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Did somebody say Friendship?

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Who is the best bro you can find in jumpchain.

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Solaire, obviously.

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You're not wrong.

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The best I've found so far is Ainz Ooal Gown, but I'm a bit biased, since he and the others in Nazarick saved me.

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Nah, it's this guy. Even though he doesn't exist. He is still best bro.

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If Dick and Head are about, any chance of the Counter-Strike jump getting a +0cp Filthy Casual drawback or similar which removes the fail condition, presumably at the cost of missing out on the Global Elite rewards (or maybe you can't get points for taking other drawbacks, or both, or something else)?

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Another option is Frisk.

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Which settings hand out free starships? So far I've got;
1. Light of Terra
2. Outlaw Star
3. Star Wars: Original Trilogy
4. FTL: Faster Than Light
5. Homewolrd
6. Sins of a Solar Empire

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(Chronicles of Riddick)
-Background: Holy Man (Free) -Faith is important to mental strength.
-Beautiful Eyes (800CP) -Though honestly, I kind of like the idea of neat eyes.
-Head In A Box (600CP) -Understanding people is also important.
-Knowledge of the Faith (Free) -And respect for other cultures is needed.
-Necromonger Technology (200CP) -But honestly, this seems neat.
-Goggles (Free) -Protecting my eyes are good.
-25,000 Credits (Free) -Also, some money is nice.
-A Lavish House (0CP) (Discount) -AAAAND SOME LUXURY ITEMS.
-Too Bright (0CP)
Dice Rolls: 30 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

I think we all know that I have no idea what I'm doing, based on my mistake of not buying any capstones and more or less going straight for a gimmick build of being a luxurious holy person who teaches love and peace to everyone around. While having fucking crazy eyes and understanding Necromonger technology.

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So it's been something like fifteen years since I last read any of the Narnia books, and I don't remember them too well. Could someone tell me which time period would be the safest? Because Chronicles of Narnia has a lot of very nice psychological protection perks, and I kind of want to make it my first jump to prepare my mind for the millennia of jumping.

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Frisk, Asriel, Sans, and Papyrus are tied for best bros. Seriously, from a child that saves and befriends an entire race that wanted humans dead, to a kid who loved his adopted sibling so much he would do anything for them, even risk his life, to a skeleton that looks after his loved ones, even if he thinks it won't matter in the end, to a skeleton that can not, and WILL not, hurt anyone, seeking to be everyone's friend. All great bros.

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Chara has the potential to be a good person, depending on how to interpret their Story. I brought them back to life and helped them find Redemption. They lived with Frisk and Asriel as Siblings, with Toriel as their Mom.

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Supreme Commander if you go Drop-In gives you a derelict (but still usable) spaceship, though it's unclear whether it actually has FTL itself and thus would qualify as a starship.

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R-Type gives you one for free if you go with the general background. Another background there gets a space-capable transport and everyone gets a fighter for free, but that isn't really what you're looking for.

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Supreme Commander uses Jump Gates for interstellar travel right? So the ship probably wouldn't have FTL.

Thanks, and fighters work too. I'm looking for any spaceship that's free.

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The ship is from the days before the Quantum Gate Network was established. It might be a relativistic ship, but given that it states that it was built to transport ACUs to the battlefield I'd assume it has FTL. Not much point in a combat transport that takes 15 years to get you to where the engagement is happening.

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Rolled 180, 237 = 417 (2d595)

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Meh, just start with the first book and skip out on the war. They have a long period of peace after.

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Originally such a ship would've had the ability to build its own gates, but as described the derelict would appear to have been stripped of that system.

Yeah, the ship would certainly be capable of relativistic flight, but SupCom FTL is all quantum teleportation. It's just if you've got a Gate at both ends it's magnitudes less energy-intensive than if you have to do a jump from a Gate to an arbitrary destination.

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Anything that'd allow my ship to survive ramming into a planet (besides out-massing it)? Assume terminal velocity.

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There's a perk in Vandread that's specifically for ramming things at high speed without harming your ship.

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Is taking the programmer origin in Generic Virtual World basically a death sentence?

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Guess what?

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No. Tell me.

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Chicken butt.

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Ow. That looks painful -- is it?

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I picked up a Great Grey Wolf in Dark Souls, dude is a great buddy.

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I maintain that the most interesting thing about that jump are the bydo and their crazy biology and humanity's crazy technology.

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You should bring them to One Piece and teach them the Three Sword Style. Then laugh as people figure out how to fight a wolf with three swords in its mouth.

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Balls. Deep. 69.

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Are you BallsDeep69?

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What are your opinions on this:

I'm looking at the Transformers Jump, and I can get a Scout chassis for free, but what I want for my robo-alt form is too large for that chassis (a fighter jet).

However, if I apply height boosting perks from other jumps, I can easily get the size I need.

It's a fairly simple work around which does not necessitate me buying the 400 point Large Chassis, but I'm not too sure if goes against what was intended?

What do you guys think?

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Well, fucking obviously. That's like saying the most interesting thing about Smite are the fucking gods, of course it fucking is.

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I'm fine with that. Tranformers shift size when they transform all the time. Megatron used to turn into a pistol.

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Usually purchases operate solely on what's within the singular jump, stuff from previous jumps don't work as prerequisites unless stated otherwise. So in this case you'd basically have to hope Manyfist takes mercy on you.

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Thank you for introducing me to this abridged series.

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Honestly, ignore the bullshit with the size restrictions, even the large chassis is too small for most fighter plane's wingspan by a longshot. To put it in perspective, the maximum wingspan you can get for a fighter jet is 14m. The SWEPT wingspan for an F-14 is 12m. Read: the wingspan it can't fly with.

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What are some good perks for surviving the SAO helmet after dying in game?

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You're welcome, anon. Remember, best purchase in the jump.

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fuck off and find them yourself, powerwanker

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Anomalous Physiology from SCP, Omega-Level Regeneration from X-Men, Onega-Level Self Molecular Manipulation from X-Men, an alt form that lacks a classical brain to fry, etc.

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Wow, rude.

My suggestion would be a perk that reinforces your nervous system or makes it redundant. Anomalous Physiology from SCP might work, for example.

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Good Technokinesis or Hacking Perks to remove the lethal consequences for everyone.
What does that even have to do with powerwanking? He's asking how to beat a helmet. Not even a special helmet, a gaming device made of plastic and metal that only presents a threat in terms of microwaving your brain.

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Be a Star Wars Gen'dai? That race has had at least one 'kiss the sun' which I take as a colloquies for being sent into hard vacuum close enough to a sun to challenge the shields of the ship he was on, not actually full contact with the sun. Not sure how he survived that but there was some cybernetics needed afterward.

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It is a little surprising that there isn't a perk like that in the jump.

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I wonder if just having enough durability perks would help?

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People like this are always searching for skeevy ways to get around limitations, and they're even too lazy to think of them themselves. If you ask me, dying in the game should result in a fiat-enforced death and end your chain, but of course these threads have gone to shit and are currently filled with moralless scumbags, so that would never come to pass.

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>moraless scumbag

Timmy. Find a therapist. Talking this negatively about yourself isn't healthy.

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I really wish that there was an option to jump the abridged version.

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I thought that was the All Out of Mercy drawback. Am I wrong?

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>Fresh out of Mercy: He’s unstable, your existence triggers his PTSD (violently so), and he has all your Perks. Somehow.

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It has been far too long since SAO Jump.jpeg

There are no mountains Captcha only trains!

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How big can that hangar get KOTOR?

I've got something 300x300x70 meters, and while I get your rules on the hangar, I can take the specs for that ship and upgrade the star wars one to those specs. The hangar would simply be more convenient compared to my current set up.

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If you could stick your head in a microwave and not get severe brain damage, you're okay.
Nobody was asking you, by the way. If you wanted that to be the ruling, you should have made your objection as the Jump was being made, rather than calling everyone amoral scumbags for wanting to do things you seem to think are Powerwanking, like circumventing an overglorified Oculus Rift with a Microwave attached's murder mode.

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Didn't he say that it would always be big enough for your ship no matter how big it gets?

>> No.48271544

He might have in the thread, but not in the document itself.

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what happens if you use dark binding to eat a Hollow?

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What are some good aura type powers?
Stuff like Cognitohazardous from SCP and Aspect Cultivation from Lord of Light

>> No.48271592

Nen (Hunter x Hunter)
Aura (RWBY)
Shinsoo Manipulation (Tower of God)
Mantra (Asura's Wrath)
That's all that come immediately to mind.

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Stay Healthy from Chrono Trigger, Travelers Light from Destiny, or Bloodlust from Assassination Classroom.

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First book's danger is literally just Jadis beating random people up, mugging a jewelry store, fighting the police and generally having a very long nigga moment after she notices her magic doesn't work on Earth.

And once she gets to Narnia, she...basically gets dimensional travel seasickness so she gives up trying to conquer everything for a while.

You're completely safe as long as you stay the fuck out of Charn and can outrun a woman who can casually rip a lamppost out of the ground as an improvised weapon.

Well, the obvious choice has been announced but apparently that Mr Rogers person people brought up ages ago is the only person, real or fictional, I remember having unanimous praise for by the entire thread. And is companionable in the Generic Children's Show jump.

Also apparently there's someone called Gentaro in Kamen Rider Neo Hessei who, every time I've asked anyone who knows about the show, has been described as an infinite font of friendship.

...Look, I'm really out of my depth here, IC and OOC. I guess Belial & Nabaros from DS1/SMT, the versions of Palpatine/Grievous from Auralnauts' Star Wars and lots of JoJo characters but especially Johnathan Joestar are also pretty cool? The only guy I can definitely vouch for, Michael Carpenter, would a) need a pod and b) wouldn't leave his family/God-given duty behind.

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Warhammer 40k Orks Edition When?

>> No.48271652

The archivist Brutus is working on it.

Along with Star Wars The Old Republic.

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249. Guardians of Ga'Hoole
Location: Isle of Hoole
Origin: Drop-In, Species: As You Were (-100)
Perks: Prehensility (-100), Nurse-Maid, Gadfeather (-100), Silent Wing (-200), Hot Coals for Gizzard Stones (-400)
Items: A History Of Ga'Hoole by Lyze of Kiel, Ember (-100)
Import (-200)
Drawbacks: The Ground is Dangerous (+200)

Stalwarts: Guardian Typical Owls, Instinct, Prehensility (-100), Chaw [Weather Interpretation], Colliering Chaw (-100), Hot Coals For Gizzard Stones (-200)
Roberta: Guardian Pure Tyto (-100), Instinct, Prehensility, Chaw [Search and Rescue], Raptor (-300)
SoB: Guardian Typical Owl, Instinct, Prehensility, Chaw [Blacksmithing], Red Glare (-100), Silent Wing (-100), Hot Coals For Gizzard Stones (-200)
Isaac: Drop-In Typical Owl, Instinct, Prehensility, Nurse Maid, Higher Magnetics Spronk (-200), Ryb of Blacksmithing (-200)
Toby: Denizen Peacock, Instinct, Prehensility, Strong Gizzard, Jumper Who Doubts (-100), Gizzard Flying (-300)
Kerbals: Pure One Pure Tyto (-100), Instinct, Prehensility, Nachtmagen (-300)
Chris: Guardian Peacock, Instinct, Prehensility, Chaw [Search and Rescue], Red Glare (-100), Silent Wing (-100), Hot Coals For Gizzard Stones (-200)
Argit: Denizen Bat, Instinct, Prehensility, Strong Gizzard, Jumper Who Doubts (-100), Gizzard Flying (-300)

>I can survive a small nuke
>There's an earthly predator that can hurt me
I never touched the ground. Not fucking once. I don't know what this creature is but I want approximately no part in it's existence. It's not even worth animorphing into. I nearly touched the ground once and used the geokinesis from Teen Titans to move the ground.

I spent the rest of the time chilling with owls, who instinctively recognize me as prey. It was actually pretty cool. They had all the best stories, and neat tricks, and while they didn't exactly trust me at first I just used Redwood Soldier Meditation to hide in the tree when they began getting me. I'm very good for the health of trees.

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You get a familiar that is a Hollow. They're just souls.

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>I can survive a small nuke
>There's an earthly predator that can hurt me

Good lord, you seem to be hunted by Manbearpig.

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Anti, the first book was The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.
That's the one where the kids find a wardrobe and murder Jadis after she tries to get a kid hooked on magical heroin chocolates.
After Jadis dies, all four kids became monarchs of Narnia, and they spend something like forty years or more just doing that while the whole realm lives in peace. Then they accidentally find the way back home and fall out of the wardrobe the same age as when they left.
So, if you decide to pop in in the first book, you can just fuck off while Jadis is getting killed, and then you're just in a huge section of peace and tranquility where nothing happens.

The book you're thinking of is called The Magician's Nephew, and is actually the sixth book in the series.
Although everything else you said is correct.

I'm gonna second Frisk from Undertale, mainly just because I don't know who any of these other people are, and Frisk is pretty great.

