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>> No.47890855

Jumpers are there any jumps that you feel should have had a soundtrack perk, but unfortunately did not? I can not help but feel a great sadness that there is no soundtrack option in the FFXIV, Star Wars, and LoZ jumps.

>> No.47890868

Too many to count sadley.

>> No.47890891

Just get the soundtrack perk from Aquaria.
>Additionally, you will discover that, while the Verse itself may not be a part of these worlds, they have their own songs, and your newfound talents will work just as well in conjunction with those songs as they would before your departure.

>> No.47890898

Kamen Rider
Any of them

Speaking of. These are Core Medals I'm thinking of Creating, and making into Combos.
Thoughts Jumpers?

Kamen Rider Core Medals Combos-
Yeerks/Gou'auld/Las Plagas
Cazador/Death Claw/Rad Scorpian
Hungarian Horntail/Monster Hunter Dragon/Familiar of Zero Dragon(Not a Song Dragon)
Alpha Centauri Mind Worms/Xenofungus/Locusts from Chaeron

>> No.47890920

Sounds neat. What are you thinking of for powers and Combo bonuses?

>> No.47890954

That I have not figured out yet.
The first Combo is all Parasites, maybe it would let me take over the enemy's body?
Second Combo would likely make me stupidly fast, and able to rip through the enemy
Dragon Combo is pretty obvious
Not sure for the fourth combo
And Elemental Combo would hopefully let me control the Elements

>> No.47890956

Bubblegum Crisis. It's been over a decade since i last saw that but i still remember the soundtrack.

Also anything with music by Nobuo Uematsu.

>> No.47891091

Okami definitely.

>> No.47891123

New Combo. God knows what it does
Lolith Born Spiders/Rom Born Spiders/Ungoliant Born Spiders

>> No.47891130

Needs more GIFTS.

>> No.47891137

It makes me very happy. Probably spawn lots of eldritch darkness spiders who are very very hungry?

>> No.47891138

GIFTS are both Sapient and non-evil.
Maybe their Evil Cousins who like Magic could replace one of them. But the three I chose are not only Giant Spiders, but born from a god-like being.

>> No.47891165

Although, Tommy, I have a question
You wouldn't mind terribly if I use a Basilisk to make a One-Off Medal? That doesn't fit into a combo.
Or maybe it'll fit into a combo I make later

>> No.47891179

As the guy who proposed the Centauri combo my general plan was Xenofungus head boosts intelligence slightly and allows slight manipulation of plant matter, Locust arms have wings and telekinesis, and Mind Worm legs burrow and are serpentine in joints. Combo would probably be forming a full on horde of energy Centauri life forms for bullet hell mode. I'm considering handing the Medals to Jormangandr, god knows he already has enough insanity perks that becoming a Greeed isn't likely to make him too much worse.

>> No.47891182

Basilisks aren't unique to Harry Potter, they're a known quantity in mythology.

>> No.47891197

Yes. But Basilisks vary from source to source. Like the giant chicken ones from D&D.
I like the Snake ones the most, and HP is the easiest place to get them.

>Centauri life forms for bullet hell mode
This is just beautiful Merchant

>> No.47891256

Can I get some help with finding a list of anti-mind/soul corruption perks?

>> No.47891294

Dream Power from Kirby, immunity to mind control and possession.

>> No.47891311

I kind of need anti-corruption perks, not anti-control perks.

>> No.47891325

Dream Power gives anti-corruption, too, actually. That anon just didn't mention it.

>> No.47891375

Black-Hearted Bastard from Once Upon A Time, stops corruption through you actions, use of magic, or outside influence.

Corruption Adept from Spyro, still has the outside effects of corruption but no mental effects, letting you get benefits without downsides. Except for appearances.

Power of Dominance from Castlevania, means your soul can't be harmed without your consent.

Index from A Certain Magical Index, vastly increased resistance to mental poisoning, and nigh-complete immunity to the form of mental poisoning a grimoire uses.

>> No.47891376

Ah sorry I read that as control.
It doesn't say anything about anti-corruption, or even imply it really. I'd copy and paste it but I can't seem to copy it for some reason.

>> No.47891385

Kingdom Hearts has a few.
Don't Ever Change, Battle at the Centre of the Heart and Light My Way all work to one degree or another against mind control/possession/corruption.
The black coat you can buy in the same jump outright blocks corruption and taint.

>> No.47891429

Alright, thanks everyone.

>> No.47891488

Where can I get shapeshifting clothes/armor?

>> No.47891525

Drive Clothes from Kingdom Hearts. You can also import a set of clothes you already have.

D&D has various shapeshifting outfits. Vestment of Many Styles is one i remember and they're pretty cheap as far as magical items go in-setting.

If you just want to stay clothed Darkstalkers has a perk that lets you magically create clothes and accessories whenever you want to.

>> No.47891541

Symbiote has those things which can create armor and clothing so long they got matterials.
Well I cannot remember anything more, but perhaps something like finding Venom and making such armor based on him (Tony fucking Stark did make an armor based on the symbiotes from Marvel this...it was quite the cool armor).

Thats about all I remember.

>> No.47891543

Two more Combos


Also, I propose a change to Parasite Combo. Rather than Las Plagas, why not The Flood?

>> No.47891567

Add whatever Duke's dear Freja is.
For fun.
What are we talking about?

>> No.47891570

There's probably some Marvel combo with the unstable molecule outfit that should meet your needs.

>> No.47891588

In the Animal crossing jump it says all companions get a house does that include future companions as well?

>> No.47891601

Young Justice has a Bio-Suit that can do that.

>> No.47891608

The OOO Driver in Kamen Rider needs three "Core Medals" made from Animals.
I have the ability to make my own Core Medals.
If you make them right, and the animals are connected in some way. you can make a "set" of Medals. Which Combo together in the OOO Driver.

Combos not only have the "base" ability of each Medal, but also something extra for using them together.

>> No.47891640

chickens? you're thinking cockatrice's. D&D basilisks are more crocodiles with too many legs and a mean gaze.

>> No.47891654

Right, sorry, my mistake. I would swear there is SOME setting that has them as Chickens.
Maybe Adventure Quest?

>> No.47891672

shadowrun has clothes that can change styles and colors.

>> No.47891691

hell, I dunno. Some myths conflate cockatrices and basilisks so it's quite likely.

>> No.47891698

What is more useful 3X Potential in Nanoha or Book of Darkness ??

>> No.47891735

So /jc/, how /fit/ are you? Do you even train anymore?

>> No.47891750

Speaking of symbiote, what other Jumps let you have voices inside your heart?

>> No.47891754

Incredibly /fit/. But not a Body-builder's build. More lean muscle.
I don't train super often, since I prefer to work in my Lab when I have free time.
But I do it just to keep up my improvements, since I have a perk that makes sure my skills/abilities don't backslide from not using them.

>> No.47891772

I don't see the point. What's scarier than a tiny cute creature defeating colossus with a slap?

>> No.47891786

Vanity, Vanity is the point. It's the only point really, when you can look however you want and still have the same power.

>> No.47891788

Blody roar has a machine that makes your clothes always fit you.

>> No.47891796

Inside your head.

I should stop writing from my phone.

>> No.47891800

Dresden Files, pick yourself up a Blackened Denarius, you can thank me later.

>> No.47891806

Halo has Smart A.I which with the right armor/neural interface can become a voice in your head.

Soul eater has BlackBlood Weapon which due to wavelength communication and being your blood now basically adds another voice to your head.

>> No.47891822

Avatar: The Legend of Korra

>> No.47891824

I'm usually using three different bodies, for variety.
One is /fit/, through not bodybuilder-esque.
One is decidedly not fit at all, just being cute and cuddly instead.
And one is just skin and bones. without the skin, because skeletons best.

And no, I don't work out. There's no point. The /fit/ doesn't deteriorate and I'm too lazy to train for physical strength.

>> No.47891835

Some of us are vain in how adorably cute we are.

>> No.47891840

Other than trolling velmas fragile mind by shoving magic down her throat at every chance what is there to do in scooby do?

Wtf captcha

>> No.47891845

Solve mysteries.

>> No.47891855

And that's an acceptable option. All options are acceptable.

>> No.47891868

>shoving magic down her throat at every chance

>> No.47891877

Implant a GPS chip in Scooby.

So they stop asking where the fuck is Scooby

>> No.47891880

That moment when you Jump and you look at the Perks/Items/Gear, and realise "...I don't need that or that or that..." until you have like only one Perk.

No beef to the Jump Makers tho.

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>> No.47891909

I'd like a second opinion on an idea I have for the Arcanum Jump I'm making before I sink a lot of time into it.

Initially, I was going to have the Backgrounds be mostly fluff, but a number of them really should give boosts and penalties to certain Stats. It was pointed out to me a while ago that if I leave it vague and don't assign some kind of values to things, most Jumpers would be inclined to ignore the text or simply fanwank it as far more powerful than it is.

Super Model – You are a stunning gorgeous person and have been pampered and coddled all your life as a result. You gain a tremendous bonus to your beauty, but your willpower is weakened, your physical strength significantly reduced, and your intelligence... well, let's just say blonde is a good color for you.

I know I can't just use the +numbers and -numbers the game itself uses, so I was thinking of turning them into a percentage based thing. +10% Strength, -10% Charisma, that kind of thing.

For Super Model: -20% Strength, -10% Willpower, -30% Intelligence, +60% Beauty.

However, I'm unsure if the board in general would find this an acceptable solution, or if I should just assign "Base Stats" with each Race and establish what the highs and lows of Stats mean in terms of the world at large. Just to be clear, the percentages would /not/ count towards your out of Jump powers. You don't get to go Barbarian Half-Orc and get something like a 80% Strength boost. Unless, you know, that's what everyone wants.

Personally, I think that might make this Jump a bit too much of a power grab, and I don't want that.

>> No.47891920

If something gives you a permanent drawback nobody is going to take it.

>> No.47891966

Perhaps I was unclear. The percentages I'm talking about are only to illustrate how much better or worse that option is compared to the standard being in the world. It's not something that would follow you out of the Jump,

So if someone takes a Barbarian Half-Orc, they're going to have a lot of trouble thinking for the duration of the Jump, but not for the rest of their Chain.

>> No.47891972 [DELETED] 

The downsides would have to go away at the end of the jump, or people will probably be pissed.

>> No.47891992

But will it let me find Scooby?

>> No.47892010

>I don't need that or that or that
Who cares about Need? I want stuff.
Do I need Yet Another Speed boosting Perk, or Yet Another Super Mode like the 8-Gates? No, but I want them

>> No.47892015

It get a resounding meh from me. Do the benefits stay after the jump if the downside leaves?

>> No.47892023

I like it as it is. I hate when people put fixed numbers on things, and I think most of us are... Mature is the wrong word, but let's just say mature anyway... enough to handle those backgrounds. I'd just make it clear that you either keep or lose the positives and the negatives. Otherwise people will wank that they get to keep the good stuff and lose the bad stuff.

>> No.47892040

I don't think you need hard numbers. Most jumps do quite well without those, and it's not like you can quantify being "60% more beautiful" anyway.

As you can see you're already getting whining about the negatives, so i'd do away with those altogether or make them drawbacks.
Just have each background get a bonus to their iconic attribute and be done with it.

>> No.47892050



>> No.47892078

I'm more of:
"Do I need this? Yes or No? No? Cool. Do I want it? Yes or No?" At that point, the answer's usually no.

Well, that, and I like being efficient too.

>> No.47892092

Pretty sure it's just the companions you import that get houses.

>> No.47892099

There's a whole Divination school that I think you'll enjoy.

I'm really leery about doing that. I'm not charging any CP for Races or Backgrounds, so I'm trying not to hand a ton of power out for free.

Specifically though, why is it meh?

I can see I will need to make some kind of note to that effect, yes. That's a good idea about making it an all or nothing affair though. Thank you.

See, that's exactly the opposite of what was pointed out to me when I posted an early form of the WIP with no stats assigned to anything. As it is now, the backgrounds make mention of certain "stats" going up and down by vague amounts, but it was suggested I make them something more concrete.

>> No.47892157

>Specifically though, why is it meh?
Twofold. First, you said it only affect in-jump base stats, which means practically any perk blows the bonus/penalty out of the water.

Second, I'm ambivalent about fixed numbers.

>> No.47892178

HA! My ruse was successful! By asking you how to find Scooby, I can find Magatama from Nocturne in SMT jump, to become a Demi Fiend. SMT anon said that one can do it without perk, it's just hard.

If you take Demon race, can you take the Demon Fusion perk? If so, how does it work.

Is the Nocturne Magatama different in any way? Can't you just make one with sacrificial bestowment or have someone make it, then proceed to take it into you?

>> No.47892199

I mean, the Demon fusion that makes you into a weaker Demi fiend. Didn't it require you to be human?

>> No.47892212

I... think you've misunderstood. I'm not that Jumpmaker. I was merely responding to your question in jest.

Perhaps I will just toss the numbers aside and work on something more productive then. It seems to be fairly meh across the board. I'll just stick with generic descriptions and let people do what they want with it.

>> No.47892252

Does it really work that way?

>> No.47892284

I am aware you are not that jumpmaker. I was also making a joke, followed by legitimate questions

>> No.47892287

Fuck if I know, but that's how I'm interpreting it.

