal cancer in the setting.

>> No.48304253


I have yet to see Nurgle stride into battle on a power armoured baby carrier.

>> No.48304290



>> No.48304312

Da Flash Nobz

Superior editions.

>> No.48304357

I think missed the joke...

>> No.48304364

So probably more news of IA14? Niiiiice.

>> No.48304450

>CSM not trash
>nurglings not good
>boyz and deff dread not trash
>painboy not tax

>> No.48304478

It's relative to codex.

>> No.48304510

Ok then
>CSM not trash
>nurglings not good
>boyz and deff dread not trash
>painboy not tax

>> No.48304526

>Having no idea how codexes work, just regurgitating opinions.

>> No.48304554


It is a garbage one though, it lists the Triarch Stalker and Overlord as High Tier when they are good tier and tax tier respectively.

>> No.48304595

I'll have to agree with >>48304554, that list is wonky as fuck. It uplevels many units that just arent good.

Also, Space Marine Start Collecting! box is interesting due its formation rules. You can equip your captain with cataphraktii armor, give the tac squad full grav, shove them into a droppod and then kill a riptide before it can fire its Interceptor due you firing in the movement phase. And then you just tank all the wounds with your 3++/rerolling 1's captain and proceed to gib another Riptide in shooting phase.

>> No.48304600

Am I the only one sad about having Tax-tier or Supporty HQs almost entirely?

Almost all armies have HQs which just have a point or two more in BS and WS, and other than that, they are pretty much on par with Elite/heavy choices doing the same thing.

Even the most shooty HQ can be outshot by a single Elite or Heavy choice, often at a significantly lower price.

Even the most dedicated melee monster can be found better in the Elite slots, at a tenth of the price, and in large quantities.

The only thing they really have, is psykers/support HQs. The only weird one is certain cheese builds, but even that is often so ridiculously overpriced that you might as well not bother.

Kinda envious of Nids and Chaos because of this. They can have an insanely good shooty/melee HQ. Shit, even Tau can't have shooty HQs, and most of them just relegate them to "buff this unit" status.

Maybe it is because I started back in Warhammer Fantasy 4th edition, so I played through Herohammer edition, but it still felt *good* to have HQs that were suitably epic, and could go around fucking over units of "normal" guys by themselves. Guys that weren't just overpriced buffsticks.

>> No.48304613

the answer to all these things is to play 2nd edition

>> No.48304618

There's something unclear in the Cruddex?

>> No.48304648

That leaves a ton of other shit that is just stupid, though.

I would kinda like a sort of universal HQ rule, that allowed them a "double phase", where they can either repeat a Shooting or Assault phase. Buff them in general, and make all weapons they carry +1S. Double their wounds, and reduce the AP of all shooting attacks at them by 1, and give them a 4+ save against all effects that would deal more than 1 wound (Instant-death, S:D, etc.)

Make them truly dangerous, and have them be a proper front-figure of the army. Hell, even 30k have some seriously dangerous Beatstick HQs for the Solar Auxilia, which is just 30k Imperial Guard.

>> No.48304696

So will we actually get a Start Collection: Inquisition, or are we just ignored?

>> No.48304710

>Solar Auxilia, which is just 30k Imperial Guard.
No. Solar Auxilia is elite, more in line with Militarum Tempestus but even higher. Imperial Army is Imperial Guard level.

>> No.48304717

What made a 5th codex Overlord good was being able to take a res orb, then serve as both a buff HQ and a combat one. Sure, the low initiative combined with not really much better than anyone else durability meant everyone took MSS to survive long enough to attack and that frustrated everyone, but it was the best HQ choice avaliable outside of wraithwing builds.

The 7th codex Overlord technically got buffed: RP after every wound means surviving long enough to brawl back, and WS 5 helps both offensively and defensively. The problem is, with no real Res Orb the buffing utility is completely gone, and the Overlord is too slow to be good just for combat utility alone.

Then Orikan comes along, and does the Overlord's combat utility better whilst simultaneously having a built in old style res orb -and- an additional survivability buff.

The only reason people use an overlord now is as a decurion tax. (As an aside, fuck the decurion. Unflexible power build garbage, worse than the old crossiant spam build.)

Outside of a Decurion you basically have three HQ choices: Cryptek for buffing, Destroyer Lord for combat, Orikan for both but without the D-Lord's mobility.

>> No.48304729

Ignored. Inquisition doesnt have almost any plastic models.

>> No.48304738

I see we're still learning what "literal" means.

>> No.48304776

Buy from ebay / 2nd hand
Buy from casters
Build slowly

Its not that hard. I mean I started in high school with only a part time job and spending half my money on random other shit like going out and impulse buys.

>> No.48304803


>I'm pedantic over basic concepts as a substitute for intelligence

>> No.48304829


cover him in purity seals

just absolutely coat him in the things

use at least three different shades of gold

>> No.48304831

People who play too hard at casual pick up games.

It is understandable if someone wants to practice with their tournament list, but playing that hard all the time wears me out. I prefer fluffy lists, scenarios, narrative things like that, and I find pick up games should generally be that way.

