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Tell me /tg/
Why isn't there more Critical Role r34

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you shouldn't spoiler porn on a blue board
but im very interested in this thread

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You do realize this is a blue board, right?

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I just started watching this, and Laura Bailey is a god-tier VA, but jesus she is such a bitch and lousy roleplayer.

Orion is/was a great RPer but a pretty bad player. The tension between him and the rest of the group is hard to watch, and I'm reluctantly looking forward to him leaving the show.

Matt, Sam, Travis, and Ashley are the only really good ones, and Ashley left.

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Yeah, Sam and Travis are easily the best PCs.
I feel like everyone started out liking Orion and that like quickly turned to hate as he acts like such a dick of a player.

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dumb pornposter

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O always feel awkward when the group tries to use their various rp stuff to intimidate or convince npcs. I think there was one dude where, instead of bartering him down, FIVE people took turns intimidating him into giving a better price. That's just silly

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It kind of seemed like the move to livestreaming is what ruined his relationship with the rest of the group. Like, maybe he made the group roll their eyes at times, but it wasn't until they were putting on a show that they started to really tire of his behavior.

Tangentially, there is a really hilarious moment in one episode where Marisha gets up to get a donut, and the moment she puts it down Orion casually picks it up and takes a bite out of it while she isn't looking.

Or another time where she gets a box of crackers, Orion immediately shoves his hand into it, and she refuses to eat anymore.

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