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CHARACTERS AND PLACES: https://docs.google.com/document/d/19gNVgtevar647l4ZumUaVH6GlJzvxLlDNKaH8DrQMWE/edit?usp=sharing

You are River la Croix, and you're pretty sure this half-angel is not out of fight to give you.

You took the bait once, in a battlefield years ago, in the rain and mud. You should have died, but the one who'd tricked you was ran through the back by mistake, and you lived instead of her.

This time, you're going to be careful.

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"Who says I want to have a fight?" you ask. "There's more to being a god than temples and cults, isn't there? Even if it's just worship you're after, there's lovers and poets the world over with legions falling at their feet. Why a goddess?"

"Why /not/?" the Daughter demands. "I bring the rain and the drought. I call the snow and the flood, the storm and the calm, part hurricanes before my will, bless the spring and make it holy. These powers are /mine/. My /father/ could not take them from me. Who are the gods, anyway? They and their bastard offspring lord over us like highborn dogs, laughing as we scurry to and fro, and we obey."

<I sense a hint of bitterness> Robert notes, mildly.

"And you would, what, be a mortal voice in the councils of the gods?" you ask, warily. "Don't they have Chosen for that?"

"Obedient wolves, there to herd the rest of the sheep," Seraphina snarls.

"You really think the Master is going to keep his word? He's enslaved one angel already. He'll enslave you just the same."

"I. AM. A. GOD!" a blast of wind erupts from Seraphina, driving you back on your feet and flickering the flames that keep her hemmed into Cannot Hold. Behind her, you see Tina thrust her hand into the flame, preparing for battle.

"Do you think his audacity ends there?" you shout, over the gale. "You think you come out of this on top?"

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"He wouldn't /dare/," Seraphina insists. She takes a step over the hexacle, her wings bristling with fury. The water that drips from them freezes, becoming long, sharp icicles. "I would tear him apart."

"Which is why you're the meatshield, and he's safe at the bottom of the Dungeon."

<Are we killing her or not?> Robert asks.

"I am his partner! His collaborator! He /adores/ me, /worships/ me, his new world will be his bridal gift to /me/, and nevermind that coward Taylor." The nephilim flicks her wings; the muffled snap of them is like an accusation. "Not that I care. My bed has not been empty. You stole my soldier, necromancer."

"People aren't property," you answer back, coldly.

Behind you, the succubus pulls her hands from the flames, and they are wreathed in hellfire.

> Signal Tina to attack
> Strike first
> Channel death through Sleep
> Use balefire
> Attack with necromancy
> Write-in?

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>> Channel death through Sleep

>> No.48235181

>> Channel death through Sleep

Yep, she was a bitch. The essence of entitlement.

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what exactly is channeling death through Sleep?

>> No.48235268

You remember that /grey/ that she unleashed in the fight against the golem, that slowed everything down and made Jack feel like he was having every bad day in his life all at the same time?


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>"Who hurt you this bad that you need to seek validation from a man like Dick? Are you trying to prove something by doing this? That if you cause something big to happen you'll be looked on as an equal by the divines?

When you lost your eyes, I can bet that he wasn't sad that you were hurt, but frustrated that a tool had been damaged.

Face it, you're as much his slave as your followers are yours. Any power he gave you, any control, came with a cost. All you've done is just made yourself subordinate to his will.

If you really want to prove yourself to be worthy of a god's respect, you'd be able to do it without the machinations of a third party propping you up."

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well okay then. choice seems obvious

> Channel death through Sleep

>> No.48235398

Gonna call and write in thirty or so, gettin' invited to do a game.

>> No.48235534

> Channel death through Sleep

>> No.48235549


>> No.48235562

Eh, changing my vote to >>48235285

>> No.48235646

We can talk while channeling sleep right?

>> No.48235866

>Channel Death through Sleep.
Also, aim for her wings.

>> No.48236074

Called, writing.

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"What happened to you?" you ask. "Who hurt you so bad that you need validation from scum like the Master? What're you trying to prove? To who?"

"I need prove /nothing/. My will is law! My word is glory!"

"Was he even sad when you lost your eyes?" you ask, softly.


"You need to calm down," you tell her, and channel death through your blade. The colors die around it, spreading out in a wave of stillness and sorrow. Seraphina lunges for you and crosses the line into the domain projected by your blade - and halts.

She sinks to her knees, a choked sob escaping her lips.

"Even Jack managed to fight through this," you whisper. "Show me something, Seraphina. Show me something happy in there, something good. Show me the part of you that can fight this."

"Make it stop," the half-angel begs. She clutches her head, tearing at her hair; her wings folds in front of her body, trying in vain to shield her. "/Make it stop/!"

"Seraphina," you murmur. "Sleep can't rob you of your joy or your virtue. I know. I tested it on myself before I ever dared to use it on someone else. Dig deep. Find something worth saving."

Her hand goes to the chain at her waist, and then she lets go of it with a wretched sob. It takes a moment for you to hear what she's saying.

"I'm nothing," she moans. "I am unworthy."

> Strike her down
> Knock her out and take the chain

>> No.48236271

>> Knock her out and take the chain

>> No.48236285

> Knock her out and take the chain
Do NOT, under any circumstances, tell Jewel that we have The Daughter in custody.

>> No.48236295

> Knock her out and take the chain

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Christ almighty she can't even find something in herself worth redemption.

wew lads

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>Knock her out and take the chain.

Now, I have to ask, will River be asking Lora to spare Seraphina, or are we going to let her decide the nephilim's fate?

>> No.48236535

>> Knock her out and take the chain
Makes punishment pretty fucking easy. She gets to live with knowing her life is a ruined failure.

>> No.48236678

>> Strike her down

...we're gonna end up being infiltrated by spies if we keep on attempting to convert the enemy... just kill her and be done with it.

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I don't think we're trying to convert her - even she admitted that there was noting in her worth redeeming.

I do, however, think she would make a good prisoner. She seems to have incredible knowledge on Dick and his various plots, and I think we could gain a lot from interrogating her.

>> No.48236793

doesn't mean people still won't try...

>> No.48236868

Keeping her locked in anything is going to be an enormous fucking challenge though.

>> No.48236876

Called, writing. Final update of the night; I need to be up early for work tomorrow.

>> No.48236949

Because, if this quest has taught us anything, it's that keeping angels locked up is really difficult :^)

>> No.48236963

>arcane sorceries that were put into place with Divine Tongue and conning the angel in question
Yea totally easy peasy.

>> No.48236977

It's not like we have access to 2 speakers of the Divine Tongue or anything...

>> No.48236987

"There's something in there or you wouldn't have gotten this far," you murmur softly. "I won't kill you, Seraphina."

The pure relief in her wracking sob is almost heartbreaking.


You touch the flat of your blade to the side of her head and send a surge of death down it, letting the death-in-steel of Sleep's blade convert it to stillness and quiet. The nephilim stiffens, then slumps over, and you stop feeding the blade.

You'd expected Sleep to take more out of you, but it doesn't. It's remarkably easy to use it for this, and you're not sure how you feel about that.

"What did you do to her?" Tina asks, her voice small and afraid.

"I made her face every bad thing about herself and her life that she's ever avoided," you answer. "I don't think she was ready."

It takes some wiggling, but you get the chain down Seraphina's legs and off of her body.

"Lora?" you say, holding it. "It's River."

Freezing fog billows into the room, extinguishing Tina's wards. Lora steps from it, her arms folded across her chest. "Is there a reason that shackle is still intact?" the angel asks, coldly.

"I want to know what you're going to do with Seraphina," you tell her.

"Her fate is none of my affair, I think. I intend on giving her back to her father. And giving /him/ a piece of my mind."

> ...Alright (release Lora)
> No (propose another idea)

>> No.48237004

> ...Alright (release Lora)
Well, that sounds fair and getting her out of our hair.

>> No.48237006

>> No (propose another idea)



>> No.48237014

Alright folks, I gotta hit bed. Votes remain open.

As always, questions, comments, discussion, feedback, and critique remains both welcome and appreciated.

Thank you all for reading and participating!

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>Are there any other options? The last time her father disciplined her, she turend into...this
>wave hand ineffectually
>Who's the guy anyway and where'd he learn his parenting skills?

>> No.48237028

> No (propose another idea)
Can you let us meet her dad? Maybe we could have a talk to him first, see if we can find the root of this whole problem.

>> No.48237118


Is pretty sound reasoning, she turned into a power hungry maniac the last time her dad disciplined her.

>> No.48237139

A couple talks with her should be interesting, as she could probably tell us much about Dick's Operations.

