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Starship/space Thread: The Taiidan did nothing wrong edition!

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Your party warps into an unknown space system, and suddenly this theme starts playing. What do they do?


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We need more Homeworld-style space tribalism/mysticism.

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I love these starship threads

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Not Homeworld but a game that started out as a mod for it.

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Which game?

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Originally called Enemy Starfighter. It's in early access on steam as House of the Dying Sun. It's first person flight-sim with a very HW-esque tactical command mode.

It's good fun, if a bit short.

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Ah, I've seen the /m/ thread for that. It was a choice for me over the sale between deserts and that. I'll grab it next time

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Few franchises nail the sense of scale.

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fuck, didn;t realize that one was full monitor :/

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Jumped back in for a few minutes to see if i couldn't find some more, non-spoilery screenshots.

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I love that minimalist, understated ui

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last one before bed.

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Last one. I have a bunch more but I wouldn't want to fill up the entire thread with cockpit shots.

I'm told that VR in this game is sexual, but I've not had the chance to try it out myself.

Might go looking for some of my old concept art folders. Have a lot of cool shit in there.

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>"Friendlies under fire. Moving in."

But probably I set up a defensive fighter screen with support from my flak frigates while my battle-cruiser and ion frigates turn the enemy into a burning slagpile.

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Is there an entire series of these?

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No, just those two :c

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I fucking hate star trek ships.

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Also, last decent Trek pic i have.

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Anybody enjoy Space-Straya: The Setting?

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Because they look like they're about to snap in half from a slightest collision. I mean, I understand they have magical shields and everything, but I just prefer my ships structurally solid.

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>structurally solid.
e>xposed parts
>spindly bits waiting to be knocked off
>very little armor

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It's a ship with two FUCKHUEG railguns. It's not going to be hit because it's going to stay far away from the battle.

>bringing up SW as an example of good ship design
Come on. They're iconic, but that's about it.

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In that case you will love the Jupiter class!

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Why do they always have their engines sticking out like that? Wouldn't it be logical to put them RIGHT BEHIND the ship?

I mean, it makes sense for dropships that need to position their engines depending on landing/flying mode some modern aircrafts already have that technology, but why the fuck would you do it to a spaceship?

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Those are the warp nacellas and they are supposed to stick out so they can form a warp bubble around the ship.
The conventional engines are mostly set up at the "neck" of the ship or at tha back of the saucer.

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Posting something that is solid and can take hits.

Tactical jumps can negate range advantages fairly well. Not sure if they're a thing in sw though.

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Oh, I get it. At least there's a in-universe explanation for it.

I like circular warp drive designs more though. They look like NASA's design of a hypothetical warp drive ship.

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Expanse mini-dump

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Is this show worth it?

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last one

The show is a decent watch, probably the best thing that Syfy have done in the last few years. Though I still definitely prefer the books.

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That can happen in Star Trek too. Most notably in Vulcan ships(left). There are also more robust ships, like the Andorians use(right).

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I'm sorry, but all the armour in the world can't make up for having your primary and only command centre exposed so that a stray fighter can cripple your ship.

I'm not even against the idea of an aircraft-carrier style command tower, but not having a secondary command centre buried deep in your powerful, expensive ship is just dumb.

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Show is GOAT, even better than the books.

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best game there is, and pretty unique too
wish we could stuck with the earth ships for a few more missions

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For a second there I thought that was a SolForce ship from SotS. I always loved how they put so much of each race's character into their ships.

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There are two perfect ideas for a homeworld sequel to keep the franchise going - either re-use with the Dust Wars concept from HW2, or do a prequel with the ancient Hiigaran-Taiidan War. It angers me to no end that no company want to pursue this since it would be the perfect way to bring interest back to the space RTS genre.

It sucks that SotS II was such a disappointment. I thought that the ship designs in it were extremely good, however.

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Does anybody have the PDF who did up the Kushan as a Battlefleet Gothic faction?

