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Which cool warrior cultures don't have a Space Marines Chapter ripping them off?

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Cowboys and Aztecs/Incans/Mayans maybe. I know /tg/ did them.

It's ironic cause your image is done by Carcharodons/30k RG.

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I think the only area where you might find something like that is most likely something indian or arabic.
Space Sharks are already Maori and Rainbow warriors kind of have been shoehorned into the aztec and incan thing recently.

I don't remember any chapter based on sikhs for example or moorish or saracen culture. If you go more tribal towards masaai you'd probably find some more inspirations as well.

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Any kind of Slavic culture in general

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The Ancient Hawaiians, the zulu and any african warrior cultures in general

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Official chapters or are you also including homebrew?

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>Aztecs/Incans/Mayans maybe.
Rainbow Warriors. Though they have pretty much no fluff beyond a name and apparent theme.

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Haven't seen any Irish, Slavic, Byzantine, or Indian chapters.

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That's not what they actually look like.

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Oh my god, how have we missed this guys

I know /tg/'s own Star Krakens (i.e. space vikings but not furries) had an elite unit called the Varangian Guard off the top of my head but they were a unit of foreign mercenaries and Byzantium itself is too cool to miss out on

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I don't remember seeing any Spartan based chapters

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they existed but got squatted

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In addition to Ultramarines being a hodge podge of Roman and Greeks influences you also got these guys among others.

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>Though they have pretty much no fluff beyond a name and apparent theme.
They do have fluff.
They were wiped out my an order of Sororitas.

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Damn now i just want to see the Space Marine version of a 6 shooter.
Would it be similar to the gun Hellboy has?

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America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Some Maori, cowboy, Mountie/lumberjack, and Steve Irwin-esque space marines would be cool as shit

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They had those in the abomination called Lovedagger.

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Tuaregs, Zulus, Pashtuns, Kurds, Ottoman Turks, Scythians, Thracians, Inuits, Finns, Malays.

Fuckin' loads m8.

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ISIS, the Goths, the Vandals, Babylonians, Rhodesia, Vietnam-era America

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>tfw no finnish Spacemarines

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I honestly don't like the aztec thing people want Rainbow Warriors to be. It doesn't feel right to me.

That, and /tg/ has a homebrew chapter like that already, iirc.

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America isn't a warrior culture dipshit. Unless you meant Native Americans, but only some tribes had warrior cultures, so you'd have to get more specific.

Once again, Canada isn't a warrior culture.

See what I said about America, expect change Native American to Aboriginal Australian.

>New Zealand
See above

>Some Maori

Fair enough, but other people already suggested that before you.

...fuckin' really?

>Steve Irwin
Are you fucking serious, dude?

All in all, I rate 0/10.
YYou're a dumbass.

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how hard would it be to kitbash a pyramid of naked eldar?

>isn't a warrior culture
If we aren't, then no one is... a progressive president used war metaphors to sell us a social safety net in the 60's. Guys who win big in our wars have to work hard NOT to be made chief executive for a few years.
>implying Petraus wasn't a political hatchet job

It's not as common it used to be, but we've still got a strong, living martial tradition.

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WW2 Frenchmen

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While they have a guard regiment, I don't believe there are any Cossack space

Also. Would love to see some west coast aboriginal inspirainspiration as well there gee dubs

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We're guard, not SM.

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Rainbow warriors are a cheesy relic of the 80s. They're in the same vain of the band Rainbow. Not Aztecs

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My homebrew Mexican Outlaw Chaos warband has those that I invented for them.

For +5pts/model, It's a 12" S5 AP- Pistol, High-Caliber, with "High Caliber" making your opponent re-roll successful Armor Saves against the weapon. Not really worth it against GEQ's (because the AP5 of a Bolt Pistol auto-negates their armor) but more than useful against Space Marines. Still, it's only a pistol.

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Are there any asian-themed SM chapters? Aside from the white scars, that is.

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>America isn't a warrior culture dipshit.
The American South absolutely had a Warrior Culture and Military Tradition pre-Civil War. Your family honor and social standing was highly dependent on having served at LEAST in the local militia, if not the US (And later CS) Armed Forces. Otherwise, you just weren't a man of honor. The massive social breakdown of the American South during Reconstruction (some of which was self-inflicted by the new generation of Southerners, though much was at the hands of Northern carpetbaggers and political groups) removed much of that warrior culture, but even today Southerners serve in the military at a disproportionately high rate second only to Native Americans because of it.

