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Last thread >>47864545
Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu

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Comfy apocalypse cyoa when and how?

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How desperate are you for powers?

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The Restaurant at The End Of The Universe, the CYOA

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>Something (local mad scientist, misworded wish, bug in Matrix version 5.0.0 and on) links comfiness and health
>If you can stay relaxed enough, you will live forever (through whatever manner you wish; respawning, regeneration, and persistence are the three main categories)
>If you stress out about anything, though, you slowly get older and sicker until you get comfy again or die
>Your government has adapted very well.
>It just passed a law giving "like 50 points or whatever" to each citizen to build their own pinnacle of comfort
>You can buy houses, comfy powers, and even waifus
>To get extra points, you can take in an immigrant roommate, manage many others' comfiness, or become a waifu yourself.
Fun setting, at least.

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Very desperate. I already made a build for this last thread, however.

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Some time before 2020.
>Living arrangements CYOA with companions, stuff, but also deadly complications

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>am intelligent and study long and hard for 5 years
>become a mediocre wizard
>no job
>stupid dragon CHAD does less than half the work I do
>can barely cast a spell
>becomes a CEO in the multiverse


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anyone got any PRINCE/ROYALTY related CYOA? kinda like arrival, thanks

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A few hundred years.
We all just decide to relax and let it go.

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Then kill CHAD. You have the magic, you have the power. You just need the confidence.

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Maybe something like that Selfish/Selfless cyoa?

You get all the 5STAR meals you want, but global food production drops by 90%.
You get a super comfy blanket that will give you best dreams when you sleep under it, but everyone now has a 50% chance of getting terrible nightmares each night.

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Still can't conceive of a proper apocalypse that's also properly comfy. All the suggestions that had a proper apocalypse failed to deliver on proper comfiness. I also believe a proper apocalypse to involve discomfort in some way, shape, or form, making it impossible to have proper comfiness.

Sounds like it could be properly comfy, but not apocalyptic. This is good.

>kinda like arrival
Did you mean Royal Revival, or something else?

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yeah that one, i really like the fact that we become prince or something royally.

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>someone is desperated for attention.
you already posted this in other tread.

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Can you guys post some waifu cyoas?

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Choosing Compassion is the only sane option. Everything else is near guaranteed Bad End.



True immortality, super intelligence, super luck. I still have my sense of peace and compassion (and unfortunately sadness). I'll try to tinker with my brain to redefine my humanity, but if that doesn't work, I'll have to rely on my compassion and live for the sake of others.

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Well, I finally finished the layout for the new Namefag thing.
>15 slots
>Off the top of my head, going to include
I am certain I'm forgetting a ton of people, I just woke up, but I only got 15 slots at the moment. Who else frequents?

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Delicious brown husbando option?

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Everything except for sadness.

Invest in stock, get good returns.
Use new hyper intelligence to make cool new technological gadgets.
Avoid gathering political power until the end of the universe.
In the next nine universes, create and lead entire societies with my power and my mind, creating new technologies and providing large amounts of wealth.
Now use power like a motherfucker.


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Also, what about that guy what makes Crossworlds? Strife or something?

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The perk from Love has the possibility of making you mad, so you probably shouldn't take it.

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Yeah, sure. I'd prefer a variety of males and females for this and not just
>Make everyone adorable/weird Waifu moeblob #4.6 gorillion
Saves me a bit of work getting Quiet's pic, thanks Anon.
Although he's blond haired blue eyed in real life from what I've read.

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Okay, anon, I'm here.
I don't blame you for not having these, and I'm only posting them because you asked so nicely

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I know, but that brown guy looks like a smug sadist so he brought Quiet to mind.

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Nope, black hair. Also, my skin is moderately brown. The only weird thing about me is that I'm tall (for a Paki) and that I have blue eyes.

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The guy who made Gifted CYOA. It was first posted a few threads back.
And yeah, like I said. Just woke up.

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I frequent and created several pdf cyoas, but I don't have a name yet. Not to mention most of my cyoas are now under revision.

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no new pages or changes, just dumping oc

as always Mac or Keine please leave out a correction

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Oh, than that image works out fine, thank you kindly.
Back to the grindstone.
More name drops would be appreciated.

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Everything here has the possibility of making me mad, does that mean I should not take anything? besides, what's the worst madness can do?

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v1, page 1

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Ren, you awake yet? How's Familiar CYOA version 3 going?

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>besides, what's the worst madness can do?
Prevent you from getting Joy back.

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it's shit. Too focused on fetish crap, not enough focus on you.

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Oh. Forgot that.

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I usually hate the shopping list point buy sort of CYOAs, but this is still a classic and remains high on my list of favorites.
Been tempted to do a reshuffled version, but I'm too lazy to actually make content.

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and with that I'll return to sitting in the corner. Just gonna stay here for a while. It's safe.

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I er, fixed the hair for you anon. ~Please accept it...

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How can you be so fucking adorable and evil at the same time?

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Happily. It's an easy swap in.
Noted you and Kit as well.
5 more slots.

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easier access

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year one:
> BTM, healing, study class, empowerment
year two:
> immortality, study class, gulliviette
year three:
> shapeshifting, chaos magic, telekinesis
year four:
>elementalism, sorcery, necromancy

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Latest PDF of traveller.

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What's changed? More companions / locations? Hope there are some actual home-world options instead of more hubs.

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-Longevity : Eternal Youth
-Healing : Heal flesh wounds, Heal diseases, Heal Mortal Wounds, Regenerate Limbs, Etc, Resurrection
-Entropy : Dull weapons, Wither crops, Weaken Structures, Drain life, Drain Magic
-Abjuration : Personal Forcefield, Dispel Magic, Large Forcefields, Counterspells, Anti-Magic Fields
-Air : Feather Fall, Flight, Electricty Immunity
-Water : Endure Cold, Waterbreathing, Cold immunity
-Earth : Tremorsense, Stoneskin, Acid immunity
-Fire : Endure heat, Instant combustion, Fire immunity, Control fire / pyrokinesis, Induce nuclear fission
-Time : Instant reaction time, Quicker Movements, Slow enemies, Stop time, Save states
-Metamagic : Silent/still spell, Extend Spell, Enlarge Spell, empower spell, quicken Spell
-Conjuring : Create Food and beverages, Create Clothes and tools, Create armor and weapons
-Charm : More convincing, Permanet follower, Powerful Suggestions
-Teleportation : Teleport Self
-Evocation : Magic Missle
-Polymorphing : Morph into Any Adult Human
-Nature : Control Animals

EPIC SPELL : Outlive Universe

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copied directly from the .pdf
* Update 1.14.5
* We Lore Faggotry Now, added hubworlds, added detriments, added covenants, added items-weapons- armours, buttload of new origins, Switched out romance letters for coloured symbols.

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The now, watcher (low tech understanding)

Skill, perks and traits [8]
Adaptability, Silver tongue, language proficiency, educated, lucky, organizer, cheaterman, memory

Bottomless bag [1900]
multiverse timekeeper [1750]
Stand Type Entity [1000]

Little things
Test subject X5 [1500]
Minor [2000]
Anon’s bizarre adventure [6 allies]
I don’t need no governa’s dalla! X5 [survivor, self aware, critical, Natural Beauty, Homebody]

Factions, departments & others
The True Travelers [ Traveler coat upgrade, Yuta Brace upgrade, Second Brace. Tactician]
The children of Quetzalcoatl [Phoenix-Chip]

Allies [6]
Shafauri Telshiva, prophet, Yarihei Neinta, Arcu, Syg, Herodrial

Home district
Central headquarters

Will be left for 1.15

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>mfw my EO hubworld got accepted

Feels good, man. Had a lot of fun last night reading through the lore as well.

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Which hubworlds would you suggest to a fantasy/Marvel fag who can't bring himself to read through them?

>> No.47873178

Brainz and money

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Pick 5.

>> No.47873230

Terra D123918 is the Marvel/DC/Capes hubworld, Viðr na Yggdrasaev is the one with Norse elves and shit, and Cronagadia-A1 is essentially Conan.

There's others, but those are three examples.

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>Xian Mayen
>She at you nods when you pass by.

>> No.47873272

Heart- Left Ventricle
Right Lung

High CHA, High INT, Hight STR, disease/poison and environmental immunity, and an overall boost my looks through masculinity.

>> No.47873329

>Right Ventricle, Right Lung, Liver, Brain, Pancreas
This isn't too bad.