>> No.47892318

I really need a picture of Buzz Killington to post for when I fail to recognize humor in such an epic fashion. I'll google one up later.

>> No.47892319

I tend to keep myself soft and cute, but my wife generally goes about built like the contents of a Hammerfell armoury.

Cook for a couple groovy dudes, open a professional prosthetic make up company, and entertainingly lucrative abandoned property realty.
Captcha once gave me a picture of the moon landing flag for "street signs."

>> No.47892404

11. Generic Sugar Bowl

- Location: Candyland
- Background: Drop-In
- Age: 16 years old
- Perks: Lets's Get Going {Discount, 800}, Let's Get Down To Business {Discount, 700}, Who's a Good Kitty? {500}, Sharing is Caring {300}
- Items: Lucky Charm {200}, Picture Book Of Secrets {0}
- Future: Move On

>"Aдмиpaл, пocмoтpитe! Oни нacтoлькo мaл!"

>"Please, Armenia, you know I can't speak Russian very well."

>"Sorry, sorry. I mean to say, 'Admiral, look! They are so tiny!' Can we keep one?"

>"These are people!"

>"Oh! That would explain why they are babbling in fear. I am sorry, little people!"

We need a new Slot 7 again.

>> No.47892426


>> No.47892452

Rolled 1 (1d8)

>1. Jade Cocoon
>2. Wakfu
>3. Cardcaptor Sakura
>4. Fairy Tail
>5. FFTA
>6. Teen Titans
>7. Kirby
>8. Aion

>> No.47892475

Moar Kamen Rider for the list

>> No.47892550

So if I use Plug N Play to use Switches with the OOOs Driver does that make me Kamen Rider 444s?

>> No.47892586

Maybe. But given that OOO is pronounced "Oze" (like you'd say the plural of O), 444 would be pronounced..."Fourze". So I'm not sure anyone would notice your word play.

>> No.47892592

Not gonna lie, it took me a moment to get the joke.
Then I laughed.

>> No.47892663

u cheeky fookin' nando's

You, and a demon of the Race chosen for the Perk's effects, fused with a human. Whether the demon you were became the dominant personality, or your in-jump self becomes the human, is something I'm letting you fanwank.

They're made from tougher demons. Also, they literally don't exist without a shitton of time travel and universe hopping to get you to the Nocturne era. I do not approve of this, and if you try to say you become just as powerful as Demi-Fiend and gain the power to blow up universes by flexing (even though that's not how it works), I will laugh at you.

You can use Sacrificial Bestowment on yourself, but the Magatama does nothing for you, because it is you. But yes, you can go human and have a demon companion make a Magatama for you, and get your magic glowy tattoos on. Just, keep in mind that the Demi-Fiend's Magatama was hand picked by Lucifer. You'll likely surpass the donor in time, but don't expect to become THAT powerful.

If you mean the Boosted version, then you start the jump from the perspective of the human, seeing as the demon you were before is now a horrible parasitic worm.

2 years to get all the power in it, then one more decade on top to attain mastery.

I'm 99,99% certain someone else asked me something last thread, but I can't find it anymore. Please speak up if you're here, mysterious asky person.

...Thank you for reminding me of that Semblance. Now I know where I'm going after Xena/Hercules.

>> No.47892727

cardfight! vanguard

>> No.47892813

Rolled 4 (1d8)

27 Viscera Cleanup Detail
Age 36
Aerospace Sanitation Inc. Janitor
Cleanup Detail 101, Dr. Janitor, If You Would(Particle Physics)-300, Sanitized Earth -100, What Kinda Party Was This? -100, Nerves of Steel -100,
A-Series Space-Mop, MuckGyver Sniffer, R2 High Energy Plasma Laser Welder -50, Rooks Keep Figurines/Ballistic Weapon Toys -50,
Import(Terra[Human, Aerospace Sanitation Inc. Janitor, Cleanup Detail 101, Nerves of Steel -100, A-Series Space-Mop, MuckGyver Sniffer, Slosh-O-Matic Bucket Dispenser/What-A-Load Disposal Bins Bin Dispenser -200], Kameko[Human, Aerospace Sanitation Inc. Janitor, Cleanup Detail 101, A-Series Space-Mop, MuckGyver Sniffer, X-Butanateor Incinerator/Fireplace/Woodchipper -300], Aurelia[Human, Aerospace Sanitation Inc. Janitor, Cleanup Detail 101, Hacking? -150, Nerves of Steel -100, A-Series Space-Mop, MuckGyver Sniffer, R2 High Energy Plasma Laser Welder -50], Yukiko[Human, Polar Sanitation Co., Sanitized Earth, Christmas Crisis Averted -150, Cleanup Detail 101 -100, A-Series Space-Mop, Rooks Keep Figurines/Ballistic Weapon Toys, MuckGyver Sniffer -50], Morgan[Human, Dark Pact Estate Agency, Nerves of Steel, The Cask of Amontillado -300, A-Series Space-Mop, A taxidermied Deer Head], Glacia[Human, Polar Sanitation Co., Sanitized Earth, A-Series Space-Mop, Rooks Keep Figurines/Ballistic Weapon Toys, The Office -300], Li[Human, Dark Pact Estate Agency, Nerves of Steel, House of Honor -150, Cleanup Detail 101 -100, A-Series Space-Mop, A taxidermied Deer Head, Evil Book -50], Aine[Human, Zilla Enterprize, What Kinda Party Was This?, Ka-Ching -150, Cleanup Detail 101 -100, A-Series Space-Mop, Mr. Two Million Dollars, MuckGyver Sniffer -50])-300,
Well, we're kept busy, but not too busy for spending time at the bar. Really, that seems all there is to do here.
1 Changeling the Lost
2 Teen Titans
3 Madoka
4 Bleach
5 Johnny Test
6 Final Fantasy XIV
7 Innistrad
8 Squirrel and Hedgehog

>> No.47892827

Welp, time to completely derail the final arc before the first one. Need a new 4.

>> No.47892843

Weird Wild West?

>> No.47892859

God of War
A certain magical index

>> No.47892900

saved and saved.

>> No.47893026

>built like the contents of a Hammerfell armoury.
Alright. It made me giggle.

>> No.47893109

Who are the best snipers in the chain?

also what are the best mind control emotion/control perks.

Would people like jak and daxter, crash or zendikar next week?

>> No.47893115

Zendikar, please.

>> No.47893129

Zendikar sounds fun
you just want to be there when the eldraazi arrive don't you?

>> No.47893140

I must give Zendikar an Avacyn Tier Angel
Let Sorin figure THAT one out

>> No.47893160

What Jumps are good to start?

>> No.47893170

>Who are the best snipers in the chain?
I dunno, The End?

>> No.47893198

asuras wrath or god of war as a civilian.

more seriously quichsilvers early jumps are all good starting points or hp if your going magic focused.

>> No.47893206

how dangerous is cardfight! vanguard for a cray native

>> No.47893225

PS238 is what I'm starting on for my latest chain. In one relatively low-risk jump, you can get extreme physical durability and the happiness and willpower boosts needed to survive mentally as a jumper. Granted, the extreme physical durability requires you to take a drawback that makes people think less of you, but with those happiness and willpower perks their cruel words won't get you down. You can probably even have enough points left over for some enhanced mental capacities through Miscellaneous Meta, too.

>> No.47893237

If you don't pick a fight with Nazarik or take the Rival Guild drawback the Overlord LN jump is one of the safest you can take.
You start with a massive amount of power, with only a small handful of beings even being capable of threatening you, and they don't know you exist and won't care unless you start making waves. Even then you have a good chance at friendly contact (or you can just take a perk for that).

>> No.47893246

With a baseball bat. And ideally with Nahiri as well. Boy, wouldn't that be a mindfuck.

>> No.47893248

The Kamen Rider jumps offer some very good starting point with a moderate threat level (without drawbacks).

>> No.47893297

DC verse has two the best snipers. John Stewart & some hermit crab in Sinestro Corps. Said hermit crab was able to snipe from 3 space sectors away. John was able to counter snipe said sniper.

>> No.47893311

>abusing a bancho jump for easy power
It's your chain, man.

>> No.47893312

The Witcher Jump is relatively complete
Change log:
>> New companions
>> new drawbacks
>> Updated master blade
>> Tons of spelling corrections

>> No.47893319

So, uh, how does adopting a jump work here? I ask because I've been thinking about finishing the Generic video game developer.

>> No.47893351

Is it in the up for adoption folder? If so, all you gotta do is announce your intent and you're good to go. Do what you like.

>> No.47893366

Then that is what I shall do. Thanks

>> No.47893370

If I'm being honest, it's not the power I care about so much as it is the low-risk environment to get mental stability perks in. FISS is just gratis. If you have a more interesting idea for me to spend the 700CP I have left after buying Strong Because I Need To Be and Happy and Content on, I'll do it.

>> No.47893418

>generic video game developer
>not game dev tycoon
Why do people insist on generic Jumps when there are actual media?

>> No.47893435

Thanks WC! Looks a lot better now! Is there way to get the Master Blade in the jump?

>> No.47893437

sometimes the generic ones can be more fun. Like the western or wuxia ones. I'm not sure about this one so we will have to see what becomes of it.

>> No.47893443

It's Mad Hatter, not Wild Card.

>> No.47893457

I like Generic Virtual World and Imaginary Friend too.

>> No.47893462

Look, that's just what's in the adoption folder. I can change the title if you want, but it won't change anything in the actual jump.

>> No.47893474

Was there a perk somewhere that let you use one resource pool to power things that normally use a different one? I vaguely remember something like that, but can't seem to find it.

>> No.47893484

My bad. Derp.

>> No.47893489

Many, question about the Arrowverse:
Say you had a pair of wings, from body mod, for instance.
If you take Speedforce, how fast could you fly?

>> No.47893522

Unless your flight equals your running speed, you'll fly at slower speed. If you take like Gravity Fall's flight then you'll be flying as fast as you can run. So you'll be super speed flying.

>> No.47893537

>When you took Bodymod so long ago you thought buying wings could be a good idea.

>> No.47893545

Yeah, not as much as I use to though. Most of my time is spent dabbling with tech or researching magic. Which is training in a sense, as that makes me stronger all around, not just physically.

Training now is less lifting weights and running, and more pushing my abilities to their limits, finding what I can and can't do. Combining abilities and learning new ones is also very important. My time in Civilization will be basically training 24/7 for 12,000 years

>> No.47893565

Overlord light novel version. Seriously fun setting and you can gain a shit load of magic/fighting/rogue skills depending on you're origin.

>> No.47893616

Alright, I seem to have acquired a hollow companion what should her base form look like? She'll obviously evolve over time(especially since I'm gonna feed tons of hollows and bach to her probably more quincy than just him, but definitely him)

>> No.47893631

o 300 church, Angel
o Avacyn will protect
o Benevolent protection
o 200 Archmage
o 200 Blessing
o 300 take shelter beneath my wings
o 100 Warding
o 100 Gather to me
o 1000 Protector
o +1200 All Hail Gitrog, In Need of a Protector, Lab Escape, Suspicious Lot

Note: Previous jumps don't matter, I took a shadows drawback. Suspicious lot is free points, for the same reason.

I'm going to summon an Avacyn equivalent protector(she's dead, so it isn't prevented, and griselbrand is either dead or gone, but either way not in the Helvault). Mine's more of a teacher, than a protector, building up their own ability to handle things, helping people cure curses like lycanthropy or vampirism if they want to... but also fully aware that killing a thousand vampires now would keep her from needing to kill ten thousand over the next centure... (aka wiping them out by 'cure' or kill will ultimately keep more vampires from dying, much less humans)... though she's not going to start on that policy immediately.

Anyway, my Angel deals with Gitrog, then we resurrect Avacyn (white magic is good at that), and I stay pretty much in the background, gathering scrolls and such for learning other sorts of magic. Post jump, I'll explore the other 4 colors more.

>> No.47893664

MFW I read that as "pokesluts" at first.

>> No.47893687

Do you have something you want to tell us many perhaps a furry little secret?

>> No.47893715

God my jumper isn't that far gone as to resort to sentient animals. He gives them human or robotic forms first.

>> No.47893720

Conjoined Conjures from Card Captor Sakura lets you do that, but only with magic.

>> No.47893728

I have a problem, /jc/. I promised and alluded to adding setting imports to Generic Parenting. Thing is, there seems to be no way to do this without opening a can of worms or five.

Make it like SOL? Trying to balance that with any current perks or powers.

Attach to a jump? Supplements like that were tried long before I came here, and nobody is okay with those.

Mini-Return option? Stepping on the Warehouse toes.

I'm stumped. What do.

>> No.47893749


Robot forms? We talking like Jack x Arcee? Or more platonic?

>> No.47893752

You realise that violates the avacynian religion in the most horrific manner? they hate revives.

>> No.47893760

Leave it as is. You've already got the dice roll letting you import on an 8, why break it?

>> No.47893776

Thanks for the reply!
I will go with Overlord then.

-Location: Carne Village
-Age: 16 (damn i´m young again)
-Race: Demon (-400)
-Background: Player / Magic Caster
-Tolerance for evil (free)
-Personal Inventory (-50)
-Themed Aesthetics(-50)
-Shared Language(Free)
-The 42 Supreme Being (-1000, damn!)
-Level one hundred (Free)
-Class Skills (Arcane Caster)
-Items: Ring of Ainz Ooal Gown (Free)
-Companions: Homunculus Maid
-Foreigner (+100)
-Smug Prick (+100)
-Cartoonishly Evil (+300)
At the End: Falling from the World Tree
I am doing this right?

