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Last thread: >>47871689
Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu

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I'm sorry I couldn't respond sooner SDA, but I was banned all day yesterday and hand to work today:( Anyway, it's sweet to hear your happiness at taking your relationship with your gf to the next step of seriousness and closeness. Don't let jealous people keep you down!

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Working on Familiar now. Dunno how long the changes will take.

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Don't start this up again, faggot.

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Wrong one.

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Well, I might as well use this as a chance to upload the latest version of page 6.

Changed the pen pal drawback into the transfer student, just made more sense to me.

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Social Butterfly would be better if it gave you the girls in the picture as sex slaves.

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now the rest.

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Ren? You there?

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I'm not starting anything! I saw in thread people were harassing SDA basically just for having a gf cuz they're jealous! I couldn't give friendly support to SDA though cuz I was banned APPARENTLY warhammer lizardmen are OFF TOPIC for /tg/! >:(.So I been wanting to say something nice to SDA all day, but had to work.

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That's true. But if we want slaves then we can just visit the Basilisk Den

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I'm thinking about how I want to implement this "Hard Mode" that other anon wants.

>Captcha "Select images with Waffles"
Well I know what I'm having for breakfast tomorrow.

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psychometry is actually a really cool power. i know it's a "real' thing, but still, it's a neat addition to a cyoa.

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Yup, gonna make a build for it later. I also may or may not embrace my inner munchkin.

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This probably was already asked before, but is it possible to disguise Superhuman Body with Physical Restructuring?

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You know what would be the best possible support?

More tits.

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Thanks. I made a suggestion for that sort of thing about a week ago as the way it was written you can't really hang out or be with your companion besides the inter-school events. Cool change.

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I have a proposal for a hard-mode difficulty setting. You are summoned to that world as an unbound familiar (e.g., you don't actually have a master), you lose your focus, and may only take 1 perk.

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I am, in fact, that anon. Need suggestions?

Here's a suggestion, anything but this. Seriously, ew. The whole point of the CYOA is that you're a mage's familiar, you dummy.

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No SDA, you have a gf now. It wouldn't be right!

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Lay em at me. I have plenty of ideas for the "events" of the hardmode stuff, I just don't know what to do for them, based off of the rest of the CYOA. Like should they have rewards? Should they replace Milestones? Should there be a dice roll to see if you survive the event?

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Oh, and I have a build for this. Remember that Faun? That was me.

Ageaus "Lucky" the Faun.

St. Flares

Ranged Combat II (focus on thrown weapons)
First Aid I
Unarmed Combat I (Goat kicks!)
Knowledge I (Astronomy/Geography)
Divine Arts III (Particularly focused on the god/ess of travel or stars)
Maneuvers I
Druidism I (He IS a fey, after all)

Kit (She's exotic, like Lucky, but the relationship would be purely platonic)
Sorte (Like Kit, platonic relationship, she'd be more of a tutor and companion for romps through the forests)
3 more TBA (who wants to be friends with the Faun?)

Great Tournament: Great Hunt (When fighting beasties it's imperative you bring a healer along!)
Harvest Fest.: Fundraising (he has a soft spot for them orphans, yo.)
Gathering of Life: Party Planner (He's a faun, he knows how to have a good time)

Music (What? Don't look at me like that. He likes playing the pipes, sue me.)
Culture Club (He'd probably bounce around as the years passed, cooking one year, book club the next, etc.)

As far as fauns go, Lucky's a bit of an odd duck. He's not particularly capricious, doesn't seek ah... carnal pleasures, and is actually quite the gentleman when it comes to the lovely ladies. He doesn't mind wine and drinks responsibly, and is more than capable of sitting quietly in class, learning all he can, as opposed to being a social butterfly like you might expect out of a faun student.

He's stricken with an insatiable wanderlust, however, and joined St. Flares with the intent of learning everything he needs to travel the world at his own pace. He finds beauty in the stars, and peace from the sunsets. And if the academy can teach him what it takes to be a goodhearted person and hero, all the more better!

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Oh. Nah, I don't think they need rewards, unless you want to fluff out your build. Think of them like, say, the clubs and events from Hero Academy. No real effect on the build, just enough to make life interesting. I mean, you can go ahead and add effects if you want, but I don't personally see a need. All I want is a plot to drive my master/mistress as she goes about the world with me now.

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Ah, well that's easy then.

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If this was a Visual Novel I wonder how bad the bad endings would be, and how many there would be.

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this is like hentai dialogue

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Dr. Spark M.D.

Origin: The Watcher
Religion: Ubermench Society
Faction: Independent
Homedistrict: Free Traveler (+500 credits because i dont need TWO motorcycles)
Hubworld: Throne of Yisun, Break Jagganoth
Companion: Sans
Panic Button: The God

+2500 credit start
Drawbacks: Falling (+1500)
Knee Breaker (+1000)
That Guy (+500)
Warped (+500)
Forever Alone x4 (+2000)
NO GOVNAS DOLLA! x14 (-5600)
2,400 Credit end

Perks: Tech understanding Advanced (3)
Adaptability (4)
Martial Training (5)
Mathematical Genius (6)
Berserker (7)
Critical (8)
Steam Adept (9)
Traveler Adept (Free)
Magnetic Adept (14)
Nuclear Adept (13)
Mechanical Adept (12)
Scavenger (11)
Educated (10)
Survivor (9)
Tech-head (8)
Pariah (7)
Forge master (6)
Experimental (5)
Memory (4)
Self-Aware (3)
Alchemist (2)
Runemaster (1)

Clothing: Travellers leathers (Free)
Nemean Lion Hide (2,050)

Weapons: Yuta Brace (Mandatory)
Seven Shot Colt Revolver (2,000)
MAD.11 Hunting Shotgun (1,800)

Knick Knacks: Pegs (Free)
Survival Kit (Free)
Basic Bag (Free)
ID Card (Free)
Alchemy Set (1,500)
Runist Kit (1,200)
Munitions Worktable (1,000)
Hacking Module (900)
Ethereal Measuring Set (760)
Whale Skin Marks (660)
Chain (650)
CIY Brain Implant (250)
Limb Replacement x2, R/L arm (50)
Organ Replacement, Emergency Revivication Pancreas (ERP) (0)

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Here's the box.

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Well, yes, unless you want there to be something. I would suggest adding difficulty levels and limits, so you don't get a Waif trying to take on an entire magical typhoon all by herself. I mean, it might work, but it breaks immersion over one knee with a single swift stroke. Unless they can write well enough...

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Dragged from the backwaters of time and space after creative steam inventions met ruthless, frenzied attacks against large corporations and theocratic seats of power, Doctor Spark was a vigilante of his place fighting for the wonders of his age to see new breakthroughs that where often kept under lock and key of the ruling class. After his floating city block was burned to the gro- er...air, taking his life's work, his lab, and his fortune, he fled the country on his final living contacts word. Little did he understand what he was stepping into...Now a new man forged on the anvil of war tempered with progress, the quite solitary 'Doctor Spark' looks to further the mystical arts of SCIENCE and field test them on the monsters of the world.

Now, about those vile aether warp- err... 'mages'?

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>So many drawbacks.
>So many points for evil acts.

I think this cyoa will give me the opportunity for the most overpowered build in all of /cyoag/ history. Will post it soon.

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>Bjorn Ursus
>St. Flares
>Martial Combat 2
>Physical Training 2
>Maneuvers 1
>Blue Magic 3
>Monster Hunting 2
>Beast Taming 2
>The Great Hunt every year
>Security year 4
>Bodyguard year 5
>Cultural club (woodworking)
>Educational club (zoology)
>Exchange Program x 2

Blue mage Frontiersman / lumberjack build based around fighting monsters for profit and increasing my blue magics potency. Fight along side my trusty Bear companion whom I'll name Ben.

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But that's lewd anon!

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>Name: Alex Sharpe
Born a mere peasant, Alex showed a remarkable magical talent along with a ruthlessness and drive for success which drew him to Lunestier.

>School: Lunestier
The student body here is sometimes atrocious, but no one can argue with the school itself. For up and coming mages and diplomats, there is no superior choice. The idea of a place so removed from the daily struggles of poverty such as Lunestier is mind blowing to Alex. Having seen the classism and air of superiority surrounding most students, Alex takes care to keep knowledge of his origins under wraps away from the school harpies.

Arcane Magic (3) Can never go wrong with the classics. This is the field which made Alex fall in love with magic.
Elemental Magic (3) with specialization in fire and water/ice magic. This will be the back up magic, used only when Arcane isn't enough to get the job done.
Diplomacy (3) Words are powerful, best to keep them in your arsenal.
Magic Refinement (2) Running out of mana during a battle is humiliating, as well as dangerous.
Dueling (1) Even a mage needs to know how to handle themselves in a physical confrontation.

In combat Alex uses his magic mix to keep his opponents guessing. He greatly prefers one on one confrontations, because it's much easier to keep track of a single foe. Outside of fighting Alex tries to use his words as his best weapon, ending fights before they have a chance to begin.

Mecherath. Having information and connections on your side is invaluable for keeping ahead of the Lunestier sharks. Making friends with the school informant is going to be a great boon.
Bathsheba. The tank of the group, brings resilience and strength. Also creates a long term ally by helping to protect her from the AI nerds.
Chandara. Every party needs a good rogue, and Chandara fits the bill perfectly.

>> No.47884556

Farhat. Without a good support, even the strongest of teams will crumble. Besides, its always a good thing to have friends with friends.

>Year 1: Party Planner, Fund Raising
This will be a year for Alex to establish an understanding of the various schools through Party Planner, along with building some capital reserves with Fund Raising. This money will support Alex and his adventures in the coming years.

>Year 2: Research Proposal (Condensed Crystallized Arcane bombs)
Portable magic grenades, usable by anyone and everyone. Who doesn't want to see crystal fragmentation grenades? Or the equivalent of a magical flashbang?

>Year 3: The Great Hunt, Bodyguard
Building connections is half the reason people go to Lunestier. Developing a relationship with Cynthia Highking could create a very valuable ally later on. The Great Hunt is an opportunity not just to enjoy some good old fashioned adventuring but also to test the skills and relationships Alex has been developing for the past few years.

>Year 4: Party Planner, Battle Royal (4v4)
Building relationships along with some good old fashioned team fighting.

>Year 5: Battle Royal (1v1),
The final hurrah. Alex doesn't expect to win (though that would be fantastic). This event is entirely about personal satisfaction.

Student Government: Sounds fun, plus having a bit of extra influence is never a bad thing.

Drawbacks: Hated Prodigy x1

Alex has sought only one thing in his life: escape. Growing up poor has imbued him with a inferiority complex, one which Lunestier only worsens. But throughout it all, he is determined to rise above his origins and make something of himself. He hopes that Lunestier can be the launching pad for a successful future. But distinguishing himself among the elite of society is no easy task, and Alex still has a long way to go before his aspirations can be realized.

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Parents of room-mate came over, didn't have a chance nearly all day to work on the cyoa. or play any video games. le sigh. How is everyone else's progress fairing?

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I just work on the writing for my CYOA on the skytrain/bus ride on the way to and from school. It's about an hour and a half each way. Then I do a little bit of image searching in the small time I spend at home before going to bed (unless I play some video games)

I've almost finished writing out all the descriptions for the planets/races, and then I need to start writing profiles for the girls.
So ya know. Slow but steady. I probably could get it done faster if I didn't listen to podcasts at the same time, but whatever. I'm in no rush.

