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Come Out Ye Black And Tans Edition

Last thread: >>47710788
Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu

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Anything related to spiders?

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Re-posting for the new thread.

Right. For the anon who was interested yesterday I'll run a game sunday. or at the very least make a thread. Since you are a new suit you use 200 points, but if old players join be warned they use 300+ points due to playing the game for so long.

The operation name is operation "Seadogs"

Prompt is after the bright offensive arc but before the civil war arc. This is when Command was cracking down on power and solidifying their positions and liberated cites.

Captain Jack. "Alright pilots. Not all of you are ready for a navel operation, but the ACMP (armor corps military police) need our help and that means I can pull you guys into this mess. Now as you might know, the faction "Phoenix Collective" use mercs to do odd jobs and fight battles for cash. Well some of them did their own work and captured a TA capital size ship and have been using it to privater the Mediterranean sea. Now AC and ACMP didn't care about what they did until they started to "tax" allied shipping in the area. Talks are breaking down and this is becoming a problem. We want you to capture them and the ship. We might be sending you soldiers in, but try not to blow the damn things up. They won't come in without a fight so just don't blow everything up. Good luck and good hunting pilots. You have 24 hours to ready up. Jack out."

Also the game will be at 12 PM CST SUNDAY.

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'Ere you go senpai

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Please fuck off to your own threads.

I'm so glad I left that shithole, especially now since I see that you're still a part of it.

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Go somewhere else with this please.

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Yan is best girl. She is a hero of justice!

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Plant dragon rules all
Bonus points for allowing you to bear literal dragon fruit

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It's cool man. I'll be hosting in /qst/ as per the rules.

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Doom-esque CYOA is completed.

Short and sweet, I find it.

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2nd page is kind of short, but the 1st page is kind of long so it balances out I think.

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>Orb of Life
Obligatory immortality option.
She sounds like a generally great girl who's got her shit together, hopefully she can help me get my shit together as well. And her bonuses are pretty nice as well.
Yin was tempting at first, but I doubt I'd be able help her much with her guilt and post-killing breakdowns.
Miya is also pretty great, and the benefits gained from marrying her are amazing, but it feels a bit too powergame-y.
>Ghost Writer
I won't take credit for anything she writes but it would be nice to have someone who could act as an editor and beta reader and help me generate ideas.
>Body Swap
Obligatory (non-little, hopefully) girl option; I'd like to stay in her form all the time, I hope she doesn't mind.
>Real Form
Hot lesbian dickings.And romantic picnics, LANs, etc..
>Dream Gateway
I don't really care about any of these options, I just chose Dream Gateway because it's use is improved by the Deeper Magical Bond.
>Deeper Magical Bond
Sounds comfy, romantic, hot, etc., what's not to like?

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Why did the mods have to take box wine from us? Are we not allowed to have fun?

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Berserk 2
Demon Eater 2
Frenzied 2
Combat Suit
Spiked Knuckles
Nail Grenade
Fire Grenade
Bulk 5
Vera Ryabova
Gates of Hell
King of Hell


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Is his power STILL out?

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What happened?

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Here, I fixed it for you.

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Sweet, thanks!

You can't take companions with the suit. You gotta go alone.

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Mods banned his phone.

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Over what exactly?

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You should probably just say 1 less companion, because I guess I missed what that last line meant. But maybe I'm just retarded.

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Thinking of doing something very similar to this one with a quest system and equipment/rewards as well. Ideas?

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'Ban evasion'. Basically they fucked something up.

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That's not what those spoilers were supposed to look like, how about this?
Individually spoilered words.

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Considering you didn't pick enemies either, I'd say you are retarded. :^)

To be honest though, I probably should make it more explicit. Also I just realized I spelled Crowbar as Crowbow. Fuck.

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Some kind of loli battle machine

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Hey Ordion, for the empire cyoa how would an alpha therianthrope mesh with a gorgon?

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I picked 5 bulks.

But now I realize I was probably supposed to pic 5 different ones wasn't I.

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>Hey Ordion, for the empire cyoa how would an alpha therianthrope mesh with a gorgon?

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You're like the third person that's said they're going to remake that CYOA and then didn't follow through.

Just sayin'

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Really? Damn, must be cursed or something. Still gonna try though I don't have much skill in making these.

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>I picked 5 bulks.
>But now I realize I was probably supposed to pic 5 different ones wasn't I.

Fuck i just realized I quoted the wrong one, sorry.

Uh...I haven't thought of that honestly. I guess you'd have a snake like lower body?

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Could it be possible for a therianthrope gorgon to go full snek mode?

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I suppose so. I haven't thought of it that far, to be honest.

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2much snek

>> No.47716786

Only with minions is it too much snek.

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She does "defeat" criminals.

Huh, people had the same issues with spoilers last thread Yeah, Twile's a bit weaker in the item selection, but she makes up for it in other areas.

Here's links to Branching Heart in the last thread:
>>47710904 Fei La & Mishe
>>47710938 Twile & Harmony
>>47710983 Omne & Pan
>>47711012 Alice & Andrea
>>47711031 Kaila & Jeanne

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And here's page 2.

>>47711047 Kataline & Floof
>>47711064 Saki & Oki
>>47711085 Chere & Yin
>>47713393 Lillan & Bloom
>>47713427 #056 (Bunny) & Medi (NEWEST)

And then there's:
>>47711196 Miya

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Here's the Library page.

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All I can say is good luck. Fate seems against you

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He only reposts the whole thing when the archive doesn't have the old pages, so you're probably going to have to pay up right now

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That was just 3 pages, anon.

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Can you answer the questions I had in my builds for Chere and Yin >>47704979 here?

I missed the newest four, huh. I'll post my builds for them when I get back home.

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Every time I see "SS CYOA" up there I get my hopes up real high.

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I have a weird thing with /ss/. I like the idea of it, the size difference + cute aspect mostly, but irl it's so different...
For me it's about self-inserting as the one getting /ss/ed but I can't even picture a situation where it's not weird and gross as fuck. Most of my dislike for the fetish (70:30), is rooted in genuine...disgust. Like disliking seeing a dozen spider give birth on your pillow. Not even moral disgust, I just find it weird and gross. Yet I still like older sister/woman harems...and try to include that shit in all the games I play and the builds made for CYOAs.

Sorry for the blog.

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Asked enough questions last thread, time to actually make the build.


>Orb of Life
>Library - Bonus used
>Employment - Data Entry

Seemed like a dick move to not give her a choice in the matter. Takes away my backup, as I doubt Yin would willingly do what she's hated doing up to this point.

>Deal: Taken

Ball-and-Chain mode: Engaged. Maybe Yin will be a dear and help me out with work.

>Help Out: Sewing

Something Yin actually likes doing.

>Death Sight
>Cross Cloak
>Dullahan Scythe

Scythe and Sight for full vigilante-mode. Wanted the Armor, but without Yan as backup, had to choose the Cloak instead.

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I posted this last thread, and since then, I've gotten more and more interested in the idea of PvP. Can someone direct me on how I do this.

I'm not sure what/how you PvP on a CYOA but a made a build.

Suit Type: Fortress

Features: Flight (180)

Body Type: Biped

Suit AI: Engineer (170)

Suit UI: Brain Implant (150)

HUD: Advanced Suit Status (145), Radar (135)

Comms: FSOT (125), Comm buoy (115), Defense Maze (105)

Weapons: Rail Rifle (85)

Drones: Scavenger x1 (75) [We can just use that to make more? Right?]

Upgrades: EC II/III (55), Cyber Brain (45), Uplift (35), Power Transfer (30)

Nanites: Hydra (20), Mycelium I/II (0)

The plan? Shit about in space telling people what to do, and occasionally firing shells at people who get pissy, chilling out with my Robo-Bro as we command a city-leveling mech, hearing the call of adventure, but hiding in space, because no-one can hear adventure call in space.

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finally what anon?

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Site has been mostly down for two hours.

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any of you got the Empire cyoa?

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Gimme like 10 minutes to post the entire thing and I will.

>> No.47717105

That or he did it. You never know.

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There's a page 4 with companions to.

>Beyond Human

>Focus 2 (free because Magical)
>Endurance 3
>Durability 3
>Immunity 3
>Directed Energy Attack 3
>Self Healing 3
>Strength 1
>Passion 1
>Self Improvement 2
>Flight 1
>Agility 3
>Enhanced Senses 1
>Stealth 1
>Reflexes 3 (3 because Valuable)

>Training (free because Military)
>Unique Weapon (magical melee weapon like lightsaber, powered by my passion)
>Armour (stylish armour)
>Reputation (known for being kind but very emotional and passionate by coworkers)
>Prime Subject (free because Fiona)

>Samuel Mason
>Yuito Kataoka
>Fiona Dawley

>find book of magic in old library
>start learning simple magic only to discover it's owned by ancient magical being
>mysterious being offers to help make me super powerful sorceress in exchange for favors
>military notices me because magic has changed my appearance
>military decide I'm valuable and capture me
>they destroy book and owner (prime subject)
>forced to work for military instead of magical benefactor
>kick butt of evil terrorist groups with help from Samuel and Yuito
>do lots of good, but have trouble with public image because 9 feet tall with wings and have bitchy reporter trying to make me look bad
>will have to find a way to deal with annoying reporter, but unfortunately can't just kill her

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Wait which empire? The most recent one?

>> No.47717148

I wondered why no-one was posting
Can you guys see this?

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>> No.47717212

Well, it's pretty slow. So anyone got any new CYOAs they want to post?

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>> No.47717222

Orb of life

Girl: Lillan
Job: Artistry
Treatments: acrobatics and strength(library)
Gift: Vita churro (literally the only way I can fuck her)

>> No.47717223

> build niichan
> buy equipment
> select party
> pick adventures
> prepare for hora-horas

I'd enjoy this.

>> No.47717229

Oh, okay. I didn't want to repost it if people could see it.

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Of course it's different IRL. Real people are gross, and anime just isn't (most of the time).

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Someone, perhaps Ordion, needs to turn this into a pdf.

>> No.47717289

PDF causes horrible and ugly artifacting. Anyone trying to put 7 imaged pages in a PDF will get something unreadable as the product.

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Well that sucks.

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Alright that's it in it's entirety anon.

>> No.47717438

Speaking of which. How long does the archive last? I've had it time out on me before, but it was on a pretty old thread. Anyone know some definite metrics on it?

Oh, I hadn't seen that, likely due to the cross-thread links. Thanks for pointing it out. Let's see.
I like you idea to have the Dream Home be a bunker. Not only does it help isolate her from others, but you could have a nice theme going on with a big vault door and a huge stockpile of Wilkins Instant Coffee.
Yeah, Lock-Out means you can't see any supernatural creature (except those of the same type as Chere... which very likely don't exist, at least not in any significant number), so you might want to switch to surveillance.
With Materials Handling, you don't have to make her clean up her birthplace. You could have her clean up nuclear waste elsewhere. She'd be happy feeling productive doing that. And with Power Supply, if you can get her over it, she'll be fine. You just need to make her feel like more than a battery. Just don't expect too much energy early on in your relationship.
You understood Lattice Shell correctly. The limit is that she'll have to be near you & it doesn't block radiation.
I don't really see any questions about Yin. Though I noticed that although you went with the bonus, you didn't pick an extra enchantment / soul item. It was nice of you to pick Sewing.
Sorry my response took so long. I kept getting "Connection error."

Poor Saki. Is it just the tsun that makes her disliked or are her boons that underwhelming?

Well, if you want to be direct, yes, you need the churro, but given her size, she might prefer different methods.
Posting the newest page here since I get an image anyway & so that any questions about it have something more appropriate to link to. After all, I can't see (You)s in cross-thread links to reply.

I'm going to sleep. I'll reply to anything else tomorrow.

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>Lurking in /trash/, /tg/, and /qst/ cause I'm me
>Some fag spent a few hours today making a CYOA from one of Beri's templates with a bunch of submissions from across the board
Huh. Not gonna post it, cause blue board, but yeah. I guess everyone like CYOA.

>> No.47717454

I think it's 5 to 7 days or something?

>> No.47717466

>Sorry my response took so long. I kept getting "Connection error."
Site was down for 2 hours, a few anons managed to slip a post or two in but otherwise inaccessible.

>> No.47717470

>one of Beri's templates
Wait, I wanna see it, now. Can't you link?

Huh, that's a bit more than I thought it lasted.

>> No.47717487

It used to be 3, they upped it at some point.

>> No.47717501

I can link, yeah.
It's the Genie template.

>> No.47717520

>It's all just furshit
What a disappointment.

>> No.47717523

Why do you think it's on trash?

>> No.47717528

hi, I'm a degenerate and decided to do something for /trash/ cause mixed interests. Feel free to call it shit.

>> No.47717539

I saw it as 'huge boob appreciation' and expected better taste.

See >>47717520

>> No.47717553

I hate decentralization.
In my view, CYOA should stay exclusively on /tg/. It's really annoying seeing it spread around and causing problems and that makes it impossible to keep track of OC.

>> No.47717582

I saw that now. And it was all of /trash/, I just asked around and said I'd post there with the final product. Most of the pics are Furry, but only 5 of them are explicitly furry if you read it.

>> No.47717599

That does mean never ever posting nsfw CYOAs which isn't a position I can really support. Not everything needs to be lewd, but I still do wish that /d/ CYOA threads could exist. That's really down to people shitting it up for everyone else, though.

>> No.47717604

Then how would people post CYOAs that aren't fit for the blue boards?

>> No.47717608

I just expected more acceptable lush human titties and not animals and dicks. Whatever though. Anyway I agree with >>47717553 , I like to keep track of everything and this kind of thing makes that too hard.

>> No.47717609

So I don't really come on this board, but reading all these CYOAs are really interesting.

What do you guys do with them, just write storys or make a tabletop game out of them?

>> No.47717616

>Decentralization and /tg/ exclusivity
I disagree, as you may imagine. Choose Your Own Adventure are an art form of a description and not something a Mongolian Finger-painting board should lay "exclusivity claim" to.
If you want me to put it somewhere to be "recorded," I'm happy to put it there, link related for the 32-bit version.

>> No.47717623

You can make lewd CYOAs without putting in nsfw images. It happens here all the time.

Grognard booru has CYOAs uploaded iirc.

>> No.47717640

Some of us write stories, yeah.
Others imagine scenarios with them and just enjoy them in our heads.
Tabletop games using bits from them happen on occasion. You might be interested in the Towergirls, CYOA, has its own thread here on /tg/, they have some pretty wide variety and incorporation. I know some people used the Princesses from it in some tabletop games. And some guys over there make stories sometimes.