>Everyone who isn´t from Nazarick is shit SHIIIIT!!

>> No.47893784

demon discount from supreme being you have 300 cp left

>> No.47893822


>> No.47893851

You get a 300CP discount from 42nd on your race. Also being a player gives you a further 50% off from the leftover cost.

I'd suggest buying some of the Magic Caster perks. Both the Dark Wisdom and Abyss of Magic perks are pretty powerful.
Realm of Heroes is also an option, since it stacks with your free level 100.

You also get a free NPC companion with 400cp and both level 100 and Realm of Heroes free if you have those, thanks to 42nd.

>> No.47893862

Wait, what?

Son of a bitch, I knew I forgot something. That line was in the doc before I dummied out my initial draft of setting imports. It refers to a feature that doesn't exist yet.

Is this what it feels like to be Bethesda?

>> No.47893869

It's not a bug, it's a feature.

>> No.47893879

Really? thanks for point it out. i will take Embroiled in Politics instead of Foreigner.
Innate Talent:
-Create Magic Items
-Use any Magic Item.

>> No.47893892

>>shoving magic down her throat at every chance
Elona's Magical Body perk and Negima's Gift of the Thousand Master. Just something to consider.

>> No.47893906

I wish I could somehow bring the Etherwind to every setting I visit.

>> No.47893914

Actually part of my combo for magic body.

>> No.47893930

If you're still here, do the powers offered by the demon races qualify as magic/spiritual for the purpose of perks that enhance those kinds of abilities? For example would a Herald's aura/other powers be boosted by Gift of the Thousand Master from Negima or a Human Soul from Undertale? Both?
Would either boost their physical abilities as well, since the abilities of a Demon are provided by their 'Demonic Power'?
And finally, for a Herald's Aura, does it hurt everything it touches, including your allies, or can you control what it destroys? Does it affect nonorganic matter, like rocks/metal/robots etc.?

>> No.47893941


What would be the difference in power versus a demon fusion perk and having a Demon Companion make a Magatama for me and me using it?

Like, innately would the fused with demon be more powerful? Since I didn't beat Nocturne so I'm having trouble understanding how does turning a human into Demi-fiend like thing work. I mean, I clearly won't have the levels of power of Demi-Fiend, but...

Does it have to be SMT human or any human alt form?

...Wait, so wait, I think I got it. The Demon Fusion with Dormant Power gives the jumper a WEAKER way weaker version of the Magatama that Demi Fiend has, and the only thing that determines how powerful said fusion is is the Magatama itself, and you simply get tattoos and a horn no matter what Magatama you use?

If so, how hard would it be to find a Magatama of similar level of power as the one from Dormant Power + Demon Fusion? It's clearly weaker than the Demi-FIend one, but more powerful than regular fusion.

>> No.47893967

Rolled 8 (1d8)

28 Bleach
Age 16
Karakura Town
Keikaku Dori, Slaughter Mode, Creative -150, More Power -200, Spirit Power -400, Soul Builder -400,
Hell Butterfly Eggs, Portal to The Spirit Realm, Suppression Cloak -50, Hollow(Female, Regeneration), Kido Book -400, Quincy Tomes -400,
Quincy Target +1000, Hollow Target,
This place is insane, and now I've got a soul devouring horned masked red headed woman named Ruari following me around. Hmm, she's not too bad, she doesn't seem interested in most of the ghosts, though she ate the ghost of some fool who tried to mug me(seems he has a couple friends, better look into this). She also eats the hollows that are constantly attacking me(though at first I had to weaken or imobilize them for her). Well, off to meet the wizard, and by wizard I mean Urahara. I'm gonna tell him everything I can remember about the Bleach manga and anime, why? because it wouldn't surprise me if he believed me and helped me to derail certain parts of the plot. Not to mention he's a great choice for teaching me more about soul building and his buddy can help me to learn Kido which should make it easy for me to learn from my books. Not to mention I'll offer to store the macguffin in my warehouse so we can claim it's been taken out of this reality when Aizen goes looking for it. Either way I'll probably copy it so I can eventually turn Ruari into an arrancar. I fed Bach to Ruari my second year here, it gave her quite the boost.
1 Changeling the Lost
2 Teen Titans
3 Madoka
4 Weird Wild West
5 Johnny Test
6 Final Fantasy XIV
7 Innistrad
8 Squirrel and Hedgehog

>> No.47893972

W-Woah, the 42 is really op.
I will take Realm of Heroes too then.
Suddenly, my maid is pretty powerfull...

>> No.47893993

I didn't, no. Looking at the cards after posting, I did get some idea, though a number of Spirits coming back are regarded as good things in flavor text, so I'd assume Angels would too.

>> No.47893994

Squirrel and Hedgehog. I have no clue what to think about this. God of War takes it's place in the queue.

>> No.47894024

So, what do you guys think would happen if I tied a not-Avacyn to the First Flame in Dark Souls?

>> No.47894030

So reposting, due to only having Ansem's input last thread:

Abyssal Semblance + Kingdom Hearts' Heartless summoning perks, to combine Grimm & Heartless into one unit.


>> No.47894069

That seems like a BAD idea

>> No.47894075

Tell her to draw red mana from it and protect it she will eventually become a flaming angel.

>> No.47894078

So what IS Kingdom Hearts? In the context of people mentioning using Keyblades to unlock it?

>> No.47894086

She'd start chucking people into the fire whenever it starts to die. But since 3 implies that the fire is weaker and weaker every time, she'll eventually get to the point where she's depopulating countries to feed it. Plus since 3 also shows that the First Flame has been summoning Lords of Cinder to stop kindlings after a while, she'll have to frequently fend off the thing she's protecting. Finally, since 3 also implies that the Flame has started to send visions to the Firekeepers to let it die and go out, it's likely it'll do the same to her and drive her mad like Avacyn herself.

So don't do it.

The worst.

>> No.47894104


The heart of all worlds.

>> No.47894113

Heart of all World, and a source a great power. Beyond that I've got nothing.

>> No.47894161


Yes but to what degree.

>> No.47894168

If people and worlds can be said to have hearts, then Kingdom Hearts is the heart of the universe. It is effectively the most powerful heart, dwarfing all other hearts in power, and would grant anyone who could harness it incredible strength and knowledge of all things.

Beyond that, it gets pretty vague.

>> No.47894179

What specialization did you all choose for the Witchcraft perk in Narnia?
I'm can't choose between 'healing' and 'do the work of a hundred labourers with a flick of your wrist'.

>> No.47894189

An extreme one. You have creatures that feed off of negative emotions and seek to kill all humans combined with the personified darkness in people's hearts that actively seeks other hearts to consume and propagate its kind.

>> No.47894215

Are drop-ins human for squirrel and hedgehog? Are the animals standard animal sizes or are they all human sized? This setting is weird as fuck, my hollow might eat it.

>> No.47894225

They count as both, but I'm of the mind that particular example would require something which directly boosts magnitude/allows for overcharging, rather than simple maximum capacity.

You can not control what it targets. Sorry.

The physical, mental, and spiritual effects are all tied together. Since walls don't have a mind or soul, the light simply passes through them. That is to say, it goes through any matter unless said material comprises the body of a thinking being, in which case it is harmed.

Just in case: if you go to a setting like Worm, where it is possible to say souls do not exist, all it needs to target them is a mind.

I'm pretty sure I've said enough about both for a ruling to be inferred. Not trawling through 4plebs to find my own statements. Sorry.

I can tell you the Magatama will give you faster growth though.

Okay, the deal is, a demon-fusee is part-human part-demon. Being a demon grants them great power, while being human grants them great potential. Both of those aspects are diminished in this manner of being.

A Demi-Fiend, on the other hand, has the full power of a demon through his Magatama and the full potential of a human by remaining such in spirit and mind (as regular fusion corrupts both of those aspects towards the demonic).

While a demon-fusee has much more power to start with, a Demi-Fiend gains power through growth even faster and in greater quantities.

That is correct.

Considering that if you (or a Companion) buy Sacrificial Bestowment, you'll literally be the only person in the local multiverse capable of making Magatama?


>> No.47894235

They're a range from toddler to cartoon beefcake human sized.

>> No.47894253

Wait, even after the Flame inevitably dies in 3, it still eventually comes back and starts a new Age of Fire, right?

>> No.47894274

Can I eat it?

>> No.47894280

Healing is common. I'd say pick the "work of a hundred" option .

>> No.47894292

Depends on what ending you go for. In truth, we don't know what happens in the endings where it's killed instead of simply unkindled. Some people speculate that it'll lead to another Age of Dragons type era where a new First Flame will someday coalesce, but we have no information and no way of ever knowing. It's up to you for now, unless the DLC gives us some more information.

>> No.47894296

Thousand Master and a Human SOUL do directly boost magnitude, so that's fine.
And would they boost their physical abilities?
Sorry for the barrage of questions by the way and thanks for the awesome jump!

>> No.47894305

Yes, actually.

>> No.47894316

So insanely strange.
Are drop-ins human here though? cause it doesn't list a species which implies human, I think. If human I can use the import option to grant human form to companions. I'm not messing with my mind by not going drop-in, not in this place. It seems about as sane as food fight.

>> No.47894325

Pretty sure you stay human.

>> No.47894332

Does that mean that if the enemy is a non-intelligent murderbot, the Herald Aura wouldn't harm them at all?

>> No.47894359

>Evil killing-machines that lack a soul

>Souls that have fallen to darkness which lack a body

It almost sounds like mashing these two together would create, like, a complete being? Like, you'd end up with, depending on how you look at it, either a Grimm with a soul or a Heartless with a body? Kind of like how putting a Heartless and a Nobody back together revives the original person?

Just to be contrarian, I'm going to argue you'd create an entirely new being that has the same potential for good or evil as anyone else, though with an affinity for darkness, and that would be different enough that your abilities wouldn't necessarily allow you to control them.

>> No.47894369

After a lot of thought, I finally considered what it was I really wanted to be able to do as a spellcaster, and chose transmogrification.

So, effectively, I specialize in turning people into things. I cite the Voyage of the Dawn Treader, where Edmund gets turned into a dragon, as evidence that this magic exists.
I mostly use it to be a jerk.

If you can find it, I guess.
Most of Xehanort's grand master plans are just an attempt to do just that. It's sealed away behind some retarded metaphysical barrier that requires like three different kinds of keyblades to unlock or something.
So just do that or cheat.

I still lean towards SOL, mainly because back when I watch watching you talk about it you kept mentioning wanting to make the jump in that vein.

I don't think it's really possible to balance it in comparison to other jumps.

>> No.47894372

Nope. Heartless are hearts. Nobodies are what happens to your mind and soul.

>> No.47894378

nice, makes the import option useful. Human altforms for everyone! To quickly be turned into immortal cyborg vamwere anghellic monsters.

>> No.47894382

That is one of the worst ideas I've heard in some time. Ignoring the obviously suicidal ones, anyway.

I approve.

I should ask Spyro or Hatty if I can summon the Chi heartless sometime.

...I'd say yes, yes.

That is correct.

>> No.47894397

I went with "counter-curses," which sounds both like it has a large amount of applications and is narrow enough that I'd get an okay amount of knowledge.

>> No.47894403

Have you played Chi, SMTAnon? Can you tell us anything about what lore it has added or changed?

>> No.47894417

I think part of the problem here is that Kingdom Hearts uses different terminology than a lot of other media. Like, what they define as a "heart" would be called a "soul" in a lot of other series. And souls in Kingdom Hearts are pretty similar to just "will."

>> No.47894441

>It seems about as sane as food fight.
Less so. Food Fight isn't propaganda cartoon, it's just a shitty animation with an extremely terrible plot.

You know what would make a great cartoon jump?
Sausage Party

>> No.47894444

Sorry, but no.

I actually just want to summon cutesy candy Heartless to see people's reactions.

>> No.47894446

So /jc/, over the course of your chain, how many genders have you been?


>> No.47894454


>> No.47894457

>So just do that or cheat.
Eh, I was mostly just curious. Even setting aside the fact that that sounds cartoonishly evil, it seems like that would probably collapse all of reality and end in a jump failure?

>> No.47894481

If we're counting neuter as a gender and not a lack of gender, five.

>> No.47894493

I can only imagine 4. Male, female, both, and neither. What's your supposed 5th?

>> No.47894510

Two if you count "Not a Gender" when I was an Evangalian Angel

>> No.47894512

Attack Helicopter?

>> No.47894523

Some alien species in various media have separate genders that are their own thing. Andorrans from Star Trek think have four, but there are others.
I assume that's what they mean.

>> No.47894528

Would gender identity even be important to someone who's existed for god knows long and regularly reincarnates into new lives and worlds?

You know, flipping a coin to determine sex for non-drop-in origins could be an interesting house rule for writing.

>> No.47894540

I identify as cruiserkin and this post offends me.
Delete it.

>> No.47894541

Apparently when you consider that even some of our long term jumpers stubbornly stick to their starting gender even as shapeshifters.

