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>> No.47700467

No sanctuary mode. Your starting point in jump is choked by hunters, tanks, spitters, and smokers. What do.

>> No.47700481

Quasimodo please

>> No.47700485

I integrated wands of universal fire into my motorcycle before I made it into an altform for a reason anon

>> No.47700556

Burninate them.

>> No.47700563

Let's Dance.

>> No.47700615

Ok, we've gone over the numbers, and making Heartless and Nobodies backgrounds helps a bit.

Heartless will be bumped to 500.

Nobody will be bumped to 600.

Heart Breaker moves from Nobody to General perks, which better reflects that it's a trait many bad guys share rather than just Nobodies.

Absent Silhouette and Facade are being changed to discounts.

These changes put their prices at (or very close to) parity with the benefits they gain. Although they do get a few less discounts on perks and items compared to other backgrounds we feel this is balanced out by their personal access to their customization sections.

The price of extra Hearts (currency) for the supplements is up in the air. We don't know how much to charge per Heart or per number of Hearts. Given it is meant to let Heartless do things like be a centaur or centipede Heartless, and give custom Nobodies a few weapons and shape of their own we think the option to buy more Hearts should exist, but if it proves too problematic then the starting number can be the be all and end all.

This doesn't address all criticism, but right now we are focusing on the primary point of contention. If we missed something else please see if it gets fixed during the next WiP, and if not bring it up then.

Thank you for all your help.

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If I can totally dominate a setting even when picking fights with strongest things, I feel like Gary Stu. Even if my victories are due to accumulated knowledge of setting and jumper powers.

Anyone has that problem at times?

>> No.47700655

>Anyone has that problem at times?
No, because fighting is a means to an end and not an end in itself.

>> No.47700668

Sounds good to me.

>> No.47700676

All the customization sections do is change your body's look. It's purely aesthetic, it doesn't justify giving htem less discounts.

>> No.47700683

Not since picking up Toggle from Young Justice and going to Symbiote.

Of course, not everyone is okay with effectively putting their 'real' self on autopilot and going around thinking they're only capable of the powers you left on with Toggle. The fact you can take back over in an emergency is the only reason I'm ok with doing it.

Certainly allows for more 'level appropriate' fun.

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Fighting is just a side hobby at this point. It's much more fun to pull strings, run schemes, and gamble it all. There's a reason why super villains look like they're having so much fun.

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All the time. I like to overcome it with the free balance bangle from monster hunter. Locks all supernatural powers you didn't acquire in your jump, lowers physical abilities to the apex of your current species, and can be deactivated with a code word for emergencies.

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Exploration is my goal, not combat.

>> No.47700726


Well, I sometimes just feel a bit like Saitama. I want a challenge. Because that challenge keeps me motivated and somewhat directed.

Without it, I do various odd stuff, seeking to fill the hole of emptiness in my life.

While it can be science or such, it is most likely not that great morally or ethically. Flesh scaping for example, a planet of flesh, I cultivate.

Or lewd stuff.

Dear God, I am Rick waba duba dub dub

I dunno. I guess my fears of unstoppable characters and high empathy pre all jumps might hit me with some guilt sometimes. And I can't totally abandon those feelings in fear of just abandoning who I originally was

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Space isn't that big of an issue. Grab all the miniaturization perks (RWBY, Undertale, SimAnt, Worm) and you can pretty easily shrink things down.

Could also hit up NGE and grab Hybrid and Non-euclidean for some really weird form-folding, although I don't know enough about NGE to say for sure if you could actually alter your angel-form in a manner similar to upgrading a cyborg body.

>Not since picking up Toggle from Young Justice and going to Symbiote.
Limit Mode from Kid Radd is worth grabbing for this. You turn off 90% of your perks for a year, but you get a large training boost for the duration. It turns off if you would be killed and gives you a small recovery boost as well, but I mostly just keep Toggle available and toggle Limit Mode off if I'm in danger.

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much like my alcohol intake, this isn't a problem to me, it's my goal.

>> No.47700746

Still need a Spidermeme jump.

>> No.47700754

If that's the pervading opinion we certainly can look at adding a few more perks for them to get discounts on in order to give them parity there as well. We do have some perks we cut in previous attempts at balance, we could look at bringing some of them back possibly.

For the time being, do you think the changes at least make them not 'unfair' compared to the other choices in the jump (discounts not withstanding)?

>> No.47700764

Point at *burp* at him!
Point *belch* point at him and laugh!

>> No.47700779

Power limiters are a great thing.


I just worry, because being unbeatable makes it feel like I am just doing an asspull in that universe. As if my powers were bullshit, with only my morals or such stopping me from exerting it, or desire to make battles longer.

It makes me feel like Superman.
God, I hate Superman

>> No.47700780

I was against making them backgrounds so I won't be happy with that part of the solution period. Thus I'd rather focus on the parts that are subject to actual debate and have a chance to change.

This is why I'll say, I don't see why you need to add more perks. Why not just switch Absent Silhouette and Facade to being free again?

>> No.47700784

I honestly have no idea what this means..

>> No.47700804

And that entertains me.

>> No.47700824

Where should I go to become covered in eyeballs?

>> No.47700867

You know where to get them all up insider you.
All jammed up in there.
Like, damn, you seen some shit.
You know where to look.
You fucking know.

>> No.47700872

Marvel? Grab self-biokinesis, have fun staring at people.

Also, hit up the various eye jumps and grab as many as you can. Any Fate jump, Naruto, Mushoku Tensei (especially Mushoku Tensei, for Jumper Empress of Jumper Eyes), etc

>> No.47700886

Go to the Zootopia jump, choose an aye-aye as your animal.

>> No.47700891

That doesn't help give them discount parity, and in fact is a step backwards into needing to do *something* to balance them again, whether that's raising the price even more (which I at least would rather not do), or making the drawbacks really bad.

Thanks for being honest. Is there anything else in the jump you think needs to be looked at? Anything you liked about it?

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>> No.47700906

Not really, no because

1. That implies fighting is the only worthwhile goal

2. That beating said strongest things won't have terribly destructive repercussions for the world

3. That I'm too unintelligent to come up with a more creative solution to the problem using said setting knowledge and powers, assuming I don't have an in-character reason to resort to violence anyway

4. And that it's impossible to avoid being maneuvered into a position where one can't use all of that leverage for one reason or another because of external circumstances.

Really, these days I just apply the mindset I used to tackle things with higher raw powers back in the day to the non-Jumper characters, to try and figure out how they could throw a sucker punch at ASA.

Hang up a non-smoking/spitting/tanking/hunting sign.

>> No.47700909

1. Cue "Kung fu fighting" by Carl Douglas
2. Get down to business

Besides perks I get from the jump I tend to use Toggle on most of my powers to make things interesting.

Lord of the Rings jump would have lasted a day tops if I had just grabbed the ring, used supersonic flight to Mordor and chucked it into Mt. Doom.

Instead I walked with everybody and kept asking "Gandalf, why are the Eagles assholes and always wait till the last minute to do anything useful?"

>> No.47700915

A discount is basically half off. Two discounts is equal to a freebie. I'm not sure how a free perk to make up for less discounts doesn't help with parity.

I gave those opinions last thread.

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>> No.47700933

How are you doing today?

>> No.47700951

> Kingdom Hearts drops
> KH HD 2.8 2016 420blaze it announced
> KH 3 announcement in winter

>> No.47700955

oh it's French laughing, I don't think I did anything funny.

>> No.47700965

Would plasmids and prototype powers work as a MGR cyborg?

>> No.47700967

I mostly want more vectors for my Lunatic Red Eyes and Cognitohazardous.

>> No.47700984

If you took the post-jump "cyborg body becomes pseudorganic" option, probably.

