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>> No.47717670

Tell me about your vilest act of betrayal, Jumpers. Who or what did you break faith with, and for what price?

Was it worth it?

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So, whose side are you on?

>> No.47717694

Sides? They're both pretty dumb and dogmatic, aren't they? Nah, I'm...going to be the equivalent of whatever a Rogue Trader is in Star Wars. So, Han before meeting the gang basically?

I don't watch a lot of star wars.

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Neither both are hideously corrupt

>> No.47717756

When I go, I'm planning to enter the war with my own fleets of drone warships and 40k Dreadnoughts. Because the old government didn't work, but they deserve better than Palpatine.

>> No.47717758

Is there a side that isn't?

I swear sometimes Star Wars runs on the stupidist way to do things. I mean, 40K does that too but at least they own up to being a glorified death metal album parody rather than maintain the pretentious light side dark side crap.

>> No.47717759

I betrayed the law!

>> No.47717782

This makes me wonder-exactly what would happen if you zapped a Jedi or a plasma bolt with a Dead Space stasis module? Normally I'd think it would work as normal but all dem EU force powers mentioned in Clone Wars make me wonder.

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I'm generally a pretty nice guy, but the Alien Jump is just a trap. I let my Companions die and willingly sent the ship's crew off as distractions. I sacrificed anyone and everyone to survive.

>> No.47717823

But the Dark Side has cookies. Don't you want cookies Anon?

>> No.47717837

This seems counterproductive from a pragmatic point of view, wouldn't they become potential alien spawning fodder? Or did you use them to lure the things near an airlock and bust it open?

>> No.47717868

Not if I need to leave the high ground to collect them, I don't.

>> No.47717901

40K: Nobody is jedi, everyone is Sith.

>> No.47717905

That was pretty much the plan, yeah. I used them to lure the creatures into placed explosives, into airlocks, the hanger bay, that kind of stuff. There wasn't much habitable ship left by the time I abandoned it.

I don't see why the stasis unit would be any less effective on Jedi than anything else. Even looking at the Jump, I don't see anything that would give them resistance to it.

>> No.47717928

I could be remembering something else. I swear there was something that let them move through stasis effects like that, but I do tend to drink a lot when I dare read Wookiepedia.

Personally I didn't do that because my horror movie experience informs me that whenever you try something like that, there's always one last surviving egg that spawns one last surviving facehugger that jumps you when your back's turned and you think it's all over.

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Okay, so because I'm confused, I'll just post it on both threads:

>So, Jumpchain! I have a question about the Undertale jump: if I take "Frisk" as a companion, but genocide everyone before s/he even arrives, would I get Chara instead, or no?

Because I really, really want to bring the littlest psychopath along with me for some reason.

>> No.47717969

I think it would depend on the strength of your soul, if it's strong enough, Chara would probably wake up like they did for Frisk.

>> No.47717970

I...think you'd have to somehow convince Frisk to genocide everyone. His human SOUL, his DETERMINATION is the key to awakening Chara remember?

>> No.47718023

I wasn't really in my right mind once the Xenos appeared. I was just trying to survive without powers. It did not help that one of my Companions turned into a Xeno in the initial surface mission.

I think you'd just have a horrified Frisk on your hands. You would be better off convincing Frisk to help you genocide everyone. If you enlist Flowie at the start you could probably get things kickstarted pretty easily.

>> No.47718026


Specifically I meant would Chara awaken in Frisk when s/he first arrived. Of course, I could just be misinterpreting what you said.
Damnit, I thought killing everyone myself might work. What if I took the entire tree of fallen human perks, that might be (barely) enough?

>> No.47718044

Gah, not seeing good replies until after you post. I hate it when that happens. Though, my response in >>47718026 would probably apply to you too.

>> No.47718077

Are you trying to have Chara possess you instead? Because IIRC the Fallen Human perks explicitly don't make you Frisk-level and considering he got further than any of the other human children who died progressing towards Asgore he seems to be an exceptionally strong human. So yeah, I think you'd need him specifically to make the choice to kill everyone.

>> No.47718078

Is there a particular reason you want/need to kill everyone before Frisk arrives? Maybe you could convince Chara to jump hosts (can they even do that?) but it's not really ideal.

>> No.47718106

The problem with that solution I'd that the Fallen Human perks are all pretty much geared towards the Frisk path rather than Chara.

Honestly, you'd probably need some out of Jump powers to activate Murdertale.

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The other thread is arguing about fucking pokemon and Xenomorphs. . .

>> No.47718139

So how fast is Sburb God Tier/Grimdarkness flight, really?

>> No.47718165

I found a present for them.

>> No.47718169

Nope. I just wanted Chara to be one of my Companions.
The reason I was going to do that was to trigger Chara's awakening without having to convince Frisk to make the choice him/her/themselves.
Well, balls. Time for as many madness/corruption perks as I can manage in the interim! Any suggestions?

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Uh. The split thread thing confused me, so I'm just going to repost here. All of my Worm writefaggotry, including a slightly updated chapter five, are on the drive now. That folder has not been used in a while.

More will be made soon.

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Huh, I always thought Chara was 'awake' immediately, but they didn't hold any control until you go too far down the genocide route.

>> No.47718206

Enlightened Edition Jumpers!

What are your hobbies?

>> No.47718211

Cheers bud.

This thread was a good idea and whoever made it should feel good.

I've no idea. There's some transfimensional nonsense but that was also by the space witch girl. If I had to guess roughly I'd say around Superman speed. And before people start on the comics I'm talking about DCAU Superman.

>> No.47718238

Soul Eater's Madness Wavelength is probably the best one, but it's a bit uncontrolled. I don't normally pay attention to those perks, so that's the only one I remember.


That's awesome!! I can't wait to get caught up.

Cooking and pottery. They're entertaining, relaxing, and practical.

>> No.47718260

I should really hit [Update] before I post...

Cooking, singing, star gazing, causing our kids to groan through powerful parental punditry, making references that none of my companions understand, and preying upon the assumptions of the locals.

Swiss Army Wife is quite the avid gardener. She also enjoys eavesdropping, fruit preservation, watching a guy with an afro paint trees, and being the tsukkomi to my boke.
She gets the references, by virtue of mind link.
She took up cheese making once, but the puns stank, so we had to cut it out.

We play dice in the basement every Saturday (where applicable), with some of the kids and companions. Forever DM.
Uncle Dante always gets bored halfway through, unless it's a LARP in the training room.
Aunt Joy always plays Paladin when we play D&D, but would rather play Delta Green. She's a bit Bossy.
Solaire plays regularly, and his sunny disposition always keeps the game running smoothly. Damn good team player.

We sometimes invite locals in for a game, but all the Batmans are banned.
All of them.

>> No.47718282

Hey, don't worry about it, and thanks for the suggestion anyway!

...Damn, now I'm going to have to pod Giriko, aren't I?

>> No.47718284

You know what this means right?

Batman secret club, no non-batmen allowed

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>> No.47718335

I doubt you'd even have to pod him. Help repair his failing body, give him opportunities to give into his lists, and he'll probably come along with a smile. Hell, he might even be whistling. He'd certainly fit into your team of psychopath murders nicely.

>> No.47718346

They can keep the the cave.
My basement is a better kind of dank.

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>> No.47718371

I'm probably a bit late to ask this, but what are the size and complexity limits on what we can copy with Machina Soul?

I was assuming that there aren't any, but things such as clarketech or insanely huge machines require monstrously large amounts of magic power. So, it would be theoretically possible to replicate the Death Star, but you're going to have to provide planet-busting levels of mana in order to do so. Is this a good way to play it?

>> No.47718401

Any limits he could give you would be entirely fanwank because the character with that magic is not major.

>> No.47718420

Hey, I'll have you know that I have at least two people who aren't completely batshit insane quite yet! ...I'm working on them, though.

Also, helping repair his body--how would I do that? Would healing magic suffice, or would I have to find a way to actively channel the ridiculous, literally explosive levels of anger out of his soul somehow?

>> No.47718477

...So lowballing it a bit, around Mach 7? I'll take your word for it.

That's both a hell of a lot faster and slower than I expected.

Shame I'm not getting either since I'm going Troll Highblood and actually buying Perks other than God Tier.

Would you happen to know how fast that Strider guy is? Or how strong/fast/etc whoever the canon Rainbow Drinker is is? What about Seadwellers? Does the pressure resistance make them notably more durable?

The only place where I can find combat info for these people is Vs Battles Wiki, and I'm leery of using it because it's Vs Battles Wiki. Please forgive me for the deluge of questions.

>> No.47718489

Ulysses 31 jump when?

>> No.47718527

That guy looks like Space Jesus.

>> No.47718558

Starting on the first arc of a new chain, so thread suggest to me some jumps. Looking for ten.

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>> No.47718571

Light of Terra

>> No.47718575


>> No.47718586

Have yourself a three-arc combo!

>Pokemon Trainer, Mystery Dungeon, Pokemon Conquest
>Megaman Classic, MMX, MMZ, Battle Network
>Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, Bloodborne

>> No.47718593

Simple healing magic isn't going to cut it. His soul is quite literally too powerful for any body he can create himself. It doesn't help that his power increases further with rage. Even when he is calm, his bodies slowly decay from the simmering rage. You'll have to either help him develop a more powerful body, or install a power dampener or anger dampening device on his body. Stealing one of the main character's bodies for him might work as a medium-length stopgap if you can wipe their mind for him.

Crypt of the Necrodancer

>> No.47718642

Overlord LN is a fantastic start for a beginning jump so long as you go level 100. Easily one of the best relatively easy jumps to get crazy magic potential in.

>> No.47718644

Thank you kindly! Guess I'll be taking a stop at Eva for the Metaphysical Biology perk there.

>> No.47718671

Not a problem. Always happy to help a fellow Jumper with the settings I know well.

>> No.47718696

Karl Pilkington
An Idiot In Pod

>> No.47718752

Thanks for the suggestions everyone. First lineup looks like Skyrim, Dark Souls, Crypt of the Necrodancer, Megaman Classic, Msytery Dungeon, Ryanverse, Overlord, Battle Network, Demons Souls, and Soul Eater. Lets hope this chain lasts longer than the previous one did.

>> No.47718759

>Megaman Classic, MMX, MMZ, Battle Network
ZX someday.

>> No.47718774

>Ignoring my suggestion.
Well aren't you rude?

>> No.47718778

What happened to the last one? Were you not around, or did I just miss it?

>> No.47718881

But Mr. Jesus is very far away.