>> No.47873343

Wait... I just realised: Terra D123918 is literally the Gravity Falls hubworld. Damm, I really want to meet Bill.

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>> No.47873416

I think you mean D1236.

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You're right. I'm still happy though. You can't take that away from me, anon.

>> No.47873512

Joy and Fear.
With that much luck I'll stay sane and can get all the benefits of love and can still act for the sake of love.

>> No.47873520 [SPOILER] 

What kind of cyoa would you make, using this image as inspiration?

>> No.47873558

When you make it.

>> No.47873560

A cyoa where you get powers, and all of your adversaries are smug assholes, but with slightly different personalities.

>> No.47873567

We already have one.

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Pretty impressive

Good Doctor Lv 1
Sharpshooter Lv 1
Scrounger Lv 2
Heavy Armour
Poison Grenades
Angelina Drew

If playing on Too Young To Die: Hellhounds, Crossbowmen, Knights, Bulks
Hey, Not Too Rough: Trade Hellhounds for
Chaos Marines
Hurt Me Penty: Trade Chaos Marines for Minotaurs
Ultra-Violence: Trade Crossbowmen for Succubi
Nightmare: Trade Knights for Snipers and Fiendbats

The Broodmothers
The Corruptors
Kill All Demons

No bonuses for me, thank you. Imma bursting some heads.

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Goddess is the only choice for me.

>> No.47873674

>Pick 1:
>you die instantly and painlessly as a warhead obliterates you while you're snuggled up in your blankets
>you die of radiation poisoning while snuggled up in your blankets
>you die of dehydration while snuggled up in your blankets
>you die of blood loss while snuggled up in a collapsed building

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Only the first one sounds really comfy.

>> No.47873733

can someone please explain "status quo" to me?
Wikipedia doesn't do a good job. Something about things not changing? So if you die in the CYOAm you just respawn or wha?

>> No.47873744

2-4 are extremely painful ways to die

>> No.47873788

This actually made me want to vomit a little. Congrats

>> No.47873800

"status quo" literally translates to "this state"
It's pretty much always used in the context of 'back to the status quo', meaning that nothing has changed.

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Question: Runemaster seems like a fairly stable magic source. Let's say I took Runemaster, then made a machine that could display runes made out of E-ink. Let's say that I could make them fairly specific - always targeting "foreign material on the blade of the sword this display is mounted on" or "thing that is holding the hilt of the sword this display is mounted on." Could that work, or would trying to merge tech and magic end poorly without the perk? I just don't know how thoroughly Runemaster counts for magic.

>> No.47873807

>Sounds like it could be properly comfy, but not apocalyptic.
It could be post-apocalyptic, at least.

>"BREAKING NEWS! Mystery disease sweeping world! Thousands dead, millions sick with no apparent cause!"

If your government/company/religious group/family/etc. has advance knowledge (whether they're the cause or not), you could be in your comf-unker while the chaos is ramping up.

>> No.47873814

you die in the game you die irl

>> No.47873816

Don't pretend you wouldn't clean her up good, swallow the chunks and thank her for it, in exchange for those boons, you filthy powergrabbing slut.

>> No.47873865

Nothing beats reborn.

>> No.47873871

The Djinni, bound to a simple ring.
And always wear the thing.

>> No.47873878

but then, time is stopped? Or does it only relate to people and the social position?
but you're immortal?

>> No.47873886

>Dislikes: Gains
I don't get it.

>> No.47873908

nothing since i think that frog is retarded.

>> No.47873934

>Or does it only relate to people and the social position?
It relates to what it relates to.
It's a context dependent term.

>> No.47873937

Agreed, but which magic school do you pick?

>> No.47873960

In this context, it means you'll always be a cute little girl.

If anything hurts or kills you, you'll wake up as a completely healthy, cute little girl.

>> No.47873979

'Gains' is shorthand for building muscle. She doesn't like it when people get buff.

>> No.47873996

I'd rather not experience death and turn into a baby every eighty years or so.

>> No.47874007

New page.

>> No.47874014

The Little Girl + Transformation is objectively the best.

Can't be killed or scarred. Can have all the adorable friends you want.

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>sex: Dragon

What the fuck is "Innecromancy" and how is it different from normal necromancy?

You know how in cartoons, no matter what happens during the last episode, everyone's fine and alive at the start of the next one?

>> No.47874049

Environmental, I guess.
None of them really 'click' for me.

>> No.47874067

I dont know about the exact limits of enviromental but if i can fuck with natural laws in any given place i find myself in i will take that any day every day

>> No.47874103

>Star Wars
Jedi mastery best choice is.
>Lord of the Rings
I think this world would be a whole lot better of without that Ring. It's pretty strong stuff too.
I've admittedly never heard of Dune before which is probably very pathetic but I could use double psychic powers.

>> No.47874105

anon please, you're not helping! I can't figure it out, her power is also the thing she's weak to, and I don't know how it works!

>> No.47874164

Okay, I'm picking
>The little girl: Obligatory
Environmental was pretty cool, too. It would give me the cutest sleepovers!
So, I imagine when Enchantment is made "cute", it's not mind control. Everyone is happy around me, everyone wants to be friends and be comfy together.
I still don't know what "status quo" is. Okay, I get that I can't change my social role, so I'll never grow or be not-cute, but what else?

>> No.47874167

>What the fuck is "Innecromancy" and how is it different from normal necromancy?
It's explained in the bottom section of the picture.

>> No.47874201

oh, okay cool, thank you anon!
Oh, that's actually really painful, isn't it? Having to make new friends every year, and eventually my "family" will start wondering why I'm not older and I'm forced to use Enchantment on them or a new family.
I don't feel like mind controlling people into loving me and thinking I'm their daughter. There's gotta be at least one non-edgy PC who'll help me out?

>> No.47874203

Why so min/maxed? It's not like anything is going to be able to hurt you. You need to summon the Tarrasque, charm everyone into believing it's an attacking monster, and MUSCLE WIZARD it do death. Boom, now you're the Infinite Chad. Enjoy being famous.

>> No.47874207

You know how in some episodic series everything returns back to normal at the end of each episode? It's basically like that. Things might happen but nothing will really change.

>> No.47874231

yes, I saw your post afterwards. I can deal with that.
Still, my life is gonna turn into some drama anime soon enough, since everyone else grows older around me, and my family, too.

>> No.47874272

You could argue that your loved ones dying of old age would be a "bad thing" hence trigger the status quo clause and reset time.

>> No.47874303

>Still, my life is gonna turn into some drama anime soon enough, since everyone else grows older around me, and my family, too.
Recurring cast never grows old in status-quo-locked series, man. Your whole city might be stuck in a sort of time loop.

>> No.47874327

Think Louis the XIV Versailles and Middle Eastern desert nomads in space. With sandworms and prescience and human computers. Also the empire and thus the known galaxy eventually gets taken over by the guy who Jabba the Hutt is based on.

>> No.47874363

How's the new stuff coming?

>> No.47874382

Doctor Who, Star Wars, and Wonderland--in that order. I think that is adequate preparation to get the drop on Magnus.

>> No.47874386

well, it plainly says "can't rez NPCs", so unfortunately I don't think that'll work.
At least I get to go new places? Even if I can't ride the train alone...
At least it's easy to learn new languages as a kid?
oh, neat!
So, non-lewd little girl-anime with no magical girl-part or drama is a go!
okay, I know it said no porn, but I can still try to seduce my friends' brothers/my own, right? It's not like I'll do anything, but I'd have that Superhuman Charm to go to waste...

>> No.47874537

"We tried to change the corrupt climate of the firm, but those that profit from it work hard to retain the status quo."
"We were afraid the influx of immigrants would make it impossible to have our yearly harvest festival but luckily status quo was maintained."
"I spend all my lottery winnings in a few days so I'm back to the status quo."
"There was a slight aberration in the growth patterns of the microbes but after a few cycles they returned to the status quo."

>> No.47874585

Looks like the finale's approaching fast.

>> No.47874635

Maybe you shouldn't try to be comfy during the fucking apocalypse then.

>> No.47874636

Can't we do something other than waifus? Like, personify then as artifacts or weapons instead?

For example, Angel turns you into a girl, except you become a raging SJW lesbian, and SDA gives you guaranteed replies?

>> No.47874665

>try to seduce my friends' brothers/my own, right
You can try, but unless they're a pedo (or your own age), it probably won't work. They'll probably just pat you on the head and send you on your way.

