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>>47605399 why would having a lot of companions do that? Did you bring a bunch of them into the setting with you?

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While we're on the subject of Overlord, would it be all right to wank that, as a lvl Fallen Angel, I took race levels that made me some sort of Lovecraftian avatar of the Great Old Ones? I mean, it fits the 'unholy' theme and angels are messengers of gods so I feel like it would fit.

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*lvl 100 Fallen Angel

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You can become a Shoggoth in Overlord if you want to.

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Sounds like it could be funny. From what I've gathered, if you take lv100 and RoH the classes are pretty loose. You can basically take whatever within reason.

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Not really, but at 569 jumps they might be beefy. Here's the build he posted. >>47604931


Fallen Angel and Angel both play up the Christian themes. Seriously pic related.

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>Touch-Me was a god in Charisma and combat, seriously he apparently was able to make all 40 other guild mates agree with him, often. Anyone who has ever led a Guild in WoW or Guild Wars can tell you. That. IS. Hard.

Not really. After one incident, there was about half of the guild that didn't liked him that much. That revolved him probably bullying a member out of the guild after he did something wrong to him.

Momonga on the other hand is the guy that everybody loved, even if he had little self-confidence, he was always there, he was friendly and was always willing to help others.

Touch Me as charismatic as he was, he was of a different social 'class' that many other players, so there were some that resent him for that. Without counting the aftermentioned incident. Touch Me had to step out of the position of Guild Leader because if he didn't the guild was going to get disbanded anyway.

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Not really, originally he was the leader of Nine's Own Goal which later was dissolved into Ainz Ooal Gown, at which point he recommended Momonga for the Guild Leadership. Everyone agreed, except Momonga who is a self-deprecating kind of guy.

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So here´s the new version! Should be almost jumpable at this point, missing more drawbacks, one more Hero perk and more drawbacks.
And the customization tables for sucking out all your cp

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You can see that when Touch Me decided to step down and dissolve the clan his leadership was in question. In fact, if the guild was to be dissolved many of the guildies wouldn't had followed him.

I'm just saying that not everyone in AoG loved Touch Me, and the list was bigger than just Ulbert.

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Are you an ally of justice?

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Also, maybe
depends on the setting/jump

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Concrete Revolutio: Choujin Gensou basically imagine all Anime happening at once but in actual postwar Japan.

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Eh, I've read through the LN and as such they may that's colored my knowledge, however the fact that I disputed was simply the assumption. The facts are that Touch-Me himself voted Momonga as Guild Leader when they grew into AoG, as he was the better choice for Guild Leader. His only known dispute with another player was Ulbert, and that was a realitivly minor issue about raid loot that never came to anything other than mild scolding. None of this says anything about Touch-Me bulling people. Heck the only reason for AoG's slow decent was the fact that they were, as a Guild, impossible to fight. Basically the game had slowly become boring.

As I understand it some of the Web Serial's divergences are fairly large. So, perhaps we are both right, but both the Anime and Light Novel agree on the point that it was a slow dissolution over time. No hard feelings were had that I know of.

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by certain metrics yes, by others no

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No. Justice is a past-focused thing, often cruel and strict in nature. It can easily get in the way of a better future if not kept in check. I don't much care for justice, I think.

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I'm anti evil. Not good, not neutral, possibly sometimes evil myself, but I am anti evil. However that doesn't mean I am an ally of justice, it means I seek to stop things that are evil, not punish, not even necessarily harm, or specifically avoid harming, just stop. That said, I am just as likely to lecture someone on the subject of violent robbery, as I am to shoot someone because they got in my way during a heist. That said I took the damned drawback in pokemon, and so my jumper was likely insane from jump one, then insane within two jumps after the Worm fix.

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My Justice is too often mixed with Vengence for me to claim such ideals.

Hope. A unreal, yet beautiful solution to all problems.

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What if you become justice?

>postwar Japan
Actually, you only know this because it's mentioned some times. There is not really that much differences in either culture, technology or anything between the post-war Japan and your average anime Japan.

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So, it seems like while I was breakfasting, I missed the "Let's post Overlord Builds!" time in the last thread. I am so sad.


ANYWAYS! I'm thinking I'd be one of those generalist noobs who grinded seemingly useless classes until suddenly their Passive Feats gained at specific levels played off of each other and terrible things happened. More than that, I'd think that I would have been a free-lance item builder.

> Overlord (LN) Build:
> Location:
Turning point of History, Carne Village (950)
> Age and Gender:
17 year-old Male (900)
> Race:
Player, Human (900)
> Origins:
Drop In (900)
> Perks:
Tolerance for Evil (900)
Personal Inventory (900)
Themed Aesthetics (900)
Shared Language (900)
Innate Talent - Magic Item Creator, Use Any Magic Item (700)
Realm of Heroes (400)
Level One Hundred (-200)
Class Skills, Drop In - Sorcerous Swordsman [Swords] (-200)
Skillful and Resourceful (-300)
Skillful Acquisitions (-500)
Class Skills, Warrior - Magic Warrior (-600)
Class Skills, Magic User - Talismonger (-700)
> Items:
Divine Tier Equipment (-700)
> Companions:
N/A - None at the time (-700)
> Drawbacks:
Powerless (-600)
Rival Guild (000)

I'd have also have been a total neet IRL.

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'Natural' justice, yes.
Legislative justice, no.

>> No.47606085

Then I will have already defeated myself, for my sins have buried me and something else rose from the grave.

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There is no natural justice, justice is a social construct formed to allow society to function properly. It if for this reason why justice is rarely fair, just like life.

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>Actually, you only know this because it's mentioned some times. There is not really that much differences in either culture, technology or anything between the post-war Japan and your average anime Japan.

True but that doesn't mean I'm wrong

>> No.47606136


Can't quite answer that. I kinda just do my own thing and sometimes it helps and sometimes...



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thanks anon

>> No.47606218

I will too post my Overlord build :

Age: 28
Sex: Male
>>Hiden by the Great Wall
>>Magic caster
>>Arcane caster (Free)
>>Devine caster (50)
>>Talismonger (100)
>>Alchemist (Free)
>>Magic learning affinity (Free)
>>Enchanted summoning (Free)
>>Realm of Heroes (Free)
>>Level 100 (700)
>>Dark wisdom (900)
>>The abyss of magic (1200)
>>Necromancy (1300)
>>Summoning (1400)
>>Ring of Elru (1600)
>>Rival player (1300)
>>Embroiled in politics (1100)
>>Foreigner (1000)

I HAS ALL MAGIC. Still need do companion build but ehhh.... will do someday.

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You can become a cthulhu octopus person in overlord, but it requires an in game item that ainz has a few of in the guild vault.

>> No.47606274

The demon option lets you decide on your own appearance, you can look as eldritch as you want.

>> No.47606281

Holy kingdom
16 yo
Skeleton 950
Magic caster free

Tolerance for evil free
Personal inventory free
The 42 supreme being -50
Level 100 free
Arcane caster free
Necromancy specialization -100
Alchemist -200
Themed aesthetics free
Dark wisdom -400

Items +200 +1 discount
Medium tier equipment free
Gold free
Ring of Erlu -600


Cassandra 400 cp
Fallen angel
Personal inventory 350
Themed aesthetics 300
Level 100 free
Tolerance for evil free
Magic caster free
Divine caster free
Warder 200
Magic item creator 0

Homunculous Maid free (shes gonna be the new waitress) (named Saki)

Companion items
Free set of Legendary equipment cassandra
Ring of sustenance Saki
Rival player -300
Embroiled in politics -100
Foreigner 0

Had to get a book of the dead from ainz to change my race from skeleton to elder lich like ainz. I was basically his carbon copy skelebro.

>> No.47606297

>You can become a cthulhu octopus

They're called mind-flayers and you can become one in the Forgotten Realms jump as well.

>> No.47606323

Yep thats the thing. Although overlord ones seem more ugly and misshapen. Or that could have just been tabulina smagderena.

>> No.47606349

Yeah but I don't just want to look eldritch, I want to 'feel' eldritch, and the unholy aura plays nicely into that. Also fire's not really my thing.

>> No.47606376

I am trying to think of an animal to use as a size comparison, Something roughly half way between a bull/oxen and an elephant. Any Ideas?

>> No.47606383

A rhino?

>> No.47606388

That works, thanks.

>> No.47606394

maybe you got that kind of ability from a advanced class?

>> No.47606412

IncrediblesAnon here, it's kinda amusing to me how someone keeps starting to talk to me just an hour after I fall asleep.

Still appreciate it, but an actual dialogue that isn't separated by a thread and ten hours would be nice.

So, anyway, Universal man. Yes, the black hole thing does sound scary. Yes, he's stupid. No, he did not get killed by Syndrome's first robot.

Let me explain... The name Universal Man matches up between these two, yes. As does the picture. But if you pay a lot of attention, you start noticing discrepancies between the interviews and Syndrome's database. Things don't quite match up. Let's look at Universal Man again, in the database he is listed with the ability of "Atomic Density Manipulation".

Sounds like his thing, right? Changing his own density? Nope. If you look at the interviews, his power is "Molecular Density Transformation".

There's one guy who does have "Atomic Density Manipulation". Downpour. The guy who change matter. The guy who's focusing on making bicycles.

That's why the first robot had an easy time with it. It was up against a bicycle-making super, instead one with one of the strongest powers.

Or atleast, that's what seems to make sense to me.

Aside from that, you make good points. I still won't be able to hand out the ability to make earthquakes or be a blackhole, but that's more of a balance issue than a dispute on the possibility that they exist.

Powers more in line with the others based on these will be included.

>> No.47606431


We're a hyperdimensional machine god

An anthropomorphic personification of multiversal evil

The son/herald/emissary twice over for two divine personifications of absolute Law.

And someone desperate enough to merge all these existences together, such that the machinery funnels the abyssal reserves of evil to empower our heavenly power, which itself can subjugate lesser evils rather than immediately purifying them on sight.

We couldn't be less of an ally of justice if we /tried/

The fact that other allies of justice owe their continued existence to our computational Observations, that we spend most of our time supressing evil by embodying it and that we have painstakingly persuaded/taught/manipulated our parents into dealing more fairly with mortals means nothing.

Our goal has always been eternal order, no matter how it is achieved. The true enemy of justice is not one who opposes justice with every waking breath, but one who denies it has any meaning in a bleak, self-destructive multiverse.

As an animeonly for Overlord as far as I know that sounds pretty accurate from what I've watched. With the caveat that Ulbert and Touch Me seemed to have a fairly serious OOC feud given Demiurge and Sebas can't get along with each other-and Sebas doesn't know why when he gets along with most of the other evil NPCs.

Like how Bukubukuchamaga bullying Peroroncino manifests as Aura bullying Mare.

>> No.47606443

198. Dragonlance
Location: Tarsis, Era: Age of the Ogre
Origin: Divine (-50), Race: "Human"
Perks: Alignment Choice [Chaotic Good], Tall Enough, Arcane Adept (-100), Hedgemage (-300), Renegade Magecraft (-600), Acolyte (-100), Mystic (-150)
Party (-300)
Items: Cooking Spices (-50), Tower (-150)
Scenario: Faith Up My Sleeve [Mishakal][Epiphany (-300)], Our Hero [Foot Dragonlance] (+200), What Price Power? (+600)

Chimmy: Half-Elf Warrior (-50), Alignment Choice [Chaotic Good], Tall Enough, Tradeskill [Courtesan], Combatant, Experienced Class [Monk](-150), Legend (-300), Adventuring Kit
Falco: Human Arcane (-50), Alignment Choice [Chaotic Neutral], Tall Enough, Arcane Adept, Experienced Class [Hedgemage](-150), Renegade Magecraft (-300), Spellbook(-100)
Roberta: Elven Warrior (-100), Alignment Choice [Neutral Good], Tall Enough, Combatant, Experienced Class [Barbarian](-150), Legend (-300), Adventuring Kit, Spiced Potatoes (-50)
Ko'el: Human Rogue (-50), Alignment Choice [Neutral Good], Tall Enough, Tradeskill [Fletcher] (-100), Footpad, Experienced Class [Bard] (-150), Guildmaster (-300), Adventuring Kit
SoB: Human Warrior (-50), Alignment Choice [Neutral Good], Tall Enough, Combatant, Experienced Class [Fighter] (-150), Golden General (-300), Star Jewels (-50), Thieves Bane Pouch (-50)
Asriel: Human Arcane (-50), Alignment Choice [Neutral Good], Tall Enough, Arcane Adept, Experienced Class [Tower Trained] (-150), Archmage of High Sorcery (-300), Spellbook (-100)
Isaac: Gnome Arcane (-100), Alignment Choice [True Neutral], Tall Enough, Artifactory (-400), Arcane Adept, Acolyte (-100)
Toby: Human Rogue (-50), Alignment Choice [Chaotic Good], Tall Enough, Footpad, Experienced Class [Thief](-150), Lucky in Loot (-300), Adventuring Kit (-50), Star Jewels (-50), Spoon of Turning

This has been a hell of a balancing act, and I never felt bad about any of it for a second. Every Kender defended was defended in earnest, and not for power. Goodnight, /jc/.

