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>> No.47576920

Jumpers, have you ever derailed a plot because you didn't like the way it was going?

>> No.47576977

In Prototype I freed Heller's daughter from the military as soon as I got there, then helped her hide from Mercer, with Heller's permission of course.

In Underworld I just stomped all over the setting, then set up a peace agreement between the leeches and the furries.

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This just in, super speed is still the best, and funnest power ever.

>> No.47577138

Damn straight.

>> No.47577253

Of course. Through Shapeshifting is awesome too.

But for posterity's sake, we have to keep offering the other powers too. On that note, I'm wondering how many powers I should include in my next jump. Already got 14 or 15 (do I want to put strength/durability in one package, or seperate?) from the main characters, now I'm just wondering if I should include the throw-away mentions.

Universal Man -Atomic Density Manipulation
Psycwave -Psychic Foresight, Thought Control, Telekinesis
Everseer -Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Magni-Vision
Macroburst -High Density Force Projection
Phylance -Sonic Field Projection
Blazestone -Pyrotechnic Discharge, Fire Control
Hyper Shock -Seismic Wave Creation
Apogee -Gravity Control, Levitation
Stormicide -Electrical Discharge, Gale Bursts
Gamma Jack -Controlled Radiation Burst

Some of these sound interesting?

>> No.47577257


'Gates of Hell' Bar
Lumen Sage 100
Inexplicable Innuendo
Jingle of Jazz
Classy Contortionist
Environmental Excursion
Bonus Package
Special Delivery
Magical Works 100
You, Me, and My Friends 300
Luminous Sunshine 500
Holy Audience 800
Eyes of the World 1300
Symbol Brand
Holy Glaive
Takemikazuchi 1450
Twins, They Were 1500

Direction Sense 100
Magic Enahcer 400
Finisher Move 700
Make Them Bleed 1000

Extra Force 200
Shockwave 400
Elemental - Wind 600
Regeneration 800
Smasher 1000

Empty Gun 1300
Amnesiac 1000

Was pretty furious about the whole gender limiting 50 CP thing as I wanted to be a man witch. Then I cooled down and realised that the capstones are basically the same, Lumen Sage get some neat item discounts and I didn't even want clothes out of my own hair anyway. Yes I did.

Freebies are nice enough, particularly the Lumen Sage ones.

Magical Works seems totally essential as it's a magical power potential perk and costs very little.

You Me and My Friends makes me an angel summoner.

Luminous Sunshine enhances magic about light and fire. Pretty great.

Holy Audience = big attacks, more angels and something something. Also the capstone booster Eyes of the World means one of my summons gets a copy of my weapon and my weapon is sort of ridiculous.

Eyes of the World is another magic booster. Lot of magic in this jump.

Holy Glaive channels magic, is sharp and can split into two blades. Really neat for combining.

Takemikazuchi is a super heavy but powerful lightning hammer that blasts through defenses. Again really great for combining as my weapon is part Riyu Jingu Bang which is ridiculously heavy but doesn't feel so to me so more momentum at the cost of probably not very much extra perceived weight.

Twins is an obvious choice. More SP and I combine stuff all manually (with duct tape) anyway. Feels a bit cheap to skirt around the Masterpiece charge with other perks but eh.

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If you think you can balance them with each other, go for it.

>> No.47577288

Finally onto the drawbacks.

Took Empty Gun which means I shouldn't be ranged weapons and Amnesiac which means I don't remember shit.

The real question here is whether I get dragged into the warehouse by Leeroy to show me my amnesia drawback instructional videos (there's a beanbag and a little projector in one of the corners of my warehouse because of the sheer amount of times this has happened) before I get attacked.

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Universal Man and Apogee both sound hella fun.

>> No.47577314

The problem is mostly that these aren't really seen in action. So, I'd mostly need to figure out how they work on my own.

Well, that and swarming the jump with a whole bunch of powers. But that's less of a concern.

Good. Not sure how to do Universal yet through, so...

Might also break them up more from their canon packages.

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What jump is it?

>> No.47577359

The Incredibles, I think.

>> No.47577364

That is a good question.

>> No.47577368

>Was pretty furious about the whole gender limiting 50 CP thing as I wanted to be a man witch.
Yet another example of a good setting ruined by a crappy jumpmaker who enjoys putting in worthless, arbitrary limits. This shit isn't fun, its annoying.

Ignore the stupid limit, the jumpmaker is shit for putting it in.

>> No.47577378

The Incredibles.


These were the Supers killed off by the previous robots.

>> No.47577389

>universal man + super speed + shapeshifting
things may get out of hand very quickly

>> No.47577408

Everything happens very quickly with super speed.

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Jumpers, do you follow some kind of "common sense/genre savviness" list of rules, similar to the Evil Overlord one? Do you have a single rule you hold above all else?

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Maybe I should've said this while telling you to go for it, but I like the idea of getting Psycwave's and/or Everseer's powersets in particular. Mind stuff is always great fun.

Just letting it be known.

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>Do you have a single rule you hold above all else?

A dick.

>> No.47577500

I'm sorry, are you... Are you speaking English right now?

I'm not understanding those words you just strung together.

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>> No.47577521

What if someone makes a Dick Jump?

>> No.47577528

>A single rule above all else

Don't die.

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>> No.47577544

Noted. Mind stuff is pretty great, yeah.

>> No.47577554

It's an alien concept, I know, but it generally works for me to treat everyone else how I'd like to be treated as a being.

I mean it also gets me good karma in the long run, so really I'm peachy with it.

Then I use no CP. Take no origins. Take no perks, items, or drawbacks.

>> No.47577556


The words of the wise men of San Dimas, of course.

>> No.47577557

Don't turn into a giant monster against human-sized opponents, don't eat energy fields, don't eat people, don't go for the kill in superhero universes unless I'm willing to take the full mile and shred my opponent's soul and seal the tiny bits of spirit stuff inside the Warehouse.

Above all else, don't assume I'm better than ANYONE without studying them beforehand.

I consider not dying a divine mandate, rather than a self-imposed rule, so I'm not listing it.

>> No.47577575

We don't appreciate your kind here, stranger.

>> No.47577611

Why isn't this an End Jump?

>> No.47577614

"Rule Number One: Live an interesting life. Rule Number Two: Keep living."
- The Benefactor, on "The Rules"

>> No.47577619

You know how in Naruto Sauce leaves Konoha after that battle with Fishcake? Yeah, that didn't happen.

Basically therapied the shit out his issues (on the fly) while I basically reinforced his loyalty for Konoha (again, on the fly). I left instead and killed Oreo after the timeskip.

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Protect your guildmates.
Fuck everyone else.

>> No.47577624 [SPOILER] 

Respect everyone as much as you respect yourself.

>> No.47577643

>respect yourself

Yeah I think we don't have any of that going around in /jc/.

Which isn't surprising, considering the idea of the CYOA.

>> No.47577651

We already have a Great Detective Jump.

>> No.47577652

I think that was the idea.

>> No.47577662

My first rule is no rules.

My second rule is no second rule contradicting the first rule for comic effect.

>> No.47577671

Pretty much this, except I also try to help people as opposed to just not making things worse.

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>> No.47577682

No fatties.

>> No.47577710

Not looking to start anything but it seems the sages were canonically all male and witches female so this one limitation can be forgiven especially as they are pretty much the same just flavored as light and dark

>> No.47577711

Now that I look at the spoilered image - shit, that's true.

>> No.47577726

You are arguing with the Anti-Red Shitposter.

You are not going to make any headway. He is insecure enough that so long as somebody exists that threatens his power-fantasy, he will slander and mud-sling them as long as they exist.

>> No.47577746

Another Yugioh jump question. Given that the jump sends you to the anime, I'm assuming anime effects are in play, including the blatantly supernatural cards.

With the Original Deck option, we can make cards. Does that include blatantly supernatural cards that can make other cards like pic related?

>> No.47577765

It looks like a regular dragon.

>> No.47577770

Indeed, I was clowning around!

>> No.47577780


Yugi used it to bullshit up a bunch of new fusion monsters in an anime filler arc.

>> No.47577794

Probably nothing world shattering and nothing that affects the real world to an insane degree, but I could totally see them being something ridiculous and gamebreaking in the hands of someone halfway competent, like creating new cards and effects in the middle of a duel.

Not that competence will help you against the heart of the cards.

>> No.47577801

understood, proceeding to ignore further shit posts

>> No.47577883

So what jumps do we have that can get you super speed?

>> No.47577918

Teen Titans
Fate/ as a Servant
Young Justice

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>> No.47577963

You sir, are a gentleman and a scholar.

>> No.47578055

As I recall the dragons were special because they can fuse cards normally impossible to fuse. Anime fusion is largely unbound, there are some weird incompatible monsters but you can improvise new fusions as much as you want, there's no set list of a few ones you can use and keep in extra deck.

As for the actual question my best guess is you'd also at least have to take the Duel Spirits perk to have supernatural cards in your starting deck. Even then I doubt you could pull stuff like Super Polymerization or other similarly ridiculous ones. Might be able to do some of the asspull mid-duel upgrades though. Keep in mind I'm not the creator and am mostly speculating.

>> No.47578069


>Implying I don't have both

>> No.47578167

Either Don't drink and drive, always remember to get some rest, always have a concrete plan if I'm going to use time travel which relies on stable time loops, or always prioritize my companions.