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I remember /tg/ doing a western chapter about a year or so ago. It was based around having small "Ranger" squads who went around dealing with smaller scale wars and hunting down pirates and raiders. If I remember right their chapter master had a thing where he would give up his name when he took the position.

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Emperor's Shadows.

Iron Hands successors.

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That looks really nice. shame that there is barely any info or lore about them.

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They were commissioned from Victoria Lamb for a WD article about custom chapters.
The chapter symbol is a Karate Kid joke apparently and that is all there really is to know.

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I'm not sure if you're just Autistic or a dumbass

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Three-Kingdoms Chinese? No Captain Guan Yu or Chapter Master Lu Bu?

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australian outback frontiersmen/bushrangers

>used many historical references and subtly incorporated them into the chapter's iconography


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Wait are these guys actually canon? I thought they were a fan made chapter

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GW is a company that consistently tries to reinvent the superlative.
Not really that surprising that plastering kanji all over the minis is subtle by their standards.

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Janissaries: children whose ancestry deems them as worthy in the eyes of the Ecclesiarchy are inducted into a specially fanatic chapter which almost goes as "forbidden to arm men, but not women... neither supermen".

Sikhmarines with chain kattars and force chakrams.

Ultramar rips Rome; being a Carthage fan, I once fluffed a rip off of them.

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That's both true actually.
if you see here >>47725690 I mentioned GW needed the models for WD originally, but they resurfaced in the how to paint books later.
To some extend every custom scheme that ever showed up in WD or at a Golden Demon or was submitted to one of their contests is in some from 'official' since GW tends to put a footnote everywhere that you are transferring your rights to them, so they don't get sued if the print Games Day coverage in WD or use a golden demon winner for the showcases in their codex books like they used to.

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>If we aren't, then no one is...
Ladies and gentlemen: 'murricah.

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Sikh use Kirpan, not Kattars

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Maccabian Janissaries are a Guard regiment

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My bad. Kshatriya then?

Didn't know that.

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Tribal Slavs.

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Not very many sadly.

Warhammer 40k is pretty terrible when it comes to cultural appropriation.

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How about Israelis
Let the shitstorm commence

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Carcharadons rip off Maori.

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Aren't Imperial Fags Byzantine? They sure look it like from the 30k art I've seen.

Storm Wardens are Scottish... how close is that to Irish?

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>cheesy relic

I bet you also hate Orks you filthy degenerate.

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The french got the Sororitas, and minor inclusions in the guard.

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I love orks and rainbow marines, man. Actually, all factions except chaos

Rainbow Marines have unique scheme and a name that isn't generic as fuck. I'd play them if they had more stuff written about them

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White Scars

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Nope, a reference to the Greenpeace ship that got sunk around the time WH40K:RT came out.

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this one is bretty good

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>Storm Wardens are Scottish... how close is that to Irish?
Depends on whether you're asking the Irish and Scottish or anyone else in the world.

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In hindsight, the fact that one gets killed by a SoB in RT is hilarious.

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Mate, don't make me kill you.

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I don't see a difference. But I would like to know the difference.

Explain please?

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Not him, but to put it stereotypically, the Scottish hate everyone (including the Scottish), while the Irish only hate the English and Protestants/Catholics depending on North/South.

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They started out as a custom chapter by the great Victoria Lamb IIRC. They ended up in WD, and have had casual appearances in a few painting guides since.

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Go away, GW. I'm not doing your homework for you.

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How do you figure they have nothing to do with aztecs when that nigga has a jaguar pelt and war club

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You do NOT mess with Sister Sin.

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>Ancient Hawaiians
They're related to the Maori - Polynesians, basically. Good point with the others.


I think the Dark Angels' Native American connection was neat, but that was a long time ago.

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What on earth would Canadian space marines be like?

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Spanish Tercios/Conquistadors

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Because that's an edit someone made. An unofficial edit, anon.

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Crimson Fists.

>> No.47728966

>my an
Is this suposed to be a stealth pun or some shit?

