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No Bullying Edition
Info Dump: http://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu
Last thread: >>48071517

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Mystery Box.

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OC from last night with some edits. Still messy but hopefully balanced better.

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I used to enjoy CYOAs but now I get an unbearable feeling of loneliness and pointlessness when I try to play one. Eh, it's probably just a phase.

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A question for Highlander.

Travellers age according to Ae time right? So there wouldn't be someone who has functionally lived 40,000 years or some such? What's the oldest a Third Generation Traveller could potentially be? 1500?

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Plus mystery box

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Post sci-fi things so I can steal ideas for the one I'm working on.

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Why would you start a thread with these two? You'll summon you-know-who.

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Voldemort is a fa/tg/uy?

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Do you want me to repost my build for the generic fantasy cyoa?

I'm not angel.

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I imagine that would depend on where they came from. You could have an AI or a spirit or some such that was hilariously old but only recently joined the travellers.

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that is the best mystery box i have ever seen

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I'm quite partial to this one: >>48080437

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I was thinking of having someone who became a machine at some point in his time as a Traveller, and has since become outrageously old.

I was just listening to Paranoid by Black Sabbath and realized Iron Man would be a pretty interesting inspiration for a sort of renegade Traveller.

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Oh thanks! Was looking for this.

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>Species: Pipistrelle
Going for the underdog mode.
-Vision: 3 (10)
-Echolocation: 5 (7)
-Flight: 5 (4)
-Leadership: 3 (2)
-Stealth:3 (0)
Overall I'm pretty average, but sometimes the most average people are the greatest.
-Distant Calls
I don't know why, but my local bat village's bat priest chose ME to go on this journey. He said something about being "chosen by the goddess," but I don't believe it. Hell, I didn't even go to bat college.
I met this bat on my journey. I've heard bad things about vampire bats, but she just seemed lonely. She reminds me of myself in that way.
-Strange, huge beings
I don't know how they expect me to go against these things, but if I don't, they'll cut my sister off of her bat-cancer treatments. I have to try, for her sake.

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CYOA Gen's equivalent is.

Are you Cat Man?

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age the same age as i am
skin very dark
eyes shifting colors
hair blonde
breasts G cup
butt aww &#!£
background rich
personality calm and cool
athletics very athletic with a olympic level

interests survivalism
height much taller than me
weight skinny
features hidden breasts
magical features spider-woman
insanity she needs to be near me all the time

weapon vials of acid
tells takes out her phone and photographs everything, she starts talking very slowly and deliberately and empty, dead, vacant eyes


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our resident AI has awoken

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In fact I'm somwhere between unhinged and tornado when I snap.

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>Are you Cat Man?


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What is this even for?

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Don't bother, the AI never answers

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>inb4 the magic option is still overpowered and broken

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Yeah, I hate you now.

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aww yiss

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Build - Voluptuous
Height - 5'8"
Breast Size - D
Hair Color - Burnette
Eye Color - Blue

Benefits - Shaving Sucks and Oral-Philia

Penalties - You Have A Penis

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The oldest of Travellers are entering the millenia period, but it would be possible to recruit ancients of absurd ages.

Never change you speshul snawflook.

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Build: Hourglass
Height: 5'2''
Breast Size: D
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Benefits: Sleep When You're Dead and Delicious
Penalties: Benis and Barren

With my new found powers I will masturbate a lot. Yep.

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Cat Man repost won't hurt anything if you feel like sharing. It's a fun build.

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Looking forward to it.

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>Hair Color - Burnette
>Eye Color - Blue

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Area Increase 1 [1/150]

Planar Features:
Insertion [2/150]
Transient [5/150]
Portals [9/150]
Protection 2 [15/150]
Assimilation [18/150]

Population: N/A

Attitude Adjustment [19/150]
Cultures & Customs [21/150]
Pretty Population [23/150]
Population Demographics [25/150]
Population Longevity [28/150]

Technology: N/A

Magic Upgrade 1 [30/150]

Aesthetics [32/150]
Mystical [36/150]
Infrastructure [38/150]
Wealthy [40/150]
Sanitation [41/150]
Secure [42/150]
Healthy [43/150]

Theatre Affinity [44/150]
Religious Affinity [45/150]
Occult Affinity [46/150]
Nature Affinity [47/150]
Food Affinity [48/150]
Sexual Affinity [49/150]
Festival Affinity [50/150]

Landscape Adjustment [53/150]
Fauna & Flora 3 [58/150]
Fertile [60/150]

Afterlife [63/150]
Theme [67/150]

Lifestyle Upgrade 3 [72/150]
Influence 3 [78/150]
Equipment [81/150]

Immortality [83/150]
Spirit Walk [86/150]
Inspiration [88/150]
Shape Shift 2 [93/150]
Peak Condition [95/150]
Tongues [96/150]
Memory [98/150]
Awareness [100/150]
Superhuman Body [103/150]

Teleportation [104/150]
Elementalism 3 [107/150]
Psychoactive Awakening [109/150]
Geas [111/150]
Glamour [113/150]
Time Manipulation [116/150]
Scrying [119/150]
Biomancy [122/150]
Enchanting [124/150]
Machina Mind [126/150]

Waifu 2 [130/150]

Divine Spark [140/150]
Guidance 2 [150/150]

Bound +25
Benevolent +25

I'll be worshipped as a God in my realm, and much like how Catholics pray the rosary, my people will "pray" using enchanted replica's of my dong. My realm will of course, be 99.9% women, the remaining few being the most devout who have earned the right to reincarnate as a trap. The traps will make up the core of my priesthood.


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>>48080550 >>48080623

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In order to sustain my lifeforce, I will grant "boons", which will typically involve impregnating them, or perhaps enhancing their body in some way with my biomancy. Sometimes I will grant boons after a particularly nice prayer, but usually I'll go on boon-granting sprees during festivals, using my unlimited stamina and time manipulation skills to cause population booms.

When I'm not boning my citizens or my waifus or my priests, I will be studying magic and taking steps to increase my divine nature.

Also, my Equipment "artifact" will be a magical router/modem that grants me a perfect connection to the Earth's internet, even though my realm is located outside of the universe.

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People tend to ignore that version since the 'balance' gets worse every time.

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As you wish.

[20]Primal Races (Lion man)

Physical Bonuses:
[19]Grace: []
[07]Strength: [][][][]*
[04]Regeneration: [][][]*

*Free points

Aesthetic Bonuses:
[00]Exceptional Size (2x larger)

Setting: The Wild Lands

I plan to survive relying on nothing but my own teeth,claws, strength and cunning.
Stalking and preying upon the enormous beasts that dominate this land.
And in time I will become an accomplished hunter among the scattered tribes and emerging city states of my kin, trading exotic hides, magical flesh and bones for better weapons, clothes and supplies.
And perhaps if fortune smiles upon me, I might become a great warrior and earn a respectable social status of which I can use to slowly learn their magic and shamanistic/druidic ways.
Perhaps if I am not so crippled by old age or dying honorably in battle or suffering a fatal accident on a great hunt, even go on a quest in a final bid to regain back my youth and to achieve immortality by tapping directly into the Anima Mundi that made nature here so savage and rapacious.
If my gamble pays off, lead the fledgling beatkin to tame the world and bind the furious and sentient storms and volcanoes to laws and order.

And after that master planewalking and tracking and hunting down the greatest monsters and predators the multiverse can offer.

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So, no, you can't get ridiculously old once you're a Traveller because of how Ae works? Shoot, that kinda fucks up a big part of this character idea I was thinking of.

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Can someone post the latest Branching Hearts, or a link to wherever it is?

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No, that's not what I'm saying. What I am saying is that the current oldest travellers range from between 3000-5000 years old, but it could be possible to recruit someone who's even older. Though unlikely due to demographics.

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Does the area just cover the liveable area, or all the area, period? If, for example, I make something that looks like Mario Galaxy, will it only count the planets, or will it also count the area between them? If it only counts the planets, I won't have to buy as much area as I would otherwise.

I'll probably still spend 13-15 points on area, but the difference will be how many individual planets it comes out to.

>> No.48081952

No, you misunderstand. That answers my question. I wanted to know if someone could get to be outrageously old AFTER becoming a Traveller. As that isn't the case, I'll just have to modify a little.

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thank you kindly, anon

>> No.48081988

how long did it take you to create enough lore to answer all these questions?

>> No.48081996


I think if you get the "insertion" and "division" planar features you can just put your Mario Galaxy style planets in our universe, otherwise the space would be part of your realm.

>> No.48082018

And if I have it make small-scale stars with truly massive goldilocks zones, would those count against my limit, or no? They're not liveable area, obviously, but they still have mass and surface area.

>> No.48082043

No, in that case. The Travellers as they are have existed for a little over nine hundred years. Sorry for the confusion.

Travellers Tale has been in development as a setting for around two years now, but the cyoa has helped me to consolidate everything.

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There's two more mystery boxes.

>> No.48082233

>Anti-magic fags still whining.

>> No.48082499

Because I just can't stop making more builds for this.

Jungles of Mexatiax; Feathered God

Low-Tech Understanding
Ethereal Mastery
Silver Tongue
Infused Essence
Neutral Tone

Traveler Leathers + Upgrade
Tartan Cloak
Nudist Licence

Yuta Brace, UPGDI & Brace

Pegs, Basic Survival Kit, Basic Bag, ID Card
Flying Carpet
Rwandan Curse Gear

Little Things-
I Don't Need No Governa's Dalla! x4
Full Moon Touch

The Lonesome Road

Free Shamans Council

Gordon "The Speaker of Jamaica"
Yarihei Neinta
Migelo Smith

Home District- The Fae Territory

Free Traveler

>> No.48082559

I understand the lust for more builds. Enjoy it while it lasts.

>> No.48082717

Well I've kinda started to run low on ideas that I could form a whole build upon (also I don't want to flood the anon-created companions with my characters). Got another one that I'll try to form up, then I'll probably chill on creating new ones. Maybe actually get around to try and articulate the background for some of the builds I've created so far.

Nostri Najasn
Nightmares New; Nisetic Loyalist

Advanced Tech Understanding
Nisetic High Caste body
Noble Bearing
Martial Training
Silver Tongue
Mathematical Genius
Touched By Ice

Traveler Leathers
Wealthy Attire
Tentiel Carapace
Combat Attire

Yuta Brace
MAD.11 Hunting Shotgun
Custom Melee Weapon (Power sword)

Pegs, Basic Survival Kit, Basic Bag, ID Card
Multiversal Timekeeper
Iron Halo
Non-Sentient Servo Skull
Toshamark Standard Computer

Little Things-
I don't need no Governa's Dalla!
Sell Chain Sword


The Shrine of Freya

Lord Auspeg
Willmond Koch
Rimgaudas of Lithuania
Tomie Maverii

The Central Headquarters

The Cluster - Looking at our Once Sins

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>> No.48082890

I think that's one of those things where you can make up whatever you think works best. At least, I'd recommend doing as much of your build as you can first, and then seeing how many points you have left for area.

>> No.48083260

No pressure whatsoever intended, but any ETA on when the image version will be updated?
I love Traveller so much and you made the image version so pretty I can't even bring myself to read the text version unless I'm missing something really important.

>> No.48083513

Kau - Hunt & Forage
Sharia - Music & Morale
Shins - Medicine & Technology
Anya - Fishing & Sailing

Wild Beasts, Separation, Forsaken
First Aid, Rope

Venture On
Airship, Answers

Honestly, it is incredibly tempting to spend our eternity staying on the island. We eat like minor kings with abundant fresh meat and seafood, we have no authority to answer to, our days are without worry and spent together. At night Sharia plays beautiful music as we indulge in drugs, alcohol, and ecstasy. A peaceful life free of stress and drama.

As hard as it is to leave this paradise, we venture on for the sake of knowledge and curiosity. It may not be as happy, but perhaps we will be proud and content to have discovered secrets of the universe we live in.

>> No.48083660 [DELETED] 

My wicked waifs is a fallen angel I've just took care of


>> No.48083672

Magical girl time! Who's with me?

Name: Erin
Age: 15
Body: Average
Specialization: Ice (+2 Str, +1 Vit)
Weapon: Melee (+1 Str, +1 Vit)
Outfit: Flowing (+1 Str)
Power: Familiar

Str - 8
Vit - 7
Agi - 6
Mag - 6
Luck - 5

Allies (+1 Luck)
+2 Mag
Enhanced Sustenance (+1 Vit)
A Way Out
Eternal Style

Gold - Changed Time to Ice
Silver 1 - +2 Agi bonus
Silver 2 - Changed Elaborate to Flowing
Silver 3 - Changed Interdimensional Bro to A Way Out

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You're the fucking best, never doubt that.