>> No.47700985

I'd say it would be better to even out the races some by giving the other races their own perks. A lot of the trouble is that comparatively the other two options are terrible compared to Nobody and Heartless, giving them at least a standard line would let you keep the Nobodies and Heartless relatively intact. Just messing around with pricing some simply leads to further headaches down the line.

>> No.47700987

Oh, mind you, I can think of better solutions.

But I do have some warrior's pride, ASArott.

But when left to my own devices for too long, unless I had a goal at that point, things would get weird.

Like, "hang-gliding in a crotchless Uncle Sam costume into a stadium full of redheads and men who look like my father" kind of weird

Except more

>> No.47701024

That seems like the most work intensive solution yet, given the other races have nothing so far so they'd need to come up with over a 1000cps worth of stuff at least for them.

>> No.47701026

That's a fair point. I guess I wasn't looking at it like that.

Would people rather them get a bit more freebies but less discounts, or less... Ok that is a bit of a silly thing to ask. What does everyone think is more balanced? Getting more freebies but less other things with Discounts, or...

You know what I'm asking.

Feeling a lot better, thank you.

I suppose we could give Humans and Funny animals a perk or two. The thing to remember is that they are free, so they probably shouldn't get too much unless we did turn them into entire racial trees, which is basically at the point of having two backgrounds...

What do people think about giving them a little perk or two to help balance things out?

Man this post is all over the place. Brainstorming folks.

>> No.47701067

...hmmm, is Left 4 Dead different enough from a normal zombie apocalypse to get it's own jump?

>> No.47701075 [SPOILER] 


>> No.47701085

I don't think giving the other races a perk or two will balance it out at all unless you give them a lot of stuff. It still doesn't fix the problem of getting all the stuff from an origin and a race, if not making it worse by being able to take two for free.

>> No.47701106

I'd say so, though I'm biased in that I really want a L4D jump

>> No.47701108

I was thinking of it as a method of balance alongside the current changes.

I agree that giving them an entire tree and letting people have racial and background trees and discounts just makes things more complicated.

>> No.47701114

My suggestion wasn't to reduce the amount of discounts overall, just switch those two mentioned discounts to free.

Unless what you meant to ask was "Would it be better to switch Absent Silhouette and Facade to free, giving them less discounts but more freebies and creating something like parity by considering those freebies to be equivalent to two discounts?"

>> No.47701134

Yes, that's what I meant. Sorry, looks like I'm not at my most coherent today.

With these changes they're a few hundred short. If they get those as freebies again... It might actually even out? I've got to look at the numbers again.

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>> No.47701164

You just want a chocolate helicopter item.

>> No.47701165

Okay, I'm not looking for judgement, just a simple Yes or No

Can you romance Giant Naked Rei?
Can you go a step further?

>> No.47701177

You should be able to, as GNR seems to retain the feelings Rei did. Remember, she offered to Shinji to decide on Instrumentality. Lilith would have no reason to do that.

>> No.47701183


>> No.47701186

Yes, but it would be extremely painful.

>> No.47701196

Where can I get phasing Powers ala kitty pryde?

>> No.47701198


Now, can someone remind me what's the age of Sunny Emmerich in MGR?

I like her outfit, honestly

>> No.47701206

Only if you're a Drop-In. Otherwise it's incest.

>> No.47701210

She's a big girl

>> No.47701213

For you.

>> No.47701221

Below the age of majority.

>> No.47701226

>Implying that's ever a problem.

>> No.47701238 [SPOILER] 

So I just finished Young Justice and I have to know...
Who here tried to steal the Warworld?

>> No.47701240

She's 14, legal in Germany.

Though anon frankly, you're a jumper you don't have to give a fuck no matter what anyone says.

>> No.47701243


she's like 14 which is not even Japan legal.


>> No.47701256

Legal on a federal level. It gets more complicated down from there.

>> No.47701257

Age of consent in Japan is 13.

And I would wait till she's adult who can decide on her own.

Doesn't stop me from being friends with her though

>> No.47701269

Does it turn into a giant robot?

>> No.47701273


She's 14? Could have sworn she was 11... Huh

>> No.47701281

She lives in America, anon. And being friends with a child while you wait for them to become an adult is called grooming, and it's classic pedophile behavior.

>> No.47701292

Okay, if they get them as freebies they pay 700 (effectively) for 1100 freebies. If they get them as discounts they pay 700 for 700. I think the difference might be a bit much there. This is why we were suggesting these changes.

Please chime in if you want one way or the other.

>> No.47701295

I didn't steal it but mother box absorbed it, so now they has it as a alt-form
I know there's federal minimums and there's prefectural statutes none of which are below 16, so >>47701257 you are in fact wrong
thank you.

>> No.47701296

He's got two years to go in most states. Aint that big a deal. It's a fictional character.

>> No.47701308

She is in MGS4. By MGR she's older.

>> No.47701313

No, but it's filled with an endless supply of robot drones.

>> No.47701336

Not thinking as in full on equal to Heartless and Nobodies, but a quick line for each would mean there's less of a power gap between the options. Though yeah, might be a bit much to ask. Mostly raising the point to make sure it's considered as a possibility instead of everyone fixating on nerfing the two options that do have perks currently.
Funny Animal could get some stuff based around being a Disney character, not familiar enough with the series to go much beyond that though.

>> No.47701337

>thank you.
I want you to fuck off with trying to act like a moral guardian when you fuck piles of cancerous sludge and try and rape the laws of physics and kill people's waifu's for personal gain.

>> No.47701342

"It's not that big a deal, officer, honest!"

>> No.47701357

Yeah man, those fictional internet multiversal cosmic thought police are gonna get anon for having dirty thoughts about a videogame character.

>> No.47701362

Only if I have sexual thoughts about her at that point.

I can still befriend her. A shape shifting monstrosity who can be any age is a good friend to a genius inventor girl prodigy.

Honestly, I didn't mean to Sex her. I was just curious about her age since I wasn't sure if MGR was in 2018 or later.

I am quite busy with doing other stuff, but Sunny has Bladewolf, I like that dog. Gonna throw him a bone.

Mind you, now I have a reason Raiden wants me dead. Misunderstanding my relationship with Sunny, while all I want is Raiden's cyborg dickins

>> No.47701371

Can you two not?

>> No.47701385

Can you knot a knot?

>> No.47701389 [DELETED] 

1. Monique is a Koughing not a Muk
2. Kill not rape
3. Wait what? You're going to have to be much more specific.

>> No.47701394

Total up the other backgrounds to see how much they get for what they pay.

>> No.47701397

Nah, man, it's the homocidal cyborg ninja uncle you have to watch out for. The police will never even find you.

>> No.47701406

I thought she was born in 2007 and MGR happens in 2018?

>> No.47701411

>You're going to have to be much more specific.
It would be hard when you've done it multiple times, like you trying to kill a royal tree to use her as a mosaic.

>> No.47701413

Urethral sounding should be done sparingly, but yes.
Yes you can.
Remember to use a lot of lube.

>> No.47701414


Ignore him Bancho

>> No.47701425

Don't reply to yourself bro.

>> No.47701436

Huh. You're right. And yet I'm fairly certain her being 14 is her official age. Is Sunny a time traveler? Because I honestly wouldn't put that past Metal Gear.

>> No.47701442


I am not bancho

>> No.47701446

We have. The others are pretty much fine, and it's against that that I was comparing the amount of discounts the Heartless and Nobodies get.

At this point I *think* we're probably going to go with the proposed changes. I know that this won't please everyone, but I don't think it's possible to find a solution that actually would do that.

>> No.47701453

Honestly if she has the mental capacity to be an aerospace engineer she has the mental capacity to consent.

>> No.47701461


>> No.47701464

I am Spartacus.

>> No.47701476

That's not how it works and you know it.

>> No.47701480

Then points balance wise, they are mechanically the worst two backgrounds in the jump. That's a mean feat.

