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You know, when the previous thread was Counting With /tg Edition, I should have expected we'd go from 2 to 1.

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So Jumper, do you own any resturants?

>> No.48019878

Does a small hole in the wall stand count?

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Rolled 2 (1d8)

65 King Arthur
Highlights include, we went to Gargoyles world to their King Arthurs Court. I wandered, because a dragon wanted to husbando me. Kept getting challenged by a Knight who I beat at numerous contests including Rock Paper Scissors. Ate the Grimorum Arcanorum and put a copy in my library.
1 Dragon Warrior Monsters
2 Gaki no Tsukai Gauntlet
3 Tales of Symphonia
4 Supreme Commander
5 Raildex Magic
6 Axe Cop
7 Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt
8 Girl Genius

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One of you has to delete your threads.

>> No.48019916

Silmarillion jump when?

I want to face Ungoliant.

>> No.48019919

Not going to be this one that goes away - this has the correct numbering and links the last three threads (with correct numbering). Delete the obvious troll thread.

>> No.48019929

see >>48019919

>> No.48019939

You're lucky the other guy deleted his first.

>> No.48019950

That would be a cool jump

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>Facing Ungoliant
Anon. Let's not be silly
Though I would like to collect her Spawn to make Core Medals from

Can I punch Mr. "Muh Simarils" in the face?

>> No.48019978

I deleted mine because I'm the better man, but this was the second thread made, and it was one made out of spite. Let this be remembered.

>> No.48019985

Gaki no Tsukai. I need a new 2 for the queue.

>> No.48019990

Nah. The troll thread is this one senpai. You made this after seeing that a thread was already made, and intentionally shitposted to have the other one deleted.

>> No.48019998

That thread was numbered incorrectly and skipped the last thread. Do us all a favor and don't DO that, some of us go back through the archives to look at older threads after they've been pruned while they're still up on the chans.

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>I'm the better man

You're a delusional.

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Several hundred. During Portal one of the many business ventures I used to prop up Aperture was the restaurant buisness. Best technology the world had ever seen and it was used to open a chain of budget eateries focused on primarily serving the upper middle class.

The places were themed high tech and fine dining. Tables were made of portal surfaces and food was delivered by projecting a portal onto the table and moving food directly from the kitchen to the customers. Orders could be taken either by a console in the table itself or by a robotic P-Body or Atlas model waiter robot. The kitchen itself was a modified turret production factory that produced food in record time with only a 0.006% chance of accidently serving hostile death machine instead of your cheese souffle.

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Yeah, nah. You gotta live with your choices. Live with the consequences that you fucked your chance to have SMT2 or Warframe.

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He's baiting you, anon.

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I'm pretty sure that you either have autism or OCD. And not the meme OCD that everyone says they have, real OCD that makes you count wood grains and scrub the skin off of your hands.

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You're not going to get through to them, this is the new shitposting tactic.

Claiming that specific threads aren't real so that they don't have to learn from what happened in them.

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How many jumps do you think I need before I can fight Morgoth One on One?

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Two of those threads linked are broken, you numbered the threads. Do it right next time, the next thread is 922 if this one is real.

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Isn't Morgoth Tolkien Satan?

I heard his actual power changes a lot with the ages and how far gone he is, though, so that probably doesn't mean as much as I think it does.

>> No.48020042

So it's come to this.

Just two options left - to walk like an Egyptian, or fly on wings of fire?

>> No.48020058

Yes, he's Satan.

>> No.48020061

Less than you would think, Middle Earth is a pretty low powered setting all things considered. Sauron was his second in command and he wasn't anything a jumper would find threatening.

>> No.48020066

Hey, /jc/? How would I go about summoning up the embodiment of my own horrible sugar addiction in the form of a rampaging monster?

>> No.48020068

Why would you do that?

>> No.48020072

I thought he was further down the rung.

>> No.48020080 [SPOILER] 

How about you

>> No.48020082

>All Anon's besides you are hive mind

>> No.48020089

Because Poptartzilla would be hilarious?

>> No.48020099


You can become a Greeed in Kamen Rider Neo-Heisei Part 1. I think there was one in canon which made Yummies (monsters whose sole purpose is fulfilling people's DESIRE) from his own wishes, so you can probably manifest your greed for sugar that way.

>> No.48020105

Quit trying to weasel your way out of your fuck-up.

>> No.48020110

Was he? It has been a while so I might be remembering wrong but I though he was either the second in command or at least some form of high ranking guy.

>> No.48020113

No, Sauron was his Right Hand.
Fun Fact:One of Sauron's many names translates to "King Excellent"

>> No.48020116

Just ignore him everybody.

>> No.48020117

I vote fire.

We always need more fire.

>> No.48020120

You're not supposed to back link to multiple threads. You made your hugely autistic point last thread.

>> No.48020124

I love the Fruit Basket of Babylon. Anyone else ever notice that Kiwami's summons seem to be limited by how many copies of a weapon already exist? Like, he can only summon one Bananaspear or Melon Defender, but he can summon a pair of Durinoko or Sonic Arrows since there are more than one of those.

>> No.48020125

Ignore who?

I don't even know which side you're on because you didn't quote anyone.

>> No.48020132

>There were people buying it at 800, so technically I'm confirming that it is discounted in the first place. And as for what happens if you grab it as a human, think "Buddha".
You never actually said an origins section is discounted for that origin, so currently NOTHING is discounted.
But if it takes 1000s of years you are really overpricing the Perk by a lot. 300/600 is better. Don't try to be a special snowflake, OK?

Is a Hybrid BOTH a angel and demon and can take both for discounts (except for archetype which is forbidden)?

What kind of things are in the Heaven/Hell catalogs?

Havoc coins are gained by salary is nice if you already happen to be a Demon Lord/King of Hell I guess. Start at the top of the pay scale,,,

>> No.48020133

Your ban expired, huh?

>> No.48020152

I got a Cafe/Bakery in Breaking Bad. Still trying to think of a name for it.

>> No.48020155

Morgoth can only shape and shatter continents to his whim at the start. He slowly loses power as he puts more of himself into the world.

>> No.48020165

He's not the Super Special Shitposter.

In fact. None of you are.

Everyone is fucking average, run-of-the-mill, store-brand, generic shitposters.

>> No.48020168

Yeah I've gotta agree with this, the only way I'd see spending 1000 cp on Angel/Demon and then Archetype would be to drastically reduce the time it takes to peak or put in some other effect besides just faster development. I mean, a lot of chains don't even reach 1000 years.

>> No.48020176

Your tactic of whining and trying to paint everyone as the problem to try and absolve you of your own actions is really idiotic and obvious.

>> No.48020192

It might sound silly translated, but it's better than "Sauron". That's usually translated as "abhorrent" or "abomination", but it literally means "smelly". The big bad of Lord of the Rings is the Dark Lord Smelly. Needless to say, Tar-Mairon does not like the name the other Maiar gave him after he defected to Morgoth's side.

>> No.48020195

Nope. For you see. I am also the shitposters.

When I said everyone I meant everyone.

>> No.48020212

Ever look in the mirror? You accusing everyone of being some Viper-esque shitposter to shut down any criticism is just as bad as him, maybe even worse.

>> No.48020218

The size increase from archetype seems to be pretty fucking amazing, though. I honestly think it's fine at 800, though I don't mind the discount being to 400 instead of 600.

>> No.48020225

I wish your bans were longer than a day.

>> No.48020228

Breaking Bread? The Upper Crust? Brown Rye?

>> No.48020232

Don't you only get that after millennia of training, though?

>> No.48020234

Should, should we call him "Lord Smelly" in LoTR?

>> No.48020237

I think Breaking Bread is the obvious winner, there. Well done, anon.

>> No.48020242

Without the perk. With the perk makes it like a thousand or something from those posts I read.

It's not useful for everybody, but nothing is. For long term jumpers it seems pretty good, same as buying wyrmling in DnD to save on dragon price.

>> No.48020246

The way you keep trying to push this witchhunting attitude is pathetic, please stop.

>> No.48020248

That shitposting wasn't my fault, it was yours, and for the benefit of the rest of /jc/, I was allowing everyone to forget it ever happened.

But you know what? Fuck it.

This thread don't deserve the benefit of having your sins passed over.

You shitposted and shitposted all goddamn thread to because you couldn't have enough power. You couldn't stand the idea that a jump-maker would fucking nerf you to make his jump more balanced.

You got what you wanted, SMTanon never put it on the drive. You agreed with yourself all fucking thread to create the illusion of consensus, to create the appearance that there was some kind of validity to the outrage, that there even was an outrage to begin with, and not just you samefagging up a storm, but your opinions are all bollocks.

It's clear to me.

All you want is power.

And then you have the nerve to pretend it wasn't you all along. I was there. I was defending the decision to nerf tribrid from the beginning. And you threw a shitfit over it. And what, now you insist we all look at it? Your magnum opus sculpted in human feces? For what. I admit it. That thread happened. Your shitposting happened. You shitposted until we lost content.

Are you happy now?

>> No.48020259

You already are, technically. But translating it for the humans, dwarves, and hobbits in your audience would be pretty funny.

>> No.48020261

Not like he can stop you.

>> No.48020264 [SPOILER] 

Wait a minute, you've helped me realize something completely obvious.


>> No.48020281

Well, Ankh is the bird Greeed and he loves sweets, so there's precedent.

>> No.48020283

I was against the change and I'm not the guy you're replying to, though I'm definitely sure the shitposter was there playing both sides.

>> No.48020298

This poster is not actually me. I'm the guy who started this argument, and I still insist that that thread didn't happen.

>> No.48020299

A massive size/power increase after thousands of years is really not worth 800 cp. Especially if you can technically already do it. The perk just makes it so you'll *probably* reach it during a regular chain, assuming you take the jump earlier. Which is certainly not worth 800 cp. It might be better if it was a capstone booster for Demon/Angels, along with an immediate large boost to your abilities in addition to its current effects.

>> No.48020308

I was mostly referring to the "Egyptian" and "wings of fire" thing, I think the sweets Greeed is a different anon?

>> No.48020319

Anons, on the topic of LoTR.
Is there anything you decided to toss into Mount Doom? Just to get rid of it?

I tossed in the Denarians from Dresden Files

>> No.48020325

All I know is, I'm very confused about the whole thing.

>> No.48020326

Can it be fucking August already.

>> No.48020338

So, major problems with Archetype have been brought up, primarily around how it's either a Points Tax or worthless, so I've decided to make it Variable instead of raw power!

This is going to be difficult, since at its base it's going to be "Buy this and get one of 14 Thematic Perks" but I'm going to be working hard on it anyways.

Sorry for any inconvenience, I'm also removing the restriction on Hybrid's grabbing it and refluffing Hybrid so there's more of a point to getting it.

Sorry for any inconveniences this may have caused.

>> No.48020339

You're honestly worse than spacebattles.

>> No.48020342

and posting the wrong image, fuck it.

>> No.48020346


>> No.48020347

Oh. Yeah, sorry. Still, Ankh is a vaguely Egyptian-themed bird monster affiliated with fire, so it could still be relevant to your interests.

>> No.48020350

Why would you possibly defend a decision to nerf something, not because the jumpmaker thought it was OP, but because he wanted to 'punish' a single anon who annoyed him?