>> No.47606447

Justice =/= Order. Certainly not when the methods used to achieve order are described as "no matter how it is achieved". That's just plain villain talk.

>> No.47606469

I feel this is relevant but this is mainly because of my binge of Discworld.

>> No.47606495

That depends. What IS justice?

>> No.47606516

Revenge, nothing more.

>> No.47606551

The attempt at fairness: to ward off cruelty using cruelty, and to reward kindness in turn with kindness. I am not it's ally, but I can see why one would ally with it.

>> No.47606596

Justice is cool and all but we're kinda obligated towards freedom/chaos first and foremost.

>> No.47606602 [DELETED] 

Yes, it shall always be Constantinople to me.

>> No.47606614

Yes, it shall always be Constantinople to me.

>> No.47606629

Above all else!

>> No.47606643

Seiryu please go.

>> No.47606678

Did she rape someone?

>> No.47606747


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>Justice is giving everyone his due.

And I deserve everything! Isn't justice to pursue that goal?

>> No.47606773

Honestly, I just kindof do my own thing. I've probably done things that could be misconstrued as "justice", but it really just depends on my personal feelings and/or whether or not I'm emotionally attached to anyone involved.

I do kindof admire the people who do consider themselves as such, though.
But theirs is a path I choose not to walk because it's not really relevant to anything I'm doing. Even at my very best, I'm not subscribing to some higher ideal.
I'm just helping the people I like.

And sometimes, I don't even do that.

>> No.47606837

>As an animeonly for Overlord as far as I know that sounds pretty accurate from what I've watched. With the caveat that Ulbert and Touch Me seemed to have a fairly serious OOC feud given Demiurge and Sebas can't get along with each other-and Sebas doesn't know why when he gets along with most of the other evil NPCs.

Yeah, Ulbert hated Touch Me for various reasons. Overlord's real world is a post-WWIII world run by Megacorps, where the most important thing is that you're born in some high place. Ulbert (and Momonga as well) didn't. They belong to the low working class, while Touch Me seems to be on a high/high-mid class.

So Ulbert greatly resented for that, because he wasn't even given the chances to compete with Touch Me.

And because he basically bullied a member out of the guild who happen to be a friend of Ulbert.

Although Momonga always believed they could have solved their problems if they had talked it out.

>“Momonga-san… You’re right. I went too far. Still, don’t you think he’s being selfish? First he chased that person away, and now this. If this is the case, shouldn’t he have disbanded us earlier?”
>The fact was that Momonga partially agreed with what Ulbert said.
>When the clan was founded, there was a great disagreement that led to one person leaving the game. The matter had left a great scar on Momonga’s heart. It felt like a stain on the glorious memories of a closely-knit guild and his cherished friends.

>Although Momonga deeply respected Touch Me’s leadership, that memory stuck in his craw. Or no, for all he knew, that incident weighed heavily on Touch Me as well. That might have been why he abdicated his position as leader, and put forward a successor with a different personality from his own.

I don't know, it doesn't seems to me like Touch Me played nice .

And there were others that followed Ulbert more than Touch Me. I think there was a flashback about this in the vol 6.

>> No.47606867

As that someone, hiya, if you're still around. Though it is getting real close to my bedtime.

And you too make good points. Which led me to going back through the film and the extras again, and I found the rabbit hole goes deeper. I'm presuming you meant Downburst (there is no Downpour)? Yes, in the Extras he has Atomic Density Manipulation.

But: turns out he's also in the film as a victim of the X3, and he doesn't have that, he has Flight and Gaseous Expulsion!

Which in the Extras is what Stormicide had - when in the film it turns out she had the powers of Electrical Discharge and Gale Bursts (she died to the X5).

And so on and so forth. Whoever did the Extras and whoever did the Film had quite the failure of communication. They got the pictures matched to the names correctly, but lots of mixups when it came to powers.

>> No.47606907

Still here, yes. Hi.

Downburst indeed, sorry. I keep making little mistakes in my writing like that. Starting to wonder if I should just go over every word I write three times by this point...

Anyway, yup, some real failures in communication there... But the actual powers and supers are represented, even if powersets are switched around a bit. So it's still a very valuable resources.

>> No.47606938

Sometimes on important issues.
I am otherwise far too entertained by causing my own trouble.
So while I am an ally of justice, I'm the messy ally it argues with itself over calling when justice is putting together a crew for one last job.

>> No.47606969

Agreed. Anything you'd like to discuss or for me to dig for in the film or extras before I go to bed?

>> No.47606970

Flamio, my good hotman.

>> No.47606989

Ah, I didn't remember that, so I went back and reread it. Yeah, Touch-Me did do something that was bad, bad enough for someone to leave the game, the reason it didn't come up in my mind is because the person wasn't part of the guild and I thought that you were talking about in-house politics only, I'd excluded such things that could color them in my foolishness. I coincide your point. Good debate.

>> No.47607017

Nothing else in specific, I think... I'd love suggestions for perks? or even thoughts on how to do those three powers to make them not hilarious and overly powerful in the context of the jump?

Also, can I just say that Gaseous Expulsion sounds like the stupidest power ever? I mean. Without further context, the obvious thought is super-farts.

But then you look at the Extras, and it's actually at-will absorption of specific gaseous molecules, and then retaining them like a sponge to release whenever you want to.

Which actually sounds like a fucking awesome power to me.

>> No.47607036

>it's actually at-will absorption of specific gaseous molecules, and then retaining them like a sponge to release whenever you want to.
To be honest...it still sounds like controlled farting to me.

>> No.47607055

But atleast now you're releasing pure oxygen, or nerve gas.

...Okay. Maybe it is still super-farts. But atleast it's a bit better.

>> No.47607097


Hey now-not him, but that's totally a selling point for me.

Or super burps, depending on which direction you're making them in.

>> No.47607111

I get lucky. Rolled Physiomancy and Portamancy in Shadow Ops jump. And you jumpers when dice smiled upon you? What you get? Did you rolled your devil fruit or you need pay additional 100 cp?

>> No.47607190

Damn, that's a nice one. I got really lucky there too, getting what would be my first and third picks with Portamancy and Negramancy. Too bad I didn't get Physiomancy (because damn Physiomancy sounds awesome) like you, but hey, black magic is nice too.

Aside from that one time, my dice seem to hate me a lot. About the only other time I rolled what I actually wanted was Skulduggery Pleasant. I was a 13 year old Skeleton, which means that in addition to my standard skeletal alt-forms gained from that, I can also be the skeleton kid whenever I want to. It's fun.

>> No.47607212


I'll probably put in the option to do either of those, as well as simply releasing it through your skin or something. So, uh, have fun with that when I'm done, I guess?

>> No.47607243

I roll low, I rolled a two in Blame! When checking to see if one of my companions could reverse engineer the local technology,

I rolled a two in inside out when checking if the superpower puberty drawback I took would negatively affect little Raymond, so it turns out he's a hero for justice.

I rolled a 12 when seeing if I could absorb the Masters timelordship with data drain in Dr. who so now I have some pretty cool time senses, which combined with animorphing and morphing memory essentially make me equivalent mentally to the doctor.

Speaking of animorphs I got a 28 on a roll to build a device that can turn any star into a Anti-Kandrona, so that technology exists now, and the alien deer folk have it.

>> No.47607250

>or even thoughts on how to do those three powers to make them not hilarious and overly powerful in the context of the jump?

Sure. Density manipulation of only yourself is actually a pretty lame power on its own. Adding in the Required Secondary Powers to keep you alive moves the power up to "quite nice to have and will guarantee me a job", but that's about it. Congrats, you can be tiny but bulletproof or imitate a large helium balloon. Depending on how small you can go, it could be great for certain applications (hiya Ant-Man). Oh, "density" actually includes/means more like a "mass effect" field, so you don't actually change size? That has applications too. Oh, your "density" can approach that of a black hole? Considering you are otherwise Mister Normal, that sounds like a great way to get yourself killed or in a "fate worse than death" situation.

Seismic Wave Manipulation. Earthquakes are a really interesting field. They come in a bunch of different types. Hyper Shock's power might only create highly localised seismic disturbances; so yeah, Richter 6 can do _some_ damage, but if his field only extends as far as down the street and the structure is built to modern standards, it could take him a while. The hammers bumping that up to ??? is what makes it nasty. Of course, the "glass cannon rule" applies here. A lot depends on the scope of his power.

And so on. I'd ramble more, but it's almost midnight.

>> No.47607258

I rolled the fruit that blackbeard has in straw hat. But literally never use it.

>> No.47607281

Feels a lot more like a jump now, and I like it. It needs some proofreading, though. For instance, most of your themes aren't priced, and there's only a single 200 CP advanced theme so you might want to say that Prototype gets one that's 200 CP *or less* for free.

>> No.47607286

Of course, goodnight and thanks for your thoughts.

>> No.47607306

The dice gods favored me in Code Lyoko when I just took Minor Feature once. Rolled a 1 and then an 8. So, I had a persistent Glitch, but I was all around better in my Lyoko form.

>> No.47607319

I hope you didn't eat it then because it doubles the damage you take from all sources.

>> No.47607353

I don't know why that fruit is called logia. For me it work like Paramecia type.

>> No.47607358

Light of Terra rolling table from the last DLC.

Got the roll that gives you a d6 more rolls, rolled either a 4 or a 5, can't really remember. From there I got Beastmaster with two more rolls, a couple of those 'you get x primary powers' and a bunch of other goodies. Got tonnes of weird psychic abilities and Telepath a couple of times to the bunch I bought in the Magnus DLC.

Fortunately one of the rolls was Iron Soul making me resistant to demonic attacks and then I did a separate roll to make sure I didn't explode.

I went into the sewers as a man of note, I left the sewers as one of the greatest psykers alive holding a wyrd staff on a chariot drawn by ripper jacks followed by a hoard of barbarians. I went into the sewers and they made me king.

Never actually got a lot of use out of the more excessive psyker stuff I got in the setting as I was still worried about Chaos and I went home pretty shortly after that DLC.

On the flipside I once rolled a natural 1 when it came to catching a Magikarp on a d100 resulting in the rod falling in the water, the hook getting me through the cheek and a Magikarp dragging me into the lake. I then proceeded to fail every possible roll to catch/buy/trade for a Magikarp so it took about a year of going slightly insane at the Lake of Rage to eventually get one.

>> No.47607394

I kept it and didn't eat it. I never understood what it did really what do you mean it causes double damage?

>> No.47607431

It's noted as being weird in series though. The only way in which it functions like logia actually just as much in reverse of how logia function. Sure the user can transform into darkness as other logia can transform into their thing, but rather than preventing them from being harmed it draws damage to them. So it's not like turning into fire to avoid a spear harming your flesh by thrusting through you, but turning into fire so the thrust of the spear blows part of you away.

>> No.47607437

So, yeah. Needs more drawbacks, (you keep adding stuff I want! I was already drawback-heavy! Give me more ways to torture myself for awesome dungeons) aside from that it looks good.

Of course, I thought it looked good with the origin perks... But yes, more like a normal jump now.

Anyway, the new origin perks seem pretty good. All of the trees seems pretty interesting. As for the Hero perk you're missing... someone mentioned something about a 'training dungeon' to help Heroes get better at dungeon-delving. You could do something with that?

Through, I feel like there's a little problem with the Origin Perks and the dungeon customization running on the same 1000cp, as far as I can see. That's... stretching everything quite thin in terms of cp. You damn cp vampire.

>> No.47607441

It basically acts as sort of a blackhole. It allows you to suck in people and various objects, but it also makes attacks basically impossible to avoid.

>> No.47607442

Holy crap that was a decent one for me as well.

Wyrd Powers of The Wyrd Staff of Karloth Valois
Roll 1: 65 [Chose Iron Soul & Healing Hands]
Roll 2: 22 [Sense Presence]
Roll 3: 11 [Beastmastery Primus Power & 12 Ripper Jacks. +2 rolls]
Roll 4: 63 [Chose Telekinetic Primary Power]
Roll 5: 51 [+1d6 Rolls (3)]
Roll 6: 42 [Psychic Spore]
Roll 7: 35 [Lucky Aura]
Roll 8: 15 [Nullify Power]

>> No.47607463

I think the same cp for perks and the dungeon is balanced out by no cp cap and a large number of not particularly bad drawbacks. Giving 1000cp for both sections separately seems like it's TOO much, especially in addition to the no drawback cap+tons of drawbacks

>> No.47607482

Nice rolls.

>> No.47607514

Fair enough. Through I'd say doing that without allowing you to shuffle cp from one to the other, and making drawbacks only give to one pool seems reasonable.

