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How would you do an undead villain with an angelic motif?

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A fucked up valkyrie. A Chooser of the Slain building an army of undead champions for the End Times. Except instead of waiting for valiant warriors to die in combat she finds those with skill she admires and kills them herself. Maybe she actually is doing it for the greater good, preparing for something worse than herself. Or maybe she's just lost it.

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An motherly doting healer that you befriend in the beginning but was pulling many of the strings the whole time. Eventually they show their true colors and attack the party, your prior interactions determine if you have a shot at convincing them to unironically act pleasant again.

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They believe they've been brought back for a reason. Maybe that there goal before they died was in the right, that they were chosen or that the gods really need a person like them on Earth for their grand schemes.

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...like the Chosen Undead?

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Angel of Death, god wants this world gone and you must stop him/prove this world is worth keeping.

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Religious order has a Lawful Good or Neutral religious head Lich. Liches are not Always Evil, benevolent gods of undeath like Evening Glory let them become undead without the evil acts like sacrifice.

They are a "villain" because your nations are at war. No crusade, no morals, just a struggle for succession and the church backs the other side.

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I've been trying to come up with a nation in my setting that is a blend of European Spain mixed in with Roman imagery and mesoamerican belief.

Basically they worship a male and female god of death who are Man and Woman but they originate as more aztec style gods that required sacrifices intially so now you have a modern religion which is more like Sante Muerte now transposed on a Catholic style church set up and various cults who pass themselves off as worshiping the Man and Woman in the old ways leading to ideological clashes and schims as one is more popular with more affluent people and the other can often by found practiced by poorer people and the criminal element of society.

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A necromancer screwed up the ritual to become a lich and revives a long dead member of a forgotten race of birdpeople. With no memory of his previous life, the birdman wanders, radiant with the glow of magic, until encountering a group who label him as an angel. He believes them to be correct and sets out to use his great power to fulfil his heavenly duty, but with his morals twisted by the taint of undeath.

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People were getting up to all sorts of crazy shit during the Black Death out of desperation, including a man openly selling human corpses for meat in the middle of Paris in broad daylight from a stall. Imagine how mad the world would have to be in order to have a street vendor butchering a dead kid and pricing their cuts for the poorest of the poor to eat.
Not to mention the Voodoo folks and La Muerta being depicted alongside Jesus in Catholic Churches. It pisses off the Vatican, butvthey shrug it off as "so long as you aren't hurting anyone and are otherwise a good Catholic, go ahead".

Human sacrifice popping back up as an oldworld heresy in slums is about right.

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World of Warcraft had some as upper tier minions in Wrath of the Lich King

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A villain that wants to prevent anyone and everyone from death, but does it in a way similar to Soma's WAU, where the line between living, surviving, and dead is very blurred for them, and doesn't care about consent of the 'patients' or what state they're in, as long as they're "alive".

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She isn't murdering people
she's just bringing them one step closer to god (involuntarily)

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So Dark Souls meets Franken Fran?

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Never played Dark Souls or read Franken Fran, but sure!

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With a very large ass. Villains represent the temptations of evil...and so does a large ass.

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Dark Souls is a bleak crumbling world, full of grandeur but sad in how empty and uncared for it is, where death is like being old forever.

Franken Fran is about a plucky mad scientist flesh golem that epitomizes body horror. "Life, at any cost" is her motto.

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That's a good way to go about it. You have competing ideas on the idea of "sacrifice" in good times that could mean leaving some food or money at a shrine or whatever but during times of desperation and bad shit like you said you could have people thinking that money isn't enough (especially when you don't have enough to give anyways) so maybe a little blood would be better so some village that's rocked pretty hard with a bad harvest or whatever might not be to turned off by the idea of making a literal sacrifice if it means god will cut them some slack.

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An unhinged, naturally occurring undead. They were very religious in life, some horrifying aspect of the death caused them to return as a form of undead, and they have been going mad ever since.

They have become totally obsessed with the true afterlife which they have been denied, and they have convinced themselves that the reason they are still bound to the mortal plane is because their god has chosen them to perform his works as a Chosen Angel.

No necromancer, no lich. Probably better if no corporeal form. Just a very religious ghost, taking on the role of a divine spirit. Have them haunt a cathedral and appear above the alter in a nimbus of light, the very stones of the church obeying her will.

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Sounds about right then.

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There is literally nothing angelic about the Chosen Undead. No angel wings. No halo. No divine aura.

The best you can get is a knight or cleric wielding miracles, and there's nothing angelic about that.

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It's funny how dead Sephiroth was for much of FF7.

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I was thinking something like that, or Kefka's penultimate form (I think anyway, been a while)...

Sephiroth is probably a better choice, as Kefka was later on just a mockery of Daniels Inferno (or a tribute)

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I think you mean Dante's Divine Comedy.

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I do. Never fails that /tg/ is better-read than I am, or, at least remembers literature better

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>Daniels Inferno

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Angel of death. Black robes, scythe, hourglass, black feathery wings, halo, the works. Sent by god with the mission of killing as many as possible. His is not to question why, but only to elk out the judgment of God. And as he is literally doing God's work, he is oblivious and deaf to any line of rationality to do otherwise.