>> No.48020363

I threw Mount Doom into Mount Doom. It took some creative use of space-warping magic.

>> No.48020365


>> No.48020366

What, for wanting you assholes to get the almighty fuck over yourselves and realize your baby-back bullshit doesn't matter as much as you think it does?

>> No.48020370

Because it was a legitimately good decision. Everyone in the thread bought it, it was obviously overpowered and needed to be nerfed for the sake of balance.

>> No.48020380

It was actually both. He said that he had been thinking of changing it for a while, and spite only came into play in him doing it right then and there. Though that could have just been him covering for himself. I don't know, I'm not taking sides in this, I'm just being pedantic.

>> No.48020389 [SPOILER] 

Yeah, that is pretty relevant.

So where should I start? Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, go Fletchling with a Torchic partner? Or somewhere else?

>> No.48020393


>> No.48020395

Don't apologize, you're still an Ally of Justice.

>> No.48020404

It doesn't matter if he did it out of spite. It was a good decision nonetheless.

>> No.48020426

You could just, you know

Jump any civ jump and be easily over 1000 years old by the end

>> No.48020427

I think that's probably the easiest way to start this off. Though once you're a bit stronger I think you should go to Bloody Roar and take the Mythical Beast Change option with the Bennu Bird as your beast. You wouldn't have to be massively stronger, Bloody Roar isn't that bad, so maybe two or three jumps after this?

>> No.48020428

I don't think that would work. It only worked on the One Ring because that's where it was forged.

>> No.48020432

Welp, see you guys in 924. The asshole circlejerk has arrived.

>> No.48020434

That sounds extremely boring.

>> No.48020455

Well, you do other stuff during that time. Personally, I use long jumps to breed and uplift space whales in. Just a little hobby I like, you can't go wrong with a good space whale.

>> No.48020458

I thought it was supposed to be only one guy?

>> No.48020466

The thread is still young, anon.

Even now, there is hope for man.

>> No.48020467

You have no creativity and just want power to be handed to you on a silver platter. You can't even handle minor caveats like this one without complaining to high heaven about them before even thinking of putting in your own leg work to compensate.

>> No.48020470

You're asking him to add a lot of content to the jump, instead of tweak the price of one perk. That's obviously and clearly an unreasonable demand at that point, and not really what we were discussing.

>> No.48020473

But 1000 cp Tribrids were already as strong as at least one option of equivalent cp. Even worse, when he nerfed Tribrid's, he also buffed Dormant Power, unbalancing the jump further. The majority of the people who 'bought it' were even nice enough to clarify that they were happy that the changes didn't hurt their builds or happy that people in the thread were getting pissed. Fuck the people who bought it. The change itself was retarded.

>> No.48020475

Should I start posting Boggle again?

>> No.48020479

There was never any hope.

>> No.48020480

I want how it is now, though.

>> No.48020481


>> No.48020484

Owls are cute.

>> No.48020487

Yeah, I'm not going to dick around in a vanilla civilization setting for 1000 fucking years just to unlock a perk. If that makes me uncreative, then so be it.

>> No.48020489

I agree.

>> No.48020496

Don't you want to play a game Anon? I swear it'll be fun

>> No.48020503

You clearly didn't actually read my post. Everyone bought 1000 cp tribrids. This means that tribrids are overpowered, and needed to be nerfed so that fewer people would buy them.

>> No.48020510

At that point you might as well not buy the perk, because the power you can achieve being post-spark without it is explicitly without factoring in time extending jumps.

>> No.48020511

Just hang around and wait for him to say something hostile/stupid enough that the mods will ban him for it. It's what I do.

>> No.48020522

It's going to be more interesting this way though.

Besides, it's all apart of the cleaning up process.

>> No.48020530

>> No.48020542

'Interest' is a subjective value. Your solution is to charge the same price for a single choice from bunch of much weaker OC powers. I don't want those. I'd rather just get the perk as it is now, with the massive size increase and everything else.

>> No.48020546

we /circlejerk/ now?

>> No.48020554

So. When was the last time you know you Fucked Up? Like, big time. Something really bad, that you regret incredibly.

>> No.48020559

I like Boggle. Please post more and ignore our troll trying to make you feel bad.

>> No.48020562

No, we're Bogglechain, now.

>> No.48020563

Really? Everyone bought the perk? I could have sworn at least Red and ASA didn't. Did we ever have a count as to how many people picked what option? And builds being biased for jumps is not exactly uncommon. See every fucking jump with an engineer/science/magic tree ever.

>> No.48020571

66 Gaki no Tsukai Gauntlet
Nozomu Itoshiki, Mai Minakami,
Classic Gaki Formula +0, No Laughing Nostalgic Jumper! +0, I Was Not Expecting that. +50, Together, We Will Form Better Relations +50, It's Me, Jumpchan! +50, Leave The Screen Door Open +50, A Test of Courage +50, GOD DAMN +50, 24 Hour Means 24 Hour +100, Happy boy! +100, Demon Tag +100, Blacklist Session +100, Absolutely No Getting Scared +100, That Isn't Fair! +100,
Gaki no Tsukai Complete Collection -100, New Material -100, Comedian Spirit -100, Ladies and Gentlemen -100, Gaki no Tsukai Playbook -500,
The points where I was aloud to laugh were very cathartic, but I managed to present a stoic face for the rest. Though, honestly at times I came exceedingly close to cracking.
1 Dragon Warrior Monsters
2 Star Trek
3 Tales of Symphonia
4 Supreme Commander
5 Raildex Magic
6 Axe Cop
7 Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt
8 Girl Genius

>> No.48020573

Once upon a time, there was a relatively young Jumper who decided to activate kaiju mode while fighting Shikoutazer.

It went about as poorly as you'd expect.

>> No.48020575

Looking forward to it!

>> No.48020585

Rolled 3 (1d8)

forgot to roll

>> No.48020588

I did for this chain, because I was going full-vampire for everything, but previous chain I'd gone full blown witch. If I end up having to redo that jump, I'll give vampire a pass in order to witch it up, I suppose. I probably should.

>> No.48020591

You can tell the sheltered normalfag who made this shit has never felt any real suffering in their life. They probably think that they're actually making a difference producing generic cutesy crap like this.

>> No.48020592

Given that people have been complaining that the perk charges too much for too little, and he's explicitly responding to those comments, I seriously doubt he's going to take away much from it at all. It sounds more like he's going to buff it.

>> No.48020593

Tales of Symphonia
Need a new 3

>> No.48020596

I'm still trying to figure out how Ichigo turned out to be part Kryptonian.

>> No.48020601


>> No.48020607

because he is part whatever is relevant at the time?

>> No.48020609

It really doesn't sound that way. It seems to be making up OC powers.

>> No.48020617

Well, it's more interesting to me and it doesn't toss you into the stratosphere of power for zero effort. More Flavor, less "Your Power Level Increases to 9001".

Charity for example will let you give away items for a jump and get them back at the start of the next one.

>> No.48020619

Wait, there's a vampire option in SMT?

I keep missing it like a dunce, then.

>> No.48020625

Vampires are a type of demon you can choose to be, yeah.

>> No.48020630

Skies of Arcadia.

>> No.48020642


>> No.48020644

Is there any way to enhance your bodymod body outside of cp?

Is the cost of being mildly superhuman in strength and blatantly superhuman in sensory functions being so pathetic that you can't run a mile without breathing heavily, needing always to train back up to that point?

>> No.48020646

That doesn't sound interesting. It sounds like a power that does what you can innately already do.

Also weren't the complaints you were getting about how it was too much for too little? Giving people even less doesn't sound like a fix.

>> No.48020660

>Charity for example will let you give away items for a jump and get them back at the start of the next one.
But that's not even a power. That's called giving.

>> No.48020667

The number of builds for that jump that were tribrids were too many. You say builds biased in one direction or another happen all the time, but the circumstances are different. They're incomparable. Tribrid isn't a perk or perkline that people take because that's what they're chain is, it's an entire build basically in itself, and everyone went in that direction. There was basically no variation. It needed to be fixed. But you shit on us for that.

>> No.48020680

So how does the Power Copying ability in Heroes work? Say you grabbed someone who has super strength, super speed, and flight. Would you only be able to copy one of those?

>> No.48020687

Suppose that's fair. Currently I'm just working on it to get each of them as "Capstone Worthy, if narrowly useful".

>> No.48020688

Not everyone houserules that they have that ability by default, just like toggle or power combinations.

>> No.48020689

What is the point in arguing for something that's no longer happening?

>> No.48020690

>Charity for example will let you give away items for a jump and get them back at the start of the next one.
... I'm sorry. Wut. That's literally how it works normally.

>> No.48020694

You have to house rule the ability to hand a sword to someone?

>> No.48020704

I think they meant it as "They can ask for it back before the jump ends". Which is fair, it's rather easy to do that.

>> No.48020706

Is it possible to train your companions up to master Class from Histories Strongest Disciple?

>> No.48020708

Teeechnically there's no actual rule saying that's how it works. There's the CP Warranty in the old pastebin for if something is broken or stolen that you bought with CP, but I don't think that covers willing giveaways.

>> No.48020714

Capstones are 600 points, not 800.

You are also ignoring how the complaints you got were that it wasn't good enough, but you're going in the opposite direction to intentionally make them bad. I don't get your logic.

>> No.48020717

I don't see why it wouldn't be, if they put in the time and effort.

>> No.48020720

It was in Bloodbone fittingly enough. I took the drawback where the Old Ones pay special attention to you and one of them tried to adopt me. I didn't want to be a squid kid so I get this bright idea to brand myself with a Correspondence rune and magic myself into being a human.

Instant pain. My beast side starts to violently reject me. All of my alt forms where lock off. The Old One was got fucking pissed and had it out for me for the next 3 years. The moral is "Correspondence, not even once."

>> No.48020724

I wasn't aware that disagreeing with someone is the same as shitting on them. And regardless of how many people picked Tribrids, the jumpmaker explicitly stated that they were balanced with other options in the jump. Jumpmaker>Number of Builds.
That means the nerf/buff unbalanced the jump. The fact that the jumpmaker admitted to being motivated by spite instead of balance and never actually clarified what was wrong with the 1000 cp tribrids only made it worse.

>> No.48020737

It's 800 because of how variable it is. I mean, really, paying an extra 100 to 200 CP for a choice of upwards of 14 Capstone Perks is a Bargain.

>> No.48020761

That doesn't make sense. I can see paying more if they got you MULTIPLE powers, but paying more in this case is irrelevant because you're only getting one regardless. The number of choices shouldn't factor into price because you're not getting more than one, the price should reflect the value of the individual choices, not have a tax for being a choice.

>Still ignoring the innate problem with your idea vis a vis power/cost.

>> No.48020766

Kneesocks is Waifu Material

>> No.48020781

Captones are 600 cp. Capstones but x are probably worth less. Instead of outright rewriting the perk, just buff it. There'll be (slightly) less salt that way, both from the people advocating for it to be changed and the people who want it to stay.

>> No.48020783

There were too many of them, which meant it was clearly unbalanced in their favor. Even after clarifying that it was balanced, that didn't fix the problem of everyone going tribrid, so it had to be nerfed so that the jump could be made balanced. It's really not that hard to see.

