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Twitter: https://twitter.com/cegremo_hq
Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/RsZLWiRX

Hot new opening : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RIuBjGkycSs

The Major is currently attending Eileen's Parent-teacher meeting.

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Holy shit, this OP

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How long did it take you to make this dude?

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>Eileen's Parent-teacher meeting
I think the grammatically correct form is Eileens' parent-teacher meeting

>dat OP
We are not worthy.

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You know, I wanted to run my own quest sometime. But then I've seen this OP, and now I know I will never be good enough.

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Eileens are attending different schools, so this is a meeting about only one of them.

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I think it actually made me want to QM more myself. We don't need to compete, just have fun.

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First, let me have my puns in language other than my native.
Second, which Eileen? We need a guide to tell them apart or something.

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The pastebin has a guide.
The Eileen in question is Katie.

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...So in conclusion: Great scores all around, good chemistry with her classmates. What can I say, we've got her a perfect student well on her way to some great things! [He smiles at Eileen]

On final thing: The School Band Advisor wanted Eileen to come more often to band practice. I understand she's been missing quite a lot of them? Now, I know this is a complicated situation but I strongly advise Eileen to commit her club duties.

Too much.

Don't mistake my autism for what it takes to run a quest, anon.

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>line 243. -Stop with the headpats holy shit
Sides obliterated.

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I am glad to hear she is doing so well, though it sounds a little strange.

Eileen does have more than just the band as an extracurricular commitment, but she should still hold herself to her other hobbies.

I don't thinks it's a big concern, but I suppose it will be up to her to find the time again to commit to it.

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I don't care if her teac-!
Oh. Well, that's great actually. I'm glad to hear she's been doing so well. Unfortunately Eileen might not have the time to commit to her clubs like we would want.

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She practicing at home when she has time. Between saving the world and saving the world.

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Thanks for the input. I would love to help but Eileen's other activities are quite demanding in terms of the scheduling. Among other things.

Would taking private lessons instead of skipped band practices work? Or is the collective part vital? I'm sorry, music is not my forte.

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>animated OP
>guntentacles made it in
I love you Cegremo

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I know, I know. Eileen is a very special child in a very special place, but I can only give you my advice as a tea--

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Heads down, stay away from the window!

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Everybody down!

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Hit the deck, cover Eillen.

Damn it.

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pull out riot shield, cover eileen.

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Not this shit again

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Sorry to break it to you, but we don't carry a riot shield in our pocket.

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Cover Eileen, shout get down at the teacher.

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As of last thread, I think we do

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Well, duh. We carry it over the shoulder obviously.

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Duck and cover!

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M-major? What's going on? The window exploded!

[The emergency sirens are starting up, but the recorded message is heavily distorted]
>Warn--g! Co-- B Ev---ation -- in eff--t! A-l citize---ar- to ev--uate t- the---as--gned emerg--ncy cen----! Th-- is n-t a --ill. I --peat, this------ot a d--ll. All k---person--l are to r--ort to the G-----ont imm---ately.

[Eileen's teacher]
I-I need to get out of here! [He nearly shoves you while running for the door]

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Pull out gun and begin underwater escort mission to our car.
>stay frosty, could be a terrorist attack

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Call the HQ, demand sitrep.

>> No.48246275

Check on the desk if there is a phone. Hopefully it's a landline and we can contact HQ (I suppose we have pass code for those kind of situations).

Also check what is going on through the ... well, there is no window anymore.

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"Speaking of the devil..."

Get a car (commandeer one if we're by foot) and get to the GeoFront.

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Stay calm, Eileen. I'll get us back to the Geofront.

Let's check Eileen and ourselves then try to get an idea of what's going on from a quick glance out the window. Then let's make Misatos driving seem slow.

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Yeah, if it's impossible to call HQ, let's drift on Mont-Royal.

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[Seems like the whole grid is down: Both of your cellphones have no signal. The telephone on the desk isn't working either.]


[You quickly check through the window to see what caused the explosion.]

[Taking Eileen by the hand, you head for your car.]

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Is that a fucking laserbeam?

>> No.48246590

Obligatory low-orbit angel?

>> No.48246599

Units 03 and 08 are operational, right?

If that were the case, we just need sufficiently large mirror.

>> No.48246614

It is.

I guess our fanservice is the laserbeam.

Hey. Hey. NERV QM. Lasers don't count as fanservice.

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Well, it can't get much worse than last time, right?

>> No.48246665

They count as horrible disfiguring though.

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>Lasers don't count as fanservice.
They do when you can loot them from corpse of fallen enemy and they are still functional.

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Major, are those con trails? Do you think they sent Ji Eun?

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Sorry, I'm looking at the road at the moment!

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This angel better not be in outer fucking space.

>> No.48246938

I don't know ... Maybe they are trying to poke it with some cruise missile.
Standard procedure include an early scan with the AWAC but I doubt they have time for standard procedure.

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It's hard to say, more likely to be missiles. If that was a laser, I would guess the object is a satellite or an Angel.

He gave us the chance to do space training and research

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We never took that chance

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Game over

>> No.48246992 [SPOILER] 

Welp, GG.

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I kept thinking we wouldn't need it since we had the positron cannon. But now our sniper is out of commission ;~;

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[Every circulation light you've seen along the way was non-functional.]

M-major! We need to hurry, we can't be stuck here!

>> No.48247036

I'm pretty sure we've got E.V.A. equipement and launchers or at least some primitive version of it. We bought a little of those stuff for the 3rd or 4th angel that was orbiting earth.

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>health bar

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>> No.48247077

Quick! The Emergency stopping lane!

>> No.48247093

>end of the world imminent
>we're stuck in a traffic jam
somehow, this feels appropriate

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If that thing shooting a laser beam is what I think it is, then i believe so.

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Truely a summery of human civilization.

>> No.48247130

Keep an eye out for somebody on motorbike. We can borrow it and sneak through the traffic.

>> No.48247158

Let's see where we are after this beam strike first.

>> No.48247252

I-I'm alright, I think.

What should we do now, Major? Your car is a mess...

Oh- Are you hurt? I-is that, is that blood?

