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Greetings gents, continuing a thread from yesterday, I'm working on a campaign setting for my group that revolves around bronze-age civilizations where most of the wildlife is various dinosaurs. To that end, I'm looking for images of bronze-age armor and weapons, as well as some more exotic dinosaurs for a party that mostly only knows the stuff from Jurassic Park. (Pic related) Any ideas for dinosaur-related plot hooks would be appreciated as well.

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I guess my advice for making "accurate" dinosaurs is to remember most were small. And the big scary macropredators were actually pretty rare and usually acted in ways the movies wouldn't usually show.

Spinosaurus, for example, behaved basically like a modern crocodile. Good for a river hazard.

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TVTropes' page on dinosaurs is wonderfully extensive. Read the whole thing

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True, it's not really a dinosaur, but it certainly makes for a rather interesting surprise when the party stumbles across it. Basically, I'm trying to avoid some of the more obvious choices in favor of the bizarre and scary.

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Not a bad idea. There are a lot of great, freaky-looking dinosaurs and similar creatures which fit a lot of good roles.

But there's a beautiful simplicity to the T-Rex.

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Right now I'm reading the novella the Dinosaurs lords.
Imagine late renaissence era warfare but with dinos. A bit hard to read but it's interesting, specially about the breed of dinos used for war and that stuff.

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Everybody expects the T-rex, Triceratops, and Velociraptor. So I figure I'll give them a bunch of things from the Triassic and Jurassic periods, stuff they've never heard of.
And then just when they think they've got things figured out, I'll have the T-Rex guarding the BBEG's lair.

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I'm working on that kind of setting myself.

>Dinosaur hunt for food
>Hunt for leather claws and bones to make armor
>Trying to tame a mount
>Tempel dinosaur is stuck in quicksand and doesn't cooperate well with rescue attempts
>big dinosaur died in the middle of the village, a large pack of predators were tailing it
>take the brachiosaurus to the cliffs, only with his help you can reach the high caves

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Play ARK

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Why not have a Giganotosaurus instead, if you're using the stuff that people probably won't recognise?

By the way, have you got all your players yet, or do you still have some spots open?

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It's a face-to-face game, so I've got all the players. But I would be open to the possibility of something done online.
Also, gotta give the T. Rex his due.

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>It's a face-to-face game, so I've got all the players
That sucks, sounds like it'd be fun.
>Also, gotta give the T. Rex his due.
I guess. Maybe you could set it up so that they could lure another predator over to distract the Rex?

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Carnotaurs are pretty neat & intimidating looking.

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I can't recall, weren't they thought to be pack hunters?

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Problem with throwing in things like the Giganotosaurus is for all intents and purposes it is a T-Rex.

It isn't really gonna act any different than a T-Rex. It's not all that larger than a T-Rex. Hell, it even looks like a T-Rex and unless you're really into dinosuars you're not gonna know/care enough to notice the difference.

Show players a Giganotosaurus, and they'll go "What's that? Oh, it's kind of like a T-Rex? Oh shit, better run I guess."

But tell players they encounter a T-Rex, they'll immediately go "Oh fuck! A T-Rex!"

I'd take a look at the Jurassic Park books. The Raptors and the Rex still dominate the show, but he does throw in a few other dinosaurs. Like he proposed Carnotaurus was a chameleon with Predator-level abilities. Even the raptors were afraid of the island's Carnotaurs.

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Make sure to include bro-tier iguanodons

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You just have to love old dinosaur illustrations.

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Dinosaur illustrators are the best

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Have a nice comparison of Spinosaurus, Giganotosaurus, Tyrannosaurus, and Baryonx.

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You also could retool the traditional image of an animal into something else to make it more interesting.

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Who'd have thought the T Rex would be so fluffy.

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Case in point. All someone who's never heard of Gigano will just think "oh so it's like a T-Rex?"

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My favorite dinosaur. I actually have fossilized tooth of one sitting on my desk. The name comes from the latin name for great whites since they have similar teeth structures.

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For more primitive tastes. I need more bronze age stuff for my folder.

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Forget dinosaurs.

You need buzzsaw sharks.

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Also his cousin, scissor shark.