>> No.47729025

Because that's a very obvious edit?
They were only shown in rouge trader as a legion, and then never mentioned again, leading some to speculate that they're one of the lost legions.
But other than that, zero info. No apparent theme or characters.

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Antebellum South would probably work better as a theme for an Imperial knight house than a Space Marine chapter.

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polite and sexually frustrated

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He clearly read the OP totally wrong
I understand new Zealand, they had a warrior culture but Australian aborigines are anything but

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>australian outback frontiersmen/bushrangers

>not fucking warriors

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The Rainbow Warriors name came from the Greenpeace ship, ostensibly as a reference to the same native american legend the ship was named after.

... Except it turns out the 'legend' was made up by some evangelist applying stereotypical indian imagery to his interpretation of the book of revelations- the natives didn't fall for it, but Greenpeace did.

Frankly I understand GW trying to distance themselves from the name. BL mentioned them though.

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You'd be building them based on their WW2 reputation, I guess?

Utter psychopaths.

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First time I heard of the Rainbow Warriors chapter, I wondered why GW would name it after the Hawaii sports teams.

>> No.47729974

iirc they were named after some environmental activists that tried to board an oil tanker or something like that.

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I feel like Canada is already represented well enough by pretending it's Cadia.

Mohawk and/or Iroquois marines could be neat though.

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Go home, russia! You're drunk!

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Hi GW! Having problems doing a simple google search for your next marines dex?

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>Mohawk and/or Iroquois marines could be neat though.

For some reason I have a lot of trouble finding actual information on Mohawk and Iroquois war culture / legends...

>> No.47730227

Really? The Iroquois Confederacy was at war with the Wabanaki Confederacy for like a hundred years over a party that got out of hand, nevermind all the wars and mercenary contracts they had with the French and English.

Even the Iroquois/Wabanaki declaration of war was interesting: they're both sarcastic assholes when speaking formally so it went something like "We will part ways now, and if I should miss the sight of your face I will come and visit you, and you are welcome to do the same"

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Raven Guard would fit, or an RG successor.
Good call, anon.

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Where can I find more information to this nature?

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Smell like maple syrup. Wrestle bears. Fell trees with one blow. That sorta shit.

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Shhh. Nobody remembers that. Only the Germans and the Japanese were bad, and those dirty nuke-dropping Americans. Now move along.

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A group basically stuck between Hindus and Muslims and forced to fight for both sides at different points and thus became real good at it

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>Country at war 90% of the time not a warrior culture.

Are you Californian?
America is as grimdark as it gets.

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Oh shit! That's what I'm making my Imp Knight! That's a great idea

>> No.47730586

So just like real life?

>> No.47730607

Especially the part where it hasn't won a war since (and including) Vietnam.

>> No.47730611

True fact. source I'm Irish.

>> No.47730684

Which irish? North or south?

>> No.47730730

Canadian and especially First Nations history isn't super popular so you're pretty much going to have to hope your local library has a few rare books on hand.

Might have better luck with the Cree and their neighbours, given their history with the province of Manitoba and the rebellions and civil wars they waged.
A traitorous Ultramarine empire in miniature under poet-heretic Louis Riel mite be neat.

>> No.47730741

Invasion of Grenada, Haiti, Panama, the Gulf War, and the bombing of the serbs.

But I bet you have a reason why those don't count as wars while the 'police actions' in Vietnam clearly were.

>> No.47730793

Tecumseh almost created a First Nations country, right in the middle of America. Alas, divide and conquer.

>> No.47731066

Why would anyone want to play a GW (the corporation) themed army?

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First nations history is only really in vogue when they start butting heads with the government. I know we learned about the mohawks when I was in school, but that's because the Oka thing was still fresh.

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File: 116 KB, 600x849, lantern_marine_by_1mpact-d4x5wm1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Polynesian Marines :) fan made

>> No.47731340

you've obviously never heard of the legendary Ned Kelly my good man.


>> No.47731520

I so love that picture of a soldier facing down a masked coward without blinking. Little known fact: that soldier is UNARMED and facing an armed coward. Without blinking.

>> No.47731570

Yeah, there are a ton of good images from that, but I like that one best because there aren't a thousand reporters or cameras shoved into the shot.

That soldier does not give one solitary fuck.

>> No.47731585


That soldier also bayonetted a 14 year old girl, so.

>> No.47731601

Aren't Raven Guard kind of Native American too?

