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>Official /5eg/ Mega Trove v3:

>Pastebin with homebrew list, resources and so on:

>June 2016 Survey

>Old Thread

Have you played a race or class you thought was going to suck, but you ended up really liking it?

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Loving it.

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>playing a halfling rogue who steals shit to make fast cash
>old man veteran cleric catches me swiping some gold from a house
>puts me over his knee and starts spanking me

I fucking hate my group

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>Have you played a race or class you thought was going to suck, but you ended up really liking it?
High Elf by pure randomness. Turned into one of my favorite characters.

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I played a basic Human Fighter [Champion] with a two-handed weapon (greataxe) and thought it was going to blow steamy vomit chunks that burn on the way up.
Instead it's been incredibly entertaining and fun for me and I've been able to focus on his personality and character to a large degree and at this point he's one of the most fleshed-out party members in terms of actual motivators and such.

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Yeah, I played a dragonborne purple dragon knight fighter for a 1 shot and I had a lot of fun. If my rogue dies I'll be hard pressed to not roll a fighter, either pdk or champion, I think. Battlemaster and magic both don't really appeal to me.

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I did not expect Warlock to be as based as it was
>Patron is basically like a Paladin's oath but with more interactivity and variety from a roleplay perspective
>1d10 sniping cantrip
>All spells maximized all the time for cathartic overkill
>lends itself towards evil characters, which helps my desire to play an "evil but not an asshole" character

I can't get enough of it. I could honestly think up a dozen different warlock characters just based on patron interaction alone

On that note, is there any expansions/homebrews with more patrons? I was thinking of something like having an angel patron in a sort of "paladin by contract" sort of deal

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Just wondering, if you thought it was going to be so bad why did you do it?

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Looking at Thief's Fast Hands
>Use an item as a Cunning Action
And Bag of Holding
>Takes an action to take an item from it

Now obviously I couldn't attack then use an item from the bag, but if I read properly use the bag then Cunning Action to use whatever item I withdrew.

So while you could in theory pull a bag of caltrops from the bag and pour them out in one turn, could you pull, say, an Alchemists Fire vial and chuck it at an enemy to "use" the item, or would that count as an attack and thus not be valid for Fast Hands?

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>an Alchemists Fire vial and chuck it at an enemy to "use" the item, or would that count as an attack and thus not be valid for Fast Hands?
popular consensus is that isn't the intention for fast hands

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Because if you never try anything new in your life then you end up like most of /tg/ seems to end up; hidebound in imaginary rules in imaginary worlds, overfocused on "not muh" and holding irrationally strong emotional stances on things that don't even exist in real life, and most of all completely alone as you self-isolate and focus on your nerdy insularity rather then try to grow as a person ever again.

I REALLY don't want to end up like that.

Nobody had made a melee combatant yet and do I volunteered to do it first just to try something new even though I didn't think it would be all that fun.

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I'm still "new" to 5e (and d&d in general, at least by /tg/ standards since I assume most of you have been playing for years) so I decided I'll never use a class I've already played until I've done a full character of each class just to avoid getting in a rut.

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It's good to try new things.

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>When an object requires your action for its use, you take the Use an Object action.
I believe alchemist's fire, caltrops, ball bearings, acid, and the other pieces of mundane adventuring gear are covered by Use an Object so yes, you could.

This is different for magic items, the rules for which specify that its an ad-hoc action and not Use an Object, so you can't Fast Hands them. That means potions of healing are out.

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>he doesn't mistake assumptions for facts
>he tries to find things out for himself instead of just believing what he's told

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15th (not counting OP)

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>I fucking hate my group
really? I'm starting to already love your group

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Congratulations, you can count.

Your parents must be very proud.

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I've played a Barbarian and a Fighter. Decided I wanted to venture in spell slinging slowly so I made a Tempest Cleric.
> Constantly misquote sacred texts with song lyrics
> Act like a door knocker and try to convert people to Kord
> Constantly bag on the Paladin in our party

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>I was thinking of something like having an angel patron in a sort of "paladin by contract" sort of deal
Check out the "Light, Dark, Underdark" UA, the Undying Light Patron is just about as holy as it gets

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Has anyone run a Shadow Monk/Trickery Cleric? Seems like a fun combo, and I can't remember any posts about it.
I do remember someone mentioning playing a Shadow Monk/Light Cleric with a ying-yang theme, which was also cool.

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So i learned today that no one in my group as any knowledge of Warcraft at all and i was thinking, how good of an idea would it be to do a campaign based upon the Human Campaign in Warcraft 3? Biggest problem i can come up with so far is that you'd be going after Arthas taking orders from him all day long with the occasional sidetrip here and there

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Make one of the players be the arthas character then.

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I want to make the most broken monk possible, what do I do? My friend is going to run Out of the Abyss and I've always been forced to be the heal slut of the group.

This is a great picture. Or fun, broken concepts that'd fit this image. I want to have fun doing good damage in combat but I intend to back everything up with a backstory and keep the roleplay flowing. I just don't know enough mechanics or what is considered broken.

Help, please?

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you're in the underdark so enjoy always having access to shadow monk abilities

you could walk out of the starting area by yourself and be immune to drow bullshit for the entire campaign

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So I think we can all agree the Eberron Artificer WotC came out with was fucking dogshit. If you were the one being paid to make the 5E Artificer, how would you do it? What're the three most important features it needs to even be an Artificer?

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You know Shadow Monks don't become Abras until level 6, right?

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you're going to do a hell of a lot better than a wizard at the start of the game, that's for sure

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Oh shit that'll be badass.

So Half-Orc Monk probably aiming for the shadow stuff, is it worth it to dip into Barbarian at least one level early on?

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Play a Human (Tavern Brawler) Barbarian, take three levels of Bard (Expertise, Cutting Words), hop over to Warlock 2 for See in Darkness and Hex (targeting Strength usually) and grapple the shit out of everything. Feel free to hop classes as you please since the only feature that really matters is your Athletics and not dying in the dark like a bitch.

Tell everyone you're a monk, a lot.

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I sketched the gear for my Rouge Thief I mentioned in the previous thread. Thoughts? Things to change?

The leg bag things were based off a Dirty Bomb character, they probably arent very practical but I liked the look it gave said character ingame so I stole the design and tweaked it to make them look more reasonable for sneaking around.

Stereotypical ninja mask is only there because drawing an empty neck hole felt odd.

Goodberry potions are just an idea I had to basically crush up 9 of the 10 berries a day and make them into 3 3HP health potions only really good for getting unconscious people moving again and the vials would expire after the 24 hour Goodberry timer was up.

Armored Bag of Holding is just like it sounds; a Bag of Holding in a leather case lined with steel to protect from rips or tears on the road.

Climbing hooks won't be any good for climbing anything harder than wood and are more for scaling trees then walls, maybe use them for grapple checks too.

I probably put too much thought into this but I like overdoing character creation.

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While a half-orc monk can definitely be really fun to play, it will be far from broken. Savage Attacks don't give you much since you'll be using small damage dice. Constitution and Unrelenting Endurance are pretty nice, but Strength is useless.
You have no Dex or Wis bonuses, so the best you could do with point buy is start with 15 in both and pump both to 16 at level 4. You'd be a frontliner with 14 AC and the same health as a Rogue until then. If you've rolled stats and gotten really good ones and don't care about suboptimal race it doesn't much matter, though.

Barbarian levels probably won't do much. You'd need 13 in 4 stats to make that multiclass possible, Unarmored Defense doesn't stack, and you'd only get Rage bonus damage if you used Str on your attacks.

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So how big of a dick move is it for a DM to take away a saving throw proficiency due to kissing a succubus? Paladin got dicked hard because he was imprisoned by cultists, and there just happened to be a succubus around who did it for the lulz and helped him out for it

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Sounds like an idea but my players are still new to the whole RP section of the game so i dont think it would work out for them

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Said character design I ripped off if you were curious.

(4chins refusing to let me post it normally for whatever reason. )

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Shit, yeah, I don't know why I thought monks used strength primarily

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Making magic items obviously, with a bunch of "common"-tier items added to the list on par with Cantrip power levels
Making items without the massive time sink so you dont make the whole party wait months before you make a single Uncommon item
Being a real nigga at all times

These are the 3 key things to being an artificer

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I'm guessing for straight up combat, fighter is the way to go for being broken? Fighter would work with the whole multiclass into barbarian. I like the idea of having a bunch of attacks. Not so much doing tons of damage I suppose as I like the idea of taking a lot of whacks at stuff.

With that in mind, I'm kinda torn between Monk and Fighter

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That's absolutely moronic

>> No.48055175

Thats what im thinking. took away our paladins wisdom proficiency for taking the only way out

>> No.48055204

I mean assuming they can get it back without needing to personally fellate their god in whatever heaven they're in and can just get it back via doing paladin-y shit I guess it wont be too bad.

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Having skimmed the 3e Artificer when reading the Eberron book recently, I think that for real the 3 things might be
>A selection of buffing and support spells for allies and debuffing spells for enemies
>The ability to improvise a massive range of spell effects given a small amount of prep time
>Skills and assets for creating magic items, especially going above and beyond others who can
The first point is easy, just give them a Spellcasting class feature and call it "Infusions" and have it be similar to or variant on the standard Spellcasting or Pact Magic features as you please, with a spell list of buffs, debuffs, heals or repairs, whatever. Optionally give them a class feature that makes any of their healing spells work to repair constructs, but not heal creatures, depending on if you think that should fit into the 5e port's design.
Second part can be done through a class feature. Spend a minute plus casting time and a spell slot and any required components, make an Arcana check which is more difficult for higher level spells, and if you pass cast the spell. Limiting factors could include limiting the spells available for this to half-caster progression based on Artificer level (I.E. a level 5 Artificer could only improvise level 2 spells not on their list), or raising the DC by a significant amount. Perhaps they could also keep a catalog not unlike a spellbook that they could scribe spells to, in order to bypass or gain a bonus on that Arcana check.
The final point is difficult since you'd need to bend it to meet 5e's magic items, or bend 5e's magic items to it. Artificer was born into an edition that allowed players to craft items as an assumption, and 5e has no such system in place. Class abilities that granted bonuses to this would require the DM to lay out a magic item crafting system to tie them into, or alternatively just give them the ability to imbue an item with a buff spell without Concentration, with other limits.

