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>Latest News
The Kickstarter for Beckett's Jyhad Diary is live!(Technically the latest news is Beast&Exalted shirts, but I doubt anybody gives a fuck about that)
This week's Monday Meeting Notes:

What sources do you get your inspiration from?

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>What sources do you get your inspiration from?
>Mage: The Magicians, True Detective, Constantine/Hellblazer, other Lovecraft-inspired shit

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>What sources do you get your inspiration from?
Abbott and Costello

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>What sources do you get your inspiration from?
Right now, for a Demon Chronicle I want to run,
>Mr. Robot, Person of Interest

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Cassidy is damn sexy for being a complete wanker.

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don't die /wodg/

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I almost put Preacher in my list of Mage inspirations(>>48032672), but aside from the Word and the Saint there isn't really anything Mage-y about it

Cassidy is fucking great, though. I'm playing my V20 Brujah as a mix of him and (evil)Hal from Being Human.
Granted, I'm mostly going off TV show Cassidy; only got started reading the comic a few days ago.

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Requiem rule question: You can have status in multiple covenants as long as the total is less than five. Does that mean that you can take coils and Theban sorcery if you have status in Lancea and the Ordo?

More importantly, does anything really break in terms of power or nonsensical rule interactions if you mix covenants like that? I ask because I'm prepping to be in a chronicle where the Ordo Dracul is operating in hiding, so I'd probably want status in another covenant along with it as a cover identity, but I'm not sure if that means just taking the social impact of status in one or if it opens up the powers.

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I'm currently reading
>book of the dead
and Loving It.
Is book of spirits as good or no?
What else should I read to get a good sense of the spirit world?
Werewolf The Forsaken core? Something else?

Voice to text random capitalization for the win.

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As far as I remember, you can feel free to mix things up, but there are some restrictions on how many coil trees you can pursue based on your total Ordo rank and there may be something similar in Lancea.

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>Does that mean that you can take coils and Theban sorcery if you have status in Lancea and the Ordo?

Technically, there's no mechanical reason you can't learn as many Coils or Blood Sorcery types as you want, regardless of status, provided you have someone to teach you. So yes, you can.

However, each of the Covenants protects its secrets and rituals pretty carefully, so the chance of finding someone willing to teach you another Covenant's special powers is so slim it might as well be non-existent. You can be, say, in the Ordo and be friendly with the Circle, but no Acolyte would teach you Cruac - and if they did, and someone else found out, the whole Covenant would come after both of you.

Now, if you're being sneaky anyway, you could certainly trick someone into doing it, by pretending to be a member of another covenant... just, you know, don't get caught.

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Book of the Dead is one of my favourites.

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Don't get caught it pretty much the chronicle's theme. The premise is that the Lancea took control of the city and made life difficult for the Circle and the Ordo. Not outright banning them, but insisting that they do things in public so they can get checked out for heresy. Both of them started operating in secret and members either hide or join up with another covenant. Lancea eventually suffers a schism with the establishment siding with the Invictus and the protestants allying with the Carthians. Cold war breaks out over the schism with the Crone and Ordo being torn between supporting each other, biding their time, or supporting one side in the big fight. Chronicle starts as things heat up.

If there's a time for cross-covenant stuff, this is probably the game for it. Probably going to be cool.

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Trying to get into this, Vampire: the Requiem tells me to look at the core rulebook, does it have some weird subtitle? Because I can't find the damn thing.

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You're looking at 1e. Get 2e.
Also, it's just "World of Darkness".

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So is Book of Spirits any good? What book would help me the most with running Mage adventures in the spirit world?

I can't say I liked the writing in Astral Realms nearly as much as Book of the Dead.

Similarly, is Equinox Road the best book for understanding the Gentry's Arcadia?
What about the Hedge?

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Also, does anyone know if Mummies have some supernatural realm to call their own?

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There's two major ones: Duat, where the Judges live, and Starry A'aru, an empty heaven. Not a whole lot for Mages in these places.

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Isn't Duat just another name for the Underworld?

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If anything, Duat is /beneath/ the Underworld. I like the idea that Deathless amnesia is caused by having to pass through the Ocean of Fragments whenever they die.

Mummy is also the only line to treat Twilight as its own realm rather than a state of being. I think it's been implied that there are critters native to it, and it has distinct landmarks.

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Thank you.

What about mummy stories in general?

What might a mummy NPC dearly want that a bunch of mages would be able to provide?

What reward could a mummy give that PC mages could only get from them?

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>a very WoD comic

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>What about mummy stories in general?

Mummies are amnesiac immortals from a forgotten pre-Egyptian empire that was ruled by possibly-alien necromancer/priests who served cruel and insane gods. They wake up when disturbed/when their cult needs them/every 1,461 years to cause trouble (like throwing meteors or consume cities in sand), build their cults, hunt down ancient artifacts, and try and regain their lost memories.

>What might a mummy NPC want from mages?

Relics and memories. If they have any delicious relics they can sacrifice to their gods, they'll be happy to exchange services (or, more likely, have their cult steal it) for such an object, especially if it dates back to their lost empire. A particularly skilled Fate or Mind mage might be able to help them briefly recover their identity or strengthen their sense of divine purpose. For more on this, we're getting a Mage/Mummy crossover in the Dark Eras Companion.

>What reward could a mummy give?

The use of their cult. 8000 year-old relics. The services of an angry demigod. Powerful ghost slaves. Cult membership.

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Sweet. There definitely seems a ton to work with.

Dark Eras Companion?
Is that a separate book from the main Dark Eras that just came out?
Also would you say Dark Eras is worth buying for general setting knowledge, if I am not planning to run a non modern day chronicle?

And if I recall correctly, you also like WtF, as well as Mummy.

Would you mind giving your input on my Spirit related questions above?

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Dark Eras was a crowdfunded project; enough extra settings got funded that cramming them into one book proved unfeasible, so the extras are going into a separate book. Dark Eras is awesome and very fun to read, and has material for all of the lines; you're likely to find something worth the cost of entry.

I don't know a lot about spirits (Werewolf is one of the games I know the least), but I belive most of Book of Spirits is outdated now; edition change hit it hard.

Equinox Road is gonna be of very little use to you unless you're running Changeling, as its specifically an endgame book for that line. Your best bet is probably to wait for The Hedge for info on (unsurprisingly) the Hedge, though Goblin Markets should tide you over.

Got any other Mummy questions?

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Thanks. You are a great steward of these threads.

I don't know enough about mummy(yet) to have questions, but you certainly peaked my curiosity enough that I will add it to my reading list.

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I'm just a shitposter with a name, anon. But thanks! I like any excuse to talk about my favorite game.

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any tips on writing a decent/loose backstory for dark ages: vampire?

i was thinking of telling the story of london gripped by a series of gruesome murder-sacrifices (jack the ripper style hysteria) orchestrated by the baali. i was going to have my PCs run around from npc to npc trying to track down clues for whodunnit, but i've realized that's probably way too over my head for such a noob ST

i have no idea how to manage to link characters/clues together without railroading my PCs

we haven't had our first session yet, i've only helped my players create their characters. do you think i should try to meticulously plan this murder mystery right down to the bone to make a compelling story or should i just improv along with my PC's decisions with a few carrots to push them in the right direction?

this is overwhelming, the little planning i've done makes me think they'll end up running in a straight line

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So, besides the obvious answer (not doing it), how would you run a mixed-splat game? 2E CofD, unless somehow 1E would be better. All splats, though I'm hesitant about demon for fluff reasons and I'm hesitant about Beast for 'dev is literally against game balance'.

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Eh. Werewolf and Vampire could work together. Both are predators, and until you go past Blood Potency/Primal Urge 5, they are pretty similar in power. They also complement each other pretty well.

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I'd run a Mage/Demon one. Fighting the alliance of the Seers and the God-Machine.

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>Granted, I'm mostly going off TV show Cassidy; only got started reading the comic a few days ago.

Cassidy is one of the few characters that it feels they got right in the TV series so far. Granted, it's hard to go wrong with the character, and there's still time for it to get fucked up.

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Could someone red pill me on how Wendigos work in nWoD?
I was thinking of running a Hunter campaign centered around one, but I don't know if there is pre existing lore/rules for them

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Sounds hella cool man

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The only thing named Wendigo is a werewolf lodge. Nothing preexisting.

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Nah, not going with the "Until Dawn" style ones.
Was thinking of something closer to pick related, with the ability to control the weather to make snowstorms.

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Debating a one session V20 session revolving around my players escorting (re: hauling their purposefully paralyzed self in the back of a pick up truck) a salubri across their "sectless city." Any suggestion for decent conflict for it?

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In VtR 1E, if a vampire is possessed by a ghost, can they still frenzy? Or, with the ghost in control, are they no longer able to be driven to frenzy, since the Beast has been supplanted by a different intelligence?