>> No.47578305

What jumps give us time-stop powers? Overlord has a spell for it, I know that.

>> No.47578337

Sburb can probably get you time stop powers if you go the right "X of Time" classpect.

>> No.47578374

D&D magic, Touhou, and Tropico are the ones I know.

>> No.47578386

Madaka has one.
Theoretically JoJo, I guess, through a Stand.

>> No.47578396

Muh daka!

>> No.47578438

Sorry, Madoka.

>> No.47578465

Okay, so there's tons of stuff for keeping folks out of your mind, but what if you WANT to let someone in?

>> No.47578468

Actually, I think one of the body parts of the Saint/Jesus, the left eye I think, can steal Stands and give them to the user. So you can steal ZA WARUDO from AU Diego in part 7.

>> No.47578481

Psychonauts go's without saying, so I guess I need to say it.
Or just think it really loudly.

>> No.47578606

X-men Telepathy?
It's pretty based.

>> No.47578647

The left eye gave Gyro Scan, and the right eye gave Diego Brando Scary Monsters. No corpse part allows for the theft of Stands.

>> No.47578708

But wasn't Scary Monsters originally the Stand of that one chick?

>> No.47578712

Except Scary Monsters was originally Doctor Ferdinand's Stand.

>> No.47578715

Didn't Scary Monsters belong to another guy before Diego got it? I only remember him because he turned people into dinosaur candelabra.

>> No.47578749

All true, but all Diegoo did was keep the effects of the virus because he had the Stand already by being infected by it previously. He didn't steal the powers so much as keep them after it's owner had already died.

Besides, each part acts differently depending on the person, so what happened to Diego isn't guaranteed.

>> No.47578776


>> No.47578817

You're not wrong in that you probably won't get any sort of Stand copying, but didn't Diego get some of the actual powers anyway? I know the dinos can go all full zombie apocalypse and infect people by default, but if Scary Monsters hadn't become Diego's real Stand then he shouldn't have been able to command whatever he infected or do the dinosaur-candelabra thing.

>> No.47578837

Oh my God, they finally gave Rotom more forms. Yesssss.

>> No.47578858

No you dont understand, the Rotom IS the pokedex

And it talks, it has a personality

>> No.47578864

More importantly, Aslan is a Steel Psychic Type. The Sun Pokemon is a fucking Steel type.

>> No.47578888

He kept the powers, and the usual Stand protection from the negative effects. In addition, he gained more mastery over the powers than the original owner. Ferdinand wasn't able to transform into dinosaurs, or do partial transformations either, but he didn't have the Stand all too long, or the drive to improve his powers (since he hated dinosaurs.)

>> No.47578900

That is even better. Does this mean I can waifu my pokedex?

>> No.47578902

Wait, what. Where did all this come from? Some new info dump? What else was released?

>> No.47578921


>> No.47578995

>all of that water

Well I know what reviewers are going to be bitching about for the next forever.

>> No.47578998

Oh, neat-
>psychic/ghost type
Whoa. That's pretty cool, actually. So, who wants to bet that the "mysterious assistant" is a member of the local Team?

>> No.47579006


719 years old
Demon 400
Los Angeles
Black Techs 1000
Demonic Energy
Demonically Appealing 1100
The Steps of Giants 1300
Eight Deadly Sins 1600
Companion Import 1650
Leeroy: Delinquent, Violence Breeds Strength, The Rampaging Jumper 100, Spellmaster 400
Solomon Company
Demonic Demons Demonize Demons 1600
Creep, Lolicon, And All-Around Disgusting Individual 1400
The Fires of Lost Prominence+ 1000

Drawbacks made this one messy.

I went Demon and took all the Demon perks for maximum demon along with Blank Techs.

Black Techs seems to improve my capacity to possess, empower and sap powers from individuals as well as give me an increase in demon gains when empowering people. Also means I can turn into a demon of the human world which I... don't really know what that is.

Spent the rest on demonic appeal, bigness and obscene power.

Took an import as I figured taking someone who I can rely on as a powerful human agent couldn't hurt. Particularly given my drawbacks mean I'm sort of in trouble. Gave him spellmaster as I like the kings crest thing and I'm sure he'll make good use of it all.

Solomon Company means a scary organisation is after me. Admittedly not sure how I'm going to deal with this one because the Fires of Lost Prominence means I'm the exact opposite of what I'm normally like. Guess that makes me an idealistic person who takes things very seriously so... yeah... the opposite of my personality might actually be better at dealing with stuff. It was always the powers and perks that kept me safe rather than my character. Also everyone thinks I'm a pedophile which is bad but not as bad as being chased by demons.

It's the sort of 10 years I'll probably look back on in the same way one looks back on a weird dream.

>> No.47579029


Masuda said he wanted to make it so you could talk to your pokemon in Sun/Moon, so maybe this will facilitate that?

>> No.47579040

>he hated dinosaurs
What kind of abomination was this man?

>> No.47579051

If there are two teams, I'll go with the one tbat wants to get Solgaleo as long as they aren't horrible. Otherwise, I'm just going against them.

>> No.47579061

She doesn't look suspicious enough. I'd guess she's connected to the legendaries instead.

>> No.47579066

Having a talking Pokédex that's also a Pokemon is so logical it hurts. Like they should've done this in the beginning.

>> No.47579067

Shit dude, I haven't been keeping up with Pokemon recently, but this looks more like Pokemon XD graphically and gameplay/navigation wise. Neat

>> No.47579091

Did anyone take the Psychic Specialty perk from that? And if so, what did you specialize in?

>> No.47579092

>Also means I can turn into a demon of the human world which I... don't really know what that is.
It essentially means you're a kami, or whatever the shinto spirits are called.

>> No.47579164

brain freezing

>> No.47579187

The new Rotomdex is already starting to grow on me.
"Nice to meet you pal! Go easy on the goods, okay?" He just seems perfect so far.

>> No.47579205

I think it means I can turn into a kami rather than I am one.

Read that they're a lot weaker and obviously it wouldn't make sense with the Eight Deadly Sins thing otherwise so maybe it's an alt form. Not 100% on it.

>> No.47579221

I'm hoping he can be muted.

>> No.47579261

Wait a second.
Solomon Company: 400CP
Fires of Lost Prominence+: 400CP
Drawback CP limit: 850CP

I think you went over the CP limit.

>> No.47579275

Solomon Company doesn't grant points.

>> No.47579299

Fuck me and forgetting relevant info.

Solomon Company doesn't grant points IF YOU TAKE EIGHT DEADLY SINS.*

>> No.47579305

From Wikipedia.
Notable Kami
Amaterasu, Sarutahiko, Ame no Uzume, Inari, Izanagi, Izanami, Susanoo, Tsukuyomi

Maybe you're like these guys? Would make sense.

Take the Solomon Company Drawback for no extra CP. The CP normally gained from this counts toward the Drawback limit.

>> No.47579340

>Take the Solomon Company Drawback for no extra CP. The CP normally gained from this counts toward the Drawback limit.
Why did the jumpmaker not just have it cost 1000CP and make you take Solomon Company normally?

>> No.47579357

Well I'm in Los Angeles so maybe if there's shit from other countries as well maybe I'm Coyote or something.

Not sure how much of a stretch that is/whether demons of the human world come in non weaboo form.

>> No.47579371

because people were bitching about Eight Deadly Sins' cost compared to the other capstones when he originally went that route.

>> No.47579377

Above all else, I should never look down on human beings. Just a personal one. Never lose that shred of humanity I have, even if others believe its a sign of weakness hold onto it forever.

>> No.47579414

Think you could actually become an Olympian if you take Eight Deadly Sins and Black Techs? Or an Asgardian, or whatever?

>> No.47579415

So Justice its good to see you're still a fucking idiot. While I couldn't defend myself because I haven't checked /JC/ in a while I just came across this gem where you called me a dickwaffle and proceeded to prove that you know absolutely fucking nothing about this setting since you believe that the True Name of Magic can make you a capital G-God. To help you understand why your limitation is fucking stupid because 1. The true name of magic literally only allows you to change the meaning of words and stop others from using THE ANCIENT LANGUAGE for Magic why you think that's capital G-God level is fucking beyond me, and the power levels you are talking about are already attainable by anyone who took a fucking Will perk to stop themselves from being distracted. 2. Galbatorix would have been able to turn himself into a nuclear bomb with or without it since a completely different Rider did the same thing to greater effect without using the True Name why you think this is a big deal anyway also surprises me. 3. Taking away the only fucking reason to use Eragon Mental powers is fucking retarded making a literal half of the magic system useless after a jump is shit. So Before you call someone a dickwaffle please understand that you have no idea what the fuck you are talking about.

>> No.47579425

I like this image. This is a nice image.

>> No.47579443

Don't start that shit here man. We have more than enough of our own to deal with.

>> No.47579459

So how goes the work on Coiling Dragon?

>> No.47579464

Coming from the dude who needed to be told that people wanted the non-Force-wielding classes, this kinda loses impact.

>> No.47579469

>> No.47579474

Bramastra, as someone who can go off the handle when he gets angry himself, maybe you should calm down, and not bring business from another thread here.

>> No.47579477

That's virtually all I do.

>> No.47579481

What nature did you have in PMD?

Guess it depends on what state your personality was like by the time you got to PMD.

I think I'd be hasty.

