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>> No.48138820

Rolled Tower of God, trying to decide how fucked I am. What's the danger/power level like? Comparable to Bleach/Naruto? Fairy Tail? Hopefully way less?

>> No.48138821

Just in case you didn't see my last post >>48138641.

>> No.48138824

Jump 91: Neopets
>Page of Pentacles, reversed (Irrationality and failure to recognize obvious facts, coupled with a poor work ethic.)
Oh come on, it's Neopets! There is literally NOTHING TO TAKE SERIOUSLY HERE.
>Age: 15
>Location: Darigan Citadel
>Identity: Scholar (-100)
>Drawbacks: It's Just A Carrot (+200)
That's... not how carrots are normally shaped, you know. ew.
>Studious (Free, Scholar)
I am pretty sure I had the patience to do this before, but it never hurts to have it spelled out.
>Arcane Education (1000, Scholar)
Joy. Magic! Let's go with darkness, just to change it up a little.
>Accelerated Arcanum (800, Scholar)
Increased study speed with magic? Yes please.
>Archmage (400, Scholar)
So I've mastered darkness? Right then. I can work with this.
>Fyora's Rod (0, Scholar)
Speaking of 'I can work with this, I'll be taking THAT, thank you.

I... have absolutely no idea how things are going to go. On the one hand there's plenty of potential for adventure, given the way the jump is laid out.

But on the other... it's fucking Neopets!

>> No.48138855

What's been shown so far? Less then any of the ones you've mentioned by far.

>> No.48138872


Nah, it's fine. I think I'll just use my heavily enchanted sword to fight him. It has some fairly powerful Holy/Bane of Evil enchantments applied.

And if it come down to it, I picked up a perk from Overlord just for this sort of situation, anyway.

>Use Any Magic Item: A rare and potent innate talent. You possess the power to use any
magical item regardless of whether or not you actually meet the prerequisites or conditions
normally required to use it. Wield a Holy Avenger as a blackhearted demon? No problem. A book of spells only powerful wizards could even open, much less learn from, when you’re a fighter? You can use it. A specific magic item intended solely for its creator and that repels the touch of anyone else? As far as it's concerned you are its creator. While this innate talent has a very narrow effect within its purview it is virtually flawless.

>> No.48138882

Hey /jc/, is a simple method to make acceleration to faster than light travel possible and reasonable?

By mundane physics, things with mass can't hit light speed, but there's got to be a solution besides just hand-waiving the problem away with 'magic perks' or 'super-science perks'.

How would people feel about an Aurora 4x jump?

>> No.48138893

Except for the colony drop and the godlike fairies who can fuck your shit up.

>> No.48138908

It's fucking Neopets. I wouldn't even take a colony drop seriously here.

>> No.48138909

Why can't you quote correctly?

>Use Any Magic Item: A rare and potent innate talent. You possess the power to use any magical item regardless of whether or not you actually meet the prerequisites or conditions normally required to use it. Wield a Holy Avenger as a blackhearted demon? No problem. A book of spells only powerful wizards could even open, much less learn from, when you’re a fighter? You can use it. A specific magic item intended solely for its creator and that repels the touch of anyone else? As far as it's concerned you are its creator. While this innate talent has a very narrow effect within its purview it is virtually flawless.

It's not that hard, just don't press enter at random parts of the quote, dumbass.

>> No.48138912

Whats a good reverse engineering perk you can take early (I.E. in a safe-ish setting)?

>> No.48138922

I stole the Professor's Drive from Futruama

Reasonable? Fucked if I know.

>> No.48138935

Okay so explain what happened to the MK jump

I had this whole story arc planned and shit and then it disappeared on me

Am I just fucking blind?

>> No.48138939

Jump 92: Wheel of Time
>The Moon (Occult forces, sensitivities and intense dreams.)
...gee, y'think?
>Age: 21
>Location: Seanchan
I don't know who this Sean guy is, but I don't like his chans. I would rather have four chans please.
>Identity: Drop-In
>Drawbacks: Gai'shan (+100), Miasma (+200), Chosen (+300)
I'm stuck acting as a servant for an Aiel, in a place where anyone with power is scorned and controlled on a GOOD day. Let it not be said that life is not interesting. I think it's going to be amusing when shadowspawn start screwing with the guys here though. Less entertaining when one of the Forsaken comes after me, though.
>The Oneness (1500)
Because the setting's names aren't already bad enough. Bad guys are Darkfriends. Concentrating on a task is The Oneness. God damn, I'm going to come back here post spark and either give these people some fucking imagination, or turn it into a Saturday morning cartoon show.
>The Dark One's Own Luck (1250, Drop-In)
Plot armor, you say?
>The One Power (650, Drop-In)
Speaking of needing some god damned imagination. Oooh, spooky, it's that one power! This sounds like the opening to an Annoying Orange skit.
>Dice (Free, Drop-In)
...ivory dice? Well, I guess they're nice. Into the treasure room!
>Bag of Coin (600)
And this into the treasure room also, we don't need whoever I'm supposed to be acting as a servant for to take it.
>Sa'Angreal (0)
This on the other hand... hello, into my magical conglomeration of doom you go!

You know, I'm going to serve out my 366 days, but as soon as that ends I'm going to derail the plot with a vengeance.


God I hate Wheel of Time; so much wasted potential.

>> No.48138949

Huh, Tower of God isn't actually that dangerous to most. You can just ease your way into things, taking the Trials only when you feel you're ready and so on. However if you are an Irregular get ready to be picked on by the local Small Gods of each Floor. The second strongest dude in the Tower is an Irregular who murdered the crap out of one of the Guardians so a few of them just fucking hate people like him now. However if you manage to keep you head down until you get enough power and ability over Shinsoo you'll be fine. I'd recommend Legacy even if you aren't of the Great Families for the instant ten years of training with the new energy you know of.

Yep, U.A.M.D is awesome.

Perhaps they're used to a different format or forum?

MCU has Retro Engineering and it is awesome.

>> No.48138975

The one that looked all imaged and shit?

yeah, that was from a guy who got tweeted at to come in and make it after we already had a guy claim it. We kicked it out after the other guy said "please no, let me work on this."

>> No.48138982

>Perhaps they're used to a different format or forum?
This is correct. I haven't quite gotten used to enlarging the reply box before I paste.

>Use Any Magic Item: A rare and potent innate talent. You possess the power to use any magical item regardless of whether or not you actually meet the prerequisites or conditions normally required to use it. Wield a Holy Avenger as a blackhearted demon? No problem. A book of spells only powerful wizards could even open, much less learn from, when you’re a fighter? You can use it. A specific magic item intended solely for its creator and that repels the touch of anyone else? As far as it's concerned you are its creator. While this innate talent has a very narrow effect within its purview it is virtually flawless.


>> No.48138997

Jump 93: Legend of Mana
>Wheel of Fortune (An unexpected turn of good fortune.)
I think this means I don't have to roll to see how well I do against a 600 point drawback.
>Age: 20
>Location: Irrelevant
>Race: Human
>Drawbacks: No Future (+600)
Speaking of 600 point drawbacks. I'm going to be grinding against black rabites for a long time, aren't I?
>Abilities and Techniques (1500)
Because why get such abilities if I can't apply them to everything I use in combat?
>Green Thumb (1400)
So I can grow plants better? Sounds good to me.
>Duba Bubu? (1300)
And not only can I understand dudbears, I can also understand wookies!
>The Path of the Blacksmith (1100)
Well, this looks like it's going to be a very important part of surviving for the next however many years.
>Basic Golemology (900)
So let's use golems to do my dirty work for me.
>Tempering Tycoon (300)
I'm pretty sure that combining this with the other two perks I've attained will lead to some very interesting results.
>Mailbox (Free)
Gee. I've always wanted a mailbox for my warehouse.
>Blacksmithy (200)
This on the other hand... I don't recall if I have such a thing attached to my warehouse, but I definitely do now!
>Golem Laboratory (0)
A place to build golems and such automatons? Sounds good to me.

So. A decade spent grinding my way up to the more dangerous critters. This is going to be quite the ordeal, but as long as I play it smart, I'm pretty sure I should be able to go all the way.

>> No.48139005

Mass Effect FTL is simple in it's theory and application, but you need Eezo to make it work, so that might not be up your alley.

...However, Dead Space features gravity manipulation, which they use to form a Alcubierre/Shockpoint Drive, so maybe that?

>> No.48139023

Ah, that sucks. Thanks. At least I have an excuse to do Dogs of War or something now. I need me some vampire women. Delicious heresy.

Does anyone else write unholy amounts of shit for every jump?

That's just me, isn't it

>> No.48139026

Nigga if we could figure that shit out do you think we'd be here, bullshitting around, playing make-believe?

Hell no.
We'd be orbiting Alpha Centauri, bullshitting around and playing make-believe.

Maybe an Alcubierre Drive? It's still sci-fi, but it's the closest thing to 'realistic' that you could get.
Or maybe an Einstein-Rosen Bridge? It's a bit more out there, though, imo.

This anon >>48139005 might be on to something. Dead Space FTL relies on the fact that they actually developed the Grand Unified Theorem, which let's them play with gravitons like we play with electrons.

>> No.48139027

God you're needlessly anal.

>> No.48139037

That name seems familiar. Is it the super duper realistic space simulator that has a shitton of windows and maybe spreadsheets and no real graphics.

That one'd be cool.

>> No.48139040

Thanks. Another quick question: if you're an Irregular who takes King's Chosen, will breaking the rules make many more people want to kill you than already did?

>> No.48139043

Has the dude who claimed it posted any WIP?

>> No.48139046

Can I say how that's one of my favorite little tidbits about Dead Space? It's what drove me to find each and every one of those notes in the games, because that's the only place they ever talked about it.

>> No.48139055

Nope. He vanished shortly after voicing his complaint.

>> No.48139056

New Chain Time!

>Hello everyone! Welcome, to Generic Chain NºLike-hell-I'm-counting-all-of-those! I'm your host [INTENSE ELDRITCH NOISES], but you may call me Jessie. And here with me, providing snarky commentary (but not really), is our lovely tes- protagonist, Jay!
You were going to say 'test subject', wasn't you?
>...Of course not. That would be mean. Are you saying I'm mean to you Jay? How dare you! After everything I've-
You threw me in Borderlands as my first jump.
>You're a tough boy, you could take it. You did, in fact!
Hell, you didn't even appear to offer a deal, or ask or anything. One moment I'll comfy, asleep in the safety of my home, the next this asshole is shaking me awake and screaming, we're in a bus, and he's kicking me out, and I'm in the middle of Nowhere Desert. Also, have wings.
>Woah, stop right there. I din' du nuffin'. You agreed to everything out of your own free will. The destination was set to Pandora, yes, but you chose all the details. Even the wings. It's not my fault that your ((Meta Awareness)) and ((Transdimensional Lore)) are so low that you can't remember the ((Point Allocation)).
>Thanks for proving my point.
NO, seriously, what the fuck was that?
>Ask me again after Lovecraft. Or after meeting Wade, whichever comes first.
Lovec- No. Não. Nope. Nuh-huh. Hell no. Fuck that shit with fire.
>Ah, common sense. Be sure to conserve it, wouldn't want to run out of it, right? Now come on, we're running out of ((Post Space)), so let's do this at once. People might get bored otherwise.

>> No.48139057

>Jumpchain CYOA Thread #937: Alien-Squid-Dolphin Edition
Oh look, another hip twat who misnumbers the new thread to be ironic.

>> No.48139068

But Mass Effect FTL is also bullshit.

>> No.48139086

Nope, and you've seen the last few arguments unless you're completely daft. Nothing good will come of advocating we keep the imaged one because the anon who claimed it hasn't given it up.

>> No.48139092


Body Mod
>[000] Heavy
>[100] Athlete
Well, this is nice. Didn't change much, but thanks anyways.
>[050] I Stregth
>[100] II Endurance
>[000] II Speed
>[000] II Dexterity
>[000] 0 Appeal
>[000] 0 Shape
>[100] II Senses
>Huh, though you would have gone for more strenght, or maybe get rid of acne, you hate those.
Yeah, but as someone who had to use glasses for almost my entire life? Having good vision is worth the sacrifice, oh so very much.
>[000] Flexibility I
>[150] Winged
You said I chose it?
I mean, I can see the benefits, and I always wanted to get on the Air Force and all that. But they can be really inconvenient at times, restrict armor and equip choices. Not to mention the feathers match my hair. The guys in Pandora were rather chill with the 'fallen angel' jokes, but what if I had gone to some supersticious medieval place? Or somewhere with actual fallen angels? That would end badly.
>Well, spilt milk and all that. Maybe you should look for some shapeshifting.
>[100] Metavore
Awww Yissss.
>Ah, the sin of Gluttony. Stay classy, Jay.
Hey, good food is one of the greatest joys of life. And I'll still eat healthy, regardless. Besides, this fixed my liver, for which I shall be eternally thankful. Thank you again, by the way.
>Don't worry, sweety. I'm sure you'll need it.
...And that's not ominous, at all. Great

>> No.48139119

Basically everyone... however I'm not the anon who wrote that so that's just what I understand from the comic/Jump as written.

I really like this idea. It'd be kinda cool to have it happen like that.

Forgot my name these last few posts, sorry.

>> No.48139136

Does Primordial Might from SMT increase your durability any?

>> No.48139138

>And here we are!

1. Borderlands
Did you really have nowhere else to send me to?
>Well, I could have just sent you to Pokémon, but that would be too mainstream.
What's that even supposed to mean? Also, that would have been great.
>And very misleading! You would have gotten lured into some false sense of security, and would get screwed the moment you landed in Marvel or some actually dangerous place.
Okay, that does make sense. In a roundabout, fucked up, 'hard love' way.
>I'm not your enemy, Jay. In fact, I'm cheering for you, wishing for you to succeed.
>[000] Old Haven (Rolled 5)
>[000] Drop In
Fucking Nowhere, The Middle of. Population: Lot of assholes.
>[000] Boom, Baby, Boom
>Cool guys don't look at explosions~ They blow things up and then walk away~
Who's got time to look at explosions?~ There's cool guy errands they have to walk to~
>[100] Fight for your Life
It's kinda dificult to aim when you have a baseball-sized hole in your guts, but hey, not complaining.
Who the hell I think you are? I'll tell you: IT DOESN'T MATTER WHO THE FUCK YOU ARE!
>[100] Your Face Will Remember That
>And now you'll always know when you've traumatized the time-travelling BBEG's child self.
So help. Much use. Woah.
>[200] Badass
>[200] Legendary Luck
>No sassy coment?
Those two saved my fucking life so many times. They're awesome.
>[300] Action Skill: Phase Pierce
Definitely worth the weird looks. People tend to stop making jokes after you snipe a fucker from the other side of a city. With a pistol.
>[000] ECHO

>And this is where the prologue pastebin link would be.
>You know.
Don't look at me like that. Not my fault.
>Oh, don't worry, It's not yours. It's ((Yours)). Yes, I'm talking to ((You)), right there, ((Behind the Screen)).
> Whatever.

>> No.48139160

>Nothing good will come of advocating we keep the imaged one because the anon who claimed it hasn't given it up.
In that case, I'm claiming all of exalted right now. See you guys in eventually if I ever actually make it.

>> No.48139171


>> No.48139200

Actually, Babylon already claimed that one.