Well now that Blackbird has access the Homeworld IP we might get another sequel eventually.

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Does anyone has a link to download the add-on universe manual of Deserts? I honestly don't have money to buy it, can't even buy a pc capable of playing the game

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Amen. Desert mysticism sci-fi is best sci-fi

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Where does strike suit zero fall on that rating?

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>A new installation is the "encased" crew module: the whole command deck, that is well deep inside the hull, is an heavily armored capsule, that holds the whole crew of the ship in combat situations, and, in emergency conditions, can be ejected: the module holds life support facilities, an autonomous propulsion and navigation system, a booster that allows high "one shot" acceleration and a pre-charged small vortex generator, that allows the capsule to quickly open a jump point. The exit from the hyperspace can be done only through jump points opened by other units, or through jump-gates.

>The ship is well able to cover the dreadnought/battleship role, but the whole design it's aimed to a particular purpose: a fast linear attack to a single target, against which can be fired a devastating burst of the most piercing weapon ever developed. The ship is conceived to flank and support Warlocks and Centurions in situations of high menace. The care placed in the crew protection and escape installations seems to indicate that an high speed ramming of the target is something that cannot be deductively excluded.

>Frontal plate of 45 meters of thickness multi-layer/Nanotechnological armor.

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So I couldn't find the Battlefleet Gothic thread, so I think here might be a good place to ask.

I'm trying to make a flash cartoon based on the Rogue Trader RPG, and I'm trying to find 3d models of the ships from BFG to use as reference. Does anybody know where I can find them?
I have the BFG: Armada game, and the models have got to be in those files somewhere, but I just can't figure out how to get to them.

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I'll have a look later, I own the game too and my job is basically all about 3D modelling.

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Cool, thanks!

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you mean like the fremen?

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This, totally lost interest after the science fantasy showed up, first few missions had so much promise.

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I think that's how everybody reacts to it.

I got the game after watching Scot Manly try the first couple of missions and i was all pumed for a hard(ish) sci-fi battle for the resources of Jupiter.

Now I still enjoyed the slightly silly fantasy elements. And there was plenty of worthwhile mods( there's a bsg mod that's visually stunning). But I was still, overal disappointed to have moved away from the more low tech stuff so quickly.

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I got it off steam a few years back and it never ran quite right. My ships kept doing this slow motion vertical pirouette in every instance of combat

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Has anybody ever run a HW inspired campaign? Something like being a Hiigaran defense unit or a foreign merchant caught up in all this apocalyptic bullshit. Sounds fun.

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Is freespace welcome?

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Yeah man, all spaceships are welcome :3

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I should really make webms, FS lacks a lot of webms.

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Reminder that wave mode gets released soon.

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Is there a set date? I'm looking forward to it.

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Opps wrong one.

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Mike's putting on the beta branch so you can test it now. Not sure when it's going through to the main game.

Also fuck corvettes and their flak guns. The only thing that kills me. (Apart from torpedo salvos).

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On;y way I've found to deal with them is swarm tactics. That or leave em to your capitals.

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Wasn't aware of the wave beta until I saw this post. I'm about 20 waves deep and loving it.

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Im sorry but what game is this, my reverse image search is useless

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>Why do they always have their engines sticking out like that? Wouldn't it be logical to put them RIGHT BEHIND the ship?

Pretty sure they do it JUST to piss off the vulcans. That's almost the only reason Star Fleet does anything, ever.

So I guess that makes you a autist

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>For a second there I thought that was a SolForce ship from SotS. I always loved how they put so much of each race's character into their ships.

Sword of the Stars was so fucking good.
Still pissed about SotS2...

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House of the Dying Sun

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Isn't it VR only? I was so hyped until I read that I need to put down $600 for what is essentially a second controller to even play it.

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>implying the Taiidans don't make more sense as the exiles.