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If you're just starting, easiest thing to do is to just have the players create links between themselves. You don't have to wrack your brain, trying to create a story as to how these characters know each other.

Another good idea that I remember someone saying: ask them for 3 goals. 1 is a long term goal that would probably only be achieved towards the end. 2nd goal is a middle-term one; it's difficult and may require a whole story to get there, but not as tough. And finally, 3rd goal is short-term; something that can be achieved relatively quickly in a few sessions. Collect all those goals and work them into the main story so that each player will have a reason to pursue it.

I know the paranoia about railroading, try not to overplan every small detail, because then you will run into the same trap as I did. If they investigate the corpse but fail to find the clues, have those clues appear somewhere else. If someone does exceptionally well, give him information that you were saving for later.

If you see they are getting bored, drop a murderer on them, or a pursuit or a chase. Improvising can be difficult and you can even unlearn it but try not to write countless pages, this will not be good. This will just give you a headache and you won't be able to tear yourself away from the notes

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Now if this was a thing in Chronicles of Darkness, I'd expect Ludevic to get a KOS put on him by EVERY Werewolf.

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What I don't get is, are the angels in Demon: The Descent mechanical or biomechanical or something?

>> No.48043897

>Ivory Claws.jpg

Angels and Demons both can be either biomechanical, mechanical, or entirely biological(though certainly not human). A Demon's Demonic Form is literally just what they looked like when they were still an Angel, and I highly recommend using the Demonic Form system to figure out, if nothing else, the appearance of your Angels.
(I personally ended up assuming there was a Numen equivelant to go with every Demonic Form power I couldn't find a clear way of representing already, because it made them an actual competitive threat against the players)

>> No.48043952

Something. Well, really they're both. Angels aren't on the whole either one. They're whichever the role the were created for required. Sometimes their Angelic form wasn't really important and they're a mass of spare parts from biological and mechanical previous angels that were taken back in for repurposing.

Well, the starting Demonic Form is. They get added pieces as they go up in Primum, and can readjust the pieces that they have at the same time. A Demon can become quite a different monster than what they were, if they want.

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That's hella cool, I'm taking a liking to this.

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Make it up son.

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I remembered reading a bit of Equinox road, its not so much about the hedge but the tragic endgame of changeling which mostly focuses on Arcadia. More importantly its about your changelings slow turn into true fae

>> No.48044527


Yeah make it like a rank 3 or rank 4 spirit, maybe a magath of death and cold? Maybe all Wendigo are magath. There's nothing specific in the books, so you can do whatever feels right.

>> No.48044538


Bumping for this bc I still need an answer

>> No.48044838

The books don't say, so use your best judgement
I'd say yes, they can still frenzy, because they don't suddenly stop being intelligence went they frenzy.
They can't control themselves, so neither could a ghost that's possessing them, probably.

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Depends on which splats you're mixing. In theory, you could do it by heavily micromanaging character creation to ensure a "sort" of balance.

>> No.48045230

I fluffed them like this just because it's such a rarely used creature type in game. From my understanding though, they're suppose to be biomechanical clockwork beings, so it's not far off, just replace the tubes with watch gears and wires.

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Forgot pic

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They could work any number of ways. You could stat them as a cryptid using Demon the Descents rules, as that's always fun. You could also just make them a horror and give them some dread powers regarding weather control and cannibalism.

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Am I the only one who preferred the VII to the Strix?

VII was so shrouded in mystery its a threat that sideswipes all of vampire politics when it completely rears its head.

Strix seems more like the vampire boogieman. A sort of natural predator of vampires, thats just another thing for the Sheriff and his posse to deal with.

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I prefer the Strix, but I also preferred Exalted's 2nd to 1st editions

>> No.48045410

But.. the VII are still there.

>> No.48045416

They don't necessarily have to be clockwork. Just mechanical.
I tend to go with function-suggests-form; if they were designed for a purpose related to time, they probably have a clockpunk thing going on. If they're designed to work with vehicles, they're more deiselpunk.
Et Cetera

Fuck off, captcha
I just had to solve 10 fucking captchas in a row for this one post

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VII didn't go anywhere and still has one of the greatest CofD supplements everywhere.

>> No.48045431

Yeah but they're tied with some connection to the owls man.

I like to write them as their own entity.

>> No.48045474

So...just do it?
There is no canon. Do whatever the fuck you want.
Nobody's gonna get mad at you for saying the Strix don't exist in your game.

>> No.48045515

Well maybe I brought it up for the sake of discussion!? Tell me why you like the strix!

>> No.48045570

Honestly I don't run or play vampire, but from what I know of them they seem like a neat alternative antagonist for vampires besides 'other vampires'

>> No.48045579

Strix provides the exact same thing, though. A single strix is enough to fuck up an entire domain and will basically be the talk of the town when it comes. What happens when MORE then one strix shows up? No one knows what they are, what they want, or exactly what they can do, and they can terrorize the vampire society and bring politics to a halt just by possessing the right vamp.

>> No.48045585

I love the idea behind Dark Eras, but they honestly picked some pretty redundant timelines/areas for some of the games.

>> No.48045597


VtR 2e has multiple rumors, only some of which tie into the Strix. In the book for VII, you get three fully-described non-Strix options. Why complain?

>> No.48045630

>1950's New Zealand

>> No.48045665


Overall the book is good.

>> No.48045745

"Oh, you're drafting Hellbent? Well fuck you".

What's funny is that it's not really the subject of a whole chapter or anything, it's just one sort of throwaway bit, if I recall.

>VII was so shrouded in mystery its a threat that sideswipes all of vampire politics when it completely rears its head.
You mean like the Strix? Hell, it's not like VII really do that. They're still just vampires, no matter how weird and secretive. Are you sure you're not thinking of the "even more Sabbat than the Lance" Belial's Brood?

Most of the Strix honestly seem like Spirits that exist for the sole purpose of being shitheads, which makes them a little more interesting than the Spirits that exist with strange and alien goals. A Spirit kills ten kids because it's in its nature and that kind of thing will give it Essence. A Strix kills ten kids because Strix are evil bastards. If you throw in the Miracle Dread Power (from CofD Core) they basically become traditional spooky possession style Demons.

As far as Vampires go, though? I would never probably use one, but they turn the game into fucking The Thing. "Who goes there?" No way of telling who's friend and who's foe. You get a There Are Monsters on Maple Street thing going, where the whole Domain can tear itself apart even if the Strix has already fucked off and left.

>> No.48045780

1950 is still pretty recent though. Read a couple newspapers from NZ and you'll know all you need to run a 1950 game. There are tons of interesting eras to go through.

>> No.48045863

It shows the side effects of wyrd 7 for each class of changeling most of which are pretty scary.

>> No.48045917

To take a cue from you, Atamajakki:
>tfw no pirate geist

Of course, of my many forgotten and unfinished products, this was one of them. I'd even come up with the start to some sailing rules (they were teamwork actions, like Tactics). I didn't know how to handle the presence of famous pirates. Making them supers or even sin-eaters felt silly.

I disagree. We really tend to underestimate the recent past.
But I think that poster was more saying "why the fuck did they pick this as a core setting?"
Pretty awesome, you mean.

>> No.48046030

Just make them badass mortals. Why do people have problems with making competent characters who don't have anything supernatural going for them?

>> No.48046126


Pirate [something] and Biblical Hunter are the two Eras I'm most hitter about not getting.

Fingers crossed for Dark Eras 2.

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File: 931 KB, 1800x1200, blacksails3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, it's more that you obviously want these people involved some way in your venue. And for some of them it might even be pretty fitting, if you treat their legends as being true.

Geist 1600s Age of Sail actually WAS a choice, but because of FTP voting it didn't get in.

I set my thing in Nassau, because Nassau is fucking awesome. I really need to catch up on Black Sails.

>> No.48046257


It wasn't specifically Geist, was it? I thought it was a "we'll choose the game for it" lile Edo Japan was.

Even with any complaints I might have, Neolithic Mage, Alexandrian Mage, and Aztec Demon made the book well worth it. The Companion seems even more full of stuff I'm excited for.

>> No.48046348

Yep. Book of Judges was a must. That's really one of the most interesting settings they could have gotten in there. And it's for Hunter also, it would have been just amazing.

>> No.48046385

You'll find some way to do it.

Like having blackbeard piss off some ancient carribean ghost when stealing his cursed treasure and then your crew has to find some way of dealing with one of the most notorious pirates to ever sail the 7 seas.

Or have one of his crew members be a Sin-Eater and convince them to bombard some spanish fort because THEY stole that cursed treasure.

>> No.48046468

Aztec Demon? Wasn't it Skinchangers?

I would have liked Aztec Geist.

>> No.48046617


Skinchangers with a ton of Demon and God-Machine stuff added. It's really, really good.

