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> ARCHIVE: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=GuP:LGA2%20Quest

> Sunday, July 5th, 2015

SITUATION: http://pastebin.com/ziMsX6th
MECHANICS: http://pastebin.com/49M2eE8Z
THE RULES: http://pastebin.com/BEsprkBZ
THE TANK: http://pastebin.com/sJsgig6B
THE DIVISIONS: http://pastebin.com/xCQZAdqU
THE SHOP: http://pastebin.com/v6xeDRXj

You open your eyes, groaning in a bit of phantom pain. Last night was mostly spent on your riding lessons with Carolina Greene. She was surprisingly understanding about the whole “never having ridden a horse before” thing. But still, your butt hurt from Lang’s bucking around and movement. Even with the saddle on, it was a nightmare.

But hey, you know how to ride a horse! Yeah, fuck yeah…

You open your eyes further. Nope, you’re not in your room, you’re in the stable that the George Washington girls built for you (surprisingly quickly and efficiently.) It was a little ways down the road from the Tankery HQ, and currently only housing Lang.

Ugh, the smell. You turn your head to see the straw you were lying on. You must have fell asleep and they just left you. Fine, forget about it. Maybe-

You look down to see Denise sleeping on you, her face buried in your breasts. She purrs gently, clutching you like a teddy bear. Uh… “Denise,” you call. She smiles, further cozying up into your chest. “Denise. Get off.” She opens her eyes, squeaking a bit at being woken up. She yawns, sitting up and throwing her arms up in a stretch.

“Auugh! Sorry, Elodie!” She rubs her eyes, a bit tired. She immediately plops her face between your breasts again. “Aaaah.” Your eyebrow twitches. “So, do you need me to drive you to work today?”

> “Yes.”
> Other

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> “Yes.”
No rest for the wicked...wicked cool!

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Take me back to my dorm, I need to wash and change before work

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Anon has a point, backing.

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> Other

“We’ll think about work in a bit. Just take e back to my dorm, alright? I need to wash and-“ You dust some hay and straw off your uniform. Ugh, this is going to be in the wash for days! “I need to change too.”

“Alright!” She claps her hands together, grinning. “I’ll go bring the Kettenkrad around!” She happily skips out of the stable, leaving you alone with Lang. You look over to the cream colored draft horse. He whinneys a bit, passively staring at you.

“What are you looking at?” you ask. He nuzzles you a bit on the cheek. “Agh- you-“ You gently slap him away, moping. Ugh, horses.



“Hey, Elodie!” A few Naval Studies girls were accosting you in the shower. Mid-shower. “We saw your match today, you really did a great job!”

You nod a bit, trying to wash your hair. “Thanks.”

“I can’t imagine doing Tankery though,” says one of them. “I’m more of a Helicraft kind of girl.” You resist the urge to roll your eyes. Please, please! “It must be so crowded in there!”

“Anyway, we just wanted to let you know, we gave you our votes for you to go to NATO’s All-Star game,” says one of them. “Hope you make it!”

> Boast
> Neutral
> Polite

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> Boast
Thanks for the votes, girls.

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> Polite

thank you

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> Polite

>> No.48077705

Yesterday was a tough match. There is a long way to go. Better to politely thank them. And tell them its not all bad being in a tank.

Hey, we have to try, right?

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> Neutral

>> No.48077747

> Polite

>> No.48077939

> Polite

“Well, thanks for the votes then, girls. That’s real nice of you. I mean, I know things were kind of tough yesterday but we got a long way to go. There’s still like 7 more weekends to win before we can win it all.”

One of them nods. “It’s going to be hell 7 weekends in those hotboxes.”

“It’s not that bad,” you say. It actually is, it’s hot, sweaty, and you’re basically breathing in each other. But… “Really, honest.” They all smile at each other, looking at you. “Well, I should get back to-“

“Oh, can you sign something for me!” asks one of them. … they want your autograph. She quickly runs off, then comes back with her blouse and a pen. “Please!” Uh… okay. You take the pen, and she presses the blouse against her chest, smiling at you. … um. You quickly sign it. “Yes!” She takes a look at your signature, grinning.

Well, that’s a first.



Denise nudges you, smiling happily as the two of you walk to your office. “Come on! It’s not everyday someone asks for an autograph!” She rubs her hands together, grinning. “Think about it, maybe you’ll be merchandized! You could totally make a heck of a lot of money that way!” Please, you’re not about to sell yourself out for a few bucks.

Well, you could, but you won’t.

You open your office and step inside. You plop yourself down in your desk, sighing deeply. Ugh, work, please just be simple today.

You look at your computer, then at your phone. Huh, normally someone would’ve called you by now with work. Denise sits at her desk, ready to receive any calls as well.

It’s quiet, too quiet.

> Perfect time to catch some Z’s then.
> Investigate around the Offices, maybe you missed a memo or something.
> See if you can take the dead time and use it to renovate your office a little bit.
> Other

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> Investigate around the Offices, maybe you missed a memo or something.

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>> Investigate around the Offices, maybe you missed a memo or something.

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> Perfect time to catch some Z’s then.
Aww yisss

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> Investigate around the Offices, maybe you missed a memo or something.

Or maybe its a stat? Unlikely.

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> See if you can take the dead time and use it to renovate your office a little bit.

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Elodie already signing tits, she's gotta be careful not to let success get to her head!

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> Investigate around the Offices, maybe you missed a memo or something.

Lets go looking for trouble

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>working on a sunday
Elodie pls.

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It's actually Monday July 6th, I got so concerned with putting in the archive link I forgot to change the date.

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Maybe it's you who is confused about the day, and all the other characters got it right and it IS Sunday so they are at home. Huh? Huh?

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pls no

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> Investigate around the Offices, maybe you missed a memo or something.

You and Denise poke your heads out. “Hello?” you ask. Silence. Huh. You and Denise get out of the office, then start poking your heads around to see. Not a lot of people left around. It’s so… quiet. You look outside one of the office windows, still working there. Where are all the office workers?

Maybe they’re on break.

You decide to investigate the lounge room. You open the door-

“SURPRISE!” You yelp, jumping in fright. The lights almost blind as you dozens of Officers and Logistics workers all clap and cheer for you.


One of the Logistics workers walks up to you, holding up a Tankery card with your portrait, tank, and name on it. “We wanted to properly welcome in the Logistics’ department’s own little celebrity!” She motions to everybody. “I’m sure you don’t know everybody, you have the Nguyens over there, Smith, Jones, Bekowsky, Gaines, Wilcox…” They all politely wave at you, happily. “It’s so nice that Logistics finally has a face to put on it! Everybody seems to forget we even exist, you know!?”

Even Lieutenant McLean was there. “Yeah, sometimes people I think I don’t even have a Major.”

… what?

“Well, we have cake, and cookies, and soda, and all kinds of sweets!” says the worker. “Help yourself.”

> “Um, actually, I should… go back to work.”
> “Um. Okay.”
> Other

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> Other
You guys didn't really have too, but then since we're all here...

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>ah can't believe I'm finally famous!

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> “Um. Okay.”
Don't be a buzzkill Elodie.

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> “Um. Okay
Awww Ellie's being thrown a bone here.

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>> “Um. Okay.”

>> No.48078382


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>“Um. Okay.”

Adorable social awkwardness GO!

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> “Um. Okay. Thanks.”

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> “Um. Okay.”

“Um, okay.” Denise smiles, nudging you again as she starts to gravitate towards the sweets. Um. You weren’t expecting any of this, especially since you lost the last match.

