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Old one


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another finished page

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goshle-d-darn guy, if you keep linking to the Old Ones they're bound to take notice.

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How do I make a CYOA where be a heal-slut is an option and I can pretend the CYOA isn't made solely to make this an option?
How do I make it seem non-fetishy at first glance?

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I might have missed the previous thread, but I am still here and still waiting for feedback.

Rewrote the text to make it readable, added another clarification to powers you can take.

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Don't be dishonest and stop pretending you're making something you're not. You're just reducing visibility to the people who want to see that kind of CYOA, and pissing off the people who don't.

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still don't understand why worm got popular t b h

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Redone the follower section, making it wider and text bigger.

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So I just bought overwatch recently, and have been playing it a ton, and now that I'm stuck here at my mom's house for the weekend, I can't play it, so to make up for it, I made a very quick CYOA about it.

Hope you enjoy.

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And same thing here. No major or even minor changes, only cosmetic ones. Either I've done a good job rebalancing the CYOA, since no one is suggesting anything new, or people just don't care about me.

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Since this is Blizzard, I can assume all men are gay husbandos and all girls are lesbian waifus?

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Reinhardy, Zarya, and Mercy. Zero actual downsides and fun people to hang out with.

>Might be somewhere on the spectrum
Wasn't that actually confirmed?

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>not wanting them to notice you
It's like you think they're not your senpai.

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>St. Flares

>Martial Combat x3
>Physical Training x2
>Maneuvers x2
>Druidïsm x3

I call this build "the Knight of the Forest".

>Yung Tashi
An all-male group of friends because mixing genders always - ALWAYS - leads to drama. I wanted to befriend Scar too because I felt so bad for him but restrictions restrictions.

>Y1: Battle Royale
>Y2: Battle Royale
>Y3: Battle Royale, Fund Raising
>Y4: Battle Royale, Security
>Y5: Battle Royale, Bodyguard

I want to win the Battle Royale multiple years in a row, and I know I probably won't but I still want to. I'm ambitious like that. I will probably do something right because I'll be asked to play Security in my 4th year, and then be the Bodyguard of the princess in my 5th year. Fundraising in my 3rd year sounds interesting and I'm anxious to find out why we need the money. I'm guessing Farhat needs to start paying child support to 30 different girls.

I think I'll have a lot of fun with my Martial Artist Druid build. I only wish there were a way to combine exclusive classes and/or pick friends from other schools. I want to combine Blood Magic with Druidïsm, and make Dax and Scar friends again. Mostly I just want the Blood Druidïsm though.


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I haven't read the CYOA yet, but something is either wrong with that or with this board if anyone could list Zarya as having "zero actual downsides"

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Will comment after work.

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D. Va, Winston, Symmetra.

Gotta get that sweet tech and mech. Besides, they seem like decent people.

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>oh no she has pink hair
>I'm so scared of the feminisms

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Mei, D. Va, Mercy
They're my go-to characters in each class. I play 76 for offense, but as much of a softie as he really is, he's just so gruff all the time.

And Mei takes off her coat sometimes. She just doesn't do it THAT often because she doesn't normally wear anything underneath it. In Temple of Anubis, sometimes she's asked "Aren't you hot in all that?" to which she replies, "Yes, but it is too late to change," so I can only assume she can't just take off the coat during the prep time because there's nothing under it.

D. Va's mecha is just really fun.

I was tempted to get Winston instead of Mercy, but as much as I like him as a character, Mercy is my most played & she's nice, too.

And I noticed
>Gets really intense every day at noon
You ever had a match Vs. 6 McCree? It wasn't much of a threat being so unbalanced towards them, but you would not believe how many times I heard IT'S HIGH NOON.

An honorable mention is Turbojohn. He's cool.

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A shit.

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Instead of making it an option in an otherwise non-healslut CYOA, why not just make a CYOA entirely about being a healslut (or designing your own, or combining the two like the battlemaid CYOA did)?

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Healsluttery is the worst meme, invented by weebs that either never played a healing class or were shit at it.

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You are a healslut that's fucking tired of the way people treat you so you've decided to become the BBEG. You only have healing related powers though and X years to take over the world.

Do this.

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Rolled 2 (1d2)

The Warrior
Identity revealed(11)
Trouble Magnet(18)
Mental Degradation(23, causes increasing agoraphobia with use)
Cycle Continues(33)
Odd Candle;Even Diary

Supernatural engineering(13)
Odd Post-Cog; Even Perfect Memory(1)

Odd Voice In My Head; Even Home (0)

Even Watchmaker; Odd Farseer

This seems cool.

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Healing is just anathema to every autistic brand of special snowflakery /tg/ embodies. Unless you combine it with a form of summoning, it's a terrible base for a power fantasy.

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That could be a neat fetish CYOA. There could be options like an transferring pain & damage (for masochists) or being a literal pocket healer (for size fetish) or actually being decent in a fight (but only in a yandere way), etc. etc. etc. Things that pay into fetishes but also have useful applications. One of the limits in what abilities you take would be what fetishes you like / can put up with.

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>You only have healing related powers though and X years to take over the world.
Give everyone Infectious Super Cancer

bam, everyone's dead

Then learn necromancy so you can rule over a world of skellingtons.


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Zarya, Zenyatta, Reinhardt

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Healing is one of the biggest special snowflake baits. It's mary-sue-topia basically.

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But what if I want to rule over a world of loli zmobies?

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>Being the final arbiter of life and death
>a terrible base for power fantasy

Good healing doesn't really translate to CYOA skill picking stuff that well but playing the medic/healer classes is incredibly empowering when you're good at it.

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>Soldier 75
Bro it up with the old guys as they train me to peak fitness and combat skill. Spend free time hugging Mei.

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Itching to change my build desu. I feel like post-cog would be of more use to an agoraphobic than perfect memory.

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That's because /tg/ doesn't understand charisma or why faith healers become televangelists and rack up huge amounts of money and prestige.

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>No one chose Widowmaker
I'd be fun trying to make her have fun, I wonder what she does when there's no mission business to do, besides training maybe.

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how invisible is R-45 suit? Only visible spectrum or echolocation/magical detection/infra-red/etc.?
How stealthy is Scout armor?

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I don't need anyone to interfere in my plans for the time being.

>Royal Demesne (0)
This pocket dimension in which I will hide.
>Genetics (-10)
To create all manner of extraordinary life.
>Consumption (-17)
Which I will consume in my quest for endless power.

>No follower
I don't need such things.

>Abbadon Shard (-19)
The only sane option that lets you stay sane.

>Kill Order (-9)
Good luck getting into my personal pocket dimension and managing to defeat me there.
>Endbringer Target (-2)
This will be a glorious fight which I'll plan to win with my new Eldritch physiology. I'll obviously consume it after I kill it.
>Bad Reputation (0)
Who gives a shit?
>Manton Effect Bypass (-4)
So now I can control other parahumans within my pocket dimension. I might even be able to extract their shard and consume that too.
>Voice in My Head (-5)
Some advice never hurts.