I didn't companion him, because that probably would have ended up causing me to become a better person.
Lord knows we can't have that.

>> No.48271737

And I'm back! Forgot my name sorry! I was this guy >>48271628.

Didn't know that, thanks.

I've been working on a weapon of massive destruction that I'm calling either God's Revolver or Chekhov's Gun.
It started as the GBE (Blame!) which I have since fused with the tracking gun pointed out by this guy >>48052946, the way I fuse my weapons is by taking them to be Enchanted (King Arthur) to have the 'Make it absorb other items to gain their properties'. Then I made it both the Barrel Replica and the Seventh Holy Scripture before Alice Winters gave me some advice. I have since used the Golden Weapon import (Magical Girl Noir) and Dreadnaught Engineering (FFXIV) to upscale the GBE to short rifle status. Next I've fused it with the Dark Matter gun (FFIX), and my Caster (Outlaw Star).

Anyone got any other good gun/weapon imports or should I just cycle this through the Sword Plant (King Arthur) Let's Make It Better (Unholy Heights) cycle for a few hundred years. Also I tend to make Sword Plant (King Arthur) versions of the original models of what I have so I still have an original recipe GBE for mass production should I need them.

On an additional note.
How well would this monster do against the Worm Endbringers?
I'm hoping well because I'll be going there as soon as Worm anon makes Friendbringers canon.

Hi Anon-Formerly-Known-As-Anti-Spiral and Konata!
You can be better Konata, just do it in such a way that you need no effort to be better.

>> No.48271748

Rolling Counter from Mother plus any regen perk that keeps your mind intact while it fixes your brain.

Probably any perk or magic that gives resistance/immunity to electricity or better yet electromagnetism (since the helmet kills you by frying your brain via EM).

Sufficient stacking of luck perks so that the helmet glitches and the kill subroutine fails to go off before you can remove the helmet.

Dog Talisman from Jackie Chan Adventures (though you may or may not have the migraine from hell afterwards).

Heart Of Steve from Minecraft Reloaded, depending on whether the helmet zaps once and is done or just keeps zapping until you are dead.

Red Hot Shot from Bayonetta, A Bad Dream from Rust, Extra Life from Scott Pilgrim, Horcrux from Harry Potter, or similar "second chance" perks/items.

>> No.48271756

You know, I'm not sure if it's only for swords or not, but I think that the Merlin jump has an item that allows you to import a weapon as Dragon forged. Meaning, any blow is fatal. Does that help?

>> No.48271763

Oh hey guys I'd love to see your ATELIER: ARLAND TRILOGY jumps just to see how bad mine is by comparison.

Oh shiny! Also thank you I'll look into it.

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Huh, I was thinking chronologically. Or maybe I just got confused by the recent edition that apparently list The Magician's Nephew as the FIRST book because, well, chronology.

But yeah, that's. That's a good idea as long as you've got a way to not freeze to death.

Also no and why would you think this? You'd think being a programmer in generic VIRTUAL world would be like, mad lucrative. Just hole up somewhere and program like crazy.

>> No.48271793

Another title for the first book could be "Winter Came".
Though for Jadis it would be Brace yourself, Spring is coming.

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Hi, guy!


AKA: ASA Spends 10 Years Stoned Out Of His Goddamn Mind.

>> No.48271803

From reading the Hangar Bay perk, it would have to be exactly as big as is necessary to allow "plenty of space to walk around your ship and conduct repairs or modifications".

>> No.48271820

It says it can hold the Death Star, so depending on which version it's have a diameter or up to 900km. But yea I think it does grow to fit your ship.

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Pfffff. But if I'm better, how can I be all sad and terrible? I don't understand at all!

>I'd love to see your ATELIER: ARLAND TRILOGY jumps
I never made a build for that, actually. I don't really know anything about Atelier?
Anti told me all there was to know was, like, "become super alchemist -> win" or something.

But I just never got around to making a build for it. There's a small but surprising number of jumps that just fell through the cracks like that for me.

Yeah, you probably were? I mean, it's a PREQUEL, so you're not wrong insofar as it occurs first out of any of the stories. But, nah, it's actually the first book that was written by Lewis.

>> No.48271840

It says (paraphrased) it can fit the ship you import, so sure if you had a Death Star from another jump you could import that, but the phrase "Death Star" in the perk itself refers to the aesthetic of the hangar, not the volume.

>> No.48271842

I've been told it's a crafts(wo)man's dream Jump, so I thought you'd have been all over it.

>> No.48271861

Maybe a cataclysm shield from Bastion? It's the same type of tech that protected some areas from the planet exploding, so it should be able to save a ship from hitting a planet?

Administrator Access from Kidd Radd gives you admin access on public servers. So you could just...turn the bad options off and free everyone, I guess? Assuming the SAO game server counts as a public server.

Will of the User (same jump) would also be good.
Technopathy (Buffy or Sonic) or taking Giffany from Gravity Falls should also be able to break your helmet if not free everyone from the game server.

Lastly, and most stupidly...the microwave thing that zaps your brain is a type of radiation. So Self Sustenance from DC makes you immune to radiation, it does nothing to you even if it triggers.

Nice build.

>> No.48271870

Question on the Riddick jump:

If we kill the Lord Marshall, does the Necromongers' "keep what you kill" rule still apply?

>> No.48271874

>(since the helmet kills you by frying your brain via EM)

The wiki says it's not specified whether the actual killing is done via EM induction or microwave cooking, so you'd want immunity to magnetism AND radiation just to be sure.

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>> No.48271908

Yes the keep what you kill would apply, it actually happens in cannon. You'd also have to watch your back for the rest of your time there too.

>> No.48271915

Works for me, thank you.

>> No.48271917

Player One from Kidd Radd, may not be best bro, but is certainly a bro. The perk says so!

>> No.48271936

So, what's the deal with the Heroes jump, that no one ever talks about?

>> No.48271959

It's a meh-tier jump from a Spacebattler who didn't have a good intro to /jc/.
He had to ask if people wanted the non-Force-using-classes in SWTOR before dropping it, and then subsequently picked up an OP Chinese xianxia novel with universe-busters and too many gods, followed by... Well. heroes.

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The arrows.

You have to choose a specific weapon. You cannot switch. You could possibly train yourself up to that level with other weapons, with a lot of time and effort.

Kirby and his friends will show up during the events of Kirby's Return to Dream Land, and if you have no other way out of Halcandra then you can hitchike a ride with them to Pop Star. I'm sure Kirby wouldn't mind.

You can breathe in space.

Most of the really expensive ones, like Aurelion, are expensive for a good reason. I'll still go over it once I'm finished with the jump proper and make sure there's no goofy mistakes, though.

If they have Copy, yes. If not, no.

>> No.48272042

So, if I weren't making a gun here >>48271737 and instead made a Melee weapon are there any good ones to suggest?

Not really that good. Power Copying would be the only reason I'd ever go and it has some serious limiters on it that never lift, ever.

>> No.48272043

Wait, did that thing even get onto the drive? Last I remembered it was technically a WIP around the time whathisface stopped posting altogether.

>> No.48272050

It's in the Drive for some reason, yes.

>> No.48272054

Would AMP Intensifies make you the one who gets the Dual Blades skill in SAO? Since it goes to the player with the fastest reflexes? Doesn't that mean that Kirito won't be able to clear the game. . .

>> No.48272060

There is still a line asking for item suggestions in the jump.

>> No.48272081

It's a WiP. That it's in the drive is a mistake that should be remedied.

>> No.48272095

In the Overlord (LN) jump, are the Ring and Bracer indestructible by virtue of being world class items or by virtue of jump-chan fiat?

>> No.48272117

Both? I think.
>It is soulbound to its wearer and cannot be stolen,given away, destroyed, or lost by any method short of death.

>> No.48272122

Welp. I know Brutus was actually agonizing over it.

Collective consensus should let him know to remove it.

>> No.48272139

I see. Well, Brutus'll hopefully get the message at this rate. Doesn't that guy-or one of his friends-kinda have a bad track record in upholding his jumps onto the drive without thread approval?

Doesn't Kayaba still have admin rights? Can't he just buff Kirito himself? I guess you could also just, you know, train less?

Wait, they're supposed to be literally indestructible? But I'm positive even canon World Items have never been said to be indestructible.

>> No.48272219

Crazy Durable to the level of practical indestructibility. If you go by the lore didn't most of the world level items literally survive their world being destroyed by a titanic dragon? Before they somehow ended up in Yggdrasil. Also it already has the soulbound etc clause in the description so it's kind of a moot point

>> No.48272220

Alright as of right now here's Chekhov's Gun...
1. Base weapon Gravity Beam Emitter (Blame!)
2. Enchanted (King Arthur) to 'Absorb other items and gain their properties'
3. Absorbed Tracking Gun (Blame!) from >>48052946
4. Dragon-Forged Weapon (Merlin)
5. Import as Barrel Replica (KNK)
6. Import as Seventh Holy Scripture (KNK)
7. Absorbed my Caster (Outlaw Star)
8. Absorbed the Dark Matter Gun (FFXIV)
9. Import as a Golden Weapon (Magical Girl Noir)
10. Utilized Dreadnought Engineering to upscale it to short rifle status.
11. Sword Plant (King Arthur) short rifle.
12. Using Let's Make It Better (Unholy Heights) to improve the traits.
13. EX Rank Item Construction (Fate/Extra) to make it an A-Rank Noble Phantasm.

From here I think I'll need to craft a melee weapon of equal power or just odd hax and then I fuse the two in RWBY.

>> No.48272260

>Can't he just buff Kirito himself?
Why would he? The thing that made Kirito special is his absurd reflexes, if there is someone better than him at that he wouldn't even pay attention to Kirito.

>> No.48272294

>The thing that made Kirito special is his absurd plot armor.


>> No.48272302

The same can be said of all characters in all stories.

>> No.48272312

That's the thing-the game's lore doesn't seem to have anything to do with the New World's lore. I dunno how far to trust the game's lore, when it's clear whatever force is inserting players into the New World is alien to it and some spells don't precisely work as advertised (e.g. that spell for summoning undead reanimating corpses instead, XP being based on spiritual energy).

You have me at the soulbound thing, though.

Because I've never watched SAO.

>> No.48272313

Purge Jump?

>> No.48272321

No not really, he has more bullshit plot armor than superman anon. Literally the abridged version is the only version worth watching because the real deal is nothing but a badly thought out series of asspulls rivalling the entirety of naruto in one season.

>> No.48272328

But enough of that, have at you!

>> No.48272329


>> No.48272331

You seem knowledgeable about the settimg, what race is Ainz anyway? I don't think he is a normal skeleton. Is there any way to become the same race as him?

>> No.48272341

Racial Levels friend!
Skeleton Mage (15)
Elder Lich (10)
Overlord (5)
Unknown (10)

>> No.48272355
File: 544 KB, 800x1296, 01- momonga.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>48272341 beat me to it. Just take skeleton as your race and a magic-user class, and then say some of your 100 levels are the same as his.

>> No.48272365
File: 36 KB, 209x400, Jumpinggundam.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

250. Gundam Future Century
Country: Neo Australia
Origin: Gundam Fighter (-100), Age: 22
Perks: Country's Finest, YES I DO HAVE TO YELL THE NAME (-200), It's All In The Mind (-400), Hand Calm; Mind Serene (-300)
The Help [Chris]
Items: Absurd Recognizable Outfit [I am possessed by the ghost of Crocodile Dundee], Memento [Keychain]
Mobile Fighter: Import Macross (-50), Core Lander, Mobile Trace System, Head Vulcans, Beam Sabre, Martial Upgrade [Drunken Fist] (-50), Battle Mode (-150), Powered Melee Weapon [Super Electro-Whip Tail] (-150), Emotion Energy System (-400)
Drawback: Old Master (+200), Country Rivalry [Neo Mongolia] (+200), Country Rivalry [Neo India] (+200), Country Rivalry [Neo Turkey] (+200)

I hate drawback enforced sadness. I know it's not organic, I know it's not something I would let rule me, but I can't stop crying over this fucking kangaroo. She raised me alongside her own daughter, kept me safe in her pouch beside her own daughter. When I learned to walk, she taught me to jump and leap across the land, building the strength in my leg muscles immensely. I was taught mastery of the Drunken Fist beside her own daughter. When it came time to test our mastery, and I came out ahead, Mama gave me one last kiss goodbye and sent me out into the world of men. Sister became a Gundam Fighter for Neo Australia, and I agreed to be her back up.


>> No.48272366


>> No.48272369

World items are basically completely indestructible by their own settings capabilities though. The only shit that could break them were themselves if they decided they wanted to break after one use, or other world items.

>> No.48272425

Are there any Horror Movie jumps other than Generic Horror Movie?

>> No.48272434

Should you be making a melee weapon, theres a melee version of the Gravity Beam Emitter, a Gravity Sword used by the sillicon life. It's weaker then the GBE though of course you can remedy that, by synching so that it gets it's gravitons from a microverse via Rick & Morty provided you actually upgrade it to handle that much input, and you don't care whats behind where you swing.

