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Tell me about your magical realm experiences /tg/.

From awkward to gross to downright scary, you're in a safe place now. Tell me everything.

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>Played a Druid along with a friend who played a Ranger, was basically his animal companion throughout most of the game.
>Listened intently to the Ranger, followed his directions most often, but occasionally split off and did my own thing when my character really disagreed for some reason.
>Druid could shift back and forth from human to wolf along with a combat-focused werewolf form in the middle for surprise melee wrecking if anything got close to senpai
>Played it totally straight, party and GM both enjoyed the character
>I have a transformation fetish
>I'm a furry
>I'm a submissive

Flew right under the radar, GM mentioned he loved the "dynamic" I had with the ranger and set up something similar between a robotic character I played and an engineer in the next campaign. Still, 10/10 would be an animal companion again.

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That actually sounds pretty cool

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One time I took a bathroom break and fapped, then I ran out of the bathroom and shot jizz all over the DM screen. I was the dungeon master.

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It was pretty cool. I didn't set out to make a fetishy character, it just so happened along the way. I wanted to play a support role with a strong tie to one of the party members and the Ranger was already good friends with me. The DM actually suggested the in-betweeny form as a way to make me viable in combat, as opposed to the wolf (which was good at tracking, survival, and pathfinding) and my human form (who was about as much use in combat as a shield made of potato crisps, but charismatic and personable)

Since the party was just me, the ranger, a wizard, and Brick Proteinmix the Stat Block Barbarian, I got to pull a sort of jack-of-all trades duty. As a wolf I helped the ranger scout and track, and hunt food on the road. As a human I was the party face since I wasn't edgy, a sperglord, or devoted to Khorne, and as a werewolf I was a spot melee DPS who could protect our backline while the barbarian floored it into axing range.

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Huh, that's actually a nice story. I'm happy it worked out for you, anon! did you fug, though?

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Not during the initial game, though we did continue the game in a freeform setting after some time with the same characters.

where I learned that the ranger player enjoys the same realms I do

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I just can't enjoy these anymore
So many are clearly biased by the poster's point of view or straight up fake

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>Tell me about your magical realm experiences /tg/.
They were great. I loved them.

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>A disturbing amount of the new NPCs seem to be the sons and daughters of my character

wat do, lads

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Keep up the good work.

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Stuff that never happened/10

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Stop playing the Bard.

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DM kind of casually threw me into a situation where my character was forced into a relationship with his mother, and then expects me to roleplay the relationship to an extent.

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Ol' GK was no bard though.

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I'm playing the barbarian though. A big, hunky, out-of-his-prime psycho

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For some reason our dm wanted our characters to piss and shit regularly. He didn't care about eating and drinking, and was pretty light on little details, but it was very uncomfortable, so me and my friends left. He was a pretty normal dude as well.

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Playing a bretty qt semi-shota monk right now.
Not doing anything really MK with him though, it's just that he's young and pretty. :3

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I once got the entire party date raped by astral bugs once due to using random encounter tables and not really bothering to read the full monster manual entry before starting the combat

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Only had the chance to role play once. Played a single session of HOL. Ended up playing a pedophile priest who summoned alterboys while my friend and his girlfriend played a hulk man and The Fonz respectively. During a string of events we all wound up in a fight in a jumping castle wherein I tore the balls off a transgendered nun while my friend's girlfriend's character raped his character. Then proceeded to sell the testicles to a crowd that had gathered outside in an impromptu auction. Kept the scrotum though.

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That has nothing at all to do with magical realm, only with the game.
I'm amazed you actually found a group (and a GM) willing to run HoL, though. The sample characters are intentionally thrown together on a whim, and the actual character creation rules are not only in the supplement (which is stupidly hard to find), but are also pointlessly complicated and end up in characters that are if possible even flakier than the sample ones in the corebook.

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So not actually magical realm then.

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The only magical realm shit in this thread.

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My DM seems to want to keep forcing us to fight 'innocent' loli girls and keeps talking about their vulnerability and 'innocence'.

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>kept the scrotum

For what, a changepurse?

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Details gents, details.

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everyone is a lady.
cute short haired lady knights, buff lady warriors, elf lady rangers, lady wizards and mages, dashing lady orcs,cute lady dorfs, lady princes. all altercations can be solved with head pats and telling another lady how pretty you find her.

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literally headpats simulator: tabletop edition

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More or less. The GM was a friend of the girlfriend and was keen to try it out after she picked the source book up from an op-shop somewhere. It was fun but we only got around to the one game. Sadly it's the only ttrpg I've ever gotten to play.
Yeah, I mean why wouldn't you?

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A magical realm I can get behind

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In that case, stop raping the townfolk.

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>run a lighthearted game
>one player rolls Bard
>oh boy
>describes her as a blond bimbo with tits the size of her head
>she's also a selfish cunt
>wants to fuck everything that moves and then rob them blind
>uses whips to fight and wears leather armour
>lol I'm a dominatrix
>be into BDSM and it takes all my strength to stop myself from telling the player he doesn't know a goddamn thing about being a good dominatrix

Honestly, it's kind of weird that our most Magical Realm character was so.... vanilla. Given what a pervert I am.

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sounds boring, bbqh

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I once got in an argument about a feminist that wanted to use "it" instead of "he" when talking about the king.
I got blocked.

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You kept it in your pants though, so thank you for that.

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Be careful that the GM doesn't drop him into a cursed pond.

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>Playing games of pretend
>People actually decide not to be a cute girl
But why?

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Because I want to be brutal and edgy

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So be a brutal and edgy cute girl.
Be the Nevada-chan you know you can be.

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That one Canadian cunt ruined it for everybody by showing what pretending to be the little girl actually is like.

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You mean that guy with the bdsm "parents"?
That's what happens when you go too deep when there isn't cyberbrain uploading yet.

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so it was only your characters doing the banging?

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The brown elves I just encountered were really weird. For starters, the only thing they wear are polished wooden masks, using knots as the facial features. Which meant the rest of the "clothing" was just tattoos. Specifically, tattoos of demons wrapped around then, typically with the arms on the chest in various arcane symbols. They also had tails. Elves in this setting don't normally have tails, but these elves had long tails, with metal spades attached to the end and more than enough dexterity to shank someone with them. The warrior women were real easy to spot; aside from carrying spears and bows, they had big demon cocks tattooed from navel to slit.

We're tip toeing a fine line between tribalistic savagry, and magical realm and I can't wait to find out what happens when I try to fuck one of them

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>DMing a game in which the party ventures into the Underdark.
>Random encounter with some drow. Because Underdark.
>Players use non-lethal damage on the drow leader, capturing her.
>They decide to keep her as a pet.
>Game goes on like normal, just with the occasional mentions of feeding the drow, bathing the drow, tying her securely before sleep, etc.
>A good DM would have this backfire on them.
>I chose to be a bad DM.

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Giant alchemical warforged dragon women who can transform into mecha armor for other characters.

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In about as simply as can put it, my character and his NPC mom got kidnapped by Mezoamerican-inspired goblins and forcibly married by their customs to be made king and queen of their society. Was kind of weird but not too terrible, until it eventually became clear that they expected us to create a royal family to go with it. The whole situation stemmed from them never having seen humans before and believing us to be like gods or something akin, and because of the cultural/language barrier they didn't understand us being related. They just encountered two strange, fair giants (from their perspective) washed up on the shore one day seemingly to have come from the unknown beyond, which fit their religion and prophecies, and politely captured them since it would give their society a significant edge over the other goblin societies of the land. Upon closer study and noticing the biological similarities to themselves and a difference in gender, without understanding us to be related they forced us into a relationship.

>tl;dr my character and his mom got kidnapped and shotgun married by Not-Aztec goblins after washing ashore from a shipwrecked voyage to the Not-New World.

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I've already written most of mine into short story formats.

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Sounds like a grand time

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This is a very boring magical realm thread, there's only like one or two magical realm stories.

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Fucking kek.

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Eh, playing through it was pretty fun, kind of reminded me of Road to El Dorado with two foreign old worlders being treated like gods and living it up. Apart from of course the whole incest thing the DM shoved in and expected to be played out.

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Did the Drow devolve into an obedient butt-slut that yearned for nothing more than master's kind words?

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Even after acquiring their drow slave girl, it wasn't actually an ERP, so we never got into the details of what sort of slut she might be. She did eventually came to accept her position, or at least stopped trying to escape and/or murder them all. She was barely a character honestly. She rarely had any dialogue at all. Largely because they kept her gagged most of the time.

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Anon, you're the DM.

What kind of slut would you have made her, if the question was brought up?

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My wizard was racist against elves & sorcerers, who just fell into their magical abilities, when he had to study & practice for that shit.

GM's Mary Sue PC-from-another-campaign huge-titted elf sorceress kept doing uncomfortable shit. He literally made male characters take will tests against her 18 CHA or be smitten with favor for her. Leaning her HUGE RACK on my character's shoulder when casting was the last straw.

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Did you stuff her with a dozen bastard half-breeds?

The thing with Mary Sues is the illusion breaks in the most horrifying way when the Mary Sue gets defiled or sullied by the attentions of another. You should've pursued that ass like Galahad pursued the Grail.