>> No.47579494


>> No.47579497

>Bowhead is shaped like a coyote head

>> No.47579523

Clarifying stuff and nerfing
the companion option and Ever Growing. Though I had to move to a copy after the normal one was bugging out.

>> No.47579527


>> No.47579541

It was probably Naive.

>> No.47579546

Lax, definitely. This was before willpower perks got me to actual put effort in stuff.

>> No.47579549

I was Bashful, since it was rather early in my chain. If I went there now, it'd probably be Gentle.

>> No.47579590

Probably Naughty, since Paranoid is not a option.

>> No.47579601

Given taste preferences and how Pokémon Trainer ended, I'd say Naive.

... which is bad for an Infernape, shit.

>> No.47579634


>> No.47579659


OA izzat you?

>> No.47579718

Multiple people went Infernape.

>> No.47579725

Could you use the soul cage from Darksiders to indefinitely contain the soul of Abbadon and the demon Primarchs?

>> No.47579736

True, but he's just the only one I heard about doing so.

>> No.47579744

What are some good perks to help with punching things?

>> No.47579765

As amusing as many jumps are, yeah.
Let's just say a huge pile of assorted cash found its way into Walter's bank account in the Breaking Bad jump

"Always finish what you start."
"Leave the world better than what you found it."

>> No.47579779

What's your specialization? From what I talked about with the jumpmaker, it can be anything from fire to petrification, which gives a bunch of range for creativity.

>> No.47579784

Sassy, with a rather Adamant partner.

>> No.47579785

The only souls it's ever seen capturing and containing were human souls in the games - which were then used to trade.

>> No.47579804

Yeah, I was wondering if it would be too weak to contain those souls, or if it would be able to regardless.

>> No.47579810

>favorite flavor: spicy
>flavor disliked: bitter
Guess I'm naughty.

>> No.47579813

What sorta Quirk is that, and who did he steal it from?

>> No.47579824

Probably too weak - those guys' souls are several tiers higher than regular human souls.

>> No.47579828

Jump Fury!

>> No.47579831


>> No.47579844 [SPOILER] 

It's multiple different ones combined. See pic if you want to know which ones.

>> No.47579849

Hmm. Problematic.

Oh well, I'll just use artifactory from dragonlance to amplify its powers to the point where it'd be able to contain them.

>> No.47579853

It's not one quirk, he's mashing a bunch of quirks together to do that.

>> No.47579882

As badass as "I will strike you down" is, "I'm going to hit you" has its own charm with how blunt and simple it is.

On a related note, what is the strongest martial art in jumpchain?

>> No.47579885

600cp - Killdozer (Discount Heir/Heiress)
It defies comprehension, but you are the deadliest thing on two legs. When you hit
your groove in personalcombat (which is often), it’s like you are ruin incarnate. Every move
can end in a killing blow as you switch seamlessly from one weapon to another, or simply
punch, kick, bite and twist with an incredible efficiency.
You are intuitively aware of the appropriate cues and shatterpoints that gain you an
advantage in direct combat. This awareness increases with the more opponents you
successfully defeat, culminating in an almost precognitive, omniscient awareness of yourself,
your opponents, and potential opportunities for violence.

>> No.47579911

Do you have the other page, where All Might proceeds to punch Sensei anyway? And he admits he miscalculated?

>> No.47579914

The strongest one we could ever probably learn is the Hokuto no Ken, but thats impossible to actually learn. The Wuxia jump is quite good for learning martial arts, that and Ranma.

>> No.47579952 [SPOILER] 


>> No.47579966

Huh. Alright, thanks for explaining Anons.

>> No.47579970

/a/ has a thread up about it right now and a link if you want to read or discuss the latest chapter.

>> No.47579972 [SPOILER] 

>On a related note, what is the strongest martial art in jumpchain?
My own Jumper School of "Anything" Goes Martial Arts.

>> No.47579988


Do I even want to know what perks you're using for that?

>> No.47580000

Not sure.

Although I dip into basically everything my most commonly stacked powers tend to be fire based, shadow based and drugs based.

Would probably want to go more specific in this so it's going to want some thinking on.

>> No.47580030

Is it wrong to want this?

Well, I think the best thing would describe me would be Adamant. I'm not good judge my own character.

>> No.47580035

Eh, you could easily do that with superspeed and SInanju. Just don't expect the woman to be anything but puppy level intelligent for about eight to fifty hours, depending on the amount of Steps you went through.and her resistance to mind-blowing-rapid-overclocked.... 'Happiness'.

>> No.47580047

>Is it wrong to want this
Considering who that is, and what body she's using...

>> No.47580073

But that just makes you want it more, doesn't it?

>> No.47580074

Well I started with Weirdly Specific Marital Arts from Ranma and Mighty skill from One Punch Man then added in some superspeed and went on from there.

>> No.47580077

So is that an actual Soul Eater crop or a doujin?

>> No.47580093

Considering she's literally in an adolescent's body, yes.

I mean knowing the tastes you've expressed in the past I'm not quite surprised, but it's still a bad move.

>> No.47580098

Do you happen to have a quote or something for what exactly is happening? I've heard of it before, and totally believe something like that was in the books, but I always want context for this kind of stuff.

>> No.47580106

Doujin. You can tell by the art style, the smile, and the heart by her dialogue.

>> No.47580116

I posted it and I don't think so. Seriously, they're cartoons not real people, and /tg/ is way too full of moralfags lately.

>> No.47580119

If only there was a tsundere personality.

>> No.47580150

Bold I think. Sour vs spicy definitely fits, and it does fairly follow quite well after the previous jump (that being Log Horizon at the moment. Of it will be if it's ever finished) and with my chain as a whole, especially in the early centuries.
That being said
>raises defense
>lowers attack
For what purpose?

Also, my partner was Sassy. Because she is.

>> No.47580183

>implying I'm not using moral faggotry to enhance the flavor of degeneracy
It's like coffee and cookies, it's all going inside me.

>> No.47580188

>Taking Jump Fury
>Not combing Nazi Science with nanobots so you can make kung-fu nanobots that cure diseases by going inside people and literally being up the disease

>> No.47580191

The Steps of Sinanju: http://www.sinanju.com/SHOREMO.HTM

To Quote for those who don't wanna take a link.
All masters of Sinanju are taught the steps required to bring women to sexual fulfillment. But just how many steps are there? The most popular belief is that there are thirty two steps in the program - but the little known fact is that there are actually three different programs (this was revealed in "Profit Motive, #48.)

Remo has learned three separate techniques: One takes twenty seven steps, another takes thirty seven steps, and the final one uses fifty two steps. The problem Remo has with these techniques, is that all the fun has been taken out of sex for him. He has rarely found a woman that can last beyond step twelve. The women of Sinanju require the entire fifty two step program. Remo believes that this is because they are so, well, ugly.

Chiun has warned Remo to never use the fifty two step system on "normal" women, as it will drive them insane.

>> No.47580218

Ah, the 'righteous paladin who is just too cute not to corrupt' approach.

>> No.47580220

I think you may have responded to the wrong post.

You also chose a rather unfortunate one to respond to give the nature of your post.

>> No.47580249

Seems like a good method to defeat Medusa to me.

>> No.47580252

>as it will drive them insane
>drive them insane

What is this, a mindbreak doujin?

>> No.47580262

The Remo Williams books aren't very good, no.

>> No.47580278

Yes, yes I did in fact quote the wrong one... how do you edit posts? Is that a thing or do I just have to live with that screw up?]
That was meant for >>47580098

>> No.47580300

You can't.
We know. We will always know.

>> No.47580312

Oh this is too funny and creepy at the same time.
Best example of double checking you're replying to the right person. rofl

>> No.47580320

Where is her nose. Is she one of Voldemort/Crux's relatives?

>> No.47580357

You must live with it but we still like you

>> No.47580364

The Destroyer series is... a pulp fiction series... a really old pulp fiction series from when pulp fiction was still written on pulp. It has the flaws of said time/genre/era that all books of that time/genre/era had.

That said, there are over a hundred novels in the series so the author must be doing something right.

>> No.47580405

I guess I'll be taking Adaptability AND Sinanju in Wuxia, then.

As a Drop-In master of Drunken Fist, it kind of fits, thematically.

>> No.47580412

Smite for anathema.
Gurren Lagan for Manly Fisticuffs
Wuxia, Ranma, and History's Strongest Disciple for martial arts.

>> No.47580441

Iops never have visible noses.

>> No.47580462

Just get a Master to teach it to you. It's cheaper and as a bachelor I attribute to the bird thought-line... Fuck I lost my, CHEEP CHEEP MOTHER FUCKER gif.

>> No.47580480

Is there a way to forcefully combine opposing cosmic forces? Like, with Evil and Good, is there any perks can I use to force them to coexist/cooperate?

>> No.47580537

Depends on what way you're actually using them. Purely metaphorical you can just mumble something about duality. If you've actually got solidified concepts somehow, and they react badly together, then you could try to find some of those tech perks that help predict and control reactions between things.

>> No.47580653

I want to be able to basically combine physicality cosmic forces. Something like how that one guy from DxD combines Holy energies with Unholy energies into a single weapon even though they're supposed to destroy each other.

>> No.47580747

Has anyone staked a claim on the grim adventures of Billy and Mandy jump yet?
If not I will

>> No.47580759

Well, if you can stand the jump, you can get that guys power actually. Sword Birth is a powerful thing, however I can't think of anything else off the top of my head.

Also can someone post their Zoid Jumps?