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What kinds of insects would the PC's run into?

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Y'know, I'm sure that these have to be because of someone misinterpreting the fossils or getting them mixed up or something.

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Not an insect, but arthropleura was a prehistoric precursor to millepedes that was roughly the size of a minivan.

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They discovered the jawbone of helicoprion or something like that, and the spiral tooth actually fits. It uses its unique teeth shape to chew up squid.

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There's also meganeura, the dragonfly as big as a hawk.

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OP, if you don't include kaprosuchus aka boar croc, then I will be disappointed.

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Careful with them though, the period they came from had the highest oxygen levels the Earth ever has.

Probably too high for humans to survive, at least for an extended period of time.

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The Carboniferous is pretty much the most metal prehistoric time period.

>Giant bugs everywhere
>Air is toxic due to so much oxygen
>In fact, so much oxygen there's a high amount of forest fires

The only more metal time period I could think of is the Permian due to the Permian-Triassic and the dino-dogs running around everywhere before then.

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*Permian-Triassic extinction

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>You hear steps fast approaching
>the bushes to your left shake
>It's the Velociraptor!
>*small chirp*
>Party laughs
>the Pack mobs them

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Ah, nothing like talking about pre-history with my elegan/tg/entlemen at five in the morning after a night with no sleep.

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The kind that would get your ass permabanned for posting faggot shit like that picture. Sick of people like you spamming that shit.

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Pic related is my preferred reconstruction of Helicoprion.

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This is going really far back, but what about Anomalocaris?

I mean, sure it's only a half-meter long, but back then, everything else was couple of inches long at most.

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Although that reconstruction has been debunked as inaccurate, I still like it too. A shark with a whip jaw sounds too awesome to exist.

A pterygotus would be a better creature if we're talking about predators that the OP's party will run into and have to fight.

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These aren't quite dinosaurs but they're still cool.

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Also, I hope you have a wizard with a compsognathus familiar at some point.

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Fuck I hate you.

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eurypterids baby

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Here, have a Sarcosuchus. That'd be fun to meet in the swamp, right?

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And Utahraptor. Think raptor, but the weight of a polar bear.

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That was more Allosaurus. Carnos may or may not have hunted in pairs though.

Use this, OP. Nothing puts fear into someone's heart quite like dodging a croc as it lunges at you from the water's edge only for it to get up and start fucking GALLOPING after you.

Therizinosaurus is another good option if the group isn't all too familiar with it. Just have the party be hired to get rid of one that's taken over a farm and killed off some of the livestock. If they're truly unfamiliar with its looks then be certain to forbid googling an be as vague as possible outside of "it's a large herbivore". Only mention the big ass sickles on its fingers when they get a full view of it. Also be sure to make them assholes like canadian geese and use pic related as a reference picture if possible.

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Just for fun, OP should include Sarcosuchus's harmless, plankton eating cousin.

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Now comes in purely aquatic version.


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Here's a Deinonychus skeleton molded to the Utahraptor silhouette they put out a while ago. Absolute nightmare fuel.

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OP, you should include this armored bastard.

>First predator of its kind to reach such size and power.
>Strong as fuck bite force, putting T-rex's to shame
>Has no teeth per say, but sharp edges built into its exoskeleton skull that is basically an organic guillotine.

That's right. This bastard has an EXOSKELETON.

The "feathers are lame" argument needs to die. Utahraptors are badass.

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Apparently the force of the bite comes from the speed. They could take a bite in 60 milliseconds.

It takes 300 milliseconds to BLINK.

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>Livyatan melvillei
>Named after Moby Dick
>Teeth roughly 36 cm long, larger than any whale's
>The only rival that the legendary Megalodon ever had.
>Unlike Megalodon, it had mammalian intelligence

It's no wonder why this fucker was named after Moby Dick.

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Fuck man, people think the water is scary now. Back then it was just a whole different game. 13m crocodiles like Sarcosuchus and Deinosuchus. Shit like Mosasaurus (pic related). Sharks like Megalodon. And giant pliosaurs too- pliosaurus macromerus could have grown to 18m long, and evidence suggests there could be even larger species (for instance, there were pliosaur teeth marks on the bones of a 15m pliosaur found in Aramberri).

