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Me and a group of friends have decided to play some D&D together, however, none of us is really experienced with the DM role. We'd like to know some of your tips and tricks to improve our experience.

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here's a tip
Don't leave your crayons out in the sun
they'll melt

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Use quick reference rules tables or at least bookmarks for core mechanics pages.

Nothing slows down play like having to check the index for some obscure rule.

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Pacing is terribly important. Never draw out an encounter. Remember why PCs and NPCs are fighting.

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>Reference tables. Lots of reference tables.
>No matter how awesome your story is, the group will NOT follow it. You absolutely must be willing to bend your plans and do a lot of improv.
>Like, I cannot stress the need for improv enough. Most of my games was just me reacting to the crazy shit my group pulled.

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Get a list of random names. You're going to need them.

Also, don't be afraid to just use a premade adventure. They're great for beginner DMs, because they essentially lead you through how to run an adventure.

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Yeah, use premade adventures.

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DMing is half prep half improv. In saying that, you should know that the basic rule of improv is to always accept an "offer." What can bring fun in a campaign to a screeching halt is if the DM constantly blocks what players want to do in the name of trying to adhere to their premade story. If your players want to do something, let them do it and adjudicate proper rolls to be done and resolve it in a sensible manner.

That said, the street works both ways. Your players have to accept the things you throw at them and the situations you put them in. If you have players that clearly have no intention of working WITH you to build a world and a story, then that player is a problem.

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Just do it. Being a DM is all about playing. You learn it by doing it.
However, since this is a very social game, try to speak as much as possible with your players. You don't have to cather to their every desires, but knowing them is usefull.
Plus, remind them of the goal of playing, is for everyone to have fun.

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1) Make a list of names, right now. You will need them.

2) Practice roleplaying different personalities.

3) Ask your players what they want from the campaign. If you suck their collective dicks in terms of making an adventure it will engage them far more.

4) Give them a problem and let them solve it.

5) Keep the game moving. Constantly ask them what they are doing. It's fine to say "what do you do" every time you are done describing something.

6) Dunno what system you are using, but don't give a fuck about tracking hp perfectly for each creature (especially with hit dice that could vary hp anyway) and do not roll initiative for each monster. Try to take NPCs' turns while players are deciding. ALWAYS be doing something during combat.

7) Don't be afraid to fall back onto basic stat rolls. Dropping something on someone? Just use + Dex to hit or something like that.

8) Do NOT try to build a giant world right off the bat. Make a map and some loose details if you want, but don't try to autistically build a world beforehand. I tried that recently despite knowing better and now I might have to burn down the world i spent hours building.

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Go to the D&D thread, they have guides for new GMs and stuff. If they're not in the OP google them or ask for them in-thread.

I'd also recommend running some of the pre-made adventures four first couple of campaigns.

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Can we just make a stick and ban "lol new 2 DnD wat do?" threads forever?

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I'd be down to see some of the basic tips for and cool tricks for GMing get added to the sticky.

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I'm considering making another pdf.

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Unless you're doing a murder mystery where possible motivations/events/clues etc are of integral importance, don't plan shit out in detail, chances are that you'll have to throw that away by the first goddamn sentence that flies out of your players' mouths.

A primary plan is good, but don't get too detailed, try to keep your plans to adjustable bullet points.

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