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Walk into GW, pick up X, redshirt see's me, hurries over; (we'll call him GamesWorshopGuy)


>Hey dude that's an awesome choice, but why don't you think about picking up Y or Z


I just want to get 1 of these and try it out in my army to see how effective it is for the tactics I use


>Yeah but Y has the mega super cannon and Z is basically untouchable

Me: Yeah but they are alot more expensive that what I want to spend today


>But your army will be untouchable with these units you'll not regret buying them

Me: Yeah....

Anyway can I buy X please


(At the till)

>So what made you pick X over Y and Z

Me: Cause I just wanted to buy a small unit today to add to my army not a big unit!!!!!!!!!!!


>Have a nice day

>You too

Do they get commission on sales or something, this guy was pratically in my face trying to force units I clearly didn't want onto me.

What tales have you got /tg/ surely i'm not the only one

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I haven't seen this behaviour in about 8 years so...

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not op but that shit is very frequent in France. that's why most French don't do into those shit stores anymore

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>Do they get commission on sales or something, this guy was pratically in my face trying to force units I clearly didn't want onto me.
No, but they have ridiculous quotas they have to meet which dictate if they get raises/bonuses and are frequently sacked for missing them.

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Also 8/10 of them literally no nothing about the units they try and sell you.

Tries and sells me Battlesuit A when I want B, tell him I think B is better and why, he has to go get the rule book out, we both read it, yeah B is the better choice, well yeah man I did read this shit up before I came to buy it.

I get it's just a job and shit, I respect that, but I do feel sorry for the people who aren't as savvy and get conned and talked into buying something they don't want or isn't any good to them.

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I don't really have a story about it because I didn't even see them do it while I was there, but my one of my friends walked out with about $600 worth of shit once. No one saw him do it. Apparently, he grabbed one of the monster cases, which I wound up buying from him years later, filled it with shit, and walked the fuck out.

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If you don't like then asking about your purchases you can always tell them you are buying X for Kings of War/Warpath/D&D/etc.

Reminding them that other games exist on the market usually shuts them up pretty quick since they aren't supposed to discuss any of that in store.

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I don't know how to feel about this.
Reshirts are annoying, and loss insurance probably covers it, but someone got fired off the back of that.

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Yeah this is the trick. Its all i do.

Its rude as fuck to be overly pushy, so when they get way i just "Nope, thanks" over them.

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lol is that official company policy or something

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Umbrela is the worst shit corporations can froce on their consumers.

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>go to GW
>one man black shirt store
>"hey man what's up?"
>me:" nothing just getting some paints and something for my DE."
>him: "cool"
>look around for a while, pick some shit out
>check out the tables, some dudes playing 40k
>go to the counter
> him: "we have an Escalation League starting, and we have an ongoing Mordheim night on Thursdays, check thout Facebook page
>me "thanks." "Bye"

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I think it strongly depends on the manager in question. Mine is a chill guy who wont push stuff onto you if you dont want

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I'm not sure if it is 'official' official policy, but for the large part GW corporate culture is that they are selling you 'the GW hobby' rather than admitting they are part of a wider hobby. They do not compete with other tabletop wargames, they pretend they are the only tabletop wargame.

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My story of GW is not a bad one like OP's.

>I bought a Imperial Guard Sentinel

It was missing a leg from the factory

>I emailed them pictures of the sprue and a brief description.

Less than an hour later I was emailed a message that said a replacement was in the mail for free,

A week later a brand new sentinel still in the shrink-wrap arrived to my door free of charge.

Thank you GW customer support.

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Didn't look like it. They were all there for quite while yet. The cool ones were still cool, but the manager watched everyone like a hawk.

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>go to GW
>they have one of their 40k displays out - Dark Eldar vs SM
>I go over and pick up one of the DE miniatures
>guy comes over
>Oh no, don't touch that

I thought the entire point of having that shit out for customers was so that they could actually hold it. Why not just put a fucking photograph down instead?

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stop posting mundane experiences, we're only allowed to call GW satan here

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Last gw I went in the guy was ignoring the few people in there and painting I went to the till and he was still painting so I shouted over to him and he was like thanks bye
Was like a parallel universe not sure what I prefer

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Why did you feel the need to touch it

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So you can pick up a model and look at it to see if you like it and want to buy it?

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>Do they get commission on sales or something

They get fired if they don't hit their sales targets, which are notoriously draconian and often shift on a weekly/monthly basis, depending on what the New Shiny Thing that has just been released is. Most GW staffers don't want to act like hyperactive, pushy sales machines, but they probably don't want to lose their job either.

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>go to the louve
>they have one of their Leonardo da Vinci displays out - Mona Lisa vs Saint John the Baptist
>I go over and peal one of the paintings off the wall
>security guard comes over and starts beating the shit out of me
>Oh no, don't touch that

I thought the entire point of having that shit out for customers was so that they could actually hold it. Why not just put a fucking photograph down instead?

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No, these things are always for display. The models themselves are far more impressive than a picture, and the staffers don't want children and clumsy autists pawing over them, breaking them, and stealing them.

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How bad are the sales targets really?

Any former or current staffers want to spill the beans, like 10 big models a month or something or do you have to make a certain amount of money?

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Not an ex staffer or anything so there are people better than me to answer this if they want to but I heard it is along the lines of $XXXXXX a year plus X number of starter sets and XX number of A, B and C top sellers.

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He took one of the glass cases with completed models in it? That's awesome.

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>buy a paint
>go home
>roomate already bought that paint, but i notice it just after opening it
>the day after im at the store, chatting about it while the shop worker (dunno how they are called in english, sorry) is painting stuff for the 40k table trial
>he hears it, grabs the paint and lets me choose another paint

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What? No. He took one of the fuckhuge cases with foam in it. Apparently, he stashed the foam in someone else's bag, and went to town.

I also remember another friend supposedly stashed a Battlesuit in what he thought was our driver's bag. Turns out it was not, which we discovered several hours later at home.

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Ex-Blackshirt. (Central London, TCR.)

Our targets are generally a certain amount of flat sales per day. TCR was looking at about 1,500-2000 pounds per day. On top of that, every staffmember's goal is to sell at least one beginner's pack a day (be that Dark Vengeance or the AOS gear, or a painting kit), and a certain amount of addons. No matter what a customer is there for, you are expected to sell every kind of peripheral to them.

For example, if someone comes in for a model, you MUST discuss paints, white dwarf, visions, other models, coming to tournaments and events, etc with them. I cannot stress this enough, you are expected to cover this with every single customer who walks through the door.

When I managed a smaller store in West London for a while, it was exactly the same. Community second, recruitment first.

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Isn't the Mona Lisa in a big glass case specifically to prevent people from touching it? I agree with your point but your comparison needs work

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>big glass case

The Mona Lisa is absolutely tiny. Pictures don't do that justice.

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Why do the idiots not realise that hard/addon selling turns people off and makes them look elsewhere?

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>upper management
>knowing anything about people

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Man that is brutal surely they know it's impossible

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Because frankly, it doesn't.

New people who have had no exposure to the hobby eat that shit up. And people who are very new want the advice.

Hard selling turns off the vast majority of *existing* hobbyists and customers, but those people don't make most of our money. (In my experience at both major and minor stores, anyway.) Once customers become established, they stop spending, and that's the point where their opinion on hard/soft selling stops mattering.

I personally hate the approach with a fiery passion, and prefer being an actual person to my customers - but the approach undeniably works. And that's part of the issue, when GW stores were the friendly local hobby stores (more like clubs really) where the owners did passion displays and there was never any pressure, they failed. The retail arm of the company bled money for years. While it's far more pleasant for the people working there, and going there, it isn't a viable business model for them, and factually so. I might love working in a hobby club far more, but a hobby store pays my bills.

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Eh, I've worked a couple of different retail jobs and both expected me to push peripheral or complimentary products on customer.

GW guys can be a little strong about it but it's not just them. Thankfully the guy manning my local store right now doesn't seem to give a fuck and doesn't give me the hard sell.

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Exactly, it's just a part of any sales job. I've worked plenty since and before GW, and it was a part of all of them. That's just sales. GW just pushes more than most, and it works for them.

Might not be pleasant, but until it stops working, nothing's going to change.