“Hi!” A few girls shake your hands, introducing themselves to you. “Can’t believe you lost last time, we’re so sorry! But you’re representing Naval Studies Logistics well out there! We just want to say thank you!” Um, alright. You smile at them, nodding. “Tell us, what’s it like in a tank?”

“Um, it’s uh…” Denise places a plate of sweets in your hand, smiling at you. “It’s cozy. Um, right next to me are my gunner and my loader and in the forward compartment are my hull MG and assistant RO and my driver. They’re- they’re the real heroes I reckon.”

“Hm, so modest!” says one of them. Yeah, yeah, modest. Um, this is-

Lieutenant McLean wards them away. “Shoo, shoo. Let the officers talk.” They grumble a little, moving away. “I must say, you’re building quite a reputation for yourself already. You may not be Iris that’s for sure, but Logistics takes what we can get, beau.”

“Right,” you say. You take a bite of cake, and find the sweet taste exhilarating you. Ooooh, so good! “Um, did you-“

“I might have organized this,” she says. You nod to her. “No thanks is necessary. Honestly, I meant to put it in your office, but the others convinced me the lounge would be better.”

“Right, right.” You point to one of the Tankery cards on the refreshment tables. “What are those?”


>> No.48078638


“Tankery cards,” says Lieutenant McLean. Topps just printed them last week. She hands you one of yourself, Iris, and Griselda. “They don’t have any season stats yet for you or Iris since this is your rookie year, instead they have little tidbits of your tank.” Oh, that’s nice. “You can keep those, we got plenty.”

“Thanks,” you say. “Um, this is- quite a bit, I’m not sure if-“

“Relax, beau.” She gently pats you on the head. UGH WHAT IS WITH PEOPLE AND PETTING YOU. “Have fun! We even have a few copies of Ken Burns’ Senshadou free to take if you want.” And with that, McLean returns to mingling.

… mingling. Oh god.

> Mingle, even if it means your eternal embarrassment.
> Skulk out the door and back to your job.
> Remain in a corner and just eat with Denise.
> Other

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> Mingle, even if it means your eternal embarrassment.

We must try. We are an officer, we must set an example

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> Mingle, even if it means your eternal embarrassment.

>> No.48078671

> Mingle, even if it means your eternal embarrassment.

>> No.48078672

>> Skulk out the door and back to your job.

>> No.48078676

> Mingle, even if it means your eternal embarrassment.
Maybe we can find ourselves some extra crew?

If not, well embarssed Ellie is fun.

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> Mingle, even if it means your eternal embarrassment.

>> No.48078857

>> Mingle, even if it means your eternal embarrassment.

>> No.48079006

> Mingle, even if it means your eternal embarrassment.

You step between a few girls having light conversation with each other. The minute they notice you’re there, they immediately turn to you. “Hi! So, what’s your opinion on Iris? Afraid she might steal the spotlight from you?”

“Oh, um, goodness no. Iris is a nice girl, I really like her. I don’t really care for being a star anyway,” you say. Contrary to what your parents might think, you don’t want to be a star.

“Oh, but you have such a pretty appearance!” says one of them. You blush a little. Oh boy. “And you have such uh…” She motions her hands towards her chest in a gripping motion. “… talent!” The other girls giggle. Please!

“Do you ever think of doing Tankery professionally?”

“Um, well…”

That is a good question. One of the reasons you chose LGA was because it had a Tankery program that you wanted to join (Christie did offer you a full run scholarship, but LGA offered to just pay you actual money). You really love being in a tank. You might not know every aspect of tanks or be quite obsessed with it like others but well…

> “Yeah, sure.”
> “We’ll see in a few years.”
> “Nah, I’m fine.”
> Other

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>> “We’ll see in a few years.”

>> No.48079068

> “We’ll see in a few years.”

>> No.48079093

>> “We’ll see in a few years.”

>> No.48079116

> “Yeah, sure.”
Big heart and big booms will get her far in the world of tankery!

>> No.48079134

>“We’ll see in a few years.”

Have a plausable dream and a realistic goal.

>> No.48079155

no one bullying the polish yet?

>> No.48079178

>> “We’ll see in a few years.”
btw, anyone know on which thread i can find our crews physical description? Might want to try drawing their portrait.

>> No.48079191

I got ya bo.


>> No.48079233

> “We’ll see in a few years.”
Anythings possible, really.

>> No.48079273

> “We’ll see in a few years.”

>> No.48079284

That would be really cool!

>> No.48079357

> “We’ll see in a few years.”

“We’ll see in a few years. I mean, I am just a freshman after all, so I have to keep all of my options open.”

“An Officer and still a freshman!” says one of the workers. “So cool!”

“Yeah,” says another one. “I can’t believe it!”

“And such a nice body too!” PLEASE. STOP. “I’m jealous! You know, they already made body pillows of Griselda and Gertrude, I can’t wait until yours comes out!” NO. NO. NO BODY PILLOWS. ABSOLUTELY NOT. “I’ll have the lot!” SHE WHAT

You check your watch. This possibly can’t go on too long!



You’re back in your office almost four hours later. You just wasted four hours in a party mingling with people who were jealous of your ability to command AND your nice body. Denise slips in a DVD, Ken Burns’ Senshadou and starts watching it on her laptop while you plop yourself into your chair. Ugh, you never want to go to a party where you’re the center of attention again.

You receive a text from Griselda.

> Hit up the Tank HQ after work. Gathering the crews for some important announcements.

Alright, fine. Maybe Griselda is getting things together. That’s good! That’s progress!

You sigh, leaning back in your seat. Ugh, you’re still so tired though. What work is there to do? Just… filing. Great.

> File away and organize transfer reports of export items onto ships.
> Take a nap. It couldn’t hurt.
> Watch Ken Burns’ Senshadou with Denise.
> Other

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>> “We’ll see in a few years.”
Wait, what? LGA after all? Whoo! Today is a good day!

>> No.48079398

>> File away and organize transfer reports of export items onto ships.

>> No.48079402

> Watch Ken Burns’ Senshadou with Denise.

Decompress from too much attention

>> No.48079404

>> Watch Ken Burns’ Senshadou with Denise.

>> No.48079415

> File away and organize transfer reports of export items onto ships..

>> No.48079436

>Find Denise and ask if you're getting royalties from those body pillows.

>> No.48079449

>Watch Ken Burns’ Senshadou with Denise.
if we fall asleep then we fall asleep. Also, are we short enough to fit into a body pillow of ourself?

>> No.48079466

good point

>> No.48079473

> Take a nap. It couldn’t hurt.

>> No.48079489

>> File away and organize transfer reports of export items onto ships.

>> No.48079669

>> File away and organize transfer reports of export items onto ships.

>> No.48079966

> File away and organize transfer reports of export items onto ships.

Ugh, might as well get today’s work done. You pull up your pen, then place the stack of papers on your desk. One by one, you have to individually check off these papers, write down their numbers, place them in a particular folder, file those away, then rinse and repeat about… you flip through them all. About two hundred times. Shouldn’t take too long.

Meanwhile, Denise leans back, watching the documentary.

> “It is played everywhere. In scorching hot sands, to chilling tundra, to temperate forests and wide open plains. By little girls and old. From schoolgirls to martial professionals. At the heart of Senshadou lies great contradiction. It is a team sport that emphasizes individuality. A sport which is built on tradition, whose greatest heroes have defied it. An intensely mechanical and mathematical experience that breeds gut feeling and instinct. With rules that tolerate cheating. A sport of friendship and virtue, born of violent war.”