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Nothing is outright 'broken' in 5e so far. There are a few standout builds that are widely known (Sharpshooter Xbow Xpert Fighter, Sorlock) but in practice they're not that much better than other sensible builds.
If you want lots of melee attacks and ORAORAORA, there are 3 standout options.
Monk, which has a lot of attacks early. At level 1 you can have 2 per turn, by level 2 you have a resource you can burn for up to 3 in a turn, and after level 5 you are guaranteed 3 attacks and can burn for 4.
Fighter has the most overall attacks. Starting at level 2, you can Action Surge occasionally to double your attacks. At level 11, which is a really far off point, you have 3 attacks a turn, and as a capstone you have 4. I wouldn't advise planning for capstones. Also, you need to build to use your bonus action unlike Monks, so expect one of your extra Feats as Fighter to go to GWM or PM. That is another attack per turn sometimes, though.
The last option is Ranger. Hunter has several options for flashy moves that let them get extra hits on clustered ranks of enemies, but your DM could restrict these moves actively by not having enemies group in range or passively by just not paying attention to your class features/wants and ignoring it. Still, you have as many attacks as a Fighter does until level 11 (barring your lack of action surge) but you can hit one adjacent enemy to your target once a turn starting at level 3.

Of these, the biggest numbers dealer is Fighter.

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>Sharpshooter Xbow Fighter
Tell me more.

>> No.48055448

I bet that shota slut loved it

>> No.48055846

is it bad to make my character multiclass into bard exclusively to use vicious mockery since my character loves to insult in fights already as it is?

>> No.48055857

Why don't you just take the Magic Initiate feat and pick that up, instead of losing your level progression?

>> No.48055915

So I just realized that for the past two weeks I have been creating characters that I will never actually use since getting a group together is too hard.

>> No.48055965

how about you play on roll20?

>> No.48055987

Been trying for a while but I can't get into groups.

>> No.48056042

shiiiiet. id invite you to my group but we play randomly/sporadically.

then again im thinking of running my own game sooo maybe you can join when i start that one? what times can you play?

>> No.48056071

I can play at pretty much any time.

>> No.48056088

Are the contents of a Bag of Holding immune or in some way protected from scrying spells?

>> No.48056159

do you have skype?
or another way to contact you?

>> No.48056187

Does a Warlock's proficiency with his pact weapon also apply to magical weapons he makes into his pact weapon?

>> No.48056194


join it, going to run curse of strahd in about a week or two.

>> No.48056199

Here is the email to contact me with.
[email protected]
I will give you more info since I don't really want to post it here.

>> No.48056205

i believe so, yes.

join my roll20 game, and well share contact info there

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Yes it does.

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What's your favorite level 2 moon druid wildshape?
Lion, tiger, bear?

>> No.48056333

Tiger because it is pretty much better than lion in every way and I like tigers more than bears.

Oh my!

>> No.48056364

Fuck, I'm supposed to be playing a bard for the beginning of the upcoming session, and now I really want to play an undying light warlock

>> No.48056406

Multiclass. Take one level of bard then hit warlock.

>> No.48056431


Batman / Assassin's creed probably has stuff to inspire you.

>> No.48056444

But that doesn't fit with my character

>> No.48056529

>You can see and hear a particular creature you choose that is on the same plane of existence as you.

The contents of a bag of holding are not on the same plane of existence as the bag - they are deep in the Ethereal Plane. You can only see the contents of a bag if you are also on the Ethereal Plane - in fact, you could see the contents of any and all bags if you know where to look.

Also, you need a creature to home in on, so this would only work if there's a creature inside the bag.

>> No.48056535

Play the Warlock, but take Instrument Proficiency (Harp).

>> No.48056542

>Instead of targeting a creature, you can choose a location you have seen before as the target of this spell. When you do, the sensor appears at that location and doesn’t move.

Okay, so you could scry on the inside of a Bag of Holding you've seen before if you are on the Ethereal Plane at the time. It wouldn't show you exactly where the contents of the bag are on the Ethereal Plane, though, just a view of the inside of the bag, and there probably wouldn't be any light, so I hope you have darkvision.

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My druid friend wants his animal companion (a bengal tiger) to become able to shift form into a white cat with black stripes so that people won't be terrified when he strolls into town..

Is there such a spell? Level 7 Druid for now.

>> No.48056577

Polymorph would do it.

>> No.48056588

If you just wana win one on one fights, Fighter balances durability with damage output the best.

If you're gonna be in a group and be fighting groups, go with with Evocation Wizard or Sorcerer, and take that feat that lets you bypass resistances to whatever element makes up the majority of your spells. You'll be squish as fuck, but you'll also be hiding in the back and hitting multiple enemies every round.

>> No.48056716

Half orc champion fighter with Polearm master and a glaive.

You'll be making three attacks at level 5 plus extra oppertunity attacks, Critting twice as often for triple damage. Get GWM for huge damage increase, Although the extra attack is a little wasted since you're already attacking for d4 on bonus. Get Sentinel to become a defensive beast for your team.

>> No.48056750

Tip: don't post autojoin links.

>> No.48056803

Shoulda taken Escape Artist if you don't want spankings from high str lawful good PC's/

>> No.48056920

I'm playing with the optional gun rules, but otherwise just the base game. If I have a one-handed sword in my right hand and a revolver in my left, can I both stab and shoot in the same round?

>> No.48056942

As long as you have more than one attack

>> No.48057093

My player did this. I can confirm it is indeed a defensive beast, as long as the DM doesn't remember to let monsters take the disengage action.

If you can somehow fool your DM into allowing it, take tunnelfighter as well.

>> No.48057351

How should one make an occult investigator? I can't really decide between warlock with GOO patron (or funny homebrew) or Rogue thief/mastermind with ritual caster and magic iniate feats.
Bards could work too but I don't really see singing and instruments going with the occult stuff, hell even artificer could work but those sadly aren't really a thing in 5e

>> No.48057389

How long before we get a splatbook that brings back the best class, the Factotum?

>> No.48057425

Rogue Arcane Trickster, get 14 int expertise in investigation and get a number of spells that could help anyways. Take magic initiate for moar spells, or observant for passive investigation. Then take the sage path for the ability to research things or know where to look.

>> No.48057432

Bards actually don't require singing or instruments. Their power can manifest through speech or oration as well. It's what gave me the idea to make a Phoenix Wright-style Lawyer Bard

>> No.48057504

not really sure if Arcane Trickster is worth it, since I doubt that our group wont get to the point where I would get 3rd lvl spells, maybe not even 2nd. Although improved mage hand is tempting

>> No.48058192

Are there any good multi class options for monk?

>> No.48058218

you could probably make any class work somehow in 5e.

>> No.48058354

They need an instrument if they wish to use spells requiring material components without fiddling with a component pouch.

>> No.48058399

The shadow monk rogue is pretty good but it needs level, level 6 for the really good ability.

Fighter is good I guess, a ranger would be good cause of hunters Mark procs. Those are the most damage efficient options.

>> No.48058423

I need your input, guys. I was playing Curse of Strahd on Monday (usually DM a second table because we have a big group, but played a premade Cleric because we were short almost half our people.)

Here's the sequence of events:

>draw from Deck of Many Things (I know.)
>get the card that spawns an Avatar of Death
>has immunity to incapacitation effects
>I try to use Banishment
>DM says the whole spell doesn't work because of the incapacitation part

Is this wrong? I feel like it still should have been sent away and just not incapacitated on the other side.

>> No.48058478

Looking for some advice here. I'm starting a new campaign with some friends and one of them rolled up a warlock with a fey patron. I asked her about her background and she told me that it's basically like Paul of Tarsus from the Bible
>gets in with the wrong crowd
>does bad things to survive
>one day is blinded by a light saying that it wants her to turn from her ways and do good
>gives her powers to help with this
She doesn't know who her patron actually is, that's up to me. Any suggestions on how I can rp this out during the game with her?

>> No.48058559

banishment spells dont work in CoS.

>> No.48058561

Fine. They use a microphone.

>> No.48058576

Yes, and you can ignore the other requirements for pact weapons when bonding a magical weapon.

A +3 crossbow is a perfectly valid pact weapon, and honestly probably makes warlock one of the most damaging martial ranged classes, if your DM is generous with magic item requests.

>> No.48058673

So fiddle with a component pouch.

>> No.48058695


Okay, ignore CoS, then. How would it react otherwise?

>DM should have told me that when I was leveling the premade character, though

>> No.48058943

I'd say apply the effects separately.
Imagine there was a spell that lit you on fire then put you to sleep.
Stuff that can't be put to sleep would still be on fire.

>> No.48059185

some files form the trove aren't downloading for me
the file transfer page says they've finished loading, but then they never actually dl to my computer

>> No.48059350

Dual wielding spears as a barbarian isn't too out there, right? Spear Mastery and Dual Wielding would make it pretty viable yeah?

>> No.48059461

I can't remember much about raging but isn't it detrimental to TWFing?
Maybe that's frenzy Barbarian or whatever

>> No.48059534


>> No.48059647

Well barbs don't get two weapon fighting, which really hampers the bonus action attack. Furthermore, you'd have to choose between the range increase, setting for a charge, or the extra attack, since you only have one bonus action.

I mean, it's not terrible and you won't be a drag on the party or anything, but you'd probably be better off two-handing the spear or wielding a shield with it.

>> No.48059738

rate my character?

120 lb 4 ft tall gnome barbarian XD
dual wields hand axes
berserker archetype

>> No.48059755

Are you allowed to drop and draw items in the middle of an Attack action?

>> No.48059756


>> No.48059780

You can make your extra attacks whenever you wish on your turn

>> No.48059898


>> No.48059910

That just says you can move between attacks. I don't think you could, say, take a bonus action between attacks.

That said, dropping and drawing things are in a gray area of not being actions, but also having limits, albeit somewhat vague. E.g. you can apparently only draw/stow one weapon at a time unless you have dual wielder.

>> No.48059954

A question about 5e: a few friends and I who have started on 4e a few years back are thinking of swapping to 5. The rules around combat and things in general appear simplified, which is not necessarily a bad thing. However, looking at classes, we have some concerns that it looks a lot like a caster fest. With multitude of spells doing different things, they seem innately superior to most martial classes. Is this a big issue in games?

>> No.48059970

Just go monk/Fighter after you get your first extra attack feature.

>> No.48059973


>> No.48060092


>> No.48060114


>> No.48060183

What alignment should I pick for an ecoterrorist druid?

I think alignments are generally really dumb because motivation and morality are way more complex than a 3x3 grid but my DM is insisting.

>> No.48060187

Deppends on flavour.
Just remember you need to keep your stats go used on Dex and Wis.

Sun soul/light cleric for maximum light.

Shadow monk/warlock for Darkness/Eldritch sight and hex shenanigans..

If you want to runespear play Monk/Arcana cleric 1.

Monk /Rogue 2 makes you the fastest character on the table.

And monk/battlemaster makes you do actual kungfu.