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>Walk into my semi-local GW store...not a regular customer
>Bunch of 40+ autists waiting in line to buy a garbage Forge World mini for $30
>I walk over to the paint rack, grab the couple of paints I need
>I get in line
>Listen to two "men" over the age of 50 trade what they believe are witty barbs about how the one guy was banned at another store
>Make it to the register, GW bro looks at me with pain in his eyes
>Starts to ring me up and asks what my current project is
>Show him some shots of my SoB conversions
>Tells me they look amazing, asks some questions about what bits I used
>Doesn't say shit about how I used non-GW base models, simply offers encouragement
>Hands me my stuff and tells me to have a nice day
>Manchildren continue to sperg about who is banned where as I walk out the door

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There is a girl in our local store that always gets pestered by a bunch of spergs, I kind of feel sorry for her. You can see the desperation in her eyes and she always makes a beeline to new customers to talk to get away from them.

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I lived a year in Berlin as a kid and would go to the GW on Thursdays to paint miniatures. One of the staff named Johan spoke english and helped me a lot. We even played games and he let me borrow units from their collections. Really cool store and nice staff.

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as someone who actually works as a GW store manager:

we have quotas, yes. but those quotas are set by the manager himself (we only have to increase the quota on the following year by 2% each month. meaning, january 2015 i made 10000$ now i have to make 10200$ in january 2016)
most managers put sticks between their own legs.

regarding forcing customers to buy stuff x y z. we have the store policy to talk about the goals and visions of the players army. we should ask them what they want.

if any of your managers and or blueshirts does that contact customer service, they are there for those complains aswell.

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Aforementioned Blackshirt. You're absolutely right in saying that most managers put the sticks inbetween their own legs, but what I mentioned earlier is explicitly listed as an expectation in the UK. Maybe there's different policies globally?

I'd far prefer your way, but in the interest of clarification, nobody is being "forced" to buy anything. But we are expected to talk about all the aforementioned in every single transaction.

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That's why I hate going to the GW store. Not only is everything more expensive than a local store, but its populated entirely by creepy autists trying to look cool.

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>move to a new city
>GW tanked hard years ago
>hobby shop selling all kind of miniature ranges is thriving with an awesome community
>GD-winning minis in all the shelves and players for every kind of games
>go back to home city for the WE
>both GW are one-man stores, empty bar a handful of grognards who play 40k complaining about the game

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The best part being, one of the regulars actually lives in my come city but drives 2 hours every Friday and Saturday only to play here.

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>Walk into GW with friend (our intent was to buy some paint)
GWG: "uhhhhh.... can I help... you?"
>Just here to look at some paint thanks
GWG: "uhhhh... look or buy?"
GWG: "Are you looking at paint or buying some"
>Well... erm... lets see if you have what we want?
GWG: "What paint are you looking for"
>Do you have Baharroth Blue?
GWG: "Uhhh... we only sell Citadel paints here, not other brands"
>(friend) Holy shit... it IS a citadel paint
GWG: "Never heard of it"
>It's an edge paint?
GWG: "Uhhhhh we don't... *sell* those in store
>(friend) Fucking hell I'm done, lets go

Last time I went into a GW, so whenever the Edge paints were released

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GW Customer Support have always been bro's.

Way back in the days when Mordheim first came out, the rulebook in the box set I got hadn't been bound correctly. Nothing major, just an annoyance. Got in touch with customer support asking if they could replace the rulebook.

Two weeks later I got another copy of the Mordheim box set in the mail.

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>Walk into closest official GW store
>Need some Air paints of Baneblade Brown for doing some scenery so it matches my Agrellan Earth basing scheme.
>I'm not hand painting that shit, it would take a gorillion years.

>Store is dead, couple neckbeards in the back painting marines
>"Hey man, I'm not seeing any air paints here, do you have any in stock?"
>"Well, we don't NORMALLY carry air paints because MOST hobbyists paint by hand. I can order them, it'll only take a week."
>The way he says it, it's almost like he's trying to make me feel bad, as if I'm some sort of heretic for wanting a product I assumed he would carry.

>Leave store
>Drive to further away locally owned game store
>Full selection of Air paints, everything GW is always 25% off
>Haven't been back to official GW store, even for small purchases where gas money cancels out the cost savings.

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>25% off

source please

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>go into GW
>ask if anyone wants to play a match AoS
>no one around other than a few 40k player
>redshirt wants to play

Oh boy, all those stories I read on /tg/

>plays a lizzard list
>no slann
>mostly skins with a few big beasts
>play a mission out of a random sourcebook
>having a blast
>talking about the leaked stuff and how points might change the game
>talk about cool unit combos
>he even give me a link to a "how to build your own jezzail" tutorial because the mailorder ones are way too expensive
>overall really enjoyable experience
>looking forward to playing him again

I wish I could post a horror story, but so far my experience has been mostly positive.

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We're all about made up dank memes in here I'm afraid

>> No.48208096

Mugu Games in WA.

>> No.48208109


Do they do online shopping/mail orders to NSW?

>> No.48208203

As far as I know, they only do in-person sales.

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Damn. I'm about to do a $1,300 order, and 25% off would be an absolute godsend.

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Walks into our local GW with my mate, we go there frequently and there have been a few managers in the time we have been there. The current one at the time of the story was an ex-Starbucks american control freak woman with a plethora of triggers. Through are time there had been sanctions on FW miniatures, many debates about her policy and general attitude and the conclusion that she couldnt cope with not being in control of a bunch of sperge lords instead of our rather well rounded community.

Walks into GW to pick up bits with my mate, thinking of starting 30K blood angels and doing a model for Nassir Amit...

>Me: I wonder what i could use for him to give a bit of BA look
>Mate: Maybe some of the sanguinary guard nipple plate but battered and damaged?
>Me: Good idea but i'd want him in MK3 legs and backpack, do you have any of those bits spare that i could trade or maybe buy off you??

The manager hears this and comes storming over...

>GW: Why are you talking about FW in my store and trying to sell it in here???? I've spoke to you all before about this why do you keep trying to sell it in my store?

She begins to slowly lose control over herself as i try and explain i want sang guard and then some legs from my friend, she proceeds to keep overreacting, then goes red in the face and scream at me to 'stop selling FW in her store' and throws something at me to stop talking about it.

Needless to say she then said to our community at the store to stop coming in for as much as we did as we scared off new customers with a 'full store', saying that because we didn't spend money as much as she wanted we weren't as welcome as those who did. Thankfully she fucked off to plague some other poor GW where she now posts 'hobby related memes' to try sell miniatures on the store FB page.

>> No.48208388


"ex-Starbucks american control freak woman"

This happened at Twickenham, didn't it? Diana?

>> No.48208395

>GW is always 25% off

Do that actually happen?

>> No.48208396

>playing age of smegma.

>> No.48208414

>be younger me
>go to my local GW
>it's the golden years back when the hobby was good
>walk in, death metal blaring at ear shattering levels
>employees shooing heroin and playing a game
>there's hundreds of tables with hand made terrain
>pick up some paints in dropper bottles
>go over the robust space marine shelf
>grab a battle box
>120 miniatures for $9.99
>wonder why GW seemed to have raised the price since last time I came in
>go to the cash register
>employee rings me up
>say thanks
>he invites me over to his house to drink

you guys don't know how bad you have it

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>walk into store
>"Can I help you find anything?"
>tell the redshirt I'm looking for paint
>"You sure? We got a bunch of [SHINY NEW THING] in yesterday, they seem pretty popular."
>tell the redshirt I'm a Sisters player
>redshirt looks at me and nods
>"Paint's over here. You have a color scheme in mind, or are you going with a canon Order?"
In all fairness we had a nice chat about what shades of blue would work best with silver armor, and I left with exactly what I came in looking for.

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>> No.48208696

Not the Anon with the story, was most certainly there though.
In a completely hypothetical circumstance, and utterly excluding the admission that your stab in the dark, which I can only assume is a random name off a GW employee register, how would you have come to the conclusion of that name "Dianna"?
I.E, from where would the source of "Ex-starbucks control freak woman" originated as a reference point for you? How might you have knowledge of this individual?

Also, who GW/twicks/ here? tfw people in pubs actively try to murder and rape us^^

>> No.48208755

>walk into store
>"Can I help you find anything?"
>tell the redshirt I'm looking for paint
>"You sure? We got a bunch of [SHINY NEW THING] in yesterday, they seem pretty popular."
>tell the redshirt I'm a Sisters player
>redshirt looks at me and nods
>we exchange the secret handshake and he leads me into the backroom
>when he's sure we're alone he pushes aside a mountain of ork and dark eldar starter boxes to reveal an ancient staircase
>he pulls a torch off the wall and leads the way down
>as we go deeper and deeper I notice the walls are adorned with the dust covered skulls of other sisters of battle players, and I make the sign of the Aquila in their honour
>after a few hours we come to an small room with a man inside
>this new man stood seven feet tall, completely naked aside from a leather apron and games workshop employee pin
>the redshirt and leatherman gave each other nods and leatherman pulled out a hammer and went to work on the anvil behind him
>after about an hour he finished and presented me with two sisters of battle
>me and redshirt make the sign of the aquila and leave

It wasn't until I got home that I realised I'd completely forgotten to buy the paint.