>> No.48020789


>> No.48020799

Justice you have great taste but she is already taken sadly.

>> No.48020812

Oh really? By who?

>> No.48020816

So balance isn't based off of powers/abilities being equally useful for the same cost, but by which options are more powerful?

>> No.48020828

*options are more popular.

>> No.48020837

Rolled 5 (1d8)

67 Tales of Symphonia
Age 20
Dwarf -50
Sense Mana -100, Perfect is the enemy of Good Enough, That Undefinable Thing -150, Throne of the Soul -300, Lifeless Being -600,
Iconic Outfit, Questionably Practical Weapon,
House of Damnation +100, Wide Eyed Fool +100,
Set the age of my Tome Dragon Form to 1300 years old. Proceed to wander doing quests and having adventures.
1 Dragon Warrior Monsters
2 Star Trek
3 Skies of Arcadia
4 Supreme Commander
5 Raildex Magic
6 Axe Cop
7 Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt
8 Girl Genius

>> No.48020839

As it was before it was either A. Useless because you could get it without it. Or B. Too overpowered since it put you so far on the right of the bell curve that you're in the area where it's effectively a flat line with the occasional bumps known as "God Like Beings".

Kneesocks is Best Demon.

Alas, by her own Sister.

>> No.48020842

Her sister, they is into incest anon.

>> No.48020844

Who do you think?

>> No.48020845

Index here I come, I need a new 5.

>> No.48020846

The guy the power is based on is Peter Petrelli, who got this power from a serum of some kind after his father stole his original more OP ability.

When given the chance to copy another power-copier, he displayed some of that original power-copier's stolen abilities.
And when Peter's father stole -his- original power, he displayed the ability to manifest all of his son's borrowed powers.

So… maybe? Most likely probably. It's only shown to work on powered humans, however, so YMMV.

That said, not sure if the jump is actually kosher. I think there was some hubbub over who the jumpmaker was?

>> No.48020847

What I'm hearing is "Wild Card was right in trying to nerf Chrono Trigger's Genius origin."

>> No.48020854

Then just take both, jeez. What a non-issue.

>> No.48020856

Wait seriously?
Nevermind then

>> No.48020865

No, the option being popular is merely a symptom of it being more powerful than it should be even if it's supposedly equally powerful.

>> No.48020867

Been to Magicka yet?

>> No.48020874


>> No.48020881

They come as a pair when bought as companions.

>> No.48020882

Kamen Rider, Neo Heisei

>> No.48020884

Just take them both you fucking slut

>> No.48020885


>> No.48020888

I don't remember anyone calling it overpowered, though.

>> No.48020890

There's literally nothing wrong with incest.

>> No.48020897


>> No.48020900

Does anyone have the pdf for Panty and Stocking? It's not in the new uploads folder and I forgot to save it last time.

>> No.48020905

Contrary to popular belief
Incest is not in-fact Wincest

>> No.48020906

They come as a package deal anyway, why does it matter if they're on each other? Sharing is Caring after all.

>> No.48020911

Being a slut is Digger's thing. Justiceanon is a gentleman who makes sure he's married before intercourse.

>> No.48020914

Anon, the noble families of pre-1914 Europe would like a word with you.

>> No.48020921

True love conquers ALL barriers, Justice.

>> No.48020926


>> No.48020929

Yes it is

>> No.48020937

Tell that to Cersei.

>> No.48020939

tell that to the increasingly stupid purebloods of harry potter.

>> No.48020940

love transcends all

>> No.48020944

Seconded as someone with siblings.
There are some barriers that should be left unconquered.

>> No.48020947


>> No.48020949

What is wrong with your taste.
How can any man have taste this bad.

>> No.48020953

I ran one in GI Joe! I opened a little cafe and bakery in Paris, because we were getting kinda nostalgic for speaking French regularly since Wakfu was kinda one of our favourite places.

It was very nice, we had a couple months just making good little cakes and teas and fancy coffee with a changing daily menu for small meals. We bought out the floors above the shop as well so it was a nice apartment/workplace for all of us and more space than the haven bag allows for us all piled in it.

Then someone had to have a car chase involving mech suits charge right in front of my store and by the various gods I was not going to stand for that kind of interruption to my business. So I ended up grabbing Chardent and hopped on my motorcycle and gave chase, getting close enough to slash the tires of the van out.

Turned out they were trying to reduce the Eiffel Tower to nanite paste so good deed done. It also then got the Joes to take an interest in us which was incredibly annoying - you have no idea how bad it is for business when they start drilling an outpost into the catacombs below your cafe and then Cobra assaulting it every once and awhile. Had to replace the glass on a regular basis. Good thing the Joes bought a lot of coffee and cakes at least.

>> No.48020954


There's "I seriously love my sibling and want to be with them and nobody else." and "I am going to cheat on my husband with my brother because I'm a huge hateful slut."

>> No.48020956

Because I have siblings.

>> No.48020959

So you're saying that if people like something it needs to be nerfed? I don't really understand what your argument is other than that you don't like people liking something? There are other options you can take in the jump that would make you at least as strong as a tribrid so I think most people went with it because the descriptions for the 1000cp races were awesome rather than an issue of power

>> No.48020964

We're bad about uploads lately

>> No.48020972

Is she cute?

>> No.48020974

I'm surprised she has toes.

>> No.48020982

It's in the uploads folder now.

>> No.48020987

Me too, and I wouldn't sleep with mine, but that doesn't mean I don't find the idea of two people loving each other no matter what to be romantic and cute.

>> No.48020993

It's the design. The shoes make it look like she has hooves.

>> No.48021006

Incest is Not Wincest between you and your own siblings, but who doesn't love twins?

>> No.48021007

No one in the thread said it was overpowered. And even if someone did, there were certainly more people complaining that it was too weak, especially considering how much time it takes to achieve the power with the perk. It would probably work as it is now if there was an immediate benefit to it besides a faster growth rate.

>> No.48021009

None of them are cute no.
My brother is harrier than an orangutan, a drug addict, and a thief.
My sister on his side is an actual crack whore
And my other sister is a massive bitch, who I honestly loath some days.

Fair enough

>> No.48021018

obvious bait was apparently not obvious...

>> No.48021024

>He's on 4chan
>He seriously thought people wouldn't have this fetish here

>> No.48021025

Her fucking blush is adorable.

>> No.48021028

Anon, it's 4chan.
There are people who have incest as a fetish all over this website.

>> No.48021031

It's not bait though if it's the truth.

>> No.48021045

I don't know what you were expecting.

>> No.48021046

If you've seen some of the shit that Angels in PSG can do physically, such as doing a superhero landing on an incoming train's face moving faster than sound, you'd understand how scaling that up is a scary thought.

>TFW, don't have enough PSG related pics to use.

>> No.48021075

Hello, welcome to 4chan since you are new you might want to take a look around before you jump into a community that gives absolutely no fucks about common decency.

Common decency is for communists after all.

>> No.48021122

Says you! The only thing really wrong with incest is that children from it tend to not work out too well. Outside of that? No downsides outside of silly social conventions nobody really cares about anyways.

>> No.48021173

When did the dixies invade the thread?

>> No.48021188

Are they're any good perks for smoothing over financial/economic problems? As in "I'm a jumper so throwing around several million dollars isn't a problem, but now the IRS wants to have a word." or "I bought a small country but now the neighboring economies are imploding from the injection of cash."

>> No.48021193

Rolled 3 (1d8)

68 Raildex Magic
Drop In
Liberal Arts City
Evocation -50, Index -300, Ritualist -100, Sorcerer -100, Channelling -100,
Media Collection, Rune Card Packs -50, Symbolic Weapon(Sword)-50, Symbolic Weapon(Double Bladed Staff)-50, Symbolic Weapon(Whip)-50, Symbolic Weapon(Bow)-50, Symbolic Weapon(Hammer)-50, Symbolic Weapon(Deck of Cards)-50,
Shadowclones reading every book ever. Read my library, read the vatican library, read libraries I can't physically access. Read all the books.
1 Dragon Warrior Monsters
2 Star Trek
3 Skies of Arcadia
4 Supreme Commander
5 Magicka
6 Axe Cop
7 Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt
8 Girl Genius

>> No.48021194

The what now?

>> No.48021195

What are the best simple(ish) combo's that you have in your chain?

>> No.48021197

>The only thing really wrong with incest is that children from it tend to not work out too well
And that's only if you inbreed for consecutive generations, unless your parents and grandparents also married their siblings the risk of deformities or anything like that are practically nonexistent.

>> No.48021202

If you have enough gun, you stop needing cash.

>> No.48021203

Since 4chan was founded. It was only a matter of time.

Indeed, we should have acted sooner. But now? Now they are already here.

If only the Elder Scrolls had told of their return.

He means people from the southeastern United States of America. It's a common stereotype, mostly because it happens enough in the rural areas that the rest of them get lumped in with it.

>> No.48021210

Skies of Arcadia, 1984 queued, Kamen Rider Neo Heisei Part 1 queue queued

>> No.48021211

Which is why I thought it was obvious bait: Divisive Topic + Somebody's Fetish...

>> No.48021217

LoSS Dragon Form + Narnian Time + Shapeshifter perk from Gunnerkrigg court
now I'm as tall as 10 mountain ranges

>> No.48021237

I grew up in the rural South and nobody here married a relative.

>> No.48021239

I'm offended that you think all Southerners have an incest fetish.
It's not all banjos and moonshine down here, anon.
Most of us have standards.

>> No.48021244

Doesn't seem that divisive to me.
imo it's pretty much common knowledge that incest is fine.

>> No.48021257

Ghost from Deus Ex Human Revolution prevents bureaucracies from flagging your actions.

Diplomatic Immunity from West Wing encourages scandals and mishaps to avoid you, so long as you're not looking for trouble.

>> No.48021264

Yeah, don't forget fiddles.

>> No.48021267

Not really decisive, some people just have shittaste.

>> No.48021274

Enlightened Self-Interest, from Worm. Makes it so that everything you do that isn't intentionally harmful to society instead benefits society. It's awesome.

>> No.48021279

Hence the "the rest of them get lumped in with it" part.

It's legitimately unfortunate that it'd be assumed of you by a number of people automatically, but that's how stereotypes form.

>> No.48021285

Kindred of Keynes from Spice and Wolf.

>> No.48021309

The Ahnenerbe Cafe, from Carnival Phantasm. I own the deed.
It's a nice place to hang out.
Very calming, actually.

Probably, by most jumper standards. Panty & Stocking are more my style, though. I'm almost proud to call them sisters.
They don't really need any upkeep, so I can do my own thing, and they usually don't wreck the setting, but they're still loud enough so it's not boring. Plus they make token gestures to keep the peace, if it's bothering them too much.
They don't even really care if they miss a few jumps from turnover, although they give me plenty of shit about it just the same.
Actually they tend to give me a lot of shit anyway.
And Stocking is always stealing my food stores.
And Panty's a freaking trainwreck who leaves wreckage trails behind her. What a slob.
Plus GB's always going on about something. And Chuck keeps attaching himself to my leg.
Plus I can't get any work done when they're in the house, and it's even hard to sleep!
OH MY GOD, these are the worst sisters.
Why the fuck did I bring them along, anyway?!