Monk /Druid makes you into Jack Black.

>> No.48060204

Rolled 15, 19, 1, 8, 5, 11 = 59 (6d20)


States that Extra Attacks need not be made in immediate succession of one another

States that weapons can be dropped free of any action currency

States that a weapon can be drawn as part of the action used to attack with it

Contrasts Extra Attack in that it specifically calls for the same weapon to be used for both of the attacks

The feat in question does not state that the bonus action attack must occur after all the attacks of Extra Attack are taken.

Therefore there is no RAW contradiction to >>48059534. On the next turn for that build, the fighter may fire with the hand crossbow using the attack action, fire with it again using the bonus action, drop it, pick up the heavy crossbow, and fire with that three times for the same total damage dice and modifiers.

>> No.48060214

Chaotic evil that thinks he's chaotic good

>> No.48060225

Is there any way to play a robed healer that doesnt involve just intentionally not wearing armor for no reason?

I thought I got it when I found the favored soul sorcerer option in modifying classes, but then it went and gave me medium armor.

>> No.48060233

By started on 4E do you mean you've only ever played 4E? If so I can understand why it may seem that way, but 5E's exceedingly balanced for a class-based system.

>> No.48060254

Multi-class with monk to get Unarmored Defense?
Play a wizard and focus on mending/curing/restorative magics?

>> No.48060263

A lot of people will tell you yes, those people have not played the game

(Brace for the shitstorm)

>> No.48060274

One of the suggestions in the dungeon master's guide is to replace a cleric's armour proficiencies with unarmoured defense taken from the Monk class, and flavour it as a level of divine protection from the gods you worship, so maybe talk to the DM about that?

>> No.48060283

Bards can end up stepping on other peoples' toes because between skill proficiencies and spellcasting, they're basically good at everything outside of combat. Other casters can also step on toes a bit, but nowhere near as bad.

In combat, however, martials are generally equal to or better than casters.

>> No.48060305

In game I have played materials in combat that are critically important to the game. My current party has 3 Paladins a cleric and me the wizard. The paladins did most of the work last session. Yeah there are a ton of spells but you need to be in the right place at the right time and I need to decide between damage or utility. Which is almost never an easy option.

Martials are fine right now so don't worry. Play q couple sessions, don't let them take long rests all the time and you will see what I mean.

>> No.48060320

A few of the class specific reference sheets seem to be missing from the zip in the resources pastebin. Is there a reason for this?

>> No.48060321

Chaotic neutral sounds like the deal, no respect for the law and you equally put yourself and others in front of you.

>> No.48060335

Every class is bad at something, which some other class will do better than it; 100%. Even the catch-all bard is just "good," at most of the stuff he does. A dedicated build will generally outdo a jack-of-all trades in most matters, regardless of which is which class (provided the class chosen makes sense for what you're trying to build).

>> No.48060364

Hey guys, I've got a weird problem. Half my group is not engaged at all outside of combat. The other half loves all aspects of the game. Any ideas how to fix this?

>> No.48060386




>> No.48060393

Two answers on either end of the spectrum:

You don't say anything during a social encounter you lose five gold.

You roleplay well you are given inspiration. Start throwing out inspiration, or if you are so brave, let the NPCs pick favorites, and give an item or two to the people talking.

>> No.48060398

> don't let them take long rests all the time
That's actually some great advice.
A lot of the time I see people starting up 5E they're letting people take a "Short Rest," basically whenever they want to; even in the middle of doing some perilous shit like, "Yo, lets take an hour-long break in the middle of this goblin infested ruin!" And the DM's be like, "Okay, no goblins find you or try to kill you for an entire hour!" -just automatically. They find a room off to the side and it's just assumed that they can get calm and comfortable enough to rejuvenate themselves and it's just accepted that nothing bad comes their way for sixty fucking minutes.
Let alone fucking long rest; 8 fucking hours of unimpeded R&R on the fly is fucking ludicrous.
Makes me wonder if some urchins perception of the flow of time isn't slightly askew.

>> No.48060408

RIP 5e pack it up to that's it.

>> No.48060430

Then a group of monsters uses an attack with a "Save or take half damage" attack and you still die anyways.

Guess you'd best go Rouge as well to get that avoidance of those attacks eh?

>> No.48060442

I have seen casters after three encounters no rest, they are never helpful beyond that.

If a martial has health he is equally strong five encounters in compared to a cater.

>> No.48060443

> people actually responded

>> No.48060467

It's like rationing your spells for opportune use is a key element in playing a caster or something.

>> No.48060471

Jokes on you nigger I only responded ironically

>> No.48060473

Which is why I made short rests 30 minutes

>> No.48060498

Good for you... ?

>> No.48060508

Exactly, a lot of those people that whine about casters don't realize a caster plays a game of resource management, while a martial is mostly about letting loose

>> No.48060512

Look at what those player's characters have in the way of skills and out-of-combat applicable features and check their backgrounds, then come up with some scenarios in which they can use what they have to contribute.

>> No.48060526


Just putting in my 2 cents

>> No.48060535

Exactly, you have to decide between saving your spells and making the encounters you are in now harder, or using them and making later encounters harder. Before and after casters use spells they are using cantrip and they will not compare.

>> No.48060538

Some people just want to roll dice anon

>> No.48060543

>Have you played a race or class you thought was going to suck, but you ended up really liking it?

Gonna second Halfling. First played one when 3 came out. Now I've got thirty something Halfling characters from all walks of life in a binder. Heck I've even converted the child characters I made when I was a kid to Halflings.

>> No.48060563

> image related
Or wands, or scrolls, or staves.

>> No.48060584

>Two answers on either end of the spectrum:
>You don't say anything during a social encounter you lose five gold.

You mean the autistic spectrum? What the fucking kind of idiot does things like that and could possibly keep plauers around his table? Jesus Christ.

>> No.48060617

That seems like it would result in group drama if I did that.

This is some good advice.

The group that's having fun is my cleric and warlock

The group that's not having fun is my barbarian and battlemaster fighter.

Any ideas on some challenges that the barbarian and fighter can succeed at that the warlock and cleric can't?

>> No.48060641

Not really. Martials tend to have better numbers to compensate for their narrower options. Whenever you hear about a character having an extremely dramatic "power turn" where they just go off and annihilate everything, it tends to be a fighter, paladin, or monk. It is true that 5e has more of a range of complexity than 4e, so players who need dozens of rules options to play with should stick with casters, while newer players or players focused on roleplaying can play fighters or warlocks and not be alienated by artificial complexity.

>> No.48060647

Anyone have good idea on how to modify this to make it more simple? My friends won't play if it's not, and they'll give up on it..

Plus it'll be my first time Dming so making more simplicity would be better for me to not mess up.

>> No.48060680

It's when we have a couple hundred gold so it wasn't a big issue. And it just reminds us to roleplay. Cause if we wanted to just role dice we'd be just doing that.

>> No.48060686

You hit the nail on the head. Damage is roughly equalized, with martials having a slight edge over casters.

however, casters are playing 3 dimensional chess with all the tools and ways to use said tools at their disposal. Martials are stuck playing checkers on a 2x2 board when it comes to operating out of combat.

Except the rogue. It's pretty good.

>> No.48060711

Yeah but by the time you are getting a wand of magic missle the 3d4+3 will be nothing.

>> No.48060738

Literally anything physical, especially contests and stuff like that since the battlemaster can size people up and the barbarian can use rage to overcome stuff

Anything relating to their backgrounds
Anything relating to their skills
The battlemaster should have tool proficiencies that are useful
If the barb is a totem then he must have some rituals that help in investigation/exploration, plus he can use strength to intimidate

And a shitload more

>> No.48060740

Give them pre made character sheets, explain attacks checks and saves, and that's the basics. Let them just fuck around and see what happens, but this game is complicated it just gets more complicated the more you go.

>> No.48060753

Modify what?

>> No.48060762

>except the rogue
By what rationale? Rogues are actually lagging behind most other classes in damage, and of course their defense is also below average. In exploration scenarios they split the party and get caught, and they're not particularly well suited to roleplaying either.

>> No.48060775

Good advice, thanks. I worry to take away free will to make a character.
Modify and simplify the rules.

>> No.48060799

Rogues have great access to the skill system, which more than makes up for their limited access to the spell system their defense is proactive: stealth, disadvantage, etc, etc.

But I was mostly talking about their out of combat utility.

Anyways, they outdamage paladins in a long fight.

Combat is a third of the game. It's absurd to play classes that suck at 2/3rds of the game. Therefore, only rogues and casters are truly "good".

>> No.48060800

If you're talking about 5e in general, you could limit your players' options to the basic rules available free online, or the options available in the starter set. A lot of commonly used rules are technically optional and can be done away with, including feats, variant humans, and the weirder races. There are options in the DMG for eliminating even more complexity, like replacing the skill list with flat ability checks.

>> No.48060804

I can only assume that the barbarian and fighter have higher bonuses to their athletics/acrobatics check, so maybe give them a physical challenge. Barbarian and fighter aren't flush with utility features but battle-masters get an artisan tool proficiency so why not have them meet an NPC who can help them in some way and just so happens to be super into something related to that tool type.
Knowing what other types of skills they have, tools, even languages, and what backgrounds they took would also be a big help.

>> No.48060831

Assassins are for damage, the others are for utility, and they have a bunch of tools at their disposal to face any situation (which is literally what rogues are for) assassins can even make secret identities
And roleplay wise varies from person to person, if you don't have the creativity for it then that's too bad for you, but rogues are the second most flavorful class

>> No.48060840

It's pretty weird, but the warlock has gone physical stats too. He's often just as good as the battlemaster/barbarian are at any sort of physical contest.

>> No.48060870

No class "sucks" at out of combat stuff except for maybe champions and berserkers, and even those olny "suck" because people don't have any creativity

>> No.48060875

>rogues are the most flavorful class

Tell me about it. One of my players went mostly arcane trickster, with 2 dips in conjuration wizard and Chain Pact fey lock.

He spends most of combat sneaking conjured bombs into pockets, and out of combat robbing entire cities blind with his mage hand and familiar, while crafting anything he might need in the future.

The only thing that's truly homebrew about the setup is his making use of custom crafting rules, since the vanilla ones are complete ass.

>> No.48060892

Skills are not that useful. People just like them because they're numbers that can be increased, and it's fairly easy to increase most of them really high if that's your goal. Skills can be divided into the ones that are never used (Animal Handling,) the ones that most DMs will just let you do without rolling dice at all (Investigation, Survival, Athletics checks to get around, knowledge checks for things your character logically should know about already,) and skills that you should never use because they're only good for splitting the party (Stealth)

>> No.48060903

I'm sure the most creative player in the world can have fun with every class. That isn't my players, and that isn't most players. Casters are way easier to DM for. I don't need to spend half my encounter design time coming up with ways to make it interesting for the wizards. I just present environments and enemies, and the players eventually find a creative use of a spell.