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Well she wasn't originally intended to be anything more than a one time fight. So she had no real backstory or personality, beyond evil drow bitch with a whip. After what the players did, I eventually developed the head cannon that she was naturally inclined to be a sub, but was born a female member of a minor drow noble house. So she's suppressed that part of herself and overcompensated by being excessively domineering and sadistic even for a drow. She was particularly cruel to other females she had power over, because she secretly imagined herself in their place.

Being enslaved by a (mostly male) group of surfacers was deeply humiliating for her. Even more so than it would be for other drow, because it's just like the fantasies she's always been ashamed of having. She struggled at first, but that only proved how helpless she was. Once she felt that she'd done all she could to try to escape, she "broke" rather easily. By letting herself accept that she has no other choice, she can enjoy being owned and degraded.

None of this was more than vaguely implied in the actual game.

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I've made this,


That ad was directly inspired by this thread.
I dunno, the possibility just came to me and I am itching to try it out.

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A guy who was already using a DMPC to have an excuse to show one of his character's tits to the rest of the party probably wouldn't react negatively to ERP anon

That'd have been even worse

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I think I missed that story.
post a screencap if you got it

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So a party member could've turned her into a broodmare and she would've taken it with a curse and a smile.


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If you're going to talk about something obscure, you really need to use the full name and not an acronym.

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Online 5e game, text-based. It begins with these characters:
>The leader of the group, the Aasimar Cleric of the Sun God
>The Half-orc fighter
>The Half-elf sorcerer
>The Gnome rogue (Left after a few sessions due to jumbled schedules, GM kept him as an NPC)
>The Human ranger (Left because he couldn’t keep up with RL)

We had an adventure and a half, but I’ll skip to the relevant part:
>travelling through the wilderness after completing our latest task, looking to get to a big town and get more gold, information, booze, whatever
>spot a cave a bit of distance away: it’s near the track, so we can’t miss it
>suddently hear roars and yelling from the cave
>rush in and find two orc women fighting for their lives against something like six lionesses
>we jump the beasts and save both of them
>one is unconscious, the other is not: she’s grateful but wary
>our leader lets the half-orc reassure the conscious one while the team sets up for camp, since it’s already getting late
>half-orc and orc woman getting chummy, flirty even
>we cook and prepare the bedrolls for the night while cleric heals both orc women
>our sorcerer keeps a plate of meat and a mug of ale for the unconscious orc woman, who wakes up at the smell of meat
>he reassures her and explains everything that’s happened
>doesn’t know that offering food and ale is akin to a proposal in Orc culture
>after a while, everyone goes to sleep
>next day the orc women are chatting with each other in orcish as the party is on their way to their tribe
>Half-orc can understand it and sorcerer too, because of an enchanted earring that lets him understand languages
>the orcish women are telling each other what they’ll do with both of them, if they were alone
>both border snu-snu levels
>sorcerer has to roll to keep his pokerface, while the half-orc grins from ear to ear

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>finally reach the orc tribe, the team lets one of the orcs go to the village chief to tell him what happened while the other gives them a tour around the tribe
>orc children and women curiosly come closer to look at the pink-skins
>after a bit the party is invited to lunch with the chief: go there and of course he is the adoptive father of the two barbarian women the party saved
>the old shaman orc is very grateful for the party
>sorcerer and half-orc roll fortitude during lunch
>after some more smalltalk the shaman asks the party if they are engaged
>looks pointedly at fighter and sorcerer after the cleric, the rogue and the ranger have said that they are otherwise engaged, albeit not in a relationship
>half-orc replies first, that he is not engaged, but would like to marry the eldest daughter of the village chief
>he nods with a smile
>sorcerer replies that he is not married or otherwise engaged, but doesn’t want to get married yet either
>chief gets serious, but nods and accepts the answer
>then he asks the party to clear out a small patch of woods from some skeletons that have been sighted, since his hunters aren’t back yet to do it for him
>party takes this task and sets out to fight some undeads
>do very well, kill all the skeletons, zombies and necromancers there and clear the forest of the unholy influence
>return to tribe and report to the shaman
>he is very pleased and gives us some enchanted items and a few scrolls for the cleric
>the half-orc marries the orc he saved that same evening
>spend a few days partying with a bunch of savages (apparently all but the Sorcerer went and found themselves a girl or two during the two days of merrymaking)

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>next session, both Gnome and Ranger player leave: the ranger leaves in character, while the gnome is controlled as an NPC
>When the party departs after the second day, the half-orc stays in the tribe: the player had decided to change character and took over the role of the Barbarian Orc that had fallen in love with the sorcerer
>Orc woman packs her things and joins the party on their way to town, with the blessing of the shaman
>as they near the town, the party encounters a caravan on their way there: they talk with some people, buy a couple of useful items and stuff like that
>an attractive girl comes over to flirt with the half-elf
>the barbarian orc goes full yandere for the sorcerer and clocks her
>cleric, rogue and sorcerer have to restrain her from chopping off the girl’s head
>get to the town
>team decides to split and regroup at the inn at dusk
>sorcerer heads to the docks to find some information about an item he has been looking for, that is part of the reason for him being an adventurer
>in the seedier part of town, he is ambushed by half a dozen armed guys
>he gets a bolt to the leg
>he drops because of poisons and low rolls
>turns out the barbarian was following him from a safe distance
>she rages and slaughters almost all the criminals
>picks up the feverish sorcerer and hauls him back to the inn
> the cleric returns from his shopping spree and his visit to the temple and the rogue from his dealings in the black market
>can’t cast something to cure the sorcerer, he needs a night’s rest to change his spells
>the barbarian takes care of the sorcerer for the rest of the day and manages to coerce him to take her out to the local arena afterwards
>the half-elf is very scared of his guardian angel now

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Oh, the guy's been locked away with nothing to do or learn but shaolin fuckery for the entirety of of his 16 years. Now he's let out into the world, hormones raging and no idea of customs or preferences. He'll fuck (or get fucked by) whatever making the first move on him, don't need no genderbending for that. ^^
Dude just knows there is a world full of experiences out there, he'll just have to find out about them first!

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There's nothing really to say about it.
Nearly everything we fight is some kind of small girl.
Wolf girls.
Vampire girls.
Goblin girls.
Even the BBEG is just some 'innocent' loli queen, who's doing evil shit because she got raped or something.
I don't know, he can't really make a good plot.

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I like how these dudes so obiously expect their players to indulge them :[
>That GM

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>as player
>usually end up party face since I'm the only one who actually roleplays it
>occasionally play shapeshifters since they're great for social interaction
>but because most games haven't gone on that long group thinks I've played a grand total of one

>as GM
>the realm PCs are in is actually known for a larger than average amount of shapeshifters but the PCs never actually investigated enough to know that
>PCs have actually adopted an NPC as "party mascot" who is a shapeshifter

I'm tempted to run a blatant shapeshifting combat character eventually but I enjoy the subtle benefits of my particular magical realm too much...

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Who cares, it's funny

>> No.47633204

This is not some greentext from the Web, this is a thing that actually happened.

40something father of seven decided "I don't want to be an adult right now". So they're literally pretending to be six years old girl now. Left their family, got adopted via a fetish site and hangs out the grandchildren of that pairing.

This person has been on TV, with people being forced to admire the bravery of transport people and all. They've also talked about they've lost their analysis virginity to their "father".

They do incredibly cringeworthy videos and call themselves Stephonknee, because that's totally how a six year old writes her name, instead of asking an adult. Gods, my cat is better at spelling.

Honestly, if this whole thing weren't so fucked up it would be pretty sad.

>> No.47633275

Fuck you, autocorrect.

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i posted this in a that guy thread awhile ago but it fits
part 1
>Join Mutants and Masterminds game
>GM asks for a one on one interview before game 0
>interview is cool, me and him talk about GURPS for bit
>cut to game 0 to build characters and what not
>i accidentally show up 30 minutes late because i misunderstood when it began
>i apologize and GM says its cool, just try and be on time next time
>say "okay"
>one guy in the group is tapping on a practice drum pad
>i've done some drumming, so i know they're mostly done to practice drum speed and timing and arent actually instruments
>Guy stops tapping and asks everyone "so what did you think?" as though he played a song
>this strkes me as odd, but i forget about it
>everyone says "oh it was good to be polite"
>we start discussing out characters
>its a fairly serious campaign, not grim dark or anything but not goofy
>All characters are as based in reality, and their powers are pretty straight forward
>turning into bugs, creating matter, mech suit, etc.
>Then drummer boy tells us of his character
>all he says, and all i am ever told of this character is "He can turn into a plane"
>im reminded of the one maid RPG green text and the moped guy, so i think its alright
>he then explains that, for 'balancing reasons' it doesnt look looks 100% like a plane
>when questioned on what it does look like, he says "Like pixar's Planes"
>one person in group says he shouldnt, since its much too cartoony and silly for this campaign
>everyone agrees
>he says "Well, not EXACTLY like pixar"
>posts pic related saying "looks more like that!"
>everyone is still against it
>we throw ideas on how it could fit better
>he refuses
>this continues for, i shit you not, 40 minutes
>he starts getting really defensive
>says this character is really special from him
>says its special because he's been planning the character for months, just needed the group
>and he cant tell us the second reason because of "Legal reasons"

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part 2
>at this time i am about 70% sure he snuck onto a military based and started fucking a jet
>we drop the whole thing and decide to move on and cover his character later since it was getting nowhere
>he's acting defensive and passivle agressive the whole time
>stopping the conversation to mention how a car almost hit him that day for no reason
>he also keeps slipping mexian words into his speech, weeaboo style
>he doesnt sound very mexican by his voice though
I'll it was possible he was mexican, just didnt sound it.
>we all have teh basics of what our characters are, and leave still not having resolved the plane man's character
>session 1 hits, and plane man is not there
>Gm tells me that he had to drop him, as he was kinds weird and wasnt cooperating.
>also find out, that originally his character wasnt a person who turned into a plane, but an anthro plane that came from an anthro plane universe howard the duck style until the GM talked him out of it
>later i decide to do some snooping based on the plane picture he sent
>find out the artist and website it came from
>Its all miltary vehicle porn
>pages and pages of it
>men and women being fucked and fucking vehicles that arent even really anthro.
>now 100% sure that he snuck onto a military base and fucked a jet
>they're called Dire Machines for anyone interested
>i look at every image, not for any sexual pleasure, but out of morbid curosity
>flash forward awhile
>im browsing roll20 open games
>decide to look for pathfinder, i dont like the system but always wanted to play an alchemist so fuck it
>see an open game
>the GM was plane man
i ultimately decided not to join the game, although i was very tempted

>> No.47633417

>at this time i am about 70% sure he snuck onto a military based and started fucking a jet
Lost it at this point. Bravo.