>> No.48139209

inb4 some kind of fallacy designed to showcase what that anon is complaining about currently.

>> No.48139253

Not trying stir anything up. However did he post as a name or something? Did anyone record his actual IP. Not advocating jump stealing, but if he was just another anon who didn't put his mark on things. How we know if someone claims to be him, and throws down a jump or even a WIP?

Not that I'm advocating anyone to do so.

>> No.48139263

Hey /JC/ other than rolling, what do you think is a good way to order your jumps? How do you make the call?

>> No.48139294

We don't. But we do need to trust that people will stick to their claims. If someone does it like that guy up there claiming exalted, then yeah, ignore it because it's obviously bullshit. But if someone, not during a shitstorm, claims a jump, then they shouldn't have to give out their IP or something so that people will believe them.

>> No.48139296

Arcs? Strings of jumps back to back that all have a unifying theme? Like a Magic!arc, Bio!arc, etc.

Ask the thread to toss you to different places?

Or just choose for yourself. That's what I do.

>> No.48139306

"Increasing level of difficulty/danger" or "Whatever lets you tell the story you want to tell"

>> No.48139308

It doesn't really matter considering he's never coming back. If someone else wants to make it, they should go ahead, that guy's claim is as solid as air.

>> No.48139337

>jump stealing
>when someone claims something with no credibility that they'll uphold it.
Yeah, no.

>> No.48139359

My claim on exalted is more legitimate than that other guys claim though. At least I'm posting here right now and will probably be in every thread for the foreseeable future.

>> No.48139388

Really? What proof do we have? That guy was at least present for several threads, while you've only posted in this one. From what I see, you've got less claim then he had at the time, yet you're saying yours is more legitimate?

>> No.48139399

Except for the whole "already claimed" thing. It might help to use a franchise that isn't already being worked on as an example. It shouldn't be that hard to find something, it's 600-ish Jumps against the sum of human culture.

>> No.48139421

Autism the Video

For fuck sake, it's a Sci-fi universe. With some exceptions, you need to just accept FTL as a fact of the setting.

>> No.48139458

>yelling at the setting for pretending it knows special relativity
>while he himself is pretending at the same

>Theoretical fictional tech involving a theoretical principle has merit, but I'm going to bring it into the real world so I can properly bitch without your supporting sciences getting in the way.

People still watch these idiots?

>> No.48139461

It's been fun.
In jumpchain I just roll d100 yearly for survival, percentage of success dependent on particular factors/Drawback. I also roll once for every drawback to see how badly it screws with me.

If you wanna you could take it up with the Anons IRC (Link in OP) however Babylon Anon has already delivered the goods before and has said he'd do so again, so in truth he has more legitimacy than you. Basically in Jumpchain if you wanna make a Jump you take it up as long as no one else has it.
If someone does already have it then usually I've seen two reactions. First they agree to collaborate or second one or the other steps down from the plate whilst the other finishes the Jump.
This is merely my own opinion and thus has no influence upon the rules as written.

>> No.48139472

>Now, before we proceed, I have a gift for you.
>Your own, personal pocket dimension!
What's the catch?
>None, silly! ...I mean, it looks like your regular warehouse, and it's up to you to find a way to summon and banish things there. But otherwise? Completely safe. No drawbacks.
I- Okay.

>[010] Electricity
>[010] Pumbling
>The basics.
>[020] Forcewall
Completely impenetrable, you say...
>Just don't decide to spend all your time inside. Remember-
"Live an interesting life", I know. Still, its a good last resort, in case I anger a dragon or something.
>[000] Shelving
>[020] Medbay
Not dying is always nice.
>[060] Stasis Pods x3
Wait, I can bring other people with me?
>Yes. They have to come out of their own free will, though. Not everyone is willing to leave all they've ever know behind just because a cosmic entity asked them to. Also, there may be special opportunities to recruit people, so you won't always need those.
>[030] Free Space
That was bad, and you should feel bad.
>You still smiled.
...okay, yeah, fine.

>Why, thanks! It's so good that SOMEONE appreciates my creative talent.
Hey *snaps fingers* can you please stop talking to your fellow Outer Gods and continue this whole... thing here?
>Oh my fucking- They're not my 'fellow Outer Gods', they're - how can I explain with mininal SAN loss - It's like Deadpool, you know.
...Like, 4th Wall and- Is my life a fucking cartoon!?
>Fanfiction, actually.
I- bu- H- wa- gurh *deep breath* Okay, okay. So I'm, like, a Mary Sue Self-Insert avatar that's going to stomp over the multiverse?
>From a certain viewpoint? Yes. I do hope we'll have some quality content, though.
Oh. Okay, that's- that's fine. I can deal with... having a boring life of winning everything forever. There's worse fates to be had.

>> No.48139485

Look in the comments section.
Not only do people watch these idiots, they compliment them and thank them for giving them insights.

>> No.48139498

>Criticizing someone for autism
>In a place where the main export is autism

Not saying I support him but I can't believe he didn't mention the creation of energy ex nihilo thing Mass Effect guns have got going on. Did they ever explain how that was supposed to work?

>> No.48139513

He makes Autistic people look normal he's so Autistic.

And I think he was specifically targeting the FTL.

>> No.48139529

I think the idea is that they don't actually create energy when they transition from the low-mass state to high-mass state with no velocity change, they just draw it from the mass effect field. But that's still really sketchy physics.

>> No.48139530

Honestly on all of the videos of his that I have seen he just kind of grabs one tangent of the subject and goes off on that ignoring everything else and taking whatever he has to some absurd extreme.

>> No.48139535

What's funny, is that Science has proven that speed of light isn't as constant as it was once thought. He probably never mentioned the entire tech is based on highly advanced civilization that had millions of years to perfect it (Leviathans) and their creations (Reapers) were responsible for seeding the galaxy to make civilizations develop on a predictable path so they can harvest them to reproduce when time is right.

>> No.48139567

Wait, wouldn't that defeat the purpose of the Mass Effect field in the first place?
I thought they were supposed to be more energy efficient or something?

Maybe it's just easier/cheaper/less resource intensive for them to make a gun that works on wonky MacGuffin physics than an actual railgun. Less parts to replace every couple of rounds. I'd buy that.

>> No.48139586

Sorry, not MacGuffin physics, Phlebotinum physics.

>> No.48139593

>He probably never mentioned

Of course he doesn't mention it, logic gets in the way of his BEING CORRECT.

But never we mind his need to be correct because it's all JUST A THEORY. Despite him pushing it as fact.

>> No.48139608

Rolled 551, 223, 95 = 869 (3d595)

>Now, with that out of the way, onto the real business. Here's how things will be, I'll ((Roll)) three jumps-
Stop doing... whatever that is. It's giving me headaches.
>-and them I'll let you chose between them. Just so you can't blame about the location (you big crybaby).
Heard that.
>Now let's get this shit done.

>> No.48139610

Jump 94: Homeworld
>Seven of Swords (A desperate attempt to resolve a matter without conflict. The use of cleverness or outright deception to turn the tide in your favor.)
Because the enemy cannot adapt to... DIPLOMACY!
>Age: 28
>Location: Kharak Orbit
>Identity: Drop-In
>Drawbacks: The Greatest War (+1000)
Okay, yeah, there's no fucking way that diplomacy is going to work. But getting my enemies to fight each other? That's promising.
>Unbound (1700, Drop-In)
>Capital Ship: Carrier (1500)
If I'm going to be in a position to guide a fleet, I'm going to damn well make sure I can build one. Of course, with any amount of luck, I can convince the Hiigarans to permit me to buy more carriers from them... one is good, but not sufficient for resupply and bolstering the fleet on short notice.
>Sajuuk (300)
And if I'm going to be in a position to guide a fleet, I'm damned well going to make it worthwhile. It's going to take a long time to build, but I'm going to bring Sajuuk to bear.
>Progenitor Dreadnaught (Free, Sajuuk)
So. This is the craft I'm tethered to, then. On the plus side, it is better than even the two Dreadnaughts that are the key to Sajuuk. On the negative... well, repairing it is going to be a chore. But with the carrier, I can make repair corvettes and frigates to attend to such duties.
>Advanced Phased Telemetry (200, Frigate+ Class)
This is how you use Unbound to truly control all aspects of a fleet. As time goes on I'll be working this technology into all of the craft under my control - I shall stand at the ready, conducting battles as a lesser man might conduct an orchestra.

>> No.48139622

>Inertialess Drive (0, Frigate+ Class)
This... this is a technology I will keep in reserve. When the time comes, I'll have the Dreadnaught upgraded appropriately, but it will be a long time until it's installed where it belongs.
>Great Core (Free, Sajuuk)
Secreted within the Dreadnaught, no doubt - I can bring a fleet across the galaxy with this. And unlike the Hiigaran core during their flight from their scorched home, this is not working at six percent efficiency - this one fully operational.

This will be a very long jump. And I will be spending a great deal of time in cold sleep, between scenarios, but I have every intention of having a hand in all three of these scenarios. My greatest challenge is going to be taking everything appropriately, rather than just using some out-of-context ability to pave my way through what is clearly the HILARIOUSLY BROKEN fleet scaling that was in the Remastered release before it was patched.

Guess how completely fucked the later missions were for me before that was patched? We are talking HUNDREDS of ion cannon frigates, dozens of cap ships...

But enough about that. Let's take these scenarios one at a time, shall we?

>> No.48139634

Well, the point is less that they're energy efficient and more that it gives you unlimited ammo because the actual projectiles are the size of a grain of sand. Though I never liked that idea. It makes the specialty ammo completely nonsensical. The sad thing is, when they switched to the ammo-based system in ME2, they could have easily fixed it. Instead of saying "everyone decided to stop using the integrated cooling systems in the guns and now ONLY use disposable heat sinks", they could have just had it that the guns fired larger, heavier rounds for better penetration in this more dangerous era. Limited ammo again, no need for the stupidity of thermal clips, ammo powers make sense, everyone wins.

>> No.48139642

Kharak. Desert planet. Your time has come. As I arrive, the Exiles are simultaneously launching their craft to intercept the Taiidan frigates attacking the cryo trays. One Dreadnaught of unknown design, launched to intercept, lobbing plasma at the frigates and aiming to cripple them - and a lone carrier of design suspiciously similar to one the Kushan have a theoretical plan for. Regardless, the Dreadnaught cripples the frigates' drives and flips them about in space from the sheer force of its projectiles, and they're promptly captured by the Hiigarans-to-be. I remain silent, withdrawing until they make contact with me; I explain that I was thrown from another universe, lacking technical data, but confirm that I am using a carrier of their design. I know their objective. They need to reach Hiigara. I cannot offer advice on how to do it, but what I can do is offer my support. While the Dreadnaught cannot get involved for the most part... I can lend them support with my carrier, if they share technical data so that I may bolster my fleet.

Cooperative campaign is a go.

Much happens the way it otherwise would, until we reach the Great Nebula. I tell the Exiles not to use their harvesters and to remain in place - and the Dreadnaught advances instead, ever so slowly. Once I am well enough away from them, I announce myself.

>"Brothers. Sisters. I have been sent here at the behest of He Whose Hand Shapes What Is. I am not his chosen, but witness: I am his herald, his prophet, and he has sent me to your Garden. I know of your defeat of the raiders who thought they could take what they wanted from the Garden, and I congratulate you on a job well done. Come forth, and let us speak of what was and what is to be."

>> No.48139657

Technically the mass effect guns are railguns, with a mass effect field also playing part in there. iirc you reduce the mass of the projectile, then accelerate the low mass projectile with the rails, then it leaves the mass effect field and returns to it's former mass without losing speed somehow. It would make more sense in a way if it was using the mass effect field to accelerate the projectile without modifying it's mass, as the mass effect field does not have to have any components near the projectile, and you could have the acceleration of the projectile/gun from the mass effect field counteract the recoil from the railgun. Course as far as science that relies upon the fact that mass effect fields do not themselves transfer back on the device that produces them they straight up ignore the entire action and reaction thing.

>> No.48139667

I go off node points. I pick a setting I know alot about and think about how I'd want to change the plot. Then I go through jumps that give me the perks I need to pull it off. I keep the in depth writing to the node points and do random stuff for the in between ones.

and thank you captcha, that statue had a very aesthetic stone penis.

>> No.48139668

The Exiles were understandably shocked when a trio of Kadeshi motherships appeared from the clouds of the nebula and activate hyperspace inhibitors, boxing in my Dreadnaught. The Exiles are told to remain calm, and all shall become clear. And then I turn the diplomacy up full-force, abusing every bit of information that I should not know to bolster my position.

>"There is a great evil that drove you here. Drove you from your home, from Hiigara. For thirteen generations, you have watched. Waited. Kept the Garden of Kadesh from those who are unclean. Behold, your lost brothers and sisters - trapped for thirteen generations upon a desert world, Kharak, destroyed by that same great evil. All of you are the children of Hiigara, and fate has decreed that they are to return to the birthplace of our people. Fate has left unspoken whether you are to join them. Whether you shall hide forevermore within the sacred Garden... join them in purging the great evil... or set foot once more upon the ground of your home. It is up to you.

Much more discussion came after this... but not a shot was fired. In time, they came to state that their place was no longer on the ground, but amongst the stars in their holy place - but to drive a stake into the heart of the evil that drove them there would be nothing less than a holy war, and they took up arms beside the Exiles. Ship designs were shared between the two of them, and while their technologies were only barely compatible, it meant the Exiles still got multi-gun corvettes. And I, as Sajuuk's prophet... got the designs of their swarm fighters.

Hey, gotta start somewhere.

>> No.48139685

234. Darkest Dungeon
Origin: Vicious
Classes: Apprentice Occultist (-100)
Estate: Stage Coach, Familiar Faces (-100), Town Square, Graveyard (-100), Alchemist (-200), Blacksmith (-200)
Perks: Ancestor's Shade, Heir's Light, Self Made Men (-100), Animal Cunning, Death By Inches (-100), Dance Around Death (-150), Foes in Disarray (-150), Executed With Impunity (-200)
Dungeons: Prophet (+300), The Hag (+300), The Swine King (+300), The Drowned Crew (+300), The Darkest Dungeon
Drawbacks: The Collector (+300)
Rewards: Stalwart Heroes [Chimmy, Asriel, Falco, Occultist], The Dankest Estate, Ancestor's Shade

So, I'm laying there on the weird fleshy floor, my whole crew dead and that weird pulsing thing finally falling down, with my clip emptied and whatever unholy things that survived our trip up here circling, and I'm thinking to myself that this is probably a loss that I deserve. I mean, I won, technically, but I sent too many people to their death to do it. Bleeding out on the floor of some dead non-ancestor is something I deserve, really.

Still, they saved this world, and were given heroes burials. I lost the Vestal after I knocked her out for spitting on the Abomination's grave. That did earn me some accolades from Chimmy, though Chris was shocked. That's a good memory to think about when you die. A combination of pride and the nervousness of someone who thought they knew you.

>"Are you done being melodramatic?"
Jumpchan picked me up. There was no weight to her lifting me, just a sense of motion as a (100-pounds soaking wet) young lady lifted up a rat monster.
>"You won. Don't worry about getting up, though, I'm hauling this whole place into the next universe."