>> No.48060925

How do you guys not realize that this is subtle bait?

The guy claiming to have a party with two bored martials is baiting you all into a caster superiority argument, it happens at least once a week, with someone posting the exact same story

How do you all keep falling for it?

>> No.48060933

>DMs should just let you jump 40 feet across a chasm without an athletics check
>DMs should just let you perceive all the hidden enemies without a perception check
>DMs should just have every NPC agree with the players without a persuasion check

Satire or b8?

>> No.48060938

Let them make a character when they know what they are doing. So they can sit at home and think of a new character.

>> No.48060949

Yea pretty much, I haven't played anything else

>> No.48060981

I think it's just a fairly common problem due to inherent class imbalances.

>> No.48060987

needs more red if its really a rouge thief

>> No.48061017

There are literally rules for when you can jump and climb without an Athletics check, and they cover almost all cases that would ever come up. If you do find an area that is only accessible to those with good Athletics, you should not go there because that would split the party.

Persuasion checks are a crutch for people afraid to roleplay. Good players just say what their characters are saying, and good DMs have the NPCs react the way that fits their personalities rather than obeying the whimsy of the random number god.

Perception does prevent the occasional surprise round, so it's the one practical skill to have, but it's overrated. Getting the jump on someone is nowhere near as powerful in D&D as it is in real life.

>> No.48061052


>mfw Make 5E General. Use 2nd Ed. Dragonlance painting by the late great master Keith Parkinson (RIP).

>> No.48061068

No, you see, there are no "inherent class imbalances" and by spinning that tale of "guys this is totally happening what do?" And asking for advice on how to fix a problem that isn't there, then refusing every possible solution this troll whips /5eg/ into a frenzy, insisting that his problem has no solution while also giving other trolls an opening to go "yeah that's right!"

9/10 sneaky bait, I'll give you that, but bait nontheless

>> No.48061106

Friendly reminder that D&D is very subjective and your shitty opinions aren't facts

>> No.48061111

Overlap of abilities between characters is to be expected, but you can still come up with situations that require multiple people working together, or working on individual tasks in order to achieve a combined goal.
Since you aren't playing with a party of identical characters it's all but guaranteed that those two characters have at least one thing each that is unique to them and that thing, no matter how seemingly insignificant, can be used to spark and interesting scenario as long as you are willing to think creatively.

>> No.48061120

How do costs work for magic items and such? I've only played from level 1 before, and usually get my Wealth By Level handed out already in the form of items as loot, so I'm not quite sure here. For example thevalue of a uncommon item in the DMG is listed at 101-500g, does this mean I can spend 500g of my starting wealth to give my character, say, a bag of holding?

>> No.48061142


Drawfag request nao. Please make the shotalings face a mixture of indignation combined with blushing arousal

>> No.48061145

>macguffin sitting on pedestal across a 40 foot chasm
>can't resolve plot because would split party.

That doesn't sound like a fun game.

>persuasion should always be acted out
Do you expect martial players to move your refridgerator to avoid making athletic checks in game?

>perception is limited to preventing surprise rounds
Never heard of traps? Spotting secret doors? identifying documents across a great distance?

There is definitely a fundamental class imbalance. It's as simple as 3>2

Casters can interact with the game in 3 ways: combat, skills, spells.
Martials can interact with the game in 2 ways: combat, skills.

Even if the martial takes a casting subclass, they will always be held back by several spell levels interaction, while scaling cantrips and proficiency bonuses scale the same for everyone.

So in the end, you have casters being able to do combat almost, nearly as well as, martials.

You have both casters and martials having equal access to the skill system.

And you have a vast gulf between casters and martials for spells.


>> No.48061146

What is your favorite argument to get into on /5eg/? Class imbalances, grappling(including aarakocra and spiked shields), how to rework a class(including ranger beast master and general martial classes)

If I didn't list your favorite list yours.

>> No.48061165

Depends on how your DM wants to run it
5e is very DM-dependant in that way, he may decide you can't have magic items, he may decide you start at lv10 with lv1 equipment and 10 gold, and he is well within his power to do so

>> No.48061171

Yes, but casters aren't as wildly overpowered as they were in 3.5 and PF. You can play a martial and still be an effective party member in 5.

>> No.48061198

Not being as imbalanced as 3.5 and PF is not high praise.

4e did caster/martial balance right. 5e could have as well.

>> No.48061210

If your DM says so, yeah.

But there are no rules for it.

>> No.48061233

you CAN use strength to attack if you want to, but it will make your more MAD than you already are. but if you star 16 strength and 15 dexterity and 15 wisdom (lol so thats.... 7, 9, 9, 25 points already, then 8 int and 8 charisma and 11 con with you racial....) you could do it, and then level 4 you get 16 dex and 16 wis. Nah its a bad idea. But you could just make a half orc with 16 con, 15 dex, 15 wis and dump strength, thats the same stat spread but you have 10 strength and 9 int and 9 charisma or something. or 12 strength and 8/8. You still would be behind say a wood elf, but not too far behind.
but okay.... pros for a half orc coz i'm autistic:
- savage attacks actually does help you a bit because you're making 3-4 attacks a round for most of your career, so thats a crit every 5 or 6 rounds. so a not great but not totally useless boost to your damage. i mean, savage attacks is mostly a ribbon but still.
- relentless endurance is great for a monk because they aren't so tough
- dark vision is good
- no one expects the orcish monastery inquisition
well thats it.

>> No.48061235

There is no fundamental imbalance, you are artificially creating one with your arbitrary metric, either way I'm done with this argument, believe what you will but I'm done feeding the troll

>> No.48061252

I miss the days of glaives and halberds

>> No.48061292

"Ways to interact with the game" is not an arbitrary metric. As another example, imagine that there were no ways to fly, but then wizards released the bird people anyways and gave them an exclusive way to fly. That would be a fundamental imbalance. It's the same issue: one class literally gets to interact with the game in 3 dimensions, and the rest don't.

It is very hard to cure that sort of imbalance, and the combat penalties to casters don't even come close to being sufficient.

>> No.48061329

This could all be solved by asking your DM to use STR instead of DEX for your unarmored defense, it's not really too farfetched because bigger muscle mass means tougher body, at the same time it would actually be somewhat inconvenient for you since you would technically be good at less skills

>> No.48061363

nah, not even barbarian gets that. i don't think its a good idea

>> No.48061468

I think there's not much need to push the argument beyond this.
As far as raw combat statistics, 'martial classes' pull their weight and often excel in damage. Within Skill systems, the Rogue has the earliest and best Skill mastery in the game, while the Bard gets a bit less mastery and gets it slower, but gets breadth instead of depth.

The problem with spells isn't in their strength in combat or boosting skills. It's in forms of utility that magic represents that martial skill cannot.
Conjuring a Firebolt to light something small on fire 100 feet away, with no weapons or equipment necessary. Using your focus to mend a broken object. Magically washing your dishes and clothes just by lifting a finger. Those are just cantrips.
These don't always offer tangible benefits. However, they can situationally. While all classes receive class features that can, to some degree, replicate such utility (Sun monks get a Dex-based ranged 'cantrip', and Barbarians get magical boons when raging) the fact of the matter is by taking spells you get many more utility options. So the inbalance isn't inherently bad because the expectation is for those who find purely 'martial' characters boring to gain access to plenty of utility spells or spell like features through their class choice or feats.
I don't think 4e was any different. The way it was designed, all classes had attacks and abilities that were listed in a 'spell-like' format, but that's just because most class features are 'spell-like'. 'Casters' in 4e just got Ritual Casting for free, but anyone else could take the feat as one of the 15 or so they're going to pick up by endgame anyways.

So, there's your issue. Spells make the game more complex and give more options, and some people think this is more fun. You just need to acknowledge that and take it into account when building a character.
Martials and Casters aren't separated by weapon, they're just different points on a scale of breadth of abilities.

>> No.48061476

Where is the pdf of all 5e chatacter options?

>> No.48061492

Instead, they use CON.

It's not that farfetched, and is actually significantly weaker than DEX.


Slight of Hand
Other ranged weapons if you get proficiency

There's no actual upside to STR for the player, it just allows more races to be monks and not be shit at it.

>> No.48061521

Barbarian doesn't get it because it would be too good being dependant on just 2 attributes, a monk would still be basically a 3-attribute class, you're just changing one of those to one that is arguably less useful

>> No.48061527

>tfw that guy
>DM clearly wants me gone
>alot of people in the group ignore me when it's my turn

sad feels

>> No.48061554

Ok I recently got into a conversation with a guy that insists he knows a guy that saw a thing with the booming blade cantrip and combinations of Rogue/Paladin/Warlock that could put out 400 damage a round and break the game. I said thats full of shit and probably a bunch if dimwit misunderstandings of thr rules. Anyone seen anything like that debunked or not?

>> No.48061600

Maximum damage I have seen was an assassin/vengeance/fighter at ~300 opening round damage, this is blowing almost every single resource and level 20

>> No.48061634

Thankfully DMs can say "You aren't taking this seriously" and not invite someone back cause they are trying to do some bullshit with 400 damage.

Even if possible which I doubt without 20 levels and a whole lot of RAI things taken the wrong way, I would just never play with that person again.

>> No.48061647

Rolled 5, 6, 4, 2, 5, 1, 1, 1, 4, 3, 4, 1, 1, 3, 4, 1, 6, 6, 2, 6 = 66 (20d6)

>whenever I see

Loads of text all

>spaced out
like this

>I know that it's you
You faggot

Too long, didn't read, was too busy playing this game and not having any balance issues because they don't exist in real life

Which you'd know if you'd ever played or run 'DnD', rather than spending your whole life on /5eg/

Now please fuck off and die because it would make my life fractionally more bearable

>> No.48061779

Explain what you've been doing please

>> No.48061829


Yeah it sounds like a load to me and just reinforces the idea that the assholes complaining about balance don't even understand the basic rules

>> No.48061838

I'm guessing 14 fiend lock for hurl through hell: 10d10
2nd level paladin for 7d8 smite damage
4th level assassin rogue for 2d8 sneak attack and auto crits on surprised targets, which this guy probably thinks doubles damage on hurl through hell.
With booming blade, you deal 1d12 (or whatever)+3 (magic item)+5 (CHA)+8d8 (assuming movement, from booming blade)

If you count hurl through hell as movement (it doesn't trigger booming blade because it isn't willing movement, but somebody might misinterpret it), and then count it as a critical because of the assassin feature, that's another 8d8+1d12.