>Taylor is Dead (0)
They'll manage. I hope they do anyway.

>The Candle
I'm sure they'll manage to kill Scion with or without my help, although I'm always willing to jump in at the last minute to get some of his glorious flesh for my eldritch buffet.

I'll return to Earth afterwards and then... then I'll probably live a normal lifestyle until I get bored and become an Eater of Planets or something like that.

I love Consumption.

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Absolute Regeneration, Superhuman Strength
The Warrior
Kill Order, Bad Reputation, Trouble Magnet, Wanted (E88), We Know
The Book
Mirror World

Slight Adjustment on my last try at this. Superhuman Strength seems to imply having a power similar to Endbringer Durability within it, albeit perhaps at a lesser level of effect, so switched things around for that. Still using the book for spoilers to get me and my panda-bear around safely while everyone and their dog try to put us down. They can try. They will fail.

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>magical detection
based on the caster
nonexistent (the world in the cyoa hasn't reach that kind of tech)

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Zarya looks like a man, anon.

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>why things are popular?

Because people like them, Anon.



Well, this is... odd.


>I don't need followers.

You hurt my heart, Anon, I worked so hard on followers for you to just discard them? Oh well.


What are you going to do if you find out that the Book is made worthless by the fact that you picked an extra?

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>But what if I want to rule over a world of loli zmobies?
Play Girls Military.

>> No.47625770

Depends on how the book works. If it's just the original canon, then at least I still know the capabilities of the other big-name threats. If it updates to the new canon, then all is good.
I mean, either way it's not going to tell me the absolute minute details about who's tracking us and when, but regardless of which canon's version it does provide invaluable insight into what kind of powers will be pursuing us.

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My nigga, it's the most hardcore path really

>> No.47625810

>no followers breaks my heart

I start out extremely weak: I only have a pocket dimension, supernatural knowledge in genetical engineering and my consumption ability. I have no real active powers at that point to protect myself. I can't trust any of those followers not to endanger me while I set out on my path towards endless power. I can't take that risk, sorry.

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I love you, because now there are exactly enough points to do Some Stupid Bullshit™


Consumption (7)

The Seraphim (22)

Live Shard

Godslayer (27)
Blind Spot (30)

Kill Order (20)
Endbringer Target (13)
Kidnapping (10)

So, probably after I've built up some level of trust, I eat some replaceable bits from my companions since they've all got some form of regeneration. I'm not sure exactly how strong this would make me, but considering that one of them is literally an Endbringer, (who I can affect via Godslayer) I think that it'd be pretty up there.

Obviously, being able to eat bits of Endbringers would be more than enough to get a kill order put out on me eventually, piss off the Endbringers enough to get me singled out AND to get some chucklefuck to try to kidnap me before I get my powers going.

I have no idea what I'd actually do with all that power, but hey, I've got a live shard I don't have to explain shit.

>> No.47625870

It's good to see someone else jumping on the Consumption bandwagon too.

>> No.47625885

Oh, right, and the Gift should be Prayer Beads because regardless of how strong I manage to become, Taylor probably needs to stay alive to make it through goldilocks losing his shit.

>> No.47625935

I'm pretty greedy, so I always try to take the choices that let me wind up with more powers than I bargained for

>> No.47625962

Same. Considering that all worm powers are biological (alien physiology though) in nature, Consumption really is the greediest, most gamebreaking power of all.

>> No.47625973

Not as fun. There need to be builds the healslut can be a healslut for.
Ah. Then, how to make it clear I want to make a healsluts CYOA, but so it still has plot?

>> No.47625977

Except for nonsensical engineering, maybe.

>> No.47625981

Am done with in depth feedback.

Oook, points are more or less fine. I would personally have preferred fewer, but this works.
Personally feel you shouldn't have given carte blanche immunity for PtV as Abaddon shard + precog power would logically make you a blind spot anyway. However, it's hardly a big deal and hopefully it'll stop people bitching.

Now, before I get into the powers, I would like to stress that it's both nigh impossible and very ill advised to enforce a certain overall power level. What you should be going for is making the various powers balanced and equally desirable. More specifically, a 10 point power should be more or less on par with the other 10 point powers, significantly less desirable than a 20 point power and significantly more desirable than a 5 point power. Now, while this seems obvious, I feel the obvious often needs to be stated and is the main lens through which my analysis should be viewed.
The above is the main reason why the fourth Worm CYOA was as popular as it was. Despite the lack of fancy graphics and not terribly focused powers, the guy managed to offer both detailed and concise descriptions and, most importantly, made the powers more or less balanced while encouraging creative use thereof.

Have added the bulk of it to a pastebin as somewhat rudely suggested by an anon last time.

I feel the above would yield a reasonably balanced cyoa and would not be terribly difficult to implement.

Hopefully, I didn't fuck up the pastebin.

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Does someone have that Nyarko punch comparison gif?

The one contains this gif.

>> No.47626020

Embrace the mary sue-ness inherent to healsluts. Maybe we are a beautiful healer blessed by the goddesses of life and death to bring balance to a ravaged world?

>> No.47626036

Companions (to adventure with and/or healslut for) and quests (for the plot or whatever).

Can you really be that lazy? >>47615750

>> No.47626054


>> No.47626094

Thank you!

I searched the last few threads for ".gif" but forgot that spoilers hide the filename.

>> No.47626247

so, "Angelanon, the CYOA"?
It definitely sounds fun, and is a spin on the "you are the greatest hero of ever, you can't lose" that anon tends to love so much.

>> No.47626278

Ok that looks interesting. I hope you finish it.

>> No.47626283

I think you guys are mistaking "organic" for "living".

The entities and endbringers are canonically formed out of some sort of crystalline substance, making them more akin to supercomputers than earth life. They are no more organic than quartz is.

That being said, Consumption is still massively useful. Just not --that-- useful.

>> No.47626288

Never played Overwatch, but according to this I would definitely pick Reinhardt, Mercy, and Zarya.

>> No.47626292


Mage Armourx3
Divine Artsx3
Knowledge: Engineeringx2

Year 1:Battle Royal/Fund Raising
Year 2:Battle Royal/Fund Raising
Year 3:Battle Royal/Fund Raising/Research Proposal: Nanoscale Mage Armour synthesis
Year 4:Battle Royal/Fund Raising/Research Proposal: Synthetic brain construction
Year 5:Battle Royal/Fund Raising/Research Proposal: Mind uploading/Advance Neurol-Mage Armour interfacing

From the weakness of the mind, circuitry preserve us
From the lies of tyrants, divine algorithm guide us
From the rage of the gods, iron protect us
From the Temptation of flesh, silica cleanse us
From this coil of mortality, Father of Machines set us free

Until all is one.

>> No.47626334

They're organic, naturally evolved (yes, seriously) life. Having a different chemical basis doesn't stop them from being organic.