Imagine pic related, only you won't grow up. I look for any excuse to post that.

>> No.47874749

thank you anon, that helps.
>They'll probably just pat you on the head and send you on your way.
>implying that isn't what I secretly want
Anon, I have Superhuman Charm and the "cute" version of Enchantment. I have to spend it on something other than the sweetest tea and always winning the fluffiest teddybear at the carnival.
I have that image saved, too. Wish the neighbor was younger.

>> No.47874883

Welcome to the entire drawback of being the little girl. You will never have sex. Ever. For the rest of your eternal life.

If you try to enchant someone to make them want to have sex with you, the 'cute' modification to your magic just means they'll see you as adorable and huggable. Maybe they'll want to adopt you. But they aren't going to get frisky.

If you can't live with that, consider taking one of the other options, like Reborn. Maybe you can use Transformation to make yourself a little girl with other immortality types, at least for a while.

>> No.47874938

Enjoy losing your memory and identity every time you die. A new person that isn't you will be born with your powers while you died for real, so it's not immortality at all.

>> No.47874989

And we're back for another round of corrections. Side note: I keep adding little changes/stipulations here and there because it makes sense in my head. If you would like me to stop, just say the word Hibiki. Page 3, we are a-go.

>You decided to...
"Wondering what this strange new world had to offer you, you prepare to investigate the possibilities by stepping outside. Bringing a weapon or two certainly wouldn't hurt, either."

>take an ...
take -> Take

>... as a perk, you cannot
as a perk. You cannot trade companions for weapons or utilities.

>Rule of picking...
"Thin may only pick weapons from the Light weapon class.
Fit may only choose weapons from the Medium weapon class.
Buff may only choose weapons from the Heavy weapon class. If Buff took a Super Weapon then they may not take a primary or secondary weapon."

>you cannot choose a...
"*Primary weapons may not be taken with certain armors.
*You cannot take a primary or secondary weapon with the STALINGRAD TITAN armor."

"From a bygone era, this classic is among the last of its kind, making it considerably valuable to collectors."

>Lethal at...
"Highly effective at mid-to-close range."

"Its age shows in this modern time; incapable of piercing advanced armors."

>good for...
"Extremely effective for long-range, the barrel is also incredibly quiet. Shots fired make little more than a whispering sound."

>Armor Piercing...
"Comes with high-impact rounds, capable of piercing extremely thick and durable armors."

>AI Enhanced...
"The scope comes with an AI-focus targeting system, highlighting organic targets that the rifle is trained on."

"Has a cooldown of several seconds after taking a shot."


>> No.47875005

It says nothing about losing your memory and identity?

>> No.47875006

Reborn says nothing about losing your memory between incarnations.
>No matter how many times she's killed, she just comes back next generation.
Same mind, new body. Reborn's weakness is how LONG coming back takes.

>> No.47875009

>Enjoy losing your memory and identity every time you die. A new person that isn't you will be born with your powers while you died for real, so it's not immortality at all.
The way it's presented, it seems more like you stay the same person throughout your lives.

>> No.47875023

That's how reincarnation works in all religions that actually believe in it. Devoid of any other information, we should assume it works how it is actually believed to.

>> No.47875083

Have you ever seen or read Shaman King? While I'm sure we'd all enjoy yet another meltdown about memory-death and continuity, The guy in the pic doesn't lose anything between deaths so chill. He remains the same guy he was 1500 or so years ago.

>> No.47875101

>You will never have sex. Ever
I know.
>they'll see you as adorable and huggable.
I know
That's why I said
>implying that isn't what I secretly want
(to have them think I'm being adorable when I try to seduce them)

>> No.47875173

Anon, stop being pedantic.
>"Later Jung would emphasise the importance of the persistence of memory and ego in psychological study of reincarnation: "This concept of rebirth necessarily implies the continuity of personality... (that) one is able, at least potentially, to remember that one has lived through previous existences, and that these existences were one's own....""

Oh, and for 'other information'? The image beside Reborn is Hao from Shaman King (directly cited in Eidolomancy, at that!), who retain all memory between incarnations. His whole weakness being that he's completely helpless for a brief period after being born.

>> No.47875177

>Devoid of any other information, we should assume it works how it is actually believed to.
>Respawn and Try again
>The reborn never stays dead.
>No matter how many times she's killed, she just comes back next generation.
If it wasn't you being born into a new body with all your knowledge and experience (and powers, ofc), it'd be someone else inheriting your powers. The CYOA seems clear enough that it's the same person, just in a new body.

>> No.47875190

>try to seduce them
And the entire point is that you'll FAIL to seduce them. Every single time.

>> No.47875208

Are you being stupid on purpose? Anon's point is that's what he WANTS to happen. He enjoys being seductive and blown off as adorable and given head pats.

>> No.47875242

>is sleeping for 44 years.

Got errands and work to do today. Won't really be able to sit down and work on Familiar until later tonight/tomorrow morning.

And after that I'm visiting my parents down in Cali for Fourth of July. My flight leaves Friday, I won't get back until the 11th. I'll bring my laptop, but I won't have access to paint.net for a while.

Meaning hopefully everyone will like Familiar 1.3 enough I can drop it and disappear for a few weeks.

>> No.47875268

>Are you being stupid on purpose?
No, I'm being 10am after an all nighter.
>He enjoys being seductive and blown off as adorable and given head pats.
That makes sense. Carry on.

>> No.47875297

>10am after an all nighter.

>> No.47875363

>mind control
Take menace
>separate form

>take sidekick and burglar
>give spawn to sidekick
>she takes invisibility, regeneration and separate form

With this I have a loyal sidekick, I'm basically immortal and I can use the healing powers of antivenom to rake in some cash or use the mind control ability to have some dying billionaire give me all his money.

Am I missing anything?

>> No.47875463

>Am I missing anything?
>You have to take 1 less ability or companion

>> No.47875484

>Infra-red scope
"Effective at mid-close range, comes with infrared sights. Good for challenging multiple enemies at once."

>grenade launcher
"Comes equipped with a grenade launcher."

>Grip to..
"Provides grip support to steady aiming by reducing recoil."

"Fully automatic, this shotgun is effective at even mid-range distances, able to alternate between sprays and armor-piercing slugs."

>Do moderate...
"Capable of doing moderate damage, even at long distances, with slugs."

>Primary fire...
"Extremely effective at piercing heavy armors, plasma is also excellent for disrupting devices within a close proximity to a shot's trajectory."

>Secondary shoots...
>needs to recharge after...
"This rifle is also capable of firing explosive bursts of plasma, granting a higher blast radius and making it very effective against groups of enemies, but is prone to overheating."

>Beam that...
"Fires a continuous beam that has absorption capabilities, literally draining the living energy of organic targets at an extremely high rate and storing it in a mini cryo-chamber."

>The sucked...
"Energy stored can be used, if competently, as a remedial resource to heal companions, as well as yourself."

>beam has...
"The beam has a very limited range, being ineffective at long-range, but very effective at close-range. Additionally, the Leecher will automatically lock itself when the maximum storage capacity for energy is reached."

>explode when...
"Through a combination of experimental genetic modeling and energy infusions [we make even more things up--I love this concept though], this pair of pistols are a part of your genetic code and can instantly appear in your hands when desired."

"They may also be used as grenades and, upon impact, will explode with a modest radius and deal out a moderate amount of damage. They may be summoned to your hands again."

>> No.47875500

No he doesn't

>> No.47875577

They took Antivenom, which means they can either take 3 abilities and 1 companion, or 2 of each, by default. Their build has 3 abilities and 2 companions (plus one more ability from taking a drawback), so that's one too many.