Although he HAS gotten more sophisticated than in his youth when he just ran around from village to village reaping people. The little buggers breed so damn fast. Starving the peasants worked a little. He got some locust to help. But it didn't make enough impact. Plagues seemed to hold so much promise initially, and he was working on a big push but then penecillian betrayed him and he gave it all up. But war, war never changes. And recent development of nuclear bombs piqued his interest quite a bit, but he has utterly failed to instigate conflict. To his utter dismay, the threat of full scale nuclear war has even gotten the big power players to stop going at each others throats.

So maybe simple is best and he'll just cook all the fuckers out. Heaven knows the SUN won't betray him....

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>And as I gazed upon Satan's horrific visage, one of half-eaten chinese takeout and joint roaches he said "Dude, why are you in my fucking basement?"

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Stopped reading right there

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>with an angelic motif?
>Stopped reading

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Well if it is a motif then it isn't "literally an thing" it's something drawing inspiration or the likeness of.

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by fleshing them out more

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angles are special snowflakes, so try harder

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Well boo fucking hoo, sorry for for tiptoeing in what is apparently taboo territory.

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You seem pretty upset right now. You should go cool off.

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Try incorporeal undead, like a ghost. I'm on my phone or I'd link a Patrick swayze pic from the movie Ghost where he looks transparent and luminous and shit. It's a shitty movie but the visual works for what you are aiming for.

So go transparent ghost, luminous and maybe wearing white robes and a nimbus of light.

In gurps this is cake, but it should work even in d&D. Start with an incorporeal undead creature or template. Add emancipated undead. Then load up on class levels and ghosttouch gear.

People keep assuming angelic has to mean a bodybuilder half nekkid with wings and a sword. But angelic can cover a very wide range of aesthetics. "Spirit of light" fits even better, and the overlap with ghosts should be obvious.

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How about a spirit haunting a gravestone? Or better yet, a bunch of spirits?

Some hedge wizard or novice necromancer tried to bind spirits in a graveyard, but they fucked up and the souls were dragged screaming from their afterlives and bound into the marble angel statue in the cemetery. It starts out clumsy and disjoint, pulled in a million different directions by the many consciousnesses fighting for control, but gains purpose as the souls begin to act in tandem - perhaps under the direction of the most powerful of their number, like an old priest or inquisitor who believes he has been reborn as an angel of death.

Go full Old Testament with it. Cracked stone with too many eyes peeking from underneath, visible veins of unnatural flesh, auras of insanity and fear - the whole nine yards.

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European women don't have asses like that

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>European women don't have asses like that
t. Irishman

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You could do something like a Living Saint from the point of view of someone opposed to their religion.

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Give him a mask like this and a gentle and kindly disposition. Don't make them an actual angel, but have them dress and act the part to hide the literal and figurative rot underneath. Hardly a scrap of his actual flesh should ever show underneath all of the adornments. Put it all together in a way that exudes serenity and wisdom, at least at the surface level. There should be some kind of twisted benevolence to it, though it could be a bit patronizing, and its wrath should be expressed more with disappointment than with rage.

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Mercy is a shit tier waifu, and you should feel bad.

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Satan. Still angelic in nature, but with Micheal's Spear sticking out of his chest.

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That's a regular valkyrie, though. Bitch sees you being badass in battle and then trips you or redirects an arrow so you die and she can claim your soul.

Valkyries dont wait for you to die of old age or hope you fuck up and get killed. They make that shit happen.

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Valkyries are Choosers of the Slain, not Makers of the Slain. They take those who died in glorious battle. Being proactive about it and manipulating events to kill people would defeat their purpose.

The Norns would be pretty pissed since they go to the trouble of measuring out people's lives only to have fate dicked with. Albeit in some versions the Norn Skuld is also a Valkyrie.

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He says as he posts Dva

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After some deliberation, it has been decided that Pharah is the best Overwaifu.

All Overwaifus are quality however.

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The autistic indian one is not that great tho

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Not by posting some Disney wannabe shit design from a shit game.

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How about a zombie angel?

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Choosers Of The Slain - they decide who dies.

They choose who is slain in battle.

There isn't really much room for debate here.

Arguably they fulfill a supplementary role to that of the Norns; who deal with fate in generalities; the Valkyries are empowered by Odin to be the arbitrators of death in battle - for Death in battle is the reward of the brave and the fearsome.

Valkyries are not your waifu.

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Now I'm gonna waifu them even harder just to spite you

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Oh, they can. They just have to work for it, which probably won't ever happen.

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>shit skin
>has the shit VA they literally paid in food stamps with a tin can mix
>the bitch who's whole gimmick is to loudly fly into the open air and sit there like an idiot in her high visibility skins for all to plink at
>the bitch with the easiest ultimate shutdown
>can't seem to decide if she's egyptian or native american
>so bland that the 2 lines of background blizzard gave her is outshines by idiots hyperspeculating she's a quadrupple amputee aa thats literally her one interesting character facet
>has super lesbian qoutes from time to time that all other chicks shutdown besides zarya giving a non-commital "oh?"
>best waifu

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Well shit. Now i'm gonna waifu them si hard i'll have a harem AND immortality.
No ones gonna question a guy who just got off a flying chariot driven by BDSM angels.