If say you wanted to forego that and instead physically cut an Endbringer, theres always making a Noble Phantasm or powering your preferably long melee weapon with Sting's power, while also powering it with Super Spin or some shit.

>> No.48272447

Really? I'll acknowledge that his hacking feat to save that little girl was bullshit but what else was so bad?

>> No.48272522

Not him but the part where kirito dies then gets revived was bullshit too. Literally everyone else immediatley gets killed when they lose but kirito gets a free pass for reasons.

>> No.48272535

Actually there is a delay before that happens, that is how the rare item that revives someone who died recently worked. Since he cleared the game as he died the whole thing ended before he would have been executed by the nervgear.

>> No.48272544

If there is a delay they how come nobody can yank off the helmets? It takes less than 2 seconds to remove a helmet so any realistic delay(I think it was 10 seconds here) implies that the people had ample time to remove other folks nerve gear.

>> No.48272560

Alien? Dead Rising now has a movie. Blade and Resident Evil might qualify if you stretch your definition of "horror"...?

...that's a horrible lack that needs to be fixed ASAP.

I think someone was already started on a The Thing gauntlet, so grab a horror movie and make more jumps!

Actually it's probably due to horror movies not being particularly good jumps since the protags and a good chunk of villains are usually ordinary people, and anyone going in with two neurons to rub together would avoid a lot of the dumb decisions slasher movies require.
They probably make better gauntlets than jumps, though.

>> No.48272563

>Expecting your fast-twitch responses to function as normal after months of atrophy and inactivity

>> No.48272568

How would anyone know to try?

>> No.48272571

It's not a delay on the helmet, it's a delay in the system, the helmet has it's own thing to fry a brain when you try to yank it off.

>> No.48272573

No I said other people removing the helmets for them.

>> No.48272577

That would require in game death to log them out, which it doesn't.

>> No.48272583

Except there isn't one? That's not something present in other cases of people dying.

>> No.48272597

You assume that they are immediately killed when you see their avatar die, which is not necessarily true.

>> No.48272599

How did this bullshit make it all the way to marketing and global sale with a murder the user button anyway?

>> No.48272603 [DELETED] 


>> No.48272607

Apparently there was only one guy that designed and made the thing, and no one caught that he had something to disable the safety system.

>> No.48272611


Dont argue logic there are way too many kiritofags and you will just get chewed out. Let it die.

>> No.48272615

I always find it sad when people like you pour largely undeserved hate on things just because they're popular.

>> No.48272616

>The transceivers are not only capable of inducing fake sensory signals, but can also block every movement command from the brain to the body, preventing the player from moving their body while in FullDive to avoid injuries.
So the helmet paralyses you while it's active so you don't injure yourself trying to run in VR and smashing your real body into physical objects.

Even if there is a delay, if you die, the helmet is still active - you can't do anything during the delay before your brain is fried.

If people outside the system try to yank it off before that goes off, it goes off anyway.

Maybe the kill switch was disguised as something else?

>> No.48272620

It was hidden, basically the builtin battery dumps it's considerable charge in a way that would kill the user. It would have just looked like a safety hazard and those can get glossed over for a long time when it comes to cool new tech.

>> No.48272629

Popular does not mean good. Look at hot topic.

>> No.48272637

Really? I would hope that the "it fries your brain if it malfunctions" security flaw would been caught long before it went to market. Sword Art Online poses a horrifying scenario about consumer safety regulations in Japan.

>> No.48272639

I've never seen SAO, and would like to know what apparently makes this show so substantially worse than all other terrible shows.

Your comments entice me to believe 'not much'.

>> No.48272640

Notice how I didn't say popular is always good?

>> No.48272652

Do you know what happens when a cellphone battery malfunctions? It probably won't kill you but it is not pretty.

>> No.48272657

It really is just because it was so popular and hyped up when it was aired. This is all just the usual backlash and exaggeration of flaws to counter the endless hype and praise that got heaped on it (Which the show didn't really deserve, it's not too great). The shows not some miracle by any means but it's hardly awful. It's just one of a thousand common anime out there.

>> No.48272662

Yes, and do you know how rare it is for a cellphone battery to malfunction that way unless you deliberately tamper with it? Besides, this thing is a lot bigger than a cellphone, you could get around that flaw if it was a legitimate safety issue much more easily. You have room to install things like circuit breakers.

>> No.48272664

Not that anon but it started out pretty well and then made a sharp dive in pretty much every respect very quickly, for some reason they just kept making more of it though. . .

>> No.48272668

>unless you deliberately tamper with it
....like the helmets were in SAO?

>> No.48272676

He didn't want them to be safe!

>> No.48272689

But any company selling them would.
He personally alterred every helmet?

>> No.48272695

You're missing my point. Yes, they were deliberately made to have that feature. But a competent review of the technology (which I would hope any neural induction tech would be subjected to) should catch such a glaring danger. Whether or not they thought it was a flaw or intentional sabotage, the review board would have noticed it. And then, depending on their reaction, either had Kayaba arrested or at the very least sought legal injunction to prevent the helmets from going on the market. That this did not happen suggests horrible things about the safety oversight his company was subjected to. Either the review board was bribed by him to let it pass, or they just didn't bother to investigate it fully. Whatever the case, they are bad engineers and bad people.

>> No.48272701

And that can't make it to market. Not in a 'you should sell that' way, but in a, 'if it's not safe, you can even buy this shit because it breaks safety regulations' way. That's the least of the fucking issue with SAO, in plothole terms.

>> No.48272716

It was literally the first of it's kind, there were no regulations for this kind of thing.

>> No.48272718

Kayaba was smart enough to create that World Seed thing, true artificial reality and actual AI. Maybe he just managed to hide it from people?

>> No.48272729

There are safety regulations on literally every new technology sold to the public.

>> No.48272733
File: 65 KB, 512x384, stairs-dalek.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> safety regulations
> in anime
... is that even a thing?

No, seriously. I'm legitimately trying to think of a show where safety regulations actually came into play and I am drawing a complete blank.

>> No.48272737

stairs a dalek's 2nd worst enemy.

>> No.48272740

And weird scooters that explode if you ride them too much still get sold.

>> No.48272742
File: 293 KB, 1131x707, 1466192603722.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So what was Okami like for you guys /JC cause my time was shit!
Alt!Form was the big on in pic related
Okami Jump [016]:
CP: 1000
Drunkard (+100)
Pervy (+100)
Art Style Woes (+200)
Magnetic (+200)
Bug Out (+300)
MacGuffin Container (+300)
Location: Kusa Village
Background: Brush God [Kitsune] (-200)
Skills & Abilities:
Calligraphy (-50)
Space Invader (-100)
Ink Bullet (-100)
Prayer Slips (-200)
Dexterous Oral Telekinesis Acrobatics (Free)
Brush Up (-300)
Moon Tech (-400)
Brush Technique [Snatch] (-200)
Sake x2 (-100)
Magic Ink Pot x4 (-150)
Reflector (-100)
Rosary (-100)
Klein [Warrior, 300] (-100)
Swordsman (Free)
Godhood (-300)
Glaive (Free)
Celestial Envoy (-100)

>> No.48272744

Daleks cqn fly though..

>> No.48272753

You mean the things that are called hoverboards but aren't really hoverboards?

>> No.48272755

Maybe, but I find it doubtful. There's only so much you can do to hide wiring meant to fatally electrocute the user. Dismantling the headsets should have revealed it. It's sadly more likely that the regulatory board were just negligent in their duties. Which is monstrous. Yes, Kayaba's a monster for setting that system up, but the people who should have stopped him but didn't have a share of the blame, too. It flies in the face of engineering ethics.

>> No.48272759

Sorry to bring up GATE but do Apostles have any feats for surviving brain damage?

>> No.48272782

Yes and I refuse to call them that, they are just stupid looking scooters.

The receiver/emitter that the device uses to interface with the brain has a hidden program that causes it to turn the power up so high that it fries the user's brain. It is not like it is something obviously wired to kill someone.

>> No.48272785

This shit happens all the time, I don't know why you're condemning the review board as such awful monsters. How many times have you heard of cars or appliances being recalled because of flaws? Of food getting recalled because it has something nasty in it? Shit happens, review boards are staffed by people and people make mistakes, even when they aren't bribed or manipulated. It hardly makes them monsters either, certainly not near the level of awful that the sociopath Kayaba is on, just means they made a mistake.

>> No.48272797

If it isn't wired to allow it then it would not work, the most you would get are some nasty burns.

>> No.48272805

Yes, and those people who made those mistakes in real life were monsters, too. Engineers have a responsibility. To shirk that responsibility is to commit a sin.

>> No.48272810

If you don't understand what all the fucking stupid shitty things about SAO's plot and general writing, just look up one of the fucking hundreds of reviews/rants/diatribes about the topic. There's so much about it that any discussion about why it's bad at this point is redundant.

>> No.48272825

Without perks how long would it take to become a level 6 esper? From raildex.

>> No.48272826

What a solid, reasonable argument you present, what with the complete lack of making any points of your own.

>> No.48272846

It doesn't have to be wired to kill, it is wired to do something else and could potentially malfunction in a fatal manner. The software (written by the World Seed guy) was set up to intentionally cause that malfunction. Since it was the first version of such tech the flaw was overlooked, later versions even had to be reduced in functionality to prevent this possibility.

Safety hazards are often overlooked, especially in new technology. Kayaba abused this fact to hide a literal kill switch in the device.

>> No.48272852

Wrong, later versions had the same problem. See SAO2.

>> No.48272857

Never, you are hard capped by the jumpmaker at Railgun's level.

>> No.48272859

Hey, you know how Volkswagon sent out all those cars with illegal emissions and no one noticed for a long time, because they were intentionally hiding it? every single one of those cars and vans could have had the deception found out by a through examination there to. But that is not practical.

Presumably, 1, people are not expecting death rays in VR gear, and two, the specs and helmets submitted for testing were normal.

Then change stuff at the factory but say it is the same pre approved model. If you think someone has noticed and will order a recall, start Evil Plan early.

>> No.48272870

So rank 5 then? How long would that take?

>> No.48272877

Destiny has a little one that comes free.

>> No.48272886

Yeah. I know. So, shut the fuck up if you won't acknowledge it.

>> No.48272893

The entire jump (10 years) barring perks that speed it up.

>> No.48272894

Magic side jump will have you at that level by the end of the jump.

Science side jump says that reaching your full level 5 potential could take decades of hard work. (without perks)

>> No.48272908

Just house rule it as a zero point drawback. SAO is too boring otherwise.

>> No.48272910

I concede that cases where no one even thought to look for a flaw are a grey area. But this was a mind-machine interface helmet. What sort of person looks at that and doesn't worry that it could fry your brain? All you've done is shift these engineers from being negligent to being stupid. Either way, they're not fulfilling their responsibility as engineers. This is something that was hammered into me very thoroughly by my professors. When something goes wrong in a system and it costs innocent lives, then everyone involved in producing that system shares in the blame. Perhaps not an equal share, certainly in this case Kayaba bears most of it, but the blame is shared.

>> No.48272912

You'll probably be way stronger on magic side in way less time because of level 5 cap
This is why everybody does the whole multi skill stuff, because how else are we going to match up with magic side bullshit.

>> No.48272913

>I am a lazy human shitstain on the thread, but take my word for it, would I lie?

>> No.48272915

Ok thank you for the help.

>> No.48272930

Maybe the testing model was perfectly safe, and the production model had one digit secretly nudged up so instead of producing X levels of power a malfunction can produce X+Y levels, bumping it up to the level in canon? Wouldn't be the first time production models and test models weren't exactly the same.

>> No.48272936

Honestly I kinda liked the build I made for railgun, I rolled clairvoyance and the future and post sight ability at 5 could be really really useful. Does magic side have something similar?

>> No.48272948

There are two Raildex jumps, the imaged one is the Science side of things and will take decades of effort.

The non-imaged one is the Magic side of things and will get you to level 5 by the end of the jump.

This is presumably because the power from the Science jump is free while it is a capstone in the Magic jump.

>> No.48272949

>I'm an idiot that will assume arbitrarily that other people are wrong about something when they have mountains of arguments to the contrary on their side because they aren't willing to debase themselves to correct my stupid ass personally on the internet.

Fuck off.

>> No.48272959

Completely true but bumping it up enough to physically harm a person should also change the way it works for its intended nonlethal purposes. As well as being pretty obvious.

>> No.48272965

>Raildex clairvoyance
This meme needs to die.

>> No.48272966

Guess I will look at the magic side then. Thanks.

>> No.48272973

>This meme needs to die
>Something anyone says
This meme needs to die.

>> No.48272975

Is it not? I am geniunely asking here.

>> No.48272986

When combined with another perk in the jump it gives you pseudo plot armor that makes you look like Touma.

Though in hindsight you could probably combine it with any other clairvoyance/future sight perk for the same effect. . .