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If we're doing reposts...

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I miss that manga

>> No.47634121

>hey that's kinda cute
>oh god, 5 grown men are seated at the table playing out this love hina bullshit

>> No.47634455
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>Be a manwhore Barbarian/Bard
>Hit on every NPC we come across
>Make an effort to sleep with any/all female boss monsters and powerful NPCs
>Have unprotected snu-snu with a majority of them.
>GM says I have bastard children with some of them.
>Have massive fetish for powerful women, monster girls, and impreg.
>Too late to change the character's direction, but don't want the party to discover how long they've been in my magical realm.

>> No.47634730

Nah, nah, I assume this is a fairly normal part of playtesting Paizo adventure paths.

>> No.47635654

>That feel when I hot a single 1 on 1 session with an ERP loving GM
>Enjoyed the same fetishes I did
>Never got to play again

>> No.47635670

Does Jotaro ever get character development, or does he stay an unlikable shithead for the whole series?

>> No.47635881

did you was f*uck xD

>> No.47636217

what fetishes would those be?

>> No.47636386 [DELETED] 

>subtly inserting my magical realm into my character's backstory to see if I can get it under the radar
Am I that guy, /tg/?

>> No.47636412

>subtly inserting my magical realm into my character's backstory to see if I can get it under the radar
Am I that guy, /tg/?

>> No.47636431

Now I want to do this.

Well, I'm playing a giant nudist slave in a game right now which is kind of fetishy in the same way.

>> No.47636563

Baphomet the Demon Prince embodies the decay of civilization into savagery. His idols are animals of burden and civilization corrupted into savagery, fused with humanoid forms.

Baphomet is closely related to the Minotaur, a creature born from the union of a queen and a bull. The bull, symbols of power, wrath, and virility, are favoured by Baphomet.

Cults of Baphomet gather in labyrinthine places and couple with his idol beasts bringing forth wicked Beastmen into the world.

His realm in the Abyss is a labyrinth made from the ruins of civilizations he's toppled. His throne is as the center of the maze, a great keep where he breeds new forms of demonic beastmen from captured and offered mortals.

Rather tame all together.

>> No.47636581

>everyone is a man.
>cute beardless twink knights, buff masculine warriors, elf man rangers, man wizards and mages, dashing bara orcs, cute bear dorfs, gentleman princes. all altercations can be solved with sweaty combat and telling another man you'll buy him a beer.

>> No.47636585

I can't find the adventures of crossbowmanwhore and I don't feel like typing them again, but let's say that playing the awkward half elf around cute party members while being an effective long distance tank can do wonders to actually get you laid with the female players that play those.

There was also this time when a crazed girl hit me ooc and that turned me on so hard that I kissed her forehead on the spot, but that's player shit and therefore not magical realm.

You´re a good man. I used to play an ex bard - refurbished paladin on AD&D and do the same shit, except I upped the alignment of the females a whole step because sex and diplomacy checks. Fem DM was uncomfy with all my redemption through dick, not because dick but because redeeming all villains left her without too many options.
Paladin died by magic after convincing the bbeg that he shouldn't destroy the world. Which caused the whole party to defect to the side of the monsters.

>> No.47636588

Tomboys, handholding, pure love, embarrassed blushing, and mind break

>> No.47636611


Literally both of these actually sound fun.

>> No.47636616
File: 20 KB, 500x375, FLCL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

quality stuff

>> No.47636619

>Change combat for oiled sweaty wrasling.

>> No.47636656

I didn't because I wanted it to be a bit of a "but that's how we normally play" situation.

>> No.47636676

It's not subtle.

>> No.47636689


>These two kingdoms go to war

>> No.47636704

>it ends in sex
>and that's how modern humanity came to be

>> No.47636823
File: 66 KB, 220x208, 1454639292794.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.47637179


My character was a big manly troll gladiator who liked to beat up men then force them to crossdressers and fuck them.

My fetishes are domination, chastity, cuckolding, rape, breeding, transformation, etc from a dominant perspective. The above RP concept was a good middle ground.

>> No.47637203


If he was a minotaur instead of a troll he'd be my ideal dom.

>> No.47637205

details now please

>> No.47637236

>when no one else likes your magical realm

>> No.47637820

>Spouting literal bullshit
I liked it anon, honest! I took the entire post and saved it to a doc where I keep all neat ideas from /tg/ to influence a game I'll never play. So far outside of knifeears happening only to natural born worlders this is the best!

>> No.47638290

>knifeears happening only to natural born worlders

>> No.47638404


No problem, I honestly like both.

Tell me, you want to set something up or?

>> No.47638422

Well shit you're nearly hitting all of mine there
add some genderbend to create the tomboy, and I think we can do business

>> No.47638440


Maybe. Got an f-list?

>> No.47638508
File: 25 KB, 256x256, Tomaru.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are any of them products of incest?

>> No.47638548

You know CoC, no the other one, well imagine everyone met knows you're from another world/dimension because they all have long and pointed (in most cases) ears

>> No.47638592
File: 621 KB, 1139x512, 1457730732778.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's taken me awhile to pin it down. It's more of a concept than anything.

Transformation (Willing and Reversible) and by some weird extension Non-Human Sapience. Space shit gets me going with this stuff.

>> No.47638601


Sure. This character isn't a minotaur exactly because I don't have time right now, but send me a note.

>> No.47638812

Holy shit Nevada-tan is 23 now. Where does the time go?

>> No.47638907
File: 7 KB, 275x183, lol.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Brick Proteinmix the Stat Block Barbarian

my fucking sides

>> No.47639083

>been playing a battlemaster for over a year now
>leather armor with a fur-trimmed cape
>uses a whip
>cherry hair
>twin drills
>lots of binding and gagging with the whip
>to the point that the last arc's villain developed masochism from the final fight
>my magical realm is shamelessly ripping off obscure Vidya and wondering how long it takes for someone to figure it out
>I played my last campaign as a sci-fi ranger with a dog companion named pascal and fought off the forces of hell

>> No.47639114

I don't know what vidya you're ripping off of but if it has stylish fighters that cool I kinda wanna play it

>> No.47639174
File: 67 KB, 500x537, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

First one is Etrian Odyssey, a series of Dungeon Crawling JRPGs based highly off Wizardry. The character is based off the dark hunter class representative
The second character is the Hero from shin Megami Tensei (the original one)

If dark hunter dies, I'm fully planning on going full bullshit and trying one of the newer classes from the fifth game. Probably Reaper or fencer, or even their pretty unique take on Necromancer.

>> No.47639292
File: 319 KB, 1000x633, 3028132-lion-mane21.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can't say I did this for magical realming, but I liked playing a wemic in our FR game. Maybe I'll play a centaur later, with a big bow. I like strong taurs.

>> No.47639996

You should go robutt instead and see how well you can recreate a Yggdroid.

Although, I have no fucking idea what kind of class you would go with for one of them.

>> No.47640173

>reads a magical realm thread
>reads of magical realm games

I don't know what you expected

>> No.47640314

The thing about Yggdroids is that they're all racial features.
You could pretty easily make a homebrew race with them with some leeway.

>> No.47641356

How would you be unbiased to your own perspective?

>> No.47641398


I know there's a filename but I couldn't find anything from it.

>> No.47641535
File: 807 KB, 1792x1080, 1453072017416.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Goddamnit, that diagram was actually interesting until I saw "(penis)".

>> No.47641572


>> No.47641581

so close anon
so close to being good

>> No.47641688

Does it count as magical realm if you're on a porn board?

I legit get most of my RP fix via games run on F-list nowadays just because the actual in-person game I attend moves so slowly and I don't really like a lot of the people in the group.

>> No.47641726

I had assumed no but yeah most of my RPs come from my kink group these days. I think we've had like one session of our weekly weekend game in the past month.

>> No.47641912
File: 787 KB, 1322x2528, 1414323449449.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If we're doing green text then there's this one, which clearly has some magical realm shit underlying it.

>> No.47641986

i think he means his character enjoys cuckolding others

as in, he is the one cuckolding you by fucking your wife

>> No.47642212

All clear and light, but last one? How, why? Where is a casual link?

>> No.47642664

Why the fuck would you eat someone out over RP?