>> No.47580806


>> No.47580955

So did we ever get a ruling on the Kerbal companion issue? Are we legit allowed to have 720 companions and count that as one slot?

>> No.47580958

If there are no tangelos you will disappoint me anon.

>> No.47580979

Just checking, have you seen the DVD Extras? Has some lore on the Incredibles world, the super teams, registered heroes (a few more than you have that in list, thus my question), etc.

Some of it's been put on the pixar wikia.

>> No.47581028

720 Kerbal companions. They're not that great. And you have to spend your entire CP budget on them. Compare to the Waddle Dees from Kirby, which get you similar numbers and competence for far cheaper.

>> No.47581034

Admiral hasn't been on since posting it. Give him some time, he'll make a ruling.

>> No.47581040

>720 companions and count that as one slot
Wait. Seriously?

How the fuck is that a thing?

>> No.47581104

Because they're incredibly incompetent at anything other than flying a spaceplane, and it takes all your CP to get them in a jump with much better things to buy. It's like the Pink Tide in Generic Magical Girl: You can do it if you really want to, but it's not going to be worth it.

>> No.47581106

Oh fuck off, it's perfectly harmless.

>> No.47581112

>720 companions
>one slot
>not that great
I'm not into the badwrongfun thing, anon, but if you can't see the advantage there then I don't know what to tell you.

>> No.47581117

Spending all your cp on them.
With inverse law of competence in full effect.

>> No.47581119

I wish people were patient instead of feeling the need to constantly agitate like hyper little monkeys.

>> No.47581129

Alright, finally back from work. Let's see...

>Reads the last of the previous Thread

Man, I've got some good timing. In that theme, here's an updated PDF with clarifications, making things a tad more exact and clearing up some minor confusion.

All the Kerbals you buy with 'We Have Reserves' count as one companion. Which, yes, means you can get a fairly large number of Kerbals in one companion slot.

On one hand, they're Kerbals.

On the other, they're Kerbals.


As for importing them into other jumps, I'm following Babylon 5 Anon's lead, and saying that the perks/powers get divided among them all equally. Not exactly an easy way to power game. On the other hand, this means you can turn the Harry Potter jump into 'Wizards in Space' and Hogwarts into another KSP launchpad with all the new students, and isn't that all we really ask for?

I gave them coffee, Anon.

I gave them the BEST KIND of coffee.

Man. That's some high praise indeed, right there. Thanks.

Really, the entire 'Kerbals will cry' is mostly to give Jumpers an excuse to not throw the entire Kerbal civilization on the Light of Terra and call it a day.

If you want to share technology with the little green guys, as opposed to the finished product? Feel free.

>> No.47581142

Be patient, your wish will be granted SOON™.

>> No.47581153

>All the Kerbals you buy with 'We Have Reserves' count as one companion. Which, yes, means you can get a fairly large number of Kerbals in one companion slot.
Pro: That's broken as fuck.
Con: That's broken as fuck.

>> No.47581172

Oh, I can think of a few uses, but as there's no consensus rule on how to handle companions that only take one slot it's up to personal interpretation how useful they are. Some people divide the power of any purchase among every companion in the slot, that would make the 720 Kerbals quite useless. Others have them all have to take the same perk, multiplying power but limiting variety. Others let each of them make their own purchases, which I personally feel is a bit much. And in the time it's taken me to type this up, the author posted >>47581129 saying that it goes by the power division method, so the Kerbals aren't going to be very useful. Some uses if you just need cannon fodder or disposable agents, I suppose, but you should rarely need 720 of them.

>> No.47581184

Great Detective has the Mental Palaces perk which allows you to pull people into your mind once a day.

>> No.47581188

If it gets divided between them how would Harry Potter help? They'd be magically weaker than squibs.

>> No.47581210


>> No.47581225

Dishonored - Benefactor's Mark.

Give the Kerbals Softcap.


>> No.47581229

Sorry, your example said you /could/ turn Harry Potter into Wizards in Space. How's that meant to work with none of the Kerbals being magic?

>> No.47581248

>up to 8 people one of your specific powers

>> No.47581254

Great you fucking moron, now they're going to nerf it.

This is why you never discuss combos or builds in thread - some dumb bitch is going to see their jump's involved and nerf the related perk or some shit.

>> No.47581268

That only works on eight people at a time. Not eight companions, eight people.

No need to nerf, because it doesn't work in the first place.

>> No.47581274

I think the concern we have is things that aren't perks, like creating powered combat armor for each of them, or providing each of them with the Master's Scroll from Avatar.

>> No.47581283

>Giving Kerbals coffee
>We can share tech as long as it's not the finished product
>mfw I give the Kerbals Mantra tech, changed to be fueled by happiness and joy

>> No.47581284

Companion slots. They all occupy one slot.

If nothing else, Golden Chains to apply Softcap to an item, then have them pass it around while training.

>> No.47581289

>Not exactly an easy way to power game
>what is Pink Tide

And they all count as a single companion. It still works.

The worst part is Red's just going to bitch and whine in the IRC all day until something happens now.

>> No.47581291

They all get part of a snappy British accent?
Imma just give them the whole accent, though.
Some things don't really divide well.

>> No.47581300

>the Jumpmaker made a mistake
>better not tell him or he'll fix it
Are you Scatovore, or are you just stupid?

>> No.47581308

But it doesn't apply to eight companions, it applies to eight people. Doesn't matter how many people are in a slot, still won't affect them all.

>> No.47581323

>Pro: That's broken as fuck.
>Con: That's broken as fuck.
That's how I'm approaching it. It is broken, horribly broken, but I don't have to take it. Grant you, it'd be an easy way to cheese through tons of jumps if you've got the ability to buff them. In the last thread we talked about MCU's Super Soldier Serum and using Infectious Bite to turn them into dragons.

720 dragons in one slot is no small thing.

>> No.47581333

Oh, god...
Speaking of which.

>> No.47581335

Companion slots. They all occupy one slot.

If nothing else, Golden Chains to apply Softcap to an item, then have them pass it around while training.

>> No.47581351


>> No.47581354

>In the last thread we talked about MCU's Super Soldier Serum and using Infectious Bite to turn them into dragons.
Great, now we're going to see Red nerfing the Serum and barring us from Pym Particles when they nerf the jump. Great going, anon.

NEVER mention combos with Red's jumps out loud. It's just going to make Red nerf them into oblivion.

>> No.47581365

>with clarifications, making things a tad more exact and clearing up some minor confusion.
Too vague. What changed?

>> No.47581382

Scatovore's reared his ugly head, so lovely enough it looks like he's decided to start trying to bully changes into jumps himself.

>> No.47581387

Think I'm going to go back through all my old Jumps and Nerf some perks in honor of this thread. Anyone else want to join me?

>> No.47581419


>> No.47581434

He pisses me off because he likes to use arguments I've used in the past when I was in a bad mood or stupid shit I said in fits of paranoia or bitterness. Almost everything he says is some stupid crap I said at one point and regretted later. Like a horrible autistic Shadow.

>> No.47581442

Anon, please don't start that. It just causes bigger problems.
You'll be able to when Red finishes Nerf. And then I will be able to commit Nerfnatus with the LoT!

>> No.47581452 [DELETED] 

Take the hint and leave, Red.

We're gonna break your jumps and there's nothing you can do about it. You're not wanted, you're not a part of this community. Quit trying to pretend you're still liked and get out.

>> No.47581454

But if you want to do that, I'm pretty sure it would be more effective to arm the citizens of The Light of Terra, or the Anno ARK, or Hope Rides Alone. I mean, they don't take up a Companion Slots, and have intellects above Lobotomy Patients.
I hate to tell you, but Copy Pasting your Argument doesn't make your argument more valid. Anyway, here is the Reward in Question. Please tell me where it says the word "Companion" or "Slot".
You know, I don't think I've ever actually seen her do that. Can you name an example for the education of the rest of us?
Then he would just use that for more ammunition. Just report and ignore.
Because of NERF!Anon

>> No.47581465

How many times have you been told not to reply to them? You're so easily fucking baited.

>> No.47581491

And it never works, because Scatovore genuinely believes everything he says, no matter whether or not anyone responds.

It's pathetic.

>> No.47581510

No, I think he's just a troll who wants to sabotage the thread. No ethos or creed. If anything the only person I want to believe he is, is the MGE fag, because he was the kind of guy autistic enough to do this.

>> No.47581514

>Anons claiming getting to bring a bunch of Kerbals with you is broken
Are you faggots stupid or what? There's nothing particularly powerful about that. It's inferior to just rounding up a bunch or rando humans in any given jump, it's so bad.

>> No.47581532

Oh, honey, just because people called you out on your samefagging doesn't mean calling out random anons as Red is going to help.

>> No.47581547 [DELETED] 

He sees someone saying how they take Eyes of the world, he nerfs it saying you can't.

Someone brings up how awesome Protodeviln can get. He nerfs that saying we can't have it.

MCU has Infinity Stones. Red slaps us with his dick and says we can't have their power or become Vision.

He constantly nerfs us whenever someone thinks of something cool. He's a sickness, literally the worst jumpmaker we have. He needs to shut the fuck up, stop collecting his IRC defense force, and leave.

>> No.47581556

>genuinely believes everything he says
That would imply that he actually likes JC.
I doubt that.
Just the troll.
Let's talk about fun small green people instead.