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your argument is invalid

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I would.

Question everything.

Not to mention her mommy issues.

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pic related

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Someone who has developed a Godcomlpex after returning from the dead. If they are a lich then have them believe they're building an empire greater than any other and use those "good necromancy wat do?" thread ideas but put sinister twists on it.

Have their empire run on extremely draconian laws with high execution rates. Those executed are raised from the dead to serve those who they believe deserve life.

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She's okay, but her mom is a top qt

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Got any pics?

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A shitty candid shot won't change my mind. Here, look at this, tasteful as fuck and still infinitely more sexy and beautiful than that shit you just posted. Also this.

>> No.48245496 [DELETED] 

Just early screenshots, we should have a new batch of fanart and porn in about two hours
>delicious brown sniper milf

>> No.48245637 [DELETED] 

>>delicious brown sniper milf
There's nothing about that sentence that doesn't get me hard.

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Mercy is qt and all, but her spine looks like it's been shattered in a couple places

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The fact her culture doesn't believe in toilet paper doesn't bother you? Or that they legit believe toilets are the most unhealthiest thing ever and vehemently refuse to use them?

>> No.48245771 [DELETED] 

Do they still do that 200 or so years in the future?

Do they even have toilets as we know it in the Overwatch world?

I use corncobs myself.

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It's the heels and her gargantuan ass. If you can take a look at her skeleton for SFM rigs. Its a little curvy from the position heels force the muscles, google high heel spines, but the actual area where it bends is all ass no bone. You can see it if you look closely at her movement during gameplay.

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She's egyptian, not poointheloo

>> No.48245797 [DELETED] 

Google the phrase "toilet witches" on a day you need a workout for your obliques, lol

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Nanomachines, son.

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Mostly analyzed while standing around in the spawn, so maybe you're correct. Mild scoliosis + heels (why the fuck are you wearing heels on the battlefield?) + huge ass could do it.

I figured she broke her back and always wanted a fatter ass so she designed her own mechanical spine + wings and made dat booty

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Same deal, mate. Google it if you don't believe me. That whole area actually believes toilet paper and toilets are unhealthy as fuck. Also this shit.
Even with scientific evidence supporting their uses they vehemently refuse that shit. Hell, one women was recently murdered for using the toilet against her fathers wishes as he didn't want her tracking in all the disease she must have picked up for being exposed to the air in the outhouse.

>> No.48245899 [DELETED] 

>her spine looks like it's been shattered in a couple places
It probably is, she's a lich after all

>> No.48246000 [DELETED] 

We need more technolichs in fiction.

>> No.48246039 [DELETED] 

>Hell, one women was recently murdered for using the toilet against her fathers wishes as he didn't want her tracking in all the disease she must have picked up for being exposed to the air in the outhouse.

>> No.48246089 [DELETED] 

Anon, pls.

>> No.48246146 [DELETED] 

The news. They had a nice big deal about it. Even went over how they think shitting in the open is good as it lets the disease air rise away from the good air. Literally the miasma hypothesis in this day and age. Honestly can't find a link through google as the "women raped trying to find private place to defecate" stories avalanche the first 50 pages since toilets are non-existant in a lot of places over there.

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Choosers of the Slain means they pick those worthy AMONG the slain.

Seriouisly, dude, this isn't even difficult. They choose those worthy to sit at Odin's table in Asgard quaffing mead and fighting, their wounds magically restored after every battle in Odin's hall. These are the Einherjar, those slain in glorious combat, who shall fight by the gods side during Ragnarok.

Odin wants, nay, NEEDS the brave and the bold. Everyone else who dies gets sent down to Hel, and since she's the daughter of Loki she sides with him during the Twilight of the Gods. Odin needs men who have faced a true test of character and given their all in glorious combat, even their lives. This doesn't exactly work very well when it's run as a dating service for lonely ladies on horses who think Erikk Stoutloins is really cute with the little braids in his red beard. They're basically just Norse Uber providing taxi service to the feasts after death.

I'm not sure which Edda you thought you read but ganking people on a whim was never a part of their religious function.

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Nah. Check her again. Tracer is now the smallest ass in overwatch. Hell genji beats her.

>> No.48246192

Nah Valkyries try to kill people they like so they can go to Valhalla

>> No.48246246

Daniels inferno, in which average Dan burns down a Wendy's

>> No.48246278

Figures Wendy's would be the official fast food chain of Hell. I would have thought possibly Arbys but they're just too small time.

>> No.48246298

>not riding to valhalla on a throne made of the squirming masses of writhing valkyrie bodies
>not cock slapping the loser who had to die to get there
>not banging all the mead hall maidens with your physical tangible cock

>> No.48246344

Norse ghosts, anon. They get physical bodies again in Valhalla, mostly so they can fight and die again and again with their wounds always healing preparing for the Norse end of days.