>> No.48139689

To refute the video, his assertion is based on the idea that Speed of Light is ABSOLUTELY static, where as he's explicitly wrong in that C is always relative to its observes own velocity. Speed of Light could be flexible, it's not his fucking place to make the assertion that it isn't.

Also, the only reason light takes years to travel from point A to point B, is because of our own speed as particles jostling against each other on a planet orbiting a sun moving through space in a galaxy moving who knows how fast. C is always constant relative to the perspective of the observer, regardless of who the observer is or how fast they're moving, but not constant in real terms due to time dilation.

>> No.48139741

Linear cannon, technically, not railgun. I don't think they actually come in contact with the projectile.

>> No.48139746

Doesn't that setting have something that rapes physics even harder than Element Zero called trans-newtonian metals?

>> No.48139749

Jump pretty much at random, every 25 Jumps do a Jump that's really out of my Pay Grade, occasionally do Jumps to set things up to fit my ideas of what I do in that Jump or because they're fun/cool.

>> No.48139789

Much of the remaining journey went as might be expected - the Kadeshi fighters had a key hand in negating the ghost ship's control, and the Bentusi shared super heavy chassis technology with the both of them, while I simply got to catch up with what I could produce with my carrier, and with the application of what I already have, it means I can operate them all unmanned. The combination of technologies under my design, Kushan and Kadeshi, makes for an interesting series of ships - ultimately they are no more effective than either side's, but they are slightly more compact, and lean toward the better in all respects.

The Kadeshi are ecstatic to receive super-heavy chassis research; this alone would have justified their journey out of the nebula. One of the two motherships that accompanied us out returns to the nebula, in order to make sure they have that technology and can build upon it for the future.

The attack on the Bentusi trade ship is routed quickly, though my carrier and the Dreadnaught both take damage as a result from a pair of heavy cruisers. Only partially repaired before the next jump, we are caught in a trap and all strike craft neutralized due to gravity wells. Fortunately, the trap was not for us, but for Captain Elson, a Taiidani rebel. Once the trap is dealt with, I go with the Kadeshi fleet, and let the Exiles follow up with him.

On our way to Hiigara, we act as the diversion to help them fly under the radar. Outposts are raided, technologies stolen, I manage to capture a Taiidani carrier and a couple of missile destroyers for myself (to say nothing of what the Kadeshi capture - salvage corvette army, anyone?), and we push on to Hiigara, reconnecting with the Exile fleet at the hyperspace inhibitor.

>> No.48139794

Anybody know where I can get a clockwork! alt-form?

>> No.48139795

They did in the first game, there was an upgrade, "Frictionless Materials" for the guns to reduce friction on the rails. Also two of the Barrel Upgrade were named such to imply rails, with the names of, "Rail Extension", and "Scram Rail".

>> No.48139832

Girl Genius? Yes Girl Genius can get you that if you become the Science Experiment.

>> No.48139859

You could Import a tech/industrial/steampunk/whatever pantheon into percy jackson and use the monster tree to create your altform.
I don't actually know of any such pantheons off hand but i"m sure they are out there.

>> No.48139874

>Well, here's your options. #1: Twilight.
Bwaahahahahahaa. Fuck that.
>2nd is Generic Parenting.
Wait, what?
>Sorry, can't explain them. You'll have to draw your own conclusions.
>And, behind door number three, we have Claymore.
Fuck, the only thing I know about it is it has a ton of monsters and superhuman girls with bigass swords.
>I'm actually surprised you know about it, at all.
I... might have read a fanfic about it. It was a crossover.
>Let me guess: Naruto.
Fate, actually.
>*sighs* Anyways, (The List) is not quite up to date, so if none of the rolls are appealing, you'll also have the option to go to Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. This is valid for any future new jumps, but only until they get included on (The List).
...Is that the one with the slutty angels?
>...fuck you Internet. Just choose one, already.

>> No.48139887

The codex says differently. Then again, the codex tends to retcon how in-game items work a lot. Like, the particle beam ammo from the first game got retconned in the second into being completely impossible with any Citadel race's technology, going by the Collector Particle Beam's description. I don't think there was much effort put into coordinating it.

>> No.48139903

If you're asking us to choose for the Jumper, then Claymore.

>> No.48139914

I think I remember something about the codex stuff being written up first and separately, then no one bothering to check with it before they did something in the game writing that ended up contradicting it. It's also worse between games where they clearly didn't check back for what they had previously done.

>> No.48139920

With the two fleets, the field generator at the Bridge of Sighs was annihilated, and the defending force... well, let's just say that this is where the Kadeshi knew that the Exiles were their brothers. Both sides sent in strike forces to distract the numerous defending frigates, before capturing them for salvage and using that to bolster their fleets. No less than eighty percent of those hundreds of frigates were captured and broken down by the Kushan and Kadeshi motherships and carriers. (Lucky me; I got a portion of them as well.) It was understood from that point forward that the Kadeshi and I would be dealing largely with strike craft, corvettes and frigates on the final approach to Hiigara, while the Exiles themselves would be primarily focused on heavy ships - destroyers and heavy cruisers.

And then, as we approached the Hiigaran system, we were wrenched out of hyperspace on the edge of the system and an asteroid was sent out way, on a collision course with the Exile mothership. An asteroid with a supporting fleet. At this point... the Kadeshi broke out their secret weapon: multibeam frigates. While the Exiles fought the defending cruisers and destroyers, the Kadeshi carved the asteroid to pieces most expertly. And then... we entered orbit around Hiigara.

Within range of the Emperor.

Whatever voodoo he worked on Karan to take her out of action... it worked on me, too. I was still able to guide my fleet, but 'sluggish' is too optimistic a word. It took me minutes to command the AI running my ships and it went very poorly for me as a result - my destroyers were lost, my carrier crippled, and if not for the Kadeshi covering for me, the Dreadnaught would have been destroyed by the simply massive fleet waiting there that came for us all.

>> No.48139924

Give them a child!

>> No.48139969

Generic Parenting. Single Dad Chain sounds like fun.

>> No.48139999

In the end, I could only engage in one tactic that I know would work. I had dozens of strike craft under my command, and I sent them for the Emperor's mothership. Every single one of them.

He was fighting off the uncoordinated attacks of the Exiles, and his defenses were minimal at that point. The multi-beam frigates of the Kadeshi were punching well above their weight class, and for every two of them that was lost, a heavy cruiser or two destroyers were destroyed.

When it was least expected... my masses of fighters got into position above and below his mothership. And with one last command as I slipped into unconsciousness, I gave them their final command: kamikaze.

I woke once more after the battle had been won. My attack was not crucial - victory, as it turns out, had been inevitable - but it sped things along handily and losses were greatly lessened. When all was said and done... I left to rest within the Garden of Kadesh. I knew I would be needed again in the future, and I told the Hiigarans that when their time of need came... to send someone to awaken me, and I would aid them.

In the meantime, I made the Kadeshi an offer: I had a ship that needed to be built. A greater undertaking than any ship they had ever built before, but I could tell them how to build a shipyard that could assemble it. I could share its technologies, so that they might incorporate them into their own vessels.

And then, I slept.

>> No.48140137

Years later, I was awoken with the news of an impending Imperial attack upon Hiigara. Relations between the Hiigarans and Kadeshi were friendly, though for obvious reasons the rest of the galaxy simply wanted nothing to do with Kadesh - which was fine by me, since all they ever wanted was to protect their Garden from the unclean. Still, I responded with a carrier, serving largely in a support role. After things had been mopped up, I offered to help the Kuun-Lan; after all, I was already awake, and I quietly confided that there was more to come; best to ensure their safety.

I went along with them, right up until the point that they located the distress beacon with the Beast infection upon it. At that point... well, I still had clout from helping secure Hiigara, but despite my warning, they elected to study the beacon anyway and things occurred as I warned them they might. When the Beast later attacked the Bentusi, however... I warned them - I told them EXACTLY what the Beast was, and that it must be avoided at all costs. When the heavy cruiser arrived, I launched my own ships; with remote control, as soon as I saw an infection beam lance toward a fighter, I immediately caused it to self-destruct, but ultimately the heavy cruiser was destroyed much earlier than it might have been.

With its destruction, things got much easier - there was only limited use of infected cruise missiles, none effective. The Caal-Shto, which itself had later been infected, made for a handy target for the siege cannon that the Somtaaw obtained. When the showdown with the Naggarok happened... sure, the ship could move with insane rapidity. But by then, I'd brought the Dreadnaught out of storage and was using that; a few choice words caused the Taiidan to turn on (and be destroyed by) the Beast, bombers crippled the Naggarok's engines, and the heart of the Beast was carved out by the siege cannon of the Somtaaw. The Beastslayers had earned their name.

And I slept once more.

>> No.48140240

Basically? Nope. You need sufficiently advanced magic/science or some other kind of maguffin, because otherwise you're trying to make lemonade when all you've got is asparagus.

>> No.48140303

So what is you hair color, Jumper? Do you dye? Do you change it constantly?

>> No.48140313

>"The End Times have come. Prepare."

I awoke in the Garden of Kadesh. At last, the project I had set them to a hundred years prior was complete. The Fourth Great Core that had been secreted within the Dreadnaught was where it belonged, in the heart of a scratch-built, customized, and rather heavily upgraded mothership of my own - that is, Sajuuk with the addition of an onboard production facility. My carrier's berths were full of Kadeshi/Somtaaw hybrid fighters. I had, by that point, been reduced to little more than a rumor; the Hiigarans had made quite a name for themselves and no one questioned their capabilities.

And so... Makaan called himself the Sajuuk-Khar. Thus when I appeared in orbit, launching gravity well generators and fighters from my carrier to engage his forces even as they began bombardment of Hiigara, I made it my mission to destroy all Vagyr forces and kill him personally. And... he promptly hyperspaced out ANYWAY, because apparently plot armor trumps hyperspace inhibitors. But at least Hiigara was no longer besieged.

[03:58] <Crux|> Dice don't fail me now.
[03:58] <Crux|> .d 1000
[03:58] <+Internets> :: Total 7 / 1000 [0%] :: Results [7] ::
[03:58] <Crux|> fuck you dice.
[03:58] <Crux|> fuck you forever.

As a result of my actions... battlecruisers made an appearance faster than anticipated, and in larger numbers. I had to up my game as well - the fighters were largely upgraded to bombers with an anti-fighter turret. With the addition of Somtaaw technology, two fighters could latch together and work as a corvette, basically functioning as a multi-gun corvette with a very lethal forward-firing weapon. It was surprisingly effective, even if it was difficult to keep up numbers when Vaygr lance fighters started being fielded against them.

>> No.48140338

Did you piss off the dice gods or something?

>> No.48140358

Just about to update the jump list again. Anyone know which of the jumps in the uploads folder are finished so I can add them?

Also, if you know of something missing from the list, let me know and I'll add it. Not just jumps, I haven't read them all so if there's a jump that has warehouse add-ons, free gender swaps, or ways to stay longer or leave sooner lemme know so I can put it on the list too.

>> No.48140364


>> No.48140374


>> No.48140375

Shapeshifting ftw

>> No.48140376

Honestly I never really changed it much, so it's still dark auburn as is naturally. In some jumps I lighten it so it goes bright red, though in Harry Potter I changed it constantly mostly to make note that I was a Metamorphmagus. Though in A Song of Ice and Fire it was white, due to going Targaryen.

>> No.48140377

I change it up occasionally but I like to stick to a nice dark brown/red tone, similar to a dark cherry wood tone.

Or white, if I'm pretending to be an old man.

>> No.48140378

Well my hair was brown until Fallen London, where I took the Correspondence Course. So now it's dyed the Closest Neathy Equivalent of brown (Violant (25%) + Viric (13%) + Peligin (63%)), because I couldn't just buy hair dye like a normal person.

>> No.48140396

White or silver. I normally go with the albino look

>> No.48140397

I made it my mission thenceforth to deal with Makaan. I knew where he was going - he planned on getting Sajuuk. I knew what he needed - a Progenitor Dreadnaught. And so, when he went to the Karos Graveyard to hunt it down, I was there waiting for him, and Sajuuk's main cannon was charged and ready.

When the phased cannon array removed the engines from the flagship and caused breaches across all decks, it made me feel quite a bit better, and I got the Dreadnaught that Makaan would have gotten as a nice cherry on top.

The Vaygr forces were thrown into disarray with the death of their prophet and the proclamation that Karan S'Jet was the true chosen of Sajuuk - one that she proved when she recovered the true Sajuuk and brought it back to Hiigara. I'd already returned with my two Dreadnaughts and my version of Sajuuk, because I knew that the Vaygr would at least try to deny victory to her as well.

It turns out that three phased cannon arrays from Dreadnaughts and two main cannons from the Sajuuk(s) were EXTREMELY effective against the Planet Killers, and there was firepower to spare to deal with the fleet, as I had invited the Kadeshi to Hiigara (with the Hiigarans' blessing, of course - there was an open invitation and some had visited over the years). They were there to bear witness to the birth of the Age of S'jet; I left with three Dreadnaughts in total, my carrier, and my modified copy of Sajuur.

I wished all of the Hiigarans a prosperous and long life, Kadeshi and Kushan alike... and moved on. My time had come. One last trip into hyperspace... and into another universe.

No. Apparently it made for a better story. No anticlimax that fast. Otherwise they wouldn't have bothered with Sajuuk, I think.

>> No.48140403

What is the most evil perk?

>> No.48140435

I cant decide if Leaky Limiter from Mushoku is more important enough to take early or if Softcap from Elona is enough.

Thoughts /JC/?

>> No.48140446

Silver it is and Silver it will remain unless a Jump necessitates otherwise.

>> No.48140472

Well, my favorite hair colour range is the blonde to silver pallet. But I ended up collecting too many companions with that hair style so I thought some contrast was in order.

Jet black.

>> No.48140493


>> No.48140526

There's one in 8bit theater that permanently reduces the amount of love in the universe whenever you use it.

I'd say Leaky Limiter if you really need the powerboost and have time to blow up mountains for practice. Attribute from skyrim allows you to level health, stamina, or magicka without diminishing returns unlike softcap, so thats also an option if you don't want to do Mushoku early.

>> No.48140527

Thanks. I think this is the most I've actually written on a jump thus far.

>> No.48140542

I'll throw in a few.
Scar Dead (Medaka Box): No use for it that doesn't involve being a dick.
Embodiment of Evil (God of War): Being the embodiment of a sin is pretty fucking evil.
Power...I need more POWER! (Devil Survivor): Incentivizes being evil. Because some people really need that.
Load State 1 (Murdertale): Requires you to murder a world to use it.
Forgot My Cell Phone (Worm): Not taking it makes you an asshole, taking it without being able to stop the plot might mean being implicit in the deaths of countless people.
Drop In Perk Tree (Valkyrie Profile): Run on being more than a bit awful.

>> No.48140552

I turned it a nice blonde, up until... Rosario. Where I was a vampire, plus some other options along the line that involved white hair. I put it under a self-imposed limiter, though... Mostly because of Hellsing, rather than Rosario, funnily enough.

Besides, there's a great appeal to seeing people's reactions as all my tails turn silver and I invoke:

"Releasing restraints until such a time until the target is rendered SILENT."

>> No.48140579

Why would I use something as stupid as 'hair'?