>> No.47718892

Independent, though I do sympathize with the CIS more than the Republic. Freelance cargo runner/smuggler/bounty hunter. think my crowning achievement there was capturing General Grievous, then holding an auction for him live over the Holonet. That did not win me any favors with the Jedi, especially after I honored Dooku's winning bid.

Also, a build update!

Jump 60: Percy Jackson
Alias: Jane Doe
Age: 11 (641)
Sex: Female
Drop-In, daughter of Nemesis
Arrive on Percy's First Day of Camp
Old Traditions--knowledgeable in all things Ancient Greek
Mist Manipulation--tweak the Mist to make mortals see illusions
Divine Child--child of Nemesis (domains are Revenge, Balance, Justice)
Clear Sight--effortlessly see through the Mist and other illusions
Divine Currency--small self-filling sack of Golden Drachmas
Legendary Implement--Celestial Bronze spear disguises itself as a hairpin
Ambrosia--unlimited supply of god food. Accelerates healing, but too much causes bodily combustion.
Age: 14
Sex: Female
Old Traditions--knowledgeable in all things Ancient Greek
Divine Child--child of Demeter (domains are Agriculture, Harvest, Seasons)
Legendary Implement--Celestial Bronze shield disguises itself as a bracelet and can be seen through from the inside
Age: 13
Sex: Female
Old Traditions--knowledgeable in all things Ancient Greek
Divine Child--child of Athena (domains are Wisdom, Battle, Useful Arts)
Daedelus Laptop--laptop with collected works of Daedelus, but not instructions on how to do.
Divine Disdain--Aphrodite has it in for Chartreuse, constant jerks hitting on her outside of Camp.

>> No.47718910


Illiterate--ADHD and Dyslexia ramped up to 11. Can't sit still for half an hour or read anything but Ancient Greek.

So this one is a bit weird to have this late in the Chain, but whatever. Arrive on Percy's first day at camp at the Parthenon in Nashville, start making our way to Camp Half-Blood, and get there a bit after Percy, Annabeth, and Grover leave on their quest. Starting out no one knows our godly parents, so the three of us get shafted into Cabin 11 until Emmy and Chartreuse are claimed by their respective "parents". Since there's no Nemesis cabin until after the second titan war, I end up staying in Cabin 11 with thirty-odd teenagers for four years. Eww. Knowing as much about Greek Mythos as I do, I know better than to dick around with Fate. We three stick together and away from the main plot, trying to be background characters for most of it until Typhon starts his rampage across the Midwest. Zeus didn't much appreciate three demigods telling him to "Chill out, man. We got this." turn into kaiju, and start wailing on the most powerful monster the gods know. Go around being badasses during the Battle of Manhattan, and give Ethan Nakamura a bitch slap because he deserves it. We were also the first line of defense during the Legion attack, not letting the Romans within a hundred yards from the Camp's border until the Athena statue was returned. Spent most of the downtime as a polymath teacher to the other year-rounders.

>> No.47718915

I kicked the Republic's ass and forced them into purging the corruption and getting into shape.

Papa Revan would be proud.

>> No.47718948

Optimus Prime died for your sins.

>> No.47718950 [DELETED] 

Could you retards keep your fucking threads condensed.

Or better yet, go to >>>/qst/.

>> No.47718994

Light of Terra is how the last one ended. In fiery promethium and withering bolter fire.

See above, and haven't posted my chains in thread before. I mostly lurk in between the tumult that occurs in threads, looking at the interesting ideas people come up with, new jumps, and writefagging.

Is this a meme now?

>> No.47718998

>I can't filter or scroll past threads I'm not interested in
Your autism is staggering.

>> No.47719022

I haven't seen anyone trying to push CYOA gen to /qst/. What makes this any different? Seriously, I want to see you make a case for it. Perhaps your efforts would be better served if you concentratde your efforts on getting the quest threads to go to /qst/.

>> No.47719038

Jumpers, have you started any myths about yourselves? Planted fake artifacts, texts and the like to lend your bullshit creditably?

>> No.47719046

Man, every time I try to jump Transformers I end up giving up the next day because I can't choose between the Matrix of Leadership or being Chosen by the All Spark.

>> No.47719051

Its just a bait my dudes, this guy always comes here and says the same shit and weve made it very clear we aren't leaving, because we don't belong in /qst/ at all.

>> No.47719054

This sort of thing just happens when two different OP's feud over what the "right" way to start the thread is.

Happens all the time with generals, too.

That's true, I did see about 5 or 6 quests still lying around here.

>> No.47719059

Yes, I started a messianic myth about myself in my Tropico civilization so that the copy which appears every jump would be easy to slot myself into and control.

It's basically like Jesusette coming in and announcing she's going to be the new god-queen.

>> No.47719125

Did you break the deadlight?

>> No.47719132

At this point I've made a bit of a reputation of being a monster that preys almost exclusively on other monsters. I have not yet done a lot with it as a concept, but being 35 jumps in, I'm pretty invested in that reputation and intend for it to keep growing as much as possible.

Yeah, funny how if you post about that in THOSE threads, you get a ban for a few days, isn't it?

>> No.47719142

In generic zombie jump I switched "ascension to the afterlife" with "human sacrifice" behind closed doors, the power to make illusions helps.

Heaven is a nice place inside my belly.

>> No.47719163

...So I took Bone Spikes from X-MCU as an omega level power.

What do I get? supersonic bone gattling gun? panacea-grade self-biokinesis? Kimimaro-level self-osteokinesis?

>> No.47719196

You mean Marquis-grade. Honestly? It sounds like generating bones and manipulating the bones of others (if exposed, because the Manton effect is a BEAUTIFUL concept) is a great idea for that.

>> No.47719201

Much as I like the idea of it, you can't upgrade all powers. That list at the end is all you get.

>> No.47719215

Why the fuck do we have two threads.

Did we have another schism.

>> No.47719231

The guy who refuses to put in editions made one. The thread became a furry argument. People made this one. It's not permanent or anything, people are just being stubborn dicks about bumping that other one out of retard spite.

>> No.47719241

Omega Level Mutants are "a threat to the entire world" tier.
So higher than options 1 and 3, but not 2 since Panacea works with all biology, not just bones.

>> No.47719243

Snapped right in half, it did.

>> No.47719251

See >>47719201
Think before you talk.

>> No.47719261

No need to be rude.

>> No.47719269

I usually steal everything of value or power from the main characters as long as it doesnt doom the world to a horrible fate.

Usually, pretending to be empoyed by some bigger evil guy, then letting myself being caugth while leavingwith their stuff, pretend to have a heel-face turn, just to have "the Bigger BBEG" "open a portal, grab me with chains, but ending uo trying to kill me".

Trope convention will drive the gang into another 'history arc' where they investigate false info about BBBEG it screamed before getting shanked.

Meanwhile, i regenrate the holes in the torso, change my identity and sneak into a plane three cities over.

Worked in Reborn like a charm.

>> No.47719274

No need to be nice.

>> No.47719277

I've never seen the X-men jump, last I heard it was still a WIP, so I answered using my knowledge of X-men in general.
Don't be a cunt.

>> No.47719287

If you don't know anything about something, then your guesses are only going to make things confusing. Please make sure to read something before offering help on it.

>> No.47719293

You're getting coal for Christmas. Don't mess with me, I'm Santa Claus.

>> No.47719324

>last I heard it was still a WIP
It's done.

>> No.47719342

It's done. The info about only some powers having upgrades has come up repeatedly, the omega classification isn't like it is in the comics and the jump is about the movies, not the comics. So no part of your post had anything helpful and even your excuses are weak. Don't be an idiot next time.

>> No.47719349

I have the Jump in a tab.

I seems to give a sense for powerscaling but it doesnt look like it bans upgrading other powers.

Either way, the price is the same. Is not really abusing considering the level of every power from that list. Telekinesis has you able to atomize things.

So i guess it would be Kimimaro osteo-k without the "steel-hard calcium", but with Marquis remote bone control. Maybe without 'exposed' Manton limt.

>> No.47719358

>Some powers can be purchased as a higher-tier for increased power (see notes).

Does no one read jump documents these days?

>> No.47719362

Nice going faggot.

>> No.47719364

You're welcome sweetie.

>> No.47719368

Arrogant, self righteous, and insulting. That anon right there has started many a fight I imagine.

>> No.47719377

Why cant we? power levels are more or less the same.

And dont bitch and moan about it anon. that is not justice.

>> No.47719393

That's how the jump works. If you don't like it, take it up with the guy who made it. I don't particularly care about justice, I just find people too lazy to fully read what they are using and then cause problems because of it annoying.

>> No.47719435

So... Is X-Men Anon around?

These guys have questions/business

>> No.47719456

Kingsman: The Secret Service Jump, I betrayed Eggsy and let Valentine "save" the Earth because his argument made since. Worth it? I think so, afterwards I was easily able to enforce my new government across the world.

As a Jedi I sided with the Republic of course, poor clones didn't have a chance when they tried to 66 me.

Two active threads, fun

>> No.47719474

X-Men Movies Universe-
Rolled for 23
Rolled for NYC
Free Clear Memory
Discount A Billiant Mind
And What I Do Isn't Very Nice
Omega Level Super Speed

Dudepeel No More+0
Apocalypic Problem+600- I legitmately do not care

X-men Build.
The idea behind my powers? I'm that one asshole you CAN'T FUCKING HIT.

>Set right before I go on to MCU.

>> No.47719479

>that is not justice

>> No.47719487

>Anon says, not realizing this speech is Death exalting the power of human imagination and the beauty of certain kinds of lies, myths and fantasies that make people and the world around them better.

>> No.47719528

Yes I broke the Deadlight, and I regret nothing!

>> No.47719543

Just because it's a nice lie doesn't mean it stops being a lie.

>> No.47719610

Last I heard Crackerjack was having IRL problems, and he has not been around for some time now.

>> No.47719613

Not yet, but when I go there I most certainly will.

The chaos gods will love me and despair.

Also cultist-chan at last. ;_;

>> No.47719663

This is Secundo, right?
Is he gonna pull a Reverse Flash on MCU Quicksilver?

>> No.47719693

No. That's my normal build.
I just don't care about fighting one of the Top-X-men threats. I'm more than 200 jumps in at that point. I can fucking take them.

Secundo would have more sarcasm and insults

>> No.47719704

So... the Warhamer fantasy jump... No limit on CP?

Also, in the Winds of Magic entry... Does it mean our magic goes away post-jump?

>> No.47719718

Yes. Yes.

>> No.47719719

Excellent tastes.