>> No.48272990

some people just have irrational hateboners for certain perks. See Jurassic Park's Life Finds a Way and MtAw magic

>> No.48272991

Wrong, it's obvious you didn't see the show. People died in the game because they were being shot dead in the real world simultaneously.

>> No.48273013

What, is the next thing your gonna tell me is that the world is a sphere? I know better than that. The fact that you won't show any evidence or make any of your own arguments just proves you don't have any.

>> No.48273016

It has a very good combo with another perk from the same jump but since you could theoretically just replace it in that combo with Force Sensitivity the other powers are better.

Imagine breaker is objectively the best power if you have a way to turn it off but it has mandatory drawbacks that pit you against enemies that are well. . . Raildex level. . .

>> No.48273026

>mountains of arguments
you have not ACTUALLY bothered to make an argument.
All you have done is yelled
>It sucks lots of people say so WHY DOESN'T ANYONE BELIEVE ME I mean I keep saying the same thing OVER AND OVER AND OVER so it must be true!
Buy you sort of forgot to actually type out specific examples of how and why it sucks, so people just sort of assume you are a child parroting what other people think in an effort to be a "Kool Kid"

But hey, have fun with puberty, kiddo!

>> No.48273027

MtA magic is mostly garbage unless you actually want to summon Paradox demons to eat with Take Over Demon Soul. I say this as someone who took it as one of my starting jumps.

>> No.48273029

Well darn, guess I can go to magical version then but no misaka sister. Thats kinda saddening. Thanks for the help.

>> No.48273037

Magic side is shit too though. So don't bother with either unless you plan to completely break the setting like most of us do.

>> No.48273039

It isnt really all that bad if you use it for enchanting or healing. It is when you try to do something flashy in front of sleepers that things get really weird.

>> No.48273046

Not sure you know how Take Over magic works mate.

>> No.48273050

Wait what? Explain please.

>> No.48273051

I'm just going to let you know, you're baiting super hard and it's obvious to fucking everyone, you aren't going to catch any replies this way.

>> No.48273057

Or you could jump both of them, getting two Esper Powers and sisters. Also the Science side has the female Accelerator companion, which you might really want if you are going for a power build. Yuriko + Sacrificial Bestowment = you get Accelerator's power.

>> No.48273059

You kill it and eat it for it's courage.

Basically. Paradox are demons, so it works on them.

>> No.48273068

Sorry but you cant jump both of them.

>> No.48273074

There are lots of ways but the easiest is to take Yuriko and follow the combo in >>48273057

If you want to get disgustingly OP you can also research the setting's metaphysics and abuse the shit out of them.

>> No.48273082

Why are you just choosing one?
They are two different settings with two different book series after all.

They don't even have to be the same universe, where one is an alt reality of the other.

Do different things in each one, have fun. It is your jump.

>> No.48273085

Why not? Is it Badwrongfun?

>> No.48273091

Which is great and all.

But you still actually need to kill it. Take Over is worth shit if you don't have enough personal power to survive against one of those demons on your own already.

>> No.48273096

I thought the maker limited you to one or the other.

>> No.48273111

Yup. According to the wiki, after the SAO shit went down all of the NervGear helmets were forcibly recalled, various people involved in making them ended up in prison, etc, and all new helmets had to be rigorously designed/built so they couldn't be rigged to fry people's brains.

>> No.48273113

Hey, if it IS bait and he takes it, I win.

But if he does NOT take it and finally just shuts up, I win even more.

>> No.48273119

I don't think so, regardless it isn't stated in either of the jumps and the jumpmaker isn't around anymore.

>> No.48273129

>What sort of person looks at that and doesn't worry that it could fry your brain?
Stupid teenagers with poor impulse control and an excess of disposable income?

>> No.48273130

As someone who took it pretty early, it's not very good if you want to throw fireballs at people without the risk of demons, but you can use various methods to reduce the chance of paradox, and then take a solid punch worth of damage if it still happens. Jumpers can get insane levels of durability, so you're probably fine unless you're intentionally spamming spells (that take three seconds per cast so it's probably not the best for spamming either).

For utility however it's incredible, especially since disbelief not being a thing post jump means you can use magic to do things that would otherwise have been unraveled. Biological abominations or using a pen as a sword are a lot easier post jump.

Also, the covert spells in all arcana don't risk paradox at all (unless you get too obviously supernatural in the mage jump itself) and offer great utility. Sure you can get scrying from other jumps, but finding one that lets you scry through time, or reach through present day scrying windows and steal stuff is a bit rarer.

There's a lot more generally useful spells in there too, although if you wanted to make a bag of holding for instance you're probably better off going with Harry Potter, maybe a D&D jump for an actual bag of holding.

This is all just my ramblings though, I don't expect to convince anyone it's good, I just hope some people realize it isn't as bad as it's sometimes made out to be.

>> No.48273148

What are you talking about?

You really don't get it if you think that that excuse is good enough. Any weakness or fault isn't compensated for by saying that it has things it can do that other magic systems already do better.

'It can heal though.' isn't good enough in this case. Yeah, it can heal, but it can't do that and shoot fireballs both of which I can already do with any other magic in all of jumpchain. Utility isn't something other magic systems are lacking. Stop pretending MtA magic is unique in this aspect.

>> No.48273160

Disbelief is an inherent part of the magic. Just like paradox, it doesn't go away.

>> No.48273162

I bought maxxed (for the jump) prime, I am still unsure what I can do with it.

>> No.48273170

The fate branch of magic is pretty unique, I think only Scarlet destiny can do anything similar. Since it is highly subtle there isn't much risk for paradox either.

>> No.48273172

What are you even trying to argue here? That it isn't inherently better than every other system of magic out there? Wonderful, great, have a cookie who cares?

>> No.48273179

I thought it did get stopped post jump. Yup, it's in the notes.

Postjump, you will still incur paradox for using vulgar or overt magic outside of a demesne, but you will no longer be subject to the disbelief of sleepers (nonmagic and nonsupernatural beings) that see you do it. Disbelief will still however be in effect if you travel to and use magic in other WoD based jumps.

>> No.48273189

So the setting has its pros and cons. Just like every other settings magic.

>> No.48273201

This gets into the whole 'if it isn't the best why get it?' issue though. There are lots of tech perks that offer things that can be done in one way or another better by other systems. I'm still going to buy them. If you don't, that's fine, it's totally ok for you to value only getting new things, and me to like redundancy, that's cool. And if I've misread you and you value things different to what I think you're saying, that's fine too.

>> No.48273202

No. I'm arguing that it has no value over any other magic in existence. Only detriments.

Compared to all other magic, MtA magic will come up short, every time.

>> No.48273207

We have had VR helmets in real life before.
And if someone had tried to raise awareness about "But how do we KNOW it won't microwave our brain" when they came out, people would assume that:
1: It was a sleazy news program trolling for viewers by manufacturing cheap scares,
2: Someone was a kneejerk Luddite.
3: Someone was trying to be clever about wanting to limit your game time.
4: Someone was fucking with you.
5: Etc.

"The New Tech Gadget Could Kill You" is really not normal behavior, and will make you look like a reactionary freak until such time as new gadgets actually DO start killing lots of people

>> No.48273218

Yes. And?

Jump it or don't I went there for the setting and the magic because while everyone else was dealing with disbelief I was flying around on a magic surfboard turning geese into alligators and shooting magic missiles from my fingertips going bang bang.

>> No.48273231

Except, it's not. It is an artificial effect of the Abyss, and the Abyss does not exist in most Jumps.

>> No.48273235

>I was flying around on a magic surfboard turning geese into alligators and shooting magic missiles from my fingertips going bang bang.
>going bang bang
I was with you up until there. Clearly magic missiles are closer to pew-pew than bang-bang.

>> No.48273241

That would cause a paradox, the way that world works is that the paradox happens due to sleepers seeing something that should be impossible under the worlds metaphysics. Unless you have a perk that lets you ignore such a thing the paradox would affect out of jump magic too.

>> No.48273243

Some of us like to load up on bonuses for post-spark, and WoD archmastery is pretty attractive
>inb4 you have an autism fit about how talking about post-spark is evil

>> No.48273245

Why are you so obsessed with proving that nobody should jump mage? It has some really good uses and some really big drawbacks just like everything in the world of darkness settings. I mean I wont touch changeling magic with a stick but I don't bitch about it incessantly.

>> No.48273256

Because idiots continue to insist on peddling it as something useful that people should think about taking.

>> No.48273257

No I was making bang bang noises while making shooty fingers. Although I am ashamed as you are clearly correct they should be pewpew.

Out of jump abilities and powers are not subject to the same limitations as those from a jump.

>> No.48273270

No it doesn't. Even if we were to take your fucking troll ass seriously, the jump fiat is that magic rules like paradox only applies to the setting's own magic.

>> No.48273275

>think about taking.
>think about
Those are the active and important words anon, you should think about doing it but you do not have to.

>> No.48273276

Any magic or supernatural phenomenon would experience push back and paradox due to the consensus based nature of the setting. The paradox is not a weakness specifically for the settings magic but a function of the local metaphysics that would apply to everything including your out of jumps stuff as long as it was beyond what the sleepers consider possible.

>> No.48273277

Really? I'm going to present a hypothetical here.

I want to gather some information. I have Elder Scrolls magic, and Mage the Awakening magic.

Let's try finding it out with Elder Scrolls magic....

Uh... Will Clairvoyance find me a path to who killed this guy? Will it tell me who organised a shipment of drugs or weapons? I wander the scene of a crime. I can... Make things lighter so I can move them around, see if someone covered evidence with rocks?

Ok, let's try with MtAw. Postcognition. Oh, that's who killed the guy here. Various fate spells, oh look at that, I've 'coincidentally' found some evidence we overlooked before, or 'just so happened' to run into someone who knows something, and by 'pure luck' said exactly what I needed to say to convince them to tell me everything.

Look, at this point I'm starting to think you're baiting. It's not worse than 'any other magic in existence', and no amount of badmouthing it is going to make that suddenly be the case.

For fairness sake, once I've found the guys I'll then be using ES magic to armor myself and throw fireballs and lightning bolts, but I could also make the cement they're on conductive, or if I'm running from them make the door seal shut by fusing it with the frame.

Random (and unrelated) note, Space can act as a discount Byakugan, minus seeing chakra; add life spells to detect living things and you're even closer.

>> No.48273296


Nope, Jumpmakers rules. Unless you take one before your last jump, you can't take both. I do remember someone saying something about him thinking about changing that rule though.

>> No.48273300

Are you getting it confused with Mage the Ascension? Paradox happens because you're dragging supernal magic across the Abyss to try to change the Sleeping World, and sometimes the Abyss manages to touch your spell and mess shit up.

Vampires, Werewolves, Changelings, and all the others however could do supernatural shit in front of normal humans without any paradox at all, or Disbelief. They have their own reasons for not doing that though.

Also >>48273270

>> No.48273333

Do you think I'm fucking stupid or something? You literally just framed the situation and walked through it in a way that favored you argument. I'm not going to fall for that bullshit, and hopefully no one else would be either.

Also, Just to correct your incorrect imaginary scenario, you could have solved that situation with ES magic alone, and liable faster too. You don't know jack shit about ES magic if you can't figure that shit out.

>> No.48273339

Ok then, how?

>Do you think I'm fucking stupid or something?

From the way you are acting yes.

>> No.48273343

I generally assume anyone who says "you can use X magic to solve Y situation" is a liar unless they provide actual examples of spells which could work for that purpose. Especially considering TES magic really doesn't have any good divination spells when last I checked.

>> No.48273346

Can elder scrolls allow you to create an area of infinite magical energy leaking out of a rift in space? I think primes 5 can. Granted I could be wrong there.

>> No.48273353

>Are you getting it confused with Mage the Ascension?
I think I might be actually.

>> No.48273359

I came up with one scenario to show it's not worse at literally everything. Yes, paradox is dangerous and you need to be careful, but it's not...

Ok, look, I am not trying to attack you or anything. I'm saying that you're making an assertion that I feel is untrue.

Also, having played Oblivion and Skyrim I thought I had a pretty good grasp on it, but if there is a way to solve that sort of mystery with ES magic please let me know. Was it from Morrowind or an older game? As I said, I've only played ES4 and ES5.

Prime can sorta do that, but ES probably could too. It's rather versatile really.

>> No.48273364

Okay, what Elder Scrolls magic can do that? Because I'd like that. I'm not being accusatory, here, I'd really like to know. That sounds useful.

>> No.48273365

Would that magic safety perk from Card Captor protect you from paradox?

>> No.48273371

I would just like more good info on what you can do with TES magic other than making stuff explode.

>> No.48273385

You might want to read some of the later era stuff from Kirkbride. TES ends up as magic replacing tech. TVs running on illusion and such.

>> No.48273393

Paradox is only an issue at all if you don't have enough magic to negate it and well. . . jumpers can get leaky limiter to get as big a mana pool as they want.

>> No.48273413

Yeah but how do you run mage spells off of mana from mushoku?

>> No.48273414

He was planning on changing it to "letting you take both," the predominant reason it was like that was he fucked something up with an origin in both jumps.