>> No.47642690

Probably more situational than transactional.

>> No.47642764

Bias is impossible to rid yourself of, anon. Everything is biased to some degree, even our most unimportant opinions.

>> No.47642781

That's some fucked up shit there. Not as fucked up a raping babies and edgy shit like that, but still.

>> No.47643052
File: 49 KB, 465x356, wtf_spiderman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.47643383

>magical realm experiences
Turned into a meatpuppet by a deity, for the deity to use sometimes.

>> No.47643394

I love my seamless dice bag. God bless the Australians.

>> No.47643411

Better off running a priestess of Lovitar.

>> No.47643526

So like a living blowup doll, or what?

>> No.47643736
File: 270 KB, 800x1600, 9bf8ca635e36076eadbd9b2677fe66767899d7f9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Once had a sweet, innocent aasimar bard girl. I'd played a few characters before that got rather lewd, and this was a new group, so instead of my usual I went with a "too pure for this world" type, had a lot of fun playing an innocent that everyone thought of as either a little sister or daughter.

But then we had a really bad run of luck while fighting some lizardmen and their giant Lizard King. With four PC's barely alive, I begged the lizard to spare the others, the whole fight was over a misunderstanding anyway. He agreed to let them go if I stayed as a matter of pride. If the party could bring back some item he wanted I would be free to go.

So they all went off to find the McGuffin, and I stayed as a prisoner...

Cue the DM telling me in private I'm going to be kinda broken by the time they get back. Lizard king will be raping me daily while the party is off searching for an item that doesn't exist. With both his hemipene. She didn't want to ERP though, this idn't that sort of game!

So I got wrecked and abused hard, pregnant with eggs by the time the party returned in failure. And I didn't even get to play any of it out because the DM was a fucking tease!

>> No.47643959

No, they could just take over her body whenever they felt like it.

>> No.47643988
File: 305 KB, 414x466, 1440824942765.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what a bitch
unless you're into that kind of thing

>> No.47644084



>> No.47644223

Isn't that basically the plot of Vandread?

>> No.47644527

If the thread's still alive when I get back I'll post some of my magical realm RP.

>> No.47644600

Oh she was a bitch alright. Maybe in a different context I might have been cool with it, but that whole deal just felt bad all around.

Right after, she timeskipped us a year, "because no one wants to play with a PTSD simulator"
Well then WTF was the point of trashing my character?!
I got fed up and left. Learned later she considered the PC a "Purity Sue" since she was a bard and didn't slut it up To get her way. Wanted to teach me a lesson so my character would value her dignity less than the handful of silver it otherwise took to bribe a guard or the like.

>> No.47644625

Is your magical realm hearing about others' magical realms?

>> No.47644647

Now you see, this is a magical realm that hits my worldbuilding fetish.

>> No.47645435

Why would you rape a prisoner? Sounds like the guy had a death wish.

>come back
>prisoner has been abused
>fuck that guy
>break the McGuffin
>round two with lizard guy

>> No.47646490

I've never actually ran into a player or GM injecting their magical realm into the game. I've encountered multiple players with super special snowflake characters with ten pages of backstory they want to incorporate into the setting and make plot revolve around, though.

Closest thing to personal encounter with magical realms would be my somewhat weird habits when it comes to writing homebrew resulting in me occasionally having written rules related to other peoples' magical realms, although I'd never actually use any of those.

>> No.47646706

Because I want to fuck the cute little girl.

In a consensual and mature way between two adults.

>> No.47646739

That's not an excuse for not being a cute girl.

>> No.47648029

In the 40k rogue trader campaign I'm running what started as one player making a joke has resulted in almost every player character being a female felinid (cat-like abhuman). It isn't my fetish, and I don't know if it is any of theirs, but it's weird.

>> No.47649841

If she wasn't going to play it out, you could have said no, that doesn't happen to my character.

Blueball the bitch back.

>> No.47649845

Almost certainly.

>> No.47651192

I have a huge weak spot for butt stuff of all description, and the fact that I'm an ass-man is something I kind of wear on my sleeve even outside of settings where ERP is expected, like F-List.

Over the course of a year or so, one of the people that I play online games with has slowly added more and more elements to her characters that appeal to that kink.

First, just a note on a new character that during her time as a prostitute, her clients sometimes teased her about how much she seemed to enjoy taking it from behind.

Then a more explicit anal sex scene in a different character's backstory while they where drugged up in a seedy cyberdoc's clinic.

And then a new character with another backstory section of anal, complete with one of my more unusual kinks, medical enemas.

Can't help but feel like I'm being catered to. It's flattering but kind of embarrassing at the same time.

>> No.47651225
File: 317 KB, 945x1313, fdac669080bb0837e898f46b2383667a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My magical realms are
>Muscular women, specifically those with nice abs
>Women in positions of power
>Dominant women
>Any combination of the above
As you can imagine, it's hard to avoid my magical realm in a fantasy setting. Pretty much any female adventurer with a decent STR stat will fall into category 1.

>> No.47651268

Did anyone do that vajazzled dragonborn slave race thing?

>> No.47651692

I had a noble extensively humiliate my tomboy peasant-girl paladin at a ball once, which I always wondered about. The same character later tried to kidnap her and keep her as a handmaid.

>> No.47652767
File: 176 KB, 1024x1227, korra_by_elee0228-d7jb4ws.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Patrician taste

>> No.47652916

Would he fall for his first or want to play the field?

>> No.47652919
File: 470 KB, 540x571, tumblr_inline_ns2avuxfqz1qmjznq_540.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.47653154
File: 201 KB, 400x575, jaina2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I had a setting where using magic did not make you older or decrepit, but actually made you hotter. Women grew more curvy, men got big dicks, etc.

>> No.47653341
File: 7 KB, 236x139, b9b97abfbffc171cd02a38eb8f3ef196.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm sure he might fall for someone, depends on CHA checks I guess, but I decided the boy would never seek out things he's already been through to do again, himself.
He's sort of a walking bucket list.

If he gets lucky with someone, and gets a little smitten by this person, he still won't seek out or court this person, since he's already experienced a good time with him or her. If that person would like to spend more time with him he's all for it, but he'll never take initiative on something he's already done (apart from spending hours on perfecting his ninja shit every day, that's the one exception). Doing the same thing with different persons, once, is ok though! Gotta try the individual differences after all.

>> No.47653974

Half the characters in the D&D game I'm in are traps. I'm playing an Invoker who is based on Gwnydolin from Dark Souls.

It's more consensual magical realm though, since everyone is super casual with it.

>> No.47654013


>> No.47654066

There are diseases you can't rid yourself of completely either, but an undetectable viral load is still way better than dying of full-blown aids.

>> No.47654282
File: 79 KB, 327x289, rachnee ara ara.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>my gms never include any amazons or monster girls or tall busty witches
I never get to have any fun.

>> No.47654365
File: 39 KB, 500x298, 8364365cb0eed3ca34b97f581764a759.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What is this, a couple of ants engaging in homosexual relations?

>> No.47654381

Cuckolding is still a trash-tier fetish, even when you're the dom.

It's much better if you insert yourself into their relationship and start fucking both of them equally, without any of that stupid husband-shaming. He can be a good slut too, you just gotta train him right.

>> No.47654512
File: 1.34 MB, 540x300, 1464082087429.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I even tried GIS'ing for a larger version... :<

>> No.47654676

According to some people, fucking them equally would count as NTR as well. Those people are retarded.

>> No.47654779

I understand the logic behind this decision, but I still can't help but feel sorry for him. I hope he finds a big dick to sit on and love someday.

>> No.47654782

This one guy in our group and the GM have a running joke or so they claim where this one NPC and his PC go back and forth about the PC's sexual life before she became a shadowrunner. She tells the NPC that she had a boyfriend and when they had sex, she always dominated him. I think that dude has a fetish for femdom, but I can't tell since the rest of the group doesn't seem to care much one way or the other.

>> No.47654810

You'll love this one. Druid is the rogues mount in my current campaign. They decided this themselves.

>> No.47654820 [DELETED] 
File: 63 KB, 550x412, 3222819425.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have a Amazon people in my setting, but they look like pic related, so you might not like them.

>> No.47654849
File: 952 KB, 1289x1755, 1463862620453.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey, as long as they act like amazons.
And I love them cowtits.

>> No.47654944
File: 178 KB, 486x338, toughlady.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I thought this might be more to your liking...

>> No.47654980
File: 154 KB, 1280x720, 1423082161274.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.47655010

I'm not the one who likes horse ladies.

>> No.47655327
File: 85 KB, 500x450, spider legs bullying.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I prefer spider ladies, to be frank.

>> No.47655331


>> No.47655574

What? Whenever I get a female player, I give her a weak male character and offer her perks if she sucks my dick while playing out an in-game homosexual encounter, but I don't actually give her the perks I promised, have her character raped and executed, then give her another, even weaker male character to play next, acting emotional and hurt when she doesn't want to continue. Though now that I say it out loud, it does sound a little weird.

>> No.47655787
File: 212 KB, 525x525, 1424678664092.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have one player who always plays an anime stereotype.
It's infuriating, and I want to tell him to stop, but he's too enthusiastic about playing for me to work up the courage to tell him it's not cute and it's not cheerful, it's annoying. He insists he's tired of people playing 'edgy' characters, and I really can't read him well enough to tell if he's lying to me or he actually believes himself.
He's actually a great roleplayer when he's NOT trying to play up the fetishes that are tied to his characters, but holy shit looking at every character sheet he makes makes me grind my teeth in instinctive fury.
Am I just a nofunallowed hardass?
I'm honestly waiting on someone else to tell him to quit it so I know I'm not the only one that feels kind of put out by it.