>> No.48208844


I'm convinced upper management are grown in a sterile laboratory environment, raised by robots and taught with a strict regimen of detached and vaguely wrong information, then flash-implanted with some sort of vague human experience and memory.

>> No.48208875


I'm one of her best friends. Also know the current manager of Twicks. I'm the aforementioned Blackshirt. I mentioned it because >>48208350 this cunt is full of shit. That never happened. I've never once in years known her to raise her voice at anyone.

Let alone if a manager "threw" things at customers, they'd be fired on the spot once it was proven.

There used to be a group of neckbeards in Twicks who would constantly complain they weren't allowed to bring in FW gear and shit all over newbies with it. Guessing this guy is one of them.

Why do you have to go on the internet and tell lies, anon?

>> No.48208992

>bought a finecast with huge bubbles on it , like shit tier emmental cheese.
>ask the black shirt in front of me another box
>"wtf models are new there is no problem with this malekith I can't give you another lol"

Came on Saturday with a empty eastpack and loaded the shit out of it with whatever I wanted to recoup the loss.
probably made $250 discount.

>> No.48209105

go into any flgs they will do a discount for you faggot. learn to trade retard.
no one will ever say "yeah no I won't take this $1000 from you you know, try to give that grand to the next store"

>> No.48209117

Wherever it happens its alienating and puts people off coming back. Yet people act like its effective.

Frankly if somebody tells you it works they are insulting your intelligence or are assuming you are a worthless pushover.

>> No.48209155

Garbage bags

>> No.48209188

ring up ANY private owner store and i can guarantee they will help you.

Not much of a story since i am into historical now:
>Find my old space marines from when i was a kid
>Decide to strip and Ultra marine the fuck out of em
>Lurk on /tg/ and understand grav guns are the new and really powerful (1.5 years ago?)
>Cool guess i will pick up some of those and some plasma rifles
>Go to GW store in Amsterdam.
>See a bunch of 12-14 year olds painting
>Some giant robot thing which i had never seen. Realize it is not a warhound. Awh gawd its some sort of shitty mini titan.
>See the box
>See the price
>GW store no longer has a bits folder where you can order from
>2 years later
>Still in fucking shock
never played 40k since, but did paint my ultras. Now into BA and getting really decent at painting. Currently working on 3 BFG factions because i always had a hardon but never played/collected it

>> No.48209198

Again, will profess the absolute truth that I am not the individual who told that story. Again, I will absolutely confirm the validity of what he said as I was there and part of the long and awkward silence which took place. I know for a fact it was the same day she threatened to call a child's parents to come and collect him for the singular reason of talking to members of the community (i.e, myself) about trading me a few items in return for me buying him box-sets from the store equal to their value. I remember this happening on the same day because I intervened, confronting her that she shouldn't talk to someone as young as he was (he was older than 11 but younger than 15) in the way she was (including her volume, tone and the way in which she gave him the ultimatum) to which she had little to say.

I respect loyalty to friends, and it is only from loyalty to friends that more than two patrons, including myself, did not register official complaints about Dianna and her conduct towards the customers and community. Their reasons for protecting her, while themselves finding her practices distasteful, were assorted from "She needs this job", "We couldn't prove it", "Keep the evil we know, we shouldn't risk another manager", "No, maybe she will relax if the figures stabilize".

NONE of the defense regarded her character or behavior. MOST of the adult patrons recognized how badly behaved and Anti-community / pro-figures.

And no, that person is not full of shit. The comment about
>"she then said to our community at the store to stop coming in for as much as we did as we scared off new customers with a 'full store', saying that because we didn't spend money as much as she wanted we weren't as welcome as those who did."

-ABSOLUTELY TRUE. There were perhaps 9 store regulars there, INCLUDING MYSELF and the debate over whether or not we were allowed to spend time in the store without purchasing items proportionate to how often we could come in and stay.

>> No.48209299

Well, Satan apparently used to train his lackeys with broken records. I was approached by the same sales person three times with the same greet line in five minutes. In one of the smallest stores they operated at the time.

>> No.48209499

>>48208875 sjw feminist friend zoned fag. like your pseudo entitlement is worth anything

>> No.48209725


Dude. Out of the grim darkness of the gloomy internet, an anon flings a hammer blindly, thinking of stereotypes and knowing nothing more than what people have said in a forum and that hammer.... hits the nail SQUARE of the fucking head m8. Trust me.

>> No.48210042


>> No.48210363

Come, why have you not addressed me in the same manner you addressed the anon who told the story? Are you UNCERTAIN that I am a liar? Do you not care enough to protest the innocence of your friend?
Your silence screams that either you know what we're saying is true and want to disengage, or that you think 2 people in the thread are absolutely deluded and dangerous to communicate with?

I assure you, my fedora tipping blackshirt, that the later is not the case.

>> No.48210906

>be owner of the minis
>pour hours of time and oodly doodlys of dollary doos into my minis
>show them off at friendly local GW store
>fat sweaty nerd approaches
>he has cheeto dust crusted over his sausage fingers
>he picks up one of my minis without asking beforehand like the ogrebeast he is
>in a state of panic i try and tell him to unhand my hard work as politely as possible
>a look of confusion spreads across his fast upon hearing my words
>during later days, that same fat sweaty nerd complains about the experience on a japanese image board thread

Autistic as fuck anon.

>> No.48210925

>across his face*

spellcheck is changing face to fast for some reason lately.

>> No.48210954

I thought you intended to type 'fat'.

>> No.48210957

is she hot?

>> No.48211032

Doesn't matter, the nerd and Asperger infected people that frequent and GW store to hang out are thirsty as fuck for any female contact.

She could have 3 eyes and spider legs and these disgust smelly fucks would pester her anyways.

>> No.48211108

You guys are a bunch of pussy nigger faggot retards, walking into a store obviously owned by a jew corporation and expecting the employees to not try and upsell like little pussy whipped bitches for their minimum wage and commission is like expecting to not get burned after sticking your hand in a fire pit, grow some fucking balls and tell those employee faggots to shut their traps and to sell you the shit you want to buy not whatever fuckery they want you to, grow a pair of nuts niggas.

>> No.48211151

the manager at my local GW is a fat chick

>> No.48211190


>> No.48211194

Haha is that real?

I'm an AoS fan and I find this hilarious

>> No.48211279



Hot/cute fatty with a big arse or fat fatty?

>> No.48211384

watchoo think my manlety kishkabos?

>> No.48211592

That's sick. Can't wait to hit this place up once I move.

>> No.48211654

im a fa/tg/uy just like you, the aforementioned anons are just pussyfaggots and so is the premise for this thread, it is funny though

>> No.48211739

>walk into GW, super noob
>buy scions
>buy inquisitor
>go home and paint with shitty paints
>bring them in to store
>the guys and the black shirt all teach me how to strip minis, how to properly prime, basecoat, drybrush, and wash
>get 3 free marines

fast forward a few months to now

>have ~1000 points of Marines/scions
>play there on weekends sometimes
>have fun

>> No.48211791

If I bought this guy in a GW store do you think I could convince one of the Redshirts to build it.

>> No.48211872

Yes. Wouldn't even take much convincing if there's not much else going on.

>> No.48211904

>3 eyes and spider legs
That's my fetish.

>> No.48212367

Another Anon with a chill GWG. I go in to my local store every week to check if WD looks worth buying for a read and to check up on whatever tg's started saying. Always friendly and willing to talk, no trying to sell me stuff. I've been doing this since AoS was new (pre Death grand alliance book). I now own Silver Tower and Sylvaneth Battletome. I can stop any time I like, really, right?

>> No.48212418

Maaan, are you speaking about Grenoble ? Sounds totally similar to what we've got here haha

>> No.48212453

You can't stop, but you should stop.

>> No.48212653

fat is fat, fucking disqusting, shes chubby fat with zits all over her and shes like 30

>> No.48212796

First letter of her name?

>> No.48212902

> always 25% off

That is nice.
My FLGS has started something similar with a punch card system. So if you come to your X game's night 6 times you get XX% off one item on top of 10% back in store credit for purchases over $50 dollars.