>> No.47717654

Thank you anon.
For the big orc dick and the sexual stamina
>Warrior, Ranger
Pure physical power
Unarmed, Embolden, Juggernaut, Aggressive Defence
Trapsmith, Potion Crafting, Poison Crafting, Bow Mastery
>Housecarl Armour

Prison's Scouts

Green Hell

Five Decade Siege

>Imperial City
Horn of Augustus
Food from Blackwood

Purge the Rulers
Purge of the Falseol


Wrestle and smash every enemy I face, crafting potions to keep myself healed up. Then I marry all the waifus at once and use my increased stamina+stamina potions for nonstop porking.

>> No.47717665

Ah, that would explain it.

I see. That makes sense, then.

That was... something. Though some clearly has problems, there were some worthwhile options in there. I noticed a typo in the genie word bubble. I'm gonna have to fix that tomorrow. In any case, I'm gonna actually go to sleep now.

>> No.47717668

I guess the pocket slime might be more into being turned used as an onahole, but at her size most heterosexual sex will involve her rubbing and/or being rubbed by a penis as big as she is. Or possibly just bukkakeing her with proportionally huge loads.

>> No.47717672

Does the bunny have childlike learning capacity if we fix her personality?

>> No.47717733

>General perks:
Youthful (not full Loli, more like a 4'8" 14 year old with b cup tits and a juicy butt)
Monster manual
>General drawbacks
>bee girl perks
Bee yourself (looks like a normal human girl with a non-big like stinger shaped like a spike, bee wings, and antennas wearing a pink and white striped miniskirt with no underwear and a "crop top" around the breasts made of translucent honey)
Sting like a bee (got to have a defense if any fat old men try to fuck me. Not having that.)
It's good for you (all I have to eat is honey, pretty useful)
Bee resourceful (coupled with its good for you, I never have to make honey or buy food again)
Beeline for the hospital
It's the bees knees
I can't beelieve (why would you NOT take this?)

I have created my perfect waifu.

>> No.47717744

Thanks Beri, I like your shit.

>> No.47717772

If I were to take a guess as to why Saki is disliked, it's personality. Just off my opinions, she doesn't really come off as Tsun, she comes off more as an asshole. There's nothing that hints anything other than "Disdain for everything" about her page. The bonus feels like an afterthought that is completely at odds with the way her personality seemed. So yeah, you probably turned up the Tsun Way too far. As for boons, I think it's just a matter of Saki is too much of an ass to be worth dealing with. If they were better, people might give the answer "I'll deal with her for it". If she wasn't so extremely rude, people might pick her because they like her.
Mind that I'm trying to rationalize the answer based off my own perceptions and that they are probably not entirely accurate.

>> No.47717786

>You can make lewd CYOAs without putting in nsfw images. It happens here all the time.
You can eat food without tasting, too. Happens all the time.

But you are right, and I do appreciate those CYOAs. Still, that does narrow the medium unnecessarily. Plus, the posters here aren't all that into the sorts of discussions I would rather have on another board, even if it is strictly speaking work safe. I don't expect people posting on /tg/ to have to deal with me talking in depth about my fetishes, for example.

>> No.47717827

This Anon gets it.

>> No.47717902

I'm pretty sure all the magical realm threads disagree - discussing what fetishes people have is apparently fairly popular here. At least in the "did you hear there's a guy who tried to seduce the Slaad NPCs" sense.

>> No.47717952

Not him.
That's 4chan's equivalent of gossip. Discussing and shitting on other people, usually their fetishes.
Generally, you don't talk about it except in circles (threads in this case) that see it as "acceptable." Any other thread and it's derailing.

>> No.47718038

Got one here

>> No.47718108



Raise Skeleton
Soul Drain

Summon Beetles
Summon Hydra
Summon Golem
Summon Dummy

Wizard Armor

Aghanims Staff
Orchid of Malevolence

The Prisons Scouts

The Reach

The Five Decade Siege

The Horn of Augustus
Siege the City

Purge the Rulers
Purge the Falseol

Glayx Thunderborn
Cynthia Vergo
Faradia Daelith
Claire LaFaille

Egotistical goblin warlock with a heart of gold and a stomach for horrific violence. At least, when he's letting someone else do it for him. He does try to make sure that those doing it for him are well supported though. Keeps a harem of strong women around him at all times. He likes the challenge.

>> No.47718123

>Row 1 Column 2, those fucking pancakes
Why must such sexy masses of batter be subjected to such lewd fantasies.

>> No.47718157

>Taking an example and changing it, then claiming it's a bad analogy is not really something someone does in good faith.
Didn't change it anywhere at all. I pointed out that the rules are strict there, a lot stricter than the very loose rules you're comparing it to. I also pointed out another situation where the analogy breaks down.

You're still focusing on something irrelevant to the point, by the way.

>But I guess if you cared about that you wouldn't be trollfacing
I'm doing that because it triggers you :^) You need to be triggered just like anyone else who's both very wrong and very self-righteous. It's pretty much your only hope.

>pretending to claim you were someone else after admitting you weren't
No idea where you got this. I only said one thing on this prior to that post, and that was that it wasn't me, here >>47715484 though it really was only through implication.

>> No.47718183

>I need a picture of titties to get my winky hard in an imagination game

>> No.47718248


The archive lasts 7 days.
If you want a longer lasting archive, there's offsite ones like https://warosu.org/ (this thread would be https://warosu.org/tg/thread/S47715021 ) and https://desustorage.org/
Sometimes one or both are down though.

As for saki, I'd say
is probably right.
If I were to narrow it down specifically, there's tsun and then there's opening with "You're stupid and ugly, no offense".

>she might prefer different methods.

>> No.47718263



Realm: Not-So-Evil Hangout

>Affinity: Dark and Illusion
>Size class: Giant
>Race: Celestial and Undead

Boss perks

Race One: Average Undead (Vampires)
>3 Recruiters
>3 Scouts
>2 Agents
Race Two: Average Demonic (Succubi)
>1 Recruiters
>1 Harem

Minion perks
>Talented (Musician)
>Specialty (Charisma)

Realm perks


Plan is to have lair for dragons, vampires, succubi, and other fun-loving creatures of darkness to hide out. Recruiters will spread rumors about this domain in dark circles, but it's hidden so only people who really want to can find it. So like a not-so-secret secret club. Lair is always changing and visitors are watched closely because we don't need any hero types causing mischief. We'd have more fun playing tricks on invaders and trying to bring them to the dark side than actually hurting anyone, except the occasional blood sacrifice of course.....

>> No.47718276

Clearly he's saying she might rather do something like jerk you off with her whole body or get fingered. You know, typical minigirl stuff.

>> No.47718330

..yes? I'm sorry, is this controversial?

>> No.47718349

You're supposed to use your imagination, mate. Needing images is very un-/tg/.

>> No.47718351

>Bombardier II, Heavy Weapons Guy II, Sharpshooter I, Frenzied! I
>Combat Suit
>Railgun, Machinegun, Grenade Launcher
>MIRV Grenade, Gravity Grenade
>Hurt Me Plenty: Zombies, Chaos Marines, Cacodemons, Succubi
>The Broodmothers, The Corruptors, Kill All Demons
>Combat Suit

Dunno if it was intentional, but the companions are pretty bland this time around, making the Combat Suit the best option to take.

>> No.47718380

If we didn't want something to base our imagined scenarios on, I'm not sure we'd have a CYOA thread. /s

>> No.47718413

Dunno about you, but I play text CYOAs just fine.

>> No.47718416


What sort of options would there be?

20pts: Healslut - He's an adorable little guy, always worrying about you. He has some healing and defensive magic, but is rather fragile on his own. Out of combat, he'll make sure that the party always brought enough supplies and takes care of themselves.

10pts: Domestic - He has no problems doing chores, and is a very good cook. Enjoys watching you eat things he makes and receiving headpats for his work.

+25pts: Impure Rival - Somewhere out there is a big girl with no little guy of her own, and she's set her sights on taking yours. But unlike you, her affections and anything but pure, so keep on the lookout if you don't want your boy and his virtue snatched away.

>> No.47718418

mlp cyoa when?

>> No.47718425

Global Rule 15.

>> No.47718456

>text CYOAs

Unless you're talking about your own OC, that's still a base provided by someone else.

On the relevant board, numbnuts.

>capcha want's grass so bad it makes me pick 15 pictures with grass in them.

>> No.47718472

>that's still a base provided by someone else
Are you being dumb on purpose? We're specifically talking about images. You don't need images to make a good lewd.

>> No.47718484

There's a bunch already anon.

>> No.47718492

Strength 3 22
Durability 3 19
Reflexes 2 17
Flight 3 14
Agility 3 11
Enhances senses 3 8
Immunity 3 5
Endurance 3 2
Energy attack 1 1
Healing 1 0
Expert perk
Traitor +3
Valuable +3
Memory loss +3
Passion 1 8
Training 3 5
Healing 3 3
Mental 2 1
Focus 1 0

Time to be Superman

>> No.47718568

If you're going to provide a straight line to a post marked as sarcasm, you're going to get an equally sarcastic response.

Also, some people are bad at this whole "imagination" thing. If it was easy to simply imagine the lewds in sufficient fidelity we wouldn't have nearly as much porn.

>> No.47718605

The primary way is by not pursuing career paths in which we would be just another faceless mook.

>> No.47718630

>Library - Bonus used

No, bad anon. You are interfering with her important job.

>> No.47718635

Just to clarify my original post, I don't actually "need" lewd images. As I said earlier, I do appreciate and enjoy the all-text ones as well.

But images are nice. That was the point of my metaphor, having the lewd pictures is kind of like the flavor for food. You don't really need it but you're gonna choose it if you have the option.

>> No.47718667

>implying the oblong horror from beyond space and time is making objectively correct decisions on who to kill.

(Something, something, blue and orange morality, even if it gets things right it's not using the correct logic to arrive at the result, something.)

>> No.47718676

Normally I prefer images, but with lewd i actually don't. Remember the reaction to your version of a gallery here? People hating it for the pictures? An ugly, gross, or picture that plain doesn't fit into a fetish with an option I'd otherwise find appealing puts me off of it completely. The power of imagination, and plain text, prevent that.

>> No.47718740

I am but a simple man, Anon. If my waifu suffers, I must assist.

>> No.47718767

I think >>47717223 meant a cyoa from the perspective of the shota building his warrior nee-chan, but either perspective could work. I think the idea has merit but I wish I had any ideas to contribute other than just saying "i like it".

>> No.47718823

Bunny VS Fei La.

Bunny has better perks. Full shapeshifting for both of you and you get to stay human looking. Ironically the succubus has a better personality. She's more lovable, while Bunny is more fuckable. I think Bunny goes to my #3 spot though, after Twile and Fei La, but before Jeanne and Andrea.

I'm thinking if I did a build for bloom I'd probably end up with a planted girl harem. Normally I go for the nice, if lewd route, which means no slaves or abuse, but I really don't see any reason to go that way with her.

I probably should go ahead and make a build for everyone. Twile will always be my #1 unless you manage to make something absolutely perfect, the only way I can think to improve her would basically to make her more "powerful" one way or another.

>> No.47718844

I keep meaning to ask. Does Bloom's pollen work on the planted girls? I'm pretty sure it doesn't work on bloom herself. I know they aren't humans but if you are going to make an exception for anything it would be them.

>> No.47718860

With the Library perk, Bunny can grow more of a personality.

>> No.47718862

I'd honestly prefer if it didn't myself. Better control over who goes lewd.

>> No.47718909

>Yan isn't his waifu

>> No.47718945

Hurt Me Plenty

Good Doctor x1
Heavy Weapons Guy x1
Scrounger x2

Heavy Armor
Gravity Grenade

Greater Imps

Stanley Hearns

The Captured Angel
Let My People Go
Payback Time


Ammo shouldn't be as big of a problem with Scrounger 2. Can comfortably use medipacks as weapons with Scrounger 2 as well. Stanley covers my damage over time with explosives and melee. Goal is to free the angel, then with its help construct a gateway for the army to invade hell.

>> No.47719134

Sorry if this has already been asked and answered, but where'd you get the pictures of the coordinator lady with the glowing eyes?

>> No.47719146

Every thread I swear to Christ.

>> No.47719225

She CAN, but she doesn't have one to start with. I think I made this same argument to the writer of Girly Curse. I can't choose someone based on the personality they might eventually have or that I might force them to have.

>> No.47719233

If it doesn't though then the only person I can really use it on is myself. Not that that isn't fun, but it would be more fun to share.

>> No.47719242

I disagree anon, you don't want fat Bill from next door to get a whiff of pollen and come rape your plant girlfriend.

>> No.47719249

It's not like Yan's gone, she's just not in full control anymore. It's unfortunate that there's no middle ground, that I might spend time with them both without either having 100% control, but such is life.

At best, I could attempt to convince them to cooperate, but I am not a skilled wordsmith.

>> No.47719417

I might have gone a little overboard.
I rather like the idea of the legate being an older gorgon that goes into battle to kind of help show off their race's strength to the empire.

Warrior Illusionist
Agile, tough, mighty, slow time, doppelganger, and truth-seeker.
Experience coupled with a more support orientated magic style leads to staying power within war. Those doppelgangers are always an asset as well

Melee Mastery
Voice Mastery
If she’s going to be an unusual and out of place member of the legion she might as well turn that image into something imposing and befitting of a gorgon’s unusual stature. And also maybe turn a warning hiss into something much more fearful for the enemy.

Lot of good supplemental things with illusionist and with the scepter, she can readily spread my magic further and help out the companions in the back ranks.

Arcane Armor
To help empower the illusions at her disposal as well as add to her eventual visage of terror. The helmet might hinder her sneks though.

Aghanim’s scepter
Scepter’s largely for pre-battle preparation and to have a clone help the sniper or cleric in the back while she uses the greatsword to help her warrior companions and more cc orientated illusions in battle.

Captain Cornelia Magna – a sniper is always useful and being able to entrench herself in a makeshift trap nest protects her and the rest from flankers either through traps going off or revealing themselves to her and Aphrodite.


>> No.47719432

>Gem of imagination
Insainly OP. I'll take it. It can recreate the rest of the things with no side effects.

If not that than the emperors crown

>> No.47719471

So I'm assuming Aghanim's Scepter is two-handed?