>> No.47701481



>> No.47701482

Autism doesn't work that way, bruh.

>> No.47701484

I am Anonymous!

>> No.47701489

I am Iron Man.

>> No.47701495

Maybe not by the law, but the law isn't always right.

>> No.47701503


Knowledge and mental/hormonal maturity...

This is odd thing, especially for a jumper who survived hundreds of years. If you think of your true age, age difference between you and any woman makes things look bad.

Also. Since Rick and Morty references:

Would the growth/shrink gun have any in between settings?

>> No.47701504

I am Alpharius.

>> No.47701512

I'm the goddamn Batman.

>> No.47701518

seriously if I was capable of warning myself not to do something stupid do you think I'd bother posting about it instead of just talking aloud to myself to take my own advice? And not do something stupid not everyone who is okay with me and/or tries to help me in ways that don't involve verbal abuse is me.

>> No.47701523

I'm Batman.

>> No.47701532 [SPOILER] 


>> No.47701533

They do get the supplements, but I can see your point.

We'll look at reintroducing some of the cut perks, or maybe reducing the price just a tad to reflect the situation. Or maybe something else? Who knows.

Again, it's still a WiP. We'll test this out, and try to feel out a happy medium.

>> No.47701537

You're not Batman?

>> No.47701541

I'm Sanguinius, the realest nigga around

I had that in my ctrl+v, so that's it.

>> No.47701545

I am the walrus!

>> No.47701548

That's why you go and find a nice girl from an immortal species, who's already lived a comparable amount of time to you.

>> No.47701553

Now, it says Rick and Morty's growth Ray can enlarge things to the size of USA.

How does it affect things bigger than that? Does its shrinking shrink it less than implied minimum? Or can it never grow back to full size through Ray

>> No.47701557

I am Bateman!

>> No.47701562


>> No.47701569


How does the supplement work do I have to pay for my nobody per rank or is it a multiple like

123 or 246

>> No.47701575

So you're fine with anon hooking up with Remilia Scarlet?

>> No.47701577

No matter what's the opinion on the age difference or laws, we can agree on one thing about Sunny.

Her MGR version has good fashion sense

>> No.47701593

That's not strictly true. Jumpers can be billions of years old. Even some paltry 700 year old vampire is a child compared to that.

>> No.47701601

Do you mean the size? You pay just for the size they actually are, so large is 1 Heart, while Huge is a one time purchase of 3 Hearts total.

>> No.47701612


Not size I mean their speed and health

>> No.47701615

I mean it when I say "immortal", anon. It's a big multiverse, I'm sure you can find someone the same age as you. Gaia in EVO is a popular option, she's billions of years old. Why not date her?

>> No.47701624


>> No.47701625


Who is this Sunny and where do I kill her?

>> No.47701628

Gaia would actually still be a few billion years younger than you at maximum. Cosmic jailbait.

>> No.47701633

Wasn’t somefaggit working on a cape/power police jump based off of a web comic or something?

>> No.47701636

Child genius from Metal Gear and Metal Gear Solid

>> No.47701641

that's a good way to make an enemy of snake and his army for higher so probably a bad idea unless you're a late game jumper

>> No.47701656

I just want to let you know you're a gift to the world, Doctor.

>> No.47701658

Anon, no

>> No.47701662


You remind me that the metal gear jump is still broken

>> No.47701666

So, Jumpers.
What did you do with the toilet?

>> No.47701672

I didn't know the sun was so FLAT

>> No.47701676

I forgot. What's wrong with it.



>> No.47701680

Ah, my bad. So lets say you go Medium, so your speed is Resonably Quick and durability is Decent.

If you want to raise that you pay 1 Heart per purchase, both of which raises it two levels. If you want to go up four levels that's a total of 2 Hearts.

In this example it'd put your Nobody at A Ridiculous Amount of HP and Really, Really Fast.

Does that answer your question?

>> No.47701695

>killing a child for literally no unannounced reason.

I'm aware we're in the edgiest thread in /tg/, but gawd damn.

Grrl Power?

No word on what's up with that for a while beyond that SF got forcibly upgraded to Windows 10 and lost everything.

>> No.47701706


>> No.47701718


It's broken as in the ability to teach others isn't correct leaving you only able to teach capstones because there are no 300 cp perks


Yes it did thanks f-am

>> No.47701720

Sorry 2 Hearts for speed and 2 Hearts for durability. Total of 4 for both of them. Derp.

>> No.47701724

replaced it with a mimic

>> No.47701726

Is anyone happy with Windows 10? I have yet to meet a person who likes it.

>> No.47701728

you can have it anon, In every dc jump I am just the guy who killed batman's parents and destabilized Krypton's core.

I like to fill the shoes of ambiguous characters and push history.

>> No.47701731

>SF got forcibly upgraded to Windows 10 and lost everything.

>> No.47701735

How tough and fast is that really?

>> No.47701751


Challenge accepted

>What did you do with the toilet?

I ripped it out and smashed Sunny's face in with it.

>> No.47701754

>Grrl Power?
That's it.

>No word on what's up with that for a while beyond that SF got forcibly upgraded to Windows 10 and lost everything.
>Windows 10
Fuck. The devourer of souls.

I got hit by the same thing and that's why I've started to learn Linux. I'm not the only one in that boat, too.

>> No.47701763

don't you mean dinner table anon?

>> No.47701766

The only reason I'm not on Linux is because of videogames.

My computer also tried to force me into Windows 10 but I managed to sabotage it.

>> No.47701770

People were fighting over whether or not it was ok to have sexual thoughts about her so I solved the problem.

You're welcome.

>> No.47701775

It's not bad itself, it's that MS forced the update very passive aggressively. Updating can cause a lot of data loss as well.

>> No.47701778

>I got hit by the same thing and that's why I've started to learn Linux. I'm not the only one in that boat, too.

There are emulators and there's a surprising amount of stuff available in the Steam store that's Linux friendly.

>> No.47701783

I know some who have it and it seems to be fine if you're just browsing the net, checking emails, and using Office.

If you want to do something radical like change a setting you'd better hope you don't need the next 5-10 minutes to either find it yourself or hope Google can lead you to someone else who's managed to find where they hid the settings this time. I mean some are where they were, some are... not in intuitive places.

And running games/other programs is still a coin flip at the moment.

Still, almost infinitely better than 8.

>> No.47701784

>It's not bad itself
Forced telemetry.

>> No.47701787

Yeah, but what did you do with them when you didn't need them any more?

>> No.47701788

Those are both already established characters, though. Joe Chill killed Batman's parents, and Krypton's core was destabilized by the Kryptonian terrorist "Black Zero".

>> No.47701791


God, that's Tera / Bancho-tier line of thinking.
Do you understand? That is literally the logic of this motherfucker >>47701641

>> No.47701804

You can always reuse the materials. Get 'em cleaned up and disconnected from the plumbing, then Alchemy it all into something else.

>> No.47701819

They're rough amounts but the supplement actually lists Decent and relatively quick as a fairly fit human who is reasonably fast. Not Usain Bolt fast, but able to go up against all but the fastest people. The next levels are both about double human, so the highest levels are pretty good, but not absolutely ridiculous.

>> No.47701837

>Joe Chill killed Batman's parents, and Krypton's core was destabilized by the Kryptonian terrorist "Black Zero".
Sometimes you have to knock them out, and replace them to do it yourself.

The best part is keeping your cover while crime fighting by their side.

>> No.47701846

Magi: Labyrinth of Magic update when?

We've had several new sub-types of magic introduced since (such as Curse, Space, Time, Gravity, and Clairvoyance), power-levels are skyrocketing to reach what happened in the previous world's backstory of "Universal Apocalypse," the jump itself mentions nothing about Household Members-

Long story short, it's in need of one. Desperately.

>> No.47701851

And that's....bad?