> “It is the world’s past time, that celebrates womanhood. From the simple schoolgirl, to the headmistress. From artist to scientist. From the talented to the untalented.”

> “Most of all, it is about grace and elegance. Patience and confidence. Failure and loss. Pride and triumph. And above all, friendship.”



You wake up, groaning. You look to your phone and find that its 5PM on the dot. Did you finish everything. You pat around and feel all the papers in their right order. Yep, you did. You look over to see Denise also fast asleep, the Documentary still going on (9 parts is nothing to shake a stick at).

> + 5 CP

Ugh… What now?

> Embark on a Subquest (Which?)
> Head to the Tank HQ
> Go find your crew and make it a day out.
> Other

>> No.48079998

>> Go find your crew and make it a day out.

Let's grab a ride.

>> No.48080016

> Go find your crew and make it a day out.

>> No.48080017

>Kiss Denise

>> No.48080036


>> No.48080069

> Head to the Tank HQ

>> No.48080073

> Go find your crew and make it a day out.

>> No.48080074

> Head to the Tank HQ
> Go find your crew and make it a day out.
I am asuming Gris-Gris has some very important things to say. We should probably head there.

>> No.48080104

>> Head to the Tank HQ
>> Go find your crew and make it a day out.

>> No.48080114

>Head to the Tank HQ

What wonders does Gris-Gris have for us

>> No.48080191

Shouldn't we do a side quest we have a back log?

>> No.48080198

>> Head to the Tank HQ

>> No.48080215

If adventure has a name side quest

>> No.48080242

>> Embark on a Subquest (buying happiness)

>> No.48080246

what side quests? there are no side quests!

just work work work

>> No.48080273

Buying Happiness
If adventure has a name
Flying casual

>> No.48080295

We have side quest but people here keep forgetting we do or go for the cute girls doing cute things

>> No.48080460

Because Ellodie is a responsible girl with responsibilities, not a heroic girl who sacrifices her schoolwork to save her school through the power of love and nudes!

>> No.48080483

I think at this point, we, logistic girl, are just going to delegate people to do these quests, we got work to do, legit honest paying work.

>> No.48080524

Wow, thanks boss. Gonna sent the result via twitter when i'm done

>> No.48080555

> Head to the Tank HQ



You find your crew standing around waiting with the others inside of the Tank HQ. Oleg has finished the repairs apparently on short notice. Once you arrive, Griselda climbs up onto her Sherman tank, which is apparently in the middle of conversion into an M4A3E8. “Alright, everybody, listen up!” You all look up at her. “Looks like everybody’s here, alright, alright! Now, I know last match was uh…” Everyone looks at the Poles, who all shrink noticeably from the attention. “Well, the last match didn’t go well. Bluntly speaking, we can’t keep going on just by hoping our enemy keeps making mistakes. We gotta get training!” Everyone nods happily, agreeing with that. “So… I’ve enlisted someone special!”

And with that, you see Miss McPherson climb up alongside her. “Hi, everybody.” Everyone stares at her, silent.

Suvorov whispers into Patton’s ear. “Is that our History and Moral Philosophy teacher?”

“Yeah, she knows tanks?” asks Patton.

Miss McPherson coughs, clearing her throat. “Right, everybody. I’m sure most of you know who I am, but for those who don’t, I’m Miss McPherson. I used to be in the Tankery business. And Griselda was uh… she was very convincing.” Griselda smiles, folding her arms. “As was her paycheck.” Griselda’s smile drops completely. “However, I think you all have a lot of potential, and I can certainly mold it into a professional and hopefully world champion team. Thank you.” You all politely applaud her.

You wonder how that got worked out.

“Anyway,” says Griselda. “Another thing. I’ve decided to mix things up in the way we do things with our practices. I realize that we may not be training hard enough. And with Sherbrooke, a very proven Canadian team coming up, we need to get more experience and more tougher. That’s why starting today, all of you will make homes of your tanks.”

… huh?


>> No.48080577


“Starting today, you all will get tents, some survival equipment as well, and you’re going to take your tank and… basically make a home out of it. You’re going to drive it to work, to school, everywhere. You’re going to learn every nook and cranny of it, and you’re going to make it your own special friend. We’ll still have practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but I want all of you to try and appreciate-“ Dalia Earnhardt raises her hand. “Oh, yes?”

“Do we have to?” asks Dalia. A few girls also voice their dissent as well. “I don’t mean to tread on your toes, but most of us pay to live in the dorms.”

“W- well, you don’t have to actually live in the tanks, the point is that I need to expose you more to your tanks than you already are,” says Griselda.

“Naval Studies Rescue lives in our Catalina anyway,” says the Naval Studies Rescue girls. They all nod.

Still, there’s some protest from some of the girls as well. Even you have some hesitation about the idea. Even your crew seems a bit iffy on it.


> “Let’s do it.”
> “Let’s not.”
> Other

>> No.48080596

Yeah but we have no one to delegate it too. Also we get none of the real benefits such as buying happiness

>> No.48080599

>> “Let’s do it.”
"Maybe NOT everyday, but just do it"

>> No.48080601

> “Let’s do it.”
Sounds fun!

>> No.48080614

>> “Let’s do it.”

>> No.48080631

>> Other
Do some paperwork to get back your rent money!

inb4 it's impossible

>> No.48080637

>> “Let’s do it.”

>> No.48080645

> “Let’s do it.”
This is crazy, but maybe there is something to be learned from this.

>> No.48080707

what is lewdhip saying here

>> No.48080714

> “Let’s do it.”

>> No.48080755

We can't just so that
So far none of the quests required nudes and if they were Anons will be all over that

>> No.48080773

>“Let’s do it.”
If it works out we can save money by cancelling our dorm rent and living out of the tank.

>> No.48081028

> "Let's do it."

Man I'm glad to have exams over
Nothing to do but be /comfy/ and play LGAQ

>> No.48081089

> “Let’s do it.”

“I say we do it.” All of the girls look to you. “Look, I think it can be fun. And for those of you who have to pay rent, I’m sure Griselda has it handled.”

Griselda sighs. “My sister has offered to pay everyone’s rent while we’re on our little excursions.” And with that, everyone happily starts agreeing with the idea, apparently more interested that Gertrude has helped out the team with something, an idea that clearly has Griselda pained to even admit. “Other than that, it’s fairly simple, just make a home of your tanks until further notice. You don’t have to, but I encourage you to, and not in a totally passive-aggressive way like in Office Space.” Everyone stares at her, not getting the joke. “Y-… just get outta here.”

Everyone starts leading away to grab their tanks. Serafina and the Poles immediately gravitate towards you and Iris. “We the Junior Poles will take this opportunity to learn from our superiors!”

“Very good,” says Iris. “If you want, I can certainly introduce them to the concept of patience. I know they are strictly yours to command.”

> “Go ahead, Iris.”
> “They’re mine, I’ll handle them.”
> “Let them choose.”
> Other

>> No.48081108

>> “Go ahead, Iris.”

>> No.48081149

> “Go ahead, Iris.”
Learn from the master.

>> No.48081159

>> “Go ahead, Iris.”
The right tool for the job (and they, or at least their tank, would really be more suitable for Iris' command)

>> No.48081161

>> “They’re mine, I’ll handle them.”

We need to teach these bastards patience ourselves

with PAIN

>> No.48081171

>“Go ahead, Iris.”

>> No.48081194

>> “Go ahead, Iris.”
If you need help, just ask!

>> No.48081198

Good work anon, here's to our shared /comfy/ times ahead.