>> No.47875630

Posting m-muh build
The Now; Watcher
9/9 skills
Low tech understanding-free,Mid tech understanding,High tech understanding, Common Ethereal manipulation-free
Natural Physique, Languages Proficiency, Lucky, Traveller Adept, Unarmed Combatant, Self aware, Educated, Shining Soul-free

Traveler coat upgrade-free, Physical Enhancement Suit-500,Mithril Chain Vest-500
Yuta brace upgrade+partner brace-free, M911Modded-50, Cestus-20, Grenades(EMP,Frag,Incendiary)-300
Pegs-free, Basic Survival kit-free, Basic bag-free, Id chip-free, Psychic Paper-20, Multiversal Timekeeper-50
Advanced Medical kit-100, Coharty Plasma Shield Mark4-100, Ausadhirdipyamanas Flower Bed-300
Personal Gravity Manipulator-300, Traveller Corpse Soap-50, Flux Generator-200, Iron Halo-500
Hat Closet-20, Venathari Headset MK182-150, Traveller's War horn-200, InvisiYUT Cloak-400
Toshamark Standard Computer-200, Rail line pass-15, Battle Music Projectors-100, Standard Breather-20
Universal Traveller Markers-10, Internal Sustenance Model-200, Self operating cooking gear-10
Operabia Module: low level ET teleport+upgrade-900, Healing chip-250

Destined for greater things+1000, Test subject+100, The Renegade+400, Harbinger+1000, Knee-Breaker+1000

The True Travelers
The Church of our Lady, Destroyer of Despair
5/5 Companions
Isalia Phouskas p.64, Lethice p.74, Croatmor p.85, Me p.86, Sans p.91
The God

Rescue the Fifth

http://pastebin.com/9xfjLyMT Backstory I suck at writing

>> No.47875633

Working on that cyoa i said i would work on.

danbooru is down so i had to go to gelbooru. too. many. dicks.

>> No.47875667

Less selection, fewer dick pics.

>> No.47875698

>too. many. dicks.
>not using the rating:safe tag

>> No.47875699


>> No.47875707

Just put Rating: Safe in the search bar on gelbooru.

>> No.47875749

You are right. I was going with the previous version and thought it got reposted.

I don't get why you have to take one less ability or companion if you choose antivenom because his strong moral is a drawback in itself but whatever.

I'll just ditch the burglar.

Also can your sidekick take the drawbacks too?

The only good companions are the sidekick and the burglar. The hero and villain will both turn in you, the sidekick is pretty useless, the news girl is garbage, the fangirl is useless too and the vagabond guy is just human.

>> No.47875861

Only one homeworld man.

Thanks for pointing that out.

Glad you enjoyed it.

Into the bin wit ye.

Technically runes occupy a number of different dominions, from magic to even divine power, but the actual scribe doesn't need to be anything, they just need to be able to get it exactly right. It's possible to merge it with tech as runes are in all honesty the most stable of magics, but it would need to be practiced and refined.

>> No.47875968

(thank you)
alright, got an orc and a dragon.

Still need, well, many things.

tried/trying to find an oni/demon with suave but that's proving difficult.

>> No.47876004

>with suave


>> No.47876075

>runes work with tech
Awww yes, time to make a Monado.

>> No.47876117

>Fast light
"Fires a beam projectile, extremely effective against organic targets."

>strong against...
"Can also be fired at reflective surfaces for ricochets."

>can overheat...
"Will overheat if fired often; not very effective against dense materials or armors."

>automatic, ...
"Rates of fire interchangeable; fully automatic, semi-automatic, and burst-fire capabilities."

>infra-red scope...
"Equipped with a very accurate infrared scope, as well as laser targeting."

>built-in display...
"Built-in display features ammunition available for fire and the weapon's condition."

>Fire a...
"Fires a nano-edged disc that is capable of eating through most metals effortlessly."

"The properties of the discs make them extremely weak against nonmetals and non-organics. Discs may become unusable or break upon impact as a result of hitting something other than the aforementioned materials."

>Rapid fire...
"Designed with war in mind, MAGNUM OPUS is capable of rapidly emptying its chamber, bullets fired use homing technology to seek the closest organic life form in relation to the bullet's trajectory."

>Using homing...
"Bullets that seek targets are only capable of changing their path of trajectory slightly. You will still need to aim at your targets. Damage will also be reduced due to a change of trajectory."

>fire a really...
"Fires a deafeningly loud device at a mid-range distance. The device is cohesive and will stick to surfaces. Exceptional at distracting large groups of enemies."

>projectile can be...
"The device is able to be remote-detonated, sending a lethal volley of projectiles in every direction within a close proximity."

"It's seriously loud. You'll hear ringing for days-to-weeks to come."


>> No.47876123

He wants a suave oni. He'd probably be better off finding a horned demon and hiding the tail.

>> No.47876176

class, suit wearing, good looking, swag, etc.

how do you like your men? because I'm telling ya, the orc, is beefcake. (this is for the monster boy cyoa fyi)

>> No.47876193

Try this.

>> No.47876232

I like guys who are clearly either top or bottom. Switch hitters aren't my thing

>> No.47876316

If I select natural weapons, do I have to pay the cost for each upgrade or can I just select any number of natural weapons to augment my body for one lump sum?

>> No.47876329

Box Wine

>> No.47876332

I like my men flexible. Switchers I find far more entertaining than objective top or bottom. Far too limiting.

>> No.47876349

>And the entire point is that you'll FAIL to seduce them
I know, anon. That's what makes it cute.
it's okay, anon. We're cool.

>> No.47876362

I like cute submissive traps, twinks, and girly boys in general.

>> No.47876369

ahem. but no seriously, don't forget box wine. no idea who gifted or alchemy is.

>> No.47876376

>how do you like your men?

With their dicks underneath their clothes.

>> No.47876630

Does anyone have that pokemon CYOA that was posted here a while ago? Not Pokemon personified, but a different one. I think it had one or two pages.

>> No.47876642

No worries, I got you 2 now.
I have 3 slots left...

>> No.47876666

Yes, but I can't post it unless you say please.

>> No.47876672

spessrefuge guy, bliss, imaginos (i saw you yesterday), italics, and hibiki.

pay homage to the gods of old, or surely you will one day feel their wrath.

>> No.47876725

You mean that one with a huge companion list?

>> No.47876736

>Picking a super weapon
*Super weapons will take up both your primary and secondary slot.
*If you have a Thin body and took Urban armor then you may take a heavy or super weapon.

>2 rocket...
"The bazooka has 2 available rocket grades to fire: force-grade and explosive-grade."

>Force Rocket...
"Force-grade rockets will, upon surface impact, unleash an extremely high-density gale that will send anything in close proximity flying. Those nearest to the blast radius will likely perish upon surface impact due to the velocity at which they were blown away with."

"The explosive-grade rockets are capable of downing immense aircraft and decimating nearly everything caught within their blast radius."

>fire mini...
"Fires a miniature nuclear warhead. Use with extreme care, caution, and prejudice. 'nuff said."

>took time to...
"Fires plasma bolts, capable of piercing nearly anything. Bolts do not necessarily need to hit their intended target to be lethal; anything near a bolt's path of trajectory will be disintegrated or liquefied."

"The cannon is also capable of firing an extremely dense, continuous plasma beam. There is next to nothing in existence that it will not cut through when the beam is concentrated."

"The cannon requires time to charge before being used. Using the plasma beam will quickly overheat the cannon."


>any of this weapon as a ...
any of these weapons as a ...

>secondary only if you have the educated perk
secondary, but only if took the Educated perk.

"Treated as a secondary weapon."

>so small...
"Compact, but provides an extremely high rate of fire and can utilize explosive rounds."


"Treated as a primary weapon; it is exactly what it says it is: a compact minigun with standard minigun capabilities."

"Uses armor-piercing rounds and has an extremely high rate of fire."


>> No.47876737

Indistinguishable from flat chested girls when wearing clothes.

>> No.47876739

There's only like 5 Pokemon CYOAs, and I only have two.
>Pokemon Personified
>The incomplete double PDF CYOA
>Become a Pokemon for one of these 5 trainers
>The trading cards
>The one where the Pokemon are all anthropomorphic waifus

I don't have the last three. I'm also a little surprised I spelled anthropomorphic correctly on my first attempt, I was sure I was gonna have to look it up to be certain about the spelling. I mean I did anyway, but still.

>> No.47876745

And now I have 2 too many.

>> No.47876753

Updated Blackmail cyoa. Thats all. Havent actually touched it for like a while. But yeah here.

>> No.47876769


>> No.47876773


>> No.47876793

yeah but some of those guys, well, their old. its of course up to you but if they haven't made content in over a year, you know, but its up to you.

iitalics and hibiki and kit are the one's i'd take. and then expand as you realize you missed more.

>> No.47876816

Not bad, anon.

>> No.47876860

I already got Kit.
I recognize all 5 in that post, just can't decide. Probably Imaginos, Italics, and Hibiki, maybe I'll just add another row and be 1 short.
Or add myself, but eh.

>> No.47876890

still in the closet I see.

>> No.47876898

You could try to make a spot for all the nameless OC creators

>> No.47876931

Slutty or a pathetic beta loser.