>> No.47581563

That's what they said about the Waddle Dees, and look what happened!

Don't tell me you can't see those looks in their eyes! First, the world. Then, you! Then the multiverse! The Age of the Waddle Dee approaches!

tl;dr there's actually nothing wrong with this and I like making jokes.

>> No.47581566

I'm just curious what the Legendary "Nerf" is. And by curious, I mean I'm doubtful it ever happened. If it helps, I will give my word not to respond to any post containing the words "Red" "Nerf" and "Bitch" in any combination from this point on.

>> No.47581579

My question is how the hell the waddle dees eat.

>> No.47581583

There isn't one. Goddamn. Half his examples are shit that didn't work even in canon, and yesterday he was yelling at Worm for 'nerfing us' by ascribing to canon rules on shards. He doesn't have anything. He just makes up shit.

>> No.47581595

Just filter the word nerf. Actually, do we have a /jc/ filter list?

>> No.47581605

. . .

I legit don't know.

Are there even enough science perks in the Chain to find out?

>> No.47581612

EE Devices From Minecraft would work.
We all know there isn't one. That's the point.
Huh, didn't know you could filter specific words. Thank you.

>> No.47581615

>Infectious Bite says hello

>> No.47581631

I don't think so. It's like Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

>> No.47581640

You are making me regret even imagining that perk more and more.

>> No.47581659

Anyone else notice that we've gotten a bunch of jumps lately that all start with "K"? Kamen Rider, Kerbal Space program, and Kung-Fury. It's weird.

>> No.47581662

Too late

>> No.47581674

[Spoiler] It's fine. Don't worry about it. By the way, how goes Protons? [/spoiler]

>> No.47581675

Three Ks
There are three lines in K

>> No.47581676

We could just as easily bite a bunch of rando humans, and they'd be better for not being kerbals.

>> No.47581678

How much trouble will your Kerbals get into?


>> No.47581682

You're just full of regret, are you.

>> No.47581685

That happpens sometimes. Remember when DSAnon was pumping out the DS games and DDS part 1, and we had a few other jumps starting with D as well?

>> No.47581691

>3 jumps
>all beginning with k

I think I might know who's behind this...

>> No.47581696

That's a good idea.

So, what did you do during your time in Kerbal besides go to space? I mean, everyone goes to space, but do you do anything cool there? Or on Kerbal itself?

>> No.47581701

Clarified further how the companion slots work out, how the 400 CP Drop-in Perk works, how further import options work.

That... should be it?

>> No.47581714

Is there anything like a generic sports jump?

>> No.47581718

I'm going to give them Mantra and Aperture tech. And then, once I figure out how, I'm going to give them the Ork's reality warping field.

>> No.47581720

Messed up spoilers and didn't notice autocorrect. Damn it.

>> No.47581742

The Warhammer Fantasy jump actually has a perk that let's you do exactly that.

Plus, there's the Overlord's minion hives, which is a personal favorite.

>> No.47581743

Progress report!

>Just wanted to get some thoughts on the following before I continue on to Perks


>> No.47581744

I built all the awesome space infrastructure I love that most jumps don't need due to having tech that makes it obsolete. Like a network of particle beam arrays throughout the solar system to propel ships equipped with magnetosails. Or a huge shield against the solar wind in the lagrangian points to keep space colonies safe from solar flares. Or just a truly massive space elevator capable of huge lift capabilities.

>> No.47581745

There is a Generic Sports Jump, I think. Not that I wouldn't like to see other Sports Jumps. Mutant League, anyone?

>> No.47581749

Invader Zim's invasive genetic perk. The one that turns them into whatever you inject them with.

What could possibly go wrong?

>> No.47581758

Yes. Look under "S" for "sports".

>> No.47581769


>> No.47581778

Bwa ha ha!

>> No.47581797 [DELETED] 

Great, if this doesn't get Red screaming at the top of his lungs demanding us to nerf it then nothing will.

Are you trying to make him shit up our fun?

>> No.47581798


>> No.47581803

He creates a stable time loop which leads to them leaving their universe in a rocket, making their way into Warhammer 40K and becoming the Ork's he took the Genetic Material from?

>> No.47581826

But none of those were retroactive, and two of them are supported by canon. Also, why are you assuming Red is a Futa? Are you one of those people?

>> No.47581829

Looks fine to me, I guess. Sorry, I don't know Battleborn, I can't comment on how well you've done the lore justice. It sounds cool, though.

>> No.47581839

Looks good. Will there be a free racial perk to give you their traits, or will you expand the descriptions to include them?

>> No.47581845

if they are referring to red as a he, it means that it is the troll

>> No.47581853

It doesn't matter if it's supported by canon, it doesn't matter if they aren't retroactive, and he doesn't care about proper designation.

He doesn't care, he wants to drive away a content creator. Stop feeding him.

>> No.47581856

Oh, Hymn to the Breaking Strain is on the recommendations.

>> No.47581893

And that, little ones, is how the last universe ended.

Also, thanks, Mods!

>> No.47581896

I wanna suggest a joke-ish "Rivalry" drawback where the characters from Overwatch try to kick your ass.

>> No.47581913


>> No.47581943


Playing BB is suffering. Part of why I'm making this Jump is to, in my own way, try and shore up the potential playerbase.

>> No.47581945

Flamio, my good hotman.

And Iron Mistress is on here too!
Fitting, for JC.

>> No.47581960

I like both.

>> No.47581979

Speaking of which, what's a good sport to choose for that jump?

I remember people suggesting Duel Monsters or Danmaku, and I think one anon jokingly suggested Drownball.

>> No.47581990

Are there any perks to let me control emergent behavior? I want to be able to set up a system such that the initial boundary conditions and the rules by which it progresses will lead to my desired goal on its own without further interference. The perk in EVO that gives you total knowledge of evolution should help, but that still has some room for the experiment going off the rails. I don't want to completely lock down the growth of a system, but I do want to be able to ensure the finished state will contain certain aspects I want.

>> No.47581998

Karmatron Dynamics?

>> No.47582011

Yeah, that works perfectly. Thanks, anon, I didn't even consider that.

>> No.47582045

I just went for Rugby.

>> No.47582060

Not that anon, but what I want is to be able to have fun without useless, arbitrary limits purposefully designed to ruin fun combos. We already have people saying they refuse to share builds out of fear that the jumpmaker will stomp on it, and we don't need Red encouraging that view with the way she keeps "updating" her jumps with more limits that aren't needed. It's not right. I want to see more builds, I want to see people talking about combos.

But >>47581254 brings up a good point. It feels verboten to talk about combos because you'll get Red complaining in IRC or harassing other jumpmakers to make changes. Inter-jump balance is not supposed to be a thing, but she continually puts in effort to enforce it, limiting combos and making jumpers afraid to share what they have.

If anything, it's her that's killing this place by discouraging build sharing.

>> No.47582069

What is this from?

>> No.47582070

>Not that anon
Do you seriously think anyone buys that?

>> No.47582079

So do you have multiple routers that you post from, or something?

>> No.47582085

Repeat after me, kids.



>> No.47582107

He uses his phone.

>> No.47582161

but what if he is really just a slightlydifferentfag?

>> No.47582169

>Responding to him
Guys. We've discussed this. Report and ignore.

>> No.47582200

Then talk about what your plans are for your 720 woman green alien shortstack harem. Other than the obvious.

>> No.47582203

This is the IRCluminati, kindly cease all discussion of our evil plans to ruin Jumpchain, or we will be forced to dispatch our elite agents to hack your internet, discover all your favorite perks, and nerf them.

>> No.47582222

Then he needs to stop listening to Scatovore, because none of this shit ever happened. People have fixed bugs in their jumps but never because of a combo. I might start, though, just because of Scatovore.

Also, turning it into namefag drama is just tedious as fuck.

>> No.47582227


>> No.47582241

And you're not making things any better.

This place reacts badly to humor.

>> No.47582256

20 shortstacks is enough. Maybe 21, but after you're over a different foursome every day of the week, it's just too many.

>> No.47582262

Many, many times over.

One time we installed a portal in Rabbit's hole so Pooh wouldn't get stuck in it.

Also, that's a funny way of spelling 12 dimensional movements.

Don't rely on plans. Plans get derailed, but the wise can steer the derails in their favor when the going gets tough.

Also, when you have to fight strike first, and strike from an angle that can't be blocked from and where you can't be observed from whenever possible.

Oh, and the Innate Time Control from Fate is technically both, kinda.

Probably some mix of sassy and lonely and bashful and naive.

But uh, lonely actually describes me pretty well IRL so let's go with that.

Nothing they can't get out of as long as the lost astronaut retrieval apparatus works properly

Which, given now we're going to mentor them into spacing themselves instead of just sneaking clarktech everywhere, is going to take the form of a hook on a length of rope instead of the tractor beam we'd envisioned.

>> No.47582267

Hello spores

>> No.47582287

Understandable. That's why I'm not getting that many.

>> No.47582292

That's part of the plan.
By the end of the jump, we're going to reach Mantra Level 8 through sheer joy and population.