>> No.47626441

This is a pretty cool build. Makes me want to make a similar build based on creating a harem of Battlemaid Robots.

>> No.47626467

Serious question - Is a silicon chip organic?

>> No.47626493

Is a silicon chip a naturally evolved, living organism?

>> No.47626524

Yes, and that's just fine. Being an independent healer can be tons of fun if you empower us enough. Like in Necromancer where you could embrace the fleshweaving and become a wholesome healer instead of an edgy necrophiliac. You just need to give us enough incentive to go out there and heal.

>> No.47626582 [DELETED] 

Did the Endbringers evolve naturally?
Did the entities evolve naturally?

[Spoiler] The endbringers are the result of Eden designing alien supercomputer battle mechas [/Spoiler]
The entities have been guiding their own growth artificially much like we have been, hence the silicon chip.

And regardless of the above, I doubt the author intended for the option to allow you to munch on Scion with a side of endbringer and become a god.

>> No.47626627

Did the Endbringers evolve naturally?
Did the entities evolve naturally?

The endbringers are the result of Eden designing alien supercomputer battle mechas
The entities have been guiding their own growth artificially much like we have been, hence the silicon chip.

And regardless of the above, I doubt the author intended for the option to allow you to munch on Scion with a side of endbringer and become a god.

>> No.47626640

>Did the Endbringers evolve naturally?
No, these are essentially advanced robots.
>Did the entities evolve naturally?
Yes, actually. They did indeed evolve.

>The Entities have been guiding their own growth.
So a human would stop being organic should that human have undergone genetic engineering?

>Authorial intent
I don't see the point in arguing from this angle when the man himself may choose to weigh in at any time.

>> No.47626648

If you honestly think the Worm cyoas are not all about breaking and exploiting the shit out of every option you get, you shouldn't even bother with them.

Also, even if - IF - you're right, then picking Godslayer allows you to consume them anyway.

>> No.47626671

I've been trying to upload the hero school CYOA but 1) it's ridiculously big. 2) the captcha is just bullshit. I tried to make a pdf with the png images but it bloated up to 22 MB. Would it be best to convert these images to jpeg?

>> No.47626679

Do not try and put an image-based CYOA in a pdf. It will become ugly and artifacted.

>> No.47626687

They are organic by the "living matter" definition.

Inorganic by the "carbon based" chemistry definition.

>> No.47626887

>So a human would stop being organic should that human have undergone genetic engineering?

No, but if a human were to start designing artificial organs, eventually replacing themselves alltogether, they would.
I will admit that the extent to which the entities have altered themselves is unclear and very much up for debate.

>If you honestly think the Worm cyoas are not all about breaking and exploiting the shit out of every option you get, you shouldn't even bother with them.

But, anon, there are much easier ways to do so. Ways that would not result in one labeling oneself a munchkin.

>IF - you're right, then picking Godslayer allows you to consume them anyway.

Yes, we agree on that.

>> No.47626954

You are reasoning under the false assumption that artificial life is inherently inorganic.

>> No.47627121

How about a fresh golem?

>> No.47627144

Not at all, anon. By artificial organs, I simply meant organs designed and built using non-biological materials.

I fully agree that growing bio-engineered super organs is feasible in the future and a person fully made up of such would be considered organic.

>> No.47627216

I'm on board with this. It's pretty simple,opeens it up to others, and you only really need one more option added in.

>> No.47627434



Martial Training
Tactics x2
Elemental magic x2 (mostly fire and ice)
Magic refinement

Valerie Bluewood, Farhat, Eydal Northbreed, Mecherath, Suzette Highking

Battle Royalx5, Escort, Security

Maybe I'm not master of sword, magic, stealth or mechanical constructs yet knowing wider range of combat grands much flexibility to fight any foe. Classes alone won't be good enough to truly learn, thus I would train with Valerie in martial training and how knights fight, dueling with Eydal, master of one on one combat, espionage , spying and how to counter it with Mecherath, while refining of magic with Suzzete.
To lead our team both in battle royal and in security job at summit, maybe we shine

>> No.47627475

How can I let anon be a nearly omniscient and omnipotent dream demon and still have some challenge?

>> No.47627497

you want a
>pick one of these four ways to be a healslut?
seems awfully boring.

>> No.47627513

He has to go back in time and kill himself when he's just about to make his choice of becoming a nearly omniscient and omnipotent dream demon.

>> No.47627534

BOOOOOOORING! We should embrace the healsluttery and go full goddess of life. None of that pathetic pocket pixie bullshit.

>> No.47627539

I'm in the middle of editing spelling shit so I'll post it soon

>> No.47627564

I have a CYOA that ended up just over 8 MB in size (as a PNG-24)
What's the preferred thing to do, save it as JPEG or PNG-8? I don't know if there's a difference between PNG-24 or PNG-8, but I don't think I can decrease the filesize.
I tried saving the background as a JPEG, and it's only 278 KB, yet somehow it makes the filesize so damn big (without said background the filesize is only 6 MB)

And, how the hell can a 278 KB file cause the image to increase by 2,5 MB?

>> No.47627579

Have you thought some more about those drawbacks, which amongst other things would allow you to get a school exclusive class?

I want to make some crazy ass combinations.

>> No.47627584

Always JPEG if it a colour image.

>> No.47627621

Some cyoas are just born bigger than others, anon. Like when you only ate a few small donuts in the morning and then suddenly you gain 5 pounds but that slut in IT can eat all the pizzas she wants and she never gains a pound. It's unfair but it's life.

>> No.47627623


Best girl for best hugs
Science bro
Best friend

>> No.47627627

Quests or somesuch that give a bonus reward if you explain how you complete them without using your full abilities or a specific power that would effectively auto-solve said quest?

>> No.47627643


>> No.47627669

>HURR DURR only men can muscles and short hair!

>> No.47627698

I'm talking about that face. It's a man's face.

>> No.47627700

Why oh why did they have to make her a straight clone of the Heavy from TF? ;_;

>> No.47627728

Don't ruin it. He has such a dreamy face, like smug jock, and those muscles. Damm. The only thing I can't stand is his weird choice of breastplate.

>> No.47627751

Relax butch

>> No.47627754

Same here.

>> No.47627767

Eh, it just seems mildly masculine to me.

>> No.47627796

Obligatory die cis scum

>> No.47627798

there is no point in breaking it into multiple pages

>> No.47627805

Because it is a TF2 clone.

>> No.47627848


I know I'm scum for maining Junkrat, but I just love the mad max-esque aesthetic, also aussie banter is god tier

>> No.47627858

You can just say you haven't actually played the game, you know. Since people in /cyoag/ are incapable of getting jobs it's understandable that you might not have $40 and missed the beta.

>> No.47627872

Jesus what kinda steroid-injecting girls are you used to?

>> No.47627914

in game you are scum for maining McE.