There's an offhand mention of a pyramid functioning as teleporter Infrastructure that allowed some Mummies into the New World early.

>> No.48046663

Thanks for the advice guys.
Spirits are in Werewolf, right? And which books are horrors found in? I'm kinda new to nWoD (hence my asking in the first place).

>> No.48046735


Horrors are the catch-all term for "weird monsters" made with the rules in the Chronicles of Darkness corebook. Hunter has similar rules for building your own opposition.

>> No.48047087

I don't know what's going on here, but it looks like something CofD-y
Deviant especially.

But also maybe a more fleshy God-Machine.

>> No.48047329

Fucking Tzimisce!

>> No.48047388

Well, ran the first session of my Hong Kong Werewolf game - went pretty well! One of the characters has just had their First Change and been picked up by the rest of the pack, which is interesting because I haven't actually run an immediate-post-Change situation for a player character before.

- there are shenanigans with uppity Wolf-Blooded ('Auntie' Hu, the pack's oldest Wolf-Blooded, is *really* salty that she never Changed).
- what may be a Fire-Touched-sponsored bomb plot (foiled when the First Changing Ithaeur ripped the would-be bomber to pieces in his own flat)
- something going on with icons of the Judges of the Hells (you may also have heard them called the Yama Kings)
- the mysterious death of the pack's previous Ithaeur (who had some of his innards removed without inflicting any wounds or injuries)
- and the fact that they think Death Wolf herself placed her attention on the tower block that the Ithaeur First Changed during (she has the Embodiment of the Firstborn merit).

All in all, fun enough and I'm looking forward to the next game. We're gonna hopefully be podcasting these again, trying to sort out a new hosting service for them.

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I really wanted Spanish Inquisition Hunter.

>> No.48047809

Question about merit prerequisites.

For example if I wanted a Sanctum I need a dot in Safe Place.

Is there any difference between a 5 dot Sanctum with 1 dot in safe place vs a 5 dot sanctum with 5 dots in safe place?

>> No.48047823


>> No.48048049

>fleshy God-Machine
porque no los dos?

>> No.48048228


I'm a sucker for anything Hong Kong; glad to hear it went so well.

>> No.48048249

Prerequisites should honestly be treated a little loosely. That said, for what you want, the Sanctum part determines extra spell control, but the Safe Place determines size and defenses.

A 5 dot Sanctum with a 1 dot Safe Space might be something your ST might not want you to have, but if they do, it would represent a small shrine or something that centers you and aligns with your Gnosis, but is really the only place you have as part of your Safe Space, so it's not all that safe. It might only be locked with a single mundane key.

A 5 dot Sanctum in a 5 dot Safe Place would be a larger shrine in a secure complex, perhaps with magical and digital security in place, or even traps designed to harm any unauthorized entry. It might have steel security doors and guards, and could even be in an out of the way location.

>> No.48048372


1 dot in safe place is like a formal written request to your storyteller to mess with your sanctum.

Expect it to get ransacked, expect squatters, expect to be ambushed as you are heading home.

>> No.48048504

Gonna be running a game of WoD for complete strangers in about 24 hours. I've GM'ed many times before, so no problems there, but i've never used this system before. I've read up on the mechanics, i've got them all down, so again, no problems there.


Whats a good one shot adventure for a group of 3 - 4 humans in the World of Darkness?

>> No.48048677


Still looking for advice from someone who knows about Spirits, and how to best integrate them into a Mage game. I don't want to just leave out the whole arcanum, but am not sure what really sets it apart from Mind or Death. All three let you enter a version of Twilight and explore an otherworldly realm, but Mind just seems to have so much more utility and is useful everywhere, while visiting realms without access to the spirit world, for example the Underworld, leaves the Spirit Master kind of screwed.
Can spirits do something that Goetia simply can't?

Specifically, what I want an answer for, is what books will help me understand the spirit world the most?
Werewolf the Forsaken Core?

I haven't heard a lot of praise for Book of Spirits, unlike Book of the Dead, which I loved.

>> No.48048716


They all had a brush with the supernatural, and are now in group therapy together, learning how to deal with whatever caused their "stress induced hallucinations"

>> No.48048727

Anywhere to (somewhat) reliably find WoD games? Been reading oWod and nWoD Demon coresets and man I got a real hankerin for those now.

>> No.48048802

If you're a Spirit Master going into the Underworld, you bring the Spirits with you (or can Make them).
Shadow is essentially a magical fantasy world where everything eats everything else. Book of Spirits is good, but apparently Werewolf 1e is the best source of Spirit info.

Really, though, for everything you're sort of left to your own devices, semi-intentionally. Don't even feel like you *have* to abide by everything in Book of the Dead.

The Shadow, much like The Underworld or The Hedge, is one of those places you should really never go unless you specifically need something or you're crazy and like danger.
Thankfully, PCs are fond of Danger. Really, though, all you need to know about it is on page 245 of Mage. Spirits are also in Mage starting on page 252 "Invisible Entities"

>> No.48048805

Spirits are kind of like a cross between ghosts and animals.
They can manipulate things related to their domains (e.g. a tree spirit could make a nearby tree grow fruit), but are obsessed with their particular "thing" and understand things within that context. So if you want to tell a mouse spirit about a bad guy, it will understand a lot better if you call the bad guy a "cat".

Most of my knowledge of spirits comes from /wodg/ threads of old, with a bit from Forsaken 2e.

I don't know enough about Goetia to give any comparisons.

>> No.48049066


Thank you.
I will start with WtF1e then.

Kind of curious now - What did /tg/ not like about the changes to 2e that 1e is considered a better source?

>> No.48049219


It's not that the changes were disliked, it's just that 2e doesn't go as in-depth into spirits because of reasons of space.

>> No.48049396

Granted, the info in the 1e book may not necessarily translate well to a game being run with 2e rules.

>> No.48049459

Read it for the setting, not the mechanics.

Like >>48049219 said, 2e core doesn't have as much space to dedicate to it, since it's got to handle other things.

>> No.48049753

I wonder if you could cross WoD with a Z-like.

>> No.48049762


>> No.48049807

DayZ-like. First-person survival-oriented massive-multiplayer game. Generally crude games where idiots and assholes run amok, but the concept has always felt like it held an amazing amount of unrealized potential if one were to implement the right systems through it. Things like organic factions and politicking. The one time I saw it sort of succeed was ARK, but that devolved into total war and a complete collapse because there was no contentment in idle peace.

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>> No.48050341

The only game that managed long term human driven factions with actual politics in a MMORPG is EVE Online by CCP

The same CCP that owned White Wolf intelectual rights until recently.

Personally I think I prefer the idea of single player RPG ala Bloodlines, that Paradox will eventually make.

>> No.48051032

Are there any new or new-ish chat/voice chat based games anybody is interested in starting? I'm up for anything: chats, voice chats, playbypost, whatever, as long as I get along with the people I meet there.

>> No.48051177

Fuck you for watching that wretched show, specially without having read the comic beforehand. It is an insult to the source material, and I don't usually whine about this sort of thing.

>> No.48051192


neat! i like the show so that must mean the comic will be even better. thanks for the recommendation, friend

>> No.48051217

Different comic reader, you'll probably enjoy it, but I just want to say I find the show pretty decent in its own way.

>> No.48051300

Is focusing on Crafts, particularly for Gadgets, viable in Demon?

>> No.48051324

I started reading the comic a few days ago, and so far I'm loving it a lot more than the show.
The show's not a shot-for-shot remake of the comic, boo-fuckin'-hoo. They've already got a second season confirmed so I'm guessing they're planning to still follow the story of the comics.
They just decided that starting it off by killing a bunch of random people doesn't really have any impact, so they decided to actually give Annville some character instead of just making it this mythical town that Jesse lived in before Genesis but evidently never did anything interesting it.

>> No.48051337


>> No.48051361

Not necessarily. I don't think the Seth Rogen crowd is the same as the crowd with taste.

>> No.48051447

Jesus Christ, you haven't even gotten to the Annville part of the comic yet? That's a little earlier than the middle of it. Is your reading above third grade level?
And of course you already feel entitled enough to say Annville is a mythical town where nothing interesting happens. Incredible.
Anyway, the show cut through most of the interesting parts of the beginning of the comic (such as Jesse's family's backstory in Annville) to feature things Rogen had a laughing fit seeing when he was reading the comic stoned.
It's obvious the only reason he thought of adapting this comic into a TV show was so that he could have a guy fuck a giant pile of meat in the shape of a woman. Also Arseface, and the dick head. I don't think the show's there yet, but you can bet these things will receive a lot of emphasis when their time comes.