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No, you can play it non-vr. It just has a very good vr mode

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The spacers of House Horigawa saw something no one had seen since the days of the Enherrenraat, Guardships coming out of Starbase Tulsa, through the Barbican, in line astern, ready for war.

The news would go out. But no news travelled faster than a hungry Guardship.

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Anyone have the ships from Rebel Galaxy?

or as I like to call it, Space Trucker Simulator

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I though Space Truck Simulator was Elite: Dangerous

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its space trucker with cap ships
gameplay is not unlike the ships from black flag i hear

i wasnt againts the science fantasy crap if it was more mechanoid focused
or that precursor alien that made'em

its was fun and widh they gave me the second cruiser earlier

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Don't think that'd appeal to me in either case. Much like EVE, the idea is better than the present boundaries of implementation

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its a action game, not a spreadsheet sim
pretty fun imo

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Considering their backstories, yes, the Tiidani did make more sense.

The ancient Hiigarans went full Hitler mode on the galaxy and it took everyone to put a stop to them. Rather than eradicate them, the galactic commons had some compassion and had them exiled to some far away planet where they immediately kicked off genocidal holy war after holy war against each other right up until they got the mothership completed. Then what's the first thing they do? Stumble onto more of their ancestors (The Kadeshi) and declare a genocidal holy war against them!

So yes, the Tiidan were right.

Hell, Homeworld 2 is about..a genocidal holywar. Shit, the opening mission they're building the surprise attack fleet that itself gets surprise attacked. Makaan knew what was up.

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i could see a homeworl prequel pulling the dust wars concept, but smaller
instead of rolling big armies with the taidan main fleet and allies, you get to be a independent/skirmisher fleet screwing logistics and research/production complexes

storywise a good old hisotry repeats itself, taidan are rather normal and relatable, lets say they got attacked first, and any taidanii commander is rather nice. mayve some sect that is ruthess as a what they will become

just an idea that i think would be cool

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I was talking about the aesthetics. The Taidian ships look more like something a bunch of desert nomads who just re-discovered space travel would build. The Kushan ships look more decadent.

Also Kushan sounds better as an empire name. It helps that it was the name of a real empire.

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Thing is, that's just the Federation. Who are pretty retarded when it comes to sensible ship designs. Once the Khitomer Accords got signed Starfleet literally had no reasons left at all to make ships dedicated to anything other than science and exploration. So that was pretty much every ship they designed for the next 100 years.
I mean, look at what we get when the Feds actually apply themselves: The Defiant.
Hell even some of the other later Dominion War / Borg Incursion era ships weren't too bad (The Saber class for instance, Intrepid isn't too bad either.)

Now, let's compare to the other races.

Klinks: The Battlecruiser from TOS, sure that neck looks spindly, but that's intentional, the bridge section is put there because a) It's keeps the command crew furthest from the hidiously radioactive warp cores. b) In the case of a crew mutiny, they can remotely trigger a warp overload, detonate the charges in the neck boom and use the impulse engines in the head area to escape.
The Bird of Prey is a cloaking ambush attacker, and their later stuff is just heavy and chunky looking.

Romulans: The D'Deridex is literally made to look larger and more dangerous than it actually is. It is still pretty fucking dangerous though. Pretty much everything else they do is a flying wing design of some kind or another.

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Which voltron is this?

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Cases can be made for both of them. Taiidani support ships certainly have that Soviet Space Program "good enuf, comrade" look. But their combat ships have all sorts of curves, and look purpose-built, as though they've had time to evolve into their final designs. Meanwhile, Kushan ships are all boxes and guns, as if R&D had a bunch of basic chassis mostly designed, and they simply shove whatever tech is necessary into them as it gets developed.

Also, the bad guys' stuff always looks cooler, and that's definitely the Taiidan in this case.

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isnt thats more because the taidan they got much more experience on space warship construction?

the destroyer and the cruiser are the best, has stile and looks funcional

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I played it recently and it's pretty cool. Shame about how short the mission are, and than you dont have a lot of them (17 I think), but pretty fun and not bad in the ship design. Anyone has tried void destroyer? I seen it a couple of times and the idea seemed cool.