>> No.47627930

>ftw I make 40k a year from my two part-time jobs
>supplemented by about 20-30k~ of income from the two apartments I own and 3 (Soon to be 5) houses that I joint own with my parents
>ftw don't have the time or money to spend on having fun

>> No.47627975

I have awakened from my comfy slumber just to curse you with an uncomfy bed for a 1000 years. Box, Hibiki and Beri are forgiven. Stupid normie.

>> No.47627989

Are you me?

I was actually working on a healslut cyoa, fuck.

>> No.47627993 [SPOILER] 

Yea the problem isn't so much making the drawbacks its more along the lines that I need some other form of content to fill out the page. Ill probably write it out Tuesday night after my mid terms for my summer courses

Also to that one anon who wanted to see my first of ever cyoa... well here it is... spoiler tagging because I've been told it makes eyes bleed

>> No.47628026

I don't even main McCree in game, I just like him as a character

>> No.47628033

It's the square jaw. Cartoon women tend to have a more rounded face shape for the cuteness factor.

>> No.47628047

>Are you me?
Considering your words below, no.
>I was actually working on a healslut cyoa, fuck.
So finish it.

>> No.47628061

Ah, you made the classic mistake of making it possible for anon to lose his gifts which through sheer pessimism means he will be cucked out of his rings within the week.

>> No.47628082

Oh wow. My eyes.

>> No.47628094

Anon I barely get 4 hours of sleep on average due to having constantly inflamed eyes from acquiring some fucktarded version of Grave's disease that causes muscle paralysis if I don't stop chugging potassium supplements and tapazole like a drug addict, said episodes of muscle paralysis is the reason why I can only work part-time.

Your curse is just a manner inconvenience.

>> No.47628095

I just want to combine either necromancy or blood magic with druidïsm for maximum edge, but take your time and good luck with your mid terms.

>> No.47628106

super shit right?

>> No.47628130

You should have made the rings small flexible waifus that fit around your finger... or that other big finger. Just saying.

>> No.47628159

That would be inconvenient.

>> No.47628219

For you.

>> No.47628228

Her too, really.

>> No.47628276

I haven't found proper pics, that's the bad part. But I will.

>> No.47628281

Oh you did that one. I remember giving you some suggestions for it way back when you posted it. You should post your others, that one wasn't bad.

>> No.47628298

Most of these are just generally terrible roommates. Especially anyone who potentially has collateral damage that might level the house. (Looking at you, Junkrat)


As roommates they're all types that can mind their own goddamn business and give me some peace and quiet. Only really combo problem is if Reinhardt accidentally breaks something and Symmetra throws a fit.

Also, actually a somewhat viable combat team. (When you're limited to 3 at any rate. No healer, but If I counted as the 4th myself I could lug around a medkit or something)

>> No.47628307

>Power of the 10 rings
>There are 5 rings

>> No.47628347

Guy who is working on a seven sins/ virtues cyoa. Just here to remind you that progress has been made, and the cyoa will be done fairly soon. If you would like to see a WIP, feel free to ask.
Also, I've been thinking about working on a cyoa were you get powers based on colors. This will, however, put a hold on several other cyoas I am working on, including
>HUD cyoa
>The Energy Cyoa Revision.
>Powers cyoa
>Four Horsemen cyoa
Which one would you guys like next? Also, until these cyoas are completely finished, they will be put in pdf format for the sake of convenience.

>> No.47628380

Can anyone post all of the previous worm cyoas ? I'm having trouble finding them

>> No.47628394

And it is done. The update is finalized, I won't come back to make any new changes for quite a while.

>> No.47628423


>> No.47628446


Might as well post the rest of it, even though there were no new changes as far as I can remember on the other 2 pages.

>> No.47628449

The colors mainly. The red was the most offensive but the others weren't good either.

>> No.47628513


Thanks to everyone who helped me fix this thing. I really appreciate it.

Meanwhile, I've found over 175 images for a new CYOA I'm making. It'll probably be a bit too long, or I won't use as many pictures as I thought.

>> No.47628515


>> No.47628543

What will the new one be about?

>> No.47628567

>Power of the 10 rings
>There are 5 rings

Somebody failed math back in grade school. Unless there's a page 2?

You could easily fix the "MY EYES!!!" By popping this into Photoshop and toning down the saturation by like 50-60%. It's readable, the only problem is the overly bright background colors.


Body: It's REALLY tough to choose between regeneration and shapeshifting. I'd gladly trade in one of the other rings to get both of those. I'd probably ultimately choose shapeshifting since I don't live a risky enough life that regeneration would be used much, but I'd probably regret it if I ever got terribly sick.

Mind:Illusions. Imagine all the crazyness you could do pairing it with shapeshifting.

Soul: Earthbending. Only one with some solid benefits while NOT wearing it, since I could use it to build cool shit out of stone I can still enjoy while not wearing it.

Movement: Shadows, I'd probably kill myself with the other three. (Otherwise, teleport would be the no-brainer)

Skill: Language. Enough said, really.

>> No.47628610

Cool. Not the anon who asked but thanks.

>> No.47628614


Don't want to hype up anything in case I change my mind about making it, or if I suddenly drop and die.

Though, on the other hand, maybe I should tell people in case nobody is going to like the idea, so I should drop it right away?..

>> No.47628640

It could also help your motivation to have already talked about it. Could make it feel more real/concrete.

>> No.47628683

You can probably stay shapeshifted after taking off the ring, so that's a pluss.

>> No.47628871


Alright, I'll tell you.

I'm going to make a CYOA about being a ruler of Russian(-ish) medieval fantasy principality. Going for the total war vibe there. I'll make a big selection of units with different characteristics and such. Overall artstyle will be reminiscent of those old paintings (its where I took most of the pictures from). There will be a map on which you can design your principality, ally with other principalities or foreign powers, you'll be able to customize your ruler and by determine how well you would go by characteristics he will have in the end, stuff like that.

Would anyone be interested in a such a thing?

>> No.47628965

Just add on a couple of Ivanna fuckabivches and waifus and its going to do alright.

>> No.47628991

That sounds awesome and like something I would very much enjoy. My personal preference is a much lower focus on person character strength, in superhuman ways. A lot of those "build a nation" CYOAs go that route and I often feel like a bit of a chump putting my points mostly into the nation. My request/recommendation would have different point pools for the two areas.

>> No.47629036

Yes, except for the fact that Russian culture is absolute bogshit and /pol/tier, that sounds pretty neat. There has to be an option to get an enormous penis though in exchange for being hated by a/the royal family.

>> No.47629037

Sounds like potential.

>> No.47629044

I disagree with this. I am very much all for waifus, lewds, and lewd waifus in CYOAs but I don't feel like this is the right topic for that. If anything, you can go with the popular and vague "harem/waifu" options and let the player work out the specifics themselves.