>> No.48081210

> “Let them choose.”

>> No.48081341

> “Let them choose.”

Never give orders that won't be followed

>> No.48081456

> “Go ahead, Iris.”

“I’m usually busy with work, so go ahead, Iris.”

Serafina turns to Iris, then salutes. Her fellow Poles as well salute too. “We’re ready to learn!”

“Very well,” says Iris. “First thing’s first. Let’s get your tank, and we’ll drive out to the meadows. I’ll show you how to drive properly.” The Poles gasp, then immediately follow Iris to her tank like ducklings to a mother duck.

Josephina smiles a little. “Well, I guess this isn’t so bad.”

“Yeah!” Stack pumps her fist. “WE’RE GOING CAMPING! I’ll get my pack, I’ll pick up some food from the store, we’ll have ourselves a real neat campout! Woohoo!” She jumps up and sprints out the door.


Winona sighs. “I guess I’ll have to bring Cuddles with me too, I suppose that’s not too much of an issue.” You all look over at Ingrid. “Ingrid?” She doesn’t look happy at the decision. “You going to come along with us?”

“As if,” she says. “I like my dorm, I’m not about to give it up to go camping for the next month or whenever GrisGris decides to tell us to stop.”

“Aw, come on, it’ll be fun!” Winona wraps her arm around Ingrid, and all Ingrid can do is look away and pout furiously. “The sights, the smells, the stars above our heads! You like that, don’t you?” Ingrid shakes her head, folding her arms. “Come on, you like baseball?” She nods slowly. Winona starts talking to her like a Mom does to a baby. “You wanna pway basebaww water?” Ingrid blushes intensely, then slowly nods her head. “We can pway basebaww water.”


Winona smiles at you. “You wanna direct us some place, or did you have something to do?”

> Direct the crew someplace to live.
> Embark on a Subquest (Which?)
> Talk to Griselda about this
> Other

>> No.48081504

>> Other
Get in the tank, find Stack, go stock up on marshmallows and camping gear at the supermarket

>> No.48081513

>Embark on a Subquest (if adventure calls)

We can possibly find more tanks which we need!

>> No.48081534

Sure, let's

>> No.48081541

>Embark on a Subquest (if adventure has a name)

>> No.48081542

>Embark on a Subquest (Which?)

If Adventure has a Name.
Dogs always boost morale, and she can be a 6th player for some sort of improved baseball game

>> No.48081588

>> Direct the crew someplace to live.
Number one is a place with fresh water.

>> No.48081593

Supporting >>48081513

>> No.48081636

We live on a boat

>> No.48081659

And where is the boat?

Take a moment to think about this.

>> No.48081696

On an ocean, with its surface populated by a small town's worth of people who all obviously get there water from somewhere on the boat.
>Embark on a Subquest (Which?)

>> No.48081783

>On an ocean, with its surface populated by a small town's worth of people who all obviously get there water from somewhere on the boat.
Yeah but what's the point in camping if we're just gonna hang out next to a supermarket like a bunch of transient bums.

>> No.48081853

They got a lake big enough to drown a stug in ooarai.
Our schoolships bound to have a wilderness area somewhere, complete with artificial freshwater lake or stream.

>> No.48081918

or they just go to mt. gagetown for hot springs like in LGA 1

and have the Girls Scouts come with us too

>> No.48081934

Seconding >>48081504

>> No.48082030

> Embark on a Subquest (If Adventure has a name)

“Hey, Ellie!” You and Denise arrive at a street corner and find Kathy Wheeler with all of her dogs (plus two that she probably dognapped, you’re not going to say anything though.) “What’s the good word?”

“Oh, I was wondering if you had room to explore today,” you say.

“I do, I was actually gonna call you about that,” she says. She holds up her phone, smiling. “I hear the NATO tankery team though is apparently moving out of the HQ and into the wilderness.” You shrug. Can’t argue with that. “Well, that’ll be a sight to behold! But I reckon you don’t need my opinion on that.”

“Got any places to explore?”

“Yep!” She holds out her phone to you. “I’ve marked out a couple of places below decks. Here and here.” These were all abandoned storage areas, which were actually marked for reclamation by Naval Studies Engineering in the next year or two. “I normally wouldn’t go there because Naval Studies Engineering is about to but…” She reaches into her pocket and pulls out an old piece of paper. “I got word from a little birdy saying the same team that had Thaddeus, that old King Tiger, also hid some other tanks around below decks.”

“Really?” you ask.

“Well, maybe,” she says. “And guess what, I know what tanks they are. They’re a Stridsvagn M/42 uh…” She squints her eyes at the paper. “TM. And a uh… M36 Jackson. Which do you think we should get?”

> Stridsvagn M/42 TM
> M36 Jackson
> Other

>> No.48082062

I leave this one to the tankbros. Give me a reason why either one is the preferred option, specifically for our team composition, and I'll vote for it.

>> No.48082091

>> Stridsvagn M/42 TM
Get the M36 later, I want the swedish tank.

>> No.48082099

>> Stridsvagn M/42 TM

>> No.48082135

>>M36 jackson

>> No.48082143

>> Stridsvagn M/42 TM

>> No.48082167

>> M36 Jackson
We're trying to win aren't we

>> No.48082168

I'd vote for the Jackson or finding a Soviet assault gun. We need more high powered guns with decent mobility.

>> No.48082190

>> M36 Jackson

Guys the Stridsvagn literally has 55mm of armour and is slow as shit

It's useless

>> No.48082215


>M36 Jackson if we need tougher tanks with better armour and big guns

>Stridsvagn M/42 TM if we need a faster tank with respectable boom

Tanksperg Anons-I require your wisdom

>> No.48082218

It's not slow as shit it has a respectable 26 mph which was decent for a ww2 tank

>> No.48082250

Well I guess it's more a question on if we think we can expect Serafina to start pulling in some kills after this training session week and well into the future.

>> No.48082257

M36 Jackson due to better frontal armor since it uses a Sherman chassis however it has a open top design.

The Swedish tank has respectable speed and a enclosed turret buts its main gun is as powerful as a short barrel panzer iv which is ok for heat

>> No.48082261

42kmph is not really endearing compared to our hellcat or centaur tho.

>> No.48082267

>>Stridsvagn M/42 TM if we need a faster tank with respectable boom

The gun is a turd, the armour is tinfoil, and it only does 26mph

So does the Jackson, and the Jackson has a better gun and better armour

Lads, the Jackson literally outclasses the Swedetank in every category

>> No.48082284

Apparently it's comparable to the L/24 gun, which would be good if we were going to shoot infantry, which we're not.
It's technologically a dead end. Shit I'd rather have the Australian cock tank, at least that thing can mount a 17 pounder.

>> No.48082316

17 pdr one didn't get that cock tho.

>> No.48082358

I suspect that there may in fact be something special about the swede tank that we don't know about yet, assuming its history with LGA.

Be that as it may, I think due to armor capacity and adding another decent hitter for the heavy tanks so both Iris and Ellie don't have to do all the heavy lifting isn't a bad option.


Going for

>M36 Jackson

>> No.48082377

>M36 Jackson

Chosen entirely on aesthetics and info from anons in this thread.

>> No.48082393

The only problem with the M36 is the open top.

That CAN be a problem if the enemy team is particularly skilled with their machine guns.

>> No.48082422

>I suspect that there may in fact be something special about the swede tank that we don't know about yet, assuming its history with LGA.
It's the mystery box

>> No.48082426

Because one was a late war cruiser and the other has shit armor as compensation.

