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>It's the editionless shitposter again.

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Dammit, at least it has the .pdf

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>No edition
>Go fuck yourself

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Progress report!

>Fairy Tail update almost done - but there wasn't much that needed to be done.

>An announcement concerning Battleborn Jump.

I'm going to confirm a few things in advance, just so you know now.

1. Yes, there will be a Canon Companion option. Battleborn from your Faction will be discounted - so an Eldrid Jumper can Companion Thorn or Miko for half the cost of Companioning Oscar Mike or Orendi.

2. Yes, you can install ISIC into your (insert thing an AI can go in here) if you Companion or Pod him. I just don't know why you think that's at all a Good Idea That Won't Result In Millions Of Deaths. Because it's not. It's a terrible idea likely to result in millions of deaths. Upgrade that to billions if the thing you're installing him in is a starship with any major complement of weaponry.

3. No, your ability to make new stars, if you have it, will not be disabled. What it WILL do is draw Varelsi to you like moths to a flame. Since, ya know, eating/stealing stars is their whole thing, and someone who can outright reverse that makes for a high priority target. Still if you can get them out there and KEEP them out there folks are gonna love you.

4. If you feel like you need to ask me whether or not I'll allow it, it is more likely than not something you, or the universe, or both, will come to regret you doing. Or maybe it's just incredibly silly. Either way, go ahead and ask anyway.

5. Yes, you can use the Canon Companion option to pick up Rendain, but why on Ekkunar would you want to?

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I've actually got to applaud his restraint, considering there was a five-hour gap. I think that's the longest gap we've had between threads in an entire month.

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Will there be a canon character companion option in the Fairy Tail update?

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What do you do when you're bored?

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SMTAnon, this is the list I'm assuming you mean?
>There are a couple of duplicates
>Some of these were WIP when the list was made
>Some more are probably WIP since the list has been made.
>Entire list worth of jumps may have been posted by one person.
>May contain spiderstraces of nuts.
Write responsibly: please check in thread before dumping a new jump in thread.

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Possibly. No promises just yet, because first I'd need to figure out how I wanted to do this. Do I want to scale their price by power level like with the Magics, or do I want to make it a flat price? Do I want to make it a guaranteed Companion, or a chance at convincing them? Do I want to exclude Zeref and Acnologia from the options? Well, okay, yes I do but that's besides the point.

The point being there's a few decisions to be made there.

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>Back From the Dead Edition

Tinker with stuff. Bake stuff.
Give people free stuff.

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Baldur's Gate (The Game)? Which one, there was a Baldur's Gate for PS2 or PS1 and a completely different series on the PC. Heck from what I remember that's a Forgotten Realms world, or are they not covered by the Forgotten Realms Jump? I have so many questions.

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I just want Juvia(and maybe Erza) without a Pod.

>> No.47587459

Assuming for a moment that I am in fact adding one, that will be possible.

I just need to figure out how best to MAKE that possible.

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Justice-chan gets it

>> No.47587484

Make (mostly) benign SCPs and release them into the wild, putting divination spells on them so I can watch how people react to them.

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Perhaps you can make it so that we can take only Guildmates with us, with their price decided by the E to S Rank scale, that way we'd be paying for more the higher the persons starting power level. An EX or challange option for the true outliers, like the Original Fairy Tail Master and Big Z.

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You do realize that would take up more pages than the rest of the jump right.

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You know, Justice, there are a lot of things I disagree with you on. But if there's one thing in which I can look at you as a comrade on, as a brother... it's this excellent taste in waifus.

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I often don't agree with your opinions, but on this we are united. Today, we stand for Justice.

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He has so many though, he's bound to get it right on occasion.

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“Human beings make life so interesting. Do you know, that in a universe so full of wonders, They have managed to invent Boredom.”

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That could work, theoretically, though I'd be surprised if anyone went Mermaid Heel, Lamia Scale, Blue Pegasus, etc. if I went with "Guildmates only."

Also I'm currently debating adding a Drawback where Lacrima of your various out-of-Jump magics get scattered throughout the world. The higher-tier they are, the more likely they are to end up in the hands of someone Capital-E Evil. It can also combo with the new 'Acnologia hates you and you specifically' Drawback if you want +800 points and for him to have implanted Lacrima of ALL your magic.

Note, this only applies to MAGIC. Your supertech and psionics are safe.

For now.

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Cook, bake, sew, do a bit of gardening, playing a harp, going for drives, wandering about new towns, and window shopping.

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Not really that bad a drawback if you have little or no magic then is it?

>> No.47587571

You would have to do a tiered chart for the characters of every guild for that to work! The whole E - S rank thing doesn't exist in Fairy Tail so you would have to specify for every character that is available!

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E-S rank isn't really a thing. You have the S rank mages clearly identified and that's it.

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I vote to add Crash retold and its whole glorious sage
Also Tails gets trolled

Hey umm is there more magic options?
And also will there be perks for allowing for creative exploitation of magic or just stronger magic reserves in general?
Probably not going to change much since I went drop-in Archive and God-killer flame magic.

I'm going all in with those 2 magics.

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And even S-rank is flimsy since different guilds have different standards. Phantom Lord's S-class did not reach anywhere near Fairy Tail's S-class.

>> No.47587593

Please don't use that idea, it would be a mess. A discount for members of the same guild as you might be a good idea though.

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Not if you only set it Rank, not detailing the individuals save for the few who are true outliers as I stated before. I see where you could have read my post oddly so I apologized.

Holy shit that spoiler though. It hurts right in my greedy spots.

And I have been told.

Neat idea.

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I suppose I'll have to figure out a workaround. Possibly including having him pull from old enemies instead.

Aaaand yeah, that'd also be a concern. I could try ranking them by the Class of their primary Magic on the table, but that carries its own risks and it'd end up making no sense in some cases.

>more magic options
Yes, but it's honestly not too expansive a list of additions.

>creative exploitation, greater reserves

That's shounen for you, I guess. You are now reading that line in Happy's voice.

>discount for guildmates

Yeah, that'll work.

>> No.47587623

Or just have it work on all abilities instead of just magic. Like the previous criticism, pulling from old enemies doesn't matter if none of your enemies used magic.

>> No.47587624

Meant to delete top line. Crap...

>> No.47587629

Will Crash work like it is supposed to in the update?

>> No.47587632

Go flying.

>> No.47587637

>No Bobobo Jump yet

Until that gets fixed, where I can absurd powers aside from Soft Physics from Worm?

>> No.47587639

Better yet, will Crash and Disassembly be separated into two magics so they're not just a baseless power grab option?

>> No.47587642

You do make a very good point.

Congratulations, no one is safe!

Yes, assuming I can remember what I did wrong in the first place.

>> No.47587650

As it stands they are the weakest option in the S-Rank section. . .

>> No.47587651

Make chimeras.

>> No.47587653

What the fuck is going on with that face?!

>> No.47587664

See >>47587639

There's no reason for 2 S rank magics to be offered as one, beyond the same guy having them both. They do close to the opposite thing, are never used in concert and no other magic is offered in a two for one deal despite being about as justified as the reasoning for these two.

Yeah, not like Gildartz beat Bluenote (The guy with Gravity magic) with just crash huh?

>> No.47587678

Splitting them up is one thing, but I thought you meant I'd written the description of Crash's effects themselves incorrectly.

>> No.47587682

As compared to Machina Soul (Machines in jump are pretty universally poor, the only reason this is so high is because of inter jump balancing), Satan Soul (Better, but all the good ones require you to beat some of the strongest guys in the show) and Gravity Magic (In series weaker then Crash by itself, much less with the other one added too)

>> No.47587691

That has less to do with what his magic is and more to do with the fact that Gildarts is a BAMF.

>> No.47587696

I'm a different guy. Not sure what the other guy is on about, though I guess the description is a little vague compared to "This magic just crushes things"

>> No.47587701

>a tens of thousands year old multi-dimensional traveler with abilities ranging from conceptual punch ghosts to superhuman card game skills arrive
>they're not even the weirdest thing in the setting

>> No.47587703

Who knows

>> No.47587705

You can say the same for almost all magics except for Take Over magics and item magics. ALl of it gets stronger because the user gets stronger, even Slayer stuff or the non take over S class magics.

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As a side note, I'd like to apologize for the vagueness of Territory - but it'd be wrong of me to apologize on Mashima's behalf. I gave all the information I could get.

I swear, why did I even bother working with shounen for Jumps.

>> No.47587723

And Natsu got wrecked early on by people using way weaker magic then Dragonslaying Magic. Works both ways. Crash is basically the ultimate offensive magic, it crushes anything, even other spells, long as the user has enough power. Disassembly is almost as good, particularly in how it also works on magic and can basically nullify most attacks or massively weaken living beings.

>> No.47587724

Nina and her dog are such close friends now.

>> No.47587729

Please don't slit them up, they go together so perfectly and you wouldn't be able to get them both if they were slit up.

>> No.47587736

Did people actually die in that setting aside from flashbacks?

I don't remember anyone being killed in the series. I have yet to read the manga.

>> No.47587741

>Go together so well
So do Requip and Sword Magic. We don't get those together, why should we get two super strong magics together either? If you want something, it should be justified, as is it's just a power grab.

>> No.47587750

No they don't. They do the opposite of what the other does, using them together is a complete waste of energy in most cases because using one can generally accomplish most of what using the other can. They're never used together by Gildartz either.

>> No.47587756

These two posts are both me as one person by the way, for openness sake. Posted the first on accident before I was done.

>> No.47587759

I don't mean in terms of complimenting each other's strength I mean they go together thematically, they don't compliment each other that way very much at all.

>> No.47587767

Honestly the part that surprises me about all this is that it's a 180 from what was - at least as far as I can remember - the general consensus when I was first adding the S-Class table.

Granted, that was nearly a year ago so my memory could be completely wrong.

>> No.47587768

Not really. Unless you count crushing things and spitting them apart, pretty close to being opposites, as thematic. It's a completely inadequate justification for keeping them as a 2 magic for the price of one deal, considering how many magics in fairy tail work that way.

>> No.47587786

Oh, you know. Program, do some system defrags, play the theremin, run a few trillion simulations on key shatterpoints in fate, go flying through outer space, play some vidya with the companions and cook.

For what it's worth, Territory's still my favorite purchase from that jump.

I wish I could contribute more in the way of critique but I genuinely don't know Fairy Tail well enough to suggest constructively.

>> No.47587789

Hence my thoughts that people just wanted power. I did speak up about this back then and why it made no sense but my posts were obviously smothered by the people just wanting both S class magics. I think it'd be fine if it had any justification at all, but there doesn't seem to be any other then "A guy in canon has both." which applies to countless magics.

>> No.47587796

I thought Crash was explosions, not crushing. Well, I suppose you could crush things with explosions if you aimed them right. Or make something explode if you applied crushing pressure in the right place. The more I think about this the less sure I am there's any appreciable difference.

>> No.47587798

So, you know that, "Hold my beer" thing? You know, "It would if you could do *this* and *such*." then "I can" then "Nah" and then "Hold my beer" right?

The girls and I do that (especially when we've got transdimensional telepathy), and it can get down right silly. Like the time we had an actual Samurai vs. Mecha battle.

I was the Samurai. Kirishima was (in) the Mecha. Akitsu and Kurumu were the spectators and announcers.

Luckily, this was before the L'Cie got kicked out of Cocoon, so we could still play around.

As a note, at some point Akitsu had a pack of those wolf things (the name escapes me) following her around (it was the result of another 'hold my beer' moment that ended with her suplexing a behemoth) they were surprisingly cute.

>> No.47587805

For what it's worth I'm all for whatever you suggested if it's closer to canon, I really don't know Fairy Tail enough to be invested in any powergrabby potential herein

>> No.47587808

It smashes/crushes (The descriptions vary a bit between both terms) anything it comes into contact with, including other magic spells. It can also be used to make cushions against falls by crushing the ground beneath you, as defensive shields against attacks, imbued into your body to enhance destructive power of punches or fired as blasts.


>> No.47587815

Fairy Tale update? Sweet stuff!

Hopefully I'll still be able to afford Gun, Sword, and Requip Magics. They've been my mainstays throughout my Chain and have life so much more easy in so many ways.