So next wednesday I will end up getting my self a start collecting box of guard for 20% off with an additional 10% in store credit.

85-85*20%=$68 plus an additional either $8.50 or $6.80 in store credit which I will likely blow on paint.

And in another six weeks I intend to either buy a Skitari collecting box or find someone to go half way on a 2 pack imperial knight box.

And if anyone is wondering my FLGS is battlegrounds in Midlothian Virginia.

>> No.48212989

Wouldn't it be easier to paint it before assembly thou

>> No.48213120

Why do you want to know?

>> No.48213152

Nigger, you don't touch diorama models, at least not without permission.
Basic fucking courtesy man.

>> No.48213166

>painting before assembly

>> No.48213172

Sacha ?

Also yes, you nailed it

>> No.48213193

I'm just sayian

>> No.48213198


>> No.48213212

I have an inkling I might know of her, and don't worry dude haha, I'm hardly going to be like
>uuuugghhhh ima hack for that anon's IP adress and get the GW team to NEVER let him buy models cos he said someone was A FATTY


British GW right?
You think she's chubby.
First letter of her name.

>> No.48213253

Nah not British, I'm Canadian

>> No.48213357


Answer these posts

>> No.48213451

The only negative experience I have had in a GW store was mostly just awkward, as I happened to be the only customer around when the current manager at the time, got fired over the phone.

I was in the middle of buying a few boxes from him, when he got a call, went to the back room for about 5 minutes, and then came back, and told the other redshirt there that he was fired.

He was a cool guy, but as I had only recently started frequenting the store, I didn't really know him that well, nor did I know what to say. It was awkward.

Thankfully, the new manager that took over eventually is a cool guy, and a dude who had been working there for a while as well.
He is the polar opposite of "hard seller" at least in regards to me, though that is partially because he knows that I have a bit of a problem of buying more stuff than I can actually get done in any reasonable pace.
He has sometimes just flat out told me to not to buy some new shiny thing, that I was drooling over, because, in his words: "You don't need that dude, you have enough unopened boxes to start your own store."

>> No.48213559

I'd still fuck her. I bet she's got low self esteem so she'd be easy to get in bed. And when Ya get her in there she's a nice docile sub willing to do anything for you as long as you tell her she's pretty. UNF

>> No.48213573

You people sound like terrible customers, I understand why GW rather sell to kids and newbies.

>> No.48213577

Shit guess what I am what province? I'm in Ontario

>> No.48213620

I fucking hate my local GW as it's filled with those kids that you'd avoid like the plague when you were in secondary, the sort that would write down your name in their Deathnotes and now work in first line support at some new start up making 7 quid an hour but claim their SUPER IT-managers or something.

>> No.48213712

Erf, rodé ;)
Mais qui es donc tu ?

>> No.48213735


Les milliards de lansquenets, toussa toussa.

>> No.48213767

(I knewit \0)

>> No.48213790

Another topic, I heard Alex talking about rebasing his dozen of Golden Demon trophies and use them in Kings of War.

>> No.48213817

Pantera - Vulgar Display of Power ;)

>> No.48213844

>Worked for GW ten years ago
>Still the exact same bullshit after all this time

>> No.48213850

>not using doomrider to make your chaos lord
>spamming cultist-chan

>> No.48213975

>I remember this happening on the same day because I intervened, confronting her that she shouldn't talk to someone as young as he was (he was older than 11 but younger than 15) in the way she was (including her volume, tone and the way in which she gave him the ultimatum) to which she had little to say.

and then the whole store applauded

and that child's name... was ALBERT EINSTEIN

>> No.48214020

Just for you.

>> No.48214075

I don't know about France but in Britain museums almost universally keep paintings outside of glass cases, just hanging on the wall so you can appreciate them without any glare.

>> No.48214088


as >>48208875 is clearly a COWARD who will not answer the TRUE AND HONEST accusations leveled against him I, as someone who RESPECTS LOYALTY TO FRIENDS will set the matter straight

>be in GW, talking to friends
>feminist witch DIANA MARY LEE WALSH approaches
>i was like "excuse me m'lady, this is a free country and I am merely discussing the ADEPTUS ASTARTES"
>she summons jerkops to take me out
>I flash my katana "this is a hanzo steel, folded a million times and quenched in the cherry blossom snowmelt of Fuji-sama. If this blade leaves its sheath, it cannot rest until it has had its fill of blood. It is nothing personnel, merely bushido."
>Adjust my fedora and leave "I respect your loyalty to your friend, keisatsu-dono. It is a lot of loyalty, for a hired gun. But I was born of the Games Workshop, and you, you merely adopted it."
>whole shop applauds

>> No.48214272

See you this week lad.

>> No.48214452

Pretty much exactly how it went down guys.
I'm kinda a big deal at my flgs.
Any good stuff in the bits boxes? Mine
Any sexy girls come in the door? Mine
Any cool fingerless gloves and tasteful fedoras going on secondhand from the boys, who gets first dibs? Me
Who do the little kids look up to for modelling, gaming and painting advice, and for a rolemodel in life generally? Me

Those applauds you speak of, while they meant little to me in the great scheme of things, made me smile. Why? Because in the darkness which was Dianna's rule of GW, I knew they had someone to look up to, I knew something, or perhaps, rather, someone, had given them hope.

>> No.48214554

This is the least funny attempt at humour I've seen all year, and I've watched a clip of the black woman from the new ghost buster film doing stand up.

>> No.48214621


>> No.48214739


I see it routinely in four different stores in SE England.

>> No.48214797

>bullshit toy soldiers painted by autistic blackshirts and designed to lure middle-class teenagers into spending their parent's money
>treasures of the art world spanning multiple centuries

Yep, totally the same. Excellent skewering you performed there, brotato.

>> No.48214822

Nice pasta

>> No.48214860

I ALSO went to the back room of a GW store. But then I swear I smelt something funny. I kind of passed out, and when I woke up my butt hurt

>> No.48216104

>make bad decisions
>blame customers
>regional mgr detected

I really love reading all of the Grimdark Penthouse Forum stories that pop up in these threads as soon as the desperate atmosphere of 1-man stores where all customers are considered potential thieves is brought up.


This guy gets it.

>> No.48216508

>Have girlfriend of 11 years.
>Mild swinging fetish.
>My girlfriend has been flirting with GW Manager.
>Asks him if he can teach her to paint.
>Both ignoring me.
>He says sure and she starts going there everyday.
>3 Weeks later
>Top notch painting skills.
>My ipad battery ran out so ask to use her phone to look something up.
>She fiddles with it first.
>Images open.
>Lots of images of her sucking cock on her phone.
>I look at her.
>She tells me she's been blowing him for past 2 weeks.

That's my story. It's still going on, she's painting the Wardroth beetle atm.

>> No.48216735


Shit that never happened.

>> No.48216795

Is happening though.

>> No.48216862

anyone visit the GW in Burlington Ontario?

>> No.48216911

Cool I need to check this place out. I've been to the lynnwood gw (less than 5 mins from me) dude wasn't that bad, but I'm 40 so I don't get baited too easily. I went to that game pub that's on 196th for free RPG day, at least they had used games.

Never been to mugu

Do you usually play at the store north end western WA anon?

>> No.48216917

Not to bust your bubble but it was probably cheaper just to ship a new box than a single manual.

>> No.48216943

>my gurlfriend totes has cuckold cocksucking pictures RIGHT THERE ON HER PHONE when she randomly opens it!
>lol it was with a blackshirt at gw! xD

Sure kid.

>> No.48216971

I'm 32 and I'm a swinger not a cuck.

>> No.48217023

>girlfriend sucks other guys dick
>not a cuck
Whatever gets you to sleep at night, man.

>> No.48217077

We both do things and there is no humilation, that's the key difference. Just like hotwifing is when your partner does stuff by herself but with no humilation.

Cuck's get off on feeling bad and are probably gay considering all the cum felching they do.

>> No.48217098


Fine, /tg/ I'll tell you a story. This story is true, but I will not blame you for not believing it.

We were playing CoC that night. I am a forever DM with six players and naturally my group was making dinner, getting drunk and tabletopping into the morning light, so we stopped by a grocery store and picked up some things we needed to cook.

I'm not in town very much and I don't know where to get some, but they figure the nearby Games Workshop can hook them up.

I purchase two blocks of cheddar cheese for myself much to confusion of my compatriots.

>Friend: Why did you buy nothing but two blocks of cheddar?
>Me: You've never been to a GW have you?