>> No.48051489


seth rogen only does the action sequences. but i'm glad you'll admit you just are one of those contrarian fucks who hates anything idiots like so you can believe you'll purge the stupid out of your head by thinking so

also, your thinking that seth rogen is spearheading a comic-book-based horror thing following the success of the Walking Dead on the exact same channel that spawned the first success is pretty fuckin' narrow of you to think too. There's 3 producers and 3 writers on that show for a reason, friend. and the executive producers want a Walking Dead 2.0

>> No.48051512


redpill clowns like you who think one person runs an entire inudstry is the exact reason they have that kind of influence. thanks, clown

>> No.48051534


you really are a Garth Ennis fan, aren't you? because his fans tend to be pretty fucking low-tier as far as I've seen

>> No.48051568

I don't get it. Are you trying to help me prove my point?
>the executive producers want a Walking Dead 2.0
Or are you that much of an idiot that you're saying that like it's a good thing?
It's casualized garbage, it's everything that made the comics great filtered through a generic, by-the-books, insipid TV show that plays it safe on every aspect. It's not a shot for shot remake, which is fine, but it's certainly not what a fan of the comic books would like because it does away with everything edgy (and I use this word with its original meaning, not the conotation it has gained through memespeak) about the comics.
But all this rambling is pointless. You've proved me right about what kind of person you are with your arguing that the producers want Preacher to be Walking Dead... and that is why it's good.

>> No.48051655

I don't fucking care who's in charge of it. It's garbage. It's the same generic crap everyone's been churning out since Walking Dead went popular. It took one of the most original comic book concepts and stories of all time and managed to turn it into a cheap, generic to the point of boring show.

>> No.48051660

Holy shit, no Garth Ennis comic is worth that much asspain over, not even Preacher.

Anyways, was the Dark Eras Fiction Anthology a stretch goal I forgot about? Apparently backers are getting it in July.

>> No.48051711


So what you're saying is that Preacher is getting exactly the adaptation it deserves. Good.

>> No.48051776

What the fuck does all this /co/cksuck bullshit doing in my WoD thread?

>> No.48051932

>Anyway, the show cut through most of the interesting parts of the beginning of the comic (such as Jesse's family's backstory in Annville) to feature things Rogen had a laughing fit seeing when he was reading the comic stoned.
You realize that you're talking about that same comic, right? This is a Garth Ennis comic. I'm honestly surprised how they got the greenlight to make an adaptation of a comic where there's rape and dogs getting nailed to posts and a guy who kills God, and also John Wayne.
What even are you defending?

Also, as far as I can tell, the show is telling Annville FIRST, so you're not only whining about how a Garth Ennis comic was so great (even though it had all those stupid things), you're way off base and they're showing the parts you said they wouldn't.

Even then, Annville in the comic sounds like it was later, and the show's only been on for, what, four weeks?

You were literally admitting that you haven't seen the show. You just think Seth Rogan wanted to film a show with a guy who's face looks like a butthole.
Why do you even care if it's a "Walking Dead 2.0"? Non-superhero comics are a great inspiration for primetime TV.
>Implying Garth Ennis is edgy in a meaningful, adult way

>What sources do you get your inspiration from?
The OP image is also a character from Preacher, if I understand right.

>> No.48052098
File: 365 KB, 754x531, Nope.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So, I just got this picture of my Acanthus running like hell from a beastie because he stuck his nose where it didn't belong.

>> No.48052140

There is no Annville part in the comic, shitbag. Jesse's family was in Angelville, a shitty place on the Texas-Louisiana Border
Annville gets mentioned a handful of times throughout the comic, as far as I've read so far(nearly done with it, got ~11 issues left), and the most it says about ANYBODY in the town is the night before Genesis showed up, when Jesse was telling their confessional secrets in the bar.

I'm not sure when "a preacher gets a supernatural power and starts fucking with the people in his town because he thinks he's got God in him" became generic, but if you say so
It's still pretty damn good
Minor Spoiler Alert

As >>48051932 said,
>The OP image is also a character from Preacher
It's Cassidy, one of the main characters; he's a vampire.

>> No.48052247

>"a preacher gets a supernatural power and starts fucking with the people in his town because he thinks he's got God in him"
Actually, I'm just gonna clarify this right now, because you're probably gonna take my exaggeration literally without doing any research and have an aneurysm about it
He doesn't fuck with people. The guy in that video is the most he's fucked with anybody so far; otherwise, he's just been using the Word to try and help people/make them stop sinning.
EG Guy confesses to him that he's been having 'impure thoughts' about a little girl on the bus he drives every day, but he hasn't ever done anything, and he's hoping confession will help him not do anything. Later, Jesse sees him being a creep towards the little girl, so he breaks into the dude's house and tells him(with the Word) to forget about her.

It's also seeming likely they might avoid the whole meat-woman thing, since they seem to have merged the Salvation storyline(or at least the Quincannon part) into Annville, and there isn't any neo-nazi secretary shit going on.

>> No.48052369

Dominate is OP

They probably will avoid the meat-woman thing because it sounds disgusting and this is shown on primetime on basic cable.

>> No.48052443


The correct response to every single CofD terror. Well, every one except for the monster that only eats running people.

>> No.48052469

I hope you don't mean capital B Beast. Because that splat is idiotic.

>> No.48052565 [SPOILER] 
File: 470 KB, 972x1505, 1467346862645.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>They probably will avoid the meat-woman thing because it sounds disgusting and this is shown on primetime on basic cable.
Pic related is what we're referring to

>> No.48052923

Joe Rogan isn't wrong to find that image comical. Sorry, m8

>> No.48053004

Is that meat giant or is that man tiny?
Also, Goddamnit why is Garth Ennis fucking terrible?

Does Preacher have a SO FANNAY black transwoman in it?

>> No.48053281

I never said he was
...no? I'm not sure where you got the idea that it would.
The man's tiny--he's, like, 4 feet even, I think

>> No.48053484

Seth's a Rogen
Joe's a Rogan
Just FYI

As far as the show goes, I feel like the Angels themselves have a kind of "G-M with a kitsch element" tech thing going on. Also their dogged hunting of Genesis makes me think of Deviant a bit.

>> No.48053514

>Fifty was created by Garth Ennis in the Punisher Presents: Barracuda spin off miniseries. Fifty is one several black comedy transvestite characters Garth Ennis has created over the years and is a rather common gag Garth Ennis uses.

>> No.48053566

Are there any ways for non-Prometheans to accumulate Pyros?

>> No.48053798

Gee, I'd love to hear the actual argument against Preacher.
Wonder if it's from yet another person butthurt that 'The Boys' exists.

>> No.48053822

>Has a problem with the story because it has adult content in it.
Are you twelve years old, or just a puritan?

>> No.48053827

Magic. Seriously, it's a world of the supernatural. You can do whatever you want if you can think of a way.

There are several arguments against it. That it was written by Garth "Horsecock" Ennis, for instance.

>> No.48053837

>Magic. Seriously, it's a world of the supernatural. You can do whatever you want if you can think of a way.

Ugh, fine let me re-phrase.

Does anyone know of any ways published in an nWoD book o the CofD devblog for non-Prometheans to accumulate Pyros?

>> No.48053844

So....ad hominem.
Really contributing to the conversation, bro.

>> No.48053871

I was quoting someone else calling the comic adult. I don't know much about the comic in question other than the author, but I can tell that it's not adult, it's "adult".
>Wonder if it's from yet another person butthurt that 'The Boys' exists.
Pointing out that the author of the comic has a history of stupid, edgy shit isn't really "ad hominem". It's also pretty apt, considering there's a character named "Arseface" (who has a face that looks like an arse, naturally) and a man fucks a giant woman made of meat.

>> No.48053887

Christ on a fucking crutch. On one hand, I'm glad that the backlash against edgy comics finally fucking happened, but in the trade-off, did we have to get a horde of useless unimaginative prudes shitting the place up?

>> No.48053936

I don't understand how thinking edgy things are stupid equals prudish.
I'm sitting in another tab trying to get players ready so I can run a Mage game on a typefucking site. I'm far from a prude, I just think slapping people with a dismembered horsecock and raping them to death is the kind of thing a 15 year old would write.

>> No.48053937

You know that got cancelled right? They were using all their assets to make EVE stuff, then WoD got bought out by paradox (thank god).

>> No.48054271

I'm aware
That's why I said "m8..."
As in "m8, I'm sorry to say, but it isn't happening"

>> No.48056701
File: 809 KB, 900x900, a7478454d20f0620aaa8d917e769eaf3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Slow thread when we're not arguing about comic books.

>> No.48056781

Or mage.

>> No.48056821


You pick out "The Boys" and not Crossed?

Preacher's a overhyped, overly long comic that's not even Ennis's best work. It's not bad by any means, but I will never understand how people go so gaga ove it. A plodding AMC drama is exactly how you adapt it, because it was a plodding HBO drama in comic book form.