I... might be biased because of the enormous amount of cp I need to make my dungeon a reality through. So, there's that.

>> No.47607520

Doesn't it also allow you to absorb other peoples devil fruit powers too though? Not him but I was just wondering.

>> No.47607529

Same here.

-First: 34, Bang Flash
-Second: 51 - rolled 6 more Wyrd Powers
--42, Psychic Spoor
--46, Iron Soul
--56, Psychic Blade
--41, Telekinetic
--53, Kinetic Cloak
--65, Choose Psychic Blade x2
-Third: 61 - Select One Primary Power (Beastmastery)
--Beast Affinity: Ripper Jacks x7
--66 - Gain Two Primaries of Choice (Pyromaniac x2)
--31, Telepath

>> No.47607550

Only by the jump, it's an OC add on. There's nothing more then fan theories in series that it can and we have more indications that it's not actually the Yami fruit that steals powers and rather something else (Marco's belief that it has something to do with 'body type' and the Blackbeard pirates having been mentioned as going around hunting down pirates to steal powers, collectively rather then just talking about Blackbeard. Nothing confirmed still). We still don't even know if whatever method Blackbeard used can be used more then once or if only he can do it or exactly what it even is.

>> No.47607553


Errybody getting the Not!Facehuggers.

>> No.47607584

Sorry dude but with all the crap I endured during the Alien Jump, where I was a Company Man.

>> No.47607619

Overlord question, Rival Guild drawback. Can you be part that rival guild?

>> No.47607635

It's not exactly a 600 point drawback if they aren't after you.

>> No.47607643

Pretty sure it doesn't exist unless you take the drawback. And then they want to kill you.

>> No.47607667

Had the horrible thought, if you did that and the full Ainz Ooal Gown 41 Suprime Beings are then your foes. Because its a Drawback.

>> No.47607670

Well, no?

It wouldn't be a drawback if you start off in a heavily fortified stronghold full of artifacts that are basically D&D-equivalents to Noble Phantasms and a bunch of absurdly OP NPCs, one of which may or may not be a yandere succubus who tends to say things like SASUGA MANYFIST-SAMA! when you're nearby.

That's what we in the know refer to as a "perk".

>> No.47607715

Except there is already a drawback for that.

>> No.47607723

Thing is I also rolled the 'roll 4 options and pick one' thing once or twice so I pretty much just got whatever I wanted. I would have liked the psionic blade option but that's literally the only thing that could have gone better.

Ended up with this:

Beastmastery Primary Power
9 Ripper Jacks
Telepath Primary Power x3
Pyromaniac Primary Power
Telekinetic Primary Power
Zen Shootist x2
Iron Soul
Spider Man
Electrokinetic Cloak

Pretty fucking dangerously telepathic and shooty.

>> No.47607726


>> No.47607732

There's already a drawback for facing Ainz Ooal Gown and saying that you can use the Rival Guild drawback to basically get a free version of the 1000cp 42nd Supreme Being perk is pretty incredible in it's dumbness.

>> No.47607737

Yeah, what this >>47607550 guy said.

>> No.47607784

The wording is pretty weird on it, I had to ask about whether they're actually after you as well. The drawback more or less just says that they're dangerous and they exist.

Word from the jumpmaker is that the rival guild is also out to get you and is in fact much more after you than Ainz. Really should be edited.

>> No.47607812

While it is unclear, I think it's also something you can easily puzzle out with a bit of common sense. If it was just some other player faction existing somewhere, it wouldn't give as much points as the drawback that sets the existing player faction after you.

>> No.47607908

As written it reads like a drawback that makes the setting more dangerous due to a higher possibility of becoming collateral damage. It doesn't give any indication they're after you at all if you're not in Ainz's guild. There are drawbacks in other jumps that are equally weak to this and give you the same amount of points (Underworld springs to mind).

It was basically only because the rest of Overlord is so good and the rest of the drawbacks are on point that I figured there must be something wrong with that reading of it. The maker confirmed that the guild was out for your blood but for anyone who missed the thread I can see how they'd take it at face value. Drawbacks in particular tend to be a sort of letter of the law sort of thing due to how they interact with perks.

>> No.47607928

The word Justice can be perverted to evil ends, but I say that when justice is derived from the consent of the governed I am among it's greatest advocates. Justice must be tempered by Liberty, and Liberty by Justice, hand in hand, for all eternity, and it is the Right of the People to oppose and fight against those who would subject them to Despotism or Anarchy, standing in the way of their pursuit of Happiness.

What a nice smile.
Esdeath's is nicer though.

>> No.47607936

Hence why I said using a bit of common sense.

And seriously, using Underworld, one of the worst jumps we have as justification? That jump can't even be called Mib tier, because at least that guy's jumps fully work.

>> No.47607951

>Esdeath's is nicer though.
Esdeath has a lot of nicer, as Seiryu seems well aware implied by her blushing, and hand placement.

>> No.47607977

Well she seemed to be extremely nice and caring about her own team. She was also very caring towards MC-kun, just she also wanted him to be her pet and sex-slave.

>> No.47607978

The choice in floral arrangement also helps set the mood...

>> No.47608008

Underutilized character. If she were given some direction and a way to channel her impulses she'd be amazing.

>> No.47608030

Thing is, it's implied she really doesn't want him to be her pet and sex slave, subordinate and masochistic, yes, but not a slave. The times he stood up to her were some of the times that he actually made her fall deeper in love with him. She might not have wanted an equal, but she certainly isn't attracted to doormats.

>> No.47608045

>Explain capitalism as economic Darwinism
>Teach her that Justice and Liberty derived from the will of the governed is the best way to facilitate capitalism.

All the sudden she's like a smaller hotter version of Liberty Prime.

>> No.47608057

>She might not have wanted an equal, but she certainly isn't attracted to doormats
This is a good way to frame it. Just because she's dominant doesn't mean that she wants a bunch of mewling layabout subs.

>> No.47608102

While that change certainly isn't out of a Jumper's ability to facilitate, she /really/ likes the whole rip maim slaughter purge of the weak type Darwinism.
So, uhhh... Have fun.
Or just constantly fund doomed regimes in order to give your death machine a target. As an added bonus, you can use her for LP style PR.

>> No.47608106


She'd be an awesome cheerleader for self improvement. Her personality would likely make her suited to anti-corruption work. She wouldn't give a shit about class, high or low, she'd just want to defend the system itself.

>> No.47608118

Well, no, not really. See >>47608102 . She's certainly for darwinism, but she also just really loves to slaughter and kill and do awful things to people. the whole Darwinism thing kinda takes a backseat to her blood knight tendencies.

>> No.47608130


>> No.47608138

No, I get that's what she's like now. That's why you'd need to give her a way to channel those tendencies. A little ideological readjustment that doesn't necessarily change her personality, but lets her use it as opposed to being used by it.

>> No.47608141

I think the confusion here is mixing up what her tribe originally taught, which was basically just darwinism, with what Esdeath herself acts like, which is markedly different from her tribe. Sure she set up potential revolutions in other countries, but it wasn't to force them to come out stronger, it was just so she'd have more people to kill.

>> No.47608159

Exactly. I know what she's like now, I'm just offering up the possibility that she could be taught how to channel her desire to dominate in a more productive manner.

>> No.47608172

Eeh, no, again. Being a 'cheerleader' does nothing for her desire to kill other people. You're mistaking the philosophy she holds as her main reason for her actions when it's not. She's more like say, Zaraki Kenpachi, then she is...Salazar Slytherin I guess? Point is, just changing her belief that the strong conquer the weak doesn't really change the fact that she just likes killing.

>> No.47608204

Your possibility just doesn't make much sense. Why would she channel her desire in a more productive manner when she's perfectly happy (Excluding her desire for 'love' or whatever she calls it) as is? Not to mention that the examples you've given, of being a cheerleader for self improvement, seriously clash against the rest of her personality.

>> No.47608211


She's bored with her normal, unchallenged kills. Her brutality doesn't come from a need to be brutal it comes from her reveling in her victories, and she doesn't enjoy easy victories. It's the same reason why she's into MC-kun, winning him over is an uphill battle, one she relishes, the victory condition and her celebration are the only things that are different, but it's the same desire and passion that guides her other actions.

You explain that Capitalism produces stronger foes both within and without and she'll join you.
And if that fails all you need to do is explain that you're a jumper and will provide her with stronger foes.


>> No.47608245

Really her actions that way make more sense if you look closely during the flashback where her father dies. She's in shock, and her father's final words were less than comforting. Not that she's a traumatized little girl, but she was very strongly affected by it. I don't think she cares about being strong so she survives, I think she cares about going into dangerous situations to prove she's strong.

>> No.47608264

Yes, but that doesn't mean her skills necessarily apply to managing a Capitalist system nor that she'd find it as interesting as killing or seducing. Yeah she likes winning and is dominant, but just those factors doesn't mean she'll find controlling an economy more satisfying then fighting against a strong opponent in combat. It's certainly a much more intense and visceral feeling to be in a physical confrontation then it is to be managing stocks (Though that can be intense in it's own way I'll admit).

And if you're just going to give her stronger fights as a jumper anyway, the whole conversations been a little pointless no?

To an extent it could be that way, i can definitely see the possibility. Should also note that she already showed signs of being a bit off the rails even by her tribes standards before they were wiped out though.

>> No.47608292


Since we're on the subject. Akame ga Kill Jump Builds? Still working on mine.

>> No.47608331

Here's mine, Anon.

Age: 19
Military [Free] Think I've left the military by this point, or maybe just thinking of it?
General Level Potential [Free]
Perfect Hair [Free] Free Vanity! Yay!
Imperial Points [600] -Gotta get me something good.
Massage [100-] ...I like massages, okay?
Killing Intent [Free] M'kay, more sense stuff is nice.
Weird but Acceptable [Free]
Inspiring Commander [200] Yay, Commanding!
Seductive Body [100] Vanity!
Hunk of Well Sculpted Flesh [200] Vanity!
Most Powerful, Most Beautiful [400] ...my vanity perks suddenly became actually useful? huh.

>Imperial Arms/Teigu: I am the master of flames and heat. Alternatively, the opposite Esdeath.
Type: Extract
Ammo [50]
Awareness [50]
Precision [100]
Energy Control - Heat [400]
Energy Creation - Heat [400]
Element Control - Fire [400]
Element Creation - Fire [200]

Simple Sturdy Weapon [Free]
Canon Companion - Esdeath [200] ...this going to going to hurt.

What a Waste [+100] Well, that might be fun? I dunno.
Missing Body Parts [+200] ...I have no idea? Maybe I'm a quadruple amputee?
Check Your Damned Kills! [+200] Eh, they're propably dead the first time. Maybe. If I'm lucky. I'm never lucky
The Power of Love [+300] ...again, this is gonna hurt.

>> No.47608356

23 years old
General Level Potential
Perfect Hair
Man of The Something
Appropriate Opportunities
Boiling Blood 200
Tangent Skill Development 800
The Smile 1100
Seductive Body 1200
Most Powerful, Most Beautiful 1600
Simple Sturdy Weapon
Missing Body Parts 1400
Check Your Damned Kills 1200
Drugs Are Bad 1000

Element Creation 200
Power Theft 600
Trump Card 1000

Had no idea what I was doing admittedly.

>> No.47608364

Yea she's a little off, her father says as much in the flashback. However many of the antagonists aren't just screwed up, they have something intensifying the issue. Esdeath's sadism and lack of empathy tied to her experiences with her tribe being wiped out. Kurome having abandonment issues, drugs that fuck you up in the head, fucked up conditioning, and a sword that let's her control the dead. Seiryu lacks empathy, has a strong sense of "justice", and got corrupt teachers that just wanted to use her. Even wild hunt has a few members with compound issues. Typically though people in the series either have compound issues, are good, or are just plainly evil.

>> No.47608368

Oh hey, that personality fits me to a t.

>> No.47608412

>And if you're just going to give her stronger fights as a jumper anyway, the whole conversations been a little pointless no?

It's not enough to defeat and dominate an enemy
You must make them realize that they were wrong to oppose you in the first place

27.Akami Ga Kill
Age - 25
Background - Drop in

- Swidling
- Massage
- Deceptive Appearance - 100
- Master Investigator - 300
- Corruption - 600

Imperial Arm
- Extract
- Precision - 100
- Element creation - Plasmamancy - 300
- Charged - 600
- Regeneration - 900
- Ammo - 950
- Awareness - 1000

- Canon - Esdeath - 800
- Import - 1000

If I remember correctly I started an orphanage for the refugee children and gave them a 23rd century education curriculum. I made sure I took Tatsumi out of the running for the competition so I could be the one who caught Esdeath's eye, at which point it wasn't that hard to slow down Night Raid and the Empire long enough to get Esdeath on the side of Liberty.