>> No.47719725

Baby said it wasn't his intent. His intent with Winds of Magic was to let you defy anti-magic areas, not to take away your magic post-jump.

>> No.47719729

Ah, alright.
Still. I think Secundo should be all 'IT WAS ME, PIETRO! I MADE THAT DUD BOMB THAT HIT YOUR HOUSE!'

>> No.47719735

Yes. Yes.

>> No.47719748

Nah, Secundo while still a massive asshole went full Hive Mind in his story. He'd likely melt Pietro into biological goop, and use him to make a super-fast bug of some kind. I'll continue him at some point, but not now.

>> No.47719772

We still need a Age of Sigmar jump.
No. No.

>> No.47719780

>Age of Smegmar

>> No.47719783


>> No.47719806 [SPOILER] 

So I hear once upon a time there was an anon who went full mummy.

How'd he do it? What secrets may be gleaned from his tomb?

Pic not related yet.

>> No.47719816

Tomb Kings in Warhammer Fantasy.

>> No.47719826

I vaguely remember that, he was known as Amon Top-Kek, right?

I've only ever seen him post once since I've been her.
Heard he was awesome.

>> No.47719828

Surely there must be more!

>> No.47719837

since I've been here*

>> No.47719838

That was the name, yes!

>> No.47719840

Xelor in Wakfu?

>> No.47719868


If you're just looking for 'mummy' powers, you could probably get/make some appropriate ones in Marvel and PS238
Marvel has a 'make your own powers system', PS238 has Miscellaneous Meta, which will let you choose up to three thematically related abilities.

>> No.47719882

On the subject of Warhammer Fantasy-does anyone know what sort of feats you could pull off with Necromancer, Necromancer Lord, Winds of Magic and Mage Lord: Shysh together? Apart from the spells mentioned on 1d4chan's WF magic section, that is.

I know attempts at becoming an Incarnate fall outside the bounds of what can be represented in the game but I'm not entirely sure if what someone said about necromancy turning square miles of living beings into minions was accurate or not.


Apparently in his story 682 was going to be Crawler after he'd launched him into outer space, where he got Kars'd and drifted for untold aeons before coming back to SCP with a grudge.

Rule 1 aside, I too would find this incredibly amusing on several levels

>> No.47719884

I am dead set on a Mummies Alive jump, is that tomb much to ask? If any one here is keeping one under wraps, don't be so cryptic, speak up. This wound needs to be bandaged.

>> No.47719912

in goat simulator you can lick people to turn them into mummy minions.

>> No.47719923

Ah yes, the super-capstone.

>> No.47719935

Spaking of which, Do the origin drawbacks in Warhammer give CP?

>> No.47719941

you can also resurrect people after mummifying them in age of mythology

>> No.47719942


>> No.47719950

He might also be able to get something from Percy Jackson.

Maybe Osiris?

>> No.47719988

Darkstalkers, via the... Cursed origin, I think?

It's a bit freeform and seems to lend itself closer to a Frankenstein's Monster-esque build, but there is a Mummy character in the fighting game.

>> No.47720025


>> No.47720124



Last I checked, no one had a claim on it.

>> No.47720132

Is there any space ship we can buy that can go faster than the Interceptor from the Green Lantern Jump?

>> No.47720141

There's something in Futurama isn't there?

>> No.47720153

Yes. The Futurama ship, which can get to the end of the universe in a couple of hours.

>> No.47720188

The Millennium Falcon travels across the galaxy in a couple of days. I think that's as fast as it gets if you don't have a ready supply of Dark Matter or Whale Oil.

>> No.47720194

Problem with Star Wars is that it relies entirely on hyperlanes. More or less, you're stuck to a road, you only have the freedom to choose the road you travel.

>> No.47720215

You don't have to stick to Hyperlanes, you just go so goddamn fast that you'll smack into something if you don't calculate a safe path through the Galaxy somehow. If you have some other method, then you're OK.

>> No.47720220

You can buy a Niblonian in Futurama to fuel your Dark Matter Engine.
If you have Genetic perks you could make a species that makes even more Dark Matter than a Niblonian

>> No.47720250

They're sapient though, so you better hope it approves.

>> No.47720262

Hope it approves of what? Giving a blood-sample? Cause that's all I need with my massive number of Genetics perks.

>> No.47720271

Yeah, they're basically the Guardians of Oa only without any of the Green Lantern stuff and powers, and more comedic. It's smart enough to decide fuck your plan and ruin things.

>> No.47720294

Isn't the Dark Matter in the Futurama universe only a good power source because of something the professor did? I think there was an episode when whatever he did was undone and Dark Matter wasn't a good fuel source any more.

>> No.47720307

They replaced it with whale oil, mang. If anything that makes it MORE convenient.

>> No.47720326

Or make your starship partially biomechanical, so it can generate its' own supply of dark matter! Of course that runs into questions of exactly how Niblonian biology works and so it might be worth supplementing the flesh engines with splices from another type of being like the Masus native to Tenchi Muyo. Or how energy intensive whatever process they use to generate dark matter is, which is why you may wish to incorporate alchemy and magic into the subsystems. Also design all kinds of universal energy absorbtion systems and capacitors, to make sure it's using all available resources even before perpetual energy, dimensional folding, nullspace and miniaturisation are used to augment it.

Just to check, was it space whales or...regular whales?

>> No.47720332


>> No.47720369

So I'm importing a Companion to Sword Art Online via Party Up, and I'm confused as to what it does.

>All options below come with Switch!, Sword Skills, and Critical Existence Failure.
>100 Party Up : Companion Import.

Is this only while they're in the game, or does it come with them afterwards?

>> No.47720389

Here's the revision for my prior error, then.

>Jump 35: Forgotten Realms
>Nine of Pentacles: The wise use of resources and foresight. The fulfillment that comes with accomplishment, and the turning of attention to higher things.
>Age: 20
>Location: The Abyss (Drawback)
>Identity: Drop-In
>Race: Ulitharid (900)
Not changing that. I'm going to stay an eight foot tall people eater.
>Class: Erudite 1 (free) (changed)
So many options. I'm just going to just take first level of Erudite and build it up to see where I go from there. No need to start out too greedy after all. Yes, I took Convert Spell To Power.
>Wise Arse (Free, drop-in)
>Peeked At The Character Sheet (150, drop-in) (new)
If I'm going to be snacking on brains, I should make sure I don't snack on innocents. I may be a monster, but I'm not a bastard.
>Experience Like A River (300, drop-in)
>Master Craftsman (300)
Well, I have been tinkering with magitech. Something guaranteed to ensure anything I make is masterwork is a definite plus.
>Magical Craftsman (600)
>The Book of Prestigious Possibilities (150, drop-in) (new)
Early entry tricks are useful. Illithid Savant is a must. Not sure that there's anything else to worry about, honestly... and this'll be useful in the next two jumps, too.
>Start In The Abyss (+300)
>Elder Evil: The Hulks of Zaretha (+200)
>Elder Evil: The Worm That Walks (+400)
>Elder Evil: Zargon (+800)

There will still be oceans of course, but I'll just have to swim a bit more carefully. Odds are, I'll get at least a couple levels of Erudite, but Illithid Savant is still a must - as much as I can get of that, all the way into epic. ...well, maybe once I get the first epic level of Illithid Savant I'll try to finish off Erudite. It's very useful, and I don't think there are any other jumps where I can do that.

>> No.47720391

Eh, probably permanent.

>> No.47720414

Reasons? That's a lot of cp worth of stuff for so little cost.

>> No.47720427

Not to mention it only lasting for the jump fits with how you get them while in the game but not after.

I think it just works like it does for the jumper, they only get those while in the game since it's something all players get there.

>> No.47720428

Because if you're given a perk, unless otherwise stated, it's yours.

Companions often don't work like jumpers with this stuff. Free perks and such abound.

>> No.47720754

Yoink! Thanks, HeavensAnon.

>> No.47720767

Just so long as shit doesn't get crazy later on. The LN is still going, yes?

>> No.47720826

This isn't on the drive, so I'm putting it in the thread by request.

>> No.47720886

So, I've talked to the guy who made Mage the Awakening and checked again on his latest post(s). The version on the New Jumps section of the drive drive has been tweaked in accordance to critique given in a previous thread-Silver Ladder perks' more explicitly invoke paradox when being used, Never Enough Time has a maximum of 3 purchases and the Orderless perk tree apparently had some clarifications. He's currently brainstorming ideas for the Hallows and Humans supplement, which will enable you to customise your own Sanctum. The jump's ready for builds, unless there's any outstanding issues that need to be addressed.

In light of that, some questions about it occur:

What sort of things do you think it would be reasonable to attain in the typical 1-5 rank clause format from a Changeling contract with the God-Machine?

Assuming one used Page of Void, Unknown Resources, Mystic Eyes of Imaginary Numbers at A+++ rank (as applied to a Bounded Field to create an area of computation in which time and space have no meaning) and the Discworld magic known as Once-and-Future Computing (a form of magical computing that implicitly requires vasts amount of magic to function, which increases knowledge by deducing and materialising the prerequisite magical processing power that would eventually exist in the present) in order to retrieve all available remaining knowledge of Atlantean High Speech, then use a combination of Endless Recycling, Overcoming Sample Bias and Path to Victory to completely reconstitute the language as good as new, to what degree do you guys think this would boost the power of your magic? In its' current form the High Speech is limited to individual phrases/fragmented sentences denoting specific acts of magic; applications of High Speech adds a +2 bonus to spellcasting dicepools, and when written as glyphs increases Duration of enchantments by 1.

(2nd question on 2nd post because it was too long)

>> No.47720899

Tell him to come and post it over here so he can answer any criticism of the changes then.

>> No.47720904

Do you think it's possible to create Spirits above Rank 5 by imbuing them with the capacity for Kemmelerian necromancy, creating millions of them and then having one necromantically consume millions of them to absorb their spiritual energy while housing them within a demesne claimed with Dresden Files' Worldwalker associated with metaphysical transitory states or mystic sacrifice and bounded with I-Ching trigrams? If not, does anyone have any other ideas, or do you think the harcap on how high the Spirit arcanum prevents raising Spirit Ranks with outside-context assistance and enhancing them in other ways would be a better idea?

>> No.47720916

Just decide for yourself. That's what you always end up doing anyway since no one else is as autistic about this as you.

>> No.47720918

Grudgefags need to go and stay go.

>> No.47720931

Just because he made changes doesn't mean those changes are good or fix the problem. Right off the bat I can see the change to the age drawback fixes almost none of the problems brought up about it. Until he can actually come over and answer the continued critique, it shouldn't be on the drive.