Their undead are admittedly kind of wiggy. Norse Draugr aren't the muttering zombies of Skyrim but can appear as rotted corpses or shapeshift into whatever they want, and even appear in people's dreams. They also know the future.

>> No.48246404

>not doing all that but also taking out the mead hall maidens on a nice date first

>> No.48246414

Underbasted roast.

>> No.48246424

>being this degenerate

>> No.48246514

Zombie Jesus.

>> No.48246547 [DELETED] 

Do what now? Have you ever seen a European woman other than a runway model? Plenty of German girls have asses like that, which now that I think about it may be the reason German porn has so much ass-related content.

>> No.48246619 [DELETED] 

If your assertions are correct I need to spend some time in the eurozone

>> No.48246647 [DELETED] 

Haha. ASSertions.

>> No.48246669 [DELETED] 

No anon, just her heart.

>> No.48246704 [DELETED] 

Well for starters Mercy is swiss, and I thought the deal with german women were big fat tits not big fat asses

>> No.48246739 [DELETED] 

The fact that Overwatch is so far in the future that there is a whole race of robots that are successfully integrating into society and there are literally magic wands of healing and personal jetpacks that recharge in a matter of seconds doesn't bother you? It doesn't occur to you that the whole world might be different from the one we know and that third world countries probably don't exist anymore? Then again you used the phrase "shit skin" so I'm sure you're a hardcore /pol/lack and this is falling on deaf ears.

>> No.48246920 [DELETED] 

I tend to think the Swiss are mostly the best elements of all the cultures that used to hold territory in what is now Switzerland, but I'll give you that the Swiss are not exactly famous for their women's endowments. My overall point about European women in general stands though. Every country can produce women with particular endowments, even insane rarities like Japanese women with big natural breasts.

>> No.48246944 [DELETED] 

You're full of so much shit I suspect it's you who really refuse to use toilets.

There are plenty of toilets in Egypt, though certainly sanitation isn't that great in many areas. What you find is that the locals try to extort money for their usage. And yes there are no rolls of toilet paper in the stalls. You know why? Yeah, they sell it too. At a single sheet at a time.

You're advised to take small change and your own TP with you when visiting the country since it's easier just to pay people off.

>> No.48247314 [DELETED] 

The eternal riddle not even the Sphinx herself could answer. When all toilets are pay toilets, and the cost of using the toilet means you can't afford to feed your family, what do you do? If you pay to use the toilet you won't eat and thus have no use of the toilet.

Truly it is maddening.

Spoiler alert: the answer is, "An Egg."

>> No.48247340 [DELETED] 

>implying Mei isn't bae

>not liking the thicc oriental with tits the size of Beijing

>> No.48247366 [DELETED] 

It's not for locals to use since they can't afford it you dumbass, they wouldn't use it anyway. Its for tourists or people who are so used to toilets they can't comfortably shit elsewise so they'd willing pay for the privilege of a toilet as they also have the dosh for it.

>> No.48247547 [DELETED] 

What are you, an idiot?

You keep the best toilets for yourself. The solid gold thrones of the Pharaohs themselves. Seats that feel like a thousand harem girls gently cupping your buttocks for you and parting them. True divinity.

You leave the rusted, fetid wang cheese crusted toilets for the idiot rubes. That's why they're called tourist traps, because of the nest of scorpions hidden in each one.

>> No.48247568 [DELETED] 

>solid gold

Isn't that actually really uncomfortable?

>> No.48247596 [DELETED] 

Gold is pretty soft, as metals go, so I would assume it's not.

>> No.48247640 [DELETED] 

And cold.

>> No.48247660 [DELETED] 

Like memory foam, molding to your features over the centuries. Those mummies sure know how to live!

>> No.48247702 [DELETED] 

Who has a heated toilet seat? If they did would you trust it not to short out and burn off your short and curlies?

If you're the run running the toilet scam why would you charge yourself? You think they put a toll booth in their home toilet? Also why assume they charge locals and not just tourists?

At any rate the Toilet Guru has you covered. The Wise Man on the Crapper has seen it all, and isn't above using the tapered point of his long beard in a TP emergency.


>> No.48247712 [DELETED] 

Not really. Its soft but not that soft. Especially if its as thick as a toilet and solid. This will also cause it to retain cold much much more than normal toilets. Also pure gold tends to be a bit sticky so you'd have to sit down perfectly everytime and never move as moving would actually hurt. All around golds a shit choice.

>> No.48247714 [DELETED] 

I wouldn't take shitty tumblr trash game for an inspiration, that's for sure.

>> No.48247813 [DELETED] 

You don't think mummies lay down wrappings all over the seat before they sit? Why not, they have plenty and to spare.

This thread may now be hopelessly off topic but at least it's given me an idea for a campaign to recover the fabled jewel encrusted throne of the mummies only to learn it's just a crapper. Also might be worth starting a new trap thread for crapper based traps. Scorpions aren't bad but spring loaded darts hidden in the U-bend aren't bad either.

>> No.48248664 [DELETED] 

How are the Battleborn servers holding up?

>> No.48248707

A Lich who likes angelic motifs?