>> No.47719477

Sir Charles Pelletier – Nothing better than two warrior/illusionists. Him having a hammer compliments and plays off the gorgon’s use of a greatsword and could allow them to switch between a support or offense role depending on which weapon is needed more.
Aphrodite Saralla - Such a cute snek, picked for her possible synergy with Cornelia and the cloned legate. The mobility is an added bonus too and also the potential better heals if she can be encouraged to be more of a cleric than summoner. Oh the avenues her dragon opens up helped as well
Yagmurz Ironbones - The mobility and power of beast form lends well to either complimenting Pelletier and the legate through coordinated attacks or as a warrior capable of going after troublesome targets mid-battle if Sverker’s occupied.
Centurion Sverker the Skald – Like Yagmurz, Sverker provides a surprisingly good defense through offense by covering the legate and Pelletier’s flanks while they’re fighting the main hoard and using his opportunistic style to take advantage of the large amount of illusions being cast upon the enemy. Could double as an anti-mage if he synergizes well with the illusionists to the point where they could throw a paralyze or time dilate over to his target.

Scouts – Used as a platform so the companions and men serving under the legate can learn what to expect from each other and the legate. The success leads to the rather odd situation of Aphrodite offering her hand in marriage leading to the Legate asking if she’d really want an old snake like her and eventually accepting after the war.

Brightstar – After the companions have something of an idea on what to expect while fighting together the legate marches onto Brightstar and hopefully gets through most of it quietly through ample use of illusions, Sverker’s stealth, and the two ranged members possibly providing a distraction if a fight breaks out before the gate starts to rise.

>> No.47719493

Wayfern – If time’s on the legate’s side, she’ll probably see if she can have Cornelia(with Sverker’s help) lay down numerous explosives traps near and around the entrance and perhaps a little bit into the city under the cover of night. If successful, it leads to a plan where the legate uses most of the ranged units to draw out the golems and any potential enemies with the intention of severely weakening or disabling the golems making the falseol easier to clean up. Should the Legate’s first plan not be viable a rather plain operation of the using tight corridors and the Legate supporting Pelletier (and other blunt users) against the golems and other enemies with aerial support (Sarallas and Cornelia) while Sverker and Yagmurz go around taking care of the ranged units.
Green Hell – Should be much easier with all the stuff found in Wayfern, and possibly using Aphrodite’s dragon to burn large section or two to potential route the beasts. After the outpost is established, begin using it as a staging ground with the orcs help and work on ways to herd large amounts of falseol into the Hell’s depths. Also might up using it as a possible training area for newer recruits to get them to realize not everything will be glorious.
50 Siege – The boons granted by lifting the siege are obvious, though the most beneficial ones are the experience against the ruling class and getting the legate, her companions, and her fellow soliders used to the northern climate making the push onto Issfror easy since they’d be somewhat acclimated to the cold.
Issfror – Using the experience, arms, and knowledge gained from lifting the siege, the legate and her group sneak in and have an easier time of hamstringing the falseol leadership due to having a better idea of how they act, fight, and what would separate them from the normal ones leading to a more thorough sweep of Winterstar before the flare is launched.

>> No.47719497

>Imperial City
Blackwood – The sooner the supply lines are raided the more effective the siege shall be. Aphrodite’s familiarity with flying, Yagmurz’s werewolf form, and Cornerlia’s pirate history all factor into finding their trails and routes easily leading to a practical plan to hit the most amount of caravans no matter the conditions.
Horn – While the potential loss is there, the moral boost to both the entire legion and the many iceborns within its ranks make it a task worthy of doing. The added fire power during the siege doesn’t hurt either.

Siege – While the legate joined to help the Legion retake Nolvornia, she had a desire to see them take back their city on their own and went about helping through other means instead of being directly involved.

Ruling Class – Legate ends up telling Aphrodite to stay back and Cornelia takes to a sniper perch meanwhile the Legate, Sverker, and Yagmurz sneak in with some bombs to block off various entrances and weaken various key points in the temple. As it’s happening the legion’s vast numbers will surround the temple hopefully drawing out a good portion of the fighting force. After the bombs are set and one last bigger bomb is set to take out the foundation with the intention of collapsing the temple and ending most of the non-combatants quickly while whatever remains of the fighting force is picked off.

Purge – Similar to the previous operation, only the Legate directs Aphrodite to help with leading whatever clerics and healers they have while the Legate and the rest of the companions join with the legion to grind everything to dust and to hopefully lessen whatever guilt is felt.

>> No.47719506

Probably, the creator might specified it as one handed if it wasn't

>> No.47719525

I was wondering because he bothered to specify the Orchid Malevolence as two-handed.

>> No.47719541

That doesn't have anything to do with whether or not it works on the Planted Girls. It will definitely work on any other human, so it's up to you to contain it.

>> No.47719555

Problem with planet girls is it could force incest you don't want.

>> No.47719560

Odd well considering everything about it, it is probably safe to assume it's a two hander

>> No.47719679

what is the general consensus of jumpchain?
im new to cyoa

>> No.47719682

They are already at the middle ground. Yan only has control when Yin deliberately hands over control or an order arrives from "above" that there is someone who needs to die.

>> No.47719703

This thread hates them, because infighting and drama. If you're interested, stop by their thread and try it. People here are biased. Hell so are they, but no matter what nobody can tell you what you enjoy, so if you like their stuff then that's how it is.

>> No.47719712

Go to the jumpchain thread and ask that or else.

>> No.47719716

Most of them suck

>> No.47719737

High volume, low quality. Glad it moved to a different thread.

>> No.47719771

Threads: Imagine a world where the Anti-Spiral, Evil Konata Izumi, and the pictured autist all post regularly.

Content: Have you ever seen a fanwork where you knew damn well the author doesn't know their stuff? That's most of it.

>> No.47719775


>> No.47719784

jesus christ do they even do research?

>> No.47719789

You've been warned about doing this shit, boil.

>> No.47719798


>> No.47719842

straight shota

>> No.47719848

>Scrounger 2
>Frenzied 2
>Incendiary Grenade

>Ultra Violence
>Greater Imps

>Combat Suit
>Bombardier 2
>Rocket Launcher
>Gravity Grenade

>Kill all demons

I like it, the only things missing are a super shotgun and a chainsaw

>> No.47719981

>The Empires People
The Vigics
>Gifts of The Emperor
Assasian & Tinker
>Passive Skills
Cloak & Dagger
Repair Bots
>Assassin Skills
Silent Death
Thrill of Death
Short Blade Mastery
>Tinker Skills
Orcish Armour
Rifle 2H Variant
>The Campaign
Fort Brightstar
The Prison Scouts
>Retaking The South
The Reach
>Retaking The North
The Five Decade Siege
>The Imperial City
Food From Blackwood
Siege The City
>The Underdeep
Put Down The Beast
Purge of The Falseol
Melayni Firebreather
Aphrodite Saralla
Bruttia Sicarius
Centurion Marcus

>> No.47720013


Well, I'm not expecting to like this because I don't like minigirls that much, but let's see.

Dream Home
Library of the Supernatural

Artistry - What's the world record for smallest painting? ...With all those microscopic stuff, probably beyond even Lillan. Still fun though.

Acrobatics - Jumpman, Jumpman, Jumpman, that girl's on to something...

Grape Potion - Choosing this for... no particular reason. Hey, I left my grape juice bottle out there. And I forgot which is which. Ah, I'm really thirsty...

Bonus - Let's take them all! I think Lillan would find... Strength the most useful, probably?

Ranks #16, between Chere and Saki - minigirls just aren't my thing. Sorry.

She's the one that knows all our pretty songs...

Dream Home - I guess I shouldn't throw stones anymore...
Library of the Supernatural

Nectar - I'd rather choose pollen... but I'm allergic! (I'll switch if the pollen doesn't trigger allergies.)

Prehensile Vines - Bulbasaur!

Planted Girl - Are they, like, sentient if I don't say "Be yourself?" I could use one to say "Get your mother food and stuff, and remember to water her twice a day."

Bonus - Leafy Clothes. I have drones(?) to help out, right?

Ranks #14, between Omne and Kaila.

I really like her personality, but I'm really not good at taking care of plants or pets. Even my pet tortoise ran (well, walked) away when I wasn't looking.

(10 or 11? I lost count/6)

>> No.47720015 [SPOILER] 


>> No.47720111

Blue board!

>> No.47720117

Is that how it's supposed to be?
Drawn anime nipples make your dick hard, but if the nipples are covered then nothing?

>> No.47720162

>see snek tail and get excited
>its a castrated boy rather than a hot girl

>> No.47720217

Is it? I thought it was a small chested girl hiding her tits with the ground and rock. I'm sorry I failed you.

>> No.47720228


#056 "BUNNY":
Well, mindless sex slaves are not my fetish unless I'm the slave, but I'll try anyway.

Library of the Supernatural - Pretty much mandatory if I want to have a real relationship.
Surveillance - Anon and Bunny Make a Porno. How's a Playboy Mansion replica sound?

Factory Default - I mean, it's the default. Can't go wrong.

Pit Stop - Baby, you can drive my car...

Instant Bed - We're gonna need to clean it a lot. Wonder if it circumvents Surveillance? ...Probably not.

Bonus - Awww yeah. Wait, "melt"? That's horrifying! ...Time to never leave the house.

Ranks: #13, between Alice and Omne. We're bringing sexy back, minus the "y."

Hey, I'm pretty sure I used this picture in one of my old builds for an unrelated CYOA. Wasn't even remotely doctor-like though. I just needed to find a pic of a girl with tentacles and large breasts.

Orb of Life
Library of the Supernatural - Follow your dreams!

Musician - if the point of this is integration and acceptance, a few successful albums could go a long way...

Tentacles - How about on my back or something? I could be good at multitasking!

Scylla Leggings - I mean, if you're gonna be working with sharp objects.

Bonus - Sex Change. Forbidden tentacle love forever!

Ranks #8, between Yin and Mishe. Not the Lovecraftian cultist of my usage of the picture... which is probably a good thing.

(2, or 12/6 simplified)

>> No.47720295

anon, it's too early for this bait

>> No.47720352

What it's the truth? I just left out how I ended up grabbed it without looking too closely.

>> No.47720358

Beri, what do you use to create your CYOAs?

Also, have you considered a "you can have more than one roommate" option for BH? Perhaps at the expense of personal gifts/powers/favors?

>> No.47720402

I'm used to that furry who posts boys and says they're girls, and won't fucking shut up about it
Fuck, and now I've summoned him.
No one likes your fetish / any fetish they don't have themself

>> No.47720408

a rather quick hiatus,
anyway new page will be much slower.

>> No.47720417

major change to the companion page

>> No.47720425


>> No.47720435


>> No.47720439

>Frenzied level 2
>Demon eater level 2
My code name is... naked demon.
>Needing a perk to shoot pistols
>Needing a perk to shoot anything but miniguns and rpgs
Bullshit, I'm a American, I took ccw classes for a week. I know how a pistol works.
>heavy armor
>spiked knuckles
>Frag grenades
If it ain't broke, don't fix it. That, and I doubt napalm will hurt demons.
>Ultra violence
>great imps
All these new types of meat. Yum yum.
>companions: women ""soldiers""
>the broodmothers
>the corruptors
>kill all demons

>> No.47720446

any correction and suggestion are welcomed

>> No.47720447

>Needing ccw classes
Look at this yankee.

>> No.47720477

>Feeling superior because you didn't learn how to do something properly
Look at this limey.

>> No.47720487

A limey would call you a yank, anon. You really only see Southerners use yankee in full.

>> No.47720494

It'd be nice to get a map and regions of interests type thing.

>> No.47720519

I would but i'm shit at geography anon

>> No.47720534

Off the bat, Aubriena's introduction in the Mech section would probably look a lot better if it got split into two paragraphs. As it stands, it's a literal text wall.

>> No.47720535

Could we at least get the regions and places? Stuff like Kingdom Crusher does a good job of building up the countries without a real map.

>> No.47720564

that was already planned on the next page

yea , i'll change that. thanks

>> No.47720589

Do you have your list catalogued somewhere or something? I'd like to see your opinion on all the available waifu's. I can't choose one to save my fuckin' life, lol. I do like your approach, tho.

>> No.47720592

Here's a tutorial i've used to make nice maps.
It may aid you.

>build a landmass.
>rain comes in from sea
>falls wherever, running downhill.
>does not go past mountains.
>it should go "desert - mountains - fertile land - sea".
>mountains are optional.
>Without mountains it should be a slow blend to more arid land.

>add high lakes.
>take your high lands
>identify the low places where water can't drain
the natural lakes. just add water.
>fill these lakes upuntil they start to drain.

>these are your major rivers.
>follow the biggest downward slope and wherever they get trapped they make a lake

>add source rivers along the length of the major rivers.
>these add width so a mountain stream becomes a raging torrent when it hits the estuaries.

>add swamps and other special features where you want them.
>not every lake has a swamp
>every swamp has a lake or other water source.

>you can now start settling people
first, find the place most suited to human habitation
>identify a direction of trade.
>trade should flow from resource generating areas (like a forest, for lumber, or mountains, for iron)
>down the path of lease resistance (eg rivers) towards most fertile land.
>not all trade comes from the same places and in the same volume.
>identify which trade flows are your strong ones and which are the weaker ones.
>trade should combine where possible

>add cities along these trade flows as appropriate. a city must have water.
>draw your major roads in between the cities
>add towns along these roads. there should be day's travel between each
>every single other piece of available land should be farms, or towns servicing those farms.
>identify the path of least resistance and carry it as far as you can over the fertile ground.
>your towns go on this path, and farms spread out from there.
>then you can add the special features like battle sites or religious temples or
whatever where it is logical that they would be

>> No.47720675


>> No.47720680

that seems like a lot of work,but thanks i'll use it in the future

>> No.47720688

The good long CYOA's take quite a bit of work.

>> No.47720695


>> No.47720710


>> No.47720728


>> No.47720729

well, you got a point there but i'm just kinda lazy to draw it

>> No.47720748


>> No.47720753


Human seems kinda OP.

>> No.47720762

but where was page four

>> No.47720768


Beasts are mechanically the same.

>> No.47720785


>> No.47720795


>> No.47720806


>> No.47720819


>> No.47720835


Duty fulfilled.

>> No.47720850


Do Elves not have any special classes?

>> No.47720862

Seems like they don't.

>> No.47720869


Well, that kinda sucks.

>> No.47720873

Same for Undead and no XO really.

>> No.47720895


Demons/Divine only cost 5 but give a 25 cost skill? That's kinda crazy.

>> No.47720956

the emperor's crown

>> No.47721026

>he's not dead
It's not Easter, yet here you are

>> No.47721169

I was stupid enough to read HP: The Cursed Child spoilers and now I want to die. Post a full memory death cyoa please?

>> No.47721187

>HP: The Cursed Child spoilers
What is that? And share the spoils. Pass the pain.

>> No.47721207

The new play. It's terrible.