>> No.47701858

Alright, I'm just saying, you'll need to time travel to do it. They're not vague character profiles for you to insert yourself into as part of taking an origin.

>> No.47701860

Stop trying to force this issue. Just like everyone who tries to force an issue here, you're going to catalyze people against you.

>> No.47701865


>> No.47701876

Unlikely to happen and your continued memetic repetition of this will not help you or your cause.

>> No.47701877

Never going to happen.

if I can't get a decent Code Geass jump, you can't get a good Magi jump.

>> No.47701891

>you'll need to time travel to do it
They have plenty of those things in DC, and strangely in Marvel as well. Whats up with comic settings and supertech?

Not that I am complaining, since I got a small army of intelligent hamsters to take over the sewers of new york.

>> No.47701898

Drakengard was right.

>> No.47701901

Someone said they might make a Nightmare of Nunnally jump! ...several months ago...

>> No.47701908

Yes, it's true. Elves aren't people, so it's not murder.

>> No.47701910

What is wrong with you? Are you baked, Alaska?

>> No.47701924

A what?

>> No.47701925

Is that the one that has the hot insanely powerful chick that has a flower growing out of her eye?

>> No.47701941

Annoying children should be beaten with sticks to stop them talking?


>> No.47701949

they are like the ugliest animal ever, and it wouldn't even work pic related

>> No.47701951

>Are you baked, Alaska?

No I'm Alaska Anon
<---- That's Baked Alaska, it's delicious

>> No.47701963

Because the Eagles were (1) vulnerable to the Ring and (2) visible to Sauron if they crossed into Mordor. Neither of which was problem when the Ring was destroyed and Sauron was discorporated.

>> No.47701964

Yeah, that's Drakengard 3.

>> No.47701966

That flower-eye thing has always kinda freaked me out a little. Not trypophobia freak out, but still significantly skeeved.

>> No.47701989

I installed it voluntarily and its been working pretty well so far. Honestly the only thing it fucked up was that I can't play BoI: Rebirth anymore, and that's been more of a blessing for my productivity than anything else.

>> No.47701993

And we've heard nothing since.

Just like with so many other jumps.

>> No.47702016

So it's a crime to want to see a jump properly represented?

>> No.47702029

That's adorable and you're a meanie.

>> No.47702034

It's an annoyance to see you harp on it and it makes people want you to shut up more than they want what you do.

>> No.47702035

Yes, now fuck off.

>> No.47702039

Just ignore him he's just trying to start shit.

>> No.47702059

Is this a media reference?

>> No.47702078

It's meant to, that flower is the outward manifestation of a horrible otherworldly parasite that dwells within her and all her sisters. They're not people, they're corpses reanimated by eldritch horrors, and Zero is the only one of them to consciously realize this. That's why the plot of the game is "kill all my sisters and then commit suicide", because they're all horrible things that need to die for the sake of the world.

>> No.47702103


So Rider in Remnant is slow because I feel like I need a proper binge watch of OOOs and Fourze to do it justice. So here's more Worm in the meantime, with a WIP chapter.

>> No.47702104

Woah, not the anon but can we save her or something? Maybe stars and stones anything about her thats otherwordly?

>> No.47702114

>If you think of your true age, age difference between you and any woman makes things look bad.

Unless she's a companion and ~80% of your cumulative age.

>> No.47702141

Maybe? I mean, you might be able to transfer her consciousness to a body that isn't infected by the Watchers. It's going to be hard, though, those little buggers are tenacious. They latch on and refuse to let go of your soul.

>> No.47702152

Zero is a horrible fucking person that doesn't deserve to live. So are most of her sisters. That's why she committed suicide the first time, she's horrible.

>> No.47702170

>wanting a jump updated when we have one of the two original jump-makers still around
>Starting shit

I give it three posts before you start labeling me the Anti-Red Shitposter, or another Flavor of the Month asshole.

>> No.47702179

Naw, they's a cute.

This, on the other hand, is horrifying.

Speaking of which, I need to go finish a movie.

>> No.47702181


>> No.47702191

She's entertainingly horrible, though. Drakengard has always been best when the characters were intentionally unredeemable cunts rather than accidentally. Looking at you, Nowe.

>> No.47702196

taste is subjective but I'm with you on the second part at least

>> No.47702202

The engine is partly improved over Windows 7, the UI is improved over Windows 8 (hah like that was difficult to do), it has some new features (that many people will never notice or even use), and the default install has all the privacy toggles switched to "Microsoft is perving on you for the monies".

Also, the control panel settings have been scattered all over the damn place. Get a map and a torch, you'll need both if you want to make changes. Marketing pushed 10 out so fast that the revolving door is still spinning faster than a buttered cat.

>> No.47702203

Sure, but that doesn't mean anon should bother trying to save her.

>> No.47702221

>default install has all the privacy toggles switched to "Microsoft is perving on you for the monies".
And the 0 setting doesn't actually work.

>> No.47702241

_That's_ what Baked Alaska is? I am so hungry now after seeing that pic.

>> No.47702253

Hey /JC/! Im the anon making the NWoD mortal jump. Just some news on how it's coming along. Ive added a nice amount of disadvantages and have been implementing the minor templates from second sight, immortals, inferno, the skin thief from skinchangers, and slashers.

Im just here to ask if anyone has any suggestions fro more disadvantages or any specific things you would like to see in this jump. Items from specific sourcebooks or whatever.

>> No.47702262

Only if someone catches it.
Though magic toilets are a common enough theme that it could even be references I did not intend.

>> No.47702271

Also, I'm goign to be busy for a few days so I don't think i'll have a new draft until sunday. sorry for the delay.

>> No.47702274

Its pretty good when done right and really meh if fucked up.

>> No.47702281

No, that sounds great, anon. I look forward to skinning an elephant and wearing its flesh as my own.

>> No.47702293

Chav: The Knifing disadvantage when?

>> No.47702301

Is she really all that bad?
>inb4 Ignorant anon just wants a waifu
I honestly try to redeem people, if she beleives she's so horrible then she, instead of commitig suicide to end the issue, she should strive to help others to make up for what she's done and see if she can be a good person. That is, if I can manage moving her soul to another body, but that shouldnt be too hard, I think I have a capstone perk that involves just that. Also theres the subject of removing whatever crazy shit is attached to her soul, maybe my dispersed soul can do it? I did go Lilith based Angel in evangelion and I can diffuse myself. Or perhaps that psycho diver perk in SMT?

>> No.47702320

More flavor. The perks were a good start but I'd like see more bout that world.

>> No.47702338

She's not that bad really. She's had a horrendous life of being constantly betrayed and forced to be in a living hell, so she's pretty much in the mindset that everyone else is out to get her and will betray her at the soonest chance. When she's just about to die in some forgotten cell, the flower/watchers appear and offer her a deal. When she realises she was tricked and it'll cause the world to end, she just sets out to try and save the world, despite having basically no reason to do so. She's not a nice person, but she is a hero and does care for some people (Her dragon for one and mostly her apostles)

>> No.47702346

>her apostles
*pigeon harem

>> No.47702351

No, she doesn't believe she's that horrible, she IS that horrible. She's a really unpleasant person, who is actively abusive to everyone she knows. She kills so many people just because it amuses her, steals her sisters' magical pigeon boyfriends (yeah, was not expecting the game to do a surprise Hatoful Boyfriend crossover. That's not a joke, it really turns out that the apostles are all pigeons) for her own harem, and says such cruel things to poor little Mikhail the dragon. He's so sweet and innocent, he does not deserve the treatment he gets from her. Just let her die like she wants to, it'll be better for everyone involved.

>> No.47702352

Same thing.

>> No.47702353

Thats a part of why im including the minor templates, and a few of the disadvantages as well. I'm also going to try to add some cannon items unique to that setting. I realize that my first draft was rather cookie cutter and as someone who loves the setting i'm going to do my best to do it justice.