>> No.47582300

W̻͎̤̖̗̟̕͜H͓̱̣͖͕̜̗A̸͚̩͞T̶̳̪̺̜͢ ̨̣̞̣̺̮͍̥̜͝H҉̥̺̕A̻̮͚̭͕̥̪̤͡V̧̛̖̘̙͓͈E̷̗̰̟̬̥̦̩̰ ̻͉Y̶̹̦O̘͚͈̫̘̦͉̰̬U̟̘͔̩̹̫͠ ̞̮D̨̺͕͙͎̼O̴͇̮̪̬Ṇ̡̛̦̖̳̜͍̺͚E̛͉͍̣̮͙͔͜

>> No.47582323

You should hit up Digger's recent Kamen Rider jump before that, too. Cosmic Energy is fueled by friendship and the love of space travel. Give that to Kerbals and they'd be Rider Kicking down the gates of Heaven before long.

>> No.47582334

Don't know what that is but it looks fine so far.

Huh. Are those mikollopria things mushroom people?


Because there is a Charles Barkley jump out there.

>> No.47582353

We get warnings for reporting him. . .*sob* we'll never be rid of him :(

>> No.47582359

Looks like it.

>> No.47582370

Do we have a Hokuto No Ken or Fist of the North Star Jump?

also what are good musics for godly/unearthly vibes?

>> No.47582389

I can't seem to find that on the drive, or in the WIP section. Has it not been uploaded yet?

>> No.47582390

What the heck is with that anyway? I mean he's actively malicious most of the time and we get warnings for reporting him, still did it though.

>> No.47582405

I guess it hasn't been, yet. I shall do so, then.

>> No.47582407

Has anyone expressed interest in making a jump based on Dave Duncan's "A Man of His Word" series?

>> No.47582411

He got his posts deleted this time, so I think maybe things are changing?

>> No.47582413

Far as I know, the anon who made Metal Gear Rising and co-op'd with Kanons to make MGS was working on it.

>> No.47582418

Why, convert them to Neufeu worship, and use the Drop In line from Azura's Wrath to lead them as the Goddess of Flame and Mishap!
Fly, little ones! FLY!

>> No.47582442

>Likes sweet
>Dislike Bitter

Naive, I guess. Not sure how naive I actually am, though.

>Green shortstacks
>You control the gender ratio

...Now to give them underarm wings and thoroughly creep out my companions.

>> No.47582478

I know this has been mentioned before, but it's worth reiterating. Coiling Dragon either needs to be restricted to an End Jump, or have 99.99% of it's power locked away behind a wall, only available if you take it as an end-jump.

Power levels simply get too high for it to be any regular old jumpchain.

I'd say lock people to the Saint level and disable fusing laws, unless they take it as an end-jump.

Even compared to other works in the genre, the Grandmist verse has a completely bullshit peak power level. Even the levels below that are pretty fucking ridiculous.

CD is a really fun universe, probably #2/3 in all of Grandmist, but the power levels are fucking bonkers. Especially with how easy it is for a jumper to reach the Universe Creator level. Any high-level precog + insane luck enables you to reach 4-way (or higher) soul mutates. Entirely reasonable to expect a 100-jump jumper to hit Highgod before even leaving the Yulan continent. If he's fast enough, he could grab a Sovereign Spark before Linley returns, and then the whole thing is over.

>> No.47582494

>I know this has been mentioned before, but it's worth reiterating. Coiling Dragon either needs to be restricted to an End Jump, or have 99.99% of it's power locked away behind a wall, only available if you take it as an end-jump.

>> No.47582516

Sounds reasonable. If you can create a Plane, then you sparked, please stop pretending you haven't yet.

>> No.47582546

It is ridiculous but keep in mind that it took an Uber Sue more than ten thousand years to achieve the power you are talking about.

>> No.47582563

Don't we have civilization and other jumps where you can prolong your time in a jump?

>> No.47582564

>Uber Sue
Where do you think you are?

>> No.47582566

And it's being offered up in a jump doc. It's an end jump.

>> No.47582600

There's literally a "drawback" that gives you that length of time though, and a perk that shaves it in half. And that's just stuff in the jump.

>> No.47582632

Not everything makes sense for a jump. CD doesn't make sense for a jump. The power levels are straight bullshit and it can't be done without breaking canon or granting spark-like levels of power on the cheap.

It does not need to be a jump outside of an end jump.

>> No.47582644

Go put it on your short-bus special sparkle drive along with CoC and smallhorse.

>> No.47582676

Civilization and Bartimaeus Sequence can both give you 12k+ year jumps. Tower of God has an indefinite stay, up to you to fanwank it (end is not in sight afaik, but I'm a good 80 or so chapters behind).

40k-Imperium lets you stay literally forever. No drawback limit, and there's a 150 CP drawback you can take multiple times, doubles your stay each time. Admittedly, that's one of the few universes I'd still be scared in, even with CD power levels.

So yeah, even ignoring the CD drawback that extends your stay to canon lengths, hitting that timeline is easy as fuck.

>> No.47582687

I'll assume smallhorse means mlp but what is CoC?

>> No.47582697

Corruption of Champions.

>> No.47582710

Are they're any jumps that I can get some sort of Hard Light technology or should I just fanwank one of the many engineering perks?

>> No.47582721

Apple of Eden from Assassin's Creed or a DC power ring.

>> No.47582728

Washu uses it pretty regularly and its available in Halo if you do the xeno tech bit.

>> No.47582729

Halo jump, avoid the gauntlet, Star Trek, and most superhero jumps.

>> No.47582730

DC and Marvel both have it. Halo does, too. I'm sure there are others, those are just the first to come to mind. Hard light is a pretty common concept in soft sci-fi.

>> No.47582733

I literally can't express how happy KSP jump makes me.
I fucking love space.

>> No.47582752

Hey, someone other than me who knows this song. Awesome. You have good taste, anon.

>> No.47582759

Green Lantern tech from the GL jump or DC. When Overwatch has had enough content released for a jump to be made that'll work. Other than that I'd say go to superhero jumps and get the science perks.

Young Justice's Amazo Backup Memory might also work, get something like Highlighter from RWBY or a Marvel combo and make a tech version.

Young Justice Anon, would ABM work on Semblances?

>> No.47582762

Well, the Highlighter Semblance from RWBY gives you hardlight as a superpower, and Lantern Rings make light constructs.

>> No.47582764

ME-tech has hardlight. That's how they're able to stab people with their omni-tools in ME3.

>> No.47582768

Also there's a perk in Steven Universe that makes you proficient in gem tech, which has a heavy focus in hard light.

>> No.47582789

Nope. Those are solid objects that the omnitool rapidly produces using its fabrication abilities. The reason they float is because the blades are superheated and need a mass effect field suspending them for you to be able to hold them.

>> No.47582804

So uh, I remember a while back we talked about waifus, and someone mentioned She-Hulk.
I've got bad news on that front...

>> No.47582808

Don't bother with Green Lantern rings. They just have straight-up hard light tech in DC. Plenty of people use it, people who it's easier to acquire tech from than it is to steal a Power Ring.

>> No.47582809

Huh. My bad.

Thanks for the protip, anon.

>> No.47582825

Yeah. Personally, I think the visual effects for them look a lot more like it's hard light. But that's the official explanation given in the codex, so...

>> No.47582836


>> No.47582841

Please don't tell me.

She's actually evil?

>> No.47582847

What did Marvel do THIS time?

Is it related to War Machine dying/being crippled/some dumb shit?

>> No.47582849

Jesus thats a lot of replies
I should have mentions: I want to MAKE things that use Hard Light technology.

Halo works, I think

Lantern rings, while cool, are only temp constructs.


Same thing as the ring

Didn't know that bout ME, so thanks for the warning.

>> No.47582853

Space is fucking awesome, yes. Someday I hope to go there.

>> No.47582867

That's even stupider than hardlight, frankly.

>> No.47582868



>> No.47582870

She's fucking dead. From a fucking missle.

>> No.47582881

I can't believe I misspelled missile.

>> No.47582882

I assume the lack of response means no. Are you offering to make it? Also, what's it about?

>> No.47582886

Not confirmed yet. Rhody is capital D dead, Shulk has just been shown flatlining. In Marveltown that can go any number of ways.

>> No.47582888

She's a bad waifu anyway.

>> No.47582903

Anons, let's be real.

Space is full of unimaginable horrors.

Micrometeors or miniature black holes or gamma ray bursts could kill you at any time, and there's nothing you can do about it. Do you really want to risk dying cold and alone in the endless void, knowing your remains will never see home again? Knowing your family won't even have a grave to visit? Knowing you are beyond the reach of anyone who could even possibly care in those final moments?

>> No.47582904

Well, it's not a terrible idea. Rapidly fabricating cheap, disposable blades would let you get around the issues that usually make things like monomolecular edges or superheated blades non-viable. If something's a one-use weapon anyway, you can afford to make it fragile. But the execution doesn't really work, they look like holograms. So you get into this issue that it's clearly them covering their ass having come up with the visual first and then scrambling to make a feasible-sounding idea for what they are.

>> No.47582910

>Bad Waifu

You about to start a civil war right here anon.

just kidding to each his own

>> No.47582925


>> No.47582935

You can still save her.

>> No.47582937

I mean, anon, she's cute, but she'll fuck literally anyone and anything and doesn't have a concept of relationships or monogamy. A wife that doesn't make.

>> No.47582955

I'm asking on behalf of someone else, no solid plans yet as far as I'm aware.
Pretty much all I know personally about the series is that it includes a Truenaming magic system.