>> No.47655825

>Am I just a nofunallowed hardass?
Give us some examples of characters of his.

>> No.47655981
File: 12 KB, 217x208, 1424830459791.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Ninja maid (no, I'm not kidding)
>Impossibly naive friend to all nature who is explicitly stated to be 'stacked' and 'voluptuous'
>A 12-year-old(???) supernaturally clumsy girl
ALL of the character images are anime. ALL of them.
He's a good player and I don't want to make him leave, but I'm afraid he's gonna cross an un-ignorable line and the bubble is gonna break. I've been boggling my mind figuring out how to tell him he needs to meet the tone of the game, but right now I can only sit back and hope his roleplaying ability eventually feeds back into his character design.

>> No.47656055

They don't seem to fit the tone you're going for; you're definitely in the right. Just talk to him and tell him to tone his characters down a bit.
Or run an anime-inspired game :^)

>> No.47657207

Last time I was in one of these threads, I read about a guy whose character was an immortal wizard who was mayor or something of a village and had taken up cross dressing, and had the town so in his grip that no one would do anything about it.
He also decided he needed an escort for when he was going around being a pretty pretty princess, and recruited the blacksmith girl to teach her to be a perfect gentleman.
She was also a member of family that had been opposing him for generations, so there was always the chance she'd turn on him, but if they parted, he'd have the satisfaction of knowing she'd never be content in a normal relationship.

>> No.47657344

I got to play a cute girl once in WoD and look REALLY human but be otherwise extremely useless except for like two things that I could do. I was kinda a crony to one of the other vampires but because I was so utterly useless he'd just send me on small errands that I couldn't fuck up like going out to get him wine for his guests and things like that.

>> No.47657771
File: 62 KB, 736x537, 3ea61032bfd3cfb007604e398078b185.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm walking into my first one today.

>looking for online group
>Find a posting for 1st level party
>Picture for group is a black and white photo of a couple wicca women naked doing some thing
>PC characters are required to be female
>Core races and classes, but half orc is banned (???)
>PCs are part of a coven of women in a village
>PCs are expected to go into the woods to fulfill something, then return to be judged by a ritual

At this point, I shrugged and figured at the very worst, I'd get a hilarious story. The party's a witch and an oracle from the looks of things, both half elf, so I made a rip and tear human barbarian amazon with 18 str. Our first game is in a few days, I'm prepared for the worst, but I know I'm sure as fuck gonna beat a grapple check.

>> No.47657869

This is not a Magical realm story.

>> No.47658948

>Am I just a nofunallowed hardass?
Eh, maybe?
I wouldn't call this magical realm per say, very stereotypically anime and probably not fitting the them you're going for, but not magical realm

>> No.47658992

You might have mental problems.

>> No.47659408

You probably just lack enough experience with RPGs to know that this is how things usually work.

>> No.47659457
File: 40 KB, 152x254, 1460596427299.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Druidposter again.

>> No.47660157
File: 423 KB, 600x800, 3219010-powergirl_by_clc1997-d5zbt1b+idea+muscles.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But ttbbqqhh it sort of sounds like an original campaign setup? Like a high fantasy (and not depressing) version of that Witch movie?
Hope it turns out fun at least. :3

>> No.47660351

>Ninja maid
I played with this.

She was also a "loli" (halfling) and pregnant.

>> No.47661547

It's not a magical realm story but one game I played had a player playing a chaotic neutral gnome Druid prankster.
DM. The people on the horses tell you to stop.
Me. I get off the cart and remove the bridal from gnome/pony.
DM. They're looking at you confused.
Gnome. I turn back.
Bit of RP until OoC
Gnome. No Anon I need it to poll that cart.
Me. Not the bit, that's just to pull on to hurt the animal to steer it or make it slow down.
Gnome. Oh yeah I didn't really need that did I.
Me. Well no but you insisted so I assumed (gnome name) was into that.
Gnome. Really...?
Me. Well there was the time you used Animal Messager to summon my familiar to my crotch and the time you pissed on me as a wolf.
Gnome. No that was on, oh yeah they were both on you weren't they?
Me. Just saying, my character has theories.

>> No.47661880

I would've threatened the GM of leaving if he did that to my character.

>> No.47661938
File: 70 KB, 243x200, 126546309.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Get ready to be raped by demon schlongs

>> No.47661965

>straight up fake

99% of /tg/ stories.

>> No.47662282

I have never had any magical realm experiences.

>tfw I'll never be the party's cute submissive trap heal-slut

>> No.47663552


>> No.47663594


I remember seeing that advertisement.

>> No.47663880

Those people really are retarded, holy shit

NTR is generally all about proving the inadequacy of the excluded partner. The strength of the bull is a way to do that, yes, but NTR works just as well (if not more so) if the bull is a complete loser, because then the excluded partner feels even more pathetic.

Meanwhile, fucking both of them is all about submissiveness to the dominant partner, and not necessarily about the inadequacy of either one. They are both (in general) treated like they are adequate for pleasing each other, unlike in NTR. The dominant party is simply perceived as being better than either party. It's has a lot more to do with submissiveness than self-hatred, which, in my opinion, makes it superior.

There's also the case where there's no submissiveness involved, and all parties are seen as equal. This sort of triangular relationship most likely qualifies as a fetish, but it's about as far from NTR as you can possibly get, emotion-wise. There's mutual desire, which changes the perspective of all the partners; if one sees the other two engaged in intercourse, he (or she) will not think "Wow, they're cheating on me" or "Wow, he's fucking her, I'm so inadequate," they'll just think "Mmmph, my two favorite people are fucking, I'd like to get in between that."

When somebody calls something like that "cucking", you can almost guarantee that they have a cuckolding fetish and are deeply ashamed of it. It's really quite annoying.

>> No.47663944

I'm gonna need some more details anon.

>> No.47664107
File: 148 KB, 1024x1408, 1427999787196.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.47664250

A lot of my players are familiar with the magical realm meme even though they don't frequent /tg/. Every time anything remotely sexual comes up one guy always shouts HERE WE GO BOYS. I can't even have female slaves without someone raising the flag. It sparked some funny encounters so I won't even complain.

>> No.47664367
File: 52 KB, 640x640, Brooke-Holladay2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's why he's got the 18 STR, ain't gonna get grappled by shit.

>> No.47664738

Yeah man, fuck that, I'm at least going to go down swinging and raging.

Yeah, the fact that the ad was vague about the sex part made me think it might just be an interesting setting. I'm cool with a setting that's got weird kinky sex dynamics so long as other stuff is going on.

>> No.47664953

Never. Easily the worst Jojo

>> No.47665213

I was certain you were describing Simon Belmont until the part about the drill hair

>> No.47666120

My fetish is heroism and justice
Every game is a magical realm

>> No.47666369

>heroism and justice
>Every game
You sure are lucky.

>> No.47666609

He does, but it's incredibly subtle. Less character development and more you get a feeling of who he really is. He's amazing as a mentor in part 4.

Also, who's magical realm is this?

>> No.47667630
File: 475 KB, 1136x908, Healers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.47669109

>YFW I am my party's cute submissive healslut
>MFW the one dom in our party fails at domming and may be easier to bully than me and the other sub character

I did not know I had this fetish
Also, please elaborate

>> No.47669132

Who made it? I need to express my gratitude.

>> No.47669166

Is that Felicia Day?

>> No.47669196

How might one tastefully and invisibly insert a vore fetish into a game of GURPS? Just for science's sake.

>> No.47669211


>> No.47669350

I am disgusted by how accurate this is.

My worst experience healing in an MMO was spending the last 20 minutes of a dungeon fighting the last boss; just me and the tank were left because all the DPS died like the morons they are. Then I later met up with the tank and we had hot steamy anal sex.

>> No.47669650

Swallow whole attacks, dungeons set inside beings, scenarios where getting shrunk and going inside a person are the only way to proceed

>> No.47669669
File: 375 KB, 419x596, DEUSVULT.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>submissive healers

>> No.47669778
File: 2.80 MB, 1032x1199, cleric.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The only thing I submit to is the will of God

>> No.47670081

Kinky. Would you be cool calling me God while I rape you? I'm into that sorta thin if you are...

>> No.47670139
File: 191 KB, 800x1009, 1464746051568.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.47670156
File: 256 KB, 500x416, ha_ha.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This thread is perverse and must be purged with holy fire

>> No.47670748

>Out of all the fetishes the most hostile reaction is for healsluts
I will never not find this hilarious

>> No.47670830

I still remember the one thread where people were talking about having a dedicated "belly" compartment for lady knights to put their healers in while they were fighting and all the magical details that arose from that.

>tfw I'll never get to have a healer smooshed up against my hot sweaty grumbly belly
>tfw I'll never get to keep a healer inside my belly to protect her even further

>> No.47670913

I remember that thread too
It's a fun idea
I will never be a healslut kept tightly pressed against the firm, sweaty abs of a lady knight

>> No.47671551

Ah yes, living armor fetish. A very hard one to come by in art, unfortunately.

That being said, I'm a terrible person and was actually working on something related to this fetish for one of my settings earlier today.