They don't really press it, and I know we can't buy d10s there, they don't. But I want to see the new GW they put in town and who knows, they might end up liking the stuff GeeDubs sells.

Nobody bothers us coming in, but we do catch friendly greeting. A few of my friends are girls, and they were not heckled.

They browse and discover they cannot buy d10s, but they like the models. Now one buys them just for modelling purposes, so you're welcome Geedubs.

I was pursuing my quarry, and I spotted them in the back. I was pleasantly surprised to find two guys playing fantasy. Less pleasant was high elves playing against beastmen. I got interested, and they were quick to talk about their armies. Beastguy was a bro, and the high elf player was a dickhead, acting like he had better tactical acumen. I was feigning interest in their petty prattle, searching for the unit I knew was there on the board.

I found the phoenix guard, on the board unpainted. I knew in my heart, this HE player only meant to beat a well meaning bastard of chaos solely for fun. I am a man of sport, and this is no sport. This was slaughter.

>Me: Do you have banner of the world dragon on that giant block of guard?
>HE Fag: Yes, why?
>Me: And the book of hoeth on that wizard in them?
>HE FAGLORD: Yeah, it's a great tactic.

>> No.48217132

Okey dokey then

>> No.48217140

>Me: Do you have banner of the world dragon on that giant block of guard?
>HE Fag: Yes, why?
>Me: And the book of hoeth on that wizard in them?
>HE FAGLORD: Yeah, it's a great tactic.

Scum of the earth...

>> No.48217150

Go combat company or black cultist if your in nsw

But mate used to be a redshirt an let n

>> No.48217156

>Ruled by your penis
>Current year

How far have we strayed from Jesus ?

>> No.48217206


>> No.48217250


>> No.48217278

>Start collecting, painting, and modeling 40k
>Buy from local GW because I have $ and I'm a nice guy
>Paint first army, ready to play
>CSM in Rhinos, Landraider, Forgefiends vs. Taudar
>next game vs. Wave Serpent spam
>next game vs. Mephiston Deathstar, deepstriking Land Raider filled with Death Company
>next game unbound Orks where every single model was an individual unit
>next game vs. nasty Deathwing death stars

>one day, bring in new Fire Raptor, built and painted to be my masterpiece to date
>redshirt: "That's Forgeworld cheese mate"
>regulars: "I won't play vs. Forgeworld cheese"
>"dont be a try hard""leave that cheap BS at home"
>redshirt: besides, I only allow Forgeworld models in the store on special occassions, and by permission only

>b-but, I've spent thousands of dollars here in the past year

Haven't been back since; discovered the twin utopias of Odyssey and Imperial - flgs's on opposite sides of town. 20% off stuff, legendary bro-tier playerbases. Holy shit GW why is your head so, so, so incredibly far up your own ass?

>> No.48217358


I slowly remove the smile from my face and look into his eyes. I can see the coward in his mind, borne from years of the abasement knowledge of his absolute inferiority when compared to the truest measure of a man: His sense of sport.

His pleasure of self drops in moments, the animal part of his brain reacting instinctively to the predator just inches from him.

I lean closer. Not overtly, but enough so that this coward is the only one who sees my hatred for him and all his kind. He senses it, and I smell his instant of weakness.

My friends are browsing fantasy models (God I love them).

Redshirts are talking quietly to themselves behind the counter.

Other customers are browsing too, playing 40k and enjoying their lives peacefully.

Beastbro sees what I see. I can see him moving his posture forward, only to restraint himself at the last instant. Like a wolf, poised to strike with his pack.

I gaze into the eyes of the cheeselord. He blinks.

I reach into my back pocket and pull from it one block of cheddar. I gently place it to his sternum like an eviction notice.

My eyes never leave his unblinking, nor his mine, in his horrified stare. Trembling, he takes the cheddar and knows it is his to own.

>Friend: Anon, we're going come on bro.

The feeling of his hatred for me and my superior kind was like a glorious sun, scalding my back with the irons on his doubt and angst. I breathed the breath of life, it tasted so good.

Then we went back to my friends apartment and we gamed. I forgot the other cheddar block in his fridge and it went bad. That was my only experience at a GW, thanks for listening.

>> No.48217443


Shit, forgot to mention. We only went to Geedubs because a friend of mine forgot her dice and we needed d10s. I knew we couldn't get some at GW, but wanted to check it out anyways so I just rode with it. My friends had never been and figured they could get the hookup.

>> No.48217504

>Forgeworld cheese

I'm sorry I don't understand friendo, aren't most models made by Forgeworld? Why would they complain that you brought in a model made by Forgeworld?

>> No.48217562

Was it for the rules shenanigans or the unpainted model?

>> No.48217627

Dont call your misses part through a post. But my mate who was a redshirt and he used to raid the stores bitz box for parts for my conversions. He even scrounged a whole oblit minus some gun bits

>> No.48217637

so you bought a block of cheddar cheese and brought it to a GW so you could give it to some moron playing an overpowered WHFB list?

are you a fucking retard? Who does something like this?

>> No.48217731


I apologize for nothing.

>> No.48217793

Look at the shit you wrote.

>The feeling of his hatred for me and my superior kind was like a glorious sun, scalding my back with the irons on his doubt and angst. I breathed the breath of life, it tasted so good.

You are legitimately autistic.

>> No.48217872

The gw in the colloseum centre?

>> No.48218282

I want to breed with her as such is the dark Gods will

>> No.48218328

You are a cuck no wonder the Muslims are taking over. White people are gonna lose the race war

>> No.48218358


Fuck off /pol/

>> No.48218407

Don't make us use the C-word, anon.

>> No.48218466

Sure thing britbong hey just by chance mind telling me where you live? Just wanna stop by and show your girl what a real man is like and fuck her senseless Ya know? Who knows maybe she will see reason after and get rid of your pathetic ass.

>> No.48218490

Ya I know it. I'll meet Ya there

>> No.48218622

I'm a different guy, i dont really know how to play i just collect and paint the models on and off.

>> No.48218680

A virgin eh? Well then let me pop that cherry

>> No.48218707

I have orks, from what i've read from here i'm dead on turn 1.

>> No.48219165

It's common for GW store managers to ban or heavily regulate Forgeworld models from their stores. They fear losing sales.

>> No.48219467

This never happened.

>> No.48219471

Similar to fantasy most games if 40k are decided in the did you choose elves phase?

But yeah Orks aren't completely unplayable as long as your opponent isn't a dickbag.

>> No.48219578

there was a gw I used to go to that lost 60% of its regular customers because of the manager

>GWG is a sleazy salesmen
>think like stereotype used car salesmen with a "either buy stuff or get out" attitude
>loved to make up stories about himself to look cool
>"im a master hacker I even hacked adobe", "yeah i was a child soldier", "im actually a millionaire"
>talked shit about all his customers when they weren't there to his other customers
>people eventually found out
>people slowly start to get into other games and or strictly forgeworld
>many fantasy players left after AoS because he banned WFB in the store
>he screamed at some Teens because they didnt like AoS
>after that all the regulars had left leaving only the little kids and extreme neckbeards
>he moved to florida to manage some other Gw

Have fun Florida

>> No.48219591

Really? I had a rather pleasant experience there. Depends on the manager imo.

>> No.48219594

Wasn't even me.

>> No.48219653

They keep it in a glass case because of the breathing of millions of people actually hurt the paints. I'm not even kidding. Since there are millions of people each year going to see it, they had to protect it

>> No.48220318

this is proof that only cheese players hate 9th age
it was my first and closest gw when i started
got conned into buying a bunch of useless hobby shit though at least they showed me how to paint and base my guard commander during their introduction course thing they did for newcomers

>> No.48220478

Ha i've probably met you
Nice to see you escaped

My m8 is going for a manager's job there, retail since he was 16 - any tips?

>> No.48220747

I had a couple good experiences with their customer support. I'd be missing one part or have a broken piece in the box, and they would send me a whole new one.

>> No.48220853


Probably, haha.

My advice? Don't. It's the most scrutinized store in the entire GW retail chain. The higher ups/board of directors visit every other month. He'll be under a ludicrous amount of pressure every day, and TCR is expected to be the absolute success story of the global company.

Failing listening to that advice, my advice is prepare for a hard job. You're expected to meet targets every day, and they have very little leeway for failure. You won't be trained much, and you'll be responsible for a lot of new staff. Maybe a few who have been there for a while.

TCR is second only to Warhammer World in terms of company attention and resources. Just mentally prepare yourself for that.