>> No.48140588

I tend to stick with my natural strawberry blond hair, it's one of my better features, but I change it depending on my mood or setting.

I had an electric cyan color in Harry Potter that went on for a while.

>> No.48140602

There is also an entire tree of pure evil in Actraiser. You can distill and make people drink pure liquid corruption, and you get a very nice mansion that runs off and improves itself based on the amount of souls you consigned to eternal torment by tossing them into the basement.

>> No.48140633


>> No.48140682


Don't have any in most forms. The ones that do, I use my Crazy Hair from Yu-Gi-Oh to have pic related color scheme on it.

>> No.48140705

Why thank you, I didn't make the jump, but thank you anyway.
Things with their own internal hell dimension are great aren't they?
You should jump it. Come on, you know you want to.
What's the eternal torment of a few hundred thousand souls compared to your own comfort and entertainment?
Absolutely nothing, so get to it. Those Succubi groupies are just waiting for the invite to your sweet demonic bachelor pad you know.
You wouldn't want to let them down would you?

>> No.48140732

>just noticed X-Men Movies got updated a few threads back
>apparently the update's not finished yet

Huh. Not sure whether to update build or not. Changes look pretty sound, though.

Also if you're out there CCDT, question about Age of Mythology: If you purchase the Omniscience technology (not to be confused with actual omniscience) how does it work after the jump?

I used to be bald, and then I stopped because reasons.

Anyway, it's black now. Vantablack, to be specific. No, I didn't do anything else exciting with it before my journey and I don't see the point of doing anything exciting with it after all these aeons. Except briefly going through a blonde phase back when I briefly identified as Russian.

Sometimes my hair is tentacles, though.

Well, in absolute terms Embodiment of Evil from God of War. Or maybe Titan's Blood, for facilitating you becoming said embodiment of evil. Though the Drop-In perk tree from Valkyrie Profile deserves an honorable mention for being all about committing atrocities in exchange for learning special attacks and making your weapons more powerful.

>> No.48140795

Already jumped it, actually. Didn't buy that. My build may still be in one of the archived threads, since I've made a point of posting every build I make.

>> No.48140886

Ben 10 jump will be out in the next two or three days (that's a Paradox Promise). It's not going to have images yet and I'll be adding more aliens sometime in the future, but otherwise it's basically done besides from some proofreading and editing.

>> No.48140928

I must ask in advance if there is an alien option and I can just be ripjaws without care for the omnitrix?

>> No.48140972

>It's not going to have images yet and I'll be adding more aliens sometime in the future, but otherwise it's basically done besides from some proofreading and editing.

I am going to be so disappointed and angry if something happens to you and this doesn't happen, the Ben 10 jump has been in development hell for the longest time of any jump I can remember. I think I first remember hearing about it around thread 130!

>> No.48141039

You can purchase aliens, although they are kind of expensive unless you go Plumber. Ripjaws is one of the ones I wrote up for the first release. I wasn't able to do as many aliens as I like though. I have like 5 saved on my broken computer, so if that ever gets fixed those are definitely going on it.

You're probably right. I believe I started it in September-November of 2014. I don't know why it was so hard for me to do. I got Soul Hackers done in like a month and Farscape done in like 3 months. I am not a quick worker.

If I do another jump I'm going to do something less ambitious. A problem with Farscape and Ben 10 is I have trouble writing up multiple species. I think Ben 10's biggest problem is a asked what people wanted which caused background bloat (I'm looking at you Forever Knights). That and way too many items. I hate writing items.

>> No.48141058

Oh I feel you on that last one,can we get a new WIP?

>> No.48141075

Alright, well then. Will aliens count as alt-forms? or separate like the morphs in animorphs?

>> No.48141086

Blue and black and yellow most of the time, but I just go blue and black when in most human forms.

>> No.48141101

>I hate writing items.
As a jump maker, I agree. Honestly if I had someone else write up the items of the jumps I have made and they only took so long on it as I did the perks I would have finished them so much faster.

>> No.48141102

my hair color is #FFFFFF (255,255,255)

>> No.48141108

Muscle girls is the best fetish.

>> No.48141119

Just don't put items in, it's not like it's an official rule or anything.

>> No.48141145

This is a bad idea but how bad an idea it is depends on the setting and how absolute it is. Imagine if you weren't able to pay CP for pokeballs.

>> No.48141157

I don't see any problem like that. It's not like pokeballs are rare or anything.

>> No.48141162

Sorry, but it's close enough to done that I rather just wait. There's one adjustment I need to make an addition to a certain drawback and add the secret bonus. The secret bonus is weird, but there is a hint for those who don't want to cheat (who am I kidding, everyone will cheat).

Alt-forms. Aliens in the Omnitrix are more like Animorphs though. As a heads up, the mutations from absorbing energy from living creatures with Osmosian do not count as an alt-form because it's the passive use of a power.

>> No.48141185

Eh only one I might have done that with was Claymore, and I did half ass that with only 8 items. Honestly the thing that took the longest with Claymore though was that I wanted to reread the series several times over before I really started to work on it. Then I took as long as I did to make it in just holding onto a complete jump waiting for a chance to post it when I would be around to read feedback. Though in making Akame ga Kill it was actually the perks that took the most time, but the items were still a pain in the ass, though that is not counting the customization section which kind of counts as items but it was easier to come up with than perks.

>> No.48141186


Imagine if you weren't able to buy a Gundam/Evangelion/Zoid in Gundam/Evangelion/Zoid.

>> No.48141200

Oh, it's you! Long time no see. By the way, are you working on anything at the moment?

>> No.48141202

That's completely different, those settings are entirely based around items (giant robots)

>> No.48141223


>> No.48141228

I was working on Escaflowne, but I lost my focus for it even if it's at like 85%, though really it's a pain in the ass to balance that because of huge power disparity between things throughout. I have since started on Vampire Knight, because I don't know really, alright fine being a vampire princess is disturbingly appealing to me. Also I am almost always in thread, just as I am anon it's not often that I show up.

>> No.48141230 [SPOILER] 

For VA-11 Hall-a I've got 4 backgrounds

Drop-in, which will focus of the bar tending aspect
Digital Security, which will make you a professional hacker with some hacktivision on the side
Lilim, which will make you a robot with perks focusing on body upgrades like a singing voice and raw number crunching
and the tentatively named "investigations" which is a bit of a hybrid between investigative journalism and private eye as I see most of the skills involved in those professions crossing over.

I'm thinking about adding in a White Knight perk tree that will be built around combat medicine but it doesn't fit on the slide

What do you think about these options /jc/?

>> No.48141239

Which is my point. There are some settings where items are more prominent like Bayonetta or Lord of Light, and some where they're less prominent like West Wing or One Punch Man. Either way "don't include items at all" strikes me as bad advice when you don't even know what jump's being worked on because there's seldom any settings that represetned at least a little better with some items available than without.

>> No.48141249

That's a shame, but I understand. What's Vampire Knight about?

>> No.48141256

Items are often an important part of a jump. I consider writing them a necessary evil. Depending on the jump I might not add them or at least not very many of them.

>> No.48141257

It about the white haired pretty boy I liked soooo much getting shafted even though it was later retconned..... i'm still a little salty

>> No.48141264 [SPOILER] 

A thing:

It makes me sad.

>> No.48141267

Man, when I started jumping I had hopes of getting a muscle girl waifu. But now I've gotten so strong now that there will never be a muscle girl strong enough to pin me to a wall and force me to tenderly hold her hand.

>> No.48141275

There's dentistry in 40k?

>> No.48141278

>but I lost my focus for it even if it's at like 85%, though really it's a pain in the ass to balance that because of huge power disparity between things throughout.
That was a huge problem in writing Ben 10 jump as well. I suspect the aliens are probably going to need to be recosted to balance them against each other afterwords, but no one has had a problem with them yet.

>> No.48141290

RWBY's Ahab special. It fires harpoons right? Is it also an achor? From sound of it, there's no melee weapon configuration.

>> No.48141291

It's Japanese Twilight. Set in a school where the day class students are all human, and unbeknownst to them the night class students are all vampires, and all completely gorgeous. Main character has two different guys she is into, both vampires, one is her brother(not really her brother turns out he is secretly her ancestor and one of the first vampires), other is her adopted brother who is secretly a vampire that we find out about in chapter 3 I think. It is incredibly stupid, though despite the power disparity in it between pureblood vampires and basically everything else I think I can manage it. Though I think that by the end of this jump there is a chance I will have more appearance buffs in this jump than I put in Akame ga Kill, both by number and cp cost.

>> No.48141297

You know I was planning on getting this game but All I heard about it that it's basically a VN and the drink mixing doesn't do much.

>> No.48141298


>> No.48141302

If you've written it in pastebin/gogole docs or any other thing like that I'd like to read it.

>> No.48141308

You know you would most likely get amazons to come after you because you are strong but I feel sorry for you anon.

>> No.48141312

>Japanese Twilight


I'm totally going to be whatever the closest to the Japanese Bella background is, except male

>> No.48141315

I read it back in highschool and I got really attached to a character named zero who in the manga loses the girl and degenerates into a zombie, in the anime he got better somehow

>> No.48141323

>You know you would most likely get amazons to come after you because you are strong

That seems like getting all the alcohol you could want but being immune to it.
...which I am.

>> No.48141328

You know what jumps would most likely have amazonian girls in it? I know DC, Dragon's crown and Marvel has some.

>> No.48141337

>Ever being immune to alcohol
That just ruins the fun of getting drunk.
Why would you do that to yourself?

>> No.48141338

Honestly I'm basing the drop in tree on her. It fits the best with her having amnesia, and by amnesia I mean her secretly being a pureblood vampire all along, with just having been sealed as a human by her mother.

>> No.48141345

It's not for everyone but if it's your thing then you'll enjoy it. It establishes atmosphere quite well and the characters are nice.

The bar tending is actually quite well done, it's not majorly complicated but in order to get the most tips you need to remember what drinks certain customers like, and more than that it asks you to remember that shit for likeable characters. More than tips you actually cheer them up by coming through with the right drink.

And the guy who made it was clearly from our neck of the woods so it's got references but it's not memes.

>> No.48141346

He was just in a coma because of losing in a children's card game

>> No.48141352

Some people aren't degenerates who constantly feel the need to poison themselves.

>> No.48141361

Well damn I was expecting something similar to Papers please. Oh well.
Might get it the next summer sale or whatever but for now doesn't seem interesting enough.

>> No.48141370

He's actually the one that ends up with her in the manga, though she loses her virginity to her ancestor, and has a kid with each of them. Apparently the kids and Kaname have a series of their own going on now, though I haven't read it yet.

>> No.48141371

And some people aren't puritans who can't have fun to save their life. Funny old world, really.

>> No.48141375

>I will have more appearance buffs in this jump than I put in Akame ga Kill, both by number and cp cost.

Somewhere in the world, Red is squealing like a little girl.

Thank you for clarifying.

I didn't want any glaring weaknesses so I grabbed every poison immunity perk I could get.

I might have overdid it.

>> No.48141381

It works similar if you break down the mechanics, messing up drinks and purchasing stuff after hours affects the story a little bit.

It's not as branching as papers please though which I did find disappointing.

>> No.48141383

>200% more incest

Sasuga Japanese Twilight

>> No.48141387

Not being able to keep your friends and family at around the same power level as me is one of my greatest pains. I try and deal with it by specializing them at certain things.

I plan to make my waifu a Servant once I hit Fate and pump all my choice points into her. That should let her keep up with me for a good while when I hit that level of power. I suspect she'll be stronger than me for a couple of jumps afterwards. I'm going to also give her a Noble Phantasm named Gemina: Daughter of Janus to let her split into Jeanette and Therese. Also, almost everyone is getting a Rinnegan or a Bijuu if I import them into Naruto jump and can swing the points.

>> No.48141390

The lucario is not for sexual, anon.

>> No.48141398

Everything is for sexual if you are brave enough

>> No.48141399


WTF japan.

>> No.48141406

Balance Bangle. You now have a drinking bracelet.

>> No.48141420

Lucario is for sexual. Why do you think /vp/ exists?

>> No.48141421

I don't like alcohol, but weed is pretty good. I think I can still smoke weed at the moment.

>> No.48141431

PSG is definitely done

>> No.48141462

It said it was 0.9 or something when I last saw it posted.

>> No.48141473

The Jumpmaker's working on an update to replace Archetype with a perk based on sins/virtues

>> No.48141479

fat face

>> No.48141485

Sounds good, will there be a drawback where you keep getting stuck in stuff?

A buyable alcohol collection?

Maybe a kotatsu?

>> No.48141489

Why is Cultist Chan best waifu?

And how immoral would it be to create her through science, "convince" various Chaos worshippers to raise her, and then waifu her?

>> No.48141496

Sounds Chaotic.

>> No.48141501

Im not sure what this is but a bar tending perk tree is a dream come true.

>> No.48141503

Hey am I seriously the only one who used his servant's EX item Creation to have them develop conceptually intoxicating beverages?

>> No.48141514

We plan on getting ahold of some ork spores and make them grow green amazon ladies instead of regular orks so not to bad.

>> No.48141518

Who was your servant? Hunter S. Thompson? or F.Scott Fitzgerald? Literary humor! haha!

>> No.48141523

I want a big bad touch. Why are you laughing?

>> No.48141528

>I plan to make my waifu a Servant once I hit Fate and pump all my choice points into her.

See gif

>> No.48141534

>Cultist Chan best waifu
>Not Hex Maniac.
Your waifu is shit son.

>> No.48141551

Hex maniac has no depth or background.

>> No.48141597

>Why is Cultist Chan best waifu?
Sounds like Heresy to me anon. Heresy and shit taste.

>will there be a drawback where you keep getting stuck in stuff?
I'm um... not following.

The drawbacks I've considered so far are "Studies suggest that 2/3 customers are shit" speaks for itself, "Just above the poverty line", no matter how much you earn your next set of bills will be difficult for your to pay off, "Broken Window Policy" the white knights have a protection racket going on and you've ticked them off, "Dangerio/u/s" the in universes version of 4chan knows about you and will scathingly critique your actions and performance.

What's this about getting stuck?

>A buyable alcohol collection?

Why would there be such a thing? No, I'm just a shitty jump maker that doesn't like fun, especially badwrong fun :^)

There will be an item that gives you a replenishing supply of the ingredients that can weirdly be used to make almost any drink.

>Maybe a kotatsu?

No! The Jump is already going to be mad comfy as it is! Any more and you'll all become slovenly puddles in your chairs!



I really want to try a piano man

>> No.48141614

Potterverse Metamorph, it is whatever the fuck I want it to be.

>> No.48141624

no Hunter would have EX Independent Action Or executioner,and F Scott Fitzgerald would have some Overblown EX reality marble where you get hit with the Plaza Hotel or something. the Noble phantasms are the awesome thing so I went with Leonardo da Vinci back when he wasn't a Cannon servant and picked up EX item creation so that he could just make more later.

>> No.48141632

Did you know that there was only one Sister of Battle that decided to go to the winning side of Chaos and became champion of Slaneesh?

>> No.48141639

The boss constantly gets stuck in sruff. A tv, a wall, a helmet. It happens all the time.

>> No.48141640

Ranma one half. Also Sailor Moon, if you could somehow waifu Makoto.

Have fun!

>> No.48141652

It's possible to get her in a jump already.