>> No.47671654

>Out of all the fetishes the most hostile reaction is for healsluts
>I will never not find this hilarious
Well, unlike most fetishes which people either have or don't have, healsluts are an aberration to anyone who's ever played a badass warrior cleric or fantasized about a sexy dominant nurse. Which is most people.

>> No.47671723

>Badass warrior cleric
>Sexy dominant nurse
>qt healslut fuckboi
Why not fantasizing about all three?

>> No.47671791

I was a ogryn guardsman, who was dumb even for an ogryn.
She was a comissar with a whip.
I made a couple lewd jokes OOC, the comissars player decided to make them a reality. Engage reverse snu-snu/the sexual manipulation of a giant with the brain of a 4 year old.

>> No.47671807

>Cute Shield and sword woman who is dominate as fuck in battle but really just wants to settle down with a family and be a house wife,
>Shes submissive as fuck outside of armor. But if you hurt her man or kids your whole village burns down.
>Human and mulit-colored eyes that get passed to the kids.

Its not really fucking magical but god damn it, I feel bad for wanting something so plain.

>> No.47671904
File: 37 KB, 403x480, 1465148375530.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Cute shield
You've intrigued me. Is it a love-heart shield or something?

>> No.47671941

Not at all, I meant the woman.

Yes, Its heart-shaped but its large like a tower shield.

>> No.47671958
File: 353 KB, 853x470, 1382545653231.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I feel bad for wanting something so plain.

Nigga how is that plain? She's a loving house-wife with a killer body and a desire to pop out adorable babies to fill her house with the pitter-patter of tiny feet.

If you wanted to go plain she'd be a generic "Female Knight out to get Senpai to notice her with feats of skill and daring", the submissiveness outside of armor adds a lot to her.

>> No.47671990

Because all my friends have really fucking weird ones? Ones a fur-fag, one wants a robot, hell one wants a fucking alien. Hell one wants some cheap ass Knock off anime girl style shit they recycle through almost every one.

Compared to them, mines plain.

>> No.47672004
File: 3.16 MB, 3140x1720, 1459530286912.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not seeing how what you described is mutually exclusive with the 'senpai, notice me!' female knight.

>> No.47672018

I wrote something for a "that girl thread" and never got to post it. I'm tempted to it, but I like the essence of "good magical realm" and I wouldn't want to ruin the thread with cringe. Cringe just turns gold into shit seriously.

Wat do?

>> No.47672031


The "Notice me, Senpai!" Female knight is typically assertive both on and off the battlefield, or is at least annoyingly average.

Getting a girl that's all meek and eager to please when the swords get put away is refreshing.

>> No.47672034

Is it a magical realm you've experianced?
Then yes

>> No.47672066

I posted mine, Do yours mate. Its /tg/ if you bring it up, you tell us. That simple.

I hate the 'notice me' shit, That's always a turn off. I want a proper woman, not a fucking attention whore.

>> No.47672088

Wait, a heart-shaped tower shield? But then it's not a tower shield anymore! Must...contain...autism.

>> No.47672108

Checked. AND I meant something BIG like that. Not a small gay ass little buckler shield.

>> No.47672150

Queen of hearts tower shield

>> No.47672195


Stop drinking mead, or drink more mead. Either solution works.

>> No.47672262
File: 610 KB, 800x600, 1455729673381.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Trying to get the person you love to pay attention to you is not being an attention whore. Especially when the stereotypical 'n-notice me senpai!' character is quite shy. The whole point of her saying that is because she's having trouble getting his attention - not a problem that an attention whore would have.

>> No.47672271


do you have a PDF for HoL? that sounds like great fun.

>> No.47672288

I'm used to seeing bullshit where its the other way. Characters that are NOT shy, using that statement and shit like that.

>> No.47672449

Then they're doing it wrong.

>> No.47672499

>Decide that I need to find a new group to play since I've been away from the game for far too long and I need real human interaction with people, beyond family and coworkers talking about weather.
>Walk myself straight up to new hobby/rpg shoppe.
>Bein look at like a spider since I'm a 31 yo strongfat that looks like a mixture of biker and math teacher.
>Doesn't help that 90% of the store is [that cardgame] ratkids and their stunted parents, and there is some wild west like whistling comming out of the speakers when I come in.
>Politely greet the souless muppet in charge and ask him about his finest art books and mage knight figures for lil' cousin.
>Says that he doesnt' have any when there are like 2 stacks behind him.
>Believe he's trying to send me away but then realize he's just kind of a little queer in the head and I manage to acquire a small sketch book from him after I point to the bookshelf in the back.

>Search for table and find one most curious.
>Neckbeardo dude, pink hair fucked up hairdo girl, artsy female hipster, small hindi gal and 3 non descript rank and file negros about 20ish average looking, one of them DM.
>Seen worse.
>They're playing AD&D. I thought this would be impossible these days.
>They're now in snack break.
>Ask respectfully if I could join
>Rank and file DM is ok, but warns me that they have quite some wizards and enough clerics to pave sigil. Exaggeration but i get it.
>With such a party I ask what would he like from a newcomer.
>After considering from a moment, he says he needs someone to play an awakened armored kit barbarian owlbear monk thing that was some sort of miniboss at some point.
>Ok. Never played an owlbear but know the basics of grappling and mauling twice per round + beak.
>Get in a fight with the party that I'm expected to lose quickly but mages get retarded and are quickly left unconscious.
>Intentionally take a bad decision so that the multiclass elf (hipgal) can take me down by using terrain.
>She winks at me.

>> No.47672513

I think I remember. Did their name start with a V, and were goblins so dumb?

>> No.47672549


>The group seems ok enough, we're tracking a djinn that fucked us all with a flubbed contract.
>Session goes up as normal, I try to damage sponge as much as I can and have DM approval in under an hour.
>Save a lot of moneyz by helping myself to some goblin and orc rations along the way.
>DM gives me a combat option to swallow whole things that I could kill in under one round anyway
>Group seems still alien to me, but ok all around.
>We achieve camping status after a short while.
>Inform the DM that I have to take a piss while "hairyballs" (coined by one salty wizard when I first did the vomit trick) vomits up the feather and bone filled gobo weps and armor in one neat, gigantic pellet (about the size of a halfling), and pretends to sleep while guarding the team. Everyone can hear me saying this and they all agree with a nod. This is important.
>DM checks and says I've eaten enough so that I can go without sleeping for a few days, but that I'll be drowsy as fuck until nap.
>Accept because I catch up some hints about some heinous beast tracking us, even if my checks don't detect shit. Mentally taking note that claws at this many HD count as +1 magical weps for purposes of DR. I want to surprise whatever comes my way and DM knows this.
>Proceed to take ruinous long piss in the bathroom. Shouldn't have drunk that much water in retrospective.
>Go out in time to hear that hipster gal is rolling dice and saying "dick" next to the other table filled with 10 year old kids and one soccer mom.
>Take seat while asking what did I miss.
>Rank and file negro #2 say she's sucking my bear bird protuberant male organ while the rest of the party is resting.
>I felt a burst of acid burn my throat. Come again please?

>> No.47672583

>DM informs me that she basically out snuck me rolling a number of "high dice rolls" and bound me in magical chain, now exposing my huge feathery dick, and was, as if now, sucking it while fingering herself furiously by the still smoking rests of the campfire. He also informs me that because of my "intense pleasure (rolling eyes)" I couldn't take any actions and was seriously about to cream "While making atonal chirping sounds".
>Don't know what to think about this, I want to laugh at the scene, cry a little, abandon ship or whatnot, but I only manage to try damage control. Ask the DM how did she passed my checks even when I wasn't sleeping.
>Says that she has elven cloak and elven boots.
>Somehow he expected me to believe that even if she was completely invisible I wouldn't have swatted in any of the several rounds required to go around me, tie me, secure the chain, and do this in some fashion without me realizing there was someone pressing and dragging a huge, heavy chain against my joints and neck.
>He scores a solid four in the McIntosh scale by declaring that my claws wouldn't be able to open the chain because it had +1 DR.
>I burst in laugher and explain what my thoughts were about DR and he counters with my drowsyness or something. I go speechless. This is an overfed male owlbear barbarian being rapped by a tired and hurt female elf. It's literally the most ridiculous rape ever conceived or for that matter one of the most ridiculous sexual scenes I could think about in a D&D setting, barring Lolth raped by angry halflings or something.

Captcha being an outrageous teaser smug bitch. The rest will take a while.

>> No.47672604

My PCs entirely failed to notice the asshole wizard NPC's master plan was to become the little girl

Why else would he only grow little girls in his magical cloning pods, which he planned to use to become immortal?