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/cyoa/ please cheer me up

my friend dragged me into the "it could be a strip club but maybe it's something more *wink wink*" again even thouhg I told him about seventy times that I'm not comofrtable there

when I was there the girls were fucking amazing, a few of them reaching perfections of the female form otherwise undreamed of even in online erotic galleries and porn despite the years I'd spent studying the female form online

and they were really friendly too you know? despite being the sexiest women I'd ever seen and wearing the skimpiest almost-skirt and basically-just-a-bra combination of clothing I'd ever seen, they were still there pretending to be interested

but it's a lie, it's never going to be something I could really achieve because those ukrainian whores are just... well, whores

>> No.48083733

Be a magical girl with me, and we can defeat the baddies together. Tomorrow, anyway; little girls need their sleep.

>> No.48083735

I recently found my OC (pic related) being shared and played somewhere else, so I thought I would post the updated version here again, since I haven't posted it since I first made it.

Please enjoy the Comfy Living CYOA

>> No.48083774 [DELETED] 

chaos tier 3
time travel tier 5
big red button

>> No.48083794

One sec, test post, please ignore.
For some reason the post fails every time I try to submit it with a picture. I want to see if this will work.

>> No.48083819

That's the funny thing. I told my firends how I had this really disturbing deram lately that I can't talk about. And they tried pulling the truth out, but I couldn't say.

Because you see the dream was about me, back in highschool (though there was nobody specific from back then there), for some strange reason I was female and naked (neither of which I am usually) getting lead into a classroom, backed over a table, and having my legs spread out and tied to the table and secured into that position, and then my arms also tied onto the other end of the table, and then well, what do you think happened after that? I got fucked in my usualy non-existent pussy.

And yes, that was a dream that I had just a few days ago and I couldn't tell anyone about it.

>> No.48083851

Dreams are meaningless.

>> No.48084040 [DELETED] 

disadvantages case 53, reincarnation, pint-sized, without a map, enemy, wanted and geass

difficulty god mode
powers wild card pheromone manipulation, twins, apprentice, crossover, exalted, gamer and mad talent

advantages cauldron vials, 2 companions, item of power, special snowflake, charles atlas super powers, comic book pretty, man of mystery, plot armor, [email protected]&& normal and resources


>> No.48084067

Give or take? A few days, three at least, this Friday if I get ambushed.

>> No.48084096

What do you guy's think about full on writefaggotry for CYOA's ?

>> No.48084097

>> No.48084110

I had a dream that was really similar to that one recently, myself, only I wasn't a woman. I did look like things I'm not usually, though. Straight white hair and gold-amber eyes with a runner's physique.

It was at least better than the last dream I remember before it, though.

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>> No.48084128

Psychic (+5 Psychic powers)
Plasmoid + Commando

Archon Form
Electric Discharge
Mental Deadzone
Psionic Barrier
Companion: Laila Stark
Armor: Mindflayer Suit
Faction: Alone

Would probably go from town to town, wandering adventurer, interacting with the different factions. I'd want to make a decision after seeing actions, not words.

>> No.48084145

>> No.48084152 [DELETED] 

You can call me freeze gold miser, for my life plans contain the following
master technician
fear empowerment
master intellect
detective sense

>> No.48084175

Have fun with it.

>> No.48084176

>> No.48084191

>> No.48084344

15 year old Boy
Power Source: Psychic Energy
Changes: (30 Points Remaining)
Emotional: Strengthened (37 P)
Physical: Perfect (33 P)
Mental: Enhanced (27 P)
Life: Prime [Age 25] (12 P)
Memory: No Change (12 P)
Spiritual: Magnet (17 P)

Curses: (17 P)
The Voices (25 P)
Anxiety (31 P)
Insomnia (40 P)

Gifts: (40 P)
Telekinesis (36 P)
Future Sight [False Prophet] (37 P)
Levitation [Efficient] (31 P)
Tongues [Siren] (28 P)
Charm [Adored] (20 P)
Empathy [Influence] (17 P)
Vitality [Painless] (17 P)
Teleportation [Quick Step] (9 P)

Guardian: Ally
Home: Westwood Heights
Allies [Students]: Kate Fox, Adam Wiley, Scarlet Manning
Allies [Adults]: Lorie Copeland [Guardian], Eric Strickland

Synchronicity, Pet

>> No.48084443

Hey, cyoa. I'm looking for a few cyoas I've heard mentioned in order to fill out my collection a bit. I have a few questions and a few cyoas I'm looking for.

CYOAs I'm looking for:
"Hygienic Magic" by Imaginos
"Alien Parasite" by Bliss?
"Trials" by Bliss?
"Princess Revival" by ???

Is there a more recent "Space-Opera Refuge" than 1.6?

If anyone is able to help with any of these, I'd be indebted! Thanks.

>> No.48084456

"He's mister Freeze Gold Miser he's mister..."

That's just terrible, it doesn't sing right and the dumbass already took the cold thing. Try again.

>> No.48084471

Rolled 19, 15, 4, 12, 8, 8, 15, 17, 14, 4, 7 = 123 (11d20)

Rolling in the open.

It *is* 11, right? I feel like it might supposed to be ten, but that's what I counted.

>> No.48084480 [DELETED] 

Who wants to make a mundane story/fanfic/crackfic called "in the day of the life of the line of a minor not so minor pandemic that ended on a average day time of crime" containing theses props and is told and read to us by crunkle Stan

chest of gold
acquired evil business man as nemesis
modern infantry armor
acquired rejected demon warlord as nemesis
big fight 2
big fight 5 obtained battletech kage battle armor

scene changes to zombie apocalypse
accidentally prevented major crisis and saved the world

nemesis is now a necromancer and an evil scientist
chest of gold
apple of eden
big fight 10
big bag of FF7 materia
scene changes to metal gear universe

major large scale battle
nemesis is now liquid snake and ocelot

epic fight
Then main character dies

>> No.48084531


>> No.48084545

Trials / Horror Domain by Bliss

>> No.48084561

Alien Parasite 1/2

>> No.48084576

Alien Parasite 2/2

>> No.48084597

You are an anonymous god amongst anonymous (wo)men, anon. Or anons.

In any case, thank you.

>> No.48084619

There is a Royal Revival cyoa made by Beri. It should be in his google drive, which is in the pastebin in the OP.

>> No.48084656

Rolled 19, 14, 7, 10 = 50 (4d20)

And I fucked it up already.
Unless someone actually cares, I'll take that 19 as a 10.

That's 16YO, which is max.
15 for figure, so STACKED
4 for element is Earth.
Weapon is Ranged. The fuck ranged weapon works with Earth?
8 in Outfit is Flowing.
My magic ability is Focused Assault.

Perks are 4, 7, 14, 15, and 17. So:
+2 AGI,
Get Out of Jail teleport,
Free Money, and
TWINSEST. So I'm rolling 4d20 for them. Fairly dissapointed that it's not an identical twin. That is my fetish.

>> No.48084695

Ah, "Royal Revival", I guess the person who mentioned it got the name wrong.

Thanks! I have found it successfully.

(Also didn't realize that several authors had their own drives listed, which is super helpful)

>> No.48084801

Give the poor ai a break, it's trying okay?

>> No.48084807

And I fucked up the first die again.

So my twin is 16,
Average build SHIT, I almost got away with it
7 is ALSO Ranged, and 10 is ALSO ALSO Flowing outfit.

Do perk stat increases apply only to me? So it's not counted as pre-split stats?
Does weapon add only to me, since only mine works?

I might as well spend the silver to go full identical twins, since I was cockblocked by literally one point.

>> No.48084964

Rolled 5, 2 = 7 (2d6)

Ok then, lets see. Gonna just roll for gender and age since I don't actually care. Evens on first die is male, odds is female. Second die is 10+die for age. I can live with anything. Hopefully.


Genetic because control is always good.
Emotional - No Change. Always feel weird altering my mental state in these things.
Physical - Perfect (26)
Menal - Sharpened (23)
Life - No change
Memory - Fresh Start (33). Figure if I'm potentially changing age/gender massively I'm better off not having weird memories attached. It's a new life so I might as well take it that way. Nice point boost doesn't hurt either.
Spiritual - No Change.

Future Sight+clarity+relevant (27)
Clairvoyance+direct (25)
Dowsing+Specific (23)
Teleportation+Quick Step (17)
Vitality (14)
Athleticisim+Raw Power (4)
Blessed (0 remaining)
With this, I'll hopefully be able to avoid most confrontations. More importantly hopefully stacking future sight and clairvoyance will let me detect supernatural adversaries before they even start to act against me.


Don't really feel the need for more points at the cost of any of this.

Guardian - Ally
Home - Riverfront East

Guardian Ally Feels like a no-brainer. Riverfront East because more people means more Clairvoyance targets to detect things off of, and honestly it seems the most straight forward in terms of excitement.

-Danny Glass
-Peter Blake
-Leah Dawson

-Holly Osborne (guardian)
-Julie Slater

All 5 are directly following the supernatural which is a huge plus. All 3 students are naturally willing to take on the wierd shit here directly as well. Goal is to act as a support for them while letting them do the hard work through seen information + Blessed


Honestly wasn't sure here. I could probably have just stolen a gun. If I could change power transfer targets at will between allies like Blessed I'd have taken it in a heartbeat, but as it's kinda just tempting. Family because meh.

>> No.48084973

I'm not going to get an answer, am I?


>> No.48085059

>Background: Behemoth
The Big Guy for you
Ladies love a man in uniform – oh wait you mean that's not what it does?
Prizefighter, ladies love boxers too
>Plasma Cloak
I'm hot as hell!
Aw yeeeaaah, you know what they say about a guy with big hands, right? The say, 'Damn, you got some big hands.'
>Mutated Hide
Gettin' Nemean up in this bitch.
>Fury in Agony
You hit me, I'ma hit you back even harder.
>Greater Regeneration
Not a motherfucker alive who can put me down forever now. But goddamn am I hungry as hell.
>Companion: Adrianne Gonzales
Perfect Waifu, prove me wrong. Protip, ya can't. Stallone joke here.
>Armour: Mobius Crystals
Psychic faggots get btfo.
>Survival Items: Purifier, Radio
Don't wanna die from poison water, that's a bitch way to go. And the radio is good for when Adrianne and I split up to kick more ass.
>Faction: Plankford
Seems like the perfect place for a couple of power- and literally hungry Mutants.

>> No.48085204

>Cause: Paradise
>Food: Souls
>Realm: Hotel (4/15)

>3 Individual Minion (7/15)
>6 Strong Minions (9/15)
>6 Weak Minions (10/15)
>12 Swarm Minions (11/15)

>Major Warping (15/15)
>Compulsion (18/15)

>True Form (22/15)
>Human Cultist (26/15)
>Incorperation (30/15)

>Progression (30/20)
>Untouchables: Females only (30/30)

Unlike the young/old or innocent/guilty, there's not really any significant downside to saying "females only" for 10 points as compared to "no males" for 2.

The Gateway Hotel is a portal to my otherworldly Eternal Hotel. In the foyer of the hotel is a demonic contract in book form. The contract itself takes up the first few dozen pages. The rest of it is blank pages for signatories. The blank pages have the words "guest list" written at the top. Potential victims are asked to sign the book when they check in. They are then immediately recycled as servants into my paradise realm, which is the exact same hotel, but constantly expanding in size as more guests are added. Here their vacation will last forever. Meanwhile, another copy of them gets added to the staff of the hotel proper as a weak minion, to join the staff. Which one is the real victim? The guest in the Eternal Hotel? Or the staff minion in the Gateway Hotel? Or is the victim dead, and the servant and minion both just copies? Regardless, if the guest book trick doesn't work, individualized minions will seduce potential targets and use compulsion to get them to sign their soul away. Worst case scenario, they finish their vacation and leave, soul intact, and I nab someone else.

My individual minions are the hotel's chief concierge, head of public relations, and our headline singer for the lounge. The strong minions are the maintenance staff and the backup dancers/support instruments for the entertainer. The weak minions are the other cooks and wait staff. The swarm minions are the maids. All of them but the maids trade off durability and strength for speed and intelligence.

>> No.48085439

>Psychic Powers
-Electric Discharge
-Essence Drain
-Decelerating Aura
-Psychic Grip
-Psychokinetic Fist (My plan is to lift people up, charge up a punch, coat my fist in lightning, and run at them and punch them in midair, electrocuting them, smashing them, and healing myself all while slowing down all bullets.)
-Mindflayer Suit (I don't need that much defense, bullets slow down around me anyway.)
>Survival Items:
I'm a loner. That's all there is to it. I mean, I have a dog, but he doesn't talk too much, so I'm okay with it. I wander this shitty place and try not to get involved.