>> No.47629073

D.Va, because I want to fuck her
Genji, because I want to fuck him
Winston, because I won't miss bananas or peanut butter

>try to give Genji the D
>throws it back at me

>> No.47629097

>try to give Genji the D
>he fruit ninjas it into a banana split


>> No.47629110

>he wants more than one wholesome, christian and russian wife

Degenerates leave now. >>/lgbt/

>> No.47629130

>It could also help your motivation to have already talked about it.
or it does the exact opposite, as is the case with me.

>> No.47629143

Hanzo is the superior husbando though.

>> No.47629145


>> No.47629200

So is anyone about to post OC soon or is it safe to get comfy in my bed and sleep?

>> No.47629220

You misunderstand anonski

I want more CHOICES of waifus of which to choose the best out of the best to raise many children with, to teach them Cossack ways and rape, pillage those filthy Ashkenazi Jews.

>> No.47629235

To be fair anon, if you're building up a little principality, strategic marriages to single ladies are very important.

>> No.47629275

Didn't you just wake up?

>> No.47629281

That disgusting islam cuckery has no place in a russian cyoa, Achmed.

I'm sorry for misunderstanding, comrade. That is indeed the sovjet- I mean russian way.

>> No.47629288

That's not how you spell Reinhardt.

>> No.47629299

I didn't intend to imply you should get married to multiple women, Ivan.

>> No.47629301

I can not post OC if it means you'll quit this bullshit.

>> No.47629305

I can safely say that I am not about to post OC.

I refuse to speak on behalf of anyone else regarding this subject, though.

>> No.47629312

>implying my life is interesting enough to spend more than an hour a day awake

No bully pls.

>> No.47629339

Sounds cool, i was thinking about making a Russian dlc for that Golden Horde CYOA, but it never went anywhere.

>except for the fact that Russian culture is absolute bogshit and /pol/tier
whatever you say, mate

>> No.47629345

How about you just go take your cyanide night pills and go to sleep permanently?

>> No.47629369

>No bully pls.
My life boring as shit, too. That's why I anime and vidyagames and CYOAs and stuff.

Anything to keep me from actually thinking about my life and where it's headed.

>> No.47629375


>> No.47629385


No actual similarities in terms of gameplay between the two. So I guess it really comes down to russian strongman archetype. Which TF2 didn't pioneer anyways.

Zarya doesn't work like the heavy. Any playtime on the character should tell you this.

>> No.47629420

Let me guess you want a gay option

>> No.47629421

yare yare daze...

>> No.47629438

Bastion, Reinhardt, Mercy

Holy trinity of perfection.

>> No.47629445

Great. I'll make a russian homosexual paradise and unite all of notRussia under my colourful flag.

>> No.47629457


Alright, I cannot fail now when people know I'm working on something...

>> No.47629464

what about getting a job / taking an education?
okay, other-guy sounds like he might actually be doing at least SOMETHING with his life.

>> No.47629492

>summer namefag thinks homophobia belongs on 4chan

Should have lurked more, hun.
Also, yes. A russian cyoa begs for a homosexual empire.

>> No.47629529

You've been spending too long in trap threads, anon.

>> No.47629530

No, not really. Russia is a great Orthodox Christian nation. Does not tolerate homosexuals.

>> No.47629540

You know that thing where you don't have to go to uni classes but can still pass your finals if you study for a few hours? I have that. So my life is boring and stupid but technically I'll have a future. I wish I were a stupid jock though that's why all my builds are dumbass barbarians and chads.

>> No.47629547

This is a Christian image board, and God hates fags and so do all good 4chan users.
Fucking summerfags

>> No.47629565

What anime is that from?

>> No.47629574

Sounds like a community college or some online university program.

>> No.47629579

... I've been getting a real taste for black fembois lately which is the exact opposite of my usual type so maybe you're onto something there.
Obviously, and that's why I'm planning to unite all of russia under a rainbow banner because it's a power fantasy and Putin isn't there to gulag my ass.

>> No.47629596

Than why do we keep calling each other by the suffix -fag?

>> No.47629599

>He thinks black guys can look like girls.
Yeah, anon, you really do need to stop going to those threads. Find some nice, wholesome asian boys, somewhere. Clear your head.

>> No.47629609

Nope. Law school, the EU version though. It's depressing to talk about. I wish I could trade in INT for CHA.

>> No.47629617

Community colleges are the ones where you're forced to show up. Larger schools are more prone to letting you just take the exams.

>> No.47629630

>You know that thing where you don't have to go to uni classes but can still pass your finals if you study for a few hours?
Yes. Though my reason is I don't see a point in showing up to classes (still do for lectures) since I don't know anyone and it's just finding the answer from the book.
Which I do anyway when reading.
Chances are, at least I'd think so, the level increases next year.

>> No.47629640

I know right? I had had an idea for medieval CYOA where in you inherited a Dukedom. There was going to be a dozen-ish companions and the two who weren't straight were going to go great lengths to hide it so they wouldn't get burnt at the stake by the church.

>> No.47629642

I know right? Effortlessly succeeding at life must suck.

>> No.47629674

Because straight men, which are the only type of person on 4chan, are insulted when you call them a fag. Are you a newfag, or a fagfag?

>> No.47629685

What's the difference between a class and lecture?

>> No.47629686

>what about getting a job / taking an education?
Have a latter, can't think of any sort of former that I wouldn't get fed up with / fired from because reasons that I don't see changing anytime soon, so I don't even try.
Assuming you meant the second post you linked to, then no. I'm not doing shit with my life.

>> No.47629688

Yes, we are okay with dickgirls and traps, but hate homosexuals, nothing contradictory here, that's how 4chan works.

>> No.47629726

I liked CYOAgeneral better a week or two before where gay guys didn't constantly beg for options that cater to them
Yes, I know what I just did: Just mentioning a problem makes them think they're being oh so hilarious by going on and on again.

>> No.47629743

A fagotronic Homosaurus Rex

>> No.47629749

Yeah, cause education is everything and once I graduate with 0 networking skills, friends or actual experience, my life will be a fucking unicorn fart.

>> No.47629778

Luckily you're not an author so your opinion is worth less than a build of angelanon.

>> No.47629793

Where a professor presents the pages you wrote, usually adding extra notes and giving you a powerpoint
Where you and a bunch of other people have a "teacher", usually an older student, who helps you learn the course. You get work to do, given by the professor.
Most of the teachers are shit and just act as "guides", telling you where in the book to find the answer in. I did have one teacher who was based, but she demanded we do all the work before showing up, then we went through it and she told us more.
Attendance was not high for her class.
I don't like you, anon. I'm going to pretend you live in some country where you have to pay everything yourself and don't get money from the state for being a NEET.

>> No.47629796

Pretty sure people have been asking for husbando options for quite some time.

>> No.47629808

How about you spend the time to make friends, network or maybe even plan ahead and apply for co-op if its still possible or use all the uni's resources that are there to teach you how to go about doing all this shit when you're still in school and have access to it?

>> No.47629809

Blah blah blah lynching blah.
Can we pretend I replied with something suitably homophobic? The games getting old.