So all told, you have 2d12+20d10+25d8, which on average deals 237 damage, through several very weird rulings, and one blatant misinterpretation of the rules.

>> No.48061865

What's the most versatile/fun Monk monastery tradition?

>> No.48061869

>responding to the same post twice
for what purpose

>> No.48061936

For most versatile and fun the way of the four elements is pretty good as long as you are using that community made updated version. For RAW I would say shadow or sun soul.

>> No.48061942

Maximum shitposting.

I know it's generally considered the worst one, but I fucking love Wot4E. Some of those features have incredible utility if used creatively. As a DM, I generally ignore some of the weirder limitations on them too.

Like shape the flowing river not being able to trap a creature in an area. I get why they thought they had to do that balance wise, but it's retarded to explain story wise. So I ignore that bit, and let my player trap people in mazes of ice.

Anyways, pick up a Wot4E fix, and enjoy.

>> No.48061948

My players killed a Young Green Dragon near Neverwinter, how much would it's body be worth in Gold? They are also interested in trading it for magical items. Looking for any fun ideas.

>> No.48061980

Fighter 2 or Rogue 3 (Assassin) dip for an archfey bladelock? On one hand I do like 2 weapon fighting + action surge, but on the other I do like sneak attack synergy with warlock spells giving hella advantage all the time, plus it might make more sense thematically.

>> No.48061997

nah that sounds like horse shit. you can only attack once with that class combo with booming blade. theres no way you can do that much damage that way.
but for the sake of argument... i'll assume warlock is in there for booming blade only??? or is it in there to use hurl through hell improperly with assassinate? no theres just no way you could do it off of one attack. warlock 15, assassin 3, paladin 2, say.
2d6 greatsword +5 strength average, +5 charisma 13.3
3d8 thunder damage average 13.5
smite 5d8 average 22.5
total 49.3
assassinate kicks in, so double all of those, -10 because strength and charisma aren't involved in the crit.
so thats 88.7...
lets say you cast searing smite, and they fail their save, thats 6d6 if they fail their save, thats 21 more damage, so 109.6 damage so far.... theres no way you're hitting 400 that way. hurl through hell adds another 55 damage, so 164.333... if you were fighter 2 instead of warlock 15, so warlock 13, you could action surge and do it again for 219.3 damage, but you're out of spell slots... and actually thats including another searing smite which you don't have, so really its 198.3. even if for some reason you though assassinate applied to hurl through hell and searing smite, that would be only 200 something damage.
lets say you were hasted though, and back to our hypothetical action surge fighter. that could add another 2d6 + 10 + 5d8 smite, doubled dice is an average of 71.6 more damage, so our total is now 291 damage....... if you count movement from booming blade thats 4d8 x 2 more damage if you let both booming blades stack, which i wouldnt, but for the sake of argument.... so thats 36 more damage for...................... 327 damage.
you're warlock 13, paladin 2, assassin 3, fighter 2 now. you've made 3 attacks, cast 2 cantrips, and smited 3 times, and cast one bonus action spell. which technically you wouldn't have the slots to cast at the level i let this hypothetical build cast it at.

>> No.48062124

>a corner case where an Athletics check is the only way to progress the adventure
never happens. And even if it did, you can skip most cases like that by carrying the right equipment. Climbing rope doesn't require a skill check to climb at half spees, so rope and a grapple hook make a whole skill irrelevant outside of grappling.
>player doesn't want to talk when talking is the one thing you can actually do at the table
At that point why not just stay home and play video games?
>traps and secret doors
If you had a tough guy in the front instead of the useless skill monkey, traps wouldn't be deadly anymore. And anyway, with the entire party making Perception checks it barely matters whether one of them has expertise in it.

>> No.48062234


>> No.48062246

>At that point why not just stay home and play video games?
Because he or she wants to play with his friends?

There are two viable ways to roleplay, one is talking as though you are your character, the other (which is arguably not roleplaying and more like controlling an avatar, but whatever) is describing what your character does.

In the first case, I would say persuasion checks have a place when you're making a point to an NPC that wouldn't necessarily be swayed by the point alone. In this way, the persuasion check is meant to represent your body language and other non-speech aspects of speaking, to potentially get the NPC to agree with you, or disagree.

In the other case, the persuasion check takes the place of the speech as well, determining if the character can even make a convincing point.

Yeah, in the second case it's not the best acting or roleplaying you've ever seen, but this isn't a fucking competitive game. If it's the way that particular player is able to have fun, and it doesn't bring the game to a halt, who cares? And it can be looked at as a great midpoint between not playing, and being a dedicated roleplayer, because rules are easier to understand than freeform whateverthefuckery.

>> No.48062272

Damn, forgot text. Meant to say "Seconding this." Derp.

>> No.48062342

1) great weapon master
2) you cant have 20 strength and 20 charisma.
so you get +9 damage to each attack (+10, -1 because your charisma is 18 not 20) AND GREAT WEAPON MASTER GIVES YOU ANOTHER BONUS ACTION ATTACK.
searing smite is 6d6, 21 damage, another attack is
2d6 + 19 28.33333
5d8 smite 22.5
2d6 8.333333
5d8 22.5
total of 80.66666 extra damage.
so for our no fighter hypothetical, with haste, thats a total of:

152 for our first attack
haste attack is 80.6 more damage
bonus action attack is 80.6 more damage
for a total of 313.3 damage. not bad.

for our hasted fighter build.
first attack does 97 damage
haste attack is 80.6 more
bonus action attack is 80.6 more
action surge attack you no longer have a warlock slot to smite with, so its a 1st level site.
4d6 + 19 attack, 35.6 damage
6d8 booming blade damage, thats 27 damage
4d8 smite thats 18 damage
for a total of 80.6 damage, weirdly the same as smite with no booming blade. for a total of 339 damage.

BUT WAIT if they move, lets say, booming blade adds 4d8 damage, for 18 damage.
so no fighter you do 331.3 damage, fighter you do 357 damage. if they let you crit that for some dumb reason or stack booming blade effects, which i wouldn't allow... maybe you can get to 400. but thats dumb.
but that is a lot more than i expected, pretty close to 400.
I probably forgot some stuff too or fucked up somewhere.

>> No.48062362

oh or if you can crit hurl through hell, which I also wouldn't allow (or should you allow that?), that means your non fighter warlock does 386.3 damage.

>> No.48062416

and you know what, if you were a half orc, and just said screw 1 more point of charisma damage, that would do 1d6 more damage on each attack, but -1 damage from lifedrinker, so thats 2.5 * 3 attacks, for a total of 393.8 damage.]

sorry, I know no one actually cares.

>> No.48062470


Dang dude I totally appreciate all the work that went into that. I think we made the point but it certainly shows how far off the combination presented was from whats possible with system mastery and that the cries of the game being busted are 99.9% bunk

>> No.48062502

>Undying Light
The Positive Plane is not holy. There is nothing remotely Good about it. Positive Energy will fucking KILL YOU and anyone else nearby. It exists solely to set shit on fire and make you pop like a balloon.

>> No.48062515

are you positive about that

>> No.48062540

>missing the chance for the old ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT? positive. ONLY FOOLS ARE POSITIVE. are you sure about that? POSITIVE--

>> No.48062551

Probably no more then 2000 gold. It's only a young one. But a lying seller can call it an ancient dragon

>> No.48062566

>they find some weird ass dude who wants to buy a dragon
>sell it to him
>he says if they have any other """specimens""" they should bring them to him
>over time they sell him more and more dragons
>time passes
>the city is under attack by a necromancer with an army of undead dragons!

>> No.48062591

oh and offer up some hints, like he gives them a dagger that does +1d4 necrotic damage, a wand that gives chill touch +2 damage, armor which deals 3 necrotic damage to things which attack you with unarmed strikes, stuff like that. which is useful but definitely potentially evil

>> No.48062594

I don't think people seriously believe the game is broken with damage numbers.

most of the balance issues stem from out of combat utility, and lack thereof in certain muggle classes.

>> No.48062603


>>Not making Dragon Simulacrum

>> No.48062637

the more I think about this... the more fun it could be.
the pcs running around the town fighting dragons 1 by 1 or sometimes 2 or 3 at a time, each dragon one they killed before. the horror as they realize they caused this. the dragons still having the wounds that killed them, or maybe some armor or modification that protects them from being killed in the same fashion.
its like them having a nightmare about their "greatest hits" kills.

>> No.48062677

>literally every DM passes out long rests like candy
>the caster can always lock himself away in an extraplanar hole/fortress/whatever for eight hours and nap to rest even in the middle of a dungeon, locate the party afterwards, and catch up or teleport over there
fuck that guy

>> No.48062693

As the guy who starts about 25% of all caster supremacy arguments here, lemme say this one ain't me.

>> No.48062732

>most of the balance issues stem from out of combat utility, and lack thereof in certain muggle classes
This. The classes work just fine when you're beating shit up. It's when the roleplay and problem-solving starts up that you need to be five times as clever as any caster in your party (including the Wizard who, statistically, should be far more clever) in order to be useful. And even then, the caster could do the exact same mundane shit that you did.

>> No.48062771

You seem like a cool dude.

Seriously, of all the places in the internet, /tg/ is the only place to give me warm feelings about people once in a while.

>> No.48062822

Neutral Evil or Chaotic Evil if you're really playing up the whole terrorist angle (summoning firestorms and rampaging hordes of wildlife in cities, etc.). Might make a big distinction between city folk and others, to the point where they declare open season on city dwellers (praise be Malar, tonight we hunt!).
Chaotic Good if you go ECO... "terrorist"; upturning cobblestone and weakening structures by casting Plant Growth, planting useful crops and trees where people might need them (but not want them).
Chaotic Neutral would be fairly unsuited for any kind of terrorist-type character, as CN lacks their strong conviction and would rather be left to their own devices.

>> No.48062825


Of course this argument would work fine 3.5 when spells were plentiful ended fights by themselves in a round or three and could be piled to high heaven before sleeping in your rope trick tent or demiplane

Unfortunately in 5E there are less spells per day they are less effective at ending fights are usually limited by concentrating on one at a time and arent as easy to use to run away and regain them

>> No.48062839

July's gonna be another DM's guild review instead of a normal UA, right?

>> No.48062870


Fuck I hope not. I was already so ecstatic over getting Gourmaund last month.

>> No.48062967

oh god why

Anyway, some autism coming up:
Those climbing hooks are likely to stab into your character's forearm during a fight/fall if they fold like I think they do.
It's impossible to draw the sword from its position.
Those bags on the sides of his thighs will probably move around a lot and be generally very uncomfortable.