Also, this: >>48237018

>> No.48237155

She was a power hungry maniac in the first place. That's why he disciplined her.

>> No.48237180

Well obviously his disciplining didn't work and here we are.

>> No.48237205

> ...Alright (release Lora)

>> No.48237210

It'd still be cool to meet her dad. We could find out if she became an asshole because he was an asshole, or if he's good and she was always an asshole.

At the very least, we get to see one more side character that Vox is gonna write well.

>> No.48237334

> ...Alright (release Lora)

>> No.48237538


>Ask to meet the god or get more information on him, try to see if we can get information from the Daughter

>> No.48237549

> ...Alright (release Lora)

>> No.48237658

> ...Alright (release Lora)
I understand wanting to have a word with her dad ourselves, but I'd trust the being that is also an angel to try and fix this better than we (River) could.

>> No.48237790

The angel who fucked up once before?


>> No.48237812

I think the anon meant Laura when he said angel.

Then again, being an angel doesn't make you wiser or smarter or anything. Didn't Laura tell us about how even the gods don't always know what they're doing?

>> No.48237856

> No

Fuck it. Let's give her a job and some responsibility. Lord knows we have too much shit going on.

Maybe adopt her into the LaCroix family? God knows they'll give her something to feel worthy doing. And her crippling lack of faith in herself fits right in.

>> No.48237866

I know this is probably bait, but you're not even wrong really.

>> No.48237882

To be fair, it seems like she was a power hungry maniac because she is desperate for affection.

I wonder if we could ask the Succubus about this. I mean, it's really more her thing than ours, or Loras, or the Gods.

Hell, we could just ask Lora to put off sending her away until we can talk to other people about what to do.

We're dealing with a bunch of immortals here, no sense making a snap judgement we'll regret.

Let's set her up with the Hatchet man. They can find happiness together, especially since she just really seems to want someone to love her since she has so much trouble loving herself.

>> No.48237917

Eh, mostly it seems like we don't really have the time to deal with this kind of self-loathing.

You know, the ones that Bri, River, and Jewel to some degree share that they're terrible people at heart who don't deserve love and people only think they love them because they don't know the REAL person.

I think the Daughter could really use someone to say "Here, go forth and do this thing of value and know that even if you are a terrible person, your actions don't have to be" as well as warning them when they're going Zombie Army.

This has been a fight with a very, very lonely person. Hell, even us just standing up to Lora and the Daughter's father might be enough to help her out. Especially if we don't ask her for anything in return.

>> No.48238014

Hatchet seems to have a thing for Lora, if their interaction was any indication.

>> No.48238089

Lora is untouchable and probably gay at this point anyways. Most rape victims that are sexually attracted to women stop being fans of the cock.

So we give him the next best thing, a half-angel.

>> No.48238098

Hold on.
Weren't we planning on using Daughters' bones and wings for stuff?

>> No.48238127


Too late now. Instead we saved her.

I'm equally disappointed.

>> No.48238135

Yes, our plan, not river's.

>> No.48238213

Fuck me man, I wanted to vote for Necromantic alpha strike, but River did a big moral whinge and it just didn't seem right.

Fucking hate getting locked out of the "practical to the point of munchkin" route.

Not enough to break character though.

>> No.48238234 [DELETED] 

go back to the shithole youb belong in questshit

>> No.48238237

> No (propose another idea)

I like the LaCroix adoption idea. We can get a theme going.

>> No.48238290

We were going to use them to make a compass that could point to a heart's desire, which is what Hatchet wants.

Though if he's crushing on Lora, that's probably not going to be much of a problem now.

>> No.48238303

The Daughter had a thing going with Jewel, so we don't even know if she's into guys in the first place.

>> No.48238331

She wanted Dick to marry her

>> No.48238333

. . . . Read the goddamn thread again. She's all about Richard now.

We should offer to do what we did to Jewel and reverse her time so she can have a do-over.

>> No.48238379

>and probably gay at this point anyways
Did nobody heard of bisexuality ever.

>> No.48238390

Literally every female character in this quest has been bisexual so yes we've heard of bisexuality

>> No.48238443

A gay guy. I think that's less an indication of what she's actually into a more a sign that good god she's got ego problems in both directions. She has absurdly inflated fantasies about her own importance while also thinking that she's completely worthless at the same time. Bitch be crazy.

>> No.48238460

>A gay guy

Dick is gay?

>> No.48238467

Which just makes some people assigning strict sausage vs. carpet preferences with no inbetweens to other NPCs.

>> No.48238481

Well we gotta find at least one lesbian or hetero girl somewhere or else where's the diversity

>> No.48238486

Eh, River's adoption was partly because she was ignorant of the crimes she committed against the dead, and she truly sought redemption. And obviously, becoming a LaCroix is not a magical solution to fixing a person.

To be fair, a lot of demons and angels are fairly sexless, and while some might have a 'preferred' gender or form, they can be whatever they damn well want to be. The rules are very different for them.

Missy Brooks, Diving Shadow, River...

Vox's characters are well-built, and unlike a lot of other quests AND well-known vidya (*cough* Bioware *cough*) their personalities aren't based off their sexual preferences.

>> No.48238498

By the by Vox, you might want to update the character document. Not immediately! Just, y'know, whenever you want.

I'm gonna go back to my corner now.

>> No.48238501

>Missy Brooks

Know she likes dick, don't know if she likes pussy

>Diving Shadow
husband and kid, probably likes pussy

fucking the cigar elf, got hot and bothered by the succubus plus orgies

>> No.48238528

Yeah. His previous lover was a dude. Apparently his current one is as well.

>> No.48238550



Who said this?

I'm going full [citation required]

>> No.48238552

Miles the incubus was the Vintner's prisoner as punishment for seducing Dick's husband years ago. So yeah, apparently Dick like dick.

>> No.48238562

Wait what when was this said? I feel like this must be in a pastebin or a secret thread

>> No.48238563

Miles mentioned it right after the Vintner got killed.

>> No.48238574

It was way back in thread #7.

Incidentally, good god, it's been 75 threads.

>> No.48238575

Holy shit.

Fuck, i do remember being surprised the Master wasn't a woman for some reason.

Man, making the big bad gay?

Problematic, Vox.

>> No.48238579

Miles didn't seduce him. He raped Miles.

>> No.48238603

Shit, you're right. Didn't remember that bit. Man, reading that again you gotta feel bad for Miles. Raped by some asshole, and then his husband gets pissed and "punishes" him by forcing him into servitude for, from the looks of it, the last three hundred freaking years. Shit, that means Dick's been at this a while.

>> No.48238621 [SPOILER] 

Everyone is gay, why not the bad guy?

>> No.48238671

is there anyone not gay?

>> No.48238684

Nathan maybe?

>> No.48238693

I mean, there are a bunch of characters either pining after or in committed relationships with people of the opposite sex, but that doesn't necessarily rule out being bi I guess.

>> No.48238767

Vox really did come here from Tumblr you know. He has his tranny pervert friends read and claims they're too scared to shit post.

So yeah, he's a really good writer but he's also pretty ess jay dubs

>> No.48238819

Isn't Vox writing books for pathfinder and pathfinder has "every npc is bi so PCs can romance them if they want, regardless of gender"

>> No.48238917

>no, bring him here, I've got a few choice words for his ears before I decide if I release her or not.

Tell him what an awful fucking father he is. It's honestly add much his fault as her own what she has become.

>> No.48239309

Last I checked Vox came here due to a 'personal association' with Planefag.

>> No.48239343

Tranny pervert friend, checking in
Shitpost regularly
Eat my beautiful, hand-crafted dick

>> No.48239376

Oh, I forgot to ask before, but how's Mourner's going? Having fun?

>> No.48239381

>This was probably typed without a shred of irony

>> No.48239510

That's honestly worse.

Post pics. At least I can respect someone who has the balls to be a faggot

>> No.48239534

That's why Slav games are best games. You slay degenerates, not lay them.

So long as you commit to your gender then whatever. Just don't sleep with you own gender. That's haram.

>> No.48239545 [DELETED] 

> ...Alright (release Lora)

I am strongly against any plan that involves adopting the mentally unstable half angel; River does not even feel confident in her own place in the family let alone feeling she could bring others in.

>> No.48239546

>hand-crafted dick
Huh. FTM?

>> No.48239566

>posting self pics on 4chan
Not a camgirl or an hero, so, pass.

Be a pretty weird turn of phrase otherwise, wouldn't it? At least, I don't THINK FTFuta is a thing yet.