>> No.47894545

100% Man all the way

>> No.47894557


What if you companied an Aspect of Lucifer that you get from the drawback in Devil Survivor if you beat real Lucifer, who isn't even using full power, imported him, and had him make a Magatama?

Oh wait, no. I'm trying to make things too complex when answer is easy. Correct me if I'm wrong:

Fake-Demi-Fiend Magatama is just power boost, that increases up till level cap of 77, and gives you demi-fiend appearance cuz Magatama use.

I also was completely blind and forgot about "You will be able to unlock abilities your original demon race would give you." Which would let me understand it earlier. Goddamit, it's just an increase in power up to a certain point, which won't change much for jumper who surpassed that level. Hm.

Also, I just looked at Dante's attacks in SMT in his level 60 appearance and holy shit, he already has several elemental attacks.

The battle will be tough.

>> No.47894567

Oh, I never went hermaphrodite. I was just at one time a member of a species that had three genders: male, female, and incubator. I was never incubator, but I tried out both male and female. Pretty functionally similar to being a human male, admittedly.

>> No.47894571

At least 5
Male, Female, Both, Neither, Shoggoth

If robots and energy beings count as 'genders' then seven, I guess.

>> No.47894600

Ah, Star Trek just like >>47894523 speculated.

If I went that road I'd probably stick with incubator, I imagine their 'female' has some kind of ovipositor organ and that's a no go.

Unfortunately my race roll that jump was for one of those ugly bug-eyed lizard people.

>> No.47894615

SMT Anon, I am still pissy about the obvious lies in SMT Jump:

"Delving into game terms for a bit, Dormant Power gives

you a maximum Level Cap of 99. Each Perk boosted by it removes 22 from that and turns it into raw power upfront.

On the upside, you CAN choose not to boost the effect of a given Perk, if you are willing to work and struggle and

suffer to attain even greater heights."

Yet you said several times that a jumper with a perk boosted will have more power than a jumper with level 99 and Dormant power.


>> No.47894635

Physical sex, probably both at varying points and occasionally things that are sexless.

Gender, I imagine, stops mattering after you've acquired a certain level of shapeshifting, and have been so many different people and species in so many different worlds and cultures. I don't want to sound tumblr-ey here, but I'd think that after a while you'd reach a point where you don't really care anymore, and that you'd be "yourself" more than any specific label.

>> No.47894638


>> No.47894659

Fucking triggered.

>> No.47894697

I dunno. Maybe? It seems like a thing that would probably upset reality.

But I've long since lost the ability to detect when people are joking.

It doesn't matter.
Nothing matters.

>> No.47894713

You matter to me.

>> No.47894743

Yee... haw? Don't have anything to say, but whatever your plan is, it should be alright.

A Jumper who Boosts to get upgraded Primordial Might, Demon Summoner, and Sacrificial Bestowment will be weaker.

A Jumper who Boosts to get upgraded Demonic Fusion, Demonic Infusion, and The Eight-Forked Drunkand's Shadow will start out weaker.

I'll give you Boosted Chosen of Raphael.

But shut up though. It's fine.

It's fine.

>> No.47894757

You know, the talk about KH and MtG has got me wondering something...
>creatures without bodies or souls
>they only take on the semblance of an appearance in the world they enter
>without any elemental alignment
>seek to endlessly devour worlds
...are the Heartless a fourth Eldrazi?

>> No.47894862

who would the titan be?

>> No.47894963

Can I choose for the Magatama to be weaker at mastery than I was at the time of its creation?

>> No.47894983

Something out there we haven't seen.

>> No.47894985

Fanwank it with Toggle.

>> No.47894997

Not impossible period, but putting a limiter on those you empower is not supported natively.

Conjoined Conjure/Temple of Thought/Favor of Tashlan your SMT magic with a system able to create limiting artifacts and it should be possible.

Or this.

>> No.47895025

Nothing's ever mattered. That's no reason to give up, though.

>> No.47895035

Rolled 5 (1d8)

29 Squirrel and Hedgehog!
Age 26
Attitude Adjustment, My Unit, Sir(Minerva[Drop-In, Human, Attitude Adjustment, Magnet Sight -100, Danger Close -200], Matilda[Drop-In, Human, Attitude Adjustment, Magnet Sight -100, Danger Close -200], Kumoko[Drop-In, Human, Attitude Adjustment, Magnet Sight -100, Danger Close -200], Naosu[Drop-In, Human, Attitude Adjustment, Magnet Sight -100, Danger Close -200], Emma[Drop-In, Human, Attitude Adjustment, Magnet Sight -100, Danger Close -200], Pixie[Drop-In, Human, Attitude Adjustment, Magnet Sight -100, Danger Close -200], Ruari[Drop-In, Human, Attitude Adjustment, Magnet Sight -100, Danger Close -200], Rhyannon[Drop-In, Human, Attitude Adjustment, Magnet Sight -100, Danger Close -200])-200, Internal Map -50, Magnet Sight -100, Danger Close -200, My Little Eye -300,
Uniform, Sidearm, Currency -50, Infinite Seeds -50, PDA -100, Comfy Shoes -100, Amazing Coat -150, Garden Bed -300,
No Back-Up +300, Looks are Everything +300,
This place is ridiculous. Well, all my companions have human form now, so that's good. Bounty hunters and other assholes attack us pretty much whenever we go out, so plenty of souls for Ruari to eat(they are pretty puny souls though). Most of our time is spent in the bar and working in the garden.
1 Changeling the Lost
2 Teen Titans
3 Madoka
4 Weird Wild West
5 Johnny Test
6 Final Fantasy XIV
7 Innistrad
8 God of War

>> No.47895060

Who did I harm so in a past life that I'm going to Johnny Test? Maybe I shouldn't have fed so many propaganda puppets to my hollow.

>> No.47895137

So I have this long convoluted plan to buy the souls of all Kyubeis race in madoka in exchange for a perpetual energy generator so they could have all the power they want without this entire magical girl foolishness but my question is, what would you use a shittonne (technical term) of QB souls for?

>> No.47895171

So here is a question:

How powerful is the Lucifer in Lucifer Drawback from Devil Survivor, because it clearly states that you will have to win against him.

Will having Dormant Power and Demonic Fusion or just Dormant Power and level cap be enough to match him, combined with jumper powers?

For Devil Survivor, it says you COULD make a lesser copy of the Demon Summoning Server since you can't take Babel. So wait, Can you store beings in it and take them with you, or it works like Compendium in SMT?

>> No.47895177

eat them? feed them to a pet? convert them into mantra and store them in batteries? enchant a bunch of stuff? create a few mythals?

>> No.47895194

They don't have them, or at least they claim not to. That's the reason they give as to why they can't just harvest their own souls for perpetual energy, if it matters so much to them.

>> No.47895219

Alright, so, Kingdom Hearts build I'm working on. This is intended for very early in my chain. Like, 4th, and I don't know how suicidal this is. I think doing this jump so early makes the drawback choices actually somewhat bearable, but please tell me how stupid this is.

>Chose Twilight Town
>Wielder, Human, 10+8=18 years old (700)
>All the free perks (free)

>Protagonist's Endurance (600)
>A Key to Any Lock (0)
>The Best Defense (-100)
>Unwieldy Weapons (-400)
>Choose Wisely (Sword) (free)
>Dive into the Heart (free)
>Your Adventure Begins At (Midday) (-500)
>Don't Ever Change (-650)
>Last Chance (-850)
>Light My Way (-1150)
>Scan (-1200)

>Nomura Brand Outfit (free)
>Paopu Fruit Seeds (free)
>Potions (free with 50CP orb)
>Ethers (free with 50CP orb)
>Elixir (free with 100CP orb)
>Megalixirs (free with 200CP orb)
>Black Cloak (Combined with Nomura Brand Outfit) (free with 100CP orb)

>Wooden Sword (100CP version, free with training weapon orb)
>Keyblade (free)
>Keyblade build is still up in the air
>Where Are My Keys? X1 (free with weapon orb)
>Trinity (free, builds are still up in the air)

>Castle Oblivion (-900)
>Summon Gem (-600)
>Part of a Whole (0) (Rolled 1d2=2, I have a Nobody)


>> No.47895221


Use their talent for having horrible ideas to develop a method for telling if something is safe to attempt or not.

>> No.47895230

Eat them. They're probably too weak to power you up, but I bet they taste good.

Like... vanilla ice cream with some strawberry mixed in!

>> No.47895246

They dont have emotions or claim not to. They never mention souls.

>> No.47895247

Not that anon, but that actually makes sense.
They don't generally have emotions either, so maybe those two things are related?

Emotions are symptom of possessing a soul.
An energy leak of sorts. Improper containment. Like a shoddy nuclear reactor.

>> No.47895251

Like I mentioned, this is a very early jump, so Summon Gem doesn't actually hurt me that much, and I think all these points are enough that I CAN get by with what I bought here. Same with Castle Oblivion, I didn't actually lose that many memories and Summon Gem means I won't lose control of what few abilities I did have. Similarly, the fact that I had next to no combat prowess before coming here means my Nobody isn't actually that much stronger than me, so my hope is that me and my Trinity companions working together can beat it. The kind of stunt-ish thing I want to try, however, is to help my Nobody. The exact wording on the drawback is "defeat," not something like "kill" or "destroy." I'm choosing to interpret that as meaning I can "defeat" it by helping it with its issues and using the A Heart to Call my Own metaphysics of the setting to befriend it and help it become its own person. We're still going to fight a lot, yeah, and there'll be a lot of danger, but this'll be a happier ending.

Probably the hardest part of this jump is when I'm just starting out, since I won't have the companions from Trinity to help watch my back, and the memory loss will probably have me more than a bit confused. I'm banking on my endurance, willpower, magic key-sword and combat-rolling to keep me alive until I find my bearings and meet up with my buddies, then we can really get started. The next ten years will probably be spent traveling, killing Heartless, helping with the plot when we can, and trying to find and "friendship" my Nobody in the face whenever we get the chance.

>> No.47895263

Storm Hawks!

>> No.47895291

It's implicit. Given that the actual energy harvesting system has nothing directly to do with emotion, I'm fairly certain the actual barrier to harvesting them is that they don't have souls, and emotions are just a symptom of possessing a soul. They harvest Grief Seeds, Grief Seeds are charged by destroying souls, the only place emotions come into play is to produce more witches when a magical girl gets too angsty (which isn't even necessary, as witches can reproduce on their own through familiars, so what the hell, Incubators?).

>> No.47895322

>what the hell, Incubators?

Their system is basically as grimderp as possible.

>> No.47895339

Who made Devil Survivor jump?

>> No.47895360

Devil Survivor anon. He made DS 1, DS 2, and Digital Devil Saga... Last I heard there was supposed to be a part 2 for that, but he seems to have disappeared now.

>> No.47895363

Such is the problem with Urobuchi. He's got a real hard on for the "the system is horrible but it's impossible to do anything better so just shut up and accept the villains winning" plot. Not all of his stuff is like that, Gargantia had a nice enough ending, but it's really common in his work. And it's so annoying. If a Neo-Heisei Kamen Rider Part 2 jump gets made, I am going to take so much pleasure in killing DJ Sagara.

>> No.47895391

Rolled 4 (1d8)

30 Johnny Test
Age 18
NO!, This Is Stupid! -100, You Can't Do That! -200, Get Real! -300,
Actual Money(250000$)-400,
Stay in the bar, drink and hang out with my companions. Work on little projects in the warehouse. Refuse to let Ruari eat anyone so as not to lose the chain. Let what little plot there is take care of itself.
1 Changeling the Lost
2 Teen Titans
3 Madoka
4 Weird Wild West
5 Raildex Magic
6 Final Fantasy XIV
7 Innistrad
8 God of War

>> No.47895393

Ot is explicitly stated that the energy os from the emotions of the girls. At no point is it ever said that the energy comes from souls.

>> No.47895403

I'm noticing a distinct trend of alcoholism in the chain...

>> No.47895424

Toussaint's Finest is missing lines or something. Just cuts off.

>> No.47895430

Implicit my ass they flat out say that the energy is harvested from young girls emotions and that they choose young girls because they get so emotional.

>> No.47895434

Did Urobuchi get to write a Kamen Rider series or something?

>> No.47895444

Yes, and Kyubey lies all the time. What we see happening takes precedence over what is said. Witches feed themselves by eating souls, Magical Girls harvest the Grief Seeds from the Witches to feed themselves, Incubators drain off the excess. We see this happen. So either it's all a complicated farce, in which case my "What the hell, Incubators?" objection increases in volume about a dozen decibels, or Kyubey isn't telling the truth about it being emotion that's being harvested. It requires less falsehood for it to be the thing we only have told to us and not seen be the lie, so I'm going with Occam's Razor on this one.

>> No.47895448

Kamen Rider Gaim.

Full of backstabbing, betrayal, and FRUIT NINJAS.

>> No.47895470

Weird Wild West, awesome a place I won't hate! Need a new 4.
Well, some of the jumps I've had rather lend themselves to me not going out and about. This place even had the nerve to disallow exterminatus as an option. The dice told me that they barely managed to survive my noninterference and that there was character death out there but noone chain ending. This shithole was nearly chain ending even without me killing those wretched creatures.

>> No.47895475

The canon answer is emotions your headcanon does not matter.

>> No.47895481

Replaced the age roll with a 'choose whatever'.

