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How do you make witches interesting again?

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they're just lady wizards with evil intent, you make them interesting the same way you make ladies, wizards, and people with evil intent interesting

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Depends on what you want out of witches. In general never make them a separate species born with the power, nor make it gender locked.

Witch is a gender neutral term despite what a lot of popular culture does, they are not just lady wizards.

I like the idea of witchcraft being primal magic, full of subtle but potentially powerful power that requires sacrifice.

A good example of the kind of feel of this type are the Ladies of the Wood from the Witcher 3

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Like this

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Huge tits on adorable bodies.

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>Huge tits

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That's cheating though.

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She's a witch, anon.

Witches are all about being extremely lustful.


Witches cheat, it's kind of what distinguishes them from most other spellcasters.

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>Witches are all about being extremely lustful.

Actually, they were all about being barren. While the Witcher spun that into them being sluts who used magic to make themselves pretty, in folklore they were less interested in sex and more interested in kidnapping children out of jealousy for mothers.

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> How do you make [thing] interesting again

-almost as tired as, "Does /tg/ [unified opinion about anything]."

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>sexualizing Madoka

But the rest of it was alright. Sucy best girl.

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That's like getting mad at a pirate for bluffing.

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Board police is here, everyone vacate the thread

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>in folklore they were less interested in sex and more interested in kidnapping children out of jealousy for mothers.

Aren't they the brides of Satan, though?

I figured someone who literally slept with the devil would be so far gone that literally anything is considered a step up.

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They were never not interesting.

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Make them Gelatinous Cubes

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>Aren't they the brides of Satan, though?

Witch folklore actually predates the arrival of the concept of Satan in some regions.

It's largely just the natural instinct to distrust single women of advanced years combined with the resentment towards the burden that such women would place on the community.

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not by inserting your disgusting vore fetishes, that's for sure.

I'd suggest by going with their familiar. they are often neglected and are a key part of the witch fluff. use an odd familiar, stray away from the now cliche cat/fox/owl/raven. have the species of the familiar matter to your witch's story. instead of it just being a generic magic source.

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I dunno i find the more bestial primal witches more attractive than the halloween ones. Not that slutty teen witches are a bad thing

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You all wouldn't know a proper witch if she came and bit you on the ass!

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Apparently by interbreeding them with horses and crabs

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>witches are a byproduct of prehistory hypoborean super science

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what a cute dog

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Is this the new oneliner greentext?

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no that's a beaver

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they use special itens...

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My witches always tend to involve blood sacrifice and creepy woods cults.

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ugly old hags using magic to disguise themselves as beautiful young women to seduce moral, upstanding members of the community into becoming servants of satan are best ugly old hags

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You just described the witches in the Iron Druid Chronicles exactly. They first show up in Hexed.

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I like them as spooky & creepy. For example, cursing the king's yearly awesome feast to rot on the table and filling the guests' mouths with worms as the turkey melts to filth in their mouth, or filling your faucet with sewer water, or putting a live raccoon in someone's belly. I read that last one in Of Mules and Men. Just be creative! Think about all the mean pranks you wish you could pull on the people you hate and that'll give you a good idea of wicked tricks a witch could use.

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i don't need to, the fantasy pop-culture "witch" is fucking awesome and metal as fuck

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>TF witch
Yes please

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I came into this thread expecting to see a serious, mutually productive discussion interspersed with pictures of anime tiddy & I was not disappointed. Carry on lads.

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Witch and princess is a standard combination of storytelling archetypes.

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I'll see yours and raise you. JS Campbell.

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>Non-wizardy spell list, with curing and curses and nature magic and transmutations.
>Their source of power is pacts with magical entities, and they draw power from the pact.
>Familiars are important to them.
>They're more powerful in covens, and not *just* when coordinating a multi mage spell.
>They often become hags.

Now, the specific implementation in pathfinder, and how there are only a couple hexes worth using and those you just spam the hell out of, that's not ideal. But they got the flavor perfect.

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Oh, also necromancy on the spell list.

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>They often become hags.
Don't all women?

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they use portable altar...

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you retard, that's clearly a fucking rabbit

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Make them artists

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However you would define this.