If I'm informed ahead of time that people will be playing hard then I shall try, yet I'll never have as much fun as playing a game with fluffy forces.

>> No.48304864

>I prefer fluffy lists, scenarios, narrative things like that

Me too. you in Los Angeles?

>> No.48304884

If you think the painboy is a tax you clearly don't play Orks

>> No.48304887

What army would be good for a genies and pirates theme?

>> No.48304890

I only earn ~$35,000(23 y/o with no degrees) a year a t the moment and last year till now since I truly started I have only spent ~$1200 on my army.

That is less than I pay in two months of rent.

It is really all about budgeting.

I used an initial $500 I had set aside so I could buy the bulk of my starting force (including Rulebook, Codex, Paints, Primers and Brushes) and then once or twice a month I was buying another box or two.

>> No.48304893

And still "only human", but with the ability to go toe-to-toe with Marine HQs.

>> No.48304912


>Basing an army off some random cheesecake anime girls

Wew lad.

>> No.48304938

If you play Eldar and you don't have a Wraithknight, you should get a Wraithknight. Simple as that!

>> No.48304957

>deff dread and boyz
>pain boy
Maybe tax for boyz, but you're fucking retarded

>> No.48304984

What are some good alternate models for the shitty current Daemonettes?

Ideally something I can use in a GW store.

>> No.48304985

Not really. 30k marine HQs are also way more brutal than their _AVERAGE_ 40k counterparts.

>> No.48304991

Old Diaz Daemonettes

>> No.48305005


I'm aware of those and their sexy lobster hands and velociraptor feet, but p sure it's almost impossible to get them nowadays.

>> No.48305018


>sexy velociraptor feet

I know, right? Can you even imagine a footjob from a diazmonette?

>> No.48305036

Not really.

>> No.48305040

There really isnt a representation of this kind of pirate in 40k as far as i know. You could try eldar corsairs, human renegade pirates made out of chaos units or ork pirates.

>> No.48305041

>Plastic Models
But that's why I want a start collecting box ;__;

>> No.48305055

Everyone that remebers being circumcised can.

>> No.48305140

I think I've worked out the next army to build after I finish my War Convocation .
Any glaring issues with any of the units in the list? Other than it costing a shitton of britbong dollars

>>Combined Arms Detachment: Death Korps of Krieg<< 2970 pts
HQ (2/2):
- Death Korps Company Command Squad
- Master of Ordnance
- Vox Caster
- Company Commander
- Power Fist
- Plasma Pistol
- Death Korps Company Command Squad
- Master of Ordnance
- Vox Caster
- Company Commander
- Power Fist
- Plasma Pistol
Troops (2/6):
- Death Korps Infantry Platoon
- Death Korps Platoon Command Squad
- Commissar
- Vox Caster
- Death Korps Infantry Squad
- Vox Caster
- Death Korps Infantry Squad
- Vox Caster
- Death Korps Infantry Platoon
- Death Korps Platoon Command Squad
- Commissar
- Vox Caster
- Death Korps Infantry Squad
- Vox Caster
- Death Korps Infantry Squad
- Vox Caster
Elites (3/3):
- Death Korps Heavy Mortar Battery (x4)
- Death Korps Heavy Mortar Battery (x4)
- Death Korps Heavy Mortar Battery (x4)
Fast Attack (3/3):
- Cyclops Demolition Squad
- Cyclops Team (x3)
- Cyclops Demolition Squad
- Cyclops Team (x3)
- Cyclops Demolition Squad
- Cyclops Team (x3)
Heavy Support (3/3):
- Earthshaker Battery (x3)
- Earthshaker Battery (x3)
- Earthshaker Battery (x3)
Lords of War (1/1):
- Baneblade
- Commissariat Crew
- Pintle-Mounted Storm Bolter
Fortification (1/1):
- Aegis Defense Line

>> No.48305145


Not him, but the consistently incorrect usage of the word 'literal' is a cancer that needs to be cured. Also, that poster really did have no reading comprehension.

>> No.48305179

What is the point of salvo in the Necron Barge. If I understand the rules right, the barge should always be avail to shoot 10.

Unless I'm twat.

>> No.48305203


The continued misuse of the word literal is...

Standard conversational hyperbole.

A completely normal way of speaking with emphasis.

Chillax broseph.

>> No.48305226

Have you ever, through the use of actually good and clever tactics and synergy (and not spamming OP shit), won a battle without ever losing even 1 model? Or at the very least, what's your best win with the highest enemy dead/friendlies alive ratio?

>> No.48305227

>shitty current Daemonettes
Fuck you.

>> No.48305252

Is Dark Eldar a good, cheap army to get into 40k with?

>> No.48305270

No and no.

>> No.48305271


>> No.48305275

Cheap isn't something you want to look for as when making the choice of your army.

They are alright but certainly bottom tier. As long as you aren't going against Tournament style lists you should be able to still have fun.

>> No.48305280

>Dark Eldar
Are you new or are you just having fun seeing the reactions?

>> No.48305289

Well, they looked fun, but I'm not exactly overflowing with cash.