Reason for this was because of the option of going from sitcom to sitcom for a thousand years.Figure it's a bit more fun if you can be an old dude in one sitcom and then a little kid in the next.

Makes some of the loadout stuff a bit weird but then it'd be the place for a kid to own a motorbike.

>> No.47895485

No wonder it was so terrible.

Why would they let that guy near a show for kids? They know his body of work, they know he's not capable of any other tone but misery.

>> No.47895490

Do your reasoning is "the canon is a lie because I say so" sorry anon but thats bullshit.

>> No.47895491

Yeah, he wrote Kamen Rider Gaim. And Gaim is great, it's one of the best Riders in recent memory...until you get to the incredibly unsatisfying ending where the villain gets away with his plot and nothing is changed. I mean, Earth is saved from being consumed by the Garden like Helheim was, but only at the price of throwing yet another planet under the bus. DJ Sagara goes on to keep eating worlds in his endless attempts to force them to evolve, nothing matters in the grand scheme of things.

>> No.47895504

>Need a new 4

>> No.47895507

What are the most powerful appearance perks?

>> No.47895509

No, my reasoning is that the canon gives two conflicting explanations, and the one that requires less bending of the facts to be true is probably the right one.

>> No.47895511

Im the guy who made the original post about souls and Sorry if it doesnt make sense to you but the show says emotions not souls so Im going by what the show says thank you.

>> No.47895535

The character that lies constantly says emotions and not souls. Why are people so eager to take the villainous manipulator at his word? I never understood that.

>> No.47895541

Fair enough. Aquaria?

>> No.47895547

>I mean, Earth is saved from being consumed by the Garden like Helheim was, but only at the price of throwing yet another planet under the bus.
>from being consumed by the Garden
DJ Red confirmed.

>> No.47895567

DJ's sense of fashion is bad though.

>> No.47895573

Oh, don't even joke. I don't even want to think about what would happen if Helheim Spores got into the garden of a jumper. So many nightmares would result.

>> No.47895577

>implying Red's fashion isn't bad
>implying she hasn't been consuming entire lands and civilizations with her Garden already
>implying Sagara isn't simply the competition

>> No.47895582

Probably Beautiful Sorrow from Skulduggery Pleasant. It's . . . pretty crazy.

>There's god-tier, and then there's you. You're pretty. So pretty, in fact, that one glimpse of
you can literally enthrall the average person, regardless of sexual orientation or whether or
current relationship status. In fact they'd be plenty willing to give you everything they own
and devote the rest of their life to serving you. The strong-willed can resist this, and those
aware of the nature of your beauty can build up a resistance, over time. They still think
you're smokin', though. Also, this comes with no ability to tone down your beauty, and any
attempts to hide it will only ever be partially effective, so good luck going incognito when
eyes are literally drawn to you, or having a conversation while people are drooling over you.
After your ten years are up, you'll have control over this effect, and can even switch it off, if
you want. You'll still be whiplash inducingly hot, though.

>> No.47895586

didn't have it so I looked in the drive. What the hell is this? Some sort of gauntlet? Or is it like LoT? A pseudo gauntlet capable of ending a chain? It says version .1 yet it's in the finished folder?

>> No.47895607

Well alright. Because the Mantras in the Mantra section of Digital Devil Saga are confusing me slightly.

It says you get the Celestial thing Mantra from defeating Five gods, but the Drawback only mentions four of them.

It also says you can get discounts on Mantras, but doesn't say what Background discounts what or how to determine it.

Also, someone can give me measure of power of Demi-FIend, as it has a drawback to fight him, and then to COMPANION HIM, although weakened....

Oh god. COmpanion Demi-Fiend. Give him Sacrificial Bestowment.

>> No.47895614

I'll add it to my collection for now I guess.

>> No.47895615

Please, punctuate your sentences with commas and apostrophes.

Furthermore, please don't capitalize your words at random.

Thank you.

>> No.47895618

dirge did that kind of thing so he would always be able to change his jumps by claiming they're not version 1. It's finished, as finished as it'll ever be

>> No.47895619

Pseudo-gauntlet. And the .1 is just Dirge being Dirge. He says everything that he isn't 100% happy with is an "unfinished" work, it's meant to be jumped at this point.

>> No.47895630

Having discussed possible future installments for Kamen Rider with Digger he's pretty emphatic Gaim will be separate from his multi-Rider jumps. Beyond that he was uncertain quite what to do with it last we spoke on the matter.

>> No.47895644

Anon. You don't just take the 'most powerful' Appeance perks. You take ALL of them.

...That said, the one in Skulduggery Pleasant is damn good. >>47895582

There's also one in Akame ga Kill, called Most Powerful, Most Beautiful that links your appearance to your power. The more powerful you are the more beautiful, and vice-versa.

>> No.47895646

[Worm - Biosculpter] - Grants perfect touch based limited only by your knowledge of what you are doing, biomass and psychical laws. Post-jump you can use this on yourself.

[Geneforge - Innate Genetic Understanding + ReShaping] Allows you to play with magical genetics.

[Starcraft Zerg - Essence Spinner + Organic Database] Now you can play with zerg bullshit like anti-gravity tumors, SOD breaking growth rates, ignoring the squared cubed law, and bottomless aid bladders.

[Prototype - Infected] Mainly there for biomass storage, but you can also nom memories and skills.

[Franken Fran - Monstrous Charisma]
>"Look like a wandering pile of teeth and garbage? It's what's on the inside that counts. A boost to primal charm and have your people skills be unhindered by any physical defects or abnormalities from here on!"

Hows that for a Shub Niggurath build? Anything I missed?

>> No.47895647

Because its the only thing in the show to go by except headcanon.

Canon explaination always trumps headcanon no matter how stupid and grimderp it is.

>> No.47895651

HELLO GOOD SIR HAVE YOU SEEN MY LIST. http://pastebin.com/0xRshbgz

Bitch, I would assimilate HIS forest. He's going to have to take a back seat.

>> No.47895663

K, I'll set it up to be next added to the queue after aquaria then. Not sure at all what it's about, but I need a break from sanity checks after propaganda fight and johnny testing my patience.

>> No.47895670

As a heads up, Toussaint's Finest is cut off halfway through its description.

>> No.47895673

Toussaint’s finest(50: Free for drop in, may be purchased up to four times) It appears that
you have been lucky enough to be granted the opportunity to gain

Got a problem here Mad Hatter!

>> No.47895684

>anti-gravity tumors
Ever since I told Ancilla to add the Corruptors to the imaged list.
the anti-gravity cancer has haunted me. Why Blizzard. Why do you do this.

>> No.47895688

Seems viable, especially with loophole abuse regarding your Nobody and your Summon Gem. I have a similar build early on, and I think I can probably survive it. The one question is whether you might want to consider the Drive Clothes instead of the potions. Brave and Wisdom forms are some excellent survivability early on, especially because they fully heal you when you enter them.

>> No.47895689

Yes, and observed canon events always trump canon explanations. Explanations are just words, events are facts.

>> No.47895697

It's like Kojima explaining everything with nanomachines when people were just fine with the supernatural before.

>> No.47895699

Got any more lists? Seems pretty useful.

>> No.47895740

Either the one from red alert or supreme commander.

>> No.47895755

I haven't beat Nocturne.

How powerful is Demi Fiend?

>> No.47895780

Very! He ends the universe.

>> No.47895788

To put it in comparison, a poorly built Demi-Fiend with mid-tier demons is the optional superboss of DDS. If he stops fucking around, he instantly obliterates you.

>> No.47895791

Lookin' good, sonny.

I'd also grab Physiomancy from Shadow Ops, Body Reshaping in Akame ga Kill, and Saiseya-related perks in Toriko.

>> No.47895797

We can go back and forth with this all day but your "observed facts" have no basis. The given explanation is energy from emotions where QB uses the girls till they burn out. That is what it says and never is it said otherwise, however you are welcome to your headcanon interpretation in your chain even if it is wrong.

I'm not even the guy asking what to do with asshole alien souls, I just find it stupid that you think your fanwank is somehow more valid than stated facts from the actual show. Now unless you can give a detailed rundown of how incubator tech works you have no real proof. From what the show itself states the incubators basically use grimderp mantra tech.

>> No.47895801

Nope! That's pretty much the only one I have out of necessity. No one's really asked me for anything else.

Ah well. Build.

(Generic Dungeon Builder)
-Background: Novice Dungeon Builder (950CP) -I guess I'm starting out?
-It's Time To Work! (Free) -Get right on top of things!
-Wonder (650CP) (Discount) -Quality improvement if I have fun with it? YES.
-Prototype Heart (550CP) -Speed is of the essence.
-Dungeon Theme: Natural (Free) -It is a part of nature, it is!
-Dungeon Theme: Ruins (450CP) -Also give that nice ancient feel.
-Advanced Theme: Newton's Nightmare (Free) -Changing the gravity could be nice.
-Advanced Theme: Dungeon Towns (150CP) -People live here you know!
-Facilities: Inn (50CP) -Always give people good rest.
-Facilities: Spa (-100CP) -YES, HOT SPRINGS GOOD.
-Facilities: Library (-200CP) (Discount) -Always let them learn.
-Monster Safety (-250CP) -Respawning happens.
-Special Quality: Floormasters (-350CP) -BETTER WATCH OUT, OR BACK TO THE BEGINNING.
-Special Quality: Status Haxers (-400CP) -HOPE YOU GOT STATUS STUFF.
-Special Quality: Smart (-450CP) -They'll fight rather cleverly.
-Special Quality: Adaptability (-550CP) -GET FUCKED.
-A E S T H E T I C (-600CP) -We're always making it look nice.
-Tech Integration (-700CP) (Discount) -Aha. Oh this will be fun.
-Magic Integration (-800CP) (Discount) -WELCOME TO THE MAGIC ZONE.
-My Art Is Dungeons (-1000CP) -And it's gonna be beautiful as fuck.
-Adventurer's Guild (-800CP)
-Public Enemy No. 1 (-600CP)
-Wrath of the World (0CP)
Dice Rolls: The Centerlands
-End Choice: Next Adventure

I'll be honest. I think I'm doing this whole dungeon thing wrong. I tried to design it more like a town that fucks over anyone who's unwelcome more than anything.

>> No.47895804

Demi-fiend can and will subjugate even the most powerful of demons, Lucifer hmself among them, and he'll do it WITH HIS BARE HANDS.

>> No.47895823

Jesus man, it's not like the board doesn't have spoilers I just started watching That series.

>> No.47895824


There's two issues with the 'it's not emotions' theory.

1. If the Incubators used souls instead of emotions Madoka's wish would have made their cycle completely impossible instead of just modifying it. After all she collects souls before they can.

2. The Incubators are repeatedly shown to be complete morons tampering with something they have absolutely no understanding of, and with no understanding of 'This is clearly a horrible idea that will backfire horribly'.

Basically for all of their capabilities the incubators seem too stupid to make something up completely.

>> No.47895833

>(NOTE:ALL perks are raised in power if you become an old Witcher. You have spent such a long time in this world that these perks become much more effective).

Wait. All perks? You mean all Witcher perks, right? It wouldn't help my Sorcerer build?

>> No.47895839


Well, if you take the drawback in Digital Devil Saga, you fight the poorly optimized one, the way he was in Digital Devil Saga, and he joins you, albeit weaker than he was.

How powerful I need to be to win, not counting just the Digital Devil Saga stuff but also stuff from other jumps, or even just SMT jumps and Devil Survivor jumps?

>> No.47895843

I much prefer nanomachines compared to oil-baby-mpreg-Norman-Reedus on the beach.

That video was fucking trippy as balls.

>> No.47895866

Rolled 3 (1d8)

31 Weird Wild West
Age 18
Exiled Chief
Soundtrack, Parlor Trick -100, Regal Bearing -100, Ancestor's Guidance, Trapping and Tracking -200, Hard Drinker -400,
Ten-Gallon Hat, Swindler's Cards -100, Flask of Plenty -100,
Time for adventure! Gonna do quests from my quest book from minecraft here. Should have plenty of fun. Plus I can mine and go to towns and gamble without worrying about people cheating me(since I should have no trouble telling when I'm being cheated after all I know full well how to cheat and my senses are rather ridiculously good). I can also enjoy my own superior bar when I wish and can have rotating groups of my companions joining me in my adventures. This will be a good vacation.
1 Changeling the Lost
2 Teen Titans
3 Madoka
4 Aquaria
5 Raildex Magic
6 Final Fantasy XIV
7 Innistrad
8 God of War

>> No.47895870

Hmm... The main reason I didn't want to take that is because my autism was insisting I upgrade it to Final Form if I did take it, and I needed another 200 CP from somewhere to do that. Do you think dropping Potions, Ethers, Megalixirs, Don't Ever Change, and Scan to take it is a good move?

Also, does anyone know if the cooldowns run on the same timer? I.E., could I, for example, use Wisdom Form or Final Form while Valor Form is disabled?

>> No.47895892


> Sitcom: The Addams Family
> Identity: Oddball
> Humorous [Get a Freebie!]
> Laughter Track [Get a Freebie!]
> One Of The Gang [Get a Freebie!]
> Guest Stars [-50CP]
> Unrealistic Living Arrangements [-50CP]
> Show About Nothing [-200CP]
> Straight (Wo)Man [-100CP]
> Referential [-100CP]
> That Would Be An Ecumenical Matter [Get a Freebie!]
> Giddy Up [-100CP]
> Slacker [-200CP]
> Fish Out Of Water [-300CP]
> Loadout: Oddball [Get a Freebie!]
> You Got Some 'Splainin To Do! [+100CP]

I'm sure there's, like... one or two other sitcoms I'd like to visit, but honestly outside of gaming it for more time I can't think of a lot.
I'm not really into sitcoms.