>> No.47629826

>less than a build of angelanon
Whoa there buddy. Try not to exaggerate too much.

>> No.47629842

>why don't you just stop being dead on the inside

Geez, who knows.

>> No.47629861

I suppose. I'm probably just gonna do my own thing anyway.

>Ace - Perfect copy of myself - (3pts)
>>Power Fluctuation
>Power Hub (0pts)
>Power Fluctuation (-5pts)


>Abaddon Shard (-7pts)

>Endbringer Target (0pts)

Basically gonna loop Power Fluctuation between myself and projection until I get about a 200,000% boost. Enough to boost Power Hub so that it covers the Earth, giving me access to all the powers.

gg; no re.

>> No.47629880

Where the fuck do you think you are?

>> No.47629898

Gonna go with a beat-em-up

>normal shard

psychic nosebleed (12 points)

Charge (7)
electrokinetic combat (5)
Stamina (2)
Peak Human Strength (0)(4th power)

Iscariot (im sure she wont ruin everything)

>The Book
I actually have no idea what is going on, this may help.

>> No.47629928

Here in Canada, we call those "classes" tutorials.

We're given work, online quiz or research that we must do before going to every tutorial, and the tutorial period is usually spent reviewing said work or doing some retarded hands-on activity tangentially related to it. Tutorials are mandatory.

In the upper year courses, tutorials become MASSIVELY more important for the harder courses, as it is sometimes the only way to get more practice on questions or reference journal articles you can't get anywhere else or is behind a ludicrously high paywall.

>> No.47629961

then I guess I haven't noticed it / it hasn't been as rampant.
at least the furry quit posting for a few days
yes, again, I know what I did.

>> No.47629963

>I don't like you, anon.
I don't really like myself all that much, either. I mean, I think I'm an okay-enough guy, but I simultaneously feel like I'm basically human trash.
>I'm going to pretend you live in some country where you have to pay everything yourself and don't get money from the state for being a NEET.
I pay for rent, electricity, internet, food, etc. with the money I receive from the government. Sorry to disappoint you further.

>> No.47629972

Healing is great for waifus. I love white mage types.

>> No.47629975

>Either I've done a good job rebalancing the CYOA, since no one is suggesting anything new, or people just don't care about me.

I didn't post my most recent unbalanced build (which survived the recent round of updates) because what's the point if the CYOA would be edited to remove it? :-D

>> No.47629986

also healsluts

>> No.47629993

>Tutorials are mandatory
that's the big difference, then.
And yes, this is only my second year, and I wanted to see how my grades were affected from not showing up to classes and not doing the work for each class.
I shouldn't do that next year.

>having to pay for articles

>> No.47629996

>Unless you combine it with a form of summoning, it's a terrible base for a power fantasy.

You're wrong.

>> No.47629999

One more thing i have noticed is in the taylor companion you have spelled 'you' as 'uoi' in the last paragraph.

>> No.47630032

well, at least you put the answers in spoilers, that way we can pretend I didn't read them.
You at least make cyoas, right? It's not much, but it's something.
One final thing, though: You're not an immigrant, are you?
If so you are figuratively (?) my host hated kind of person.

>> No.47630056

Here it is updated with the most recent version of #5.

>> No.47630102

>You at least make cyoas, right?
Have made one, been making another for a bit over a week. Once that's done, I'll most likely not make any more of them. Because I'm shit.
Nope. Born in my country of residence, only once set foot outside it.

>> No.47630116

>having to pay for articles

We don't all live in a socialist utopia anon. And I really do mean the only way to get access to certain journal articles you can't get anywhere else.

I have a Classics major who attends his tutorials religiously, because in order to write his papers, he needs to read these 60-100+ year old books, the hardcopies of which are only available in like 3-4 university libraries on the other side of the country. The Tutorial Assistants (TAs) usually graduates doing their masters or PhDs and have complete scanned copies of them were his ancient article/book sugar mommies/daddies

>> No.47630187

Revolutionary Slut Utena

>> No.47630237

Sounds awesome! Go for it man!

>> No.47630257

Looks great!

>> No.47630263

>We don't all live in a socialist utopia
wait just a minute.
Admittedly I'm not at that level (yet), I just need scientific articles that usually aren't more than a decade old.

>> No.47630294

>Take Projection power
>Make projection a little girl and give it the Projection power
>Repeat indefinitely
>The world is little girls
>The moon is little girls
>Space is little girls
>Everything is little girls

>> No.47630327

For you.

>> No.47630359




Natural trigger

Trouble magnet
bad rep
identity revealed

The candle

Whelp, things are about to get interesting. Only through MAD SCIENCE do I have a chance to survive. I could try to play it safe...but I'd rather toss myself off the deep end and engage in enough self-modification with NANOMACINES to make Armstrong proud.

And then I get to bring it all back to this earth and makes things a little more interesting around here...


Bodyguard, and can help me get /fit/.

Cute and a mad scientist? Yes please.

Cute and tech support. Also yes.

>> No.47630370

If you're in STEM program, the upper year courses tend to want you to find newer or more recently published scientific articles which are harder to find because they didn't have the time to circulate and behind a pay wall that your university didn't have a subscription for. Fucking annoying as balls.

I remember one course, I think it was Organic Chemistry IV, the prof wanted only references from journal articles that are within 6 months from the start of the semester.

>> No.47630400

Why is Shub-Niggurath best girl?

>> No.47630425

Nyarko > *

>> No.47630475

He's not. Angelanon wanted a CYOA where she could be a perfect pretty princess, so she actually made made one. Then added a second page almost entirely dedicated to suggestions she'd received.

>> No.47630517

oh no, anon posted a cyoa I don't care about and won't read! I am so, so hurt, I think I'll go scream about fags and how they're homosexuals and have sex with men and that's bad!

>> No.47630545

>Why is Frigg best girl?

Fixed that for you

>> No.47630565

>The Hunk
>The Bear
>both are (dominant) tops

FUCK. It had so much potential. Why can't they just let me dominate a submissive older guy?

>> No.47630592

>Tfw most goddesses are stale christmas cakes, used goods, or throw away milfs.

>> No.47630604

Are you trying to tell me there is something wronge with homo-love?

Also whoever made this was REALLY butthurt about femboys and was probably shut down when asking one out before he made this.

>> No.47630606

Maybe someday I fix all the problems that one had. Update pics too. Maybe.

>> No.47630620

Ok, I know the intro's really long.
Anyone have any interest?
If so, what world should I do next?

>> No.47630669

hunk > twink > bear > femboi > trap

>> No.47630677

She isn't

Athena is

>> No.47630705

Here's a term paper I wrote for an 4th year organic chem course, I think it was synthetic organic chemistry or something. Thank god the prof was lenient with my journal article references.

>> No.47630763

There's a difference in between a cyoa someone made and their builds mate.

>> No.47630781

Alright so here's the first updated page. I 100% can't thank the proofreaders who helped me enough.