What is the cheapest army to get into?

>> No.48305299

Not really, I'm just hoping they get a few buffs in it.
One of my friends plays Tyranids and only Tyranids and he's getting fed up with them being so shit.

>> No.48305309

>I'm just hoping they get a few buffs in it.
Like they "buffed" Tyranids by taking Telepathy support from them?

>> No.48305311

Dude, you got the Skitarii rules all wrong. Only the commander can take Special Issue Wargear, and a ten-man squad can bring 3, not 4, special weapons.

>> No.48305336


>Posts a knight / Monstermash list
The game is designed so both sides will lose a considerable amount of models.
If you play Deathstars or an army that can only be damaged by tailoring specifically to a unit type Super Heavy walkers, GMCs, Flyers, you're playing the game wrong.

Tactics don't have a big enough impact on the game that you'll win it unscathed.

>> No.48305356

Yeah, or how they released Genestealer Cult Battle Brothers for Tyranids and then "buffed them" down so they were Allies of Convienence instead after everyone had already bought them.

>> No.48305365

You are right.

That was a mistake of the dev, he didn't realise the salvo works like that on a vehicle.

>> No.48305386

Anyone got some old school models?

>> No.48305399

Yes, plenty.
I love vintage stuff.

>> No.48305416

Fuck you

>> No.48305424

Mind posting them?

>> No.48305435


Already have a Wraithknight? Get a Scratchycrotch Wraithknight!

>> No.48305449


>One Skitarii ranger may carry one of the following
- > Enhanced data tether
- > Omnispex

The squad is 10 models, so I can take 3 special weapons, which I have

>Plasma culiver
>Arc rifle

I don't see the problem

>> No.48305461

Deldar or Corsairs for the pirates and Tzeench demons for the genies.
Not a great alliance so maybe go Red Corairs instead.
Backing this.

>> No.48305465


That's some gooooood Scratchycrotch.

>> No.48305473

For all its worth, Imperial Knights. 140$ (120 at my local store) for 350-425 points base makes it one of, if not the, best money to points ratio out there.

>> No.48305486

Imperial Knights. Buy the 2x of those 2 model games (Renegade) and you'll have 1500pts army.

Everyone will hate you thou

>> No.48305497

>What is the cheapest army to get into?
Any of the Start Collecting armies are "cheap to get into" but if you have to buy books, hobby supplies and models you are kidding youself if you think you will invest anything under ~$300.

After that initial burst you can slowly acquire models and build your army from there.

They are a fun army they just aren't winning top tier competitive tournaments which is fine because the majority of 40k is played in pick-up games and other casual environments.

Finding Ebay models if a good way to add to an army but I always prefer to tell people that started the hobby with fresh and new everything will give you a better feel for it in its entirety rather than already assembled and half painted models.

>> No.48305505

If hypothetically I was to take one to a 500 points game what sort of person would I be?

>> No.48305523

Huh. I think I'll avoid that.

The only imperial factions I like the lore of are Mars and the Sisters of Battle.

How are those armies?

>> No.48305545

One's new and will be restructured in a year or so and one is not supported by GW outside of a new codex when they have a quite month.

>> No.48305563

Adeptus Mechanicus armies are pretty cool. They tend towards being slow and shooty, and are primarily made up of tough, footslogging infantry with a few Monstrous Creatures or Walkers for support. They have some of the most powerful guns in the game, though they don't have the extremely long range of some other shooty armies like Tau or Guard. The army also features lots of weird special rules, and its army-wide abilities let it increase or decrease the stats on its infantry and activate temporary special rules for a turn when required.

>> No.48305582

The sort of person who doesn't get many games.

>> No.48305595

Just yesterday I finished some 1988 daemonettes.

>> No.48305596

Think of Hitler and Satan had a baby, and that baby turned into a Sadist with its fingers permanently stuck flipping you off. Though if you do, tell the other guy in advance and do it for fun. They'll tailor with as much Grav/plasma/arc (arc's the real killer) I've taken the knight a few times, usually ends up pretty close. Plus it's a blast.

>> No.48305603

>real faction
Pick one. Inquisition has never been intended to be a full faction. It has, since it's inception, been intended to tag along with another Imperial force.

>> No.48305624

Isn't it pronounced Scat Hatch? So it's literally the Asshole-pattern Wraithknight.

>> No.48305630

These are instead on the working table.

You may notice the old Chaos and Noise marines in the back and the right.

For other stuff you need to wait I come back home.

>> No.48305645

Question about Tyranid and Ork fluff.

When they fight eachother do they just produce super versions of eachother?

As far as I am aware Orks get bigger with more fighting as well as stronger and of course Nids adapt and improve over time.

Would a prolonged conflict between the two end up really badly for everybody?

>> No.48305650

back in 6th i had a khorne herald on juggy with corndogs run through a marine army, for whatever reason he couldn't do more then shoot off a few dogs before i smashed him. i think i swept him by turn 3. as for tactics distract people from shooting my greater daemon or shoot my greater daemon first is my usual tactic

>> No.48305744


war convo did nothing wrong without drop pods

>> No.48305763

>that one on the left's head and face
Dear Emperor, burn it down.
Nigga, yes it is. Why do you think it was bad for Kyrptman to sic the Nids on Orks? Whoever wins the galaxy will suffer. However GW would never change the Ork and Nid dexes to reflect this as they need you to suffer in order to see how much you love your army.