Very cool drawing though!

>> No.48063421

Good stuff friendo. I'd let you have some situational bonuses to grappling/climbing for all the effort you put in.

>> No.48063431

Unless they decide to stop that already, yes.

>> No.48063537

Okay /5eg/.

So, I tried 5e shortly for a few months closer to when it first came out, but haven't played it since.

>DMsGuild is the officially sanctioned alternative to them releasing actual supplements and character options themselves, which they're basically not going to do.
I understand the business perspective. They're a skeleton crew. They take a cut of the DMs Guild Profits. D&D is being produced super cheap. DM's Guild is advertising for D&D. DM's Guild will keep churning out content as long as there's interest in the system, and all WotC has to do is keep printing core books.

Explain this to me from a Player and GM Perspective.
>How do I find the options that are good?
>Is there someone who keeps a good index of the DM's Guild stuff? What about reviews?
>What stuff do you guys use on DM's Guild?

Are they still doing dragon magazine?

>> No.48063589

>players long rest
>princess they wanted to capture is dead, tortured to death
>ritual is complete

>> No.48063614

>caster resurrects the princess
>caster planeshifts to Sigil, where whatever ritual it was can't really touch him anyways.

>> No.48063623

>How do I find the options that are good?
See All -> sort by Avg. Rating

>Is there someone who keeps a good index of the DM's Guild stuff? What about reviews?
Not any that I know. There are reviews on products, though most don't have that many.

>What stuff do you guys use on DM's Guild?
I sometimes offer my own stuff to my players, but overall I tend to play with published works only.

>> No.48063639

That was about the only good thing to come from that supplement.

What really annoyed me was mike mearls establishing these design principles behind his feats, and then forgetting them in the next feat, which would directly contradict his design principles.

>> No.48063647

>DMs that hand out long rests like candy
>DMs that create consequences for wasting time
Pick one.

>> No.48063648

Yes. This is good.

>> No.48063662

You talking about flail mastery? God damn I hate that thing so much. Such an awful design.

>> No.48063700


Mearls: let's make it unique! Oh I know! We can do a +2 AC against shield users. The exact same thing I just did for the hammer!

>> No.48063730


I like the weapon based feats but prefered that thry focus on unique abilities for the weapons and didn't all have static bounded accuracy killed +1 bonuses

>> No.48063768

>all those times you encounter shield-wearing enemies
>having to blow a bonus action for this

>> No.48063798

This art style is literally my favourite. Where can I get more of it and what's it called?

>> No.48063826

>Fighters having out of combat utility in 4e.
With having less skills then any other class.
No out of combat powers, no powers that can be easily interpreted as giving out of combat benefits.

People are lying out their ass when they say this problem didn't exist in 4e. It still totally did.

>> No.48063840

Despite all the shit it gets, /tg/ is far and away the best board on 4chan. I'm not entirely sure what it is, but even when it's not getting things done, you're much more likely to have an actual positive conversation here than any other board.

>> No.48063930



>>Flail mastery replaces +1 to hit with +1 to AC representing how good the weapon is defensively
>>Spear mastery drops the hit bonus and its good enough with what its got
>>Blade mastery is ok and could be the one that gets the hit bonus making it unique
>>Fell handed....I dunno lol

>> No.48063960

So, people are not using it as the "replacement" for wotc published options at all, as wotc is suggesting, it's the same as 3pp for 3.x, in that basically nobody uses it, and 5e effectively just has very few books/options/support?

>> No.48063986

Any unique ideas for a half-orc paladin?

>> No.48064113

Alright, someone explain to me what gives with Spears and Tridents. They do exactly the same damage, have the same traits, and can both be wielded with one or two hands. Yet their cost is different. Why?

>> No.48064122


Halforc Paladin of Vengeance with the sailor background. Hes a privateer that that found his place in human society during war against his peoples most hated enemy. Now the war is over and hes just some halforc bastard again...

But a halforc bastard with his own ship years of combat experience and a vicious streak that fuels him as he keeps hunting on the open seas

>> No.48064148

3.x option bloat philosophy. It's stupid.

>> No.48064270

There were a ton of different types of equipment introduced and changed throughout the course of the Next playtest. Bolas, katanas, and spiked shields were even in there at some point. Tridents at one point were 1d8 martial melee weapons, while spears were 1d6 simple with versatile (1d8). By the final playtest, tridents and spears ended up getting changed to be exactly the same.

>> No.48064302

How essential is knowledge from the DMG?

Going to DM my first campaign soon and am currently working my way through things. Apart from obvious stuff like proper rewarding and encounter difficulty, what else in there is really important to know inside-out?

>> No.48064340

Not much, really. The carousing table is good to jave, but i started my campaign long before tbe dmg even came out and i didn't miss it

>> No.48064399

theres no real essential 'knowledge' you need to know from the dmg, unless you don't know core DM basics, then it gives you information on worldbuilding and different ways to run the table and things like that. other then that it's just a supplement, provides useful tables such as a monster list by CR and a gigantic magic item list of amazing items and whatnot.

>> No.48064438

I write adventures for he DM's guild, but I don't get why people use it for player options. And so many of them are ao somilar to officoal material

>> No.48064590

Character idea: LE valour Bard/ fey Warlock. Take greenflame blade for that all important green fire. Play a Disney villain.

>> No.48064620

Is there an objectively better option for non-BT builds in PVP in terms of guns between Hunter's Pistol/Blunderbuss/Ludwig's Rifle?

>> No.48064637

wrong thread, and board!
on that note though, I wonder if a Bloodborne-esque setting would be interesting for a campaign.

>> No.48065158

Hmm, fighter/sorcerer. Action Surge + Twin Fireballs? Would this work?

>> No.48065229

>yeah, the group did kill your character
>yeah, they have been planning on doing it for weeks
>yeah, I let them do it
>Well, you did slaughter an entire town for no reason whatsoever
>just roll up a new character, you can join in at the next opportunity :^)
hypothetically what do?

>> No.48065285

Don't be a murderhobo with your next character?

>> No.48065326

I'm actually trying to determine how the player will react when his character is backstabbed after the group is finished using him

>> No.48065369

>I'm actually trying to determine how the player will react when his character is backstabbed after the group is finished using him

Ah! Not a clue. If he's not a cunt, then it'll be fine. Given that he slaughtered a town, though, probably not. Sounds to me like he'll ragequit or make a character later solely to try to fuck over the rest of the party (completely biased and uninformed opinion). Either way, caustic player. Cut him and run?.

I don't put up with stupidity in my games.

>> No.48065519


You can't Twin cast Fireball. You can cast a standard Fireball and then a Surged Fireball.

>> No.48065743

The Pugilist from the DM's Guild got endorsed in the recent issue of Dragon+ so is added to the list.
They also have a code (DMG001BFTU) to get the Battle for the Undercity adventure for free, but I think it is also in the mega.

>> No.48066167

>Why use dms guild for player options?
Because wotc isn't printing more player options, I imagine.
Not everyone is happy with the current quantity of options from wotc.

>> No.48066268


>Not everyone is happy with the current quantity of options from wotc.

I'm not sure I understand this. I picked up 5e about a year ago and have been a part of three consistent groups. In those groups, I've been in seven different campaigns and rolled up nine different characters and I'm no where near close to exhausting all the possible options open to me. Are people playing nonstop, seven days a week, binging down campaigns left and right?

>> No.48066286

Just make sure you get 9th level,spell slots so you can transform into a dragon.

>> No.48066306

Why do people play 5e? It's one of the most poorly designed games ever published. It's fundamentally broken on a number of different levels.

If you want to play in whatever setting you choose, I'd advise using GURPS to do it.

>> No.48066331

Because it's pretty good.

>> No.48066364

I fucking wish I could play that often! I'm agonizing over which character to play in my upcoming chance in seven years to actually play. I'm debating between Mystic and Inquisitive rogue (I might multiclass into those two, as well, depending on what I do; can't decide which to start with, as the DM is adamant about starting at level 1).

Boring bait is boring.

>> No.48066414


That's another thing I don't understand. As near as I can tell, I live in a small city. It was dinky when I was born, but we've had some growth since then. Only about 125k people in my city, which, if the numbers I have seen are any indication, is really small compared to most other places. Is where I live disproportionately full of nerds? That seems unusual.

>> No.48066474

There's...7 games in my area? Roughly 90k people in that area. I've been turning people to other DMs, there's a lot of demand.

>> No.48066590


Hm, total games in my area? I have no idea, could be dozens for all I know. Probably not that many, but I'm sure there's several more games going on I'm not a part of or I'm not aware of.

>> No.48066747

There's 7 total just at the FLGS I play/run at. I know of 3 others that aren't played there.

>> No.48066803

op here, look up Keith Parkinson and Larry Elmore, to start. I think that one is by Parkinson. Its 1980s Dragonlance art.

>> No.48066810


Oh, if we're just looking at FLGS, there's just my group and the other group. Then again, there's, like...five or so FLGS's within unreasonable driving distance of me (I dislike going far).

>> No.48067415

Hahahahaha, this butthurt fag. I can't believe your ridiculous hate-boner for me. Your envy is palpable and flattering ;) Keep it coming, I love the attention you're giving me. You seem to have very much free time in order to be able to make a fake PHB page and respond to my posts. I'm curious, what's your height and weight? You seem like an overweight guy. Are you fat?

By the way, you paranoid fag, that wasn't me.

>> No.48067483


>> No.48067491

>Hasn't pirated Photoshop yet


>> No.48067516

I'm neither of those people, and I also put white space between paragraphs. Lots of people do that.

>> No.48067600

Wow, sir, you have truly and utterly destroyed my pride and self-esteem I shall proceed to end my life with much haste.

Dude stop FUCKING copying my style. Don't make me fucking report you.

>> No.48067633

I sincerely hope no one is attempting to identify my style of putting a space after the number quote...Sure, I like to troll the shit out of you utter faggots sometimes, but I don't do it THAT regularly...

>> No.48067675


By the way, I'm a massive faggot and I love to eat dick. Just thought you guys should know!

>> No.48067699


>People don't put a space after the quote

>> No.48067706


Well, I do actually like fellatio. It's fairly fun. I am amused by your attempt though.

>> No.48067752


Like I said, folks, I am 100% a homosexual. Cocks are great in my mouth and if anyone wants to have his wand of web sucked, I will gladly oblige!

>> No.48067757

y'all niggas baitin' in a bait thread.

>> No.48067777

So, and I swear this isn't bait, is the beastmaster ranger really as bad as a lot of other forums seem to make it out to be? If it is, does anyone have a suggested balance? One of my players is considering playing the class and I don't want him to get fucked because of it.