>> No.48239567

>> ...Alright (release Lora)

>> No.48239577

>At least, I don't THINK FTFuta is a thing yet.
Just gotta get intersex into mainstream.
Probably start with a campaign of MTFs that like their dick just fine.

>> No.48239578

What the actual fuck did I just wake up to?

>> No.48239581


>> No.48239583

> No (propose another idea)

>> No.48239590

Probably better off starting with trap acceptance

>> No.48239591

oops forgot to format the vote correctly, I'll delete the first one after I post this. If you see two posts just refresh the page or ignore the first, sorry.

> ...Alright (release Lora)

I am strongly against any plan that involves adopting the mentally unstable half angel; River does not even feel confident in her own place in the family let alone feeling she could bring others in.

>> No.48239599

Whoops. I think we should have her work with Loras Chosen so that they can learn from each other. Kind of recognize the Daughter's intent was in the right place but that it's okay for her to get help with changing the world.

>> No.48239661

> No (propose another idea)

If we do hand her over to her dad, we have to know what is going to happen to her first since we would be responsible for it. I say let's call up Daddy and negotiate.

But if we just walk away then we might as well have just killed her and gotten the angel bone instead of having River pretend to be a good person.

>> No.48239713

>have her work with Loras Chosen so that they can learn from each other.
I don't think this is a good idea at all. Right now neither of them has anything positive to teach. The only thing they'll be teaching each other are their flaws and uncertainty.

Really, please, let's not do this to our poor little Chosen. She's got too much going on and too little done to stick her with a chain bearer.

>> No.48239757

FWI Vox: Lord Licorice merged the tag search results between the /tg/ and /qst/ archives, so you don't need two links in the OP. They both show everything.

>> No.48239770

I could support this way of going about it, the only reason I am not changing my vote from alright is that I really really think we should let the insane half angel that does not even really want to be a good person anywhere near free or joining the family or half the plans that the rest of you came up with. River may make poor decisions but I highly doubt she is that stupid.

>> No.48239779

should not*

blah I need to start proofreading my posts early in the morning

>> No.48239994

Hey Vox, why no edition name for this one?

>> No.48240021

I stopped to load the image and then forgot to make one.

Called, tallying, writing. Kinda eating breakfast, will count votes after unless someone else does.

>> No.48240096

Brooks, Diving Shadow, and Henrietta are all straight. Victoria's a strict ladies' gal.

Yeah I probably should.

Gay folks can't be compelling villains all of a sudden?

> Vox really did come here from Tumblr you know.

Anon, my home and native land is not Tumblr. It is a foul, vile place that honestly made coming to 4chan for the first time feel welcoming and loving in comparison. Its name is Giant in the Playground.

Came here for professional reasons, got into questing because of Planefag and Hunter Command.

We can publish literally the second this thing manages to get out of Layout Hell.


>> No.48240157

>Gay folks can't be compelling villains all of a sudden?

You having bad-guy gay people fucks with their "Vox is evul hugboxing essjaydubs invader" narrative.

>> No.48240240


Guys...i think we all know what time it is... it's ADOPTION TIME!!

>> No.48240292

plz no

>> No.48240370

You've convinced me of it at least.

> Let's do >>48239661

>> No.48240381

Dude, Hive Queen was yesterday.

>> No.48240390

Votes were closed my friends.

>> No.48240395

Ah that's cool. My bad for not checking until after the three S's

>> No.48240493

Not sure that's the right word here anon

>> No.48240495

Well, that will teach me for posting before refreshing the thread.

>> No.48240701

Finally finished morning dishes and my tally. From my count, some variant on "No, I'd like to meet her father/know more about her father/chew her father's feathered ass out," won by one vote. If I count the overflow votes, it's still the victor.


>> No.48240787

What kind of freak gets a dick but no balls? I mean, being a QT trap with pristine balls above a tight little boipussy is one thing, but just the shaft is fucked up.

>> No.48240831

You spare a glance for Tina and see the succubus /shaking/. Wide green eyes stare at you in disbelief and fear.

"You're gonna want to not be here for this," you suggest.

Wordlessly, she shakes her head, and stays where she is. It wasn't technically an order, you suppose.

"I want to meet her father before I consign her to him," you tell Lora. "From what I've told, this -" you nudge Seraphina faintly with your boot, "is at least partly his fault."

"...Fair enough. Is there a reason you need to be holding that chain?"

"Because if I break it, you're on a timer before someone notices you're gone and calls you away," you point out.

Lora blinks, holds up a finger, lowers it, frowns, and finally sighs. "You're not wrong."

"I like to think I'm clever most of the time. Cigarette?"


You pass the angel a smoke, dig one out for yourself, and light it. You each take a moment to enjoy it before Lora stoops down and plucks a single hair from Seraphina's head. She tosses it into the air and says a name, in firm tones of command: "Matariel."

Pictures of Rain Choir angels usually depict them as storms or rays of sunlight. Matariel is neither, though he evokes both; his body, all of water-filled ice, is sharp and lean, with wings made of delicate, melting frost and eyes that crackle with electricity. You can see bones and organs pulsing inside of the swift currents that form his flesh, especially in his face, which forms an expression of puzzlement right before Lora decks him to the floor with a closed fist.

"Nice to see you, brother," Lora growls. "We need to talk."

Matariel rubs his jaw but, wisely, stays down. "Aphrael."

"Call me that one more time and I'll put my sword through you and your whore daughter."

> "Okay, break it the fuck up. Your personal issues are for /after/ Seraphina."
> Let it happen. You really don't need to be involved in this.
> Hold up - /brother/?
> Write-in?

>> No.48240852

And now I must go to work. I'll be back just after 5 PM EST or so, to call and write. I'll be available for Q&A over the phone, though.

>> No.48240860

> Okay, break the fuck up

>> No.48240866

>> "Okay, break it the fuck up. Your personal issues are for /after/ Seraphina."

>> No.48240911

>> Let it happen. You really don't need to be involved in this.

>Ponder if angelic sibling tiffs are worth fighting for.

>> No.48240943

>Let it happen, because you're not stupid enough to stand between death incarnate and a living icestorm
>remind matariel to wear a condom though

>> No.48240968

Let Lora make him a bit more malleable, might make him more receptive to what we have to say. Hell we might even get answers that aren't smug.

> Let it happen. You really don't need to be involved in this.

Also Vox, tell me about channeling death through sleep. Am I correct to assume that the whole traumatic meltdown only happens on targets that have a conscience and have a faint glimmer of good somewhere inside their hearts? Seems to me that it will be useless against a sociopath who enjoys being evil.

>> No.48240999

yeaaaaaah, I think River deserves her own section in the character sheet now.

The whole "still figuring it out" schtick really only works long enough to get the current scene done and buy time to decide what you actually want to write in the pastebin/charsheet.

>> No.48241011 [DELETED] 

> Hold up - /brother/?
Then after the moment of shock
>break then up.

Guess there is no need for adoption. She's already part of the family.

>> No.48241058

>implying Matariel wasn't the one that gave birth to Seraphina.

>> No.48241098

> Let it happen. You really don't need to be involved in this

>> No.48241101

from how I interpreted it, it was just the opposite if you were a complete sociopath you would be completely incapacitated and sobbing on the floor, however if you used it on somebody like Nate it would have basically no effect as it cannot rob joy or virtue. The fact the half angel could even talk is why River thought there was at least something of value there.

That weapon is terrifying and I love it.

>> No.48241160

Sleep, despite River's phrasing, is not a moral judgement. It's misery; every awful thing that's ever happened to you, everything you've ever hated about yourself, every long day, rough fight, and disappointment, combined with a draining physical lethargy. River and Jack fought through it by holding on to the things that get them through those bad times - their hopes, friendships, ideals.

Seraphina's coping mechanism is denial. It didn't work well.

>> No.48241306

>> Let it happen. You really don't need to be involved in this.

Let's see how he reacts to provocation.

Maybe we can offer some physical support to the Daughter, hold her hand or some shit. Let her know that we aren't going to hand her off willy-nilly.

>> No.48241339

>"Okay, break it the fuck up. Your personal issues are for /after/ Seraphina."
Time constraints and all that jazz.

>> No.48241391

Pretty sure the clock doesn't start until we break the chain.

Classic good cop / bad cop?

>> No.48241484

are you people forgetting the crazy bitch tried to kill cherry?

She deserves mercy maybe but not fucking handholding.

>> No.48241517

But anon, she's female.

You aughtta know by now that if there's one place the pussy pass is always valid, it's waifu central.

>> No.48241605

Fuck me just got caught up. That was a shitshow of well, shitposting. It was impressive in a weird way.