>> No.47876951

And I just got a brilliant idea for that actually.
Thank you Anon.

>> No.47876956

Feel free to list types, I think I'll a minimum of 3 beefcakes and 3 traps, ie, princess's. any other specific type you'd guy's like? I've got energetic, fiery, shy, mischevious, etc. gonna hit the personality types. Currently writing down all the different monster types. Have 42 so far and counting. I uh, made end up making something like beri's except way shitter and not at all focused around room-mating.

probably gonna have 60-80 when I'm done. Finding the pictures should take weeks. Writing will be half way easy but re visioning, spell checking, getting annoyed that so many seem alike and re-doing half of them, will take a little longer.

>> No.47876977

Could you please post it?

Never heard of the middle one. The last two would be cool, but you don't have them. Thanks anyways, though

>> No.47876982

If you have 3 beef and 3 traps, you should have some regular guys between the extremes too.

>> No.47876988

>Find the pictures should take weeks.
what do you need, anon?

>> No.47877026

Sure, anon. It would be my pleasure.
Anon already posted the two-page PDF one, so here's the one with the anthro waifus

>> No.47877027

No, but thanks anyways. My post was a bit vague.

>> No.47877035

I imagine it would depend on the augments. Say you nominally sup yourself with big teeth and claws on both your hands and feet. I'd say that would probably count for a single buy. Then you've got big shit like an entire scorpion tale, an entirely refurbished jawline split into multiple segments or something else that's big would probably be a solitary item.

>> No.47877048


>> No.47877059

course course, out of 60-80, I just want to also hit the extreme's, like flamboyant, beef, trap.

A lot. I'm still writing down type's and personalities for them. currently I'm frustratingly trying to find a normal, 20-30, red skinned man/demon to be the overlord.

>> No.47877069


>> No.47877088

suitor augusta
mental changes chaste and sharing is caring

bonus obedience
physical changes round two
shared lifespans

>> No.47877102

Dabria, 14, Travellar Aspirant
The Now, Watcher

Skills (11): Architect (free), Advanced Tech Understanding (8), Ethereal Mastery (5), Technomage, Field Leader [evocation], Organizer, Educated, Martial Training

Items (2050): Upgraded Leathers (1850),Dual Upgraded Braces (1550), Grenades [Timed] (1450), Akte (1310)
Bottomless Bag (1210), Anonymity Mask (1010), Flux Generator (810), Organ Replacement [Cybereye, Rebreather Implant] (710), Multiversal Timekeeper (660), Psychic Paper (640), Hat Closet (620), Traveler's Encyclopedia (600), Cedril Vibration Dispenser (300), Grapevine Cross (150), Wealthy Attire (50), Plebian Attire (40), Leader Line (20), Rail Line Pass (5), Stop Sign (0) Seeder Kit (Free), Bro Bot (Free)

Little Things: Minor, Full Moon Touch, Forever Alone, No Governor's Doller x3

Faction: Architects

Covenant: Ikko-Ikki

Chaplain Eustach (Guardian)
Saphfo Eresia
Janine Yamamoto

House: Roma Territory

Hubworld: In Which Big Brother Wins

Panic Button: The Duke


Dabria 'Eustach', 51, Architect, Anarcho-Artisan

>> No.47877175

Guy who is working on the revision of the Seven Sins cyoa. Was trying to think of how to balance Gluttony. So far, I have a few ideas on how to do so. I could either
>Remove the ability to gain another chosen's powers from Feed.
>Allow living creatures consumed by Swallow to halt your madness and restore your sanity.
>Feeding on a chosen now restores some sanity and slows down the madness.
>Create another power that gives your madness to mortals. Might need some sort of cost.

Which one would you guys prefer? Or is there another way you want to suggest?

>> No.47877247

Personally would prefer it if the CYOA didn't leave room for PvP, but I don't think I'm the target audience, so who cares about my preferences.

>> No.47877270

It's alright, thanks for your input anyway. Have a cyoa with only small optional amounts of PVP.

>> No.47877307

Sadly that's one of those CYOAs that I dislike for other reasons. Thanks for the consideration nonetheless.

>> No.47877325

Oh, sorry. If you don't mind me asking, why do you dislike it?

>> No.47877373

can't find the original pic I had for this, but here's the card I never ended up finishing

>> No.47877393

Where ever you are and who ever you are anon, I hope you have a beautiful day.

>> No.47877422

I'd love me a Blade thermometer

>> No.47877449

>> No.47877485

You seem like youre pretty rules flexible. If I bought natural weapons+custom weapons+biochip (custom) could I grow a bunch of mutable limbs/natural weapons like the thing/carnage/Alex mercer/etc

Becuase that's really where I want to go with this.

>> No.47877538

> Stands Added
Great, now we've got the guy running with the stand that makes people shit themselves.

>> No.47877574


Hey there. Yep i'm still around helping people with ps questions whenever they crop up and slowly hammering away at the DLC for Dream Prince...and answering a few builds to my other cyoas whenever they rarely pop up hehehe.

>> No.47877579


>> No.47877628

The elder gods can't make me go insane if I already am.

Origin: Female, The Now; Watcher
Traits: Low-Tech, Common-Ether, Berserker, Raider, Frontliner, Adokori, Survivor, Experimental, Unarmed Combatant, Chosen Blood, Founded in Madness, Critical, Cheaterman, Terrorist, Seemingly Useless, Emotional Sense, Fourth Wall Awareness
Armour: The Green Armour, Everwalkers Cloth, Quarian Full Suit
Weapons: Custom: new Energy weapon (Gloves w/Monomolecular Wire)
Knick-Knacks: Aenathari Peach, Iron Halo, Geating Parasites, Healing-Chip w/Upgrade
Little-Things: Forever Alone x4, I don't need no Governa's dalla! x6, Ethereal-Hearted, Marked, Disfigured Dreamer, Full Moon Touch
Faction: The Lonesome Road
Covenant: None
Ally: Mamirai
Home District & Hubworld: The Tower - Series of Trials: And Touched the Face of God

>> No.47877658

Holy shit

>> No.47877695

>Stand User: Al Dente
>Stand Name: Brown Note
Too Legit too Quit.

>All those traits

>> No.47877704

>If you don't mind me asking, why do you dislike it?
IIRC, having/keeping the powers would require me to do things I don't want to do.

>> No.47877777

Man it's weird, I know I downloaded time stop before but don't have it in my cyoa folder. Thanks for uploading the stuff I'm missing.

Is this one make an author?

what's the title of this one?

>>47872183 >>47872307 >>47872248
ok had these, sorry about that.

I thought assassin was fine, though I can see how a bit more focused on the player would be nice.

Is there any way to contact you outside of public posts here? irc?

>> No.47877778

>can't find the original pic I had for this,
...damn, just wanted to ask about this.

>> No.47877780

Ah, thanks. Here is another cyoa for your time.

>> No.47877785


Also love you, damn insane creator master mind.

>> No.47877794

who do you have now so far?

>> No.47877820

not to add to your list, but farrean too.

>> No.47877825

>“Do good though, will you?”
Dammit what the fuck. I wanted a big scary dude for Duwall and I got a fucking marshmallow man.

>> No.47877880

Dire kiwi is harcore. they lay eggs half their body size.
Imagine that omelett.

Also Dostov goes good with garlic and finely chopped parsley in butter

>> No.47878016

I doubt over half the Travellers would look up to him if he was all big and scary all the time.

>> No.47878018

Sounds good to me.
Pic related.

Which reminds me, thus far I got a pic for Quiet, any image submissions for the rest of the names before I go skimming across every image dump I have access to?

>> No.47878189

I always take a lot of traits since they synergize so well with each other and I'm neither very interested in the equipment nor in having more than one or two companions.

>> No.47878284

It's actually "Ferrean", not "Farrean".

>> No.47878298

I'm not a namefag but I do most of the worst shitposting. Can I still be included?

>> No.47878314

So... Does anyone know what the hell the Forging on the Fringes is about?

>> No.47878326

Actually yes, I'm doing something special for all the nameless Anons who make CYOA or not.

>> No.47878331

I scientist and bliss to hook up
Also Italics and Box Wine

>> No.47878350

I finally found 1 of the pictures i need. yes, yes. So much yes. Much gloating. ahhh. relief.

yay, I'm part of something, cool. I'd just like something that reflects my personality. So, hedonistic, sexual, lazy.

beri's avatar is purple slime
kit is a kitsune baker.
box wine is a drinker.
angel is a female lesbian angel.
sda is a white haired woman with a big ass.
highlander has a highlander sword
and hibiki's avatar is a chibi.

that's all i know.