>> No.48248721 [DELETED] 

Quiet, but still functional.

Honestly, the anons you're talking to sound more like /pol/ than anything.

>> No.48248755 [DELETED] 

>anyone who doesn't like my overhyped piece of shit game is from /pol/
/pol/ shitposters may be shit, but at least try to make at least a little bit of sense when you toss out accusations.

>> No.48249301 [DELETED] 

So it was /v/ all along

>> No.48249699 [DELETED] 

No, you're on /tg/, do try to adjust.

>> No.48250098

Demand the kiss of peace.

>> No.48250184 [DELETED] 

>>48245771 Do they even have toilets as we know it in the Overwatch world?
If they're smart, they use the three shells.

>> No.48250201

Baldwin was the best King.

>> No.48250215 [DELETED] 

>Do they even have toilets as we know it in the Overwatch world?
Super Science Toilets™.


At least 12% of the heroes and 22% of the villains were augmented after bathroom incidents.

>> No.48250224

>Demands kiss of peace
>receives kiss of Peace
>Proceeds to mercilessly beat him with a staff

best part of the movie

>> No.48250242 [DELETED] 

At least show the aftermath

>> No.48250305

>Thinking the darksign isn't a halo

>> No.48250466 [DELETED] 

>That whole area
Egypt and India are quite a ways away from each other. It's almost 3000 miles from Cairo to New Delhi as the crow flies. They're further apart than Cairo is from London. Or New Delhi is from Hong Kong. Or NYC is from LA. Or Sydney from Perth.

>> No.48250547 [DELETED] 

Everyone knows Mercy is the BBEG of Overwatch right?
>Knows the exact science behind widowmaker's blue skin and lack of a pulse
>Revived Reyes into the psychotic, dark and edgy reaper
>Revived Morrison without a soul
>Revived Genji into a homicidal robot ninja before being taught how to chill with Zen
>Caused Overwatch to be dissolved after several times she questioned orders
>Hasn't aged a day, as noted by Mei post-cryoslumber

>> No.48252025 [DELETED] 

>>Knows the exact science behind widowmaker's blue skin and lack of a pulse
>>Revived Reyes into the psychotic, dark and edgy reaper
>>Revived Morrison without a soul
>>Revived Genji into a homicidal robot ninja before being taught how to chill with Zen

Were all accidents. She's s much of a villain s Hank Pym.

>> No.48252403 [DELETED] 

We don't know the context. She could of been using them as tests for her then still developing nanotech. She's got a motive too, her parents died horribly. She wants to prevent death, even if that requires crossing some moral lines.

>> No.48252413 [DELETED] 

I need photos. Photos of Mercy backhanding her wife!

>> No.48252463

Pretty sure Pharah is the one on top of the relationship.

>> No.48252524

She could, but that would mean a deeper, darker side than we've been shown. So far she's more likely an egotistical fuck-up than a sinister mad doctor.

Would 76 even register one of her limp wristed slaps?

>> No.48252701

>Would 76 even register one of her limp wristed slaps?
If he ever hopes to feel any hot sweaty healing action again he'd better damn well act like it.

>> No.48252716

I don't know about darker. She did get kind of pissed at Torbjorn wanting to weaponize her healing tech.

>> No.48252817

I bet all she needs to get wet are some of those stone-cold one liners he likes to drop. Then she slaps him and he grabs her like the many juggernaut he is and gives her the biotic field.

Now see if she were sinister she would at least be interested in what he could come up with.

>> No.48252928 [DELETED] 

Not really. She could still be a villain even if she don't actively want to heart people.

>> No.48252956

Not really. She could still be a villain even if she doesn't actively want to cause harm.

>> No.48252960


>> No.48253015


>> No.48253132

Is that fucking Solaire at her feet?

>> No.48253146

If she's not causing harm then the only other thing she could be doing to be villainous is removing free will.

While that may be a side effect of her resurrection tech (though we only have proof that it disturbed their minds) we have no reason to suspect that was the intent.

Her knowing what made Blackwidow into what she is doesn't mean she was involved in the procedure and Reyes and 76 were snap decision fuckups. Hell, she's probably working on a way to cure the problems they have (actual cure,not do something else sinister to them).

She ain't villainous, Winston just needs to give her a stern talking to about being a headstrong idiot.

>> No.48253373

I'm not sure you can cure being soulless or being the avatar of death AKA the grim reaper.

>> No.48253396

You mean basically ALL of FF7, right?
Sephiroth is only alive during the flashback sequences. Cloud actually kills him.
Every time you see him in the present it's either an illusion or Cloud's delusion created by Jenova, including the final boss battle(s).

>> No.48253415

Do we know for sure those things happened and their behavior isn't a result of their disturbed minds?

>> No.48253450

Reyes was already showing signs of being a dick and Soldier 76 is just disgruntled and bitter, but if his animation short proves anything it's that he can't stop being a hero if he wanted to.

>> No.48253760

can't prove morrison's case but reyes pulls guns from nowhere, teleports, eats souls, and had an intangible astral form all using death magic.
He's a revenant of justice.