Voldemort had a baby with Bellatrix and cucked her husband.
She's a complete mary sue orphan that looks like a tumblr goth.
More shitty time travel.
It's pretty much bad fanfiction but it's CANON

>> No.47721227

The one with the black Hermione? God.

Pretty sure nobody is gonna take this as canon, like anywhere. This sounds like some Enoby Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way shit.

>> No.47721235


Saki boons are fine for the most part. Special ops seems useless unless you want to send her to a warzone, but the other options are prettty good.
Her second row plays into a "help the future" theme, which makes her stand out and offers a different lifestyle to the other girls (more ambitious, helping the world on a large scale) though someone who just wants a calm life with future tech can just take gene replacement.

On row 3 is the good stuff. Hard light suit is basically a no requirements green lanturn ring and the holo chair is a portable holo deck, both really cool boons. Luv seems to suffer from some redundency issues (a waifu choice in a waifu CYOA) but has use as a custom personal maid.

Deal is low cost, but relativaly low reward. Unfortunate that you can't double up on her cool boons, but given her 3rd rows power that may be needed.

>> No.47721240


>> No.47721250

Anyway, I'd post Quiet but I just dumped Girl's Military so I dun wanna. It's probably in one of the archives in the pastebin.

>> No.47721305

CAn someone post the newest version of the Worm CYOA?

>> No.47721388

Crown of the Emperor, obv.

>> No.47721447

You should specify which variant you want, as there are five or so different ones.

>> No.47721474

Only problem with the Gem of Imagination is that you might subconsciously create things based on your fears, traumas, etc. Especially someone with an inferiority complex should not pick that.

>> No.47721483

Crown of the Emperor looks decent, but I don't get why it's been picked almost 3 times in a row. What am I missing?

>> No.47721496

Absolute rulership of earth, phenomenal psychic might, and immortality.

>> No.47721548

>Book of the Greater
You become the Creator god of your own world.
>Mask of the Dreamer
Complete control over a subrealm of reality, the Dream, from where you can access and make deals with all of creation.
>Keys of the Jailer
Instant position of multiversal power, and absolute rulership over anything and everything inside your jail. Can bring other people into it.
>Gem of Imagination
Anything you ever wanted only limited by your own powers of imagination
>Sword of the Devourer
Chance of becoming a cosmic devourer of worlds, assuming you don't get killed within minutes of making your choice which is unlikely

Immortality is ffa. So wouldn't that make Crown of the Emperor the weakest/humblest choice where you "only" get absolute rulership over Earth, and possible some more civilizations you conquer over time?

>> No.47721564

Probably also the 40k Emperor fantasy playing a factor.

>> No.47721582

Question, how large is a battleship girl?

>> No.47721592

So who is best waifu in this CYOA?

>> No.47721606

>Book of the Greater
You're stuck in a room and watching it from above. You can't really interact with it in the ways humans would wish to.

>Mask of the Dreamer
Locked out of reality unless you steal a mundane human body.

>Keys of the Jailer
You can return to the real world, but your power only exists in a nightmarish prison world.

>Gem of Imagination
You don't truly control it.

>Sword of the Devourer
You are an inhuman monster that only wants to devour.

>> No.47721616

Gaia, Wasteland, Technology
>Size Class
Beast, Construct
>Boss Perks
Vitality Prowess, Physical Prowess, Agility Prowess, Magical Prowess,
Hybrid, Empowerment,Empowerment, Final Form
Sizes: Behemoth, Colossal
Races: Beast(+Construct), Monstrous
Soldiers, Mages, Engineers
Warriors, Battle Mages, Sorcerers, Craftsmen
>Minion Perks
Hybrid, Talented (Engineering), Specialty (Regeneration),
Faction, Sustenance, Equipment, Training
>Realm Perks
Expansion, Separate

We are The Beast. Avatar of progress, our realm is one that ever marches forwards. We are a copy of the one that came before, we are the second of our kind, a second artificial True God. We are the soul of the world to which we rule, the great, living machine that designs and mass-produces the divine, through perpetual war and discovery. The event is happening quicker now, more gods are being made. The original is already a being far beyond even my comprehension, just as I too will become. The Multiverse will not stop us, gods will flood all of existence. Power will beget more power, and all will climb Jacob's Ladder, till only the immortal are left, and death finally dies.

>> No.47721617

I'm not Italics, anon.

It's based on Kantai Collection, though.

>> No.47721659

Cornelia, Jordis, Margeurite, Daegnakh, Presyne, Sorja, Melayni, and Cynthia

>> No.47721680

>Mask of the Dreamer
>Locked out of reality unless you steal a mundane human body.

Nothing says it has to be a mundane human body. You could easily manipulate a lesser godlike being in the material world into contracting with you, if you mess with their subconscious a bit.

>Gem of Imagination
>You don't truly control it.

You could imagine up artifacts that permanently give you godlike levels of personal power, and perhaps even some sealing items to better control your imagination.

You have a point with Greater, Jailer and Devourer though, but Jailer can still be fun for a sadistic anon.

>> No.47721695

>no aphrodite

>> No.47721699

She's good, I thought about including her but I'm not that big of a fan of her classes. Also a bit too inexperienced for me.

>> No.47721705

The newest one that was recently posted here. I forgot to save it.

>> No.47721709

>You could easily manipulate a lesser godlike being in the material world into contracting with yo
If they exist.

>You could imagine up artifacts that permanently give you godlike levels of personal power
Yeah, but you could also dream up things stronger than you or that depower you. A lot of people don't have the mindset needed for this.

>> No.47721713

I'm on holidays now, and I should be able to finish a CYOA in that time.

>> No.47721735

Lonely vampire cutie.
Tsundere amazon cutie.
Devoted skittish cutie
Troubled gay cutie
Tsuntsun edgy cutie
Strong /ss/ cutie

>> No.47721738

How many days till Box Wine can appeal?
I can't wait, I need my fix of the box

>> No.47721757

Personally I wonder why he can't use his home computer if it was his phone. The power still being out now, he'd have to live in the third world.

>> No.47721763

Same. I have this incredible urge to post more Hime but I can't without a proper excuse, like the expansion.

>> No.47721779


>> No.47721794


>> No.47721806


>> No.47721811

I wonder if he'll bring any new content. I imagine that with his power out he probably lost at least a portion of his work.

>> No.47721816

Good god
Could this be converted into a PDF?
It's not particularly a terrible CYOA, and I'd like to see it again in the future, but 11 pages is just too much space for an individual CYOA not currently in development to take up on one of these threads.

>> No.47721830

See >>47717289

It's not even his longest, let alone the longest made here. What's with you retards thinking pdfs magically compress images without any fucking loss?

>> No.47721857

Your images are not that fucking good in the first place. Some loss is preferable to littering a thread like that.

>> No.47721863

>Your images
Not my CYOA
>Some loss
Try "You wouldn't be able to read it."
We have no limited space. Those CYOAs are all quoted so you can hide them. This thread isn't made for you and shit you like alone. Absorb these facts.

>> No.47721865

I did not think they compressed images, my good sir, for I have no knowledge on how one goes about making a PDF and shan't attempt to assume. I made the suggestion because it simply takes up too many image slots alone without being currently worked on. Is there not a way to leave the images at their original dimensions when converting to PDF? Or would that result in a PDF too large to post here?

>> No.47721876

>I should be able to finish a CYOA
Fool me once

>> No.47721880

See >>47721863
>We have no limited space.

Also no, PDFs do not magically eliminate filesize. The PDF would be the size of the combined images at the least.

>> No.47721885

>Not my CYOA
That's not what I meant and you know it. Not "images from your CYOA", but your "hurr durr muh pikchuz"
>Try "You wouldn't be able to read it."
Fix your eyes. I haven't had any problems with pdf cyoas yet, and I've seen enough.
>We have no limited space.
We have image limit. And again, that's not quite what I meant and you know it. It's not about image limit, it's about smearing it all over tens of posts instead of neatly packing it in one.

>This thread isn't made for you and shit you like alone.
You should follow your own advice.

>> No.47721905

I would argue that we have limited convenient space, for at the 150 mark a new thread must be made, so keeping it minimal on files posted allows those that do have to manage the tedium of making and linking new threads a break. At the very least, converting the 11 pages into 3 pdfs would mean they were still postable and also convenient to the others here.

Also, friend, why so aggressive? The implied tone of your text does not seem needed here, for we are all friends in autism, anon.

>> No.47721910

>That's not what I meant and you know it.
How should I know? Learn basic English.

>Fix your eyes
Oh I'm sorry anon, I didn't know everyone else had the magic power to read text through massive JPG artifacting.

>We have image limit.
Which we never reach.

>That's not what I meant!
What you meant was so retarded I wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt.

Sorry anon dear, are you incapable of hiding things you don't like?

You would be wrong. Go find the last CYOA thread that hit image limit.

>> No.47721921

>Try "You wouldn't be able to read it."
>Fix your eyes. I haven't had any problems with pdf cyoas yet, and I've seen enough.
I think the other anon's implication was that the CYOAs that have been made into PDFs were small enough already that their quality could be preserved in the conversion, or they were either made into PDF from the start or remade into PDF format in a way that makes proper use of the format, and that simply taking the 10+ images of the size and dimensions that GM and PP pages have and doing a quick-and-dirty conversion will result in either an unreadable mess due to compression, or an unpostable file due to file size.

>> No.47721929

I didn't make that implication, but that is a good point. Only small CYOAs, text CYOAs, and those with barely any images manage to get made into a PDF and get posted.

>> No.47721932

Hey guys sorry about the absence. Turns out this ip is cool to use. My power was out for something crazy like 18 hours because a semi deiced to make soft love to a sub-station.

So good news is that I'm back! unless the mods make another oopsie again but hey mistakes happen

Bad news is that I lost a lot of progress on the expansion. I've decided to dedicate all of today to working on it so I can get it out as soon as possible. I hope you guys aren't to disappointed with me luckily there's a billion other awesome OCs being posted that are all miles better then what one page of content to an existing cyoa could ever be

All that being said it's like 7am over here and I just got home and haven't slept in like 23 hours or something so I'm going to crash for like 4-5 hours.

God damn it I hate posts that come out is mini blogs.

>> No.47721936

>Heavy Weapons Guy II
>Good Doctor II

>Heavy Armour


>Gravity Grenade

>Hurt me Plenty
>Greater Imps

>Eleanor White (SNIPER)



My plan is to kill the King of Hell, then usurp his position as the leader of all demons, being a half-demon and all. Then I'll probably kill Eleanor and re-invade Earth for giggles. What the fuck did they expect: I'm a half-demon.

>> No.47721940

This is why I obsessively save my progress after every change I make.

>> No.47721942

How much progress did you lose exactly? Are you planning to drop content now because "fuck doing it again"?

>> No.47721944

That's been my experience every time a creator has that happen. Basically end up with half the promised content, rushed and bad the rest.

>> No.47721945

go to sleep, then come back and post an update
Best-Box needs his beauty sleep if he's going to try and sate the autists like your friend nondivineheal anon

>> No.47721956

>Learn basic English.
Even omniscience wouldn't help me until faggots like you learn reading comprehension.
>Oh I'm sorry anon, I didn't know everyone else had the magic power to read text through massive JPG artifacting.
It's called "normal eyesight". Your loss that you don't have it, but don't make it my problem.

>What you meant was so retarded I wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt.
Don't project.

>Sorry anon dear, are you incapable of hiding things you don't like?
But then how would I have this lovely conversation with you?

>> No.47721972

It was like 80% done with the page and lost about 70% of that (these are rough estimates) I won't drop content though.

Though I'm going to be working mostly off of memory so I'm sorry in advance if I forget to add something.

>> No.47721979

>reading comprehension.
Or your wording was terrible and ambiguous. One of the two.

>It's called normal eyesight
Oh? So it's normal to be able to read through artifacts? Or are you just too stupid to know what I'm talking about?

>Don't project.
It's not projection to call your reasoning retarded, my dear special needs child.

>But then how would I have this lovely conversation with you?
If the cranky baby needs his bait and shitposts I'm sad to say you only have a few precious minutes left of my time before I have to go.

>> No.47721986


Wow! This one's pretty unique and unusual! Just watch out for Gods who might not want you to ascend for some reason! I like the colorful dramatic pictures you chose to.

>> No.47721988

Yep. Brace for disappointment.

>> No.47721995

That's too bad. How about you cut down on some St Flares related content to save time? It's not like that filth-encrusted rabble deserves your attention anyway.

>> No.47721997

you had clubs, a means for companions from other schools to be friends with you, and something for combining Ki and Arcane pools somehow for some reason.
That's all this man remembers.

jesus christ you two, you're arguing over a CYOA about little girls
choose love not war, man
the girls need to do the war, not us

it's basically a functional duplicate of my Dark God build, a weird spiritual/technological singularity realm that takes in mortals and spits out magical posthuman kaiju.

>> No.47722003

>a means for companions from other schools to be friends with you
I believe these were to be drawbacks.

>> No.47722013


Also said drawbacks were going to let you take classes from other schools.

>> No.47722014


>Bad news is that I lost a lot of progress on the expansion


Damn. Don't worry I don't blame you.

>> No.47722017

So the first thing you create is a dream catcher to catch anything you may accidentally create or you create something that will only allow the gem to work on your conscious thoughts.

>> No.47722023

how so? You would take some sort of penalty in order to access them or something?

>> No.47722028

I dunno man, he never said anything about them except that he was doing a page for them and needed other content to fill the other half of it (That ended up being clubs)

>> No.47722035

which reminds me, posting Dark God

>> No.47722049


>> No.47722051

I'm going to try my very best to protect your smile.

The Ki and Arcane stuff was part of a different planned expansion that included a new exclusive school + new neutral classes and companions. I'm giving the clubs and drawbacks page priority because they add new mechanics instead of just expanded content.

>> No.47722060

okay, love you anyway

>> No.47722070

You also mentioned that you would end up doing the mentor page at some point as well.

Other than that, I dunno if you mentioned if you wanted to do anything besides those three pages.

>> No.47722092

If I knew a dark ritual to drain content from other cyoas and give it to Hero Academy, I would use it in a heartbeat. Keep expanding, Box. Make Hero Academy the cyoa to end all cyoas.