>> No.47878365

for hibiki, probably any of these >>47849685 would work.

yeah, thanks for catching that. i just noticed it myself.

>> No.47878391

>female lesbian angel
>lesbian angel
>pick one and only one

>> No.47878407

The big ass description for Sandra is cool.
Adds nicely up to her telling me she likes kids when asked for her CYOA

>> No.47878418

Thanks mates, that saves me a ton of work actually.
Returning to radio silence.

>> No.47878488

hi /cyoag/, may I humbly make a request? Since I have no idea how to do this, can someone make https://63afd638575e0a2fbdda19bd44f65d165d6ed49c.googledrive.com/host/0B3kTDrvhIDLzay1iUmV1UmVKcmM/index.html
but instead for Magical Realm CYOA, make one for Slut Life 3.0.3? I don't need pictures, just add a link to random.org for jackpot option?

>> No.47878531

I'm more then just a drinker, I'm also an aspiring lawyer, master of the penny whistle, oral hygiene enthusiast, dead inside, and a fan of the theater.

What kind of pics are you looking for?

>> No.47878565

maybe. while we sometimes, maybe, sorta do requests, we don't usually make those. If you find a person who loves slut life, you might get them to agree. hell, if you're lucky, the creator might do it if he's still alive. Try again near the begging of the next thread and see what happens.

>> No.47878569

Why did you say lawyer twice?

>> No.47878588

I'd second that latter notion, are we doing the
'animes' or what?

>> No.47878615

Just whatever, really. If the actual namefag is here, feel free to supply an image you'd like to represent "yourself."
Can be a person, object, whatever, I'll make it work.

>> No.47878661

Depends if you're making them all into girls to waifu or not.

I have a ton of images saved on my home computer of symbiotes, both male and female, but I won't be home into late.

In the meantime, there's a thread on /co/ right now about symbiotes, and you could probably just ask for an image dump.

>> No.47878669

You should really objectify yourself.
Wait wouldn't that be reverse antropomorphisation?

>> No.47878671


>> No.47878713

Ferrean made half-dragon, Gifted released his oc just a few threads ago, Ren is responsible for Mage's Familiar, Quiet made A Quiet CYOA and is making Urban Fantasy.

SDA, Symbiobro and Angelanon are self-explanatory.

Spessrefuge did Space Refuge (extremely popular upon release, still up there content-wise), Scientist made Necromancer + Necromancer's Apprentice & Djinn, Bliss recently did Gifted One (pic related), as well as Kingdom Diplomacy and Kingdom Crusher, Pallas did Identical Twin, Beri is responsible for Genie's Gallery and Branching Heart, Box Wine for Hero Academy, Imaginos made Dream Princess.

Alchemist made an alchemy cyoa; I forgot what Kit, Italics, and Painter have done. I don't know if that helps to give you an idea or two about each author.

>> No.47878768


>> No.47878780

You missed monster hunter under bliss, one of the greater successes here

>> No.47878784

How about using this for Highlander?

>> No.47878809

I imagine I missed quite a few. I just wanted to associate some content with each author.

>> No.47878844

Highlander has transcended mortal form. He is sharp, strong, true, and unbreakable. He really is a fucking sword. How he is even able to type is a mystery to all.

>> No.47878864

>Seperate form, Strength, Resistant, Regeneration
>Hero, #1 Fan
>Strong Willed Other
Effectively a -super- possessive GF.
Seperate form for interacting with me in a more "personal" way. Strength for beating anyone who makes a move on me. Resistant and Regeneration to protect me from harm.
Biggest problem is if the Hero makes a move on me.

Will probably end with me being madly in love with my symbiotite, locked up in my apartment or something.

>> No.47878866

He speaks and the keyboard complies. It knows what will happen if it does not.

>> No.47878887

Sweet jesus, yes please, elevate Highlander to memetic goddess status.

>> No.47878889

Well, I just got a good idea for Highlander.
This pic will work just fine.

I think I've got enough information ITT now for a while, thanks mates.

>> No.47878919

You could ask aki7 in irc chat. Not sure if he'd be interested though.

>> No.47878924

use this for Box wine.

>> No.47878929

Why not a burqa?

>> No.47878954

Eh, it's not the worst.

Because the Burqa is trash. Totally unwearable like a ghost costume with no fucking eyeholes.

>> No.47878991

Are we waifus or husbandos

>> No.47879002

Which is best, lacy panties or bikini bottom?

>> No.47879009

You can be whatever you want in the end.

>> No.47879047

Actually I made Dream Prince. Angelanon made Dream Princess, which is what inspired me to make Dream Prince. I also did Strange Coins and Hygienic Magic, which someone used as the starting image for one of the last few threads.

>> No.47879066

Gureato daze

It's really hard to make a kingdom description
so it's very slow progress

>> No.47879085

>The Old Face (13)
>Knife (12), Silenced pistol (10)
>Bulletproof vest(9), Mind-control bracelet (7)
>Car (6)
>Yoka, Kale, Mice (0)

>Every. Single. Contract.

>> No.47879087

Kit's done like 60 cyoas, up there with beri in amount of content generated. Alchemist also did the birdician one.

>> No.47879118

Speaking of Beri generating an insane amount of content, is Branching Heart still going to get an update, or is it over?

I need to know so I can know whether to finally save it to my computer or not.

>> No.47879152


Depends on what your plans are. Just remember, they have to be visible and worn as intended for the effect to work.

Since lacy panties only need to be worn on Sundays as you go to sleep to get a full-week's change, I'd say they're the superior option, since you'll lose the effect of the bikini the second they're pulled to the side or down or anything, or when they're covered by a towel, skirt, or anything else.

>> No.47879158

>>Become a Pokemon for one of these 5 trainers

>> No.47879159

Fits you better, though.

>> No.47879173

posts like these make me question why i still come here

>> No.47879189

method just buy it
material casual nudity
victum alina
complication shy
what will i do with her is shows, friendly, pictures, money, &€#¥@£ contact, attire, reward, penetation, denial, routine and humiliation

>> No.47879280

It's really bad because you're stuck as a specific Pokemon for each trainer and there's not a lot of detail put into it regardless. Really barebones. You're not missing out on much, really.

>> No.47879319

Save it to your computer anyway. The only thing that changes now is the last intro page, the last library page and the page with the 2 new girls on it.

I don't think beri mentioned doing any more girls and was sick a few days ago, though I thought I saw him in the last thread or the one before that answering a question.

>> No.47879322


Well, objectively it is better to do something that causes a change for a week than something that could make the illusion be broken at any moment.

That being said

>not wanting to take the lacy panties and become a youtube starlet, racking in fat stacks of ad-cash by being a popular gamer that sometimes spouts opinions held by groups of people on a Czechoslovakian coin-collecting forum.

>> No.47879369

>Since lacy panties only need to be worn on Sundays as you go to sleep to get a full-week's change,
That could be a snag for some since it keeps you committed to your changed form for the whole week, no choosing by the moment or even day whether you want them in effect.

>since you'll lose the effect of the bikini the second they're pulled to the side or down or anything, or when they're covered by a towel, skirt, or anything else.
That's a pretty strict interpretation of worn as intended. Surely pulling them down (not off) to pee is still wearing them and doing so as intended?

I'd say that a short skirt or towel worn lower on the hips than the bikini still counts as visible, but that's a lesser issue than what counts as wearing them properly. Keeping them fully visible shouldn't be a problem in a seaside town or other warm setting.

>> No.47879390

What would you like?

>> No.47879453

Which opinions would you spout? Describe your starlet?

>> No.47879487

This caught my eye for actually requiring some sacrifice, since I generally don't think of myself as actively evil.

Primary: Pride

Secondary: Lust

Tertiary: Sloth

Curses:Fair Play (free boon), Vampire

Plan: Capitalize on Sloth's specializations to create a specifically anti-religious cult of celebrity around myself with minimal effort, portraying me as a paragon of intelligence and clear thinking, while disparaging the religious as morons.

Should be able to cause quite a few deconversions and a massive rise in secularism. Maybe even exterminate religion entirely.

Lust is in there just because I have relevant fetishes that can score me evil points while I actually enjoy myself.

Spellbook is somewhat similar, offering a chance to gain evil points as well as useful knowledge/abilities. Loyal followers will be helpful there.