>> No.48056972


>STOCKHOLM - June 30, 2016 - Luckyday and White Wolf today announced the production of a 2-part documentary series on the history and evolution of one of the most prolific and genre defining Role-Playing franchises in history – The World of Darkness.

>The documentary features in-depth interviews and exclusive footage from the early White Wolf founders, creators and artists, as well as fans and notable stars who helped shape the fabric of the genre.

>The documentary series will give the audience an in-depth, behind the scenes and uncompromising look into how the World of Darkness and Vampire: The Masquerade created a phenomenon in the middle of the 1990's -- a zeitgeist that helped shape and define film, literature, fashion, club culture, and ultimately fans, whose lives it forever altered.

>"The tumultuous history of the World of Darkness, Vampire: The Masquerade, & White Wolf is something akin to a rock n' roll soap opera mashed together with a Shakespearean tragedy. It's more than just a story about a game or a company, but also the fans and how this thing helped shape and affect their lives. This is really their story and we believe that needs to be told," said White Wolf CEO Tobias Sjogren.

>"This is where the real story gets told: nothing is sacred, no one gets a pass, and all skeletons come out of the closet," said Luckyday CEO Henrik Johansson.

>Exclusive interviews will include, among others, White Wolf founders Mark Rein-Hagen & Stewart Wieck, as well as Vampire: The Masquerade developers and artists such as Justin Achilli, Andrew Greenburg, and Tim Bradstreet. Also featured will be exclusive interviews from a multitude of talent, fans and fan clubs, all of whom helped evolve the franchise into a worldwide phenomenon that continues to this day.

>> No.48057080

Why do I get the feeling that nWoD and the CofD will be ignored or glossed over?
>"This is where the real story gets told: nothing is sacred, no one gets a pass, and all skeletons come out of the closet," said Luckyday CEO Henrik Johansson.
Why do I feel like this is full of shit?

>> No.48057177

>Why do I get the feeling that nWoD and the CofD will be ignored or glossed over?
Because it will be.

>Why do I feel like this is full of shit?
Because it is.

>> No.48057180


Because it's very clear that Paradox's goal is to sell WoD as a viable franchise again, specifcally a viable franchise with themselves at the helm. You know how Paizo spent all that time building themselves up as the true heirs of Dungeons and Dragons before Pathfinder's release? This is the same thing, and they're doing the same thing because as we learned with Pathfinder, nostalgia and the promise of a glorious return will always, always sell in nerdy circles.

>> No.48057279
File: 57 KB, 540x456, jinkies.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"I once saw him looking over the shoulder of a programmer at some bit of User Interface the poor guy had hacked together. He straightened up, put fingers to lips and said, ‘No, this isn't it at all. Make it more... psssshhhh’ He hissed on his fucking fingertips, like the air coming out of a bicycle tire, and then just walked away.”

>> No.48057309


To this day I'm still not sure what that was supposed to mean. Like, was it supposed to be more snappy? More stylish? What the fuck?

>> No.48057325

You have a link to that? Because I've lost it.

>> No.48057444


It's in there somewhere. Really shows how awful CCP are.

No idea, I've always figured the guy just didn't know what the game should be.

>> No.48057510

Has anyone ever compiled a upgrades/fixes/improvements/content list for Mage the Sorcerer's Crusade?

>> No.48057524

>It's in there somewhere. Really shows how awful CCP are.
It was the article I wanted, so thanks.

>> No.48057562

Really sad, we barely got to the dawn of the new Chronicles of Darkness era. Nostalgia won.

>> No.48057798


I don't know if I'd consider a decade and counting to be a "dawn". It seems like the only thing that's really changed is that CofD has no chance of hitting other media, as opposed to a very slim chance.

>> No.48057813

He means the 2e era.

>> No.48057815

Players are all attending a movie at a local theater. By a stroke of luck, they all find themselves distracted or otherwise away during a key part of the movie (One guy is up at the concession stand, another is in the bathroom, third guy thought the whole thing was boring and fell asleep, etc). When the players come back, they find most of the audience in a catatonic state, shuffling out in a super organized fashion upon the conclusion of the show. Ask yourself some questions to get the players started:

>What caused the audience's condition?
Obviously, something unique to the film everyone just watched has caused it, but for what purpose? You could have a player see what happens and resist it somehow and see the part in question, the players could try and acquire the film to go through frame by frame and find the offending section, or they could try and follow up with the theater staff to see if this sort of thing has happened before.

>Who could be the culprit behind the film?
A mage-turned-cultist might've decide to enchant a few seconds of the movie with a mind altering spell, or a strong vampire could've used Domination to achieve something similar, or perhaps the God-Machine is at work, creating additional agents to preform another specific (And possibly minor and mundane) task to further his plans. It might even turn out the whole thing is just an experiment by a government or corporate entity for testing a prototype hypnosis on unwitting participants. Whoever is the cause, make sure there's a trail to lead back to them.

>What motivation do the players have to follow up with this?
Sometimes, curiosity isn't enough to get players interested in following a lead -- they might just as well decide not to get involved with this at all. Creating a way to get people interested, such as a friend being affected by the film or perhaps agents of the culprit hunting the players to try and figure out why it didn't affect them.

>> No.48057930

They'll have to actually release some fucking material first. I mean, come on.Give us some news on the new games, how the mechanics will work, what is changing, and so on. All we've seen from the new owners of white wolf is pretentious drivel with little to no merit or information on what they're trying to sell, and disrupting the community through insinuations that CofD is inferior to WoD or closing the subnet and then proceeding to say some vague crap about Black Dog guidelines.

This really isn't okay, and the longer they take to engage us the more I lose interest in their "revival" and look more toward games that are actually being developed, released, and played. Why play Vampire the Masquerade when I can play Requiem and port lore over if I want to? What are these new folks offering in exchange for the waves they're making? Their actions so far just serve to turn me away from just whatever the fuck they're doing. They should take a page out of Onyx Path and give us some kind of update every now and then, for fucks sake.

>> No.48058572


The idea is that White Wolf's revival is a revival in the purest sense. The reason why Onyx Path's way of doing things is such a huge change is because old White Wolf used to be tight lipped as fuck about their new material. The best you'd get was Usenet comments and Up Next sections at the beginning of the book. I don't expect it to be very effective, but who knows.

There's also the other big reason why they're in hype mode: Their return is going to be a video game, not an actual tabletop book. If we assume that they started contracting a studio to make a Masquerade game and that studio started a dev cycle straight away on the day Paradox announced the purchase, we still might not see anything until 2018. So until then, all they've got is hype, LARPs, and conventions.

>> No.48058794

How do you guys deal with the retarded rules for celerity in VTM?

>> No.48058854

By not playing VtM.

>> No.48058859

pls guys

>> No.48058936
File: 52 KB, 500x282, 1467028006263.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do your vampires feed?
Mine has connections with the police so he can walk into the precinct and drink whoever is arrested that night.

>> No.48058955

Doesn't V20 fix Celerity? I think it costs a shit load of blood for every extra action or something.

>> No.48059078

Anything lower than 10th generation is still broken. They just made it so that the thin blooded can't get much out of it.

>> No.48059201

Mine, so far, has gotten by on people who've attacked the group, as far as actual in-play feeding goes.
Though I also have done a couple hunting rolls for him while he was away from the rest of the group; first time I fluffed it as him sneaking people into a bathroom stall at work and feeding on them in there, second time he probably just grabbed a random guy off the street, since the sun was about to come up and he just needed enough blood to heal and wake up the next night.

>> No.48059205

uh celerity doesnt care about no generational spending limits.

>> No.48059215

I mean, it's still straight up +dex, and you can ignore your generational per-turn limit when using Celerity to get extra actions.

>> No.48059245

Other than for the fact that he can't keep his glasses on in the TV-series Cassidy is pretty spot on. Not so much for any of the other characters though, Tulip even manages to be more of a shit in the series than the comics.

>> No.48059264

So.. He makes sure he is under surveillance while he feeds? That is like, anti-masquerade behaviour.

>> No.48059274

I worked in a butcher shop. If hunting for live humans goes poorly, at least I have another source to get SOMETHING with.

>> No.48060001

>What sources do you get your inspiration from?
My last campaign start from IRL a newspaper headliner: "Father killed his own 3 month old daughter and eat her hearth. He claimed that she was possessed by demons".

Here it is http://www.mk.ru/incident/2015/12/23/upotrebiv-osobennyy-spays-otec-vyrezal-i-sel-serdce-trekhmesyachnoy-docheri.html

>> No.48060103

Ah. Russia.
It's like Florida, only enormous and cold.

>> No.48060458

I had a Hunter game start with something similar, once; I gave the players a few news headlines from the city the game was set in at the time we started, except I fudged one of them for the actual plot I'd already set them up on
I had some smaller plans for the other headlines, but we never got around to looking into them.