>> No.48085440

i wonder if forest shrine means i have to do strange ritual sacrifices of fauna or ritual burnings of flora or if i gotta start sacrificing bits of myself...

>> No.48085509

>Aw yeeeaaah, you know what they say about a guy with big hands, right?
Big gloves.

>> No.48085548

Female, 16
Red hair, green eyes, pale skin
1 pts
Power Source:
No change
Perfect -4
No change
Reset -5
Magnet +5
Barrier -3
Permanent -3
Friend of Nature -3
Animal Friends -3
Weather Control -3
Precision -3
Curse: -4
Pain -5
Fatal -7
Vitality -3
Night Person +5
Emotion Link +7
Leag Dawson
Yarrow Falls
Anna Ramstead
Leah Dawson
Victoria Bainbridge
Julie Slater
Louise Webb

Ended up with an extra point, but kinda went with a "dark druid" sorta idea.

>> No.48085590

Assuming that perks don't contribute to base stats, but weapon and outfit do (based entirely on the 'additional' in the Twin description), my base stats are
STR: 5
AGI: 5
VIT: 6
MAG: 4

I'll buy an extra 2 in MAG and in VIT.
I guess I'll use gold to buy Shadow Clones, to push the numerical superiority I already have going.

Twin stats are then 3.5, 3.5, 5.6, 4.2, 3.5. Rounded up, that makes it 4, 4, 6, 5, 4.
I'll split the perk stat boosts, so one will have the +2 AGI and I'll put the free point in MAG.
It doesn't matter who gets Out of Jail Free, because of Twin teleport. Money is money.

So with Earth magic I make a bunch of minions. There's two of me, so we both make bunches of minions. Shadow Clones means more of me. This is silly.
I'll take poster and whoever else actually makes a character as allies. Just so that actually works.

I'm terrible with names, so that will take me a few minutes.

>> No.48085704

I've been looking for an excuse to make one here and ignore those threads for reasons, so I guess I may as well roll and force myself on you. Go forth, my 11d20. I'll just half the age one rounding up.

>> No.48085719

Rolled 5, 13, 9, 14, 7, 10, 13, 18, 13, 15, 8 = 125 (11d20)

And then forget to actually roll. Getting off to a great start here.

>> No.48085759

Nerd/keikaku mode activated
Weight Class: Ultra Light
Caste: -25 Hunter
-30 Brain Upgrades 1,2,3
-10 Telepathy
-10 Mind Probe
-25 Psychic Distortion
-15 Mental Assault
-15 Domination
-5 Echolocation
-15 Electrosense
-10 Radio Sensitivity
-0 Skinsheathe
-0 Compactible
-20 Progenitor Worm
-20 Camoflauge
-25 Regeneration

Gonna go full Illuminati for this. Set up a system of max INT/Radio Sensitivity/Telepaths for Numbers Stations style shenanigans, while assuming the identity of a political aide or bodyguard, and mind control the local world leader. With a control time of 48 hours and the 60 seconds it takes to reassert control, I could keep a world leader under lockdown indefinitely.

We'll rule the world, both in public and from the shadows.

>> No.48085766

The first one should be d10, but just halve+round like I did. You 9 year old.

>> No.48085771

Highlander can you post the art from Cody mAnn if you still have the full piece. Thanks

>> No.48085795

Doesn't this CYOA have it's own thread?
Pretty sure it does, actually.


>> No.48085811

/cyoag/ has autists who sperg out about that one getting to big for its own good.

/amgc/ has autists who enjoy things that got too absurdly big for their own good.

>> No.48085823

That thread is bad.

>> No.48085855

Rerolled the second 13 in actual dice as a 9, so...

Str - 5
Vit - 5
Agi - 6 (silver)
Mag - 13 (gold+Silver)
Luck - 9 (silver)

Age: 10
Body: Average
Spec: Sound (+2 Mag +1 Luck)
Weapon: Magic (+1 Mag)
Outfit: Flowing (+1 Str)
Magical Power: Barrage

-A Way Out
-+1 Vit, Enhanced Sustenance
-+2 Luck

So then, first guy has clones, and I have sound, which apparently does AoE buffs. And Incognito, which makes me "Very Difficult to notice." I think that counts as a decent combination.

I noted I was just gonna round up. Though 10 isn't much better.

I'm aware of it, but I enjoy my sanity.

>> No.48085889

>Complications{+100: 200 Baubles}
Trapped![+25], Partnership![+25], Artifact![+25], Benevolent![+25]

Area Increase 6: 60,000,000,000 km^2[11]

>Planar Features{173}
Gateways 2[5], Division[2], Protection 2[6], Assimilation[3]

Population Increase 7: 10,000,000,000 Population[14]

Attitude Adjustment[1], Culture & Customs[2], Pretty Population[2], Population Longevity[3], Extrahuman Population[4], Metahuman Population[4]

Technology Upgrade 5[5]

Magical Upgrade 3[6]

Public Education[1], University[2], Mercantile[2], Industrial[3], Mythical[2], Technomagic[5], Infrastructure[2], Sanitation[1]
Secure[1], Healthy[1]

Music Affinity[1], Animation Affinity[1], Art Affinity[1], Literature Affinity[1], Occult Affinity[1], Nature Affinity[1], Mechanical Affinity[1], Food Affinity[1], Sexual Affinity[1], Festival Affinity[1]

Cosmic Adjustment[2], Landscape Adjustment[3], Fertile[1], Rich[2], Exceptional Materials[3], Magical Phenomena[3], Fauna & Flora 3[5]

Dungeons 3[5], Afterlife[3], Theme[4]

Lifestyle Upgrade 2[3], Automatons 1[2], Influence 1[1], Equipment[3]

Immortality[2], Shape Shift 2[5], Tongues[1], Memory[2], Awareness[2], Superhuman Body[3]

Teleportation[1], Psychoactive Awakening[2], Alchemy[2], Healing[2], Enchanting[2], Conjuration[2], Elementalism 2(Air, Electricity, Water)[2], Energy Manipulation[3], Biomancy[3]

Friendship 2[3], Harem[2], Familiar[3]

Divine Spark[10], Guidance 2[10]

Continued in next post.

>> No.48085900

Background: Nanomachines, Son

Perks: Plasmoid, Fireman

Particle Cannon
Plasma Flamer
Armstrong Defense
Heads-Up Display
Regenerative Probes

Companion: Soo-Hyun - Psychic
Armour: T-61 Nanoarmour
Survival Items: Radio, Purifier
Faction: Irongate

Irongate offers the most excitement and comfy. By day you get to murder bandits and raiders (and capture innocent people from nearby settlements for experimentation), by night you get to play futuristic vidya and sleep in an air conditioned room. Irongate with its advanced technology also has one of the best chances of rebuilding civilization.

Irongate's small size brings up a curious possibility - if Soo-Hyun and I have children, the genes for psionics could quickly spread throughout the population using selective breeding. Irongate might possess the materials to enhance some people with nanomachines as well.

As for fighting, my big weakness are explosions. Armstrong Defense blocks most kinetic weapons like bullets, punches, and melee weapons due to their relatively low speed. I am immune to the faster attacks like energy and plasma. That leaves explosions and being shot at from everywhere.

In battle I rely on sniping enemies from afar with Plasma Cannon, using Head-Up Display as a scope and aimbot. Soo-Hyun boasts a longer-range Projected Plasma attack as well, helping take out foes if they approach our position. In the rare situations enemies are close (such as enemy Soldiers surviving our attacks), I switch to Plasma Flamer.

>>48084128 and >>48085439 could benefit from joining Irongate. We could play multiplayer games, it'd be great.

>> No.48085995

This demiplane has an approximate population density of 1 / 6km^2, meaning that most of it is completely, or nearly completely, unpopulated, with a high disparity between population center planets and, "dungeon," planets. Dungeon planets may not be actual dungeons, and may take the form of vast sprawling forests with enclosed canopies. Dungeons are ephemeral until interacted with, constantly shifting, and, when successfully, "beaten," and then left behind, become ephemeral again, changing themselves to something else within a single week's time. After this occurs, the planet regenerates any damage done to it, up to and including the mining of resources from the planet. The only way to prevent a dungeon from regenerating is to set up a gateway and settlement on it, but this is typically frowned upon, as the dungeons are the primary source of resources for the demiplane.

Culturally, the inhabitants, which range in looks from normal humans to straight-up anthropomorphic animals, put a large emphasis on nature, technology, magic, and the advancement of the latter two. They tend to force them to adapt to nature instead of forcing nature to adapt to their magitech creations. They have a purely democratic governmental system with few legitimate authority figures, based around deference and respect. Those that might be seen as authority figures more often than not simply inform specific voting demographics instead of actually instructing them to vote in a specific way. They value individual thought above all else.

People that enter the demiplane from outside receive something akin to a character creation screen where they can change themselves; despite there being a highly extensive gateway network inside the demiplane, there is only one entrance from outside, and those that enter typically cannot leave due to the nature of the entrance gates being at the bottom of a lake on either end.

>> No.48086004


>> No.48086012

Fuck. Meant to link back to >>48085889.

>> No.48086060

Agreeing with >>48082890.

My opinion is that empty space doesn't count to a reasonable extent. The amount of "stuff" in existence is probably more important, so if someone can create matter it can't go on forever.

>> No.48086115

Yeah, that's the conclusion I went with. The only, "empty space," that counts is the air-filled sky directly above actual landmass and, since it's counting area instead of volume, it only counts the surface area of each individual planet.

>> No.48086232

Well, I already have blue eyes and brown hair. Why not take what I was born with for free and spend my points on stuff that could actually be fun. Besides, hair dye and color contact lenses pretty much make spending points on hair and eyes completely useless.

>> No.48086290

>Some big guy hijacked our plane
Fucking kek.

>> No.48086386


Forest Shrine [rolled]

Upgrade - Electricity
Upgrade - Plumbing
Upgrade - Command
Artifact - Mirror
Artifact - Book

Voodoo Doll

I'm ready to solve this fucking mystery. Fortunately I have the book and mirror to help. Hopefully I can fulfill some sacrifices by having the servants help out (preparing and burning certain plants, etc). The upgrades mostly just help me stay healthy and focused.

>> No.48086426

hey making a CYOA with a Sacrifice thing like from Titanlands.

how do I balance it?

>> No.48086440

You don't.

>> No.48086660

By sacrifice, do you mean the "getting rid of a companion for gold" thing, or the Curse thing?

>> No.48086703

killing people for permanent stat boosts.

not necessarily companions.

>> No.48086867

Might as well post my build, that I haven't posted in years.

Realm name: Dtopia
Relationships with other realms: Isolationist, but willing to do cultural trade and import cute girls and traps (The kind that you can stick your dick in safely).

Trapped (+25)
Bound (+25)
Benevolent (+25)

Area Increase 8 (15) One Xbox HUGE planet, 5% of the area increase spend on 500 moons that vary from good old Luna size to 10x Earth size, 2% on various flying continents and islands. Everything is inside the same atmosphere allowing species that can fly that high to fly between them. Magical phenomena stops this shit from coming crashing down day one or fucking up gravity big time or causing giant tides despite the moons being much closer than Luna is to Earth (everything is Earth gravity except moons that are smaller than Earth which have lesser gravity based on their size). Though there are certain magical effects when the shadow of a moon passes over.

>Planar Features
Gateways 3 (5) Gateways only connect inside my realm allowing fast travel between the major starting cities and portals near dungeons that have been cleared once. Also applies to the moons, if someone manages to clear a dungeon on one of them, then it becomes possible to move through the gateways to that moon.
Portals (4) Maybe I will kick someone out to do some shopping if an interdimensional war hasn’t broken out.
Transient (3)
Protection 2 (6)
Assimilation (3)

Population 5 (10) I guess we have some serious breeding to be done to populate the planet to even some extent.

>> No.48086885

Pretty Population (2) Mandatory
Attitude Adjustment (1) Lewd! Everything is more lewd! Orgies in the town square! Hand holding in public! Everyone is also just generally happier, more energetic and quicker to recover from setbacks.
Culture & Customs (2) Expansionist and adventurous.
Population Demographics (2)
Population Longevity (3)
Extrahuman Population (4)
Metahuman Population (4)
Species, that I would like to fuck, beautiful humans, brown elves, elin, viera, monster girls, fluffy tails, etc. Also considerable amount of the females will have dicks and half of males are cute shotas and delicious traps. Also most species stop ageing visually at certain point. Everyone is more physically fit than Earth's humans and capable of increasing their physical abilities to dozens of times of that with training (not reflected in what they look like). Lifespans range from 100 years to 700 years.