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Goat Tier: Frigg, Isis, Nut, Shub-Niggurath
God Tier: Bastet, Freyja, Hestia, Sjofn, Chantico, Xochiquetzal
Good Tier: Athena, Demeter, Hathor, Inari, Izanami, Minerva, Nike, Amaterasu, Cybele, Nephthys
Okay Tier: Artemis, Astraea, Ba'laat Gebal, Epona, Eris, Mors, Nctos and Nctolhu, Nyx, The Triple Goddess, Tiamat, Yidrah, Chalchiuhtilcue, Itzpapalotl,
Yan Tier: Hera, Nyarlathotep, Ishtar
Rapes You Tier: Hastur, Nyalathotep, Selena
Mystery Box Tier: Yaweh

We can all agree on this listing?

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This is so heretical.

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you forgot the meme

>> No.47884720

I was being facetious. I just think that it may be something along the lines of unnecessary to cater to a difficulty setting in an otherwise well done cyoa.

>> No.47884799 [SPOILER] 

>Implying its heretical
>Implying just because it might be heretical you still wouldn't choose Yaweh

>Tfw Italics didn't add Jesus.

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Well anyway, I just wanted to say that to you SDA since you seemed upset. People were just jealous though. Have fun growing relationship with gf. And remember to be good bf too!

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>Jesus loli
now this is something I can get behind!

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>leave for a month and come back
>check the pasta and lurk a bit
>nothing new and decent except that gifted CYOA

What happened?

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I mean, I feel very similar to you, but... people made what they wanted to make? That's what happened? What do you want me to say, everyone suddenly developed shit taste? You could have said that yourself, Anon.

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Is Hero Academy really a month old now?

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Identity: Andrew Mcman, 16
Power Source: Genetic, learned how to use most of my power, but hormones are making shit difficult, and the suits that showed up are a pain in the ass too. Changes; Emotional: Strengthened+7/hormones got agitated from powers, Physical: Deformed+10 got a bunch of burns on most of my body along with wide scar on my check and neck otherwise no change, shaving will be a bitch so I'll just burn my beard off as it get too thick, Mental: Enhanced-6, Life: while I have enough for Prime I will get Reset-5, Memory: Knowledge-5 I want to keep my personality, Spiritual: Magnet+5 someone is hunting me, don't know who but it will be a bitch to find out.
Now 36Pts for fun shit. Lets get started.
Telekinesis-4(Precision-2, Power-3), Pyrokinesis-3(Control-3, Catalyst-2, Source-5), Psychometry-1(Muscle Memory-3), Athleticism-4(Peak Human-3), and Vitality-3(Immunity-3, Painless+5, the burns damaged my senses), will be back here after curses are picked. 43 points from curses now, Charm-3(Adored-5) want to keep any ally I can gain later that I might not get to have otherwise, Friend of Nature-3(Animal Friends-3) I want to ask the neighbors dog why other animals don't like me, Mechanics-3(Inner Focus-4) I have shit aim so I want to fix that before it becomes a problem, Interference-2(Uncontrollable+5), Tongues-2(Non-verbal-1), Healing-2(Self Service-5, Miracle-3), Teleportation-4(Quick Step-4) picture it like Infamous Second Son, Barrier-3(Permanent-3, Wide-2) if I get in close I don't want the enemy to escape bubble shield and firestorm combo, Mediumship-1 because I had 1 point left and thought I would grab it for flavor.
Unsettling+5, Phobia three times for +21 and in order claustrophobia, fear of pigeons(don't know the specific name, its a big city thing), and fear of flying, Insomnia because I already got that irl so fuck it for +9P, and finally Animal foes+8, total 43P from curses. Back to power list.

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I think the reason why superhuman bodies are so strong is in part because of their ×bawks huge size.

>> No.47885053

Don't get me wrong, that's, uh, flattering and all, but, why would you want to?
You can post a temporary email and I'll get at you.

>> No.47885067

That's reasonable, but I find the idea of a little schoolgirl with the ability to bend steel beams really fun.

>> No.47885097

there was actually a lot. branching heart, hero academy, hibiki's, 2 gifted cyoa's, kit made some extra, short and sweet succbus and become a waifu cyoa, short monster girl cyoa, and we have crossworlds is nearly finished.

not to mention we've had a burst of new cyoa creator's, like me and I made colors (really, really shitty quicky) and frame's (emulated quiet's mystery for that one, not half bad*)

* = citation needed

working on a monster boy, a new creator cyoa is being made, half of the other's are working and finishing their work, etc etc.

its been good actually, just quick.

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I showed up, made some software and a gun cyoa

I've made my mark at least a little.

>> No.47885196

Oh my fucking god fuck me.

I accidentally hit "Do Not Save" in Photoshop. Jesus fuck there goes a few days of work. Is there any way I can recover this shit fuck?

>> No.47885214

SDA and Angelanon drama happened.

>> No.47885215

Oh fuck I had three cities done fuck.

>> No.47885216

It might keep a backup copy just in case like Word does

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No way, you are joking... o.o

>> No.47885231

I came here to laugh at you.

>> No.47885240

No you fuckcunt i am not fuck.

I don't fucking know how to access that does anyone know to to fix that?

>> No.47885241

>going literally multiple days without saving

>> No.47885249

data recovery program?

>> No.47885255

There is only one thing to do with unashamed heretics who violate the Lords name.

>> No.47885266

Ran out of space so here is the rest of it.
Guardian: Ally, might as well get adopted.
Home: Yarrow Falls, Gravity Falls with G-men coming soon, may also include drinking with Sasquatch.
Allies: can someone clear up whether or not the adopting parent or student family takes up an ally slot? No one cleared that up for me so I don't know, I went with not but I will change the build if necessary.
Allies(Students): Kate Fox is self explanatory and she caught me practicing my Pyrokinesis and Telekinesis in the woods, Peter Blake because he found me while out hunting and we started hanging out(May or may not think I am crazy because I was yelling at a Squirrel), Danny Glass because he seems like a bro and could get some off the grid help, possibly.

>> No.47885272

wouldn't matter if he never saved any changes to disk.

>> No.47885275

Fuck i get it's on me ok.

What where when who howmuch?

>> No.47885280

well, this is how you do it on office

>> No.47885295

This is one of the benefits of using google drive to write text before using Photoshop.

But to answer your question, I have no idea.

>> No.47885300

what program you using?

>> No.47885311

Photoshop CS6. Pls help.

>> No.47885312

now that you've been properly admonished, here's something from google:

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>> No.47885318


Dulled (35)
Sickly (42)
Enhanced (36)
Leech (36)
No change (36)
Magnet (41)

Unsettling (46)
Empathy (53)
Inhuman (58)
Asexual (63)
Animal Foes (71)
Insomnia (80)
Sadism (88)

Telekinesis (84)
Power (81)
Precision (79)
Pyrokinesis (76)
Control (73)
Source (68)
Mind reading (64)
Deep Dive (61)
Healing (59)
Self Service (54)
Miracle (51)
Levitation (49)
Teleportation (45)
Quick Step (41)
Indirect Sight (39)
Vitality (36)
Painless (39)
Athleticism (35)
Peak Human (32)
Raw Power (26)
Barrier (23)
Permanent (20)
Wide (18)
Tongues (16)
Nonverbal (15)
Blessing (12)
Weather Control (9)
Pain (4)
Mechanics (1)
Dowsing (0)


Riverfront East

Derek Wright
Adam Wiley
Anna Ramstead

Henry Morris
Charlie Hedden

Overcome x2 (+21)

Extra Powers
Levitation (already purchased)
Flight (16)
Efficient (12)
Mechanics (already purchased)
Inner Focus (8)
Charm (5)
Adored (0)
Story and plan in next comment.

>> No.47885336

With these new powers of mine, I have become something more than human. In fact, I’m practically a god. So here is a fun little question for you:

Why shouldn’t I rule like one? Who would stop me?

Taking the throne of the world with my power is fairly simple; first, I will have to cause a couple of droughts over farm land to occur and cause many great “accidents” on others. After that I will have to lay low for a while, draining the dregs of society of their life and causing great pain to them. In addition, I will begin the research on strengthening my powers.

Once I felt enough time has passed, I will emerge from hiding and reveal myself as a god among men. And I come with a simple deal to the mortals of this city;

Worship me, obey my every command, and I bring salvation.

Should they agree (and with my powers, only an idiot would not), I will end the droughts, heal the sick, and begin my rule as the new god king. All this time, I am using my advanced mind to try and understand the origins of my powers. With Insomnia and asexual, I should have plenty of time.

Within time, I will be able to demolish entire armies, men will tremble in my presence, and I will finally find a way to strengthen my powers. When all's said and done, I will rule a kingdom of devout worshipers, with enough willing to give years of their lives to me. After that, I will begin to expand my sights to beyond Earth; to other planets, galaxies, and possibly beyond that.


>> No.47885337


Imma post a teaser page for you this worked thank you so much you are the real hero boy anon salam.

>> No.47885363

>> No.47885364

calm down quiet, we'll help you.


also, I'm gonna post my WIP, i need to know if its blinding to the eyes, if it sears your vision and make you vomit. haven't added the monster's or words yet, font/color suggestion's?

>> No.47885370

Take the lesson to heart, man. Save obsessively.

>> No.47885374

>blinding to the eyes, if it sears your vision and make you vomit

>> No.47885376

doesn't need to. there's an autosave program in photoshop 6.

>> No.47885377

Wow I've developed much more respect for you CYOA makers. I just spent 2 hours looking for a handful of character pictures just for builds. It's really fucking hard to find to find pictures that match what your character looks like in your head.

>> No.47885384

Desaturate. I need a darker purple.

>> No.47885386

It's not soooo bad. I mean, I've seen worse but yeah the purple should be something else...

>> No.47885394

>> No.47885396

Seconded. Don't listen to that guy. Never save until you're finished.

>> No.47885416

Personally, the only colors worse to look at than a general purple are pink, bright yellow, and stark white. Dial it back.

>> No.47885420

damn it. Knew it, but the darker purple makes the entire cyoa lose its burst of colorfulness. its make it look more grim when its suppose to be fun, little bubbly and sexy. I need a better background color. Help?

>> No.47885423

>> No.47885429


I'm sorry that happened Quiet. I hope those links help you out!



>> No.47885441

Did you work as an animator on The Problem Solverz perhaps?

>> No.47885452

Go with a light pink then.

>> No.47885466

We can't be friends

>> No.47885467

Desaturate to a lighter color. Think pastels.

>> No.47885469

wait wait i got it. I'll just make the text more "popping". Genius. Not bright purple of course but this way i can convey seriousness and fun. Yes.

But of course, tell me if its good on the eyes. If not I'll test out different shades of blue.

>> No.47885487

>my favorite CYOAs are Pokemon Personified and Familiar
>both are currently being reprocessed
so this is what agony feels like

>> No.47885500


>> No.47885504

Everything about it is hurting/straining my eyes.

>> No.47885506

That's okay. I never liked you :^)

>> No.47885518 [SPOILER] 

Here you are people, Page 11 of Urban Fantasy, you've already seen Page 10, which details all of the cities you can choose from.

>> No.47885520


What!? Angel's A GIRL!? But that's so controversial, so SCANDALOUS! How will /tg/ EVER recover!?!?!?!?

SDA's a REAL human being with a REAL life?! Not a soulless machine that makes us cyoas 24/7!? What EVER will we DO!?!?!?

>> No.47885534

I think it's better, but text could become an issue if you're not going to stick to one outside of these options. If you're really stuck on purple you should try for something more in the middle of the two settings you've used.