Vampire thirst will either be easily cheatable using Quickie or, if that's not allowed, simply harvested from followers.

And yes, I know the idea of becoming Evil Dawkins is fucking fedorian as shit, but it's the best balance of satisfying my desires and winning that I could manage.

>> No.47879500

>That could be a snag

True, it is a bit of an issue.

>That's a pretty strict interpretation of worn as intended.

Also true. But expect the worst, then you're either fully prepared or can only be pleasantly surprised.

Like I said, it all depends entirely on what your plans are too. We could do with a bit more information as well, such as would the panties allow for a type of immortality, or does your normal body continue to age even while you're not in it? And if you kept wearing them every Sunday for years, would you age as appropriate in that form, or would it remain static? Proper rulings on what's acceptable for the bikini would be nice as well, but really I'd want to ask the witch if I could get any other kind of gift since I am a man and women's clothes aren't exactly on my radar of "presents I want."

>> No.47879519


Italics has made: Girls Military (Remake Included), Armored Core, Dusk City, Pokemon Personified, New World, Pick A Goddess (Remake Included), Quests, Style of Life, If, 4 Girls Pick 1, and Tyrant.

So they made 13 cyoas as far as I know.

>> No.47879536

>We could do with a bit more information as well,
Agreed. What do you think is the most appropriate ruling for these questions and other ambiguities?

>I am a man and women's clothes aren't exactly on my radar of "presents I want."
>I am a man
I think the point of the panties and bikini is to fix that.

>> No.47879633

Keep it up!

>> No.47879662

>Loli version of /pol/ that doesn't bite obvious bait but livestreams sometimes to deal with cries about parents scripting everything. Also occasional subtle trolls
>No overt meme spouting, maybe subtle things hidden in the background to make the autists go crazy trying to figure out if I know of the chans or not.
>Physical appearance? Not your waifu.

>> No.47879676

>i made dream prince.
i thought so, thanks for confirming that. anon probably got confused.

beri has not shared anything about updating bh.

this one's fun. adventurer it is.

major powers
* * * * *
planetary: shifting eyes, channel entity, tear magic, shapeshift, and gemini.

meteoric: force barrier, portal.

lunar: familiar (+1 minor power over time).

minor powers: hydrokinesis, water jet, fog, freezing grasp, and gaian attunement. in time, leaf on the wind, too.

i like that setup. plenty of adventuring to be had.

>> No.47879691

>> No.47879692

eh there's no need to add me, i'd only make like one cyoa, give it to people who make more cyoa than me.


>> No.47879722


>> No.47879727

I like most of the new origins, but I can't really find a good Weald Fungus picture without getting sick.

>> No.47879730

Shush, fox creature, I made room for all the namefags.

>> No.47879763


>> No.47879785


>> No.47879790

>Not your waifu.
Honestly I just wanted to compare your plan to mine. I'd spout different views but probably with some overlap, and I wondered how similar we'd look too. Also you forgot your hashtag.

>> No.47879800

4 girls pick 1? that one doesn't sound familiar at all. can you post it.

>> No.47879839

Here you go.

>> No.47879862


I really don't know. I expect the worst, but panties would win hands down if they gave a kind of immortality. I'd be alright if the form aged as long as it was uninterrupted, but reset to wherever you started if you miss two weeks. The bikini should work if you put it on properly until fully removed, and the masquerade shouldn't break if it's covered by something that's not a piece of clothing meant to fully cover it. So a towel should definitely be ok, and sarong wraps should be allowed too since it's not uncommon to wear them with bikinis.

But again, expecting the worst, probably no immortality, and anything but the bikini being perfectly worn makes you change back. Be careful if you go surfing, or swim with people that might pull on your swimsuit.

>> No.47879865

Whats the limitation on Mind Control? Can it be used on the leader of my faction? Can it be used on allies like Alex Keller if I just wanted him to give me all his money? It seems very powerful

>> No.47879870

I want to make SDA into the perfect waifu

>> No.47879895


>> No.47879935

He also did Null Master

>> No.47880008

thanks dan

>> No.47880009

I want highlander to be a sword.

SDA is a lesbian with a dis-associative personality disorder.

Ferrean is a dragon girl with an inferiority complex.

Beri is a slime girl.

Angelanon is a yandere.

>> No.47880012

>The bikini should work if you put it on properly until fully removed
Yay not having to pee through my bikini!

>So a towel should definitely be ok, and sarong wraps should be allowed too
Yay being allowed indoors! Some of the time anyway!

>> No.47880045

Did anyone ever figure the size of the dire kiwi?

>> No.47880062

>and I wondered how similar we'd look too

Probably like little girl versions of ourselves. So I'd be kind of pale with black/red hair and likely built like a twig. /pol/ opinions would probably be the best bet for popularity if I bother debating people in livestreams, I'd easily be /pol/'s daughteru so they'd shill for me and anyone that disagrees with them would probably try to make me see the error of my ways. Popularity either way, increased even more with Dark Souls 3, Battlefield 4 and minecraft videos, since I don't have a tabletop group. But I'd do that too if nobody else at the table minded.

>> No.47880064

switch my place for >>47875242 i mean, his cyoa is better
i got kusoge grammar and spelling


>> No.47880069

>SDA is a lesbian with a dis-associative personality disorder.

>> No.47880083

You and Ren are BOTH on the list here.

>> No.47880131

Dan Hibiki is a character from Street Fighter.

>> No.47880177

what a twist

oh, I didn't really play fighting game
I am a literal scrub

>> No.47880209

I want something that doesn't hit the WataMote effect, making me want to curl up and die. But to be fair the closest your going to get is pic related that was posted the last time we did namefag corral.

We are all scrubs. No one is an exception to this rule.

>> No.47880224

I'd troll /pol/ more than anyone ever has by agreeing with them on a heap of things and radically disagreeing on others, even being worse than leftists, in their eyes, on some. And by showing lots of skin.

>> No.47880227

>Reads Sweet Guy
Some good taste there SDA.

>> No.47880266

but... but... swords can't curl or die.

>> No.47880327

Indian Whip Swords.

>> No.47880335


>> No.47880346

They'd disown you, basically. They don't care, if you majorily disagree with them on an important issue you're trash, like with Sargon. He spouted some stupid shit about refugees and bam, nobody talks about him anymore.

>> No.47880388

evolution form
aspect combine

>> No.47880396

But anon...

>> No.47880460

i didn't know that, so muscle wizard option gives you strength is that it?

>> No.47880474

I'm a hot girl, I'll find somebody else.

>> No.47880480

Heart - Right Ventricle
Right Lung
Left Kidney
Right Kidney

Imagine being deployed for disaster relief.

>> No.47880495 [SPOILER] 


>> No.47880498

You'll have to start pandering to SJW in your broadcast, and there's quite a bit more competition on that front.

>> No.47880596

Wait, what? Am I being put in a CYOA?
I'm like the newest content creator here, lol, you guys are so sweet.

Anyway, back home from work now, but in a Pathfinder Session.

I've been thinking about the next CYOA I might work on after Familiar, swing from High Fantasy to Cyberpunk/Modern, where it revolves around putting your brain in a machine.

>> No.47880638

One day I'll be good enough to earn my place in this CYOA!

I asked for graphic design tips in an earlier thread and got a lot!

...Before realizing that my writing is actually shit.

>> No.47880651

>scaled 300 times
A normal kiwi is between 25 and 45cm tall.
If you scale it by volume, it makes the dire kiwi 6.7times higher, so between 1.68 and 3.02m.

>> No.47880746

Not everybody is /pol/ or SJWs!

>> No.47880754

Berserk Pack 1
Deamon Eater 2
Frenzied 2
Spiked Knuckles
(can't use grenades)
The broodmothers
The corruptors
Kill all deamons
Combat Suit


>> No.47880779

>pissing yourself
disgusting girl

>> No.47880796

> 3.02M Kiwi
So- what does it eat? Children? Does the beak get a spear tip for skewering fish and sheep?

>> No.47880863

Can't wait to go all Eclipse Phase on some shit

>> No.47881142

not the first time I've gone against that goddess.

>> No.47881544

What makes a large residence comfy, cyoag?

I need comfy suggestions.

>> No.47881580

Nicely regulated temperature and high-speed Internet.

>> No.47881641

Elaborate staircases. Open spaces. Lots of windows that can be opened/closed easily. Garden/yard space that is easy to navigate but aesthetically appealing. Large bathrooms with fancy showers/baths/sinks. A proper basement that can be used as a rec room or similar.