>> No.47587816

Here is the thing, people want Gildart's magic. Dissasembly isn't that great of a spell at all when compared to Crash but people want them both because they are the signature spells of Gildarts. If we wanted power we would just go Godslayer.

>> No.47587819

So more like just kinetic shockwaves in general, then, and it can look like either depending on how you use it?

>> No.47587826

Dissassembly can basically do anything Crash can and more. It can even split apart magic spells like Crash can, with the addition of being able to split living beings into tiny copies.

>> No.47587833

like Crash can destroy magic*

Also Godslayer is weaker then Dragonslayer so far, given Dragonslayer's get Dragon Force.

>> No.47587836

While Crash would just turn that living thing into a stain on the floor.

>> No.47587838

Oh, right, should probably add a clarification.

Specifically, you'll be able to roll or choose as many Magic types as you can afford, rather than leaving the implication of only 2 - but you'll still get the opportunity to sacrifice your freebie for the 100 CP price reduction on a higher-level Magic.

>> No.47587844

Sweet! Thanks boss!

>> No.47587848

So Dissassembly is slightly weaker then Crash in regards to biotic targets. Not convincing me on how this 'isn't that great of a spell' when you can just stomp all the little ones after using it.

>> No.47587863

Not him but no actually. Gildartz hasn't done that even when fighting seriously against people, meaning you need enough magic power to hurt a strong target and even when relatively equal he didn't turn people to paste with one use. You can argue that Dissassembly could even be superior if it worked regardless of the opponents durability as compared to Crash, where you might not have enough magic power to harm someone.

>> No.47587874

So is the Xmen movie jump going to get an update for Xmen: We stole Bioware's wardrobe?

>> No.47587887


>> No.47587894

People also survive getting hit with giant fire balls in that series, being crushed with giant rocks, slashed by swords that have been shown to eviscerate giant monsters.

Well that and because the people Gildarts has hit with it are either people he isn't trying to kill or too strong to just be smeared against the floor.

>> No.47587903

> too strong to just be smeared against the floor.
That's...exactly what I said? I pretty much just said that the magic doesn't automatically kersplode anything it touches because guys like Bluenote, around the user's level, aren't treated like that. Given Bluenote was trying to and almost succeeding in killing Gildartz guildmates and daughter (Can't remember if he knew by then though), I'd say there's a damn good chance he wasn't holding back at all in their fight.

>> No.47587907

Indeed. They're really inseparable.

>> No.47587909

So close you could call them siamese twins.

>> No.47587911

And Dissassembly would work against people that strong? He doesn't even try to use that spell on anyone he considers a threat.

>> No.47587931

I just put the list together from what everyone shouted out, but I assume they mean the PC series.

Plus I think Neverwinter Nights is also FR and we already have a jump for that, too. There are plenty of series set in Faerun, some less suitable for jumps than others.

>> No.47587934

Possibly, possibly not. Laxus doesn't use fairy law against everyone he fights (Even though it should be almost certainly his strongest spell and there are definitely fights in which he should have used it- Hades, the recent manga fights of his) so it's not like there isn't plenty of precedence for not using all your magic in a fight.

Even if we say it doesn't, you still have a magic that can nullify pretty much any physical (In the sense it has physical form, so this includes most magic in this world) attack against you, even if it's just a ball of fire and can still potentially cause wide area destruction when used on the landscape or fortresses or vehicles or weapons and so on. It's S class enough to equal the shown feats of things like Gravity Magic and Satan Soul at the very least.

>> No.47587936

Should there be a Toughness ability in the update to represent this, alongside the existing Agility, Strength, Charisma, etc?

>> No.47587937

Has anyone uploaded Doom 2016 to the drive? I can't find it.

>> No.47587955

It's in uploads folder.

>> No.47587965

Here is the thing about Crash and Dissasembly, people want Gildarts's powerset and if they weren't packaged together they couldn't do that.

If you rolled for S class magic twice, landed Crash/Dissasembly respectively on those rolls, and gave up your free C Class magic to decrease the price of one of them by 100. . .

The total cost would be 1700 points, which is more than you can get from drawbacks.

>> No.47587978

I'm looking at the uploads folder right now Anon. It's not there.

>> No.47587983

Posting the same argument twice doesn't make it more effective, it just shows you have no other argument. People want a lot of things, that doesn't mean they always get them. I'm sure plenty of people want the Three Great Fairy Magics, but you can't buy those in jump. Same with how you can't get Titan and Light Magic as one purchase, despite that being Makarov's powerset. Or Requip and Sword Magic and The Knight as Erza's powerset.

>> No.47587986

Another anon here, I can see the Doom 2016.pdf file.

>> No.47587988

I don't know what to tell you, then. I can see it quite plain and clear.

>> No.47587989

You could always risk Acnologia.

Or I could always raise the Drawback limit and add more ways for you to make yourself suffer.

>> No.47587992

Do you want me to post it here?

>> No.47587994

People can learn magic in series, the drawback limit is fine as is. If someone wants magic so bad, then they can just go learn from Gildartz himself. It's not like the guy would turn his guildmate down if you were strong enough to handle it.

>> No.47588000

(Adding onto my post) Though, to be fair, I do think that changing it to a 600cp cap rather then picking two drawbacks would be more in line with most jumps nowadays.

>> No.47588004

Or you could just watch him use them after taking any of the perks that let you learn magic after seeing it used. You could also learn Fairy Law like this.

>> No.47588007

That too, but I was trying to keep it in jump when justifying my posts.

>> No.47588010

Or you could use some metamagic perks and start getting magics just by watching/having them used on you.

Once you learn the basics, you can train yourself later.

>> No.47588017


It's okay Jumpers, you can learn stuff in-world. Really. It is.

Gun, Sword, Requip master race represent!

>> No.47588020

I can actually get both of them in the jump world without paying jack, I just really want to buy "Crash and Dissasembly".

>> No.47588021

Huh. That's weird.

Nah, I was just curious if it had been placed in Quicksilver's folder and looked for it, but couldn't find it anywhere.

>> No.47588031

Then given your entire argument is "I want" vs all the other reasons that are against you, I'd have to say you're just being lazy about this.

Could we please get a clear decision on this Wakfu so we don't need to take the discussion any further? There's not much reason to continue talking by now and I'd appreciate it a lot.

>> No.47588033

Make sure you're in the shared drive, not your own copy (if you have one). It's happened to me a few times before and I always forget.

>> No.47588044

After having a look over everything said so far, I am currently more in favor of splitting them than keeping them together.

>> No.47588046

Thank you for answering so quickly.

>> No.47588057

Oh, that worked. Thanks Anon!

Side note: Damn, a lot of jumps haven't been sorted yet.

>> No.47588058

How does the reasoning behind a desire in any way invalidate the arguments made for it?

>> No.47588064

This. People need to realise "I want" is a shitty reason taken by itself as a justification to override canon.

>> No.47588067

I don't think anything could force them apart, to be honest. Her father must be so happy to have such a single minded daughter. He really has a way of bringing people together.

>> No.47588074

Well, I mean, I've forgotten what it means to sleep, so why not answer quickly?

>> No.47588075

Because "I want" is entirely subjective and unqualified. Because that same reasoning could be used to argue for starting with 100000 CP, unlimited companions and turning every character in the jump into a cute girl who is automatically in love with you.

>> No.47588089

Jesus christ dude, you win.

>> No.47588091

So you are maintaining the position that because I want something any argument I have made in favor of that thing is invalid. By that same logic I say that everything you have said is invalid since it all boils down to "I Don't Want".

>> No.47588095


>> No.47588100

196. Terraria
Origin: Mage (-200)
Location: The Corruption
Perks: Frequent Flyer Miles (-600), Spellcaster, Mana Battery (-100), Click Faster Damn You (-200), Overcharge (-300)
Gear: Magic Gear [Amber Staff, Magic Missile]
Drawbacks: Where's the Rest (+100), You Feel An Evil Presence (+300)

There's not much of a story here, beyond gathering up the people of this world and defending them from horrible monsters. I actually don't mind holding off unknowable hordes of monsters anymore. It's just sort of a thing to do now. That said, it's surprisingly difficult to fight giant walls of killer flesh that can phase through obstacles and terrible worm beasts with lasers and weird floating eyeballs, but I have at least 11 other people to help me, so it's not impossible. We handle them in standard raid boss fashion, with assigned roles and teamwork. Teamwork is a good thing to learn.

Aside from that, I can now create worlds to do stuff with. I think I need a prison plane to house my experiments in, so that's pretty useful. Phyto-mining has been delayed due to wanting to keep worlds intact, but now I can perfect the art without risking runaway environmental destruction. It even allows for longer term experimentation than the mystcraft worlds, which I mostly use for short supply raids before letting them fade out.

I wander off. If I'm bored I'm not exploring hard enough.

>> No.47588108

Firstly, that's not me, who you've been arguing with. Secondly, I've never said your reason was invalid, just that it was inferior to the numerous arguments I gave in favour of my side which all had the support of the canon of the series or the other parts of the jump. Thirdly, stop already, you're obviously desperate and it's embarrassing how childishly you are now acting.

>> No.47588110

Hey, where on the scale from yes to HELL YES WHY NOT NOW? is teaching the Animorphs Take Over: Animal Soul magic?

>> No.47588123

How about "What's the point?". If you're going to teach them a take over, it might as well be Machina Soul or Satan Soul, since those are likely things they couldn't use their animorph stuff on.

>> No.47588124

Not good because the animorphs rely on the time limit to keep tension up.

>> No.47588129

Pretty nice.
They can already change into animals, but having them be able to take on the attributes of animals in human form would be convenient. Also, sexy outfits.

>> No.47588144

One of the major benefits of morphing is that it heals the user of any injuries when they switch forms, aside from that it couldn't hurt.

They're like 13 and already have to wear skintight clothes when they transform.

>> No.47588150

It'd probably give them some added utility, but it actually wouldn't be that huge an upgrade for them.

Satan Soul would be mostly pointless, unless you've got a bunch of demons to give them, seeing as there are no demons in the animorphs setting.

I guess you could stop by after SMT if you played Pokemon with the church you can buy there, it'd be pretty cool, but if you can't provide something for them to turn into then it really is pointless.

>> No.47588158

>They're like 13 and already have to wear skintight clothes when they transform.
Damn, really? Shame.

>> No.47588160

True, I was mostly thinking overall rather then just in the confines of their universe. My bad on that.

>> No.47588210

The Baldur's Gate games do take place in FR, but they're not actually canon afaik.
They're also AD&D instead of 3.5, so there's some differences in the various classes powersets and some options available that don't exist anymore in the standard 3.5 FR.

You're assuming that the type of magic trumps all, instead of the outcome of a fight also being dependant on the experience and power level of the mage in question (Gildartz is, as mentioned, a BAMF).
The fact that it was a fight at all instead of Gildartz curbstomping the noob like he did to Natsu (who isn't exactly weak himself) should be telling enough.
There's also author fiat because the manga is named Fairy Tail and not whatever guild Bluenote was in.

For a counterargument see Erza, who kicks all the ass with a combo of two B-rank magics (Requip + Sword Magic).

As for Satan Soul/Machina Soul, since they're both dependant on what forms you've learned the only thing that matters for classification purposes is potential.
And the potential for both is pretty damn high even in-jump.

>> No.47588213

Read the rest of the thread before responding mate, those points are actually all discussed.

>> No.47588215

They're not that young. I think they're somewhere vaguely around 16-17.

>> No.47588252

I wonder how you could possibly do BG without making it a gauntlet? The game was really story driven, as you were discovering your parentage. Not to mention you had to get stronger to avenge the death of the only parent you knew.

Then you have the entire Throne of Baal, where you could become the next God of Murder. I could see a Deadlight type deal. Where should you break the item, you go into the Throne of Baal expansion.

>> No.47588276

You could make Bhaalspawn a drawback, which would pretty much force you into the plot. Maybe one for generic Bhaalspawn and another that makes you take the place of the protagonist (and takes all your out of jump powers).
Otherwise it's like any other world, you just happen to be there while the plot takes place, and can decide yourself if you want to interfere or not.