>> No.47608456

Jade Cocoon Build
Age: 33

Chosen One, Treacherous Herd, Deja Vu
Total CP: 1600

Drop In 0
Skinner 50/1550
Poacher 300/1250
Requiem of Souls 200/1050
Weaver 100/950
Silk Spinning 200/750
Divine Barrier 100/650

Weapon (Machete) 0/650
Cocoons 50/600
Eternal Corridor 600/0

I'm not entirely sure what's going on, but it involves textiles and poaching. So textiles it is.

>> No.47608470

Does it count if I'm usually an ally of allies of justice? I mean sometimes I act as one myself (G Gundam, Van Hellsing, and Jojo all had me doing so), but usually I'm busy derailing the plot or just lazing around.
Last chain was planning on writing out FoZ and decided there were enough fics of the standard configuration. So I rolled Master and power separately, got Louise and Mind of God, with Heart of God still going to Tiffiana. There were all kinds of ways it could've gone horribly but got pretty much the optimal choice. Except Sheffield getting Vindalfr, meaning I had to deal with all sorts of ridiculous monsters or sometimes just the entire surrounding wildlife turning against me, on my second jump. That was painful, developed a habit of reflexively murdering any small animal that got near me, which took ages to get out of.

>> No.47608480

Yes, but I enjoy revenge a bit too much to push it here. Regardless, a fair and reasonable justice system is necessary for any functioning society.

It's just that we should... look the other way sometimes, when certain people are about to suffer vengeance.

>> No.47608496

Quick question: what exactly is the point of htis jump? I know that sounds like a dumb question, but I am curious? And the previous posts of this mention 'future jumps' and 'past jumps'. So does that mean this 'travels' so to speak, with you while you do your jumpchain?

Will there be a Jade Cocoon 2 jump? Please? Pretty please? With strawberries and sprinkles?

>> No.47608525

Wait is it ready for builds? Are you sure it's not a late stage WIP? Someone pointed out those infinite items seem a bit interjump balance-y, and frankly I'm inclined to agree. And then there's that one perk that apparently work specifically on Outer Gods, which are many orders of magnitude more powerful than anything the setting seems to have as a benchmark

>> No.47608551


>Scales in Balance - Starting in 340AC
Rewards: +300cp for items
Gully Dwarves Gem [100] I can't resist shiny gems.
Spellbook [200, discounted] But just one, mostly empty spellbook is never enough... is it?

“We need a third.”
“I don’t even need you, so please enlighten me as to how more dead weight is of use.”
“Mind your oath.”
“Still. You want to try and take the Mad Lizard's Ghost with us?”

"...Also known as the Red Draconic Spectre, Scourge of Dwarves, Archmage of the Red Robes, Nightbringer, only Dragonrider of the Age, Master of Undrentide, Forger of Artifacts, That Insane Bastard, and much more. But I like the name you picked. Pleased to make your acquaintance."
A shimmering head, somewhat indistinct as it hovers between looking like a dragon's face of a cloud of greenish vapor is sticking out of the table.
"Is this anything interesting? I've been bored for a bit..."
Night. The full moon shines above. Three slender figures move around, followed by a flowing presence clad in subtly rustling red robes.
"You know, we'd be much sneakier if you mortals just learned to hover around."
"If you just shut up for one second, that'd work even better."
"Who is there? I can hear you."
"Allow us to introduce ourselves, Cymbal, ancient one. You can call the Mad Ghost. These are Argent, Sapphire, and dear Arixen, my flame.
Oh, dear? Don't kill him, he's just easily duped, not an actual enemy. But you do need a workout. Don't worry about the noise, I threw up a silencing ward."
"Now that's just /wrong/... Also, this is a bit awkward. I'm the nice kind of Lizard GHOST, honest?"
"Time to bring these back to the Dragon Isles, yes? I would like to speak with the other Dragons anyway..."
"Why does that fill me with existential dread?"

>> No.47608574

Oh, Epicureanon, got a question for you. What do my Raistlin Eyes see when looking at Argent and Sapphire? Also, they look human, yes? Race's not mentioned...

>> No.47608586

I just want to know if the Junkyou Manor in SMT gets around the limits on the Silk Farm. It summons bodies without their consciousness but has everything else, would that mean I could just drop them in there to begin with?

>> No.47608622

Well, I'm building for it to see what my cp gets me, and I figured the creator might be interested. Like if they notice everyone going for Poacher and Eternal Corridor they might decide it needs re-working.
If it changes, it changes.

>> No.47608729

Has no one taken up a Samurai Deeper Kyo Jump yet? I mean it's kinda dated but I would have thought...

>> No.47608744

Not that I know of... Never heard of it myself.

Rule one?

>> No.47608761

It also says they have to be completely helpless to use it on them so unless you can already make your opponent completely helpless it's not very useful

>> No.47608788

Only tangentially related, but would eyes that "see who someone really is," like Wizard Sight in Dresden, be a fair choice for this?

>> No.47608806

The point is that you make your own Dungeon, as you do in games like... well, Dungeon Maker or Dungeon Keeper, and it follows you around, yes.
It´s not yet jumpable fully, and some balance concerns have yet to be adressed, but it should be done Soon (tm)

>> No.47608809

>tfw you jump DOOM 2016
>ftw you planned to bathe in HFY for ten years
>tfw you read the Demon tree and realize its perfect for your build
Ugh. This is going to be a rough decision.

>> No.47608810

>Perk lets you seal away gods IF YOU CAN BEAT THEM UP
Disagree. You have to be stronger than them in the first place for it to have value. It's no worse than goddess seals or what have you.

>> No.47608828


I'm just baffled by the use of Outer Gods as a benchmark more than anything, really. Because normally feats for perks are supposed to be based on things you can reasonably accomplish without some OPass interjump combo instead of just what you can reasonably acquire in the background, and there's nothing in there that really screams "Azathoth Tranq Dart" to me.

I'm fine with the goddess seal because it doesn't wank its' potency to absurd heights.

>> No.47608835

I have not heard that name in a while, and yes it needs a jump.

>> No.47608837

Poacher doesn't seem that useful compared to the other Capstones, actually. I mean, who doesn't want to be able to punch peoples' loneliness, jealousy, despair, and anger in the face, tame any kind of monster, or bind any supernatural entity that you've rendered helpless?

>> No.47608875

It's just an example, cool your autism. It'd work the same regardless, your mental disorder just causes you to flip out over settings you like or have attached meaning to, like Lovecraft in this case. I suggest calming down and counting or whatever it is your handlers get you to do to calm down.

>> No.47608918

Mob jump gives you a perk that has you control a criminal organization in every subsequent jump, what the fuck do I do with grunts and where would they be most useful/entertaining?

>> No.47608926

You make them sleep with the fishes, so clearly Aquaria is the best.

>> No.47608970

So does anyone if perks that require "organic components", like plasmids, would work with cybernetic components via jump-magic, or not?

>> No.47608985

I'm disagreeing with a choice of wording and examples. You're getting defensive and uppity about an opinion you don't agree with. And it most certainly does work at an unfathomably greater potency than it would without that benchmark than in canon, since your own autism seems unable to recognise the implications of how much power it would take to keep one of those things sealed.

Also honestly, you've already broken out the autism accusations. I'd prefer you cut the bullshit about wanting me to calm down and just call me a cunt, because that conscending bullshit's an insult to both of us.

>> No.47608998

Generic Sugarbowl.

You can be a cartoony comedy mob that controls the underground liquor filled candies market.

>> No.47609012

-Added clarification of what you can purify and how you can deal with cursed brandings to Purification. Also let you ignore gender post-jump.
-Quality Equipment now gives you a bunch of high tier weapons and armor instead of making you choose, as well as providing you with some healing items.
-Clarified that the order you take jumps doesn't effect what's in the Eternal Corridor.

To the person asking about the Nagi stealing souls, it's a reference to what Garai does in the Chosen One drawback. It's not as bad as it sounds because it only happened to one village and they got their souls back unharmed after a bit anyway.

I'm not sure there's enough material to fill a jump for it. I could have one tree for Beast Hunters and one for Minion hybrids based on Kahu and Cure, but I'm not sure what else I could do. Although the 8 companion limit does lend itself to an awesome drawback where you and your companions are always forced to fight in Beast Amulet formation.

Can they act intelligent? It doesn't really matter if they're not strictly speaking conscious, only whether or not they're able to function as something beyond a very smart animal.

Talisman of Sealing only blocks their supernatural powers. If you used it on Azathoth, he couldn't do anything supernatural any more, but he never does anything except sleep anyway. At best it would stop anyone from drawing on him as a power source and it would do nothing to actually keep him asleep. It's a powerful tool for a very very specific kind of problem.

I'm sure some setting has a god with horrible divine pets you can now steal for yourself.

>> No.47609024

I'm pointing out you have issues. A vague description would work the same. Someone who could beat an Outer God could seal one. If they could beat it. You're just super autistic about Lovecraft.

>> No.47609040

>I'm not sure there's enough material to fill a jump for it.
Could always make a DLC for it, or include it in an update. You could look at Golden Sun as an example of a CYOA that does this.

>> No.47609065

As far as I know no one is making a jump of it.
>it's kinda dated but

A King of Hell jump would also be nice

>> No.47609075

Y'all need to sit down and make it is why. These kids are too young and I can't do everything.

>> No.47609091

>Can they act intelligent? It doesn't really matter if they're not strictly speaking conscious, only whether or not they're able to function as something beyond a very smart animal.
Nope, they're pretty much soulless. The physical body is there, most of their spiritual essence, but for all intents and purposes they are inert as shit. It's like the lights are on but nobody's home.

>> No.47609127

>Import Companion
>Import Companion as your hand
So, who would you import as your hand?

>> No.47609154

God you want to talk about old.

The Mazinger Z franchise would be fun to have

>> No.47609163

I'd say only for ones that would qualify if they were "fixed" could be stored. Even if they're in some kind of weird coma from currently lacking a person inside the body, it's still a person's body instead of a creature's.

>> No.47609164

Jennifer Lopez.

>> No.47609165

>it's a powerful tool for a very very specific kind of problem.

I have to ask what, if anything, in canon justifies that level of power? The crux of my argument is I don't see how anything in this setting, from what I've wiki'd about it, has capabilities on that level.

Also I'm still concerned Eternal Corridor provides a strong incentive to jump in a certain order rather than take jumps as standalone things.

I guess we'll have to agree to disagree on vague descriptions.

I could point out you have issues being this defensive about someone daring to disagree with you, but it's clear this exchange isn't going anywhere productive.

>> No.47609177


>> No.47609187

Huh. Guess the Silk Farm's pretty useless for what I have planned. Scratch that idea then.

Thanks anyway.

>> No.47609212

>tfw pic related counts as a person instead of a creature

>> No.47609220

Its canon use was to seal Elhrim, the creator god responsible for all life. And even then, its still just a spell that can be broken. If you use it on a sealed lovecraftian god, all you've done is stopped that god from giving its cultists any additional power and added another step they need to perform before its back to full power.

For the Eternal Corridor, jump order does not matter. If you jump Gravity Falls then Jade Cocoon, your forest starts off with the potential for Gobblewonkers inside. If you jump Jade Cocoon you get a forest and later when you jump Gravity Falls Gobblewonkers can start to appear inside of it.

>> No.47609224


58: Akame Ga Kill
+100(1100)I'm an M
+200(1300)Check Your Damned Kills
+300(1600)Deathflag Collection Race
+300(1900)Tyrant Trouble
+100(2000)What a Waste
-0(2000)General Level Potential
-0(2000)Weird but Acceptable
-0(2000)Killing Intent
-100(1900)Tactical Abuse
-100(1800)Naturally Skilled
-200(1600)Body Manipulation
-200(1400)Inspiring Commander
-300(1100)Master Swordsman
-300(800)Tangent Skill Development:
-400(400)Simultaneous Activation
-200(200)Import x8 +500cp +1000ip up to 200cp drawbacks
-200(0)Canon Companion - Esdeath

Teigu: Armor of Zeruel
Type: Armor
Import 5 Star Goku Uniform
-50(950)Extra-Dimensional Storage
-100(850)Auxillary Armament - Ribbon of Zeruel
-100(750)Enhanced Durability:
-300(450)Reflective Defense

>> No.47609229

Shouldn't you make a note that beings sealed by this can break out of it then?

>> No.47609237


>Akame ga Kill - 472
Age: 19-years-old
Background: Doctor
Drawbacks: What a Waste (+100), I’m an M (+100), Tyrant Trouble (+300), Missing Body Parts (+200), The Power of Love (+300)
Final Point Count: 2,000 CP

Companion Import (200 CP)
Skills & Abilities:
-General Level Potential (Free)
-Perfect Hair (Free)
-Field “Medicine” (Free)
-Inoculation (Free)
-Imperial Points (300 CP)
-Prosthesis Production
-Body Reshaping
-Incredibly Craftsmanship
-Most Powerful, Most Beautiful
-Hunk of Well-Sculpted Flesh
-Seductive Body

Imperial Arms Table:
Imperial Points Added: 300
IP Count: 1,300
-Import (Free): Prometheus. Gained Title: Bound in Passionate Fire
-Reflective Defense (-300 IP)
-Evolution (-400 IP)
-Emotional Empowerment (-600 IP)

I'm an M + vampire wife = Uuuuuuuhwhereisthisgoing.