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two parts druid magic
two parts alchemy
one part wizard magic
pinch of devil worship
dash necromancy

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Wary coexistence at best

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Still not sure who witches better between her and Granny Rags

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Embrace the fact they are both hippies and cannibals.

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Does that mean I can stick my dick in at least two of their holes?

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There's two sorts of "Witches":

>Witch in "name only"

These are exclusively women who've either gone into druidism, demonology or have otherwise dabbled in some form of mixed hedge magery and naturalism whether good or bad.
Witches in "name only" often get a bad rap since they have an amazing knack for staying suspiciously young, being promiscuous without getting pregnant or diseased and often hovering below the radar of civilized society and academic magic-users.
Overall they're usually nice enough women that live normal enough lives with the title of "witch" often given to these ladies by other women looking to chastise them or shame them for looking so good whilst being unmarried and middle-aged. This name calling only gets worse as when they do marry these "witches" often scoop up the youngest & cutest farm boys, huntsmen and outdoorsmen (often entranced by huge herbalogy bosoms) and in doing so earn themselves the title of "cradle robbers".

>True Witches

Horrible, awful, fucking horrifying, dreadful magical creatures that at one point "were" women.
Magic is an expression of your soul, but so is your physical body, so what do you suppose happens when your soul forgets what you look like or for that matter you stop caring what you look like for the sake of power and magic?
Witches are essentially magic wielding female mutants made twisted and crooked by practicing such hideous spells and rituals: Murdering and skinning beautiful men and women (often prostitutes) so they can wear their hides and turn into them to later lure children so they can rape and eat them to extend their own wretched lives.
Casting and spreading warts onto peoples shoulders, backs, cheeks and other places so they can see through them and spy on villagers and other innocent folk.
Snatching up and kidnapping babies so they can slowly and painfully turn them into familiars or drain the blood from their bodies to produce misty miasmas that obscure their homes.

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She's too skinny for those tits

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Sure just keep a loaded shotgun on you at all times. Standard wolffucking precautions and all that

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I do that anyway. Shotgun at a minimum.

Thank you Anon.

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she's perfect

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>In general never make them a separate species born with the power, nor make it gender locked.
Why not? Is there an actual reason or is it just because you dislike it?

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Yes, assuming you don't mind what they will do to you

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Granny looks like Clint Eastwood

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Magical Old Woman Clint Eastwood is actually a fair description of her I'd say.

Dirty Harry Eastwood especially.

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Play them straight.

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I really liked the depiction of Baba Yaga in Sandman and the Crones in The Witcher 3.

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The Ladies of the Wood were basically D&D hags in a more disturbing variety of forms in terms of personality.
Actually, Witcher 3 is about the only game (including D&D ones) where I've seen D&D style hags actually appear at any point at all come to think if it.

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>Witch is a gender neutral term despite what a lot of popular culture does, they are not just lady wizards.

>what is linguistics

language is defined by use you dumbfuck

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Make them shoot fuckhuge lasers and borrow things for life. They also wear cute dresses with frills and pointy hats. They store magic by making potions and stews from magical mushrooms.

Also make them really cute.

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Big tits and big dicks

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remove weeaboo

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And then anon, was a faggot.

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That image makes me feel very uncomfortable and I don't know why

>> No.48142962

Trust me, you have good reason to be very uncomfortable. Though you'll sleep better at night if they remain unknown to you.

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Nice comma splice, dumbass.

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Give them a nice personality

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strange skin color is my fetish.

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Does "huge slut" count as a personality? Because I can't imagine a witch being the type that usually turns down a good dick.

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Wicchu akutibiti

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Depends how you roll with your witches. If they are those old hags in the forest I doubt they would bother with dicks in their mossy vaginas.

But if the witch is one of those hot witches or disguises their appearance with magic, it doesnt seem too outlandish that some of them would like a good dicking. Especially considering how many witch stories imply they mess around with devils and shit and everyone knows that devils are always down to fuck.

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It's the witch that shows up in like two episodes of 2 stupid dogs, usually acting out some fairy tail like Hansel and Gretel
Also apparently a common baby's first vore realization, given she succeeds in eating the red ridding hood expy in is about the eat the titular dogs when the episode ends
Also the beach ball and towel in that pic seem to be said dogs TFed

I'd be lying if I said I didn't find either the vore or the TF hot

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>Especially considering how many witch stories imply they mess around with devils and shit and everyone knows that devils are always down to fuck.