>> No.47720944

I did, actually.

To make a prolonged post short, he said this place scares him and he'd prefer not to unless there's anything that urgently needs addressing.

I need to stress here I'm just relaying what he said, if there actually is anything that needs to be changed I think it would be for the best to let him know early on.

>Just decide for yourself

If I wanted to, I wouldn't have asked. If it's still not clear, I do in fact value a second opinion.

>That's what you always end up doing

I'll thank you for not making assumptions on my behalf. I always ask the relevant jumpmaker when I'm uncertain about how things work for a ruling, and I make a point of posting combos I come up with for a second opinion on feasibility so that's wholly incorrect.

>no one else is as autistic about this as you

You'd be surprised if you'd been here, oh, something like 600-500 threads ago.

I'll let him know when next I see him. If you don't mind, could you list the problems so I know what to tell him about? I'd rather not overlook anything from going over the archived thread. I'd suggest telling him yourself but y'know, Spacebattles.

>> No.47720960

I repeat- he can come here and respond. It's not anyone's problem but his own if he's too cowardly to do it, but he doesn't get special treatment. If he's refusing to answer further critique despite not having any reason except not wanting to, his jump should be removed until he does.

>> No.47720982

I'm going to say no on that hoss. Not going to indulge that sort of behaviour, not here and not there. If people from spacebattles wants to have their jumps on our drive, they should follow our rules and our community. That seems like a pretty basic thing to ask.

>> No.47720986

>this place scares him
People like your conversation partner, who don't have the ability to modulate tone or expression, and are thus always in an aggressive stance, are probably why. Not that I advocate kitten gloves, but there's a spectrum there that people don't seem aware of.

>> No.47721033

Fair enough.

I'll try to explain the issues to him, and convince him to come on here when he feels ready.

>> No.47721046


>> No.47721350

So I'm headed to Sekirei and there's apparently a rule preventing Sekirei from attacking Ashikabi, but none preventing Ashikabi from fighting each other.

I need a list of "things to Hone Clawsx6 -> Crush Claw." Some guy called Higa's on it already due to a little bit of ridiculous blackmail he's pulling to get a free assassin.

>> No.47721366

Well there's one Ashikabi who beats his Sekirei, and a Sekirei who beats his Ashikabi. Forget their names, I'm sure someone knows.

>> No.47721369

Higa also has a subordinate who's name escapes me. He's just as big a bastard as Higa himself.

>> No.47721464

>Jump 36: Order of the Stick
>Page of Cups (An idle dreamer oblivious to the realities of the world.)
Oh come on! It's a freaking comic, how bad could things really get?
>Age: 21
>Identity: Drop-In
>Race: Human (Free)
>Class: Cleric of Loki (Free)
Well, he's not QUITE a god of chaos here, but it's as close as I'm going to get.
>We Talk About +5 Swords All The Time (Free, drop-in)
The fourth wall? Yeah, someone drove through that in a bulldozer last week.
>That Sweet Evil Reverb (900)
Never know when kicking the intimidation factor up an extra notch will help.
>Random Encounters (600)
Ah, now THIS is promising...
>Dangerously Genre Savvy (300)
Seriously, it's a comic strip, things cannot get THAT bad even if it has gotten more serious.
>Sourcebooks (Free, drop-in)
Well, this is handy to read and give advice from. Heck, maybe I'll make some copies for the locals, they'd love it.
>Starmetal (200)
A regenerating bit of starmetal? Sounds useful.
>Paperbacks (0, drop-in)
Oh, now this I like. I can't wait to read the back issues.

You know what? I don't even know if I'm going to get involved in the main plot. I mean, I suppose it's possible. This is another one of those jumps where making plans in advance is counterproductive. Though I might see about preventing some of the bigger problems that could have still led to satisfying subplots.

>> No.47721470

Hey digger, I noticed that astroswitches and core metals aren't available outside of I want to be the guy and the drivers why is that?
Also I noticed that the birth driver was available but not the Excel or meteor drivers, is there a reason for this?

I betrayed Shocker by leaving and creating more Kamen Riders, like enough to destroy them by having a dozen everywhere they were active.
I am on side of liberty
painting, fighting, tinkering with vehicles, drugs
, tinkering with societies
I have that perk from sword and sorcery that means I don't have to do that.

>> No.47721528

>Worth it? I think so, afterwards I was easily able to enforce my new government across the world.

I thought this viewpoint was just a right wing myth.
I'm stunned to silence.
I suppose the bright side of this situation is that the people you've exterminated don't have to live under a regime that requires the deaths of billions of people before it even gets started.

>> No.47721540

What. What's this guy's plan?

>> No.47721553

Use the sim cards in everyone's phone to emit a signal that forces the users to go berserk and kill each other.

>> No.47721565

And why would he do that? What's the advantage?

>> No.47721571

To put it simply, Valentine is going to kill a large chunk of the world's population. At least those that aren't rich and/or powerful who have signed on with him.

>> No.47721583

Quote from Valetine "When you get a virus, you get a fever. That's the human body raising its core temperature to kill the virus. Planet Earth works the same way: Global warming is the fever, mankind is the virus. We're making our planet sick. A cull is our only hope. If we don't reduce our population ourselves, there's only one of two ways this can go: The host kills the virus, or the virus kills the host. Either way... "

>> No.47721584

Well this is coming from someone who smashed Sunny's head in with a toilet in the MGR jump for no particular reason.

>> No.47721608

The obvious solution is to kill everyone, then the planet. If it's the inevitable result, there is no point in prolonging it. Then just raise them all as undead who don't need the planet and have them perform labor to further your own ends, since their lives are pointless anyway.

>> No.47721621

So he's an extremist environmentalist. Those are always fun.

>> No.47721623

He's allowed some select people, rich and famous people, to hole up with him and start humanity again.

I don't know how the hell he expects to run a society at the same technological level after his Apocalypse. There are just so many holes in his plan and even if he plugged them all it still requires the deaths of countless non-combatants.

As a jumper there are countless more options available to fix the issue that don't require a genocide based on class.


I know this isn't real life
This is just fantasy

>> No.47721624

There's a rich kid called Mikogami that captures sekirei by force. And you should pretty much target anyone who works for the company behind the whole death tournament thing

>> No.47721643

You know I sometimes wonder how the hell fictional villains justify crap like that... then I remember that the voluntary human extinction movement is a real thing

>> No.47721656

I remember when I thought they were a joke. You know, just a bunch of silly assholes mocking both family-oriented people and the ones that were rabidly hostile to it.

Yeah I was wrong.

>> No.47721662

Yeah, nobody is really cool with Sunny side up.

>> No.47721724

Have you ever been to an afterlife? Which one? Why were you there? Have you ever chatted with any after-life deity?

>> No.47721900

The warp, and I guess I did. Tzeentch is a cool guy.

>> No.47721931

Both afterlifes, in Bayonetta. And both of them sucked.

>> No.47722012

You know how the people transplanted into a new world by planting an Artifact from Legend of Mana aren't the originals, but instead people filling a similar role? It makes sense as a way to keep you from using the Artifacts as Pods, but...what happens to the people who were in those places? Do I erase them from existence when I seal the Artifact? Because I want to make Artifacts of a lot of inhabited places, and I don't want ontological mass murder on my conscience.

>> No.47722024

Their souls go to Mega-Hell.

>> No.47722076

Technically, I am an afterlife so yes. Yes I have been and am always an afterlife.

>> No.47722091

Total obliteration on a metaphysical level. Their souls are ground down into magical dust energy to fuel the next unsealing. It's actually extremely painful and horrifying.

>> No.47722139

the warp, Bayonetta heaven, a whole lot of hells, and depending on how loosely you define afterlife the inside of a dimensional spectral containment unit

>> No.47722144


you know I was going to pick that up but now it just seems wrong

>> No.47722190

God Tier characters in Homestuck.

How far exactly the God Tier powers go, when compared to other high level jumps? They have that "Revival unless Death was heroic or just" thing but they still die, so what it would take to kill em.

And for Forgotten realms, which "copy/acquire power of defeated opponent" would work best to get some Elder Evil stuff?

>> No.47722219

A fair fight should be enough. If you're too strong, they revive. If you're too weak and use something petty to kill them, they revive. If you surprise attack, they revive.

A close 1vs1 or 1vs many where both parties have a decent chance of victory should do it.

>> No.47722228

Did anyone else use this to steal hogwarts?

>> No.47722229

bit late, but eh... If you're still here/want to know stuff...

No one really knows. Faster than running, slower than a rocket pack, I think? ...It takes a few hours to fly around the planets in the incipisphere through? But scale is kinda weird there.

Point of order... no sound-barrier breaking is ever shown, so I'm not sure about Mach speeds.

>first spoiler
Eh, it's what I'm doing too. Perks are nice too.

Strider guy is fast enough to leave after-images and be invisible while moving. Rainbow Drinker seems a good bit better in stats than others, but not really all that much higher as it's spread over everything. Mainly the regen and surviving stuff that'd normally kill you outright is nice there, and being your own lightsource. Seadwellers don't seem to really get that much more durable, just little bit maybe.

>> No.47722251

Doesn't answer the question of HOW STRONG THEY ARE! I don't need to know how to stop them from reviving. I need to know how strong I need to be so I can kill them

>> No.47722256

Strider is fast enough to have his after-images fight somebody with a puppet.

>> No.47722264

It's very vague. Just shooting most of 'em works.

>> No.47722271


>> No.47722301

Doesn't even have to be that close. They just need to have a chance /at all/, so as long as they're not insta-stabbed immediately it should be fine.

And just deaths give zero fucks about circumstances.

>> No.47722316

So /JC/ what Jumps would you like to see?

>> No.47722324

Medieval Torture Device Jump.

>> No.47722351

Gloryhammer, Trigun, Dexter's Laboratory, Powerpuff Girls, Toy Story, and moar WoD stuff.

In addition to all the stuff that's wip at this point.

>> No.47722378

Adventure Quest

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

>> No.47722393

>jumps that I've been wanting:

sanctum: the hybrid tower defense shooter that is, at least four super sentai jumps to accompany the Kamen_Rider jumps, a thread approved path of exile jump, torchlight, the tick, 50s horror movie, generic giant monster,Toho Godzilla,Necromunda,Gorkamorka

>>Jumps I'd like to see finished:

vampire knight Requiem, Earth Defense force, Valley of the dinosaurs part two,Ben 10, DC animated universe

>> No.47722400

Assy McGee.