I mean we already have what, 5? D&D jumps? (FR, Dark Sun, Ravenloft, NWN, Dragonlance)
There's always time for more adventuring, and maybe some people just want a canon companion or something like that.

>> No.47588305

That could work. Two different levels of Bhaalspawn, "normal" which forces you in conflict with other Bhaalspawn, and "Protag" where you're powers are taken away, but you get them back over time.

I know I for one would like to have some sexy Viconia DeV'ir as a companion. Even if she doesn't like me or anything, s-stupid sexy male j-jumper.

>> No.47588312

>Naruto Marvel pic
Should've been "Don't believe it."

>> No.47588316

You forgot OOTS.

>> No.47588326

>not "Hail Orochimaru"

>> No.47588327

Is the maker around? If I'm understanding the Notes, taking Heads Up Display, Shining Heart AND Star Catcher changes you to operate on HP and MP instead of real (meta)physics?

>> No.47588332

That looks like a cosplaying Blazkowicz.

>> No.47588333

Hey, mentlegen. Good news, progress on Scenario 3 is already being made!
However I'm having some trouble trying to come up with good items to use with the treasures...so mind looking over what I got so far?
You get 500 up front and either forsake it for an easier fight or get the full 500 for somehow winning, if that helps you judge how to handle this.

The gear/treasures aren't written as detailed because it's...6 am for me and I'm writing deliriously.
still the basic ideas are there.
if you're wondering why I set a lot of the stuff to key off of Cell Medals, its because I want you all to get a little greedy

>> No.47588339

>"I don't want to be Hokage"
>"Sasuke's not my friend"
>"Madara was right"
>"I have no ninja way"

>> No.47588359

Looks awesome. The items that have special effects with Core Medals are my favorites. Especially with the documents to make your own Core Medals that you can buy in the normal non-scenario section. Put those together and you can have all sorts of fun.

>> No.47588362

>"I hate being a ninja."

>> No.47588376

Still no New Order jump *sob*

>> No.47588414

We have Doom 2016, maybe you could make a Castle Wolfenstein jump. Who doesn't want to be killing Nazis, and Super Nazis, and Robot Zombie Hitlers?

>> No.47588424

Yeah. I shudder to think what the hell kind of medal sets a particularly naughty jumper could make.
Johj, Zerg, Tyranid! JO Ze-zhzhzhz zani! JoZeNi!

>> No.47588499

Even with mundane Earth animals there's a lot of room to experiment. You can have pretty specific categories of life for your Medal sets. Kazari had "cats" when his siblings had entire taxonomic classes. I figure that's why he was the one to invent chimeric Yummies, he was tired of having such a limited theme.

>> No.47588508



>> No.47588532

What does that have to do with anything in the current conversation? Bringing up a conversation thread from five hours ago just so you can insult a man's waifu is pretty lame, anon.

>> No.47588545

Leave the old thread's waifu measuring contest where it belongs.

>> No.47588563


Me because the Nazis get all the cool stuff blackowitz can do whatever he wants as long as he doesn't get in my way.


Because I had saved for hours waiting for the next thread to appear. And the truth is Justice


It's over now

>> No.47588670

Do you have any thoughts on Dragon King magic?

>> No.47588750

Shin megami tensi 1

Mysterious Laboratory, Sendagaya
Mimic free
Demonic union 900
Sacrificial bestowal 600

Demon form +200 cp stipend = 800 cp
Lich free
Fiend (-500) 300
Tyrant (-1000) -700

The overlords seat -900

World of chaos -300
Two steps from hell -100
Pre apocalypse, Apocalypse, and PostApocalypse +0
The girl that was killed in the park… 0

Ok so I think I did this build right, basically Im demon king of skellytons going around smiting other demons that keep attacking me. Overlords seat will help get power down the road a bit.

Is there any downside to a 40 year fight against an endless swarm of demons when you just add the ones you beat to your army anyway?

Wait if Im a demon does the drawback make me want to kill me?

I may need to bone up on my skeleton humour for this.

>> No.47588827

I want to make a starship, much smaller than the LoT, utilising the various technologies I've acquired through out my chain. It's not exactly going to fit in my warehouse, so what perks can I apply to take it with me?

You think the FOB from metal gear will do?

>> No.47588877

Carwyn the Warlock from Light of Terra, it never said what he/she has for weapons/gear. Is this an oversight?

>> No.47588888

If you can land it on the FOB, or it can make water landings and be attached... then sure, that's probably fine.

>> No.47588895

RWBY if you don't have living things on it at the time, otherwise Arrowverse calls out it's science perk as working with Shrink Rays. Another solution would be Young Justice Amazo Backup Memories and a shrinking power, such as that found in the jump itself.

Another option could be digitising it somehow, storing it as data and turning it back into matter when you need it. There are a few ways to do this but I can't think of any that would work on that scale.

There is a ship in Kid Radd that can enter and exit the internet, which would certainly work if you can figure out how to make it work although it might run on fiat.

Borderlands tech can digistruct some large cars and robots, but I don't think we've seen it work on something as big as a spaceship (other than car sized spaceships I guess).

Hope some of my ramblings help you.

>> No.47588899

No, he/she likes the breeze.

>> No.47588932

once more some questions
1. Is there any way to help the jazz Dopant besides taking him and the scenario? I'm pretty much full up on companions but he certainly deserves aid
2. Are the jumper memories available in the jump or do I have to take lots of items to get them.
3. Does taking WISP Brigade eight times automatically throw you into the scenario? I think I can handle the enemies if I have access to my powers.

>> No.47588968

Need a little help.

I've got some IG that I picked up in 40k: Imperium and I'm going to be importing them into FR. Now, it just makes sense for them to be fighters, given their regiment and what I typically have them doing but ... ugh, don't FR fighter suck?

Is there a class that you could recommend for them? They more or less fight together, en masse, so something that thematically makes sense for them would be awesome. If I have to bite the bullet and make them fighters I will, but hopefully one of you folk has a better solution.

>> No.47588977

>given their regiment
Which regiment?

>> No.47588992

Mordian Iron Guard

>> No.47589054

Well, everything in FR sucks compared to full casters. In D&D magic is king. Fighters are just especially weak/one-dimensional.
But if you want to keep the fighter vibe you could make them warblades or crusaders.
Warblade is pretty much as good as it gets for a pure (non-magic using) martial, which is pretty damn good for normal fighting if not exactly the world-shattering power of high level magics.
Crusaders get a different set of maneuvers, some of which are blatantly supernatural, but they're about on par with warblades otherwise.

>> No.47589086

Not him but I don't know who to feel sorry for more then, monks or berserkers

What can Crusaders do that's blatantly supernatural?

>> No.47589096

Ok, so 6 D&D jumps then.
And i think someone was working on a Pathfinder jump too?
The only thing missing would be an Eberron jump. Is anyone making that one?

>> No.47589118

You act like people want to follow canon in the first place.

>> No.47589132

The Divine Spirit discipline has a big bunch of healing maneuvers. Those are supernatural.

Monks are probably the weakest core class in 3.5. Their features look cool on paper (and they get a lot of them) but they don't really synergize and just don't do all that much in actual play.

Barbarians aren't that bad off. They do their role (damage) just fine, they're just kind of one-dimensional.

>> No.47589153


Not sure if it's valid for FR, but Marshal from the Miniatures Handbook might work. It's main thing is having an aura that grants bonuses to allies within range (including the Marshal).


I recommend being sorry for the monks.
Barbarians that become lawful just can't take more levels of barbarian and lose one ability.

Meanwhile monks can't gain more monk levels at all if they multiclass, unless they take a prestige class that removes the restriction.

>> No.47589154

Little Shop of Horrors Gauntlet when.

>> No.47589218

There might be someone making it. I'd recommend asking a few more times to see if anyone knows before starting anything yourself.

>> No.47589227

hell I will do it ,I grew up on that play it's going to have the real ending and not the focus group Hollywood ending if you screw up though

>> No.47589232

No, don't make any more jumps. You're not wanted.

>> No.47589239

yeah but neither is anyone else judging by salt levels

>> No.47589246

Would that even work? I mean, and I've only seen the movie version with Rick Moranis, the only reason things got as bad as they did is because Seymour was so easily manipulated. Even without your powers, the whole plot could be avoided by throwing Audrey II in an incinerator before he gets too big.

>> No.47589250

Wrong. Go away. Your jumps are not wanted here, the past has proven that well enough.

>> No.47589261

>Would that even work? I mean, and I've only seen the movie version with Rick Moranis, the only reason things got as bad as they did is because Seymour was so easily manipulated. Even without your powers, the whole plot could be avoided by throwing Audrey II in an incinerator before he gets too big.

That's going to be a 300 point drawback, also it's widely accepted the plant has some kind of thought control

>> No.47589263

Have you ever hit the gym with your Jumper persona?

http://puu sh/peqFl/0d62d5c7a4.webm

>> No.47589275

Yeah, but whose are? According to the thread every single Jumpmaker is terrible. Maybe Bancho is what we deserve.

>> No.47589279

Crusader looks pretty sweet. Thanks for the suggestion, friendo.

>> No.47589288

Stop exaggerating idiot.

>> No.47589354

I do, yes. In general I've seen quite a few people do, myself included. Disagree if you like, but don't presume to speak for everyone.

>monks can't gain more monk levels at all if they multiclass unless they take a prestige class


Bancho, please learn to take a hint. When people tell you, specifically, to not make a jump it is a good idea to not make a jump.

In any case weren't you threatening to work on two others nobody cared about? I'm kinda relieved you seem to have given up on those.

>> No.47589407


>> No.47589417

I know you think you're funny every time you post something like this.

But I have to be honest: You're not helping. I'm not even one of the people who're offended, I'm just tired of seeing many, many threads from all kinds of boards full of people who can't tell that just because their shitposting is ironic doesn't mean it isn't shitposting.

Technically, yes.

I had to pay for damages to the gym walls afterwards, though.

>> No.47589433

Yes. It went badly.

>> No.47589449

Some times I pose as a personal trainer just to be dick.

>> No.47589469

So, trying to make a low-ish power supers jump...
>>47580979 this guy tells me to also look at the Extra material. (Thanks by the way.) So, I do that the next morning.

mfw guy who makes radiation bursts 100m wide that can cause complete disintegration

mfw guy who creates seismic waves... unassisted, earthquakes at 6.0 on Richter Scale, with an unknown limit using amplifying hammers.

mfw guy who amps personal density up into black hole territory

...What the fuck happened with these extra files.

>> No.47589480

But anon, why not actually train them. Use jumper powers, pick that one really meek fat dude in the gym who really wants to lose weight, and be the hero Terry knows you can be.

Also it would be kinda funny.

>> No.47589485


>> No.47589490

Seriously? That shit's in the Incredibles? I gotta call bullshit, because there's no way they would have lost to that ball-shaped robot that Mr Incredible literally rippped apart before its' final upgrade.

Unless Mr Incredible is suddenly stronger than a black hole now.

>> No.47589501

Yeah, starting to think this may be a pokedex situation.

>> No.47589502

And he threw the robot into lava before getting into shape by lifting trains. TRAINS.

>> No.47589510

They were retired for years (maybe a decade) and really let themselves go?

>> No.47589518

don't think any of these got killed by Syndrome... But yeah, bullshit.


>> No.47589539

I do, but first I have to be a complete dick. If they are dumb/determined enough to stick around and take it, then I can start being a helpful dick.

>> No.47589551

Look, I realise it's unreasonable to assume absolutely everyone has watched the same Disney movies I have but-having watched the Incredibles I can safely say those feats are far, far, far, far, far, far, FAR beyond any of the example adult superheroes shown in the movie or talked about.

I mean-even by cartoon standards going from lifting trains to being dense as a literal black hole is dumb.

>> No.47589560

Shit like this is why I disregard anything that isn't in the media itself.

>> No.47589564

I dunno man, when a super fit muscled guy offers to train you at a gym for free, but then treats you like shit and doesn't train you well, they might get the idea that you're doing this as a cruel joke. Which isn't cool, man.

>> No.47589578

Incredible is pretty stronk, yeah.

Fifteen years, actually. But still.

Very true.

Point. But there are actually pretty cool powers that aren't absolutely redonkulous in there.

Anyway, gonna assume a Pokedex situation, and put reasonable versions in the jump.