>> No.48273426

>Safety First
>You can choose to be completely unaffected by your own magic when it suits you, including beings that were created by you or spells taught to others that you designed.

I think it would protect you from being hit by your own spell if paradox made it go wild, but Abyssal entities aren't made by your magic, it's more like your spell opened the door to let them in.

Might help a bit though.

Some of the alteration spells from Oblivion were pretty good, feather and... heavy? Fluff wise you could actually use telekinesis a lot better than the shitty in game spell and do some alright things with it.

Restoration magic is also pretty good, and Illusions can be useful as well.

Magic TV's? I haven't been paying attention to Kirkbride, where's he saying this stuff? It isn't ESO, is it? I'd be so pissed if ancient magic was basically technology and it was 'forgotten' by the modern era.

There is still risk, since you can only spend a certain amount of mana per turn depending on your Gnosis. If you cast too many vulgar spells in an hour (or scene) then it'd stack over your ability to actually buy it off. That also only takes it down to a Chance die, but if you just take the damage to contain it you're fine. A few 'you are really durable' perks and your stats are way above five dots, so your HP is too.

It does help though, so thanks for pointing it out.

>> No.48273431

Burden! Only remembered it after hitting post.

>> No.48273433

mana is mana

>> No.48273434

My first though is to just reanimate the dead person, although I'm not sure if that'd work for any level of conjuration beyond the highest levels.

>> No.48273439

>Powers can and will draw from the same power source. For example, Reborn! Dying Will Flames and DC Green Lantern Corps rings both draw off willpower, and therefore draw off the same energy source. Pokémon attacks draw off a Power Points pool, which is different. Many attacks will cause stress or fatigue the user, and fatigue is fatigue. be careful not to overexert yourself or you may pass out from the stress on your body.

>> No.48273449

And yet neither of the docs say that, and the people who are have not bothered to post a source...

So, since trying to compress two different series into one jump is the Generic Jump kind of bad, I will have to assume they are two separate jumps, with separate universes.

>> No.48273451

You know, I feel like that "making concrete conductive" thing needs more attention. I can't think of any Jumps that let you completely change the physical properties of matter the same way the Matter sphere can. Dresden Files can replicate a lot of things Fate does, you can pick up Paradox-free Life and Mind from superhero Jumps, and everything Forces has can be easily replaced, but making conductive concrete and transparent titanium? A lot less common.

There's also some other good niches, like Space being able to overlap things, Prime being able to manipulate mana, and Time letting you temporarily change the purchases you made in past Jumps (no, seriously).

>> No.48273454

There's also detect life and detect dead.

>> No.48273457

There might be a way to bring them back to talk to them... I assume necromancers have a reliable way to make ghosts, and some of the more humanoid ghosts have spoken before. That could work to solve a murder.

>> No.48273459

Oh, well good to know.

It took 12 capchas to post this.

>> No.48273460

>That also only takes it down to a Chance die, but if you just take the damage to contain it you're fine.
Not according to the jump, it says you can buy it off completely.

>> No.48273468

You could probably use spellmaker to create a tracking spell based on this.

>> No.48273481

Is it just me, or is the Kirby jump a bit skewed?
Star Warrior gets anime-style skill with a weapon
Ruler gets a wide arsenal of magic weaponry, and teleportation magic
Drop In gets the ability to corrupt others with Darkness
And HWC gives you fucking Supreme Commander style exponential building.

Meanwhile, Resident gets.... 'not being edible.' as its 600 cp perk...

>> No.48273496

>not appearing as edible to Kirby
>not being edible in the Torikoverse

>> No.48273497

Yeah, personally I'm surprised there's no not!Kirby perk, it seems like the obvious resident capstone.

>> No.48273498

And? Do you want to be fucking edible? Kirby will fuck you up and eat you if you are, that shit is more than worth it.

>> No.48273509

Considering the nerf to Waddle Dees, do you honestly think she's a good jumpmaker?

>> No.48273510

kirby's nice though, he wouldn't just eat someone for no reason

>> No.48273511

Well... when you consider the #1 cause of death in dreamland _is_ by being nommed...

>> No.48273517

Personally (and this is just me), I'd assume that falls under the umbrella of things you can't change mostly because I don't know if time magic would be enough to affect fiat, which purchases sort of fall under. Pretty sure it definitely would if you wanted to 'buy' or have not bought anything soul related.

You could certainly change your thousands of years of training in Civ into whatever would help you at the time though, which is insanely useful.

Really? Huh, there is a note saying that. Holy crap. I guess we can use MtAw magic with even less chance of paradox then.

>> No.48273519

>13. EX Rank Item Construction (Fate/Extra) to make it an A-Rank Noble Phantasm.
You can't actually make existing things NPs with Item Creation, just make new ones.

>> No.48273527

Some undead retain their vocal cords and can speak, so I assume you can just use necromancy to draw information out of dead bodies instead of wholesale reanimation every time.

>> No.48273533


I recall there being 'not edible' perks in other jumps, though, and not as expensive, or considered to be on the same tier as fucking SupCom or a huge arsenal of magic weaponry.

And besides, it's not that fucking hard to not get eaten by Kirby. Just don't start shit, and give Kirby some of the food you no doubt have stocked in your warehouse. Prove yourself a bigger source of tasty food than would be gotten by eating you, and befriend the puffball.

>> No.48273535

They could grab Knight of Honor or whatever it is called and make any weapon they hold into a low ranked NP, which would give a bit of a boost. Not as much as making an NP, I think, but still useful.

>> No.48273544

True enough.

>> No.48273547

Yet another good point. Solving a murder with ES magic looks to be solved with Necromancy. That's actually really useful.

>> No.48273548

You're assuming that there's anything left of who they were after their death. Soul effects in TES don't work unless you use them before the moment of death, though - hence why you can't cast Soul Trap after killing someone.

>> No.48273553

I'm not that well versed in TeS lore, but doesn't necromancy just reanimate their bodies with magicka, not bring their soul back?

>> No.48273556

Read >>48273509

>> No.48273567

Yeah, perks might count as shape of your soul. But it's certainly something I'd try if I had Time 5, given how unbelievably useful that'd be if it worked. Also, yes, if you can't see why being able to completely reshape ten thousand years of experience and skill would be worth picking up a magic system for, I don't know what to say.

So, Fate, Time, and Matter as your 5s?

>> No.48273577

I'll have to get a ruling on this. According to this >>48224367 we can elevate something through the use of a 'blank legend'.

How does this stop me from applying it to a gun I personally made? I confused, not being all snappy.

>> No.48273578

No one cares, bancho

>> No.48273579

Not that anon, but in Skyrim reanimated mages keep their spells, and warriors still have just as much skill with a sword and the like.

>> No.48273586

skills != memories

>> No.48273588

What the fuck does it matter? They still talk and have knowledge that their bodies did. Even if they don't have the souls, that's irrelevant to their knowledge.

>> No.48273594

Not sure about the other games, but in Skyrim at least there are plenty of cases where the zombies you create mumble things like "It hurts!" while just standing around.

Also, there's that one creepy dude who resurrects the souls of the women he kills so he can sleep with them.

>> No.48273600

But it's super easy to befriend Kirby.
Hell, Residents also get a discount to Max Tomatoes, which even states:
> It's Kirby's favorite food, so if you give one to him you're sure to get on his good side (unless you do something terrible, like steal his cake, in hich case he'll have to stop you).

Just buy that for 200 cp (or 100 with discount) and get the same main benefit from it, avoiding Kirby's hunger.

>> No.48273603

Memories aren't souls or personhood. They have nothing to do with whether or not you're you. Even if you lost your soul, you'd retain your memories because that's entirely a bodily thing.

>> No.48273614

Does the fact that any form of damage other than simple mundane weapons is considered magic damage in Skyrim make magic resistance enchantments from that jump really powerful?

>> No.48273626

I went Space, Time, and Life actually, for full powered Manifold Presence.I did end up with Matter 4 and Fate 4 though. I imported companions too, so we do cover all of the Arcanum.

Also, making Gross Mater is awesome. With the powder you can turn any area affect spell into a grenade.

Space warping grenades are awesome.

>> No.48273627

Possibly, but death is a pretty traumatic experience and I don't think they'd necessarily remember or even know who killed them.

There's also the issue of "if this is possible, why has nobody done it?"

>> No.48273633

Max Tomatoes don't buy you inedibility to non-Kirbies though.

At most, there's one jump that has a "your blood is disgusting" perk, and that's Horror Movie. Nothing else really exists for making you literally unappetizing to all of the hungry mofos in existence, not to mention the fact that NOTHING IN TORIKO WANTS TO EAT YOU - even if you have Gourmet Cells.

When we've hit the plot stride where DEVOURING THE MERE IDEA OF CONCEPTS IS A THING.

>> No.48273656

Yes, but even a minute of brain death can cause huge damage to a person's memory. If you revive them past a certain point, how much are they going to remember?

>> No.48273662

Dubs confirmed - be so inedible Galactus takes a bite out of Australia, tastes Jumper, goes blegh and spits everything back out.

>> No.48273664

Starjun's started reacting faster than light. He still can't move that fast, but his perceptions can keep up with things that are.

>> No.48273676

Clearly more than you're giving credit for.

>> No.48273689

Why Australia in particular?

>> No.48273719

I'm not sure I understand. What do you mean? Are you referring to how undead mages or warriors retain their skills? As was already mentioned, procedural memory is not the same thing as autobiographic memory, your brain stores them in different ways. That's why someone with anterograde amnesia can't remember what they did five minutes ago but can still develop proficiency at a task. Reviving a dead person could leave them able to function perfectly well but unaware of how they died or even who they are.

>> No.48273731

...But that would require his eyes to perceive photons before they were generated. So he's seeing precognitively?

>> No.48273734

Australia is a death continent. With things like Armored Spiders, drop bears and being overrun with spiders that love living inside your house.

>> No.48273741

Yes, that's actually stated to be the case. He's seeing photons before they get to his eyes. Some sort of weird time-warping thing based in using Back Channels.

>> No.48273749

>spiders that love living inside your house
Inb4 Rachnera.

>> No.48273765

Son. Do you know HALF the monsters that live in Straya? It's not all cuddly kangaroos, wallabies, and koalas.

And even the kangaroos want to shred your flesh like paper maché.

>> No.48273768
File: 42 KB, 500x363, Saber.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.48273782
File: 207 KB, 472x599, Roger_Tekken_6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

All Kangaroos have a natural boxing skills.

>> No.48273793

Could I learn all the dragon shouts by kissing Parthunax as a tamaranian?

>> No.48273795
File: 23 KB, 600x177, garfield spider.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.48273802

Not him but Koala's are fucking nightmare fuel, have you seen them covered in water? Fuckers are monsters, thats how they get you. Do ceiling spiders exist in Australia? Like holy fuck.

>> No.48273815

They sweat poison, you know.

>> No.48273816

Yes, and it's venom likely causes crotch rot.

>> No.48273865

Unless I've got my numbers wrong, at Gnosis 5 you can get 5/5/5/4/4/3/3/3/2/2. This means there's two arcanum you'll only have 2 dots in, but it's better than nothing, and is enough to use their special effects, like adding Space 2 to do sypmathetic casting, or adding Time 2 and Fate 2 for conditional spells that will be cast when something happens.

>> No.48273888

I maintain that MtA magic is trash tier and that nobody should go for it, but if you shitheads want to eat your own gore over it, be my guest.

>> No.48273889

>Koala's sweat poison
What the fuck? Can the spiders fly as well and reproduce asexually? What the fuck is this place
You remind me that theres a spider that gives you a boner that actually kills you.You remind me that theres scary shit in nature we haven't found yet. Like seriously fuck everything, blow up the ocean and sanction off Australia as a place where the old ones still roam.
>Captcha says pick the oceans
See this is what I'm saying.

>> No.48273898

Are order perks discounted for their order or are they limited to being bought by that order?

>> No.48273900

Sure, or they could fuse in an existing NP or make an NP attachment or any number of other ways around it, I'm just pointing out Val has said you can't directly make an existing item an NP.

For context, Noble Phantasms are basically the embodiment of a legend, for example Hercule's 12 Labours and the godhood he was granted becomes God Hand, a Noble Phantasm granting him 12 lives and super durability when he's summoned. The "make a blank legend that turns into a Noble Phantasm" statement (>>http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/46364597/#q46367184) was talking about something you're crafting with special materials, methods and so on (the anon she was responding to mentioned using the heart of a dragon to make a laser), and then the finished product becoming an NP. Just look at the next line down
>You do have to make all the parts yourself, as if you were making a normal version of that item. So you don't have to literally create the metal that makes up your gun from nothing but you do have to make it from the base materials up.

>> No.48273905

Australia it's our world's catachan.

>> No.48273906

>What the fuck? Can the spiders fly as well and reproduce asexually? What the fuck is this place
It actually makes sense. Koalas near-exclusively eat eucalyptus, which in the quantities they consume is toxic. So they sweat the concentrated poison out through their skin, saving themselves and rendering them unpalatable for predators.