>> No.48021321

>I'm almost proud to call them sisters
>OH MY GOD, these are the worst sisters.
>Why the fuck did I bring them along, anyway?!

Yeah, that's siblings

>> No.48021359

I hesitate to ask this because I really don't want to start another round of screeching "How do I kill Fiamma of the Right" but. . .

How strong do I realistically need to be in order to survive taking Imagine Breaker in Railgun? Yes I know the Keystone drawback is scary but even with it there is no real reason to fight any of the uber BS level monsters there right?

>> No.48021372

Fate - Relationship Flag
Dodgeball - She's not a Lesbian
Fire Emblem Awakening - Support

Charisma jumpers get fucked.

>> No.48021379

You'd be better off just fighting them without Imagine Breaker. Seriously. It makes you worse off to have it than not to have it.

>> No.48021386

All those free Soundtrack perks that let you decide who and how gets to hear them? Turn them on. Turn them ALL on.

>> No.48021415

Did you mean to respond to that post? Because none of those perks have anything to do with economics.

>> No.48021461

There was some talk about how weird the Celestial Bodies are in Nasuverse last thread and how people don't know how planets really form or what they're really made of, beyond Grain, so they can't be sure if they'd be able to make more of them or take advantage of their abilities themselves; I have the answer for you.

Planets are made of Grain and Mystery. No, I'm not joking. So, that means that all of the planets Mysteries are, while still derived directly from the Root, technically a part of the planet's Mystery, which is why they're in decline alongside the Gaia and why magecraft is in decline from all sides.

So, you need to be able to 'force' a real, new Mystery to happen. A lot of Mystery. Then you need Grain. A lot of Grain. Do as much, and you can basically do all the bullshit you see TYPEs and their respective planets accomplish.

>> No.48021465

Jump 75: Harry Potter
>Ten of Cups (Fulfillment and joy in life and love. Feeling peace, tranquility, and contentment in friends and family. Taking delight in one's good fortune.)
>Age: 11
>Location: Hogwarts, Gryffindor house
"Better be--!" "No." "No?" "No. Gryffindor, please. Slytherin would go badly." "I was about to say 'Hufflepuff', actually." "Surprising. And you lie poorly. No, I'll not be in such a holier-than-thou house. Someone needs to have the cajones to stand up for what is right, no matter who disagrees." "...Very well. Good luck in Gryffindor! You'll need it."
>Identity: Half-Blood (-100), Middle-Class
>Drawbacks: Prophecy (+100), Oblivious (+200), Prisoner of Azkaban (+300)
Harry who? Oh, I think I read about him in the Prophet...
>Brave at Heart (Free, Gryffindor)
As I said, someone needs to have the stones to do what must be done.
>Occlumency (Free, Half-Blood)
Why yes, I DO think that protecting my mind is important. And if memory serves, there are apocryphal statements that it lets you sort your thoughts easier as well.
>Legilimency (1300)
"Whom did you expect to see looking back, Professor, when you decided to gaze into my mind? Shall we forget that this happened and go our separate ways?"
>Natural Potioneer (1000)
The thing about potions... it's not about ingredients from a scientific perspective. It's mystical. It depends on what the ingredients ARE, what their purpose is. It depends on numerology, on astrology, on mythology. It all makes sense in the appropriate context.
>Potion Reagents (850)
Fortunately, I don't have to go hunting for any but the rarest ingredients, as long as I don't go crazy on making them.
>Wand of Elder (600, Half-Blood)
And this gets incorporated into the gauntlet. Of course, for most of my stay, I expect it to
>Horcrux (0)
Into the Ring of Elru YOU go, little soul-shard. Don't worry, I still have my nose. The beauty of taking Soul Source ... I can regrow that bit of soul.

>> No.48021475

Forgot the complimentary mail owl. This is actually being assigned to my raven familiar, who will be the outcast of the mail room and annoy the owls in turn by screeching "NEVERMORE!" at them when they get mouthy.

I feel kind of bad writing a pair of adults into the story who aren't well off, but such are the realities of life. Fortunately we aren't as badly off as I initially expected, but my father is a squib, and my mother a witch. A potioneer and part-time mediwitch, in fact, and so it is little surprise I inherited talents from her. My father ... well. A squib, disowned by a darker family, who took my mother's name when they married. She was herself a half-blood - between the two of them, the family did well. She supported the family in the magical world, while he worked in the mundane... and did you know that there is a much greater variety of foods that one can obtain there? Purebloods wouldn't know what to do if they tasted the vaunted eleven herbs and spices of the Colonel.

And yes, I'm going to find the chance to deliver that line to Arthur Weasley with a straight face.

Regardless, the letter was no surprise. McGonagall turned her nose up a bit at my father, again no surprise given his family history, as old prejudices die hard. At least, I would like to think it was because of his family rather than his inability to wave a wand. After she left... that's when I woke up. Knew everything with the chain. My parents were amused, and then even my mother was frightened when I calmly stated that I had more magic in my finger than most wizards would attain in their lifetime. But still, it may have been hyperbole. I told them both who I was. That I was on a journey, but it would be a long time until I moved on - that I intended to leave the world a much better place than it was when I entered it. I warded our home to ensure it would remain safe, and then... Hogwarts.

>> No.48021492

Turns out that some kid in glasses with a huge trunk and a white owl ended up in the same compartment as me. I introduced himself, remarked that it was nice to hopefully get a friend so quick on the way to Hogwarts, compared birds (told him that mine was a familiar, it was complicated and I'd explain later) and hilariously the two birds started talking to each other and THEY bonded. So at least Hedwig made a friend too.

Of course, I had no idea what was going to happen or how much befriending that kid (and the redhead, and the bossy girl that came to the compartment and helping her find that toad) would change things. Poor Malfoy couldn't decide which of us he hated more, myself or Harry - the quarter-blood or the scarhead. Harry, Ron and I bonded over Malfoy's apparent idiocy. (And later, Harry and I over the fact that the hat was going to put us BOTH in Slytherin. We agreed that we'd both have been expelled in a week thanks to that idiot.)

So! First year. I tried to turn a blind eye to Voldemort, I really did, but... my nature is such that it's hard for me to do so. I chose to have mercy on him, though. He went after the unicorns. My method of moving doesn't involve apparition, so I could get out to the forest, wear a non-human face and a cloak to speak with him, save the unicorn and warn him that yes there is an afterlife, yes his mother loved him, and if he changed his ways he could meet her again one day. (This did not have the intended effect, but unicorn casualties: zero.)

I wanted to give him a chance to make amends, so I used magic to heal the two of them. I did not undo their binding, but I made sure they'd survive the year so that Riddle could find another host or choose to pass peacefully if he chose to fix his fractured soul. The problem with making Voldemort believe in the afterlife is that he already believed there was nothing worse than death. Implying that punishment awaits if he does not change... it was perhaps not the wise thing.

>> No.48021509


>> No.48021515

>Not just taking The Elder Wand before you leave.
I tricked Dumbles into a Contest, where I beat him, so I could take it.

>> No.48021538

Soul Source?

Ominous description is ominous.

>> No.48021541

The fuck does grain have to do with Nasu?

>> No.48021547

And so at the end of the year there was a reckoning. I had no part in it, I barely even spoke with Dumbledore during the denouement before we went home. Though I did ensure that Harry was safe and sound and woke up the next morning rather than days later. Also from what I hear there was something about a dragon but I barely saw it as I was busy running interference so Malfoy would keep his nose out of that silliness. On a related note: rock cakes are meant to be dipped in the tea, you idiots, of COURSE biting into them as they are will be hard, they're ROCK CAKES.

Which reminds me. There was a thing about Halloween, where Ron opened his mouth and said something stupid. I glared at him, asked him how he'd have felt if Malfoy said that about his sister, and then tracked down Hermoine. And went in to talk to her in the girl's room.

>Yes, Hermoine, I know this is the girl's room (that no one ever goes into). Yes, Hermoine, I know I'm not a girl. I'm willing to risk being taken to the headmaster's office by a prefect if it means you're not in here alone, because Ron is a stupid kid, but we're eleven and we're all stupid kids. He'll learn to not be stupid, in time, like the rest of us. Or at least how I hope the rest of us will learn. If you want to stay in here all night... I'll just have to stay in here with you and keep you company. But you know what? It's a beautiful day, just a little chilly, but I know a warming charm. If we're going to skip classes, and yes I did say we because I'm not leaving you alone, why don't we head outside?

I think sitting her down and just talking to her, giving her a chance to vent, did WONDERS for that poor kid. Of course we got waylaid by the troll on the way back in and chased back into the stupid bathroom, Harry and Ron played hero, and everyone left a bit wiser for the experience.

I visited her over the summer a few times. It was nice. Her parents are really dentists, but they're divorced. We talked about that too.

>> No.48021551

Early chain luck perks?

>> No.48021553

>You got what you wanted, SMTanon never put it on the drive. You agreed with yourself all fucking thread to create the illusion of consensus, to create the appearance that there was some kind of validity to the outrage, that there even was an outrage to begin with, and not just you samefagging up a storm, but your opinions are all bollocks.

Honestly it looked like SMTAnon was being kneejerk and over compensating.

One reason the 1,000 CP Tribrid looked so attractive is because the 1,000 CP races are overpriced by themselves. At least is seems like that to me,like a 600 CP -800 CP Perk in a 1,000 CP package. Taking three was the only way to make their racial cost reasonable.

And then SMTAnon both instituted a 1 top tier limit AND bumped the 1,000 CP races to 1,200 CP. Which had nothing to do with the trifusion because he had just forbidden it. That made the revision seem less about balance and more about getting even with whoever had pissed him off;

If it was ever about balance he could have made them 800 CP, and limited you to one.

>> No.48021558

Does one artist make all the picture of monsters coming out of books, computers, cell phones etc; and if so where can I find them?

>> No.48021568

Ok nevermind a friend of mine linked the Angel notes to me.

>> No.48021569

I found it in an Art thread, sorry bro.

>> No.48021595

>>Horcrux (0)
>Into the Ring of Elru YOU go, little soul-shard.

Ring cannot be taken from you as long as you live and is indestructible.
You cannot die unless your Horcruxes are destroyed.

Wait a minute...

>> No.48021610

It makes delicious bread and bread is Arthur's favorite food?

>> No.48021614

Soul Source from Dresden Files. Lets you cast magic by actively putting part of your soul into it. Also lets you regrow parts of your soul that are missing, both as a result of that and other causes, because that's just how things roll in the Dresdenverse.

I described one year! I took Oblivious, so I don't know what's going on or even that he has the thing. I just know that I've got my primary wand, and then I've got my backup which is ALSO my gauntlet and that has hilarious effect.

Ring can be taken if my body dies but ring cannot be destroyed.

Same effect if I got a horcrux and make it invincible via other means. It worked with Sword Art Online for one chain, I forget what I did last chain to do it as well.

So. Second year! Ended up joining the others shopping, no shock there. Now, the problem is, I have evil-radar. I can detect dark artifacts within a certain radius of myself. And if I were with them, I'd detect that diary, my head would snap around so fast it would give me whiplash, and abuse some sleight of hand to get it back out of the bucket. Heir of Slytherin, derailed. I'm not crazy enough to write in it, though. No, I'd shunt it into a safe box in the warehouse, then sit down with Dumbledore on the first day and have a very long talk.