>> No.48141661

It's not just you. I write at least several pages per Jump. That's why I'm pretty slow at posting builds and the like.

Spice and Wolf is taking me a while. I think I'm getting a little carried away. But it's pretty good character development, I think.

I usually keep my natural color, but on special occasions I like to get a little wild. Borderlands was a great example. Red, white, and blue spike mohawk. Fun times.

>> No.48141662

But she isn't. Cosmic Fire is.




I need a moment.

>> No.48141669

You sure that is amazonian and not just being a tomboy?

>> No.48141670

Oh yeah

Slaneesh still isn't the winning side.
Entropy is the inevitable fate of the universe, which is Nurgle.

Besides, it might be the losing side, I'm not convinced it's the wrong side.

>> No.48141684

You mean Badwrongfun path of LoT?

No thank you. Not powerful enough for that shit

>> No.48141698

Ctarl-ctarls a cute. They are for lewd

>> No.48141702

Yes and no, it's more based on what you were looking for.

She's pretty tall, the only Senshi taller is Haruka, she was pretty strong before her Senshi side was made known and it only made her stronger (to give you an idea of scale, the Senshi can jump into the stratosphere, Jupiter is physically the strongest of them).

And she's degenerate enough to care about hand-holding.You freak

>> No.48141710

Magi has a race of super stronk redheads. As half of them are females, that'd be another one for the list.

Fanalis, man, they're no joke.

>> No.48141714

Ah! Forgot about them!

>> No.48141740

Too bad they're actually horrible raptor dog furries under a glamour caused by the metaphysics of the new continent only being for humans.

>> No.48141790

>got a serious surgery and a nice orthodontics

It's a ruse. She still can't speak properly and she's trying to seduce you.

>> No.48141812

Outta kuruso pics right now but cats could you please answer >>48140732?

>> No.48141905

Hey cool cats, for the Monster Lord perk in Skyrim can we instead choose to become a werebear since they're also in Skyrim?

>> No.48141906

>If you purchase the Omniscience technology (not to be confused with actual omniscience) how does it work after the jump?

Probably doesn't.

It's not really technology exactly even though it's sold as such due to it being shoved into an Age of Empires format. At a guess the actual mechanic of it for the purposes of the jump would be donating several tonnes of gold (or more or less depending on how many enemies you've got) to the gods in the temple.

Without any gods or it getting purchased with jumpchain fiat it wouldn't work. I am planning to expand Age of Mythology and would have done so a while ago if I hadn't kept getting distracted. It's a big update planned as well so it may take a while, hopefully there'll be some sort of mechanic for this sort of thing.

>> No.48141916

Sure but in terms of skills granted we'd be talking about basically the same ones as the werewolf tree.

>> No.48141922

Same basic physical abilities as well obviously.

>> No.48142049

Duly noted, thanks. And sorry if I gave off that impression; I do know the AoM upgrades are usually mysticism but they're just called "technologies" within the game's context.

Also this was way back but-I don't recall if I ever told you about my attempt to become a Titan, just like how Arkantos was rewarded with godhood for his services? I figure I should check if I can do that now. It was before I regularly wrote up combos in pastebins but I recall there was a plan A (use nanomachines to build town centers absolutely EVERYWHERE to promote their dominance over the Earth, covertly demolish Olympus with fusion detonators and open some portals to Tartarus in order to free Kronos).

And a plan B that amounted to becoming a Titan Shifter using some HP potions expertise, Tsukihime's Artificer (to convert the Strange Notes tech from Pacific Rim into a Mystic Code), the Eye/Staff of Magnus, the Research Notes from Geneforge (based on some extrapolated knowledge from the Spirit line as laid out in BoredTears' suggestions: >>http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/38347184/#38349119), Mage/Smelter from Blazblue to manipulate some Titanic samples using the Seithr Fluid Body Theory to create something similar to Arakune's procedure and the Simple/Advanced Formulae from FMA to create a transmutative circle centered around myself.

>> No.48142117

I'd like to see a The General Series by David Drake Jump made as it has been a facinating read but I'm only a little ways into the second book and also a shitty jump maker. Would anyone else like this or am I alone?

>> No.48142138

Mostly I stick with Black & Green, though I change it whenever I feel like.

Dying it is too much trouble, metamorphing/shapeshifting is much easier.

>> No.48142150

Never heard of it.

>> No.48142172

I have no idea what some of that stuff is but I can't really see why it would be any easier to become a titan here than it would to become a god anywhere else.

Plus I think the fact that you can only build settlements in certain places in the game is basically representative of the general human population in that area. Making Town Centers all over the place wouldn't really help unless you could populate them as well. As a real world it's probably not going to work exactly as the game.

Only part I fully understand is the Staff/Eye of Magnus and I'm pretty sure that would help at all. It ain't really magic.

>> No.48142184

Should have been "wouldn't help" rather than "would".

>> No.48142232

Why is odd hair color so expensive in BodyMod?

>> No.48142247

The first five books are set on the planet Bellevue, previously part of a high-technology galactic civilization. Interplanetary civilization collapsed during "The Fall", when extensive civil war greatly reduced the planet's technology level. Technology has redeveloped only slowly: the most advanced groups have reached the level of double-expansion steam engines, wrapped-brass-cartridges breech-loading rifles (Martini-Henry lock or very similar) and lever-action carbines, cast-steel breech-loading cannon, simple revolvers, etc. Progress is slow: the breech-loading rifle design has not changed for over two hundred years, and other groups still use flintlock or percussion cap weapons.

The concept of computer technology has become the basis of religion throughout the world. This religion is split into two competing sects: The Spirit of Man of the Stars, the state religion of the Civil Government, and Spirit of Man of This Earth, which is more popular among the barbarian Military Governments. The people of Bellevue speak various evolved dialects, including Sponglish, Spanjol, Namerique and Paytoiz, with elements of English, French and Spanish apparent. At the time of the Fall the planet had no horses, so now cavalry is mounted on thousand-pound dogs of various breeds.

The books begin in the Year of the Fall 1103, when the protagonist Raj Whitehall and his friend Thom Poplanich stumble on a still-working remnant of the old technology, the quantum supercomputer "Center", which Raj and Thom regard as an angel. Center describes itself as a "sentient artificial entity of photonic subsystems tasked with the politico-military supervision" of Bellevue. Center tasks Whitehall with uniting Bellevue and provides him, through a constant mental link, with predictive visions that simulate probable situational outcomes, historical data, eidetic memory, and minor enhancements to physical abilities including accuracy with firearms.

>> No.48142249

Because Quicksilver is based and punishes animefags for being stupid idiots.

>> No.48142254

I admit it's sometimes hard to tell what's supposed to be gameplay elements and what's supposed to be real going-ons, but I was also thinking of bringing advanced technology to the table in the form of robotics and plasmids and atmospheric flight (and uh, plumbing and electriity for that matter) to really improve the quality of life for my citizens in order to achieve a population boom, in addition to convincing defeated settlements to ally with me. Well, that and all the pro-Titan (and also objectively correct) propaganda about how awesome the Golden Age will be compared to living in fear of Zeus' family feuds.

(I know, I know-it was a different time)

As for the becoming a Titan thing-it's because AoM follows the mythological legends fairly closely, with some canonical demigods like Hercules running around indicating divine ancestry is in effect-not to mention the Son of Osiris miracle and Prometheus having been born mortal according to his in-game description indicating transitions between god and mortal are in effect. Since Arkantos was ascended by Athena, and Kronos is her grandad, I figured that doing great service in the Titans' name might let me request a similar reward-especially after telling them about my ideas for mystic Faraday cages.

As for the Eye and the Staff-I was thinking of using it as a sort of mystic energy for the process to stabilise and reinforce my Titanic form during the other mystic processes, given someone who tapped into it rendered himself invincible to in-game attacks as long as he used the Staff to maintain a conduit of energy from the Eye to him. Titanhood ain't really magic after all, and the crafting Mystic Code involves the manipulation/imbuing of concepts through magic.

>> No.48142257

BodyMod is /weird/ about pricing.

>> No.48142280

Huh, sounds pretty damn interesting. Though it also sounds like it falls a little out of reach for my jumpmaking skills, sorry.

>> No.48142298

Ah well maybe some will pick it up if the interest is there. I'd still recommend it though, good stuff.

>> No.48142377

Ooh. I've heard of that, though I've only read the ongoing LOTR crossover fanfic Saruman Of Many Devices, where Saruman accidentally connects to Central through a damaged Palantir before he can be fully indoctrinated by Sauron, and the Gunpowder Age comes thirty thousand years early to Middle Earth.

>> No.48142441

Cool I'll look into it. The General series is fast becoming my new favorite Sci-Fi, but LOTR will always be a nice tour of an old favorite.

>> No.48142486

So, Incredibles anon here. Finally got a bit of inspiration/motivation, and started getting some work done on the jump again.

Items are giving me a bit of a problem though. Anything people would like to see? (Aside from the practically mandatory Super Suit?)

>> No.48142524

Syndromes gadgets like the jet boots or telekinesis rays? Plans to build that robot if not the robot itself? Private jet? Replenishing stock of mimosa? Caravan maybe? Some of those flying buzzsaw hovercraft? Maybe even a whole secret villain base/island for a whole bunch of cp?

>> No.48142540

What >>48142524 says and perhaps a very advanced adaptive learning AI, or at least syndromes notes on how to make them.

>> No.48142551

Robots and general gadgets (I liked that cannon thing that shot sticky black blobs). Maybe some sort of volcano/desert island/house/lab/paramilitary complex option.

There's a slight issue if there's a tech based origin as most of the items in the film that are worth getting are gadgets made by one guy.

>> No.48142559

I want a cape.

I don't really care how you do it. It can be a super cheap item with a list of warnings, or a special cape that magically never gets caught on things or in the way, or even just a drawback that says, "You always wear a cape and it is a huge hassle."

I just want to wear a cape in the Incredibles despite being specifically told not to.

>> No.48142560

Obligatory request for hammy acting and appearance perks.

>> No.48142581

Basically all I want out of an Incredibles jump is the ability to take a drawback like When Everyone is Super, No One Will Be where we're restricted to our perk/power/items/etc of the Jump and everyone is super. I mean everyone.

>> No.48142586

A strangely sturdy RV, complete with surveillance equipment. I mean I probably won't buy it, or any other items, but the RV does stick out in my mind as one of the more memorable things.

>> No.48142596

A cape that defies all attempts to involve it in the death of its wearer.

Stylish classic automobile with built in crimefighting computer, automatic suit-changer, autopilot, turbo-sports-car-mode and unwanted sidekick ejector.

Flying buzzsaw hovercraft.

Secret island base (optional volcano).

Zero-point tractor-beam glove.

Remote controlled surveillance drone.

Remote controlled death bot.

VTOL jet that conveniently turns up to fly you wherever you want in first-class luxury.

>> No.48142620

giant mole machine, Omni droid, superhero restraining devices

>> No.48142623

>VTOL jet that conveniently turns up to fly you wherever you want in first-class luxury.
(counter-missile defences sold separately)

>> No.48142631

>not de-evolution caused by the New World's metaphysics until they return to the Dark Continent

They stay badass redheads post-jump son.

>> No.48142640

Because it's a shit supplement made by a shit individual.

>> No.48142653

Seconded. Those are all good ideas.

I'd like to request a man cave Warehouse add-on.

>> No.48142663

>>48142249 detected

>> No.48142679

All done. Though those seems to mostly fit the villain/Syndrome origin.

Should I split up the robot/ai/plans into pieces (so you could just buy one of them if you like) or just give it as one purchase?

Right, the blob cannons. Those are fun, yeah. Going in.

And yes, that's mostly my issue. Though there's actually three origins with tech capstones. Drop-In, Designer, and Villain. For NSA, Edna, and Syndrome tech respectively.

Sure. Drawback's already in there, but magic never-catches cape can be done too.

Don't worry. It's there.

Huh. Alright, going in. Two different drawbacks with the same general concept then.

Point, can't believe I forgot that.

Sure, all of those going in.


Alright then. Consider it done.

>> No.48142714

>>Should I split up the robot/ai/plans into pieces (so you could just buy one of them if you like) or just give it as one purchase?

Personally I'd suggest allowing people to buy them separately or aa a package at a slight discount.

>> No.48142727

Was leaning towards that, especially with people specifically asking for the plans/ai.

So, sure. Sounds good to me.

>> No.48142742

Woo! I'm helping!

>> No.48142777

A nice little house in a small town/city. Perhaps a phone with the number of a babysitter who can look after almost anything. Last thing I can really think of would be some form of training yard, like the train yard Mr Incredible used. Perhaps have it scale to match your strength/ the setting. Also will you be updating when The Incredibles 2 comes out?

>> No.48142792

>A cape that defies all attempts to involve it in the death of its wearer.
I'm suddenly imagine using the cape for divination.

>Hmm... All but one of these glasses is poisoned, so I'll throw my cape in the air and drink whichever one it lands on
>I'm hopelessly lost in the desert, so I'll walk in whichever direction my cape blows

>> No.48142809

My god it's perfect. You're about to go out and your cape gets caught in the door thus saving you later on. You're in the middle of a fight and a random gust of wind comes along and blows your cape into the eyes of the guy who was gonna stab you in the back causing him to stab his teammate.

>> No.48142812

Er, that's "divine" isn't it? I think he just means a cape that won't kill you by snagging on missiles or getting sucked into plane engines.

>> No.48142818


Are you sure? I thought the winning side was the Orks. I mean consider what that universe is like. Now consider what the Orks would consider their ideal universe.

Do you see any difference between the two, because I don't?

>> No.48142830

... gold star, anon.

>> No.48142837

Ah, yes. Those are all nice. Going in.

And... assuming I'm still here, and /jc/ is still here... Yes. That's three years from now though, so we'll see.

...I'm really tempted to make it actually that good, though it would also be a /really/ expensive.

>> No.48142851

Stick to something that reflects canon, rather then a joke made in thread. It'll work out better in the end that way.

>> No.48142857

Fair enough.

>> No.48142860

Best plan.

>> No.48142867

Wait what I thought the new incredibles was coming out next years.

>> No.48142877

Nope, 2019

>> No.48142881

>Cute muscular redheads
>A de-evolution from horribly ugly raptor dogs.
No. Their new world appearance is only an improvement.

>> No.48142882

I suppose you're right
Hey you know what? I just had a great idea!

Lets grow Orks and toss them into the stars to keep them burning. Or lets grow enough Orks to the point that they create a mass so large that it ignites fusion.


>> No.48142884

Technically, since the cape avoids ALL attempts to involve itself, it would refuse to land on any of the glasses and will suddenly ignore the wind in the desert.

Because you can't get the cape involved, whether for good or for ill. It's just there to look awesome.

>> No.48142894

Man, it's pretty hard to find Kinjutsu Taijutsu techniques that don't involve the Eight Gates.

As in, I can't fucking find any. Any help?

>> No.48142918

Wrong image

>> No.48142922

Taijutsu, especially specific techniques, was never a focus outside of Gai and Lee. You'd be lucky to see anyone else use a taijutsu jutsu, and even then it's generally in combination with an element or ninjutsu like A's lightning armour and lightning straight or Liger bomb. So basically, you're probably shit outta luck. Maybe try the advanced search on the wiki to narrow it down?