>> No.48273912

I thought Koalas don't have sweat glands.

>> No.48273922

No, MK doesn't write for ESO. He has his own drug fueled ramblings spread across blogs and forums and the elder scrolls library. Its actually kinda a pain in the ass to find it all.

Magic TV's are from something about the sixth era if I recall. Might have been in the c0da writings.

>> No.48273923

Aren't eucalyptus trees also chronically on fire due to their own biologically produced napalm?

>> No.48273924

>What the fuck? Can the spiders fly as well and reproduce asexually? What the fuck is this place
Uh, funny you should say that...

>> No.48273949

Well, I don't think they're technically sweat glands. So fine, they secrete eucalyptus poison, not sweat it.

Yep. And it's mild, by Australian vegetation standards. Look up the Stinging Gimpi some time. It's horrifying, sheds toxic hairs into the air around it so that just by being near it you can be poisoned.

>> No.48273953

>Also, there's that one creepy dude who resurrects the souls of the women he kills so he can sleep with them.

I do not remember this.

>> No.48273956

How powerful do I need to be with the force to stop a blaster bolt midair?

>> No.48273975

Y'know most koalas have the Clamp?

>> No.48273982

Probably not terribly strong, Kylo Ren probably substitutes power for finesse though in that instance because he's a chaotic mess with good jedi genes.

>> No.48273995

Wouldn't stopping a laser bolt be a midair bad idea? Wouldn't it explode?

>> No.48273996

I'd ask how you know that, but given your "unique" tastes I'd much rather just let the question lie.

>> No.48274006
File: 257 KB, 457x750, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm waiting for Kylo to be the actual protagonist and Rey being the antagonist. I doubt Abrams has that much creativity though.

>> No.48274007

Less powerful than you start at in the OT jump. Deflecting blaster bolts with your hands is harder, but you can buy the skill for it.

>> No.48274013

>>48273906Whoa, I take that back, that shit's actually cool, there still terrifying when their drenched in water, not as scary as sloths but still.
>>48273924Jesus buttfucking christ that is fucking terrifying,I would rather it rain knives than spiders. Now I'm reminded spider crabs exist, fuck Skitter man, she bypassed the aquaman meme and went straight to nightmare fuel alley
>>48273949That sounds pretty spooky, I wonder if Cordyceps are also a thing there. I remember seeing a picture of a tarantulla with huge ass stalks on it's body that was actually had it's innards inside it, the fungus parasite was hollowing the body and keeping the useful stuff in storage

>> No.48274016

Almighty then. Thanks I'll just absorb an A Rank NP with the Enchantment. So that'll change my build up by a few steps.
Chekhov's Gun
1. Base weapon Gravity Beam Emitter (Blame!)
2. Enchanted (King Arthur) to 'Absorb other items and gain their properties'
3. Absorbed Tracking Gun (Blame!) from >>48052946
4. Dragon-Forged Weapon (Merlin)
5. Import as Barrel Replica (KNK)
6. Import as Seventh Holy Scripture (KNK)
7. Absorbed my Caster (Outlaw Star)
8. Absorbed the Dark Matter Gun (FFXIV)
9. Import as a Golden Weapon (Magical Girl Noir)
10. Utilized Dreadnought Engineering to upscale it to short rifle status.
11. Sword Plant (King Arthur) short rifle.
12. Using Let's Make It Better (Unholy Heights) to improve the traits.
13. EX Rank Item Construction (Fate/Extra) to make an A-Rank Noble Phantasm. [Be sure to use Monster Hunter part, Orichalcum, Orihalcon, Obdurium, etc.]
14. Fill 'Blank Legend' with Colorful Backgrounds (Drakengard)
15. Absorb A-Rank Noble Phantasm.

>> No.48274018

That's true, yes. Chlamydia is incredibly common in koalas. They also have two sets of genitals each, fingerprints indistinguishable from those of humans, and literally feed their babies shit. Koalas are horrifying. They're basically Australia's tutorial animal to make you realize that even the cute things there aren't to be trusted, so that when you encounter dingos later you know to be on your guard.

>> No.48274024

That is a completely separate power, stopping a blaster bolt in motion is just a matter of power and skill with TK.

>> No.48274039

But dingos are our ally, the only thing that stands a chance against the ravenous rabbit hordes.

>> No.48274061

NO! That's just what the dingoes want you to think so you'll let down your guard. They will eat your face the moment you stop thinking of them as monsters.

>> No.48274063
File: 327 KB, 500x650, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well their poop is literally just the same stuff they eat. They recieve so little from what they eat. It's same with Pandas, baby Pandas eat their mother's poop before moving up to bamboo. It's like baby step between milk & their specialized food.

They also eat stray babies.

>> No.48274065

I assure you, while pictures of them are widely considered cute seeing them in real life really kills the charm. They are smelly, make loud unpleasant noises, dumb as hell, rather aggressive and equipped with very sharp teeth and claws, and not actually all that fluffy. Although that last one may just have been because the koalas in question were fucking filthy.

>> No.48274071

Ha. There's a lesson for America. Whether it's rabbits or mexicans, building a great big wall won't stop them from breeding everywhere.

Nah, only the chest is fluffy. Rest is just tough fur and hide.

>> No.48274077

>They also eat stray babies.
At least they don't murder them for kicks like dolphins.

>> No.48274080

Oh, I know, man. I know. I'm just trying to warn everyone else so they understand that under that seemingly-cuddly exterior they're actually horror-beasts.

>> No.48274096

>They also eat stray babies
Yeah well who doesnt do that?

>> No.48274097

Hey, that's only bottlenoses, which are actually a relatively rare species that just gets more exposure. Most dolphin species are nicer than that.

>> No.48274112

Typical discounted rather than limited. Refer to the individual jumps, though, for precise mechanics.

>> No.48274124

He's in a dungeon, search on one of the islands in the ocean and you should find him.

>> No.48274134
File: 41 KB, 380x453, koala kick ass.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.48274142
File: 221 KB, 990x720, Dolphins are friendly.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.48274148

So we need to import Dingos.

>> No.48274157

No we need to import dragons. They probably originated there anyway.

>> No.48274170

>dingos are our ally
Don't believe their lies, anon. Those shifty bastards are in league with the cassowaries.

>> No.48274175

At least koalas dont have viral communicable face cancer like Tasmanian Devil's do.

>> No.48274186

>Australian dragons
Ugh. They'd be the worst. All the nastiness of native Australian wildlife coupled with the obnoxious shitposting bantz of native Australians.

>> No.48274190

Fuckers are like modern raptors.

>> No.48274197
File: 48 KB, 527x398, quokka1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can we trust the quokkas?

>> No.48274208

With a smug smile like that, what do you think?

>> No.48274209

Again, you're just thinking of bottlenose dolphins. There are lots of species of dolphin, most of them aren't nearly as big jerks as the bottlenose is. It's just that the prevalence of bottlenoses in marine parks and movies means that they're the ones people think of when they hear "dolphin".

>> No.48274227

Yes, quokkas are trustworthy. As are some species of wombat. The other marsupials, not so much. And don't even get me started on the monotremes.

>> No.48274240
File: 57 KB, 679x650, Dragons Down Under.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Australian Dragon. Hrm, pic related.

>> No.48274253

What about the sheep?

>> No.48274254

>Finally find a creature from australia that isnt a horrifying monster.
>Its going extinct.

Way to enforce those stereotypes australia you heartless evil elder bitch.

>> No.48274262

Some placental mammals can be trusted. Not all.

>> No.48274267

Not enough testicles. Or poison.

>> No.48274284

Nah sheep are just fluffy goats, have you seen their eyes? Look at them and tell me they arent the eyes of evil.

>> No.48274307

Well if you're a Kiwi, those eyes are bedroom eyes.

>> No.48274314

Talk to New Zealand they know more about sheep than anyone.

>> No.48274324

Kiwis are deformed potato birds they dont know any better.

>> No.48274329
File: 95 KB, 800x480, 800x480-Y_Ddraig_Goch.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What did you say about my waifu!?

>> No.48274344

Oh look we have some New Zealanders here.

>> No.48274349

Isn't smug enough.

>> No.48274447
File: 110 KB, 634x896, tom.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>New Zealander
Bitch, I will cut you.

>> No.48274450

So can you take both raildexes or not? Im kinda eyeing meltdowner.

>> No.48274503

Would you prefer kiwis then?

>> No.48274504

Only one. You shouldn't take magic because raildex magic is a fucking trap more dangerous than the WoD.

>> No.48274515

I got a combination of yeses and nos when I asked.

Kept both builds as it was all pretty inconclusive and otherwise I'd have wasted 20 minutes. Haven't been able to ask the creator.

>> No.48274535

And once you do, follow the example of your fellow anon and create an army of artificial espers at your command with a brainwave network so you can multi skill that bitch.

Also level 6 shift potentially.

>> No.48274537

So, in Young Justice the Atlanteans used "science and sorcery" to adapt their bodies to aquatic conditions, while remaining genetically human. Even the ones with the Innsmouth Look, according to Weisman.

YJ itself is vague on how this worked. What other DC media would be best to research the details? I know Earth-16 flips a bunch of stuff on its head compared to other versions but I'd like to have something to look at while I'm fanwanking.

>> No.48274589


>> No.48274630

So, no taking both jumps.

I can link the post that states you can never achieve level 6 too if you want, and the admission that magic is objectively superior in power and the utter lack of concern for consistency of balance between the two, but whatever.

Do that yourselves.

>> No.48274764

>follow the example of your fellow anon

Because anon's made so many wise decisions in the past, am I right?

>> No.48274808
File: 635 KB, 500x312, catseyes.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well fair enough. No idea why nobody pointed that out before. Science has been deleted and A Certain Magical Index has been retconned thusly as I'd rather have Clairvoyance than the electric one:

27 years old
Liberal Arts City
Evocation 50
Index 350
Rituatlist 450
Sorcerer 550
Esper - Clairvoyance 1150
Channelling 1250
Symbolic Weapon 1300
Biter 1200
Tech-Illiterate 1000

>> No.48274820

This seems kind of. . . wrong. The idea that a jump can block off another doesn't seem right, even if both are based on the same setting and especially if they are so different in tone/theme.

>> No.48274832

In this case, it was the actually very thoroughly researched and well planned.

Just enter Railgun with a healthy supply of brains or anything that can substitute like bio-crafting or advanced technology that can mimic the human nuerobiology, take Hard Science, and break everything.

>> No.48274834

Which is why Reploid was looking to fix that.

Unfortunately, just like Dirge, Reploid's... gone.

>> No.48274855

The whole Level 6 thing is kind of bullshit considering all the shit magic already has over it without such a hard cap.

>> No.48274863

IRL stuff, chased off or other?

>> No.48274881

Nobody has an idea, he just... disappeared.

>> No.48274891

>How big can that hangar get KOTOR?
As big as it needs to be.

>> No.48274892

That. . . just makes me want to ignore that ruling even more.

>> No.48274910

Do it, just don't be an asshole about it. Far as I remember the big issue was the Spy origin in either jump possibly clashing, but I've admittedly slept & gotten blackout drunk since then so my memory's about as clear as mud.

>> No.48274936

If I remember right you could take both jumps just take the other when you are nearing the end of your chain.

>> No.48274977

How bad would the Keikaku Keystone drawback from Railgun really be? From what I can see it doesn't say anything to the tune of having to fight the major nopes of the setting.

>> No.48274985

You can probably ignore it given the apparent difficulty of actually achieving it.

>> No.48275006
File: 22 KB, 390x344, 126499727512.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tentative build.

(World of Darkness: Mortal)
-Background: Scholar (Free) -Learn what I can.
-Occult Path: Low Thaumaturge (900CP) -MAAAAGIC.
-Professional (Free) -I've majored in Biochemistry!
-The Forbidden Fruit (600CP) (Discount) -Being able to comprehend things is good.
-Mr. McMuscles (500CP) -Always be fit as well.
-Striking Looks (400CP) -SUPER PRETTY YAAAAAS.
-Demonology (200CP) -...let's face it, doing demonic stuff is cool.
-Alchemy (External) (-100CP) -Transmuting materials is ALWAYS useful.
-Alchemy (Internal) (-400CP) -And ALWAYS IMPROVE THE SELF.
-Geomancy (Thaumaturge Free) -SHIFTING THE GARDEN WITH THIS.
-Second Sight (Thaumaturge Free) -Seeing the immaterial is useful.
-See Auras (Thaumaturge Free) -Seeing emotions and psychic auras is ALSO useful.
-A Collection of Literature (Free) -YAAAAY READING.
-Foci (Free) -A foci to enhance rituals is always good. Yes.
-Locus Access (-1000CP) -A wellspring of essence? GARDEN.
-The Hunt Is On (-600CP)
-Dark Conspiracy (0CP)
Dice Rolls: New Orleans, Louisiana, 27 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

>it's New Orleans
>a dark wave of dread washes over everyone
>the interdimensional traveler MUST DIE. Why? They exist and have bullshit
>I am literally being hunted down for what I am

I may or may not have made a few errors. But hey, plenty of Alchemy, Geomancy to arrange areas for a magical enhancement, a good spirit well... what's not to like?