>> No.48253786

>can't prove morrison's case but reyes pulls guns from nowhere, teleports, eats souls, and had an intangible astral form all using death magic.

Nano machines.
All of it.
Even the 'souls' are just a cloud of nanomachines that hang over dead bodies.

>> No.48253791

Given they live in a super science world, why assume he's only got what she gave him? Especially when we already know he was also part of their soldier enhancement program. Talon could have given him all kinds of toys to enhance himself further.

>> No.48253805

Hey now, robots have souls. Even if you're right about nanomachines they know have proportionally MORE souls than previously, so it's a huge net gain.

>> No.48253821

No they don't. Souls aren't real.unless the devs say so.

>> No.48253854

Well, spotted the Omnic hater in the ... wait, this isn't even an Overwatch thread. Well shit this is an off-topic mess.

>> No.48253874

grim reaper

>> No.48253890

Omnics are all right because they are thinking, feeling beings. Don't need souls for that.

>> No.48253928

Zarya has been known to post in /tg/

>> No.48253941

Mercy may not be the BBEG
But she certainly did make everything wrong and ruined everything

>> No.48254124

No, everyone else ruined everything. The only reason they have a chance to set things right is because of her.

>> No.48254674


>> No.48254810

Halo is a noose

>> No.48255284


>> No.48255554

no u

>> No.48255624


>> No.48255647

Pharah is the hottest one, but Symmetra is fun as fuck to play. Like, she's the trolliest hero in that game, tied with Junkrat. It helps that she is also hot, but the token fat chick is cute too so it's not like we were ever going to get an ugly female hero. That'd be sexist.

>> No.48255671

>it's not like we were ever going to get an ugly female hero
I'll take "What is Mei?" for 500, Anon.

>> No.48255682

Anon she's "fluffy".

>> No.48255748

That's not how you spell thicc you low test pedo.

>> No.48255776

Go to your nearest Wal-Mart and tell me after spending ten minutes there that Mei isn't a decent-looking fat chick. I'll wait. She doesn't have much competition but that's hardly the point. I don't forsee us getting a female hero that's as unattractive as say, Roadhog.

>> No.48255779

We will be repossessing your nutsack now, sir.

>> No.48255799

That's not how you spell thicc you low test pedo.

>> No.48255805

>tfw no cute boy hero

>> No.48255912


>> No.48255964

>comparing vidya to 3DPD
I mean seriously, how far gone is your brain that it confuses real life with gaymes?

>> No.48256420

>> No.48256536

I'm not seeing mei or undying lucio or tracer on that list and thus it is a shit and unreliable list.

>> No.48256552

What are you, twelve?

>> No.48257275


I had to reread your post twice before I realize you not only had not typed Zarya, but had not even made a series of innocent typos that at least implied you had attempted to type Zarya.

How can one man have such disgustingly low test?

>> No.48257558

>falling for the hightest meme
Mei is fat, she's not a bit chunky, she's not curvy, she's not thick, SHES FUCKING FAT.

And there's nothing wrong with that, you just have to admit to yourselves you're chubbychasers and accept that your weird fetish isn't universal, just like footfags and traplovers have done.

>> No.48257603

>accept that your weird fetish isn't universal
>just like
>traplovers have done

>> No.48258477

"Hightest" is the new "Are you man enough to handle all of this?".

It's fat chics acting like they're hot. Anyone else who uses it is either an idiot or trolling.

>> No.48260342

Zarya was well on her way to becoming worst girl but then she turned out to be super racist so everyone likes her nnow.

>> No.48260463

>worst girl

>> No.48260482

Weird that.

When for decades kids have grown up fearing being murdered by foreign religious fanatics who scream their devotion to their mad god with their dying breaths, suddenly rejecting the idea that we should blindly trust everything that's different to us seems like a good one.

>> No.48261307

>implying that Mei is, in fact, not bae

>> No.48261331

>mfw i think his '''''''daughter''''''' is an absolute bitch
>mfw everything X-2 should be rendered Non-canon except Sin coming back

>> No.48261400

It's been 15 years since 9/11, and before that everyone grew up afraid of commies. Stop being retarded.

>> No.48261655

Yes, I was forgetting that 9/11 was the first instance of religiously motivated terror bombing, that the middle east was placid and friendly to the west before that, and that people who were five when it happened have unilaterally decided to grow up not being afraid.

Stop being an out-of-touch condescending twat.

>> No.48263894

>black circle on your skin on a random part of your body
>a halo
this is some hidamari-tier stretching, anon

>> No.48263968


>> No.48263985

God her face is so fucking ugly. I like strong girls, but this pic makes me literally gag every time I have the misfortune of seeing it.

>> No.48264387

>implying that's a problem

>> No.48264433


See the thing? This requires giving Blizzard ENTIRELY Too much credit. We all know its going to turn out that Widowmaker and Reaper were Good Guys all along.

>> No.48266345

She is very bae

>> No.48266570

>implying you wouldn't cuddle her for warmth in a cold arctic research station

>> No.48266619

>undead villian
>angelic motif

Whoo boy another half-demon/half-angel catgirl mary sue shit edgelord?