>> No.47589601

Eh, what about DC? Like, there are people there who can only pick up cars, and then you have people like Superman or Shazam or whoever that can pick up buildings and hit each other with them all day without tiring.

>> No.47589627

>Mordian Iron Guard

>> No.47589637

Incredibles isn't DC though, and Mr Incredible seems to have been a fairly top-tier cape given he's on speaking terms with Edna long after retirement and they talk shop for a bit.

>> No.47589655

True about the DC bit, but i'm pretty sure you don't have to be a top-tier cape to be friends with the person who designs costumes.

>> No.47589656

It seems to be lower power than that through. Besides...

He's also listed as a threat rating of 9.1 in Syndrome's database. out of 10.0 that's pretty high up there.

>> No.47589659

Not including Raildex, Worm, or any other setting you have a similar single power choice in what are the best precognition perks in the chain?

>> No.47589680

Haven't seen any of the Doom nor Doom (2016) builds yet. So Jumpers, let's see some Rip and Tear!

>> No.47589684

I have If you can dodge a…from Dodgeball, so technically it's great training, but I admit that only someone with a bad case of Shounen stupidity syndrome will get anything from it. I'm mostly just a cosmic troll at this point.

>> No.47589731

To be fair, given how Syndrome obsesses over Mr. Incredible it's possible that his rating is biased.

>> No.47589745

Huh. Is that in the Extra's or something? Been a while since I watched the Incredibles.

>> No.47589749

Well syndrome actuallly had a complex about him too.

Either way the heros didnt seem to have super over the top powers. Except jackjack and maybe dynaguy.

Didnt one chick have the power to fly and talk to.birds as her only abilities and still managed to be a top hero?

>> No.47589751

To be fair, Mr. Incredible does singlehandedly beat the second-strongest version of the Omnidroid by himself.

>> No.47589785

Batman "just" has the power of being extremely wealthy and having too much free time.

>> No.47589799 [SPOILER] 

>tfw I originally went Gun + Requip just because Gun magic users are shit in canon
>tfw I never actually used either magic outside of FT
>tfw ended up retconning it to Air Dragonslayer.

But hey, I ended up accidentally/not accidentally daughteru-ing Wendy, so everything turned out okay, even if I betrayed myself in the process.

Pic mostly unrelated.

>> No.47589802

They have nothing on Scintillan Fusiliers.

>> No.47589803

Theoretically the second strongest. The development process that Syndrome went through was "can this defeat Mr. Incredible". It's entirely possible that there were previous iterations that would have fared poorly against him but would have crushed other superheroes. Power levels aren't a strict linear scale.

>> No.47589808

Bullshit he also has extreme super durability.

>> No.47589809

...True. I mean, Elastigirl only got a 2.2 in comparison.

Also, radiation guy apparently did get killed by one of the latter robots.

There is that.

Nah, that's in the scene with the computer database, when Incredible's seeing the records of all the supers that got killed during the testing of the robots.

Yup. Jack-Jack and his ridiculous array of powers is bullshit, but hilarious. Dynaguy is pretty nice too with disintegration ray, only 5m range through so that limits it a bit.

Aside from that and these weird outliers, they seem pretty reasonable overal in terms of powers.

>> No.47589811

Well no. The development process was pitting it against heroes and making the new version able to counter whatever the hero who destroyed it had as their power.

>> No.47589821 [DELETED] 


>> No.47589832

Here's what their officers look like.

>> No.47589836

Mekboy washington approves.

>> No.47589847

He has extreme normal durability or bottom of the barrel super durability at best. Hit him in the back of the head with a pipe and he drops.

>> No.47589849


Digger you beautiful bastard. Imagine my surprise when I check the drive this morning after not following this thread for a month.

Even without the extra Scenario and new Cell Medal stuff, the jump is awesome.

>> No.47589859

Right. So there were probably a lot of features that got cut out over time. Not every countermeasure is going to be compatible with all the previous ones, so it's likely that some would be removed for the sake of streamlining the design. And since the ultimate goal was "defeat Mr. Incredible and prove myself a better hero than he could ever be", I imagine that the systems that wouldn't be useful in fighting him got cut first. Like, the systems that were used to kill Gazerbeam probably aren't in the final design, because countering eye lasers isn't a priority when it comes to fighting a guy whose powers are super strength and durability.

>> No.47589865

Throw him through multiple brick walls and he stands back up anon. That is not normal.

>> No.47589875

That's only your assumption. There ARE superheroes and Syndrome already has tech that's not realistically possible.

>> No.47589876

I...think you're meant to believe his batsuit soaked up most of the impact.

Then again Doom once killed a lion with his bare hands without his powers so-comics have some pretty fucked ideas about what baseline humans can do.

>> No.47589886

They* are

>> No.47589897

Wait. Seismic shock guy got killed by robot too. By the damn third version. Okay. Yeah, this is Incredibles: pokedex edition really hard.

In other news, jump is going along decently. Anyone got an opinion on whether or not I should split up Mr Incredible's strength and durability into two different purchases or have it bundled together? Leaning towards the former myself.

>> No.47589906

>Space French
>Better than space Prussians
Sometimes you're just so embarrassing.

>> No.47589909

Sure, but it's consistent with what we see of the robot's design. It looks to be a pretty streamlined build. And it certainly doesn't seem to have every tool it could ever need to kill any of the superheroes its fought, so it seems reasonable to assume that the design got pared down to the essentials.

>> No.47589919

Fuck you, I choose sarsaparilla!

>> No.47589922

Provided the split one won't take a perk slot, I'd rather have them as two 200-400 powers than one 400-800.

>> No.47589925

>current plane
>not choosing root beer master race

>> No.47589929

Sure, it might seem reasonable. But I'm much more willing to consider that the series just massively overstates most of the heroes powers and that it could have just gotten constant durability and strength, possibly size and shape, upgrades over time.

>> No.47589936

It gets bigger each time, and what would be the point? He's not building it to assassinate specific heroes, he's building it to crush any hero.

>> No.47589944

Don't we get to see what the insides of the robots? From what I remember, it consists mostly of wires and that AI core at the center.

>> No.47589960

*look like?

>> No.47589962

Eh, I find >>47589929 to make more sense. Enough strength, speed and toughness can generally take out anything physical, and the few heroes that seem to be beyond what the machine could have harmed physically like that blackhole or earthquake guy seem like really big outliers/pokedex examples. It also makes sense if you're looking at Syndrome's goals, where he's mostly using the other heroes as a test stage for when he makes the machine fight Mr Incredible.

>> No.47589973

Also possible. To be honest, my actual assumption is somewhere in between. That the stated power levels are an exaggeration and that the robot has a streamlined design. I guess I'm just playing Devil's advocate.

That's actually what I'm saying. It's not got every countermeasure it could ever need in there, instead going for a generalized build. It probably did have a specific counter for every hero killed in the design process at one point, but then afterwards the design was reassessed and stripped down to only what was really needed.

>> No.47589980

Iirc the robots biggest strength was it could learn and adapt to enemies.

>> No.47589992

If the end goal is just making something powerful enough to defeat Mr Incredible, I just don't see why he'd even bother with temporary countermeasures for heroes that aren't really anything more then a test stage. What's the point of going to the effort of making a specific counter for say, hydrokinesis when you know it won't be included for later versions, instead of just making it strong enough to bullrush through the power?

>> No.47590019

I guess I'm working under the assumption that the robot is to some degree self-designing. A genetic algorithm dictating what each new generation is, which he then goes over and prunes. But then again, that's how a modern day person would do it. The Incredibles is set in the 60s, so I might be making a bit of a huge assumption, here. He's probably doing it the hard way.

>> No.47590030

Don't forget he's also spiteful and has the end goal of making nobody super, killing off superheroes could have been his way of killing time before he was ready to make his debut.

>> No.47590033

He had futuretech though so who knows.

>> No.47590037

Alright then, I'll go with that. It won't take up a slot that would've been taken by something else, no.

Going with a separate Powers section, instead of putting them into perk trees. I mean, just from Jack-Jack, I already got like 8 different powers. Currently hovering at a total of 22 to 26. That doesn't really work for the standard trees.

>> No.47590053

I just agree with >>47589992 - why come up with specific counters that have to be pruned when you can come up with general counters? E.g., hydrokinesis -> sealed casing and internals, resistance to pressure and erosion, and so on.

>> No.47590056

Given how Syndrome seems to make all his tech himself (Or at least claims to do so and we've little reason to doubt given he was doing so as a kid), how the spiel Mirage gives Mr Incredible when recruiting him is almost 100% full of shit and how there's not really any more evidence then Mirage's one statement of it 'learning' (Which is not only during her bullshit spiel, but can just as easily apply to how it acts, rather then actual physical adaptation)- I think there's not enough basis to assume that it is self designing.

>> No.47590102

Just seems kind of pointless to do the testing against superheroes at all, then. Just build it as strong and tough as you can. You can do the materials testing without having to have superheroes fight it, having the data on the maximum amount of force they can put out would help but not be necessary. Though as >>47590030 points out, he could have just wanted to kill them all anyway and the "product testing" thing was just an excuse for it. That does fit his personality.

>> No.47590124

Well, someone raised the idea of it's AI being the thing that learns and adapts. He could have been using the various superheroes as a training program while only upgrading it's strength and durability. It's strong, fast and tough enough to take on anything and it knows how to kill dozens of different types of enemies through live combat training against them.

>> No.47590180

Actually, don't we see it learning? Syndrome uses his remote to stop it for a second, it sees that shit, slaps him silly, and the remote goes flying out of his hand.

>> No.47590192

Go suck an artificial vanilla dick.

>> No.47590196

Yes, hence why I suggested that might just apply to it's AI, rather then it physically evolving. Please pay attention.

>> No.47590214

If the maker of Metal Wolf Chaos jump is around,

>you can do the impossible, see the invisible, touch the untouchable, break the unbreakable simply by declaring your position as Commander in Chief. Only works if you are, at that moment in time, the President of these great United States of America.
>And The Reason Is requires you be the democraticallyelected President of a recognizable post1776 United States of America not the "well there's no Earth in this Jump so I must be it" President or the "kneel before Zod" President. You have to follow the process. You're welcome to cheat your way through it, everyone else does, but you have to have done the thing with the primaries and the elections and be widely acknowledged as being the legitimate ruler of the free world. Ifyou'vegotsomeOPhistorybendingpowerordeclarationofconceptpowerthatmakes you God of Being President then... sure, that counts, you've already blown that power curve.

Just to confirm, since it's 100 CP and all the primary effect of the perk is meant to be emulating what Michael Wilson does in the game correct?

It just occured to me the exact wording borders on omnipotence if taken word for word, maybe provide some example feats of what you can do with it?

>> No.47590225

I don't see where you talked about it's AI Anon.

>> No.47590231

>Which is not only during her bullshit spiel, but can just as easily apply to how it acts, rather then actual physical adaptation
>can just as easily apply to how it acts, rather then actual physical adaptation
Please read posts you respond to fully.

>> No.47590293

I did Anon, I just didn't realize that's what you meant by AI.

>> No.47590297

Now you know better.

>> No.47590356

Is that a once fellow Gun Magic user in need of a little help? Well, behold the wonders of the Armory Magic Combo!

So, how does one first get the biggest bang (heh) for their buck when using the Magic? Pretty simple! From Skullgirls, grab Infinite Blade Works for endless blades of all kinds. Then from, Nichijou (yes, Nichijou), get yourself Armoury for all the guns, all of them, even grenades are counted. What does that give you? An endless amount of weapons you can use with either Sword or Gun Magic even if you can't use your Requip Magic. But wait! There's more!

Devil May Cry allows to further tighten up your skills until you can shoot swords that are on fire and explode into more swords. DMC also gives you access to Devil Arms and starter weapons that you can add to your Requip arsenal and use with the other magics, like Pandora and Guns Magic. Now, after learning new ways to ruin your targets’ day/existence, we shall continue to the next setting.

Lyrical Nanoha! The setting of Magical Mechagirl Mayhem! Here, as long as you’re careful enough, your Magic can reach new heights! What you’ll need to focus on is the Ancient Belkan Magic:
>Practitioners, known as Knights, eschew ranged attacks for anti-personnel melee combat tactics
Combine your Magic with this, and you get access to the Armed Device and with it, easier access to the Cartridge System, which can and will increase the power you can get per application of the Magic, as long as you use your cartridges wisely. Remember, too many cartridges and you strain your body.