>> No.47722122


>Boss Perks:
Vitality Prowess, Physical Prowess, Agility Prowess, Magical Prowess, Morphing, Enhanced armor, Charisma Prowess, Personal guards

Average human

>Minions 38/38
>Minion perks
Faction, Training, Equipment, Sustenance, Talented (Enhancing), Specialty (magic) 32/38

Types: Average and Behemoth
Races: Human, Draconic

Guards x1
Soldiers x10
Mages x2
Spies x1
Recruiters x1

Warriors x1
Battle mages x4
Sorcerers x4
Riders x5
Priests x1
Craftsmen x1

Warlord x1
Personal guard
Champion, Archmage, Chosen, Oracle

>Realm Perks:
Large, Hidden

Benevolent, Crusade, Undead

We are but paragons of justice, living in beautiful and charming realm. From our hidden realm we will decent uppon the lich and his puny skeletons as him getting stronger with each hour is something we wont tolerate. Soon, all weapons and armor will be enhanced with magic, making our forces even more deadlier. Drawing more humans and draconic creatures into our realm and this our army those bandits will be no match for us. We shall seek and destroy all evil, then we will know peace

>> No.47722156

Just got done making a build for every single character in Branching Heart. Took something like 4 hours just to do that. I'll probably post it whenever the next section is up,

>> No.47722160

You'll have to worry about the text becoming illegible with a pdf of 7 images, especially with a red background as that seems to artifact much more then other colors, no idea why but that's what i've seen.

It's about 7.5 megs with bad artifacting/compression in acrobat. Less compression and it wouldn't be post-able here anyway.

>> No.47722184

Would someone kindly post the related build?

>> No.47722191

nothing but evil can come from this

>> No.47722193

Someone else already did it anon.

>> No.47722220

Also posting my build for this, even though it's pretty much my domain master build but with more lore. The domain master build is technically a sequel to this.

Quick-Start (10/10)
Monster Apocalypse (+2 Influence)
Burning form, Technoform, Wrathful Avatar, Pillar of Strength, Pillar of Hope
>God Powers
Golemspark, Resurrect (2), Worldgate (2)
Inventor (free)
>Divine Gifts
Free Avatar (2)
Greater: (10)
Form: Great Size (free), Extreme Size, Reptilian
Affinity: Life, Cyber
Skill: Healer, Toughness, Perpetual, Genius, Smithing, Get Back Up
Test of Worthiness (10)
Volcanic, Ocean, Organic, Mechanical,Manifest Diety, Gladiators, Citadel (2), Restoration Cycle (2)

And lo you are welcomed to the Godforge. It is a spirit realm of pure ascension and progress, a machine designed to spit out divinity. Both stellar supercomputer and living organism, the beast realm of apotheosis processes the souls that meet its qualifications and are permitted onto Jacob's Ladder. Invented by the solemn orc forgemaster Jacob Agrokkus, he believed that if gods were themselves a part of creation, then they had a composition that could be imitated. I, the great and powerful Spark, embodiment of of divinity of Jacob's creation, am the soul and avatar for the realm itself, the first artificial god. Power, Vitality, Technology, all exponentially develop within the Ladder, and once every week, gods that were once men spew back into the world, and once every cycle, dead gods are risen to try again. With each passing battle, with each struggle to achieve, with each step forward towards the future my power grows. Not even Entropy can withstand the flow of matter and power back into the universe. My systems and the tide of immortal gods into the universe will prevail for strange aeons, till only the immortal exist and Death itself dies.

>> No.47722242

I can't imagine what kind of Lovecraftian abomination you'd turn into when mixing all those blessings, enchantments, injections, radioactive insertions, spells, treatments, gene adaptions, etc.

>> No.47722247

I'll repost the full thing with all commentary. Let me just go thread-digging a little bit. I don't want it to get lost to the archive anyway.

1. Jeanne - Basically completely compatible with me; everything by itself would be a dealbreaker.
2. Harmony - I have so many multiplayer games I wanna play.
3. Kataline - Because cat is justice. Wait, is that not how the saying goes?
4. Pan - I really want a Mother 4, Season 2 of tons of anime, and also bread that actually tastes like not-cardboard.
5. Miya - Really went above and beyond. Very well written. But I don't drink...
6. Fei La - 200% LUST. Not a bad thing though.
7. Yin - I want to protect that increasingly disturbing smile.
8. Medi
9. Mishe - Of course the Beri CYOA is biased towards the slimegirl.
10. Oki - Great choice, but the CYOA is bursting with greater options.
11. Floof - Touch fluffy wing.
12. Twile - See Oki.
13. Alice - Alice in Winter Wonderland!
14. #053 "Bunny"
15. Omne - Really nice. I'm not sure I'm ready for the responsibility though.
16. Bloom
18. Andrea - Now I'm feeling really bad that she's this low.
19. Chere - She's a nice girl, but she's a hippie who's against nuclear power (/s) (but seriously though I'm just not feeling compatibility, nothing wrong with her)
20. Lillan
21. Saki - Doesn't appeal to me that much. I get why she does so, but constantly insulting the entire planet's population is kind of annoying.

>> No.47722255

separate builds anon

>> No.47722258


Beautiful land full of dragons and people is nice. What magical kingdom isn complete witout dragons? Good to have a realm that fights for justice against undead and things to. Just keep in mind that the Not So Evil Hangout vampires and demons are totally aren't evil and just want to have fun and have a place to hang out with other dark creatures and people. Not hurting anybody.

>> No.47722266

So anon, what CYOA would you look forward to for an update most and what would you want from it?

>> No.47722282

Technically the realm of The Beast is doing the opposite of hurting people, but that doesn't mean anyone wants cosmic cancer like it around any more than before.

>> No.47722293

Dark City.

Exactly what Liminal was giving us. Baby please come back, baby please.

>> No.47722336

don't forget >>http://archive.4plebs.org/ it archives the following boards:
/adv/ Advice
/f/ Flash
/hr/ High Resolution
/o/ Auto
/pol/ Politically Incorrect
/s4s/ Shit 4chan Says
/sp/ Sports
/tg/ Traditional Games
/trv/ Travel
/tv/ Television & Film
/x/ Paranormal

>> No.47722342

Draconic, Bestial
Magical Prowess
Charisma Prowess
Vitality Prowess
Agility Prowess
Personal Guards
Final Form
Enchanted Armor
Average and Behemoth
Bestial and Draconic

1x Clerics
1x Spies
1x Guards
1x Recruiters
1x Overseers
1x Harem
1x Craftsmen
1x Warriors
2x Sorcerers
3x Battle Mages

1x Warlord

Personal guards:
Archmage, Chosen, Assassin, Oracle

>Realm Perks
Protected, Unknown

I'll just live a comfy life in a magical realm for as long as possible without getting disturbed.
Even if some dude is hell-bent on conquering fucking everything, I'm guessing he won't know I even exist.

>> No.47722358

That would probably be more comfortable for her.

How do you mean? Like in terms of picking up new skills? You shouldn't worry too much about the essentials. She can read and write and do all the basics of a high school education.


I tried to minimize the effects of future state of mind, but there was only so much I could really do when she's from a place where every one actually is that much prettier and smarter than the people here. Oh well.

In all likelihood, Yin would help you out with your work, somehow. Your desk job work, not your viglante work.

Despite having unique names, they aren't *quite* two separate people. All the memories, likes, and dislikes are the same, with the exception of Yan having a weaker morality & showing sadistic tendencies. If Yin's favorite restaurant is X, it will be Yan's favorite, too. Think of it a bit more like severe mood swings than a full-on alternate personality.

I'd always be happy to see more builds. I don't think I've seen one at all for Bloom yet (but I'm still scrolling down this thread).

It could be tweaked to. You'd just have to tell her when she's making it. *Technically,* she could make it to work on herself, but seeing her close proximity, that would be something of a mess for her to be in.

Miyaura Sanshio. She's not from anything, but that's her name.

Hit character limit. Will continue reading through thread in another post.

>> No.47722367

I can't fit descriptions into a single post, so they'll go with individual builds LATER, but my ranking goes

Fei La

The top 5-9 are pretty strongly placed, after that I could probably switch things around a bit.

>> No.47722376

>vampires, succubi, and other fun-loving creatures of darkness to hide out
Your visitors look evil, which means they have evil guts.
>and trying to bring them to the dark side
>occasional blood sacrifice of course.....
If your realm would be found guilty of any of those evil deeds, not like we won't try at least to free everyone corrupted

>> No.47722386

>I tried to minimize the effects of future state of mind
Well, she could've been a comparative 'bleeding heart' or a historical fangirl.

>> No.47722395

So what do people like and dislike about this? I'm planning an update but so far all I have is to buff the Ring of The Hunt and make it explicit that Aghs is 2 handed.

>> No.47722398

Well good morning Beri. If you like I can just go ahead and post my builds >>47722156
now and avoid cluttering up a new thread.

>> No.47722418

May as well just start.

In order of the CYOA, the ranking is basically >>47722367 though I was planning to tweak it at some point.

I'll try to fit 2 per post, but some are wordier and can only fit 1.

>Fei La
>Orb of Life
Gotta keep those "assets" under control. Also denial (seal) is a fetish.
I'm gonna need it, with the wings, horns and tail.
Lovemaking is free, and I don't want to cheat on her. Not is really essential
Free. Also not so essential. Or maybe I'm underestimating the extra romance added
>Sex Drive
Basically a requirement if I'm going to keep a succubus satisfied. Not that I object to it.
>Lesser Demonify
Gonna be the girl here. I would consider a retractable futa if possible even though I really don't much care for that. I'd rather just have an extra sensitive tail.
>Sex Suit
The sensitivity/erogenous zone is one of my fetishes. Hopefully we can modify the suit so she can still feed while I wear it.
Yes please. I'm probably overlooking the fact that this combination will turn her into something of a dom (not good), but I'm going to believe it's possible to keep her in check without the love potion.

Fei La hits a bunch of fetishes and keeps a high rank because of it. There's not much else to say, she IS sex incarnate.

>> No.47722419

shesh, man. Take it easy.

>> No.47722426

>Orb of life
Not going full slime
Really tough call between this and welfare. I'm not sure just how essential waterproofing will be
Well it's better than my current job. I probably WON'T need to keep it forever though.
>Pocket Slime
I'm guessing she can change her size at will with this, meaning she gets to come with you secretly out of the house and still do normal sized things at home.
>Jelly Resilience
The other two just don't really do anything for me.
>Aqua Gown
Probably not the nicest thing with the dependence and all, but that does make her more appealing than her usual air-headed slime self.
>No Bonus
No thanks. I could probably deal with the ostracization but I just don't really see any benefits since I'm already getting immortality and indestructibility. Being a slime girl isn't at all like being a girl either, so there's not even that reason.

I've never really been into slimes much. Sometimes they can do interesting things but usually the important parts are less than human. Mishe doesn't really offer much here, even the sex is probably kind of meh.

>> No.47722437

>Orb of Life
Necessary for waifudom
May as well since it's so much better than my current job.
Very tough choice between this and Ghost Writer. It comes down to the fact that at least one of us needs to earn money, and someone needs to exercise and cook. She seems to like athletics a bit. I don't plan to abuse her for menial labor though, we can split that.
>Body Swap
Be-the-girl at will. Also she'll probably enjoy having a body that looks like her. Also extra fun with Real Form, and necessary for shared senses, which is doubly necessary since I plan to let her have an equal share at control.
>Dream Gateway
I'm really worried about not taking chains, but I want to show her that trust from the start. The trust we will eventually share by the nature of our relationship is what really makes Twile so appealing.
Yes, eventually. We should get to know each other first before we go that far. Not because I think we might decide not to do it, just because we don't need to do everything all at once.

Twile is my absolute favorite. I LIKE the closeness. I like being able to share everything with her. She'll be there when I need her when nobody else could be, and I'll never have to worry about hiding anything from her. Even better, by sharing my body I get to share in the things SHE does with it. I'm sure I'll find something to enjoy that I never would have done on my own.

Ironically I don't like Twile's personality much. Childish, prankster, showoff. Showoff could be tolerable. Childish is bad, but she might be able to grow out of it. Prankster is going to be a permanent source of conflict I think.

>> No.47722445

>Orb of Life
>Dream Home
Space for 7 is expensive
As is paying for their other expenses.
I can't cook anyway
>Visual Synch
Hard not to choose the be-the-girl option. This is probably one I should skip, the other choices are pretty great.
>Harmony Ring
Define "weird". Paychecks is kind of tempting but I don't get to choose where any of it goes and expenses for 6 probably come up to more than 800/week anyway.
>No Bonus
No thanks. As much as I'd like to be a lazy NEET I do value some amount of freedom too.

A harem option minus the harem sex, Harmony doesn't really do much for me. She's got some nice perks that I can't take because I want Visual Synch, and otherwise it's always a crowd with her.

>Orb of Life
There's nothing else for this one. I honestly have no idea why I would want a galaxy.
>Miracle Worker
The other options just don't have any appeal.
>Gentle Touch
It sounds necessary
I'd kind of prefer not to be worshiped personally
>Divine Uniform
I don't need the moon, it should probably stay where it is. I'd kind of rather she keep her outfit though.
Yes. Since I'm not interested in caring for the planet, this seems to be the only thing I can do for her other than offering her a place on earth so she doesn't have to do orbital laundry.

I just don't know what to do with Omne. I have no interest in caring for a planet, I don't see even how I could "worship" her like she apparently wants. The avatar thing seems pretty hopeless too, and it's not even a very good "be the girl" option because of the role that comes with it.

>> No.47722455


>Orb of Life
Extremely important
I'd kind of prefer working but I'd rather not force her. She doesn't really want to do advocating either but that's just being lazy
Absolutely mandatory with all that bread. I'd like to get shrinking but it's not happening.
>Militant Macarons
This should be obvious by this point. I wonder if maybe I could earn money doing some kind of martial/shooting sport thing. Not talking military/mercenary work. I'll bet eat enough of them and you could pull of some insane trick shots and impressive martial arts.
>No Bonus
Tempting, but no. This would attract WAY too many "customers". If we could bake at home and sell elsewhere it might work, or maybe get one of those homes/apartments with a store on the ground floor. I just don't want thousands of people a day showing up at my house. If I had the bonus I'd want Fairyberry Pie AND shrinking for full-fairy mode, but that's not an option either.

Pan was more appealing when I was entertaining the idea of taking her bonus. As it is I can't really do anything for her. She's not bad, she's just not a good fit.

Only option
>Dream Home
Only option
I believe I get all three of these with the Bonus, but special note that this includes the sex change.
>Holo comp
It's this or bass suit. I don't really think the wrist-watch format is very conducive to playing games with though
Why not. I end up with free housing and expenses this way anyway, and I don't really need to use the ship for anything.

Ultimately I guess this relationship revolves around video games. At least that gives me a good reason to like her.