>Sir, someone tried to slip this into Ginevra Weasley's books. I took it because... well... look, sir. I'm older than you'd think, at least in some ways. There is something very, very wrong with the diary of T. M. Riddle, and I don't need to open it to know- yes, Riddle, that was the name I said. ... Tom Marv-- oh for the love of god his name is an anagram isn't it. The Dark Lord is a schoolboy's tantrum. I wish I were immature enough to laugh at that rather than despair. ...There are more, aren't there? ... My ring? No, no, this was not his. Because it's mine, sir. No, I can't give it to you. Calm down, please, I mean I literally cannot. It is soulbound and cannot be removed.

>> No.48021621

>Ring can be taken if my body dies

Unlootable from FFTA

>> No.48021624

To be fair it would be just as easy to just leave a horcrux in your warehouse or become a lich and do the same with your phylactery.

>> No.48021626

>You'd be better off just fighting them without Imagine Breaker. Seriously. It makes you worse off to have it than not to have it.
Imagine Breaker is a trap perk as written.
You need something like "Toggle"from YJ to turn it off unless you are using it right that moment.

>> No.48021627

>Soul Source from Dresden Files. Lets you cast magic by actively putting part of your soul into it. Also lets you regrow parts of your soul that are missing, both as a result of that and other causes, because that's just how things roll in the Dresdenverse.
But will your Horcrux regrow into a full soul?

>> No.48021634

Bread is one of Mankind's Best Friends. Right next to Fire and The Dog.
It has been with us for so long, and helped us build Civilizations on it.

Fair enough.

>Making dumbles freak the fuck out
I approve

>> No.48021635

Imagine Breaker turns off Toggle, so fuck you.

>> No.48021646

... oh god your soul is now a starfish, this is great.

>> No.48021647

Yes it is obvious that just having IB will thoroughly fuck a lot of builds unless you have a way to turn it off but that does not appear to answer the initial question.

>> No.48021654

Imagine breaker doesn't affect your own powers.

>> No.48021657

How do y'all reconcile your various healing/regen perks?

I've got some that imply they require food/fuel, and some that just generate mass from seemingly nowhere.

So should I try calculating how fast I heal with food/fuel and without it for a variable regen?
Or should I just assume because I have a regen perk that doesn't require biomass, that all my healing perks are now stacked on top of it and also don't need food?

Wat do, /jc/?

>> No.48021664

Ones that require material stack onto the ones that don't, when they're being given the needed material.

>> No.48021667

If I'm not in the body, it can't be looted anyway.

Phylacteries are stupidly large, but yes, mine is in the warehouse.

Don't think so - it's not in my body anymore, so it's not attached to anything that can regrow it.

I gave him my word that I would be looking out for the well-being of the school, its students and staff, and... well. I had to tell him about my ability to utilize clairvoyance, though I was deliberately vague; I told him that was how I knew that Hermoine and I would be all right, and told him word for word what he said when he vacated the hall. We spoke several times later throughout the year.

Lockhart was a joke, but dueling club was awesome. I got to fight Malfoy, I promised him I wouldn't use anything above first-week spells and still defeat him. He sent a snake at me. But I am a friend to all creatures, large and small! And I have the perks to prove it. I just looked at the snake (with a touch of clairvoyance to ensure it wouldn't flip out), reached down, and pet it. It coiled around my shin. Malfoy got laughed at, and while he was busy being embarassed, I spoke.

>Checkmate in three, Mr. Malfoy.

I reached into my robes, pulled out a box of matches, emptied them onto the floor. Wingardium Leviosa'd them all up. Transfigured them into matches.

>Did you know that there is a banishing spell in the first-year charms book? Couldn't help but read ahead. Do you yield?

I lost SO MANY POINTS and Draco hated me for life after that. Oh my god it was so worth it.

>> No.48021668

As a regen-heavy build? I just wing it, I don't do all of the math, but I figure roughly how good my Regen is, and then I decide I eat a big-meal after combat.

>> No.48021679

Base Healing is the ones that don't require food and the ones that do require food stack on top of it.

That's my totally arbitrary opinion.

>> No.48021690

>Soul Source from Dresden Files. Lets you cast magic by actively putting part of your soul into it. Also lets you regrow parts of your soul that are missing, both as a result of that and other causes, because that's just how things roll in the Dresdenverse.
Soul Fire regeneration seemed slow in the novels though. Type Blue Angel "Your mind/body/soul are interchangeable and SAN/HP/MP healing spill over into other boxes when full, also everything regenerates" PERKs are there I do to no sell Mind/Soul shenanigans.

>> No.48021716

Er, I don't think the Ring Of Elru counts as a mundane object.

>> No.48021751

The notes has a section about importing items and Horcrux is not among the things you can import an item as. (Sadly)

>> No.48021759

Neither was that one object that the Ravenclaw chick made that Voldy turned into a Horcrux.

>> No.48021773

So Jumpers if there ever is a Purge jump who else is attacking Governmental Building to show how stupid of a idea the purge is?

>> No.48021781

I have a rocket launcher that will be perfect for that, now I just need an unlimited ammo perk. . .

>> No.48021785

I have a friend from Futurama that would love that.

>> No.48021789

Nothing so petty as that.

The simplest answer is to install a better place. One the Purge cannot touch. And when the dust has settled, that night of nightmares will die, along with the benighted society that spawned it.

>> No.48021790

That 'ravenclaw chick' wasn't picking options from a jump either.

>> No.48021799

>transfigured matches into matches

>> No.48021811

I think he meant needles, that's a first year trick.

>> No.48021818

I think most of us would do it, but it really wouldn't prove anything.
Government officials above a certain level or off-limits for the Purge. Murdering or raping them is still illegal.

You'd be better off just killing any Purgers personally, to discourage future Purgers.

>> No.48021819

So, Harry never found out he was a parseltongue, which is just as well because other than during that book it LITERALLY NEVER MATTERED.

Also, found out at the end of the year that there was a breakout from Azkaban. My uncle, amusingly. He wasn't a Death Eater or anything... just an asshole who got caught in '81 causing a ruckus and caught up in the trials. Normally he'd have gotten a decade for profiting off the back of the war, looting in the wake of a Death Eater attack, but with what happened later, they made an example out of him. Life sentence.

So yeah, after the school year ended I visited Harry and that went over ... well, it didn't go over very well at all, actually. A household like that is not one that you want to use postcognition in. I feigned friendliness to get in the door because it would be rude to leave a guest standing outside in view of the neighbors, and then had a talk with Vernon and Petunia. No threats, nothing like that. Just...

>Look. You can't just force someone to be something they aren't. You don't like wizards? Fine. But Hitler was trying to get zombies, so good British wizards helped fight him. You don't like homosexuals? Fine. But Alan Turing cracked Enigma and helped win the war. You don't like foreigners? Fine. Live for a month without anything created or manufactured by a foreigner. Including your car. Can I interest you in a Reliant Robin? No, I thought not.

>All I'm saying is, live and let live. He's a part of your life for two or three months a year, and there are only so many years to go. Just... treat him with the bare respect you'd treat any human being with! Just be a normal, decent person! And treat him like any decent person would treat someone else!

>I'm not going to threaten you or any of that. You're decent people, then? Fine. Prove it. Not to me. To yourselves. Be the people you say you are, and you'll find the world rewards you for it. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go talk to my friend.

>> No.48021820

Is it a mini nuke launcher?

>> No.48021834

No, those things are as unwieldy as all hell.

>> No.48021840

>Government officials above a certain level or off-limits for the Purge. Murdering or raping them is still illegal.
Of course this is some sort of government plot.

>> No.48021847

I'm thinking that I could instead use the purge to show off and sell my Enforcer Drones to other countries.

>> No.48021858



>> No.48021859

>Of course this is some sort of government plot.
Well, duh.
Some Purgers even pray to 'The New Founding Fathers' before murdering someone.
The New Founding Fathers were the ones who instituted the Purge in the first place.

It's really a system designed to kill off the poor and homeless.

>> No.48021865

I think I'd just declare "MARS NEEDS WOMEN!" and abduct every female in the country. That nice senator chick that's against the purge will get a luxury suite.

>> No.48021877

Now you have me thinking of building Liberty Prime bots for the next purge if the ED sale's pitch was a success.

>> No.48021879

>Light-Light Fruit
>Boots of Blinding Speed
>Various speed buffs
>Eliatrope Portals

>Open portal on either side of target
>Slip boots on
>Run through portal at ten times the speed of light.
>Punch target as you run by

Dumb power combos and super moves from power combos?

>> No.48021899

>You'd be better off just killing any Purgers personally, to discourage future Purgers.
You'd be better off Purging the government.

>> No.48021906

But what about all the middle class? They wouldn't be government officials exempt from a purge, and yet they're also not the poor and homeless the purge is meant to extinguish, and having them get killed off is a liability. What about them?

>> No.48021908

Or purge the entirety of humanity to show them their foolishness.

>> No.48021911

Wouldn't that cause the planet to explode?

>> No.48021913

The dead learn nothing, anon.

>> No.48021917

What if you purged the date? Like somehow removed that date from the Calendar and anyone's memory. June 25th just jumps to the 27th and no one knows why.

>> No.48021920

Purge, wot?

>> No.48021923

Explosions, profits. Potayto, potahto.

>> No.48021924

A purge jump would be wonderful.

>> No.48021933

Why would he lose points for that? He didn't launch them, while Draco conjured a poisonous snake and ordered it to attack...

>> No.48021938

We can save the one who came up with the idea for last.

>> No.48021948

Because Severus is an asshole.

>> No.48021966

... okay, that's true.

>> No.48021978

Damnation. Yes. Matchsticks to needles, that is what I meant.

Because Snape. I was instructed to shield and disarm only, so I lost points for every single spell that was not one of those two, and then a poins for every outside element introduced. A point for each matchstick.

Anyway. So yeah, Harry and I went out and split a pizza for lunch, when we came back Vernon was in the middle of removing the locks from his door.

I did not expect that. It was a nice thing.

Mention was made of Vernon's sister visiting in a few days; I saw what he was doing and mentioned that Harry could always visit with me for a few days if he chose. This meant that my father picked us both up in a bog-standard car, and aside from briefly seeing a large black dog watching us on the side of the road.

Harry returned after Marge left, and the Dursleys were... oddly tolerant. They treated him as though he were simply just there, and other than cooking and (decreased) chores, they treated him remarkably humanely.

Of course once school started there was the mess of a second breakout from Azkaban, of Sirius Black. That was a giant mess - with two escaped convicts, presumably after two students (considered an aborted attack on my home), even the most soft-hearted couldn't say no to dementors at Hogwarts.

Upon the train ride to Hogwarts, well. The dementors entered. Lupin used the patronus, and they backed away and left. I found myself perplexed by their existence. Holes in the world, they felt like. With that thought, I knew it was going to be a long bloody year.

>> No.48021979

And then what? Leave an empty world?

Never mind how it's only proven to happen in the US in that setting.

>> No.48021993

Okay, if we're talking really fucking retarded power combos, I've always had this idea of stacking magnetic, metal/earth bending, telekinesis and force powers, to attempt to adjust the Earth's orbit.