>> No.48142930

I did. I clicked on a bunch of stuff but couldn't see anything, it's why I'm asking.

>> No.48142948

I don't think there are many other than what Guy and Lee use. Everyone else mostly just uses it for "go fast" and "punch hard".
Anything that the series actually focuses on is wizard ninjas, ie, Ninjutsu.

>> No.48142952

Jumper! You forgot to shapeshift again!

>> No.48142964


Here's the list of Kinjutsu. Don't think you can get Kinjutsu + Taijutsu, only Kinjutsu or Taijutsu, so there's a bit of clicking involved to search. From a quic glance over most of the kinjutsu that are taijutsu are linked to some other technique, like Eight Gates, Shadow Clones or team ups so I doubt you'l have much luck. If you can't find any on here you won't find them anywhere else.

>> No.48142966

>Implying the loli leading the horrible demon army isn't me

>> No.48142978

Is that... Id? Been a long time since I've seen that.

>> No.48142989

That post you're replying to just said I already looked through that, anon. Didn't click on everything, just ignored the stuff that looked like it needed Eight Gates or a technique I didn't have.

You know, if I could find one that needed a ninjutsu, genjutsu, or kekkei genkkai that wasn't Uchiha edgy eyes I'd be happy with that. I'm trying to get the 'forbidden technique' offered by the jump for taking a taijutsu specialization, you see, and I think in this case it';d be okay if that technique was one that relied on anything else as long as I'm still capable of using it.

>> No.48143057

Then if you didn't find anything, a kinjutsu that involves taijutsu and fits your criteria doesn't exist. That wiki lists every canon jutsu, there's no other source that has ones not on there.

>> No.48143064



>> No.48143068

So, Jumpers. Harem or otherwise, what are some good tips for maintaining a relationship along a jumpchain with a companion?

Asking for a friend.

>> No.48143074

> "Is that a cat?"

I think she's cute.

Black in realistic worlds, blue in anime worlds.
Not, like, a weird colour or something, it just fits into whatever world I'm in at the time.
I don't dye, but I do have shapeshifting that includes colour alteration, so if I feel like being blonde for a day, I can be.

It's also prehensile, expressive, and has about seven different perks that specifically render it more beautiful. As in, specifically my hair, as opposed to a generalized appearance perk.

>> No.48143083


>> No.48143092

Well, supposedly there's a perk in Akame ga Kill that lets you connect to a single person and keep falling in love with them.

Also, perks that link your souls, foster teamwork, and anything that increases the "weight" of interactions.

Lastly, make sure they're there for your big, important moments - even the bad ones.

>> No.48143096


>> No.48143098

Oh. I thought that door was locked.

>> No.48143107

>lets grow enough Orks to the point that they create a mass so large that it ignites fusion

...isn't sacrificing lots of psychically attuned individuals in a painful manner a vital component of Chaos rituals?

I'm pretty sure that's how you summon an avatar of Gork, or possibly Mork, into the Materium.

Is that bow stabled to the bear-car's flesh?

A kekkei genkkai is basically a limit break derived from genetics right?

What would happen if you spliced Bloodborne's Blood Saint/VIleblood blood types?

What would happen if you lined your brain with rinne sharingans?

>> No.48143110

Soul Eater and Hellsing are some of the better ones.

>> No.48143132




>> No.48143145

>A kekkei genkkai is basically a limit break derived from genetics right?
No. It's a technique that you have to be genetically capable of using. Think the Sharingan.

Yeah, but I'm not perfect, so I might not have seen it.

>> No.48143151

>What would happen if you lined your brain with rinne sharingans?
I'm legitimately surprised this hasn't happened in canon yet.

>> No.48143178

>Is that bow stabled to the bear-car's flesh?
That's a stuffed animal, actually.

>> No.48143179

Elder Scrolls: Skyrim
Rosario + Vampire
Soul Eater
Once Upon A Time
Magic the Gathering: Innistrad
Twilight Not really
Van Helsing
Killer Instinct

>> No.48143188

>Elder Scrolls: Skyrim
They're in morrowind too.

>> No.48143192

Vampires > Werewolves

But Hellsing should be the best place to become a Werewolf.

>> No.48143209

Yeah but the perk is only in Skyrim, not in Morrowind.

I have to ask - are you the same poster of Bill Cipher who tried to make Murdertale legitimate because he really wanted SAVE/LOAD and Chara's stats?

>> No.48143212

Why not both?

>> No.48143251


>> No.48143270

...to this day I still can't decide whether werepyres were awesome or retarded.

Dracopyres were retarded though. Weak as piss before SUPER DRACOPYRES were a thing too.

>> No.48143295

>to this day I still can't decide whether werepyres were awesome or retarded.
See >>48143212

>> No.48143308

Crypt of the NecroDancer

21 years old
Drop In
Scythrophone 200
Tempo Shift 500
Master of the Funk 1100
Extra Heart Container x3 1400
Golden Lute 1000

Dropped in as I was taking Tempo Shift and it's the sort of setting where it seriously doesn't matter.

Scythrophone is a ridiculous and inexplicably intimidating piece of equipment. Probably going to combine it in with the spear so that it has a mic option in it for shouting at people.

Tempo Shift is neat, slow down time to 50% for everyone else if you make up for it by being half as quick later. Nice for stretching out things you like and speeding up things you don't. Plus combat.

Master of the Funk means I can sing, hum and whistle people out of being mind controlled. Really cool.

Extra Heart Container is some sort of badge that increases durability. Seems to just double it as well if you have three which is sort of ridiculous.

Drawback mean I have to dance-fight a dragon. Pretty achievable for 400 CP.

>> No.48143365


>> No.48143444

Does anyone knows a perk that heals the soul?

>> No.48143453

NGE's Angel line gives you some good soul stuff. Couple different levels of regen, and it lets your other regeneration effects work on your soul, albeit at a reduced rate.

>> No.48143462

He also included an actual furry option, so I'm going to have to disagree with you on that one.

>> No.48143499

You mean the most expensive and useless option?

>> No.48143507

How does Alpha Biomancy from 40k stack up against the other biomanipulation perks? (Shadow Ops, Worm, Marvel combo, etc)

>> No.48143512

But I just want to have grey/white hair.

Or ashen blonde. These are natural colors.

And if I find a way to make that permanent in other worlds, drawbacks that put me down to BodyMod take that away

>> No.48143526

/d/ out of 10.

>> No.48143583

Thank you for the extremely unhelpful response.

>> No.48143585

Or at least black hair.

I got an in between of dark dirty blonde and brown in real life.

It sucks.

...wait. If you getting fit in Pokemon counts as starting stats in BodyMod afterwards, not how fit you were before Pokemon jump of that is your starting jump...


>> No.48143587

The most important thing is, don't define yourself as husband and wife. Or husband and husband or wife and wife or toast and toaster or whatever. You can certainly consider yourself as such, but don't let it shape your entire relationship.
Also, if you're not fighting about anything, you're doing it wrong.

But you don't need to listen to me, I'm just a social autist on a Moroccan bread making tapestry.

>> No.48143591

>I have to ask - are you the same poster of Bill Cipher who tried to make Murdertale legitimate because he really wanted SAVE/LOAD and Chara's stats?


I started two new chains since that, though. Just returned to the old avataring now

>> No.48143601

You're welcome.

>> No.48143604

Someone should make Cultist-chan's Jumpchain adventures.

As in, Cultist-chan as Jumper

>> No.48143610

in bed

>> No.48143668

Jump eet fohr key-ohss?

>> No.48143703 [SPOILER] 


>> No.48143751

Animal Crossing was redone to have Warehouse add-ons, things that follow you, and a free gender swap.

>> No.48143764

That sounds like all kinds of fun. I'm too slow of a writer to do it justice though.

Hard mode version or regular?

>> No.48143802

Has the anon working on Leviathan the Tempest showed up recently?

>> No.48143827

'alright, I'm a human anyways.

>> No.48143872

Need a little help.

I've got the GLTAS jump next, and I want to go Will but green does doesn't work with my color scheme. Is there a way to change the color of the ring and its effects somehow or am I hosed?

>> No.48143886

Hellsing then Rosario for an unkillable, out-paces-Vampires build to start. Then Fate for Runes / Primordial Runes depending if you go Servant. Then Kara no Kyoukai for a bullshit Origin, Mystic Eyes (if you want), and/or Demon Hunter / Blood ties. Then X-Men Movies for Omega Healing Factor and whatever else you want.

And that's off the top of my dome.

>> No.48143904

Master lanterns can change the color of their constructs.

>> No.48143970


>> No.48143974

Wait, I thought the Green Light was literally Will, as in, the color is what signifies the 'Emotion'.

>> No.48143978

Nice. So I just have to work at it and eventually I can be a will user of a different color?

>> No.48143981

It is.

>> No.48144000

Your constructs will still be green, you can just will them to be a different color appearance wise. It takes al ot of effort.

>> No.48144052

Just go Violet. They're not as crazy as they are in the comics, and they don't have the weaknesses of the other lantern rings.

>> No.48144062


If she jumps LoT, then upon breaking Deadlight You are summoned. Depowered and twisted by chaos. She regains her memories of you but you don't remember things. Your memory returns if she completes Hard mode with you.

You saved her in your own LoT jump, taking a hit from Orikan to protect her in hard mode, but you died. But without Deadlight and in such case, Jumpchan saved her.

But LoT must be completed. And even before breaking the Deadlight, Cultist chan feels you in it somehow, knows that breaking it would free you...

If she doesn't break it? You are freed from Chaos upon completion and are freed... Just like C'tan shards. Whether you truly die or were sent to your home world, who knows?

>> No.48144137

Man, I'm really liking the feel of a chain like that. But like I said, I'm a slow writer and I've already got a lot on my plate. Still, I'd love to see it written.

Oh, I think she'd break it. Bring things full circle and allow her to save you this time. Maybe it would even end up the same. She dies saving you from a killer blow, so Jumpchan saves you. A repeating cycle run by a mad godling who wants to see if people really can break the bonds of fate.

>> No.48144233


>> No.48144304

But does one even truly have a choice? One can only match, move by move, the machinations of fate... and thus defy the tyrannous stars.

>> No.48144335

It is. However if you have enough will and concentrate really hard you can change the color of the constructs. However it's not worth the effort for most part, because unless you're not in danger you typically don't have the opportunity to sit there and focus on your constructs.

>> No.48144402

Why is there a Homestuck wip in the drive? We already have an Sburb jump with a Homestuck scenario.

>> No.48144420

So do the rings in the show effect you like the ones in the comics? Do Violet Rings make you a yandere and Red Rings turn you into a berserker?

>> No.48144432


The short version is someone tried making a Homestruck jump a long time ago, never finished it, and then later on someone else wanted to make a Generic Sburb jump.

>> No.48144442

The more this is discussed, the more I see Jumpchan as Destiny Nova for this Cultist-chan chain.

>> No.48144472

Yes & no.

Violet Lanterns are yandere at first, because that's all they knew. Considering they split from the Guardians eons ago, you would be yandere too. However it was mostly a cultural thing, seeing how Carol taught them all what love is really about.

Reds on the otherhand are angry, however if Razer's story is indication they were all manipulated into becoming angry by Atrocitus. However despite that, they're not mindless berserkers like in the comics. They're angry, but not mindless raged fueled murder machines.

>> No.48144477

I guess what I'm asking is why is it still there? We already have a finished jump with that same setting that encompasses Homestuck. Even if the maker came back it's not like the thread would accept an alternate jump.

>> No.48144493

So a Jumper and Companions could select either of those rings without fear of having their personalities altered? Is that correct?

>> No.48144506

History's sake and in case that guy ever finishes his remake of it. I don't know where you've gotten the idea that the WIP folder is something that's meant to be completed, filled out, and emptied.

>> No.48144519

>encompasses Homestuck
lel no it doesn't

>> No.48144550

Correct. Like Razer's personality didn't change because he was a Red Lantern. He was just angry all the time, he had rage in his heart and he wanted to extinguish the rage. However he didn't have the tools until Saint Walker helped him through. At the end he seemed to attract the Blue Lantern ring. Because he had Hope.

Cake isn't pie CAPTCHA. Also Pope Benedict pie!

>> No.48144565

Awesome, that helps a ton. Thanks.

>> No.48144584

From what I understand, Atrocitus forced the berserker state on Red Lanterns so they could be the perfect army against the Guardians on Oa. After a lot of stuff happened, he gave everyone back their intelligence.

So they are now hilariously angry Lanterns.

The Emotions that govern the Violet and Red Lantern Rings are the most unstable I'm afraid, every time those rings are worn, the Emotion that governs them are not only highlighted, but enhanced to ridiculous levels.

Like how Fatality fell in love with Steward after putting on the Violet Ring, but lost her love for him after some time away from it.

Oh, series, not comics, I keep forgetting.

>> No.48144592


>I'm pretty sure that's how you summon an avatar of Gork, or possibly Mork, into the Materium


>> No.48144604

This series any good?

>> No.48144620

Yeah. Comics for awhile had them intelligent, but it backfired when Guy Gardner beat Atrocitus and became the leader of the Red Lanterns. He even grew a giant beard and had Bleeze for booty calls.

They're now back to being evil guys. For awhile they were actually doing "good". It was working but Y'know status quo is god.

>> No.48144627

I'm going to go with the jump makers rulings over someone who can't remember which property the jump covers.

Thanks, though.

>> No.48144636


What exactly is the downside of awaking in Claymore? I mean, you can get that perk that later lets you awake partially... And if you are full awakened afterwards you get all awakened form abilities.

It says it's at price of your humanity but don't you still have your human alt forms?

>> No.48144640

The anon was mistaking your questions for the comics instead of GLTAS. Honest mistake, so no harm.

>> No.48144645

A destiny what

>> No.48144651

Personality changes. You thirst for human flesh and become a psycho.

>> No.48144659

More interesting thing.

Yoma are hollows. Claymores are Visored that can go full hollow

This is simply more sense making Bleach without spirits

>> No.48144675

You lose that, though, at end of jump. And what kind of jumper does not have a way to grow mindless human clones in warehouse?

I just dislike Priscilla and Abyss Feeder drawbacks. As in, I despise "even if you kill them, they come back stronger and immune"

>> No.48144681

Destiny Nova from GUNNM, or Battle Angel Alita.

>> No.48144706

Early jumpers? C'mon folks, not everyone starts at 500 jumps. You have to get to that point.

>> No.48144716

Does the jump actually say so? My first guess is that since you're awakening as yourself (rather than your pre-jump self) you can't just turn off the personality changes like you would that of the background.

The drive is being bollocks so I can't check myself.

>> No.48144735


>> No.48144745

Any reason you didn't mention Worgen a la WoW? Anon seems dedicated to this, so they'd be the option for it.

>> No.48144751

Nobody remembers Worgen.

>> No.48144755

Worgens a shit.

>> No.48144802


Nah. Jump says you lose hunger and stuff.
Also, hunger is actually not cause by being Abyssal one. Regular Yoma are made by putting flesh of "Dragons" into humans. The actual Yoma is a parasite that is formed that way that controls and changes host, host is implied to be aware. Eventually the host is too weak and the parasite gets a new body. Eating flesh lets one maintain body for longer

Claymore have flesh of Yoma in them. Unknown if just flesh that was drained of stuff and slightly changed by parasite or the parasite itself.