Fair enough but I really wouldn't call it a dead end though. At least we can't be too picky

>> No.48082450

There are closed roof conversion for all us td tho, like for hellcat, jackson and wolverine. Its officialy used in war too.

>> No.48082474

Yes but machine gun fire can still penetrate due to how thin the closed roof conversion is.

>> No.48082482

Post war iirc

>> No.48082521

Mid war.

If they're already firing into the crew compartment from above it's not like a closed top tank would fair any better

>> No.48082534

I can't think of a situation where the Jackson would be exposing her roof

>> No.48082547

> M36 Jackson

“The Jackson is the more reliable option,” you say. “Let’s go for that.”

“Alrighty!” Kathy punches your arm, grinning. You rub your arm, glaring at her. “Ahaha… aha. Alright, let’s get going then. Uh-“ She points to Denise, snapping her fingers.

“Denise,” says Denise.

“Yeah,” says Kathy. “I got my truck around, drive us there, alright?” Denise smiles happily, walking past Kathy to her truck. “Um, just so you know, there might be a very small baby problem that we have to deal with,” she says.

“What’s that?” you ask.



The Naval Studies Engineering girls all look at you, guarding the door further below decks into the area where the M36 Jackson is supposedly held. “We can’t let you in,” says the big girl with a welding mask lifted above her head and a huge welding apron over her uniform. “Area’s condemned, reclamation work ain’t gonna be for another year or so. Until then, nobody goes.”

“So there’s nobody in there,” says Kathy. The girls shake their heads. “And there’s no hardhat work going on?” They shake their heads again. “Then what’s the issue.”

“That’s just what I’m told,” says the welder girl. “I know you’re a Lieutenant, ma’am. But reclamation stuff goes directly from the Captain herself, and I ain’t inclined to disobey that little munchkin.” Fair enough. How do you want to get past her though?

> Distract and stealth your way in.
> Bribe her. (With what?)
> Go to the other area with the m/42
> Other

>> No.48082558

> Distract and stealth your way in.

>> No.48082574

> Distract and stealth your way in.

>> No.48082578

Courtesy of anon from /ak/

>> No.48082583

>> Distract and stealth your way in.
This is a sneaking mission!

Now we just need a sneaking suit.

>> No.48082598

>have someone check the if the Swedish tank is open
>Bribe(ask if there is anything we can do/ call someone who can pull strings like Griselda)

>> No.48082607


>> No.48082609

>Distract and stealth your way in.

Don't try to bribe her. If we corrupt her, we're partly responsible for other crimes she commits as a result.

>> No.48082610

There are ways to create a 'barrage of bullets' using machine gun fire.

It's just arcing the bullets using gravity and angle but this would be enough to stop an open top tank.

>> No.48082620

>call Griselda and ask if she can pull some strings

>send one of your friends to check the Swedish tank.

Guys even if we sneak we can't carry the tank

>> No.48082635

Call Gertrude or Griselda and while we wait we can send someone to find the Swedish tank. Two birds one stone

>> No.48082662

>Sneaking suit'

Here, the traditional tight dark suit of Senshado

>> No.48082679

Schteel, I also agree with Anons >>48082620 >>48082635

We should call Gris-Gris about the Swedemobile

>> No.48082684

How are we going to carry the tank? We're logistics DELEGATE!

>> No.48082702

This is reasonable.

>> No.48082705


>> No.48082766

Not sure how sneaky we would be when everyone will now be looking at our now accentuated bust.

>> No.48082804

If we get spotted, they won't recognize our face later, having never looked at it.

>> No.48083071

> Distract and stealth your way in.

Before you do this, you quickly text Griselda about the Stridsvagn m/42 lying in the other area. Kathy puffs her cheeks out, apparently a bit pissed at having to give up potential loot. But what can you do? Anyway, it’s time for Operation Sneaky Sneaky Bang Bang!

And to do that, Kathy releases the dogs. “Oooh! Dogs!” The dogs all run out into the hallway, happily jumping around the girls. The girls, except for the welder, all immediately take to them. They start petting them, cuddling and nuzzling with them. “Awwww, doggies!” They apparently forget that Kathy was holding their leashes just a few minutes ago. The dogs, being well-trained as they, start running away. “Ah! Come back!” The girls start to chase them.

That just left Wendy the Welder. She stands in place, pouting furiously. “Oooh… come back!” yells Wendy. “I want to pet the dogs too!”

You, Kathy, and Denise come out from around the corner. “Bitches love dogs,” says Kathy. “Let’s go.”




>> No.48083087


Kathy holds up a large flashlight, illuminating the dark hallways around you. “I saw your match yesterday. You did good, it’s too bad those Poles lost it for you. I think you could’ve won that one if you held your ground.”

You shrug. “You win some, you lose some. We just have to win at least one series to put us in contention at least, maybe knock someone out of the wild card spot.”

“Yeah, good luck with that,” says Kathy.

The three of you end up in a large storage type area, filled with rusted out cargo containers, damp wooden crates, and all other messes. You wave away the smell of rust and moss and take a look around. “Hey!” Denise points over to something. “Is that it there!?” You all look over to it.

Yep, there it is. The M36 Jackson. The old olive drab paint job is still there, barely. But it appears that the tracks are missing, and the turret appears to be jammed in place facing backwards on its gun cradle. At least it seems to be in better condition than the King Tiger. You brush away some old rust and find the name “Tom” on it. Well, Tom, what secrets do you hold for us?

“So how are we going to get it out?” asks Kathy.

“I thought you had a plan,” you say.

“I thought you did,” she says back. UGH. Do you have to do everything around here!?

> Leave it, it’s not like Griselda has the money to restore it anyway.
> Try and find a service elevator.
> Maybe there’s a service tunnel that you could tow it through.
> Other

>> No.48083100

> Maybe there’s a service tunnel that you could tow it through.

Explore further.

>> No.48083106

> Maybe there’s a service tunnel that you could tow it through.

We'll need another tank or similar down here to move it anyway. Unless that elevator is big enough for both it'll be a pain.

>> No.48083119

> Maybe there’s a service tunnel that you could tow it through.

>> No.48083133

> Try and find a service elevator.

>> No.48083137

>> Maybe there’s a service tunnel that you could tow it through.

Maybe we'll find a group of people who were lost down in the depths for god knows how long?

>> No.48083241

good, then they can crew the tank

>> No.48083244

>> Maybe there’s a service tunnel that you could tow it through.

>> No.48083292


Go Team Morlock!

>> No.48083428

> Maybe there’s a service tunnel that you could tow it through.

After a bit of searching around aimlessly in the dark, you do find a service tunnel big enough to tow the M36 right through (probably how it got in here in the first place.) You call in for a heavy lift, and thanks to the efforts of some girls working over time, you’re recovering the M36 with the help of a Sherman ARV.

“Hmph!” Kathy happily folds her arms as the three of you sit on the M36 as it’s towed out. “I’d say that’s a good outing!”

“Yeah,” you say. “Thanks for taking us out, Kathy.”

“No problem!” She sits around, smiling. “Gonna use those tanks as part of your team?”


“Cool, cool,” says Kathy. “Can’t wait to see them in action. Of course, I ain’t a fan of Tankery but, I like to see the fruits of my labor realized.” You nod at that, leaning back on the turret. Of course, of course. “Anyway, I’ll call you if I see something worth talking about. I’ll examine these for you, see what I can find.”