And that’s pretty much it, aside from collecting and creating your own custom weapons to add to your Armory so you have an answer for shit in general. Of course I did a lot more, like merging Runes into the system and adding Magoi channelling as well to smooth things out. Then added that mess to my Bayonetta Magic Works for proper Time Bullshit to allow me time to assess and figure out which weapon I need to pull out.

>> No.47590618

Accusing something of being a powergrab isn't even an argument on its own, frankly. You might as well just be saying "I don't like thing."

>> No.47590645

It kinda is when it's BASELESS though, as the anon pointed out that's not how the magic(s) work in canon.

It would be like if in Dresden Files the capstone for changing into a Sidhe was discounted for wizards, despite the fact that no wizard can change into a Sidhe.

>> No.47590650

Ignoring all the arguments made after a post to support it only shows you're either an idiot or too lazy to read.

>> No.47590665

That's not my point. My point is that the statement of 'powergrab' is basically a meaningless insult here.

>> No.47590689

You're also then ignoring how the argument is justified several times over by multiple anons later on. I can see no reason for you to be doing what you are doing except to start shit, especially given the whole thing happened hours ago.

>> No.47590695

Well, that's a silly point to fixate on when there are more important points against it.

>> No.47590701

So, what you're saying is that you don't actually care about the discussion you where splitting from, just the manner in which it was discussed?
Because while I think that's a bit dumb, I don't /really/ have a problem with it.

>> No.47590710

So you are being a pedantic shit head about a 5-6 hour old post that is mostly irrelevant compared to the rest of the discussion there? Wow, you are a petty bitch aren't you?

>> No.47590711

You open up with your arguments, not with insults. Instead of having to circle around to why you don't like something after saying something meaningless on its own, you should've justified your stance first off. It hurts your credibility otherwise and is just annoying to see.

It's really just a matter of fatigue at seeing that term used like a beat stick.

>> No.47590714



>> No.47590731

You're obsessively focusing on one post when every post after does justify things well. If anything, I'd say you're a heck of a lot more annoying for bringing this up 6 hours later then one post was for using the term 'powergrab'.

>> No.47590744

Would you mind answering my questions over at >>47588932 ?

>> No.47590745

>You're focusing on one post
Yes, because it's the opening of his argument and I'm talking about how he opened his argument. There's no cause to be this offended at being questioned.

>> No.47590755

Man, I was asleep for that argument.
I just think this one is equally dumb.
You are literally starting an argument, about argument.

I do not like thing.

>> No.47590763

Just ignore him, jesus guys.

>> No.47590796

>There's no cause to be this offended at being questioned

Then take your own advice and understand that not everyone thinks like a lawyer on an anonymous imageboard where people pretend to be robot ninja wizard elves.

And none of that either. He's not doing ad hominems, he's not dragging up old drama and he's not trying to be cute by ironically complaining about the past.

He's a demanding, petty pedant, but he is coherent and this isn't a hugbox.

>> No.47590843

Yes Mr Internet Policeman, of course I'll do what you say. Fuck you man. He's dragging up drama from 6 hours ago, said drama being one post that's vaguely mean, for no reason except to bitch about being rude.

>> No.47590851

I can give you a hug.

>> No.47590871

I'd rather you give me a change of topic instead.

Jumpers, tell me about your treehouse. What does it look like? Are girls allowed?

>> No.47590913

On an artificial island in the middle of a random lake. Looked kind of like a cottage in a tree. Only companions allowed, everyone else would be flipped off.

>> No.47590920

Change of subject!

From what I can tell there are litterally no builds for the Zoids Legacy Jump so I'll be posting mine soon.

Any other Jumpers wanna do so as well?

>> No.47590952

Can you link it? I tend to only post builds when they're in the thread.

>> No.47591011

It's pretty comfy for a non-Euclidean tangle of trees and architecture. Has a hot springs and everything.
Pic related, it's the basement/foundation.
We play dice down there.

>Are girls allowed?
Yes. It would suck if my wife and I couldn't enter our own house.
Don't worry, we have anti-cooties perks.

>> No.47591034

it looks pretty much like this and yes they are

>> No.47591049

Okay, I think I'm doing this right. So here we go.

>> No.47591065

Necromantically warped out of several dead yew trees. Has "chicken feet" which are actually reanimated tree roots enchanted such that it can walk around. Frightens children, and most people who get a look at it in broad daylight.

We've got one!

Drawback: It's Looking At Me, Isn't It?, Truly Feral, Realistic Beam Spam, Stranger from a Strange Land (1700)

Rolled Southern Grasslands

Researcher, Age 14

Core Research Analysis (Free)
Perfected ZOS (1400)
Energy Conservation Policies (1200)
Hybridisation Theory (1000)
Temporal Analysis (700)
Time Space Transmission Protocals (Free)
Wave/Particle Dualities (300)
Satellite Grid Network (200)

>Zoid Customisation
Pre-Existing Variations: Gundam mech (0).
E-Charger (24)
Electron Assimilation Equipment (19)
Gravity Cannon (7)
E-Tank (3)
Accelerator Equipment (0)

>> No.47591116

>47 pages
>mecha customization chart
Nevermind. That's a much bigger project than I was hoping to deal with right now.

>> No.47591266

Ok but you asked for it.


Warehouse time 50.6
21 year old male
Garil storm battle arena
Induced evolution 600
Core research analysis free
Sattelite grid network 500
Energy Conservation Policies 300
Hybridization Theory 100


Mirage Fox M 20 custom points
Chrimson Custom 19
Stealth system 15
Accelerator equipment 12
CAS system, Sturm 4
Core enhancement unit 0
Chameleon coating -5
Tristar black coating -6
Customization points +6 (-300 cp (0))

Geno ritter zoid free
Diablo tiger zoid free

Lightning Saix BS M zoid data 50
Mirage Fox Zoid data 0
Time Space Transmission Protocols free
White Box AI free

Scenario 00
Backdraft group- bonus of 300 CP. free White Box AI.

Terra geist targets

Geno ritter zoid free from backdraft group

Backdraft group leaves warhouse keyes to a whale king geno ritter and diablo tiger zoids

Because mirage fox is best but custom evolving mirage fox with cas and speed is better.

>> No.47591381

Damm, this place has changed a lot. I like it!

>> No.47591391

Remember the routine, people.

>> No.47591400

Is there anything that's similar to devil fruits in the current jumps we have? I'd like to give some out as gifts/rewards during my travels.

>> No.47591424

I know Worm has one, and that there are more, but my brainpan is kind of leaky, so I don't remember specifics.

Oh, Zerg. The swarm is a good reward.

>> No.47591429

1. I'm working on it, with the Fuuto City Stories scenario/DLC
2. Jumper Memories are available in the jump but extremely rare, they might never have left Museum's storage before the organization was dismantled and destroyed, and there might be one in all of existence per memory. Some (like Tuxedo-masquerade) are basically plans that were never put into place
3. Not automatically, but you don't get the SuperSonic memory or the SuperSonic Shieldstriker if you don't initiate the scenario. The payoff from Wisp Brigade is that you get all of the memories for 0 CP + SuperSonic + Shieldstriker.

>> No.47591475

Can't say I'm surprised that you picked Backdraft. That sweet Whale King.

Zoids Legacy Jump: WIP
CP: 1000
Stranger from a Foreign Land [+100]
It's Looking at Me, Isn't It? [+300]
Truly Feral [+200]
Extremely Limited Ammo [+300]
Location: Mount Town
Occupation: Drop-In
Temporal Orientations [Free]
What Hardpoints? [-100]
Size Doesn't Matter [-200]
Wave/Particle Dualities [-200]
Not Picky [-200]
Never Enough... [-300]
Metal/Mind Meld [-100]
Psoinic Bond [-400]
Satellite Grid Network [-200]
Zoid (Konig Wolf) [24 Cus]:
Tri-Star Black Coating [-1 Cus]
Stealth System [-4 Cus]
ECM Suite [-4 Cus]
Charged Particle Cannon [-7 Cus]
A.C.A.S (Adapted Changing Armor System) [-8 Cus]
Extra Customization Points X4 [-200]
White Box AI [Free]
Senario: Backdraft Group
Rewards: Whale King, Geno Ritter, & Diablo Tiger

Konig Wolf Custom (Sniper Wolf) is stealthy, yet everyone and everything seems to find us eventually... Ah well when we do ambush we do so with an alpha strike unlike many others.

>> No.47591482

Depends on what you mean by similar to devil fruits. Does it need to be an object you give to people or do you just want a way to gift people relatively unique powers?

Anyway I would recommend the Stand Arrow from JoJo's Bizarre adventure. You can either buy it with CP or find it in jump, but the point is that anyone stabbed with the arrow will develop a Stand that grants them powers ranging from time stopping to pyrokinesis to just having a punch ghost.

>> No.47591498

I'm not staying. I only like to check up every now and then to see how that bitch Red is doing. She went down just fine though.

Have fun with the jumps, everyone!

I'm flattered some people still recognize me but I've no interest in getting in some shitty fights here again.

>> No.47591532

Just make sure they have fighting spirit first.

>> No.47591548

And I never did take that WIP off the darned thing. Wow I feel kinda dumb.

>> No.47591570

1. Looking forward to it, also God damn the rewards for turning on him are too much.
2. Oh that won't be a problem. I plan to have one of my bodies Animorph into Jun Kazu with morphing memory and use my power replication ability to copy his powers, literally taking his place, after I destroy him. That should get me deep within foundation X.
3. Good to know I need the points, and that seems like something I could handle, same I'll have to pass up those rewards, but I'm betting I'll be able to craft up something vaguely similar if not as powerful.

Apologies in advance because I've got two more series to go through before I'm done with my plans for this jump, so plenty of questions ahead and I really appreciate your patience with this, as a fellow masked rider fan, should I watch Fourze or OOO next?

>> No.47591601

On the vein of just giving people unique powers, Dishonored. You can get your own mark to give to others, and loan them a singular power of yours.

>> No.47591626

also would out of context abilities like charm animal still work on Mick when he's transformed? I don't want to hurt a kitty, even if he's very misguided.

>> No.47591659

See that is why I prefer mirage fox with speed and stealth boosts.

So invisible it hurts.


>> No.47591676


OOO is definitely a good place to go.
Fourze's goofy but you don't need to watch much of it for the jump, I'm focusing on OOO and W
Fourze will get his moment in the sun once I finish Fourze and Wizard...and..you know, finish all that DLC I promised~

>> No.47591704

Oh, collect the Dofus in Wakfu. Hand out a small amount of your power and some nice aesthetics to anyone that follows your commandments and praises your name.

Difficulty wise, it's about on par with collecting the dragon balls, pre Z.
Just watch out for Xelor, they fight dirty.
It really ticks me off, but it makes clocking them so satisfying.

>> No.47591707

You know, it was pretty hard to find dedicated melee zoids that weren't ligers.

>> No.47591710

Forgot m'trips. not super necessary but still

>> No.47591720

Huh. I really need to keep that in mind. I like that option for a certain Jump of mine.

>> No.47591734

I'll definitely take it under advisement, also seriously what Person couldn't fall in love with this little grumpy puss? He reminds me so much of a cat I used to have, who is no longer with us.

>> No.47591758

>I like that option for a certain Jump of mine.
Don't leave us hangin' like that, anon.
C'mon, tell us what it is.

>> No.47591823

Oh, well, I wasn't planning to elaborate because I'm typing up Zootopia at the moment, but if you insist.

I've started a new chain, tentatively titled The One True Pirate King. It's not that original, but I gave it a twist by having the Jump Coordinator specifically tell the Jumper to go into the multiverse and steal the most interesting individuals for her amusement.

Infinite Stasis Pod house rule. Please don't murder me.

In any case, I've been trying to think what the best way for him to distribute powers and ensure loyalty among those he lets out of their cages. But the Dishonored mark is an interesting way to ensure a little of both, as well as adding in a reminder that they are /HIS/.

>> No.47591857

Thanks for the support?