>> No.47702387

wasn't there one gang of hunters were everyone was a Antichrist rebelling against being the Antichrist ? I'd like that.

>> No.47702426

The Lucifuge, yeah. But I don't think he's doing a Hunter jump, just a minor templates and mortals jump.

>> No.47702435

The Lucifuge. They are part of the Hunter the Vigil sourcebooks which (other than slasher since that is less reliant on that specific sourcebooks mechanics) im not including in this jump. Maybe someone, me or someone else, could make a jump for Hunter the Vigil to go along with the rest of the NWoD jumps that we have and the one i'm making.

Im doing it puposefully because I went into making this jump with a specific idea in mind so i'm sticking to the blue books (core and other mortal books) for this one.

>> No.47702455


>> No.47702461

It won't happen, but at least - thank you for the info.

So it pretty much hit Toriko levels? Fuck. Guess I'm dropping it from my chain for now.

>> No.47702658

She sounds quite malicous, but I believe that if her origin is as >>47702338 says, it's starting to sound like all the bad shit she does is almost entirely due to all the shit she suffered from earlier in her life. I mean hell, I dont know jack about the setting, but a part of me believes she can do good, that this doesnt need to be the ending. I mean, in jump I would know exactly what she went through and exactly how she views the world thanks to Parasite seeing, I would understand her better than she does herself.who knows, I'll probably watch some LP to see the story and how she is.

>> No.47702662

Dr. Doom invented and is the most advanced name in technological time travel in the Marvel universe to the point that the energy given off by time travel events is called Von Doom Radiation. They also work as galactic-scale teleports because Doom wasn't stupid and made sure that they could put people in relative positions in the past so they don't just go back and find themselves in space.

He did all that work to rob pirates. Specifically Blackbeard. Because really why not? So if you ever need time travel in Marvel, you literally just have to ask Dr Doom to lend you one of like, the fourteen he's got in exchange for something like fucking with pirates or fucking with Reed Richards.

In DC though, I dunno. Ask Lucifer Morningstar, he'd probably know. You can find him in Hell, Perth, or LA depending on when you're there.

>> No.47702691

Nope. I'm more focused on helping the needy, than actually fighting.

Clean it?
Install a bidet?
Install a telepathic AI that convinces the user it's their conscience and helps them work out the problems in their life, and help them be a better person? It also controls the bidet.

>> No.47702712

I like to call those E. Coli Cannons.

>> No.47702723

>She can do good
Exactly so. Even how she acts to those around her is due to her past. She's cruel to Mikhail a lot because he's the idiotic reincarnation of her ridiculously awesome best and only friend, the dragon Michael. Mikhail is a constant reminder her best friend 'died' to save her and quite literally shits all over his memory (Seriously, first we see mikhail is him pissing himself.) She does reveal she cares a lot about him in all the endings his death makes her snap in most of them. It's just that a lifetime of betrayal doesn't exactly engender someone to open up to someone off the bat.

>> No.47702748

>Lucifer Morningstar
>that nigga who just sort of created his own infinite multiverse by improving the release of energy caused by his brother's death and ressurection

Best Lucifer.

I wonder what he'd make of SMT.

>> No.47702750 [SPOILER] 

>help them be a better person

How amusing.

>> No.47702770

Salem go and stay go.
You are a shit-tier waifu.

>> No.47702790

Honestly, "Will you do _____ for me if I fuck with Reed Richards?" is a question Doom will always answer "YES" to no matter what you're asking of him.

>> No.47702805

He's pretty much Jumpchan. Can create ANYTHING, can do pretty much anything, just doesn't make anything from nothing.

>> No.47702852

>Dr. Doom invented and is the most advanced name in technological time travel in the Marvel universe to the point that the energy given off by time travel events is called Von Doom Radiation.
I also love it that it looks like a mat, he has good idea for design

>In DC though, I dunno. Ask Lucifer Morningstar, he'd probably know. You can find him in Hell, Perth, or LA depending on when you're there.
Patron up with that perk from Dresden and multiple boss leniency perks from other jumps, but I go DC to hunt Dr Destiny or/and Red King to have the design of the Materioptikon.

>> No.47702881

Nah, he's a hardcore endgame Jumper. One of the ones that delayed Sparking for long while.

The Presence is Jumpchan.

The whole plot is about the Presence trying to make Jumpchain entertaining for Lucifer, and Lucifer realising he's so bored with Jumpchain the only novelty he can pursue is Sparking.

>> No.47702908

Friendly reminder that /jc/ is a toxic shithole composed largely of hostile assholes that actively chase away good content, and cowardly cunts that passively enable them.

I mean, yeah, some of you are alright, but goddamn. What a cesspool.

>> No.47702916

>use Doom's time machine and arrowverse speed powers
>Pull Reed Richard's pants down every day of his life

>> No.47702928

Well you came out of nowhere to shit on everybody's Cheerio's.

If I had that reaction image - you know the one, the one going "EVERYBODY WAS HAVING A GOOD TIME UNTIL THIS GUY SHOWED UP" - I'd post it right now.

>> No.47702942

I do, but don't reply to him or people like him.

>> No.47702944

you're waifu a shit

>> No.47702977


I mean, that's true to some extent for every community on the internet that isn't a hugbox or terrorist conspiracy. And I'm just guessing for the latter because I don't think ISIS would get anything done if they spent all their time shitposting at each other.

>> No.47702985

Don't respond to this guy. He is just trying to cause problems. Things were going mostly ok and he comes in here with this out of the blue. Lets just let this one go by. Let it be the shit storm that doesn't happen.

>> No.47702993

Don't feed it.
Ignore it.

>> No.47703009

I'd love to see material from/inspired by the Mysterious Places book.
Also from the last version Drop In seemed to have the most attractive perks, but maybe that's just my preferences.

>> No.47703020

Nearly 11pm central time. Why is it always around now stuff like this happen. Does anyone know what time zone is just after 3pm or 5pm right now?

>> No.47703042

Mysterious places, dogs of war, and midnight roads are books i'm likely to use to design a a few scenarios. If i go through and find some other good stuff I forgot that would fit in i'll include it.

>> No.47703048

It's because nocturnal weirdos who don't want to sleep are up right now.

>> No.47703064

>not being nocturnal

What are you, mortal?

>> No.47703084

What is this thing you call "sleep"?

>> No.47703103

I wasn't saying I wasn't one of them.

>> No.47703113

All I though of was this for some reason


>> No.47703114

So, Jumpers.
Do you keep a travel album?
Even if you have perfect recall, you could still have the comfort of passing the photos around the Warehome. Have fun with the companions and guests.
I think it sounds nice.

>> No.47703122

So continuing on because there are better ways to spend a night.

In undertale for I'm not ready to let go. I think I have a backup idea on how to beat this drawback. (My first plan was to try to resolve the game before frisk ever steps foot in the underground).
It occurs to me that Sans seems to be able to remember what happened between resets. I was thinking maybe I could leave messages to myself through him.
Honestly I don't know how to beat the drawback otherwise. I know there are a couple of perks that help but they are all in jumps I don't know well enough to take.

>> No.47703151

>It occurs to me that Sans seems to be able to remember what happened between resets
wrong, he just knows that resets are happening and various methods to know if a reset happened recently

>> No.47703156

Global Rule 15.

>> No.47703181

After I got the Camera from Hollywood jump, I started taking pictures of every neat little thing I saw.

Never upload them to any other device, so the memory card has something like 10000 pictures on it, prolly.

>> No.47703184

That joke is bad and you should feel bad for it.

>> No.47703239

Ha ha, I panicked because I'm supper high.
The camera has the word pony on it.
Ha ha. Wew...

>> No.47703267

Kinda! It's a pile of crystals thanks to that perk from Dissidia that lets us turn memories into crystals, and the Moon Flower Garden Blessing of the Land from Dark Cloud 2.