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I believe canonically for hw1, the race you chose was the exiles. Especially since in hw2, besides the mothership, the tech took ques from both of them for the Hiigaran.

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yes please, i love this setting

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I think I'm the only one who played and enjoyed Starlancer. Hated the fact that the Alliance lost the war...

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My favorite

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>Pretty sure they do it JUST to piss off the vulcans.
The leading ends of the nacelles are also hydrogen collectors

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Does anyone have some actually good Culture ship art saved, everywhere I look I see people trying too hard, most of the ships are just simple shapes that are shiny and chrome, no need to have little bits and pieces hanging everywhere.

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Any classic HW mods converted for the HD edition yet?

>> No.48199480

Andrew Probert had all sorts of funky self-imposed rules going on with his Next Generation designs, like how warp nacelles have to be able to "see" one another. which lead to things like the Warbirds unique profile.

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>The Kushan ships look more decadent.
I've always looked at it as the Kushan ships looking more like things scientists forced to fight would build. They look like more of them could share components, though not necessarily the same hulls.

Taiidan always felt like military warships on a budget.

Many Taiidan ships are more popular with players most people people seem to agree with the Kushan being the exiles.

surveymonkey com/r/ PQB8K3G

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This is the new one, on Netflix.
I like it a lot, they knew they were dealing with a silly premise and rolled with it, plus it's the same crew that made Avatar: the Last Airbender, and it shows with the character designs and humor. Plus the space battles are pretty cool.

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>Many Taiidan ships are more popular with players
Say what you will about the rest of the ships, but the Kushan destroyer is amazing.

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This is probably my Autism flaring up, but Homeworld's destroyers are clearly cruisers, and it's cruisers are clearly battleships.

The non beam frigates could possibly be considered corvette destroyers, but in general destroyer doesn't make sense if there are no torpedo boats or submarines to destroy.

>> No.48202140

They could still fit the classification for ordnance destroyer (fighters/bombers/gunships)etc.

>> No.48202284

At any rate, the destroyer dosn't really fit the description. A space destroyer would probably be a capital ship optimized to take out fighters and missiles and escort larger ships. The destroyers in homeworld are just "bigger than frigates and smaller than cruisers" with no real distinguishing features.

It feels like they got bored when it came time to design the super capital ships. All the diversity is in ships frigate sized or smaller. They look nice, but mechanically they are just "Big ship with guns" "Bigger ship with more guns" and "Carrier" No specialization or verity.

>> No.48202476

>A space destroyer would probably be a capital ship optimized to take out fighters and missiles and escort larger ships.
So it'll be an escort ship, and seeing as how it's supposed to shoot down smaller and faster fighters it'll have to be small and fast so smaller than a cruiser and bigger than a frigate seems a good enough size.

>> No.48202770

It was the same with the Freespace series that came out the year before.

Arguably, Star Wars is to blame, with the Imperial destroyers being obviously used as cruisers/battleships.

>> No.48202911

Not sure why it needs to be bigger than a frigate if it's just an escort

Ugh, I'm just now remembering that. It didn't bother me as a kid, but it does now.

The cruisers were destroyers and the destroyers were huge battlecarriers, then freespace 2 introduces Corvettes which are between the two.

>> No.48203045

You 'can' play it in non-VR but the HUD elements are all scaled incredibly poorly. Some of the text on the mission select is illegible for me.

As a dude who is very much attached to using mouse and keyboard, and is also not going to buy any VR stuff for at least five years (this PC already cost me enough as-is), I was severely disappointed by House of the Dying Sun. It's Early Access, of course, but the first impression it made will be very hard to shake. I'm real fucking bummed, too, because it's goddamn beautiful.

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>> No.48203229

Freespace 3 when?