>> No.47722410

Is that time of the week again, /jc/. Let's talk about Justice.

>> No.47722421


>> No.47722427

Nah, we're done with that. It's over.

>> No.47722428

What episode is it from? I don't recall this scene.

>> No.47722454

justice is a damn complicated thing, and different for everybody.

>> No.47722460

Nah, too hypocritical and petty for my tastes.

>> No.47722477

'Justice' is just another word for revenge.

>> No.47722478

Not a fan.

>> No.47722500

We need a Trigger universe Jump.

>> No.47722507

rule number one , now get on it

>> No.47722526

Justice is best girl.

>> No.47722543

Oh, many, many times.

Our all-time favorite has to be the Desert of the Discworld. Such spartan elegance. We admire its' purity: The classic ontological ambiguity model, incorporating aspects of manifest destiny and reincarnation with a side module for ultimate oblivion. We went there quite a few times: To get the Death of the Discworld's autograph, to escape an Elven warparty, to show Windle Poons at least a little of what comes next and to usher the Cunning Man into final death.

Our least favorite is probably a tie between a certain wall in Neverwinter Nights, and the Other Place from Vampire Diaries. They're just...sloppy. They're literally a glorified overflowing dustbin filled with things nobody wants to deal with. Talk about amateur hour. We replaced the former with a more efficient system, and shored up the latter before tossing its' creator into it for her hubris.

At least the Warp used to be something less incoherent. Now, though-when we rescued Isha from it to the spiritually quarantined section of the Webway, our escape was accidentally aided by Slaanesh tackling Nurgle while he was in pursuit over who was supposed to own Isha.

Cosmogenesis had an interesting mechanism for the creation of a new world, even if the owner was prone to taking long naps and letting his mother's rotting dandruff mess up the place. Unfortunately we had a difference in opinion with the owner that led to it breaking apart.

Since Korra's more of a doer than a thinker, we took her to the Spirit Realm to train her. On the other side of things, in Devil Survivor 2 dad took us to the Sea of Amala to get an idea of how significant his job was. It was like an internship, but with more archangels. We also made a lot of presentations in Percy Jackson's Paradiso-equivalent about the benefits of changing recruitment policy for mom's employees.

Oh, and of course we own a couple ourselves which we periodically maintain to make sure they're up to scratch.

>> No.47722562

Girls und Panzer
Clive Cussler
Dale Brown/Dreamland
I kind of want a NASCAR jump for...reasons.
Elite maybe?

>> No.47722609

I know this is bait.... but I hate her enough to say this anyway. Worst girl is worst girl.

>> No.47722621

Unknown Armies
JAGS Wonderland
Death Parade
More SMT stuff
More WoD stuff, especially fansplats
The Dark Knight trilogy

You know, if you'd asked us a measly few decades ago this is the part where we'd talk about how it's a cruel lie at best and an excuse to destroy arbitrary enemies at worst.

Unfortunately. We've...recently had cause to reconsider our worldview, and what's truly best for the multiverse

Things aren't simple; we're not going to just turn around and ignore all we've seen and learned. But neither can we continue to ignore that some of the things we've despised serve a purpose in ensuring universal integrity. As uncomfortable as it is to comprehend, even before this moment we've considered it is more efficient to utilise than to destroy. Perhaps we'd known this all along, and our own values were equally as invalid as "justice".

Our current position on justice is that it CAN be a useful template in maintaining societal cohesion for the purposes of social engineering, but is dangerous when applied beyond moderation. Like many medical procedures.

>> No.47722682

Not that anon, but I actually kindof liked her. I'm pretty sure it's just the yandere attraction, though.
She's basically yandere for justice.

>> No.47722721

I love yandere's but find her repulsive, I don't know what it is. I mean I hate most of the cast of that anime but when she was about to take mine with her I was cheering for the double kill. hated those 2 so much.

>> No.47722788

Cinematic Universe or Mignolaverse?

>> No.47722809


I've been considering my training regime for Pokemon Trainer jump. Because BodyMod doesn't make my body weaker than it was when BodyMod happens so...

Anyway, would Heal Pulse ability that Audino and reasonably Aura users are capable of doing restore your body to what it was before injury or they accelerate the healing?

Asking, because if it is the latter I can get more training done because my muscles will heal faster from damage caused by training, thus letting me exercise em more often, leading to better training gains

>> No.47722816

Why not both?

>> No.47722825

Cinematic Universe had some cool ideas with the second movie, but the characters are shit.

>> No.47722847


Well, considering the Cinematic Universe has like 2 movies and /maybe/ some animated movies I never really paid attention to? And the Dagda's role is replaced by Nuada, who's also both more and less dangerous?

Mignolaverse, with a +0CP drawback to be in the Cinematic Universe. Possibly with a 100 CP drawback that makes everything look like clunky, bloated rubber costumes.

>> No.47722850

Something like Warehouse 13 or The
Librarian, sort of a much more lighthearted version of SCP.

>> No.47722863

Animated movies were really good.

>> No.47722919

Heal pulse automatically restores HP, so it should be sudden

>> No.47722943

The Batman:Arkham series.

>> No.47722965

>drawback where the Joker will absolutely never stay dead no matter what you do

>> No.47722980

So regular Batman then?

>> No.47722983

More accurate would be that the Joker never stops being the main villain no matter what other characters try to establish their own plots.

>> No.47723003

In game.

In anime it takes longer

>> No.47723016

Well it's a fusion of the anime and game world.

>> No.47723027

Blood battle blockade
Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari/The Rising of the Shield Hero
Red dead redemption

>> No.47723033

Anime, game and manga.
And you can fanwank which one is more existant.

>> No.47723034

In the comics, Batman learns there's been THREE Jokers.

>> No.47723077

The only interesting DC thing I've read in years was the Flashpoint stuff where Bruce got killed and that caused Thomas to become Batman and Martha to become the Joker. It was pretty fucking sweet.

>> No.47723123

They tried doing an animated version of that and, honestly, it's one of the few fails in the DC animated stable.

>> No.47723149

>Blood battle blockade
I like you.

Why it has to be translated by Dark Horse? I mean, they do a great job but they're always really expensive.

>> No.47723153

improbable island
mortal instruments
mortal engines
leviathan series
Skinjacker Trilogy
His Dark Materials

>> No.47723194

Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo
Concrete Revolutio
Legend of the Galactic Heroes
Zone of the Enders
Three Kingdoms
Umineko no Naku Koro Ni
Dies Irae

>> No.47723211

seconding disgaea and s-cry-ed
third blood battle blockade

unfortunately I think disgaea was claimed by a vanished jumpmaker.

>> No.47723340

How often does Ninjanon appear?

>> No.47723356

With his name? only when people have questions about his jumps, the rest of the time he goes anon.

>> No.47723366

Infrequently and typically only >>47723356

>> No.47723391

Alright, cuz I have a question about his jump.

The Naruto jump.

Is the 1% survival and then 1% success rate for transplanting bloodlines only working if we do it/we try to get the bloodlines? Can any perk from any other jump change that? What if we just give Kabuto better means for working with bloodlines and have him do stuff to others

Rinne Sharingan, Tenseigan, etc are all considered bloodlines so getting them has that 1% issue... But notes say we have to take Them from their owners. So notes tell us that we would have to transplant bloodlines but the jump limitation though...

>> No.47723411

Anita Blake
Magic Kingdom For Sale(Sold)
The Dark is Rising
Southern Vampire/True Blood
SERRAted Edge(Mercedes Lackey elves and bards with race cars)
Guardians of the Flame
Kitty and the Midnight Hour
Council of Wyrms
The Dragon Realms

>> No.47723431

Pretty sure it just meant genetics fuckery, since there were talks about eyeball transplants and the mechanics of such with him before.

>> No.47723443

>The Dark is Rising
None shall turn it back.

>> No.47723447

Personally, I just take the 1% thing as an indication of how hard it is in universe. A guy at Orochimaru's skill as he was around the time of Yamato's birth has a 1% success rate, but the more skilled you are from there the better that chance gets. Since canon is years and years later, it makes more sense why Oro, Kabuto and others can do it more easily, since most of them rely on Orochimaru's work to do it.

Just seems to make more sense then "No, you can't get it just because". Never understood the "It's there so the jump bloodline purchases aren't worthless" argument either, since the items aren't treated that way and you need a heck of a lot less pre jump preparation/in jump learning to just nick the totally not a lightsaber or samehada. Same with how you can get many of the training perks in jump too, even including the jinchuriki stuff if you're a tough enough dude.

>> No.47723455


>What sort of things do you think it would be reasonable to attain in the typical 1-5 rank clause format from a Changeling contract with the God-Machine?

Not sure if these fit as Changeling contract stuff, but the following seem like possibilities. Note there not meant to be in clause format order. I just had five ideas.

1. Effects for subtly manipulating things.
2. Effects of making back up plans
3. Resource management capabilities
4. Understanding how stuff works
5. Minion creation and management.

Oh also if your planning on forming Changeling contracts in the NWOD I'm going to recommend taking the continuity drawback.

If I remember correctly you were on okay terms with some of the True Fae, and unless I'm remembering incorrectly you took the drawback that has other WOD stuff show up.

So having access to the True Fae from your CTL jump seems like it might be useful for figuring out contract stuff for Mage and other NWD things. I mean sure their self insert Mary Sue things running on a mockery of life, whose social structure consists of conflict and deals, but they are the experts when it comes to this contract stuff.

Alternately you can try to use your understanding of the ones you met to try to manipulate some of Arcadia into getting into a conflict with the Abyss, either actually helping or as a distraction while you work on the rest of your plan.

>> No.47723497 [SPOILER] 


Well then, spiritual/soul/magical fuckery ahoy.

I will create a being that has all kinds of special eyes from Naruto World!


Then I will throw pocket sand at it

>> No.47723513

I was only opining on putting the eyeballs in your body, I'd wait for him to say something about other stuff.

>> No.47723701

Shoggoths can have as many eyes as they want. This is in Fact My Final Form can let you take advantage of all your forms at once. Implant all of the eyes(in fact steal all of danzo's eyes) you can manifest all or none on your human body as you wish.

>> No.47723808

Nonono, anon.

I want to torture that thing I made. Just a creature without useful limbs, just eyes.

>> No.47723854

clone the eyes you take for yourself and put the copies into the victim you create.

>> No.47723895

"I made a creature that lives in constant agony"


It is then that I started re evaluating my choices

>> No.47723909

So if I take and clone Obito's Sharingan and transplant it before my own Mangekyou awakens, will I later be able to use his Kamui stuffz?