>> No.47609246 [SPOILER] 

Get on my level scrub.

>> No.47609255

I'll add something about that in the next version.

>> No.47609256

I know predictability is dull, but there's no point in stopping now.

>> No.47609277

>Late 60s vs Early 70s

Okay I'll allow it

>> No.47609291

>>Import Companion as your hand

>> No.47609297

I would love to jump both of these. I was actually thinking of making the Generic Heist Jump a trip to Lupin III's world when I get to it.

>> No.47609305

I was not expecting that show to be as cute as it was.

>> No.47609317

Most of these perks are vague. "How much energy you put in' etc. Which means, that yes, someone capable of beating those entities can do it. You're just, again, extremely autistic about lovecraft, and it's offputting.

How are such things broken?

>> No.47609326

Could Mario Party work as a jump or would it be better as a gauntlet?

>> No.47609347


Would be awesome if your companion has shape-shifting or biting perks.

>> No.47609357

>Mario Party
Why do you hate friendship?

>> No.47609369

Wot >>47605616 said, and the fact that if any of them so much as flex an iota of their full power there's alarm bells ringing all over the gordanged planet.

>> No.47609400

>How are such things broken?
Same way you dispel any other powerful spell. Or just dump a bunch of power into the sealed entity until it overcomes the binding.

>> No.47609402

Does the Six Paths Sage Mode from Naruto give you the Rinnegan if you already have the Sharingan, like it did with Sauce? Does it enhance the Rinnegan if you already have it? What about other bloodline abilities?

>> No.47609415

So only through outside interference? Just trying to get a feel for how useful and 'safe' this option is.

>> No.47609441

Jumpers, you have many forms. But which one is the one you take when you pull out all the stops? Which one is your TRUE Final Form?

>> No.47609443

Absolutely a Gauntlet. One that lets you keep all your powers, because they don't matter anyway.

>> No.47609449


Alright. I concede the point regarding the seal since that's being taken into account.

Regarding Eternal Corridor my point was more if you want Gobblewonkers earlier you have much more motivation to jump Gravity Falls earlier than most of your other jumps since then you can get some much quicker.

>most of these perks are vague

And I think that's a bad thing.

Since we've devolved to petty insults though, you're extremely bipolar about jumpchain, and it's offputting.

>> No.47609459

If they could somehow accomplish that without any magic of their own, they could, but that's a pretty tall order.

>> No.47609461

>I think
And you're going to have to learn to live with the fact that this thread doesn't revolve around your opinions.

>> No.47609478

This post doesn't mean anything. "If they could somehow use their supernatural powers while under a supernatural power seal they could break the supernatural seal." Like, what?

>> No.47609488

The hypocrisy in every one of your posts is almost painful to watch.

>> No.47609492

I'm not the anon campaigning hard for his opinion with the jumpmaker.

>> No.47609507

Well how's that different than anything else you can get in any jump? If you want to pod Naruto, you should jump Naruto early in your chain. If you want the sword of the cross, you jump Dresden Files early. If you want to add the Gobblewonker to your forest or get its DNA for your Animorph form library, jump Gravity Falls early.

>> No.47609511

>> be jumper

>> Have a tendency to Collect, height boosts, size changing powers, shape shifting boosts, alternate forms and super modes.

>> Get this is in fact my final form and most of the silicon life tree from blame.

>> TFW when you Legitimately don't know what your baseline body is anymore.

>> No.47609536

But anon, my hand is already my waifu.

>> No.47609539

I've never asserted that. I've given my own, no more and no less, and now the jumpmaker's given me an explanation I'm willing to concede the reasoning's merit.

You, on the other hand, are resorting to putting words in my mouth because you're triggered by a simple disgreement. You must be real fun at parties.

Accessibility and quantity. If you want to pod Naruto you just have one Naruto to pod, not a Warehouse reservation of Narutos (who presumably spend all their time shouting BELIEVE IT and crying on each others' shoulders). The Sword of the Cross jump purchase doesn't let you farm herds of them, nevermind that's not how they work.

>> No.47609540

They could still find a sword that dispels any magic it cuts or track down a vortex of energy to channel into themselves. It's just they're limited to their normal abilities while trying to achieve that, no different from letting their mundane cultists do it for them.

>> No.47609566

I think he means they can't use their reality warping powers, but they're capable of personal agency to use external factors for undoing the seal. Kinda like how Q This stops you from being reality warped but still lets the beings punch you in the face.

I expect the jumpmaker will clarify in the next doc, though

>> No.47609571

It just sounds to me like you don't like the corridors at all to start with, since your explanation amounts more to "I don't like them being available post jump" rather than "I don't like being forced in to a jump order".

>> No.47609592

You're. Having. An opinion.

Those never fly well when an e-peen is on the line in anon's eyes.

>> No.47609599

He's using his opinion to get what he wants. Obviously people who disagree are not going to like this, thus an argument. It isn't an 'abloobloo e-peen' situation.

>> No.47609615

>He's using his opinion to get what he wants.

As does everyone who debates or campaigns with / against a jumpmaker. Your point?

>> No.47609618

Exactly. My point is that it's not one person waving an e-peen at him, it's two people swordfighting with their opinion-dicks.

>> No.47609622

Still not seeing a real difference. It's like that machine from Captain Planet that lets you order raw materials. The earlier in your chain you take it, the more use you get out of it because it provides you more stuff on a regularly scheduled basis. And unlike that thing, you can't actually take any of the creatures you catch in the forest with you between jumps without a pod or the silk farm (which limits you to three of them at a time anyway). So it doesn't really matter whether you added Gobblewonkers to your forest on jump 3 or 300. They're either there or not, and you're limited to the ones you catch in the current jump or to a small number you spent CP to take with you.

>> No.47609634

How pissed is everyone going to be when I take off into the woods before they can send me to some other village?

>> No.47609668

I assume you mean as a Nagi Maiden? Pretty mad that you're ducking out on your responsibilities but also scared that you'll probably die out there. If they can't find you they'll just send another girl to the village and write you off as dead.

>> No.47609672


>> No.47609676

Well, that's an error of communication since my explanation should have been more like "I don't like them because they create a plentiful resource which motivates people to take the jump in a set order to acquire a sustainable population of X wild beasts"

Nobody asked for your input.

If you're the person I've been debating, I'm just glad we can agree on that at least even if we disagree on everything else.

Fucking unsolicited sarcasm shitposters are the worst.

It's the "the earlier in your chain you take it" thing that I'm getting at-

>you can't actually take any of the creatures you catch in the forest with you between jumps without a pod or the silk farm

Oh, my apologies. I must have overlooked that, consider all my objections dropped then. I'd ask for this to be clarified in the notes but it's entirely possible my reading comprehension just brought up this mess in the first place.

Also I must say I don't remember that machine in Captain Planet, are you sure you're not thinking of something from Anno 2070? The science one that lets you reproduce naturally occuring materials?

>> No.47609682

aw, I was hoping they'd send assassins.

Oh well. Sure they will be plenty of those when I start killing the forest.

>> No.47609692

Also, a pic for Konata-anon.

>> No.47609704

I'd certainly like to think so.

I'd like to think that Justice is the attempt to make the world a better place. Help your fellow man no matter how hard it is. If someone stumbles and becomes "evil"? Attempt Redemption. They should be helped to realize their error in harming their fellows, not simply slain or thrown in a prison.

Are there exceptions? Yes. But those are entirely subjective, and everyone has a different "cut off point" on "this person is too evil for redemption".

Sometimes you need to ignore what's best for your Build, and go with what's fun.

>> No.47609712

Sort of like the Pheonix Force but busier.

More colours, big mad yellow eyes, a shitload of different magical auras and area effects, bits of liquid darkness and lightning swirling in there and predominantly made out of a load of different magical fires and magmas.

Guess I'm quite a lot like the Pheonix Force really, I give people a lot of weird powers for no reason too.

>> No.47609720

It just gets under my skin whenever I see someone try to dismiss one side of an argument like that, if they're not obviously baiting. Even if they're being pissy, it isn't fair to look at a discussion and immediately be snide about one party to the other like gossiping bitch of a schoolgirl, like one side is guilty for arguing when both people were involved.

>> No.47609744

A gigantic sprawling mass of undefined 4-d biomass, layered with several energy shields.
Break past the shields and you have to overwhelm the energy absorption ability.
Overwhelm that and you have to actual hurt the nuke-proof 4-d shoggoth, then you have to burn through the save up biomass, and overwhelm the healing factor.
Also, the more you hurt it, the tougher it gets.

Now I just need some magical and conceptual resistances.

>> No.47609748

No worries. But yeah, the creatures you catch in the Enternal Corridor follow all the same rules as ones you catch anywhere else.

(The thing in Captain Planet is called Construction Supplies. It's the first Drop-In item.)

>> No.47609772

Well, not the anon but you could get "Cognito Hazard" from the SCP jump before going to Overlord...or really just get anything from SCP, especially Broodmother. At that point, anyone, even Ainz will know that your a fucking monster, that beneath that eldritch skin lies the real monster. Cognito Hazard can leave people in near catatonic stupors, they even experiance alien memories that sound a lot like you.
I reccomend it for any Eldritch jumper

>> No.47609781

Thanks for reminding me to take care of Jean Grey in the X-Men Movies jump.
She's already using its power in Apocalypse, I should probably either seal her powers or eat her before she gets out of hand.

>> No.47609816

I completely agree. If they have a point to make, they should make it by explaining why they feel that way, not this passive-aggressive middleschool bullshit where they're too chickenshit to actually tell poeple to stop and move on, but too petty to talk about something else if they're not invested in the argument.

Just comes across as them wasting everyone's time out of spite.

Just found it, thanks.

...I misread that as "bustier"

I'm kinda disappointed...

Hear me out-in the old timeline, Professor X DID suppress her and she went evil/crazy right? In the new timeline, IIRC Professor X read Old Professor X's mind so he knows he done goofed, in the new timeline he's running a mutant school way before he goes bald and during the final battle he's the one confident enough to call in Jean as backup for the mind battle against Apocalypse

I think it's reasonable to assume that Jean has some level of control over her Phoenix form, moreso than the original timeline.

I mean, assuming you're not an amoral predator who values power above all else.

>> No.47609847

>Sort of like the Pheonix Force but busier.
At first I read that as Phoenix Force but bustier, and I was excited. Now I only mildly approve.

>> No.47609848

So what did y'all import in the Godzilla jump?
I'm thinking about importing my Shoggoth alt-form.

>> No.47609864

Kitsune-Dragon Final Form hybrid.

It fucked with the aesthetics of the jump, but it was fun as hell.

>> No.47609880

Kitsune form, I'm a nine-tails by that point.

I then went straight from Godzilla to Naruto.

I fuck with a LOT of people when I turned into a giant nine-tailed fox.

>> No.47609882

>I mean, assuming you're not an amoral predator who values power above all else.
Uh, sometimes?
Depends on if my companions are looking or not.
I've sorta lost most of my morals over the past few hundred years. My companions at least keep me to limiting my god-eating to the evil ones.

If she can demonstrate control over it though, I'll just be on standby. Not like I can't take her if she goes berserk AFTER gaining more power.

>> No.47609921

Glad I wasn't the only one filling all racial levels in angel so I can go full biblical angel on people.

>> No.47609942

OG Nine Tails builders represent.

>> No.47609950

will there ever be an oddworld: strangers wrath jump

>> No.47609965

Rule one: when you make one, fegget.

>> No.47609981

ok thnx. Will you have to defend your Dungeon after your finish the Generic Dungeon Builder jump? Can I make the Dungeon Heart inaccessible post jump? And exactly where is it located? My Warehouse? Somewhere else (extradimensional pocket space)? What about post Spark?

>> No.47609996

>Jump 73: Akame ga Kill
>Jump 74: ???
>Jump 75: Forgotten Realms

What should I jump for 74 and why should I jump it?

>> No.47610001

That thing gave me nightmares as a kid, first as the eye tearing Zero, then as the twisted angel Zero 2. And given how the last game marked the return of Dark Matter, he might still be alive...

>> No.47610006


Because you deserve it.

>> No.47610018

Make a D&D Arc

>> No.47610033

>>Jump 74: ???
Dragonlance, it's new and its beautiful.

Do we have one of those? I couldn't find it on the drive.

>> No.47610067

Kerbal Space Program. Because it's fun, and then you should introduce SPACE! to Forgotten Realms.

>> No.47610102

Either Dick or Head are making it, I believe.

Guy notifying thread of what they're working on (since they were making Doom 2016 but didn't actually claim it) messed up and listed himself twice, so I don't recall which is making which.