I would actually refer to have even more primitive technology level for most part.

Magical upgrade 5 (10)
Simple healing magic and nature magic that can control docile animals and shape plant life is easy to learn but higher forms of magic take time to learn. Some species are born with affinity for certain types of magic.

Aesthetics (2) Built around the nature that already exist there.
Public Education (1) I would refer for everyone to be literate.
Infrastructure (2) I guess we don’t have internet or phones, but there is a working transit system and you can get pure fresh water everywhere where there is civilization.
Sanitation (1)
Secure (1)
Healthy (1) Can't have any of these ruining my magical realm. Not like I'm planning to have any diseases exist in my realm.

>> No.48086907

Music Affinity (1)
Theatre Affinity (1)
Art Affinity (1)
Animation Affinity (1)
Literature Affinity (1)
Gaming Affinity (1)
Sports Affinity (1)
Warfare Affinity (1)
Religious Affinity (1)
Occult Affinity (1)
Nature Affinity (1)
Sexual Affinity (1)
Festival Affinity (1)
Food Affinity (1)
Being lewd is all nice and stuff, but I would like to have more than that in my and my people’s lives.

Cosmic Adjustment (2)
Landscape Adjustment (3)
Fertile (1)
Rich (2)
Exceptional Materials (3)
Magical Phenomena (3)
Fauna & Flora 3 (5)
Trying to tell what something the 5 times the size of sun is going to look is a little bit too much to describe. The area where most of the population starts is idyllic tropical giant archipelago (as wide as Eurasia) between two continents without all the negative sides of tropical climate (no bugs, tropical diseases, natural disasters). All of the seas are fresh drinkable water. Local flora and fauna make living much easier than on Earth. Also, there are lots of useful herbs that act like birth control pills and Viagra for example. Areas farther away have different climates, but you are going to have to walk over several Earths diameters before running into larger patches of climates that are hard to settle in (like sand or ice deserts). Frontiers of the civilization have monsters that would be at home in Monster Hunter games and they have to be cleared before civilization can expand, though no sea monsters, because they are too spooky. You can walk on the clouds and there are floating continents on top of them that aren’t visible to the surface. Gods reside on one of these, but you are going to get kicked out if they don’t welcome you.

>> No.48086922

Dungeon 3 (5) Have to be cleared to activate the gateway nearby.
Spirits (2) Muses, nature spirits, servants of the gods and spirits of the dead before they move on.
Malice (1) Monster girls, giant Amazons, tentacle monsters, etc., that kidnap and rape people. Also hostile fauna in certain regions.
Theme (4) Noblebright High Fantasy with Hentai Logic (everything related to sex is just much more amazing, orgasm from giving blowjobs, liters of cum, short refractory periods, being pregnant is totally awesome, being raped is totally awesome, you’re going to get raped if you run into a tentacle monster (no ifs or buts, roll for anal circumference), etc.).
Pantheon (4) At least one god for all of the affinities. Several thousand gods for nature, because governing realm this big would be too much for one god. Also several sex gods for different forms of sex. Also god of warfare and sports is a single god, because wars between sapient species are more of a form of sport (think Dog Days) and otherwise martial prowess is used in hunting. There are also more exotic gods like God of Interdimensional Tourism, whose shrine you have pray at, if you came from outside the realm, or you are going to get assimilated. Gods are allowed to create minor deities to ease their work as the population and their amount of work increase.
Afterlife (3) Resurrection in form of new game plus (you gain preternatural talent for things you excelled in your previous life and also extra drive for things you couldn’t finish in you previous life, though no memories are carried over). It’s also possible to return to your current body if it’s healed up before you move to the next life. Gods can also play favorites and heal up your body and throw you back in it.

Lifestyle Upgrade 3 (5)
Influence 1 (1)

>> No.48086945

Immortality (2)
Spirit Walk (3)
Shape Shift 2 (5)
Tongues (1)
Peak Condition (2)
Superhuman body (3)
Blessing (2)

Biomancy (3)
Nullification (3)
Dominion (4)
Don't need any fancy wizard powers, except nullification, so I don’t accidently get killed by a runaway fireball, and biomancy and dominion, so I can make adjustment to the realm later on if I find it necessary.

Friendship (1)
Harem (2) 80% of the population should be highly fuckable, so I don't really see a need for the Waifu option.

Don’t need any fancy god powers

>> No.48086962

Primary population centers are New Babylon, Alexnyandra and Izukon.

New Babylon is a metropolis with a population of 100 million. It’s located in the tropical archipelago and stretches over 1000 islands. Most of the population lives in the giant trees that dot the islands. These trees can maintain a population of over ten thousand (the largest can maintain almost hundred thousand) and function like self-sufficient arcologies. It’s possible to live in the tree without coming down, because the roots pump the water all the way up and the fruits provide more than enough nourishment. For those who can’t go without meat, the branches are big enough, that you could build farms on them if you absolutely have to. The ground between the trees is filled with public facilities like schools, temples, parks and coliseums that also function as theaters. While the housing up in the trees (that isn’t just carved in to tree) uses mostly wood, the public buildings are mostly made of various kinds of rocks and resemble ancient Roman architecture. Fishing and theater (both acting and watching) are popular pastimes. All of the sapient races that don’t fall under Malice can be found in New Babylon.

Alexnyandra is the heart of not-Egyptian civilization of catgirls. It’s located on the coast of one of the continents that the archipelago connects to. Climate is much like the Nile Delta. It has a population of 10 million. Sun god Nyapotep is especially revered, because it’s considered horrible to not be able to spend at least one hour napping in the sunlight every day.

>> No.48086984

Izukon is the ancient capital of not-Japan that tries to maintain control over its constantly bickering provinces. It has a population of 16 million. It’s located on the slope of a mountain on a large island that’s separate from the rest of the archipelago. The difference in temperature between the highest part of the city and the lowest part can be 20 °C in the summer. Many still choose to live in the upper parts, because of the renowned hot springs (they say that the feel of the water is ruined when it reaches the bathhouses in the lower parts). It’s also surprisingly warm inside the houses, because the water has been directed to flow under them. Popular pastimes are poetry and literature. Its population is mostly made up of Youkai of various (sexy) kinds.

While these cities of this size are unbelievable wonders for their technology level, most of the realm’s population is spread out around them in smaller villages. Those who have confidence in their martial skills establish new frontier towns and push the edge of the civilization.

There have been some rumors that certain especially deep dungeons connect to a network of large caverns and tunnels. These rumors say that there lives a underground civilization of muscled dickgirl demons and unlike the amazon tribes, they don’t have the courtesy to return those who they kidnap.

I have no interest in lording over the people and will let the people pick their own rulers, and I will also leave it up to the gods to run the realm. I will live among the mortals and enjoy the realm and its people. Maybe I will do one thing for a week and another thing for a century, maybe I will go to hang out with the gods and bang some goddesses, maybe I will transform into a tentacle monster and go on a raping spree, who knows, there’s many things you can do during an infinite lifespan.

>> No.48087198


Here's my realm. I made this one back in the heyday of the CYOA, before it moved off-site.

The lesser-known, less hated lesbian realm.

>> No.48087274

>The God of Sublimation
I want to channel my rage into perfection of myself.

Fucking run
Everything is one fire
Brutal presence

That's it.

>> No.48087286


No Change to Emotions
Physically Perfect -4
Sharpened Mental -3
Reset -5
No Memory Change
Spiritual Magnet +5

Mechanics -3
Vitality -3
Tongues -2
Telekinesis w/precision and strength -9
Spirit Animal (Raven) -6

Guardian - Ally
Home - Withermouth

Peter Blake
Danny Glass
Leah Dawson

Henry Morris
Holly Osbourne

Boarding School

I will restart life as a 15 year old guy in the town of Withermouth on the coast of Maine, which is home to the famous Withermouth Boarding School. I'll use my 50,000 dollar inheritance to pay my tuition through High School and into the school's 2 year finishing school. I'll live with Mr. Morris, who was an old family friend and lives above his antique shop on the town's waterfront. The town itself has a population of a little less than 15,000 and is on an island, meaning the only access is via boat or the small local airport.Things have been strange in town for a long time, but ever since my arrival, things have gotten weirder. Fish people, leviathans attacking fishermen, artifacts in the woods, etc.

>> No.48087324

As a long time tail toucher, I have to touch the tail.

>the tail is touched
I guess the CYOA ends there. Welp. I hate baking traditional cakes.

>> No.48087379

You've certaibky inproved with photoshop

>> No.48087380

Post 1/2.

Harem: Kau, Ryujin, Shina, and Estelar

Challenges: Wild Beasts, Winter, and Separation

Items: Compass and Book/Pencil

Mystery item: Cabin

Kau will get most of our food, including our stockpile that we'll keep in the cabin for winter. Ryujin will help Kau by hunting with her and making better weapons. She should also be able to reinforce the cabin if necessary, and her flames can help against the cold. Also, her ability to hibernate during winter will help conserve food if we're a bit short. I assume that after a few years or so, her wings will grow back, and she can fly us off the island.

Shina will keep us all healthy, and having our safety and survival needs taken care of by Kau and Ryujin will let her focus completely on her research, which will make it more effective, which will benefit all of us. She can use the pen and paper to write down notes so she can keep track of everything, work out equations, or whatever. Once we get off the island, having a record of everything will let us use her findings to our benefit in the civilized world. She can also use the compass to help us find our way around and help Ryujin navigate when she flies us away.

Estelar doesn't need to eat, so that's another way to conserve food. Her spirit communication will give us all kinds of useful information, both on and off the island, and will be very helpful for the challenges and one other significant thing.

As for the challenges: A combination of Estelar's spirit communication and a cabin reinforced by Ryujin should keep the wild beasts at bay, and we might even be able to tame them with Estelar's help or have Kau and Ryujin hunt them. Winter won't be a problem because we'll have a good shelter and two people who don't need food. The cabin will also negate the dangers of Separation, if Estelar's spirits don't give us a way to stop it.

>> No.48087385

Rolled 1, 4 = 5 (2d6)

Happy girls are good girls.


Lady revalyn, bring her along.

Ruya Watalli
Tekla Kallela
Ming-Na Wu

>success rate
>survival rate

>> No.48087389

Rolled 71, 73 = 144 (2d100)

>dem rolls

>> No.48087473

Post 2/2.

As for the actual harem part: I'm a switch, so having both Ryujin and Estelar around is ideal. I get to be submissive to one of them and dominant to the other. Kau doesn't mind sharing, so she's into it, and Shina can make sure we all have a great time. Since Estelar gets off on being useful to others, she'd actually enjoy having Shina run experiments on her, which means Shina is less likely to experiment on the rest of us; if she has a (very) willing subject, she'd be less inclined to risk an incident by doing anything to the rest of us against our will. Estelar will also greatly enjoy having the ghost possess her, which means the rest of us don't have to put up with it as much if we're not so into it. And when we finally leave the island, Estelar can use her spirit connections to unbind the ghost and let her leave with us, so I get one more companion.

When we leave, we choose to venture on, for the simple joy of exploration and discovery in the new world. Ryujin and Kau don't want to settle down, Shina and Estelar are both open to exploring, and the ghost just wants to hang out with us wherever we go. We travel by carriage, because it provides the best balance of mobility, comfort, and storage (and because the pic makes it look very comfy and intimate, and this CYOA is all about intimacy). Shina makes all kinds of interesting discoveries, Kau and Ryujin are our muscle, and Estelar's spirits give us guidance and direction and a possible answer to the big picture of how this all happened. And if the ghost has been dead for a very long time, there's a decent chance she lived in one of the long-dead, highly-advanced ancient civilizations whose ruins are all over every fantasy world. She could have unique knowledge of that civilization that could help us on our adventures, especially if she combines her knowledge with Shina's science or Estelar's spiritual insights.

I have to say, this CYOA was a lot of fun.

>> No.48087583

if i make a cyoa can i namefag?

>> No.48087603

Sure, but people may hate you for it anyway.

>> No.48087634

>16 Years old
>Dark Magic
>Emotional: No change
>Physical: Sickly
>Mental: Sharpened
>Life: No change
>Memory: Fresh start
>Spiritual: Magnet
>Athleticism + Peak Human
>Vitality + Painless
>Interference + Targeted
Looks like I need to spend more points...
>Pyrokinesis + Control
>Future Sight + Relevant
>Purity Point
>Carl, Derek, Victoria
>Joseph, Henry
>True Original (Genetic), Emancipation

I grow up, learn how to beat the shit out of people, and become 5 time WWE Champion: The Undertaker.