I remember someone posting a ton on /v/ a while back and every collectively shit their pants over them.

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bioships/undead ships anyone?

>> No.48203622

Yeah that has always gotten to me as well. I've only seen two or three games that does it right.

This is how it works in EVE
Frigates - Small ships designed for escorting, small skirmishes and/or fleet tackle. Ewar ships live here.
Destroyers - Up gunned Frigates, designed to eat frigates for breakfast and possibly go toe to toe with cruisers.
Cruisers - Typically make up the bulk of any fleet. Logi typically lives here. Small gangs tend to use these and smaller ships.
Battlecruisers - up gunned cruisers, nuff said. Typically opperate with support fleets.
Battleships - The real damage dealers of any serious fleet.
Capitals - Carriers and Dreds go here.
Super-Caps - The Big boys. Titans, FAXs, Super Carriers and Freighters big enough to blot out the sun go here.

>> No.48203757

That's better, but I'd still like to see a difference between Destroyer and Cruiser that isn't "Cruisers are bigger than destroyers but smaller than battleships"

IRL Destroyers are for killing submarines, and cruisers are fast warships capable of patrolling by themselves. Rather than "Bigger is better" why not sort them by what they actual do. Destroyers should destroy, cruisers should cruise, and battleships should battle.

>> No.48203790

In this instance, destroyers do destroy. They are the only ships capable of reliably mounting weapons that can hit the faster-moving frigates--that being frigate-scale weapons--and because they mount more of those weapons on a sturdier frame, they're the best frigate-killers in the entire game.

That one tackler keeping your battleship webbed so that it can't warp out? Your destroyers or other frigates are who kills that tackler so your battleship can escape. And destroyers are better for that because it's only one guy.

>> No.48203806

I see, that works.

Are cruisers just smaller battleships though? And what about the absurdly large super capital ships?

>> No.48203849

Cruisers are just smaller battleships, but if it makes you feel better people tend to "cruise," in cruisers as opposed to battleships because they're cheaper, faster, and generally more mobile.

What you need to consider is that both ships are piloted by one person--all ships in New Eden are piloted by one person, the mortal crew members are there almost purely as back-up to your slaved systems, and are so unimportant that they're not even a listed statistic for each ship--capsuleers prefer to use cruisers or battlecruisers on their longer trips unless they're a part of a flotilla (gang) or a larger fleet or they're hitting something close by, because it's the safest way of protecting their bank in the long term; the only real way to keep a capsuleer out of the void is to make it so that he can't afford to fight any more.

>> No.48203872

Brings a new meaning to the word "Capital" ship.

I can't be the first person to have made this joke.

>> No.48203887

You'd likely not be surprised at how often financial jokes get made.

EVE Online is basically anarchist-capitalism with a few safe zones for those who JUST want to be crazy extortionist capitalists who happen to be mass murderers just by completing the tutorial.

>> No.48203941

What happens in the tutorial?

>> No.48203951

>> No.48203992

You kill a few pirate ships.

Think about it. You're an immortal who can never die, and in the tutorial you kill a few pirate ships that are NOT piloted by capsuleers. Only capsuleer gantries allow for the ships to be slaved to the degree that crew is almost nonexistent.

You commit mass murder just by completing the tutorial. And you're never even informed.

>> No.48204164

FAX machines aren't supers you nerd, and Battleships aren't always the real damage dealers of any serious fleets. Canes, Petes, Absolutions, and Sleips all come to mind as high DPS cruisers are constitute a 'serious' fleet.

>> No.48204215

What's a fax machine?

>> No.48204277

I'm looking to make a distinction between the various ship classes have a bit more flavor. Thoughts on this?

Ship classes fall into 2 different broad categories: Patrol & Sortie.

