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>emerghed le ebil xenos and chaos want to kill and enslave us :(
>it's ok when humans kill and enslave each other though

this is why Imperium will always be third world

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>it's ok when humans kill and enslave each other though
>this is why Imperium will always be third world

The amount of households living below the poverty line in the US alone is staggering, creating a class of people who are, effectively, slaves in the first world.

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Meant to quote this faggot >>47754440

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It's always great when you hear white liberal shitheads who've never left the US or Europe say this completely unironically, especially when you've spent the last 5 years of your life fighting human trafficking and have traveled the world and seen what ACTUAL slavery looks like.

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Their slaves... we are their slaves... we are...

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>>it's ok when humans kill and enslave each other though

That's because Humans are objectively, divinely, logically and philosophically superior according to the majority of Imperial beliefs. Besides, it's not like you apply the same ideas to virtually every race, including Tau.

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Slavery is slavery. Conditions differ, but it's still slavery. Slaves in Rome or the U.S. didn't have it as bad as slaves in third-world shitholes have it today.

It's all relative. Doesn't mean it's not all ACTUAL fucking slavery.

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Humans enslaving or killing other humans still leaves humans on top. There just might also be humans below that level. Which is fine, as long as humans are on top. Letting xenos or chaos get away with it leaves something that isn't human on top, and that's unacceptable.

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>it's all relative

You lie.

The US Census Bureau determines the "poverty" line here - and only in America can women enjoying @30,000USD/yr in entitlements and cash Welfare be considered "slaves."

Historically, genocide is a military strategy proven to be 100% effective and slavery is the natural condition of subject races in the process of absorption - instead of extermination - by the more compassionate dominant cultures. So, it seems 40k got that part right, at least ...

There's your "relativity" lesson, sport.

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