>> No.47731714

different day (almost different month), and not even the same soldier

It's worth mentioning the girl was accidentally bayoneted because the the group decided to try and break through the military blockade under the pretense of a surrender.

>> No.47731783

The soldiers themselves had been breaking the blockade and beating the shit out of the protesters in the middle of the night.
The soldiers bayonetted a 14 year old girl, against the will of their own federal government, just because the local mayor wanted to build a golf course on land he didn't own.

>> No.47731927

>against the will of their own federal government
That shit kinda happens when a mob enters into violent melee with soldiers. It's fortunate that no one died.

Also, the army was only called in AFTER people started killing police and setting up armed camps. Neither side has clean hands.

>> No.47732014

No, the army being there in the first place was against federal will.
The mayor exploited a constitutional emergency clause after the government told him to back off because the provincial police he was using before were racist and opened fire without provocation.

>> No.47732078

Mamluks. Hell, they even had their own Fortress-monastery, the Citadel of Cairo.

>> No.47732270


>> No.47732366

>opened fire without provocation
Stance of the provincial police aside, there's never been a reliable account of who shot first. You're also discounting the attacks on the RCMP that came to replace the provincial police before the military arrived.

>after the government told him to back off
The government, more specifically the prime minister just didn't want to get strongly involved in that kind of political nightmare. They didn't tell him to just "back off" from the blockades of several major roadways through the province.

>The mayor exploited a constitutional emergency clause
Premier. Little different. And he could only request military aid. It was the Chief of Defense who responded to that request.

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>space marine ISIS
>wear ski masks
>black armor with tan accents or vice-versa
>always shoot from the hip or blind around corners
>specialize in beheading captives with combat knives
>specialize in improvised explosives

>> No.47732445

>covered in chinese letters in the 41st millenium

>> No.47732509

>experts at forest combat
>extensive use of chainaxes
>use large-caliber rifles to take down large antlered creatures on homeworld
>red armor with white accent.
>special unit of arctic warriors who adorn their power armor with furs and use power-spears and power-clubs
>instead of bikes, they use snowmobiles
>all of them have beards

>> No.47732531

>libtards insult the US for being at war all the time
>make fun of all the gun owners and gun culture
>lol not a warrior culture

>> No.47732736

>canadian-inspired army
>using highly custom and up to date gear
If your not-canadians aren't using shit that's at least thirty years out of date, they aren't accurate.

Similarly, they need to be using woodland camouflage even when deployed in deserts and arctic tundra.

>> No.47732983

>somehow not Hellenic Greeks

>> No.47733851


You're not a fucking warrior culture, get over yourself fucktards.

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Novamarines are Maori

>> No.47734849


They just have a tattoo fetish.

>> No.47734968

The planet they recruit from is an ocean covered feral world with a pacific islands flavor to it. The tattoos come from that planet's native culture.

>> No.47735057


Don't embellish it just to try to make them fit the Maori mold. It's one single land mass, not a bunch of "pacific islands". And the culture isn't islander, it's fucking cavemen. Literally says "paleolithic".

>> No.47735258

Arthurian Knights

>> No.47735282

Dubs picks what warrior culture I use for my Space Marines.

>> No.47735295

16th century polish Cossacks

>> No.47735321

Cadia is Stalingrad m8

>> No.47735324

Modern day Somali pirates

>> No.47735358

The Helvetii tribe

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File: 81 KB, 460x287, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Woodaabe people

>> No.47735401

Scotch are protostant skum brah

Irish are good catholics

>> No.47735428

Normans, Russians of any stripe, Ancient China (though White Scars kinda take some inspiration from them in 30k at least), Samurai, Ottomans, Persians... The list goes on and on...

Goths and Vandals too, but CSM as a whole kinda have a barbarian at the gates of Rome feel to them.

>> No.47735582

Well shit. Time to do some research then.

>> No.47735797

>has the highest rate of gun ownership worldwide
>has been at war 222 years out of 239

Get bent, yurofag.

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File: 89 KB, 1280x719, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Has African-American thug gang culture been done?

>bling out all your guns

>> No.47736061


Literally Salamanders but without the thuggery.

>> No.47736077

So gray color scheme and mutant slave plantations?