Come to think of it, I might try something like that in my current game, since it's moving along better than the Hunter game, and what Mage wouldn't wanna look into something weird they saw in the newspaper?

>> No.48060639
File: 9 KB, 284x177, download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A CofD one-shot set during purge night. What's the plot?

>> No.48061184

Do we actually have other books that are similar to WoD/CofD? I'm reading Undying (which is pretty good imo) and wondering if we have other books that deal with playing a vampire, werewolf, etc...

>> No.48061436


Well, there's Monsterhearts, that old game Nightlife, the one monster book from Chill 2nd Edition, and Urban Shadows, to start.

>> No.48061507
File: 827 KB, 1065x601, changeling the lost.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any recent news on Changeling?


>> No.48061508

Just stumbled across Monsterhearts. Sounds about fun. Have you tried it?

>> No.48061692
File: 871 KB, 694x897, K&T.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Katanas & Trenchcoats is the Saints Row of Chronicles of Darkness.

It focuses mostly on Highlander immortals but they have rules for Vamps/Fey/Werebeasts/Technomages/Ghosts/Angels&Demons/ so there's rules for wacky over the top supernatural adventures.

>> No.48061809

Got a pdf we can look at?

>> No.48061848

What's the kind of Mage spell that goes boom and then there's no more anything?

>> No.48061880


No more ANYTHING? You'd need Unmaking in all 10 Arcana.

But if you just wanna, like, destroy all life/objects in a space, any one Arcanum at 5 can do it.

>> No.48061938

I wonder what that would look like.

To blow something up so hard that it doesn't exist in any realm

>> No.48061985

Zog me, it's beautiful.

>> No.48062026

Fine, here. It's a simple game that doesn't take itself seriously, so don't go in expecting too much.


>> No.48062041


I have, and it's really good. It's very much about replicating supernatural romance (ideally in a very tongue-in-cheek manner), though, so it's not going to be an all purpose system. Urban Shadows is your best bet for that. Dresden Files works too.


Katanas and Trenchcoats is the full scale Dudes of Legend book I always wanted.

>> No.48062058

I go in expecting something stupid but fun.
Kinda hoping it's like that dudes of legend april fools joke but a whole game.

>> No.48062110

>Running game for a new player and some other guys, starts as mortals and will branch out to different splats when the players take it that way.
>New guy discovers all sorts of supernaturals, ghosts, vampires, werewolves, mages, demons...
>Still not really pulled towards any single type, or becoming a hunter since he believes that not all supernaturals would be bad.
>Instead, winds up becoming something like a superhero in a comic with incredibly high mortal stats where the rest of the group has moved on to other things.

It's actually kind of cool, he's working with a newly embraced vampire and a young wizard fighting crime and unraveling conspiracies. He's got really high attributes and skills and a few custom merits for non-lethal combat.

>> No.48062164

Honestly, the second and third Purge movie sound like they're really doing something interesting with the setting, instead of just a home invasion movie with a dumb premise.

>> No.48062396

Yeah I know. Them being actually interesting movies is why I wanna do that oneshot. I'm actually starting to get a general plot together anyway.

Sidenote: Vampires would fucking hate the purge so much.

>> No.48062736

Glass Walkers?

>> No.48062846

Has mage been officially released yet?

>> No.48062885

Dave's still got tons of Errata and FAQ to work through, I imagine

>> No.48062988

How do ghosts work in Chronicles? Can normal people see them? I want to include a non-antagonist ghost in my mortals game but I'm not sure how limited their interactions with it will be.

>> No.48063049

Image and Materialize are Manifestation effects, both can be used within range of an Anchor/Fetter.

A starting Rank 1 ghost gets 4 numina and 1 manifestation effect, and can take more mans. by trading out numina on a 1-for-1 basis.

So they take Fetter and latch onto an anchor, meaning they no longer bleed essence, and take Image and Materialize (or both) in place of numina.They can no haunt there indefinitely (until their Anchor is destroyed) and can appea to people nearby

>> No.48063055

>How do ghosts work in Chronicles?
Just like spirits, but with Fetters instead of Influences.

>Can normal people see them?
Not unless they manifest in some way, no.

>> No.48064206

The gangrel might not

>> No.48064582

Through the majority of errata and FAQ. Into the delicate "is this spell at the right Practice" stuff.

>> No.48064757

Glad to hear progress. Was it much stuff that needed a do-over?

>> No.48064768

Elaborating on that sort of thing is likely a good thing. I always found it annoying when people would proclaim what a spell's dot rating is in 1E like it wasn't a subjective judgment call, which it really was.

It was even worse when it was based on oWoD logic and/or couldn't be reconciled with spells that were already in canon. If you can do anything to end that shit I'd be overjoyed, and would buy ten bajillion supplements that calcify this. Seriuosly.

>> No.48064812

Playing a Changling game, want to make an apothecary type, but I am not sure how to go about it. Been thinking some sort of dual kith between chirugeon, drudge and brewer. Probably aligned with the autumn court but open to other suggestions. Any thoughts?

>> No.48064927

Are there any other sort of things? Duel Arcane and Legacies come to mind.
Although I feel bad about asking, knowing you're not even getting paid for any of this extra work.

>> No.48064936


will it affect withstood spells as well? Just read something on the forums that might imply some spells might need withstood trait added

>> No.48064997


>free council mastigos

>> No.48065426

Venture Brothers for literally everything. Its pretty much WoD the show. But especially for Genius.

>> No.48065762


Genius isn't WoD, though.

>> No.48065933

Why do people play Chronicles of Darkness? It's one of the most poorly designed games ever published. It's fundamentally broken on a number of different levels.

If you want to play in the setting, I'd advise using GURPS to do it.

>> No.48065995

That's nice, dear.

>> No.48066083


>It's one of the most poorly designed games ever published.

Nah, it ain't anywhere close to SenZar, Cyborg Commando, or World of Synnibar. Besides, PbtA is the better choice if you're using any system outside of CofD. GURPS WoD is pretty good though.

>> No.48066287

chose one

>> No.48066396

What ability governs bicycles? Is that Athletics or Drive?

>> No.48066400

It's the latest stupid copy-pasta
Ignore it

>> No.48066417


Athletics, same as skateboards.

>> No.48066469

Either one, depending on what you want to do
Trying to do a bike marathon or otherwise something that depends more on your physical condition and control? Athletics
Making a sharp turn or trying to do something that relies on your control of the bike/vehicle itself? Drive

>> No.48067046


>> No.48067281
File: 2.00 MB, 419x292, monkey magic trick.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

brother mine.

>> No.48067683 [SPOILER] 
File: 220 KB, 1200x600, 1467426208582.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>What sources do you get your inspiration from?
I wrote my current game based on City of Evil's entire album, starting with mankind slipping into a giant "live for day and forget about tomorrow" orgy of pleasure and violence. It's steadily got worse as the game has gone on, and a few people who thought it was a great idea at first have started to realize why society can't function long term like that, but the damage might've already been done, and they're still being drowned out in a cacophony of people who don't agree and see them as an obstacle to their good times.

The BBEG is The Harlot, who's taken many forms around the current city, placing seemingly harmless ideas centered around hedonism in the minds of leaders. She plans on enjoying herself with the rest of the city and then escaping punishment by slipping away when the God-Machine sends his angels to nuke the place from orbit. The players are somewhat aware that this is the case, and although they don't think they can stop the coming destruction, they can at least ensure the Harlot can't escape.

Last character I played was a mortal with a ton of social stats, he didn't call himself anything but others referred to him as The Prophet. He assembled a cult that continued to grow throughout the game, filled with people of all sorts who considered him the messiah. It was like one massive gang made up of anyone and everyone and all suffering from some sort of group psychosis/mania/mob mentality. While the gang/cult was made up of mostly crazies, they actually had somewhat humanist goals in mind, which was to keep the peace between humans and supernaturals through force.

Towards the end, the cult was parading around vampires and werewolves who stepped out of line in chains and stocks, which pretty much drew the ire of every wolf and vamp in the entire area and led to a lot of followers getting their shit absolutely wrecked.

>> No.48067782

Okay, the prophet sounds pretty cool. I like that. Although not reeeeally like The Guy.

>> No.48067965

Nah, I changed some stuff here and there to make it work a bit better for the game we were playing, but it worked out pretty good anyway. Probably one of the more fun characters I've played.

>> No.48068558

Looks like I'm going to be STing a Demon Chronicle. I've never GM'd anything that went beyond a single session before. How fucked am I?

>> No.48068617


Fallen or Descent?

>> No.48068700

Descent. I feel fairly comfortable about the whole setting and story ideas. I've got a few threads I want to lay out for them and I'm going to be following some advice I saw in the general about using the Aspirations of my players to supplement my plots. I'm mostly worried about actually managing players. It's not something I've dealt with successfully before. One of my games was in a high school club and the people directed to my game were people more interested in hanging out with a few of the members than actually playing in a game. So that horror story likely won't repeat, the rest were times where everyone thought they had time, then life caught up and everyone realized that studying took time too. Still, like I said, I've not actually run a full game before.