>> No.48247313

"Don't worry about me, I've had far worse. We need to keep going."

If we can't call in a transport we need to continue on foot. Commandeer a working vehicle as soon as we can. Our authority is great, and if that doesn't work scare them out with the gun.

Thinking about it, we might have wanted to stay at the school and wait for transport. It was only a matter of time until someone with their head on straight realized we were at the school for the meeting and sent a helicopter.

>> No.48247315

Keep moving, yes, and yes.

>> No.48247317

I fear nothing except watermelon patches!
Come on, let's find a working bike.

>> No.48247357

Don't worry about it, you just concentrate on one foot in front of the other. I'll be fine.

I wish we had a flare gun. And a tank.

We'll head towards the nearest NERV checkpoint and see if their radio works.
Look and see if you can spot any other NERV personnel.

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>Man, this sucks! I just had my car restored and it's a total wreck already. 33 more loan payments to go, plus the cost of repairs. And look! My best suit has been ruined! And I was looking and feeling so ni...

"Oh ... It's not that much blood. And it's not the first time you see it, right?"

Let's continue on foot until we can find another vehicle.
We should really invest in a better communication system. Loosing communication with everyone each time we fight an Angel is absolutely unacceptable.

>> No.48247444

Just a scratch, hon.
Come on, if you aren't hurt we should get moving. Lets get out of the road and figure out a way to contact HQ.
>Do they still have payphones in afuckingleafland?

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Sorry, I've behind a bit, where is her twin?

>> No.48247485

Not attending the same school

>> No.48247490

The other Eileen goes to the same school as Anna

>> No.48247513

I think this is less problem of a phone and more about entire grid being toast.

>> No.48247620

[You two walk amongst the totalled cars and scared citizens]

She must be at her school with Anna. And she's not my twin, only a copy.
It still seems like an awful lot, I'm feeling light headed...

Where are we going to get a car? HQ is still very far. Are you really going to coerce someone to give your their car?

>> No.48247678

Yes, I am. We're talking the continued existence of life as we know it here .

>> No.48247692

I'm an high ranking official and I suppose earth isn't gonna save herself? I suppose that counts.

>> No.48247715

Undo tie, cover the worst cut.

"It's less of a coercion and more of an emergency loaning. Also I'm pretty sure NERV will compensate them for the trouble. But yeah, I will. I don't know what's going on but the sooner we get to the HQ the sooner we can put it to stop."

>> No.48247722

Eileen, this war against the Angels has put everyone on the edge. If we want to live, and if we want to help the people we love, we need to take action. We need to always take action.

>> No.48247730

We're going to have to. Unless someone from HQ can triangulate our position.

[Is there any cover or something similar nearby? And how long was it between shots? I think we need to start assuming that either the Major or Eileen is being targeted intentionally unless the swath of destruction is a lot larger than I think it is.]

>> No.48247736

Its manifest destiny or eminent domain or something. Allows me to appropriate civilian equipment for national security. Or global security as the case may be.

>> No.48247742

I'll give it back to them later.
Or NERV will pay for a better one.

>> No.48247747

The laser seems to be taking pot shots, the odds of us getting hit twice are low.

>> No.48247788

He says before being kill-satted to oblivion.

>> No.48247803

"They couldn't hit an elephant at this range"

>> No.48247821

That's kind of my point. Eileen's school gets almost hit, the Major's car gets totaled and we can't use NERV and duct tape magic to drive away perfectly fine. Both relatively close in how many districts Montreal-3 has.

>> No.48247850

>talking about odds in NBS

>> No.48247871

If you are trying to say we are the target, I don't really buy it. The major and the kids are big targets, but if the aim is to assassinate us than several men with guns would have as good a shot as a poorly targeted laser and would be a lot cheaper. If it's an Angel, It would be better off shooting at the HQ.

I don't know.

>> No.48247889

I guess you're right. We have to give it back when we're done tho--

[The ground shakes, you can hear the deafening sound of the Evangelion Rail Launch System activating.]

E-Eva 03? Who's piloting?!

>> No.48247900

How would it aim at us? How would it even know?

Unless we're running with the idea that Eileen has trace of Angel in her from the whole manifest-in-LCL incident and the thing on orbit can somehow sense that.

But hell, we don't even know it is an Angel, could he hijacked satellite.

>> No.48247942

Judging by the strong AT field, probably Florence.

While I would love to get to her right now, we need to move in the opposite direction. Because I'm pretty damn sure Unit03 is what the orbital thing is shooting at. And we don't want to be anywhere nearby when it does.

>> No.48247944

Uhm ... I'm not sure that a good idea but ... We could like ... you know uhm ... climb on the EVA until it notice us.

>> No.48247949

[I mostly think an Eileen might be the target. Major is small fry, copied Eileens probably are not according to the scenario. Speaking of which...]

Come on Eileen
Oh, I swear what I mean
At this moment, a car is everything
Citizens being oppressed
My thoughts I confess
Verge on hurry
Oh, come on, Eileen.

>> No.48247965


Lets hope the acting head of operations knows what he's doing. Come on, we need to hurry.

>> No.48247975

Judging by the rifle it's Anna.
Come on, we really need to get to HQ and farther from the potential target an Eva is..

>> No.48247983

holy shit an opening

>> No.48247984

Forgot to quote.

>> No.48248019

I just had a thought, maybe the bursts of damage occur when the lazer has built up a charge and fires it all at once, and maybe it has been aiming at the HQ this whole time. If that is true, it would be a really really bad idea to continue towards the HQ.

We need to find another route or we will get blown to bits before we get close.

>> No.48248025

Move away from the Eva.

Unless there's a personnel elevator by the umbilical exit. Then let's go there.

>> No.48248053


I'm taking back my vote to go to the HQ, we need to find another way. Maybe there is a way in through an elevator near the umbilical connection like anon said.

>> No.48248153


Isn't this the Solomon canon? I-I really think we should run, Major.

[As you sprint away from Eva-03 you hear the familiar roar of a VTOL.]

[King Flight Leader]
Quick, Major! Get in!