>> No.48305785

>that one on the left's head and face

>> No.48305805

Im sure whoever wins GW will power up Marneus Calgar and the Ultras to beat them.

>> No.48305809

A face only Nosferatu would love.

>> No.48305819

>that formatting
>libby in term armor
>mixing special weapons
>mixing heavy weapons

err yeah, back to the drawing board anon. with special weapons you wanna group them together to get the job done better. multimeltas aren't so much worthless but you'll be snap firing on 6s and they're better on vehicles, might wanna downgrade to meltaguns.

plasma pistols are worthless. libby needs a lv2. you also need a second troop.

read up on the octavius war (?). nids started to get really strong as they smashed through the ork planets and the orks were getting huge due to the final fight. eventually the loyalists and eldar stepped in to neuter both factions

>> No.48305884

Yeah for real. I'm starting to feel like the Warboss is our real tax HQ. Okay so I take this big 3w nob and now I can Waaagh? Who gives a shit? I use my two HQ slots for a KFF big mek and a painboy most of the time.

>> No.48305926

Fun fact:

Old Deamonettes are canon in the lore.
Deamonettes evolve. Kind of.
Each new host that appear in the reality is more similar to what they are now.

The older models are Daemonettes that entered the mortal plane earlier.

>> No.48306057

Waaagh is nice if you run sluggas and warbikers though.

>> No.48306127

What if orks run out of bullets?

>> No.48306128

What book is this from?

>> No.48306156


>> No.48306194


>> No.48306196

The Last Church by Mcneill

>> No.48306211

Do people care if my gretchin or warbikers are on square bases? Does it make a difference? My gretchin are fantasy goblin conversion and my warbikers are the old oop ones

>> No.48306251

A majority of gamers aren't really going to care in a casual setting. A lot (including myself) think squares don't look as nice, but I've never encountered anyone that would not play. Especially with current transition between Fantasy and AoS where both were acceptable.

>> No.48306254

Yeah, like the guy who put a salvo grav cannon on the Admech Kataphron Destroyers, a unit that always counts as stationary when shooting.

>> No.48306298

This post broke my gellar field.

>> No.48306313

Hmm. I think I'll just stick to playing soulstorm then.

>> No.48306314

doubtful, no one gives me shit about my daemons being on squares and mixing bases. i just explain that my army is metal and at least half is older then the kids playing.

i have noticed that you'll gain a little space due to using squares

>> No.48306342

>tfw reavers lost their blade vanes

Goddamnit, GW. I still want one of these though, it's cool as fuck.

>> No.48306352

How can one man be so wrong?
1.That are 3 special weapons you blind twat.
2. From what I can see, only the Alpha has special wargear, and that is how the codex works.

>> No.48306404

Couldn't believe the face on the local Chaos player as I had to explain the haywire rule as I unloaded into his Knight.Felt good,...but bad.

>> No.48306450

Man, someone needs to tell that writer to put down the thesaurus.

>> No.48306718

What knight variant should I get for my GK army ? Its for a 2k list.

>> No.48306725


It also makes you sound like a teenage girl lacking a basic vocabulary.

>> No.48306756

>using sarcasm means you lack a complex vocabulary


>> No.48306799

Hyperbole is not the same as sarcasm. You might want to work on your vocabulary.

>> No.48306834

+ + +CAD+ + +

>Pask (Punisher) - 210
>[Leman Russ Executioner - 155]

>Veteran Squad (2x Meltagun) - 80
>[Chimera (Autocannon) - 70]

>Veteran Squad (3x Meltagun) - 90 (In Valkyrie)

>Veteran Squad (Forward Sentries, 2x Sniper Rifle, Vox) - 79

Fast Attack:
>Valkyrie - 125

>Hellhound - 125


>Aegis Defence Line - 50

+ + +Emperor's Wrath Artillery Platoon+ + +

>CCS (Volkov's Cane) - 65
>[Chimera (Autocannon) - 70]

>Techpriest Enginseer - 40

>2x Wyvern - 130

>Manticore - 170

Total: 1499

Do I need more anti-air?

I'm trying to decide if I should drop the squad in the Valkyrie and run a Quad-gun on the Aegis. Then I could use the remaining points making the Valkyrie a Vendetta. So what would benefit me more, AT or AA?

>> No.48306855

paladin is always good and with magnets you can use all the weapons

i must admit idk why they get different names for different weapon types when they could've made a simple page like they did for the renegade knight

>> No.48306856

Sorry, I was hopping into this discussion late, but the alternate use of the word "literal" CAN be used sarcastically:

>Man, you're LITERALLY the best Warhammer player I've ever seen!

or hyperbolically:

>I LITERALLY almost died!
On a relevant note, how do you guys feel about Pistoleer Vanguard Vets and Assault Squads? I feel like they could go well with Lib conclaves running prescience for rerolls.