>> No.48221048

>old 2 man store
>regular games
>sometimes big events too, like the (now very old) Hammer of the Emperor event just after the release of the Daemonhunters codex and some apocalypse games
>mall gentrifies and GW is forced to downsize
>eventually they are forced to close entirely
>in it's place is some luxury boutique
>years later, another game store opens nearby
>it can't get enough regular customers since everyone who would have been into /tg/ was displaced by demographic changes and gentrification
>I visit the store on the very last day it is in business, owner's frustration with the market is visible, but I buy some stuff if only to help out.
>I don't blame him at all for being upset
>no game stores around here anymore
>2 hours to the nearest game store from my home

>> No.48221075

Well he thinks they'll put in somewhere quieter liek Epsom desu
Personally i'm just looking forward for a reason actaully pop into GW rather than a FLGS if he gets it

>> No.48221131

About ten years ago GW opened a bunch of hobby stores in New England, and attempted to put the local game stores out of business. They upped the prices at the other stores, while the goods at their own locations remained the same. The local shops placed GW merchandise on a perpetual sale, or stopped carrying it entirely. The behavior of folks running the stores drove away established players. There were four or five GW shops in Massachusetts, it looks like there is just one in Franklin now. I have not bought any models in years, but I would not be surprised if some places are still offering a discount.

>> No.48221272


Epsom is good. Just keep in mind that the jobs don't get recruited from a "pool", they get recruited by specifically applying for the store in question. (There are exceptions, like being a manager beforehand for GW, or knowing someone in the company recruitment arm.)

>> No.48221325

>Epsom is good
That's good to hear - he's waiting on the call for the 2nd interview this week

So here's hoping

>> No.48221373


Had a GW near me, both managers I knew were really good people.

One got fired and the other left because there was 0 advancement opportunity. Even let me use what was mostly a scratch built model (with GW bits on it) in store.

Never knew what the third one was like, I moved shortly after he took over.

>> No.48221377

>My friends and I started playing Mordheim at the Cambridge MA location.
>They had a decent selection, and some sweet tables in the basement.
>Turns out the store doubled as daycare.
>Spazzy ten year olds would run up to our table, and grab the models in the middle of our game.
>About an hour before closing time the music volume is cranked the fuck up. We grab our stuff and head upstairs.
>Normal volume on the shop floor. The manager is glaring at us as if we killed his puppy.

Pretty much the last time I played one of their games. A few years later I gave away, or sold my models.

Not only does this behavior drive away established players, but it also leads to some nasty stuff at tournaments. Little Jimmy gets ticked off he's losing, so he chucks a land-raider or other large model at his opponent. But he's ten, and his parents have more money than common sense, so its all good.

>> No.48221383


>red/blackshirts in store
>customer support department of GW

I mean... you know those are two wholly separate bodies, right? You're just complaining about a shitty experience?

>> No.48221415

I ordered a bunch of web exclusive stuff from GW and they threw in some free wound markers

>> No.48221514

Doubt it... $500 dollars retail is like $5 in plastic and cardboard...

>> No.48221564

More like

>Go to furniture shop
>They have a sofa on display I'm interested in buying
>Touch the sofa to see how soft, comfy it is
>One of their sales guys comes out and starts shouting at me
>Not allowed to touch it

>> No.48222148


It's as good as a GW store can be. Dead quiet and not generally much going on, very hard to meet targets - has to micromanage his customer recruitment and customer attractions very attentively and constantly, otherwise it's hard to meet targets. Miss target 3 months in a row, you get the sack. No excuses and no chances.

>> No.48222173


Simple rule of thumb - if you've put together the models as a diorama or as a display piece, then keep them in the display case. Because people are fuckwits.

If you put a model down on the game table, you better do so fully aware of the fact that some fuckwit will paw at it at some stage - even if that fuckwit is you.

>> No.48222185

No, it's $500 in missed profit

>> No.48222224

>local GW in Portsmouth
>the staff are friendly but don't bother you if you say you don't need help
>also A-okay with Forge World models
>display cabinets are always filled with really great models and usually a Golden Daemon award winner or two

Unfortunately good stores make for poor storytimes; though there was one incident where some thieving chav got chased down by a pair of angry biker dudes who happened to be playing there at the time.

>> No.48222430

Only if its obviously a recast

>> No.48222577


shit that didn't happen

malekith was never made finecast

>> No.48222760

Many years ago my local had a great manager (before dark sphere, etc. made GW stores pointless for me).

He made a point of knowing the members of the local gaming clubs because if we were in there we were buying stuff.

If he wasn't busy he'd chit hat about our projects but zero selling. Best of all, should a young red shirt approach us you'd hear a loud Scottish voice from the back of the room - "leave him the fuck alone!"

>> No.48222761


>> No.48222800

Can't believe this hasn't been posted yet.

>> No.48222855

Mais on est tous de Grenoble ou bien? C'pas le premier thread sur /tg/ où je chope des grenoblois

>> No.48222879

God that's frustrating to read.

>> No.48222914

>tous ces grenoblois

>> No.48222966

I haven't been in many GWs.
What's the difference between blackshirt, redshirt and blueshirt?

>> No.48223012

This is from Viz, yeah?

I gotta say this is fucking terrible. and i love Viz.

This isn't even a good parody, literally no GW rep would turn down the chance to sell 2 boxes, and since daemons can be used in either game the joke doesn't even work.

>> No.48223124


>visit GW with bro and friend
>bro painting at table
>friend and I both buy a box of Epic 40k
>we sit at a table next to my bro
>redshirt comes over and tells us we are loitering and have to leave

>> No.48223531

September 2012
I have one day of from work to go chill in GW. The rest of my holiday is to go on a family holiday to turkey for 2 weeks for my sisters wedding.

Wedding shoes too big, need to swap them at Clarks which is opposite GW.

Some fuckwit stood on roof of games workshop Portsmouth threatening to jump. This is because it's over the road from the Pompey job centre and his benefits got cut.

Sat with my mate, the red shirt who is fuming the shop that day and a couple other neckbeards because the area is sectioned off by police.

After 3 hours the guy jumps, Manda on his chest and his shoes fly off. He's fucked it up so still alive and badly hurt so rushed to hospital.

Lands in front of GW door.

Rest of sectioned area become accessible so I can go get my shoes.

Redshirt could open his store that day.
Go back to mates and play our game on the floor of his student flat.

>> No.48223568

>Used to go into GW with two friends one of which was a chick when I was 16 and constantly robbed them blind
>Hundreds of dollars of blisters and box sets every single time because she acted as an employee magnet
In retrospect its a wonder how I was never caught.

>> No.48223760

Toujours pluuuuus

>> No.48223856

>be in highschool in mid 90's
>IRA bombed manchester, GW store closed
>reopens months later
>go to GW with a friend
>pick out some stuff for my orcs and goblins, friend grabs some empire
>redshirt at till 'we're having our grand reopening sale tomorrow, it's buy one get one free on everything'
>we can't get here tomorrow
>reshirt looks shiftily around the store
>'the manager is on a break, we have about 5 minutes'
>he takes us over to the warhammer section and starts pulling random boxes and blisters from the shelves for O&G and empire
>hurries us back to the till, scans half of it and throws the rest in the bag
>we leave with giant grins on our faces
>glad i stopped years ago, sounds shit now

>> No.48224018

Could be me...

>> No.48224044

They actually knew it all along, but they let you pass, cause you brought a girl...

>> No.48224119

>She could have 3 eyes and spider legs

That sounds kinda hawt if you ask me

>> No.48225170

>comparing toy soldiers to the Mona Lisa
Your neckbeard is showing.

>> No.48225419

Yeah, and it's weird since when you enter the room, everyone is focused on this tiny ass portrait while a fuckhuge mural of an amazing wedding feast with dozens of people is across the room. Mona Lisa is a meme, straight up.

>> No.48225514

>comparing a couch to mini

Are you 10? You always ask before touching someone's shit, you moron.

>> No.48225980


>> No.48227609

I remember when I was a youngling there were geedubs everywhere, now... the commonwealth has 1, and its probably going to close. they screwed the pooch.

>> No.48228088

Wow, I game at the TCR GW after work once a week usually. Didn't realise the targets down there were so high.

I found the staff really friendly there and since becoming a regular they don't try the hard-sell stuff on me. My Imperial Guard use 3rd party heads and they don't seem to mind that either. Good store I'd say, but I imagine most people going in there aren't doing it regularly like I am and are probably just popping in during a trip to London.