>> No.48248175

Thanks man, I owe you a beer.
A whole damn crate of them actually.

Now tell me what the hell is going on?

>> No.48248199

You made a fucking opening movie for the quest. You put literally every other QM running to shame, you fucking madman.

>> No.48248257

Glad to see a friendly face, what's the situation?

We are spared an unfortunate lasering
I was starting to think our promised fanservice would be cowering in a tunnel teaching Eileen about how to take charge of life.

>> No.48248261

> put literally every other QM
but Decu did...
never mind

>> No.48248303

I have pretty much given up on ever seeing that quest finish with anything other than a write-up by Decu. Sad day.

>> No.48248304 [DELETED] 

Hey there!

You missed the great news! We have a fun new board called >>>/qst/

Why not give it a try and stop killing threads about tabletop games

>> No.48248345

[Get in]

What's going on? Eileen, you buckled in?

>> No.48248346

You owe one to Florence too. She's the one who spotted you when she exited the Rail Launch System.

The ninth Angel caught us completely off-guard, that's what happening. I don't know how but we failed to spot it until it was right above us.

Where the hell were you anyway? My whole VTOL team were searching for you.

Did Section-2 had wrong info? They said that you were--

>> No.48248371

>They said that you were--
Here we go

>> No.48248404

Right above us? What altitude are we talking?

The school got blasted and the lines were dead, so we got to move.

>> No.48248427

>Section-2 with "wrong info"
>a sentence ending with "--"

>> No.48248586


>> No.48248644

[King Flight Leader]
Holy shi-

>> No.48248694

Holy shit, man. You're spoiling us rotten.

>> No.48248709


>> No.48248765

I voted for it every time I could! It's out of my hands!

>> No.48248788

That fucking cannon is monstrous! We've suffered light damage. Are you all right kid?


Alright. Let's get you both to the bridge now.

>> No.48248789

somehow this angel is smart enough to know we are the one that calls the shots? or ellie drives the evas
anyway shit scary

>> No.48248839

Are communications up? Science should know by now what were dealing with.

>> No.48248846

I would just like to remind everyone that the Eileens are still unable to pilot the EVAs. Maybe we should have looked at this earlier...

>> No.48248850

>that fucking gun tentacle
I laughed

>> No.48248964

[Head, Science Division]
At last! The Major appears to finally do what he is paid to do. Oh? You've brought the Third Child with you? Pointless. She cannot synchronize with her Eva Unit.

Come, I'll brief you on the way to the bridge.

>> No.48249000

>[choking the bitch internally]

>> No.48249005

where the hell it apeared and why we didnt pick it up

gimme a reason to kick your teeth in assfuck

>> No.48249065

You guys are way too touchy.

I was under the impression that the communication lines were not so easily broken now. What happened?

>> No.48249069

Something tells me if we try to bring the twins together to each other they may pilot the Eva again.

>> No.48249144

It might be worth a shot, but how would we fit two people in anyway? The plugs are made to fit one.

We can test it if the Eva unit is unused.

>> No.48249172

as much potential a twin seater eva has, save the world first

>> No.48249190

I'm catching up on past threads and I'm seeing at least two people disobey our orders in thread 20. We dealt with that right.

>> No.48249211

A Unit 013 style double entry plug could work for then.

>> No.48249250 [DELETED] 

a twin seater maens more bran capacity for weir limbs n shit
>ashura EVA
take my FU

>> No.48249294

Jesus christ dude are you okay?

>> No.48249303

I wonder what google has to say about this.

>> No.48249313


We still don't know how it got this close without us noticing, this is troubling. We'll need a full investigation once- [He sighs] if we successfully destroy it.

It appears this one originated from the Mare Imbrium on the moon. [He sighs again] It means The Sea of Showers or Rains in Latin.

As of right now this Angel demonstrated two methods of attacking : a very focused antielectron beam, not unlike our Positron technology, and some kind of EMP blast. The latter is why our communication grid is down since the attack.

Our main problem is its location: the Ninth is in low-orbit. We first tried to launch modified ASM-135 ASAT missiles but it shot those down easily. I then cleared the use of the Solomon Cannon in hope it would change the Angel's trajectory and it did. We now have some breathing room to organize a counter-attack.

>> No.48249339

with a twin seater eva the load on the pilots is lower and evas can have weird/unnatural/multiple limbs

>ashura wrath style eva

>> No.48249361

Has MAGI finished an analysis? Can we even get an analysis with the Angel in orbit?

>> No.48249372

Good call, that was the last "safe" shot we had with Solomon Cannon but considering the circumstances, it was well spent.

If I recall my classes right, low orbit is still quite a spectrum, anywhere between 200 kilometers and ten times as much. What we actually can get up there?

>> No.48249374

>He calls the orders when we aren't around.
Well, alright. I guess he is pretty high rank and knows what he is doing. I would have preferred if the Vice-commander took over.

>> No.48249381

Someone is going to be mind raped today it seems.

>> No.48249390

Asura. Ashura is some middle eastern flagellation holiday, let's not do that.

>> No.48249492


>> No.48249582

Unfortunately we cannot. This is outside the MAGI's sensor range. We could always make a pass with Chariot's radar dish but considering how the 9th Angel took out those missiles I would advice against it.

There's a chance we won't need to get anything up there. The Angel is 300km high and falling because of the Solomon shot - it might not be able to keep its altitude. We won't be sure until it drops below 140km.

In any case, we have two days at most before it regains a possible firing position.

>> No.48249629

dont you think that you can arm our wings with some n2, fighters and all?

do we have some long range guns that arent the positron cannon?

>> No.48249642

What about the EVA launch system? I know I cleared something to deal with the last orbital angel before it came down to us.

>> No.48249659

The last Angel that attacked from such a distance decided to come down for a meet and greet. I doubt this time we will be so lucky.

We either need to send nonconventional forces up to it, or blast it out of the sky. 2 days should be enough time to see if we can potentially get EVAs ready for combat in space. Otherwise, we will hit it as hard as we can from here.

>> No.48249671

So we need to start preparing for both alternatives now and then finalize the plan depending on whether it stays up or goes down.