>> No.48306876

Drop the Valkyrie altogether and get a vulture gunship instead.

>> No.48306900

Well I'm working with what I've got at the moment, but I do like Vultures.

>> No.48306919

>Those tags
space 0din sure is a kinky fuck

>> No.48306942

God I need to order those.

I wonder if my opponent would strangle me if I wielded six of those...

>> No.48307030

How do you fix Coldstar?

>> No.48307050

Not really. Granted, there's [hand holding] and [Prolonged Eyecontact] but otherwise it's pretty tame

>> No.48307062

By taking the magic jet pack off.

>> No.48307113


Yes they would.

I've got people giving me shit for fielding 2 Vendettas and a Vulture + 3 Artillery Carriages.

>> No.48307138


Get rid of the ridiculous "FMC, but not really!" And fixed equipment shit, as well as it being commander only.

The Coldstar is -supposed- to be the space variant of the Crisis, much as the Broadside is the heavy fire support variant, not a weird thing for commanders to whizz about in.

>> No.48307141

>Hey friends. I've been a fan of 40k for years and want to be as sue as possible
Well, of course you do.

>> No.48307200

Make it a Fast Attack slot instead.

>> No.48307212

is that loss?

>> No.48307223

Every element of the FAQs is contradictory. In the basic FAQ, they say that the purpose of Tank Shock is not to remove models, but then in Tau FAQ rule that Tank Shock beats Unstoppable.

But they made my Yvahra able to double wall-of-death overwatch units outside of flamer range as long as they charge something nearby, so...

>> No.48307235


Commander option, fast attack by standard dual kit with crisis.

Equips space combat suitable weaponry, and... my first instinct was both jump -and- jet, but that's probably completely overpowered. Maybe have it move like a jetbike? No JSJ, but a massive turbo boost.

>> No.48307263

Now add another column for "Formation value."

>> No.48307384

Another anon here. We live in very different meta. I wield those things too and get no shit. But I play against the "worst" this game can throw against you. Riptide wings, skathach WKs, War Convocations, different deathstars. You name it, our playgroup has it. And there I am kicking ass and chewing bubblegum with my good'ol Imperial Guard.

Although I do get a bit salty responses when I wield Malcador Infernus...

>> No.48307474

Everything runs well with a conclave though. But yeah, go nuts

>> No.48307484

I was planning on picking up the infernus soonish. Sounds like it pulls its weight. I recently picked up a Macharius Vulcan, which I'm going to use for the first time today against Tau (Casual list)

My Meta is people who don't really minmax at all. I'm really the only one who does it, and it bothers them.

>> No.48307496

>Get a game against Orks
>Tell him I am glad I get to use units I don't usually use
>He tells me not to go easy on him and to bring my best list
>Top of turn two he starts complaining about I have the better codex

I am starting to loose remorse for the lesser armies. The CSM players I go against do the same shit too.

>> No.48307526

Tank shock only kills SSs when they cannot possibly move out of the way. The purpose of it is to move units, but if the units can't move they crunch, like they always have, because the game rules refuse to allow models to touch outside of cc, and if the SSs just took d3 wounds, then it would normally survives and you'd end up with 2 models on top of each other, but not in CC

>> No.48307544

Should be "lose" FFR.

I only know of three ork players at my shop (manager and two others), and all of them are good at the game and pretty cool dudes. I've never heard them complain.

>> No.48307548

Oh, I agree that the rules don't interact legally.

>> No.48307563

Malcador Infernus is probably the cheapest Super Heavy in the game if you compare it to its power and effect it has on opponents tactics. 18" Hellstorm template with ap2 and poisoned is just crazy good. You can move 12", put the 16" template 18" away and such reach a unit 46" away. And its going to take wounds on 2+ regardless of cover.

>> No.48307567

Iktf anon.

Every time I play versus my friend's 'nids he concedes by turn two or three since he believes there's just no way he can win versus my super OP Blood Angel army.

>> No.48307575

If a Senior Officer issues an order from a Chimera, does the 6" range of Volkov's cane get measured from the Chimera's hull?

>> No.48307578

They do now with the FAQ :)

>> No.48307589

>Should be "lose"
You're right.

We have three or four Ork Player and only one of them is good and generally cheerful. The rest are 16-18 y/os who just complain endlessly.

The CSM players are a bit better but as soon as a game isn't going well they always say something along the lines of "being the weaker army".

Not that the Tau players aren't equally as childish, 3 of them banded together to refuse games against Space Marines of all flavors (At least 50% of our shop).

>> No.48307606


>> No.48307702

Executioners (and vehicle plasma in general) got nerfed to no longer be able to use preferred enemy to avoid Get's Hot!, but can they still re-roll the to-hit roll?

E.g: I roll a one to hit, I still take a Get's Hot! hit, but can I still re-roll that dice for the purpose of hitting?

>> No.48307723

If the weapon is not a Blast weapon, then you roll as normal, Preferred Enemy is allowing you to re-roll the 1 to hit that would cause Gets Hot! Blast/Template weapons, on the other hand, roll a separate die to determine whether or not it Gets Hot!, as this is not a roll to hit, it is not effected by Preferred Enemy or hit re-rolls.