I'm partial to light blues and greenish-blues such as aquamarine and teal, myself. As long as you don't make them pop too much they're quite nice to look at, though white/yellow text doesn't work well. Plus blue is a typical "lel boy" color so it fits.

>> No.47885542

My dumbass hit send before I finished, my bad.
Adult Allies: Adopted by Louise Webb, Became friends with Henry Morris when I was walking by the shop and helped him move some antiques inside the shop, and Issac Bowman, met him through Katty Fox and seems a bit more likely to send out a big broadcast incase some big monster shows up.
Perks: True Original: Aliens for my extra origin, So my healing power, barrier, and teleportation came from ET go figure, and Inheritance, weird thing is one of the suits I saw came by Louis's house and she told him I was home, I thought it was an attack but got told my parents are dead and his superiors wanted to give their condolences, life sucks when you get 50,000 and bad news at the same time. Plus side they aren't trying to hunt me, downside I still feel something coming after me. Still got date money so silver linings.

>> No.47885569

Doing fine. Pokemon Personified is my main focus right now. Working on it for tomorrow's release. (Hopefully)

After that I got a lot of stuff on my plate. I like to start a total of 3 cyoas, and work on them in a rotation. The main three active projects after Pokemon Personified:

-(OC)0rder, a fantasy adventure cyoa I always wanted to do with its own branching class/skill system for the player to use to make themselves several different builds.
-(Spin-Off OC)Spire, a cyoa set in the same world as Dusk City. Got 4 main factions/routes for the player to go down in the urban fantasy world.
-(OC)Time & Ages: Interstellar, a sci-fi cyoa set in space. I want to make it feel comfy, but adventurous have some non-human waifus and bros in it.

>> No.47885582

Deep blue hole, yellow hole, green hole.

>> No.47885588

Anon who is reworking the Seven Sins cyoa. Just wanted to let you know that progress is going smoothly; Just about done with Lust, and Gluttony is two or three sentences away from being done.

With that said, the original cyoa had some, for lack of a better word, quests (Pictured here). I was thinking of adding some more. I already have one or two added, but otherwise I am coming up blank. Do you guys have any Ideas or general questions on my progress?

>> No.47885620

I'm having a hard time not shouting stupid memes about that city.

>> No.47885691

Stick it in purple, pink and white holes. Pick up my dick and stick it in blood red hole to get a new one

>> No.47885721

Please, which one of these do you guys think would look best/do any of them look good to you? I can't tell what is good on the eyes. its my fatal flaw.

also, to make it a real cyoa, after you tell me what color to pick, pick what color you want your skin to be.

>> No.47885735

Take the pale blue one.
I'd like my skin to be orange, thank you.

>> No.47885743

nipping this in the bud, 5 each row, 4 rows, left to to right 1-20, which one is the pale blue?

>> No.47885748

Just post the Pokemon Personified CYOA as soon as you possibly can. How close are you to finished?

>> No.47885763


>> No.47885804

You mean L O N D O N?

>> No.47885807

Denizens of /cyoag/. I hunger for cyoas where I can obtain large sums of power. If you would be so kind as to give me a few, feel free to do so.

>> No.47885855

>not overrun by child raping Pakis and muslims
Truly magical

>> No.47885865

Try not to minmax too much

>> No.47885882


>> No.47885889

Not really much of a choice if I don't know what I am getting myself into, is it. In any case, I'll take the doughnut.

>> No.47885903

Truly 12.4% is a horrifying number.

>> No.47885922

ALRIGHT! Finished editing the first 3 pages, so Familiar is presentable now. Milestones are gone. Aspiring has his Focus back. A few text edits, and made it clear in the Species section that you have to be small enough that your master (who is certainly no bodybuilder) can easily lift you over his or her head with 1 arm, unassisted.

I kept the bars for masters because honestly, they don't detract from the CYOA, and I worked too hard on them to just delete them.

Prodigy now requires that you take 2 Jobs. What are Jobs? Working on them now with Page 4, in addition to Events. But since your build will need one, here's a quick, short list with short descriptions.

>Free Spirit: Your master doesn't ask much of you, leaving you free to do whatever you want, really.
>Layabout: You're there to be a magic battery and petting object and that's about it, you lazy bum.
>Lure: Time to get dangerous! You distract and attack enemies with hit and run tactics.
>Mascot: You're there to be as cute as fucking possible, and cheer for and support your master and his or her friends. Good for therapy.
>Protector: You defend your master from threats, let him or her know about potential threats, and make sure he or she is always safe, to the best of your ability, at least.
>Sage: Two heads are better than one, and you can help your master study, read books and share what you learn.
>Scout: Familiars are small and innocuous, and often speedy, so you spend your time looking ahead the road and around the area to make reports for your master.
>Spy: As above, Familiars are small and, most of the time, innocuous. You sneak around and steal shit for your master.
>Valet: You live to serve. Delivering letters, fetching things, cleaning around, and more or less being a small, personal butler or maid.

With that, posting pages 1-3.

>> No.47885927

it doesn't look good at all.

>> No.47885946


Also, forgot to mention. Prodigy's 2 job requirement can't be Free Spirit or Layabout. For obvious reasons.

>> No.47885949

Well then, I must have shit tastes. Sorry about that.

>> No.47885963

And 3/3. Alright, back to work on Page 4 for me.

>> No.47885973


>> No.47886009

Play nice, you guys. This is /cyoag/, not /pol/.

>> No.47886027

It's a lot more now, plus their current mayor is Muslim and he's completely wacked. He spends all his time bitching about american politics, whites, and seeing skinny girls in bikinis and how bad that is.

>> No.47886041

>seeing skinny girls in bikinis and how bad that is.
I legit kek'd at this. Could I get a link?

>> No.47886065

First result, don't blame me if it's a shitty site:


He's bananas.

>> No.47886077

Holy fuck I'm muslim and that's fucking retarded. What the fuck white people? Why would you elect him?

>> No.47886085

>can't bro it up with the queen
Why you do this?

>> No.47886099

Self-loathing is the Western way. They see a Muslim guy running for office and they vote for him just so they can say they're not 'prejudiced', completely ignoring what the guy's personality and platform is. That's how you get clowns like this.

>> No.47886119

How easy is it to access poisons here? Do wizards often work with them?

>> No.47886122

Ofc you can.

Why do you guys do this? Why not just wait for a good muslim guy to come along and wait for him? This shit is only going to make you white people hate us more...

>> No.47886147

I just told you man, it's a race to 'virtue signal', basically to make yourself seem the most morally upright and progressive person around, else people will gang up on you and potentially ruin your life if you speak out. Everyone's gone crazy these last few years.

>> No.47886166

Painter, my recommendation to you is to pick a very neutral background color (something soft) and only use 1 color for your text. Having different colored backgrounds for different powers/abilities/drawbacks is fine, but I think making those two elements neutral will provide a nice balance and make it easy on the eyes.

Just a recommendation.

>> No.47886175

i don't want to clog up this thread with my WIP 100+ times, 2% done, all in different colors but trust me, that color when applied with the pictures and crystals, do not look good together.

Sooooooooooo, ren, this feels horrifically blasphemous to ask but since I'm what people would call, "the most horrible background artist that has ever lived" and "have shitty eyes" could you make a color in your photoshop that looks good? I can't seem to create one.

Wandering mistress
perks 4

Species: Mammal- shetland sheep dog.
The yvkvoov (the stars)- aberrant anatomy.
breath weapon- acid

>> No.47886206

Coming out of hiding to do this one because I've always wanted to make a character that peddles magic cards

Jack Kansit


Arcane Magic II
Elemental Magic II
Illusion Magic II
Knowledge III (Focus on selling stuff)
Enhancement III (I -need- this to enchant cards)

Luvyna (Not picking to for waifu)
Valerie (The three person package, despite how generic sounding it is these three resemble my closest friends so it just works anyway)
Evergreen (Heard about the emotion magic business, you can bet Jack is gonna try and bottle and sell that as a card)
(Blank for Drawback)

Fund Raising x 5 (Jack actually has -no- financial support, and seeing as he'll be hopefully making bank in the market anyway this could be the best opportunity to pay for the rest of his classes)
Battle Royal (Jack won't make it far, but any chance to refine his knowledge of how magic should be employed in battle will help sales)
Security (Despite Jack's serious greed, he has ethics in that he HATES thieves. He can't turn this offer down and intends to lace the event with magic traps. He -will- beg his friends for help too)

Not taking clubs, there is important work to do!

Taking Hated Prodigy for one less companion and two more classes

Jack has always had a fascination with magic, and at a young age thought it would be great if anyone without access to magic could get quick access to such spells. As he grew older his pure desire to give magic to the world gave way to greed, but the core idea still remains.

He intends to put himself through school, paying for his tuition each year during the Festival, and if he makes it through Pocket Mage(C) will be hitting the markets all over the world.

>> No.47886207

I think I've just been hit by inspiration. I still need to find good colors but i think i know how to make a good background now. It will take some work though.

>> No.47886220

She's not a companion. Then again I guess broing it up with her sister enough will give you an opportunity.
Also holly shit that "Don't be a pussy man. Just take it all." was hard to read. Maybe I need a new set of glasses or something.

>> No.47886247

Witches find/make poisons more often than wizards do. But if you Spy or Scout, you can probably find some relatively easily.

Barring that, just be a Reptile or Insect, and/or get the Venomous perk.

>> No.47886249

Some of it is 'virtue signal' as >>47886147 said, and some of it is the idea of 'maximizing diversity' is inherently good and worth pursing over other values.

Not knowing the local politics, he might've just been the most electable of the bunch, or frustrated minorities voted for a fringe candidate while more reasonable candidates split up their demographic's vote.

Communities will also sometimes vote for a terrible challenger to 'punish' an incumbent that has incurred their wrath. And sometimes sub-communities will elect a terrible candidate to punish a normally dominant voting block. It's not unusual to see suburbs vote for a candidate that promises spending to the 'burbs despite it being fiscally irresponsible because dammit why is 'none' of the money ever spent on the 'burbs? (Because businesses pay more taxes than the fucking burbs which keep the taxes in the burbs down, you morons.)

Municipal politics are the worst.

>> No.47886251

Nice mad dictator, I made this>>47884987
Haven't thought of a good story yet though.

>> No.47886269

Well, I mean, I'm no artist supreme myself, but you can take my CYOA and use the eyedrop tool literally every image editor has.

>> No.47886301

You fucker i did this yesterday and used a Shetland Sheepdog you're fucking copying me
YESTERDAY, this is not a coincidence, i'm the only one who can be the qt witch's shetland sheepdog damn you

Good taste in dog breeds you bastard

>> No.47886323

Are there any supernatural ones or is it all mundane equivalents?

>> No.47886354

Imps are venomous.

And far from mundane so... yeah. I mean I won't make some up right now, but that should answer your question.

>> No.47886361

>fifth mouth


>> No.47886402

Purple,Lavender,and Silver.
Or alternatively Gray, Purple again, and blood red so I can get a clone to do my work for me.

>> No.47886496

Why not both?

>> No.47886527

Master: Waifish Orphan
Species: Mammal (Monkey)
Focus: The Alley - Face in the Crowd
Perks: Freedom, Pickpocket, Speedy, Telepathic

Alright, shit, I died. And… I'm a monkey now? Could be worse, I s'pose.
My master is a promising young witch, she's kind and has her heart in the right place.
I'll have to be wary, to keep others from running a blade through it.
This new body serves that purpose well – quick, slick, and deft of lift, I'm perfectly suited to 'acquiring' rare, expensive things – or thrusting a monkey-sized shiv in a man's eye. You know. If I have to.
I think we'll get along quite nicely.