>> No.48067780


Female, actually.

>> No.48067788

I think what happens is that the amount of options people want is always "more." There is no set of options that will seem sufficient. The addition that will make it seem complete is always the next one.

>> No.48067823

nice quads.

also yeah its pretty much on the lowest end of the class power curve. there was a homebrew that powered up its companion somewhere around here, but i dont have it.

generally speaking, giving up your actions for your companion sucks. also your companion is very easily killed in later levels, and no matter what it stays as a cr shit creature.

>> No.48067853

word on the street is people feel RAW beastmaster is not as good as other options, but 5e encourages making things work with your DM, so there should easily be ways to make it feel on par, whatever par happens to be.

>> No.48067862

It improves a lot of the features of the ranger but I don't agree with the variant health system since they get more hp than barbarians.

>> No.48067888


>btw I'm a girl

Nice quads, I'll give you a genuine answer, based sevens. PHB beastmaster is as bad as people say. It's very frustrating to play because you always feel gimped by having to choose between your character attacking and your beast attacking. It feels like a waste no matter what because logicallyt your attack shouldn't be sacrificed for your pet to attack. Either get an established fix or tell him to play Hunter. If he insists on beastmaster, tell him to choose the flying snake. It's pretty damn good with the beastmaster buffs and let him have some flying snake eggs in case his dies or some shit.

>> No.48067929


>> No.48067935

It's the old conundrum of having a Companion that is useful against one that is basically letting you play two characters in combat.

>> No.48068010

In regards to BM fixes, I like having the companion attack as a bonus action.

>> No.48068077

Thanks, based /tg/. I'll read through that pdf and take a look at the flying snake as well. The shit cr of the companion was my main concern with the class and the pdf seems to have a solution for that, but this seems to be a good launching point. Thanks!

>> No.48068109


What I always found fucked up was that buying and training an attack dog as a better option than the BM class feature.

>> No.48068117

The biggest problem with the Ranger is that the class is trying to be all things to all people.

It's trying to be Robin Hood, Drizzt, Aragorn, Tarzan and a magical fighting druid all at once.

I designed a non-spellcasting Ranger class for my 5e campaign that abandons favored enemy (A bad idea that forces DMs to overuse an enemy type to make the Ranger look good) and instead concentrates on skill boosts in Favored Terrain, and grants 5 of them by high level.
The Ranger should be somewhere in the spectrum between the Barbarian and the Rogue; an light armor wilderness striker who's the most dangerous and skilled guy in his "native" environment, who can't take the punishment of the Barbarian and who's skills aren't quite as universally versatile as the Rogue's.

Spellcasting for rangers should be an Archetype for them like Arcane Trickster is for the Rogue, not a built in feature for combat effectiveness.

>> No.48068153

If you want to be an Orc hating zealot, play a paladin or hell, play any class that hates Orcs pathologically.

Rangers should be about "that guy who's so at home in the mountains that he can get the party through the dangerous passes and help us avoid all the environmental/enemy threats".

>> No.48068165

One of the things I liked about Favored Enemy in 5e though is that if basically has nothing to do with combat at all.
It's just a "track and know shit about this monster" skill, and even then you could fluff that other skills still give you knowledge of that, they just know MORE about it then average.

>> No.48068232

I abandoned Favored Enemy entirely.
I give Rangers advantage on all proficient skills while in their Favored Terrain (uncivilized areas, not say, Desert City), made a few of their abilities Favored Terrain specific but reached at a lower level (bonus hiding, camouflage, leaving no trails), removed spellcasting from the core class and gave then an Advantage based WIS/Prof bonus to damage.

Rounded it out with the ability to grant their WIS bonus to the dice rolled when a party recovers on short rest, if they are treating them.

>> No.48068256

Heavy armor classes:
Fighter, Paladin, Cleric*

Medium armor classes:
Barbarian*, Ranger, Druid, Cleric*, Bard*

Light armor classes:
Warlock, Rogue, Bard*

Unarmored classes:
Monk, Barbarian*, Sorceror, Wizard


Why so little love for Light Armor?

>> No.48068281

I'm playing a light armour cleric right now and there's nothing you can do to stop me

>> No.48068294

See, I've always felt the ranger should be basically the Pally, but for druids instead of clerics. However, I also feel bards should be the pally but for wizards instead of clerics so *shrug*

>> No.48068302

The various archetypes use either fighting techniques, spellcasting or animal companions to gain situational advantage in combat, giving them a hard striking ability.

The archer combat variant begins with Advantage on ranged attacks against opponents with no cover or shields. So if they stay at short range, without opponents on them, and shooting at foes with no cover/shield, they attack with advantage and a bonus to damage based on WIS and proficiency bonus.

My ranger player is situationally VERY accurate, hits as hard as the Rogue, but is relegated to Light Armor and lacks the full resilience/evasion ability of the Barbarian/Rogue.

>> No.48068325


not him but you're literally playing the game wrong

I can see it working though depending on if your domain gets a better finesse weapon than a dagger though. You'd still do better with trying to get medium armor master in my opinion though.

>> No.48068328

Best place for it really

>> No.48068363

My non-casting Ranger variant has no Medium Armor Proficiency.

>> No.48068368

>2.5 vs 3.5
>so little love


>> No.48068374

Elf weapon proficiency, baby!
I'm a nature cleric. Better ranger than the ranger (not that that's hard), and I'll get elemental arrows at sixth level.

>> No.48068386


Only one of my posts there was baiting.

>> No.48068444


elemental arrows at 6th level?

>> No.48068544

What I'm letting a player test in my campaign.
It's minimally balanced for multi-classing, as I don't allow multiclassing.

>> No.48068557


>> No.48068590

elemental arrows at 6th level.

>> No.48068601


elemental arrows at 6th level?

>> No.48068626

elemental arrows at 6th level

>> No.48068711


>Ranger proficiency level




>> No.48068718

No, Monk and Barbarian, Dragon Sorcerer and Mage-armour spell all overwrite eachother.

If you are a Bladesinger Barbarian with 20 Int Con and Dex wearing Bracers of Defense +3 while Bladesinging and Raging you can score about 30ish easily with taking half damage, plus Shielding magic thrown on and maybe a floating shield magic item too.

>> No.48068820

Wouldn't it be easier to just straight blade dancer at 20 dex and Int and just spell mastery shield every reaction for a cool 25 AC? Throw in bracers of defense and a floating shield if you can gain proficiency (dwarf?) or some other AC bonus items to reach 30. Plus 9th level,spell.

>> No.48068856

I felt that if you gave the class a bonus to damage strictly based on OVERALL proficiency bonus, it would simply encourage 2 levels of ranger for that benefit.
Which I am sure is what bothers you.

Multiclassing in 5e is shit, and simply min-maxing.

>> No.48068905


Taking class only proficiency is a unique mechanic and, as such, should be discarded. The Wis to damage on its own is more than enough.

>> No.48068953

Just started a 5e campaign as my first jump into Tabletop gaming. I'm currently a 2nd level fighter, any tips?

>> No.48068971


Disengage is fine to do sometimes.

>> No.48069030

I feel you on the "unique mechanic" aspect, I suppose. As I said, I use it in a game with no multiclassing. If you want to play a spellcasting rogue, do it with archetypes (even a homebrew). Everything is done better with Archetypes, multiclassing is for players who want to create "Muh Super Combo" abilities for Powa.

I felt simply WIS to bonus damage just doesn't scale well at mid to high level.

>> No.48069048

Hey, /5eg/ does letting the Beast Master Ranger allowed to attack and command his beast to attack in the same action make it worthwhile? It seems like that's all it needs to be playable.

>> No.48069051

Champion + Shield Master, shove opponents down as a bonus action, stab them with advantage, 2 rolls for a critical hit.
Plus all the other shield master goodies.

>> No.48069074

I agree with the guy that suggested it eating up a bonus action.
All players have the option of an action, a bonus action and a reaction each turn.

Wise players find feats/class abilities that allow them to use all three a turn.

>> No.48069075


As someone who fetishizes multiclassing, I am obliged to call you a faggot.

>> No.48069102

One of my players is playing a 4th level Champion who uses bonus action to shove an opponent prone with Shield Master, stabs them at advantage, and has Sentinel to reaction attack anyone who threatens an adjacent player with an attack.
Even with only one attack so far, he's pretty busy and effective.

>> No.48069119

As a 30 yr DM, I just disdainfully refuse to allow unimaginative but "clever" power gamers into my campaigns.

>> No.48069146


5e almost invariably makes multiclassing less powerful than soloclassing, so I'm obliged to inform you that you're just simply a faggot.

>> No.48069176

Given that some classes have notoriously weak high level abilities, and numerous examples of people turning triple class characters into explosive 1 round atomic damage cannons, I'm obliged to laugh at your complete lack of familiarity with 5e.

>> No.48069204


I'm currently running a Rogue-Arcane Trickster/Cleric Trickery Domain, and you would have me understand that this is supposed to be OP? Like every multiclass option is the Sorclock? It seems it is you who is unfamiliar with 5e, on top of being a gigantic faggot.

>> No.48069262

>I am obliged to call you a faggot

>you're just simply a faggot

>you [are] ... a gigantic faggot

Anon, projecting furiously.

Let me guess... I'm a faggot?

>> No.48069292


You are a faggot, you gigantic cunt.

And I'm still female

>> No.48069316

That's a good move. It'd be nice to have a scallable way to make the beast companion less squishy. Maybe make it share AC with the Ranger?

>> No.48069352

Add the Ranger's proficiency bonus to it's AC

>> No.48069356

Are you an ugly girl? You seem like a girl who would be ugly. Are your boobs subpar? Genuinely curious, not just trying to throw unbased insults at you.

>> No.48069376

>I'm currently running a Rogue-Arcane Trickster/Cleric Trickery Domain

But WHY? What do you possibly get out of that outside of the single channel divinity?

>> No.48069395


Yes and yes.


My character is a clown.

>> No.48069405

I realize there are players who multiclass stupidly for raisins, but with 5e there is almost no compelling "character flavor/idea" reason to multiclass, with the various archetypes that are basically "multiclassing".

So what's left is inevitably 99% powergamers.

>> No.48069418

>My character is a clown.
not that anon but how is that an answer?

>> No.48069420

>My character is a clown.

Leaving aside the obvious opening, what part of Clown requires level in Cleric? I don't see Clowns as medium armor/shield types.

>> No.48069427 [DELETED] 

Working on a campaign setting- what's a good name for a surrogate China? I'm not terribly familiar with Chinese lore and language as much as I am with Japanese, so nothing that comes to mind really feels authentic.