>> No.48228135

Did anyone here play at GW Bluewater back in the day? It was really local to me and it closing down culminated in me losing interest in the hobby. Getting back into the swing of things now though.

>> No.48229489

Viz is really really old and tired now.
Just like its readership.

>> No.48230103


Yeah, they might treat you a little differently because you're a reg - next time, look at the staff when new people walk in and see what happens. Especially the newbies. You'll catch on real quick.

>> No.48232374

>I've spent thousands

Water under the bridge, "mate." If AoS has taught us anything, it's that zero fucks are given in Notts about vets and their nasty old past sales. We are dead to them.

It's part of the reason they're doing so well lately ...

>> No.48232532


If they don't make enough sales/money in a given month in comparison to previous months, they can lose their jobs, as it looks like they aren't trying as hard to move product. That is why you get this behavior.

>> No.48232585

Probably coming in far too late, but try Black Cultist. Located in ACT.

>> No.48232813

Employees make a huge discount right.
Can I just get a job there for like a month, cash in that employee discount then deuces out that bitch? And by 'for a month' I mean show up for like the training shit then never show up again.
It takes some time for your name to get erased from the system right?

>> No.48232921

>Used to go to GW regularly Saturday evenings for games night
>Couple of games a week with my mediocre Dark Eldar
>Teenage me was a bit of an edgelord, but he painted all his models at least
>Stopped going regularly around 2002 when staff member tries to shift me off a table for some bullshit reason
>'why play the same faction against each other? You might as well just roll a bunch of dice and see who rolls higher.'
>... yeah.
>Still pop in once or twice a year to see what's going on

>AoS hits
>Don't want to believe WHF is gone
>Was never much into it, but admired the detail of the old world
>Don't want to believe the shitstorm on /tg/ about no points, no regiments, no strategy
>Decide to go see for myself, try and snag a demo game

>Guy is friendly, but overbearing
>Tells me it's true, WHF is no more
>Ask for a demo game, and he agrees
>He tries his best, but AoS seems sort of bland
>No strategy, no character
>He tries to sell it as a 'more cinematic experience'
>Just tell him its not for me, and mention how it seems disappointing that all the Old World lore could just be dropped like that
>He skips a beat like he knows, but can't admit it
>Says he's optimistic about the new direction
>Asks me if anything on the shelves caught my eye

>I pick up a box of state troops and free company that haven't been cleared out yet
>Think to myself I might try and make a Mordheim warband out of them, get some friends together for some skirmishes

"Are you sure I can't tempt you with some Age of Sigmar minis, Anon?"
>"No, thanks though. It's not for me."

>> No.48234774

Holy shit look at this cool guy.

We're all very impressed anon.

>> No.48236125

that probably means the orlando store. RIP. guess scificity will have more customers now

>> No.48236147

except you know, the gw policy where they instantly replace any faulty finecast if they have one in stock ?
I've had countless finecast instantly replaced, gw guy was a cuck and that guy did good recouping his loss.

>> No.48236164

>>this thread

>> No.48236299

>Whfb was so cool that I didn't bought any fantasy models for 20 years and now that it's gone, I'm buying whfb models to protest button it's counted as age of sigmar sales and a proof that AoS sell for gw.


>> No.48236354

> Walk into GW for my first time
> Already own like 10,000 points of Space Marines, 300$ worth of paint
> Browse the pitiful fantasy section
> Manager: "Hey, can I interest you in some tau?"
> Me: "Naw man, I'm looking to start a second army"
> Literally holding the last box of beastmen in the entire store
> Manager immediately walks over to the 'Start Collecting' section and tries to get me to buy shit from it.
> Me: "For 30k..."
> Manager puts down a start collecting box of tau.

Later on I was having a game. My chinese recast forgeworld model was sitting on the table, just taunting him to inspect it.

> Middle of the game, Manager comes over and just picks up the FW model without even asking
> Literally turns it over in every possible direction, looking at it from every angle
> tells me that it's a nice model, and I should really finish the paint.

I didn't know they actually manhandle forgeworld models if you bring them in. I spent 20 hours painting this one model, and it wasn't even sealed yet as I haven't finished.

>> No.48236464

> Florida mentioned
> MFW you're not describing the jacksonville store
> MFW there's only 2 fucking GWs in the entire state

>> No.48236525

haven't been to the altamonte store for a while, how are things there? (at least before this asshole ruins them)

>> No.48236577

It's decent. I still can't help but cringe instantly whenever I see florida mentioned anywhere on 4chan. All the stupid shit seems to happen in florida.

Anyway, the store I'm talking about is on the edge of jacksonville, old baymeadows. It's... Calm. Most of the people I've met so far are military. The manager seems cool, and he even set down a "Please bring at least 50% GW plastic" rule for my conversions. Well below the 70% rule I was expecting.

>> No.48236638

M8 the Jacksonville store is shit

>> No.48236665

Better than the FLGS over by NASJAX. 40k at my old store was completely dead. Yet I walk into the GW in jacksonville and I get to have 3 games in a single day, starting within 5 minutes of walking into the store.

Having a tiny-ass store is better than sitting around and meditating for 7 hours for a game that never happens.

>> No.48236686

not the same guy but yeah but thats standard for a gw I always found games at my local store because they only play 2 games there which is why i like it better than other lgs

>> No.48236715

>be me
>walk into Jew-Dubz
>play pick up match of 40gay
>chat it up with the black shirt
>tells me that AoS is catching fire
>look at the starter sets
>Nurgle Daemons look cool, and I could use them for 40gay if I dont like AoS
>drop 115 dollars on starter kit and green paints

I'm excited for this hobby for the 1st time in a long time, feels good man

>> No.48236727

>I'm excited for this hobby for the 1st time in a long time, feels good man

oh boy

>> No.48236759

i know weird right? with the new AoS generals handbook balancing shit out, I am excited to try a game that isnt chock full of OP Eldar/Tau bullshit deep strike alpha strike faggotry

>> No.48236761

This type of sales method sure worked out for Blockbuster.

Oh wait.

>> No.48237040

>stormcast eternals deepstrike and charge


>> No.48237068


If you think the sales method is why blockbuster is dead and not things like progressing technology, having to completely overhaul their entire inventory not once, not twice, but thrice due to VHS, CD-R, DVD, AND BR, and the advent of things like Netflix, then I don't know what to tell you.

>> No.48237094

this guy sounds like he was a faggot, the GW near my place leaves models out as displays all the time for people to play with and learn the games. they don't care if you pick them up as long as you don't take them away from the table.

>> No.48237211

Except he pretty much just described the manager there

>> No.48237345

tennessee gw let me play with their titan display
it felt naughty

>> No.48238566


You're a special, special kind of person.

>> No.48238731

This, the woman who runs my local GW is really chill about pushing stuff on people. The only thing she's ever tried to push is a White Dwarf subscription after it came out and even then not very hard.

That said, all 3 of the managers at the local GW that have had it the past 5 years have been great people, one of them introduced me to one of my best friends.

>> No.48238780

>That said, all 3 of the managers at the local GW that have had it the past 5 years have been great people

There's a reason the employees keep rotating at your store.

>> No.48238844

Yeah, they got other jobs or moved out of the city - no-one wants to run a model shop for more than a couple of years, that management experience will get you better jobs elsewhere.

>> No.48239133

I swear to fuck, I thought you were going to tell me you took his shoes.

>> No.48239149

>the tactics I use
Yeah no wonder the guy saw through your guise.

>> No.48239224

Wait is that NOT what you do with garbage anymore?

>> No.48239303

Seems to backfire though. The (probably) nearest GW has been closed for some time now, as nobody is willing to work there.

>> No.48239505

Why would you collect Tarts?

>> No.48239642

>"Hurr durr What's a metaphor. Hurr durr What is hyperbole?"

>> No.48239681

Premium product at premium price meme

>> No.48239724



>> No.48241301

This isn't really a bad experience, more like a bizarre one. I'm visiting Japan at the moment and was sightseeing in Harajuku. To my surprise there was a bloody geedubs there, advertising free painting tutorials where you get a free small model of your choice and can paint it however you want. The blackshirts there just said hello and went back to their modelling (I think they were making a raptor squadron).

The most bizarre part were the prices. 2000 Yen for Khorne beserkers, 18 bloody pounds. In english too.

This country astounds me.

>> No.48241374

Where abouts in harajuku? I was jst there and couldnt find the geedubs. I wanted to buy a white dwarf in japanese for funsies. The prices are even more expensive than Australia though

>> No.48241491

The one in Calgary is so fucking terrible. Back when I bought GW stuff, I'd regularly go in there to buy Fantasy boxes and the staff only knew 40k and didn't know anything about fantasy. But they STILL tried to up sell me shit even thought they clearly didn't know anything about WHFB.