>> No.48241664

Wow. She is less then broken. Where the fuck does this lunatic find these people?!

>> No.48241707

Put out a "Help Wanted" ad on Craigslist, probably. The Vintner was actually just trying to buy a new washing machine to get the blood out of his robes.

>> No.48241709

Technically she tried to kill Jewel, whom she last knew as a loyal assassin who had betrayed her. Cherry was a surprise.

And also already dead.

>> No.48241718

If she didn't take it personal then its fine. I am very interested in the part where she talks to Seraphina's father. in other words, GIVE ME MOAR LORE!

>> No.48241720

> Let it happen. You really don't need to be involved in this

>> No.48241774

She was going to take Jewel back and "fix" her, which included destroying the "worthless ghost" possessing her.

>> No.48241812

Definitely. He has two chicks on him at any given time, no dudes if what I remember is correct, although I will find it hysterical if Michal is gay for him this entire time. Other than that very loose possibility he is straight, a Polygamist that might get a third or forth girl down the line(lucky bastard) but that's about it.

>> No.48241863

> Third or fourth girl

What gives you that impression?

>> No.48241865

Cant wait to see the finished product.

>> No.48241875

> Oh no, my loyal servant who loves me has been corrupted by someone abusing the language of creation, and possessed by an undead spirit! She has lost all memories of why we did this, and has been tricked into thinking that this ghost is her friend. Why do I fail everyone even though I try so hard? If only I had enough power to save everyone and destroy my enemies.

I mean, possession isn't really a thing most people do voluntarily or for healthy reasons even then, Anon.

>> No.48241909

>> Let it happen. You really don't need to be involved in this.

Just watch the fireworks.


>> No.48241938

> Let it happen. You really don't need to be involved in this.

>> No.48241970

>>Look at Tina and shrug, proceed to wait for the inevitable monologue to reach a have way point, cough really loudly until they look, call them kids down for a smoke break and then get to the matter at hand. I want this as weird as possible. Also at some point question Lora actually having a brother before she leaves.

>> No.48241999

> Let it happen
grab popcorn

>> No.48242007

I cannot remember, but it would be nice to live vicariously. I think it was some vague offer to Bri, also noticed you didn't say I was wrong about the Michal thing.

>> No.48242078

I'm not Joss Whedon, I don't need to confirm or deny every bit of head canon. That, and there's early thread commentary from Brooks re: Michael.

I really have no idea where you're getting the idea that the relationship will expand, though. They're committed; poly is not the same as open.

>> No.48242079

> Let it happen. You really don't need to be involved in this.

>> No.48242088

Fair enough, I am a bit sleep deprived and am prone to stupid.

>> No.48242237

We're all prone to stupid.

>> No.48242489

>prone to stupid

Considering you're STILL forgetting the 'e' in Michael I think that's rather obvious.

>> No.48242531

auto correct and I couldn't be bothered to remember if it was spelled like that or not.

>> No.48242928

Three and a half hours and change to call. Is anon in general agreement that River needs a formal write up the way Bri, Nate, and Amy got?

>> No.48243098

I am for it.

>> No.48243121

The Slaying spells alone mean that she represents branches of necromancy that Bri doesn't cover.

>> No.48243670

>> "Okay, break it the fuck up. Your personal issues are for /after/ Seraphina."

>> No.48244273

Two hours and change to call.

>> No.48244394

>> Let it happen. You really don't need to be involved in this.
>ask robert if he is enjoying the show at some point.

>> No.48244915


>> No.48245602

About an hour to call, still fielding questions.

>> No.48245997

Why are you so sexy?
Once we start the la Croix necromancy school can the storages in the warehouse be as classrooms?

>> No.48246052

Ettie wanted it to be on the surface (or at least in the Basement) so prolly only for advanced practical classes or field trips.

>> No.48246148

Fuck going on a 3 day hike to the Warehouse from the surface for class, literally anyone desperate enough for that shouldn't be there in the first place.

>> No.48246386

But we will have a new entrance conecting the roost to the surface.

>> No.48246468

Still a long as time to get there. Unless its a boarding school, then you might be on to something. Still to far underground though.

>> No.48247053

Who said anything about hiking? All you'd need is a booklet from the Atheneum and a brisk start. One minute you're in school, the next, the Dungeon.

>> No.48247466

Home, called, writing. Then dishes, my eternal foe.

>> No.48247537

You really think the Lich is going to trust anyone he doesn't know with shit from the library?

>> No.48248337

Doesn't have to be anything important. Just a brief guide on the Dungeon and the various floors or something like that.

>> No.48248401

I guess, still seems odd to have random teleporting books lying around the place. Wonder how many chickens well end up down there.

>> No.48248445

>implying the linch won't be the death magic instructor.

>> No.48248513

He is the librarian first and formost(bri is the only apprentice he needs), and a possible victim of a sexually frustrated/confused/freaky student. I don't envy him.

>> No.48248851

who would try to get it on with a lic..

oh right most of you want to bone Vox I forgot for a second.

>> No.48248902

That and I am sure Bri's first few years are going to be full of REALLY weird students.

>> No.48249377

Storm got my power. Working on it.

>> No.48249488

This is the revenge of the Daughter!

>> No.48249525

We could make Seraphina the very first student!!

>> No.48249539

Doubles confirm it.

>> No.48249573

I don't think that is a good idea. Also why the hell would an angel want to learn necromancy. They KNOW its a bad idea from what Lora implied to us.

>> No.48249637

No, Lora implied that is was a bad idea to USE necromancy on an angel and bring one back from the dead.
Nothing wrong with an angel or a nephilim /learning/ necromancy.

>> No.48249658 [DELETED] 

She can be tutered in other stuffs. Have one of the chosen speak with her. She needs a way to get rid of all that frustation.

>> No.48249695

So how does everyone think Jewel and Cherry will react to an attempt to 'redeem' Seraphina? Let alone Brianna or the other former Holders?

>> No.48249731

Horribly. That's why we're not gonna tell them, nor are we gonna keep Seraphina anywhere near them.

>> No.48249794

Oooooooooor we could leave the cunt to face punishment for her many, many horrible crimes?

Y'know? Maybe? Possibly? Just as a rational action that'll let us avoid the stupidity conflicts that we've so far done a rather good job not forcing ourselves into?

>> No.48249811

We can always lock her up in the warehouse. There is angel locked down there already.

>> No.48249862

this, the bitch need to be punished not waifu'd

>> No.48249863

Honestly I'd like her to die, but for the most part I want to make sure Lora feels her trespasses have been / will be avenged and for the cunt to be far, far away from those she's hurt and misled (namely her cult and everyone they've abused, and Jewel and Cherry in particular). Like 'in another plane' far away.

Sending the cunt with Daddy for some spankings and an astral time-out sounds like a wonderful idea no matter how large of a prick he is.

>> No.48249885

Honestly, I only voted to spare her because I wanted to meet the dad.
Bitch has got to die.

>> No.48249888

Fuck. I can't keep the power on long enough to write. This storm's got teeth.

>> No.48249916

No laptop?

Maybe write on your phone and post from there or at least transcribe it onto your computer later when the power's more stable?

>> No.48249937

I got a desktop with the novel money so I could catch up on fourteen years of missed gaming. There is no laptop.

Also no images on phone.

>> No.48249945

Same i want her to die. Just put her in some kind of godly prison. The gods must have putted some kind of "power sucking" relic. Let's rob the angel her powers see if she likes being powerless.

>> No.48249948


Yeah, there are people who are redeemable, but I don't think Seraphina is one of them.

She needs to be put down. Suffering an optional extra.

>> No.48249964

Yup it's totally the storm...

>> No.48249990

Don't judge the girl. She is just a bit too loyal. Her "father" never gave her attention. No wonder she was the easiest one.

>> No.48249995

Reminder that the Daughter and Jewel javing sex was in the context of Jewel being the Daughter's Chosen, which is to say that the Daughter had total control over Jewel and could have killed her or cast her out into the wilderness etc etc if she'd refused to be her fuckbuddy.

Meaning that the Daughter effectively raped Jewel.

Why do so many of you want to help a rapist? Are we going to spare the Lush later?

>> No.48250010


Unless Vox certifies you, fuck off with tje roleplaying.

>> No.48250013


Who's judging? I'm just observing that she seems highly unlikely to make a heel-face turn, and is far, far too dangerous to be permitted to remain a threat.

Also, get back to your Sanctum, Richard! No one invited you in here.

>> No.48250014

Jewel wasn't being controlled, persay, but she was basically a hypnotized cult leader.