>> No.48068835


Thankfully the espionage genre is fairly forgiving of splitting the party. Anything in particular you want help with?

>> No.48068995

I'm thinking one thing I should start doing soon is making a corral of quick NPCs so I've got a few people to throw out there, but fortunately I've got at least a few weeks before the game starts. Right now I've got two definite players, one guy I could probably convince, but I'd like four players as I've always found that to be a good balance of people.

Mostly right now I'm wondering what kind of things I should expect. So far, all I'm really sure of is that nothing will ever go 100% to plan, so I'm glad I've got the semester of improv to keep me on my feet.

>> No.48070530

Now I wonder if monkeys cause Paradox

>> No.48071225

Probably not. Monkeys have spirits, Paradox requires a shard of the Abyss, which requires a soul.

>> No.48071967

That's not oWoD, or nWoD, or CofD

>> No.48072147

How does have a witch in the family affect things? Like if my PC is a mage and is a family man, how does that affect his family with all the magic? Conversely, if say your parent is a mage, how does that affect how they grow up?

>> No.48072164

Are the family sleepwalkers?

If not then the Mage will very carefully have to manage the separation of his two lives because magic intruding on home life means Paradox, Dissonance and Abyssals eating your kids, and home life intruding on magic gives the Seers easy hostages and blackmail leverage.

>> No.48072310

>got any other mummy questions?
New person. What the fuck even are Mummies, and how do they fit? If you think you can/want to, please answer in both WoD and CoD, but CoD is what's more important to me here.

>> No.48072373

I'm kicking around the idea of a Hunter whose parent was a mage, probably will take Unseen Sense for Mages.

>> No.48072634

Can someone share a priest-Hunter character idea? Something different than the usual A-men! Anderson-like zealot.

>> No.48072646

Off-shoot of Mormonism trying to convert the creatures of the night to Christianity and thus save the world

>> No.48072657

Which gameline best fits The Worlds End?

>> No.48073114

Art, usually. A lot of the time if I want a monster, I'll start with a vague concept and go trawling for art, rarely will I find something that fits the concept but I always find something neat that inspires me in some way.

>> No.48073167

>What sources do you get your inspiration from?

My weirdest inspiration came from being annoyed at a fly on the ceiling. For some reason the idea of nailing it there, to spite it, somehow, came to me.
That idea resolved itself into a humanoid monster who shot five-inch barbed bone-nails at stuff.
Was a fun werewolf villain for a while.

>> No.48073687

French highschool nun.

>> No.48073893

>get 2e

>> No.48073947

Yes. It's everything that 1e is, plus more.

>> No.48073955

>Paradox requires a shard of the Abyss
This doesn't actually seem to be the case in 2e anymore. It's just that they're given the choice between accepting the Lie or not, and because of Quiescence they're forced to choose the Abyss over the Supernal.

>> No.48073976

Yeah, more stupid shit like "I survived something that would've killed me if I were alive, now I'm going to be more of an inhuman dickbag".
Just reading the Free RPG Day preview when it came out turned me off.

>> No.48073994

Not that guy, but it's pretty clear you only took a glance at it.

>> No.48074009

That's all that was available at the time, and that was sufficient to turn me away. I'm sorry I didn't feel it necessary to download the entire thing and read it cover to cover.

>> No.48074065

>Misunderstanding how Humanity (or any of the Morality systems) work, even after 12 years
You do realize breaking points aren't automatic, right? In fact, it's actually harder to actually degenerate in Requiem 2e, because you'll generally have Touchstones that remind you what being human is all about.
>Thinking that experiencing things that make you feel less human shouldn't make you feel less human.
When you get a spear through the chest and can keep on your feet, or walk off a car crash, or fall out of a sixth story window and stand up despite your bones being powdered, that reminds you that you aren't human anymore. So, yes, it threatens to degrade your trait that represents how human you are. That is what Humanity is. "How human are you able to pretend to be?"
The more and more you're confronted with the fact that You Are NOT Human, the harder it is to keep the Beast at bay. It's not automatic drops--it never was, despite what people have thought since it first came out--and it doesn't even force you to "be more of an inhuman dickbag". But you've got a Beast in your belly and it wants to be fed.

It turned you away because you clearly missed the point, and expected it to be like 1e. Humanity is not simply a renamed Morality anymore. Yes, things that are outside of your control can wear away at your humanity. Better get used to it. You don't survive the All Night Society without a strong force of will.

>> No.48074073

It's okay if you were turned away, but trying to turn other people away from something you're ignorant about it is pretty weird.

>> No.48074131
File: 353 KB, 603x783, 114063.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not just weird, it's kind of asinine.

Also, he's talking about Reap the Whirlwind.

Interesting to note that this was our first 2e product. Also interesting to note is that Mask and Dirge were outright called Masquerade and Requiem.

>> No.48074149

How is that a bad thing? Humanity now is more of your disassociation with mankind, and that is a perfect example.

>> No.48074241

Wraith the Oblivion

>> No.48074631
File: 133 KB, 796x1051, High-Grade.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would you lose Humanity for rape if it was done in self-defense? System is V20

>> No.48074650

It depends. Is your target male or female?

>> No.48074675

...Rape in self-defence?

>> No.48074680

I don't why it should be more or less traumatic.
Rape is Rape, the sex of the target don't change that.

>> No.48074697

That's not a thing.

I'm sure in a system with like five different kinds of trauma, you could approximately map out the differences. Though no game really needs that level of gradation.

>> No.48074702

Rape in self-defence? That sounds interesting. Is there more to it?

>> No.48074709
File: 20 KB, 182x217, rance3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The supernaturals may sometimes be immune to damage, but they're never immune to rape.

>> No.48074725

Defense of a third party maybe?

>> No.48074737

Do you write for Goblins?

>> No.48074830

Have you actually watched The Worlds End?

>> No.48074975
File: 588 KB, 1920x1168, Terribly Subtle Mature Adolescent Power Trip.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We're in the middle of a Sabbat siege, so both male and female targets are possible

It's rape or be raped, licks

The Sword of Caine is savagely assaulting our Domain, and they're known for rapacious depravity, so I'm worried that the inevitable self-defense rapes are going to take a toll on our Coterie's Humanity ratings.

This is a good point as well; would rape in defense of a third party be more or less likely to cause Degeneration than Self-Defense rape?

>> No.48075002

>inevitable self-defense rapes
That's not a thing. If you're able to rape someone, you're no longer under threat. Is your group made up of That Guys?

>> No.48075030

>It's rape or be raped

Why does anyone have to be raped, if someone tries to rape you then kill them. Don't rape them right back.

Two rapes don't make a right.

>> No.48075055


Have you considered that they may all be playing Dominic Deegan in the WoD universe?

>> No.48075126
File: 39 KB, 508x462, dean.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.48075219

Pretty sure you can rape someone in the heat of the moment, under the stressful influence of a virtue-threatening situation involving a hostile rapist (or three).

Heat of passion sexual assault, if you will.

>> No.48075254

All of my knowledge on the subject is second-hand, so if I got anything wrong, please correct it.
Mummies were loyal slaves? cultists? who were "blessed" with reincarnation and a shit load of other powerful abilities in order to better serve their masters, the Judges of Duat(? I may have this part completely fucked), who themselves are some sort of godlike beings.

Either the process of becoming a mummy fucked their memories, or their masters outright took them, I'm not sure (and being CofD, it might even be up to the ST). So when they're not in their deep slumber, they try to recover whatever memories they can.

They also have cults of mortals that watch over them, worship them, etc. over the generations. Those cults can awaken the mummy to help them get artifacts and do other stuff that would appease the Judges.

In the meantime, they try to figure out their pasts, regain their memories and sense of self, and generally suffer because it wouldn't be CofD without the angst-inducing stuff like "wife doesn't even remember me" or "my best friend turned into a mindless cannibal monster".

>> No.48075273

It would probably be difficult as fuck to RP, but what about a priest Hunter who treats the two as being largely unrelated? Hunting monsters not out of a sense of divine duty, but because they're monsters who hurt people.

>> No.48075344

>It's rape or be raped, licks
Seriously, Is one of you playing Gangrel Sexual Predator, Flowey?

>> No.48075349
File: 17 KB, 350x484, Tremere.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is becoming the Scourge of a city a trap? On one hand, free materials for experiments and a proving ground for all the manner of delicious, anti-Kindred tech, but on the other hand, buttflustered Anarch trash might try to start something.

>> No.48075760

Whenever some little things nabs my attention, such as a character design, or how abnormally high a certain building's ceiling is, I take note and let my imagination run wild.