Also a lot of people really want drawbacks so I thought I would strawpoll to see what should go on the other part of the image for them


>> No.47630818

You do realise you are potentially making Jumpchain lite, right?

More to the point, I'm mildly dissapointed in the power structures: how you get shoehorned into a realm the second you reach godhood and can't get beyond that.

It looks good and has some potential though.

>> No.47630874

At least she writes up a little story for her builds and comments on other people's, instead of complaining constantly about CYOAs, builds and posters.

>> No.47630914

Is this a cyoa? I'm so fucking confused, is this even English? The only words I can comprehend is Viagra.

>> No.47630924

They all sound like good options.

>> No.47630961

except the gimme bonuses

>> No.47630976

She spams the same build for each cyoa that comes up, uses a generic response to other builds (cool! Sounds good. Let's team up, etc), and frequently complains. Her posts also attract shit posters like honey does flies. Her builds are no better than one anon's complaining.

>> No.47630999

So important question. Do you have to take Augmentation to build and fuse Nanomachines with yourself and other people?

>> No.47631023

>people really want drawbacks
Protip: make drawbacks without any/minimal benefits

>> No.47631027

Angelanon is a sweet lady. Please stop talking about her like that.

>> No.47631054

I love angelanon. It's not like she's malicious, unlike you. I enjoy her builds when I see them, especially to my CYOAs.

>> No.47631060

Daily remainder, Angelanon is boogieman to scare anons and doesn't exist anymore

>> No.47631084

Looks fun.
I'm assuming Loki's fire fists don't transfer heat to you though right?

>> No.47631115


These are good posts.

>> No.47631128

But they do exist, hell they're even worse shitposters then her. I think one of the Magical Realm RP crowd shitposted in a /cyoag/ thread a couple of threads ago.



>> No.47631163

Dude clubs could be awesome! Instead of getting something from them, it'd be cool even if they just added lore or personality to the world. You could have some general ones like sports, monster hunting, music, student council, and more specific ones for the schools like Mechanics for Odesium, debate club for Lunestier, and maybe a gambling club for Ej Har! Even without the bonuses, the lore and pointless customization would still be awesome!

>> No.47631185

Tell you what. If you don't want people to alk about angelanon, then don't bring them up.
You like watching shitstorms then?
And how am I being malicious exactly?
Yeah I'm pretty sure she left at least a few months ago.

>> No.47631189


>> No.47631206

>Genji, Lucio, Mei
>Ask Mei to use ice to make a fucking awesome obstacle course
>Ask Genji and Lucio who do they think would win in a race
>Set for life on entertainment

Now if only I could get Tracer to join in. Also shame she can't wall-run.

>> No.47631240

>Magical realm RP crowd
Lad, there's no such thing. The general/RP went down in flames years ago, everyone dropped their names and scattered.

Hell, part of me thinks that the 'angelanon' that posts nowadays isn't even the original, just bait masters who realized the (you) potential of her style & persona.

>> No.47631243

>> No.47631244

Angelanon is dead, but the legend lives on, anyone can be Angelanon today, it could be >>47631115, it could be (you), it could be ME

>> No.47631285

Those sound fucking boring. I don't want to be in your shitty poetry jam, I like bonuses from them.

>> No.47631288

This intro isn't long. A long intro can grab attention, or provide necessary information on a setting. This intro is bad.

Think about if you were the person in the CYOA. After literally cutting a hole in reality and again being transported from a desert to a shopping mall through an interdimensional wormhole, you end up listening to some guy named Bob rave about Final Fantasy XI.

This intro doesn't flow very well, to say the least. Remove the unnecessary content, like everything about City. If Bob is the traditional new player agent, he'd probably think to just sell AIs that do that crap, don't you believe? Or you could just have it all included with the angel transformation anyway, excluding the memory bonus for Antioch anyway since that would fit the theme of Chaos.

I like lore in CYOAs. The worst thing you can possibly do is loredump right at the beginning. I've said it before. You lose the attention of people who just aren't going to read it anyway, and you lose the "Wow I wonder how this all works" factor of the people who are going to read it. If you really want to leave some of it in, put it in a notes section at the very end of the CYOA so people don't feel like they'd be missing something important for not reading it all.

Look at it this way. The image is 8028 pixels vertically. More than half of that is text. You could reduce the height by expanding the width, but there's still going to be a lot of text. Remove some of it.

Otherwise, it looks okay. And I mean okay as in "average" not okay as in "good". I would have said good, otherwise.

>> No.47631298


Welcome to Mythology

>> No.47631314

Was it just the one page that was done?

>> No.47631348

Protip: Your advice is shit.

>> No.47631368

Anon it was only two years ago.

>> No.47631383

Just like your mom

>> No.47631406

Honey, if anything is shitposting it's your posts, not the ones you linked.

>> No.47631428

If a "drawback" option brings you benefits while still granting you points, it's probably not a drawback, per se. More of a bonus for having a specific fetish.

Not that I'm entirely against the idea, but it clearly marks which fetishes the author approves of.

>> No.47631432

Still 'years', plural

>> No.47631441


>> No.47631453

No but my computer is being retarted

I can only mobile post right now so give me a bit to fix shit

>> No.47631459

He's not making a lewd CYOA, you fucking idiot.

>> No.47631481

Hey I feel like someone who's constantly talking negatives about your CYOA, I feel like you deserve a lot of respect for listening to criticism and making changes. Its a lot more playable now and I realize we just have different opinions on modes and the like but I do like the amount of work you've put into this.

So kudos man.

>> No.47631484

I'll call "giving you points for a willingness to do specific things and claiming it's a drawback" whatever the fuck I want, faggot.

>> No.47631495

W-why would I do drawbacks based around fetishes? It's not a drawback unless it actually hinders you

>> No.47631496


>> No.47631517

A drawback could be
>The school hates you and you'll have a hard time learning anything
This is not someone's fetish, retard. It's not a 'bonus for having a fetish'.

>> No.47631542

...What is this, slutlife? Most CYOA's drawbacks don't have much to do with fetishes.
Being broke, having a disability, or having an enemy are more usual fare.

>> No.47631565

>The school hates you and you'll have a hard time learning anything
I am honestly so turned on right now.

>> No.47631569

I love it when cyoas have "you're a homosexual" as a point giving drawback because it's basically free points.

>> No.47631595

What cyoa has that as an option? I honestly can't remember any.

>> No.47631600


Oh god, please add a mentor that starts out tsundere and smug because they are superior to you but becomes submissive and shy when you start getting better than them. DIAMONDS.

>> No.47631601

Based by what min-maxers want more like
>You lost your pinky toe, receive 3 additional courses from any school

>> No.47631616

Go fuck off back to jumpchain if you want to whine about imaginary strawman people building wrong, faggot.

>> No.47631623

Most /r9k/made ones and some of the older ones. It's admittedly not very common these days. Best you can get is that your waifu having a penis is somehow a drawback.