>> No.47722464

>Orb of Life
I can't not give her the soul, though I'd rather this weren't really an option. It feels more romantic to simply have faith in her, magically giving her a soul is too easy.
This is becoming a recurring theme. Did I mention my job sucks? I can quit if it ever stops being necessary so there's no reason not to take it at the start.
I don't want to use her like an appliance or a slave. Artist also seems pretty powerful, and easy for her.
Honestly I would never have picked this if she didn't specify that she wanted it, otherwise I'd go for Nuclear Core. I don't want kids to start with, though cyborg kids would be interesting at least. Maybe the "toys" will be worth it. Hopefully contraception is as easy as choosing not to get pregnant.
>Cyborg Nanites
The only one that does anything for me really. I wonder if we can use it to "interface" somehow.
>No Bonus
HELL no. I also plan on telling her what just happened and explaining that I'm leaving it off.

Andrea's circumstances leave a lot of romantic opening. Maybe I just really like android girls. Anyway she's one of the few options I would pick specifically for the character rather than anything else.

>Orb of Life
I don't want the library option, she should accept her body.
This has bad idea written all over it, but Local Idol requires me to have skills I don't and Babysitter... well it's alright for her alone but I don't do kids.
I think it's been established that this power can snowball very easily.
>Magical Uniform
If you thought I would take anything else you don't know me very well.
Eh I guess...

“When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up.” Her obsession with being "adult" is in itself childish. She really isn't very likable because of it and none of her options are that appealing.

>> No.47722470

>Dream Home
She should be able to make plenty income modeling.
It's not strictly necessary, but to pay CONSTANT attention to someone to the degree that as soon as a conversation goes quiet they vanish is insanely difficult.
Maybe with the later options I could model WITH her? I'd kind of need her fashion help though.
Well it IS a waifu CYOA.
Yes. Should have seen this coming a mile away really. Since I'm only liable to make 2 wishes and the second one would push me close if not straight into her ideal beauty, she's never really going to have much of a chance to play with my changes that way. I guess I could attract others as well, but I'm already committed with her so it would mainly just be for seeing prettier people in general.

Since Jeanne wants what I want it makes her a reasonably solid choice. I'm not really sure how the relationship would end up working, but it has a decent chance.

>Orb of Life
>Dream Home
I'll have her get the job
She'll be making the money this time.
>Kitty Ears
Since I'm going to have them anyway they may as well be lucky
>Cat Nap
May as well
>Cute Collar
I guess I'll just be her slave. Hopefully it'll turn out like Fei La and she won't use it to order me around. Not like the other options are useful anyway.
May as well. The blessing isn't really worth it but I'll assume she WANTS to visit or she wouldn't be offering to begin with.

No really good options and I ended up being her slave anyway. I don't even see anything in her personality other then her apparent selflessness. Catgirls are nice but Kataline doesn't rank very high.

>> No.47722474

Celestial (Fallen)

>Boss Perks:
Vitality Prowess, Agility Prowess, Magical Prowess, Charisma Prowess, Corruption, Shapeshifting, Personal Guards

>Minions 20/20
>Minion perks
Ascendancy, Evolution, Speciality: Magic, Faction 16/20

Types: Tiny and Average
Races: Celestial and Humanoid

Mages x4
Soldiers x2
Servants x1
Clerics x2

Sorcerers x2
Overseers x2
Priests x2

Oracle x1
Personal guard
Champion, Warlord, Archmage and Witch

>Realm Perks
Expansion, Protected


Cute little fairy got locked in a pendant, locked in a pendant until she went mad. Sad little princess found that silly old pendant, now the sad little princess is dead. The evil is spreading and the fairy is begging, the voices to paint the world red.

>> No.47722476

>Orb of life
Mandatory since I'm not going to become a moth
Her library pick doesn't interest me either.
Forager is too small to be with but not small enough for micro fun, plus what she finds doesn't seem useful. I'm not interested in breeding her either, so this is the only choice. That also means there's no need to change it later.
Wings are really tempting, but impossible to hide. I'm slightly worried what would happen if the feelers were to be clipped during a haircut.
>Juice Sword
I think it's better if she uses the love nectar. I'm VERY interested in Sky (probably more than Floof), but Sky does a very important job with Floof to "keep her out of trouble". That only leaves the sword.
>No bonus
Wings weren't enough for the inhuman nature to be worthwhile. I don't see anything else more appealing either.

There's really nothing here for me. At least Floof is obviously INTERESTED, but I think the Fairy probably has a better personality.

>Orb of life
The library options doesn't seem overly beneficial. Move on.
It's not really clear what I get out of either computing or robotics. I guess I'll take the upgrade (hopefully she doesn't force that shitty UI on me though), maybe she'll code something interesting.
>Stop the Collapse
I really want to do gene replacement (for obvious reasons) but I just can't take the guilt of not doing this. Also doing the redesign with science as one of her "big projects" sounds both uncomfortable and slow.
>Holo Chair
Seems to go well with computing, I'd probably be too interested in the AI.
I might as well try

Technophile that I am she's opposite of a good fit for me since I'm nothing but a luddite to her. Since I'm not taking gene replacement I'll never be attractive to her, and I hate the outdoors so it's not like I'll be much good for introducing her to the world that was destroyed either.

>> No.47722485

omfg you live! how the heck are you scientist? working on anything currently?

>> No.47722486

>Orb of Life
>Dream Home
It would be expensive or impossible to fit her otherwise
It's also expensive to feed her. As usual if I/we can work something else out I can always drop this later.
Not exactly fair to have her compete and I just don't see how swimmer could work for anything.
The reasons for this should be obvious
>Bloodseeker blade
Literally none of the options have any appeal. The flip necklace might make me less lazy, but it would also do things I can only describe as evil. The Bikini doesn't seem to have any use at all.
>No bonus
Kind of tempting to take the bonus with Strength, but 8 hours is a really short time window and the fact it specifies sweat makes things all that much more unpleasant.

Nice that she thinks I'm cute I guess. The dynamic is OK but the setup is all trouble with no payoff.

>Orb of Life
Doubly mandatory. Chere should give you this for free just because of what she is. That would at least give her some much needed extra appeal.
I guess that's sort of the alternative, solves her problem mostly.
As usual. The other two drawback options are pretty much unchoosable.
>Internal Source
I think the Orb is technically a prerequisite for this, even with the Library as well.
>Spectrum Lenses
All the options here seem about equally useless. This is something I definitely don't need but may as well use. Go with the implants.
I don't really even know what this is supposed to be, but I may as well. This will let her do something that's actually useful in some way instead of her useless specialties, especially coupled with the control rings.

Also "I wish people would stop using nuclear power" WHAT THE FUCK? Nuclear is safer, cleaner, and pretty much just all around better than fossil fuels and similar. The few disasters are made out to be far worse and more common than they are.

>> No.47722496

>Orb of Life
sort of breaks the character, but fuck it.
Given the other options... this still doesn't seem like a terribly great idea.
>Consequence Shy
I probably shouldn't take this since it would be tempting to abuse, but I specifically don't want Death Sight at all (I'd just rather not know).
>Cross Cloak
There's something with some utility at least.
>No bonus
I don't even want the perks here

There's not a lot to say here that you don't already know. Nothing about her appeals to me at all.

>Orb of Life
Wouldn't it be better just to use Oki's boon here, which is already designed to help people Lillan's size? Anyway with that 1cm limit I hope she's OK with being carried around without the Snow Globe protection.
unless otherwise specified...
>Tech worker
I guess I could make HERE work. Probably just have her work WITH me.
Definitely helps for her to get around when she needs to.
Again it's more for her than me
>Grape Potion
Do I even need to say it?
>No bonus
The 3/1 is still reasonable, but the Strength (I'd give her acrobatics as the 1) seems pretty beneficial for her as well. It is tempting to get stealth beyond 10cm personally

I do like micro girls. I like that I can take them with me and that mundane things for me would be pretty interesting for them. It would be really nice if there were a power with Lillan to temporarily shrink to her size. Pan and Miya already offer similar but it would be best with her.

>> No.47722509

>Orb of Life
>Dream Home
this one is special. Short version is I want her to be able to stay indoors in a room that's convenient for both of us, designing that will be costly.
Hire me already
This is my fetish. It's not as high as TG but it's probably the next one after that.
>Prehensile Vines
>Leafy Clothes
"You CAN grow" does this mean it doesn't have to be always on? Both of these should be hidable.
>Planted Girl
Also known as harem mode.
Yes for harem mode

ormally I don't do this and I stick to the nice/monogamous style, but here it's about the only way to make things appealing. Pollen affects the girls as well, this build is basically a non-stop orgy, hopefully I can still make it to work on time.

>#056 "Bunny"
>Orb of Life
I really can't not pick this here.
Here we go again.
Mainly for the "sex master". My tastes in appearance would generally be Normal>Flat>Default.
>Pit stop
Obvious enough. Endowed also comes with the bonus
>Instant Bed
Well the Bra isn't necessary because I don't go for "extra large" anyway. The Bottle of Love could work same as Bloom's Pollen but it's not very clear about that. What it is is extremely inconvenient.
It's not a very nice thing to do to her, making her bound to me for life, but it's the only way I get the shapeshifting myself. This is one of only 3 options on the CYOA that lets me change back and forth, which is a huge plus. Since I chose Flat as a "base" I assume she keeps the sex skill bonus regardless of what she changes her form to.

>> No.47722510

Anon, I agree with you about nuclear power, but you perhaps shouldn't tell that to someone who literally lost everyone she knew and had her entire life ruined by nuclear power.

>> No.47722521

I'm back to working on the High School CYOA, after a long period of not having that much free time at uni.
Currently on holidays, i'm hoping to get 1 part of it done per day, and i've nearly finished the gem overhaul which makes all 12 reasonably balanced.

If i can get the HSCYOA done, i think the next thing on my to-do list is the NCYOA, then the projects i have remaining.

>> No.47722527

>Dream House
Her income will probably be sufficient, but I'll start with the occupation anyway
This is how she gets an income
Only to start with, since they are hiring now.
Actually I'm just picking this to say that she can go do her dream job, thanks to that spell. I'd kind of prefer she didn't use me for practice actually. If that's not applicable then switch to musician I guess.
>Sex Change
Do you have to ask? The way this one is described though is really off-putting
"Genuine" Scylla. That was the rule on immortality yes? With the library perk I can go back to legs myself as well.
>Scylla Leggings
Well if I'm going to have tentacles. Any chance there's enough for both of us?
Well if we are both what we are

Honestly the only thing that really appeals to me here is that I can basically take all the perks and none of the drawbacks thanks to the library spell. Medi herself isn't bad, but she isn't really my kind of girl, and the scylla thing is kind of disturbing to me, obviously not enough to prevent me from turning into one though.

Because I really can't cook
Since I didn't pick working I guess I gotta. The Healthcare benefits are interesting but not exactly great.
Touch fluffy tail. Kitty is probably more practical. I like Tiny and Cutie but they are just way too impractical.
>Lady's Nightie
Of course. Really it's probably the only one I could actually use, after all they are all girly clothes. The only other ones that are really useful are the gym shorts and relaxation robe, and they are pretty minor.
>Hot Spring
Probably a bit too forward for a first "date", but I'd prefer to avoid the drinking on both ends of the table.
Like she said, take it slow.

She's desperate, so I feel sorry for her. That's not really a great reason to have a relationship. She also loves booze, while I do not drink at all and generally do not appreciate drunkenness.

>> No.47722531

>Bonus - Let's take them all! You taking the bonus means she doesn't get the special abilities. Unless you mean that's what you're choosing for the Library bonus.
Blooms magic pollen is too different from regular pollen to trigger allergies. While it is effectively "pollen," it dissolves into magic energy instantly when inhaled.
Yeah, the Planted Girls need an order to develop as people or else they'll be in a similar boat as Bunny. I wouldn't worry too much about taking care of Bloom. She can tell you exactly how to do things and exactly what she needs, so you won't just mess up or anything.

Bunny's melting is an easy fix with her shapeshifting. The moment you touch her again, she can shapeshift back not into a puddle of biomass.
I'm not sure how successful Medi would be at marketing Musician. Even if they're naturally gifted singers, who would want to listen to a freaky squid make music?

I've been mulling over multiple roommates, but there's an issue with balance. For instance, Jeanne's immortality is a direct upgrade from the Orb of Life. I use photoshop to make CYOAs. There's so many handy tools in it.

Definite just an attitude issue, then. I should mention that she'll mellow out in time. She's just in a bit of culture shock.

>better than what one page of content to an existing cyoa could ever be
>tfw that's all I've done for the past week myself.

Ooh, I'd like to read those.

I considered something like that, but I also felt I needed some kind of tsun option, even if it isn't my strong suit. If it wasn't her, it would be someone else.

Yeah, don't worry about Fei La becoming dominant from the bonus alone. As long as you keep her satisfied, she won't get forceful.

Yeah, Pocket Slime is at-will, so she can still be perfectly normal at home.
>even the sex is probably kind of meh.
But the hugs!

>> No.47722545

(I'm >>47720228)

Oh. I thought by "melting" you mean she'd, like, die.

And my homeboard is /mu/. You vastly underestimate the amount of people that would like to hear freaky people (or monstergirls) make music.

>> No.47722550

>High School CYOA

Sounds interesting. What's it about, more specifically?

>> No.47722556

Oh, and I was in fact choosing for the Library bonus.

>> No.47722558

I combined 2 pages of Oridon's cyoa with the compression set to none. They looked fine but were 14 megs with just 2 pages....Default compression looked like ass and made the text hard to read due to all the artifacts all over it.

>> No.47722571

The PDF would have to be created in a program made for that kind of output to be any space saving. EG text as text and images as images. Using a program like InDesign would do it.

>> No.47722575

Here's an old alpha build for v3 (the current one i'm working on).

You died. Now, instead of moving on you can reincarnate into a new life.
You essentially then make a character like in an RPG, in a way.
I hope to smooth out all the kinks before release.

Right now it has 3 pages and i like to think the graphic design is much improved from v1, v2, and this build of v3.

>> No.47722577

>Fix your eyes.
Go Fuck Yourself.

>> No.47722593

Forcing us to have memory death or end up as an abomination of a girl is not kosher.

>> No.47722598

I remember that cyoa. It always bothered me how I couldn't even build my current life with it, so I was basically forced to downgrade (per that cyoa's logic).

>> No.47722612

When I first did Strange Coins I did it in InDesign as practice using the program. The file size for it is 2.2 megs, 2 pages, full images, full selectable text. The single page JPG version, using very low compression (eg hardly compressed) is 6 megs.

The thing is a cyoa would have to be designed that way to being with. Taking a text cyoa that is in pdf format and redoing it with images would be far easier then trying to redo a full image into a pdf as you'd have to type up everything by hand unless you had the creator's document file, assuming they even had a document file.