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Fuck. That's terrifying. It can turn you into mincemeat before you can even think.

This just makes me like Dunkleosteus even more.

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>Even its fucking EYES are armored

See, shit like this is why I fear the ocean. I know this thing is long extinct, but it's only a matter of time before something comes from the abyssal zone that resembles it just a bit too much. There's a reason that the ocean isn't fully explored. Sure everyone says it's about funding, but I like to think that secretly we're all just terrified of what might end up being found down there.

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Hey, if OP is running something where people fight dinosaurs, can someone else run something where we hunt prehistoric marine creatures?

Cause reading about these things is really pumping me up.

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Well that, and their closest modern relatives are sperm whales.

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>See, shit like this is why I fear the ocean

Don't open this link:


OP, if you are still here, here's another creature for you.

Gigantoraptor, aka an oviraptor-type creature that is 26 feet long and can pretty much pick up a full grown person in its beak like a toy.

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Why didn't Diego turn the other Valentines he fought on the train into dinosaurs to send after the main Valentine?

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>can someone else run something where we hunt prehistoric marine creatures
That would be fucking RAD. Prehistoric Moby Dick would be godly.

>> No.47832032

>Prehistoric Moby Dick would be godly.
Or prehistoric Jaws, fuck yeah.

Imagine trying to harpoon one of>>47831390. That'd be fun.

Any more takers?

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That's better

>> No.47832191

Read Dinotopia.

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That is so god damn retarded looking.

It would never have that much feather.

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Bruh look at dis dood

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Giant dragonflies which let you ride them

>> No.47832434


Well we really have no idea. It probably didn't look quite like that. But blindly insisting whatever dinosaur that is didn't have feathers like that is like saying "wha, T-Rex wasn't ever green!"

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dis nigga makin beats senpai hahaha like wtf with that gay ass hurn bruh hahah 100100

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Check dis, mofuykkas right ere

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Admittedly Crylophosaurus probably didn't have a feather arrangement used by OWLS. Although its entirely possible Troodontids did have something similar.

>> No.47832793

Speaking as someone that is both fascinated and by and existentially terrified of the ocean, yes please.

>> No.47832863

Giant ants are a stable

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I see so much caption potential.
>I see great new memes on the horizon

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The fact that they're all in vaguely erotic poses makes me think that tthis was either a joke, or drawn by a furry... would it be a scaly if they're a dinosaur fetishist? Featherry?

Or that I've been on 4chan/the interent so much that I'm seeing innocent dinosaur poses as erotic.

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The deinonychus wants the d, and the velociraptor is speculating about your dick size. The others seems more or less normal, the utharaptor only wants a hug and the Drom is retarded.

>> No.47834026

No, those are definitly supposed to be erotic.
They're giving us sultry glances for fucks sake.

>> No.47834279

Good to know that I'm not crazy.

Now I just need to find people on this board who are knowledgeable about dicking dinosaurs and ask them a few questions...

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>> No.47834568

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Your picture reminded me of this.

OP, how about a prehistoric lizard/fish civilization?

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>The kind that would get your ass permabanned for posting faggot shit like that picture. Sick of people like you spamming that shit.
Rough night?

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Was the Bronze age IRL Conan?

>> No.47836567

Yes. Much less steel tough.

>> No.47836692

You can bet your fucking ass. Bronze Age = Best Age.

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holy shit

>> No.47837693

Psssh...nothin personnel kid.

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Fuck you

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I'm just imagining constant Michael Bay explosions from all the oxygen now.

>> No.47837963

It's also a great way to introduce the Insecticons.

But hopefully we won't ever get another Bayformers.

>> No.47837981

>Dinosaur dicking

Just ask the Japanese


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I think 2 and a half metres is a bit less than a minivan. Still it could be cool to have it in a campaign.

>> No.47838047

Ah you're right.

I'm actually better with prehistoric creatures than with motor vehicles.

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I think Baryonyx walkeri could be a cool one. It is like a small Spinosaurus but on 2 legs. Could be something the players could conceivably bring down relatively early.

>> No.47838128

Still a big ass millipede.