>> No.48266664

>implying that isn't an implant.

>> No.48266708

>fellow meifags

muh niggas

>> No.48269204

Have them be nice, polite and helpful most of the time but capable of going Old Testament when the going gets rough.

>> No.48270410

>until ana comes out solider 76 is the only hero from the actual overwatch team who's has any real signs of aging

>> No.48270494

The gorrila has a lot more grey hair then what he has in flash backs.

>> No.48270642


Where the buggery is this originally from?

>> No.48270673

Good ol' Pontiff Sulyvahn

>> No.48270689

>Toilet paper
>The future
>He doesn't use the three seashells

>> No.48270961

He's becoming a silverback, nyuck nyuck.

>> No.48271188

eh, about that...

>> No.48271309


>> No.48271376

Matters on the relationship.

>> No.48271399

Is everyone forgetting about Malthael from Diablo 3? Angel of Wisdom turned Angel of Death...

>> No.48271473

>Revived Morrison without a soul
Where did you get that from? I haven't seen anything that would relate to that in any way.

>> No.48271490

>Pharah is the hottest one

>> No.48271521


>> No.48271560

>mon visage quand

>> No.48271564

That's not even her body.

>> No.48271591

We pretty much established based on her concept art that she's a little chub, not tumblr whale

>> No.48271623

Yea but>>48271521 is nothing close.

>> No.48271662

Eh, artists

>> No.48271671

Turns out she has to dress in at least 15 layers of clothing and even then it's important to eat a lot of calories and add some basic fatty insulation, however turns out it's also like a sauna under all those jackets so she keeps sweating off the pounds.

It's a vicious cycle. Unless you have a sweaty girl fetish.

>> No.48271690

Concept=/=Final in game model.
Mei is fat.

>> No.48271694

At best, you can only argue that she has Fillia tier thighs and ass.

>> No.48271697


>> No.48271710

She is fluffy, not fat.

>> No.48271732

This is a good thread.

>> No.48271743

She's pretty much Schrodinger's Bae.
Fat for those who want her to be fat (i.e. chubbychasers and tumblr)
Voluptuous otherwise for everyone with normal tastes

>> No.48271781

We need Mercy hulking out on bitches

>> No.48271792


Getting killed in battle is the only entry requirement to being carted off by a Valkyrie.

And if you die in battle it's because it was your time, and Odin has sent one of his handmaidens to call for you.

What, you thought people died in battle because of such silly things as swords through heads and severed limbs?

I mean honestly, it's like you don't understand the point of "Death in battle = free ticket to Valhalla"

>> No.48271800

What if we want her to be thicc; moreso than voluptuous, but less so than fat?

>> No.48271809

Why yes it is.

>> No.48271831

She seems to be the only one who has the most Hp and isn't augmented in some way so she could look natural fit too

>> No.48271869

A lich who for some reason or another has seen angelic visions, and has interpreted them as a sign that they must bring about an afterlife on earth. As such, they have taken on the look of an undead angel, and see raising the dead as bringing people into their paradise.

>> No.48271885

Morrison got KIA'd going against Reaper.

He got fixed by Mercy supposedly, but she always messes everything up as seen with Reyes and Genji.

>> No.48271895

Weird part of the thread to resurrect but most of that shit comes from Snorri Sturluson. Sure he compiled a lot of Norse mythology from older sources but colored the fuck out of them with his Christian ideals after he converted.

The gods don't get to choose who dies and when. Just ask poor Baldr. Nobody saw that coming, least of all Hodr. Ragnarok would have been a lot less messy, too, if they had control over that shit.

The Norns portion out the allotted time for both gods and mortals alike. They control destiny itself.

>> No.48271991

>Filia anything

>> No.48271994


>biotic field
>not helix rockets

You had ONE JOB

>> No.48272030

Sexual healing.

>> No.48272031

Reyes was shady as fuck already, though, and it's not like he couldn't have become augmented outside of whatever Mercy did. With Genji she didn't seem to have much to work with. She did her duty as a doctor by keeping him alive, but it was the realization his body was now a metal shell that freaked him out. That would be the realm of post-surgical psychological counseling. At that point he needed a therapist - or a priest - not a doctor.

Whether you want to get into the notion that she's pushing technology too far to bring people back who should be allowed to die, that's the tricky bit of a super science world isn't it? If you can do something, if you have the technology, is it wrong not to use it? If you can save someone, for a given value of saved, do you do it? Where is the line drawn? Would everyone saved from the brink of death turn out horrifically wrong? Seems unlikely that's some universal rule, so maybe we're only aware of the bad cases (not that anyone would say Genji didn't eventually adjust and Morrison seems like he can't stop being a hero based on his animated short).

It's really a grey area. Doctors save lives all the time, but she's not an ordinary doctor. She might also be seeing things from the lens of someone doing battlefield triage. She's patching up the wounded as best she can. You save the lives you can. Recovery and psychological stability are secondary concerns to be dealt with later.