So there's this meticulously sorted cabinet of crystals we own, and when we want to look back on happy times we just take some out and use the perk to view those memories in double high-res 4D memory-o-vision.

>> No.47703277

I too remember when I was in college.

>> No.47703287

No one wants to hear about your degenerate hobby of poisoning yourself.

>> No.47703305

My second jump was Jojo, and I picked the Polaroid camera that never runs outta film and makes high quality pictures. I have a large antigravity wall where the pictures are held, sometimes they rotate and reveal what each person wrote on the back of them. Its in a small, dimly lit room, whenever there comes a time when I feel down or I just want to quit the chain, I always go to that room. Its quite a wonderful thing to see all the hearts I've touched and bonds I've made.

>> No.47703318

And people say Puritan Anon is just a boogeyman.

>> No.47703359

No, that's /pol/ anon. Get it right.

>> No.47703364

That term is used to attack people against lewd jumps, not people who don't like anon smoking weed.

>> No.47703381

Originally I had a wall which became a room inside my little house in my Warehouse with just crappy photo's I took of friends and family. I probably have quite a few photo books.

>> No.47703399

Well that is disappointing. I guess back to plan A.

>> No.47703404

Naw, just to dumb to go to turn the computer off.
I should do that now. I can read about a bunch of magic pictures tomorrow.
Good night, doods.

>> No.47703406

Rejecting intoxicants was a fundamental tenant of the Puritan lifestyle, anon.

>> No.47703419

Soo? That's not how that shitpost term was used here.

>> No.47703431

I was making an oblique joke. I guess it was too oblique.

>> No.47703435

Woah, when did I put that there?
Whatever y'all can keep her.
New goodnight.

>> No.47703439

Well now, that's a trustworthy face if I ever saw one.

>> No.47703443

210. Tenchi Muyo Space-Opera
Origin: Minor Jurian Noble, Age: 218
Kept Perks: Jailbreaker, Living Technology, Smiling Goddess Leaves, Redwood Soldier Meditation
New Perks: The Unchousin One (-600), Technobabel Fish (-200)

That First Generation Treeship I got back in jump 77 is now active and her name is Kiuchūsen. I'm going to have Isaac write up a compatible data module for her to absorb to get her up to speed, and see what I can do about upgrading the ships durability. I'll probably also have to install a dock for my Arwing Mech.

Coming back here after so long is weird.10000 years. Everything about me is notably different. To them, it's not a second that has passed. And all I can say is that the universe is about to get more taxing. We're in space opera now, so that means helping Tenchi fight gods and emperors. I need to find a safe distance to keep from him, while still helping him. I don't think any of the previous combat perks I got will make a difference here, but the perks that heal and increase ally morale probably will.

Besides that, the rest of the gang have figured out that something is up with me. I went from being some neutral not-exile to being something mythic. Washu, at the least, noticed immediately and dragged me off for testing. When she asked what happened, I explained everything I could. I still had to undress and be analyzed though. It was necessary.

I have a sketchbook. Several sketchbooks. Really, several tons of sketchbooks and journals. I also have a few of those story book about the jumper items.

>> No.47703448

Anyone here save Phyrra from being killed by Cinder? Like there's plenty if opportunity in Volume 3 to just shank Cinder. I binged all of Volume 1 & 2, most of 3, and I really liked Phyrra & Penny. Sad to seem them die the way they did.

>> No.47703463

No, Phyrra deserved to die.

>> No.47703482

No, your powerlevel isn't high enough to cross the memes. Don't worry, padawan, one day you will be a big enough of a guy to grasp the doge from his hand.

>> No.47703483

Why would you say that?

>> No.47703495

Oh, but shanking her is too simple. Far more entertaining to meticulously sabotage every attempt she makes to work towards her goals. The really fun parts were the times I used illusions to make her think things had worked out right only to collapse them later. Is it still ironic punishment if you do it before the crime has actually occurred? Pre-irony, is that a thing?

>> No.47703504

She killed Penny.

>> No.47703509

Somethig something meh robot.

>> No.47703527

I was never the biggest Felicia fan anyway. No great loss.

>> No.47703538

>Anyone here save Phyrra from being killed by Cinder?
turned her to stone so she can be de-petrified later.

with the right perks you can always rebuild her, or upload her as a phone app.

>> No.47703543

So, I'm reading over the Minecraft Jump, and I'm looking at the Multiplayer Server perk, and I'm a bit confused. The implication seems to be that you have to pay 200 points to even bring Companions in?

Normally, you just have to pay points to give them a background in the setting, or you can bring in Companions without importing them, but they get nothing special, right? Am I just reading it wrong, or what?

>> No.47703547


>> No.47703553

She was shown an illusion that literally looked like death from blades, she even showed guilt and sadness from it. Thats like blaming Mannequin for being evil when it was the Simurgh that messed him up.

>> No.47703554

Because of Emerald. Just stop her, and it will all be fine.

>> No.47703567

Not all robots work like Megaman's.

Who cares. Still killed her.

>> No.47703574

That's like saying you can out all your meat together and you'll come back to life. Penny was an artifical person, but she had a soul. Unless you can coax her soul back from the afterlife then just simply rebuilding her would be like putting someone together via stitches and hoping they wake up.

>> No.47703587


>> No.47703599

>That's like saying you can out all your meat together and you'll come back to life.
If you do it right, you can.

>> No.47703617

Do you really think that's what she would want, anon?

>> No.47703625

Yeah, I did. Used tech salvaged from Worm, the same teleporter that Coil used for extensive shenanigans while trying to kill Skitter, to replace her with a bit of dust and some warm compressed air.

I also warned her about Penny's shtick, more for the adorable robo-redhead's benefit for hers, and the plan to absolutely destroy everyone's morale, then spent all of their fight fighting Emerald.

>> No.47703638

You can bring in up to 8 companions as usual.

If you buy Multiplayer Server, they also get any other perks you buy for yourself.

If you also buy Multiplayer Bonus Chests, they also get a Bonus Chest just like yours, and each Chest will contain any other items you buy for yourself.

>> No.47703662

Well you also need the right chemical formula.

>> No.47703669

Justice is for the living, not the deceased.

>> No.47703682

This is true. It's called surgery. I mean, there's a time limit on the meat, but there are ways around that.

>> No.47703690

>save Phyrra from being killed by Cinder
Not a fucking problem if you gank Cinder and anyone who's worked with/for her.

Personally, I'm gonna go Hellraiser on Roman, minus the part where he get's mindbroken and starts liking it.

What I'm going to say to Roman when I meet him for the first time:

After I'm done with him I'll start getting creative.

This is bait, folks. We've had this conversation before, am I the only one who remembers?

You're falling for the bait, anon.
We've had this exact conversation before, almost to the fucking post.

Many was even the one fucking started the conversation the first time, IIRC.

>> No.47703694

Anon, it's not bait just because someone disagrees with you.

>> No.47703695

So, it's like usual then? I can teach them how to use the things I make - like, say, if I buy Thaumcraft, I can teach them to use a Thaumcraft wand to use the magical structures and whatnot - but they don't have an inherent understanding of it, like what those perks give me, unless I pay for them to be brought in?

>> No.47703707

You watch.
This'll turn into a shitstorm, mark my words.

>> No.47703712

I dont think anon was talking about justice.
Penny was not a savage person, she was a lonely person who wanted a friend, and wasnt evil in the slightest. Do yo really think a girl like her would want you to exact vengeance on the undeserving? And if your answer is yes, then you never understood her character at all anon.
>B-But Anon! Pyrrha-

She didnt do anything wrong, go after Cinder and her fuckbuddy squad, you know, the actual murderers.

>> No.47703718

>She didn't do anything wrong
Actually, wouldn't it still count as manslaughter? That's accidentally killing someone.