Kathy has left you and Denise to return home, or well, your new home. Denise drives up to the forest around Mount Montagne, where the Etiquette Club, the Poles, and your crew have made their homes forming a semi-circle around a bonfire. She pulls up alongside the Cromwell, where a tent has been set out like an awning against the side of the Cromwell. “Hey!” says Winona as she greets you. Cuddles the snake crawls out of her blouse, poking his head out. “Come on, Ellie! Stack was just cooking a little bit of dinner.”

“Oooh, can I help?” asks Denise. Winona nods. She cuts out the engine then hops off.

Well, now what?

> Help Stack with Dinner
> Talk with the Etiquette Club and the Poles
> Change into some sleep clothes in the tent
> Other

>> No.48083446

>Change into some sleep clothes in the tent

>> No.48083460

> Talk with the Etiquette Club and the Poles
I'd like to see how they are doing. And make sure Serafina is doing okay.

>> No.48083461

> Talk with the Etiquette Club and the Poles

>> No.48083474

>> Talk with the Etiquette Club and the Poles

>> No.48083493

> Talk with the Etiquette Club and the Poles

>“Denise,” says Denise.

best pokemon

>> No.48083494

>Ask about how do shower, it's been...a day...

>> No.48083503

> Change into some sleep clothes in the tent

>> No.48083760

> Talk with the Etiquette Club and the Poles

“How are the Poles doing, Iris?” you ask.

Judging by the fact that the Poles are situated around a tea-stained table laughing and talking shit with each other in Polish, apparently not well. But let’s see what Iris has to say. “Well, they’re learning. Serafina.” Serafina stands up, quickly walking over and curtsying to you. “Serafina, aren’t you going to-“ Serafina quickly pours you a cup of tea. “Ah, lovely. Sugar or cream or anything of that nature?”

“… you were supposed to teach them tankery stuff,” you say.

“Yes, I am aware,” says Iris. “But I am working from the bottom. And first step towards learning patience and practicality is learning how to pour a proper cup of tea.” You take a sip of it and WOW THAT’S BITTER OH. You quickly give a thumbs up to Serafina, who smiles happily. Oh God, this needs sugar. You take Iris’ packet of sugar and dump the entire thing into it. “Have a nice day?”

“Sort of, we found a couple of tanks laying around,” you say. “Griselda is picking up an m/42, I just picked up an M36 Jackson.”

“Ah, lovely,” says Iris. “Say, have you been getting the celebrity treatment lately?”

You shrug. “A little bit, why?” She shoos Serafina away, then steps closer to you.

“Between you and me, I think I have it worse than you,” says Iris. “There were girls at the clubhouse, there were girls at my dorm, there were girls here when I was trying to set up camp earlier. I even got asked out on a few dates.”

“By girls?” you ask.

“Actually, boys from the Skycraft team.” Oh. “I turned them down, they’re much too crass for me. I would've liked the Jeep Jockey but he didn't ask, and besides he's much too meek.” She takes a sip of tea. “A few girls also asked me too though. I also turned them down. What is it about Tankery though that makes one so attractive?”

> What is it about Tankery that makes one so attractive?

>> No.48083804

Teamwork, and giant armored machines.

Also depending on the team cultural legacy like American love the SHerman while the British love the Churchill and Cromwell.

>> No.48083825

I guess it's the idea of working together as a team, for one. Though some people are probably just impressed with the individual efforts as well. Plus, there's raw power, strategy, tactics, and I'm sure some are in it for...other reasons.

>Flashback to Gagetown match and how we ended up
>Panic Intensely

>> No.48083837

Its all the manly things that girls like, but with lady refinements that make it not gross like boys

>> No.48083865

Uniforms desu

>> No.48083880

Working as a team rather than as an individual to complete something greater than yourself.

>> No.48083882

Hey jeep jockey is ours!

But yeah teamwork and pride

>> No.48083905

It blends discipline, daring-do, teamwork and individual competence in a way few other activities do. It's basically a big sign saying "I'm a well rounded and capable person" and while most people probably wouldn't peg that as the thing they look for in someone, it's actually a pretty big checkmark in the "Pros" column.

That and I imagine the idea of a bunch of fit young women packed together in a cramped tank for hours at a time carries a certain appeal to many.

Does anyone else picture Iris as halfway between Darjeeling and Mugi? Maybe it's just the tea thing.

>> No.48083924

I drew her approximate appearance during a stream.

>> No.48083959

>hey jeep jockey is ours

anon I

I think you forgot to listen to Oliver

we dont fuck boys

>> No.48083978 [SPOILER] 

Not enough eyebrows

>> No.48083979

From Iron cometh strength!
From strength cometh will!
From will cometh faith!
From faith cometh honor!
From honor cometh Iron!

>> No.48083997

Ingrid is the one with the big eyebrows IIRC

>> No.48084006

Actually it's more likely to be Winona.

>> No.48084037

Awww cute. First time I've seen that one. Into the folder it goes.

>> No.48084052

what about this one

>> No.48084074

Maybe? But it's not in the folder. Soooooo!

And now to wait for the rest of the cast...And the selfie from after Gagetown

>> No.48084113 [SPOILER] 

Over 0.01 sec in paint, so i apologize if it is kinda shitty.

>> No.48084126

For fanart, there is no such thing as shitty, darling.

>> No.48084141

She is such a mom. a MOM.

>> No.48084150

Into the folder it goes!

>> No.48084158

honestly i think schteel went too far in that scene where iris brutally lost her eye to machine gun fire in the camptown match but you've reflected it really well here

>> No.48084166

Very cute, truly the face of a murderous tank queen.

Seriously, I bet some card collectors are very confused that she's the Rookie card that has the highest potential value. Because Kills and shit.

>> No.48084183

> What is it about Tankery that makes one so attractive?

“It’s the teamwork, it’s the discipline. All that comes into one big package I guess with all the derring-do and sport in Tankery, shows you’re a good person.” you say. “A very attractive person.”

“I see.” Iris takes a sip of tea. “Then it’s very surprising that Griselda isn’t pursued by other girls more.”

Denise coughs. “Actually, I think that’s because the boys like Griselda more.” You all look at Denise. “I mean, Griselda really does look hot you know and the boys probably wouldn’t have considered that whole deal thing with the paintballs and I’m throwing spitballs at the wall here.”

“Hmph.” Iris turns back to Serafina and the Poles. “Well, I must continue with my training for the night. I assure you, by this weekend, the Poles will be a well-rounded disciplined bunch of girls.” And with that, Iris leaves.

You and Denise join the little circle outside of your tent, where Stack has put out some plates of pork, mac and cheese, and grapes with some water. “So Josephina, how’s Oliver doing?” asks Winona.

“Oh, bien.” Josephina pats the roadwheel next to her, smiling. “He’s been a dream to drive so far. I love it. There’s still a problem with space but I think Oleg has done all he could.”

“Yeah.” Ingrid grumbles a bit, chewing on pork.

“Awww, miss your dorm, Ingrid?” asks Winona as she rubs up against Ingrid. Ingrid scoots away, grumbling even more. “Come on! What, is it baseball stuff?”

“No!” says Ingrid. “I- I just don’t like camping. I mean, every weekend, fine, But I don’t want to make like a whole thing of it.” She huffs.


>> No.48084187


>> No.48084192


“Aw, don’t be such a pussy,” says Stack as she pours more pork onto Ingrid’s plate. “A little roughing it never hurt nobody. Why, me and mine always went out into the countryside during the summers before LGA to live off the wilds! We’d take the motorcycles and go zooming out, then camp underneath that luscious galaxy!”

“Yeah, I don’t give a fuck about that,” says Ingrid.