Still pretty scummy. Daughter's gonna die.

>> No.48250040

cult MEMBER. not leader.
excuse my accidental wordsing

>> No.48250047

meh I could care less if she dies or not, as long as she is far away and not our problem anymore.

>> No.48250049

Never said she was being controlled, just that the Daughter had control over her.

Like how the warlord of Bumfuckia has so many 'willing' wives, and the girls who refuse just-so-happen to wind up dead.

>> No.48250074

Or to make a more direct comparison, like David Koresh in Waco.

>> No.48250091

i don't think it was exactly hypnosis. BUT. There is certain ways to make someone loyal. Like torturing then until they break. My guess she was a child and raised to become the chosen. At least i think that is it.

>> No.48250093

Police have cordoned off my street; looks like live wires. No injuries, thankfully.

>> No.48250141

I think Vox or someone in-story mentioned that they've only been at this for about a decade. At the very least they were still setting up after Amy was grown, given that her dad hadn't been kidnapped yet when she ran away from home.

Jewel was middle-aged when Brige hit her with the revert Word, so unless Sera's had the cult going since long before she joined with Richard I doubt Jewel was raised into it.

>> No.48250151

whatever it was, it's probably a good thing Jewel doesn't have to remember it.

>> No.48250179

Didn't she had a cult before? Maybe some of then survived? But i guess that would be too far fetched

>> No.48250370

Reminder from many threads ago that we need preggers Brianna/Amy pics. And potentially lewds.

And we need pics of the kids. Including one where everyone's staring flabbergasted at a chocolate harpybaby that Brianna's just given birth to.

>> No.48250401

But...wouldn't Amy lay eggs instead of... you know being pregs?

>> No.48250478

Eggs do develop within the body before being delivered. Depending on how many she was carrying she could get quite large, given that each egg has to be able to fully contain a full-sized baby.

...and I'm not sure whether Amy takes after the human or the harpy in that fashion.

>> No.48250704

Vox confirmed Amy lays eggs

>> No.48250764

...ooh boy, yet another of my fetishes she ticks off...

>> No.48250798


>> No.48250834

How would Bri give birth to a harpybaby? That isn't how the birds and the bees works, anon.

Has Vox confirmed if fertilization is internal or external?

>> No.48250855

>How would Bri give birth to a harpybaby? That isn't how the birds and the bees works, anon.
due to hybrid pairing needing magical and/or divine help, shenanigans may apply

>> No.48250869

That's why everyone would be staring flabbergasted at it.

>> No.48250881

Magic anon. There ain't no problem a wizard can't solve it. After all there is always a polymorph spell

>> No.48250885

... Dare I ask?

>> No.48250908


>> No.48250925

fuck it, lets dive.

>> No.48250926 [DELETED] 

Get back to writting linch!!!

>> No.48250935

Y'know what, might as well. Tell me your secrets, Fetish Anon.

>> No.48250960

Look up oviposition on your porn website of choice.

>> No.48250980


It's like the birthing fetish but with less direct pedophilic undertones.

>> No.48250984

Oh, I'm a different anon, but I'd gladly tell you my fetishes.

Probably the weirdest of my fetishes is girls without belly buttons. There's just something about that smooth, unblemished tummy that gets me all hot and bothered down there.
Speaking of which, does Amy have a bellybutton? She WAS born from an egg, after all.

>> No.48250993

I meant the rest of the fetishes. I was raised by the wilds of Darknest where /d/ is just content, I know about egg-laying. What other boxes did she tick?

>> No.48251000

asking Anon to tell you about our fetishes was probably not the wisest decision Vox

>> No.48251008

oh never mind then

>> No.48251010 [DELETED] 

>girls without belly buttons

>> No.48251013

Probably does, considering she came from an egg. Eggs have a connection from the fetus to the yolk, and you gotta have a passage of some kind to get there.

>> No.48251015

Eh, it was coming anyway, what with the new Isoldt lewds being worked on.

>> No.48251026


>> No.48251037

FUCK! why couldn't you just let me live in blissful ignorance, anon?

Oh look, another one of my fetishes.

>> No.48251048

Why was this deleted?

>> No.48251057

it happens anon, spend enough time on 4chan and you will acquire almost all of the fetishes

>> No.48251058

I live to ruin other people's fetishes. The only way you're going to find someone without a belly button is either a wizard creating someone out of thin air for his magical realm, or jerking it to the bible.

>> No.48251072

Ah. In that case:

>wings even if she didn't actually have them for a while
>physically affectionate
>small T&A
>likes oral
>active submissive

>> No.48251089

There's always cyborgs. They'll always fulfill my love for smooth tummies

>> No.48251097

D'aaw. Thanks for sharing.

I'm going to attempt to update from phone but I promise nothing. Absolutely nothing.

>> No.48251102

I didn't like the reaction-pic, and didn't feel like it encapsulated just how much wut I'm experiencing right now

>> No.48251128 [DELETED] 


>> No.48251156

Fair enough.

>> No.48251196

>girls without belly buttons
I was confused, but now I'm scared

>> No.48251224

That's kinda hot

we all begin a little scared and nervous

>> No.48251261

>>wings even if she didn't actually have them for a while
this is the one that stumps me

>> No.48251264

the eye or hole straight to her/him/it's womb still counts technically do to the position.

>> No.48251305

It's a close substitute

>> No.48251325

You wisely decide to drag Seraphina's unconscious form away from the two angels.

"My daughter is nothing to do with - you fucked her, didn't you!" Matariel accuses, leaping to his feet.

"No! What kind of sick fuck do you take me for?"

"The kind who rebelled against her duty," Matariel sneers.

He freezes as Grief clears its sheath and hovers at his throat.

"Even in Arcadia, there am I," Lora warns in a low tone. "Show respect."

"Why am I summoned, Destroyer?"

In answer, Lora points sharply to you. The Rain Choir looks to you, and then sees his daughter. You hear a shocked intake of breath.

Well, you'd wanted to meet him.

> What do you say?

>> No.48251330


>> No.48251377

>Smile and wave

>> No.48251378

> What do you say?
"Your daughter's helping a dude who wants destroy the world and cross the line mortals were not meant to cross. Also, she's a megalomaniacal asshole with a god complex."
"you should really do something about this"

>> No.48251404


But no, seriously

> So your Daughter kind of tried to destroy the world. Does that run in the family? Also, what's with the accusations of fucking?

>> No.48251420

> you fucked her, didn't you!

This guy needs to straighten out his priorities.

I mean, Sera's sex life is probably the LEAST messed up part about her. And it's still a colossal mess!

>> No.48251448

I thought it was pretty clear. Egg-laying. Large ones, preferably.

>> No.48251456

Nah, she strikes me as far more Narcissistic disorder right up to the whole "feels worthless when confronted with failure".

Seriously, she screams abandonment issues.

> Supporting >>48251377

Lets keep it simple stupid.

>> No.48251480

Think about spooning a girl and having large, fluffy, soft, warm wings cradling you to her.

Or of being nervous about your first time and having those wings carefully and comfortingly come around you and gently pull you towards her .

Or those same wings tightening around you and holding you inside of her as she or you or both of you climax.

>> No.48251484

You know madman want to destroy the world, so, for that, he started to gather people who are unsatisfied or greedy or desperate or that are just pure garbage and is trying to...well i don't know exactly what he's doing but it's bad.

So he took advantage of your poor parenting and recruited your daugther to him. He's kinda charismatic.

> Take a quick look to Lora so she can continue.

>> No.48251490

I get the impression that this has been a problem in the past.


>> No.48251516

"Your daughter's been trying to become a god so that she can start feeling like she's worth something. This is a problem, on multiple levels."

>> No.48251536

nono, it's how it specifically needs the person to not have wings for a while.

unless I'm reading this wrong.

>> No.48251561

seconding this

>> No.48251598

You are - the 'having wings' part was the fetish. The other part was just to cut off the autists who'd point out that it shouldn't apply because she didn't have wings for most of the quest.

Though I'll admit I have seen far worse and/or specific fetishes than "didn't have wings for a certain period of time".

>> No.48251603


Well, let's go with direct attack. 'Your daughter is fucked up and it seems like it's your fault. This is partially your responsibility, and this has led to her working with someone trying to destroy the world.'
Also some variation of 'she's working for this Richard dude, wottoya think of him?'

>> No.48251609

I like it


>> No.48251634

> All these votes with no green text

What fresh hell is this.

>> No.48251651

> "I want you to examine that sentence and tell me where the morally wrong part is"

>> No.48251670


>> No.48251675

'Fetish' talk? Sure I'll add my thoughts. Analysis ahoy.