Think we can get something useful from analyzing areas impacted by the attack?
I would like to know if the EMP blast can disable EVA Unit. But I can imagine we're working with limited data here.

>> No.48249706

I wonder if we can send an EMP back at it. The fact it can use such an attack might suggest it uses similar energy systems. It's not worth betting on, but maybe an experiment will show something.

>> No.48249711

Prepare a emergency space combat simulation just in case.

>> No.48249712

Even if we arm ourselves with N2s, we cant get close to it major. Everyone will get blasted apart and die before the N2s get close.

>> No.48249760

There's still idea of sending multiple missiles from all direction and getting some through because it's not able to shoot down all of them.

>> No.48249784

I'm going to get something to eat, I'll be right back.

I'm surprised no one dissected all the fast frames in the opening yet.

>> No.48249786

Can't we use both plans? Attack from space and air? We can use weapons that can't be show down from the ground while the EVA's are out of range.

Actually, wouldn't the EVAs just be shot out of the air like the missiles?


Overloading it's ability is a good plan, but expensive. And if it can shoot 1 missile every several seconds, but it can shoot the missiles while they are 2 minutes out then it's pointless. We need it's range.

>> No.48249793

If we do that we have to make sure they're 'dumb' missiles in case of shenanigans

>> No.48249808

>implying we'll even live that long to where any hints inside of the opening will be of any use
QM pls.

>> No.48249835

The addition of Angel DNA to humans perhaps?

>> No.48249846

>if it can shoot 1 missile every several seconds, but it can shoot the missiles while they are 2 minutes out then it's pointless
I'm working with the assumption cadence of the attacks is similar to what we've seen so far. Between Eileen's school getting hit and the attack in the middle of traffic jam t had to be good 5 minutes at least. If it works more like danmaku then it would be useless, yes.

>> No.48249911

>Deploy Eva as a decoy
>bait an attack and attempt to tank it head on
>meanwhile, we launch missiles and shit from two separate angles
>Angel will have to redirect its beam to hit either of our barrages, it will probably only be able to intercept one of them
>final barrage hits the angel and hopefully kills it
We could scrap together some random stuff to try and make a shield for the decoy Eva to increase survivability. Florence has the strongest AT field and is technically expendable, her in Unit 03 is our obvious choice for the bait mission. ;~;
We need some hard data on the angel's beam attack such as rate of fire and how quickly it can change targets etc, but this might be plausible if the facts check out. What do you guys think?

Warning: I came up with this idea so it's probably horrible and we shouldn't even consider it.

>> No.48249927



>> No.48249971

Your plan has two flaws
>using a relatively non-expendable eva as bait
>quote: hopefully kills it

More barrages would be better, but I'd prefer a plan that doesn't involve someone sticking their neck off and hoping it's thick enough to jam the guillotine.

>> No.48249979


Several missiles were taken out in the blast, so it at the least has the capacity to hit more than one. And for it's main cannon the recharge is very very long. We also don't know if the missiles were blown up in the main blast or a smaller separate blast. And this one is The Sea of Showers, it might have a few tricks regarding fire rate.

You're right though, it's worth a try. And attacking from several angles against a glass cannon is the best shot we have.

>technically expendable
Take that back you scum!

Is it really bait though? If we can guarantee her safety until close contact she would have a real chance to do some damage.

>> No.48250012

they manu-fucking-factered florence, and probably ophelia, and whoever is down there too

we are not geting any shots unles its from the head of medicine

>> No.48250043

Even then, I doubt those shots would do much. We already have autism.

>> No.48250092

The Major? He doesn't have autism. He's pretty messed up from his experiences but he's not autistic.

>> No.48250100

Think Florence has a template.

Ophelia might be a bit more tragic.

>> No.48250126

What did he mean by this?

>> No.48250129

If we're going for ALL THE MISSILES approach, we can fire virtually anything at it. Plenty of dummy missiles with just a couple N2 bombs between them. I mean, if it goes to 150km it should be in operational range of Scud missile. And those are so inexpensive every 3rd world dictator has some.

>> No.48250142

Note to self: Prototype 2 seater eva plug for Katie and Marie

>> No.48250149

You are being followed.

>> No.48250162

Truly the deepest lore.

>> No.48250188

"Sic Nos Sic Sacra Tuemur", which means "Thus We Defend Our Sacred Rights".
Something weird bug like thing at 1:13
A box with a torn up glove "SAMPLE A-02"
Production Models 01-09
Anna going purple
The thing in space

That's all I got.

>> No.48250190

Florence is not expendable anymore, she was the last one from vancouver, and vancouver is destroyed now...

>> No.48250223

100% based

>> No.48250231

>implying VC didn't send a bakers dozen of Florences before we had to level it

>> No.48250238

Sounds good. We just need to wait for the full report.
Does anyone remember how they managed to get the EVA's in close in the movie without getting blown up? Was it just a different kind of angel completely?

>> No.48250302

Wow this took longer than I thought it would. I'm back now.

Riot Shield best girl

>> No.48250334

We also have those bombs that the Research Division asked funding for.

I hope the plan works for once
We should lean more towards flexibility rather than one sided firepower. That's why we need the EVA's in the area.

>> No.48250391

Between the Crocea Mors and "Sic Nos Sic Sacra Tuemur," I'm thinking ALL IS GOING ACCORDING TO THE Prophetiae Merlini.

Didn't see the bug but saw adult Florence? at 1:13.

>> No.48250417

Silly Anon, Florence is an adult.

>> No.48250423

110% best girl

>> No.48250442

Okay, template, you know what I mean.

The ages are still odd because I'm trying to get over Anno's deepest lore curse of the Evas and 14 year old best girls forever.

>> No.48250449

I think I know where they got their sample for that clone...

>> No.48250467

I want her curvature to protect me


>> No.48250474 [SPOILER] 


>> No.48250483

We brought her with us.

>> No.48250496

Ah Major, you're finally here.

Yes, we have some of those ready. We didn't lied, Major- those things are especially deadly toward any kind of A.T. Field.