>> No.47886667

Just got back from the ER. What'd I miss?

>> No.47886671

A - waifu
B - waifu
C - magic

>> No.47886690

Hmm, my crow build was already prepped to be protector, scout, spy, and valet (messenger bird), and I still figured I would have enough free time to consider myself a "free spirit".

Perch on a tree or fly ahead, watch for any suspicious activity and report via telepathy, infiltrate places I'm not supposed to be with ghostwalk and steal stuff or eavesdrop, deliver written messages (flight+speedy), or even attack someone threatening my witch by crashing into them with my speedy, sturdy body (and sharp beak).

And with the way Waifish Orphan and Wandering Mistress are both written, with the exception of simply being "on guard" all of these tasks wouldn't be likely eat more than an hour of time per day put together. Delivering a message to another city would take longer (not MUCH longer, given my speed), but that would be a rare occurrence.

I was looking forward to some less mundane jobs for the both of us, but it looks like a pretty easy life really.

>> No.47886695

Trench coat

>> No.47886801

So is that author cyoa that one anon working on a waifu one or not?

I just got home and got plenty of symbiote pics.

>> No.47886892

how come did i miss the other page fuck

>> No.47886962


>> No.47886992

I'm not even sure, they can't decide.

>> No.47887016

13 YO
Old God power source
Fresh Start+10

Healing (Self Service, Miracle)-10
Barrier (Permanent)-6
Vitality (Immunity, Painless)-3
Pain (AOE)-10
Mechanics (Inner Focus)-7
Tongues (Non-verbal)-3
Remote Viewing (Presence)-9
Telekinesis (Precision, Power)-9
Teleportation (Quick Step, Indirect Sight)-10
Mind Reading (Deep Dive)-7
Dowsing (Specific)-2
Interference (Targeted, Destructive)-6
Invisibility (Invisibility Field)-8
Future Sight (Relevant, Clarity)-6
Apportation (Pocket Dimension)-4

Asexual (Neutered)+7
Animal Foes+8

Overcome x2

Guardian: Nobody
Home: Westwood Heights
Children: Derek Wright, Anna Ramstead, Peter Blake
Adults: Joseph Harrison, Jane Farley

It needed a champion. A vassal through which to spread It's glory to the world, and the child was perfect. Oh so perfect. It was generous to the child, ensuring that they would always be happy. That they would be brilliant. That they would never age beyond their prime. And the other boons that came with It's blessing! It's champion could seek out relics It deemed important, manipulate through guile and force to prepare the world for It's return. The boons were not without drawbacks, but It accounted for the risks. Previous memories clearly had to go, they would interfere with the child's loyalty. The ghoulish appearance and air of unease were unfortunate side effects, but the vassal could hide beautifully with their power, and was of a strong will even before the change. The powers that be knew of the vassal though, such was unavoidable. Nature shunned them while both foe and friend of It would seek the child, knowingly or otherwise. It deemed them well enough equipped to deal with hardship, however, especially as they sought out and even gained the companionship of others that would spread It's glory.

>> No.47887161

>> No.47887174


Name = Farrel Dharma
Age = 11
Gender = Male
General Appearance = Noctis from final fantasy xv (Pic related)
Power source = Genetic
Emotional = Fixed
Physical = Perfect
Mental = No Change
Life = Prime (Body will age until 24 and then stay there)
Memory = No change
Spiritual = Repellent

Vitality, Painless, Immunity
Healing, Self Service, Miracle
Athleticism , Raw power
Barrier, Permanent Barrier
Pyrokinesis, Pyro Control, Pyro Source, Pyro Catalyst
Levitation, Efficient Levitation
Mechanics, Inner Focus (Extreme Agility)
Dowsing, Specific Dowsing (To detect anything that will feasibly burn)

Drawbacks : Taphophobia, Tokophobia, Dipsophobia, Inhuman

Guardian : Ally - Joseph Harrison
Home : Yarrow Falls
Students : Leah Dawson, Adam Wiley, Peter Blake
Adults : Jane Farley, Julie Stater
Perks : Overcome 2X = 12 points

i'll be a vigilante type hero, it'll be awesome, Hunting paranormal beings with Blake and Jane. it'll be fun

>> No.47887192

School: St. Flares

Classes: Survival 1
Maneuvers 1
Stealth 1
Blue Magic 2
Monster Hunting 2
Ranged Combat 2
Traps 1

Friends: Kaerulaus, Malyvin, Crale Edwards

Events: The Great Hunt 1 - 3, Security Year 4 and 5, Body Guard Year 3 - 5

Clubs: Cooking Club, Disciplinary Squad

Drawbacks: Exchange Program - 1: Aerial Combat 1
Transfer Student - 1: Mecherath

He is planning to become a great monster chef! But he keeps getting involved with non-monster chef events, sometimes even being sent elsewhere.

>> No.47887307

>>Mascot: You're there to be as cute as fucking possible, and cheer for and support your master and his or her friends. Good for therapy.
>>Valet: You live to serve. Delivering letters, fetching things, cleaning around, and more or less being a small, personal butler or maid.
I want this.

>> No.47887324

0.00000000000000000 is the only acceptable number. Britain is white. Period.

>> No.47887433

It wasn't that important, just the names of all the cities.

>> No.47887452

List A : Waifu
List B : Honorary Seat on the board of control
List C : A copy of "Sepher raziel for Dummies: invoking astral powers for fun & profit"

>> No.47887478

Master: Waifish Orphan

Species: Mammal (Fox)

Focus: The Unknown - Aberrant Anatomy

Perks: Sturdy, Telepathic, Warper, Breath Weapon

Job: Sage

I'll be a most studious little fox, making sure that my little mistress is as well-armed with knowledge as any wizard. After all, the two of us have seen the things that are out there. It's a very scary world. If it becomes necessary, my perks and focus would let me be a very persistent little thorn in an enemy's side with the potential for lethality if ignored for too long. But we shouldn't make any enemies, right?

What? No, of course I'm not 'literally a writhing mass of tentacles and fangs crudely forced into an adorable mammalian form'. That would be ridiculous. I'm just a normal fox!

I think the two of us would get along pretty well! With all the telepathy going around, we could be quite the silent peanut gallery for the sorts of shenanigans that young witches are sure to get up to.

>> No.47887535

Why wouldn't you post child Noctis if you're 11 years old?

>> No.47887543

Thanks man I got the idea from you.

>> No.47887570

Going to make me repost my build again.

>Waifish Orphan
>Avian: Crow
>The Spirit: Ghostwalk

Job: Protector, probably/mainly

I basically sit in a tree nearby and watch, 99% of the time. Maybe I steal a shiny, maybe I use myself as a living bullet to defend my master, but usually I'm just "around".

>> No.47887734


Bit of an error in Freedom
>You can easily slip out of the hands of people who try to grab to grab you.

>> No.47887798

Thanks! Fixed, it'll be clean next time I post it!

>> No.47887893

Yeah. They're probably Allah forsaken manlets too.

>> No.47887931

Post the most up to date edition

>> No.47887995

made this for your avatar.

>> No.47888003

Why the dental stuff?

>> No.47888009

Gen Dokari
Ej Har
Tactics (3)
Knowledge (3)
Divine Arts (1)
Mage Armor (2) (Exchange Program x2)
Necromancy (2)
Unholy Arts (1)
Research Proposal
Party Planner
>Clubs and activities
Student Government
Paranormal Research
Exchange Program x2

Gen was never a particularly nice guy before his first year at Ej Har. After the thing at the festival of life, he withdrew even further into his shell. The people that could still be considered close to him were extremely worried about his behavior, as he seemed obsessed with seeing the apparition again. If they didn't know him better they'd think he was willing to end the whole world if it meant seeing her again. But no one's that crazy, right?
"Mal, get in the fucking Mage armor." -Gen

>> No.47888032

because you said you were a hygene enthusiast, pennny whistle blowing, theater going person. and an aspiring lawyer. Made it yesterday but i don't know if you saw it.

>> No.47888038

*damn it. i thought your name was "box wine" not "quiet". damn it. i look a fool now.

just replace you with he.

>> No.47888056


Really looking forward to the last page of this! Here's what I'm planning so far:

Witch-Wandering Mistress
I'm a bit confused why her Solitude score is so high. You're part of a traveling caravan of merchants I'd think it'd be fairly low. Unless that score was worked out before Familiars could speak by default. Really though a traveling caravan filled with all kinds of folk and seeing strange new lands sounds like a very cushy way to build up Karma. Plus since she's a witch she thinks of me more like a companion than a tool.

Improved Familiar-Carbuncle
I'm the most adorable thing since chinchillas. I'll probably do well with the rest of the caravan, especially if there are any children around. Plus I might be able to help draw in a few customers whenever my Mistress sets up shop in town.

The Body-Cleanse
Being a Witch of the body is probably reliable work at least. Especially for an aspiring alchemist. People are always looking for healing tonics, diet potions and witch protein powder. Cleanse lets me be a real help around camp able to cure any illnesses or injuries on the road, even when supplies are scarce. Of course I'm sure my Mistress could do it just as easily but this way she can conserve her mana.

Charming - Simply the best. I'm going to have to do something about my ego.
Ray - Not too useful in a fight but I can offer a distraction before darting away if things ever get rough.
Speedy - I'm blue and move fast. Time to step it up.
Freedom - Lets me move through the forest easier, reduces chance of toddlers pulling on my tail

Job-Free Spirit/Valet
Not that I'll be lazy, more that I'll just probably be dabbling in a bit of anything the camp or my Mistress needs at the moment. Need a scout? I can weave through the treetops with speed and grace. Bring in a few hares for dinner? I could probably manage a hunt with my ray ability. Watch the caravan's kids? I can sacrifice my dignity for a few hours to keep them under control.

>> No.47888124

Compare the others. The young options are both in a school for mages, so they have a ton of other magic users, familiars, and probably mundanes around as well. The Elder Master is similar with his council of archmages, and probably has to deal with lesser mages as well one way or the other.

Compared to that, one or two other witches and a small group of regular people out in the wilds is pretty solitary. Not as solitary as a lone adventurer or the only wizard of the small party of murderhobos, but you won't be meeting many other magical people.

>> No.47888146

So how does the Exchange Program work?
Does it completely open a new class for me, or does it give me one extra course only to take in another class?

>> No.47888158

>Bjorn Ursus
Damn it Bear Bear

>> No.47888258

>> No.47888293

>> No.47888306


>> No.47888315

>> No.47888325

>> No.47888349

>full tang not included

>> No.47888391

I've looked into it, but I haven't gotten a clear answer. What part is the tang?

>> No.47888400

The bit that runs into the handle.

>> No.47888416

Labeled diagram please?

>> No.47888479


>> No.47888488

I see why it's a jew move to make you pay for that.

>> No.47888497

I didn't want to get rid of the Milestone background art, so...
But yeah. Get a Job. The general idea is that most familiars can do basically all of the jobs here at any given time, but the one YOU choose is the one you're best at.

Whew. This was a lot of fun, though. To make and to see the thread have fun with. I'm not sure if I'll make any additions in the near future, considering my oncoming vacation, but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out now.

>> No.47888517

I'd probly have to go with Erica the Racoon, casual relationship with an agressive nympho is nice and seems safer than the rest, Manticore was a close second but those claws could probly take a chunk out of me on accident. Squidgirls a close third.