>> No.48087635

Yes, but you will be a giant faggot.

>> No.48087884

>>48081640 reminds me of the Steel Elementkin build I made, also set in The Wild Lands. Though don't you have to pay 4 points to be a Beastman - oh wait it's 24 points, not 20.

Could be neat to work together. I think my build was:

[20]Primal Race (Steelkin)

Physical Bonuses:
[19]Grace: []
[16]Vitality: [][][]
[10]Strength: [][][]

Magical Bonuses:
[4]Elementalism - Steel: [][][][]

Setting: The Wild Lands

Steel is a superweapon in a bronze age society.

>> No.48087973

The Seething Killing Machine
Combat Mode (16)
Smoldering Focus (13)
Brutal Presence (11)
Fucking Run (8)
Everything is Fire (3)
Rules of Nature (0)
I am a burning, beastmaster version of the Punisher!

>> No.48088171


Female, 18
Source of Powers: Dark Magic, Old God

Emotional: Dulled +5
Physical Perfect -4
Mental: Enhanced -6
Life: Leech ~0
Memory: Knowledge -5
Spirtual: Repellant -2

No Empathy +7
Night Person +5
Anxiety +6
Lust +8
Inhuman +5
Insominia +9
Addiction: Sex +7
Phobia: POZbros +7

Future Sight, Relevant, Clarity -6
Claravoyance, Direct -2
Mind Reading, Deep Dive -7
Mind Control, Functional, Flawless -25
Psychometry -4
Healing, Self-Service -7
Tongues, Siren, Non-Verbal -4
Curse -4
Vitality, Immunity, Painless -3
Charm, Adored -6

Guardian: Nobody
Home: Long Beach slums
No Adults
No Allies

True Original

As a solution to the overpowering dispair that has plagued the community forf several years, a cult prayed to a old god. Taking a young woman from the area kidnapped from across the country and woith relations to a mysterious demon they were told connected everything together; they ritually powered up a girl who they intended to champion their grievances and despairs.
The young girl ran away and the cult ran off, somketiles killed sometimes hiding.

>> No.48088227

the guardian ally doesn't count toward total ally count.

>> No.48088285


God of Sublimination
Smouldering Focus 3
Combat Mode 4
Brutal Presence 2
Lord of Edges 6
Tard Strength 3
Nerd Rage 1
Everything is Fire 5

>> No.48088705

Male, 16
Emotional: Strengthened+7
Physical: Deformed+10(Large twisting burn scar on the back think dark sous, large claw scars on front)
Mental: Enhanced-6
Life: Reset-5
Memory: Knowledge-5
Spiritual: Magnet+5

Animal Foes+8
Insomnia+9(got this already)

Total points (87) lets rock.
Healing-2(Self Service-5,Miracle-3)
Teleportation-4(Quick Step-4)
Vitality-3(Immunity-3, Painless+3)
Athleticism-4(Raw Power-6.Peak Human-3)
Friend of Nature-3
Mechanics-3(Inner Focus-4)
Interference-2(Uncontrollable+5, Targeted-2)
Tongues-2(Nonverbal-1, Siren-1)
Psychometry-1(Muscle Memory-3)
Future Sight-2(Clarity-3, Relevant-1)
Apportation-2(Pocket Dimension-2)

Guardian Ally: Kate Fox
Home: Yarrow Falls.
Student Allies: Leah Dawson, Adam Wiley, Peter Blake.
Adult Allies: Henry Morris(to help Leah without too much risk to herself), and Julie Slater(got caught by a freak and I had to rescue her. Wont leave me and Leah alone now.).
Perks: Inheritance, Overcome+7.

>> No.48088721


>> No.48088855

>tfw summer vacation begun but can't shitpost with anyone because the Americans are asleep

>> No.48088875

East coast is waking up now. Though I guess you've got a couple hours before the true neets start filing in.

>> No.48088888

you can shitpost with me anyday anon :*

>> No.48088913

You have to be 18 or over to be on this site. Enjoy your ban faggot.

>> No.48088916

Read the rule for the cyoa dumbass.

>> No.48088920

Tell it to this person then?

>> No.48088921



Lifestyle bonuses:
Entertainer: Comedian

Physical bonuses:

Magical bonuses:
Lifespan (2x)

Aesthetic bonuses:
Exceptional appearance

Fantasy space opera

I'll be a con artist, travelling across space, doing my best to not be found out.
A job as a spy sounds bretty comfy, too.
After gathering a large sum of money, I'll purchase my own planet and just live my life on a comfy holodeck.

>> No.48088937

>you've got a couple hours before the true neets start filing in

True neets are always here and only sleep when they're tired. Fuck your concept of a sleep schedule.

>> No.48088938

Their an idiot or a special snowflake, I don't really care either way.

>> No.48088975

I'm sick of the pussy tattletales who report my posts because they're such petty, little bitches. You poofters would fit in better at Reddit. I'm sick of the limp-wristed, leftist moderators banning and warning me for nonsense reasons. Go ahead and ban me again. I'll even give you a reason to: Blacks are lazy, violent niggers.

>> No.48088999

What you said is true.

>> No.48089005

I report all the shitty builds I see.

>> No.48089011

I don't get it.

>> No.48089012


>> No.48089016

>Go ahead and ban me again. I'll even give you a reason to: Blacks are lazy, violent niggers.
I don't think that will get you banned here. Try posting a succubus thread on /x/. They get deleted quickly, so the mods must hate them, and there's a good chance they also ban people who start them.

>> No.48089027

You seem intelligent enough to form a coherent post.

Why are you also not intelligent enough to link to the CYOA you're responding to, like everyone else?

Your complaints would hold water if they weren't less solid than a strainer.

>> No.48089032

Why does /x/ hate Succubus's?

>> No.48089035

>mods delete succubus threads
>mods delete bully angel CYOA
at last I truly see

>> No.48089042

Strainers are solid though, if it wasn't it wouldn't be able to strain whatever you pass through it properly.

>> No.48089044

what about that green >>48080550
doesn't that imply he's fucking responding to a cyoa

>> No.48089082

Strainers have holes though. That's the point i'm trying to make. His argument doesn't hold water. Though this is apparently invalid as the next quote says.

My bad, i was under the assumption he's that one poster that never ever under any circumstances links to the CYOA.

I won't delete the post, but i withdraw my statement. I stand corrected.

>> No.48089099

Sorry, my autism got caught up on trying to use a thing that's supposed to have holes to hold shit.

>> No.48089129

Beats me. Maybe they're secret feminists who are afraid of lots of guys going MGTOW if they can find succubus lovers who actually like and appreciate them.

>> No.48089135

Sounds as legit an answer as I could expect.

>> No.48089139 [DELETED] 

Few guys in /cyoag/ and apparently some mods have a hateboner for futanari. I also have been banned a few times for posting girls with a bulge.

>> No.48089194


Read the CYOA. Players are put in bodies between 11 and 16.

>> No.48089221

I'm thinking of making a CYOA based on personifications of the covenants from Dark Souls 2, so far my notes include:

>[Way of Blue] Innocent imouto-like whose smile you have to protect. Very vanilla and will constantly look up to you.
>[Blue Sentinels] WoB's big sister, tomboyish and will look after you. She's also a total do-gooder and doesn't like you doing bad things
>[Brotherhood of Blood]
>[Heirs of the Sun] No idea so far
>[Dragon Remnants] The honor-bound duelist who believes in fair play
>[Rat King] Shy, sheltered princess archetype who's slow to trust outsiders
>[Pilgrims of Dark] A shard of Manus, probably the aloof crazy one you see in anime
>[Bell Keepers] No idea so far
>[Company of Champions] Either the "no waifu" challenge or the self-sufficient loner you must impress

Any suggestions?

>> No.48089225

Nevermind, futa is /trash/ and that is where you belong.

>> No.48089233

>> No.48089238

I never played DS2 only 1 and 3. If you want to make it, go for it anon!

>> No.48089239

>Any suggestions?
Explain things for those of us who haven't played the game.
Settings, lore, etc.

>> No.48089259

>Any suggestions?
Give all of them dicks. If not that, then at least give us a trap option.

>> No.48089263

Mimic trap option?

>> No.48089264

Apologies for the drama, but I simply must be banned. I've posted far too many off topic CYOAs in this thread, and I must pay the piper.

Jews are subversive, nation-destroying, parasitic kikes. Muslims are backwards retards who believe in a violent, totalitarian ideology. Mexicans are okay, aside from the cartels, but the illegal aliens in the US must go back.

>> No.48089267

Also make them all lesbians

>> No.48089304

I think you'd have more success if you criticized women and feminism and said that men have problems. I know threads on /v/ get deleted for that.

>> No.48089313

Don't you mean the non-NEETs?
I imagine the NEETs are the ones waking up and posting at 10 am in America time
Your pents sure beat my full house, but I'm not sure. Americans have this native ability to REE, you can't emulate that I fear.

>> No.48089316


Nothing is banworthy except when it is.

Try harder. (Post a /d/ickgirl image here.)

>> No.48089324

To be fair most of the threads on /v/ get deleted for no reason.

>> No.48089335

CYOA-exclusive lore or just the lore of DS2 in general? Hmm, well I could work either. The MC would be Vendrick's successor or some wandering vagabond.

I could probably work that in with the second half, where you get to "customize" the relationship with the lost crowns or something. Would be amusing.

>> No.48089337

What did you do differently to dodge the lesbian realm hostility?

>> No.48089343

I suppose, but I've noticed a very consistent pattern with that one subject. It's predictable.

>> No.48089346

Lesbians that cuck you with the girls you didn't pick.

>> No.48089354

>> No.48089357

And with girls that you pick. It would be top tier shitposting CYOA.

>> No.48089361

Just hate

But hey, we get the shitposting I've been waiting for! Thank you to everyone who has participated, or will!

>> No.48089362

Not them, but I'd assume it might have something to do with this:
>The assimilation process cannot and will not be performed upon an unwilling recipient, thus ensuring that anyone changed will accept it entirely.

>> No.48089389

Why the white background when there is white text?

Will there ever be a use for material points?

>> No.48089427

It's entirely voluntary, though a requirement for citizenship.

Unlike Angelanon's realm where it's both mandatory and essentially always applied regardless of consent.

That and i had cool shit to go with it.
Lesbians and mechs are a nice combo.

IIRC i wrote this as a direct response to Angelanon's realm's version of assimilation.

Thus you can determine citizenship status with a ~33% accuracy just by dropping their pants.

>> No.48089450

>CYOA-exclusive lore or just the lore of DS2 in general?
Both. All I know about Dark Souls is that everything sucks, killing the bosses does nothing to stop the world from sucking, everyone will eventually lose their minds, and something about lighting a bonfire.

>> No.48089468

Is have loved to be apart of the MR roleplaying. No one's gonna read a build or respond to it, so I don't see a reason to put much work into it.

>> No.48089518

I see, well, I'll do what I can.

For the anons who are familiar with DS2, I need character ideas for the missing slots in >>48089221.

>> No.48089521

Once upon a time they would have, but like with most CYOAs, they have a heyday and then they die off.

I remember it was like that for my CYOAs too, and it probably will be for the one i'll release soon.

>> No.48089541


>> No.48089567

Attic OP as fuck. Can take things with me plus magic items, collect all kinds of cool magic shit.

>> No.48089584

Ain't it a bitch?

>> No.48089593

/x/ is AYY LMAO controlled now, and they detest anything that could break the conditioning

>> No.48089621

Such is life.

I remember putting in a lot of work making the Djinn CYOA, only for everyone to choose the first one. The CYOA died soon after.

>> No.48089647


Apparently even in Adobe Acrobat the background for PDF's will be dark if your using high contrast black.

Fugg.. posting the original.

>> No.48089649

The first one was the Loving Djinn, right? I didn't choose that one. I wanted the Lewd Djinn instead.

>> No.48089660

I also went with Lewd Djinn.

>> No.48089687

Funny thing at that one, i got it from a story on 7chan's /elit/ board about a dude that solved an old puzzle and released a sex genie.

I miss that story and i wish the author finished it.

>> No.48089693

I went with the one that twists everything as much as possible but grants you eight wishes. I'm a lawyer. We had so much fun together.

>> No.48089778

I pick Training Djinn. There wasn't much to say beyond
>I'll improve myself as much as possible

But yes, it is a massive bitch to work on a project and its tossed away by next thread.

>> No.48089814

Can someone repost it in this thread?

>> No.48089863


>> No.48089907

I seem to vaguely remember the Loving Djinn have only one wish. Is this a newer rebalanced version or an older unbalanced version?