>> No.48069445


Trickery Domain. Arcane Trickster. It fits.

>> No.48069453

>Yes and yes.

That stinks. It's cool that you own it though. I always imagined that having subpar boobs would be upsetting. I think having a subpar penis would be more upsetting but I imagine that girl's would consider it to be quite the blemish. Thoughts?

>> No.48069461

but still, WHY?

>> No.48069468

A chinese campaign setting or one with a distant China-like foreign land?
if the latter, just use Shou or something.

>> No.48069492

China's name for itself is 中国, or Middle Kingdom, so you could make something based around that.

Or if you just want a chinese sounding name, translate a random word with Google and use that.

>> No.48069494

It's like playing a Ranger/Barbarian because they both like the outdoors.

>> No.48069503


Girth is more important than length. Doesn't matter if it's four inches or seven so long as it's thick.


Because it's fun.

>> No.48069525

I can think of at least 2 different ways of making that concept better, and less stupidly.

>> No.48069535

>You can't cast another spell during the same turn, except for a cantrip with a casting time of 1 action.
You can't Action Surge to get out another Fireball. Dipping two levels of Fighter doesn't make you a better spellcaster somehow, and that's good. You also can't Twin a Fireball to begin with since it doesn't target just one enemy.
What you CAN do is Fireball -> Quickened Fireball -> Action Surge -> (Twin) Cantrip.

>> No.48069537

nah, you gotta use names with Xs and Zh like Xiaozhou or Xiezhong so that its both authentic and unpronouncable, making it doubly authentic

>> No.48069543

I was curious about your thoughts on how girls with supbar breasts feel about them.

What's a good girth? What girth is too much?

How do you play this rogue character in combat?

>> No.48069559

True, true.

>> No.48069575


No you can't. You can think of a different concept altogether though.


That's wrong. The restriction applies to bonus action spells only, so you're doubly wrong. A quickened Fireball can only be met with a cantrip, but Action Surge allows two fireballs and a bonus action cantrip.

>> No.48069584

I once felt the urge to run "Oriental Adventures" style D&D, but thankfully I got over it years ago.

>> No.48069598

>You can't Action Surge to get out another Fireball.
you are incorrect
this anon is correct

>> No.48069607

Your entire "concept" seems to boil down to "both of them had the word Trickster in them", unless you care to elaborate.

Your DM should have just given you the initial Trickster Domain ability as a Feat selection and had you play something less worthless at mid level.

>> No.48069611

Sorry for deleting my post, I thought I'd post it in /wbg/ instead but they're prety serious over there and I didn't think it'd fly.

I don't really have a plan for the party going there, they'll be starting in a country that's more like France/England, it's more like a source for characters who want to play as kung-fu monks or samurai.

>> No.48069630

>it's more like a source for characters who want to play as kung-fu monks or samurai.

Don't give in to them. People who want to play Ninjas in medieval France are bad people.

>> No.48069636


Except for the time I triggered a fireball trap on my party, I've been a credit to my team. Sneak attacks and heals go a long way in the early game. Coming up on the mid game now I'll be able to lay down crowd control as well, which my party is sorely missing.

>> No.48069660

You can refluff everything and be fine. If people want to play the Ninja aesthetic in medieval France, then yes they're bad people

>> No.48069663

To elaborate, they can belong to Assassin's creed style societies or some unique and interesting fighting order in the flavor of game you want to run, there's no value in having Qi Chang Caine get off the boat and somehow speak "Engrish" and be a fish out of water.

Let Weebs weeb it up in someone else's campaign.

>> No.48069665

>I've been a credit to my team.
no one said you weren't, we are just wondering the thought behind your choices

>now I'll be able to lay down crowd control as well, which my party is sorely missing.
this is the closest you have come to some actual reasoning behind your choice.

>> No.48069697

>quickened spell lets you burn SP to cast a fucking cantrip
>multiclassing into something that doesn't know a fucking thing about magic lets you shoot two fireballs out of your ass
what were they thinking

>> No.48069722

>what were they thinking
they were thinking of making Eldritch Knight playable, and multiclassing is an optional rule and like most other optional rules in the game, was not under as much scrutiny as the main rules when it came to balancing.

>> No.48069739

>A spell cast with a bonus action is especially swift. You must use a bonus action on your turn to cast the spell, provided that you haven't already taken a bonus action this turn. You can't cast another spell during the same turn, except for a cantrip with a casting time of 1 action.

Nope, Can't double-fireball with quickened, you have to use Action Surge since it needs to be a "Full action" not a "Bonus action".

>> No.48069744


There's points at which I think the PHB is very poignant, and there's points at which the PHB is very head-scratchingly retarded. Action Surge at level 2 is definitely the latter.

>> No.48069758

Multiclassing is optional because it's been rife with abuse over the various editions.
And with archetypes letting you play "Spellcasting Fighter/Spellcasting Rogue/Stabby Wizard/ect" there's just not as compelling a reason for it in the first place.

>> No.48069821

Quickened spell is ideally for people who want to Cast and Dash, or Disengage then Cast, not Double-Cast.

The best use I've seen of it are the spells which have an action requirement, such as Quicken-Call Lightning then use action to hit with a second bolt immediately.

>> No.48069826

The problem with multiclassing is that class features are incredibly front-loaded, don't necessarily need their scaling, and only begin to scale anyway far past the point that anyone would want to take the class. Add to this the fact that most games barely get to the latter point, and you have a system which is pretty pants-on-head and can't even be fixed.

>grapplers learning to sing just so they can hold people down better

>> No.48069829

If an arcane trickster takes a level in wizard, can he learn wizard spells from any school?

>> No.48069855

the wizard spells he learns can be from any school, the AT spells he learns still have the normal restrictions

>> No.48069880

>and can't even be fixed.
then don't use the OPTIONAL rule

>> No.48069886

Really, all that the Grappler feat needed in order to not be shit was double proficiency bonus in shove and grapple checks and checks made to escape grapple/restraint.

Thanks. What are the general thoughts on arcane trickster spellcasting? Pretty good or not that great?

>> No.48069912

On the topic of grapplers, I'm building a guy for a level 6 campaign making a Barbarian.

Using the Aroc' Birdwoman harpy-like character using Javalins. Would it be absolutely retarded if I took tavern brawler so that I can, space providing do the following.

Swoop down, engaging talons and rip-tearing through the enemy, then as a bonus action attempt to grapple, then spend any remaining movement to fly upwards 20-30ft potentially, then dropping the foe for a bonus 2d6-ish damage. I like the visual idea of a Harpy-Hawkgirl throwing and thrashing goblins around the room but it seems a little cheesy. Ultimately though is it any cheesier than just playing a ranged Aroc' and sitting out of range of melee weapons all the time?

>> No.48069918


Now that I'm playing the Arcane Trickster, its spellcasting is terrible. Mage Hand Ledgerdemain is fairly good, but the spell options available to the Rogue are just not good at all.

>> No.48069921

>Thanks. What are the general thoughts on arcane trickster spellcasting? Pretty good or not that great?

All in all not bad, I personally don't like the limits AT and EK have on their spell choice but for AT you'll probably be nabbing illusion spells anyways.

Also booming blade + bonus action disengage is really enjoyable.

>> No.48069976

Yeah, MGL is a really attractive feature. I just started playing an AT after my character was retired after my DM turned him into a dragon (fucking lol am i rite) and I haven't found much use for it quite yet.

>> No.48070003

>booming blade + cunning action disengage
Pretty neat. Is that like all that that rogue would try to do though? Seems like it wouldn't be very fun after a while.

>> No.48070031

My campaign's 4th level Trickster's bread and butter spell is Faerie Fire.
Anyone in the area who fails save you have Advantage on (for sneak attacks) the Champion now gets two rolls for criticals, and generally everyone hits a lot more often.

>> No.48070043

>Pretty neat. Is that like all that that rogue would try to do though? Seems like it wouldn't be very fun after a while.

My Arcane Trickster typically booming blade things, but it's really not that different than normal rogue stabbing things. I also took catapult and when the stars align (and the monsters, more importantly) I take aim, grab something fun from my pack (alchemical fires, ball bearings, caltrops, acid, etc) and fling that at the monster's dicks.

>> No.48070044

Rogues are gonna plain be Disengaging a lot.
That's the fact of Roguery.

>> No.48070068


Arcane Tricksters can't learn Faerie Fire...

>> No.48070167


>> No.48070204

>in a campaign where someone plays a drow
>not fucking garbage
okay senpai

>> No.48070207

Not even him, but not only did you not mention the character was a Drow, but you didn't refute the point that arcane tricksters can't learn faerie fire.

>> No.48070208


>> No.48070218

currently playing a drow, everyone is enjoying themselves.

Haha people are having badwrongfun and you can't stop them!

>> No.48070228

TBF the guy didn't specify that it was a Drow Rogue, for all the poster you're replying to knew he was a human.
'Read the book' isn't an excuse for non-specific descriptions, it's supposed to be a response to people asking questions that are clearly spelled out and labelled.

>> No.48070243


>> No.48070268

inorite? duh ATs get faerie fire, just multiclass into druid! DUUUUUUHHHHHHH!!!!!!!3!!!!!!

>> No.48070286

>going on a sperg fest when you were the one who originally wasn't specific enough and the only relevant piece of information didn't allow access to faerie fire
christ you're fucking autismal

>> No.48070287

>level 4 arcane trickster
>nothing about levels in anything else
You don't get points for memes, you know.

>> No.48070302


>> No.48070313

it's okay, anon, we know you're retarded, here's a (you), go have a cookie.

>> No.48070335

Only two of these are really feasible for a level 4 AT Rogue, the last one is the most tenuous and ass-pulling out of these selections.
This was a completely unneccessary reaction that makes you look like a frothing moron and makes everyone else looks bad.

>> No.48070358


>> No.48070374

I don't even know what point you are trying to make with this post? Did you have a stroke?

>> No.48070433


Kill yourselves you stupid fucking morons

>> No.48070461

Original poster of that remark here; I should have clarified that I allowed him to have the spell as a selection given the very thin choice of spells allowed them, (and also my campaign doesn't have Bards or spellcasting Rangers).

But yeah, there's a lot of ways to get Faerie Fire, and it's a totally useful as hell spell at 1st level to my surprise.

>> No.48070468

an excellent rebuttal, kind sir. I look forward to further enlightening posts from you.

>> No.48070509

You're welcome, it's always nice to hear that a fan appreciates my postie posts.

>> No.48070642

Abandon ship.


>> No.48070757

I'd have had the Avatar be banished if he failed saving throw but then simply come back in 1 minute as Death is native to all planes

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