That's what I was thinking too; Witches are typically paired up as the Brides of Satan, and before that the wood-wives of forest spirits. Considering one implies actively fucking the singular representation of ultimate evil and the other is an unmarried woman riding 16 inches of horse-dick, it's not a wild assumption to believe someone that deep into the rabbit hole wouldn't have any sort of taboos in the bedroom.

Their souls are already damned, what's a little freaky sex going to do?

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"Huge slut" by itself is not good enough, you need to add something else
>afraid of commitment
>with a heart of gold
>wants nothing more than to be a mom
>waiting for mr. right
>and proud of being a huge slut
Are the most common, but you can put your own spin on it

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You don't even have to pick-and-choose from that list, all of them can be used in the same character.

>A kind-hearted woman that's proud of her sexual history desperately afraid of settling down, yet wanting little more than to find a man that makes her heart flutter with whom she can have a dozen adorable children with.

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What's the difference between a witch and an enchantress?

>> No.48143590

Enchantresses dont have those sexy pointy hats.

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Witches tend to be more associated with primal, ancient arts built around results and consistency (hence why black magic is called "practical magic.") Their patrons tend to be dark spirits or ancient forest gods that are simply unaware the woman is actually siphoning magic off of them.

Enchantresses are a lot more open about their powers, as their patrons are typically fey. Unlike the witch their magics are based more on emotion and charm, the Charisma to the Witch's Intelligence. They also focus more on illusions and compulsions than the witch, that spreads out her knowledge into the realm of alchemy or conjuration.

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So you are saying that witches are nerds?

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Witches are nerds and Enchantresses are the pretty girls that would bully the witches.

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Except witches are prettier too. Enchantresses literally have nothing.

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Wait a minute...


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I'm pretty sure it's a parody of DOOM: RoE anon

>> No.48143789

>Except witches are prettier too

Enchantresses are usually considered witches that have gone down a more charismatic path than the knowledge-focused types, getting their power from sucking satyr dick and wearing revealing clothes rather than pour themselves into a grimoire.

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>witch detected
Did you go to your magic academy reunion and spill your spaghetti like when you were a student, or were you too afraid to even show up?

>> No.48144044

>implying self taught magic isnt better than the blue pilled academy horseshit

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I liked the Path of Exile witch. Waifish pallid hermit

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Bog witches live solitary lives or in parasitic covens. While not secluded to Bogs as their name would suggest, Bog Witches prefer moist soils to build their living body hutches with. The term Witch is gender neutral, both male and female Bog witches exist; though it is difficult to tell them apart.

Dangerous alone, Bog Witches are much more dangerous when formed into a coven. A coven is composed of three or more, the smaller or which will fasten themselves to elder mother's structure.

Using their bodies as the bone structure, Bog witches build upon themselves using materials from their environment. Some will get so large that the witch will become immobile and will even begin to resemble human hutches with willow -the-wisp lanterns. This behavior is not only for camouflage but also is believed to lure in lost travelers.

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Dreary and vapid. Cold, mucid clutches still held dominion in this long forgotten land.The only life was that of the chocking thickets, barbed and thorned. Putrid waste, dark as laquer. Greasy surfaces, slick and green pocked by gloomy waters.

Masked in the mist the two damned edifices stand emiting an turbulent chatter, breaking the deathly silence that surrounds it. Their language so vile and black that it can render a man ill. Yet with the slightest disturbance detected they will be rendered mute. Sleeping giants to the naked eye yet writhing and wriggling beneath the surface.

It is unknown how many bog hags inhabit these malevolent temples but they are a unique infrastructure for their kind. Pilgrimage sites to the countess covens and solitary bog witch wanderers. No man dares to pass through them and those who do will do so scathed.

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Bog witches, despite their unpleasant and vile nature, are quite cooperative amongst one another, thriving on their ability to mutually parasitize. Yet their are those who have a far more sinister reason to build a coven. While many bog witches find the benefit of mixing there are those who will prey on weaker, smaller, bog witches, absorb their power and in turn grow more powerful themselves. Not all solitary bog witches display this behavior but those who did tend to wear vibrant red masks to display their ferocity and superiority.
Many bog witches will seek these red capped demons in hopes of combining with them and becoming far more powerful. It is believed that the two bog witch temples were built on the backs of such cannibalistic queens.