I like how the sexuality of girls in DLQ are products of their lives, and in a world where repression is nearly nonexistant it makes some things that we would consider "immoral" and "filthy internet culture" into just another part of who someone is. Sure it could be argued that Isoldt is into sadism because she's a succubus and that's just what succubi do, but the fact that Vox has made the world such that it could be pressumed that she'd be into other things as an individual and conplex being that makes it all the more.. attractive. She isn't a one dimensional cumdumpster, and while others may be into that, I find authenticity all the more compelling.

Might as well run down the list and state my thoughts on each character, as I've spent a lot of time thinking about them and whatnot.

So, Bri - to be frank, she doesn't do it for me. It's partly because she's the MC, of our ability to influence the world vicariously through her. I relate and connect with her moreso than I want to have sex with her, I want to watch her struggle and surpass challenges moreso than I want to swoop in and save her and the day myself. Being in someone's head as we are in this written format takes away some of what makes the otherness of characters so alluring, but Vox is still subtly good enough to not let that get in the way of the other characters.

Amy, the first "waifu," and possibly a large reason this relationship hasn't fallen apart from internal stress. None of the birdgirl elements do much for me (the animalification of people has never been all that sexually spurring), though how it reflects how she acts is interesting anyway. After thinking about it, both of the girls I've had in quests - Carla and Ema (don't blame you for not knowing the second one) - have similar personalities. They all are energetic, generally flirtatious (though also childish-ish), and more than ready to kick ass when the time comes.

>> No.48251676

>"Your daughter's been trying to become a god so that she can start feeling like she's worth something. This is a problem, on multiple levels."
> "You should really do something about this."

>> No.48251683

Ah, my apologies;

>"Your daughter's been trying to become a god so that she can start feeling like she's worth something. This is a problem, on multiple levels."

With >>48251561 and >>48251609 supporting.

>> No.48251724

>Your daughter helped imprison your sister, by helping a madman who seems to be intent on trying to take over the world

>She helped raised an army, trained a cult of sadistic assassins who worshiped her, and would have killed anyone to accomplish her goal

>And it was all to impress you. Your daughter thinks so little of herself that she couldn't summon one positive thing to say about who she was, even to save her own life.

>What did you do to her?

>> No.48251743

In more typical circumstances I'd let this one slide but I can't track the (you) when I swap back to PC. If I even can.

>> No.48251787


>"Your daughter's been trying to become a god so that she can start feeling like she's worth something. This is a problem, on multiple levels."
> "You should really do something about this."

>> No.48251796

seconding this

>> No.48251840

Now i must go good bye folks.

>> No.48252019

So there is inherently something about Amy that I am drawn to, as I can see how something similar has arisen in the subconsious behind why I crafted my own characters the way I did. Her posivitivity is a definite plus, also how she tries her hardest to raise up Nathan's or Bri's moods when they're down.

Before I had thought of her as the perfect support character. The extremely not shitty Yuffie of DLQ, if you will. Though it's much more than that: she is supportIVE in a way that far outreaches the anime trope of wanting the MC's dick and doing anything to preserve said dick. There's a loyalty there that runs far deeper, and to imagine that we the collective facilitated that loyalty with our/Bri's actions..

Let's just say that Amy gets better and better the more I think about her. I say we did a good thing with this tri-Relationship, and watching it grow has been heart melting in certain moments.

To switch gears a little to someone I may actually could see myself trying to be with: River - as Amy falls under the realm of Bri's waifu moreso than mine, and while I can connect through Bri's attraction it's the narrative function itself that I like rather than my personal feelings for the character.

River, the ex-merc turned deathwielding necromancer is in an intriguing and possibly compelling place. She is a beautiful elf girl who had her hopes and dreams snuffed out for the hard life of mindlessly eating, fucking, sleeping, killing, and repeat. Now she's been given a new revival at being alive and she's, in an odd sense, fragile in her certainty and ironically naive about the steps of love. Just put yourself in Lark's shoes for a moment. Here is a girl who has fought and killed more than you could possibly hope to do in a lifetime, and yet there is still something adorable about her that makes you want to care and show her what it means to love. Not to pity mind you, because we, like Lark, have no idea how this "love" thing will work with her.

>> No.48252039

> Your daughter helped imprison your sister, by helping a madman who seems to be intent on trying to take over the world

> She helped raised an army, trained a cult of sadistic assassins who worshiped her, and would have killed anyone to accomplish her goal

> And it was all to impress you. Your daughter thinks so little of herself that she couldn't summon one positive thing to say about who she was, even to save her own life.

> I want you to examine that and tell me where the morally wrong part is.

>> No.48252115

A reminder of the remaining Chainholders aside from the Lush:

> The Pallbearer
> The Wyrm
> The Librarian
> The Master

>> No.48252144

> Coming back from a break, people forgot your rule.

At least they're linking to your post.

Voting for

>"Your daughter's been trying to become a god so that she can start feeling like she's worth something. This is a problem, on multiple levels."

>> No.48252150

50 bucks says that The Wyrm isn't a dragon, but the Librarian is.

>> No.48252242

this is a fairly good combo of votes, rolls off really smooth.

>> No.48252281

The reason why I'm drawn to River is the realization that no, she isn't perfect nor ever will be. Someone that's honestly alluring while obviously(ish) broken? I don't care for the White Knight I Must Protect the Weak bullshit, but in this case I can see how an integral part of that trope resonates with people. By allowing someone to be weak in your presence, i.e. being able to emotionally or physically protect them, you can't help but feel like you want to relate and simply BE with them.

River, obviously, doesn't need to be protected from the world. Rather, I feel she needs to be protected from herself as we all do, and I would be more than alright with a mutual emotionally-protective pact with her. Maybe that's just a silly overcomplication of what Love is, but isn't finding what suits a personal definition of "love" a massive part of sexual attraction in the textual medium? I mean sure, if I were placed in a bed with any of these girls and they had every desire in the world to fuck my brains out I'd be down, but actual attraction is.. different.

That's possibly why the whole "fetishization" concept doesn't really resonate with me. Can I pull up /d/ or whatever somewhere and find something that peaks my dick's interest? Absolutely. Does that mean I want to obsess over it and try to take actual human behavior and project a fetishy lense over it? Eh, I just don't see the point.

Now before I meander off in my thoughts - and because interaction is FUN - any girls you want me to give my two cents to? Those two are definitely my "best girls," though I've rarely disliked any of them.

Oh, Brigette's talent of being able to seduce via the power of music and her simple being was totally the hottest fucking thing I've read in this whole quest, though I'll always be swayed by brilliant music and a sensual aura/touch. Shame she's bitter, chained, and a practical alcoholic.

>> No.48252338

Yeah, this works.

>> No.48252369

How about Nathan, the best girl

>> No.48252400


> This guy right here >>48252039


>> No.48252407

Thanks for the feedback. This kinda thing is an angle I haven't heard before.

>> No.48252445

I don't know what to say. I mean, everyone jokes about "lol fucking tripfags" but I feel like you thought ahead to the quality of the posts you were going to make, and honestly thought "Wow, this shit DESERVES a trip."

And I can't say that you thought wrong. So, uh, thanks. You terrible tripfaggot.

On the plus side, this keeps the normies out.

Also I am interested in hearing your opinion on Bri femdomming Nate and making him into a pretty girl. I bet he'd blush.

>> No.48252485

Update - my chunk of the city only has fifty folks out of power. Other side is upwards of a thousand. I may be out of juice until tomorrow morning or later. Might as well stay with the feedback and Q&A.

Can I ask a kind anon to archive this thread?

>> No.48252560

> Also I am interested in hearing your opinion on Bri femdomming Nate and making him into a pretty girl. I bet he'd blush.

Best image: Bri dressed up like a stereotypical sexy dark lady, Amy as a sexy dark angel lieutenant, Nathan chain up at their mercy as they try to tempt him to the dark side with their bad girl appeal. Nathan, of course, is missing his shirt.

>> No.48252610

Your kind words fill my heart with glee, Anon. I'll get to your question in a moment, though allow me to generally talk about Nathan first before getting into the femdoming.

Quick question, what did you mean about how this keeps the normies out? Detailed, thoughtful analyses?

.. I may've answered my own question, but feel free to clarify.

Give me a moment to gather my thoughts and I'll dive on in.

>> No.48252617

Fetch then kicks in the door of their evil lair to rescue best girl Nathan.

>> No.48253057

A friend was kind enough to archive the thread.