>> No.47723932

Yes but it won't be as good as if he was using it. That's how transplanted Mangekyou work, the new user CAN use the old one's unique techniques, but they won't ever be as effective/efficient as if the old guy was using them. You'd basically have Kakashi's level of use of Kamui. Pre end of series spiritual bullshit at least, since I doubt that level of stuff would carry over if you just transplanted the eyes.

>> No.47723939

Petrify it, so you can save it for later.
You can use it to test out a suicide method after you drive away the best thing to ever happen to you.

>> No.47724033

I get the reference

It doesn't work that way. When Madara took Kakashi's eye, he could do that shit no problem.

If Uchiha uses a different person's Sharingan they don't have that issue of needing to keep it covered. You just need to be an Uchiha

>> No.47724113

He's not talking about the constant chakra drain forcing it to be covered up. He's talking about the eyes never being as good for the transplanted user as they were for the original. See how Obito when using Madara's transplanted Rinnegan couldn't do a tenth of Madara's tricks with it. Madara teleported just fine when he grabbed Kakashi's Mangekyo, but it was a single teleport and he's already so overpowered in general that even a weakened Kamui was still enough for his purposes.

>> No.47724185

I found out a thing.

When Eternal Mangekyou was first described to Sasuke by Itachi, Madara was mentioned and this image was shown

>Pic related

It implies that Eternal Mangekyou is not just replacing eyes, otherwise Mangekyou users could swap eyes. Instead, you merge your eyes with the other pair.

So technically, which eyes are first determine your special powers of Mangekyou, the second set you use is just a booster into Eternal.

And for Anon who said any Mangekyou can do Tsukuyomi since Infinite Tsukuyomi, it's not that. It's the Rinne Sharingan who can just use it, even if you originally lacked Tsukuyomi. Because Kaguya had it, so Ten Tails jinchuriki get Rinne Sharingan if you got both Rinnes

>> No.47724200

Thank you for the ideas but-I'm sorry to say they've been for naught.

Having just come into contact with the jumpmaker unfortunately due to a combination of IRL work issues and being somewhat intimidated by the site format he won't be posting the jump here again for the foreseeable future.

Which...means ASA's shocking epiphany just got retconned! DESPAIR QUOTA: 200%. STASIS STATUS: BACK TO NORMAL. JUSTICE. IS. OVER! At least until either Leviathan: The Tempest and/or Kingdom Hearts get finished


It's not really anybody's fault since ultimately it all comes down to personal preferences for everyone involved, I get that it's the only fair outcome and I can't pretend otherwise but I just...feel really sad about the whole thing. It was just a really, really great looking jump, far beyond what I'd ever seen come from SB and I had high hopes pinned on it because for me it captured the spirit of one of my favorite settings and now my build for it's not canon so. Here I am. Contemplating about whether it truly is better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.

Geeze, I never thought I'd be so impressed by a SB-native jump that literal years after pretending the other jumpchain community didn't exist, I'd make an account specifically to keep track of its' development




That WOULD be fun. Nightmarish for some, but fun.

>Umineko no Naku Koro Ni

This is the one that posits two scenarios at the end of the story: 1. Witches and their ilk are multiversal reality warpers and 2. Everything that happened was part of a story written by a lonely girl with daddy issues that a guy got Battler somehow bumbled into right?

Because I still don't understand how anything but the second interpretation could possibly constitute anything but an endjump.

>> No.47724221


>> No.47724224

It should also be noted that the Rinne Sharingan always manifests as a single big gaping eye on your forehead too.

Erm. Just to get this straight, you mean you talked to the guy again since the last time this topic came up (Earlier this thread I think?) and he still refused to come over?

>> No.47724245

Too low. Their higher tiers are destroying or endangering entire multiverses (As in plural) at several points. Not sure what you use to describe a verse with multiple multiverses though. Megaverse? Hyperverse?

>> No.47724276


>> No.47724280

Too bad. Disappointing to see that, despite making high quality stuff, in the end he's just another spacebattles JC user.

>> No.47724303

Ultimate Alien?

>> No.47724335

I'm fairly certain i've heard it used as a term before.

Has anyone seen Paradox on lately?

>> No.47724339

My own.

Mainly sheltering worlds that just want to be left alone.

>> No.47724392

>Have you ever been to an afterlife? Which one? Why were you there? Have you ever chatted with any after-life deity?
I oversee one of those, in ACTRAISER they have nice perks. From SMT you may have the throne of heaven and from a similar jump the king of hell as well.

Its one of the ways I reward nice followers and punish certain enemies.

>> No.47724419

Bishi Bashi
WWF (attitude era)
Dragon Quest

>> No.47724431


>Thank you for the ideas but-I'm sorry to say they've been for naught.

Your welcome. Oh also on the off chance that you change your mind, or the jump becomes workable I had a thought that seemed like something ASA might consider trying.

That being attempting to make a Changeling contract with the towers.

>Kingdom Hearts get finished

Would this be a bad time to mention that according to the comics Donald Duck's reality has an Azathoth expy called Ar-Finn, and that Donald's singing voice is the key to waking it up (which from what information I've found unmakes most of the world while mutating the rest into typical eldritch horror stuff)?

>> No.47724459

> That whole thing
Probably not true to Kingdom Hearts. They tend to play a bit loose with overall canon, and I doubt the Japanese writers have been following the comics of all things. However, the idea of Donald summoning up some kind of Mega Heartless with his singing voice is kind of hilarious.

>> No.47724585


For what it's worth he did say he might consider posting it here in the future but he really seems tied down with IRL work scheduling at the moment on top of braintstorming the DLCs and his preference for SB's site format so-I wouldn't hold my breath


Are those comics even canon to Kingdom Hearts?

If so, dang. So much for that end-of-anti-spiraldom arc

Huh, the inside of my mouth actually does taste salty after being consecutive frustrations. So that's why being salty is called being salty

I thought the goat Furnitures chewed through a room that is actually a multiverse disguised as a room or...something. Shit didn't make sense. And they're considered low-tier.

I'm not even going to ask what the fuck is up with Featherine "Jump-Chan" Augustus Aurora.

>> No.47724627

I think he shouldn't bother with DLC if he can't even properly finish the main thing.

>> No.47724698


>Are those comics even canon to Kingdom Hearts?

No clue, but ASA character's history can basically be summarized as "These eldritch horrors are scary and I/we hate them.So let's throw over reactions at the wall until we become basically the same type of entity while completely ignoring that part".

And the idea of ASA treating Donald Duck like a potential eldritch apocalypse, or trying to figure out if they are one or not seemed hilarious and something they might do if they new about this.

Although it should only be Donald's 'world' if it is canon.

Also Kingdom hearts is probably a bad location for ASA to have a revelation.

I mean this is a world where a bunch of people broke the universe so badly they got a multiverse, and an evil wizard unleashed a multiversal army of doom for science.

>> No.47724738


How did the PRT stat you in Worm?
How accurate were they?

>> No.47724751

I wouldn't worry too much about non-Sage bloodlines. Every one of those bloodlines came from a ninja who figured out how to do a cool thing, and then passed it on to their kids. So there's nothing keeping you from figuring out how to do the cool thing on your own.

>> No.47724761

I think any Jumper who stops holding back gets ranked Trump 12, and they just wash their hands of it at that point.

>> No.47724804

I guess I'll post my wish list again.
Warlock Master of the Arcane
Age of Wonders
Elemental Fallen Enchantress
Heroes of Might and Magic
Eador Masters of the Broken World
Worlds of Magic
Wolsung Steam Pulp Fantasy

>> No.47724824

What's a Jumper?

>> No.47724863

The rating system is silly, inaccurate and inconsistent. We designed a better one for Cauldron to use, and magically changed all our ratings into silly words to trick everyone into thinking we had some weirdly selective Breaker power.

So we're technically a Tinker Winker, a Brute Force, a Thinker :P, a Striker Witch, a Trump Duck, a Changer No and a Stranger Danger.

Also we set Blaster to 9001, and it took forever to find an Earth where someone got that reference. And it wasn't worth it

>> No.47724891

Are you asking literally or rhetorically?
A miserable pile of perks?

You. Me. Everyone in this thread. An interdimensional traveler, who goes to exotic places, picks up powers and abilities and companions, and does all sorts of crazy stuff.

>> No.47724919

I don't know enough about Worm to say.

>> No.47724926

Had several identities. Most actually unnamed-
Had this one that was permanently on reserve because it was Trump "?"-- Really they had no idea of rate the guy who could melt into a puddle one day and shoot artificial suns the next one.

Then there was Jester/dubsman with the plum juggler multiplication powers, breaker-striker 5. Of course is easy to deal with him becuase "he cant possibly duplicate a bullet mid-flight and have them crash each other"

Fenrir, the brute, shaker, master, changer, (Blaster,) (breaker), all 9. My Vermin Lord- Fenrir SMT fusion. Basically , cryokinetic guy that turned into a giant wolf that could turn rats into more wolves.

Unnamed tinker, who used Remnant's folding tech to modify stuff and sell it on the internet. Was tinker 4. Got aproached by toybox.

Punisher lookalike that made and controled indestructible chains. Shaker 8, tentative -changer because the chains come from his body.

>> No.47724930

How so? It seems pretty useful for estimating threat and how to prepare for it. Unless you have someone who's hiding their real power like Siberian or Jack.

>> No.47724951

This >>47724930
The rating system is actually pretty concise.
Better than any other that I can think of.

>> No.47724976

The Changer category is pretty worthless, though. Given that the rankings are meant to be tactical shorthand, "this guy can shapeshift" is less important information than what his shapeshifting lets him do. Replace a Changer's ranking with Brute or Mover or Stranger or whatever and just have the fact that he does those things through shapeshifting part be in the more detailed profile.

>> No.47724984

It's main use as I remember is basically a quick shorthand so that PRT teams have some idea of what they're about to go up against. Might not include the specifics of people's powers, but it's nice to know roughly how destructive and what type of power you'll be fighting for your life against.

>> No.47724993

Also had Alchemist as striker-changer 7 with FMA alchemy

Porter the mover 10 that had X-men CU omega teleportation.

"Thor" the brute 9, mover 7 and blaster 8 that came from MCU

Eldrich the case 53 (big daddy-)diving suit-wearing shoggoth as brute 9, changer 10, blaster 5 (acid spit),

>> No.47725007

Mover 10, Shaker 10 (Master 9), Brute 10, Breaker 3 (Master 7), Master 11, Blaster 7, Striker 3, Changer 4 (Tinker 1, Thinker 4), Stranger 8. I probably fucked these up horribly because of how long ago I had read Worm.