>> No.47672628
File: 19 KB, 500x382, 10968355_1600263110195637_3044718212351866983_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is the story of my first time playing Pathfinder

>First month at college
>Met a cool girl through one of my friends
>She invites me to come play Pathfinder with a group she's part of since one person won't be there and they're fine with someone else playing their character
>No idea what's going on in the plot or what my character is supposed to act like, just that I'm a druid with a bear cub companion
>Party is investigating a potion shop for some reason
>The shop is connected to two other establishments
>Shopkeeper is a nice young woman who takes some party members in the back
>For some reason my friend decides she doesn't like the look of the shopkeeper and thinks they're being tricked
>She does the rational thing and throws a grenade at her before asking any more questions
>She crits the throw and blows up the shop keepers head
>The butcher next door is a huge half orc who kicks down the door joining the shops and asks what the fuck is going on
>I'm in the front still browsing the potions, so I just point him to the stock room
>Huge stupid fight happens
>Eventually the third establishment gets involved
>It's some sort of diner or something and a dwarve sees my friends character and just pounces on her and starts explicitly raping her
>She spends the rest of the session trying to break free from the grapple
>She tries taking the penis out of her and putting it in her giant geko mount to trick him
>None of the party or NPCs are helping her
>Guards are on their way
>I've had enough of this absurdity and casually leave the shop and cast spark on the wooden building
>Tell my bear companion to hop on my back and walk to the nearest tavern to have a drink
>Despite the building being on fire, the dwarf keeps raping my friend's character
>Guards show up and ignore the rape
>At the end of everything whole party is arrested by the town guard
>The dwarf isn't because "The guards admire him for what he did."
>Later on the DM tried to feel my friend up

>> No.47672658


I never made any signals nor archknowledged the one that she flew my way, and let me tell you, my relationships are a mess but I know a thing or two about sexuality, I have some experience teaching high school, I know how teenage girls are. Furthermore I'm as ugly as the greek economy or very close to that, so I don't get why she did this. She was plain, yet pretty enough to have real good chances with anyone her age, plus ok figure with larger than average breasts. This is not the kind of girl who needs to go this far if she wants some fun.

>I'm about to say that I want to try and get free of the chains when hipster girl starts sobbing.
>Small hindi gal just looks at me as if I was satan and says that hipster is 16 as if I was pedobear or it had anything to do with the fact that she was basically going farmville with my char. Pink haired girl is sweating bullets, unsure of what to do but ultimately lends -support- to the girls.
>Protest that I actually didn't do anything and ask the DM to let me go before the dignity of poor hairyballs goes down chirping.
>DM tries to look away as if I wasn't there. Get some looks of solidarity from the negros but they won't do or say anything, except some weak protests when I prompt them to.
>There are now quite some people looking in our direction, some at me. This makes me uncomfy as I'm the guy the police body searches first in any situation, and I've been hit before by police without doing shit; so I don't want to make this a bigger scene.
>By then, the DM remembers that he's the one in charge of shit, and makes the displacer beast pack attack the party, basically picking the elf unaware, the owlbear tied, and a bunch of squishies sleeping.

Planed to post several reaction images with these posts, but realize I don't have many owlbears in them anyway.

>> No.47672697

>Small girl says that it's my fault or something.
>I go around and ennumerate the many signs we had of an ambush, also, I catch the DM not rolling passive detection checks for elf, and the rest of the team not taking precautions at all. I also add that they all agreed that I was awake and just pretending to sleep in case of an ambush.
>DM sides with me on this one, at least on the warning signs deal. According to him passive checks are not a thing in his table, which means in my book "I'm too retarded to run old editions seriously, I'll nerf the natural scout for no valid reason, and I'm just being a huge dick."
>After checking that all my things are in place and after thanking the DM for the opportunity, I exchange a few lines of warning regarding PvP deals (and sex) then leave. More like leave angrily at marching pace.

That was my only encounter ever with that girl or more accurately, 2 of them in that group. I have seen many iterations of that guy before, but over the years most of my female players have been civil and I even romanced one that would become my DM whenever I wasn't DMing for her for years, yet this group in particular is the reason I don't try to play with people I don't know anymore. Pretty sure there are many decent groups out there but I won't try again, I'm kind of old for this shit anyways.

It also proves that just because someone plays a system you consider to be good enough it doesn't mean that they won't be douches, and maybe that you should make your breaks short enough so that the dickass thief doesn't try to screw you.

>Besides who invites strangers to their magical realm on the first session?

>> No.47672701

I'm in a prewritten campaign where my (beefy, male) character got bodyswapped with someone who's basically a hypersexualized whore queen. This is a major plot point and actually incredibly beneficial for our party's progression.

It's not exactly my cup of tea but it's been honestly pretty funny, even though I'm sure someone over at Paizo was stroking it to the idea.

>> No.47672706
File: 37 KB, 517x376, 1464115721469.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Elf raping olwbears while they 'sleep'
Oh baby

Dunno if your story's real, but even if it were I wouldn't believe it, that shit's just bonkers. Nice one tho.

>> No.47672783
File: 10 KB, 227x200, kek.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Lolth gangraped by angry halflings.
Shit man, you have to pay for my sides.
Did you made that wizard cyoa?

>> No.47672824

The most involved I'd gotten with magical realm was when the GM wrote some short fanfiction about a few of the characters. Needless to say, reading about one of the NPCs eating the sun goddess and then either shitting her out or getting railed by the fighter as her huge gut wobbles around he wrote two endings was a bit out of left field. Which isn't even mentioning the one with my character where he gets genderbent and consensually eats the bard, then using that to prank the fighter to make him think the bard was getting digested. Neither one actually disgusted me of course, seen worse than that on a casual stroll through /trash/

As far as in-game though, worst that's happened were some lewd jokes, petting of varying intensity, a slimegirl involved strictly in snuggles and science, and a few straight uses of transmutation magic.

>> No.47672838

I don't know what CYOA you're talking about honestly, but I'm glad that made you laugh.

I was doubtful to share because of cringyness. If it doesn't ruin the thread, that's enough for me.

>> No.47672847

That's surprisingly fucked up.

>> No.47672888

Are there any warning signs for magical realm? Because I've got a female DM that's really quite open about mature themes, and I don't want to accidentally trigger her fetishes.

I just want to lightly caress them until she comes to me with PMs.

>> No.47672911

I once played a trap. His twin sister died at a young age and his father, a deranged brute, forced my character to dress like his dead sister and only referred to him as such for about a decade. In order to deal with the stress he just accepted pretending to be her, and when he managed to escape his home he'd been so deeply scarred by the experience that wearing male clothing made him spasm and weep. So, he kept pretending to be female just to get by, until it was just something he did because the alternative was to be a non-functioning person.

None of the other party members ever found out. They never asked, and he didn't feel comfortable telling them about it. The party visited his home-town once, he even visited his father and sister's graves, but nobody cared enough to come with him or ask about it. They were murder-hobos who only cared about killing bandits and getting paid, in that order. The GM was the only other person who knew, and he never pulled anything like a "Oh, someone walks in while you're changing" scene to force a reveal.

The best way to handle fetishes in TRPGs is not to insert them in the first place, but when you feel like doing so, THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT. Don't shove it in people's faces, only bring it up if and when shit starts to go full Magical Realm and the group seems cool with it. Our campaign never explored sexuality or intimate relationships, so it never came up.

>> No.47672953


no, this was a real person, look it up. He's claiming to be trans and found real adult people and his first encounter with his "daddy" involved anal sex.

>> No.47672990

Link to fics please

>> No.47672997

Can I have a combation of the two on the right? Bitchy tsuntsun healer trap that's also does slutty sub stuff off the battlefield?

>> No.47673018

That's pretty much what my character is slowly evolving into
It's fun

>> No.47673396
File: 1.59 MB, 640x360, that_moment_when_you_realized_you_were_into_vore.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It depends entirely on the setting and the kind of vore.

Monster vore is very common in pretty much any sci-fi or fantasy setting, and it happens in movies and games so often it's basically effortless to stick it wherever you want.

Vore with humanoid preds is far less common in the media (same-size humanoid preds are basically non-existent), so efforts to work it into a setting or adventure - no matter how internally consistent and well reasoned - are going to appear a tad off to most people.

Depending on what you're going for I could give you some more suggestions for setting details or adventure scenarios. I don't know much about GURPS so I won't be much help with mechanics, but that should be the easy part.

>> No.47673439

Nigga you expect me to remember a pastebin from literally months ago? Just kidding, was able to find it in our chat archives easy. Just not sure if I should share it, there's a difference between sharing smut with a fellow player and posting a link to the webpage it's on on 4chan.

>> No.47673504

Make a pastebin.

>> No.47673538

Well it's up to you I suppose, I'd like to read it if I get the chance, if it's actually liking the website that has you concerned, you can do what >>47673504 suggests

>> No.47673544

It's a modern lovecraft-ish sort of game where the players have limited access to great and terrible magic. I mainly put that up as a joke, but now I'm tempted to throw some man eating monsters in there. Maybe have a building distort into a weird and terrible mass of flesh, complete with acid and blood and all that good stuff. It's not exactly my fetish, but I guess it's about as close as I would get given the setting of the game.

>> No.47673634

k den http://pastebin.com/KXD7B6vy

>> No.47673738

Oh, starts with an S and ends with a homophone?

>> No.47673772

The only Magical Realm I'd care to bring to a non-ERP is Trap X Reverse Trap.
Fairly tame, but it would need someone's cooperation to make it not completely obvious.

>> No.47673831


>> No.47673916


>> No.47673987

I want him to cleanse me!

>> No.47674075

Yeah, we didn't rp it or anything, but I was taken a little off guard when he ran with it. It was only a couple throwaway lines, but when I thought about it a bit deeper I realized it was pretty twisted.

>> No.47674183

>Pony faggotry

>> No.47674436

From my experience healers tend to be the most cynical and out of shit to give people around, because they're the ones who have to bear the responsability of the tank or dps fucking up.

It's bad enough to see half the dps die because they're apparently incapable of understanding that the glowing green fire that the boss just shat out over 75% of the arena just might be a bad thing and you don't want to stand in it, at least I'm not the guy tasked with keeping those dipshits alive.