>> No.48241503

>The one in Calgary is so fucking terrible.
As expected of Ultramarines.

>> No.48243565

>New to AoS
>Go into store see what they have maybe pick up a model to try out see if i like building
>Maybe 50-70$
>Get sold on verminus hoard box some how
>They show me how to build let me use all their tools and glue
>Get army built
>Some painted some just primed

>First battle against a long time skaven player
>We bring around the same army
>Super intense had lots of fun

>Been going there regularly adding few things to my army

>Battle against skaven guy again
>Game was so close it came down to our warp lightning cannons both only had one wound left
>Shooting phase roll a 5 for power cnot one hit
>Have to charge need a 9
>Role 12 charge in roll a D6 for attacks
>Role a 6
>Only one attack hits just barely killing him

10/10 Love GW stores this is just a 1 man so its really nice and relaxed unless you are brand new then they try to load you up with so much you have to stay in the hobby

>> No.48244004

thats how I felt when I first when to gw. just dont be surprised if you become a bitter neckbeard that argues with people on the internet in a few years

>> No.48244123

I expect it

>> No.48247426


I wish you had been there to warn past me before I became exactly that.

>> No.48247780


Ha, I was in Japan about a month ago. 2000¥ for Bezerkers, is that the box of ten or so that normally costs £23? Good price, even at the all-time shitter of an exchange rate. Sucks to be you taking your holiday when the exchange rate is at 120 or so. I thought it was bad at 155. Wasn't much more than a year ago that it was well over 200. Blimey, if the price you're suggesting is correct then GW Japan is selling stuff at half the price of in the UK.

>> No.48249566

Just off the main street from what I remembered.

>> No.48249591

Yep the box of ten.
I hope GW Japan takes over the main company, I mean look at 7-11.

>> No.48249615

Probably has something to do with the difficulty of marketing tabletop games in a culture that has no tables and no room for tables.

>> No.48249853

derp derp derp

>> No.48249868

Get a life.

>> No.48252412

sucks to be you, my GW was kicked out of a mall because they wanted yet another fashion store

they moved closer to where I live, pay less for rent and have a bigger store.

>> No.48253846


Jesus mate, are you done?

>> No.48253995

Could be, but heck they have it cheap here.

>> No.48254022

So yeah here's the Harajuku Geedubs

>> No.48254551

Is that goofy blackshirt with the purple and orange tight bellbottoms still there?

The WDs are in English, sorry.

>> No.48254577


Probably due to the massive competition for market share in Japan from companies like Tamiya.

>> No.48254606

Nah mate, the only competition Tamiya is providing is to the poor guys trying to sell Warlord Tanks.

>> No.48254644

So if GW is a failure in Japan, that means the Tau are gonna get squatted pretty soon right?

>> No.48254702

The Tau have never been popular in Japan (among Japanese). Never. It's always been about the IoM over here. Hell, they couldn't keep Knights on the shelves for a few months.

>> No.48255325

They sure do like their mechs

>> No.48255495


"Redshirts" was the nickname for the disposable extras on Star Trek TOS. If the Away Team included any actors wearing red velour shirts you knew they were there to die horribly, and weren't going to make it back. All the staff at GW stores were issued red company-labeled T-shirts for decades.
They morphed into polo shirts, but were still made from red fabric before the most recent iterations which are of black poly/cotton.

I haven't seen any blueshirts, but all the GW stores near me were abandoned years ago.

>> No.48255564


I hate you.

>> No.48255732


I have a blue shirt at my GW that talks and acts like this. He has the same appearance as the fat ponytail nerd from the simpsons, except he's a scrawny manlet and always gets completely shitter smashed and outperformed by the other blue/green shirts there. I know he means well, but he's just so fucking beta and pathetic.

>> No.48255762


Pretty bewildered as I was the guy who called him out originally, the post you two replied to was not me, must be some random who want to see his reply, but I have been observing the thread waiting to see if the beta boi "canIhaev the p00si plaez? I defend u!" blackshirt grew a pair so I guess what you boys said stands :^ )

>> No.48256039


You must be the really popular kid in school.

>> No.48256299


Good stuff

>> No.48256744

>implying whoping your wad on the counter for the latest broken toy isnt a tactic

>> No.48256782

>white knighting massive corporations on the internet
Why do you do this? Is it a sexual thing?

>> No.48256920

>I'm a swinger not a cuck.
Shit like this is why I keep on coming back here.

>> No.48256930

I don't think it's swinging if your girlfirend was keeping it secret from you, that's just infidelity and you being a cuck about it because you're too much of a coward to risk being single.

>> No.48256941

Games workshop stores and all retail stores for that matter, have daily sales targets, in this case he was trying to upsell you.
Try not being such an autistic faggot about it.

>> No.48256947

>implying whopping your dilz on the counter isn't a tactic



>> No.48256970

>responding to three day old posts expecting an answer
For what purpose.

>> No.48256976


You look with your fingers? Are you registered blind?

There's usually a difference, if they have the cheap plastics on the intro boards, chuck them about all you want. Any displays they have in front windows, don't touch.

>> No.48256981

This. I just have a chat with my lgs owner talk about other games and soccer and go my way. It's their job to sell things and redshirts do it rather aggressively, but why even bother?

>> No.48256991

This. Dont you care that she kept it secret? Youre like that one Borderlabds writer.

>> No.48257014


Aus reporting in.

My local GW is rad, my dude never gets in my face he just asks what i'm building/painting and just likes talking about the hobby. Always super keen for people to come and paint in store.

>> No.48257049

Not really a story or anything but where I can find (somewhat) normal people to play 40k with?

I'm talking about people who aren't fat sweaty autistic neckbeards who only sit and play/paint all day.

>> No.48257063

Good luck. Let me know when you find players who arent total sperglords.

>> No.48257109

Seems pretty rare, anytime I go into my local store it's always these fuckwits at the back rolling dice and screaming at each other.

That or little 12 year old kids during the weekends/when school's are off.

>> No.48257294

>this absolute autist from down south

GW Hull here, was a regular in 3rd and 4th ed of 40k when I was a teen. Was there every Saturday and most Thursdays. There was a bunch of us all a similar age, and I think that spurred us all on: mostly painted armies, campaigns for 40k and stuff like Necromunda and Blood Bowl, big Tank Battle days and the like. The coach trips to Birmingham for Games Day too, great times.

Plenty of staff members too, at least three or four were full-time whilst they had several "key timers" also. Quite sad when I walk past these days, one manager and one or two kids in with unpainted/sprayed gold Knights/Baneblades.

I always remember when one of the scummier kids invited a drunk tramp in, who proceeded to spill his cheap cider everywhere whilst harassing the staff. Kid got banned for like two weeks of the summer holidays for it.

>> No.48257363

Anon you're a cuck, swinging is when both parties are involved and know ahead of time.
The GW manager got off on face fucking your girl behind your back, that's humiliation.

Source: actual swinger here, you also never fuck friends or anyone in your inner circle because it gets around really quickly and destroys your entire life.

>> No.48257417

>went to GW once
>redshirt ran to me
>"Hey you wanna play Space marines?"
>nah I'm good, I just want some shootah for-
>redshirt tackles me, throw me to the ground
>"you sure you don't want space marines?"
>begin trying to forcefeed me miniature
>I punch him and try to run away
>something grabs my leg
>his arm turned into a tentacle
>he is barely human anymore
>begin dragging me
>shoves miniatures down my throat
And that's how I began playing Wh40k.

>> No.48257483


Confirmed for wisdom.

>> No.48257521

>If you say "Citadel" three times in front of a mirror at night the ghost of Tom Kirby mugs your wallet and leaves behind a Finecast model.
I love these guys.

>> No.48257543

The main beef I have with Games Workshop is how shitty their codexes are.
I remember the first codex I read, it was the Tyranid one, and the Genestealer had two lines explaining they infiltrated stuff.

To get real infos about the genestealer cults, I had to go to Internet, because the codex didn't say shit.

>> No.48257551

>tous ces paysans de Grenoble
>pas un seul de Rennes

>> No.48259755


Stop being a pussy you faggot and fucking reply, your company relations with the community is fucking shit 60% of the time, your friend is a perfect example of everything wrong with the company and is not a very nice person.

And you're gonna sit there and samefag after like 4 people including me in this thread has besmirched your waifu, and called you a cuck? Kek

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