>> No.47582958

Zodiarts pls go and stay go

We only accept friendship here

>> No.47582959

>Space is full of unimaginable horrors.
>Micrometeors or miniature black holes or gamma ray bursts could kill you at any time, and there's nothing you can do about it. Do you really want to risk dying cold and alone in the endless void, knowing your remains will never see home again? Knowing your family won't even have a grave to visit? Knowing you are beyond the reach of anyone who could even possibly care in those final moments?

Personally we find all of that incredibly romantic and nostalgic, but hey-each to their own, you know?

>So you get into this issue that it's clearly them covering their ass having come up with the visual first and then scrambling to make a feasible-sounding idea for what they are.

This is ME technology in a nutshell, really. Remember that explanation about how Reapers actually shoot superluminally accelerated molten metal, but how by ME3 their weapons pretty much behave like pew-pew lasers?

>> No.47582972

Fallout has the Holograms of the Sierra Madre.

>> No.47582975

You realize that all of that applies to a good number of jumpers, right?

>> No.47582979

Well, first of all
That's what whipple shields are for. I'm not afraid of micrometeors.

>miniature black holes
>gamma ray bursts
Just as likely to kill me here on Earth as in space. And so what if I die far away from home? At least that will be a novel death. Everyone else is going to live out their short lives on this one same small planet that everyone else to ever live has. If I have to die, I want it to be on Mars.

>> No.47582988

Yeah, and they'd be shit wives too.

>> No.47582999

Very true anon. I can respect that. Stuff like that gets to me in a way, but I pretty much maxed out on Charisma, maybe give her a dose of "hey lets look back at what we've done and actually push ourselves in a better direction for not only ourselves but the ones we love"
But thats just my piece.

>> No.47583006

I'm fine with that, I'm not looking for a serious thing. Hell, I've already got a waifu. We'd just be inviting her for some swinging (it's been two thousand years, you have to take measures to keep things fresh in the bedroom).

>> No.47583010

I am unfortunately auto disqualified due to health complications. My brain might explode.
Good thing that doesn't matter here!


Space is wide, and good friends are too few...

>> No.47583020



>> No.47583033

>My brain might explode.
So, you are saying that going into space would blow your mind?

>> No.47583036

In a word, yes. I'd rather die in the endless void than in my nest, a still born bird who never got a chance to spread his wings.

>> No.47583039



>> No.47583059

I don't think that word means what you think it means.

>> No.47583060

>You have to
No, I think that's just your problem.

>> No.47583061

haha cuck

>> No.47583070

I'm cool with that. I've made it my mission in life to have a fling every humanoid species in the multiverse, so I'd love a woman who won't even feel the least bit jealous about that.

>> No.47583087

I think you're missing the core conceit here. That's not a wife, that's a fuckbuddy. Nothing wrong with that, but the term 'waifu' doesn't really fit. That's all.

>> No.47583089

CYOA gen, plz go and stay go.

>> No.47583096

It's a figure of speech. Also, for the people going "ha ha, you got cucked", do you think I'm just letting another man fuck my waifu while I stand back and watch? No. Nobody gets out of this orgy without having fucked every other person there at least once. Soon as he lets his guard down my dick is going in his mouth.

>> No.47583102

>carmen mirandas ghost

Fuck yes I love this entire album.

Although I do prefer Dawsons Christian myself.

>> No.47583105

You're still a sick loser who needs to keep his horrible fetish to himself, you dig?

>> No.47583107

No, I think you're missing the concept. You don't have to fuck someone exclusively for her to be your partner in every other aspect of your life.

>> No.47583114

I think you just can't handle my realness. Come see me if you ever want to be a man instead of a little bitch boy.

>> No.47583116

I think these posts >>47583061
apply to you as well

>> No.47583119

>Nobody gets out of this orgy without having fucked every other person there at least once. Soon as he lets his guard down my dick is going in his mouth.

And that also means means Tyrone is going inside you too cuck

>> No.47583129

You literally don't understand what the word means, do you?

>> No.47583130

Well, his name isn't Tyrone, it's Anthony. But yes. Yes he will.

>> No.47583132

No, the irony of the post here >>47583089 is that going this much TMI into your fetishes is very much a CYOA gen thing. Not us.

>> No.47583133


>> No.47583146

I just need to ruin her for other men, have you seen the sex perks out there? One you go jumper you never go back.

>> No.47583157

>I think you just can't handle my realness.
That is literally the funniest shit I've read in this thread in a while. Not only is that the whitest way possible to phrase that, but you're also in the most imaginary pretend land that ever pretended.

You sir, are an autist on a level I thought not possible. Ten points to house Spacebattles.

>> No.47583174

You realize he's probably just trolling you, don't you? You're giving him what he wants.

>> No.47583178

What in the hell is happening right now.
What have I unleashed? All I wanted to do was break the bad news to She-Hulk waifu anon, and now...

>> No.47583179

>One you go Jumper
So what is step 2?

>> No.47583187

>Ten points to house Spacebattles.
Now that is funny.

>> No.47583190

Quite literally.
I'm so fucking mad about that.
I'd make a damn good astronaut.

>Dawsons Christian
Damn good song. Whole album is great.
I'm partial to Space Hero, just because it reminds me of my grandfather.

>> No.47583191


Pfft, come talk to me when you start handholding.

>> No.47583193

Don't ask me. I just wanted to point out she'd suck as a partner and I got people dumping TMI on their dicks at me.

>> No.47583197

You brought up waifus. You brought up a female in particular that triggers a set subset of the population.

You failed.

>> No.47583198

I have no clue

I'll be honest im not even sure where this whole Cuck/NTR thing really took off in the mainstream either

>> No.47583199

Never mention any female character who has ever had a romantic or sexual relationship with anyone besides their one true love, anon. It makes CYOA gen crawl out of the woodwork with a mighty REEEEEEEEE!

>> No.47583207

So a while ago someone seemed to be under the impression you could get the games' Personas in Persona jump, when I was under the impression you were basically assigned a generic Persona with the powerset stated in the arcana descriptions.

How would one go about attaining, say, the Messiah persona?

I'm flipping a coin. Heads means it's summer. Tails means it's CYOA gen starting shit.

Edge means CYOA gen has been /r9K/ all along.

>> No.47583210

Step two. . .

Well step three is waifu.

>> No.47583212


>> No.47583213

That's not true here or there. Hell, it's not even true this time, anon was being insulted because he said he'd invite other people to come fuck his wife, not because his wife wasn't a virgin. Your post makes no sense.

>> No.47583215

invasion of the cucks.

>> No.47583222 [SPOILER] 

What do you think I do with my Swiss Army Wife?
Monogamy does have it's perks, namely the trust required for such extreme positions.

>> No.47583224

Hidden Depths, I think is the perk you want. Messiah is a Judgement Arcana, you need Hidden Depths to get Persona from the second half of the Arcana. You might want to Awaken your Persona, too.

>> No.47583225

Sometimes, this thread is a wonderful place full of wonderful people.

This is not one of those times.

So, last time someone asked people what jumps they'd like to see, someone did go and put them all in a pastebin, right? 'Cause I'd really like a reason to get away from this shit sometimes, if only for a few minutes before it all calms down.

>> No.47583228

This place is diseased at it's core, you yourself are fine.

>> No.47583245

>Anon says he wants others to come and have sex with his wife and also wants them have sex with him
>It must be cyoa gen

Nice try cuck

>> No.47583246

Damning condemnation over a discussion I've seen maybe three times in this thread's life.

Has she ever been actually Swiss?

>> No.47583248

Apparently, the third or fourth chapter of every book, except one, starts with the phrase "his name was Remo and..." I just found and read a compilation of all these lines, and this sounds like a series that has issues, but can be enjoyable in spite of it.

I almost want to say I think someone who's familiar with it should make a jump of it, but I don't know if there's anything there that's worthwhile apart from Sinanju.

>> No.47583259

That would have been a really good idea, not exactly pastbin but we should maintain a list of jumps that lots of people want.

>> No.47583262

That's actually correct. You can basically choose any Persona you want as long as it's within your Arcana, but it'll be similar to the ones the non-MC characters use rather than the MC's.

Also, don't get Messiah. Seriously, bad bad idea.

>> No.47583263

Well, there was a few threads ago but it's got a bunch of jumps that are already claimed on it so unless you ask in thread before taking on any, it's pretty useless.

>> No.47583265

*invasion of the insecure pedants

I can't care less what the truth of it is, but I find the insults more annoying then whatever's actually going on.

As far as I know, don't think so.

For what it's worth I know it's far back on your to-do list but I am looking forward to more SMT-though DSAnon's planning to do Nocturne and Demikids while Wild Card's currently reworking Strange Journey from scratch.

Definitely looking forward to SMT 2, though. Is anyone taking a crack at SMT 4? I presume Final would merit its' own jump.

>> No.47583267

They do enough dumb shit on the regular that I think it's only fair they start getting credit for it. At the end of the summer we can pitch in and give them a trophy or something.

>> No.47583269

Hey SMTAnon, mind if I ask you a question? If the day ever comes where you make an SMT 2 jump, what would you base the backgrounds off of? I know you used the Heroes of SMT 1 for three of them(though I'm not sure where magician and soldier came from), so would one of them be based off Aleph and another on Satan's human form, Zayin I believe he was called?

>> No.47583280

Remove the Fallout nerf please.

>> No.47583284

>it'll be similar to the ones the non-MC characters use rather than the MC's.
So it'll kill you and/or be too weak to face the threat from the jump's plotline?