>> No.48022022

Are there any planet destruction level threats in Kim Possible?

>> No.48022026

Just you. Have fun. Be the BBEG

>> No.48022042

Now, the year was a hell of a lot more hectic. Sirius Black? He's an animagus, though none of us knew it. The uncle, on the other hand, didn't have any such talent. He was just a smirking sneak-thief. But for whatever reason, he was bound and determined to kill me. He and Sirius crossed paths a couple of times, and actually met each other in the flesh once. I'm not sure what was said, but whatever it was, it got my uncle to back off while the rest of the school lost its damn mind. When things came to a head at the end of the year, when Sirius dragged Ron off... my uncle was close enough to see it happen. To see me and the other kids chasing after Sirius through the tree, and how to get past. And he had a stolen wand.

When the Pettigrew situation was coming to a head... it wasn't Snape that entered, it was my uncle. Snape was chasing behind, and by the time that happened... well. Sirius had Ron's wand. Harry had Sirius at wandpoint. Hermoine had my uncle at wandpoint. My uncle had his wand to my head. Snape charged in, everyone pointed at him, before returning their aim to whoever was the most convenient; Lupin kept altering his aim between my uncle and Pettigrew, Snape kept his aim on Sirius, and my uncle started shouting demands, ranting about free passage away. The situation was a disaster and we were all likely to die.

So I used my abilities to find a safe path for everyone to leave - stomped down on my uncle's foot as hard as I could. And I do mean as hard as I could. He shrieked and I heard bones snap. And then he did it, the absolute madman. He pointed his wand upward and shouted a blasting curse. The structure of the Shrieking Shack lived up to its name, but it was strong enough to withstand it, mostly. Pettigrew reverted to his animagus form, skittered away. Sirius shifted form and chased him. Lupin was struck by falling debris.

>> No.48022052

I mean, there were those aliens. And the flowers draken made toward the end were REALLY fuckin' OP. A daisy destroys steel machinery like it's nothing.

>> No.48022109

No firefighters you say, free to unleash my inner pyro? Time get out my flamethrower and firebombs and start burning down cities. Like to see these idiots get reelected once every major city in America is extra crispy.

If you're on the street and start hearing the song "Disco Inferno" playing, run.

>(Burn baby burn) burn that mother down

>> No.48022114

Snape... ended up actually doing the right thing. He dragged Lupin to the doorway before remembering that he had not have taken his wolfsbane, and so stunned him for good measure before getting the other students out of there and hustling them down the tunnel, shouting for them to leave Lupin, he'd get him to safety. Surprisingly, they did, but I think it was because they were fixated on Pettigrew and Sirius.

My uncle, by that point, had cursed me with some yellowish thing, which didn't do much more than cause intense nausea and vertigo. Snape kept him at wandpoint. I vomited, before being hauled back to my feet by the man who tried to shuffle us out the door; Snape cast a spell to seal the entrance and my uncle looked increasingly desperate, wand hand trembling.

I smiled sadly at him. I knew it wouldn't end well.

>You know, I was hoping that I'd be able to get my potions NEWT. I've not seen Wiggenweld potion brewed before. It's important to do the needful.

Snape regarded my uncle and himself, while my uncle was staring at me in disbelief for casually discussion potions, before Snape nodded. He understood my point - for you see, that potion is both the cure to the draught of living death, and is a very specific shade of green. One that very few spells match, but once you've seen it, you won't ever forget it.

He spoke two words as I stomped on my uncle's other foot and twisted to the side. The curse missed me by millimeters. It did not miss my uncle, who promptly dropped like a stone. My foot impacted the side of his head once it had hit the ground, before I nodded to Snape.

>Thank you. Banishing that rubble into him was quick thinking on your part, professor.

He nodded to me. I could have sworn he was actually smiling.

In the aftermath, he received an Order of Merlin, First Class.

>> No.48022148

So what does your stand do jumper?

>> No.48022175

I think killing a criminal who truly deserved it helped settle Snape down. After the dust cleared, things were a lot less hectic. And it would have been a shame for him to lose a student whose potions were, as he said, almost passable.

The Triwizard tournament came. Harry's name came out, of course; while he was banging his head on the table, I commented, "Hey, at least now we know who's trying to kill you this year." He grumbled something about how this was supposed to be his year off. Ron was a bit more mature than he might've been otherwise, and the four of us - Harry, Ron, Hermoine and myself - basically decided to double down on our studies. Ron was not a fan, but I had told them about the diary and whose it was, and they realized that this would just keep happening and happening.

Things essentially went as they otherwise might have. Up to and including the resurrection of Voldemort. The Moody impostor dragged Harry away by the arm, and I made a point of getting Ron and Hermoine to back me up while we followed. We made our way to where Moody was demanding to know what was what with Voldemort's return. He was cut off midsentence by a trio of simultaneously-cast spells - disarming, leg-locker and binding. The best part is, two of them actually hit him - we'd caught Crouch as close to flat-footed as we could.

Of course Fudge had Crouch kissed anyway, but those are the breaks. I resolved to hold him responsible for that later.

>> No.48022226

Except most people support the Purge at the point of the first movie. You'd have to set up a totalitarian state and wait for the Purge mindset to wear off over decades.

Anti-Purge folks are very much a minority. Some-fuckin'-how. I guess it just speaks to the magnitude of whatever calamity caused the rise of The New Founding Fathers.

Alternately you could just brainwash everyone or mindwipe the planet or something, but then you'd have to deal with backlash of the records of countless thousands of people who mysteriously died in incredibly violent ways, all on the same day, that no one can seem to recall happening.

You could delete the memories and records of the victims too, I guess, but then you'd have to fill pretty massive holes in the memories of everyone on the planet…

I never claimed the movies made sense, anon.
But it's strongly insinuated that the Purge was primarily made to remove the poor/homeless.
I guess the middle class just get caught in the crossfire?

>> No.48022235

He can't be trusted.

His [words], they are [lies].

>> No.48022236

The next year... ohhhh, the next year. Well, it is fortunate that I have the ability to teach things I know to others - Ron benefitted from occlumency far more than I expected, and not wearing his heart on his sleeve as much helped him mature. Hermoine mastered it disturbingly quickly. Harry... well. Harry got his initial lessons from Snape, who had calmed down about his dislike of him. Somewhat. Snape got him started, and I gave Harry advice as well but didn't directly train him.

Turns out that occlumency is utterly useless when one has a direct connection from soul to soul, but hey, at least Harry's grades went up.

The first time Harry came in after writing lines and was as defensive as he was, I grabbed him to try and get a better explanation out of him... and then the postcognition kicked in, and he saw the look on my face and knew that I knew. That. Utter. BITCH.

I sent my familiar to Dumbledore advising him that in the interests of plausible deniability he would be well-advised to sleep early. And then I went to Snape and pulled in the favor from him that he (arguably) owed me for what went down in the shack. And then we visited Umbridge. I asked that he remain as an impartial observer and bring veritaserum, but that he was never there. And then I knocked on her door with my gauntlet, because I was NOT fucking around anymore.

Postcognition upon her showed me more than I cared to know. I wrote out a list and questions for Snape to ask her. She admitted to it all under truth serum and kept babbling justifications when the serum started wearing off. I went to work on her with magic from outside that universe, to compel her not to abuse her power, and she was obliviated of the whole experience.

The rest of the year was... dreary, but tolerable.

>> No.48022301

Unlike most posters here, I'm actually completely fine with mass murder as a problem solving tool.

Most of these people are guilty of murder anyway, and I'm very much a proponent of the death penalty.

All in all I think it'll be pretty clear what my solution to the purge proponents would be.

>> No.48022307

There were no further detentions. The DA was never raided, because there was never an inquisitorial squad - hell, we still had a dueling club, and even we had a few Slytherins sign up for the DA to brush up on their skills. Before the year ended, Umbridge had left Hogwarts with instructions to the students to simply read the chapter, and the sense that there was something missing. No plots by Dumbledore to overthrow the Ministry that she could report. Only rumors around the school - rumors that Voldemort returned, rumors that Grindelwald was Fudge's secret lover, rumors that heliopaths were the ministry's secret weapon against the next dark lord.

And then the attack on the Ministry. Harry went, the core DA refused to leave him behind, and I tagged along, of course. Death Eaters attacked, as we expected they would. We put them down with non-lethal curses, and they would rennervate each other to break off the stun. Rather than keep doing what wasn't working, though, we got creative. It's hard for someone to cast with a jelly-legs curse. It's hard to revive them when they're glued to the ceiling.

It's hard for Bellatrix to send her cousin through the Veil when I'd been watching the whole event with clairvoyance to find the best path through, because any losses on either side were unacceptable to me. She tried, though. He stumbled backward, Harry cast accio and it pulled Sirius toward him for just an instant... and then I abused telekinesis to shove him away from the fluttering veil before it could touch him, and he practically FLEW to Harry. This was fine by me. Instead of Harry chasing Bellatrix down, I did.

Instead of Harry casting the cruciatus at her, I stuck her feet to the ground and disarmed her. And gave her a kiss on the nose. Because she's adorable and makes the cutest enraged screams when you do that.

Instead of Voldemort trying to possess Harry, he expressed his displeasure at the situation and tried to strike me down like an insect.

>> No.48022318

Controls water and makes pearls.

>> No.48022368

The response to Voldemort trying to do this is probably predictable to anyone who has had to deal with such a thing before; Dumbledore was entering the atrium, and he got a firsthand look at what happens when I decide to stop holding back.

Cruciatus? Flick a chunk of the floor into its path while I cast a disapparation jinx that I shouldn't know. Killing curse? That ugly gold statue takes the hit instead, and I block portkey use. Another killing curse? I look at Voldemort, deliberately yawn, and do not so much as move my wand while a chunk of wall is moved in the way to block it.

Put my wand away, lift a now-gauntleted hand and turn up the sweet evil reverb as my form melts away to skeletal:

>I gave you once chance to repent, Thomas Riddle. You have squandered that chance. Your life is forefeit and your judgement awaits in the hereafter. I beg you: repent, and your soul may yet be saved.

He took exception to that, and he launched a truly impressive barrage of spells at me, most of which I didn't even know what they were.

It did not matter. He had one type of magic to draw from. I have dozens.

Afterward, when I put my face back on, it turned out that the Minister and his undersecretary had been watching the latter half of the conflict, heard what I said, and saw me befriend Voldemort into little more than a permanent shadow etched into the wall.

Did you know that overpowered magical girl purification blasts render horcruxes useless? Now you do!

...and so I was elected Minister at eighteen, over Fudge's insistence that I was a demon, Scrimgeour's insistence that I had no idea what I was doing, and Dumbledore's confusion over breaking the prophecy. It was pretty hilarious, actually.

>> No.48022395

I'm unoriginal so I just made it an ability stand that gives the user that math power from the worm jump, because I thought it was cool and didn't want to wait until late-chain to get it.
Here's my Awakened stand though, I'm not sure if it's overpowered or not...
Destructive Power: None
Speed: A
Range: B
Staying: A
Precision: A
Developmental Potential: A
5:15 is an ability stand which grants the user a sort of short-range omnisentience: the user is completely aware of all things, forces, energies, etc. within their stand's range, down to the atomic level. In addition, 5:15 grants the user the multitasking abilities necessary to passively process and be aware of all of this incoming information at once.