Anyway, the only one that matters is the Addams Family. Because I'm "One of the Gang", I'm... probably actually a member of the family? I mean, it's the Addams Family. There's not a lot that doesn't involve the family.
Maybe I'm a niece on Gomez's side or something.
That or I'm a con artist pretending to be part of the family and nobody figures it out.
That almost sounds like it'd be a plot from the show. And not the movie where Fester was pretending to be Fester even though he was Fester.

Anyway, I'm an Oddball who everyone likes for no reason, despite laziness and non-reactions. I guess by Sitcom standards I'm very grounded, but occasionally prone to zany schemes that I take 100% seriously.
So, basically I'm Danny DeVito in It's Always Sunny In Philedelphia.
Which I'll probably visit.

>> No.47895905

Madoka. I can dig it, it may be a nightmare fuel environment, but it is still a hell of a lot better than food fight, propaganda fight, johnny testing my sanity, or girlchan. Siren enters the queue.

>> No.47895921

Look, we see it happen. Witches eat people, Meguca eat Witches. At no point do we see emotion involved in the process. Either Kyubey is lying or Urobutchi can't keep his own damn plot details straight. Which...okay, actually it could be the second. I wouldn't put it past him. Fine, Incubators harvest emotion, and everything indicating otherwise is just bad writing.

Can she? I thought Madokami only had authority over the souls of other Meguca, not humanity in general.

>> No.47895936


I have a few question about the Horror Movie jump. Specifically the 'Leather' Bound Spell-Book.

1. How powerful are the monsters the book has instructions on making?

2. Can you use any of them on yourself or companions without it counting as dying and thus ending the chain?

>> No.47895949

Generic dungeon builder question
How does binding work? are we talking duplicates?, are we talking Pokeballs? are we talking power of dominance? I wanted but I have a rule against messing too much with souls especially If it's not to directly aid someone else who's having Soul trouble or if they are not using religion to harm.

>> No.47895969

Don't worry about your autism, man. You don't need all three drives - Megaelixirs, Don't Ever Change, and Scan are all extremely useful, and two forms are still extraordinarily potent. Also, they share a cooldown in game - you build up Drive, which drains when you're transformed. Looks like the items each have separate time-based cool downs, though.

>> No.47896000

How exactly does being an Old Witcher interact with Elder Blood? Also, if you companion Ciri, can you break out of the friend zone or are you stuck there?

>> No.47896010

It's...debatable. Madoka works on a multiversial scale, so any one that can be a magical girl will fall under her supervision. Now, whether that means that every girl, and boy if we take into account the possibility of gender bent universes, falls under that is up for debate.

>> No.47896017

How would you move from sitcom to sitcom?

>> No.47896052

Yes, because the generation of Grief is totally separate from emotions. Also the system doesn't rest on the magucas acting irrationally and eventually having massive break downs.

>> No.47896072

Thank you, I'm glad to see someone who gets it.

>> No.47896073 [SPOILER] 

>pic related

>> No.47896077

I guess that's a good point. Thanks.

>> No.47896100

>Oil baby mpreg
E-excuse me?

>> No.47896128


>> No.47896135

Rolled 2 (1d8)

32 Madoka Magica
Madoka Magica
Age 11
Vain -50
Charisma, Illusion -100, Stop Time -600, Great Potential -600,
Cute Costume, Sexy Costume, Elegant Costume, Practical Costume -50, Idol -200,
Vulnerable, Disaster +300, Cursed +200, Overconfident +100,
Welp, this is interesting. I'm an eleven year old boy that is a magical trap(not going girl for this world or any other where it isn't an isolated alt form and I don't have sufficient shapeshifting to not care about my own gender yet) and an Idol singer? I think my fans think I'm a girl too. I have to fight witches and harvest grief seeds(once I have one I can make a copy every month just in case I need more) and my nanites let me effectively eat magic so I'm fairly certain I can break down and purify the local "corruption" too. Not to mention my mana draining abilities I picked up in vampire diaries. I think my presence is likely to start annoying the incubators after a while. Welp, screw em. I wonder if I can drain their true selves via the avatars they send here? Aw, they sever the connection any time they feel the drain start. At least they are steering clear of me.
1 Changeling the Lost
2 Teen Titans
3 Siren
4 Aquaria
5 Raildex Magic
6 Final Fantasy XIV
7 Innistrad
8 God of War

>> No.47896151

>That video was fucking trippy as balls.
What's that you say? If you enjoyed that, then take a stroll through this one:


>> No.47896155


>Can she? I thought Madokami only had authority over the souls of other Meguca, not humanity in general.

The incubators clearly need to use the Puella Magi cycle for their energy harvesting, and like you said they harvest grief seeds in the pre-Madokami reality.

This is where the issue starts. If the incubators used collecting witch souls for energy, they can't do that if Madoka takes those souls first.

Meanwhile there's no indication that the replacements use soul material, and while Kyubey does consdier the system less efficient than the old cycle when Homura mentioned it that creates another issue.

The Incubators have tools for interacting with soul gems, and nonsense tech that lets them do stuff like block out Madokami from an area. Which means that if the Wraiths did use soul stuff their would be no reason for them to bother with the magical girls.

>Look, we see it happen. Witches eat people, Meguca eat Witches.

Oh and there's the slight issue that Puella Magi don't actually eat witches. They dump some kind of taint into the grief seed, and if they do it too much the Witch revives.

Which is stupid, but like I said the Incubators are morons.

>> No.47896158

Teen Titans! I have no idea what I'm gonna do here there is so much that I want! I need a new 2.

>> No.47896168

>very grounded
>Danny DeVito in It's Always Sunny In Philedelphia

Pick one. Preferably DeVito.

Usual horror movie stuff so more likely to be able to smash up a van than a skyscraper. Guess you could probably make something bigger with enough components. You'd pretty easily start a zombie apocalypse as obviously it'd spread and if you make a vampire they'll probably have some abilities of their own as well. They'll usually have weaknesses as well.

Probably not with this on its own. Maybe with stuff from other settings but it's probably a bad idea.

At will by visiting one of the prominent locations. Explains it (but not very well) in the intro.

>> No.47896194

Have you been to Undertale yet, if not, I suggest it! That, or Soul Eater.

>> No.47896208

>No canon companion discounts for sorceress/sage.
I iz sads.

>Plot of land
So, what does this give for Sorceress/Sage?

>> No.47896221

What are good perks to be famous/reputable?

>> No.47896231


>Usual horror movie stuff so more likely to be able to smash up a van than a skyscraper. Guess you could probably make something bigger with enough components. You'd pretty easily start a zombie apocalypse as obviously it'd spread and if you make a vampire they'll probably have some abilities of their own as well. They'll usually have weaknesses as well.

Would it have instructions for anything besides undead?

Oh also forgot a question.

Would it be possible to use the instructions to help figured out a way to 'counter' the monsters the book can teach you how to make?

>> No.47896234

What else does a Sorceress need other than huge tracts of land?

>> No.47896237

queueing undertale and queueing soul eater for the queue. If I keep saying queue will it stop meaning anything?

>> No.47896286

Moar huge tracts of land, of course.

You're not telling me I can ever have enough, are you?

>> No.47896320

Yeah sure Wolfmen, Swamp Monsters, etc.

I guess but it tends to be pretty on the nose. I mean if you can't work out how to kill a vampire or zombie you're really not trying. Plus it wouldn't necessarily work at all for stuff called vampires or zombies in other settings which are not always the same thing.

>> No.47896339

Que queing no longer meeting the que. I think we need to launch a que d'etat.

>> No.47896341

Guys. If Teen Titans is basically DC, how powerful is the Superman at that point?

I want to dick slap him and knock him out.

>> No.47896363

Jumpchain in a nutshell.

>> No.47896381

I was referring more to the fact that Danny tends not to freak out and panic, not that he's not crazy as hell.
And when he does panic, he usually formulates a (batshit) plan pretty quick.

Although, since the show is mostly about a bunch of trainwrecks of human beings, it varies a little bit on the crazy train, but generally Danny's the man with the plan. After all, he has experience being crazy.

Given that I took the entire Oddball line alongside Straight Man, that's probably the niche I fill.

... also I have Referential, Cultural References from Archer, and Quizboy from Venture Brothers, so I am just a repository of stupid bullshit information that doesn't matter.
Which, if nothing else, makes me seem really well learned for shit that doesn't matter.

>> No.47896386

So long as we don't involve the Q.

>> No.47896396

I see nothing about Waifus in that post
Or the theft of cool items

>> No.47896405

Pretty sure he has already been Supes for ages, he's off dealing with his villains and stuff.

>> No.47896407

What about all the people that asked you for height perks?
Sure, that's died down but you did used to be the go to person for people who wanted to be HUGE!

>> No.47896428

or theft of cool genes

>> No.47896483

Magic really is magical.

>> No.47896498

You know, the sad thing is I am sure there are Jumpers who would scare the Denarians with their evil. Somehow I think the jumpers who turn entire worlds in to philosopher stones and devour people for power and the lols would probably be in a different league of evil.

>> No.47896499

Can the Wyrd staff from the LoT dlc be used to unlock wyrd powers in others?

>> No.47896583

>"Shit, man, all I wanted was for us to rape and murder some people! Not...this, whatever this is. I mean, that used to be someone's rib cage! And hold on, is that a polar bear? What about this required you to do THAT to a polar bear?"

>> No.47896585

I could not agree more.

>> No.47896593

I'm gonna assume you mean turning innocent worlds(aka not roach mars) into philosopher stones and eating innocent souls.

>> No.47896616

Nah. Paying evil unto evil doesn't stop you from ending up as a far, far worse evil.

>> No.47896644

Post more pls we need more of this kind of eldritch freakout.

>> No.47896645


>> No.47896667

One punch has a really good one.

>> No.47896669

hey, those roaches were just gonna go to waste otherwise.

>> No.47896677

The polar bear was needed in order to act as a conduit for my magic. A sympathetic link to create a form of agressive cold. I did that to it because I didnt feel like dealing with it trying to run away.

>> No.47896684

Those are some big, floppy shoes
Like goddamn, how does she move with those things?

>> No.47896697

eating/stealing/otherwise taking custody of the souls most likely to end up in some hell dimension is a good way to deprive said hell dimensions of souls.

>> No.47896807

Magic. This isn't hard, anon.

>> No.47896834

But I am.

>> No.47896840

Put the souls in the bag.

>> No.47896866

Friend of the Media (marvel)
Reputation gone wild (one punch man, but not worth it)
Fan favorite (Generic Fighting Game Jump)
Golden General (Dragonlance)

I am sure there are a ton more but those are the ones I can think of off hand.

>> No.47896963

Buy an afterlife.

>> No.47896965

...in truth I don't remember a lot of people asking for a list of height boosts. Not a lot of people like being giant, or if they do they tend to find some non-perk way to supposedly become absolutely ginormous. Or just go Pac-Rim or make an FFS-Supcom LoT their body.

So there hasn't been a need.

>> No.47897020

Huh. Really?

...If it wouldn't be too much trouble, I'd be very interested in how to get HUGE.

Feel free to ignore that if you don't feel like making a list though.

>> No.47897049

What's supcom?

>> No.47897086

Supreme Commander.

AKA one of the most wanked tech-systems in thread.

>> No.47897094

Oh, but it is.

>> No.47897096

You can get one in the Actraiser jump.

>> No.47897117

Rolled 3 (1d8)

12. Jade Cocoon

- Background: Drop-In
- Age: 30 years old
- Perks: Outdoorsman {Discount, 900}, Divine Barrier {800}, Requiem of Souls {600}
- Items: Hunter's Earring {0}
- Future: Move On

>"This world... just what have the people here done?"

>"Oh, the usual. Angered a nature god, given in to greed and luxury, and generally indulged all the horrible darkness in their hearts, all just as planned for the local Embodiment of Evil. You and your fleet have fun, alright?"


>1. Neo-Heisei Kamen Rider
>2. Wakfu
>3. Cardcaptor Sakura
>4. Fairy Tail
>5. FFTA
>6. Teen Titans
>7. Kirby
>8. Aion

>> No.47897122

Wait, how does being an old witcher work for non-witcher origins?

>> No.47897137

I could try? You'd probably have to wait until next thread as I scour through all 598 jumps I have...

Supreme Commander.

It's got some interesting tech, curious perks, but unfortunately like Five Star Stories you've got a fair amount of people who only use it to make the Light of Terra ship even bigger than before. There's a LOT of options you could use for mechs or other ships you might possess or even if you like making androids/cybernetics, provided you didn't care with the 'Keeping Up with the Joneses' effect the LoT seems to invoke.

>> No.47897179


>> No.47897216

I sexually identify as a Heartless.

>> No.47897223

so all the teen titans Tameranean and half demon abilities are genetic right?