I took THAT drawback. You know the one. They couldn't be more accurate even if I told them everything myself.

>> No.47725012

I took the drawback that revealed your nature and powers to the world. Given hundreds of previous jumps they probably had a nervous breakdown

>> No.47725032

Looks like your going to need to jump to catch that joke.

>> No.47725051

Well, you need to know what they guy is aboutto pull of at least. Besides, ratings dont mean the strength of the power, they mean the threat they present and what is recomended to take them down.

>> No.47725064

They generally do that, IIRC. E.g., Shadow Striker is a Changer with Striker and Stranger ratings.

>> No.47725139

Yes, and when considering tactical threat, the other categories cover everything Changer might include. The target can turn into something big and nasty? That's a Brute rating. He can grow wings? Mover. Claws or poison? Striker. Change his appearance to blend into crowds? Then you've got a Stranger rating on there. The category of "Changer" doesn't offer any significant tactical benefit on its own.

Breaker, not Changer. She can pass through walls in her shadow state, that means she falls under the "interacts with physics weirdly" category. That she has some new form when doing so doesn't matter. Which just goes to show that Changer as a category is superfluous.

>> No.47725185

Ninja Gaiden jump when?

>> No.47725187

Rule 1

>> No.47725205

Breaker, which is basically the other side of the coin for Changer, but otherwise yeah.

Shadow Stalker is Breaker (Stranger, Mover) iirc.

Breaker/Changer in particular come with subcategories, which give you an idea of what they're capable of.

Tinker often does so as well. Trump varies.

>> No.47725213


>> No.47725231

Not those anons, but I can see where you're coming from, however I don't agree with you completely.

'Changer' implies some unpredictability in the target, that they might do something unexpected, sort of like a Trump.

If someone told you that Lung was a Brute and Blaster, that wouldn't really be the whole story, would it?
That doesn't tell you that as the fight drags on the fucker eventually turns into a 30 foot tall, 4 winged, metal dragon who can regenerate internal organs in a matter of seconds.
I suppose a Trump classification would fit, but it doesn't really capture the concept.

>> No.47725244

>The category of "Changer" doesn't offer any significant tactical benefit on its own.
Yes it does. Changer denotes they can change their form/appearance. There's no reason not to mention that.

>> No.47725270

Changer is more like a modifier actually.

what you said but mover, brute, stranger, etc. It's just there to tell people what to look out for.

"Brute-changer so he cant throw stuff while he looks human"
"Stranger changer 1, so remember the pass and codewords guys"
"Mover-changer, shoot the wings"

"Chager10 so is basically a shoggoth. Nuke it from orbit"

>> No.47725337

Hmm got a question regarding the feats we can display using Omega Telepathy or Omega Magnetism Manipulation from the X-men jump.

For the Magnetism Manipulation the jump mentions we control ferromagnetics and a "slew of other things". Recently watched a film theory on youtube saying Magneto couldn't control non ferromagnetic metals like lead (yeah I know, "Film Theory" ha ha.). Would we have this restriction? Seems a little weird, I thought magneto controlled magnetic fields in general, but perhaps I was wrong.

Also with Telepathy could we perhaos put mental blocks in peoples mind? Kinda want to cover my bases and see if I can make myself a blind spot in Tattletales power by implanting blocks in her mind, much like how Xavier appeared invisible to certain people in the movie.

>> No.47725341

Phantasy Star Online.

>> No.47725490

Magneto stops a number of bullets in the movies, which will not be ferromagnetic, so the basis there is absurd. Also Magneto's powers are more about the magnetic fields, and in the comics they vary wildly in what they can do.

>> No.47725513


Since your here and I remember you updating it I have a few questions about the Tsukihime jump.

1. Was the lack of a drawback limit intentional?

The other three are basically all about the canon character companion option. Mostly since it has me really really confused.

2. How supernatural does someone have to be before they stop counting as 'human' and start counting as a supernatural being?

3. Does main characters mean 'plot important characters' or 'named characters in this part of the nasuverse'?

4. How does the price work for characters that are human at the start, but become superantural creatures during some of the routes, or vice versa?

These question are mostly do to the fact that the vast majority of the plot relevant human characters are part supernatural being, have innate supernatural abilities, use to be supernatural beings, or get turned into or can become supernatural beings.

So the vast majority of the characters have me wondering "Okay which one does this count as."

>> No.47725529

Magneto can control non-ferromagnetic metals. He shows the ability in the movies, too, so this isn't just comics Magneto. He can produce not just ferromagnetic but diamagmentic and paramagnetic effects, too. Ferromagnetism is probably easiest for him, based on what we see, but his magnetic fields are strong enough and precisely controlled enough that he should be able to move anything conductive. Probably the only reason he doesn't grab people by their nervous systems is just because it would kill them (and he's shown that he can fry brains with focused magnetic fields, so that seems quite plausible).

>> No.47725552

So anons, I heard a while ago that there was a parenthood jump in the works and that a chunk of you were excited for it. Thing is, I have no idea if the anon making it is still around or not.

If they're not, I'm open to throwing it together myself, if you all want. I mostly just want confirmation if they're working on it or not. I too wish to be Jumper Dad.

>> No.47725571

I'm pretty sure no one was ever actually making it, and it was just an idea that was getting thrown around.

>> No.47725632

I think he can control more than just ferromagnetism.
If that was all that he had, they wouldn't have made his prison, and all their weapons out of glass and plastic. It almost certainly would have been cheaper to just avoid items made of iron, cobalt, and nickel. They're not the only tough metals out there.

>He can produce not just ferromagnetic but diamagmentic and paramagnetic effects

When? I believe you, I just don't remember it.

>> No.47725696

Hoo boy, the jump that must not be named.
Just so you know I just edited it, and haven't read the most of the source material, so take this with a grain of salt. ('Killing' distance to teleport was too much bs for me.)
1) No, that was a mistake. It should be 600 CP.
2) For the purpose of what? The Harem perk? That's just has magic/supernatural abilities of some sort. For companions? I think it was meant to be anything that isn't completely human, + Ciel if she still has her immortal kick going.
3) They need to be directly involved at some point. Even those who make brief appearances and affect the plot like Aozaki count, but someone like Zelretch who is only mentioned isn't. People like say, Shirou or Ilya, are right out of course.
4) If they become supernatural before your time is done, assume that they're the supernatural cost.
Hey you didn't ask anything about the power! Man, that made this much easier.

>> No.47725731


You sure? Most things the controled had some ferromagnetic metals of them like cars. And the bullet he stopped could well be one of the ferromagnetic ones theguy said in the video.

In DoFP he actually got shot. But First Class he could only skew the trayectory of the bullet he knew was coming. Which migth even have some ferromagnetic metal in it.

>Also with Telepathy could we perhaos put mental blocks in peoples mind? Kinda want to cover my bases and see if I can make myself a blind spot in Tattletales power by implanting blocks in her mind, much like how Xavier appeared invisible to certain people in the movie.

Well, yes, pretty much. You could block preception like non-automatic version of Imp's forget-me power. On the other hand, you migth have to delete info at the rate her shard feeds her the data. And whenyou stop, her shard could made her work out stuff by the You-sized hole in her memories.

>> No.47725748

Can limit drawbacks be 800 cp in Tsukihime?

>> No.47725749

I'm just inferring based on the laws of electromagnetism and his observed feats. He can't be using ferromagnetism to move non-ferrous metals (not without a secondary power that he's been hiding all this time to induce supercool things without harming them). So he has to be inducing diamagnetic or paramagnetic fields. I don't have enough data to say which, but my guess is probably diamagnetism because paramagnetism is a lot less useful for moving things. Great for electronics, though, if Magneto was interested in becoming a metamaterials researcher I bet we could have had giant magnetoresistance-based information storage as early as the 60s.

>> No.47725795

I... think 600 is good? Like I said, I haven't read the series, but i think 600 is good enough to let you play around with the main cast without exploding. Isn't it?

>> No.47725797

Okay, sure, but what observed feats?

>> No.47725812

It is. You said you weren't going to change things back at the start when people wanted you to fix the bad stuff, so please don't change your word to increase the power of this jump.

>> No.47725831

He's talking about the time he slapped a bullet into Xavier's spine.

That's the only one that sorta fits on him not meing limited to ferromagnetic.

>> No.47725846

In First Class we see him manipulate a man's fillings. It would have been extremely unlikely for them to have been made of a ferrous material. It would have most likely been gold or a silver-mercury amalgam. If that's not enough, a recurring piece of imagery is him moving a five Reichsmark coin. Those were made of a 90% silver, 10% aluminum bronze mixture, so no ferrous metals at all.

>> No.47725847

Okay, how exactly does Citrine's power work against Jumper's stuff or reality warping?

What about means of resisting Contessa's bullshit? As in, completely

>> No.47725859

I specifically said I wasn't going to remove anything, not that I wouldn't change anything.
But I don't want to change anything that works, you know? I only have wiki knowledge on this place.

>> No.47725868

Then leave it as is. It's got many problems but most of those are from before you updated it, so there's nothing to be done.

>> No.47725879

Just take the free perk. She's completely dependent on the Path to do much of anything.

>> No.47725905

>Then leave it as is.
Anon, that's what I was saying I was going to do from the first post. Why are do you keep hammering on that point when I already agreed with you?

>> No.47725918

What about Citrine? Or she dead?

And I thought she can start predicting yo through hypothetical stuff

>> No.47725934

>What about means of resisting Contessa's bullshit? As in, completely
You are immune to *precisely* Contessa Zion and Ziz by default to prevent you from being erased from reality the second you step in there.

Inconsistency? a director that thought shooting a german coin looked cool?

Jump quote
>You have incredible control over magnetic fields, allowing you to control ferrous metals a slew of other things.

Never really especifies but movie Mags can only be assumed to stay in ferro.

>> No.47725943


Woah! Thanks anons!
I very much appreciate the information!
Definitey gonna try my hand at manipulating magnetic liquids, since magneto once was able to turn the excess liquid iron in that dudes body into a iron ball and manipulate it into constructs. Also gonna see if the crystals in Evo search for Eden will help further evolve the capabilities of the mutant powers.

>> No.47725951

Just making sure. Can never be too sure.

>> No.47725966

Citrine might cause some interesting issues. Doubt she could block entire swathes of your powers at a time though. Contessa could theoretically build a low quality model, but that requires ages of observation and very in depth knowledge of the person. Neither of which she's likely to get.