This is true. Vancouver had the facilities to produce manufactured pilots. This is the last Florence we get, Major.

Once this is over I'll get on this. We might need to reuse the Test Plugsuit my replacement worked on though.

>> No.48250501


I'm assuming the Major has access to a Dirac Sea Armory, which is where best girl can live. That or convenient air ducts. That's also where the major keeps his pistol.

>> No.48250523

That's, that's improper unless it's only for cuddling.

>> No.48250537

okay, anyone recognize this rainbow ladybug thing?

>> No.48250551

>Once this is over I'll get on this
So no chance of testing one before the engagement? A shame.

>> No.48250579

no idea.

i'm thinking maybe looking at some monolithic structure layouts from the british isles.

>> No.48250596

I swear to god, Nerv-HQ if this whole quest is the lead up to a goddamn monkey's paw joke

>> No.48250679

Maybe it matches up with those floor-plans in the videos a few threads ago. Bug? Virus? Computer virus? Kill the egg? It's in the shape of an egg. Sort of?

>> No.48250707

Doesn't resemble any sacred geometries I'm familiar with.

It almost looks like some sort of corruption of the Yin-Yang

Maybe someone should pop over to /x/, see if they know

>> No.48250748


it's going to be a stone temple pilots joke

>> No.48250767

...Looks like some sort of bird/lizard fetus thing to me.

Right arc with the 3 circles is the head, facing down. The blocky division in the middle marks legs, bottom square divider is a tail

>> No.48250785

That looks a lot like the pattern on the floor when we went to the MAGI the first time around.

>> No.48250852


We can put a Evangelion unit up there. It'll cost a fair bit, but it is feasible.

I must warn you, Major, that this would require utmost precision in execution. An orbital interception would leave no place for mistakes so the time window for the attack will be extremely short. Furthermore, the Evangelion Unit would be alone with 5 minutes of internal power. You could call this an all-or-nothing situation.

The other option is to wait it out and take the chance that it will drop out of orbit. If it ever happens we'll have the advantage. Our city is heavily defended, we know the terrain, how to use it, and we would have the entirety of our conventional forces to back the Evangelion Units in the fight.

Since you're the Head of Tactical Operations I guess it's up to you to decide.

Which one is it going to be, Major?

>> No.48250870

let it descend. With our luck we'll need every eva operational, and we'll probably still have to duct tape the zweileens together and jury rig another.

>> No.48250958

Our power is in our flexibility. We will wait to see if it drops out of orbit, even though my gut tells me it won't.

If it doesn't drop out of orbit, we can attempt a two stage missile barrage with an EVA shooting it from the ground and see if it shows us any more of it's tricks. If it lands, I'll want a better reading from MAGI.

With our luck, the Angel will just show us something new and blow up the EVA after changing to another form.

>> No.48250959

Wait for it to drop out of orbit and launch some missiles occasionally to figure out the range on it's defenses. The orbital interception would be a good idea but with our recent luck we would probably lose another pilot and maybe an entire EVA. Also what's the ETA on David's EVA? and has someone slapped some sense into that new kid?

>> No.48250999



>> No.48251004

The Angel was able to make it to Earth from the moon and take up a stable orbit; I believe we must assume it is capable of reestablishing itself there, even after having been knocked into an earthward bound trajectory.

>> No.48251078

Additionally, if it was unable to generate powered flight to some degree, it would not have been able to fire off its particle beam freely without drastically altering its path or even freeing its self from stable orbit entirely.

>> No.48251100

It could simply be making the decision to travel to the ground after it saw we have the positron weapon and can shoot it.

>> No.48251122

Majors Majors Majors.

We are all making a huge mistake here. We are trying to fight non-humans that use non-human tactics and firepower using Human tactics and Human firepower.

If we want to defeat an Angel, we need to think like an Angel.

>> No.48251127

For the record, I don't like this plan. Too many ifs. For once we could be on the offensive, establish the rules of engagement.


[Head, Science Division]
This is the 8th time we fight one of their kind and we have won every time. We did so using every bit of advantage we had: our city, our units, our tactics. We prevailed through our versatility and flexibility. If we try to intercept this Angel in low orbit we'll have neither.

I stand by the ''wait until it falls'' plan.

>> No.48251183

>looks just like Edward James Olmos

cegremo you card

>> No.48251188

>agree with Head of Science Division

I'm having second thoughts about letting it fall...

So we have two days at most before it regains firing position. What's its velocity and acceleration now? If it looks like it's going to reestablish itself, can we predict a lowest point to intercept it at?

I want to crash the ISS into an angel you guys

>> No.48251229

How about we ensure it falls instead?

We can launch a lower risk interception mission with the goal not of killing the angel, but forcing it to crash land. Our goal won't be to kill it, but to scare the hell out of it and pressure it into falling. This way we leave nothing to chance.

Of course, we risk the angel retaliating with an unforeseen ability. There's also the fact that we'll have one less Eva on the ground for the actual battle. But if we succeed in this, we can control the circumstances of the battle entirely and stay on the offensive throughout the entirety of it.

>> No.48251236

Yes, there won't be an EVA intercept. I still want to attempt a missile barrage though.

>> No.48251257

Getting the EVA anywhere near this thing, which shoots approaching targets with lasers, is a risk all on it's own. Even if you say low-risk, it's not low risk at all at just by trying to get near.

>> No.48251295

I agree with this anon. I just don't know how the hell we're gonna force it to go to ground. Fill the sky around it with explosions? Hit it with EMP?

Also any EVA we send up without some kind of diversion would be a out in the open and just as likely to have itself knocked out of orbit or crashland. We all saw what happened when the first Florence crash landed...

>> No.48251331

I think we are going to have to combine tactics, missile barrage while sending an EVA up there.

>> No.48251370

When I say "low risk," I mean low risk compared to the objective being to kill the angel with the interception. Of course this is still going to be extremely dangerous.

The real question is, what does our Eva do when it makes contact? We need a plan for it to knock the angel out of orbit, otherwise this is pointless.

Maybe Florence can do some AT wizardry to destabilize the angel's descent? We don't need to deal any real damage to it, we just have to knock it off course some more and make sure it falls.