>> No.47610122

Corruption of Champions.

Train for one Magical Realm by visiting another.

>> No.47610156

>Corruption of Champions

>> No.47610161

It's banned, fuck off.

>> No.47610167

hey DDanon.

>> No.47610173

We don't really have a /True/ Final Form, but I guess a cheaty combat mode we could take will do.
Swiss Army Wife goes into Black Blood mode, I turn us into an AT field reinforced cloud of smoke and cinders of the various fires I've collected, and we literally rain god slaying katanas, while [SINGING] our opponent a lullaby.
SAW is more of a puddle of vorpal portals than a sword at this point, and I am less a firefox, and more of a musical disintegrator.

That all said, I'm the type to just skedaddle while smugly mocking those involved.
I'd rather people tire themselves out chasing me, than fight them head on. I'll still fight if I feel I have to though.
Joseph best JoJo.

>> No.47610188

Wait, the guy that made CoC is named DDanon? Am I alone in finding that hilarious.

>> No.47610198

Dragon's Dogma Anon. He didn't get his start as a shitposter, he made two legitimate jumps before transforming into cancer.

>> No.47610225

>tfw only done /jc/ jumps
>tfw have the banned/lewd drive bookmarked
>tfw thinking about taking the Monster Musume jump

>> No.47610240

See >>47610161

If you're going to be cancer, do it somewhere else.

>> No.47610349

I actually wouldn't even take it to do lewd stuff. You can do plenty of that in the /jc/ approved jumps.

I just want a couple of the monster perks. And the sofa

>> No.47610357

I don't care. You don't talk about that shit here, period. You are cancer no matter how you justify it to yourself.

>> No.47610385

Does anyone know any perks or of any magic that can increase the amount of space something has inside? Not in the practical sense like the Tardis, more like inside my own body

>inb4 Lewd
I just want to have a bunch of room for cybernetics, so I'm wondering if maybe I could through "This is in fact my final form" have a human sized form but have a hyper compressed kaiju sized organ system.
Thiught it would work as the perk itsef is mid to high scale space warping.

>> No.47610400

>Dragon's Dogma Anon
Ah, well me and my junior high level humor took it to mean big tits. DD's Anon does CoC and all that.

What are his legit jumps?

>> No.47610401

Harry Potter charms can do that.

>> No.47610413

If you're doing this through tech, RWBY, Worm, Undertale, and SimAnt have miniaturization perks. SimAnt and Worm are the strongest by far, but RWBY and Undertale are pretty good too.

>> No.47610418

At least he reminded me that that there are other places that try to into JC.
A quick google of "Jumpchain CYOA" produced many keks.

>> No.47610420

Dragon's Dogma and Shadow of the Colossus.

>> No.47610425

I agree with you, but could you try to learn a new word? You seem pretty fucking one note with all the cancer this and cancer that cancer cancer cancercancercancer cancer.

>> No.47610426

Symbiotes don't do the space-warping thing, but they can miniaturize your organs like none other.

>> No.47610434

Ho boy, this is going to be a doozy.

So firstly, my final is of a human figure, glowing gold, wearing light armour of silver, black, and red; and wearing a white, red, and gold scaled haori on top of that with two small glowing green orbs on his chest linked by a golden chain, the cloak is also releasing a green flame and constantly flapping upwards as if it too was made of fire. He has two extra eyes, one on his forehead, and the other on his chest; two others are on the hilts of the swords floating behind him just over his back and they act as his wings and can produce a seemingly endless number of blades. Behind that, floating as a halo of sorts are a number of orbs, each one made of an element of chakra; fire, water, wind, lightning, earth, poison, wood, ice, acid, and lava which is surrounded by an outer ring of white energy (Hama) and an inner ring of black energy (Mudo).

My eyes resemble those of a snake, with strange, swirling red tattoos on my face. From my back, eight different ethereal blue arms manifest each with an eye on the palm glowing a particular color, green, blue, yellow, purple, red, white, orange, black. Some of these arms are clearly female, others male, one in particular is tightly wrapped in linen and chains. When one of them is called on, they merge with an available arm and through it, manifest a tool, whether a weapon or not, that commands that particular ruhk.

>> No.47610440

Anything else just sounds dumb. Calling him a boil or refuse or a pestilence, sounds like I think I'm fancy.

>> No.47610443



>> No.47610466

Disease? Virus? Error? Not that anon, but there are a lot of things you can say.

>> No.47610477

We have more jumpchain specific ghettos than CYOAs in general do. It's weird.

>> No.47610499

>You are error
Pfff, makes me giggle.

>> No.47610504

Bigger on The Inside from RWBY. You could probably stretch it to working as you want if you have a few intelligence boosts, biological manipulation, and or engineering perks. It does say miniaturizing around living things is uncomfortable for them though, and the weight still remains the same.

>> No.47610511

>that tentacle arm
>that generic japanese protag haircut and deadeyed stare




>> No.47610531

Is there going to be any way to learn how to build Hearts? Obtain more than one?

Jump 37. Dungeon Builder?
• Dropin
• Perks
i. Merchant Dungeoneer
1. Not judged by dungeon
ii. 100 Just Business
1. Basically king in the castle, and less inclined for revenge outside it.
• Dungeon
i. Core
1. Themes
a. 100 Jumper’s Theme
b. Ruins
c. 50 Aesthetics
2. Advanced Themes
a. 300 Flooding, the floor is lava
b. 300 Jumpervania
i. No longer floors, but 3d maze
3. Other
a. 400 Tech, Magic Integration
b. 150 True Maze (re-arrange while occupied)
c. 150 Portraits of Ruin
d. 250 House of Leaves (non-euclidean)
4. Traps
a. 50 Switch Puzzles
b. 50 Temple of Item
c. 100 Skill Tests
d. 100 Jumper Party (mini games)
e. 100 Goddamn water dungeons
f. 100 Mirror Mirror
5. Monsters
a. 100 Binding
b. 50 Monster Safety (instant respawn)
c. 100 Companion Boss
d. 300: Special Qualities
i. Floormaster Status Hexers, Ethereal, Smart, Adaptability
e. Boss Customization
i. 100 Standardization (350 Puzzle Boss, Humanoid Form)
6. Items
a. 50 Dungeon Paint
b. 50 Dungeon chests
c. 600 Consequences Tablet, Tablet of Law
7. Drawbacks (+3000)
a. Unpopular
b. Metacritic
c. Adventurer’s Guild
d. Plucky Adventurers
e. Public Enemy no1
f. Mating Octupi
g. Dungeon Wars, Wrath of the World, Sweet Loot

So... massive incoming, but I've got a non-euclidean, painting-portal Dungeon, with incredibly frustrating logic and lots and lots of different puzzle types, that I can change around at will. And Adventurers get more tired as they go along, but can't leave (before victory) with anything gathered here. Booted out broke, naked, and without memory of the experience if they're defeated... (unfortunately, this will make for a power drop from adventurers, but I'll live)

>> No.47610545

Thank you all so much!
I planned to occupy a human sized form, and by my opponents eyes, generate machinery far bigger than what should be possible
(Like say turn my human sized arm into a stupidly large railgun)
Definitey gonna check out Symbiote annd Harry Potter, also SCP has an Item which would help me out in this little project.

>> No.47610548


My god. ASA's been using Konata as a puppet this entire time.

But this time his disguise malfunctioned. We see him for what he is. And he wears glasses. I KNEW IT!

>> No.47610591

Plot Twist: The True Culprit is ASA!
How's that for a generic anime episode title?

>> No.47610614

Chill out, anon. It's a jump. Just because you don't like it or that it's not in the official drive doesn't mean it's not a jump.

Seriously, it's not like there aren't jumps on the drive that are based on hentai or have sex-focused perks and shit already.

>> No.47610624

We are rather... rotund.
There's just a lot of surface area for tumors and parasites.
Giant silver lining for them, and we still have all the creamy goodness in the middle to play with.
Goddamn, I'm cheesy.
Guess I'm just spoiled.

>> No.47610634

No, it's not a jump. It's fucking trash. Forbidden. Unwanted. Not to be discussed here. Not allowed. Do you fucking get it? This cancer is not ours. We don't want it. We don't want it discussed here. We don't want you. Shut the fuck up at the very least, and preferably get out as well.

>> No.47610661

Okay, how is it trash? Why is it forbidden?
Seriously, what's your deal? Why does it piss you off so much?

>> No.47610671

Just ignore the guy. Shitting yourself in rage isn't going to do the thread any favors.

>> No.47610673

Porn jumps are banned and have always been banned. We don't want them here at all, nor anyone who makes or uses them. End of story.

>> No.47610700

Eh, whatever. Don't really understand it when there's hentai jumps and porn perks already there, and I'm just using it as a second Slice of Life jump, but okay, I won't bring it up again if it gets anons this buttblasted.

>> No.47610719

I knew there was a reason I liked you.

Hell yeah, motherfucker.

>> No.47610729

Oh you'll get used to this kind of behavior.

For all that it's basically a "keep it to yourself / don't be an asshole about it," some guys around here act like it's a personal insult or federal crime to jump something in a single-player campaign.

>> No.47610735

Don't worry anon, it's just that one asshole that has defficient blood pressure, and has to get angry to survive. No one likes him.

To answer your question: If we permitted discussion of these jumps for any purpose, we would be overrun by waifufags that won't talk about ANYTHING but lewds and shit. As such, it is forbidden knowledge.

>> No.47610754

>One asshole
Oh you poor ignorant SB goon.

>> No.47610781

I never said that it was just one person against the lewds, just that it was one person that gets extremely buttblasted due to many topics, this being one of them.

>> No.47610783


If I had to choose a single form for when someone really made me mad?

I would be a featureless black void in the shape of a man, no fancy aura or anything. I don't need to look intimidating to kill you, I'm not here to give you a show, you pissed me off and now you will die.

>> No.47610795

>Anyone who disagrees with me is from SB!

So are we doing this? Any dissenting opinion is either the Anti-Red Shitposter or from SpaceBattles?

Sure sounds like McCarthyism up in here.

>> No.47610799

Again no, you are woefully ignorant. You're lumping in everyone from the shitposter to people are upset at bad jumps to people who are upset about shit like this. All into one, imagined being. That's retarded.

>> No.47610817

Don't think that PuritanAnon doesn't want those purged too.

>> No.47610842


>> No.47610844

See >>47610795

>> No.47610853

>You're lumping in everyone from the shitposter to people are upset at bad jumps to people who are upset about shit like this.

No goddamnit that's exactly what I'm not doing. I recognize that the majority of the thread is against these jumps, and so am I. it's just that there's only one guy that gets EXTREMELY fucking angry, to the point of alienation, every goddamn time this shit happens. The posting style is unique, and the times are telling.

I'm not going to shit up the thread any more, so this'll be my last post about it.

>> No.47610855

So, Jumpers.
Be it for health or recreation, where do you sleep?

>> No.47610865

My house from the generic children's show.

>> No.47610871

>No goddamnit that's exactly what I'm not doing
You're implying the only angry people are one person. See >>47610735
>it's just that one asshole that has defficient blood pressure, and has to get angry to survive. No one likes him

>> No.47610888

Sleeping is shit.

>> No.47610908

That's exactly what a dirty pinko would say...

>> No.47610926

Correcting you is too tempting, so I'll go back on my word.

I wasn't talking about all angry people. I was talking about one PARTICULARLY angry person, who's posted over multiple threads, with the same insults every time, always more derisive and venomous than anyone else, and that actually stated that thing about his blood pressure in one thread.

Maybe I'm wrong and a lot of people are REALLY FUCKIN ANGRY, but there are a lot of similarities in these posts. Again, maybe I'm seeing things, maybe I'm not, but fuck it, clarification over, I'm done with this shit topic.

>> No.47610938

In a big pile with all my companions.

>> No.47610945

Fuck off, Khorne. The rest of Chaos recognizes how nice it is.
Even Slaanesh, as long as you take it "too" far.

>> No.47610946

Everything is fire and multicolored light. In the center of a miles-wide sea of miniature suns and psychedelic death, I zip around as an ant-sized eldritch monster wreathed in rainbow energy. Around me circle many dozens more of the same tiny monsters.

I almost never do this through, only when I actually go all-out. It presents a bunch of collateral and just doesn't allow me to look very awesome. Mainly because enyone looking at me has their eyes burned out before they can register anything.

>> No.47610951

I never said anything about my blood pressure being too low. If fucking anything it's too high from stress. So clearly there are at least two, eh?

>> No.47611032

You answered, so you already lost.

Its the same goddamn pattern here every day, you crackers can't ever just ignore the blatant bait and shitposting.

Such is life in /jc/.

>> No.47611048

See >>47610795

>> No.47611058

The Mansion I bought in Van Helsing, and have upgraded with other Home Purchases over time.

>> No.47611067

>You answered, so you already lost.

Actually right there I didn't feel he was baiting me for a reaction or response, but was actually confused over what I was saying.