>> No.48272067

>Because everyone in a thread is participating in the same sub-debate at all times

Don't know much about Snorri Sturluson - and yeah, I often conflate later stuff a little, hell, sometimes I'm even guilty of letting Wagnerian motifs colour my view of Norse myth, however; Mythology is not an entirely logical field, and overlapping portfolios are common in real world polytheistic religions; especially those with any degree of identifiable syncreticism from earlier component beliefs.

Besides that; the entire point of the Valkyrie and Valhalla shtick is to engender your menfolk with the willingness to fight to the death in conquest or defense, by assuring them of the superior worth of the soul of a warrior - and of course you prove that you have the soul of a warrior by dying in battle.

"Guaranteed Salvation" as a consequence for a "worthy death" isn't a uniquely Christian thing on any level.

>> No.48272119

If you want the good stuff try the Codex Regius, or the Poetic Edda that draws from it. The Prose Edda was Snorri's work but it introduces a lot of material that isn't found elsewhere and interjects a lot of Christian beliefs.

Those who died in battle weren't looking for guaranteed salvation. They were going to sit at Odin's table and quaff mead, sure, but they were also training for the final battle of Ragnarok.

Basically their version of warrior heaven was fighting all day, drinking all night with their wounds magically healed, and then getting to fight beside their gods at the end of days.

>> No.48272144

Sounds like guaranteed salvation to me; life after death in a cosy biker bar in the sky >>> dying with a javelin through your bowels at the bottom of a rampart.

>> No.48272157

Is it salvation if you spend your days killing and being killed over and over again? If you're a warrior then apparently it's fun as long as you get healed. But Ragnarok doesn't have a happy ending for 99% of it's participants. Even the gods die. A paltry handful survive.

So basically the only thing you're guaranteed is an afterlife filled with pain that's destined to eventually kill you completely, but at least you get to go out in the biggest fight of them all.

>> No.48272173

It's already been done by Blizzard, and it was lame as fuck.

I would go for something simpler. A dead angel who was ressurected by a lich. Basically a human skeleton with bird skeleton wings. Has more free will than regular minions and serves as a mid-level manager.

>> No.48272414

Hey. Don't sweatshame.

>> No.48272650

Who're your roomies /tg/? You have to spend three years with them.

>> No.48272685

Junkrat, Reinhardt, and Zenyatta.

I'm sure within the first year Trashrat will have mellowed out on his hate of omnics, at least solely towards Zenny

>> No.48272730


They'd all be fun to hang with.

>> No.48272844

>will ask you to take care of her body

>> No.48272875

Man there're literally zero ways of spinning this game as Commander Keen.

>> No.48273418

More like best girl.

>> No.48273529


>> No.48276458 [DELETED] 

>mod getting butthurt because everyone shat on his landwhale waifu

>> No.48277201 [DELETED] 

They can be statted in mutants and masterminds; there you go.

>> No.48277416

>litterally all overwaifu discussion just got bawleeted
Mod-kun, prease

>> No.48278539

>waaaah my literal /v/-posting got nuked
get dunked little baby anon

>> No.48280236

Mods confirmed for chubby-chasers

>> No.48280253

>somehow the FF and darksouls posts are still up

>> No.48280332

You mean the posts that are actually discussing the topic and not just waifuposting?

>> No.48280852

I'm just saying why take 1 /v/ post type away when you leave the 2 worst /v/ post types behind?

>> No.48281114

>why take away offtopic posts and leave on-topic posts
Is this autism?

>> No.48281642

desustorage isn't working, where else can I find all the images the chubbychasing janitor deleted?

>> No.48281644

Feels like this is a very easy topic that was already sussed out early on, so the thread naturally digressed into pointless jabber.

As people pointed out there is a real world concept of the Angel of Death. You can extrapolate this as a solo creature or part of some Angelic Order that play a necessary roll "under the hood" of the universe performing, let's call it "soul migration" from the body to the designated afterlife. More like the Valkyrie thing, playing a natural part of the mechanism of existence. And it can be as "just doing our job" or "gone rogue and need to be put down" as you want. Either can be a "villain" in a campaign, even the former in a "Stop taking this personally" sort of way. Sort of like Ahab where instead of caucasian whales he hunted down angelic soul accountants. Probably for taking his waifu from him.

Then of course you can do the whole dead angels thing where even they can die, but owing to their otherwordly nature they aren't truly mortal and so persist after death. Angelic graveyards filled with the vanquished during the fall of Lucifer sort of deal. Doesn't even have to be strictly Christian. Just crib it. Fallen angelic beings became daemonic sort of thing and kill each other and their dead don't rest easy. Or undead angels are another for of daemonic corruption.

Kind of interesting, in a way. If you have a being created as a servitor to the kingdoms of heaven kind of deal they probably weren't meant to die, but when it turns out they can kill each other during a rebellion, what happens? What if there is nothing in the Creator's Plan that accounts for dead angels? Their souls don't have an afterlife so they stick around. Angelic revenants.

>> No.48281662

Desustorage is desuarchive now. There's a link to their front page where you can find out why it changed, if you care. Still .org.

>> No.48281675

Thanks, bro
I appreciate the help

>> No.48282105

Literally just google overwatch porn.

>> No.48282163

worst girl
tomoko was way better

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