What the fuck?

>Demon Soul

This is My Magic. I also learned Sword Magic from Erza to buff up Requip.

First off:Would it work? Only 1 in 10 people or so in Fairy Tail have the ability to use Magic, it's not universal. So would the Animorphs have the potential?

Second of all: Fuck yes, let's do it.

>I have no ninja way
>Not "Ninja should be Emotionless Tools"

Replace Johj with Xenomorph, or Chryssalid

>> No.47591862

Remember, the mark can only work on eight people. I don't care. Your chain, your problem.

>> No.47591888

I'unno, man
He can get kinda mean sometimes
(for those who don't get the joke: The cat can henshin)

>> No.47591893

*Also, try Magatama/ Candles from SMT.

>> No.47591895

It woke up.

>> No.47591932

that's kinda why he reminds me of my old Kitty gizmo, they have the same temper and the same high fluting attitude, he is just a cat and doesn't need a pod right?

>> No.47591936

Captain Planet, Planet Spirit Background, you can create rings.

Spice & Wolf, Little God lets you give out minor boons related to your domain. Generally not much, but might be worth hitting up if you're going that path.

>> No.47591943


Vital Black doesn't wait. He'll go down with the thread, straight into the gates of hell.

Just went to Marvel, hoping my power combos hashout.

>> No.47591963

He's a cat, yeah, he really doesn't need a pod as far as I'm concerned. He is kinda loyal to Ryubee but I'm assured you have somethin for that

>> No.47591981

True enough. Eight people is still a workable amount. He would probably tattoo the rest anyways and just switch who he grants what based on who he needs inside a specific Jump. Make them lieutenants or squad leader for when a reality needs to be boarded and pillaged good and hard.

I'll look into it, but I don't know much about SMT other than it's all kinds of balls to the wall crazy. I'm honestly scared to send anyone there.

Captain Planet I had not considered, but I'm going to take a peek right now. Rings would be perfect.

Oh, poor Spice & Wolf. He's going to be such a cruel and angry Little God.

>> No.47592016

Spiders are horrible, so why is it so goddamn cute?

>> No.47592040

>He's a cat, yeah, he really doesn't need a pod as far as I'm concerned. He is kinda loyal to Ryubee but I'm assured you have somethin for that

I'm going to have to think of something for that, another way he reminds me of gizmo. But yeah, I don't think he's evil in the traditional sense just a grumpy cat, and grumpy cats do not receive finishing blows they get wrapped in a towel and patiently loved.

>> No.47592050

Because Spider is Best Girl?

>> No.47592055

SMT1 is pretty tame, honestly.

The worst you'll have to deal with is worldwide nuclear holocaust and a second biblical flood. Not only that, but both can be averted if you go punch Law-people in the dick immediately, and the latter won't even happen during your stay if you don't take the time extending drawback or duck into an afterlife to dodge the nukes.

>> No.47592058

again please leave, also proof?

>> No.47592067

Because nothing about that spider-girl screams 'predator'.

She's too cute and cuddly looking.
Actual spiders light up the prey instincts in your brain.

>> No.47592073

Spiders a cute!
Adoption mandatory!

>> No.47592082

Don't talk to it.
Let it starve.

Report and ignore.

>> No.47592089

>has a grudge on red which has lasted years
>continues posting in a community that hates them
>thinks calling someone a man is the ultimate insult
...Holy shit, Angelanon is Scatavore!

>> No.47592096


>SMT1 is pretty tame, honestly.

>The worst you'll have to deal with is worldwide nuclear holocaust and a second biblical flood.


>> No.47592098

I want to watch them grow up!

>> No.47592102

Two more for ya.

Hyperdimension Neptunia, CPU/Candidate has some crazy good stuff for you. Capstone increases your everything the more people worship you.

HunterXHunter has Wish Granter. You can summon a genie. Great rewards, and it imparts some loyalty to you as well. They have to do a favor equal to the wish granted.

>> No.47592126

This being right here knows what is up with the best of them.

That's still going to have to wait until later in the chain. But it's good to know some simple steps he would probably take anyways details the whole nuclear apocalypse.

Especially the fluffy ones!

>> No.47592151

My theory is that Spider is best girl because spider doesn't try to be best girl. Everyone else is desperate and clingy, but Spider just wants to have fun with life.

>> No.47592188

Hmmm... both are great ideas, but I'll have to do more research into the settings before I Jump them. So many settings I know nothing about. Thanks for the suggestions though.

You know, you've probably hit the nail on the head there. Though Centaur is not a bad second place.

>> No.47592194

>Focused combat precognition

How is this different from the spider sense described in the precognition perk in the first place? Honestly you could have taken those perks separately and achieved the same effect.

>> No.47592226

>Fairy Tail update

Will Dragon Slayers be able to achieve Dragon King spells?

>> No.47592254

Not that anon, but Marvel said that powers that are more specific are more power/have greater range/etc.

Ordinary spider-sense works on everything, but it's time-range isn't great.

A more focused ability might let you see farther into the future.

I think that's what anon was going for.

>> No.47592347

Silly anon, spiders don't need to put effort into clinging. She hangs on like it ain't no thang, thus getting to actually play.

All spiders a cute. The long, spindly, transparent ones are just precious. And the itty bitty jumpers with the hats... hnnnnnngggg.

I totally used Monsters Inc to give Swiss Army Wife an Drider form. We spooked monsters by having her wear a headband and stand behind the bar at the dingy little watering hole we ran. Great fun was had.

>> No.47592356

Nah, they light up the 'this is poisonous, avoid' senses. If humans were ever the prey of anything it'd be megafauna cats.

>> No.47592395

That is an absolutely awesome abuse of power and I totally approve of you and your Swiss Army Wife's sense of humor.

10 points to Hufflepuff.

>> No.47592436

I approve of this spoiler

>> No.47592482

We're in Ravenclaw...
But we totally hung out with Hufflebros and their dank ass kitchen access, so they can keep the points. They earned them.

>> No.47592543

Oh, well, my bad. You're just such a loyal individual I assumed wrongly.

I ran out of spiders, but take an apology moth.

>> No.47592565

Why isn't she chewing holes in her clothing?

>> No.47592577

Jumpers, tell me not of your shenanigans but those that your companions get up to when left to their own devices or when on the job. Do they have any particular quirks, or hobbies? Do they brighten up your day, and if so then how?

>> No.47592592

Oddly enough, I was going for a better visual sort of thing. Like, not seeing further into the future but getting such a clear picture that I'd have all the info needed to counter properly.

I imagine spider sense is more so "a bullet is coming from that way" or "a punch is coming from this way". I figured with focus I can get the position of an attacker's body and a more clear sense of force and trajectory.

>> No.47592652

Through a series of bad choices my MAIDn companion has more charisma, manipulation, and pretty perks than me.

Then I went to supreme commander and became a cyborg.

I almost left her in supreme commander after having her in my brain qll that time except I can never seem to bring myself to stay mad at her for some reason

>> No.47592673

>Multi King mode
Wait, what? That sounds interesting, what's that?

>> No.47592683

Keep your magic, I'm hype at the though of grabbing Lucy while I'm there. Companion update is best update.

>> No.47592720

>I'm hype at the though of grabbing Lucy

>> No.47592731

Because not all moths are cloth moths.

>> No.47592736

I know what I said. I stand by my comments and my hype.

>> No.47592752

My inability to companion Samus is one of my great Jumpchain disappointments.

>> No.47592783

Gaia is totally best Companion.

Anyway, mine loves gardening and raising animals - she always winds up with an entire shelter full of them by the time we leave each Jump. Self-sustaining, too, so we don't have to worry about what happens if my journey ends before I Spark.

>> No.47592801

>Wanting the new breed mewling milksop
>Not wanting old breed tough no bullshit Samus.

>> No.47592809


Take Deadpool's Advice

Kidnap her

>> No.47592821


>> No.47592849

You could stasis pod her in the Super Smash Brothers jump?

There's a companion option there as well, but you'd probably want a way to copy and implant memories, since you just get a clone with no memories/personality.

>> No.47592851

>he don't know about the Smash Brothers jump

>> No.47592858

Well if we hadn't had it dropped TWICE, we woulda had Metroid as a jump by now.

>> No.47592861

Because the new one is a fucking worthless abomination with daddy issues who can't do anything right and is constantly crying?

>> No.47592878

Because she's wearing them, obviously. She has an entire closet full of clothes for eating.

I could spend several posts talking about my Companions. I'll try to summarize.
+ DC (Jolteon): Had the habit of building ridiculously powerful magic devices when bored. I blame Guru from Chrono Trigger and her life-long fascination with magic in general. She tends to 'spark' when angry or annoyed, no matter what form she's currently in. I think it's cute, but then, I'm immune to electricity, so it just tingles me.
+ Sweets (Mawile): Will grab basically any strength perk she is allowed to without exception. Hardly ever uses her full strength, which is good because last time she did it cost me my 1-UP for the Jump. Shares my addiction to everything sugary and candy. Absolutely loves to give those dumb hero speeches and wait until the last minute to make her entrance to a fight.
+ Lenore (FTL, Engi): For someone who started out as a robotic race, she enjoys everything to do with plants. Gardening, flowers, druid magics, you name it. She leaves flowers and petals pretty much everywhere and always smells of fresh, damp earth.
+ Tak (Invader Zim): She's the loner of the group, but has come to be fiercely protective of me. Absolutely cannot stand to see me unhappy. Will go to some pretty extreme lengths to ensure my plans happen if given the leash to do so. Sometimes she doesn't even ask first.
+ Alita (GUNNM): We spent a lifetime together inside her Jump after some particularly bad circumstances and drawbacks stole my powers and memories. It's hard to put down in words just what she is to me. She's just... there. She always will be. And I'll always be there for her. She's an excellent musician and a lovely singer. Prefers not to use her martial arts anymore, but doesn't hesitate to do it when needed.

I'm going to leave out Hooligan Tuesday and The Choir of Righteous Fury because... well... that's just complicated to a harem anime level.

>> No.47592900

well mother box has standing orders to use spare CPU cycles to improve the MMORPG up to and including running multiple emulated LMD copies of great artists in order to develop plots and assets for the various worlds in it, RJ likes to work on vehicles or play with his bladewolves, TJ and Tina find bad people and have electrifying tea parties with them, Dante hasn't changed and drinks, clubs, fights demons etc. but now the Lannister-Poovey's have joined him , when Tyrion isn't busy as a civic leader of the shard and its people. Painwheel is the odd one out because she pretends to be A normal high school girl. Saitama goes to garage sales and is a super couponer, Leonardo da Vinci paints and sculpts amazingly beautiful and detailed but otherwise perfectly normal artwork, her sketchbook pages would probably be worthy of any mundane Museum you care to name even without them knowing who she really is, Monique and I playtest the videogame mother box and I have been working on, the retainers do the same when they have free time or whatever else they want to do, same with the various NPC followers on the LoT. they're not slaves.

>> No.47592907


>> No.47592912

>what are psychology perks

>> No.47592941

We had Metroid being worked on by a guy named South, who then vanished. Then another guy whose monicker I'm forgetting offered to work on it, South came back, they both "joined forces," and now both disappeared.

Metroid has essentially been dropped twice.

>> No.47592960

>Hey guys I can build a house out of horseshit that means it's totally a good idea.

>> No.47592965

I'd do it except I've never played anything in the Prime series.

>> No.47592985

>he doesn't build loyalty by strengthening his companions

>> No.47592990

Well, I usually have to keep an eye on Asriel and Frisk, lest they run off on some new misadventure. Aside from that, it's both adorable and hilarious to watch Asriel get flustered by Frisk's flirting and puns. Then of course, there is the conflict between my custom NPC(who I named Nadia), and Malefor, the former being an adoring, naive minion and the latter being an arrogant, bitter schemer. It's fun to watch the two of them bicker.

>> No.47592991

Axe Cop Retcon

Cop 100
Wait, that doesn't work 200
Serious Business
Shtick 300
The List - Evil 500
The Perfect... 900
The Secret Attack Almanac 1200
On the Dumb List
Partying 1000

Axe Cop gets a retcon as I realised Omnicompetent doesn't work in other settings. Well it works as a sort of post-spark reward as well but that's a lot to spend 400 CP on.