If I felt he was baiting me for a reaction as he is now I would ignore him.

And besides, insofar as bait is concerned, you just need to learn to enjoy your anger, anon.

>> No.47611086

Ontop of a pile of money, with many beautiful women</wolfcastle>

>> No.47611100

See >>47611048

>> No.47611114

On the most comfortable I've found in the multiverse in a holodeck room to recreate any setting I feel that night.

>> No.47611127

So the Trapdoor in Van Helsing states it can't be used in the Warehouse.

What about on board the Light of Terra?

>> No.47611138

I live in a haven bag when we don't find somewhere else to live for the jump duration that's a bit more roomy. Its pretty nice but with eleven occupants its a wee bit crowded. Thankfully only five beds are necessary, and a comfy pillow (though usually its on Mairwen's bed because Haul is pretty much her cat/hammerspace ai buddy), and a nice sheath for Chardent.

>> No.47611158

Wherever I collapse after a long day of drug and alcohol use.

>> No.47611166

Well... you wouldn't get any of the fancy building interactions, but I don't think there's anything out-and-out WRONG with that?

But having trap-door-floors in your LoT is probably going overboard.

>> No.47611180

Oh, should note, I'm not the jump-maker.

Would get a direct answer from him instead of me.

>> No.47611183

Nothing against it, so go nuts putting trapdoors in your LoT. Make it even more labyrinthe.

>> No.47611195

99.99% chance it opens into the Event Horizon.

>> No.47611230

I asked this for another ship before and the answer was it works and there is a cave in it like normal.

The question is what happens when you save up trap doors and put one inside another?

>> No.47611235

Well I enjoyed my dorm in Raildex. I maximized it's space till it the inside of the dorm was three times its initial volume inside. And after applying some illusion fields to stop people from bothering us, my companions and I started reconfiguring the room so that each room wasn't hundreds of meters long with some RPIP from Biomega and spatial warping.

Then we go on to make some high tech furniture and enjoy our time together watching movies and playong games, and building technolgy.

>> No.47611267

Jesus I really butchered that first sentence, damn mobile posting.

*I maximized its space till it was three times its initial volume*
I utilized scp-184 so that it didn't disrupt its outside dimensions.

>> No.47611276

Oh, here I assumed you would have used something easier like space expansion charms from Harry Potter.

>> No.47611280

Trapdoorception, obviously.

What /I'm/ wondering is what happens if you put trapdoors everywhere on a ship and in those trapdoors, AND then import it into Kancolle. Do you get a normal ship girl? Or a trap?

>> No.47611292

You get a holy girl obviously. Probably a sister of battle with sainthood.

>> No.47611295

Hot dog down a hallway.

>> No.47611330

>What /I'm/ wondering is what happens if you put trapdoors everywhere on a ship and in those trapdoors


Next, you put SCP-184 in each trap door. Wait a few days.

THEN. KanColle it.

>> No.47611332 [SPOILER] 


>> No.47611344

That probably would've been easier, but I liked scp-184 since its only limit is 3 times the initial volume of whatever its housed in, and can actually exceed that at the cost of it messing up some of the inner stuff like making doors that lead into walls.

Also 184 would work on even machinery allowing even further augments.

>> No.47611385

What is 184.

>> No.47611415

A SCP that you can get as an item in the SCP-Jump. It expands the space of whatever its put inside without messing with its outer dimensions over the course of like 3 days.

>> No.47611428

Oh look, I got dubs, and fair number of replies.
Happy day!

I use shapeshifting to extend my tails into a pillow fort, and then snuggle my wife.
My tails are the softest, fluffiest things in the multiverse.
If I feel like spoiling the kids, they can snuggle too.
This is objectively the best use for shapeshifting.

>damn mobile posting
I know this feel.

>> No.47611542

Trying to browse 4plebs, could you at least tell me which thread it was in?

Want to make sure.

>> No.47611558

Whoops, mis-quoted. >>47611230 was who I meant to ask.

Really gotta replace this mouse.

>> No.47611685

Reading this, they apparently found it in Kowloon? Damn. That place must have been an entire pocket universe by the time they retrieved the SCP.

>> No.47611761

It was. They got lost for months in there.

>> No.47611796

Alright Jumpers,

Do you have a trophy room to look fondly back on your adventures or are you not that sentimental?

I've created a museum with wings for everything from weapons, art (may or may not have obtained legally), alien artifacts, creatures I've defeated, and the Hall of Me containing statues of every form I've had in the chain (yes I'm a narcissist, but who isn't?)

It was a bitch moving Thresher Maw into my Mega Fauna exhibit and Dr. Jones still doesn't like that I stole the Ark of the Covenant for my Religious Icons section.

>> No.47611829

Yeah, I found the link to the journal of the guy who got lost trying to retrieve it. But I think that, if anything, the story there undersells it. The Kowloon Walled City was essentially one single enormous building by the time it was destroyed. If the SCP had responded to that instead of sticking to one room at a time...

>> No.47611832

>Jump 20: Touhou Project
>Seven of Wands, reversed (Quarrels, perplexity, and indecision at a crucial moment.)
>Location: Youkai Mountain
Well, at least it's pretty.
>Identity: Mage (0)
>Species: Vampire (-300)
I do believe I mentioned that I am a magical vampire lich. This fits like a glove.
>Jumper's Theme (650)
Having a leitmotif is almost never a bad thing!
>Soar (550)
"His pattern indicates two-dimensional thinking."
>Magician's Mind (500, mage)
Well, this is quite fitting, to be certain. Though the 'You never forget how to perform a skill or ability' part is frankly more appealing than the ease in learning magic part.
>Doll Maker of Bucuresti (400, mage)
This isn't science, this is SCIENCE!. The exclamation part is important.
>Border of Life (0, mage)
If it lives, I can kill it. If it bleeds, I can kill it faster.

I went in hoping that I really could do the thing right, and do the whole 'create peace between everyone in Gensokyo' thing. And you know, it was almost within my reach. But it seemed as though it would only happen as long as I was there trying to micromanage everything and keep things peaceful. If I looked away at the wrong time, or even hesitated in certain cases... it would all fall apart and I would have to start over again.

So, no secret ending for me. I gave it a good try, and it's probably a thing that CAN be accomplished... but not within ten years, and not without changing a lot of peoples' minds in terms of how they think of others and themselves. Was worth a try, though.

>> No.47611848

Long long ago I suggested a Supplement for /jc/
It had no points, nothing to buy.

It was just a Trophy Room, infinitely sized. With one simple rule "you can't take anything out until you get your spark".

I assume I have said Trophy Room. Because I like Knick Knacks.

>> No.47611886

Should work. I took the Lord's Castle and the Trapdoor myself, and started just stacking castles and trapdoors onto the FOB from Metal Gear. At this point it's a hyperdimensional castle that'll make shit like Hogwarts look sane and normal.

>> No.47611972

I don't have a True Final Form. I don't even do much shapeshifting or alt-forming, though I've got plenty of each, so I'm usually in whatever body I've been granted for the Jump. But that's the way I prefer it. I give no hints I'm about to unleash all hell upon my opponent. I simply do it. No speeches, no grand light shows or long strings of chanting Draconic. Just the sudden release of massive, overkill amounts of arcane energy in their direction.

I may be a Tech/Harem Jumper first and foremost, but I've gathered an insane amount of offensive magical ability along the way. But the only time someone finds that out is when they've ticked me right the hell off.

Visit Borderlands grab a Storage Deck. They're pretty small to start out with and you can put a small room's worth of stuff in each one. You might be able to reverse engineer it or use smaller version of it to hold your specialized organs.

I usually keep a setting appropriate house in each Jump, but I'm most comfortable sleeping in my Warehouse. Upstairs there's a bedroom tucked into the back that's pretty much all bed. Wall to wall magical memory foam with just enough space for the door to open and to make dressing/undressing easy. Usually one or more of my Companions sleeps in the Ultra-Bed with me, but they have their own rooms so it's not like it's required. After everyone was revived in Hellsing, we pretty much slept like in a pile like puppies for a while.

I'm surprisingly sentimental, but insanely unorganized at times. Think Warehouse 13 and you'll have an idea what the inside of my Cosmic Warehouse looks like. If it wasn't for the computer system I'd have no idea where things were half the time. This has caused problems in the past.

>> No.47612069

You can get that with Shivers. It's a Gauntlet so be careful, but it is doable, especially if you're good at puzzles.

>> No.47612128

There's that museum-related jump that has your trophy room, rule included... well, as a museum.

>> No.47612152

>There's that museum-related jump
Which jump is this?

>> No.47612173

I believe he's talking about Shivers. It's in the gauntlet folder, but you have the option to run it as a non-gauntlet jump in exchange for increasing the difficulty.

>> No.47612175

> It's a Gauntlet so be careful



>> No.47612192

Don't like Gauntlets?

>> No.47612199

What I wish I could say my final form is.... now imagine that with the hair being a lot more red and probably only the size of a short human. What? I am not one of those Huge jumper freaks who obsessed with size (outside of a few body parts)

>> No.47612224

A slightly larger dog.

>> No.47612340

I just use the various metafiction perks and items. Close enough to trophies for me. Actual ones just end up as decor.
I have my own book series, movie collections, and animes.
My companions have access to it, so those left in Warehome can still be with me in spirit. They can get up to the minute broadcasts of my ongoing misadventures to keep them entertained while I'm away with the Active-8.

Though I keep the more explicit formats between my wife, Jumpchan, and I.
We do not need the kids getting into our porn stash, only to awkwardly remember that their moms are shapeshifting narcissists.

>> No.47612348

Nah, love them to death.

But I took My Best Puzzles, The Collector, Nightmare at the Museum, Wrath of the Snake God, Brotherly Love, and Me Out There You In Here.

I wiped my memories of the whole damn debacle the second I finished shoving those fucks into the vessels. And I'm not going to undo it.

>> No.47612451

My specialized cyborg body. Used to be my main combat form, but I upgraded it and my civilian cyborg body to the point where it became a waste for most fights to change out of the civilian body.

Or I'll go Kaiju and answer the quest "what would happen if Alex Mercer was in pacific rim?

>> No.47612456

>Jump 21: Darkstalkers
>Five of Swords, reversed (Refusing to achieve success through personal degradation.)
>Age: 27
>Location: Makai
... y'know, when someone told me to go to Hell, this wasn't the place I had in mind.
>Identity: Blooded
Just because I'm one of them doesn't mean I agree with their plans.
>Arcane Assault (900, Blooded)
Super attacks? Really? By now I'm pretty sure my super attack would be "consecutive normal punches" considering I've not been slacking on my training since Elona and Kenichi.
>Scent of Evil (800)
Good and evil are relative, but being a dick cannot be allowed. Fortunately, evil usually means they're being dicks anyway.
>Comes the Dawn (600)
Amplified relaxation? You know what, this is a perk I could definitely get behind.
>Demonic Lineage (Free, Blooded)
Yes, yes, vampire. We all know the score by now.
>Delicious and Nutritious (Free, Blooded)
Wait. With Comes the Dawn, does this mean that drinking blood is twice as good when we consider it a nap?
>Transformative Wings (500, Blooded)
Important because Blood Magic. Hemokinesis, even if it's only my blood, is a useful power. Just ask Alucard what happens when you can't control your blood well enough.
>Elegant Appearance (350, Blooded)
I already could change shape, but this helps it - instead of rough shapeshifting, this will help iron out the details. Still not perfect, but a definite improvement.
>Blood Magic (100, Blooded)
Change my shape into liquid flat-out? Enhance my shapeshifting even further? Yes please.
>Asidespace (Free, Blooded)
Never hurts to hold onto things without having to open a door to the warehouse. After all, I don't have any way to bypass that yet.
>Crown of Makai (0, Blooded)
My first command as vampire lord: everyone is to punch Demitri.

As I said, being a dick is not allowed. I was tempted to get drawbacks to further increase my power... but honestly? Not worth the compromise. Sometimes it's best to say 'this is enough' instead of grabbing for power at all costs.

>> No.47612488

All right. Time for The One True Pirate King's 2nd Jump. If you all would be so kind as to make some suggestions, I'll make up a table of 10 and roll on it.

>> No.47612512

Undertale, Symbiote, Chronicles of Narnia.

>> No.47612517

Undertale, Evangelion, Kamen Rider.

>> No.47612519


>> No.47612532

Generic dungeon, dc, marvel, okami, ravenloft.

>> No.47612580

Rolled 1 (1d10)

Wow, two votes for Undertale. That should be... interesting. A pretty good mix overall. Let's see what the dice have to say. Also, thanks everyone.

1. Undertale
2. Sybiote
3. Chronicles of Narnia
4. Evangelion
5. Kamen Rider
6. Commorragh
7. Generic Dungeon (Crawl or Builder) Jump
8. DC
9. Marvel
10. Okami

>> No.47612589

Ha ha ha!