>> No.48022402

Honestly don't know. None of the default ones appeal to me, so I wrote it down as "Does something, figure it out after watching Jo Jo's". Open to ideas.

>> No.48022420

Your stand induces a sense of mystery. At maximum power, it could render everyone who tries to understand it incapable, and thus they are stunned and confused while declaring that it is a mystery.

>> No.48022442

How edgy!

... except, honestly? I agree.
The entire system is stupid. It runs off an acceptance of societal logic that most people would never accept in reality. More likely, people would attempt to flee the country, or riot, or target government officials regardless of the stated rules. It's not THAT fucking hard to disguise your identity, especially on a night of glorified anarchy.
And yet we are repeatedly told that people not only accept this and all its rules, including the governmental pass, but that they genuinely believe that this makes their society better.
How stupid.
The system isn't worth the trouble of saving.

Personally speaking, I'd probably tear through the night on a bender.
There might not even be any particular fanfare to it. Maybe I'd actually cloak the world in shadow. Extinguishing the light. Just fill the world with silence.
During the ten years I was around, it'd just suddenly be the way of things that anyone who stepped outside on that night would just... disappear.

>> No.48022460


How do you figure out the rankings on these things anyway? I want to make one but there is no supplement to go by so I feel like Im over wanking when I try.

>> No.48022463

The BodyMod bumps your regular capabilities up to human average if they were lower. So if you couldn't run at all or such, you got that fixed Sempai.

However, the BodyMod doesn't lower your existing capabilities if they are better, they simply don't make you have additional points bought that way. If you already ran like Usain Bolt before BodyMod, you still do, but you need to pay for the speed increase as a regular person would. It won't decrease you below what you could do if you don't pay for it to match existing abilities of yours.

So... Jump Pokemon. Get fuckin swole and fit. Don't rely just on that captain America perk as it determines your capabilities for BodyMod as if you didn't have it, but still takes into account all training you did while having it. (Think of the perk as being a bonus to a stat, and training, depending on difficulty, gives different amount of self-trained stats. BodyMod takes off perk bonus but your self train stuff remains.)

TL;DR? Get fit in jump before BodyMod, enjoy that being your base for trained stuff, spend points on things you couldn't train

>> No.48022473

Honestly all the rankings except range are pretty much meaningless since they mostly just reflect whatever the ability is.

>> No.48022528


Good morning thread! A stand discussion eh?

I posted mine last night but i can post it again!

Stand: Hotel California
This stand is a building sized space that allows me to know the desires of those within it while giving me an increase in seduction (lets me know what to say when regarding the desires of others) No one who enters can leave untill I will it (or they beat me), it makes them move in semi involuntary ways (nudging them mentally to seek out and fullfill their desires) while altering itsself to fulfill the desires of those within. I cannot leave until everyone else has left or everyones wishes are satisfied. Works best if there is already a building in place. If someones desires cannot be satisfied or procured by me or the building it will turn against them, changing from a hotel of wonders and delight into one of nightmares.

If someone knows it’s a stand and means either me or it harm then it will no longer try to hold them through their desires and will instead try to hold them by force turning violent by locking doors, turning any others within it against them, or possibly trying to inforce and bring forth any self destructive desires.

>> No.48022530

I picked the picture of Aisha because when I feel like something weaker than me needs to die, I make a sport of it. Hunting them like animals is usually karmic justice for how they treated others.

I just don't see a point in the alternatives. Control? You're really just re-educating the children and waiting for the adults to die while making sure they're too afraid to kill. They're not being punished because too many people would have to be to make it fair. Mind alteration? You're killing those individuals anyway, just with a different method. But tearing through the guilty? That's punishment. That's quick. And that will make those uninvolved afraid of what will happen to anyone who tries this again, in another country or after you're gone.

>> No.48022605

Moonage Daydream
It can go invisible and intangible. It can also extend these powers to me, but doing so only work on normal people, leaving me and it vulnerable to stands/jump equivalent.

Essentially, it can make itself interact with stands the same way stands interact with normal people, or cause me to become like a stand.

>> No.48022618

If we do have a Purge jump, who else is going to show up to at least one as a wrathful god/avenging angel/terrible demon or monster, just to scare the hell out of the locals? And I guess maybe to also nuke a city or two, I don't know, you handle it how you want.

>> No.48022639

I'll show up as a terrible monster, but I'm not stopping at a city or two and I'm not doing something so impersonal as dropping a bomb.

>> No.48022672

Well, early on it made snow that caused people to become supernaturall unmotivated and introverted, and beams that sort of shunt them into an illusory world.

And uh. This is...really embarrassing to admit but after going Requiem it combines the Spin and Hamon into one singular force on a conceptual level, combining the mutual attributes of each and subliminating into a Bound Stand represented as the gestalt force

Have I mentioned JoJo was a REALLY early jump?


>Entry log 1: I have commenced forming the demiplanes containing adequate amounts of the ingredients listed on a standard box of cinnamon toast crunch. The manufacturer appears to have neglected to include the risks of Spiral energy, a grave oversight in a product marketed to children. Note to self: Assume direct control of all global public health services later this afternoon.

>Entry log #10: After a few thousand created bowls of cereal, parallel futures processing with an indefinite timeframe has failed to show anything but inert bowls of cereal in the immediate future. Regrettably, it appears one must acquire a control group to actually eat the cereal to observe its' effects on reality

>Entry log #89: I have used my leverage on the world's public health services to market what is ostensibly a variant of cinnamon toast crunch, exploiting several legal loopholes to force General Mills and Nestle to publically agree. Covert scanners have been installed to observe any discernable changes. I thought I got a strange energy reading after one snapshot of the exact moment a child's teeth crunched one of the swirls, but it turns out that monitor was upside-down.

>Entry log #589: Solid data has proved frustratingly hard to acquire. By all accounts, the cereal appears to be a perfectly normal breakfast. All anomalous data appears to have come from misinterpreted readings or overcalibrated equipment detecting solar flares. At least I have some new screensavers now.

>> No.48022696

I would love a purge jump, removing political idiots who are dead set on having a country wide rape parade sounds like such fun.

There is a lot I can do in one night.

>> No.48022706

Actually I find it darkly amusing that perhaps my jumper has been using it this whole time, and part of its unknowable nature is nobody remembers what the fuck it is or does.

How does this sound?

Destructive Power: D
Speed: A
Range: C
Staying: B
Precision: A
Developmental Potential: A
Mnemos induces a sense of mystery in those who look at the wielder. At maximum power, it could render everyone who tries to understand it incapable, and thus they are stunned and confused while declaring that it is a mystery.

Awakened Ability
Mnemos begins to siphon knowledge and talents from those it targets, temporarily imparting them to its wielder. Each attack siphons one particular piece of knowledge, such as being able to recognize a certain person, or mastery of a particular skill. This stolen knowledge returns to the target once the stand is deactivated.

Requiem Ability
Mnemos' requiem ability interferes with those who witness it. Not only are those nearby unable to comprehend it, but it can actually erase knowledge of itself and its wielder from witnesses, written records, even drawn images or recorded media. This blanking effect is even effective against witnesses in other times or dimensions.

>> No.48022707

Anti spiral with the power of spin. Hows that mid eternity crisis coming big guy?

>> No.48022708

Honestly there's only so much you can do in ten years. You can introduce technologies. You can champion for new ideologies. But real, massive change to the way things WORK? It either requires time or an incredibly powerful and final argument for This Is The Way Things Are Going To Be.

Ten years is hardly enough time to be considered a new generation, let alone the societal change required for such a thing. If you go the humane route, there are still going to be tons of people who remember the way things used to be and may even resent the change.
I mean, far be it for me to tell other jumpers how to play and all that, but...
One way or the other -- for something that deeply ingrained? -- you have to grab hold of the reigns of society and yank. HARD. If you want any kind of real change to their society.

And quite frankly, I just don't like holding onto the damn things to guide them. I find it boring.
It might be cruel, but I'd rather just shoot the damn horse.

>> No.48022710

>even ASA can't figure out why kids live the taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Truly, it is the greatest of mysteries.

>> No.48022711


My stand is:

『Medical Emergency』

Basic punchghost. Looks like a mummy in surgical scrubs decorated with red crosses. Ability is to wrap anything in bandages. Once wrapped, the object enters a sort of zero-g stasis where they can be hit or operated on to my pleasure

>> No.48022715

What are these requiems and awakened abilities?

>> No.48022774

No idea! The stands in the jump have them, and you seem to get them from being scratched by the Arrowhead item.

>> No.48022798

>Entry log #590: At least a control group has been established. I will now create some variants on the original recipes, by incorporating dwarf bread/squat bar cooking techniques from the Warhammer Fantasy, 40K and Discworld realities in order to conduct separate empirical trials. As long as the distributors get the recipes exactly right, nothing can possibly go wrong

>Entry log #595: Oh fuck, they're self-aware

>Entry log #597: It appears the cereal has killed all the monitoring scientists, taken over the facility and commenced preparations to become some sort of gestalt breakfast overmind by hijacking global supply lines. All experiments are cancelled as of now. A threat level of BABEL has been issued to all assets.


>Entry log #630: Threat level has been rased to GOMMORAH. Search and destroy protocals are in effect. Might as well test out the God-Machine's spirit-hardware.

>Entry log #665: All threats neutralised. One last sentient cereal flake was captured alive, but somehow forced itself to disintegrate in captivity. It is unclear at this time how cereal can commit suicide

>Conclusion: Overall, this research project appears to have been inconclusive in its' stated goal. However, based on past data errors it has become apparent that some outside force is actively preventing further study-as batches of purified Wraithbone and Warpstone were supplied to later batches, explaining their malevolence. The sentience of this active force cannot be conclusively proven, but after Benefactor pointedly started talking about maybe I include more fruit salads and bacon in my breakfast the day after the Cereal Killer Incident further experiments have been abandoned...for now.

>> No.48022830

Are there any perks that let you summon unlimited ice cream at will?

>> No.48022832

On the plus side, the whole research project is hilarious.

>> No.48022848

>Ice cream at will
>Not Pizzas

>> No.48022864

I have SCP 458 for that, now I need something for ice cream.

>> No.48022865

Infinite Supply of Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream from Kara No Kyoukai?

>> No.48022868

Don't you get unlimited parfaits or something in DMC?

>> No.48022876

Strawberry Sundae

>> No.48022891

That would be a good option if I wasn't early chain or that wasn't nasu.

>> No.48023072

I'm on the phone right now but if i remember well my stand created a limited amount illusory copy of myself that would disappear if someone hit them, in requiem those illusion had some degree of reality in them allowing me to punch people through them once every 2 seconds (they would still disappear on hit) and shared senses
I called it Hokage, pretty low powered imho but fun to use

>> No.48023083

Mine simply does illusions. Really good illusions. Some of my companions have more interesting ones though:

>> No.48023130

They're last minute power ups from parts Four and Five. I personally don't do them much, Requiem is risky and Biting the Dust (AKA Awakening) was initiated by the Arrow, not the user.

>> No.48023178

Is it possible to achieve Father/Hohenheim style transmutation in FMA?