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These dont seem like witches. They seem more like some random swamp monster-people that just are called witches because they wanted to use the terms for something.

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>Witch is a gender neutral term despite what a lot of popular culture does, they are not just lady wizards.
Technical correction, historically it *was* a gender neutral term, nowadays not so much, excluding Wicca. I see "witchman" every now and then as a sort of male equivalent, though, so if you want male witches, there you go

>> No.48144954

And I was always under the impression that outside of d&d, Warlock was usually the make counterpart to witch.

Also nice dubs to trips.

>> No.48144955

Of course, if you wanna use 'witch' as a gender neutral term, go ahead, nobody's stopping you

>> No.48145028

That is too thick, anon.

I like my women with nice, proportionate bodies.

>> No.48145059

>Not liking Oppai Loli
What are you, gay?

>> No.48145060

>witch (male)

>> No.48145085

Only for traps.

Big tits are all well and fine, if they are proportionate to the body. Same goes for the ass.

>> No.48145099

What is this gay shit. We dont need sticks here.

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bite me

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You arent posting witches you cunt.

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Are you really this retarded? That is a bloody magpie.

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I agree. Ladies of the woods are awesome examples.

I like when witchcraft entails two things

Sinister elements that straddle the border between natural and unnatural.

>> No.48145239

10/10 would bang

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>> No.48145275

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boring witches when?

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*tips pointy hat*

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>> No.48145575

12/10 would make sexually frustrated in any way possible.

>> No.48145581

How about instead of "Wizard with a vagina" you make them exert their influence over an area with hexes, curses and subtlety. They don't even have to be evil to do that.

>> No.48145605

Come to think of it. I've never even seen the traditional spoopy baba yaga halloween witch in any RPG campaign I've played in.

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Warlock is the male equivalent of witch

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>> No.48145681

Not really, no

>> No.48145725


noun: warlock; plural noun: warlocks

a man who practices witchcraft; a sorcerer.

>> No.48145738

hold on.

a enchantress would be the one learning her craft at the wizard school.

the witch is the one dealing with primal powers

>> No.48145760

you give them guns and gun-related spells

>> No.48145772

pwnt >>48145725

>> No.48146058

All witches started out in wizard school then got bullied out of it by superior qt enchantresses, so they turned to primal powers

>> No.48147453

Literally Inquisitors.

>> No.48148487

Sounds like your average white girl

>> No.48148762

>Do you sense you have some luck, delinquent?

>> No.48148843

Make them cute.

>> No.48148915


>Sexually frustrating a woman that's got dark magic and history with all sorts of bestial fuckbuddies.

You're playing a dangerous game, son.

>> No.48148945


>Marrying a girl that's taken the knot

But why?

>> No.48149156

I know exactly the game I play.

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>> No.48149264

And you get a gunmage

>> No.48149440

I guess that's better than the alternative, which is manwitch.

>> No.48149497

that show was garbage

>> No.48149849

How do I play gun witch? Want so bad.

The Lady is best witch, anyone who disagrees is the Rebel.

>> No.48149863

Croaker, pls.

>> No.48149916

Make them any arcane spell caster who defies the rule and laws of the Mages Guild. Just like in the dresden verse.

>> No.48150516


Wiccans need to go and stay gone.

>> No.48150770

>socially inept witch who used magic and careful diet to be sexy but can't help spilling spaghetti and lives out in the middle of nowhere so the only thing she knows how to seduce are her conjured tentacle beasts, which are poor company.

>> No.48150811

>All witches are actually That Girl and use their magic to give themselves 20/10 bodies but have a shitty, shitty personality

>> No.48151267

>mfw imagining the tantrums, tears, and emotional instability
>and the "Y-you toos"

>> No.48151542

>Mean Girls: Fantasy Setting Edition

>> No.48151740

I'd play it

>> No.48151796

>Make them autists
Could also work

>> No.48152575

>which are poor company
That's what familiars are for. Bonus points for tentacle beast familiar.

You guys have never heard of Witch Girls Adventures?

>> No.48152938

No we haven't, tell us more about it

>> No.48152943

hillbilly witch is best witch

>> No.48153647

Heck, give it a shot

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