>> No.47897227

Muppet Treasure/ Savage Str
Changeling: The Lost/Giant
Yoshi's Island/Mega Guy
Harry Potter/Giant Blood
A Song of Ice and Fire/Large
A Song of Ice and Fire/LotG
LOSS/Unnatural size
Final Fantasy VI/Yeti
Super Smash Bros/Bulky Build
Sly Cooper/Guts
Gears of War/You need Mass!
Inukami/Mega Manly Men
Five Star Stories/Abnormality
Starcraft Zerg/Pack Leader
Destiny/Size does matter
Legend of Korra/Tall
God of War/Divine Beast
God of War/Titan's Blood
One Piece/Giants Blood 50ft
RO/Scenario 2: Growth Serum
FFT-0/Blessing of Growth
FF12/Zodiac Aspect: The Gigas
FF13/ Bismarck's Blessing
Tales of Vesperia/Aer Growth

This list (at least most of it) is one I got from Red a long time ago.
The only perk I know you can add to it is one from Kung Fury that can increase your height by 90ft.

>> No.47897252

...that thing is so out of date it's ridiculous.

>> No.47897287

Well, if you have the LoT, you might as well import it as your ACU. The ACU customization doesn't offer anything all that unique, putting the free points you get just for it into upsizing your ship isn't the worst decision. The problem comes that it's all anyone thinks about when it comes to that jump, when the perks are so awesome. Like, Burke Blood is the craziest fucking thing ever. It lets you use your psychic abilities to persuade people. Not, "gives psychic abilities of persuasion", it lets you use whatever psychic powers you might have to persuade them. This gets hilarious if you have powers like pyrokinesis. But weird perk interactions aside, there's a lot of other stuff that's great, too. The tech perks are especially good, in my opinion. There's also all the cool stuff you can get from buying schematics, the Paragon Infinite Resource Generator does exactly what it says on the label and anyone who doesn't acquire it is missing out.

>> No.47897293

Well, tamaranean is an alien species, so yes. Half demon is maybe genetic? Might just by magically heritable. You never know with demons.

>> No.47897304

Well, Half Demon is more "genetic" than genetic.

>> No.47897317

>but unfortunately

It would be nice to see some more creative designs, but I can't complain.
I'm just happy that people talk about any of my jumps at all.

>> No.47897348

I pick up all that and imported the LoT. I love that jump.

>> No.47897356

Sure, but you can just steal a lot of the blueprints anyway.

>> No.47897357

well, I do have the demon gene splicing perk from DMC and the angelic equivalent from bayonetta along with genetics knowledge from a fair number of worlds. And the perk that makes me better at hybridization from underworld.

>> No.47897374



You can sacrificial bestowment any powers that increase your height due to perks.

Have fun with that.

OUT OF CURIOSITY: Would Titan forms multiply one's size or it's a set height?

Wait, do we have Shingeki no kyojin jump?

>> No.47897377

Hey, I said "acquire", not "buy". If you're going to steal it, power to you. I'm just pointing out that people tend to forget about the awesome tech available there.

>> No.47897378

I'm not sure if it's more creative, but I'm using it for my artificial planet? Pretty much the entire rest of the jump purchases are more important to that than the size increase though. Not that it doesn't help.

And for what it's worth, your jumps are some of my favorites. I absolutely love them.

>> No.47897403

We don't.

>> No.47897421

use the iji scanner to scan all tech you encounter giving you the plans for everything.

>> No.47897422

>You can sacrificial bestowment any powers that increase your height due to perks.
And guess who was the one badwrongfun nerd who didn't grab that along with any of the 1000CP races?

>> No.47897450

>Wait, do we have Shingeki no kyojin jump?
Nope. It took a hard left into Crazytown and I think everyone's afraid to have another Terra Formars situation.

>> No.47897465

...Or you could use the tech scanning ray in the SupCom jump. Seriously, it's fucking awesome for anything tech.

>> No.47897482

I upgraded my Vortex Ark from Anno 2070 with it, before seeding a few 2nd-Generation Jurian Trees into it.

It's an island that can build a floating city in an instant.

>> No.47897518


>> No.47897521

About the magic perk can I buy it if I'm not a Sorceress/Sage background?

>> No.47897528

Wait, what's going on in the manga then that it's Crazytown?

>> No.47897532

Especially since, given that it's attached to an ACU, you know that anything it scans it will be able to build. You don't have that guarantee with the Iji scanner.

Speaking of Iji, I was replaying it recently and I was reminded of how awesome some of the tech in it is. I definitely need to get some of those perks like from Evangelion or TTGL that let you easily upscale technology. Imagine a mecha or starship-scale Velocithor, that thing would be amazing.

>> No.47897562

Arguably if you find a way to mind control/force the demons under your control or just "befriend" them, give them sacrificial bestowment or any other power granting ability, through which they can give their powers, better than taking the 1000 cp races.

ALTOUGH you still need sacrificial bestowment or some other way of granting abilities.

>> No.47897584

So if we find members of the 1000 cp races, befriend them, give them sacrificial bestowment and when they master it, and give us a Magatama, will it have their whole power package that one would get through being them?

>> No.47897596

>read: who didn't grab that along with any of the 1000CP races?

>> No.47897613

if you go to Iji before supcom you could have tons of tech scanned from any number of worlds that you could then build.

>> No.47897620

13. Cardcaptor Sakura

- Background: Cardcaptor {950}
- Age: 10 years old
- Drawbacks: Adaptation Values {1250}, Addiction {1350}
- Perks: Technicolour Eyes {1300}, Trustworthy {Free}, Ctrl-Z {Discount, 1200}, Athletic {Discount, 1100}, Devotion {800}, Unconquerable Love {500}, Exceptional Luck {Discount, 200}, Cheery Blossoms {Discount, 100}, Spirit Sight {Discount, 0}
- Items: Sealing Wand {Free}, Itty Bitty Item {Free}
- Future: Move On

>"This chocolate is just the best~!"

>"Th-thank you, Admiral, b-but you don't have to lie to avoid hurting my feelings."

>"I mean it, Willie! Don't be so hard on yourself."

>"I couldn't even make it look right!"

Need a new 3!

>> No.47897626

Read: Badwrongfun nerd who didn't grab that.

(Shin Megami Tensei)
-Background: Modern Magician (Free) -Hey, I'm just a magic person. No need to fear.
-Demonic Fusion (400CP) -Yaaaaaay demon hybrids!
-Polymath (Free) -Computer skills are kind of nice?
-Demonic Infusion (100CP) (Discount) -Ahahaha, holy shit what.
-Theme Music (Free) -Lord oh lord, what.
-Dormant Power (-400CP) -Aaaaaand we've just gotten stupid.
-Demon Race: Power (Demonic Infusion Free) -Maybe get a little bit of angelic into this. A touch.
-Demon Race: Variable (Succubus) (Demonic Fusion Free) -We're staying humanoid. Also, the little boost could help out.
-Magnetitex2 (-500CP) -An extra stockpile could help.
-Golden Apple (-700CP) -Part one of my plan...
-Magic Bottle (Free) -Wheeee! Whatever!
-Soma (-800CP) (Discount) -Aaaaaand part two of my plan.
-Jakyou Manor (-1100CP) (Discount) -Additional demonic research is important.
-The Pre-Apocalypse, Apocalypse, and Post-Apocalypse (-1100CP)
-Sick Little Puppy (-900CP)
-Seven Hells Battle (-600CP)
-World of Chaos (0CP)
Dice Rolls: Hospital, Kichijoji (Surrounded by Demons), 18 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

>> No.47897639

I'm so glad I didn't take that perk considering how annoying you people are with questions about it.

>> No.47897648

>your jumps are some of my favorites. I absolutely love them.

I... I didn't think someone would like them THAT much.
Thank you.

Floating islands are never out of style.

>> No.47897649

The best part of that jump is the Infinity drawback, which turns it into a 1000 year long jump! That's amazing!

>> No.47897653

Oh, yeah, sure. Good plan that. But we were talking about scanning SupCom tech.

>> No.47897661


>> No.47897665

Familiar of Zero

>> No.47897675

Princess Bride
Animal Crossing
Career Model
Winnie the Pooh

>> No.47897710

>He discovered my Trick for a mechanical army
I mean I prefer a Biological Army, with Weapons and Armor I mass produce. But sometimes you need a legion of robots.

>> No.47897728

Yeah... It's starting to get ridiculous.

Personally, I took it, but didn't even consider it being able to grant itself. That just seemed silly.

>> No.47897738

Poor Willie D.

>> No.47897743

go whole hog and make your biologicals cyborgs. Have both kinds of fun.

>> No.47897811

To Be Fair. I only grabbed a 1000CP race with Secundo because I love the concept of Pestilence as a Rider.

I still haven't done that jump as Justice though. I'll have to do it at some point.

Biological Monsters, can be made Fast due to Spawners
Robot Army, be made Fast due to any number of perks for Mass Production or an SCU

Cyborgs take time. Even if only a little

>> No.47897822

Beelzebub is the only Lord of Vermin around. Good fucking luck with that.

The Tyrant race is based on (but not a carbon copy of) multiple canon Tyrants. You're not getting the powerset even if you track down and agressively befriend every single one found in SMT1.

Guardian is based both on Taishang Laojun and Kohryu. Getting the first part is difficult, as part of his version of the powerset is being one with the cosmos and willingly preventing himself from ever acting directly.

Fiends are unique. You won't get that powerset even if you find every single reaper-type member of that race.

Herald is also unique. Getting power from all four archangels won't do shit.

>> No.47897840

Are there any perks that let you devour Eldritch beings?

>> No.47897869

Make a nanite cyborg upgrade package(helps if you have nanomaster from Iji). With the right materials provided you can have nanites cyborg someone in short order including more solid upgrades than the purely nanite type from Iji.

>> No.47897883 [SPOILER] 

80s Action Movie's Goddamn Sexual Tyrannosaurus.

>> No.47897891


Was worth a try.

Will other copying abilities from other jumps work on those Tyrants, Fiends, Heralds, etc in SMT?

I mean, there are other shitload of copying abilties so...

>> No.47897898

I think it's time for me to End Jump.

It's been a pleasure guys.

>> No.47897899

I suppose that could work. I'll consider it.

>> No.47897913

>that much
Are you kidding? SupCom is one of the best imaged jumps there is, mostly because the imaging came as secondary to the actual perks themselves, which are well written and thought out, on top of just being generally good and interesting.

Your font choice is clean and easy to read, you've got a black/white contrast on your text so my eyes don't bleed. It's a wonderful jump.

>> No.47897921

God-Speed Anon.

>> No.47897968

And yet nobody uses it for anything except making their LoT-dick bigger.

>> No.47897998

You can still get the lower CPed races's powers?

>> No.47898000

I don't see why not.

I don't think I need to say this, but I will anyway because I feel like it: getting power copying from outside still won't let you copy the purchasable 1000 CP races (with the exception of LoV) unless you get the race for a companion first.

>> No.47898012

Whine more faggot.

>> No.47898018

But who are you, stranger?

>> No.47898066

Well, not race themselves but perhaps some of their individual powers?

I mean, I don't need the race themselves, but even just a mockery of some of powers, eh?

>> No.47898075

Except that guy who used SupCom tech in his infinite mana generator a few threads back.
Or a few anons who used it in their warehouse to rapidly fabricate reinforcements for their droid army.

SupCom tech is awesome. There's just the tiny little problem that even the scouting bots are canonically about 2 stories tall, so using any of the actual units from the game is hilarious overkill in any setting that's not Warhammer 40k.

>> No.47898078

See ya later!

>> No.47898090

Also this >>47897998

I'm also asking so many questions so that you post more Heartless pictures, but some stuff I really want to make sure on too

>> No.47898098

As far as gender picks at the beginning of the jump go, I am always either female or (in the case of robots) genderless.
However, I've been every type of female, from curvy and short to tall and lithe to bishoujo to bifauxen to "are you sure that's not a guy?"
I cannot possibly ascribe to one body type. There are too many flavors to choose from. It just depends on the jump.

I'm also a high end shapeshifter, so even that's not exactly static. And, y'know, that Mark of Slaanesh has an auxiliary function. Plus there's whatever-the-fuck Homestuck Trolls are.
Who even knows what Irkens are doing. Their traits might be vestigial.

So it mostly comes down to, "Yeah, probably."
And I'm still not interested.

I didn't grab that either, actually.
Or even Dormant Power, for that matter.
I just want to do science.

>> No.47898104

>so using any of the actual units from the game is hilarious overkill in any setting that's not Warhammer 40k.
You say that like it's a bad thing.

>> No.47898110


Solo 0 CP to 600 CP races are all mooks of varying power.

Once you get Demonic Union in the Jumper becomes a special snowflake, so don't expect the combinations you could make to exist anywhere.

Oh, yeah, that's fine.

If you're being coy and doing what I think you're doing: use the Thanatos Shard. It explicitly saying it doesn't copy powers, but enhance itself based on them, makes it perfect for this.

>> No.47898184

Why won't power copying work?

>> No.47898191

It is. You'd be destroying all your loot.

>> No.47898193

>infinite mana generator
How'd he do that?

>> No.47898216

Nevermind I just read the thread.

>> No.47898220

Alchemy from Master of Magic, SupCom tech to create a planet-sized gold factory, some other stuff i don't remember to automatically turn the gold into mana and store it and Conjoined Conjures to make it usable for all his magic.