Instead I took a book that when studied for an hour a day (down to half an hour a day with training perks) lets me do some ridiculous Axe Cop stuff.

Summoning a fire storm that only hurts bad guys, having your ghost leap from your body to kick your opponent's ghost and making a tidal wave of poison are the things mentioned.

Should probably put this before some of the jumps I spent longer in.

>> No.47593001

see >>47592960

Oh and enjoy her refusing to do anything unless Adam tells her to while whining about THE BABY THE BABY THE BABY.

>> No.47593002

Speaking of psychology... Does anyone know what the best perk/power/magic is to completely wipe away someone's mind?

I have perks to create minds, to posses people, to switch minds around... but nothing to turn beings into blank slates, I think.

>> No.47593015

Pretty sure D&D Psionics can do that.

>> No.47593016

Yank out the soul, put in a new soul, ductape it together.

>> No.47593021

X-Men Telepathy would probably work.

>> No.47593023

Try a hammer.

>> No.47593031

>Implying duct tape can fix a broken soul.

>> No.47593044

Duct tape can fix anything. Duct tape is magic and should be worshiped.

>> No.47593046

>Implying you cant fix literally everything with ductape.

>> No.47593049

Yeah, Chuck has done stuff like that plenty of times.

>> No.47593050

He's right.
You need Super Glue AND Duct Tape

>> No.47593051

The house itself is perfectly lovely, it's just that the last owner was really into shit as a motif, so they decided to make all the wallpaper, furniture, and decor out of shit. Cleaning it is going to be awful, but once you're done and you've replaced the scatophilia with some quality interior decoration, it'll be worth the effort.

>> No.47593059

But can it fix a broken heart?

>> No.47593065

All of this is correct.

>> No.47593067

Get back to your ship.

>> No.47593077

Duct Tape can hold the pieces together.
But the heart has to heal on it's own.

>> No.47593080

That would be nice... Got a bunch of psionics there.

But now I need to figure out how to rip the soul out. This only gives me a new question.

Right. Damn. That jump's got me strapped for cp so hard.

Anon. I want the meatpuppet unharmed. If just braining them would be acceptable, it'd be too easy.

All Glory To The Duct Tape

Of course it can.

>> No.47593088

Considering we're talking about neo-Samus and in that canon she's ALWAYS been that way, no, you'd essentially have to scoop out her brain and replace it with someone else. This analogy just really comes across like wanting to save her for her body, not who she is. In which case, there's zero reason not to go with old Samus, who is just as hot and is a much better person from the getgo.

>> No.47593185

Neosamus and the original are the exact same person who had the exact same formative experiences. One just had to deal with being brainwashed by godawful writers.

>> No.47593220

Right, the retcon changed her entire personality, approach, and reactions to her situation. Same events, entirely different personality. Plus neo-Samus seems to take ques from the old Metroid manga, where Samus started off as a bit of a baby. Then again, even THAT Samus eventually grew up and stopped going weak kneed around Ripley and tried to slaughter him, whereas neo-Samus is still whining about Adam and THE BABY at the end.

>> No.47593238

Ridley. Believe it or not, no Alien cross-overs here.

>> No.47593250 [SPOILER] 


This to be honest il mio famiglio.

I mean ultimately, what's the difference between you and Adam? You just see her as something to be moulded to your desires. What she thinks about herself doesn't factor, because ultimately you're only attracted by what she represents, not who she is. Peel off that lovely face, let that beautiful blonde hair fall out-and you wouldn't spare her a second glance.

You never loved her.

You just wanted to possess her.

>godawful writers

That's only a valid excuse in Supernatural.

I see what you did there

>> No.47593261

That's literally what psychology perks are for, though. They're not for brainwashing people, they're for helping them deal with their mental trauma in a healthy way, rather than being a doormat who will literally die if ordered to.

>> No.47593263

Hey, my internet's back!

No worries. There's no shame in being associated with Hufflebros. The hat picked Ravenclaw because of the motivation behind my messing with people.
Overwhelming curiosity.
Lumped me in with a bunch of eggheads over wit, and my reason to apply it. I think it's just winging it. Perch it on a head, and it just starts squawking.

Bud and Lisa from Legend of Mana were the first companions I officially adopted.
They remind me a lot of my two youngest sisters back home. Yes, even Bud. The youngest is a total tomboy.
They tried the pumpkin thing again when I wasn't watching in Dark Cloud. Ended with them joining Toan for a while.
It was adorable.

>> No.47593294

At this point I think he's being contrary to be contrary.

She's someone else entirely from top to bottom. It's a basic facet of her personality to attach to father figures and to attach motherly instincts to fucking everything. At her core, she is a weak, mewling Japanese housewife. You're not dealing with someone whose problems are exclusively caused by trauma.

>> No.47593356

No, I see her as someone who is badly damaged and needs help. I know who she can be, and ideally, I want to help her get there. But if, after she's healthy, she's still a submissive housewife, then that's life. I let her live her life and move on.

>> No.47593363

They mostly hang out around the Warehouse, they have their own section to themselves so they have plenty of room and plenty of things to keep them busy on their downtime. Some jumps they'll be busy 24/7, others they are rarely called out.

Aside from that they train and spar with each other, not to mention play around with all the equipment and toys I make.

>> No.47593368

And you do this instead of picking old Samus because?

>> No.47593419 [SPOILER] 

>I know who she can be

He said, eyes glazing over in anticipation of his psychological campaign he would visit upon the object of his desire

>I want to help her get there

He whispered, not knowing whether she wanted to get there or not. Uncaring that this was who she was, not the fault of nonexistent "writers" for all existence.

Actually, you know what this reminds me of? That mom on Honey Boo Boo who grooms her abominable spawn of a child to win beauty competitions.

>> No.47593425

So is there a reason we can't import Blacklight into the RE table?

>> No.47593437

We REALLY need an Exalted jump.

>> No.47593447

Ebob Dragon go and stay go.

>> No.47593451

And shitposter in 3...2...1...

Oh wait, you're already here.

>> No.47593456

Spark does most of the heavy lifting in terms of Seven shenanigans, but she likes to play piano in her spare time. Everyone else handles groceries or household things.

Tabi, meanwhile, insists on playing fetch with strangers. While in human form. Dog is not smart.

>> No.47593465

Assuming you're not trying to start shit, it's because the Virus is technically sentient/sapient.

>> No.47593466


I'm curious as to why, the fuck's wrong with asking a question?

>> No.47593468

Multi King mode was theorized in Kamen Rider OOO to give you the powers of every Combo(except purple) at once, as well as their abilities.
This would give you including but not limited to:
Unlimited self replication, the ability to turn into liquid, gravity manipulation, energy blast laser spam, superspeed, the ability to create light and heat so intense it instantly boiled and evaporated the river around the user, extreme durability, healing powers, a variety of ranged and melee weaponry, super senses, fire control, and flight
all at once
The problem is to afford it you have to fight someone in Multi-King mode with only your Rider purchases.
that's the trade-off.
Not gonna lie, i'm all for that in every sense of the phrase

>> No.47593476

Where is the JoJo's Adventure stand module?

>> No.47593492

>super speed
How fast are we talking about here? SuperSonic level?

>> No.47593496

I see the appeal, but she is by no means Best Girl.

>> No.47593499

It's right next to the plans for the cure to cancer in the drive.

>> No.47593502

Because it's a Red jump, and lately the mere act of bringing them up starts shit like none fucking other.

If you are not the shitposter / shitstorm-clown, I apologize for assuming, and the reasoning behind it is because the Blacklight Virus is sapient, whereas the canonical viruses / parasites are not.

We chased off the jumpmaker, so it doesn't exist.

>> No.47593512

Not that anon, but a shitposter keeps asking questions like that to fuck up the thread and shit on a jumpmaker, in an attempt to kill /jc/.

Doesn't exist, never will, jumpmaker gone, and no you can't make one. Sorry for being so brusque.

>> No.47593530

>The cat can henshin

...I really do need to start watching this, don't I?

>> No.47593546

not QUITE SuperSonic Memory's speed but extremely fast.
approximately webm related fast

>> No.47593550

Babs is making one I think

>> No.47593553

Tom Cruise plz go.

>> No.47593569

Yeah, he picked it up and then disappeared.

Funny trend, isn't it?

>> No.47593582

He always does that. Not a public face him.

>> No.47593608

People getting shit done because they don't waste time with the thread? Yeah, funny that.

>> No.47593614

Hmm, I see...so, let's say I have all 3 Rider trees(Shocker Rider, Kamen Rider Black, Good Samaritan) and the entire SuperSonic set up, with WISP memories included, what are my chances against the King in either the Throne destroyed or Throne taken routes? Thanks for all this, by the way.

>> No.47593638

Yes. Yes you do.

>> No.47593642

Huh. Why is that the big limiter? Viruses are technically living DNA carriers anyway, they're alive in a sense. Just seems strange that a virus that can have thoughts beyond "infect" suddenly is off limits.

Ah well, thanks anyway.

Oh, shit. Well that doesn't sound fun. So we're just not talking about her or anything related anymore to ward the shitposter away?

>> No.47593686

Not them, but fuck that. I'm talking about whatever I damn well please.

Like how much fun impromptu sing-offs were in Macross.

>> No.47593706

No, but some of us like me need to calm down around questions and stop making assumptions.

Again, sorry about that. And I doubt anything's going to ward the shitposter away - bans don't seem to work on the fucktard as he just phoneposts.

>> No.47593726

It's a little more complicated than that. The Virus is so intelligent, that it tricked everyone, including itself, into believing that it was Alex Mercer, perfectly replicating his memories and, to an extent, his personality, though ironically enough it wound up being a much better person.

>> No.47593763

Once something becomes sapient, it stops being a virus and starts being a form of multicellular life that we don't have on earth which superficially resembles a virus.

>> No.47593786


Empire of Kushan
19 years old
Noble 100
Gift of Words 250
Magic 850
Word of God 1150
Gold x5
Flash Bombs 1200
Wanted 1000

No idea about this setting.

Took the noble tree which is more or less being a charismatic son of a bitch and then Magic for magic.

Not a lot to explain here.

Drawback means I'm on the run from what sounds like the pope equivalent. Why does it always have to be popes?

>> No.47593801

I know I'm bad at this kind of thing but I am seriously missing a step here so please explain your logic

>> No.47593808

Hear me out: What if the character everyone assumed is Alex Mercer is simply a human-shaped glob of viruses working together to make tentacles and shapeshift and shit, rather than being actually multicellular? Like it's using really weird forms of viral mutation to emulate multicellular life.

>> No.47593810


In the Throne Destroyed route, he loses multi-king form and is left with only a variant of the Ancient Driver, having access to all the medals but unable to use all of their powers at once

With all 3 Rider trees and Good Samaritan + The Unlimited Colors gear, you have a 70%-80% chance of defeating him, the main decider being if you can use your powers in an intelligent way to counter the combos

Vs. Taking the Throne?
You have a good chance still, actually.
I'd give you a 40%-50% chance

These are BOTH if you go in alone
Remember, when you find the ultimate partner, your power will be unstoppable
So either getting imported companions or otherwise empowering sympathetic people to help fight him off is a valid strategy
No shame in taking something like the Power Cosmic, getting some companions without powers together, and blitzing him with like 8 fourzes

>> No.47593821

...Until Prototype Two, wherein he became a Saturday morning cartoon villain for no reason.

>> No.47593824

Well Cats, pucker your anus and avoid everyone and everything with power or that is inhuman, because it will probably try to rape you with a giant spike-ed dick.

>> No.47593844

Well Cats, Berserk is a lot like 40k.

Nothing nice ever happens.

>> No.47593849

Viruses aren't just nonsapient, or even nonsentient. They lack even the basic stimulus-response mechanism. They're DNA wrapped in protein strands, and function like biological machinery. So a sapient virus is so completely different in functionality that it's like comparing a hard AI to a line of code.

>> No.47593854

According to the comics, it's because somehow everyone he met post-Prototype turned out to be dicks and he got all disappointed at humanity.

>> No.47593876

You understand that's what organisms are, right? A bunch of interconnected cells that act as if they're one unit? The fact that the basic unit is virus rather than cell doesn't change that fact, although it does make "multicellular" a misnomer.