>> No.48253075

Onto Nate.

Similar to Amy, he is confined to his narrative position as Bri's lover and thus most of my thoughts on him as a relationship partner has been tailored to how he suits Bri (and Amy, of course). Unlike her though, I simply can't see myself ever "getting with" Nathan for a number of reasons, from the fact that I don't get the same level of attraction I described with the female characters that I get with men to how I doubt I could be his Type and he mine. Though I've never cared to swing that way in my experiences, I can absolutely understand how guys are attractive and cute and what have you. I appreciate but I feel no need to participate, something that I simply don't feel about fictional guys.

Regardless, Nathan is still one of my favorite character for this reason: he is a shonen protagonist done RIGHT and AUTHENTICLY. He had most of the traits from the very beginning: high dreams of achieving heroic deeds, a desire to protect those close to him, a level of estrangement from regular society, powers that he kept secret for fear of being percecuted for but allows him to fight brilliantly, a general nice guy persona that tries his best to please the most people, and the ladies do love to fawn over him for his goodness. I'm sure I'm missing a few other key traits, but you get the picture - Nathan is in every sense of the word a Hero with a capital H.

All of this is before Bri kills him and drags him along with her quest through the Dungeon, giving him a taste of what actually being a Hero is in reality. From that moment on he left the cliche of his trope and became an actual human being. Even his bitching about the world can be slotted into the trope, the example that comes to mind is the MC of Gundam Unicorn. When Nathan is depressed, it isn't for eliciting contrived drama in a particular moment nor the result of his idealistic standard clashing with large decisions; instead, he's depressed because Amy had a fiancé she didn't tell him about.


>> No.48253118

Did you just do a fucking waifu analysis?

That's...really goddamn pathetic man.

>> No.48253139

you appear to have misspelled awesome.

>> No.48253175

When do you think you're gonna be running next, Vox?

>> No.48253181

You used to run a good quest and now you're attention whoring with a "waifu analysis" for another tumblr-tier quest.

You're the perfect example of "You either die a QM or you live long enough to see yourself turn into a pathetic attention whore."


>> No.48253194

The moment I have electricity tomorrow, or earlier if the public library is up and running.

>> No.48253204

I like how he was supposed to replace ReviewAnon but instead he just became an extreme Voxsucker.

>> No.48253211

Are you gonna start a new thread?

>> No.48253233

I'll likely need to, yes.

>> No.48253260


I second both these sentiments.

>> No.48253337

Nathan the true person arose and developed in his moments of pettiness far more than his moments of participating in the shonen architype. Because of that when it came time for the conflict with Natalia, however disappointing that scene ended up becoming, we were able to relate to his tension despite how it might compare to an anime protagonist in a similar situation.

Nate is the best person he thinks he can be, and through Bri and Amy he is unknowingly made even better as time goes on. He is a good counterbalance for the other two, a fine leader, a hardworking subordinate, and even in his weakest moments a strength always guides him forward. He is Good not because the story demands that the Hero Must be Good - he is good because he choses to be, because he wants to be.

He also doesn't try and hide this from the people around him like certain Edgy Characterless Cool Guy Heroes we see all the time nowadays. When Bri, and eventually Amy, fall for him, they appear to be falling for the actual him rather than any persona he projects because of a lack of said persona. It's hard not to like the guy, and even harder to imagine him not being your friend if you met him somewhere.

After saying all of this, I find it rather difficult to transition to the fem-doming fantasy, so let me say this - Nathan would enter such a situation willingly, though perhaps with some reservations and concerns. He'd do it for his lovers and, while I am uncertain if he'll be entirely into it, Nathan will do his best to let his concerns go. I suppose my 10 cents is that I don't really see Bri proposing this in character, nor do I think Amy is THAT unintentionally depraved.

As noncanon smut? Sure I'd give it a read, and if it's written well enough with attention to the character, then I'm sure I may even appreciate and possibly like it. To the potential author of such a tale: keep it authentic, captivating, and within my suspension of disbelief, then I'll follow you to hell and back.

>> No.48253352

> Offers feedback on writing romance and love interests
> Anon gets mad


>> No.48253390

>To the potential author of such a tale: keep it authentic, captivating, and within my suspension of disbelief, then I'll follow you to hell and back.

Fucking drama queen goddamn.

>> No.48253403


I mean, I understand you're also relatively autistic but like c'mon this is AUTISM to the max and also doing it with a trip makes him attention whorish.

>> No.48253419

>QM leaps to the defense of an autistic tripfag's waifu review of his quest
>Implying we're mad
When did pointing out facts make one mad?

>> No.48253439

I've never raised a big deal about names or trips in my audience. They come and go, and have generally not caused trouble. He's not causing any trouble now either. Why pick a fight?

>> No.48253466

Because you don't trip in fucking 4chan unless you're a tripfag.

It's like going to Japan and asking why everybody takes their shoes off when they enter the house.

Not doing so is disrespect.

And the other element of 4chan is calling tripfaggots out for being tripfaggots and

>picking fights

because we understand that internet fights are meaningless.

Like c'mon, you can't keep pretending you're a newfag

>> No.48253498

He has to appeal to the newfags since that's what most of his playerbase is.

>> No.48253514

Hm. So I take it that no one disagrees with anything I said about my interpretations on each character?

If you do please feel free to challenge me on it, I'm definitely not the end all be all of interpretations for this quest.

Besides, we all know that all waifus are shit, but good characters are fucking great.

>> No.48253545

What is it about Clone Trooper QMs and being autistic?

First Whiskey, now you.

Your not as bad as Whiskey though. Even though that's like saying you aren't Anthony Burch. Really low bar and all.

>> No.48253551

>implying we read any part of that wall
Legit question: where on the spectrum are you?

>> No.48253572

I'm contemplating yours right now.

>> No.48253575

I didn't read your shit long enough to disagree with it or agree with it.

here watch this video. It's more up to your speed.


>> No.48253596

weighing in on my opinion on tripfagging:

this was better than that anon who had too few and too many drinks.

from the perspective of interpreting character rather than fetishes:

I'm not as sold on her antics as you. To me, a lot of time was spent on actions and mannerisms that felt repetitive rather than hammering in deeper aspects.

I have similar views, but worded differently. Rather than wanting to BE that character, it's more that having core flaws lends weight, gives identity to someone who otherwise would have the end result of a "perfect" blob.

eeeeeehh, I didn't like him THAT much.

>> No.48253601

It's really both.

>> No.48253611

Your autistic rampage gave me cancer.

>> No.48253643

>this was less retarded then something else retarded
>therefore its not retarded

>> No.48253774

Real answer? There is something about seeing how little details translate into the larger picture and vice versa that even plenty of writers do not understand. A single cog in the Clone War machine is rather unimportant on his own and really shouldn't compel a story, but if done just so it can give the audience a view into how the Clone Wars really was like. Or at least how we interpret it.

I just like thinking about things I suppose.

No clue. All I know is that for years I literally could not communicate. You know those horror stories of autistic kids that sit in a wheelchair, drooling their pathetic lives away? That had been me for around 3 years.

We are all are thrown into a meaningless world without our permission, and most of us die without our permission as well. If I somehow make you contemplate meaning for existence out of that mess, then good on me.

Brilliant video, I absolutely fucking loved it holy shit

To each her own. I also have critiques on Amy and Nate, but that's for another rant. And to clarify: I don't want to BE River, rather I could see how one would want to be WITH River because of those flaws and lack of perfection. Like you said, agreement but with a tiny semantic difference.


>> No.48253799

>so autistic, he couldn't communicate for 3 years
For the good of the aryan gene pool, please never reproduce.

>> No.48253812

the trolls are out in force today

>> No.48253819

Pls gas me Hitler-sama, send the Americans in after!

>> No.48253823

>Brilliant video, I absolutely fucking loved it holy shit

I'm unironically glad you liked it.

It's a good video. Despite how autistic I think you are I think that video is honestly good for everyone to watch.

Seriously, watch the video with the potatoheads.

>> No.48253828

Trolls make logical fallacies

All I see here is facts. If you meant brutally honest anons then you'd be right.

>> No.48253838

I disagree. In that they're fully fleshed out characters who each have a thematic history related to temptation and redemption, and reducing them to waifu's the way you did makes me question if you ever actually had a relationship IRL.

Amy - Started with no moral guidance beyond "who ain't dead is the most moral". Redeemed herself and is now happy with who she is, and has a handle on her previous self-esteem and codependency issues.