>> No.48307725

Any Ravenwing Players on that could tell me why I should or shouldn't take more than three regular bikers in a unit?
A full strength squad (that can combat squad which I only somewhat understand) is Six Ravenwing Bikers and a Ravenwing Attack Bike.
I understand that you can only take two Special Weapons plus the Combi on the Seargent but having two or three extra bodies (before even adding an attack bike) could make the unit more durable with its bodies. Its not like the 2 or 3 regular bikers cant still lay down fire with their TL bolters.
When I started the advice I got was to use my two three man regular biker squads more or less as suicidal and expendable units. I normally have the 2 Grav 1 CombiGrav set up but it just seems like a waste if they get destroyed before really doing anything.

My main problem is I lose the mission all the time. I have had more luck with Eternal War missions but most people seem to prefer Maelstrom.

>> No.48307757

Idk man, [French] is pretty far out there. You have to be a real deviant to get off to that kind of shit.

>> No.48307759

6 guys will live longer then 3

>> No.48307772

I don't know why you wouldn't. What I'd suggest is changing up your list to have full RW bike squads then combat squad if you want MSU spam. Best of both worlds that way.

>> No.48307785

But it is affected, it says so very clearly in the rule book.

I have no idea why GW would deliberately contradict that just to nerf things that don't really need to be nerfed. My only guess would be that the guy that wrote the FAQ didn't actually know the ruling already existed so he just went with his own idea.

>> No.48307827


Keep it as it is. It is fine if it wasn't a HQ slot.

>> No.48307839

I play against a stupid blood angels triple storm raven and gold nipples list
2-1 on it with nids, honestly BA are kinda bad...

>> No.48307863

Based victoria's bits have arrived

r8 my guardsmen!

>> No.48307910

Seems like just a cheap list.

My guess is it was the 3 Storm Raven formation that allowed from Assault from Deep Strike Reserve if you land near them?

It's admittedly pretty broken, but it's also the cheesiest tactic BA even have now.

To me it's the equivalent of a 'nids player bringing 3 Flyrants with TL Devs w/BL Worms and E. Grubs.

>> No.48307917

Not in stock anywhere since 2014


>> No.48307976


>It's fine as it is
>Uses the fucking FMC rules
>Short range burst cannon on a space fighter

>> No.48307984

I brought 4 flyrants and 3 crones or some shit.
but I was still test running tourney lists at the time.
Although I have just accepted at least 3 flyrants as common now and not a big deal, but I don't play many casual games

but yeah it was that formation, with eternal war missions.

>> No.48307989

Wouldn't they have nearly infinite range in space though? Since it's accelerated plasma..?

>> No.48307997

I usually run 4 HQs in a dual CAD at 2400 points.

3 of them are Coldstars, the last is a Buffmander who acts as the Warlord.

This is extremely effective Air Superiority. The 4+ invul makes it an annoying target to deal with, and it can seriously fuck up any kind of flier, and causes target saturation in the air, which is a problem for most amies without enough anti-air.

>> No.48308004

>those mold lines

>> No.48308043

bretti cool. What's the idea behind them?

>> No.48308093

I know brah, i dont have the stuff to trim them out right now and i already want to use a kitchen knife to correct them
mechanized reggiment from a minor forgeworld/mining world, basically steel legion that worships the machine god

>> No.48308172

just get an x-acto knife, it's like $8. sometimes i use a box cutter but that's for cutting bigger pieces where i need more pressure, not for lightly going over the edge to get rid of mold lines

>> No.48308362

I have a 1euro micro cutter for architects, but its 500km away from me, i will see if i can find something where i am now.

feels bad that i dont have my paints at hand also.

>> No.48308427


>> No.48308436

understood. maximum purity it is.

>> No.48308464


>He disrespected Risky Boots

>> No.48308497

In a Space Marine command squad, can the Apothecary take items in the same way that regular veterans do, i.e. from the melee weapons and special weapons lists? Other than the narthecium, what's his actual wargear list?

>> No.48308508

...I have the weirdest boner

>> No.48308512

>tfw shantae is your waifu
>tfw you just want more games and a cameo in smash
i really should consider killing myself at this rate

>> No.48308514

Nope, he only gets the narthecium. And bikes, I guess.

>> No.48308529

Dammit, now I don't have enough melta

On the other, hand, it gives me ten points to play with on my Company Master and Interrogator Chaplain

>> No.48308530


And you haven't even seen best girl yet.

>> No.48308537

Yeah, generally things that measure from the model also work from the hull of a transport. This doesn't apply for a few things mind, but my favourite one is Cortez and his bubble of "Fuck off drop-podding shits" in a Stormlord Or Fortress of Redemption for the final word in "Fuck off"

>> No.48308542

" nexus stormer " - . . .

>> No.48308548

Fuh, lookit dat gap

>> No.48308551

Is magnetizing the special weapons on space marines feasible?
Now that the trigger hand is actually part of the weapons, I feel like having small enough magnets, one embedded in the hand and a second in the wrist, would allow for quick changeovers without requiring whole new models or full arms.