>> No.48275013

Don't ask, don't tell. Most of us who went for multi skill network would effectively end up involved in that shit anyway, so if you plan to be noticed, you might as well instead plan around having already been noticed.

>> No.48275091

Hm. Could anyone tell what I can actually do with a Locus or the Essence it gives, without Skin-Shifter/Purified stuff?

>> No.48275104

Fuck Imagine Breaker, that looks like the biggest trap option ever! It basically amounts to telling you that you will be forced into the same kind of BS as the MC while at the same time telling you that you'll die if you try the MC's bullshit. It even explicitly gives you Touma's bad luck but not his plot armor even though they are literally the same thing!

Raildex acknowledges Touma's plot armor as an actual thing that is caused by Imagine Breaker as part of his bad luck, if he dies his bad luck is over. Presumably this is also the case with the harem shenanigans because while it is good luck it also provides more opportunities for bad luck

>> No.48275118
File: 967 B, 240x133, 1423620237679.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have absolutely no idea. I just thought it'd make another neat thing to make a Well out of in my garden.

>> No.48275161

>Can elder scrolls allow you to create an area of infinite magical energy leaking out of a rift in space?
That's literally what the Sun is in Elder Scrolls.

>> No.48275222

I get the distinct impression that the jumpmaker didn't know what kinds of bullshit show up later on in that setting.

>> No.48275233

Yeah, but that's the hole left by the god of magic when he realized making Tamriel was a trap and punched a hole in reality to get the fuck out before it was too late. Not something your average Archmage is going to pull off.

>> No.48275239

I now mentally insert the words "autism trigger" anytime someone types the words "trap option."

>> No.48275240

Is it really?

>> No.48275256


Raildex is deserving the title "Autism Trigger."

>> No.48275257

Yes, and all the stars too.

>> No.48275278

But are they something you can concievably do as a mage feom that setting?

>> No.48275304

Punching a hole into Aetherius is technically possible, but it's basically their man on the moon. It's incredibly hard, expensive, requires a spaceship, and their own negligence and incompetence has lead to them losing the technology needed to do it.

>> No.48275309

A mage from that setting? No. A jumper with disgusting amounts of magic perks? Possibly.

>> No.48275315

Irrelevant. It's a feat. We're the ones responsible for bringing the raw power necessary.

>> No.48275328


>> No.48275338

You do realize demons is just some appellation someone in thread uses to talk about them? I mean the things actually referred to as Demons are even more BS, being Supernal beings you can call down for a bit if you're a Mastigos that have utterly ridiculous magical abilities. Also there's Goetic Demons, though killing those to eat their soul is inadvisable due to them actually being negative parts of a person's psyche.

Don't get into Inferno Demons though. Those things are weird as heck and have issues with trying to eat them due to being more fragments of a greater being. They use sin and vice to widen the opening they're using to access reality, which is their method of gaining power. With the implication being they're already ridiculously powerful but limited in what they can exert outside of their home in the Lower Depths.

>> No.48275356

Elder Scrolls necromancy, depends on what spell you're casting. Generally with quickly and lazily made undead, you ARE bringing a soul back into the body. A random one. The magic just grabs the first soul it can get its hands on and shoves it into the body, which is part of the reason why undead are so violent and confused, they're not in their original bodies

>> No.48275363

Were we getting Re:Monster jump?

>> No.48275364

No, paradox has been referred to as demons otherwise. Stop picking these random fights from topic earlier in the thread by the way, it's obvious that its all you samefagging to try and perpetuate stale bait.

>> No.48275378

Not that I have seen.

>> No.48275384

No, the only power that has been displayed in detail is OP. As such any jump made there would have to include it and therefore be a power grab.

>> No.48275387

I thought fast and loose necromancy used vary miner daedra spirits instead of souls?

>> No.48275390

Isn't that the setting where the MC gets more powerful for every women he fucks in his harem?

>> No.48275415

Visiting family this week, so haven't been able to be on much.
Essence is also useful for interacting with Spirits. It's their food source, so having control of and access to a Locus makes a decent bargaining chip, since it's basically a constant wellspring of food. Other than that you could theoretically mess around with trying to get it to form Spirits through Essence buildup, or use it in conjunction with Mage (where Prime and Spirit at 4 let you convert Essence to Mana and vice versa), or wait for Werewolf to come out because they also run on Essence.

>> No.48275430

No it is the setting where the MC gets more powerful for for every thing he eats.

His harem members however do get stronger when he fucks them, probably due to an ability he got from one of his "meals".

>> No.48275432
File: 34 KB, 285x281, 1235015880751.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Unlikely, unless someone can somehow make a jump that doesn't make the MC's power the only thing worth grabbing.

Yes, and he apparently can make them stronger with that method too. It's about the time I just dropped the series completely, it had gotten far too ridiculous.

>> No.48275436

Prove it.

>> No.48275450

Is there any jump that offers powers that are similar to the flash villain the top?

>> No.48275463
File: 79 KB, 431x767, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Right so what is the dumbest, cheesiest thing you've ever worn?

this is the new kamen rider

>> No.48275465

I only got to the part where he grew 4 arms and became a god is there someplace I can read more?

>> No.48275476

Prove that you are not secretly a shark shitposting about based dolphins.

>> No.48275483

Level 6 makes you the equivalent of a Magic God.

>> No.48275499

Which Crowley frequently steps on.

>> No.48275509


>> No.48275537

There are already jumps with absorbing powers though

>> No.48275539

And? Magic gods are fucking shit tier at this point. There are tonnes of them and Crowley fucks all their shit up like they're fucking nothing.

More than that, arbitrary hardcaps on power that has to be earned to begin with through the jumper's own individual effort and creativity to accomplish, have always been looked down upon even for good reasons like internal jump balance, which isn't even valid as an argument for raildex which is full to bursting with people that are easily more powerful than even the equivalent to the thing which is locked to you.

>> No.48275541

A magic god that only works at a 50/50 rate.

>> No.48275545

Okay, cool. Thanks. A locus/essence isn't all that useful to me then, but cool.

...Wait, would demons I can call with Demonology be interested?

>> No.48275570

I just want you to prove other dolphins aren't assholes.

>> No.48275576

The only true power copying I have found in /jc/ is Jumper Charisma + Lip Service + Sacrificial Bestowment or some minor variation of this still dependent on Sacrificial Bestowment.

>> No.48275588

Videogame themed?

His hair reminds me of an old peripheral company's logo.... Madcats? They had a shadow with spiky hair like that.

>> No.48275599

No that is just Magic Gods, they are full reality warpers that have a 1/2 chance of ANYTHING that they want happening at will. If it fails they can just try again with another 1/2 chance.

>> No.48275602

The jump doesn't make you Crowley or let you be a Magic God either. They're supposed to be all powerful, and Crowley is more powerful than all powerful, neither of the three is offered and shouldn't be.

>> No.48275605

>No, paradox has been referred to as demons otherwise
I don't believe you. I'm also pretty sure they wouldn't count as demons, even if they were called that by official sources, so you don't need to prove it, as I'm just going to dismiss the idea that they're demons that can be subsumed with Take Over completely from the outset.

>> No.48275614

And why shouldn't they be offered.

>> No.48275627

Godzilla has an eating based one and FF6 actually has like three, though two are magic based. FF8 also has one, I think FF14 does too, then we get into perks like Copycat and Mimic that fiat let you copy something by watching it.

>> No.48275633

They aren't offered. Nobody fucking asked for them. They're saying its retarded to lock that level of power from ever being achieved outright because this is jump chain.

>> No.48275635

I was thinking of this.
but looking at it now I see that it is from ESO, so disregard.

>> No.48275638

inb4 you rant about how their shouldn't be any limits on anything. I know your bait.

>> No.48275643

>Videogame themed?
Seems so, his base form is called Level 2 so there's that

>> No.48275646

Pretty much any bluemage can copy powers.

>> No.48275660

Well, having it available as something that can be achieved at all is basically the same as just giving it to everyone for free.

You have to lock it, or people might actually get it, and then what? You can't allow that.

>> No.48275674

Imagine how terrifying that would be.
Where is that comic on FF8 of that one teacher devouring a fucking T-Rex.

>> No.48275678


The lack of self awareness in how obvious this bait is, is frankly disturbing. Are Limitwankers legitimately retarded?

>> No.48275684

Quistis eats a behemoth I think.

>> No.48275691
File: 148 KB, 680x1175, Sweet god why.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nevermind I found a similar one to it.

>> No.48275698

And why shouldn't they be offered if, evidently, you can easily become a fucking Magic God?

If it's possible to attain, it should be offered for CP.

>> No.48275702
File: 51 KB, 159x200, technically i have to accept that.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.48275707

Yep, non-canon trash. They shit all over the lore at every chance.

>> No.48275711

Still terrifying as hell don't you think? Seeing a person devour an entire fucking behemoth. Live I might add.

>> No.48275721

It's not. It's restricted too.

>> No.48275733

I legit love that spell it inflicts every bad status on your targets in a cone from you.

>> No.48275752

I never understood that.

>> No.48275756

Just shut the fuck up. The ruling is that you can't become either at any point, deal with it, accept it, and stop bitching, it's unsightly and I can't stand it.

>> No.48275758

Oh yes, and where did it go anyway?

>> No.48275773


Do you get UP in the morning with this point-of-view, or does it take a few dozen beers and a few hits on the bong?

>> No.48275782

As I recall, Reploid said that as a temporary patch you could do both jumps if you didn’t take the Spy capstone in either.

>> No.48275785

Bad breath typically comes from marlboro monsters, plants with teeth whose mouths are filled with poison rot and viruses.

>> No.48275797
File: 36 KB, 500x375, straight to the thighs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She ate it. Where do you think it went?

>> No.48275801
File: 279 KB, 493x1620, Sweet mother of mercy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I found it.

>> No.48275805

What is it that makes the Spy origin an issue?

>> No.48275813

That ruling is retarded though.

No one agreed with it or the one that disallows you from taking both jumps in Raildex from the beginning, and reploid's gone, so it really doesn't matter if we want to become Level 6 or Majin given how stupid it is that with all the things in jump chain you were never allowed to use them to improve yourself in either scope further than the effective default offered by both jumps.

>> No.48275818

Fuck off, stop pretending to be me. Admittedly had misremembered, checking sources again it's occasionally referred to as such for the more directly obvious species. Good to confirm you're a false flagging asshole who can't be bothered to check his sources though.

>> No.48275822

and with blue magic you could copy that. Horrifying I understand why the MC of FF8 is always silent now. He was traumatized by all the blue magic shit.

>> No.48275838

>pretending to be you
>to be you
Fuck. Off.

>> No.48275840

Did that spell turn her into a mini-prototype or something?

>> No.48275853

Does that mean the trepe fan club is like a bunch of cultists?

>> No.48275855

Is it possible to get that power?

>> No.48275862

Holy fuck, the paranoia and egoism. Is this what real shitposting looks like?

Put on a fucking trip why don't you.

>> No.48275872

Yup. Just grab Blue Magic.

>> No.48275873

> It's because of conflicts between perks in both jumps, as well as the base abilities granted. Specifically, the Spy backgrounds. Gonna have to find ways to fix this.

>Relax, go ahead and do it. It won't be done for a while, and it's a simple matter of modifying the Spy capstone to do something if you buy it in both jumps. Aside from that, the notes page.

>> No.48275881

Well they threaten to kill Squall for hanging out with Quistis.

>> No.48275915

The Blue Magic perk appears to only give you the ability to replicate the powers of enemies after a through investigative dissection.

>> No.48275929

Wait, never mind the second quote, misread on my part.

>> No.48275932

Then just fucking do it. I'm pretty sure it's not actually written in the jump, though I may be mistaken, so just say you get their eventually because you have psionics boosting perks or whatever. People won't give much of a shit as long as you actually have a valid basis for being able to grow that much.

>> No.48275940

Devour is an enemy technique.

>> No.48275958

Is it? I thought it was a GF ability.

>> No.48276019

Also Also:
>Additionally, if you do both in quick succession, it defeats the purpose of the Spy background, which offers Esper abilities in the Magic side and Magic in the Science side. I haven't figured out how to reconcile that yet though, but once that's solved, it shouldn't be an issue anymore.

So, the issue seems to be the Spy background, which isn’t such a big problem if you don’t plan on taking it anyway.

>> No.48276031

Ummm. Shit. You might be right, I thought it was a t rex ability too but now I am unsure.

>> No.48276083

No, he's right, you get it from Junctioning Eden. So I guess you'd just need to acquire Eden as a GF in the jump. Preferably also with the perks to let you do Junctioning without any detriments.

>> No.48276106

Wasnt there a item that gave you the ability too? I want to say there was but for the life of me I cant remember.