>> No.48251423

I finished catching up, and there are several things I want to point out.

1. Rachel is best girl, but Sophie actually has sense. Rachel sees us as another lay and has already mentioned getting back with Asian girl. We are friends that had sex, she doesn't see it as anything more and neither should we, especially since she started it. Sophie true best girl. Seafood when.

2. Whoever knew what they were doing with the two webms didn't finish their work on the two maps. I'm guessing they are trying to grow an Angel down there, the 'egg'. It will probably kill us all if we don't stop it.

3. In the last Angel fight, Clair (Captain, Bombardment Wing) Just said "Alright, that's enough idling around. Drop the kid." and dropped first child without our orders.And Ace Squadron made an unauthorized sortie. We need to make sure people actually obey our orders. I blame Clair for her death, things might have worked out better if we had waited a bit and dropped her on the angel instead of the shell.

Also, why would you make fun of a kid?

>> No.48251430

Other thing is what about reentry for our EVA and pilot?

Because I half-jokingly thought of having them surf the angel down then realized what would our EVAs do up there to actually get down.

>> No.48251486

Maybe she can have an AT flare in hand? but if we did that all the EVA would be is a delivery system, which is stupid.

We shouldn't send an EVA up unless someone has a clear idea on how to get the EVA up there, do some damage to actually make the sortie mean something, and get out.

Remember, it might be landing anyway. It's stupid to just head up in the sky to grab on and see what happens.

>> No.48251549

Chariot still has its Eva Cradle, right? Those bomber can get real high. Maybe high enough to be in firing range?

Strap Eva 08 with Florence and the Solomon Cannon to Chariot 1. Have Heart and Acorn be the wild weasels when the Angel wants to attack. Simple.

Oh yeah, the Cannon is supposed to be really unstable now, right? If the Core start any weird shit Florence only needs to drop the rifle, it won't survive the fall.

>> No.48251597

Hol up

The UN is doing research into how to replicate our Zweileen experiment?

Too bad they're going to fail at abiogenesis, since LCL is very much biogenesis

>> No.48251638

>Oh yeah, the Cannon is supposed to be really unstable now, right? If the Core start any weird shit Florence only needs to drop the rifle, it won't survive the fall.
Yeeaaah... Science, R&D, I need more opinions on that. The plan sounds good in theory, but I have my doubts about dropping the rifle if it starts acting spooky. For all we know, it could generate an AT field and survive reentry and destroy half a continent when it crash lands.

>> No.48251678

Problem with just dropping the Solomon cannon is assuming that it'll let itself be let go and that nothing underneath will be damaged by the fall. We'll need pick a clear zone for the shot. But if we do that we should still look into the angel's predicted lowest point for the best attack vector, maybe even use the missiles to try to force it lower.

I'm remembering how Vancouver started off.

>> No.48251682

Actually I think they pumped Angel blood into Anna. Remember how they were experimenting on her?


I'm still against taking an EVA up there. There are too many risks. A single shot from that main attack could bring an EVA down. And too little to gain.

We can launch missiles at at, maybe even include some of that explosive anti-AT stuff from the last Angel the research team cooked up. If you guys want to guarantee it falls, that should do it.

>> No.48251775

Why not both?

>> No.48251846

If we are really just worried about bringing it down, load the missiles with AT and conventional explosives. the AT to bring it down and the conventional to do some damage. It's no good to risk an EVA against an Angel like this.

>> No.48251893

Anon, pls


>> No.48251900

If target is in orbit, fuck N2s. Use actual nuclear warheads.

>> No.48251949

Stick together team
Go go go
Stick together team
Go go go

>> No.48251965

"I want a good quest."
"Funny. ... That was your first wish."

>> No.48251970

If you're saying missiles won't work, an EVA in the air will fair no better.

>> No.48251983

We could rework the city's SWS to this end I suppose.

It might double the cost of using them though.

[Head, Science Division]
I'll have a team working all night on the Solomon Cannon's Core. Maybe by tomorrow morning they'll be able to shed light on what will happen the next time we'll pull the trigger.

>> No.48251992

>>If we want to defeat an Angel, we need to think like an Angel.

>> No.48252028

The new EVA movie angels are intense. Good thing those people have plot armor.

>> No.48252070


>> No.48252071

I wonder which Quebecucks in this quest have plot armor.

I bet the Commander does.

>> No.48252108

ok at field is not my at field at field can only be bought is by SOUL and BLOODSHET and anti at field has no BLOOD ok? thats why shield is SOUTH when instead SOUL is BIDIRECTIONAL, it is because at field isn't BLOOD get it? ok

>> No.48252123

I need to download this opening OP. For posteriety. Holy shit.

>> No.48252176

use this

>> No.48252187

Does it count as plot armor if you really do die, but you have a clone?

I'm with the missile idea. Expensive, but it means not putting an EVA in crazy danger. I'd also suggest hitting it hard after it reaches the ground with low AT field.

>> No.48252241

How can AT Fields be real if our cores ain't real?

>> No.48252272

I understand why >>48250162
is best girl.

No, it just probably needs to be a combined attack if anything. Unless the angel expends energy enough to not be able to ascend again when firing upon the missiles.

>> No.48252280

I think we should end it here for tonight. Thank you for playing, /tg/!

This was not an action-packed session, but I get the feeling next thread will be. I still did not make the PDF with the personnel files I said I was going to make. I'll try to finish for the next session.

>>48250537 This is important.

>> No.48252298

>dat spoiler

Were any anons close or were all as crazy as the Major actually is?

>> No.48252347


Plan 1: Florence in Eva 8 with the Solomon Cannon strapped into the Eva cradle on Chariot. Heart and Acorn support.
Florence needs to shoot the thing with the Cannon, attempting to force it to land.

Plan 2: Missile Bombardment from range. Missiles are loaded with conventional and anti-AT armaments and attack from different angles.

Optional: Hit it hard and fast when it reaches the ground.

Optional Optional: Just wait to see if it decides to land. Don't take charge because you're a shitty commander and a coward.