>> No.47631624

or your sparring partner

>> No.47631631

Yeah that's why I voted for that.

Teacher waifu.

>> No.47631677


>becomes submissive and shy when you start getting better than them

Who even behaves like this in real life? This is so cringy to me, do people actually expect this of their teachers?

>> No.47631680

>sparring partner
If you keep losing they get more dominant and sexually agressive, if you keep winning they get more submissive and shy. Yes, please.

>> No.47631741

It's called a woman.

Only by anime standards.

>> No.47631753

Angelanon simply enjoys CYOAs. This triggers the "you're having fun wrong" crowd. People who complain about CYOAs, authors, builds, and posters are far worse .

>> No.47631754

It's such a common trope there has to be some truth to it. You could reason that they are naturally submissive and as you start getting better than them, they start seeing you as sexually desirable and become susceptible to your advances.

>> No.47631769

God no, her chin and facial shape are very, very manly. Only her eye makeup and her lips could be considered feminine, and men can have those too.

>> No.47631779

There are ten. Only five are available to you.

>> No.47631799

>there has to be some truth to it
There /has/ to? Really? Come on. Do you think teachers commonly want to fuck the students that do better than they did at their age?

>> No.47631813

There was just a story in the news about a teacher getting knocked up by a 13 year-old student.

>> No.47631817

Would you mind posting one?

>> No.47631845

That sounds good too.

Homophobia is every bit as allowed as rampant ass-piracy.

>> No.47631847

And when she spergs about men, or the lore of a setting not fitting with her desire? Is that still just enjoying CYOAs?

>> No.47631863

They can look like black girls, which look like gorillas.

>> No.47631866

If anything that's perfectly on topic for this thread.

>> No.47631869

Because she was a pedophile (female).

>> No.47631893

If the teacher is naturally submissive, and the student physically and mentally develops into a possible target of their affection, I can easily imagine the student coercing the teacher into having sex once they get out of jailbait territory.

But mostly this is a (power)fantasy so doujin logic applies and everything is possible.

>> No.47631916

As a teacher? Absolutely.

>> No.47631927

This is wrong. A lecture is where a professor stands up and tells you info, usually with powerpoint and etc. What you described as a class is in fact more like a lab.
A class could be either a lecture or a lab or something harder to categorize.

>> No.47631953

Keyword here. You don't need to be naturally submissive to submit to blackmail/threats of force.

>> No.47631955

>simply enjoys CYOAs
>wanting to hear variation of angel who brainwashes all woman into lesbians in 100 different adventures and settings + >>47631847

>> No.47631965

Anon probably used 'coercing' to mean convincing.

>> No.47631996

You still don't need to be 'submissive,' just have no morals as in the case of
or just be around the same level of maturity as the student.

>> No.47632001

You have clearly not spent much time with women, men, or both.

>> No.47632019

You have clearly only spent time around steroid injecting man-ladies.

>> No.47632029

Not them, but there are places where men don't often have such bone structure, much less the women.

>> No.47632034

Best CYOA EVAH! Very historically accurate.

>> No.47632064

>This intro isn't long.
It is, nigga. If it hadn't been, I might have read it.

>> No.47632077

Then those are places that don't have grown women, much less men.

>> No.47632081

If that's true, then so is every anon's bitching.

>> No.47632088

>To be a grown woman, you must have a square face and a shovel chin.

>> No.47632124

>shovel chin

Not as useful as it sounds.

>> No.47632128

>To be a grown woman, you must have bones
Welcome to the world of not-anime.

>> No.47632131

Or you could just just accept that some things are not as universal as you might wish. Not trying to assault your personal image of femininity, not that respecting your feelings seems like such a high priority when you're basically saying "fuck all those places, the people there don't count as men OR women".

>> No.47632140

>The only facial structure is a square as a box.
>Chin size is decided by bone size
Again, no. Your chin is mostly muscle attachment.

>> No.47632141

>The Heavy Clone
Nigger Roadhog is closer to a Heavy Clone, his Ultimate is even a minigun

>> No.47632158

How many worm cyoas are there? I know of two.

>> No.47632174

Look at the picture again.

>> No.47632177

Zarya's beautiful, but there are plenty of women with less pronounced jawlines. Why can't you defend your waifu without embarrassingly insubstantial strawmen?

>> No.47632184

Oh wow anon how did you replace the image with a pizza?

>> No.47632190

See >>47630056

>> No.47632192


>> No.47632201

No look at me. Your dick is now diamonds.

>> No.47632218


Dammit, I need to get my memory better, Tracer not Mercy.

>> No.47632228

And obligatory Waifu choice-Tracer

>> No.47632252

Thanks anon, I am now a millionaire and a celebrated falsetto singer!

>> No.47632263

You're welcome, friend.

>> No.47632406

First, you should do something to limit the worlds or otherwise differentiate it from Traveller, Jumpchain, and the probably billion other 'infinite crossover' CYOAs.
Second, you could change the introduction so you get to take some sort of guide with you (maybe combining the AI procedure and the help desk?), then have each world introduced right before you make its choice.

As it stands, though:
>Red Mage

>> No.47632570

Loki, monk.

>> No.47632739

Source on said spergings? I only hear about it second hand. Sounds like trolling.

>> No.47633068

>> No.47633084

There's even odds on angel being a greasy neckbeard of a troll rather than an empty headed lesbian, so I can't tell you for sure either way.

>> No.47633113

fixed comp issues so now the posting can continue

>> No.47633140

If you guys have the time I would love to hear why you choose or didn't choose certain companions

>> No.47633151

No way, man. No troll would convincingly act like a mentally ill woman for that long, assuming he could even pull off such a stunt.

>> No.47633157

new >>47633145

>> No.47633175

also if you name your characters and write a little bit about them there's a good chance I'll put them in an expansion as companions (if you want)

>> No.47633181

I knew a guy that did exactly that on actual christian image board. His trolling was slow and subtle and amazing.

>> No.47633196

fuck it we repost in the new thread

>> No.47633390

Luvyna is pretty good. I like girls who can cook, and her ditzy attitude is cute. Magic fencer is a suitable class for a woman.

>> No.47633908

>>The school hates you and you'll have a hard time learning anything
So you will lose all of the companions and most of the courses?

>> No.47633940

No, your teachers just don't put any investment in actually teaching you and might actually try and sabotage you. More little things.

>> No.47635078

(I went full Ej Har, because I always make bleeding heart do-gooder builds, trying to stop bad guys and such, so I thought Ej Har would be the place to go)

I liked pretty much everything on Cassiopeia, good stuff there bud.

I picked Sanyo because she looked good, and that's probably it, but I think having cultists in the party might be a problem because I don't know how crazy they may get for their gods, but having someone who can protect our party from unholy arts is great.

Dax so my party isn't a harem and I can have a bro, talented, trustworthy and divining magic.

Chandara so she can teach me roguiness and her map means more adventure, which is good.

Silene because cute monster girl.

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