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Post cool stories, inspirational pictures, unique Paladin concepts, etc.

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My current character isn't a Paladin, but my next one is going to be a noblewoman who decided she could do more good following the call of Pelor than in a court of nobles.

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One of my favorite characters is a paladin (well, more accurately, a warlord whom I made a paladin when I ported her to a 5e game years later).

She was loosely inspired by Don Quixote. Her scthick was that she was so caught up in being the hero that she had little to no idea what was going on around her and a terminal case of foot-mouth.

>"When we arrive at the city, I'll find a blacksmith to reforge this plate into eladrin armor and a horsesmith to reforge Alphonse here into a mighty warhorse!"
>"I don't think they can re-forge a horse, Victory."
>"Nonsense! It happened once already when I was but a girl. Later the same afternoon withered old Alphonse was a strapping young stallion!"
>"They must've glued brand-new parts to him--they had vats of the stuff!"

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Dumping my paladin folder

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If any one else has other pics, I would love to see them for my collection, shame OP only posted a generic one.

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Well, I do have this.

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I remember people making up stories about a succubus who was got frustrated with a sexually oblivious paladin.

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Hell yes.

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My personal favorite paladin story.

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That’s some good shit, its going into my folder.

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One of my favourite Paladin concepts.

No, NOT an Anti-Paladin or whatever.

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Inspirational. Ohhh I'm feeling the desire to play my longest-running character on a MUSH come rushing back.

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Good read. Thank you anon

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Bumping for more caps

I´m going to be playing a green Paladin soon. Anyone tried it?

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>he didn't post part 3

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Ozzmar was a green paladin.

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