>> No.48252371

>Shoot it until it dies
Got it.

>> No.48252373

But the problem wit Plan 1 is the Cannon is unstable. We might be shooting pure angel-osterone into the kill sat, making our lives harder.

>> No.48252384

Someone should try to overlay it on one of the maps and see if it fits and circles any rooms. We need to start stocking up on ammo and weapons for when we go in.

>> No.48252408

See you next time.

This is why you failed out of the Academy Major.

>> No.48252453


you have those maps handy anon?

>> No.48252475

If I do their not named in my folder. let go through the archive right quick and grab them.

>> No.48252493

http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/48010444/ It's all in here. I'd make a imgur folder with them, but there are several download links too. Maybe I'll do it tomorrow.

>> No.48252653

here's the full floorplan we made in the thread before we met Ophelia.

>> No.48252775

and heres a comparison between the two.
shrink the floor plan to fit in the circle and see if something matches up.

>> No.48252881

cool. i'll see what i can do tomorrow.

i'll also look over the crocea mors and macmahon stuff. if this thread is still up i might post a few deepest lore theories i have once i'm less in character as mansato and can think clearly.

>> No.48252902

>deepest lore
Feel free to go 「High Ground」 on us.

>> No.48252951

Someone here got me reading Eva fanfic so my mind is in a very flexible and tenuous place right now.

>> No.48252990

>Ophelia was the template for Florence

Holy shit.

>> No.48253001

>eva fanfic
oh dear god, you poor bastard
any recommendations?

>> No.48253114

Aeon Natum Engel

Or it's rewrite, but ANE is finished*

I vaguely recall one good one that was Eva during the cold war, but I can't remember the title.

>> No.48253135

don't go down that rabbit hole. it's all a mess. they try to fix the kids or make it 1000x worse for them or both at the same time, and at the end of the day you recognize terms and character names but nothing makes sense anymore and you're drunk posting in the best thread on /tg/.

i'm slogging through "nobody dies" right now. the initial premise, yui survives and finds another way to make the evas work is interesting enough that nextwave machineman rei, dissociative personality disorder asuka, and bland but not depressed shinji can be handled, then angels start talking and they wind up meeting the canon characters via multiversal travel and how can there be 70+ more chapters?

>> No.48253297

Nobody dies is a classic case of an author going "It would be cool if..." coupled with Space battles love of crossovers.

Both the original and the re-write collapsed under the authors inability to limit himself.

>> No.48253300

Is NBS considered a Fanfic?

You know, this is where having portraits help me write a better quest. Instead of writing something gauche like ''yeah she sure looks a lot like Florence huh? [Wink]'' I just have to imply it through drawings and you guys connect the dots on your own. Sure, it's nothing groundbreaking, but I find it cool nonetheless.

Please do! I'd love to read what you guys think is going on.

>> No.48253326

IF the thread archives, just make a discussion thread here or on /qst/ so we can go over the info we got.

>> No.48253332

Is Iconic Field Quest off the table then?

>> No.48253411

honestly, it looks like a lot of it's going to be me sperging on about irish, scottish, and french lore and somehow trying to fit that in with the larger context of the quest and the abiogenesis project. i'm also going to try the map/symbol layover, but i'm not entirely convinced that's the right approach to that particular problem.
>insert picture of Cegremo going "i just thought it sounded cool" here

i'm noticing that. it's not all bad, and really the different versions interacting with each other was really interesting and made up for some of the rougher earlier parts. the author really doesn't shy away from letting his opinions be known about certain characters, though, and that's kind of grating to read when you have your own opinions about best girls and a distinct lack of riot shields.

>> No.48253428

About the thinking like an Angel thing. How about we pull together our bio-mass and form a large mirror?

>> No.48253505

Wasn't someone working on a homebrew or something inspired by this quest? I've been thinking of trying something myself but I don't really know where to start.

>> No.48253544

i guess it's more of a fanwork? modern media don't know how to categorize it, etc.

>> No.48253552

>Is NBS considered a Fanfic?
I, Uhhhh,
I don't think it is. It's a game. It doesn't have the original characters either, so no.

I'd join it if I see it. I'm fully caught up and am not a bluttering moron, so I'd probably be able to add a few words at least.

You start with a thread.
I recommend having people vote. NERV guy doesn't have votes and still has discussion, but he can get away with it since it's a big quest. Having votes forces discussion

>> No.48253615

I meant a game system based on the NBS concept, not another actual quest.

>> No.48253646

I don't know. It looks cool but once NBS ends I'd like to try making a quest with an OC setting. And since I already have 2-3 quest in the works...

Maybe a one-shot sometime.

>insert picture of Cegremo going "i just thought it sounded cool" here

I'm only threading in the footsteps of the Master. For real though I try to have things make sense.

>> No.48253728

Well I'd set it up so that the players pick an officer position. Head of finance (Maybe not Finance, that could get boring unless they get really into the roleplay), Tactical operations, Science, CAG, ect. Maybe even open up pilot.
After they choose a position, they craft a character. Combat might go the same as it does here, but that would put a very heavy strain on the GM.

Actually, to run a campaign properly, the GM would have to do a lot of work for each player. Maybe all the players could play together in a single position, make 4 Major heads of tactics.

>> No.48253891

gah it's happening again

you can only follow the master if you make the major vs godzilla after this

>> No.48253937

Give your players a small part to play - Say, put a party of four in command of all the ground units. Then just have the larger battle play out around them.

>> No.48254152

I knew that bug thing was familiar. It was directly under Ophelia in the ground when we were investigating MAGI. Thread 9.

>> No.48254207

Shit son, and here I am trying to overlay the damn thing on the map with fucking Paint.
I think the dots in the circle are where the various Ophelia's are located and connected to the Magi and probably the EGG thing.

>> No.48254255

It could still mean something with the map, we just know for sure it's associated with Ophelia. Likely with the Angel(s) as well.

>> No.48254285

Well there are 8 dots in the circle and we've killed 8 Angels.

>> No.48254312

>various Ophelia's
In the first webm it listed the interviewed Ophelia as one of at least 12. Perhaps there are currently 8, one for each dot and the previous have died or been discarded.The Spokes on the circle/wheel are each for an Angel maybe? The lines and curves are a map?