>> No.47703737

Yeah. However considering it was an arena and accidents happen, it would be highly unlikely she would've seen jail time.

>> No.47703738

[Brotherhood of Steel]
It's a dirty robot.

That's not killing anyone, that's damaging a machine. If anything it's property damage.

[/Brotherhood of Steel]

because I know unfortunately SOMEONE won't get the sarcasm.

>> No.47703743

Duress, anon. Duress that's specifically traceable to one person, who carried it out under someone else's orders.

>> No.47703773

Nope. Its the same thing as me showing you an illusion of a thug about to slice your shit up with a chainsaw, when in reality he's not doing shit. Yes I know in canon penny was attacking her when the illusion hit but the illusion itself instilled greater fear then was actually there.

You might as well been blind. Because your still not seeing things as they actually were. Its manipulation of the senses.

>> No.47703852

That's like saying that if you drugged a boxer without their knowledge and consent with powerful, fear inducing hallucinogens, and they unintentionally killed their opponent because of it, that they'd still be at fault somehow.

A rational person can suss this out.

It's sad that Penny 'apparently' died, but Pyrhha shouldn't be punished for it.

>> No.47703894

It still exists. There are other people besides me on this journey. Some of them have functioning organs.
It's in quite the cramped little section of the warehouse, though. More of an indoor outhouse than a functioning restroom. Port-a-john sized.

It also makes for a pretty decent garbage disposal. For when you just don't give enough of a shit to use matter converters.

I've been experimenting with virtual realities. Y'know, with all the MMO jumps, SAO, Sburb (I took Mobius Double Reacharound), SCP-245, TOME, SOMA, Megaman Battle Network, not to mention all the hacking, technopathy, technomancy, data magic, video conduit... the list goes on... seemed like a valid use of my time.

I figured, I know a bunch of worlds, I've got perfect recall, I bet I could make some awesome virtual worlds. Jumpchan is practically throwing this shit at me, why don't I just make some simulations? Throw some AIs in there... it'll be great.

Anyway, now I've got a bunch of working virtual worlds based on worlds I've been to, with fully functional NPCs. So, y'know, if I ever feel like taking a little vacation, I can data-size myself and visit one! It's pretty neat, and somewhat nostalgic.

Oh, and I guess I take a bunch of pictures on my phone or whatever.

>> No.47703979

Um, I suspect I pretty much derailed the original timeline when I healed some kid who got nausea, because Phyrra and Penny didn't die and I never met a Cinder.

>Everyone: wow!
>Me: what?

Next thing I know there's a whole bunch of tests of my power, I'm signing some kind of NDA thingy, and the headmaster has me healing some girl in a tube. Shortly afterwards there was a really big battle that got hushed up, and I had to heal some more people.

I pretty much spent the rest of my ten years in RWBY as a healer. White Mage for the win, I guess?

>> No.47704171

On principle and even then mostly for Jaune's sake. She's a very boring character and I didn't much care for...well...anything about her.

At least I don't hate her guts like some of my friends though.

>> No.47704203 [SPOILER] 

I'm more wondering what ways one might use to force a ghost/recently-deceased soul to possess a living host.

>> No.47704223

Currently, idk. But there is at least one power from second sight i'm including in my jump that can do that.

>> No.47704256

Kara no Kyoukai has Puppet Maker perk, which allows you to transfer conciouses to artificial bodies.

>> No.47704284

Jeez I'm bad with words.
You can transfer peoples consciousness into artificial bodies*

>> No.47704330


>> No.47704438

May I recommend using that undefinable thing from Tales of Symphonia for the ability to move souls around using tech, possibly Prince of Heart Powers since IIRC Dirk does seal the components of Lord English into Little Cal, High Level Mind and/or Death Magic from Mage the Awakening might help, and there is always the option of taking a brain scan and forcibly overwriting the "Donor's" body.Also, when Exalted comes out there is a Solar Circle spell for shoving souls around.

>> No.47704568 [SPOILER] 

Progress report!

>Fairy Tail update PDF is ready, will wait for next thread to post.
>Battleborn Jump has hit a snag, I can't figure out a capstone Perk for the Rogues.
>Bravely Default update is going smoothly
>I'm about to pull an all-nighter on all of my projects

And last but not least, a question!

Has anyone ever switched sides or compromised their ideals just to spite you? If so, what did you do to make them hate you /that/ much?

>> No.47704662

Yay imminent update!

A: To misquote the Princess Bride, "No one of memorable consequence."

Btw, did you catch >>47691205 and >>47691298 ?

>> No.47704743

I do.

Jumpers, tell me about your degenerate hobbies of poisoning yourselves.

>> No.47704754

I did not!

I'll try and answer.

>No Fighting
The line about "if we could all stop even THINKING about fighting" was meant to imply that you lose access to even the very concept of the fight-or-flight instinct.

So, you know, have fun not even sensing anything wrong when the local Gargamel-equivalent rolls around.

>a 100 CP discount or another 50 CP item

In all honesty I've got a bit on my plate for that at the moment, but I'm also a bit lazy and a little indecisive, which is part of why everything takes so long. I probably won't be revisiting it anytime soon. I know, it's disappointing, isn't it?

>> No.47704755

My jumper never does not have a cigarette in their mouth, lighting the next one with the previous one.(they are the cigarettes from dues ex that restore mana/chakre/etc.)

>> No.47704766

Does the Sonic jump count? I kept trying to kill myself via alcohol poisoning but my liver regenerated too fast.

>> No.47704776

I'm really disappointed by this, because I really wanted Heartless and Nobody to completely lock you into burning half your points on one specific set of perks. I also don't think being one of the little colorful music wizards or guys in armor is worth that many points. But if that's life, then that's life.

>> No.47704791

I really didn't want. Fuck, that's the last time I drink and post.

>> No.47704792

Is it wrong that now I am kind of curious to see what would happen if someone did a fear and loathing in jump chain run. I kind of want to see how someone stoned out of their gourd all the time would treat some of these worlds.

>> No.47704805

"We cant stop here, it's shit-poster country"

>> No.47704813 [SPOILER] 

What's your favorite soda, /jc/?

Nuka-Cola? Red Gush? Zerg Rush? Pepsi?

>> No.47704847

Mostly I stick to the good ol' California diet Weed and Speed.

Unfortunately, I also was addicted to delicious heroin in Archer, listening to Mingus records with Woodhouse even during missions. Was still able to function thanks to True Lies and Mob Jump perks.

Got lots of drugs in Metalocalypse and Transmetropolitan. Basically turned into HST. Also prisoner's honey.

Overall, I regret nothing.

>> No.47704869

>Ability: Immunity
>Prevents the Pokemon from being Poisoned.

I honestly don't know.

>> No.47704877

> Pepsi

That's a funny way of spelling Dr. Pepper and/or Mr. Pibb.

>> No.47704881

Why poison your body with drugs when you can poison your mind with memes.

>> No.47704883

Sunset Sarsaparilla. Nuka-Cola tastes like blood and teeth.

>> No.47704901

I drink fruity mixed drinks for the taste.

>> No.47704993

I subsist on nothing but raw steak and smokey scotch, with the occasional cigar

>> No.47705006



>> No.47705023

I hate the way tobacco tastes. Raw steak is fine though, I've actually eaten that and my only complaint is how hard it is to chew. Scotch is fine too.

Something must be wrong with me, because I never want to get all that drunk. Just a little buzzed at most.

>> No.47705096

I've got a friend that used to bar tend at a casino.
This is every time we go out.

>> No.47705141

Not that I intentionally would, but I can't - two of my earliest jumps included perks with poison immunity.

>> No.47705153

Thankyou. That clears things up.

>> No.47705170

>not savoring the complex flavors the Maillard provides your meat
Lern 2 black and blue

>> No.47705183

Where did I imply that actually cooking it properly doesn't make it better? Just that, you know, raw steak doesn't taste bad.