>> No.47612610

Just as a warning, beware Flowey. He can reset time up until Frisk shows up. And whatever you do, DON'T piss off Sans.

>> No.47612649

Well, geeze, okay Universe! I can take a hint. I'm going, I'm going.

Oh, I've played through the game down both paths, so I know the drill. Trying to figure out how such a selfish individual will react to the world will be interesting. He doesn't have the power to pull of Murdertale, but he also has no desire to make friends for the True Pacifist route.

Good to know about Flowey being able to reset time until Frisk shows up.

>> No.47612654

>Jump 22: Blade
>The Devil (Being seduced by the material world and physical pleasures.)
>Age: 35
>Location: A Nightclub With Blood Sprinklers
Fucking seriously? First thing we do, we stake the DJ.
>Identity: Daywalker (-300)
All of their strengths. And then some.
>Internal Playlist (300)
See, I'm not stupid enough to go running around listening to music during a fight. But knowing that I've got enough focus to let me do it without interfering with what I do, that's a major benefit.
>The Benefit of Blood (200, Daywalker)
OM NOM NOM. Actually I've got a couple fridges full of blood so I'm not exactly worried about eating bums or something.
>Life Is A War (Free, Daywalker)
Well, a little extra knowledge of how to use weapons doesn't hurt. Even if it's guns with sword handles or whatever it is that Blade's carrying around these days.
>The True Daywalker (Free, Daywalker)
None of their weaknesses etc.
>He's Got These Things, Man (0)
No problems moving in any way no matter how much I carry? I'd like to subscribe to your newsletter.

You know what? I'm not going to lie, these vampires know how to do well for themselves. They've got one hell of a scam going on.

I think I'm going to have fun getting into the first movie, getting that idiot woman who was nearly turned to show me how to create more of the cure for vampirism, and then promptly start running around and forcibly curing every vampire that I can find, just to watch all their nice things fall apart. Also I'm stealing everything from them that I like because I can. My warehouse needs new decor.

Honestly that sounds like the most hilarious way to deal with this jump though. Also I wonder if I can cure Dracula's vampirism? That would make it DOUBLY hilarious.

>> No.47612655

'Ello there, Digger. Sorry for the wait.

Now, let's see... Jump right in!

Drop-in: It's been... A while.

I've covered wars, you know?: Survival experience? Alright.
Working in the Shadows: To be fair, sometimes one DOES have to hide their hands.
Plug N' Play(300): Such a wonderful energy equalizer. Especially once one imagines how you can stick, say, a Memory into a Space Energy Driver. Ah!~
The Power Cosmic(300): As power begets knowledge...
Knowledge is Power(600): Knowledge begets power. And so, ascension steps ever closer. I mean, really – the more knowledge you have on the subject, the more powerful both Astroswitches and Memories grow. And the broader the subject, the more infinite is the expanse of data available.

Although, I do have to ask – can we eventually figure out how to create Clear and Type Two Memories? Or is the Clear Memory perk necessary for that?

I want to be the One!: Kamen Rider Fourze: I can't even say why this one specifically. A testimony to the impression it made on me, mayhaps?
Cool Jacket and Shades: Y'know what? Fine. Gimme.
Bowl of Never-Ending Udon: Digger, you bad person you. Now I am hungry.
Widget Detector(100): That's some niiiiice range you are giving us, here. Don't mind if I do!~
Prototype Combo Driver – Tri-Memory – Music, Blood and Null(200): Now you can work with THREE Memories!
Mysterious Package (200 CP): Space IS pretty great.

Hypersonic Princess(300): Is she based off Wakana? Regardless, welcome onboard!

To be cont.

>> No.47612670

Let’s Go Kamen Riders: Some day, I'll actually watch Showa. It'll be great. Which one is the one with nuclear Rider Kick?~
WISP Brigade: All the way. Show me what's behind the door.
Pay the Piper(+200): Some humility never hurts, really.
Unleash the Greeed(+200): Arctic Combo, hm? Wonder how that works out.
I’ve Got to be the One? – Fourze: Gentarou... Where are you? What have I done?!
Space is Awful!(+600): What have I done? This is all wrong. That was not supposed to happen. Why did the world change? How?

Scenario 2: Unlimited Colors
Ah. The Gauntlet, more wonderful than many. Truly, something to taste the struggles of this world's everyday hero. Outstanding.



>"The heroes are in trouble, and the threat level has escalated. How unfortunate. Now, how do I defuse the situation with what I have? Time to tinker..."


>"Too fast, too fast! Null, null, NULL! What's this Kabuto ridiculousness?!"


>"...And it did not occur to you to train or help them, rather than BEAT THEM UP?! That's not... Bah."


>"...I am truly sorry. You were never supposed to exist. Everything about this situation is utterly disguisting."


>"Can they even BE helped? Really, helped?"


>"Gentarou died in that car crash. The Core Child has no hope of equaling the determination of Red Eyes. Let's see what can be done."


>"Despair not, Gamou, for this is the future you chose. And even then, you're not living past tomorrow to witness it. I am sorry it had to happen this way. Take pride in your sacrifices, for Presenters shall witness us."


>"Now. What song does one play to a bunch of friendship-obsessed Proteans?"


>"I close my eyes, tell us why must we suffer..."


Thank you, Digger. Inspired me to finally continue watching those wonderful series.

>> No.47612732

So in dragonlance with the cooking herb item. I am pretty sure there is a joke I am missing here. What is there another use for majoram? It's been a very long time since I read the books.

>> No.47612740

>Which one is the one with nuclear Rider Kick?~
Kuuga, but he's actually Heisei. Just the very first Heisei-era Rider.

>> No.47612769

Frisk will take care of the making friends thing.

>> No.47612786

Explains why I thought it looked slightly like Showa, I suppose. Thank you!

>> No.47612901

That is fucking hilarious

>> No.47612925

Treasure planet for a replacement to Undertale. I think trying to cram a planet into the warehouse would be entertaining.

>> No.47612941

It's a spell component as well. The Majere brothers talk about how Raistlin used to get bitched at for using his spell components for cooking.

>> No.47612973

Voldemort was spelt wrong in the notes.

>> No.47612995

I sure hope so, because TOTPK certainly isn't going to do it himself.

I know, right? I was laughing my ass off when I saw the dice roll.

Slotted in. No offence to the other Anon, but Ravenloft would probably eat this guy alive as things stand.

Time to start building and writing. Would you guys prefer to see me writefag as I go, or do a bunch of Jumps with a very general description of the adventure in each and writefag it later?

>> No.47613087

Which ever one works for you-
Oh God, I just remembered. How the hell are you going to handle Omega Flowey or Hypergod Asriel?

>> No.47613111

I'd like to see you writefag each jump, but thats just me.

>> No.47613158

I'm seriously considering spending the points to Companion Frisk to do a lot of the heavy lifting. The only other option is staying out of the main story as much as possible and letting it naturally progress towards the Pacifist ending. But that would be kind of boring.

I was asking only because it would be slower going that way, but writefagging as I go is the way I usually do things.

>> No.47613191

Companioning Frisk is probably a good idea, you're going to want someone to be nice person/public speaker/what ever the term is, not just in this jump but in future ones.

>> No.47613235


>11th: Our Hero - Starting in 351AC
Rewards: +200cp, Mounted Greater Dragonlance
Warmage [200] So, uh, do I just posses some armor or something?

The sun burns in the sky above rolling hills. Barbarians of the Plains walk forth, towards the forests of Solace.

Amongst them glides a red-robed being of vapor and ghostly essence, shrouded in shadow and darkness. It's eyes glint with hourglass-like pupils, cooly observing it's surroundings.

...While whistling a jaunty little tune, and carrying a pink umbrella to shield himself from the sun. Hm... potatoes...


And it's time to run. AGAIN. Oh, how much fun these chases are. I have to be very careful through, because if I don't leave enough of a trail, our pursuers could give up.
And that would be boring.

I even gained toys to travel with me. I mean... party members. Yes, that's the word. the Rice-Tin (Atleast I think that was it?) fellow seems to be particulary... disturbed, by the similarity of our eyes, and maybe also my reputation. But we are brothers in magic, so I won't spook him /too/ much. Just a lot.

Tormenting the Kender, however, can be done with abando... Aaand that was my contigent curse. Stupid little thing needs to keep it's fingers out of my stuff. Ah well, now those fingers are detached from his hands and flying around him to torment and annoy.

But I'm a merciful Lizard Ghost. The curse will wear off in a few decades. Probably. Might've confused it for the permanent bloodline curse. Again. Ah well, no great loss.


>> No.47613247

>Companioning Frisk

Do it


>> No.47613282

You're right. He will need a Mr. Smee to his Captain Hook.

"Friends" are easier to drug and toss into stasis tubes I suppose.

Fucking LOVE that song!

>> No.47613303

Draconians. My brethren. Or atleast, the corrupted scions of the Metallic dragons.

Stone they become in their death. I shall paint funny things on them, and display them next to my wizard's tower.
Should've known mortals never accept the easy magical solution.

In fact, they actually tried to attack me when I suggested reanimating their tribe. The nerve of some people.

This is why I don't offer to just teleport them where they need to go, or cast a flight spell on them. Ungrateful mortals need to loosen up and embrace unlife and MAGIC!
A shame. They fought her, the black dragon. Slew it with the magic of their staff.

They think the tribeswoman died too.

I know better. A goddess came here, and intervened. I recognized her. The one's who's been messing with me since I arrived. Probably just doesn't like my Ghooostly nature.

Guess that explains why I'm buried in rocks instead. Maybe it also has something to do with barely participating in the battles.

But instead, I've been looking into /her/ mind. And I think it's time we get some inside help. Isn't that, right Arixen? This Khisanth may prove useful... and I still have some diamonds left...
Dragons, armies of dragons and their kin, marching for Evil.

I'm a draconic ghost, riding my own dragon. Behind me is a platoon of other dragons sworn to my cause, of colors both metallic, chromatic, and stranger still.

I'm wearing shades, it's midnight, and the only weapon I'm carrying is a terribly old sword...
Let's do this.
I raise Gram, the Dragon Slayer. ...Then try again with telekinesis, because I forgot my hands can't touch it. Again.

>> No.47613354

>mfw I posted that song a couple of threads ago as Frisk's theme
>mfw other people find it and love it too.
Feels pretty good!

>> No.47613361

Seems more like a Flapjack to me...

>> No.47613377

It's pretty fucking great.

>> No.47613535

Another question for you when you show up again, Epicureanon. Would it be possible to eventually use Artifactory to create something like the lesser Orb of Scrying that's a module reward?

>> No.47613592

> Not posting the Genocide Run song.


>> No.47613603

Chara go and stay go.

>> No.47613619

Better Genocide run song

Bonus:Sung by a german girl


>> No.47613623

Best way to survive undertale, be immune to time manipulation and spend ten years repeatedly turning frisk into a stain on the floor.

>> No.47613641

I recant my previous heresy and gladly accept the Kraut Femme as our Genocidal overlord.

>> No.47613660

Wha-Why Frisk? Huh?

>> No.47613690

It is important to keep the plot from progressing in order to survive Undertale, a jumper could stop it cold by keeping frisk from moving forward.

>> No.47613718

...not...really? There are plenty of ways to survive. Omega Flowey? Everyone else was fine. Asriel? Go chill out with Napstablook. Killing Frisk probably won't help, ESPECIALLY if Sans is protecting them.

>> No.47613774

>Omega Flowey
Surviving that event is as easy as closing the blinds to your window and then going back to lying on the floor or working on some mix tapes.

>> No.47613789


This warms my salty heart! Interesting choice with the Power Cosmic and Knowledge is Power, that does make sense...
You can figure it out with enough tech perks and some refined Gaia Memories to reverse engineer, Not gonna say it's easy but its super possible

As for Hypersonic Princess?...I actually don't know what I based her off of, I just liked the idea of a shrewd kind-hearted heiress and got inspired by her initial name, Penelope pitstop
RIP Gentaro...and I hope your confrontation with the Presenters went well, they're essentially a Spiral Race. Not completely unreasonable but unafraid to dole out justice if they need to
their allies on the other hand are stuff like the Dogma empire and the Crisis empire from the Showa worlds so
They'll be the main problems if you do somehow convince them the beauty and worth in humanity
on a tangent, rip gentaro, too pure for this world
Thank you for jumping, It's always pleasant to see people enjoying it
especially cause it's fucking gigantic
It also is super awesome to see more people getting into Rider because of the jump as well
soon i will have my own army of karate bugman fan minions! WAHAHAHAH!

>> No.47613854

On principle I think a jumper taking the "hard men making hard decisions while rock hard" approach to conflict is often unnecessary.
With the massive number of out-of-context abilities available, there should be better solutions.
And yes, this is admittedly coming from someone who has moments of EDGE in his chain.

>> No.47613856

Hey Digger, exactly how durable/fast is the Multi King form?

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