>> No.47593878


You mean Dragon King Mode? So far that seems like it'd be part of having Dragon Slayer (because even after introducing something called GOD SLAYER, of course Mashima gives Dragon Slayers all the shinies). Of course, considering the wiki entry says something about it being gone forever once it's all used up, I really have no idea.

I mean, it's not like I can stop you, I just don't know whether to make an official ruling yet.

>> No.47593890

So it's like the Thing, but keeping it's meat puppet's brain active in order to keep long term goals running?
Cuz that's sick as fuck.

>> No.47593896

Couldn't you just make a custom virus in RE then combine that with the Blacklight virus in a different jump? Or hell, in the RES jump itself using using perks and tech?

>> No.47593902

Alright cool, thanks Digger. I'm also presuming having the anti-Cell medal thing would help? Out of curiosity, I know the reward for the Taking the Throne route is the Fortress, but is there a special reward for destroying it as well? In any case, man oh man am I looking forward to this! You rock and rule!

>> No.47593906

Thanks for answering, fanwank it is.

>> No.47593916

Yes, and? Like, I can only name two people that didn't try to kill him in the first game.

>> No.47593930

>it does make "multicellular" a misnomer

Yeah, that was pretty much all I was getting at.

Yep. S'why I've never been that peeved about what I can or can't import; I prefer to be hands-on with this sort of thing.

>> No.47593934

Yes. Yes you can. Literally nothing is stopping you from using your virologist perks to insert anything you buy into the custom virus you made. Red's specifically said that's a viable way of getting around the limitation. You just won't have Jump-chan directly helping you with it.

>> No.47593936

Yep, you could.

>> No.47593969


But the contention is on the import, which is the easy way to do it.

I plan on combining Bioshock Sea Slugs and the Luminescent Biomass with Blacklight, see what happens. Maybe I'll throw in some Gastrea if I'm feeling particularly suicidal.

>> No.47594001

Just giving the reason they gave in the comics, man. No need to get snappy.

>> No.47594052

No prob.

>> No.47594082

Yeah, Medagabyru and the Giru medals will damage him immensely while in multi-king form

There IS a reward that you get regardless of the throne's destruction or claiming, but I'm wondering if I should structure it that you get more royal points/RP for breaking the throne and get half-points for trying to claim it
I'm still trying to balance it
You will however get a suitably arthurian reward for clearing this no matter what the case

I'm enjoying writing it as well so i'm glad someone's gonna enjoy it
Kinda sad I haven't seen too many builds up but
it's kind of a giant and (as intended) difficult to build for jump
and people have been busy so..it makes sense
Still, glad to see enthusiasm
It warms m'heart!
(so in summary:

is "giant flying transforming castle w/ the multi king mode" vs. "lose 1000 potential Royal points and all the fun toys I listed and probably more with only 500 left to spend if you try to claim it" a good trade-off?

>> No.47594179

well I would but I've got to three entire sets of movies and another two TV series to watch before I can make builds for this

>> No.47594185

Been away from threads for a minute, but just wanted to thank you for thinking about Bravely Default/Second. It's too wonderful

>Kinda sad I haven't seen too many builds up
>Pic related
Will do my best to write it up in 48 hours or so.

>> No.47594192

Works for me, either you get personal power and one big item in a harder route vs a ton of smaller items and equipment that's more versatile in an easier route. That seems like a good trade to me.
Overall, this whole scenario, heck all the scenarios and the jump itself, reeks of awesome and creativity. Here's hoping for even more scenarios and jumps from you in the future, my talented friend!

>> No.47594211

Since we're on the topic, what's your ruling on the "Dragons slayers turn into dragons over time" thing?

>> No.47594267

Wasn't that only those Dragon Slayers who had the thing like, where Natsu for some reason had his dragon-dad hiding inside his soul or something?

Or did I miss another arc?

>> No.47594268


So far, it seems like only Acnologia's done that so far, and only as a result of killing a bunch of dragons and never having a dragon mentor put antibodies in him (yeah, I know, it's dumb).

Second-Generations don't seem to have this problem at all, being "artificial" as it were.

>> No.47594338

No, they where the only ones who were immune due to what >>47594268 said

Personally, I don't see how being able to turn into a giant dragon is supposed to be a downside, as long as you don't slaughter them like Acnologia did.

>> No.47594343

I am surprised there's no Dofus jump.

>> No.47594356

Is there anything that would allow me to cause insanity by merely touching someone, in the vein of Nicol Bolas?

>> No.47594366

No hands.

>> No.47594371

Isn't Dofus the same as wakfu?

>> No.47594386

God damn I need to get caught up, any major plot twists between the Demons and where the story currently is?

>> No.47594390

Take Arcane + Dream Walker in Bloodbourne, and Black Blood in Soul Eater, then cover your hands in your blood.

>> No.47594400

Sort of and not really.

>> No.47594412

Different Era, like the various Star Wars jumps.
Also some of the Classes work a little differently, and the Gods are much more active in the world.

>> No.47594417

It's a few centuries beforehand, when the world wasn't flooded.

>> No.47594418

You can change back, Acno's done it a few times.

E.N.D. = Etherius Natsu Dragneel

>> No.47594419

*Bloodied Combat in Bloodborne.

>> No.47594430

As someone who never posts his build do to crippling laziness, I want you to know that I absolutely loved the jump, and that I'm having a blast with it.

>> No.47594454





MORE FANSERVICE oh wait you were expecting that


>> No.47594493



>> No.47594499

Err, sorry. Title was SCARLET DESPAIR and the most popular fan theory at present is that ERZA FROM THE FUTURE but we barely know anything about Irene Belserion yet. We don't even know what her Magic is, but she already thinks she can beat Acnologia.

You can imagine my headache.

>> No.47594517

I wasn't being snappy. Sorry that it read that way.

>> No.47594518

I'm still legit mad.

>> No.47594527

Will take a look, thanks

>> No.47594535

Yo, I just noticed this but you used a Mech for your Pre-Existing Variation. Was that allowed or was it from before the limit was set to a Robot of Animal design.
Or is this something that we can do? Cause if we can use our mechs I'll be importing my Incorruptus in.

>> No.47594537


>> No.47594545

>She thinks she can beat Big A
This can only end in tears.

>> No.47594565

Still here, just much, much less frequently than I was, due to snagging a new job a couple months ago.

>> No.47594566

Like, why Hiro? Why couldn't it just be magic that stops time?

>> No.47594595

>Take over God Soul
>Take over Demon Soul
>Take over Machina Soul

>God Slayer
>Demon Slayer
>Dragon Slayer

Is there Machina Slayer, and a Take Over Dragon Soul?

>> No.47594618 [DELETED] 

Hey don't take this as me hurrying you or something stupid, But i the second part of Valley Of The Dinosaurs still getting made? I'm not complaining I just want to know if I should keep looking forward to it or not.

>> No.47594645

Question: If we take Take Over: Machina Soul and learn Take Over: God Soul, would that make it Take Over: Deus Ex Machina Soul?

>> No.47594648



>> No.47594651

Betrayal at House on the Hill

33 years old
Zoe to betray
Knowledge 8 400
Sanity 8 800
Worm Ouroboros
Book 1000

Probably the weirdest series of rolls I could have made.

Creepy girl is going to betray the group, so far so spooky.

I took Knowledge and Sanity meaning I'm an incredibly well educated and well adjusted individual.

Then all of a sudden I rolled Worm Ouroboros which means it's not so much a spooky house as much as a house where I get turned into a giant two headed snake getting bigger all the time and trying to stop the heroes from doing a ritual that lets them hit me on the head.

Finally I got a book with weird secrets in it that makes me smarter.

>> No.47594659

Babs, quick question. What equipment does Carwyn the Warlock come with? He/she doesn't seem to have equipment other than stuff he/she gives you.

>> No.47594681

Hey don't take this as me hurrying you or something stupid, but are you still going to make Valley Of The Dinosaurs part two? I want to know if I should keep looking forward to it or move on.

>> No.47594692


>> No.47594696




>> No.47594702

Fuck you, I laughed

>Implying that's not the REAL reason Alacongora or whatever the fuck his name is became a Dragon

>> No.47594736


>> No.47594767

>Implying he isn't going to Take Over:Natsu'sdragondad to Psychological Warfare Natsu

>> No.47594772

More likely farseer gear sort of like what Taldeer has. I don't think we know what craftworld she is from but I think it's Ulthwé.

>> No.47594782

Also Wakfu said I wasn't allowed to keep the giant snake form because he's no fun and didn't want me to be a two headed snake big enough to crush the stars due to a lucky roll in a low power jump.

More like Wakboo am I right guys?

No. It's Wakfair enough really.

>> No.47594803


Thanks, I'm glad! I guess it's kinda attention-hungry but I really do like seeing people liking what I've made

and, yeah, I got into a massive groove writing this stuff...
this is gonna turn into a Toku Light of Terra, huh?

>> No.47594806

Wait, he could actually do that! He stole the dragon's souls, which is why they needed to hide in the Slayers in the first place, right?

>> No.47594812

Singing Spear, Twin Shuriken Pistols and Wraithbone Armour

I haven't abandoned it, I just haven't got a great deal of work on it done lately.

>> No.47594816

>Toku Light of Terra

>Go to Kantai
>Import LoT to make it a Cute Girl
>Go to the Kamen Rider Jumps
>Import LoT to be a Rider

>> No.47594819

I did say 'tenatively.'

I mean, you don't wanna be /stuck/ like that, do you?

>> No.47594830

you're saying that like it's a bad thing...

>> No.47594857

Well I was fucking far off at guessing the gear she/he had.

>> No.47594890

Cool. So like this?

>> No.47594896

hey /jc/, I've been away for the past two odd weeks

what's been happening?

>> No.47594902

Not him, but that sounds kinda fun actually. Just need to get avatars to do stuff, like ASA and that one guy who became a planet.

>> No.47594922

Pretty much, yeah. No boob plate though.

>> No.47594926

Madness, insanity, trolls.
You know, the usual.

>> No.47594927

Good luck with Exalted and Lost Valley though, I dont mind the wait given what your past stuff has been like.

>> No.47594939

Ya know, the usual.

>> No.47594940

We've lived, we've loved.
We've laughed and cried.
But mostly we just fell for the bait of a serial shitposter.

I don't think you missed anything.

>> No.47594943

Some new jumps and shitstorms, mostly.

Got an awesome new Kamen Rider, Kung Fury, Kerbal Space Program, Metal Wolf Chaos... And maybe more, I dunno. I have short memory.

>> No.47594957

>Fairy Tail update
>A bunch of new Jumps, including Neo-Heisei Kamen Rider scenarios
>Battleborn in WIP
>Wakfu being mad

>> No.47594958

Shitposting that's driven several good people to no longer post.

>> No.47594975

I think I've seen talk about kamen rider and kerbal, but AMERICAN JUSTICE is definitely new
what's the extent of damage?

>> No.47594992

If we're talking about Red, then nothing of value was lost.

>> No.47594994

Not as bad as our concern trolls and nay-sayers would lead you to believe. It's just summer, dude.

>> No.47595007

DSAnon has returned as well.

>> No.47595016

We have nothing of value with you around either.

>> No.47595057

Just jump soul eater and get a madness wavelength so you can cause insanity via proximity. There have been some pretty interesting OC madness wavelengths talked about here in thread.

>> No.47595059

Hey Digger, I have a question about the Bell Jesters: the description says that they can gain 3 cell medals per 10 dollars, with the ability to gain more or less depending on the value betted. If I gave them that one perk that allows you to gamble souls, even one-sidedly...
How many cell medals is a soul worth?

>> No.47595087

How fast are Hellsing vamps?

>> No.47595132

Wouldn't know, I didn't make that Jump.

>> No.47595134

Wrong jumpmaker.

>> No.47595136

Report it and ignore it.
Stop feeding it.

>> No.47595159

>>>>>>>>>STILL no Space Dandy jump


>> No.47595171

Oops, sorry, forgot that was there.

>> No.47595174




>> No.47595218

>Digger.exe has crashed, please reboot and enter your query later

>> No.47595220

Anon just remember to respect the booty.

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