Awakened ones... Hard to explain? You must eat otherwise your body shrinks down/diminishes but Priscilla just became child like after not eating for 7 years.

Technically a crazy genetic jumper could get rid of biological urge to feed of Awakened being. Or see why dragon flesh just makes parasite and how does power progression work. There are still some dragons.

So real Yoma are Magatama

>> No.48144805

Let's be fair, if you were given the opportunity to become a Space Viking Berserker with god-like power and Space Viking Berserker Valkryie on booty call duty, you'd take it, wouldn't you?

It didn't help that Atrocitus was such a bitch about the whole thing that his ring basically went, "Fuck you, I'm out."

>> No.48144999

Danny Phantom

21 years old
Half-Ghost 200
Ghost Sense
Ghost Shields 300
Duplication 600
Pyrokinesis 1000
Ghostly Wail 1300
Ecto-Skeleton 1600
The Ultimate Enemy 1000

Went Half-Ghost as I wanted Wail and it worked out a little cheaper.

Ghost Sense lets me know when ghosts are about.

Ghost Shields gives me shields from ghosts that get more powerful as I get more ghost muscles.

Duplication lets you make duplicates that act independently with a bit of concentration. Can't take any damage without dissipating but still this is dirt cheap at 300 CP.

Pyrokinesis gives me ghost fire.

Ghostly Wail lets me do big ghost shrieks that smash up the place.

Ecto-Skeleton has a silly description multiplying ghost powers and physical strength by 100. I figure it'll give a boost and could be worth studying as a result.

The Ultimate Enemy in this case is a powerful ghost version of me who isn't a jumper so that's fine.

This jump is a bit of a mess but I guess it's not as much of an issue now as it used to be. Used to be pretty much the only cheap intangible option in /jc/ if I remember correctly. Now it's just sort of unbalanced in favour of ghosts and half-ghosts and has one item with a ridiculous description.

I figure in terms of plan it's just a case of killing my ghost self which shouldn't be enormously challenging with all the ghost hitting perks I have and the ridiculous weapon I've got. Then it's just a case of fucking with people with my new spoopy powers.

>> No.48145075

So I poked around Star Wars EU stuff and found out about a character called Abeloth. Heads up for anyone who's super power grabby/eat everything or wants a good challenge, apparently she's the grand champion of bull shit power levels in the setting.

>> No.48145096

I am alive, just /really/ damn busy with life and progress is slow, do you want to ask me something?.

>> No.48145104

You sort of merge with the dormant psyche of the being that donated your tissue. This is generally a bad thing since said beings are usually ravening monsters who only care about eating human guts by the time they're killed. Meanwhile protag girl had hers from her mentor, a Claymore who never Awakened. This apparently let her Awaken without problems and actually reverse it afterwards, though it was stated by the mentor's spirit to be a one time deal.

>> No.48145133

How come your mom lets you eat two wieners?

>> No.48145145

>wanting to be an oversized mosquito
>wanting to be an half-dog hybrid
what the fuck is wrong with you people

>> No.48145148

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

>> No.48145159

This is /jc/. Do you really need to ask?

>> No.48145175 [SPOILER] 

Because she is the coolest mom there ever was.
Like..look at her, she is the most beautiful as well.

A woodchuck would chuck as much wood as a woodchuck could chuck.

>> No.48145191

Just don't bathe in the well.

>> No.48145209

She's a hottie alright. MILF material.

>> No.48145210

Something something tracts of land.

>> No.48145211

pls wear a shirt mom this is embarrassing

>> No.48145217

Now see you say that but it makes me want to go full retard, double down and eat the force monster and then take a drink.

>> No.48145245

It turns mortals into paranoid retards and destroys their personality. Aboleth started out as a motherly woman who was scared she was going to loser her adopted family because she was mortal and they weren't. She turned into a psychotic mass of force energy that wants to enslave the galaxy.

>> No.48145279

I guess, though keep in mind it's very much an innate ability instead of something you can train up. Still sick, will do research once better.

>> No.48145315

Now see you say that... But I already added the notes to my chain.

>> No.48145322

I meant more along the lines or perks that give you more magical oomph and stamina.

>> No.48145356

Hellsing for starters
Evo search for Eden because it can give you great adaptation, even a way to sorta copy the attributes of other species.
Jojo, oddly enough you should go Hamon so you can rip and tear those fucking pillar men and shit, while your Evo perks can evolve you to have crazy shit like Wamuu horns or bonesaw blades while keeping you away from the filthy vampire weaknesses. And you might just be able to evolve later on to become some sort of ultimate species later in your chain.
Tsukihime can straight up make your werewolve weaknesses a non-issue.
Gourmet Cells from Toriko will buff you up considerably, Rip and Tear you animal.

>> No.48145362

What? I was pretty sure Demigod abilities grow stronger with time. It's way easier for Percy to pull out bigger stuff without running out of steam in the second series than in the earlier parts of the first.

>> No.48145376

Whoa that's the first time in a long time someone has posted something that's actually hot

>> No.48145391

I have no capacity to understand your fetish.

>> No.48145415

and I have no capacity to understand yours so that's okay

>> No.48145451

One doesn't stare into the mind of madness and expect to see anything but soul-shattering horror.

>> No.48145467

Whatever you say, Ney.

>> No.48145497

"several pages"

you are cute like little baby

>> No.48145526

I am unsure why you are calling me a Middle Eastern wind instrument.

I smell fish. Must be all this bait.

>> No.48145540

Trying to understand bancho is like trying to understand Clive Barker, theoretically possible, but not recommended.

>> No.48145555

Meant more as in learning speed and such won't help much. Your abilities are fairly set, although you can get increased stamina with practice to a certain extent, you can't for instance learn to control water if you didn't already have that ability inherited from your parent. Probably phrased it a bit badly, my apologies.

>> No.48145557

I am banchô and I can confirm that I barely understand myself some days.

>> No.48145568

>I smell fish
>dat pic

>> No.48145571

Oh, I see.

>> No.48145578

Oi thats my mother you are talking about. Oh wait it was a compliment...carry on.

Also not really suprised there.
I suppose you would /really/ enjoy most female mythological monsters that are human enough to look more than beasts.

As his past name implies if you knew it.
Just understand it as liking a wildly different type of bodies okay? Its the best way I suppose.

Eh there are worst stuff.
And pictures
That damn Weezing picture was a nightmare (No offence Bancho, but I rarely find anything enjoyable about your...tastes I suppose).

>> No.48145579

>that face

Is he having a stroke or a seizure?

>> No.48145585

So magic boosters (Gift of the Thousand Master, Child of Magic, etc.) would increase the stamina if your powers but not the raw power?

>> No.48145619

dude I have a Text file of plot bunnies titled Lord Typhon's boudoir of the bizarre, Trust me that's the tip of the iceberg. none taken I rarely find anything in most people's tastes enjoyable so I know how it is. I ask just what about Monique do you find upsetting and are you talking about the cartoonish black and white picture of her in a micro bikini or the full-color naked one from /d/?

>> No.48145630

Would boost raw power too, although for most obvious applications of demigod powers power and stamina are interchangeable. The reason Percy doesn't just throw natural disasters at everything is that pulling out a tornado or similar leaves him exhausted. I'm saying that stuff for increased learning speed or training with magic wouldn't be especially effective because aside from stamina what you can do is fairly fixed. Basically direct boosters would work, but indirect stuff is far less likely to.

>> No.48145665

>I am unsure why you are calling me a Middle Eastern wind instrument.
That artist's most famous OC is called Ney. Basically like the pic you posted only without the third eye and more bug-like.

I wish there was a jump where I could pick up a similar alt-form, but alas.

>> No.48145706

Leaky limiter goes great with the eyes that have massive power costs(Like the one that lets you see everything and the one that lets you place shields of nopeliness.

>> No.48145712

But we had a whole arc where we saw four of them + Clare hunting a male awakened one and discuss it. All of them could revert from turning into awakened one if it happens early. The drill arm lady could revert with help. It just requires super strong willpower and/or help. If you help, you use some of your own energy. The drill arm lady died because after that she didn't have enough to regenerate.

And didn't we see Abyssal ones that were basically humans but some being psychotic kinda? The centaur one was a cool guy and trained that kid Clare liked.

It's Bloodborneman beast all over again

>> No.48145714

>- Jagan Eye - This isn't an item but an organ, by having Shigure implant this into your forehead it grants you a third eye. The entire procedure is very painful, if you survive you have a fully functioning third eye. The powers granted by this eye are:
- Telepathy - Mental Communication
- Telekinesis - Limited ability to move objects no more than 5kg (~10lbs) of weight.
- Mind Control: The Jagan, allows the user mind control over demons and humans, provided their spiritual/physical power is low enough. It also allows you to cast illusions, transform people into your mind slaves, create false memories and erase them too.
- Mind Resistance: The eye also gives the user complete domination and control of your own mind, able to resist powerful mental attacks.
- Remote Viewing: The main skill of Jagan, is to enable the user to look vast distances, and can locate an object the size of a marble, miles away, regardless of location perfectly. It can see into houses, forests, and even caves with exact precision. This ability also allows the remote usage with your hearing, allowing you to hear a conversations from miles away.
- Heightened Senses: All senses when the wearer has the Jagan, increase to a supernatural level. This ability can see minimal movements, and predict the attacks of opponents even before they are executed. Like seeing the arm positions that an opponent would make at Rock, Paper, Scissors, and also whispers clearly.
- Energy Manipulation: The Jagan also allows the user to perfectly understand your own energy. With Jagan, mastering techniques can be done several times faster than normal.

Hmm... I want that clairvoyance, but not that weakened skull that comes with having a third eye socket . What do?

>> No.48145756

What Weezing picture?
Was it gijinka? Anthro?

>> No.48145757

Is this worth purchasing if I already have leaky limiter?

>600 Demon Seed: Your soul carries within it a discarded spiritual fragment of the Demon God Laplace. This means two things, firstly, you have a genius’ talent at the arcane arts, and secondly, that you possess a pool of mana that rivals the Demon God himself.

Assume time is not an issue.

>> No.48145759

That eye seems way too weak considering what Hiei gave up for his.

>> No.48145767

You know those hyper-realistic, disgusting pokemon pics?

>> No.48145777


>full-color naked one
Yeah that one, I cannot remember how I had found it (it was an accident), but 4chan is a mysterious place where all you want can be found if you are willing to throw yourself in the pit.


Its better to pay than risk going completely feral if you ask me.
Going partially is possible if you got the Will for it.

And yeah all people who awaken go at least a bit psychotic (To be fair they become human eating beasts instead of omnivores which they were....so it makes sense that there might be stuff happening, if it was a game I would tell my players to roll for san loss-wis damage).

>> No.48145781


>> No.48145786

>I wish there was a jump where I could pick up a similar alt-form
GLTAS or Young Justice to design your own alien? Maybe TOME or Code Lyoko for a avatar?

>> No.48145797

Search deviantart for realistic pokemon

>> No.48145806

Why? Didn't Hiei give up his class rank? Presumably, if the eye is weaker than its canon counterpart, its drawbacks are less harsh, no?

>> No.48145811

Well, you'll have more to start with and also natural talent.

>> No.48145820

It is implied that if you never awaken during jump you will never be able to awaken. You might be able to get its abilities but slowly.

What I'm sayin is: can't I awaken in last few hours of jump?

>> No.48145828

The actual jump doesn't mention you lose spiritual power, so yeah, probably. And usually jump>canon, so take from that what you will.

>> No.48145832

Isn't it better to just hit up civ and get Awakened abilities without ever having to risk it?

>> No.48145837

Buy the Shining Trapezohedron from lovercraft and then remove an eye and stick it in the socket.

>Whenever you look into this shining crystal you can see a small creature made entirely out of fangs and claws. This beast will show you anything in the universe for a price. You must suffer horrible pain or the little monster will refuse to show you anything. It has to be you, and it has to hurt terribly.

Best clairvoyance that can show you Anything, and you can still see out of it like a normal eye as long as you let it constantly send pain straight to your brain. Also gives a free intimidation boost when people see a tiny swirling monster of fangs and claws in your eye. Trust me this is a jumper certified genius idea and you should not pass up on it.

>> No.48145838

By the way, are you planning on incorporating 2e Leviathan when it comes out? Atavisms are fucking sick.

>> No.48145855

Meh, I hate free-form races. I'd rather be able to buy a race that canonically looks similar.

>> No.48145863

Okay, thanks.

>> No.48145871

Shit I meant outright stated, not implied.

The notes also say that after the jump you lose the hunger and such negative stuff. And if you want to be sure, get that perk that lets your personality remain in spite of such changes.

Boom. Power boost fo'days.

>> No.48145876

Well good luck I guess, you're going to need it.

>> No.48145887

gijinka technically, she kept a wheezing's body shape.
dude I only post that in the conjoined threads on /d/ You cannot hold me responsible for that one.
Well in fairness she is not actually a Pokémon in that picture so much as a set of twins Configured along the lines of a Wheezing

>> No.48145955

Ok, I have an important question for everyone. Would it be funnier to import my Necron as Ultrasmurfs or Sororitas? Obviously Techpriest fits them best, but the question is which would be funnier? Also, should the Choir of Righteous Fury be imported as Sororitas(Which they already almost were or as FemMarines with totally oblivious battle brothers). The Dust Rats will likely just be guardsmen again.

>> No.48145974

I don't blame you. I haven't read any of their lore, I just remember character and artist names since it facilitates finding more.

One probably should be made, but what's a setting out there that has cute people people that aren't too bug?

>> No.48145991

>Perhaps one needs to be made.
Earthworm Jim jump when?

Bancho can have Queen Slug-for-a-Butt to waifu.

>> No.48145999

Sororitas Would definitely be funnier, and The dust rats Travel with you?I thought they were just for one race?

>> No.48146006

>Everyone companions Princess Whatshername who is considered horribly ugly by her people but amazing by our standards.

>> No.48146019

What's the best parahuman power to take in Worm?

I was leaning towards a tinker power or Panacea, but I rolled and got Doormaker which is hilariously op. Going anywhere I want with portals circumvents so much bullshit, and in a fight it's trivial to reflect people's attacks back at them with portals (especially since I took precognition in Familiar of Zero the jump before). Then there's the shit you can do with parallel dimensions.

I killed Coil by opening two portals, one to his secret base and one to his civilian ID house. My companion went to the base and presumably splattered his head in an abandoned timeline since I found him in his house and promptly tossed him through a portal to a dimension where dinosaurs never went extinct.

According to Jump-chan he only lasted 28 minutes there.

>> No.48146027

And so, having defeated the nefarious COW, our hero the COW is reunited with the lovely COW.

>tfw jumper gains free cow alt form

>> No.48146043

The power that you do.

>> No.48146046

1.I'm spoken for
2. she's way evil and I pretty firmly against that it's the other half of Why I didn't waifu double in skullgirls who is basically the hottest chick in jump chain by my standards in her true form.

>> No.48146072

Also her name is Queen pulsating- pus-filled-slug-for-a-butt,

>> No.48146082

That's still a shortened version.

>> No.48146086

you get your team as a companion, like the choir.

>> No.48146114

The "best" powers are obviously Path To Victory and Complete Arsenal, if you are going for optimal power pick one of them.