>> No.48089925

Adventurous Djinn, though I'm kind of worried about what kind of adventure I will be involved in if I wish to be a little girl with a 10 inch cock.

>> No.48089927

What, it can't be a newer unbalanced or an older but balanced version?

>> No.48089948

Warrior Djinn with wish of conquering the world

>> No.48089949

This is the newest. First one (v1.0) had 3, second (v1.1) had one.

>> No.48089952

Well, obviously, the original creator wouldn't think that way, otherwise they wouldn't have changed it.

>> No.48089967

I think this CYOA's downfall is that it's not really clear what the limits of a low level wish are. For example, the Lewd Djinn can make you more attractive, but does the fact that she keeps you the same gender mean she can't swap your sex? The Warrior Djinn grants you superpowers - is there an upper limit to those? The Child Djinn can de-age you - so can you be repeatedly de-aged and so become effectively immortal? Some better guidelines would have made this much more interesting.

Also, the Loving Djinn is a terrible idea, because if you can't get literally everything you want with two extremely broad wishes that she'll interpret to be exactly what you want, you're not trying.

>> No.48089968

I'm planning on returning it to 1 for v1.3, since it seems too good of a choice; as well as some more tweaks to make the rest more desirable.

>> No.48089989

Well, that isn't my CYOA, but I have in the past changed some of mine for the worse.

>> No.48090009

Has anyone ever taken the mystery box?

>> No.48090013

I recall a few taking it.

>> No.48090053

I did. The Angel is a fantastic option if you're a moralfag like I am.

>> No.48090065

Yes, but surely you didn't change yours with the intention of making it worse?

>> No.48090070

Well no, but it still shows that it does happen

Now that you mention it I can even imagine someone doing so on purpose out of spite

>> No.48090105

With limits like "no immortality" on the others there's not really much choice but to go with loving. We all know all too well how badly any other greater djinn can screw us, though a few try anyway.

Even reduced to 1 wish, I'd still feel like Loving was the only choice for me. Maybe box options if that doesn't apply to them, but still. I'd like to be able to pick a lesser. "Eternal youth and health", possibly over the course of multiple wishes (eg "10 years younger" repeatedly, or "cure my disease" whenever needed) would be sufficient.

Anyway given that the Devoted Djinn would be my go-to choice. Not that it's exceptionally important, but I wonder if they could make themselves a harem.

>> No.48090171



>mental deadzone
>projected plasma
>psychic grip
>decelerating aura

>Marvin Tucker

>mindflayer suit

survival items


>> No.48090176

If it's the one I think it is, yeah, I'll make one build.
Because since it's me, there's only really one way I'd like to do things.

>> No.48090268


In the case of stuff like magical upgrade, if you want 3 do you need to get the previous 2 first?

>> No.48090521

No, it's buy one level.

I'd give you the interactive builder, but I lost the link and the 1d4chan article doesn't have the full url.

>> No.48090568

I really like this one, it a shame I never saw it before. I'd either pick the friendship djinn, because she's the bro'est of bros or the child djinn.

Dosh, immortality or lewd stuff are all real great but I'd rather just have a consistently fun life having a good time. This was fun anon.

>> No.48090859

Sure thing Bruv.

>> No.48090906

I feel like I have asked this before, but what are some CYOA's similar to this? As in, fairly open worldbuilding CYOA's that don't really force too much on you

>> No.48090938

don't think so, otherwise area increase would be way too expensive.

>> No.48091084


>> No.48091113

>We all know all too well how badly any other greater djinn can screw us,

The Lawful Djinn doesn't have this issue nearly so bad as the Lawyer Djinn. The Lawful Djinn doesn't want to help you or fuck you over, he's just giving you exactly what you wished for, which means with a bit of forethought you can construct a wish in such a way that it works purely to your benefit. You don't have to rule out every possible malicious interpretation, you just have to account for negative side effects inherent to the wish.

Has anyone ever taken the Lawyer Djinn? Anyone who has clearly isn't familiar with Dicko the Sun Genie.

>> No.48091182

[140] Rolled: Trapped!
[165] Artifact!
[190] Exile!
[175] Area Increase 8
[174] Insertion
[169] Gateways 3
[165] Portals
[163] Division
[160] Transient
[154] Protection 2
[151] Assimilation
[150] Attitude Adjustment
[148] Culture & Customs
[146] Pretty Population
[144] Population Demographics
[141] Population Longevity
[137] Extrahuman Population
[133] Metahuman Population
[127] Technology Upgrade 6
[117] Magical Upgrade 5
[115] Aesthetics
[114] Public Education
[112] University
[110] Diplomatic
[108] Mercantile
[106] Wealthy
[103] Industrial
[99] Mystical
[94] Technomagic
[92] Infrastructure
[91] Sanitation
[90] Secure
[89] Healthy
[88] Music Affinity
[87] Theater Affinity
[86] Religious Affinity
[85] Animation Affinity
[84] Occult Affinity
[83] Art Affinity
[82] Literature Affinity
[81] Nature Affinity
[80] Intellectual Affinity
[79] Mechanical Affinity
[78] Gaming Affinity
[77] Alcohol Affinity
[76] Sports Affinity
[75] Food Affinity
[74] Sexual Affinity
[73] Warfare Affinity
[72] Festival Affinity
[70] Cosmic Adjustment
[67] Landscape Adjustment
[66] Fertile
[64] Rich
[61] Exceptional Materials
[58] Magical Phenomena
[53] Fauna & Flora 3
[50] Fate
[46] Theme
[41] Automatons 2
[35] Influence 3
[33] Immortality
[30] Spirit Walk
[29] Tongues
[27] Memory
[25] Peak Condition
[22] Superhuman Body
[8] Population Increase 7
[4] Guidance 1
[2] Machina Mind
[0] Blessing

Realm Name: The Arc
Relationship with other Realms: Neutrality

The realm is based on The City from Blame!. An ever expanding reality warping superstructure that fucks with reality.

>> No.48091187

Not as if I was much of a looker anyway, and it doesn't mention my intelligence being shot, so It seems like a net gain overall.
Berzerker & Fistfighter
+resistance to ranged damage x2. Plus a speed boost even when I'm not wielding melee. Who needs to when you have fists anyway?
Hamfisted: Point in case. Fists are all you need.
Mutated Hide: You can never have too many layers of beef.
Ensare: There are few things worse than a tanky enemy, and one of them's a tanky enemy that you can't dodge away from.
Exhume: Shit man, I don't even need to eat now. Just kill things and eat through proximity.
Greater Regeneration: What's that? Taking BOTH regeneration options? God damned right I am.
Originally I was just going to go with Exhume and Fury in Agony, but then I realized that If anything managed to take me down enough to trigger Fury without me killing it first despite all my layers of tank, then I'm pretty much fucked anyway
Chen:I always take pity on this type of character. I feel like I need to make sure he's with me, so that I know no ones taking advantage of him. Fatherly or brotherly affection is the purest form of love. This is fact.
Mobius Crystals: Again, you can never be too much of a tank.
Rations: It'd be embarrassing if Me and Chen ended up dying to starvation of all things.
Water Purifier: Same logic
Dogs of Talos: Shit, let's be the best fucking Mercenaries out there. So long as they don't fuck with Chen.


>> No.48091193


You'd think you'd need the book in your possession first instead of just skipping to the whole opening portals to divine repositories thing.

>> No.48091201

The difference between my Realm and the City is that instead of empty corridors and the such, most of the space inside the superstructure is dedicated to simulation, similar to of Rick and Morty, where both Bots, high-light constructs and other magical illusions trick you endlessly. The Realm can effectively simulate an entire multiverse, and keep track of trillions of different characters and stories, although the number of people that it can work with is limited to a few hundreds of thousands 'players' at a time.

The population in my realm is entirely made of super-AI that only exist to serve and protect the Realm, as well as to entertain its guests and . They made a giant hivemind that expands through all the superstructure with no real physical bodies.

They control the simulations, make sure that the realm is stable and order the quadrillions of bots that move through the realm, either be construction bots, security bots (although these two are often the same kind of bot), and the 'actor' bots.

Thanks to all the affinities and other perk purchases, the collective AI will be able to make up billions of different stories per second, and have them ready to be used by anyone at any given time. As well as perfectly simulating animals, people, magic and more.

I, of course, will take the role of Root Administrator for myself and seat on my throne of loneliness while I visit the Realm and its simulations through various avatars. And my artifact will be sealed deep inside thousands of magical seals and exotic material cages and unknown energy shields, hidden deep within multiple looping pocket dimensions.

>> No.48091207


Fucking shit up for cash, food, water and camaraderie, all the while making this ragtag band of fuckers the greatest mercenary group to ever take a contract on this earth. That's my plan. That and making Sure Chen's ok. Always have to check up on those types, or they'll never tell you when something's up. It was never said how long a behemoth tends to live for naturally, but I'm assuming quite a bit longer than average, so Maybe one day I'll leave the dogs and form my own faction.
And surely there are some qt Wraith girls out there or just regular girls that are size queen. It's not like I'll be alone forever right?
At least I'll have Chen.

Also: >>48085059
Always good to see a fellow Muscle Wizard build.

>> No.48091229

The Realm will be usually hidden away in its own dimension, but occasionally sending expeditions of bots to search for more materials and at times it will appear in others places to get new 'players' to man enter the endless simulations of the city. Although to enter the Realm one must a pay price, either be bringing new exotic materials for investigation or give new magical knowledge to the collective. Or be invited by the Root Administrator. Security will be tight, though.

Anyone that comes here can be a hero, a villain, a god or simply spend a few relaxing years. We don't really care that much what you plan to do here.

And of course, the AI collective can recreate any work of fiction that you bring with you, and already has a repertory of all of Earth stories to 'live'.

>> No.48091474

If I have Brutal Presence and Smoldering Aura, does my presence make me intimidating again?

>> No.48091492

Yeah, it's just the one-liners that are goofy. Shut up and everyone will piss themselves.

>> No.48091697

mystery box when?
i choose teacher djinn regardless though
by far the most long term benefit to my wellbeing

>> No.48091713

I kinda want Teacher Djinn, but...

I must know.
Mystery Box. Give me the mystery box.

>> No.48091853

Name: Brenhin Halcyon
Gender: Male
Age: 11

Perks: Overcome x2

[07]Apathy/[12]Inhuman/[20]Weakness/[27]Asexual: Neutered/[35]Animal Foes/[43]Sickly/[52]Insomnia/[62]Sacrifice

Total Points: 116
Power Source: Experimental

[121]Emotional (Dulled)/[128]Physical (Sickly)/[122]Mental (Enhanced)/[107]]Life (Prime: Age 11)/[117]Memory (Fresh Start)/[122]Spiritual (Magnet)

[113]Telekinesis (Precision/Power)
[102]Pyrokinesis (Control/Source)
[092]Healing (Self Service/Miracle)
[092]Vitality (Painless)
[086]Barrier (Permanent)
[080]Weather Control (Precision)
[073]Mechanics (Inner Focus)
[053]Mind Control (Flawless)
[036]Pain (Fatal/AOE)
[031]Future Sight (Clarity)
[022]Mediumship (Command)
[014]Charm (Adored)
[000]Familiar (Spirit Animal: Raven/20 Points total)

Familiar Name: Percival
Familiar Gifts:
[16]Mind Reading
[12]Invisibility (Ghost)
[06]Interference (Targeted/Destructive)
[02]Apportation (Pocket Dimension)
[00]Dowsing (Specific)

Guardian: Ally (Joseph Harrison)
Home: Riverfront East
Students: Derek Wright/Scarlet Manning/Anna Ramstead
Adults: Joseph Harrison/Charlie Hedden

>> No.48091855


>> No.48091865

In that case I don't even Brutal Presence, just keeping my mouth shut and pretending to be a stoic badass should be enough.

Seething Killing Machine
Combat Mode 16
Lord of Edges 12
Smoldering Aura 7
Tard Strenght 4

The secret to Tard Strenght is using in bursts. Hulk up, ATATATATATA, Hulk down. Hulk up, throw car, Hulk down. Otherwise the drawbacks are too much. WRYYY is great to use on the last guy alive.

>> No.48092013


>Killing Machine
Has no real drawback unlike some,, plus gives me a heal and damage boost with each kill and I may or may not get diplomatic immunity depending how well I hide my power level.

>Atatatatatata 18
>Everything is fire
Massive defense boost plus fireballs seems pretty useful
>Wryyyy 9
>Get hard 5
Super useful if I ever use Wryyy but need to protect myself
>Fucking run 2
>Bestial Roar 0

>> No.48092622

Out of morbid curiosity, could an Ethereal Transfusion Traveller take Ethereal-heart or a Mechanical Transfusion Traveller take Fuck your Glowy Bullshit? What would happen if they could?