>> No.47898222


Realized that what you said about Herald and Fiends, and also Tyrant, calms me kinda. Because it means I won't encounter beings with such powers to fight against.

I CAN replicate the mentioned effects using powers of other jumps. Not to such degree, but I don't care about that, I care about even being able to partially accomplish that, refinement or such comes later through other means.

I am just making sure that there is nothing else that has these particulars sets of powers, for my own safety, in case I get overconfident at times

>> No.47898232


>> No.47898241

Please read the rest of the reply chain.

Shh. I want to keep posting Heartless.


>> No.47898265

What does "Must be single or taken with Geralt" mean?

>> No.47898280

>Spend all of your CP on Meidos
>Don't buy anything else

>> No.47898287

At least eight. Aside from the standard male, female, and neuter, I've been an elf, an Asari, a shoggoth, a Slaaneshi, and a JRPG protagonist.

>> No.47898297

CP well spent.

Also, was someone working on a MaidRPG jump or did I just dream that?

>> No.47898300

Either you have to have no significant others, or be in love with Geralt.

>> No.47898303

Read notes.

>Yennefer and Triss: They are companionable only if single or with Geralt because they won’t leave if they are in a relationship with someone they are leaving behind.

>> No.47898313

I imported my Zoid and was fine with the free upgrade to normal ACU size.

I also use it to make armies of Zoids, so that's fun.

I've occasionally used it to flash-fabricate houses and infrastructure after areas have been hit by natural disasters.

There's plenty it can be used for without touching the LoT.

>> No.47898318

so here's a thing,I took all Coats from all the USSR Supply depots and now I don't know what to do with them, part of me saying I should just decontaminate them and give them to my citizens but I I'm probably going to have a couple thousand left over,what would your jumper do with about 12,000 warm comfortable coats?

>> No.47898323

I don't think Elf, Slaaneshi, or JRPG protagonist count as Genders.

Asari and Shoggoth you could argue

>Wanting either of them
Shit Taste Detected.

>> No.47898328

Important thing.

When you say Vitality and Health can only stop that light of Herald, regeneration would work too, right?

Also... I realized a thing can be done with Demonic Union.

Take three 1000 cp races. One is free, one is discounted, one's cost is full. It would be a total of 1700 cp.

...Unless you specifically want the other demon races to be CHEAPER than the main one? In which case, adding that would be important

>> No.47898337

Context is usually useful.

>> No.47898339

Hey, I'm just answering his question. I don't actually want anyone from Witcher.

>> No.47898354

We really are going to need to agree to disagree here. Especially regarding JRPG protagonist.

>> No.47898372

Congrats. You figured out you can be a 100cp tribrid. Get in line.

>> No.47898373

Basically supcom factories overtop of a spell circle with a spell continuously running.

Circle was a bound spirit of a spell he cast using realm of myths and masters of magic bound to the circle with its word and aschente.

Then enchanting magic from all over the chain to take the generated mana and put it into storage crystals and a focus item.

Then focus item is doubled up on and bind the two with discworld magic so that whatever happens to one happens to the other via quantum.

The whole thing is inside scp 2000 which is also inside my narnia timeclocked warehouse.

Nanobots from iji do repairs on the factories and factories can also make repair droids if needed. They cycle out downtime to keep from wearing down.

There is more to it but this is the basic rundown.

>> No.47898378

Rolled 2 (1d8)

>1. Neo-Heisei Kamen Rider
>2. Wakfu
>3. Lyrical Nanoha
>4. Fairy Tail
>5. FFTA
>6. Teen Titans
>7. Kirby
>8. Aion


>> No.47898384

Except I didn't, and I'm sure others did other fun things too.

>> No.47898388

I am asking since that seems unintended due to the power of the 1000 races?

>> No.47898394

>Take three 1000 cp races. One is free, one is discounted, one's cost is full. It would be a total of 1700 cp.

You and everyone else.

>> No.47898408

But what if that relationship was with jumper? Would they then refuse to come with the jumper to avoid leaving the jumper behind?

>> No.47898415

*scp 2400 I mean

>> No.47898416

Not the anon you're responding to.

Why don't we hear about that?

Most that ever comes up with SupCom is LoT-Hugening. If there's other fun stuff, why's it barely, if ever, discussed?

>> No.47898419

It's possible. So many people took it that it's become really boring.

>> No.47898426 [SPOILER] 

That is correct.

Also, you're hella late on the Super Tribrid train.

Also, it's only 1500 CP. You get 200 CP to spend on races.

Also, Nobody time. I'm a native Heartless, but I got those summons too.

>> No.47898432

There is an obvious power grab to distract you from the more effective power grab the requires combos and/or thinking.

>> No.47898437

I really don't know. Maybe people think they'll be lambasted for having badwrongfun if they didn't import the Light?

>> No.47898442

Presumably, they're not stupid enough to refuse coming with you on the grounds that they don't want to abandon you. Presumably. I don't know through, barely know the first thing about the setting.

>> No.47898452

Except no, that's bullshit.

Ask yourself this: Can you look your own daughter in the eye as you cut out her heart in cold blood in order to condemn her to die in Hades, knowing that her sacrifice is necessary to advance your agenda?

If not, you will never be as hardcore as Nicodemus Archleone.

>> No.47898468

We have jumpers who regularly turn their own kids into disposable supersoldiers and gleefully use their souls as batteries after the fact.

Just cutting out their hearts is only asking the edgelords to try and one-up you.

>> No.47898494

The rest aren't much better. The Denarians gain power from bringing destruction and ruin to the world; Tessa was, IIRC, responsible for the Black Plague and the Khmer Rouge. And Nicodemus up there actively spits in the eye of God. He once flicked an archangel on the nose.

Devour the souls of everyone on a planet? Most of them would probably cheer you on knowing your actions are doing that on a far grander scale.

>> No.47898495

He asks on 4chan.

>> No.47898498

Some jumpers would rez them to do it repeatedly, your children are also companions so there is no need to worry about them staying dead.

>> No.47898505

Trials of Masakado, does it mean that we lose access to all jumper powers? Even willpower perks and such? Or simply the more obvious supernatural stuff?

Also, World of Law. It is a bit of exaggeration, right? If some angels submit to you, you can spare them? Similarly, you don't have to kill anyone who just says "Yhvh"?

Who's the Man and Woman who helped him? Are they the protagonists of first SMT? Didnt play it so making sure

>> No.47898508

I've been wondering how many jumps do we have were we can be an angels?

>> No.47898520

it was supreme commander,and I started y own faction based In undersea colonies via Anno 2070 tech populated by refugees from the other factions and the actual fighting was done by Alpha lanterns thanks to a mix of importing the shard as a SACU,cortex command cloning and picking up the Alpha lantern schematics in Green Lantern animated. I have some pretty sweet setups such as guaranteeing minimum standards of living and basic necessities. but I'm a magpie,and I have a thing about outerwear so I took the USSR's nice comfy coats, all of them that weren't being worn by soldiers at the time. Since my population consists of "everyone doesn't want a part of this War or is unhappy with the standard of living There government is providing" I've Had to build a lot of Underwater/space colonies, and robots but I was allied with the Allied nations against the nearby Japanese who are allied with the USSR so I took their coats ,Also I suppose I Do have the same problem with kimonos only that's more easily solved since they are more easily cut up and used for other projects. so what should a late game jump or do with around 30,920 warm Soviet "surplus" Coats?

>> No.47898529

That sounds like a sure fire means to piss off whatever afterlife spirits/gods in a setting if they exist.

>> No.47898536


sorry I don't know where Supreme commander came from,I Meant red alert

>> No.47898538

>Some jumpers

You know, people say this but I don't believe it's common practice anymore when people hardly ever talk about it compared to, say, waifus.

My point is the Denarians probably would do that if they could.

>He asks on the site infamous for teenagers trying to look cooler than they are


>> No.47898545

World of Law is no exaggeration. Kill, kill, kill all the Lawfags, until there is none left. There ca be no survivors.

>> No.47898549

>That sounds like a sure fire means to piss off whatever afterlife spirits/gods in a setting if they exist.

>implying they care
>implying they won't wank eating those gods and doing the same thing to do them

>> No.47898575

Actually, the head denarian once did something like that in the first book. He cut up a Knight of the Cross, and used his death to fuel a magic plague channeled through the (fake) Shroud of Turin, which he was going to use to spread incurable disease throughout the world.

>> No.47898591

Wow, I just realized something--the oldest jumpers around are nearing a very literal six millennia milestone. Goddamn, how would a person's psyche even cope with that many memories?

>> No.47898611

Now to abuse harem perks to seduce Triss, Yen, and Ciri all at the same time.

>> No.47898613

>how would a person's psyche even cope with that many memories?
With perks!

>> No.47898614

With perks.

>> No.47898618

>the oldest jumpers around are nearing a very literal six millennia milestone

Most old jumpers are well past that.

>> No.47898625

See >>47898614

Also. I went to Civilization bub. That got me 12,000 years all by itself.

>> No.47898627

Uh. Well past that with a few jumps having alternate win conditions (Civilization), drawbacks (JoJo, Mushoku Tensei), or scenarios (FFXIV).

>> No.47898633

Everything. You need to go beyond the limit and become legend using only your frail human body and the inner strength hidden deep down in your heart of hearts. But only for the ordained fights. Anything else, you can go all out with your full suite.

I mean. The drawback-enforced righteous indignation will make sparing angels a bit difficult, but it's not impossible. For that second one, you're in the clear. The drawback won't turn you into a mindless vengeful berserker. It makes you into a thoughtful vengeful sometimes-berserker.

The Protagonist and The Heroine. They're the reincarnation of Adam and Eve, and the "permanent" (Heroine gets put on a bus sometimes, but she's the one who stays with you to the end) player characters.

>> No.47898634

We have several jumps that last longer than that, not to mention many time extending drawbacks. 60 millennia is more accurate, and even then who knows

>> No.47898639

SMT Anon said you could spare angels that submit to you.

And I DO think it is an Exaggeration. Saying a person's name is Calling their name. So if I say YHVH in a conversation or while planning, or anyone does that, that person must die?

So we have to say "He who must not be named?"

See, exaggeration

>> No.47898640

I approve

>> No.47898654

You're gonna have to justify statements that bullshit.

>> No.47898657

Nah. I'm sitting at about 20,000 years, and I haven't even gone through everything yet.

And by grabbing memory perks.

>> No.47898671

Well, if I manage to make some Angels submit to me and declare me their lord, they were never really loyal to YHVH in the first place. If They still remain loyal to him, not submitting to me, death.

THat works?

As for the Trials thing... The hard part is that it's seriously hard to determine if one would succeed or not. ALthough years of jumping might make one's willpower super strong just from withstanding that.

>> No.47898676

Ciri is obviously best girl but why the hate for Yen and Triss?

>> No.47898682

Nobody talks about importing the LoT anymore either. It happened when the jump was new and then people have been whining about it since.

>> No.47898684

How about the fact that both of them are massively manipulating bitches?

>> No.47898691

1. I'm older, actually.

2. Well, for one thing-I stopped being a person a while ago. Having a driving goal to motivate you does make the aeons go by easier and minimalise the existential ennui though. Which is why having mine shattered and my identity reconfigured to something akin to human is sort of the metaphysical equivalent of taking a sledgehammer to the nuts.

>DJ Sagara goes on to keep eating worlds in his endless attempts to force them to evolve, nothing matters in the grand scheme of things.

[muffled REEEE SPIRALS in the distance]

Goddammit, every time I try to progress my Jumper's arc I spot another compelling reason why ASA should remain ASA.

>> No.47898692

I take it that derailing the Witcher 3 plot could result in apocalypse?

>> No.47898694

How do you remove curses jc?

>> No.47898695

She's just as much of a slut as the other two.

>> No.47898713

>Any girl in Witcher
>Not complete shit

>> No.47898718

It's nothing more than a method to whine about the thread. They make up scenarios that have never happened and then blame us for it as an excuse to complain. That's all it is.

>> No.47898721

And you'd just be falling into the Urobutcher's trap.

>> No.47898722

Who does she have sex with? Is that in the DLC?

>> No.47898736

Most likely

>> No.47898738

Not many.

>> No.47898743

I probably tried on the block and tackle to make at least one of my kids the old fashioned way, but otherwise I prefer the PIT OF DESPAIR.
Beyond that, I haven't really given it much thought.

>> No.47898752

But she's not a manipulative bitch like the other two are.

>> No.47898754

>>Anyone in Witcher
>>Not complete shit

>> No.47898759

Might just be in the books, I haven't played the game.

>> No.47898760

Sounds about right.

Proving that you deserve to continue Jumping and have grown so as to become a person who does not need to rely on the Benefactor's gifts is the core idea of it, yes.

>> No.47898763

It does? I thought there were just some random monsters.

...I may have oops'd that world then.

>> No.47898765

Would having the wild hunt pursue me and slaughtering them constantly forestall this? I am to understand it is their fault.

>> No.47898792

Are they worth the read? Translated genre fiction can be hit or miss. The Watch series was good, but I've read some other stuff that was so garbled I had no idea what was going on.

>> No.47898796

That fucker was annoying as hell. Stupid fucking gimmick fights.

>> No.47898803

Are they even translated?

>> No.47898812

They were originally written in Polish.

>> No.47898841

That explains why everyone is such a slut.

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