>> No.47888524

>Free Spirit
>Your master undestands


>> No.47888543

I undestand thought. I undestand compleatly.

>> No.47888560

looks great, don't sweat the minor grammatical issues. you're probably a little tired from working on it so take a breather. besides, we all make misteaks.

>> No.47888581

Spotted another one under Sage too. Missed the "m" in contemplation.

I am a failure to you all, and have brought great dishonor to this family.

>> No.47888604

Officially, protector. Unofficially, there are many ways I can protect and Spy covers several of them.

Actually officially might still be Free Spirit. But keeping my witch safe is in my own best interest.

>> No.47888615

Protip: Don't go longer than an hour without saving, not days.

>> No.47888652

>Not habitually saving every few minutes.
It's so ingrained that I try to ctrl+s away from my keyboard.

>> No.47888838

How do you have a sword without a tang? Wouldn't it just fall off the hilt?

>> No.47888887

I don't have it. Post it if you do.

>> No.47888909

Male, 11

Dark Magic

Emotional - Dulled - +5
Life - Prime - -15, age 11 forever
Physical - Perfect - -4
Memory - Fresh Start - +10
Mental - No Change - 0
Spiritual - No Change - 0

Net points = 26

Empathy - +7

Barrier - -3, plus permanent, -3
Athleticism - -4
Tongues - -2
Levitation - -2, flight, -5
Apportation - -2
Pyrokinesis - -3, with source, -5
Telekinesis - -4

0 points

Guardian - Ally
Home - Withermouth

Students: Danny Glass, Leah Dawson, Carl Knight
Adults: Julie Slater and Louise Webb, adopted by Julie Slater

Perks: Inheritance and Boarding School

Good CYOA, enjoyed reading it. Basically, make me an 11 year old boy forever, but with the strength of an adult and a handful of powers. I'll hang out with my strange combo of friends and solve mysteries senpai.

>> No.47888910

I don't know why I like this CYOA so much. Usually I want something that causes me to end up at least marginally better off than I am now, and I don't really see how being a bird-slave could possibly be better. But I've enjoyed it enough to update my build throughout all the updates so far.

>> No.47888950

It's not that they lack a tang, it's that they remove part of it making them (swords/knives) near worthless. It's fine for decorative pieces but complete shit for functional use.

>> No.47888993

Except a half tang costs 1, so if you spend 0 what do you get?

>> No.47889007

Try spending a little less time reading thousand year old novels and a little more time picking up proper computing practices.

>> No.47889012

To emphasize the point about a half tang (or less) being completely useless, here's a bit of how the forces work on a sword.

>> No.47889247

Get into a habit of ctrl+s. I honestly don't know how someone can go days without saving.

I instinctively hit ctrl+s every chance I get now, with anything. Works with most programs.

>> No.47889345 [DELETED] 

Hmm never put an e-mail in a post. Guess it goes in the options section? Well guess we'll see.

>> No.47889357

Ok guess options section doesn't work for e-mail and I don't see an e-mail field so here, [email protected]

>> No.47889381

It used to be an email field, but now the field is Options, under the Name field, i do believe.
Considering it was used for sage as well as dice rolling, it may be a bit confusing now.

>> No.47889400

If you don't save often, even with a backup save, then you're an idiot, I'm sorry to say. That backup feature isn't 100% guaranteed and that file can become corrupt.

Jesus Saves and so should you and very often at that.

>> No.47889413

Aw, thanks. I made it because I figured it was a unique idea and it wasn't just another wish-fulfilling, superpower grab-bag. Not that there's anything wrong with those, they're all mostly great. But I wanted to make a legitimate "Choose your own Adventure" with emphasis on Adventure.

You're becoming a familiar because you want a better shot at the afterlife, an opportunity arose where you could live a second life, not exactly in ideal conditions, but one that still has its own rewards. You get cool powers, but you're no superhero. You could live a life of luxury, but it's not one you control.

I'm glad /tg/'s enjoyed it so far. I really am. It's nice to make something people enjoy. I won't stick around forever, but doing this has helped me get back into the swing of writing again. So you all have my thanks for the feedback, ideas, and encouragement to make it better!

>> No.47889431

>Select a gender and an agre between 11 and 16
My name is Harry Mason, I'm in town on vacation.
>Psychic energy
No change. No xanax for me, please.
Although I would argue that dulled is pretty much my day-to-day.
I think I'll take sickly, it kind of fits with the whole psyker thing I'm trying to build up.
Sharpened. Need to be able to not turn into a daemonic bowl of fuck, after all.
I'm like an old shaman.
Repellent. With the emperor's light as your torch, go and vanquish the darkness.

Or, y'know, you can always shoot them.
>Telekinesis + Power
At 19 points already.
>Remote viewing + Scrying
17 points.
>Future sight + clarity
12 points. Gonna need to be more careful.
>Levitation + efficient
Nah fuck that. 6 points.
>Friend of nature
And that's all she wrote.
Nevermind, I'm heading back for round 2. Ding ding! 18 points.
12 points.
>Pyrokinesis + control + catalyst
4 points.
Ok, that's really all she wrote this time. I think that's almost all the powers a psyker can have, barring a certain red-skinned cyclops, his chapter master/son, or the guy who's been sitting on a golden throne for a long time.
I didn't move out of my mother's house just so I could have another.
>Yarrow falls
I could probably find some work there. But more importantly, it seems like there's supernatural shit there that needs put down.
Oooh. allies, huh? I thought this was going to be more like silent hill than goosebumps. Alright, cool, more people means less chances of dying horribly.
>Danny Glass*
>Mia cross
Bow chicka bow-wow.
>Peter blake
The remington 870 is the most powerful handgun in the world.
I got friends with guns. It's no biggie to get armed.

This was a fucking great cyoa.

>> No.47889452

Warhammer (-1)
Keterite X5
Dowel (-1)
Leafmetal X5
Damascus Forge (-1)

A warhammer doesn't actually use a tang at all, that's just nonsense.

Otherwise it's a very simple construction. No magic, just a strong head and a tough handle. Maximum willpower and high durabilty without overdoing the weight

Tower Shield (-4)
Outer: Vutrionite 2, Moranyx 1, ashkalt 1, starbrine 1
Inner: Moranyx 3, Ashkalt 1, starbine x1

Plasma Breaker (-1)
Spirit Flayer (-1)
Arcane Folder (-1)

Guardian (-1)
Fortitude (-1)
Warriors Might (-1)
Time rend (-1)
Mend and spark (-1)

The outer layer of the shield is designed for stopping attacks, it's reasonably tough, but it's specialized in stopping magical attacks.

The inner layer provides multiple utility spells, though it doesn't add much to the shields immediate defense.

>Spending 4 times as much on your shield as your weapon

>> No.47889462

>aphophobia, Tokophobia, Dipsophobia
fucking smart

>> No.47889574

>less than 1200 pixels
My hero! <3

>> No.47889604

Someone's trying very hard to get your attention SDA. Are you just going to ignore her like that?

>> No.47889605

You missed out bitching about how Britain should recognise Palestine and hand over sovereignty to the Republic of Europe.

>> No.47889639


Only change is I am the champion of a Old God. Chaos, Whee!

Source of Powers: Old God

Emotional: Dulled +5
Physical Perfect -4
Mental: No change
Life: No change
Memory: Knowledge -5
Spirtual: No change

No Empathy +7
Night Person +5
Anxiety +6
Lust +8
Inhuman +5
Insominia +9
Addiction: Sex +7
Phobia: POZbros +7
Future Sight, Relevant, Clarity -6
Claravoyance, Direct -2
Mind Reading, Deep Dive -7
Mind Control, Functional, Flawless -25
Psychometry -4
Healing, Self-Service -7
Tongues, Siren, Non-Verbal -4
Curse -4
Vitality, Immunity, Painless -3
Charm, Adored -6
Empathy -2

A total shit who does't care about anybody or anything and is brooding all the time. Despite this women want nothing more than tot hop on his prick, and he's more than willing to let them. Can learn anything, can convince any woman to loose her panties and hop on him. He can curse people who he dislikes and cause inconvience.

>> No.47889646

All those colors are pretty intense, the medium blues are probably the least harsh out of all your "bright" colors. The dark ones are so dark that your text would have to be white against them.

Perhaps this grid will help you out. The attached are very desaturated but can have the saturation levels (how much pure color) is put in them.

>> No.47889667

Wait, let me change my allies a bit here.
>Scarlet Manning
>Mia cross
>Adam wiley
>Henry morris
>Jospeph harrison
I've decided that instead of hunting the supernatural beasties, I will learn from them, and try to acquire more power in any way I can, with the end goal being everyone in the town converting to my cult, studying magic and rituals to increase my power and strength, and ascending my spirit to be unkillable and all-powerful.

With enough time and effort, I can become a great old one, or at least an okay-ish young one. Then I will rule all of Massachusetts as a generous god, with millions of devoted followers.

It will be great.

>> No.47889687

Anyway, time to stop beating around the bush and make a build for my own fucking CYOA.

Waifish Orphan: Ophelia

I mean, it really is the best option, not gonna lie.



Ren (duh)

The Sky: Tease the Wind
There's a lot you can do with the ability to control the wind. Make a burst downward to jump really high or really far. Outrun ANYTHING by going with the wind, and if we eventually set sail, we'll always sail with the wind in our favor. Also Wind Waker was like my favorite Zelda game.

The Prodigy

Just the three Pooka perks I'm locked into. I know the city alleyways like the back of my hand, can swipe what we need to be happy and eat well, and GTFO on the off chance I get caught.


I'm gonna be busy. Not that I mind though, since I have excellent work ethic (kek). I won't have mage hand for Valet, but Pooka have regular hands anyway, and Wands are for chumps. With Pooka's natural agility, speed, and resourcefulness, I'll be bounding through and over the city streets with ease, nabbing food, trinkets, and whatever Ophelia wants me to get as she's being pushed by the Madame to be the best witch ever.

Also fuck Charming. I got rabbit ears, they're adorable.

Secrets Below

Best match for the event, honestly. I'm too fast for anything in the sewers to catch me and with Guide I can get Ophelia out of there as quickly as possible. We lack any real killing power (we might be able to smear a Dire Rat against the wall with the strongest gale we can muster) so out best bet is to just get out as fast as possible.

>> No.47889692

There should be a job for familiars that master uses for "stress relief". Or does mascot cover that?

>> No.47889720

Mascot or, to a lesser extent, Layabout, yeah.

>> No.47889738

>tfw you can canonically be master's girlfriend

>> No.47889757

>What the fuck white people? Why would you elect him?

>Why not just wait for a good muslim guy to come along and wait for him?
There are already many better ones, like Maajid Nawaz and Syed Kamall. But they don't get the left-wing vote like the ones in Labour do.

>> No.47889782


Didn't see a build using bardic arts so here goes:

Fredrick quicksilver

School: odesium

Classes :
bardic arts 3

Illusion magic 2 Lights shows for on the stage

Physical training 1 To stay on stage longer

Explosives 2 What's a good concert without pyrotechnics

Airship training I'll tour the continent on a massive airship

Malyvin, the manager

Yung, every band need at least one rebellious team member to bring in even more fans

Farhat, the only member of our band that doesn't need much training

Trap catcher, our roadie

Jiel, our chauffeur

Events :
Battle of the arts x5 gotta get our name out there

Fund raising x2 airship ain't free

Basilisk's den x1 gotta let loose sometimes

Clubs :
Music club obviously

So in conclusion I'm gonna make this world's first rock band and travel everywhere preforming for massive crowds

>> No.47889785

I had it that way because there are socketed knives, and I didn't want to exclude that option.