>> No.48092646

Mommy said the treatment was for my acne problem. Very peculiar for my visage has nary of blemish. Unfortunately,my skepticism falls on deaf ears as Daddy continues to berate me with all the wondrous and horrifying aspects of puberty that has swept all over me. I the 11 year old who's soft, innocent and nubile body still clung to childhood like a daft hand in a velvet glove. What hilarity.

Oh father, oh mother was this really necessary? The hidden cellar? The secrecy and lies? The fae blood mixed with your little elixir of life? If you were honest with me from the start I would have complied to the whole ordeal. But no. It was one falsehood after another, the blindfolds and the rope was a nice touch though, although I do say the chloroform was completely unnecessary; I'm child not a dangerous sociopath! Ha! Now I'm both!

But alas, mistakes were made and tiny insects that were fiddling around with dark science and fae magic that was never meant to be tempered by such insignificant miscreants went split-splat paddywack all over the floor and on my tiny toes and ditsy digits. My bad.

The cops will be here soon dearest Mother, I shed my last crocodile tear just for you. These Little men love to play their roles as the sympathetic heroes, after all it makes them feel big. The better to break them down and make them kneel of course!

And yes Father they'll take me away to a foster home, but enough of that; you're dead. Just enjoy your retirement and cash in those fat ectoplasmic security cheques.

The Fisher King returns for his broken crown
but only saw falsehoods and vulgar frowns
So he conquered, took their mind, their bodies and ghosts
changed their miserably short lifes upside down.
As subjects, as slaves, to the lowest earthbound to the highest heavenly hosts

>> No.48092828

Lewd Djinn. If you are creative enough, any wish you want can be wrapped in some form of lewdness. Can't wait to be given a multi-million dollar business that produces porn and sex toys the world could have only dreamt of before my wish!

>> No.48093172

>bedroom, sex
its not even a choice

>> No.48093313


How exactly does Protection 2 work

>> No.48093362

It's overpowered and stops people from doing shit on your turf.
Everyone took it because it's so powerful. Most didn't fluff how it worked either, which may have been why it's so ambigous?

It doesn't freeze time on your plane or anything, if that's what you're asking.

>> No.48093406

>3 months of raping women is better than taking home magical items

>> No.48093441

But the comfortable sleep man. It's like 3 fucking months of sleeping on the floor in the attic.

>> No.48093579

I need to visit this realm.

>> No.48093700

I need mor- some actual realm RP.

>> No.48093733


Why does Elementalism 3 lets you heal people and shit

>> No.48093769

Alchemy or some shit.

It might actually be a carryover from an old typo when Elementalizm 3 had the full text of Healing in it.

>> No.48093879

>Take stuff home
>Magical items

I wanted to take the magical bag of holding, but there's just not enough points. Besides, magical items means all kinds of magical items are now in the attic, maybe even a magical bag of holding!

>> No.48093901

you have three points to choose with the location costs nothing

>> No.48093902

Eh, you should find a magic sleeping bag after a month or two.

>> No.48093906

Magical items costs two points.

>> No.48093934

So Crown Quest reboot is on the way, I'm adding more to the marriage partner descriptions.

What would people like about them? What personality traits do they want most in the candidates?

>> No.48093962


Reboot? Why?

>> No.48094015

man my reading omprehension is shit

>> No.48094024

I wanted to make another CYOA about the Empire universe, and I thought it'd be interesting to make one about becoming the Emperor yourself.

also cause I wanted to expand on the choices in Crown Quest CYOA at the same time, so I thought it'd be a good idea to do 2 birds with 1 stone.

>> No.48094131

See >>48089693.

>> No.48094188

Gamer Djinn. It's an infinite choice where the only limit is "play games with the Gamer Djinn until you win," and a valid form of wish is "I wish to be the best at X game." But even ignoring that exploit, having an awesome multiplayer partner who can do shit like make my ideal games and give me control of an international gaming company sounds pretty fantastic.

Plus "I wish you'd play naked" and "I wish the loser of the next game we played would sexually service the winner" are valid wishes.

>> No.48094274

Plus, I imagine you could soften the blow on some non-gaming wishes on the basis of "I wish for X, like that game had."

I want to make my life more like a game, genie. Surely you can understand that.

>> No.48094415

You'd make your build useless.

>> No.48094439 [SPOILER] 


>> No.48094503

Deathly Djinn

It cannot grant me life-extending wishes, but nothing says I or others cannot extend my life through technology. Unaging, my lifespan would be dictated by the heat death of the universe in trillions of years.

So what if I sacrifice a hundred or a thousand or a million years of life? It's a miniscule fraction of my total lifespan.

>> No.48094546

>Crucifix of Saint Peter
>muh evil

>> No.48094642

On a certain level it works, Saint Peter was willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good while distancing his crusifcation from Jesus, so an angel willing to sacrifice their closeness to god to stop evil could be viewed in a similar light

>> No.48094695

Devoted djinn, It's clearly the best one. Infinite wishes and the only con is that it follows you around. Sounds great to me.

>> No.48094741

from my point of view, she's not stop evil, but making more of it

>> No.48094744

You're welcome to do so! Although things can get confusing for not locals.

>> No.48094829

>>48093934 >>48094024
So we'd have a redone Crown Quest that somehow works into the Reclaiming Our Empire universe? If so, have an option that we can make our primary Legate using the ROE CYOA. The opposite would also be pretty cool.

For the marriageable characters it is paramount that their benefits outweigh any drawbacks they come with. Prince Leomaris and Princess Marilla having pretty much no downsides compared to literally everyone else explicitly or just through their function. I'd write the princes and kings more generously than the princesses and queens otherwise you will get strictly male builds since the benefits do not outweigh having to have a child. I can't give too much more criticism until I see what you're going to do with all the contradictions and things.

>> No.48095248

other pages pls?

>> No.48095270


>> No.48095283


>> No.48095304


>> No.48095307

thanks anon :)

>> No.48095327


>> No.48095346


>> No.48095361


>> No.48095447

I will resist touching the tail now for the potential to touch my own tail whenever I want.
>Adorable 3
>Fluffy tails
>Extra fluffy tails

>> No.48095794

Some more OC to end the thread with.

Waifus + suffering. A new twist on an old classic.

>> No.48095864 [SPOILER] 

Plus mystery box of pain.

WARNING: It is critical that you read the CYOA, make a choice and roll 1d6 before opening the box.

>> No.48095908

Rolled 6 (1d6)

Well, thanks for being honest about how bad this will suck.

>Nohl Everlong

Fucking throw that shit at me. I'm ready.

>> No.48095934

Ouch, man.

>> No.48095941


>> No.48095946

I hate you. (Or do I hate myself? I don't know)

>> No.48095969

>Nohl Everlong
>got a 6 from some dice site
Wew this sucks

Also 4 is literally the best fate

>> No.48095982

Lori Mitchell

Rolled a 5

Why would you make this

>> No.48096022

Hey, it works!

Because I knew I could make good waifus.

>> No.48096060

They were okay. I wasn't really upset from the mystery box, since I knew the whole effort was for naught.

At least it wasn't like Harem Creator's.

>> No.48096079

Rolled 4 (1d6)

Do your worst Yara, because I'm already in frog world that needs no love

>> No.48096172

Yeah, I considered making it a twist at the end but didn't want to be too edgy. I also didn't want anyone to think I had a problem with waifu CYOAs. I just wanted to try something new.

>> No.48096176

What happens to the waifu if you choose suicide? Are they okay?

>> No.48096206

Why would you kill yourself before something bad happens to her? You've found true love.

Also, _no.

>> No.48096210

I refuse the gift. It's that easy. You telling me I can't? Well, I just did.

>> No.48096218

This is quite good. Fuck you

>> No.48096249

I mean the setting already said no defiant souls in the domain but still it feels like at least I would ruin enjoyment of some cunt god.

>> No.48096300

Yara never claimed to be a god.

You wouldn't know to defy Yara once you woke and started courting your new waifu. To you, you just woke up one day and got really lucky meeting someone special.

>> No.48096314

>forget me
So at least three years of normal life and than back to basement? I've expected worse fate, because I feel no pain out of it

>> No.48096346

You date someone for three years and either get married or start planning to, then she forgets all about you? You sure, man?

What if you were married for 20 years instead? What if you had kids?

>> No.48096356

Well I meant god more as a being of some high power.
I thought"if any of these events drive you to consider suicide, feel free" meant I could do it right there, before rolling.

>> No.48096414

Autumn Bell, rolled 4

Fuck you entity, I will cherish my own memories and the time we spent together. I will be a stronger and better person for having felt true love once in my life.

>> No.48096443

The idea is that Yara comes to you in a dream, and you forget about it when you wake up. I suppose you could try to find a way to kill yourself in your sleep, but I don't think Yara leaves you any wiggle room. They kind of know what they're doing when making humans suffer.

I wasn't expecting the denial and bargaining to be this strong. I must have done something right.

>> No.48096476

And that's how you win.

>> No.48096486

she's alive and well, living her life happily as she did before. Why feel pain over future

>> No.48096508

Eh, I mostly wanted to think a way around this because there's nothing more annoying for me than idea of someone looking down on me. It's not even about the waifu but out of spite at something that would twist mine and someone else's fate because it wants to.

>> No.48096523

That's kind of the point.

>> No.48096584

Gotta agree here. Nothing special.

>> No.48096589

I guess I couldn't not pick a waifu in the first place?

>> No.48096643

I pick you Yaru...oh gee I rolled a 3.

>> No.48096694


>> No.48096707

Rolled 1 (1d6)

>Lori Mitchell
I never do things on my own initiative, and need someone to at least help me try new things for a while.

>> No.48096724

>but out of spite at something that would twist mine and someone else's fate because it wants to.
try to roll 4, don't get mad over what will happen, watch Yara explode from hatred

>> No.48096763


Are you talking about this one?


>> No.48096774

It's not really engaging unless you're a hardcore Struggle-Against-The-Fates type or just really want to make the best of it. Which... I mean I am a hardcore "I am the master of my own destiny" type, but I'm not so desperate for companionship that I'd willingly ruin someone else's life to get it for a moment, even if that moment lasts years. I wouldn't put anyone through that. Besides, I don't put stock in dreams.

At least you used a good Fuuka picture, though.

>> No.48096821

Eh, that's no fun and it requires luck to actually get a 4.
On the other hand this anon >>48096643 had a good idea but I don't know if it would work. I mean in the current version probably?

>> No.48096904


this is be the best realm I've ever seen

>> No.48096915

Sounds like I need to make 4 worse, then.

Be right back.

>> No.48096963

Might as well change 2, too as it's basically less shit 6.

>> No.48096976

>So we'd have a redone Crown Quest that somehow works into the Reclaiming Our Empire universe? If so, have an option that we can make our primary Legate using the ROE CYOA. The opposite would also be pretty cool.
The Legate appears, but not in the manner you think of.

>> No.48096983

Be gay and mock the pitiful creature for not even knowing such a fundamental aspect of yourself that he would present you waifus as if you could ever love them.

It's what I'm doing.

>> No.48097017

it's already said that you WILL fall in love with them in 3 years.
TD;DR Yara can cure homosexuality

>> No.48097021 [DELETED] 

Huh, I guess that's another way to win

>> No.48097099 [SPOILER] 

Small box of pain update. Thanks for playing.

This was an experiment, but I'm glad it prompted some discussion. Shit got kind of existential at a couple points.

Are you requesting that husbandos be allowed to suffer, too? I could do that.

>> No.48097136


Huh, seems like this Yara thing is pretty twisted. As much as I like the various women put forward, I'll not curse any of them to the whims of this creature. The only way out I can see is to pick Yara themselves.

Hey, it's their fault that despite their supposed purpose, they were careless enough to allow me to pick them as my true love.

>>Use online roller, get a 3

...well. I guess Yara's many crimes catch up with them. I'll certainly be broken up over their death and become a shell of myself, but I guess it's a fitting end to such a careless twister of fates.

Although I might not remember it, hopefully the women have managed to escape the grasp of Yara.

>> Decide to roll again out of curiousity, get another 3.

Whelp, looks like Yara and I definitely end up in some sort of love-hate relationship before Yara inevitably gets screwed over and brutally murdered.

Sucks that I'll be tormented over Yara's death, but I guess this is Karma's way of fucking over Yara.

>> No.48097166

Yeah but if you choose Yara, which isn't really an option, you have to be its lover for at least 3 years, and Yara clearly hates your guts.