>> No.47736175


>> No.47736544


>> No.47737189

Orthodox Jews

>> No.47737262

No. We're totally Iron Warriors and Iron Hands.

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File: 45 KB, 650x434, whirling-dervish.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Whirling Dervishes

>> No.47737282


Israeli anon, not Jewspiracy. An Israeli themed Chapter would actually be pretty fucking boss. They carry around a holy arc of the Emperor that zaps their enemies and have a kick-ass air force.

>> No.47737333

Actually, the Israeli national "ethos" in real-life fits extremely well with being a Guard regiment. Universal conscription and all. As a Marine chapter, ancient Judea may work better for inspiration.

>> No.47737590

>implying Russia is the only Slavic country

Janissaries were children the Turks took from slaughtered villages, brainwashed them and then sent them back to kill their own people. People always forget that bit when talking about them.

>> No.47737622

>Storm Wardens are Scottish... how close is that to Irish?

How hard do you want your ass beat?

>> No.47737639

To qualify as a warrior culture, you have to face enemies who actually pose a threat to you. Which America didn't do for the last 71 years.

>> No.47737662

>Almost comically inept at warfare.
>Only capable of fighting undermanned, poorly-funded, and poorly-armed local troops and still get their asses beat.
>So pathetic that the only things they do well are butcher unarmed civilians and rape preteens.

>> No.47737691

Eh. I'd have a "Murrica" SM Chapter be solidly capable Astartes with high-quality (if not always cutting-edge) equipment, absolutely fucking outstanding logistical support, and saddled with protecting a populace of obese, gutless and stupid wage slaves that suffer constant minor outbreaks of chaos corruption.

>> No.47737712

So basically a mix of word bearers and night lords.

>> No.47737734

You're giving the animals too much credit.

ISIS is a penal legion that got out of hand and simply requires extermination.

>> No.47737783
File: 177 KB, 727x542, Haida-Tlingit-Crest-Tattoos1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


The Haida. Explicitly compared to the Vikings by European settlers. A couple hundred of them would turn up in canoes, wreck the shit of anyone in the village, take valuables and slaves, and row back to their home islands.

>> No.47737962

No. We're literally Iron Warriors.

Which makes me sad, as Chaos sucks right now.

I wonder what they'd be like as loyalists?

>> No.47737994

So lost all wars against comparable enemies since Korea, while winning wars which were in their favour in every way.

2/10 still better than Italy.

>> No.47738021

US Cavalry in the American Indian wars. I would love to see that sort of thing.

>> No.47738034

From the examples given in this thread I think it needs to be pointed out Space Marines work best when based upon pre-modern warrior societies. Modern ones are more suited to Guard regiments.

>Woodaabe people
Of all the african warrior rapist tribes you could pick, you chose the faggiest.
Sorry anon, your custom space marine chapter falls to Slaanesh instantly.

>> No.47738041

>Almost comically inept at warfare.
They took whole cities with a couple of dozen guys against a hundreds strong opposition.

>Only capable of fighting undermanned, poorly-funded, and poorly-armed local troops and still get their asses beat.
They did fucking well against the Iraqi army, which had far more guys, far better equipment and swam in US money.
>So pathetic that the only things they do well are butcher unarmed civilians and rape preteens.
So you can cut the "only" thing.
The butchering and rape shit- yeah fuck them for that.

>> No.47738061

>itd: all those people who think themselves members of "warrior cultures" because their country participated in a war that one time

>> No.47738090

I wasn't talking about the Iraqi "army." The Peshmerga have been pounding the subhumans like they were born to be treated that way. And doing it with the worthless Turks attacking them at the same time, while getting screwed by the West in general and my country in specific.

>> No.47738094

The Rainbow Warrior was blown up by France in an act of terrorism

>> No.47738257

How about a chapter (or two chapters) inspired by england/france hostilites, or sweden/denmarks rivalry? Maybe even east/west cold war era

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>Asian cultures
IIRC the Mantis warriors were originally Asian-inspired along the lines of the samurai.

>America as a warrior culture
Only the keyboard variety. Only 0.45% of the population actually volunteers to fight these days, and most of our MAJOR wars required the draft (Civil War, Spanish-American War, WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam vs Barbary Wars, War of 1812, Indian Wars, Mexican-American War, Persian Gulf, OEF, American Revolution).