So, to address this, I'm gonna just embedthe cost of half-tang into the sword hilts while also adding in a "knife handle/hilt" as a lower tier that will only cost 1.

In other news relating to this CYOA, I'm rehauling it a bit (namely the stats) so it can align to Battlemage.


Thanks, AA.

And good luck to you, too. Those concubines won't feed themselves.

Or, will they?

>> No.47889794

The guild wars images trigger me. I hate how witches are tied to compassion when it feels like it should be the opposite. I don't like this CYOA much.

But I do like one thing. I think it's great that the third page is titled "penis".

>> No.47889831

Since when did AA have concubines? Did I miss something?

>> No.47889848

You get obligatory concubines when you become an author, here.

>> No.47889854

Ah that makes sense. Sadly I didn't see any sort of mouseover for the e-mail so I just added it to the post. Oh well.

>> No.47889942

If you are getting Mind Control, why would you waste points on the functional when upgrade when perfect lets you have that and more? You don't have to get all the upgrades to the power you know.

>> No.47889958

Wealth: 10
Influence: 21
Risk: 5

Specialty: Narcotics

Products: Dragan, Opium Poppies, Cayote Pepper, Bloodbeer

Shipping: Airfleet

Hand: Vilmar Allon
Captain: Viviana Nora

Job: Arctic Mixology

Favour: Dominator's Maul, Deal with the Nightwitch [300 years of youth, sex can replace eating and sleeping]

Branding myself shouldn't be so bad with opium poppies and bloodbeer to ease the pain and memory. With Dominator's Maul, the Nightwitch's desire for sex will be her undoing. For when she appears one night I will brand her body and demand she return my soul. That'll teach her to offer minor boons in exchange for a soul. Enslaving a proud succubus sounds amusing as well.

Honestly I would have been content with 3 wealth. If 2 lets a family of three subsist, 3 would let one person have a decent quality of life. I'll probably just invest my money in legitimate businesses and security.

If influence is anything like wealth (with 11 being a typical royal), holy shit at 21 influence. A typical king is probably, what, 15? I am almost to a king as the king is to a low-class noble. This isn't even considering the power of the Dominator's Maul.

Using my long lifespan, influence, and Dominator's Maul, I think I can make a real impact on the world. Maybe brand some aspiring Badlands orc warlords and unite the orcs. Without infighting, they could turn their attentions elsewhere...

>> No.47889983

SDA, just don't sperg out like MCCYOA Author or talk shit about your gf from the bathroom while logged in.

(To be fair; I would be pissed with cross-racial Disney Princess' Cosplay too. Esp. if it's all she does.)

>> No.47890019

Dear MCCYOA Author,

Just tell the gf she's partaking in Dieney's Neoimperalstic Cultural Appropiation. (The non-white princess' mere existance is appropiation.)
Her wearing those costumes not belionging to white princess is cultural appropiation; you cannot appropiate White Culture.

>> No.47890048

who are you

>> No.47890095

If you don't have a full Tang the sword gets Fucked up easily and is weak

>> No.47890104

>Wind Waker
Mah nigga. Objectively the best Zelda game since Ocarina. Skyward Sword has a similar enough mechanic to make it interesting, but it's not as well done.

>> No.47890131


>> No.47890176

Okay, now I want to build a little dragon that could pass for a lizard. Too bad I can't switch Breath Weapon for Venomous on Psuedodragon.

Shut up, Loiosh.

>> No.47890180


>> No.47890218

>Waifish Orphan
Just too cute.
>Mammal (Dog)
>The Body (Humanize)
Thumbs are good. Also helps with cleaning.
>Detector, Guide, Speedy, Sturdy
Sense possible threats coming.
Lead the cute girl home.
Run to her whenever she needs anything.
Anyone trying to hurt her must go through me.
No one hurts my witch.
>Secrets Below
My sometimes reckless witch.

>> No.47890263


>> No.47890640

I see no reason i can't take more than one job.

free spirit and guardian because i care about the person that brought me back, I'll protect them, I'll help out but I'll also not above killing them if i feel like a slave. I'm an acid breathing, tentacled warping, venemous shetland. If i get treated like a dog, well, I "could" win that fight.

>> No.47890659

>>47883855 >>47883904 >>47883944 >>47883977 >>47884020
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Power Source: Alien
Emotional: Dulled
Physical: Sickly
Mental: Enhanced
Life: Prime (Age: 16)
Memory: Fresh Start
Spiritual: No Change
Gifts: Telekinesis (Precision, Power), Future Sight (Relevant, Clarity), Clairvoyance (Method: Numerology), Mind Reading (Deep Dive), Mind Control (Flawless), Remote Viewing (Presence), Psychometry (Muscle Memory), Dowsing (Specific), Apportation (Pocket Dimension), Teleportation (Quick Step, Indirect Sight), Mediumship (Command), Vitality (Immunity, Painless), Barrier (Permanent, Wide), Interference (Targeted, Destructive), Mechanics
Curses: Eyesight, Weakness, Inhuman, Unsettling, Empathy, Asexual, Animal Foes
Guardian: Ally (Julie Slater)
Home: Yarrow Falls
Allies: Kate Fox, Adam Wiley, Scarlet Manning, Julie Slater, Joseph Harrison
Perks: Overcome (X2)

The short term goal is to disappear from all records, build a large dome deep within the earth to conduct experiments in, and amass most to all knowledge within reason that would concern my endeavors. The long term goal is to leave earth to the nearest habitable planet to continue experimenting.

>> No.47890758

I've saved it in 3 different locations

>> No.47890798

what are good comfy cyoa?

>> No.47890804


Rando namefag who's not liked in /cyoag/ and generally remembers older things I've been here for.

>> No.47890822

I know.

I just don't like you, either.

>> No.47890841

hahaha. Gotta agree, purely for the fact of bringing up old shit that need to be brought back up.

>> No.47890847

I've seen this posted before. I'll make a build.

Master's Name: Zeofis Rorwud
Master's Class: Wizard
Master's Age: Young, Aspiring Student
Focus: Transmuter
Special: The Prodigy

My Name: Ramled
My Species: Imp
Focus Perks: Enlarge, Wallop
Perks: Detector, Vanish, Venomous
Jobs: Sage, Mascot

You mean I spend my new life learning about magic and meeting new people? That doesn't sound bad at all.

Enlarge lets me operate with an adult or larger humanoid body, so I can do the things I'm used to doing without trouble. With enlarge I could probably carry even my grown master in my arms if he needed to fly over something. If needed in combat I can wallop an enemy and deliver my (presumably lethal) venom while remaining invisible.

It would be fun helping my prodigy master succeed. Hopefully he will always respect me and see me as friend, even in old age.

>> No.47890858


>> No.47890950

er meant can have the saturation levels boosted if needed.

>> No.47891407

>I know the city alleyways like the back of my hand

With guide? Because the CYOA never conveyed that it would be much help there. A strong sense of direction (knowing north) can help you explore and learn the city, but it still takes time.

Otherwise, you're not quite as suited to your tasks as you think, and kind of defenseless. Get cornered and it's over.

You only get enlarge OR wallop, not both,

Otherwise, have fun scaring the shit out of the peasantry, and even some other mages who aren't sure if you might just be a summoned demon. Kind of the absolute worst pick for mascot.

>> No.47891493

I'm thinking of doing the mentor page after this DLC is done. Assuming the page is too small what should I add to fill out the page?

>> No.47891506

waifu option.

more seriously, if its our mentor, personal training/bonding events. like their's 9 mentor's, each with 3 events to choose from or something?

>> No.47891522

Date spots for you and your waifu.

>> No.47891549

Gifts for the waifu, like flowers, a box of chocolates or sheer lingerie.

>> No.47891571

Self: 11 years old male

Origin: Experimental

Emotional: No change
Physical: Perfect [4]
Mental: Enhanced [6]
Life: Prime - 21 [15]
Memory: No change
Supernatural: No change

Clairvoyance [1]
Psychometry [1]
Dowsing [1]
Mediumship [1]
Remote Viewing + Scrying [1]

Curses: None

Guardian: Ally [Louise Webb]
Home: Westwood Heights
Students: Adam Wiley, Carl Knight, Danny Glass
Adults: Julie Slater, Louise Webb, Charlie Hedden, Joseph Harrison, Eric Strickland
Perks: First Impressions x2

Perfect body, enhanced mind, and eternal youth are already very good powers. But the powers I did pick are likely beyond even future science and technology.

That's why I want to analyze my experiment and spread my gifts to everyone. Some day, physical defects will be wiped away; stupidity will be done with; and age will be a thing of the past. Everyone will have truly supernatural abilities. The powers are practically useful and some would allow discoveries otherwise impossible (remote viewing past an event horizon, for instance).

I don't really need most other powers as most of their effects can eventually be approximated with technology - since I won't be aging, I'm trying to think long-term. My only concern is without telekinesis, the heat death of the universe is inevitable. But with confirmation that the dead live on and the divine exist, perhaps that is for the best.

>> No.47891622

Expand on mentors and give options for co-op/shadowing terms. Get us properly prepped for post-grad stuff.

>> No.47891626

Underwear is best gift.

>> No.47891650

Underwear is OP, needs nerf.

>> No.47891667

>such boring undies
No wonder she looks sad, her boyfriend must really be bored with her.

>> No.47891710

Small Pizza


Tomato ( Elements; Earth and Fire)
Olives: 8 years for training my elemental magics, applied on smithing and metallurgy.
Onions: 3x means about 3600€ a month. I can live with that.

Breadsticks and Pasta.
I'm a carpenter and smith by training, so combining ability to get, create and manipulate earthen elements, and forge/ install them would be excellent.

And I like buying game coupons.

>> No.47891763

The sky is fucking empty is the problem.

>> No.47891914


>> No.47891918

Oh dang, I didn't notice it said take one power. Guess I'd go with enlarge since taking out a single creature isn't usually that helpful, and my goal is less about fighting.

You may be right about it being the worst pick for mascot. My interpretation may have been off - I imagined my role would be more of a mix between secretary and traveling businessman than cute puppy. My job would be representing my master and managing his schedule. For instance, if my master wants to work out a deal with another wizard, I could be sent to negotiate. I'd work to expand his network by introducing him to new people. I'd make sure he didn't forget about birthdays and such. Combining mascot and sage, I'd basically try to be a cultured, well educated steward. Knowing enough about magic to get by but focusing more on history, philosophy, culture, etc; areas my master does not specialize in and thus I could be more of service. While I could do mundane tasks like cleaning, since I'm tied to my master (and my afterlife partly depends on his success) and he can sense my emotions I'm basically as trustworthy as they come. He can hire humans to clean his dishes - but he can never buy true loyalty. That is arguably my greatest use, and it would be wasted on dishes.

But I'll do them if he asks.

Of course, I'd always wear a suit - both for professionalism and signaling I'm not feral. Still might scare the peasants not used to me, but hey, intimidation is potentially useful in its own right.

I only wish I had telepathy, but alas, I made do without it in this life and can make do in the next.

>> No.47892038

Swimwear >>>>> Underwear

>> No.47892104

You wish, butterbrain.

>> No.47892135

Sleepwear > Underwear too

>> No.47892241

Short CYOA I made a while ago

currently making desc for Strange New World
I drew that

>> No.47892246

If you wanted another picture for your CYOA, all you had to do was ask.