That would imply there are only 8 Angels, and we know there are more.

>> No.48254348

Just writing things down.

There are 6 interior lines (2 curves, 4 straight lines)
There are 7 lines radiating out from the circle
There are 8 dots (two filled in, 6 hollow)
And there is the circle itself.

>> No.48254375

Could the filled dots be where there are active Opheila's and the hollowed ones for the deactivated ones?

>> No.48254377

Reminder friendos : If you ever need some inspiration on how a slightly more "Preservation of Human Life" oriented Bridge is run you can always check out Fafner, which was inspired by Eva by spiraled off into it's own things.

You'll also learn the value of making it so your that your home base can detached sections of itself to either be used as bait or bombs.

Also the value of keeping your emotionally unstable pilots mental health an active priority of the staff so they don't do something stupid inside the giant robot.

>> No.48254417

welp let's not let Carl near any of the EVA's for a while. That's another thing that we have to deal with soon.

>> No.48254425

I don't know, but in the image we are given in the video there are two filled and 6 hollow, while in the old image from when we met Ophelila It looks like all of them are filled in, apart from one which is probably filled in but might be hollow.

Maybe the new head of Science really went to town in cleaning Ophelia and killed all but two of her.

>> No.48254460

Didn't the last Angel take longer to scan than the others? Could be he reduced the amount of Ophelia's to the bare minimum number needed to work the MAGI?

>> No.48254481

I think you're right. After Ophelia opened all the doors for us when he arrived and all the strange things happening in science under the previous heads perhaps he got suspicious of Ophelia.
The Scan took longer than it normally does and he called it an improvement.

>> No.48254494

We need to make another run into the restricted areas and try to find another Ophelia.

>> No.48254542

She told us it's already too late for her. Best we can do is plug in that virus and nuke the whole system to put her out of her misery.

>> No.48254559

But if the Ophelia's run the MAGI system and the virus nukes the system and the Egg, won't we lose the ability to scan the Angels? Does that mean we need to plan a route to the place where we need to plug in the virus and haul ass to it when the final fight goes down?

>> No.48254566

No, it's no good guys. The second video.

[Dr. Hughes] What are youtrying to achieve here Phillip?
[Dr. Hughes] She's nothing more than a mean to connect with the nutered Egg
[Dr. Hughes] Soon the MAGI won't even need all these... superfluous bits


The egg is what is doing the processing, Ophelia is probably there to interpret the processing power of the egg, which I will guess is an Angel. They are currently in the process of killing all of the Ophelias, and she knew it was coming. Anon was right about the hollow dots and filled in dots.

I'm guessing this egg is the BIG SECRET AND MASTER CARD that science and Commander have been hiding. It might be the doomsday card we need to kill at the end.

>> No.48254585

If we are going to plug this thing in, we should make sure we know what the egg actually is.

Anyway I need to sleep. Putting bits together can wait till after work if the thread is up.

>> No.48254587

So we need to find where it is keep and plan our route for when we need to nuke it's ass.

>> No.48254599

meh, I'll make a thread for discussion around 6 or 7 EST tomorrow. We need to crack these secrets soon

>> No.48254618

I'll be there at the least.

>> No.48256605

I might be posting speculation and going over term origins in the meantime.

>> No.48257625

So... the angel under Vancouver...

Was it a result of the abiogenesis project and/or producing human-angel hybrids (Florence?)

>> No.48257795

The plot thickens.

>> No.48258009

This might all be caffeine and sleep deprived fueled speculation, so take this all with a grain of salt:

So, NERV Montreal's logo is: "Sic Nos Sic Sacra Tuemur," or , "Thus We Defend our Sacred Rights." Suitably NERVy, but its originally the motto of the McMahon family of the Thomond sept, a native British isles clan that was eventually defeated and emigrated to France. Not a lot to go on, but some information, and NERV is knowingly using the motto of a clan that was defeated but survived and had to become something else.

Things get more interesting when we take into account NERV Montreal's Longinus equivalent, the Crocea Mors, or "Yellow Death." According to legend, the Crocea Mors was Julius Caesar's sword that, during the invasion of Britain by the Romans, stuck in the British prince Nennius' shield. Nennius used the sword himself, killing everyone it struck, before he himself died of a head wound inflicted by Caesar during the same battle he took the Crocea Mors.

This is where I go officially off the deep end. The Crocea Mors is taken from the writings of Geoffrey of Monmouth, who also wrote the Prophetiae Merlini. Purely speculation, but as we haven't seen Montreal's Dead Sea Scrolls yet and we've already used some of Geoffrey's terminology, I'm willing to bet that this might be it. In the Prophetiae Merlini, two dragons fight, a red dragon, the British, and a white dragon, the Saxons, and Merlin predicts the Saxons win.

My theory is that whoever has our Dead Sea Scrolls equivalent reads that the Angels win and humans are doomed despite using Angel tech and weapons against them. NERV is an attempt to stall the invasion while EVAs, the Human Abiogenisis Project, being dicks to Anna, Vancouver Angels, and whatever the egg is are all attempts to elevate or merge humanity to Angel status. Ophelia, pre-head wound Major, and allies either disagreed or found another way.

>> No.48259207

Here's a partial list of questions:
What's up with the purple plug? (Jet Alone? Rei-2 death?)
Why does the screen flash at the purple plug?
What relation does 'ladybug' have to Ophelia?
What relation does 'ladybug' have to the MAGI storage?
Does 'ladybug' symbolise anything? (Lillith mask?)
What is the shape at 1:09? (Map? Globe? NERV positions?)
What does the glove mean? (Commander burn? Rei/Ikari? Adam hand?)
What is Abogenesis?(Instrumentality? Adam hand? SEELE?)
What does the motto symbolise? (McMahon?)
What does Crocea Mors symbolise? (Caesar? Nennius?)
What is the Dead Sea Scroll equivalent? (Merlin's prophecy?)
What is Science's tie to Commander? (Instrumentality/Abogenesis?)

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