Has anyone tried this? If so, how did it go?

What size magnets would I need?

>> No.48308570

You can re-roll any normal 'Get's hot' with any kind of re-roll. But for blasts you can only re-roll if it just gives you a straight re-roll, no re-roll if....
There is no rule allowing a gun to shoot again if it 'Get's hot' unless it's a multi-shot weapon.

>> No.48308579

so how are the entitled taufags responding to the FAQ?

>> No.48308670


How do you think?

>> No.48308726

We had an Ork player that got really upset that he always lost, I never once saw him win a game. He tried to play it off a joke but he just kept losing and losing.

The last straw was when I tabled him with my Orks, he wants a better army so he bought Dark Eldar

>> No.48308774

Considering converting a Chaos Terminator Lord into Zhufor from the Vraks books. Seems like a decent if not particularly competitive HQ choice. Anyone have experience with him?

>> No.48308870

I fell out of the loop some time ago, what's currently happening in The Beast Arises series?

Last thing I remember was a mention about IW and IF teaming up together

>> No.48308887

by crying about how they deserve all their bullshit because they're using tau and ignoring the fact that everyone else before them has been getting changed?

>> No.48308903

Vulkan absorbs WAAAAAAGGGGGHHHH energy to try and destroy the Beast and fails because the Beast is to Gork and Mork what Horus was to Chaos.
He gives up his perpetualness to do so.
It's a shit show all around.

>> No.48309004

Me and my friends used to proxy a lot because of money problems, but even with that they were fairly adament about not using square bases. Some people just don´t think it belongs in 40k I suppose.

It doesn´t actually matter, it´s more of an aesthetic question than one of balance.

>> No.48309016


Sounds like a big pile of heresy. Beast is the original Ghazzy then?

Care giving a more detailed rundown? I remember Eldar and IW being there, Deathwatch being formed and Vulkan needing a search to appear. What happened with the ork death stars, Terra, the high lords and Vangorich? Or has the series not yet advanced to that point yet?

>> No.48309026

The weapon existed previously. It matters to SM Devastators who are not relentless.

>> No.48309079

What exactly is that Box on the Sentry squad for?

I'd give the Vets a an Auto or Lascannon before Sniper Rifles.

>> No.48309125


>> No.48309140

online codes are on the bottom right corner

>> No.48309142

Could they not have given them a different weapon? Every single other weapon in both of the admech codices is bespoke, so why not that one?

>> No.48309181

Because it´s stupid and unnecessary? Why don't SM call their lascannons astartes lasers?

>> No.48309263

>see this
>have just taken off my pants for the day
Well fuck. Couldn't have posted that an hour ago.

>> No.48309327

Would you prefer if 40k models came prepainted and assemebled if it meant you could play them right out the box like x-wing, or do you enjoy making your dudes more. I see so many grey dudes on at games it feels like people dont care about the hobbey aspect?

>> No.48309360

I think having both options would be nice. Starter sets could come with at least a prime + base coat.

>> No.48309373

Formation bonus, grants twin-linked to the Manticore on things they can see.

>> No.48309375

I want to play as a custom chapter so unpainted for me but if not for that I would like your idea.

>> No.48309389


pls respond

>> No.48309405

dont need pants for online ppurchases m8, the online code is on the coupon

>> No.48309408

Nah, it would bump costs up far too much for incredibly little gain. In my area I seldom see unpainted armies as well.

Coloured plastics is a good option for those that aren't stressed about paint jobs too much. For example you won't really need to prime a blue marine to turn it into an ultramarine, just paint on the details and reapply if they chip.

>> No.48309423

>seldom see unpainted armies
Are you in heaven?

>> No.48309424

It's quite easy. I forgot the size I used but I essentially made two marines out of a tactical box special weapons and magnetized all the guns.

Just use the first guy you make as your template. So I make sure all weapons can be used by him and go from there for any future guy

>> No.48309445


>> No.48309680

>Are you in heaven?
Kinda. In Valhalla, beautiful Valkyries help us to paint our armies and they always bring mead and pretzels to our games

>> No.48309901

thanks based anon, because those pants are off, but I want that deal.

>> No.48310022

+1 T, make its secondary be a choice between all the 15 point suit weapons and make HOBC 36" S:5 AP:4 Assault 6 Rending

>> No.48310064

i'm hunting down other craft stores that do the same coupon stuff
so far hobby lobby is the only one near me and the coupons i've gotten from them are all shit, but i'm in an area with few craft stores so i dont have many i'm signed up for.
If there are any other chains of craft stores out there i dont know of, feel free to tell me and i'll hunt down weekly/monthly coupons

>> No.48310088

Well hey, not all of them are well painted, but it's definitely a large step up from some of the situations I've heard anons such as yourself speak of.

>> No.48310213

Hobby Town. but I don't know how large of a chain they are or if they have this sort of deal.

I like them because they have table top models, magnets, and other hobby stuff used by table top games, and the people there know more about answering questions in that regard.