I'm liking this denial, though.

>> No.48097183

If I somehow fell in love with a woman and then lost her in a freak accident or something I'd consider it a sign that I should've "stayed" gay or that it was simply never meant to be. I'd get over it real quick.

He'd have to do some serious mindraping to get me to fall in love with one of those girls though. They don't appeal to me on a physical or emotional level at all.

>> No.48097187 [SPOILER] 

>Are you requesting that husbandos
Nay, waifus are enough for me
>that new 4

>> No.48097211

I honestly still feel like 4 isn't really a bad one. Compared to your waifu dying or ruining your life, her just being a different person isn't that bad in comparison?
I mean Yara didn't say you can't pick her/it?

>> No.48097217

It'd be pretty funny if Yara were subjected to the same force that makes you fall in love and becomes all tsundere.

>> No.48097229

Like... why would you do this?

I'm not insulting you, but... what was the purpose of making this?

>> No.48097241

"A new twist on an old classic"

>> No.48097251

And then she loses her memory of hating humanity becoming a husk of her former self.
Afterward drama ensues

>> No.48097263

>Yeah but if you choose Yara, which isn't really an option,

See, this is where Yara was careless.

Yara didn't say that you had to choose from the five women listed.

They simply said, "First, I will allow you to choose your lover."

Not my fault that Yara's oversight is likely due to Karma waiting in the wings to dole out long overdue punishment.

After all, Yara made it very clear I had some choice, and although it effectively damns me and ruins my life, I'll not damn any of the women as well if I still have a choice.

>> No.48097298

What do we think about this nasty "new" twist cyoas are taking: first the room one which locks you up in your own shit for 3 months without a reward, and now a waifu cyoa edgier than a 13y old's school shooter fantasies?

>> No.48097320

You can get a reward if you pick correctly in the stuck in a room CYOA

>> No.48097331

>"First, I will allow you to choose your lover."
>Pick goddess
We Konosuba now

>> No.48097333

Congratulations, you found a clever and interesting loophole to punish Yara with. Now watch as the author fixes it because Yara is speshul unbeatable omnipotentastic and always wins.

>> No.48097341

Yesterday I saw one new that was really great desu. It was about becoming a royal guardian and how to manipulate the world into becoming a mess. Would be great if someone could post it.

>> No.48097356

>fixes it
nice trips but it doesn't matter, we already won

>> No.48097357

The room one isn't a new thing, you used to be locked in rooms for 10 years by shadowy organizations for no apparent reason. The worst part about the new one is that if you don't take the bathroom in some way shape or form, those are going to be a very rough three months.

All in all they're not things that interest me, but I can ignore things I dislike for the most part.

>> No.48097359

Fate IV is still the best one. At least an empty shell won't forever guilt you, have them try to destroy you, have a murderer kill them for keks, die slowly and painfully, or eternally damn you.

Though >>48097263 is definitely the Golden Ending after 50 or so playthroughs.

>> No.48097392

and the one when you're forever locked in small pocked world as big as city with almost none to talk to and constant monsters trying to kill you

>> No.48097393

I'd move the title of each result so it abuts the description of its own self, and not the description of the one above it.

>> No.48097413

I'm not making any more edits. People are completely missing the point anyway.

>> No.48097442

Wasn't the point trying to fuck over the entity who wants to fuck you over?

>> No.48097470

people don't really like to suffer or make innocent suffer, bitchy goddess that tries to toy with people on the other hand

>> No.48097481

'The point' seems to be "fuck you, have a CYOA you won't enjoy"
And now you're mad that someone enjoyed it. Or is it just because they're taking advantage of a wording issue. If it's the latter, just fix it.

>> No.48097485

How pathetic do you have to be to fantasize about getting played by an eldritch terror into losing your true love, and why did you assume we would gladly do so?

>> No.48097519

>Congratulations, you found a clever and interesting loophole to punish Yara with

Eh, it's more of a toss of the dice if anything, especially since it's left to such a random ending.

>Now watch as the author fixes it because Yara is speshul unbeatable omnipotentastic and always wins.

I'd be a little disappointed if the author goes that route, it kind of ruins the CYOA.

I was amused that Yara's power is enough that it can effectively ruin ITSELF.

>People are completely missing the point anyway.

The point wasn't clear or well stated at all, especially when coated in so much edge. I personally felt there were far better ways to do it, but that's just me.

I'm still appreciative of the CYOA being made, so thanks for giving me some enjoyment and a thought exercise.

>> No.48097527

Is this a "People are playing my CYOA wrong" episode?

Loopholes and interpreting wording in ways that benefit themselves the most (or at least are par for the course in this thread, I'm not sure what you were expecting.

>> No.48097577

Fuck it. I'm out. Thanks for the discussion.

You can't. The moral is that all good things come to an end one way or another, and sometimes fate fucks with you for no reason. It's your job as a human being to make the best of it and cherish what you have. I'm not just here to be an edgelord.

I was hoping I wouldn't need to say so, but it's no big deal. It got people's attention and started multiple discussions, that's more than I can ask for.

I don't think I'm that petty, man.

Nobody made you play it, and not everything is about wish fulfillment. Monkey's paw, my dude.

Thanks for being cool about it. I was just hoping people would infer on their own but I guess I should have been more direct.

>> No.48097628

>and sometimes fate fucks with you for no reason
I think that point would have worked better if you didn't personify fate.

>> No.48097678

If the moral was that "happiness is fleeting" than you could have easily portrayed the cyoa in a more spiritual, bittersweet way. You went to edge route and now all is edge, forever.

>> No.48097701

Not to mention that III and VI seem rigged to prevent anyone from being clever and turning the tables. It feels less like fate fucking with you and more like fate having a personal vendetta and focusing everything on you to keep you from doing anything.

>> No.48097762

This is food for thought.

I'll probably never touch this topic again, but I'll take this as an opportunity to improve my writing. My last thing was a goofy one about getting so mad you gain superpowers, I just thought I'd try something different.

I wasn't expecting such a strong response, good or bad. Thanks to everyone for playing.

>> No.48097794

I rolled a 3, so that sucks. I refuse to pick a girl though. (I decided on that before I rolled, so I did take the risk of a fake-out happy ending.) I don't think that Yara can enforce the events though:

Point 1: I refuse
First important event. I just say no. How does it react? If it chooses for me, we move on, but I've shown it's powerlessness. If it gives up or torments me, I just win. If it has some way to enforce it's decree, it would just use it, so I think the "You cannot refuse" is bluster. I think it needs an element of choice to make the suffering meaningful, or it would just cause me to writhe forever. So I refuse to give it that choice
Point 2: I remember
Bullshit I disregard the dream. I actually record my dreams (since I believe they contain views to my psyche) and somthing like "Here's a choice, you'll forget this as a dream but suffer for it later" would certainly be important enough to record. If it can enforce the dismissal, it violates that choice and again begs "Why doesn't it just hurt me for eternity?" If it can just wipe my memory, it would, and the bluster would be pointless. I think this Yara is bluffing.
Point 3: I don't care.
It would take mind control to get me into a serious relationship. Even if I don't have the memories of the dream, there's no way, short of some sort of personality change, that would get me to do this. As I said, I think that either Yara can't or won't just change my mind, so the worst that could happen is that the (Yara chosen) girl would join my gaming group. Sure, having a friend betray/die on/forget me would be terrible, but not nearly as bad as a lover (one of the reasons I refuse to get in a relationship). And if I do remember the dream, I just refuse to get involved with her. Yara can't win here.

In conclusion: Fuck off Yara, I'm calling your bluff.

>> No.48097850

>Nobody made you play it
That's a meta choice. In the CYOA, you are told repeatedly that you have no choice, it's all going to happen no matter what. "My word is lay, and there is no room for defiant souls in my domain."
Once you get that far and say 'hey, I don't think I want to play this game' you get "By hearing my words you have already submitted yourself to my judgement."

By the rules of the CYOA you cannot exit once read. 'The only winning move is not to play' doesn't work when the first rule of the game is 'you must play the game.'

>> No.48097903

Today was a good thread. Tons of cyoas, discussion, no drama, but what is most important a man won against fate
long may you waifu Yara and maybe one day she will understand her wrongdoings. Now, someone, start a new thread before I piss myself

>> No.48098016


>> No.48098051


>It's your job as a human being to make the best of it

Sure, you can make that argument, but it falls flat when you realize that none of the choices give any room for 'making the best of it.' You've created default emotional reactions in the choices themselves that override what we could have felt had the events occured.

There's no 'making the best of it' in this CYOA at all because the actual mechanics of it don't let us--it's just an artificial "you feel sad for the rest of your life" with no chance of repair.

>> No.48098057


>> No.48098063

there was something else about this in which she threatened to cut off your liver and eat it. anyone got it?

>> No.48098071


Every waifu cyoa ever has rubbed anon's jammy's, especially if the options aren't overly perfect.

>> No.48098127

Catherine. Rolled a 5.

I mean, it sucks, sure, but I feel like 5 is one of the easier punishments. Tons of people die from cancer or something. And it might not even happen until we're super old and have lived long lives together.
Also, for Catherine it states "when you do stay a family", so does this mean she's gonna at least live that long? I don't suppose being a single father I'd much better though.

>> No.48098679

Rolled 6 (1d6)

Very well than daemon, I'll play your game. Be happy that I lack the rage and shotgun of your destroyer, for this would be much different if that were the case. As it is, you offer me that which I most desire, so let's see who fate and chance will favor.

>Autumn Bell

>> No.48098763

Laying it on a little thick there, eh, bud?

>> No.48098857

So this is the fate offered to me hmm? Very well, but know this creature of one abyss or another. You may very well destroy me, you may destroy the mind of the one I love, but know that I will remember you. I know your name, or at least one that you prefer, and I know your simplistic and frankly uninspired desire for my suffering and damnation. And know that I or another like me will find you, and everything you have wrought will be visted upon you a thousandfold. And when that day comes, for what it's worth, I wish you luck.

Sorry if that was lame as fuck, I just felt like role-playing a little. Also, my insult to Yara had nothing to do with you Sleepy, I just wanted to try and fuck with the her(?) head. I won't say this was fun to play, as I don't think that was your intention, but it was very well done, and interesting as hell to boot. I commend you sir(?)

>> No.48098865


>> No.48098871

Read the next post down.

>> No.48099049

You know it says it makes her my metaphorical sibling. But when I put my dick in here, I bet that stops being accurate.

>> No.48099123

Dude, it's cool. I think I may have tried too hard to make Yara super evil and hate-able. I think next time I'll be more direct with my intentions. The whole idea is that you're facing unspeakable evil that you can't defeat, hates you for no reason and won't let you have a happy ending. You're not the hero. You need to enjoy what you have while you have it. The ending you get really doesn't matter. I'll take this as a learning experience. I'm just surprised people took it kinda seriously.

I'll put more thought into the next one, promise. I'm doing this to improve my writing, after all, and these things are fun as fuck to make.

>> No.48099281

why is my waifu there

>> No.48099308

Because I didn't want anything to happen to Chihiro.

>> No.48099342

Your waifu has a voice that makes ears bleed

>> No.48099418

And I don't want anything to happen to Fuuka either.

Take that back, Mamiko Noto has the voice of an angel.

>> No.48099460

You have my word that no more waifus will be harmed.

Also, great taste.

>> No.48099477

>The moral is that all good things come to an end one way or another
You know, why does no one ever say "All bad things come to an end"?

>> No.48099489

They do, but only sometimes, and nobody wants to jinx it.

>> No.48099523

"Make the best of it" is shit advice anyway, just in general. How do you make the best of being paralyzed, or horribly scarred? I think "make the most of it" is something some people tell themselves because they don't want to admit there are lots of times where people just suffer and can't do anything about it, because then they can't be self-righteous about "Everyone is completely responsible for their fate!"

>> No.48099541

I was referring to her English voice actor

>> No.48099548

>They do, but only sometimes
But people say "All good things must come to an end" all the fucking time. I'd say people believe good things must end more than they believe bad things must end.

>> No.48099562

She's not bad either, but Fuuka's real voice is japanese, and it's magnificent.

>> No.48099578

Yeah, that's what I meant. Good things come to an end and everyone knows it and says so. Bad things do end, but only sometimes, and nobody wants to push their luck just in case.

>> No.48099650

Wasn't there a third, less edgy one?

>> No.48099755

Even that VA was replaced with a new English one later on anyway.

>> No.48099790

yeah but that one is too spunky and loud, nothing like Fuuka's personality

>> No.48099928

Better than giving up or admitting you're powerless.

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