>> No.48023183


>> No.48023189

You mean the instant type where you use a philosopher stone as a catalyst? Sure, get a philosopher stone, though the red stone you can buy in the jump should do the same thing for you.

>> No.48023207

I wonder if being a homunculus would work since you would have a stone inside you?

>> No.48023226

Red Stones are sort of iffy though. They have a limited charge/battery/whatever that if can't be replenished, and if used while empty, will cause mentalic, cancerous growths to pop up on that arm. You also can't tell when they've run out, and they can't be used to heal, if I remember right.

>> No.48023307

You COULD probably replenish it... but it would require effectively melting down the old stone and adding more reagents to the system before creating it anew. It's less "replenishing" and more "reforging". In effect you'd just be recycling some old material.

You can't tell when they're running out, but then, no one in FMA really has a means to try. I don't think they even have ways to tell if a real Philosopher's Stone is running out, other than "It's not quite as glowy as it used to be?"... and even then, that's more of an indicator given in the '03, since the Brotherhood version isn't really all that glowy by comparison.
Probably if you had sufficient scanning tech, you could jury rig something? But... that's kindof just hypothesis on my end. I bet Analyzer from Adventure Time would work pretty well for making something like that, though.
Then it's just a case of experimenting to see how much different transmutations cost in reagents, and pray you don't accidentally spend too much in the process.

... if the Homunculi in '03 are any indication they very much can be used to heal, and in fact might be able to do anything a Philostone can do. Cornello was turning birds into people, y'know?
The problem is one of backlash (as you mentioned) and inefficiency. One red stone doesn't have anywhere NEAR the same energy as a comparatively sized Philostone, and you'd probably have to shove a SHITLOAD of reagents to be any near comparable. But it might be doable.

>> No.48023327

My Stand, 『One Jump』 leaped around at incredible speed, and generated grab bars similar to ladder rungs wherever it landed. Including on people. Each part of the bar could be attached to a different surface, enabling them to connect two different adjacent objects. Additionally, as material generated by a Stand, they and the material immediately around them couldn't be broken by anything except the Spin or another Stand. Finally, they innately drew my grip to them, as well as the grip of anyone I let use them. They could still be gripped by anyone who could sense them, but that power meant that if you grabbed at one and were remotely close to it you'd find it in your hand.

I mainly used it with acrobatics for some incredible mobility, but I also got a lot of combat and utility use out of it.

>> No.48023356

My Stand's name is 『Eternity ~Memory of Lightwaves~』 and its concept revolves around 『Memories』 both mental and muscle.

It's Basic Ability has it possess an object and has it wield itself using the memories of one of its wielders during its history. If I wield it, then those memories infuse me and for the time I use that object, I may as well be that person. These memories permanently fade away quickly after Eternity leaves the object, not even an Eidetic Memory retains them.

The Awakened Ability takes that up a notch by possessing another living being and allowing a transfer of memories between myself and them, it could even edit or steal memories wholesale as long as Eternity remains within them.

Requiem Eternity takes these memories and then physically manifests them in a shell that copies their original owner. They are only half as durable as what they possess and the Stand Sympathy does not apply to them, however, if they perish, a non-living object becomes more brittle until it breaks when the last memory of its users fades (Eternity returns with each 'death'), and a living being finds that the memory that formed their 'clone' can no longer be recalled (when that memory dies, Eternity returns to me). These clones are under my complete command and can only follow orders related to the memories that formed them.

The Stand itself has no ability to damage anything at all, nor is it all that durable, the only defence it has is its possession ability.

>> No.48023564

called mine nightwish it's basically a portal generator that as it grew could create more portals that created temporary duplicates of whatever went through. This means i could punch forward and hit two different people in two different places or fire a single bullet and hit two targets

>> No.48023582

Jumpers do you believe in the power of friendship?

>> No.48023587


>> No.48023589

>And quite frankly, I just don't like holding onto the damn things to guide them.

Y'know, it occurs to me that Geasa are the gift that keep on giving...

>> No.48023666

Digger, the description of Clear Memory cuts off.

>> No.48023702

Not really. If i need to blast someone with a giant pink doombeam instead of talking things out there's usually no room for friendship.
There are possible exceptions, but not to the extent that it becomes a rule like in Nanoha.

If you're talking about the more common meaning of the word then yes. My companions are important to me and we've been together for years, and i end up making friends with people in most jumps.

If you have to geas someone for basic human decency you may as well do the world a favor and remove them entirely.

>> No.48023722

Well. I took a whole damn lot of durability perks, and then the Befriending drawback in Nanoha.

So, yes. Friendship!

>> No.48023726

No, but I do believe in the power of love.

>> No.48023727

If you the area and have the geas also include teaching children to be good people and be lovingnparents it may be unneeded after a few generations.

>> No.48023732

Rick and Morty has an episode called "Look Who's Purging Now." That's pretty much how I expect thing would go in a theoretical "The Purge" jump.

>> No.48023737

Why not just kill everyone but the children and use sapient robots to raise them?

>> No.48023747

>Go to Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt
>Buy Skanty and Kneesocks multiple times to get copies of them

>inb4 "That's against the rules!"

Implying breaking the ruurs wasn't part of my plan all along.

>> No.48023769

That could possibly work but seems a bit extreme when a magic spell cast in am aoe would do the same job with less raw materials.

>> No.48023775

I'm a firm believer in free will.
People have a right to be assholes. I'm not going to take that away by mindraping them.
They just have to bear the consequences of their actions.
And if your actions are bad enough and i'm around the consequences are Nanoha-style fuck-you beams, only without the perk that keeps what you hit alive.

>> No.48023790

Yeah just spoiler a link you dick.

>> No.48023809


In hindsight, I had more of a post to that than just the link.
4chan ate the rest of it.
God. Fucking. Damn it.

>> No.48023819

The best power source for black magic.

>> No.48023841

Would nanoha style befriending mixed with hadoken and possibly love inducing magic create a recursive love powerred megabeam?

>> No.48023862

You forgot to include "thermonuclear" in your description. But... maybe? Looks like it would.

>> No.48023868

Ah, memories.

>> No.48023888

You mean the same purge thing that was overthrown then put back after the rich were overthrown?

>> No.48023960

Isn't the Love Sign: Master Spark?

>> No.48024015

Wasn't the Master Spark stole from Yuuka?

>> No.48024033

I read an interesting theory that Black Mage actually stole a spell intended for magical girls, and that the destructive side effects are because he doesn't have the endless love a magical girl does, so the spell's sapping it from the rest of the universe to compensate.

>> No.48024038

That one wasn't powered by Love though.

(According to the 'Ordinary' Magician anyways)

>> No.48024074

I guess, if that's the way you want to do it. I don't really favor that methodology, however.
But it does raise interesting questions, like, who to geass? Everyone? Just the government? What would be most efficient? Actually... I wonder if you could create a self-perpetuating geass, like something that automatically effected people of government? That seems like some curses could fill that role. Or maybe the necromancy from Geneforge, if you want.

Not really my bag, though. I prefer free will. It's far more interesting. Free will is fun.
Actually, now that I think about it, I don't think I've ever actually taken control like that over anyone. Which is kindof surprising, actually... I'd started thinking of myself as having no standard I wouldn't break. But even at my worst, I'm generally with >>48023775.
I've sometimes made it difficult, mind. Corruption, or influence, or occasionally a factory reset. But I've always allowed things to develop naturally from that point. Everything I've ever done to anyone, or ever had them do, came with that choice.
There's always that option for someone to say, "No."

... this has occasionally bitten me in the ass, yes.

>> No.48024111

Master spark you say? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G98Pn4JLDR8
I keep feeling like the master spark in this video feels a bit weak but I'm using this as an excuse to post this video

>> No.48024141

But he didn't steal it at all. He sacrificed 9 orphans to a dark god.

>> No.48024155

This talk has got me thinking of resisting such things. Does anyone have the lists of jumps with perks to resist mind control, corruption, addiction to things, and all that bad stuff? Is there a single list?

If not, where can I get perks like that?

>> No.48024208

Dual Echo from FF14 is pretty fantastic if you don't mind the point investment, Above the Influence lets you ignore addiction from using corrupting power, there's one in Kirby that makes you immune to possession, and Power of Dominance from Castlevania keeps anything from taking or messing up your soul. Just off the top of my head.

>> No.48024225

Whoops, forgot to mention Above the Influence is from Kamen Rider Neo-Heisei part 1.

>> No.48024228

Would buying a squig in Warhammer fantasy let me seed a world with orcs just by throwing it into the world?

>> No.48024265

>Not really. If i need to blast someone with a giant pink doombeam instead of talking things out there's usually no room for friendship.
>Not taking Aggregate Impact Therapy.
Are you even trying to be friends with everyone Anon?

>> No.48024276

My Name is Jake from Animorphs is pretty good against any kind of control and cheap enough to fit into most builds.

A world item from Overlord LN blocks even mind control that pierces other protections (and does the same to death magic).
The Ring of Elru is also one of the more powerful magic boosters you can get.

D&D magic also has spells to block or remove mind control, brainwashing, addiction, corruption, curses and a whole lot of other stuff.

Kingdom Hearts also has several perks against mental influence and corruption.

>> No.48024331

Does anyone remember that perk that let you cast spells in pieces? Could you tell me the name and jump if so please?

>> No.48024332

If i have to take AIT to be friends with someone then chances are good that i really don't want their friendship.

I also spent my CP in Generic Magical Girl on Innocent Background, 8 teammates, Magical Purification Blast, Target Analysis and That Did Not Happen.
So there really wasn't room for Aggregate Impact Therapy, and the perks i picked are a lot more useful imo.

Same for the Befriending perk in Nanoha - there just aren't enough CP for me to pick up something that situational.
If i can't befriend someone with all my charisma perks then there's a good chance i don't want to Befriend them either even if i had the perks for it.

>> No.48024352

Place of Power from Master of Magic?

>> No.48024385

Has anyone picked up the SWTOR Jump?

>> No.48024389

Thats it thank you.

>> No.48024406

I think Brutus is working on it along with the Orks jump.

>> No.48024413

I dont think so. The guy who claimed it dropped it then went on to make something super power grabby so go for it.

>> No.48024424

You're thinking movies SWTOR is the mmo game.

>> No.48024445

No I believe Brutus said he was taking it up. KOTORAnon is working on the movies.

>> No.48024462

I know and KOTOR anon is the one working on the movies. I had heard that Brutus had claimed SWTOR.

>> No.48024660

What would it require to heal Joseph Joestars mother outside of killing dio?

>> No.48024707

You mean jotaro joestar, heal her spirit and remove the stand.

>> No.48024726

That might be difficult considering that harming a stand harms the user.

>> No.48024793

Most recently there's the Spirit of Anarchy, capstone of the Angels, from Panty & Stocking. Comes with the added benefit of also enabling free will in those around you, if that's the kind of thing you're into.

>> No.48024827

>Spirit of Anarchy
I took that and Spirit of Domination. My companions are free to believe in whatever they want, so long as its me.

>> No.48024881

put it in a ring, merge ring with Ring of Elru, laugh maniacally. Not that difficult if you have the right tools for merging things.

>> No.48024885

>pic related
That combo pleases me.

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