>> No.47738554

>tfw the chapter that picked your warrior culture just degenerated to furries

I guess it's a fitting analogy for the real thing.

>> No.47738785

Of the modern western countries I think America is the most possible, but even then it's a stretch and it's mostly because of the South. I think it's hard to be a modern, post-enlightenment democratic republic as well as a martial society, so the South trying to replicate ancient Sparta is as close as it gets.

It parallels the degeneration of Scandinavia almost perfectly.

>> No.47738866

Oregon hipsters

>> No.47738881

Chukchi, Songhai, Zulu/Bantu, Sikh.

>warrior culture

>> No.47738887

Israelis :^)

>> No.47739118

Guard regiment (possibly cannon, as the "Maccabean" in "Maccabean Janissaries" is literally the name of a Jewish warrior society from ancient times still revered in Israel today)

>> No.47739187

Apart from Sweden, most of Scandinavia doesn't really stand apart from the rest on the west on that point.

>> No.47739415

>16th century polish Cossacks
Nigga you just went full retard.

>> No.47739434


Polish Hussars, you double Vatnik.

>> No.47739456

I'd even argue against the point of the South being closer to bringing a warrior culture into the US. I would define a warrior culture as one who is internally and externally defined by putting a warrior mentality as the pinnacle of society. And while they do glorify war and the general soldiery a bit more than the rest of the country, it's still nowhere near that. Aside from the general "God, Guns, and Patriotism" mentality, the majority still doesn't push themselves to be warriors/warfighters/militias/etc. The vast majority of Americans are better defined by the "Thanks for your service, I really appreciate it, and thought about joining, but [insert excuse here]."

>> No.47739462

True to the point. But as far as modern societies go, it's probably the best bet.

>> No.47739487

Those are very very VERY dangerous fightin words

>> No.47739526

I think he also mentioned something about "Protestants are better."

>> No.47739548


>> No.47739562

how are they related? the cultures a way different

>> No.47739802


Fuck, yeah.

>> No.47739963

They're descendant from the eastern island cultures. Migrants moved to Hawaii a long as time ago

>> No.47739987
File: 69 KB, 700x328, celtic swords.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ancient cultures have some neat ones:

Germanic tribes: plenty of (power) spears, the night-walkers tribe becoming a scout unit or terror squad. The Cimbri migrations rampaged roman territory for years and defeated several roman armies.

>Chatti tribe: A typical symbol of the battle oath they take is the iron ring worn around their neck which cannot be removed until they have committed man-slaughter, and more gruesomely, self-inflicted scars, ritualized body-art performed as they stand over the body of their fallen enemy.


>chariot-class land speeders
>venetii-class cruisers
>unarmored (instead of naked) champions
>teceitos pattern power axes
>soldurii are the fearless 1st company
>thureos boarding shields
>librarians based on real druids, both religious leaders as well as scholars and judges that pass the chapter's history and customs orally.


>power falcatas
>missile pods which fire soliferrum pattern AP rockets and forbidden falarica pattern phospex.
>elite composed of Ambakaros, using bearded masks called 'bucula'
>power armor adorned/reinforced with bronze chest discs

>> No.47740357

They're more like pyromaniacal cavemen John Henry than street thugs. Shit their planet is a volcano, not a hive world.

>> No.47740612

Speaking as a North Carolinian here, yeah.

We join the military not out of patriotism, but because our parents have been unemployed since the mills closed 30 years ago and no one figured out what else the South could be useful for, we live in a culture of anti-intellectualism so no one bothers to improve their situation by caring about their education, and therefore the best jobs we can hope for are fast food.

Or the military, so that we can still be useless, but occasionally get shot at. But hey, if you don't get shot, you get to automatically demand respect from the plebs back home, because "they didn't go". It's like the easy button for social capital for people who weren't worth a damn at home.

>> No.47740741

We're the opposite of a warrior culture.

>> No.47740844


>> No.47741257

except salamanders are white people with onyx skin and are actually decent folk

>> No.47741342

>cool warrior culture
not many NZ or Ausfags in here huh?
you burgers are romanticizing african tier nigger culture.
>inb4 >>>/pol/

>> No.47741427

go home francis, you are racist and no one likes you.