>> No.48310406

really now? my local hobby town only sells RC and those weird science kits for kids, i havnt seen anything for table top models at all, not even train sets.
i'll get a membership and sign up for their mailinglist

>> No.48310688

Thank you, that helps quite a bit.

>> No.48310883

Is everyone just waiting for the new thread? Seems slow tonight.

>> No.48310990

Kinda slow it does seem to be.
But i have a question. Does anyone here have experience with running tactical squads without heavy weapons(but with one special)? I'm builiding a assaulting slamanders army where each unit will have its own role(i know thats not the SM's general idea but i'd like to try). The heavy weapons seem to be of little use to me as i could save some points on my tacticals. Anyone who knows if this is a fair trade?

>> No.48311043

Yeah sometimes it's not worth bringing a heavy weapon, it can actually be useful if you want to fit a HQ in with a tactical squad's rhino if they're not interested in carrying a heavy weapon. Shame you guys can't bring heavy flamers like the BA can.

>> No.48311091

Would you be running full squads or minimum squads?

>> No.48311174

Full squads, with rhinos. My main apponents will be chaos with lots of cultist and a shooty ork army. I'm obviously fielding vulkan as well as some assault marines, devs with las and a ironclad in prod pod. About 1500 points battle, thats why i am concerned about points.

>> No.48311190

Post list if you have one?

>> No.48311212


The most common optimization mistake I see new players make is not specializing units and vehicles. I will preface this by saying that I'm a long time IG/AM player and haven't fielded my marines for a while, so I am less familiar with the new marine codex. The general points I make here, though, should still be true in any book.

If you put a lascannon on a 10-man squad of marines, and you actually use the thing on what it is supposed to be used against - high AV targets - your other 9 guys are either out of range or carrying weapons that do nothing, and they are therefore idle and not making use of their points. Conversely, if you don't use the lascannon because you move the squad and use bolters on something, you have bought a giant brick and lost a bolter for no reason.

This holds true for vehicles, as well. Sponsons should match the turret in function and range as closely as possible - heavy bolters on a vanquisher is a waste of points, as are multimeltas on a punisher. Heavy bolters on a pred annihilator are a waste, but make sense on the destructor. You want to be using every guy in the squad or every gun on the vehicle every turn you can, not just a fraction of the squad one turn and the other fraction the next turn.

For marines, the best heavy weapon platforms are not tac squads unless you have some way to make them all relentless so they can move and shoot. Every tac squad needs to have 9 guys with bolters per guy with heavy weapon, meaning you are dropping a huge amount of points into contrary weapons to field each big gun. The better option is to take a lot of 5 man squads with a single special weapon in each to take advantage of lots of cost efficient units and lots of objective secured squads. If you expect to run into killpoint missions, though, 7- or 8-man units become better.

>> No.48311237

I dont exactly know how to do the format properly, sorry im kinda new here.

>> No.48311332

That's ok newfriend, we all were once.


That pretty much covers formatting - also, 1d4chan can give some pretty good advice on list building, though don't take its advice as gospel.


This gives a detailed breakdown of each unit if you haven't already seen it before. But obviously people are happy to discuss units rather than just telling you to go read about them (unless the thread is in ultra-autism-shitpost mode).

>> No.48311337

You're forgetting about combat squads here.

>> No.48311356

You need ten men squads for a special weapon according to the the 7th edition codex i have here. 5-man squads with a special weapon will not be possibe. Still thanks for the advice, i did give me some new tactics to think about.

>> No.48311392


Read it properly maybe?

>> No.48311397

I dunno how you managed to get through all the steps required to take and upload that image yet not reread it properly.

>> No.48311406

Thanks for the links, thus far i've only visited 1d4chan for fanfiction, i haven't seen these pages yet.

>> No.48311443

What? But it says you can take a special weapon when the squad numers 10 models. That means you cnat take one whem you have 5 models right? Or am i just really dense?

>> No.48311486

If less than 10, they can have a special OR heavy.

If 10, they can have both.

>> No.48311493

Keep trying, you can do it.

>> No.48311515


If the squad numbers less than 10 models, one may carry a spec weapon or heavy weapon.

My point on optimization stands because the spec weapon can be used in tandem with bolters, the heavy weapon cannot. A more cost-efficient heavy weapon platform would be either a vehicle or a devastator squad, which has fewer wasted bolters be heavy weapon fielded (and you need a few bolters for extra wounds anyway).

>> No.48311523

New Thread
Over the hill we go

>> No.48311575

Oh, thanks. I feel really stupid now. It does say ", and one other Space Marine may take an item from the Heavy Weapons list". How did i misread this so many times?
Anyway, thank you guys, i guess i'll try running 6 5-man tacticals with flamers (with rerolls because of salamanders chapter tactics). Should clean up lots of orks and cultists.

>> No.48311596

I've been toying with the idea of starting a what would everyone like to see in 8th edition thread because I don't want to clutter up the general with a fan fix for a whole system but it's getting late here. Don't know if telling you that will help matters but by the time I wake up you'll be tired of insulting me for this post.

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