Next chance I get, I'm throwing this puppet at my players. It will keep coming back, getting more realistic, monstrous, and powerful each time.

>> No.48075999

This guy's just shitposting. Literally went to /l5r/ and did the same thing, but with "Legend of the Five Rings," instead of "Chronicles of Darkness."

>> No.48077829

Can anyone think of Hunter story that doesn't necessarily involve "revengerevengerevenge" or "mission from god" or "lovecraftian investigator?"

>> No.48077879

>hey, have you guys noticed that creep who just moved in
>I bet he's a pedophile. Hank check out his garage when you do the monthly bug spray
>hank buddy, what the fuck happened!
>ok that motherfucker needs to go. Bob, can your brother get us some firearms?
>[shitstorm ensues and Frank gets his lungs ripped out]
>that weren't no fuckin pedophile.....

Supernatural neighborhood watch is always fun

>> No.48077949

Watch Supernatural.

Although depending on how you characterize "revenge", most Hunter games really will have a lot in common with police procedurals, in that something bad has happened (possibly a death) and they're trying to solve it and put a stop to whatever caused it.

You can also expand "Lovecraftian Investigator" to be less Lovecraftian. There are all kinds of reasons for mortals to get in over their heads beyond madness inducing Elder Things. In some ways, Hunter and Mage can be played very similarly, although Mages are obviously going to have a lot more tools. And if the players are in a Conspiracy (or even Compact) those certainly provide good plot hooks.

If all else fails, look through the Hunter and Mortal books for interesting sidebars and plot hooks.

I think that's basically the opposite of what he's looking for. That'd definitely be covered under "revenge".

>> No.48077955

>"isn't funny to hunt the most dangerous game"
Ashwood Abbey best group

>> No.48077999





>> No.48078056

He just wanted to go out in a blaze of glory, but the supernatural got in the way.


>> No.48078071

Is there a saved version of the subnet?

>> No.48078083

There is an incomplete version, but hiro decided it was spam

>> No.48078110

How would you even incorporate the Madness Network in a game? The Malk hears constant whispers, it's a gut feeling, something else?

>> No.48078143 [DELETED] 
File: 161 KB, 500x735, Leave Supporters.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.48078164
File: 161 KB, 500x735, Leave Supporters.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>How would you even incorporate the Madness Network in a game?

>> No.48078212

It would probably vary based on the vampire. Probably voices, sometimes they might see things related to it, or get thoughts that aren't theirs.

>> No.48078281



>> No.48078316
File: 206 KB, 800x600, Reflection.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw Beast is the new Wraith
>people will forever use the shit surrounding it's introduction to poison new players against it

>> No.48078425

>tfw Beast is the new Wraith

How fucking dare you. There's actually stuff to do in Wraith.

>> No.48078450

I don't get it

Alright thanks bud, I wasn't sure if the options were limited or not.

>> No.48078468

>tfw people keep forgetting that Beast has shit mechanics and "I know your stuff better than you do" lore.

>> No.48078649


But Wraith is actually good. It would take a new edition to fix Beast.

>> No.48078900
File: 223 KB, 800x600, Beast the Primordial second Draft.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The problem with Wraith is that it's very focused on being a particularly cringey brand of 90s edgy. No matter what, it's still going to have that. Of all the oWoD games, Wraith is honestly the one that has aged the most.
I know it means a lot to you, Atamajakki, but that doesn't mean it means anything to anyone else.

>>tfw people keep forgetting that Beast has shit mechanics and "I know your stuff better than you do" lore.
But that's not true.
Well, the second part isn't. The first is debatable, but debating with me means you're wrong. Beast is directionless and eschews some of the more important aspects of a WoD gameline. Having no Morality isn't bad because it lets Beasts be shitheads. Having no Morality is bad because the game has no consequences. Having no social structure isn't bad because it means there's no politics. It's bad because it means there's no setting.

>> No.48079048


Why is Charlaquin such a cunt?

>> No.48079152

>But that's not true.
Wait, did they get rid of the "contagious soul loss" combo?

>> No.48079218

a) Why are you replying to me to ask that question?
b) Goddamnit Stranjer why the fuck do you keep acting like a shithead and then complaining in /wodg/?

She's not acting like a cunt, you're just upset you were banned by her for saying >>48078468 despite it not even being true. Fuck me I already explained that to you last month and all you did was call me an SJW and act like an idiot.

She is being a bit pedantic, though. But you're also too dumb to function on the internet.

I said it's untrue that Beasts are the baddest baddies who ever badded and know all the secrets so you better recognize.
The mechanics still leave something to be desired. But we all excused Demon when it said "make up a Resistance if you feel it needs one".

>> No.48079223


>The problem with Wraith is that it's very focused on being a particularly cringey brand of 90s edgy.
>Of all the oWoD games, Wraith is honestly the one that has aged the most.

Putting aside your assumption that Atamajakki is the only Wraith fan in the entire thread (pretty sure that dude doesn't care about Beast) , the fact that you consider the dark fantasy game about being a ghost the game that aged the most in a setting with games like "Hey kids, let's talk about Ecoterrorism" and "Here's your scariest enemy: the psychiatrist" is mind-boggling.

But of course, you can't actually ever bring yourself to speak about anything in good faith. Even now, you passionately defend a game you don't even like just because the reasons people have for not liking it are the "wrong" reasons, even though the reasons they mention are the extrapolations of the "correct" reasons why Beast is not good. It's not enough that people are genuinely in agreement, you have to go to bat for games like Beast and Cthulhutech in the name of your pedantry.

>> No.48079289


>But we all excused Demon when it said "make up a Resistance if you feel it needs one"

Because Demon had enough going for it that people were willing to do that. Surprise, surprise, when a game that's not as good arrives, people will get a bit more testy about the ruleset.

>> No.48079301

I'm looking for people who are interested in joining a Werewolf game by Skype. Aspel is not welcome.

>> No.48079384

I have a player making a hunter and they want to be able to make various types of interesting bullets. Are there any rules for this anywhere?

>> No.48079390

Aspel is the most condescending asshole in a website full of condescending assholes.

Do not discuss with Aspel.

Aspel is needlessly confrontational to any idea that comes across.

Ignore Aspel posts.

Do not respond to Aspel posts.

If you see "but your opinion is wrong, you should think like this, this, and this," odds are it's an Aspel post.

>> No.48079414

Not that I know of, but an easy houserule would be trading damage for tilts/conditions.

>> No.48079569
File: 312 KB, 387x394, Soundtrack of a Generation.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

People still care about environmental awareness, and growing up and losing wonder and excitement is a universal theme.
Wraith is grunge as a roleplaying game and takes place in a world where everything is forged from the screaming souls of the damned and looks like a heavy metal album cover. Also, assuming someone who goes ">tfw oWoD games" is Atamajakki is a common past time of the thread.

>Even now, you passionately defend a game you don't even like just because the reasons people have for not liking it are the "wrong" reasons, even though the reasons they mention are the extrapolations of the "correct" reasons why Beast is not good.
Things that are not even true and in some cases contradicted by the book aren't extrapolations of the "correct" reasons.

Hunter core actually talks about making weapons (though not necessarily bullets) and CofD core has some equipment creation guidelines. Armory has some stuff about different types of bullets. Flares, blanks, cold iron, silver, all that stuff. Werewolf also mentions a -1 penalty to shoot silver bullets (or maybe it was -1 to damage, I forget). If you want more unique ones, that's he kind of thing you'd have to do yourself, though I would suggest not allowing him to make things that can't exist in his garage. No super entangling web bullets or anything like that; at least, not without stealing some kind of formula from a lab or something. You'll also want to keep in mind that actually loading them and switching them out is going to be difficult, so I'd suggest a turn of only moving to reload.

Aren't you doing the exact same thing?
Pretty presumptuous to assume I'd be interested, though if you want to get a player group for Skype, it would help to post your Skype, or a dummy email.

>> No.48079660


Are you on the autism spectrum? I need to know if I should feel bad when I call you retarded.

>> No.48079699

Nah, he mostly just wanted to fill hollow points with various chamicls.

I figure just using an extended Craftd based roll would cover it and then just play around with effects of different bullets

>> No.48079712

What kind of chemicals? A lot of those would be pretty... I don't even know if they'd work.

>> No.48079775

Alkaline metals, he has been sending me videos all night of them being used.

Related question: Any American chemists know if you need credentials for purchasing pure potassium

>> No.48079780

Common household chemicals like plutonium.

>> No.48079939


Oh, I thought you meant like poisons. Those would usually take a lot longer to do anything. Will Alkaline metals explode when they hit a person? I mean, we are mostly water, so I guess so, but I don't know if anyone's actually tried that experiment.

This is pretty close. And also neat.

>> No.48080776


yeni Konu

>> No.48082690

I have noticed that Aspel loves to "explain" her opinions as though they are facts.0

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