Winona rests her head on Ingrid’s shoulder. “Maybe she’s got a crush on one of the boys, I know they play baseball a lot!” Ingrid pushes Winona away, frowning angrily.

> “Guys, don’t bully Ingrid. It’s not nice.”
> “Who is it, Ingrid? We don’t judge.”
> Eat your dinner quietly.
> Other

>> No.48084194

Eyepatches are the most bad ass form of injury. It shows you've faced danger head on, so head on that you'd have a chunk of danger in your brain if you'd faced it any more directly.

>> No.48084205

> “Guys, don’t bully Ingrid. It’s not nice.”

Followed by

> “Who is it, Ingrid? We don’t judge.”

>> No.48084214

> “Guys, don’t bully Ingrid. It’s not nice.”
We're the only ones that are bullyable.

Seriously though, I think poking the bear is a very bad idea.

>> No.48084225

>“Aw, don’t be such a pussy,” says Stack

> “Guys, don’t bully Ingrid. It’s not nice.”

>> No.48084237

> “Guys, don’t bully Ingrid. It’s not nice.”

plan to arrange a baseball game for the tankery team soon. Yes we will suck at it, but we will play.

>> No.48084238


>> No.48084268

Here, I'll add what >>48084237 is saying. Besides, us playing baseball seems like an exercise in hilarity.

>> No.48084282

Backing >>48084205 with a side of organising a baseball match with the team at some point.

>> No.48084296

>the voices in elodie's head are roughly 50/50 between chaotic and kind

>> No.48084305

Business as usual.

>> No.48084424

>> “Guys, don’t bully Ingrid. It’s not nice.”

>> No.48084454 [SPOILER] 

>Guys, don’t bully Ingrid. It’s not nice.”

and this is >>48084113
again, now i drawing it with pen and paper. Better?

>> No.48084476

cute as fuck

>> No.48084477


>> No.48084508

Must fuck.

She pulls of the sexy teach/office lady look more.

>> No.48084518

Elo should start shipping Iris and Jockey. We just need to build his confidence.

>> No.48084539

Jeep Jockey is for Elo though

>> No.48084570

> “Guys, don’t bully Ingrid. It’s not nice.”

“Don’t bully Ingrid guys, it’s not nice.”

Winona harumphs. “Oh fine, no fun.”

“Ah fuck off,” says Ingrid. “If you must know, the actual reason I didn’t want to leave my dorm is because my Mom is coming here to work for the summer.” Oh? “So I don’t want to look strange in front of you by doing all this camping stuff.”

“Why didn’t you say so?” asks Stack.

“Because you guys would probably embarrass me!”

“That-“ Winona stops herself. “I think that’s actually true.”

“What does your Mom do again?” asks Stack again, sitting down next to Ingrid.

“She’s a sabermetrics analyst, she works with scouts on player reports, compiles statistics based on the sabermetrics model, advises team staff on how best to manage players, that sort of stuff. But she’s taking the summer off because the Mets are apparently going to let her go soon.” Oh, that’s terrible. “Don’t worry, we’ve got plenty of money in the bank. She’ll be fine. It’s just uh… I don’t really like looking bad in front of my parents.”

“Same,” you say. “But we can’t have everything.” She grumbles more, poking at her meat.

“Well, when we meet her, we’ll try not to make you look silly!” Stack slaps Ingrid on the back, and to that Ingrid gives her a very deathly glare. “Ahaha… aha. Yeah.”



All of you have slipped into sleeping bags for sleep time. Thanks to the expanded room offered by Oliver and the tent, finally you have enough room to breathe and stretch your legs.

But then Denise rests her head body on top of yours. “Aaahh…”

“Denise,” you growl. “Get off.” You suddenly feel Winona’s head on your chest. Somehow in the confusion, not only did she get out of her sleeping bag, she slipped into yours as well. “Winona.”

“Wake me when it’s morning,” she whispers.

> “Everybody get off.”
> Accept it.
> Other

>> No.48084571

Denise and Winona are for Elodie

Elodie is not for boys

>> No.48084579

Elodie does not into romance. Plus there's no way in hell a quest MC is gonna end up with a dude. Which is a bit of a shame as otherwise Jeep Jockey would be good end.

>> No.48084584

>> Accept it.

>> No.48084585

>Accept it

>> No.48084586

Why is that so?

>> No.48084600

>Accept it.

>> No.48084601

Rolled 8 (1d20)

>> Accept it.
Rolling to resist farting.

>> No.48084605

> “Everybody get off.”

>> No.48084608

>Elodie does not into romance.
Tell that to anons who would ship her to every other girl in this series.

>Plus there's no way in hell a quest MC is gonna end up with a dude. Which is a bit of a shame as otherwise Jeep Jockey would be good end.

It would be a good end but again anons.

>> No.48084610


Because our tank says so

>> No.48084617

> “Everybody get off.”

Damnit we will have our own private sleeping space!

Maybe we should hang a hammock off the barrel and tarp over it.

>> No.48084621

>> “Everybody get off.”
>> Accept it.

>> No.48084624

>> “Everybody get off.”

>> No.48084632

That's just asking for Ellie to end up on the ground from 'sleepwalkers'

>> No.48084639

>Tell that to anons who would ship her to every other girl in this series.
And she still cannot into romance. I really hope that GS will keep her opposed to any real romantic involvement with other characters.

>> No.48084643

>> Accept it.
Best Mom!

>Sing a lullaby

>> No.48084665

I doubt he would. Because 'character development."

>> No.48084693

> “Everybody get off.”

I agree, part of what I like about Elodie is she's not just a empty burlap sack that us anons pilot around the world, she's a character with attitudes and qualities. One of those qualities being that she's focused on other stuff in her life than banging everything she comes into contact with.

>> No.48084705

Maybe, GS is a cut above the average QM though. I have faith anon. You should too.

>> No.48084711

Trude was like that too at one point.

>> No.48084896

> Accept it.

“Okay,” you say quietly. Winona squeaks happily, rubbing against you.

So, this is your life now, to be everyone’s body pillow. You’re a Naval Studies Officer, you’ve got the respect and adulation of your peers. You’re noted to be a very good Tanker. And now these people treat you like you’re some kind of object.


Sometimes you just don’t get people.

They are pretty warm though. That is nice you guess. And Denise is well, Denise is soft around the chest that’s for sure.

Oh well, tomorrow morning hopefully will bring better news.

>> No.48084907

In Trude's case there were also some pretty clear "Narnia" signs, like singing "You are my Sunshine" to Kitten while giving her piggyback rides regularly.

>> No.48084934

That's it for today and possibly the rest of the weekend. Good news, I got a job! Bad news, it means I can't run three days a weekend like I used to now, and unlike the Internship I'm hoping to make this a more permanent thing. It depends on my scheduling and if I can eventually set my own commute (so I can work 4 10 hour days instead of 5 8 hour days). Anyway, hope you all enjoyed regardless.

Follow at: https://twitter.com/GermanSchteel
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See you next time.

Will be around to answer questions though since I'm bored and not too tired.

>> No.48084954

But there were also sign (The signs of a steam roller) that she liked guys as well.

Hell even with this last post shows 'signs' that Elo can be shipped.

>> No.48084968

Grats on the job, m8!

>Trudy has a body pillow
I can see Clara, Kitten and Fairless "totally not" having one of those.

>> No.48084972

SO the Poles are being harnessed or bullied yet?

Also what was the condition of the Swedish tank?

How goes recruiting?

What Model is the M36?

>> No.48084981

Hey man, congrats on the position!