>> No.47892271

Working on a remake this, because I've always liked the idea but it's super limited, not really many choices to make.

I guess less of a remake and more taking the same idea and doing something way more expansive.

What would you want to see in a wacky colonial conman adventure?

>> No.47892289

>Clara the Office Girl
I was kicked out by my parents for crossdressing, but Clara found me on the streets and took pity on me. Now I live with her as a surrogate daughter as she helps my transition.

>> No.47892300

I'll be honest, I really like the tartan undies in the last two pics. Especially the red ones. Those would be a great gift.

>> No.47892307

>Johnny the Average
Seems like a pretty chill dude. At the very least I'll probably have access to a computer.

>> No.47892311

WIP, please look over, make suggestions, tell me hows it going, etc. I don't like posting WIP but its better than not knowing where to go or if its good enough for the mass's.

>> No.47892326

>> No.47892338

>1360 pixels wide
Doesn't need to be that big for the sizes of text you're using. Stop wasting space and filesize.

>> No.47892352

>That weird line connecting the St in the Aurelius.

This must be what is feels like to know there is a secret here but have no idea what it means.

>> No.47892368


>> No.47892369

what are you talking about, the pictures are gonna be 550 by 550, the most i could shrink it to would be maybe 1250.

>> No.47892374

I'm not Mac or Keine, but I can proofread, too! I'll do my best!

I've only rewritten sentences that have errors.

>intro sentence
You're a kid wandering around on the street. As you collapse due to starvation, you start to remember how it came to this.

...maybe because you were disabled, but who knows? With nowhere to go, you decide to roam the street in search of protection.

You were the punching bag of the family; everyone released all their tension on you. You were never really appreciated; this has caused you to become an introvert. You had enough and escaped from your so-called "home," but little did you know that the outside world was even harsher.

>Adoption section
Just as you thought you were going to die here, a kind person adopted you and took care of you.

>Clara the Office Girl
...she majored in marketing and business. She holds a position as a marketing manager, but nevertheless always finds ways to spend time with you. A real maternal figure. ...

-Nags you often

>Sera the Clerk
Silent and chilly, you never see her talking except to a customer. A persuasive woman; if things don't go her way she will give you a cold stare. ...

-Perhaps too cautious and careful with you

>Sarge Buzzcut
A retired veteran who has been on tour many times, he has over 50 confirmed kills and is efficient with any kind of weapon. He retired to continue his family business on the farm. ...

-Very strict, will raise you like a soldier

>Johnny the Average
...if not coding or playing video games, he spends most of his time shitposting on 4chan. He does mostly freelance work if not working on a big project, and spends most of his time at home. ...

-Ignores you sometimes

>> No.47892383

Judging by the sneak peek, the pictures can be way way smaller.

>> No.47892398

Elder Wizard
Avian, large crow
Divination Danger sense
Illusion Spook
Wand user
Pick pocket

>> No.47892399


>> No.47892429

They're my favorite type.

This is great. I really need to stop being lazy and go back and find the ones I missed.

>> No.47892466

Hibiki, you're literally a waifu, I hope you know that.
and your spelling mistakes only make me think this more
But you should draw happy people!

I don't want to be beaten
>Sera the Clerk
Seems like a good person, without being too much like Clara.
Sarge is the best, but I'd rather like with a (hot) older woman

>> No.47892492

Do you want to be a cute girl wearing cute underwear too?

>> No.47892511

Background color seems fine. Box colors are cancer. Spidermans not being aligned triggers me.

>> No.47892533

spiderman's/placeholders will be down to the pixel later, define box color's, black or the white space? Still trying to figure out how to take an image and put it into a box correctly.

what about the text and text size?

>> No.47892543

I have never seen anything like a list for the Waifu seeker option, not even general monster girl list that could be around. Was it ever made?

>> No.47892606

>> No.47892631


>> No.47892633

looks very nice and english is not bad either, two tipS, don't write too long sentences with several points like Clara's one and don't forget "S" in plural
-t. Keine

>> No.47892649


>> No.47892651


Cthulhu and other horrors will eat you first. Because your magic makes you tasty.

I actually kinda wish Anon would GM a game of this.

You and me and
Would make a pretty good team. Ofcource things would have to change, fewer powers per person, and everyone picks the same Allys for the school setting... would be so cash.

Yarrow Falls seems to be the most popular too.

Do you wanna see my character?

>> No.47892676

I want to be the cute futa who wears cute underwear and bangs her cute friends. Thank you, /cyoag/, for making my dreams come true.

>> No.47892706

If I was a girl I'd rather a man than a futa honestly.

>> No.47892723

d-don't we all?

>> No.47892757

More natives to enrich.

>> No.47892761


>> No.47892775

>Cthulhu and other horrors will eat you first. Because your magic makes you tasty.
Well then, I'll just be careful. How easy could it be for Cthulhu to find me? Besides, I'll eventually find a way to make my powers far stronger than before, perhaps to the point where Cthulhu would be an easy target.

Thanks, was going for more of a God King build, but I guess the two are similar enough. Your build looks interesting as well.

>> No.47892792

Brown girls that I can culturally enrich.

>> No.47892802

>Allen Grey
>Power Source: Alien
I see what you did there.
Man, you, me and Allen Grey would get on. Whats your name btw?

/all See this messeage. See if we cant get a game together.

>> No.47892924

Episodic cyoas: yae or nay?

Think something like Crossworlds but all set in a single original world.

>> No.47892936

Yes, I think they can be done well.

>> No.47892966

Great Hunter
Waifu Seeker for free Sentient sympathy
18 tokens for shit, lets do this.
Strength rank 2 for 4 tokens, Precision Rank 2 for 5 tokens, Regeneration rank 2 for 3 tokens, Endurance Rank 2 for 5 tokens, and finish of the last token with rank 1 of Improved Lung. With the Mountains of Madness fresh in my head I will take Rank 2 Beast-3 eye so I can get my Gorgon waifu.
My companion will be a Nightmare for my mount, bitches love the dark horse, and with one token left I will keep it and move on.
total tokens for equipment 12+1 from not spending it on another companion
Equipment: Bonemail-5, Rank 2 melee weapon-2(fire enchanted battle ax), Lever action Rifle-4, Rank 2 Hook for the last 2 tokens. With the challenge complete I will take a free rank 2 cudgel.
Challenges will be infested Mine and The Mountains of Madness, Free rank 2 weapon and 3 power tokens respectively.

>> No.47892968

It's risky, but I enjoy them.

>> No.47892971

Any advice or suggestions to make sure it's done well? Has there been such a thing in the past?

I figure a bunch of shorter cyoas might be easier on me than making a huge cyoa at once.

>> No.47892984

I would love that if it was a fantasy adventure where you get to create a character for you and your waifu. I would probably like it if was something else.

>> No.47893011

>Johnny the Average

At least I've got a great excuse to be fucked up now without having some kind of disability. And living with your average 4channer? This can't possibly go wrong in any way, no sir it cannot. But he's the most likely to let me have my own computer and not give a fuck if I game all day, so that's a plus, even if he does live in the city.

>> No.47893025

You didn't get it, do you? Spoiler: phantasmals are the raping pakis

>> No.47893041


If her nagging gets to be too much I'll just calm her down with the D.

>> No.47893057

The vague concept I have now is that of a disinherited noble.

Imagine a third son of some duke, with no particular skills or talents. Then one day your carriage gets ambushed, which appears to have been organized by your own parents, but you are saved by a wandering hero. Since you have nothing better to do, you decide to follow him/her. You'd visit several cities and locations in that fantasy world, gathering power, friends and a waifu in the process, until you find your way back to your birthcity and confront(?) your parents.

it's just an idea. I'm guessing anons would prefer it if they could play as themselves somehow but I have no idea how to accomplish that.

>> No.47893062

Advice: Plot it out beforehand.

>> No.47893120

Not bad, man. Good luck.

>> No.47893151

>and your waifu.
of course...

>> No.47893168

Fund it.

>> No.47893180

>where you get to create a character for you and your waifu.

>> No.47893186

I never realised how much I wanted this thing until you told me about it. Do it faggot. Please?

>> No.47893217

Like classes, skills, magic, and stuff.

>> No.47893249

Don't pressure me, anon. I'm not good with working under pressure. I've got one more final to do friday and then I'll give this thing a go though.

I hope Strife doesn't get angry at me for "copying" his idea.

>> No.47893332

I want this, as long as it works the other way too, to build myself as a girl and a husbando for me.

>he's a mighty warrior or mage
>I'm his healer or scanty rogue

>> No.47893335

>Imagine a third son of some duke
> have been organized by your own parents
Interesting, but Why

>> No.47893377

Could be because they don't like you and don't want you to cause an succession issues for your older brothers.

>> No.47893420

>succession issues
>Older brother
By all succession laws older brother always inherits first so unless we plan to murder them first we ain't getting any titles

>> No.47893436

>so unless we plan to murder them first
Your parents are the type to try and assassinate their own son. You would be surprised that they're suspicious of you planning to do the same with your older brothers?

>> No.47893463

maybe your older brother is paranoic and he is the one who tries to kill you along with your other siblings?

>> No.47893477

The creator said your parents. Maybe your older brothers love you and would be absolutely pissed if they found out, so he teams up with you.

>> No.47893494

I think that if your brother is the big bad guy you could have the chance to become the heir.

>> No.47893500

Is your father named Euron Greyjoy by the way

>> No.47893613

Because Gavelkind is the default succession mode

>> No.47893849

Hell, even most places with primogeniture had SOME kind of title they could hand out to younger sons so they could still remain nobles.

>> No.47893865

You have no particular skills or talents and are at best a liability to them. They're also planning some shit in the Kingdom and getting their "beloved" son assassinated will allow them to make certain accusations and garner support.

That's my current idea.

There's nothing I hate more than Gavelkind successions in CK2 so to even mention that word is punishable by death in my fantasy world.Maybe kidding.

>> No.47893898

>Start Ireland with Gavelkind
>This shit fucks up any pretense of neat inheritance, dukes owning counties owned by other dukes everywhere
>This shit is STILL fucking up my kingdom's politics 300 years later.

At least it's not Elective Monarchy.

>> No.47893912

Dude It makes more sense that the person that wants you dead would be one of your siblins, maybe the parents are sick and they pit their children against one another so the "best one" becomes the next ruler?

>> No.47893926

Stop trying to force what you want. Let the author do their story how they wish, make your own CYOA about ganking your brother to be duke.

>> No.47893944


>> No.47893949

That's not what Iran says.

>> No.47893974

I'm quite fond of golden child - scapegoat dynamics in families with narcissist parents, so to make your relationships with your siblings somewhat redeemable and interesting I'm going to put the blame on at least one of your parents.

I'm considering other possiblities though.

>> No.47893988

you know, you are right he can do what they want.

>> No.47893997

How is your day today anon?

>> No.47894067

ok, I kind of like the Idea but why wouldyour parents want you dead? I think it could be more like that frame you for a bad political move they did.

Pretty good thanks for asking :D

>> No.47894130

You choose the heir who you think would be the best take after you and kill off other children to consolidate all titles for the heir. You don't want you kingdom to fall into duches.

>> No.47894209

>implying I don't keep all the dukal titles for myself and cuck the counts out of voting

Elective monarchy is fun!

>> No.47894216

Well this is a pretty good reason, I could be awesome if you could save one of your other siblins.

>> No.47894271

I plan to let you pick one of your siblings to redeem themselves. The majority of them are absolute dicks though.