>> No.48276125

>I guess you'd just need to acquire Eden as a GF in the jump
The other way to get it, which may or may not actually be possible in jump because of how it relies on game mechanics, is to do a sidequest to get the Pupu card, then Card Mod it into the Hungry Cookpot, which can teach any GF the ability.

>> No.48276138

I care and will be forced to yell at him that he isn't allowed to do that because it's blatant cheating, and I'd rather people just follow the rules so I don't have to fling shit at them.

>> No.48276144

So, /jc/, the dice gods have decided to send to to Madoka as my first jump--exactly how screwed am I? I've heard a lot, but never actually watched it.

>> No.48276164

Restart your chain, the setting is garbage.

>> No.48276182

Basically, you'll probably die from giving into despair.

>> No.48276198
File: 75 KB, 582x741, 1458178980076.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The main characters are 13~ year old girls, and some of them survive. You just have to game the system.
Take the option that doesn't make you one of Kyubey's girls and you don't have to fight the witches at all, which makes the setting much more survivable.

>> No.48276213

Those cards better have ducks on them.

>> No.48276216

Surprised there's no Jimmy Neutron jump.

>> No.48276229
File: 27 KB, 750x600, Kyubey-kyubey-37419566-750-600.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

These other anons are greatly exaggerating the danger.
You'll be fine.
Trust me.

>> No.48276277

Could be fun, but does it have much worth offering besides a "you're a genius" perk?

>It has mutally exclusive The Pizza is Aggressive and Why helo it is i jimbles notronbo drawbacks

>> No.48276288

Spy origin?

>> No.48276327

You could draw from the Ultralord movie (not Planet Sheen, though you could if you wanted, the movie they made about Ultralord).

It's true that the genius origin would be the star, but there's other characters and villains you could use.

>> No.48276335


Yeesh, that bad? Maybe I will restart...I mean hey, I'm a bit of a masochist when it come to these things, but I'm not suicidal.

>> No.48276348

We obviously need a Beautiful Gorgeous beauty perk.

>> No.48276350

If they're bonded with Spirits yes. Possibly also if they're Dominions (demons who have enough of a foothold to manifest independently). Going through the book now because it's an odd one and likely to be important.

For instance, don't use supernatural abilities to try and verify the truth of a demon's statement, they come back whatever the demon wants when used for that particular purpose.

>> No.48276365

That's it
I'm Importing a dyson sphere
I'm gonna find a way to bring Halo with me and abuse the crap out of this

>> No.48276402

A Halo is pretty small, all things considered. Only about ten thousand kilometers in diameter, nowhere near Dyson Sphere-sized.

>> No.48276438

Space Captain Harlock gives you a free Arcadia-class if you take the captain background.

>> No.48276439

Build a Blame! City, of course you actually need a way to bring it with you and therefore import it.

>> No.48276470

Rolled 8 (1d8)

132 PS238
Age 6
Heroic/Villainous Legacy -50
Cristina Kyle -50
Mystery of the Mask, Alpha-Technological Skill(Generalist)-400, Boy/Girl Wizard(Enchanting)-400, Miscellaneous Meta(Thought Acceleration, Parallel Processing, Multitasking)-200,
Holographic Disguise, Power Armor(Basic Super Suit -100, Power Glove -200)-100,
Praetorian Prospect +200, Parody is Fair Use +300,
I'm being aggressively pursued for recruitment by a rather shady meta-human military acadamy. Everyone seems to want to hold me up as some sort of poster boy for some cause or another when all I really want to do is tinker with magitech. All this talk of heroics and villainy is just so exhausting. Honestly, it's silly there seems to be both some sort of league or guild or something trying to hold me up as some paragon of villainy while some council or team or something tries to claim me as the latest and greatest hero. Why can't they all just leave me alone and let me invent new toys. Hell, if they are nice I'll even sell some nice new toys to them. Sell to the heroes 'or' the villains? I think you mean 'and'.
1 Dead of Alive
2 Primal Rage
3 True Lies
4 Order of the Stick
5 Viking Saga
6 Killing Bites
7 Sunrider
8 Endless Legend

>> No.48276486

endless legend, I'll need a new 8.

>> No.48276496

Stack Blue Magic with the Primal Zerg tree, maybe a few other perks from the Zerg jump as well, and you should be good to go to cover that requirement.

>> No.48276513


>> No.48276527


>> No.48276576

His alien shipmate is weird but cute.

Yeah, the Zerg's ability to analyze things they've eaten would basically shortcut you into the power. Hell I bet if you take that web spinner perk from that jump, you'd be able to isolate what causes there powers and maybe get a choice instead of defaulting to most powerful.

>> No.48276577

Doies the Sister's companion option let you choose Last Order or Misaka Worst?

>> No.48276594

I think so, you're allowed any sister.

>> No.48276627

The Welsh also love Sheep.

>> No.48276647

A Regenerator World from Biomega would work better. That rapidly grows from a seeded supply of Reverse Phase Imaging Polymer, makes it much easier to build. And if you could learn to pause its growth at certain stages you could manage to fit it into your Warehouse to take it along for an import before it's gotten too big.Then import into Uncharted Waters so that all your companions can hang out on it when they're not in your active party, let it grow to its full length, and then for good measure do the standard dick-waving size boosts from Supreme Commander, Five Star Stories and FFXIV. You should get a ship some 324.87 astronomical units long. I don't have a figure for the diameter of the Regenerator World, so I can't say for sure if that's more or less volume than the Megastructure. But it should still be more than anyone needs. It's a ship whose length is three times that of the solar system, I'm sure you won't fill up all that space in a long time.

>> No.48276657
File: 621 KB, 356x200, blush.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So, I don't know shit about the Index setting but looking at the jump itself I don't see anything that looks particularly special. What is it about the perks that makes this jump so OP? Is it just the magic system in general, because as said I'm just not seeing it from the jump document itself.

Can someone help me out?

>> No.48276670

It's a Shounen, it does what Shounen do and Escalates.

>> No.48276674
File: 131 KB, 428x271, psion1457006191795.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looking back over that I should clarify that I'm talking about the magic-side jump. The science side is laid out easily enough that I get what I'm buying and why it is or is not that powerful / useful.

>> No.48276688

It's one of those settings with bullshit & badly-explained metaphysics that people here love to exploit.

It's a bit like Naruto and Worm in that regard - gets a lot of autists clamoring about it. Or at least here, it did in the past. Popularity slacked off for a time.

>> No.48276721

Raildex has Espers and Magicians. Most of the broken stuff is in the magic itself because holy fuck is it a broken and high powered system of magic, and in the level of bullshit that can be achieved with meta-knowledge of how it all functions and preparation, this applies to both Espers and Magicians. Basically, none of the perks are that strong, the only thing really useful about either jump is that it gives you access to playing around with their incredibly broken metaphysics.

>> No.48276737

So simply by virtue of jumping it you're assumed to get to the level of a magic god? There's no super capstone, the big prize is simply access?



>> No.48276761

It isn't the perks it is the setting itself. The upper power levels are horrifyingly ridiculous.

>> No.48276769

It follows the Toriko school of "escalate until things no longer make any sense whatsoever, and then keep escalating. Then escalate even harder."

To give you an idea, one of the arc bosses has the ability to defeat pretty much any foe automatically, and said ability is so broad it can consider "all of humanity" to be a foe. He was a mid-tier threat last time I checked.

>> No.48276774

Not really badly explained, since it's been explored enough to adequately justify the levels of exploitation.

The reason people stopped clamering for it was that people 'figured it out'.

Not really.

You still have to have a good enough explanation of your methods to justify it to the thread, the fact that there are methods don't make that problem of execution go away.

Not to ignore the fact that while people say a lot about how broken index magic is, they don't actually have nearly as much basis for their power as the Esper anons because they haven't explored it as thoroughly.

>> No.48276804

This is kind of inaccurate; the power levels were fucking stupid from the very fucking beginning.

>> No.48276805

Fiamma of the Right lasted several seconds against a Magic God, that is more impressive than it sounds since he is so far the only one other than fucking Crowley to be able to do fuckall against them.

>> No.48276806

>You still have to have a good enough explanation of your methods to justify it
This relates to that bit about theming your magic?

>> No.48276849

Okay, did some rough math and assuming that the Regenerator World has a diameter the same as that of the Earth (reasonable, considering that the base of it more or less absorbed the Earth), then the Megastructure has a volume ten million times greater than the size-boosted Regenerator World. Still, 635 million trillion cubic kilometers is nothing to sneeze at.

>> No.48276869

I've actually never seen anyone break raildex magic side like they have science side. Which is why think people don't talk about the magic much.

>> No.48276876

What are the best luck/plot armor perks?

>> No.48276894

You could just build a halo ark, thats a planet worth of space and it has cool halo attachments you could use as focusses for a kickass megabeam.

>> No.48276943

No, it's less than a planet's worth. A Halo has the same diameter as the planet Earth but being a ring instead of a sphere there's much less surface area. And the galaxy-cleansing weapon has no appeal to me, I've got better ways to cause mass destruction if I really wanted to. So yeah, I'm going to go with the method that gives me 7 orders of magnitude more volume to work with than a planet does. Lots more fun.

>> No.48276974

Not even.

When I came up with the science side stuff I posted like 7-8 wiki pages and then explained the principals of the setting that let me do what I wanted to do, then how I did it. You'd need to do way more than a magic theme to get on the level of the top tiers.

Here's a good start.


>> No.48277004

Oh no. He's doing it again. Can nothing save us?

>> No.48277022

The ark is lije 80k km wide. It is all inhabitable like a normal planet.

>> No.48277033

Huh. Someone who actually does some fucking setting research. That's rare in-thread lately, thank you.

>> No.48277040

No, it's only ten thousand kilometers wide. Same as Earth.

>> No.48277076
File: 26 KB, 628x775, 1137987-sizes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


For anyone not insane installation 0 or the ark is 127,530 kilometers (79,244 miles) wide.

>> No.48277089

Is that the lesser or greater ark? One is fuckhuge compared to the other.

>> No.48277099

I did this shit like over a year ago. All the research is already done and written down. The plans, they're already constructed and executed, a long time ago.

I was around to literally talk about this shit with the jump maker and he was pretty cool with it, weirdly enough. That's how much I put into figuring this shit out.

>> No.48277118

Oh! Sorry, I got confused. Somehow I thought you were talking about a regular Halo installation. Not sure how that happened. Sorry, I've gotten something like only six hours of sleep out of the last 48, I'm a bit loopy. My apologies.

>> No.48277128
File: 327 KB, 3358x2042, HaloPlanets2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lesser ark is installation 00 according to the wiki and bungie

>> No.48277141

Dude go sleep. Also I have not been able to find out the greater arks size, only that it could make halos.

>> No.48277148

No, no, if I go to sleep now it will just screw my sleep patterns up even more. I've got to tough it out until nightfall.

>> No.48277207

Like for an example.

Posting the Esper Boost Network.

AIM, and AIM fields, being an energy field subconsciously created by those with Esper abilities, or more specifically, their Personal Realities, are able to amplify the abilities of Espers through a phenomena called AIM field resonance. It's also shown that synchronizing an Esper's brainwaves with the brainwaves of other Espers in a network, or by using similar methods, can induce AIM field resonance, as well as the additional byproduct of improving their calculative abilities through offloading the calculations to a larger network with greater processing power.

Among other things, the existence of, and the mechanics behind, the Coffins, Level Upper, Exterior, and Body Crystal, are exemplary of functional application of the AIM field, of the capacity to create and develop Personal Realities, of the capacity to form working Multi-Skill Esper networks, and the potential to expand the extent of an Esper's calculation abilities by extending the processing and calculation resources through the use of a network.

The process by which Esper powers are developed in Humans, called Curriculum, is knowledge given to you by Hard Science, learned alongside a great deal of other knowledge culpable of the above. Considering this, by replicating the process by which Esper powers emerge in Humans within a technological analog, the jumper can construct a network of AIM processing units synced to each other, housed inside automatons capable of drawing on the power of the network to form and use Personal Realities as a Multi-Skill network, and distribute these across a large land area such that individuals with a network interface can access it's capabilities in the same way the automatons would.


>> No.48277212



>> No.48277247

Question, how is the misaka network set up? How does it work? Could we set ourselves up to be a single node for such a network then boost into a fully functional network via shadowclones?

>> No.48277254

Jesus Christ. Well, it's good enough for me!

>> No.48277269

It works based on the Misaka clones' ability to manipulate electromagnetic fields.

>> No.48277291

That really doesn't tell me anything. How does being able to manipulate electromagnetic fields allow you to become a computer?

>> No.48277318

I don't recall the specifics, but the basic idea is that the Misaka clones can use their Radio Noise skill (some sort of electromagnetic tele/technopathic sense) to connect to each other directly. Normally, this can not be done by Electromasters (as they all are different people, even if they manifest the same ability), but since all Misaka are Misaka this can be performed. This lets them communicate and share information like a hivemind, and even pool their brain power together to enhance calculation-based Esper abilities.

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