Also I think that anon was having a giggle because 'girly drinks' and all.

>> No.47705234

It's just a waste of good meat.

>> No.47705246

I'm really shy about returning orders at a restaurant and none of them know what 'medium rare' is supposed to be.

>> No.47705261

> Implying any meat is remotely special to a jumper.
Not unless you're murdering heavenly unicorns and cooking them using techniques you learned in Toriko.

>> No.47705287

Where can you get an AI companion other than Halo?

>> No.47705307

Technically anywhere you can get a robot companion.

>> No.47705338

>Implying AIs fall under companion rules
>Implying they don't fall under equipment rules

>> No.47705345

MCU has Digital Ally. Polity has Golems and Drones.

>> No.47705348

Project Freelancer, Worm, Symbiote (Technically), Doom 2016, Portal, The Matrix, the list goes on

>> No.47705349


>> No.47705361

I've tried everything under the sun, including some shit not native to our universe, but most intoxicants don't really do it for me, aside from delicious fruity drinks and moderate levels of uppers. The fruity drinks make me more laid back, the uppers make more ALIVE.
Speaking of drinks, we need a Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy jump. I want to try the Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster.

Isn't that basically Six Strings? Didn't he become the Rider of Drugs or something?

Help me, someone, please.

>> No.47705418

Did you waifu the Slurm Queen?

>> No.47705446

I don't do waifus, one.
Two, jesus fuck, man.
*shuddering intensifies*

>> No.47705455

You're addicted to Slurm, anon. It won't be long before you can't say 'no' and wanna taste it straight from the tab.

>> No.47705491

> Not wanting to hit that.

>> No.47705581

Biomega and Blame have them IIRC.

>> No.47705789

I literally poison myself for innoculation.
No smoking though (hate it).
Drinking is fine but I like few drinks and as such not the biggest drinker either.
So yeah I literally stab myself with needles in order to gain immunity from most stuff or use some other way.
I hate needles so I might have found another way sooner than I think.

>> No.47705821

Person of Interest.
The AIs there best AIs.

Although the one from Worm is not half bad.
Lastly the one from Doom 2016 is rather nice.

But the one in Person of Interest is loyal to you and I *do* happen to prize loyalty.

>> No.47705867

I'm confused on the part of "healing some kid with nausea". We talking about Phyrra?

Really? I found that she had a wonderful personality. She's a good fighter, but she was pretty socially akward and she liked that Juane didn't know her and treated her like a regular person.

She also tried to distance herself from her friends to become the next Fall Maiden. She thought it was the right thing to do.

>> No.47705879

>I'm confused on the part of "healing some kid with nausea". We talking about Phyrra?
I think they're talking about Jaune. He's airsick on the ride in.

>> No.47705883

He might mean Jaune. IIRC, he puked in like the first episode or two.

>> No.47705899

Oh that's right. Curious how this would derail the timeline. I didn't really pay much attention to what Juane was doing, seeing how adorable Ruby was.

>> No.47705929

Been waiting for this.

>> No.47705959

You are creepier then ever freak.

>> No.47705977

If you say so.

>> No.47706009

What is so creepy?

>> No.47706022

>>47705867 >>47705883
I arrived at Beacon during the year before RWBY, and while it's rare sadly Jaune was neither the first nor the last person to ever get sick in an airship (though the one I healed didn't get nicknamed Vomit Boy).

RWBY Spoilers: Up until jumper-me arrived, Remnant didn't have Thousand Master White Mages. What they did have was a Fall Maiden in a coma. The derail was Ozpin making sure the former healed the latter ASAP - which meant Amber could identify her attackers, which meant Cinder's ass got kicked well ahead of schedule. Jumper-me didn't know all that because the Maidens are basically a state secret.

>> No.47706028

>Not beating your opponents by preforming ridiculous acts
>Not mocking them after showing that their attacks have literally no effect on you
>Not breaking into musical numbers in the middle of the fight and forcing them to sing a duet with you

>> No.47706053

I hide a fragment of my soul in it. Also gave it sentience.

Now he fights for the freedom of all the Toilets in the multiverse.

>> No.47706081

>Guy says a girl is adorable.
It's just like a highschool.

>> No.47706125

I don't personally need it past my second jump but I keep it around for my companions. I also tend to enchant them with self cleaning spells and temperature regulations spells. No one likes a cold seat. I also added a minor telekinetic cantrip that closes the lid when the toilet is flushed to be respectful to the next person.
In my darker moments I have toyed with binding the souls of my enemies to public toilets. However I don't like messing with the souls of others without their consent and really it seems petty.

>> No.47706133

What settings have good non-nuclear WMDs and what are they? I'm not looking to bust planets or continents, just stuff that'll level a city in one go.

>> No.47706134

No, but I usually create fake memories and show them to our guests to embarrass my companions.

>> No.47706139

Overlord's magic should do it. Anything above level 30 is city busting in that setting.

>> No.47706146

Neon Genesis Evangelion. N2 Mines are non-nuclear (thus the name, N2 = Not Nuclear) but still have a low-kt yield and EMP yet no radioactive fallout.

>> No.47706161

Yeah, no. Over Rank magic might have that claim, stuff at level 30 doesn't. Your either lying or incompetent.

>> No.47706174

Schlock Mercenary has "conversion bombs" clean non-nuclear weapons that work by compressing a tiny grain of neutronium into a microsingularity and letting Hawking Radiation evaporate it into gamma rays and pions. Alternatively, if you want a really compact WMD, and have absolutely no self-preservation instinct, the epaullette grenades that come standard with officer's uniforms (yes, for some reason they insist that officers wear high explosives right by their carotid arteries) can optionally be enhanced with fullerene-encapsulated antimatter to make for city-busting weapon that fits in the palm of your hand.

>> No.47706207

Well, not in a single attack, but they can. Demiurge's magic in vol 6 can affect the whole city without being over-rank magic.

And both Death Knights and Soul Eaters are said to be city-killers monsters, strong enough to destroy a small nation by themselves. And both are around level 30. So you can summon that kind of creatures and throw them into a city and they will probably destroy it in a day.

>> No.47706272

Demiurge isn't a level 30. All the floor guardians are far closer to level 100 then they are to level 30.

You do realise that when they refer to those monsters, they are almost certainly just talking about how they are strong enough to kill any normal person or soldier and strong enough that normal people can't hurt them? It doesn't mean they have the power to bust cities, just that they could eventually wipe out the population of one. Very very big difference from calling them city busting.

>> No.47706277

He's the type to downplay everything and treat his feelings and beliefs as canon. Just ignore.

>> No.47706286

I think you are one of the worst types of people in this community. Please leave.

>> No.47706311

All the floor Guardians should be level 100, at least if I remember the stat sheets correctly. Ainz has divine gear though, and he might be stronger by virtue of being a player too.

>> No.47706313

Same to you, anon.

>> No.47706316

Macross's Micro Dimensional Eater and my fanwank explanation is that it forces everything inside it's event horizon in to non euclidean space which causes it's physical properties to break down.

Star Trek has photon and quantum torpedoes that can level an unshielded city without any fallout.

Also I read something about generation 4 nuclear weapons that can do low to high yields with no fallout.

>> No.47706322

You're the one who went straight to aggressively hurling insults.

>> No.47706329

I'm not him. I'm just commenting on the guy who enters an argument solely to insult and degrade one side in an attempt to start shit. It's disgusting.

>> No.47706352

>Macross's Micro Dimensional Eater and my fanwank explanation is that it forces everything inside it's event horizon in to non euclidean space which causes it's physical properties to break down.
That's not fanwank, anon. That's what Dimension Eater tech does. It's explicitly the case.

>> No.47706360

I just kinda assumed that's what it does.

Have some more of best girl.

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