If you aren't going for optimal power then the "best" power is subjective and completely dependent on whichever one you like most. Most of the Worm powers are awesome and have the potential for obscene levels of power if you are creative. Apart from a select few that just aren't very good at all.

>> No.48146116

Definitely Sororitas for the Necrons. FemMarines sounds good for the Choir.

>> No.48146127

Iterative Improvement is my favorite. It's Dauntless's power (stated both in-character and by the author to have utterly ridiculous top end and growth rate) stripped of all its limitations. Even the time limiting factor is removed, given that the amount of charge you produce per day grows over time. It can give you any power you could want. Sure, it makes empowered objects instead of giving you the powers directly, but since unlike Dauntless you can choose what powers an object gets you can just make your first infusion "fuses with the user's body to become one with them" and then infuse that object from then on out.

>> No.48146134

Are there any other settings that come to mind? Earthworm Jim is a bit too ridiculous for my tastes.

>> No.48146151


>> No.48146153

Where the hell is that? And what are you talking about.

I mostly am using the wiki and taking stuff from it, removing the mechanics and converting them into fluff in most cases.
Are you talking some google docs I know about? Because...eh maybe not on that part, or its going an update with stuff inspired from that (after I got some more time to look over it and the normal stuff is done).

Fair enough.

>> No.48146158

Sweet,they probably have passed since that was a long time before I included immortality as part of the socialized medicine Package though they probably have a bit of a legacy via training some of the populace
that depends on the build: Sting for combat,relationship modification for social ,reverse engineering for science or soft physics for utility
Path to victory is heavily Nerf'd until post spark it's really just vague suggestions

>> No.48146168

I don't recognize that piece of shit as a "WoW Jump" is why I didn't list it.

>> No.48146171

>Complete Arsenal
Does that become a full version of Eidolon's power post-spark? Actually, for that matter, do the other two Triumvirate power expies?

>> No.48146179

Sacrifice jump when? I know, I know, Rule 1. But seriously, Sacrifice would be cool. Might get a lot of angry rants from the sort of jumper who hates working for a god, though.

>> No.48146187

>Path to victory is heavily Nerf'd until post spark it's really just vague suggestions
It provides you with a perfect strategy guide to anything and gets increasingly detailed over time in the same way other powers grow over time.

>> No.48146189

I'm fond of Transporter personally.

>> No.48146198

yeah the full version does but The jump maker said you don't get the full version

>> No.48146207

... Doesn't it just show you the quickest way from point a to point b pre-spark?

>> No.48146208

Monster Girl Encyclopedia, CoC, TiTS.

>> No.48146216

Worm powers grow over time, since yours is literally just a weaker version of his power it will eventually surpass Eidolon's even without the spark.

>> No.48146231

You should just die.

>> No.48146246

The full version gives you a PERFECT plan to any goal and has you follow through with that plan on auto pilot. Pre-spark it is just less detailed and lacks the auto pilot.

>> No.48146256

Yeah, it gives you vague, pointless, undetailed tips. It's a pretty useless shard.

>> No.48146257 [SPOILER] 


>> No.48146271

No, that's Transporter. And Transporter lets you enact its directions perfectly pre-spark like regular Path to Victory does post-Spark. So as long as you can phrase something in terms of spatial arrangements, Transporter lets you pull it off perfectly. Multi-tasking, high-detail processing, and microscopic vision combined with Transporter would let you essentially ignore entropy.

>> No.48146274

Bruh, Eidolon and Glaistig Uaineposted a legitimate threat to Scion. It would probably take at least a few hundred thousand years for it to go from three "meh" powers to the godmode version.

>> No.48146276

Fuck off, Strike. Your taste in games is absolute shit and whenever you fetish post you should punish yourself by smashing a hammer into your balls.

>> No.48146281

This would be funny just to watch the thread that these were posted in burn.

>> No.48146284

that's what I've been saying

>> No.48146289

No, it gives you specific, pointed, detailed tips. I don't know where you got this idea that it's a Magic Eight-Ball.

>> No.48146292

Already happened, already burned.

>> No.48146296

Yes it would take an absurd amount of time but jumpers have all the time in the multiverse.

>> No.48146306

It gives tips like
>How do I defeat the boss?
>By hitting its weak point.

>> No.48146318

Don't use my post for such fishy purposes.

>> No.48146331

Any idea how long it would take for the Alexandria Package ability to get to Alexandria's level?

>> No.48146333

Nothing comes to mind. A lot of people myself included hate insects with a passion, so anime games and the like with them are rare.

>> No.48146359

And it shows you exactly where that weak point is, and tells you exactly when to strike at it, and how to get around the defenses the enemy has to keep you from striking it.

>> No.48146360

Jumper: I want to take over the world.

PtV: Ok here is step a step by step guide of how to do that in a way tailored to your desires, if you deviate from the plan in any way it will be updated to keep things going in the direction you want.

>> No.48146370

Not as much when Jumping.

At best lets be reasonably the many jumps give you three thousand.
Overly long jumps like civ lets say ten thousand more.
Certain drawbacks, this and that and such gives you 15,000 at best, lets say you get the +0 drawback in coiled dragon (Which you should as its needed for other drawbacks) you then get towards 26 still too damn litle.

The easiest way is to just get the damn Clock from Narnia and use your new hyperbolic warehouse to train and spent time, at some point ten years=100 years and then the fun begins as you will easilly be able to train for a century and more with each jump.

Really if you go drop in at Narnia there is no reason to not get the damn clock, hell even being a star is not even as good as the clock in the long term.

>> No.48146374

Unkown, ask Worm_Anon or fankwank something.

>> No.48146378

>Hate insects

>> No.48146396

No it doesn't. It only gives vague, and imperfect tips.

>> No.48146410

Yeah and Worm_Anon explicitly said it does not work like that.you are ignoring the word of the jump maker and if you're doing that you're doing it wrong and I'm not going to continue Discussing this with you

>> No.48146411

I know the author is updating Leviathan with more rules and fluff, I was just wondering if you were going to use that.

>> No.48146414


Am I supposed to find that cute? a moth tried to move in and make my ear canal it's new apartment this weekend. no sale.

>> No.48146421

It says it acts like the perfect strategy guide.

>> No.48146426

Fuck moths, I'm being invaded by the small, dusty ones and I can't get rid of the little shits.

>> No.48146428

>more rules
Isn't he weakening the whole thing and making the villains overly heroic?

>> No.48146435

You keep saying that, but have offered nothing to back your position up. The jump says it does that. You're just making unsubstantiated claims.

Link to the post where he said that or no one's going to believe you.

>> No.48146437

A better way then using the clock is to use the SCP 2400 from SCP. 1 second outside is 140 seconds inside. It's basically the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Infinite expanse and all.

>> No.48146441

Jumpmaker disagreed in-thread.

>> No.48146444

Is that the WW game about Other in?

>> No.48146450

Maximum cuteness!

Maximum understanding.

Maximum salt!

>> No.48146452

I don't think it's the original author making it.

>> No.48146458

Get the time chamber SCP and the Narnia clock, stack them. Go to Master of Magic and get The Weight of The Years. Set yourself on Auto Pilot training in the SCP, little time will pass out side and it will feel instant to you but you will have trained for a VERY long time.

>> No.48146460

No, that's Beast. Leviathan is a fan-splat about being a Deep One. Which is sort of like being an otherkin, only you acknowledge it's horrible instead of just everyone else thinking it.

>> No.48146463


>> No.48146477

In that case it probably shouldn't be in the jump, anyway.

>> No.48146479

at least it's not a wasp.

>> No.48146485


>> No.48146489

There are zero cute pics of wasps because they're not cute.

Bees on the other hand are cute.

>> No.48146491

Now bumble bees on the other hand are ok in my book.

>> No.48146495

D'aw! Who's a cute and fluffy little bumble bee? You are! Yes, you are!

>> No.48146506

I can't tell whether or not That tail counts as having the booty.....

>> No.48146508

Read the whole conversation idiot.

>> No.48146515

Okay, and did you actually read his response? Because what he says is that it starts off as "vague but helpful" and grows to "detailed and very helpful".

>> No.48146521

That's stupid. If he wants to change it, he should update the jump with thr information. You can't expect everyone to know evey ruling that's ever been made about jumps.

>> No.48146547

You were arguing it starts off detailed, anon. So anything disagreeing shows you that it starts out useless and remains useless for an indeterminate amount of time.

>> No.48146549

I am the anon who he was talking there and you have obviously not read that conversation thoroughly.

>> No.48146551

Well, he is updating the jump, actually. But it doesn't matter, because he didn't say that. Some asshole is just interpreting what he said as that for the sake of shitposting. You can tell they're wrong because bancho is agreeing with them.

>> No.48146561

That's a terrible metric. That's like saying the sky can't be blue because Tera agrees.

>> No.48146569

No, I never said that it started off super-detailed, anon. You're making things up, again. And it doesn't start off useless, it starts off very useful. It just gets even more useful.

>> No.48146576

In what way is giving you an objective towards a goal and tactical advice for that objective useless?

>> No.48146585

Nice Gecko.

>> No.48146590

Ah, but that is a matter of empirical observation. This is a matter of interpretation. I trust him to make accurate observations, I don't trust him to analyze the data properly.

>> No.48146591

The sky isn't blue, though.

>> No.48146596

Or infinite time by taking the 40k drawback. literally you can stay for trillions of years, possibly even longer. And some jump scenarios can allow you to stay permanently. Game of thrones comes to mind as you could just keep losing the iron throne over and over again until you want to move on.

>> No.48146604

He says it's useful, I'm telling you that vague tips are actually not. It's stating back the obvious to you.

Because it's only obvious shit you'd already know.

>How do I become president?
>Run in the election

Wow such a great shard

>> No.48146612

If anything, he seems to be giving them a buff. Or at least that's how the fluff reads.

>> No.48146631

>Meaning anything
I can sit here and purple prose about how powerful a mouse is. Doesn't make it factually true.

>> No.48146633

Again, you didn't actually read the posts, did you? Because that's not what he's saying. At this point I'm pretty sure that you're either functionally retarded or just shitposting. Either way, I can see there's no point in continuing to talk to you.

>> No.48146666

At the very least, the addition of Atavisms seem to be a straight up buff. I certainly didn't see any rule changes that made them weaker. And given that jc doesn't run on the storyteller system, fluff is just as useful as crunch at telling you your capabilities.

>> No.48146671

It grows more intelligent and it actually gives you helpful advice.

It would start with something like:

>How do I become president?
>You would need the support from these groups, which in turn gives you some information about them, and this might be your rivals

And grow to so something like this:

>How do I become president?
>You will need the support from X group, that you can get if you do these things, but be careful with Y-guy, because he is an asshole and will try to do X.

Anyway, just combine PtV with the other Thinker powers and you're golden.

>> No.48146675

Look at >>48146452
I think I know which one you are talking about.

Then sorry I might put a few things inspired by thing in it or this and that, but not too much, its going to be based on the other version instead.
Sorry man.

So basically what >>48146477 said.

Holy shit I am copying down these.
Although...that requires one to go to the SCP jump....which you shouln't without precognition of at least a year and a way to resist all those horrible memetic effects without taking that jump censoring and a way to seal or destroying all those horrible world ending threats.


Normal Friday night for late jumpers.
A hardcore gambit filled challenge for mid jumpers.
Impossibru! for the rest.

>> No.48146689

Nope, he says it only gives vague tips. Are you actually reading this post you're talking about?

>> No.48146691

Path to Goal X

One step to Goal X is:
>Clear Building Y of targets
With the advice of:
>approach from the south side to minimize possibility of being spotted by watchers
If you had Path To Victory for longer it would have additional suggestions like
>that window is ideal to put yourself in the best position to engage the first targets

>> No.48146704

Path to Victory, how do I stay alive in SCP?

>> No.48146707

>>How do I become president?
>>You will need the support from X group, that you can get if you do these things, but be careful with Y-guy, because he is an asshole and will try to do X.

if you're worried about your mind Evo: the quest for Eden has something for that. As for the horrible ending threats generic Sugar bowl has something for That

>> No.48146712

>Guy asks about how a shard would get buffed.
>People criticize nerfed PTV for being complete shit.

>> No.48146715

>Don't go there.

>> No.48146718

>PTV would get better about the paths it gives you, adapting to how you do things, your preferences, giving you tweaks in the objectives that you didn't realize were things you'd want, and yes, slowly giving you better advice and more detail. Going from "Clear Building Y of targets, approach from the south side to minimize possibility of being spotted by watchers" and similar stuff, to adding in more specific hints like "that window is ideal to put yourself in the best position to engage the first targets"

I know reading is hard, but you should try it sometimes.

>> No.48146725

see >>48146712

>> No.48146729

>Stay in your room and be polite to the researchers. Don't touch their toys.

>> No.48146739

>Eat and drink

>> No.48146749

I am the anon who was asking Worm_Anon those questions in the thread bancho linked and that is not even remotely similar to how the conversation went.

>> No.48146753

>Implying I am not a few million years old already

Anyway, >>48146712 doesn't contradict what I said, but it contradicts what >>48146689 did.

Jump forbids you from doing so. You will need to break stuff.

>> No.48146772

And I was there too. His examples were all incredibly vague and useless and he scrambled to justify his words with actual examples.

>> No.48146776

Jump quotes the you lose for boring rule, that rule sucks.

>> No.48146779

I know thus my joke on the setting being an average friday night for late jumpers (because they have done enough jumps and got these things already).

>> No.48146788

>> No.48146829

Is there a download for this stuff?

>> No.48146833

>You didn't ask for the best way to survive SCP that let's you continue your chain.

>> No.48146903

These should help.

From Totally Spies:

>Good Cryptid [600 CP, discount Center Agent] – At least you have less trouble with the nonsapient
monsters and cryptids out there – in fact, only the angriest or hungriest of them will attack you now,
and some of the weaker ones might be willing to take orders from you.

From Endless Legend:

>500 Prosperity, not War Discount Roving Clans: For some unknown reason, people don't bother
you. Bandits never attack you, armies pass you by, even the Guardians will step over you if you
are in their way. So long as you never engage in conflicts, you will never be attacked. People
may still try to undermine your efforts, sabotage your holdings, attempt to impede you, but it will
all be through nonlethal means. Once you throw the first punch, spell, what have you, you're
fair game. This includes your allies actions. Anyone under your command falls under the same
protection and restrictions.

>> No.48146949

I can post one of those three if people are interested.

>> No.48146963

Clash of Clans?

>> No.48146965

Damn you PtV!

>> No.48146973

>> No.48147082

It is not on the drive but there is a Corruption of Champions jump.

>> No.48147205

And it's not on the drive because we don't want it. Learn the rules here.

>> No.48147352

Hello? Is there anybody there?

>> No.48147367

No nobody is here.

>> No.48147382

Just nod if you can hear me.

>> No.48147403

Everyone that isn't here, speak up.

>> No.48147447

Nobody here but us chickens.

>> No.48147452

But nobody came.

>> No.48147476

No one is here.

>> No.48147492

Is Spyro around? Need to know if Gummi Shipyard MUST be ran by Chip n' Dale.

I've got fairies from KanColle who haven't been doing much because their KanMusume has decided to magic all the things. So, why not put them in charge of the Gummi Shipyard?

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