>> No.47838147

>"Hey guys! What's going on in this thread?"

>> No.47838222

Saltasaurus, for all your armoured sauropod needs.

>> No.47838253

>The saltest dinosaur that ever roamed the Earth.

>> No.47838695


>"go away nerd"

>> No.47838737

Two different kinds of Megalodon?

Explain, please?

>> No.47838749 [SPOILER] 

Yeah, he looks like a real dickhead.

>> No.47838760

Yeah, it's funny. Normally just the thought of something like that'd give me the crawlies, but that thing doesn't.

I guess it's kinda too big, couldn't sneak up on you, y'know?

>> No.47838768

Joke answer: One is American.

Actual answer: They are just size estimates. Scientists don't have much to work off of with shark fossils, since usually only the jaw remains, so they have to guess on the size.

>> No.47838799

You also have to keep in mind it is a strict herbivore, so it's basically a multi-legged cow if anything.

But since cows can still be dangerous, it's best not to mess with it regardless.

>> No.47838836

Yeah, those mandibles could mess your leg up if you trod on it by accident.

>> No.47839289

Giant centipedes, while they remain dosapedes.

>> No.47840585

For those discussing sea creatures, I found this old thing that I thought is pretty cool. Might be a little outdated by now though.


>> No.47840586

Butterflies who feed on brain matter.

>> No.47843851

Considering that the world in question for the setting is one of hundreds of islands and dozens of shallow warm seas, this idea has serious merit.
I already have plans to use ol' dunk. I planned on having them be the major predators in all waters, from the size of pirana to the size of blue whales.

>> No.47847252

Monster Hunter is good for inspiration.

>> No.47848363

Fish and especially sharks have large size variations.
Basically their size is determined by the availability of food.
It is why we are uncertain about which of these big fish are actually extinct.

>> No.47848814

>The only rival that the legendary Megalodon ever had.

Wrong, the Megolodon actually went extinct because It couldn't compete in its niche as well Orca whales.

Pack hunting always trumps size.

>> No.47849013

That was part of it. Another part was a decline in the number of whale species, and the movement of many remaining species into cold waters where Megalodon couldn't follow for much of the year. Megalodon relied heavily on very large prey to survive, and when that became harder to get, it was unable to compete with whales like orcas over the smaller prey that was left. Orcas weren't much competition with Megalodon against the larger whales that likely made up a lot of its diet.

>> No.47849547

Don't get me wrong, they're excellent for mounts. I want to point out that fucking dinosaurs are being used as the monsters here. Bigass birds are a must.

I remember something about ducks and chickens the SIZE of horses being discovered some time ago. I don't know about you, but I would rather use those bastards as mounts.
>if chickens, they lay eggs often if fed well
>free protein
>feathers molt, free clothing and waterproofing/rainproofing
>easy to train to be docile
>once accepted as master of said bird, they are fiercely loyal and will kill motherfuckers because fuck you, you aren't my real crew
>bigass claws
>limited flight potential
And if the worst happens to your mount

I fail to see downsides yet.

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Oh god I have this book somewhere!

>> No.47853376

Real dinosaur are old and uncool.

What's happening there?

>> No.47853671

What was picture?

>> No.47855813

>What's happening there?

It's a town built on a sauropod by the looks of it.

>> No.47855853


>> No.47855910

Inostrancevia represent!

>A cross between a komodo dragon and a saber tooth tiger

>> No.47856161

There's no way normal buildings could survive like that. It would been to be a tent city.

>> No.47859439

That minimum size megalodon reminds me of Michael Cera for some reason

>> No.47859540

OP, read Raptor Red right this instant. If utahraptors don't feature heavily in your campaign then I wash my hands of you.


>> No.47859888

OP, find whatever copies of Dinotopia you can. Gurney's art is great and he does a great job of actually presenting a great variety of dinosaurs.

>> No.47862510

Oh god, I can see it.

>> No.47863276


Never found pdfs of those. I only have the first book.

>> No.47863591

I actually already own the entire series. I was seriously into it as a kid. Have all three hardcover art books as well as the full set of children's paperbacks.

>> No.47863591,1 [INTERNAL] 

big ol skeeters

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