>> No.47725972

And means of resisting Ziz's psychic scream?

>> No.47726020

You're already immune to the worst of it since she can't see your future. From there I'd recommend some form that's not got a human style brain to completely no sell her fiddling with your brain chemistry. Alternatively just get Alexandria Package and ignore her along with any number of other annoying death fields.

>> No.47726022

Not the anon but Spanner in the works and Alexandria Package in the worm jump both help you deal with Ziz. Theres also magneto's helmet, it blocks off even Xavior level mindfucking, so it should render you immune to Ziz

>> No.47726024

Dude if you move a magnetic field through a metal, you produce a current, causing the metal to become magnetic. With enough control and power to do the other things he does, it shouldn't matter if something is ferromagnetic or not.

>> No.47726028

Oh. Well. In that case, if the thread is interested, may I start making it?

>> No.47726061

Tinfoil hats?

Not even ziz had true telepathy, she just messes with brain chemistry and uses a backdoor access for tinker shards. The fact that most Jumpers can shapeshift into stuff with alien brains -or no brains at all- should give you some points in there.

>> No.47726062

I would appreciate such a jump.

>> No.47726083

What Ziz does is technically micro-scale telekinesis though, not telepathy.

But her being unable to perceive your future should already prevent any mindfuckery from her.
Otherwise anything that blocks telekinesis specifically or interdimensional shenanigans in general should work.

>> No.47726095

Ziz has no telepathy. She fucks around with your brain chamistry with her micro-telekinesis. Xorn does nothing.

>> No.47726098

On behalf of those of us playing girls who don't want to spit out a kid in our backstory, I request the option for adoption.

Otherwise, I'm 100% for it and would be interested in seeing whatever you care to create.

>> No.47726113

Vacation jump with the daugtherus?


>> No.47726155


>2) For the purpose of what? The Harem perk? That's just has magic/supernatural abilities of some sort. For companions? I think it was meant to be anything that isn't completely human, + Ciel if she still has her immortal kick going.

The later. It's mostly that almost all of the characters are not completely human.

The Tohno family are all descended from human demon hybrids. So their branch families are probably also demon hybrids.

Shiki has those eyes, and was technically reanimated by demon powers.

Ciel stopped being a vampire because because she had enough magic potential to come back from the dead after Roa went "Okay this host is dead", and Gaia basically went "Wait I'm confused. Fixing this."

Hisui and Kohaku have that stabalizer supernatural power. Oh and Kohaku can act as a vessel for Tatari's power thus gaining reality distorting nonsensical super powers from it.

Sion is in the middle of turning into a vampire, but might potentially be able to develop a cure.

The only characters that start as unarguably human are Shiki's two friends (one of which usually gets killed or turned into a vampire), the sibling of the one that does't become a vampire, some people from Akiha's school your likely to never meet unless you end up involved in her side stories and that have no effect on the main plot lines, maybe some other characters that your likely to never meet
unless you end up drawn into some of the side stories, probably Ciel's boss, possibly Shiki's doctor and their daughter, and Aoko who doesn't count do to bullshit true magic.

>3) They need to be directly involved at some point. Even those who make brief appearances and affect the plot like Aozaki count, but someone like Zelretch who is only mentioned isn't. People like say, Shirou or Ilya, are right out of course.

Do any of the unarguably human characters besides Shiki's friends, the sibling of one of them, the doctor and daughter, and Ciel's boss count as affecting the plot?

>> No.47726167

Mind Blank from D&D is the best anti-Ziz ability available. It protects you from any mind-affecting effects, as well as precognition AND postcognition.

>> No.47726212

2) I think Shiki, Hisui, Kohaku, and Sion count as human enough. Unless sion goes full vampire.
3) I have no idea. I haven't read the series.

>> No.47726248

Holy shit serious? I feel like an idiot for never noticing that, in that case Self Molecular Manipulation from X men would probably help you out with making your brain untouchable by her. I'd though I'd like to think that Spanner in the Works and Outside Context Problem should make us completey invisible to her powers unless she see's us.

>> No.47726281


>> No.47726361

Source anime?

>> No.47726373


>2) I think Shiki, Hisui, Kohaku, and Sion count as human enough. Unless sion goes full vampire.

I mostly figured having the MEoDP and being Akiha's reanimate pseudo-familiar probably disqualified them.

>Unless sion goes full vampire.

Depends on the route, but there's another issue I just remembered.

A later Melty Blood route has an evil pseudo-future clone of Sion called the Dust of Osiris that stopped being a vampire do to developing a cure that gave a better from of immortality, somehow figured out how to copy and paste what was basically a temporary case of reality warping done by Arcuied, and figured out how to apply it on a global scale.

Do to how magic potential works Sion has this potential, and I remember vampire Sion basically going "I took that idiot Dusts stuff. Now to figure out a not stupid way to use this".

Which means that not full vampire Sion probably also stole the information.

Oh also am I correct in assuming that Shiki Ryougi doesn't qualify despite having a route in the later Melty Blood games?

Oh also I just remembered something else I forgot. Sorry but it's a power question, but not that one.

Is it possible to keep the Life Thief perk from improving, or to learn how to use less than it's full potential, or do you basically risk the healing half of it becoming useless once it gets stronger?

>> No.47726390

Kon is the only outstanding quality of an otherwise mediocre anime titled Tokyo Ravens.

>> No.47726449

Oh, yeah.I suppose it bears mention that there's also a light novel and a manga.
Some people prefer those.

>> No.47727548

>Jump 37: Neverwinter Nights
>Ten of Cups (Fulfillment and joy in life and love.)
>Age: 18
>Identity: Drop-In
>Race: Air Genasi (-50)
>Plot: Neverwinter Nights 1
>Familiar (850)
Well, I already have a raven that I use as a familiar, so this merely formalizes it. Still works nicely, though.
>Arcane Pact (450)
Warlock powers, without having to forfeit my soul? That sounds like fun, let's do it.
>Legendary Item (50)
Apply this to an already-existing item? Why, I have a hand cannon that fits the bill quite well.

There are two things I'm going to do here. One is derail the plot of Neverwinter Nights UTTERLY - pop up in the barracks, promptly slaughter that damned mysterious mage and everything that works with him, and proceed to unmask that whole Wailing Death business with Desther and his false Helmites. That should keep Fenthick from being killed, which means Aribeth won't go falling due to the local gods being pants-on-head retarded.

The rest of the NWN plot, honestly, I'll probably just do as canon before I start running around doing other things. It's a big world, after all, and this is barely a corner of it.

>> No.47727701

>using technology in Faerun
Don't the gods there make shit fail if it's above Renaissance level tech?

>> No.47727730

>It's a big world, after all, and this is barely a corner of it.
Waterdeep and Baldur's Gate are more interesting anyway.

>> No.47727746

I'm not using a computer or something, it's just a revolver. If clocks work, revolvers can work. Besides, it's not just any revolver, it's one that I bought with points and that I've been steadily building up.

>> No.47727786

>not hijacking Undrentide
It's like you want the free overdramatic whiny paladin instead of the free summonable awesome floating city full of netherese artifacts. Which is of course very silly and so must be an oversight.

I'm rather fond of the Silver Marches, but that may just be me.

>> No.47727903

Actually I'm not bringing her with me, I'm just leaving her behind. I never did play Shadows of Undrentide though, so I have no idea what I'm missing. Enlighten me?

>> No.47727937

>overdramatic whiny paladin
That's funny, I don't remember them making Saerileth a NWN companion.

>> No.47727964

Whats the best way to make myself a monster factory? Biokinesis from Worm and the 'Spit up baby kaijuu' ability from the Pacific Rim jump both work pretty well. Any other jumps with applicable abilities?

>> No.47728021

Get infectious bite from van helsing, and go to town on biting people.

>> No.47728041

gene forge, tier 3 factories from supreme commander can produce heavily armed dinosaurs, there's a whole tree's worth in resident evil, zoids, Power Rangers

>> No.47728052

There's one in SCP, and another in E.V.O. The Godzilla jump has a perk that lets you find monsters and a Monster one that makes you give off radiation that mutates everything around you.

The Geneforge and Zerg jumps have it as their main focus as well.

>> No.47728067

Undrentide is a flying city from the time of the Netherese Empire, which was (and still is) famous for its vast knowledge of magic.

It comes standard with a Mythallar, which is what allows it to fly and is pretty much a magic generator, useful mainly for item creation - it allows you to make magic items that only work within its 1 mile range, but that are significantly cheaper than normal - awesome for expensive but stationary stuff like portals, a Mirror of Mental Prowess, Runic Circles and various other stuff that's usually to expensive to be practical. Or just a massive golem army to defend it.

But mainly it's a flying city. Way better than a paladin, and all you have to do is off the level 18 naga wizard who took control of it in the game, then defend it against all comers for your stay here (because obviously everybody wants the cool flying city full of awesome magic).

Since the city fell rather suddenly and was buried under the Anauroch until it's raised during the plot it's also pretty safe to assume that you'll find stuff like magical items and spellbooks there.

>> No.47728069

Ghouls are so boring though. I mean, I'll do it, but they'll probably just end up as meatshields and disposable biomass for tinkering. That works more than I want it to.

>> No.47728120

VH infectious bite doesn't make ghouls. Well, it doesn't make only ghouls. IB turns whatever you've bitten into whatever form / creature you are when you bite it. The only restriction is that it has to be a pure form, no Final Form bullshit.

>> No.47728131

The Doom 2016 jump has a perk that lets you transform humans into demon and a capstone booster that upgrades it and lets you control them.

>> No.47728158

Via Corruptio from FFXIII-3 allows you to turn people (or animals, or, y'know, whatever) into Fal'Cie monsters.
FFXIII also has an assortment of summons in the form of Call of the Wild, allowing you to create low end cannon fodder monsters a couple times per day, in groups. I think it's like 25 per summon. If you take them all (like I did), that totals to around 250 monsters per day. Makes for great experiment/corruption fodder, such as from Via Corruptio. There are also a couple other monster creation/pet related perks in that same jump.
There's also "Pack Mentality" from FFXIII-2, which essentially triples your summons by granting them each a couple shadowy copies (so you can crank that 250 to 750!).
And Voidsender from FFXIV allows you to summon voidwrought enemies prettymuch without limit.

>> No.47728235


Jesus Christ, my plan of ignoring plotlines and becoming Shub Niggurath are more viable than I thought.

>> No.47728263

this sounds like a good plan tell me more.

>> No.47728360

And so the thread dies only to be reborn again. . .

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