[] Patrol- Ships in these classes tend to have better sensors and fairly large supply/bunker storage. They operate for lengthly amounts of time far from base or resupply. Crew accommodations tend to be better then Sortie category ships. FTL capable.
* Courier - Communication, VIP transport.
* Frigates - Explorer, Scout, Patrol & Escort.
* Cruiser - Explorer, Patrol, Battle. Larger, more durable & better armed @ the cost of expense & crew size.
* Battleship/Jumpship - Patrol, Battle. Large ships that act as command & transport for flotillas. Very durable, weaponry dependent on role.

[] Sortie - Ships in this category lack FTL and have very spartan crew accommodations if any. Weight and space typically occupied by those components is instead filled with mission specific gear. Must "piggyback" on an FTL ship for long ranged deployment.

* Corvette - Escort, Customs, Bomber. Sized similar to couriers.
* Destroyer - Escort, Battle. Similar in size to frigates, destoryers retain the ability to target smaller craft while becoming a serious threat to larger craft.
* Monitor/Dreadnought - Battle, Defense. Battleship sized, carry large arrays of weaponry/payload. Depending on specific role may be very durable or a glass cannon.


>> No.48204286

This class would probably work best as a planetary defense vessel.

>> No.48204305

Thats why I stuck it under the "Sortie" category. I'm still not sure If I should make an non-ftl cruiser side analog. I'm thinking of calling it "Battlewagon" and have it been a cheaper alternative to a Monitor for planetary/system defense.

>> No.48204318

Ehh, IRL battleships are designed to operate in fleets. Battlecruisers are the ones who can operate independently.

>> No.48204346

True. I'd think that battlecuisers would be a subspecies of cruiser that forgoes lighter armament for bigger capship armament.

I was looking to make Battleships the core of flotillas since they would be mothership for smaller piggybacking "Sortie" ships. Jumpships would act as prime-movers for monitors/dreads, basically really durable detachable FTL.

>> No.48204357

Perhaps consider three categories.

Ships that can operate on their own, ships that form the core of fleets, and ships that require other ships to carry them places.

>> No.48204403

Could go with Patrol, Sortie, and Auxiliary. Lump the Battleships and Jumpships in Auxiliary and create a smaller entry for a tender/bunker/supply ship.

>> No.48204456

What would be the spaceship equivalent of beaching a ship and having all the guns shifted to one side to protect an island?

>> No.48204544

So...Capital, line-ship and escort?

>> No.48205064


Never, according to Volition.

>> No.48205297

Fleet Auxiliary Ship, they came in with the Citadel update

>> No.48205313

>IRL Destroyers
are for sounding like the budget-conscious option so your government agrees to fund them. "Cruiser" just sounds way more expensive.

>> No.48205982

What do they do? I haven't played EVE in years. How is the game anyway? Does everyone and their dog fly super capitals yet? (This prediction was based on the fact that the in-game economy has grown over the years, leading to the proliferation of the more expensive ships in war.)

>> No.48206055


Hail all enemy vessels. I warn them that there can be only one.

>> No.48206185

They do what Carriers used to do. They took over the old Triage roll that Carriers used to do so Carriers could focus more on offense.

To answer your question on Super Caps, no.

>> No.48207910

A monitor, protecting satellites or a wormhole. A monitor tend to be a capital ship to old/damaged/slow to make it as a true capital in my shitty setting.
PIc is best RG ship.

>> No.48207935

i wish that instead derivatives, CCP made an action game out their ships

>> No.48208202

These days you don't really have cruisers, anyway. Over time, destroyers grew so big they ended up absorbing the role of the cruiser (which was a ship large enough to operate independently on the open sea for long periods of time), while also maintaining the role of destroyers (destroy small enemy ships and escort friendly convoys and capital ships).

>> No.48210437

What do you mean? Like Dreadnaught?

>> No.48210582

Yes, but that's because modern fleets are based around protecting carriers from the modern equivalent of torpedo boats.

I think in space, Destroyers would either be escorts with light guns for killing fighters, or homeworld's beam cannon frigates. Small ships built around weaponry with little room for long range accommodations or armor.