Just some info on creating pdfs..

>> No.47722614

Like i said, it's an earlier build. I have changed that part to be more amiable.

If you can tell me what is missing i can be sure to add it in. I like to think i listen.

>> No.47722633

just stfu

>> No.47722644

Drawbacks. A way to take a cross school class or two.

>> No.47722645

>more amiable
Disbelief is etched onto my face.

>> No.47722663

>If you can tell me what is missing i can be sure to add it in. I like to think i listen.

I didn't mean there was anything missing, just that I couldn't afford my current life. Mostly because "intelligence" options are pretty fucking expensing, and I'd have to make myself an idiot to get something positive out of this cyoa.

>> No.47722664

OK how the hell did this meme start?

>> No.47722675

What? More crap where you're basically a raped corpse but you just don't know it yet?

>> No.47722685

Oh, your favorite? You have trust, that's good. Oh, and you left out "kind" in her personality traits. She'll take over if you try being overtly mean (beyond the realm of what she considers acceptable with her pranks & whatnot).

>define "weird."
Don't run naked into a 4 way intersection and rub whipped cream all over your body while saying to every passerby "D-do you want a bite, Master." You know, things that would cause problems and have consequences that she could notice. If you mean, "Can I get fresh with myself?" then yes, but only in private.

>I don't see even how I could "worship" her like she apparently wants.
She just wants someone that isn't microscopic to tell her she does a good and important job.

>Library - Extremely important
Huh, I thought it was one of the less necessary ones, personally.
>She doesn't really want to do advocating eiter but that's just being lazy
You haven't met the Spirit of Postage. She'll probably be forced to lick 10,000 envelopes when she finally returns.
If you took Dream Home (perhaps instead of Employment), you could definitely get a house-bakery on separate floors. If you do open a bakery, she'll have the prices be high enough to pay the bills (if you have no other way to pay them) at least.

Don't worry about the Holo comp. Move your wrist as much as you want, the screen will stay perfectly in place.

Andrea's mainly into Reproduction because producing offspring is a very human quality. If you assured her enough that she was already plenty human, she could be happy with the others & maybe adopting one day.

>Policewoman - This has bad idea written all over it.
What could possibly go wrong? Your city will be a much safer place when every shoplifter gets thrown through the wall.
>Her obsession with being "adult" is in itself childish
That was the plan.

>> No.47722689

>giving her (you)'s
it's like you want it to continue

>> No.47722692

Dark City was actually his most lighthearted CYOA. None of that.

Also I'm not sure which one you're talking about, if you know what to avoid you're good in most. Like Beyond Sanctuary, I ended up as a squid loli ship pilot and got the fuck out of dodge into another dimension before shit got bad.

>> No.47722703

We're not sure if it's multiple people or just one RPer (who started it by RPing an extremely haughty Lunestier student).

Either way, it's hilarious.

>> No.47722704

Habeeb it.

I see, i will endeavour to correct that.

>> No.47722706


>> No.47722715

So you're saying we can buy a boat?

>> No.47722724

Definitely better.

But remember, it's etched. I can't do anything about it without a chisel.

>> No.47722737

Is there a link to the original build?

>> No.47722743

Probably, depending on your choices.

>> No.47722744

>Wall Workers

>> No.47722748

IF there is original build

>> No.47722754

I don't know how you calculate girth but 4.5-5" girth is average, and we would need to buy a 9-10" length penis for that... which would still look like a pencil.

>> No.47722757

There was and I'd really like to have it at hand now

>> No.47722773

We're not sure one exists.

>> No.47722776

>not giving up Knowledge and Family and Friends
It's like you actually want brain damage from remembering your past life.

>> No.47722781

There really wasn't. I started that bitchhero meme because I wanted to boost Hero Academy attention for Boxy and because some autist was harping about the glory of eating rats.

>> No.47722783

>His brain is so small it can't handle 34-56 years of memories.

>> No.47722784

you might be confusing it with another Lunestier girl, Anastasia her name was

>> No.47722797

Cool. Glad you're doing well and have some free time now.

>> No.47722802

It's time to make this meme real

>> No.47722806

So I will defer to the wisdom and experience of The Penis Scientist on this matter, I will ensure that the matter is corrected.

I've seen stories where people remember their past lives with rather eerie detail, it's not that far-fetched to accept.

Danke schön, aiming for 1 part per day should actually motivate me to get it done. It's finally happening mates.

>> No.47722807

>because some autist was harping about the glory of eating rats.
And so you decided to resolve the situation by being an autist bitching about St Flares?

>> No.47722810

Are monsters and humans integrated in Saki's future or is that one of the things her time traveling potentially butterflied?

>> No.47722811

I'd gladly give up the memories of people who think I died for good, people I will never meet or interact with again, to make this new life as good as possible.
>he wants to be transsexual
What else do you think will happen when you wake up and your dick's gone? And everyone calls you a girl?

>> No.47722817

but it actually worked and St Flares will forever be known as rat-meat-eaters

>> No.47722819

I'd feel meh. I don't care about being a boy or a girl. I'm weird like that.

Then I'd be overjoyed that I'm in highschool again and can do over my life without completely fucking it up.

>> No.47722835

I swear there is an original one, because there was an entry in the waifu for the academy CYOA someone made....

>> No.47722836

You can always make lesser, idle wishes with Jeanne's bonus. You could be like, "I wish this hole in my jacket was fixed" or something.

Kataline wouldn't order you around per se, but unlike with Fei La, you'll have a deep-rooted desire to make her happy & calling her Master isn't optional. She's pretty neutral towards the bonus, actually. On one hand, family. On the other, middle-of-nowhere, even if she is their princess.

You can teach Floof to forage for better things, or even start a garden or get a job with that option. She's learned English, but she isn't all up-to-date on modern food-harvesting techniques.
>If the feelers were to be clipped during a haircut.
It would be extremely painful. But they'd grow back (more quickly than the regular hair).

With Computing, you'll be able to run any video game on max settings at least for the rest of a typical human lifetime with a framerate beyond 2 digits. Robotics can get you like, a robo-maid or something. Things to help out around your house. You don't *have* to stop the collapse. It isn't a sudden change, so mankind can avoid the severe death tolls. Besides, her society managed to handle the low resources. In all honestly, Gene Replacement is probably her preferred choice. It would make you more future-y & she'd feel less alone.

About "sweat" as it is described for Oki's bonus, as long as she didn't just get out of a shower, regular skin contact is fine.

Chere is so against nuclear power because her idea of nuclear power is imprisoning children in super-science labs to draw energy from them for their foreseeable lives until one day they throw a tantrum and kill everyone they love. Sure, the nuclear disasters might be over-exaggerated, but she's never experienced mine explosions or oil spills while she has experienced a meltdown.

>> No.47722844

>It would be extremely painful.
For you.

>> No.47722848

Yeah but the CYOA being talked about is, 11 pages, I don't think it'd be possible.

>> No.47722849

>What else do you think will happen when you wake up and your dick's gone? And everyone calls you a girl?

If I may take a video game quote out of context, "True self has no form".

The idea that the self is male or female at all is the product of a very sick mind, regardless of whether you may have had experiences with one or the other in the past. Healthy people adapt. It's not always an easy process but with enough time everything will be completely "normal".

>> No.47722856

>It's finally happening mates.
I've literally been waiting since the first week I came to the threads.
I don't particularly care about genitals either, which is why it's barely a drawback. And hey, it gives me more control over my new life.

>> No.47722857

>St Flares whore angry their school is now knows as St Rat Meat

I'd suggest you transfer to Lunestier, but your parents could barely afford St Rat Meat as it is. Tough luck, peasant. Maybe if you'll go down on your knees and ask politely, I'll tell daddy to get you a scholarship. You'd have be my slave though.

>> No.47722858

In this universe, are all nuclear power plants secretly like that, or just Chernobyl (which I assume Chere's was, based on her name)?

>> No.47722859

2much red

>> No.47722879

>You'll have to be my slave though.
Yes please.

>> No.47722893

Unfortunately I can't really change much about that without remaking the entire damn thing, which I'm not doing.

My next high fantasy CYOA I can make it much darker though.

>> No.47722894

Red equals dead.

>> No.47722916

I'm finding it difficult to understand what happens when you combine the Remembrance Ruby with the Emergent Emerald.

>> No.47722918

Better red than dead.

>> No.47722924

You basically replace your old self.

>> No.47722933

>always wanted to become a Hero
>accepted into St Flares
>could finally make my parents proud
>learning Druidism from a master
>made some cool new friends
>life was pretty great
>accidentally insult a visiting Lunestier noble
>week later my parents get raped and murdered
>stress makes my Druidic magic fail, permanently turned into a frog hybrid
>"friends" calling me Froggo the Fugly Frog
>starting to notice the food tastes like Rat meat
>my penis fell off yesterday

Why did you guys pretend St Flares was a good school?! I could've gone to Lunestier or Uzuza and become a rich jock. Now my life is over.

>> No.47722936

>>47717220 >>47717236 >>47717262 >>47717280 >>47717291 >>47717305 >>47717325
Race: Inconnu
Classes: Vampire Lord, Necromancer
Skills: Blood Magic, Quick Drain, Flesh Rune, Hunter in the Night, Raise Skeleton, Dead Thrall, Bone, Soul Drain
Armor: Battlemage Armor
Arms: Aghanim's Scepter (X2)
Campaign: Fort Brightstar, The Prison's Scouts, The Reach, Wayfren, Traitors!, The Five Decade Siege, Food From Blackwood, Siege the City, Purge the Rulers, Purge of the Falseol
Companions: Centurion Marcus Longinus, Bruttia Sicarius, Marguerite Berger, Ioristen Ruuloris, Teeth-Like-Swords

Having an affinity with the dark arts and a mastery over some black magic I'm going to make an honest attempt to learn Falseol magic as it seems to be rather powerful and as already stated is unique. My primary style of combat will be using my bone manipulation and my ability to summon skeletons to create powerful bone golems when out of combat and when in using them to defend me while I bleed the things on the front lines. With two of Aghanim's Scepters I fully expect to all but instant kill Lesser Falseol. Pretty much all the missions I chose are straight forward amounting to kill X something that we should have very little problems doing. I won't be trying to settle down with any of my companions simply choosing a group that I thought would work well together though I will be trying to learn anything Marguerite will teach me about times past. I don't know what I will be allowed to do when all is said and done but I like the idea of just going into hiding and studying magic. I doubt I will be so lucky...

I looked through over 10,000 images to find the one I used. Male Draenei have no good art.

>Muh secret club.
I have no problems with an author getting attention but it's some of the most cringeworthy shit to me to see CYOA's out of the general. Every time I see them somewhere else I can't help but feel like they're inviting in pests, which we have enough of.

>> No.47722937

fuck this shit, too fucking weak

>> No.47722947

the arrival prince, (hopefully they add more quests instead of 3, and also add 1 more retainer) i actually like those prince CYOAs pretty cool yo

>> No.47722950

Sure it would be. There aren't a ton of images in it and the text could be made to fit the pages better, but as I said you'd need the text in a text format not an image that needs to be retyped. That's far too much work to do for free heh.

I've seen some game books that have some images each page and under 8 megs. An example the fan made Car Lesbians game is 20 some odd pages with an image on most pages and a repeating background image on most pages too and it's only 2.2 megs. Other various RPG books I have that have full color images and selectable text & backgrounds at 25-35ish pages are around 6 to 14 megs.

>> No.47722962

I think you mean Royal Revival. Not sure if Beri will update it anytime soon, if ever.

>> No.47722963

Yin is as hit-or-miss as Twile. Whereas Twile hit, Yin missed.

Well, Lillan *could* get that same boon, but is it cheaper to produce extra tiny things than extra big things. Plus, I felt she needed a buff to the boons she could offer. The snow globe is the place where she can feel the absolute safest. Even if she's safe elsewhere, it's a major psychological security.

Yeah, the Leafy Clothes don't always have to be there. Same for the vines. The wings are the only ones you can't do much about. ... lewd.

Yeah, Bunny's boon from her form stays even if she shapechanges afterwards. The Bottle of Love works like the Pollen, except it doesn't quite give the same stamina.

Yeah, there's enough leggings for you both.
>the scylla thing is kind of disturbing to me
That was expected with her.

>I like Tiny and Cutie but they are just way too impractical.
If you're going with Employment, that means be taking her to work in those forms and helping her out when she has trouble doing her job. You don't want to carry mini-Miya around her office?

That was nice to read. Thanks.

Eventually, she would die. She can't eat or breathe or anything as a puddle, so she can only sustain life like that for X hours after it happens. The melting is gradual, so you get a good bit of bonus time, too. The listed time is just how long until the melting starts. It still probably isn't that comfortable for her, though.

Nope, integration has failed.

That is unknown. [TOP SECRET] is [TOP SECRET]. They're not about to just let you walk in to find out.

Hey, I finally made it to the end of the thread. Neat.

>> No.47722971

True dark city was far lighter then his other stuff.

>> No.47722975

Then what would I play?

>> No.47722995

I've been wanted to add a map page with extra info on the countries, but I'm busy making more & more Branching Heart pages

>> No.47723013

Oh, that makes sense.

>> No.47723022

go sleep and get healthitized
you will a good feel and a many productivities

>> No.47723029

Interesting, haven't seen too many focused on magic as much as you.

Although you can't wield 2 scepters, I should have made it more explicit. You can only wield 1 Aghs at a time.

>> No.47723045

>Nope, integration has failed.
I see. Guess that's another thing to work on in addition to the ground collapsing, however that worked. Sounds like something caused the mantle to melt the crust. Maybe the core started spinning too fast or the magnetic field being overactive.

>> No.47723051

I don't have any of those, anon. All the guys are either nerds who want me to teach them how to get swole, or beta cucks who think I'll steal yo gurl.
The girls assume I want to fuck them, and either stalk me and try to rape me using their magic, or avoid me completely
>tfw everyone assumes I'm chad
>tfw just want some friends to go on fieldtrips with, and maybe a studybuddy

>> No.47723064

What program did you make this in Oridon?

>> No.47723067

I really want to try this, but I despise the build restriction system, it pretty much forces you to pursue a specific set of builds for each class instead of getting creative with some synergies.
Would it be at all possible to request some means of sacrificing two skill slots from one class to take a single skill from outside your class?

>> No.47723075

meh circadian rhythms are keeping me, up nothing a little vodka + red bull and some cyoa making can't fix.

>> No.47723085

Box Wine don't become kill
We need you alive to lead us to the Hero Academy holy land

>> No.47723094

Maybe he is the kind of person who can only sleep after he has satisfied himself with hard work. A good Soviet comrade.