>> No.47741460

Brooklyn Jews, with the hats and everything
fearsome knedlach-pattern bolters

>> No.47741479

Commanded by the glorious Chapter Master Voodi Allenius

>> No.47741495
File: 145 KB, 1391x782, sleepermovie.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

forgot pic

>> No.47741522


In Europe the Canadians hit a long string of engagements against entrenched and prepared enemies, primarily SS - resulting in long, bloody struggles. At Normandy a Canadian light infantry group discovered the bodies of 20 illegally executed Canadian POWs, deducing (and later proving) they'd been executed by the SS. There is no official correlation between that incident and the proportionately low number of SS POWs captured alive by Canadians subsequently.

Canada only really began cultivating its modern peace-loving reputation after WW2, but even that is greatly exaggerated when compared to the US' bluster.

>> No.47742356
File: 55 KB, 736x1041, 3f366abebe62aff8a990b2f043c47a76.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Swiss

>> No.47742483
File: 197 KB, 1024x856, schweizer garde.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Indeed, not a bad idea.

>> No.47743101

Guys, once again, these are Imperial Guard material, not Space Marine material.

Space Marines are inspired by images of WARRIOR cultures, where the focus is on individual prowess, glory, and strength. Imperial Guard are inspired by SOLDIER cultures, where the focus is on discipline and tactics. Swiss and Israelis are great inspiration for Guard Regiments, they don't make good inspiration for Marin Chapters.

>> No.47743156

oh but romans do? wtf are you on about man

>> No.47743207

The focus is on the individual capabilities. The IMAGE Ultramarines are inspired by is that of A legionnaire, not the entire legion. Part of that is being able to work together, but it isn't what they're about. It's about their ABILITY to work together, and their personal fortitude, and their personal discipline, and how they synchronize.

If your image of a certain culture is of a single warrior, with a close up on their face and equipment, their armor shining in high resolution, it's a Space Marine culture. If it's on an image of a big army marching in unison, it's a Guard culture. That's why there are no Marine chapters based on the red army or the Wehrmacht, and conversely, no Guard regiments based on the vikings.

>> No.47743288


It has to take an enormous amount of discipline to wear those pants with a straight face.

>> No.47743476

Nice try, GW.

>> No.47743747


Literally the only strength of the legion is in its organisation and formation. I presume you would class Sparta and maybe other Greek states as a warrior culture, who also rely entirely on formations

also what are Catachans

>> No.47744208

You can totally have both IG and SM based on the same idea.
There's a revolting planet based on roman culture in the FFG roleplay books too.

>also what are Catachans
Vietnam era americans, with a sprinkling of First Blood (the red bandanas).

>> No.47748372


>> No.47748881
File: 19 KB, 500x367, carlos.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Slav Marines
Wouldn't Squats be more appropriate?

>> No.47749159


>> No.47750651

Holy fuck lost hard

>> No.47750831
File: 709 KB, 1920x1200, PRfyS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

man i love stargazer and temple of the king

>> No.47753073
File: 72 KB, 250x250, Tear1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.47753264
File: 351 KB, 1280x898, 1458035534150.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maori culture is cool as fuck. mana, smoke-shrinking heads, eating your enemies flesh, tattoos signifying power, constant warring, training from birth, rich oral history traditions and music. Its all good stuff.

Only became more interesting once firearms and trench warfare were introduced. Oh yeah did I mention they invented trench warfare in the 1850s? yeah, that too.

>> No.47753708

97% of Americans have never served. The swiss are more of a warrior culture than you are.

>> No.47753728

I wouldn't really describe cowboys as a 'warrior culture'.

>> No.47753803

Sound more like Chaos Marines

>> No.47753918

Can't you get education etc from the military? And join for the humanitarian (lolamerica) aspect? Are those not reasons for signing up in the South?

>> No.47754386

Fuck man. Come to south Auckland.
Maori are absolute trash.
They were also shit warriors that were essentially stone age retards that relied mostly on deception in order to essentially red wedding pah occupants.

>> No.47754690

Trench warfare has been around since at lest the Romans

>> No.47754822


>> No.47754876

for all these people saying aztec https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Blood_Jaguars

>> No.47754967

Best Russia is:
>Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic

>> No.47757590

-signed Putin

>> No.47760434

Celts and ancient Germanics, my nigga

Aedui and Arverni could also be used as names.

Solduros all the way

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