>> No.48210610

i have not/can not play that due craptop
but yeah something like that

but id love me some singleplayer

>> No.48210628

end to an end, thats a DD job
be a economic warship/escort

>> No.48210809

I prefer SP games myself. RG/Space trucker hits lots of the good buttons but being 2,5d and not fleet managament or faction interaction rest lots of points for me.

>> No.48211056

damn she carried me good till a decentish cruiser, i like the 2,5d thing, it limits yes but then broadsidin' would be way to clunky to enjoy or use

problem is that spece games got the you are a strategy game are you? mark
like all strategy games must be war/starcraft

plus singleplayer games are "hard" to make because devs naver think of adding anything like a shitton of missions and objectives or a challenge mode or shit

>> No.48211110

Alternately a machine which prints text over phone lines.

>> No.48211178

Have you tried void destroyer? It's one of those game than don't have any love, but It has some fleet managament and first person combat. The ships are cool too, very industrial.

>> No.48211229

looks nice, not sure if i can run it

there just aren't many action capship games out there, even less that are SP

>> No.48211541

ah tennhausen the universal low level ship, loved by everyone, I used one until I bought space truck in order to do some srs space trucking
RG is a small game in scope but well made, it dosn't promise you great things but what it does (assasin creed ship combat, trucking and nice Voice Acting, cowboy atmosphere) it does good.

>> No.48211595

Are there more cruisers than the McKinley? I can't seem to find any.

>> No.48211618

The Tanhausen is the best for early game, with 6 tech it can do extremely fun things too, but I love the dravius as an improvement of it.
It's a great little gem, don't get me wrong, but with some polish it could be so much better. Black sails was pretty good gameplay and soundtrack wise too, I didn't expect it from an Assasins game and thanks to it I learned about based sea shanties.

>> No.48211626

that hauler is awfully strong for how easy is to get

but true a focus on what you wanna do its what makes it good

a few, cant remember the names for the live of me but i think the vanguard is one (it looks great but its not really good, the possitions of the broadsides and turrets is pretty bad)

>> No.48211629

Loved that game. I ended up on a Sorcerer and was pretty much unstoppable from that point on, even when sandwiched between two other dreadnoughts.

>> No.48211678

Here you go bro. For you.

>> No.48211710

He is the only cruiser/heavy cruiser too, the rest are dreads or heavy frigates. Or npc ones than you can't fly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBAYW0WGKtE&list=PLRMcXkadosW43B18ZSbYFqBnFn2myQwRw

>> No.48211805

the ost is pretty great

anyone know some crunch-lite system for space capships?

>> No.48211861

Stars without numbers isn't that crunch heavy. It seems to have some aception too, I think you can get it in the pdf sharing if you want to take a look.

>> No.48213754

This one is the worst ship I tried. God damn the batteries were screwed.

Also anyone has tried Full Thrust? It seems a fun game, but I dunno how fast is to play.

>> No.48213838

Awesome design, though I'd kill for a "filled-in" version.

>> No.48214000


>> No.48214045


>> No.48214213

Guess I'll contribute a few.

>> No.48214237


>> No.48214254


>> No.48214290


>> No.48214314


>> No.48214338

That's a sexy beast, it remind me of a Carrack cruiser.

>> No.48214346


>> No.48214524

What about this one? Its from the same artist.

>> No.48214589

Not bad at all, it tickles all the right buttons, minus something for scale like windows.

>> No.48216843

Mommy what are those ships doing!?

>> No.48217461

That's a big fucking ship.

>> No.48218275

Vanguard is by FAR the best ship in the game, full pulse turret kit makes it possible to blast enemies with all six guns for 360 degrees horizontally, though they leave a bit to be desired for point defense. I find that easy enough to handle by putting beam cannons for broadsides, because those can lock on directly to fighter craft without having to worry about leading. The minute I got the Vanguard I never stopped using it, I beat the Viriax with it and finished the game.

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