When I wrote rules for certain vore artist's stuff (don't ask why, there really isn't any reason beyond "I thought it might be funny to try"), somebody suggested that it could be slightly modified to make a proper non-fetish monster.

Like a Mimic++. Imagine a character encountering an attractive humanoid of their preferred gender, and when they get close to them, it tranforms into its true form, a shoggoth-like mass of goop that envelops the PC and kills them.

>> No.47674474

One person's fetish is another person's horror scenario...

>> No.47674557

>Like a Mimic++. Imagine a character encountering an attractive humanoid of their preferred gender, and when they get close to them, it tranforms into its true form, a shoggoth-like mass of goop that envelops the PC and kills them.
I would like that, both for fetish and nonfetish reasons, you have those rules saved anywhere?

>> No.47674595

Not sure if it was magical realm but certainly uncomfortable, she made a character that had sort of a Majin Buu thing going, whereby she was made of like chewing gum and would turn other people into chewing gum to absorb and incorporate them and gain more strength/power/mass. The disturbing thing was turning the other people into gum didn't kill them, it was the incorporating process that did, and they would struggle in her body to break free usually but would slowly end up just being turned into more of her own body. Unless of course she intentionally kept them alive while as part of her.

>> No.47674850
File: 670 KB, 500x256, When You Get An Evil Idea.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>made an imp fighter because GM running 'Monster PC' game
>DM has an odd fascination with my character
>Tries to set him up in situations an incubus would feel at home
>Baron of a land threatens to hunt party down unless the imp has sex with him
>Instead of trying to avoid, decide to go into it a bit and say that summoning me from Hell would allow full command and skip the boring foreplay
>Proceed to give summoning instructions, but say to leave food and/or pornography
>King runs off, I leave the room...but not to Hell.
>Next day, find out the baron had been mauled by an augmented lemure

Feels damn good

>> No.47674927
File: 36 KB, 210x161, temp.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Some people are -really- into tiny devils.

Though usually it's the lady ones I see people salivating over.

>> No.47674989

´The version I made wasn't really anything like that, but could've been refluffed as that with minor alteration to abilities and changing creature type

If one must know, it was rules for Frakass's vore-elves. I should still have them somewhere, I rarely delete any of my stuff.

>> No.47675249

> tfw you're too afraid to add magical realms in your roleplaying because everyone knows you IRL

>> No.47675308

To be fair, I took over the campaign from another fucko who'd started it like that.
I'm fine with ponefaggotry, but I prefer humans/elves/whatever.

>> No.47675314

>Not know all of your friends Magical realms to call them out on it

Anon, are you sure you know them IRL?

>> No.47675322

I know about most of their fetishes, I'm just too polite to mention them

>> No.47675372
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In my first ever tabletop campaign that I was GM'ing, I had only one player. I GMPC'ed myself, too, feeling I had to in order to make an RPG work. Strike one right there. Luckily, my badly made GMPC fell into a coma in our first fight, and didn't come out of it for a month in game time. By which point, my one player said he couldn't make any gaming sessions during the school year - an understandable situation, since I ran really fucking long game sessions because suburbia means you take an hour and a half by bus just to get there in the first place, if not more.

Meanwhile, I got hankerings to keep playing, so I GMPC'ed myself through the game, built up the other characters, introduced new ones. I wasn't really sure if the game was going to continue the following year, and since I had no other players, I assumed my one player would get bored and bail. I started using edited sprites from fighting games to make the two PC's tokens for combat, but later outright lifted some characters from fighting games in order to fast track some NPCs and expand the party. While looking through pictures I could use, I found the Tiefling from Urban Arcana, and immediately wanted the Titty monster to join the party (again, this is all GM-ing myself). So I did.

Of course, the following summer, I ended up getting a new player, and the old player wanted to continue the existing campaign rather than start a new one. Genius that I am, I didn't "Save" where the characters left off, so now all the players are beefed way up, I have a self-insert GMPC, two titty monster waifus that I did my best to hide from the players while still having them in the party...

Not a high point.

(On that note, I ended up continuing doing lewd self-RP stuff, and it got a lot lewder, but I kept it seperate from the campaigns from then on out. On the positive side, it gave me a reason to thoroughly learn the mechanics to RP systems before game day)

>> No.47675622

Here's the corebook as well as the supplement.

>> No.47675693


>> No.47675908 [SPOILER] 
File: 109 KB, 445x687, 1465385223406.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's a feel good story anon.
If you know what I mean.

>> No.47675921

That is actually really depressing.

>> No.47676005

>The druid character who changes to animal forms to have sex and procreate with actual animals
>The collection of loyal and skilled animals she has with her are actually her children

I mean, functionally it was a cool character, but I don't come to tabletop to hear about how you turn into wolf to get pregnant by one.

>> No.47676059
File: 428 KB, 200x183, 1407607107674.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Meh. The lewd stuff just basically was giving mechanics to porn. H-games already did that.

As for the whole scraping together just one player, unless you're playing D&D or maybe Pathfinder, it's going to be really fucking hard to find a gaming group from within your circle of friends. I was also limiting myself to people I already knew because I still lived at home, and wasn't going to invite randoms into my parents' house, especially not with the reputation the RPG community has in general.

As for playing yourself through an RPG system? If you're not familiar with it, I highly recommend any GM do so. While I had to make it smut to motivate myself to keep playing, it helped me to learn the mechanics, simulate what kinds of things the players might try to do (And how to treat them in-game), and even what I can do to ad-lib some die-rolls to give fair results.

What it didn't do was make me a better storyteller, but I don't think I'll ever get all the spaghetti out of my pockets.

>> No.47676622

> Hellmouth
Noice. Wish there was more of her.
Also I love the idea of a hellmouth imp as a concept.

>> No.47676686


My character was fatally injured, and the villain offered to stabilize him if my PC's love interest went with him instead. She agreed, over my protests. She was pregnant by the villain in the final battle, and was fighting by his side.

I was so hard.

>> No.47676724


>> No.47676810


>> No.47676852

So how did shit end?

>> No.47676962


Well, we died. In generation two, the other PC's rival was the villain's son. The girl was insane and wheelchair-bound.

>> No.47676990

You sound as though you speak from experience. Any tales to tell?

because both the first and second paragraphs are my fetish.

>> No.47676995
File: 44 KB, 900x507, sherlock.jpg?1358527625.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.47677009
File: 15 KB, 250x250, himZD0Mh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.47677041
File: 203 KB, 787x1403, Why Am I Saving This.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.47677141

Not sure why I was surprised that that exists, given rule 36 and the sheer amount of elf subraces. There's probably an elf for every fetish.

Still, I am intrigued. Mind posting the link if you still have it?

>> No.47677195

I lol'd.

>> No.47677258

any...any more like this?

>> No.47677283

this. makes me sad, fuck.

>> No.47677309
File: 117 KB, 1111x500, pirate rape.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Closest I've got.

>> No.47677328

some people are born to be miserable, but I have no pity for this guy

>> No.47677374

Not what I was looking for, but I do appreciate the effort, anon.

>> No.47677528

So what part did the love interest play in this? Did she happily help put you guys down?

>> No.47677637
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>I will never get the chance to get the chance to play a strong warrior man who becomes the little girl in a game because everyone I know is far too self aware about how fetishy TG/Bodyswap tropes are to include them.

Feels bad man

>> No.47677718

iktf bro

>> No.47677796

Set up a Roll20 game where you explicitly stipulate that mgical realms are okay, as long as you play your fucking character and don't smear everyone's face in your fetish.
I've had games like that, and the players have been just as satisfied with that method as I have. The main danger about magical realms is that people's emotions get involved so much that their fetishes and wishes can end up taking priority over narrative, roleplaying, characterization and drama, and if you confront them about it, they might get seriously offended because a lot of their psychological issues are tied to their fetishes.
As long as you're clear about that it isn't going to go over into ERP and that people still need to roleplay, I've found that games like that tend to be healthy and interesting - people are engaged in their characters, after all, and you can still kick them out if they start drama or start trying to fuck the other PCs.

>> No.47678461

>Playing game involving nobility in the future
>class dynamics seem like a good source of tension in the setting, so I play a bastard
>group decides other PC is my half sister
>There's talk about some Luke/Leia shit how he'd think she's hot before discovering
>I end up not playing that game due to completely unrelated reasons
>Bro who played the character who was going to be my sister and I agree that we should play some variant of that dynamic in the future
Shame our to do list is long and we have less free time than we used to

>> No.47679040

That's not what "aberattion" means. You meant to say "abomination," which is also wrong because that would make your statement untrue.

>> No.47679124

you left out the parts after where anons realize that from smashing the altar onwards the player was basically playing straight into the magical realm of the GM without realizing it.

>> No.47679184

>mulit-colored eyes
see that's silly, IMO
the rest sounds all right

>> No.47679357
File: 480 KB, 512x724, Nerobride1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I placed in clear fetish bait that my players took and somehow turned it into an actual plot hook. I had no idea what to write and I was nine months in deployment, my mind was not in the right. Yet it became free the duchess from imprisonment through marriage after a right through nobility, and we ended up playing kingmaker against the entire world.

The one who married her was a kobold.
I don't know how heirs will be made, but maybe I'll insert the creation of Dragonkin in the campaign as the "Rightful heirs" of the new Empire.

Pic very much related.

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