Then again, I should really stop making promises about the final pages of an episodic cyoa I haven't even started yet.

>> No.47894342

I humbly request good, old-fashioned incest. We are after all nobles, aren't we?

>> No.47894370

Please don't tempt to magical realm this up because then we'll get mpreg and femfempreg dwarves. Incest no es healthy tho. Cute little sisters are for loving, not lewding.

>> No.47894422

>mpreg and femfempreg dwarves
That's a random combination.

>> No.47894423

pizza small
toppings alfredo sauce, mushroom and chicken

sides breadsticks and pasta

>> No.47894427

Of course cute little sister is for loving.

Nice Big brothers is for lewding though

>> No.47894431

Yes Im going to choose a cute little sister and redeme her with the power of the headpat

>> No.47894462

by the way do you speak español?

>> No.47894536

You know how much Dwarves love their magnificent beards? Well, I once reasoned that male Dwarves love beards so much that if given the choice they'd base their choice of partner on their beardsize. So the Dwarven gods, looking down kindly on their children, bestowed male Dwarves with the ability to impregnate one another so they could love eachother's beards to their heart's desire. Female Dwarves too were given the ability to procreate with eachother by Thorgüs, the Beardless God, who felt slighted and wished to ensure that beardless Dwarves would always continue existing, hence ensuring the survival of female Dwarves.

I was pretty stoned when I came up with all that but it kind of stuck in my mind.

Nope, no lo se hablar, chulito.

>> No.47894599

You know in medieval times people did not have incest with their sisters or close family members. In europe the closest it got was cousins.

>> No.47894619

You trying to ruin my fun, boyo?

>> No.47894627

If you consistently fuck your cousins over generations like nobles did, then before long they're going to be as close a siblings, or even closer.

>> No.47894667

Yeah, if you do it consistently over generations. Problems only started happening in the 1500's and they got worse during the 1700's, and it did not end until the 1900's. I mean cousins technically aren't even incest, since there are a few nations in the world today where cousins can marry.

>> No.47894672

>closer than brothers
you mean like twins? cuz that the closer you can get.

>> No.47894700


>> No.47894708

A-anon, did you not hear? Mother just confessed I was conceived out of wedlock... which man would want me now? You're not even my blood-related brother!

Please do not abandon me.

>> No.47894717

Single generation incest even among siblings leads to no real problems unless you were sitting on something really nasty, anyway.

Cousin marriages weren't all that unusual even among commoners in the west, even up until the 50's/60's, they just, you know, didn't consistently do it all the damn time like the inbred nobles.

>> No.47894736

Welcome to 4chan, where the third board created was for lolicon porn.

>> No.47894767

... which has since been made a bannable offence.

>> No.47894777

Wait a second if you share the same mother you are a half-sibling so it is stil a no-no

>> No.47894784

Not on /b/.

Sorry newfag, this place is not for you.

>> No.47894804

Every japanese anime and manga somehow disagrees with you.

>> No.47894818

Wait? Unless you were conceived by someone other than father you are still legitimate and it's ok. The only problem is if you are BORN out of wedlock, but if your parents marry then it kind of puts a bandage on that problem. But still even if you were conceived by another man, not father. That does not mean we are not blood related, we are still half siblings. Though this would cause the mother of all scandals because of mom's indiscretion. Also why do you look like sailor moon?

>> No.47894830

I don't remember sailor moon falling in love with her brother.

>> No.47894846

This isn't /b/ retard.

>> No.47894849

She is clearly the daughter of your mother and the Moon god. Just like in ancient greek manga we all love. No wonder Father just declared war against the Moon...

>> No.47894854

>calling me a newfag for not being a pedophile

Perhapse you should take a seat.

>> No.47894855

Not shit. You're still on 4chan, you delusional idiot.

>> No.47894877

>He lives in Britain or Canada where he can be charged for looking at naked cartoons.
Poor third worlder.

>> No.47894888

Incest is not the same thing as pedophilia.

>> No.47894912

No shit, it is still bannable offence on /tg/ you mongoloid.

>> No.47894922

He is an Australian and he is implying those pictured characters are underaged for having small chests, which is illegal to show in Australia.

>> No.47894940

Good thing nobody posted actual porn.

>> No.47894951

>post yfw you realise the best magical girl cyoa has been claimed by a bunch of autists

Untainted magical girl cyoa when?

>> No.47894960

The guy who made the Hunter CYOA was working on it, but he disappeared.

>> No.47894961


Never. If you make it, they will come.

>> No.47894969

I heard about that. Way to make women who might already feel insecure about their bodies feel even worse, Australia.

>> No.47894996

Wow, so I have a demigoddess half sister.

>> No.47895014

puella magi madoka magica was a mistake, It's not even magical girl genre

>> No.47895024


>> No.47895028

Who is begging you to marry her. And remember how much the gods love incest? So it's okay with her.

>> No.47895130

>implying you didn't love every second of it and the fighting scenes didn't make you DIAMONDS

>> No.47895131

>calling communist concentration camps a third world
it's insult to third world

>> No.47895156

Neither of those things make it magical girl genre

>> No.47895191

Sorry anon, you're right.

>> No.47895201

I figured they covered that part by making the main characters all magical girls.

Is it the femdom you hate? I'd understand that. It bothered me too.

>> No.47895203

He didn't say anything about that.

>> No.47895208

clara the office girl
sarge buzzcut

>> No.47895211

I'm last the of shitposter, my people are gone from this thread. Let the next threads be as good as this one

>> No.47895242 [SPOILER] 

>implying you didn't just piss yourself already

>> No.47895245

Other Islamic states like France and Britain allow it too.

>> No.47895274

Are they really that bad?

>> No.47895276

Anyone else bothered by how Queen Whats-her-name of London + 500 elite soldiers lost to the muslim Queen of Damascus in Quiet's new cyoa?

>> No.47895281

There must be something wrong with them for it to have lasted this long.

>> No.47895283

I take the donut

>> No.47895299

Shapeshifting Tree: Basic, Sex Change, Enhanced, Memory, Age, Animal Ears, LITE, FULL. (-8)

Mental Tree: Vision, Incite Role. (-2)

Sexytime Tree: Immunity, Stamina, Flexibility. (-3)

Recharge: Passive -> Upgrade, Karma. (-2)

Being a lewd, fuckable girl isn't so bad if you can have some fun, too.

Crossword, all day, any day.

>> No.47895305

What if the little sisters are just on the side, no issue, no heirs?

>> No.47895309

They turned into a tabletop game with more rules and limitations than humanly possible, and band together to fight evil Witches and engage in PvP.

>> No.47895321


Hello my friends I am here with cyoa now here for you to have.
Yes please thank you.

>> No.47895337

>he doesn't want an evil little sister to cure with the power of headpat

>> No.47895343

All I know is that the Queen of Damascus better be a single cutie.

>> No.47895358

It's a Quiet cyoa. If she's a single cutie, she'll probably turn out to be a man in disguise with a scat fetish.

>> No.47895366

>No Rozen Maidens

>> No.47895377

Yes this is my post thank you.

>> No.47895380

Quiet never does that, anon. Usually he makes it more like, her soul is dying or she's a reality blackhole. Little mundane stuff like that you two could work through.

>> No.47895399

Huge newfag here, what's the story with this? Is there a link to observe this tragedy?

>> No.47895408

no, but I shit myself from several old threads

>> No.47895418

I'm already wondering what's wrong with the Queen of London, except for the fact she's a siscon.

It's going to be Fae Queen related. She's going to have to sacrifice herself or you'll have to tolerate her torturing the Lady of the Lake. That's my guess.

>> No.47895422

Hello my friends yes this will be on the next list next time for you making the cyoa with the maidens as requested thank you for your continued support.

>CAPTCHA: pick out the cars

>> No.47895445

Meh I'll give it a go

>> No.47895453

>Implying I'm going to bother with her sister since she's a siscon
You're pretty much asking to get cheated on right there.

>> No.47895458

I'm pretty sure it's been going on for over a year. I stopped paying attention to it a long time ago.


>> No.47895473 [SPOILER] 

>Box Wine making a magical girl cyoa

>> No.47895479

how close is the next update?

>> No.47895502


>> No.47895518

I really like the original.

>> No.47895536


>> No.47895538

I dunno, I think she just wants to free/kill/whatever the Lady of the Lake.

But I'm a shit guesser.

>> No.47895565

I can't imagine how dangerous and insane a Fae Queen that has been imprisoned and tortured for centuries must be. I doubt she can be saved.

>> No.47895585

Yes, honestly it would be nicer to have sexual fetish secrets like "is a trap" or "wants to make you his slave" than the abstract spiritual stuff. Not that some supernatural secrets aren't cool.

>> No.47895593

>Queen Calibrun rose to the crown not because she's competent in state affairs, military, economy, law but because she got more raw magical power than her father

>> No.47895598

I disagree. That shit just leads to crap like Waifu Surprise where everyone is secretly cucking you or into some other horrible fetish.

>> No.47895617

>honestly it would be nicer to have sexual fetish secrets
that is unbelievably stupid. Go masturbate, then come back.

>> No.47895628 [SPOILER] 

How buttblasted will you be once you found out that it's impossible give yourself her level of magic circuits and she will always be better than you?

Pic related

>> No.47895635

>That shit just leads to crap like Waifu Surprise where everyone is secretly making you raise kids you think are yours but they really aren't or into some other horrible fetish.

>> No.47895650

>That shit just leads to retarded anons baiting a semantics argument because of their overwhelming autism.

>> No.47895657

Maybe she found a conspiracy/thinks she did/is just plain crazy.

Or maybe Queen Caliburn isn't exactly her sister...

>> No.47895665

>Go masturbate, then come back.
You know people come to these threads to get off, right?

>> No.47895704


>> No.47895716

Umm later today probably I have a thing from 6-9:30 where I can't work on it but yea after that I'm free to work

Yea man I'll give it a shot I'm only kinda familiar with the genre so I'll have to do some research first.

>> No.47895730

I /cyoag/ I woke up and baked new bread.


>> No.47895745

why? Aren't there /d/ threads for that?
seriously? God that's sad.

>> No.47895749

I agree

>> No.47895750

power resides in more than magical circuits

>> No.47895770

Imagine what a become the girl CYOA done by Quiet would be like...

>> No.47895775

yes it resides in the headpat

>> No.47895809

I kind of want to make a magical girl CYOA where you have the option to be a badass magical man.

>> No.47895849

Oh my god, that's hilarious. Seems like it's stopped being a CYOA and become a quest, though, right?

>> No.47895877

Literally madoka magica, but more edgy somehow.

>> No.47895900

Those jackasses combined water and ice. I'm mad.

>> No.47896003

CYOAs and any threads with more text than images get deleted on /d/. I don't like it either.

>> No.47896053

Well, you can't marry much higher than a god. So I guess I love you sis.

>> No.47896079

>aren't there threads on /d/ for that
Was in relation to
>people come here to masturbate
I meant: If you need help jerking off, why aren't you on the porn board? That's why I included the spoiler.

>> No.47896117

Yeah lewd CYOAs and lewd possibilities in regular CYOAs are better than hentai for me. I know I'm not normal but at least it's not bathroom tiles, right? Right?

>> No.47896180

>lewd CYOAs and lewd possibilities in regular CYOAs are better than hentai for me
do you know why?
Words? Images left up to your imagination? Possibilities rather than things being strictly like they are in the porn?

>> No.47896461

Thanks Chen

depressed thing make me happy

W H E R E have you beeeeeeennnnnnn?!

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