>> No.47723106

Sounds to me like you just want to be a special snowflake, don't you?

>> No.47723108

Wish there was a way to grow animal parts. Mainly I want to try some wings out.

Though I can think of a way to make myself some wings out of growing and combining enough human parts, it won't be pretty believe me.

>> No.47723113

why is this smug Lunestier girl so perfect? Do you have to hate peasants to be her friend or being noble is enough

>> No.47723126

I kinda hate how to be average at everything eats almost half your points.

>> No.47723139

I almost certainly do, but I stand by the build system being significantly more inflexible than most. If I had the option to take penalties in order to get more flexibility from it, I would. At the very least, some sort of universal skills would be nice, because I'm having trouble even wanting 4 skills from any of the classes listed, but several one-offs from a few different classes.

I do not want the strawberry cake, I just want the smarties on top, you know?

>> No.47723144

>but it is cheaper to produce extra tiny things than extra big things

Is it? Big things take more resources it's true, but as long as we aren't talking skyscraper size the labor isn't all that much more involved.

Tiny things take very delicate parts. Imagine trying to make a keyboard or game controller to fit her hands, or a computer screen that looks good to her and isn't uncomfortable to use (something like 1080p or better in cellphone size).

>> No.47723147

>I'm not an immortal god-emperor with hundreds of powers
>too fucking weak

>> No.47723161

>Wish there was a way to grow animal parts. Mainly I want to try some wings out.
Read the notes regarding Enhanced bodyparts. Then consider what you can do with Part Replacement.

In case that wasn't enough of a hint, make your arms (extras or otherwise) similar enough to an Enhanced bodypart that you can make them inhuman, and use some sort of bird for the type of inhuman. Same with your bones, if you want to be able to fly (or you could just go with the helium-filling from Enhanced Middle).

>> No.47723164

sir, you do understand the setting for this, right?
People don't get too godly in that, and at the very most ever have 4 powers. It's a hard limit of the setting, broskini-dude, so this does a good job of reflecting that.

>> No.47723168

I was thinking more like simpler items, like a pencil or something. With the enhanced strength or acrobatics, she can use a variety of human-sized things well enough anyhow.

>> No.47723176

>Although you can't wield 2 scepters
Piss. I didn't read that anywhere but I can see as to why that would be the way it is. Supposed I'd take an Octarine Core in place of one of those. Not like I can't benefit from it. Fuck it. I think I'll actually pick a Ring of Bloodlust. With a proper shield from Soul Drain I won't even have to worry about being hurt or not because in theory it should only have to regenerate if damaged so a strong enough one that simply can't be rend will just hold up.
>Kill loads of guys without the ring on.
>Build up my soul shield.
>Eventually it just can't be hurt.
>Equip the ring.
I can live with it. At worst I have an ace should I find something I can't otherwise kill.

>> No.47723209

Don't mean to burst your bubble but.....

Ring of Bloodlust works only on Alpha Therianthropes and Vampire Lords. Says in the first sentence.

>> No.47723225

>Would it be at all possible to request some means of sacrificing two skill slots from one class to take a single skill from outside your class?
Huh? Can you explain this better?

Maybe I'm retarded or it's the early morning but I'm not quite understanding this.

>> No.47723232

>Ring of Bloodlust works only on Alpha Therianthropes and Vampire Lords. Says in the first sentence.
But >>47722936
>Classes: Vampire Lord, Necromancer

>> No.47723245

Oh sorry, thought for some reason you were another class. Fuck I'm retarded today.

MS Paint.

>> No.47723247

I haven't even read the CYOA, I just think you're an obnoxious cunt.

>> No.47723271

Good Doctor Level 1
Scrounger Level 2
Sharpshooter Level 1

Light Armour

Submachine Gun

Gravity Grenade

Hurt me Plenty:


The Gates of Hell
The Captured Angel
Let My People Go!

The ultimate Mercy build.

>> No.47723275

Hey guys, got pretty far with making the succubus (school edition) cyoa yesterday.
I'd like to add more mindcontrol powers, and I have to spellcheck, add images and move stuff around so the pixels align (I don't know how to put it).
I can post it next thread - it's like 80-95% done, and then you can tell me what you think?

>> No.47723286

Basically, you're restricted to 8 skills from within your classes.
What I mean is, could I sacrifice two of those skills for a single skill not within my class skill list? I just flat up don't like 50% of any of these class skill lists, and if I could take a penalty to explore skills outside of the lists exclusively for my classes I would be most appreciative.

>> No.47723289

Great. I'm anxious to see what you did with it.

>> No.47723312

Oh I see what you mean now.

I suppose I could allow some flexibility, but I'd say that trading 2 skills for 1 unaffiliated skill is as far as it goes. I didn't go through the trouble of making the classes and their abilities for there to be too much generalization.

>> No.47723318

I hope it's possible to make some not very lewd builds.

>> No.47723320

Awesome, looking forward to it.

>> No.47723334

Comely (adjective) : pleasing in appearance; attractive; fair

"Comely" means more attractive than average.

>> No.47723371

Where's the Medipack?

>> No.47723390

that exchange rate would do me just fine.
having 6 skills instead of 8, but with room for a pair of skills outside my classes gives me the wiggle room I need to build a character that doesn't seem too generic, and I imagine others will like this system too. Weaker overall than most characters, but more refined in concept. Much obliged, I'll wait till that's posted before I start saving the images.

>> No.47723403

He meant Homely I'm guessing.

>> No.47723407

I wonder how long it'll take for peope to minmax a build with less skills that somehow outperforms the regular 8 skills builds.

>> No.47723416

Too tired right now, will check in the morning.

She really doesn't know the horrors she's caused by giving a biologist shapeshifting powers on this level though. We're gonna have the most fun time.

>> No.47723440

Well you're getting 7 skills, so in reality you're only sacrificing 1 skill. Not too much weaker.

You also won't get the free passives of the classes you are multi-classing into.

>> No.47723452

>Think of it a bit more like severe mood swings than a full-on alternate personality.
Well, shit. I thought they were completely different entities. But if their only differences are morality and sadism, hm.

This changes things.

>> No.47723474

Well, Yan is missing a few other inhibitions, too. She mentions a desire to be possessive of you, whereas Yin tries not to come on too strong. But yeah, they're the same person.

>> No.47723495

I dunno, prolly not me, I have a very niche build concept of nondivine healer, with either emphasis on brute strength or tech power, and either way holding a universal opposition against using ranged weapons.
oh, I thought I could go to 6 with that system, you're only allowing to 7? Fair enough, I can still work with that. The objective, on my part at least, is to get Potions from Ranger without being a Ranger, because I feel that should be something a tinker could have access to, especially with Druid as the other class. And yeah, not getting the passives is a solid way to balance that.

>> No.47723543

I forgot to type it really.

>> No.47723588


You lose 2 normie skills, but you gain 1 Unaffiliated Skill.

Wait, only allowing 7? What's that mean?

I want to see what other builds from other games people can make...

>> No.47723593

Native archive is supposed to be 24 hours I think. But the other archives last forever or until some fuckup in their managing causes them to shut down, which happens every year or two but a new one usually pops up that will keep the old archived content available.

>> No.47723656

I meant more



so you'd go to 7 if you took two options away from one class, and the theoretical minimum would be 6 if you're taking 2 options away from both classes. It limits people from going too crazy, because they'd only get 2 skills out of the class they sacrifice from to get that one non-class skill, but this could also be far too convoluted so just sacrificing 2 options from the 8 total rather than specifically from one class or the other might work better, or at least easier.

>> No.47723686

Oh, I intended at most for people to only be able to get 1 unaffiliated skill.

And the 2 you forsake can be 2 from one, 2 from the other, or one from each.

I'll need to make some more edits.

>> No.47723733

oh you don't need to if it's too much a hassle, a 7 minimum works for me, because it means I don't have to fall into any of the weapon roles set up by the classes I want, but I know I'm not the only person looking at this CYOA, and there could be more people pickier than me.

That said, I'm certain to at least explore that down to 6 option if presented, but do whatever you feel is right, broskini, you are technically the master of the domain of that CYOA

>> No.47723735

>>47716098 >>47716118 >>47716281
Perks: Berzerk Pack (Level 1), Demon-Eater (Level 1), Frenzied! (Level 2)
Armor: Light Armor
Weapons: Spiked Knuckles (X2)
Grenades: Fragmentation Grenade
Mode: Too Young to Die
Demons: Zombies, Crossbowmen, Knights Cacodemons
Companion: Eleanor White
Missions in Hell: The Gates of Hell, The Big Fucking Gun, The King of Hell
Bonus: Half-Demon


>> No.47723746

>Bonus: Combat Armor
>Berserk pack 2, Frenzied 2, good doctor, demon-eater
>Combat armor
>Spiked Knuckles, medipack, Shotgun, Frag grenade, Gravity Grenade
>Nightmare: Bulks, Cacodemons, Snipers, Succubi, Minotaurs
>No companions
>Broodmothers, Corruptors, Kill All Demons


>> No.47723881

probably. You aren't forced to use your powers.

>> No.47724024

For you.

Jesus, really? Good thing I had no interest to begin with.

>> No.47724038

just a fair warning, it took me 4-5 hours to make, and like I said I didn't include mindcontrol/mindbreak powers yet. I can tell you already now I'm not happy with the first selection of choice, but that won't be used for the bigger cyoa I'll be making that's more in line with the source material, attempting to make it comfy with lewd aspects.

>> No.47724070

oh god, I'm doing that thing where I'm setting myself up for failure as a defense mechanicm or someshit, aren't I?
Now you're going into it assuming its bad.
I won't delete the post, I have to learn from it.

>> No.47724083

>The new play. It's terrible.
so is the rest of harry potter so that was to be expected.

>> No.47724108

The question is

Does Albus fuck goth chick?

>> No.47724213

That's a lot of content with no choices.

Warrior and Assassin. Doubly mighty and doubly agile, but also very tough and invisible when not attacking.

Melee Mastery
Blocking Mastery
Aggressive Defence
An edifice of the battlefield.

Silent death
Shadow Pact
Thrill of Death
Battlefield navigation allows me to take out the worst threats, shadow pact (like Aggressive Defence) helps with numbers and (like Inspiration) lets me provide support. Thrill of Death is good for drawn-out battles.

Housecarl Armor seems really handy.

Brightstar should be easy with my stealth.
Kryloch seems very necessary. We can't have an enemy stronghold behind our backs as we move forward.

The Hell will be retaken after we remove the Falseol. In the meanwhile, we're clearing the Reach, which can support all of our people and wherein we fight our actual enemy.
Wayfren will be cleared and the gear taken, though it will be a hard fight.

Rescuing the people who have been seiged for five decades is a nobler goal than any other we have. We'll do that. And Issfror is necessary to maintain control of the North, so we'll go for it.
The traitors can do as they will, we'll leave them be for now and perhaps when we've removed more of the enemy, we can commute the sentence of the underlings to something less harsh, and execute only the leaders.

Starving the Falseol will make the Imperial City fall without us needing to destroy our own fortifications. We'll do that, then, and siege the city. But the siege plan can be modified. With no food making its way to them, we can take our time and let them starve for a while.

>> No.47724225


The beasts aren't important by themselves. We'll close off the escape that we control and leave them to their devices for the time being.
The rulers, though, need to be removed. Behead the snake, and all that.
Purging the last of them is a great honor after all the lives ended at this point. Though I doubt it's truly the last, there must be more of the lesser ones hiding out somewhere. No matter, they too will be eliminated in the coming years.

This should have been before the page where you actually do the conquering.

Bruttia Sicarius seems like a useful companion Magic is a boon, and stealth is useful for much of what I do. Sverker the Skald is a good righthand man.
Faradia Daelith can provide magic support for my squad; her illusions will be a boon to all of us.
The last stealthy choice is Shagrala, so I'll take her, though I don't care for her personality.
Sylleth Branch isn't stealthy, but her classes both seem handy for utility purposes, so I suppose I'll take her as the rearguard for missions where stealth is unnecessary.

Oh wait there's more choices
Fuck it I'm tired of this shit.

>> No.47724229

Unique -6

Elemental (Luck, permanency, distance, magic):
Physical +4
Hybrid x3 -9
Abstract -5
Conjure element -5

Daisk -1

Powergaming all the way.

>> No.47724305

Honestly, it should be redesigned to not be huge. Each image has about enough content to fill like one screen's worth of image. It could be a single-image CYOA.

>> No.47724311

What race are you?

>> No.47724318

The CYOA never actually asks that, but the lizards seem to have nice benefits.

>> No.47724323

someone, start a new thread before this one dies

>> No.47724399

Senpai, that was your job.

>> No.47724404

How many people are waiting for the next thread to post OC?

>> No.47724417

I am

>> No.47724425

I can wait if you'd like, it's fine
but please hold out on posting it until this one dies. I have a fetish for cute femboys soiling their panties.

>> No.47724434

I only just got to halfway done with my page, so I'm in no rush.

>> No.47724438

Don't mind me. I'm just here to curse the next thread with shitposts and bad OC. I'm betting you can't find a priestess to dispell my curse before this thread dies~

>> No.47724451

New thread


>> No.47724461

Curse removed, this one will cost 10,000 gold for all anons

>> No.47724464

There is nothing you can do that we have not already done to ourselves

>> No.47724479

NCYOA was one of my favorite CYOAs, I guess I was more than one year waiting in almost every thread for news about it, I'm really happy to know that my hope wasn't pure delusion.

>> No.47724485

>berri's adding another page to his cyoa
well, guess I'm not posting OC anyway. I am not being cucked by 25 pages
and that. That's cancer.
Worst part is he think it's funny

>> No.47724512

It's only like 16 pages, now (had to make a new Library page). But I've still got some convenient links up, so I doubt I post the whole thing. Plus, I'm not near done enough. Don't know if I'll make it in time to post in the next thread or not.

>> No.47724602

Yeah, I won't post OC when you do.
I appreciate you warning me, though. Please do so whenever you plan to post OC in the next thread.

>> No.47724628

Empires are great because I like empires. I also like city-states, but so it goes. This is an empire of only eight major cities, apparently, which makes little sense but I'll roll with it. (45)

A water nation makes sense for an empire, need that logistics.

Havine. Humans will reign supreme. Other races can be slaves but without her bonuses, not worth it. Well, the Wolfpack bonus is nice. Elves and Eldritch get cool stuff too. But raw stats are great in their own right. (25/70)

Actually this shit is too fucking complicated. I'm gonna just take 100 marines and 15 medics.

Against inferiors: HMSAT +1, Damage x2

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