I for one am happy to see that we got some side quest stuff done, we're making more friends, our roster is getting better, we have someone to teach us more, and Serafina is getting trained rather than bullied.

Good stuff.

>> No.48085018

To be honest, I'm kind of bumped she isn't being bullied a little. That is part of the school experience or any group experience.

It's like that one ass hole who thinks he can charge through the team to make the goal all by himself and instead gets the ball stolen and makes the team lose.

>> No.48085033

Thanks for the fun, Boss.

Congratulations on the job.

How's the writing coming along?

>> No.48085061

1. The Poles are not for bullying.

2. You'll see in the morning.

3. Griselda's recruitment isn't going as well as she hoped it would. Despite the good record she's got, there simply aren't enough people interested in Tankery on the ship for her to recruit.

4. It's an M36B1, but for all intents and purposes, I merge all variants into the singular M36 because there isn't much difference (and before you argue that there is, I am aware one variant possesses a hull MG and the variants are built off the M10 chassis and M4A3, that doesn't matter to me.)


Mostly because I've been invaded by plot bunnies AND my crippling self-doubt is getting to me at the worst moments.

The Poles are not for bullying.

>> No.48085082

Why because bullying doesn't happen in girls doing cute thing shows?

>> No.48085108

You know what will help recruiment (much to their collective shagrin) Ellie and Iris groupies.

It's bound to garner some interest. I could see at least a team or two wanting to at least check it out and see if its right for them.

>> No.48085109

Whats the job, schteel?

Personal hug pillow?
Public toilet?

>> No.48085119

But why did you show the variant of the Swede tank and not the M36 if its similar difference.

or the M4 Sherman variants in which you can use a blanket term just M4?

>> No.48085149

>All M4s are the same

>> No.48085153

>Personal hug pillow?

Who wouldn't hug a pillow'd germanschteel.

>> No.48085174

Because the Poles are not for bullying.

Also, it's not really in the nature of any of the teams to really bully people. At best, gossip or shunning, but not outright harassment.

Well, there's always media day. Make sure to bring a swimsuit.

Government work.

> All M4s are the same
> All m/42s are the same despite having three variants with wildly different engine and gearbox configurations


I'm not a hug pillow.

>> No.48085212

Shunning is a form of bullying.

>> No.48085213

>Make sure to bring a swimsuit
Poor, poor Ellie.

>> No.48085225

and all M36s and 6 Pounders are the same despite armor configurations and barrel lengths in which makes the difference in penetration of the shell.

also please.

>> No.48085246

But the 6 pounder thing didn't end up mattering as we're using stats from the L/50 version and none of our tanks use the L/43 anyway. Trust me I'm the anon that spent like 3 threads in a row researching it. I'm also still looking for details on that Molins gun autoloader's size if anyone's turned anything up about it.

Thanks for the thread btw GS.

>> No.48085254

It was more or less making a point.

>> No.48085262

So are the Poles Shunned?

>> No.48085266

The point I'm making is that I try to simplify where possible. If I believe that there is going to be a relatively significant enough difference between variants, then yes, I'll take it account.

But for all intents and purposes all M36s are basically the same vehicle. Armor differences or no.


>> No.48085271

You have a fetish anon?

>> No.48085282

That's a fetish?

>> No.48085295

Anything can be a fetish with the right attitude anon, you just have to apply yourself!

>> No.48085302

Since we're adding a tank that hasn't been used by any powers in ww2, how will it work in tankery.?

Hell, how effective is it?

>> No.48085312

Didn't you say gossiping and shunning were different then bullying?

>> No.48085340

Did we finish the side quest or is there more stuff to find?

>> No.48085345

It's from the requisite time period so it should be absolutely fine. It's not very good though, with a middling gun, bad armour and okay to mediocre mobility. Might be good to fill out the roster and help bulk up ops but little else.

>> No.48085370

The Stridsvagn m/42 for its time was actually a relatively modern tank featuring torsion bar suspension, an electromagnetic gearbox (for the variant you found), and for its time a relatively decent 75mm gun. Armor might be piddly and the armament compared to everything else piddly and the speed so-so, but I'd call it a good second line tank.

no bully pls

There's always more stuff to be had in adventure!

But yeah, there might be more stuff.

>> No.48085385

Isn't 55mm of armor pretty decent for 1942 maybe 43?

I mean we keep the Panzer III around.

>> No.48085420

How are the repairs of the King tiger coming along?

Also the Panzer IV is the only tank a available

Also will our roster be filled with unique tanks?

>> No.48085430

I feel like it's a staple of GuP right? No actual divisions, just a patchwork quilt of tanks that become an unstoppable machine.

>> No.48085451

Near the end we had two panthers.

>> No.48085459

1. Slowly.

2. There may be a duplicate or two but generally the idea is keeping the roster relatively unique. One of the issues Griselda is having isn't just money, it's the fact that she now has to compete with other teams on buying tanks as they become available which wasn't an issue in the first LGA.

>> No.48085470

>Stridsvagn m/42
Sorry, I'm not a gear head but i'm looking up info but what's the difference between gearboxes and what do they do?

>> No.48085514

It's not about the difference between the gearboxes so much as a particular rule in the Senshadou sport which is that WWII electrics are replaced with modern better working ones for safety. Judging by how the Automobile Club gets their kicks out of the Tiger (P) performing like an F1 car sometimes, the rule is very open to interpretation.

Which means a Stridsvagn m/42 with an electric gearbox is a very big mystery box. i.e. i don't know either.

>> No.48085517

Will the duplicate be something of a difference in variant like M4A3 to a M4A4?

Will we see more swede or Swiss AFV?

>> No.48085524

what about their latest model the EH which uses one engine and a hydralic gearbox?

>> No.48085547

Are flamethrower tanks allowed since we can use Willy pete rounds?

>> No.48085565

Fuck if I know, I don't do enough research.

It's been stated many times previously that flamethrower tanks haven't been allowed in decades.

However, white phosphorus portrayed in LGA2 isn't actually real WP, it's simulation WP.

>> No.48085599

but isn't NATO different then regular Senshido ?Thus it's the 'new' thing that Griselda is doing?

No one has figured to do simulated flames?

>> No.48085629


Does this help?

Also have you made the list of what upgrade or equipment did our teammates buy?

also who was MVP to get the 1000 bonus?

>> No.48085635

Anyone else sad that this show only lasted 1 season. Also are these threads common, its my first time on tg and i will definitely comme back if they have a thread for this show.

>> No.48085656

NATO Tankery is different in that it allows more creative interpretation of its rules along with modifications. And the biggest difference is its tournament structure which rewards long term strategy and build up rather than relying on one singular elite team to carry through a tournament.

As for simulated flames, it doesn't really matter. Flamethrower tanks are banned, and the reason being is that they burned down a National park by accident and nobody wants to see them come back.

They're common enough, I try to make them every weekend.

>> No.48085707

Season 1

Season 2

Happy reading anon!

>> No.48085800

So besides Griselda any other upgrades ?

>> No.48085818

None yet so far.

Still haven't made the list.

>> No.48085854

Do we know anything about our new opponent ? for the next match?

>> No.48085856

Good luck on job securing and book writing!

Gnight! zzzzz.......

>> No.48085901

Sherbrooke Girls High is a school that recently rebounded from the loss of its ITL program. They don't particularly follow a national theme or a gimmick and instead use what they feel is viable based on statistical analysis and through loyalty and sheer determination.

Anyway, I'm off to bed, good night.

>> No.48088117

So is there a pastebin of our team's full armory/crews? OP post only has our tank

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