>> No.47881670

I like it, but don't you give up on your Familiar CYOA quite yet. You've still gotta add jobs, fix everything, and add hard mode! Don't skimp out!

>> No.47881740

I'm drawing a blank, what did you want with Hard Mode?

>> No.47881828

disagree. Not that I've exactly lived in a large residence, but large open spaces makes me think of public buildings, which are the opposite of comfy.

>> No.47881846

Pfff don't let that stop you. People can always offer suggestions/help on writing too.

>> No.47881850

species bumble bee
general benefits endurance 2 and instinct 2

special features level 2
complications feared, outcast, bunted, creepers and targeted

>> No.47881868

comfy is subjective
the best you can do to attain it is provide a good variety of options

>> No.47881894

I take a Mountain Dew to go

>> No.47881900

But I'm trying to do a waifu CYOA first as practice, so...

Yeah, people tend to react badly to bad writing there.

>> No.47882015

Shilling my software again. Not my CYOA but I've posted those enough.


>> No.47882027

>static picture as gif

But why?

>> No.47882033

The point was to offer some ideas to someone trying to come up with choices for a CYOA. I doubt the things I listed will be your only choice in any finished list.

I respect your opinion, but it's totally useless and irrelevant in this context.

>> No.47882054

Dr. Spark

Origin: The Watcher
Religion: Ubermench Society
Faction: Independent
Homedistrict: Free Traveler (+500 credits because i dont need TWO motorcycles)
Hubworld: Throne of Yisun, Break Jagganoth
Companion: Sans
Panic Button: The God

+2500 credit start
Drawbacks: Falling (+1500)
Knee Breaker (+1000)
That Guy (+500)
Warped (+500)
Forever Alone x4 (+2000)
NO GOVNAS DOLLA! x14 (-5600)
2,400 Credit end

Perks: Tech understanding Advanced (3)
Adaptability (4)
Martial Training (5)
Mathematical Genius (6)
Berserker (7)
Critical (8)
Steam Adept (9)
Traveler Adept (Free)
Magnetic Adept (14)
Nuclear Adept (13)
Mechanical Adept (12)
Scavenger (11)
Educated (10)
Survivor (9)
Tech-head (8)
Pariah (7)
Forge master (6)
Experimental (5)
Memory (4)
Self-Aware (3)
Alchemist (2)
Runemaster (1)

Clothing: Travellers leathers (Free)
Nemean Lion Hide (2,050)

Weapons: Yuta Brace (Mandatory)
Seven Shot Colt Revolver (2,000)
MAD.11 Hunting Shotgun (1,800)

Knick Knacks: Pegs (Free)
Survival Kit (Free)
Basic Bag (Free)
ID Card (Free)
Alchemy Set (1,500)
Runist Kit (1,200)
Munitions Worktable (1,000)
Hacking Module (900)
Ethereal Measuring Set (760)
Whale Skin Marks (660)
Chain (650)
CIY Brain Implant (250)
Limb Replacement x2, R/L arm (50)
Organ Replacement, Emergency Revivication Pancreas (ERP) (0)

(writefagin' next post)

>> No.47882084

Space opera

Space adventures with cute girls on a comfy spaceship.

>> No.47882095

>without your memories

God, I fucking hate it when this comes up as a choice. Being reborn without your memories is just being born normally as someone else. Your memories are such a fundamental part of yourself that removing them invalidates the idea of you reincarnating. It's just regular incarnation.

>> No.47882129

Maybe it's better to think of it as just losing superficial memories like names and faces from your past life. You don't know which town or city you lived in, but you know whether it was a town or city. You don't remember your name or anyone from school, but you remember whether you were a nerd or jock. You don't remember if you had a girlfriend, but you remember the kind of girls you like.

>> No.47882146

Can I see some examples of CYOAs made with this tool?

>> No.47882150

>waifu CYOA

Details required.

>> No.47882193

lord of the ring
the dark tower

>> No.47882195

It's a CYOA about an interdimensional dating service that gets a ridiculous amounts of applications from some loser weeaboo (you) that all describe generic Chinese cartoon stereotypes.

However, as they can't find girls that are exactly like your Chinese cartoons, they have to provide you with girls that are sort of close but have something "off" about them.

For example, the succubus actually eats souls instead of semen, and the submissive maid is really only there for your money.

>> No.47882202

The term you're looking or is "The Memory Criterion Theory".

>> No.47882224

That software looks interesting. Maybe I'll put my ideas to use now. lol I won't.

>> No.47882252

I take the cute dire kiwi

>> No.47882258

So it's not actually a waifu CYOA.

>> No.47882263


This. Also very relaxing seats, with just the right amount of softness and support.

Privacy too, but that might just be me. I could be in the nicest house in the world but if it was in the middle of a city I'd be less impressed with it than I would a place even half as nice out in the country.

>> No.47882282

Well, it is.

They're just not the perfect waifus you imagined.

Most of them still love you though.

>> No.47882306

I was actually considering going all out like this too but decided against it.

>> No.47882323

>succy that eats souls (horrifying to a Christian)
>maid only in it for the money

Yeah, no.

>> No.47882356

She literally eats souls. She probably has to cheat on you to get fed, and having sex with her would kill you. That's not a waifu. And a maid you're paying for sex isn't a fucking waifu by any stretch, that's a prostitute at worst and a gold digger at best.

If these are what you think are 'close enough' then holy fuck, they could get better women by asking whoever is walking by on the street.

>> No.47882388

War on the horizon, the draft scooping up your master or trying to, monsters in the sewers/forest/wherever, stop a magical "natural" disaster, someone's trying to buy out the orphanage. Oh, and some lower-challenge things as well - help with the orphanage bake sale, take down a group of bullies, decorate your room properly because your master's a slob, etc., etc. Things like those,

>> No.47882450

I look forward to it, and the discussion that it will generate.

>> No.47882524

Did the anon who created the seven virtues cyoa ever finish the additions he wanted to put in it?

>> No.47882537

Dragged from the backwaters of time and space after creative steam inventions met ruthless, frenzied attacks against large corporations and theocratic seats of power, Doctor Spark was a vigilante of his place fighting for the wonders of his age to see new breakthroughs that where often kept under lock and key of the ruling class. After his floating city block was burned to the gro- er...air, taking his life's work, his lab, and his fortune, he fled the country on his final living contacts word. Little did he understand what he was stepping into...Now a new man forged on the anvil of war tempered with progress, the quite solitary 'Doctor Spark' looks to further the mystical arts of SCIENCE and field test them on the monsters of the world.

Now, about those vile aether warpers, err... 'mages'..?

>> No.47882546

I know it might sound bad, but I already wrote around those problems, so it's not going to be as bad as it sounds.

>> No.47882562

If not, sorry for bothering you guys.

>> No.47882585

Does anyone have the slave cyoa?

>> No.47882596

not a peep outta the guy.
life must've killed him.

>> No.47882635

That or a really big bee.

>> No.47882654


>> No.47882660

They're at the end of the github. Here's a large one though (I'm not great at writing long ones but my writing isn't the point).

>> No.47882669

So, what, it's just a reincarnation that deletes all the proper nouns from your brain? Well, that's better than nothing, but it still seems awfully arbitrary.

Do I get to keep knowledge and skills with this? Do I remember chemistry? Social engineering? Cognitive science?

>> No.47882670

I'd like to thank you on this day for making me look stupid

>> No.47882695

If you're a Christian, you've got much bigger problems than being vaguely dissatisfied with a CYOA on 4chan.

>> No.47882747

H-hurry up and m-make the new thread b-before I... oh no...

>> No.47882819

O-oh... Baby.
You just turned me on.

It's a lot better than Robert and his late night pissing in a bowl... WINE!

>> No.47882877

This software should be added to the pastebin too.

>> No.47882896

Amnesia (the real thing) is weird like that. I knew someone who got it, or at least was said to I don't really know the details, in my high school. She stayed in (or came back to) the school. Her attitude was different but she it didn't really seem to cause significant difficulty in her classes.

>> No.47883060

Themes: remembrance/melancholy
Boons: weapon, dragalong×2 (the first two anons that want to come)

Any one like dark/moody fantasy?

>> No.47883375

>Any one like dark/moody fantasy?

It's good for a change of pace, but I prefer happy fantasy.

>> No.47883597

new: >>47883590

>> No.47883647

you mean Badass fantasy?
I'm In

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