Nate - Actually your shonen protagonist description is spot on. Dude is like an accidental Paladin, in that after he learned the world wasn't good or fair or like the stories he said "Fuck it, I'm still going to be good and fair like that because I choose to". Still kind of Naive, but by choice now not a lack of experience.

River - Classic accidental villain who kept taking "one step further" until she looked back and could no longer see where she started from. All I need to waifu her though is to know she's a red-headed elf.

Regardless, none of them would ever consider touching your dick because they have real relationships and people in their lives they care for. If they read what you wrote, they would probably be offended that you tried to reduce them to 2-dimensional tropes, and feel sorry for you that you fell in love with an image of them constructed in your head and never really got to truly know them or interact with them.

Waifus are fucking cancer. Either just jerk off, or go outside and meet the actual people you would be into.

>> No.48253843

Quest thread. Specialy popular ones like the ones Vox does. Attract a lot of trolls.

>> No.48253855

Oh no, I'm a kike. I'm not gonna gas subhumans like you. I just feel sad for the aryans, is all.

>> No.48253929

I'll make sure to give it a couple rewatches later, it's hella dense but entirely true.

I'm in complete agreement, actually. Perhaps I messed up along the way, but this whole rant was about how I was attempting to raise them up from the objectification of fetishism and waifufaggotry and to try and examine their qualities as fellow people. Fleshed out characters are great because of how we can respond and resonate with them - examples that you pointed out with your descriptions.

Of course there's the actual "I want this fictional character to be my actual love forever and ever" that this site is full of, and I don't blame you for placing my analysis into that trash as it was playing around with some of its integral facets - i.e, how the characters make the individual respond.

Thanks for the thoughts, by the way!

>> No.48253935

I blame Banished Quest. It pushed shitposting to the next level, and created a hyperbolic shitposting chamber on IRC. Soma is like the Shit-Saiyan where every shitpost just makes him stronger, and draws the universes strongest shitpostsers towards him wreaking havoc and destruction wherever he goes.

Also Vox's newfaggotry and the faggotry of his followers infuriates me. I mean, I genuinely like his quest and writing, he's clearly talented.

But there's just something delicious about how people react to shitposting here that makes me want to do it even more.

>> No.48253965


>> No.48253994

I'm impressed with how you're remaining polite. And kind of pissed off by it, so keep doing it since part of shitposting is having everyone get mad.

Anyways, the contradiction is that once you try to raise them up you have to let go of the fetishism and waifufaggotry. When you do that and then try to pick out which one you would most like to be with, if you're really viewing them as "people" then you have to choose none of them because they're all in relationships or going through a large amount of personal growth/trauma and that's honestly not healthy to get involved with as a relationship goal. That shit is a LOT of work, and tends to poison the well for relationships.

And now I'm downloading Katawa Shoujo because it made me think of that.

>> No.48254014

What Quest had the shitstorms and shitposts of the highest quality, do you think?

Obviously there's Blatant Fettish Quest, but I've heard there was quite a bit of shitposting in Shadow Quest as well.

>> No.48254016

>And now I'm downloading Katawa Shoujo because it made me think of that.

Oh god I am so sorry.

>> No.48254096

I . . . . hm. Hollow Quest Redux, if only because it went on for so long and broke AzureEarth at the end of it where he murdered all the waifus in a cut-scene that the Anons actually voted for.

After ret-conning 3 times (first death from Thug Shinigami when they tried to rap battle him, second death from the son we ignored/tormented, third when we pissed off our best friend and powerful ally because voters suddenly moralfagged and stole her toys that were one of the few gifts we actually gave her.)

Honestly that quest was a beautiful storm of waifu-faggotry and him writing out the logical and reasonable shitty outcomes of Anon's retarded choices and terrible personality embodied by the PC. It only ever got worse when he caved to waifufags wanting to undo the fuck ups their retardation caused.

Seriously, it became the ultimate car accident into a house fire to gawk at as it burned down once the main character stopped talking in rhymes.

The only reason it loses out to BQ is because of how seriously all the shitposters took it.

>> No.48254100

Fair points all of them, though a conversation about theoretical sexual attraction will always have to step into the realm of "Well, if I were able to step into the story..." To keep it at that level is fetishism and self-insertfaggotry, pure and simple, but to use it as a lens to examine why a character draws the reader into liking them the way that they do makes it a worthwhile exercise.

You can examine them as people all you want, but to keep it academic and without any sense of personal reactions is the realm of stuffy, unreadable discourses on Literature. Writing is meant to elicit something if done right, so to remove the elicited feelings entirely when talking about a character is.. rather pointless, don't you think? Though equally as pointless is to revel in those feelings and let your dick guide your view of the writing.

This is my favorite way to debate, by the way - recognize every point where we actually agree in the supposed disagreement until all points are subsumed into the same ideas. Generally these ideas will end up being mine originally, abet possibly altered slightly, and thus everyone "wins."

>> No.48254209

>After ret-conning 3 times
Oh wow.

Reminds of one quest on tgchan.
Whenever the QM was feeling stuck, he'd do one thing.
Pull a "this was a virtual reality!" twist.
Three or four times in total.

It has actually gotten to be its own interesting taste by the time he given up completely.

>> No.48254231

So like that one Rick and Morty episode.

>> No.48254261

But these aren't actual people, anon. They're fictional constructs in your own mind. So the only way to connect with them emotionally is to step down to the level of fetishism and self-insertion. They don't have any true agency, or even personalities, beyond what you add in your mind.

If you want to examine them as theoretical "people" then the academic detachment is necessary.

> This is my favorite way to debate, by the way - recognize every point where we actually agree in the supposed disagreement until all points are subsumed into the same ideas. Generally these ideas will end up being mine originally, abet possibly altered slightly, and thus everyone "wins."

All this tells me is that you never actually have engaged in debate, just shitposted on the internet and played pigeon chess. You know, shit all over the board and when eventually the other person refuses to play you declare yourself the winner.

>> No.48254358

Hm. So are you saying that in all emotional scenes that the audience connects to, from a quest to proper literature to anything in the visual medium, is all due to this self-insertion? Meaning that the only way you can rightly analyze a character is to remove the act of experiencing the whole of a character's actions from how you view them?

>> No.48254391

Iduno, don't watch that show. It was early days of the site, 2009-2010. Not sure if Inception was even out yet.

>> No.48254404

Kinda curious about the quest now. Was it my Ouroboros (which did delve into VIRTUAL REALITIES), or was it something else? (Idk, Memoriam?)

>> No.48254422

It's by it's nature a personal experience, one that can't be translated. The character you connect with is going to be because of that individual internal interpretation and thereby completely different from the character another person connects with.

You're confusing the input (character) with the output (connection). Since we can't analyze the internal process you go through, it's inappropriate to apply that to the character.

>> No.48254433

It's been years, man, I remember barely anything else.
There's been layers that are secret facilities with AIs, layer that was something shadowruns-y that ended going eldritch reality-breakin which revealed it as another virtual.

But really don't remember the name.

>> No.48254485

Alright, I understand now. I was attempting to walk a line with the the analysis that's inherently two separate discussions that is meant to be approached from different directions, or at least that is what I'm led to believe?

If that's the case, then good. Such a way of going about examining something - looking at a particular detail then extrapolating out of it a more general view - was what I was going for. "This is how this character makes me react when they act. How does that correlate to them as a person, separate from my experience of their actions?" That was what I was basically going for.

If I failed in elucidating that clearly, or if that is an impossible task for one reason or another, that's perfectly alright. I wouldn't be here if I didn't find some enjoyment in what I was experiencing, you know?

>> No.48254506

Basically the main solid detail I remember is that it wasn't "this is a quest about diggin in virtual realities and junk", the VRs were a surprise (the first two times).

>> No.48254536

don't you just miss the days when people weren't shitposting or picking fights? i think we first 70 threads we had a fairly clean run, but now...

>> No.48254570

I'd say it started a bit earlier, around the end of the Mine. Maybe around thread 40-45ish.

>> No.48254586

I do, but anons are too quick to bite bait, and I can't be here all the time to assign bait pics.

>> No.48254639

when did you guys join in? i joined about thread 11 or 12 i think.

>> No.48254647

If you have a bunch of people acting stupidly, odds are at least some of them aren't pretending. They really are that stupid. While some of the shitposting probably is just people trying to shit up the thread because they like to make things shitty, I'm pretty sure there are a fair few people in the past shitstorms who really did believe what they were saying.

>> No.48254672

I remember first getting in around christmas, so maybe thread 20?

>> No.48254673

I have been here since thread 1!

>> No.48254934

thread 1. it has been a not terribly slow, not terribly unexpected descent.

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