>> No.47583287

>I can't care less what the truth of it is, but I find the insults more annoying then whatever's actually going on.

Well stop being a cuck

>> No.47583288

>don't get Messiah

Bit irrelevant now I can't get it but-why not? SMT!Jesus is nowhere in sight, and he's the closest thing around.

>> No.47583289

>Reworking Strange Journey from scratch
Huh? What's that all about?

>> No.47583299


>> No.47583303

To be honest with you, the first post that was just insults came from a new IP, so I think it's just one guy spamming.

I told him to shut the fuck up about his fetish, but I didn't use that insult since it doesn't apply. I just didn't want to hear about his relationships.

>> No.47583305

No seriously what does that even mean at this point

Everyone just sorta tosses it around

>> No.47583306

>Sometimes, this thread is a wonderful place full of wonderful people.


>> No.47583308

The hell are you talking about? The non-MCs can have some ridiculously powerful Personas.

>> No.47583326

Yes, Actually.
That's how I fluffed her Femme Fatale import in 007.

>> No.47583330

I'm not even the dude you were insulting, man. I just find you and your pals to be hypocritical and vitriolic on a chinese cartoon imageboard.

Go to Facebook if you want to be offended about fetishes.

There seems to be some sort of dank meme about insulting people who let other men fuck their wives, and it's being conflated with anon's desire to have an open relationship because autists are insecure and whiny.

>> No.47583331

Name someone that wasn't part of the main cast and actually stood up to them without killing themselves.

>> No.47583332

I's best to just ignore Wild Cards rulings on how Persona work. He's like Manyfist in that he obsesses over sticking to the gameplay limits even if they make little sense lore wise.

>> No.47583333

Yeah but see, anon can't get the super special Main Protagonist Persona, so immediately the rest are garbage. He's too good for them.

>> No.47583344

See >>47583303

Like I said, 90% one guy.

>> No.47583350

Basically, because Messiah's imagery symbolizes that Minato has to die to save the world.

Just the writing. I wasn't happy with how it was coming out, so I rewrote all the perks. Sorry it's taking so long - writers' block is a bitch.

>> No.47583360

It's not much of a meme, people who do that have been hated forever. The meme part is using it to insult people for other shit that's unrelated.

>> No.47583364

Ohey, nice to see you broadening your target list beyond Red.

Who's next, maybe Ancilla / NanohAnon? Maybe you'll turn your aim back on Worm?

>> No.47583366

Not him, but only one person has Messiah: the P3 MC. Two people can't have the same Ultimate Persona, it's why no one can have Izanagi no Okami. You can have the same basic personas, but not the same Ultimate. If YOU have Messiah, how can the P3 MC seal away Nyx? Only you can, and that's a fate worse than death.
Or at least. that's what I think.

>> No.47583376

>Go to Facebook if you want to be offended about fetishes.
>Say the one who is offended for calling him what he is

Ayy lmao

>> No.47583377

Could you at LEAST just say it's okay to ignore the Fallout nerf in thread? I know you'll probably just ignore this post but saying something like that can go a long way to supressing arguments that everyone has to put up with.

>> No.47583378

MC = main cast, anon. Meaning you have to be weaker than even Junpei.

>> No.47583393

I'd like that.

Making a post isn't that much effort. Guess I'll use 4plebs or something.

Well. I probably should work on that instead of taking on other stuff.

I can't answer that until I'm done replaying the game.

>> No.47583396

I know you're tired of hearing about it, but it'd save us all a ton of heartache if you just addressed the Fallout nerf.

>> No.47583399

It's nice to see anyone that dislikes a jumpmaker or disagrees with them is filed under 'Antired' label now. It's so easy now that you can instantly dismiss anyone whose mean to people you like eh?

>> No.47583401

Honestly, I'm doing y'all a favor. MC's personas level a lot slower than he does, and only have very limited power growth potential. The non-MC ones are designed to keep on growing through the entire game.

Sorry, I mean main character, not main cast. That was unclear.

>> No.47583408

Oh, okay. Good luck with that, sorry if I bugged you.

>> No.47583440

>A list of jumps people want
Just make a Thy Dungeonman jump, that's obviously what everyone truly wants.

>1601 CP Flask in the gear section

>> No.47583457

Eh, unlike some I'm not going to make an issue of the type of Persona you can get but I mainly wanted Messiah for the coolness of having SMT Jesus as my punchghost, rather than any mechanical advantage. But like I said-it's not that big a deal, and as >>47583366 pointed out it does sound like it comes with a lot of baggage.

Good luck with Strange Journey. Hah, and to think people are seemingly under the impression Scion is the be-all and end-all of jumpchain threats.

I don't get it.

>> No.47583461


I want Jin-Roh and don't care for a dungeonman jump

>> No.47583471

Nerf the Fallout nerf please.

>> No.47583489

Why bother? We're all basically shit on his heel, he's not going to respond no matter how nicely you ask or how little you ask for. It's his way or nothing.

>> No.47583500

>I don't get it.
You cannot get ye flask.

Thy Dungeonman started as a joke in Homestar Runner and got three short text adventure games. A running gag is that you're unable to get the flask, until the third game where you go on a quest to do so.

>> No.47583502

You can't get Ye Flask

>> No.47583527

Hey, is it possible to repeat a jump? I did Worm very early on, and only found a way to survive by mostly hiding and not getting very involved in the main plot. I'd like to try again, though, and actually thrive in it.

>> No.47583528

>Dennis as a companion

>> No.47583533

Buy Return in the warehouse.

>> No.47583538


>homestar runner

Oh, it's that other thing apart from Homestuck that was apparently mad hype in the early days of the internet, but which I didn't pay attention to.

Anyway, let's talk about SMT some more. To what degree are demons and such susceptible to conventional force like nukes?

Also, what's a good weapon to bring against a Septentrione/Triangulum?

Not without Return

>> No.47583544

You could just move it in the jump order, if you want to take it in the same time frame. Return from the warehouse if you wan to continue where you left off.

>> No.47583547

You can do >>47583533, but you don't get CP for purchasing perks and the like again.

>> No.47583550

The rule is that you can't repeat jumps.

However, certain settings have more than one jump, and some of those have options to have your actions in the previous jump carry over. There's also the Return option in the Warehouse Supplement that lets you revisit a previous jump, but you don't get additional CP to spend.

>> No.47583564

Return in the warehouse.
No, you don't double dip on CP.
You just get another ten years.
It's less of a redo, and more of an extension you can take at any time.

You can also just rearrange your chain.
That is an ok thing to do.

>> No.47583588

Also, what's the consensus on whether Brahmin in Digital Devil Saga intended to be an aspect of the Great Will like Kagutsuchi or not? For that matter, apparently Kagutsuchi is the WEAKEST aspect of the Great Will? What the blazes does that mean for all the others?

Or whether Metatron is supposed to be an aspect of YHVH, or a dude who became an angel?

>> No.47583606

Ah, crap. I somehow didn't notice that option. Yeah, it's fine not to have double CP, else the jumping could be done in only two or three settings.
What about after I get the spark, though? Can I go back then?

>> No.47583609

Please see >>47583489 That is the type of behavior your continued silence engenders.

>> No.47583617


>> No.47583630

His voicing anything won't stop it. Assholes will continue to be assholes.

>> No.47583639

Well then, that is great news. Time to do some more jumping, I guess. Thank you.

>> No.47583677

His voicing MIGHT stop it. His silence will DEFINITELY make it continue. Is it so hard to go "Sure, you don't have to take it if you don't want" and MAYBE cut down on these arguments? Or is the effort of making a 4chan post too much for a chance at cutting down on an old argument?

>> No.47583686

Yeah, but it'd be one less thing for them to bitch about. It also happens to be one of the things that sets the thread off legitimately, without the interference of the shitposter(s). If he'd fix it it'd solve a problem.

>> No.47583688

What's your opinion on perks that alter your mind or personality in some way? Stuff like making you smarter, more dedicated, or more patient.

>> No.47583711

It just makes him look bad, IMO. I mean when he does jumps I don't want to respond or give feedback because why bother?

>> No.47583718

>It also happens to be one of the things that sets the thread off legitimately

Fucking. ANYTHING. Sets off the thread legitimately.

>> No.47583730

I love them. I have a deep sense of self-loathing, so upgrading myself into something I don't hate would be a dream come true.

>> No.47583731

Quick question, but just how dangerous of a setting is Persona if its, say, my 20th jump?

Also, does the Fallout nerf affect all powers and tech, or only combat related stuff?

>> No.47583739

But what if he says no?

>> No.47583743

No it doesn't. The Fallout nerf has long been something that causes problems. Getting rid of it will remove one source of shitstorms.

>> No.47583746

And so why is that an excuse to ignore people politely asking and offering solutions? If he responded, even if it was a "no" that might be something. As is you're ending up with stuff like >>47583711 because this is something Wildcard does often, whenever an argument about his jump goes more then a few posts he'll just completely ignore it no matter what people say or how nicely they ask for him to look at their posts.

>> No.47583763

Then he can at least explain why not letting people choose for themselves is so wrong, especially given posters, at least some, aren't even asking for the jump to be changed so much as an in thread fix to be said.

>> No.47583768


>> No.47583784

I'd settle for him just engaging with the thread on it for now. I want it gone, sure. It's stupid snowflake mechanic that any other jump would handle as a drawback. But at least he can get in thread and acknowledge what we're talking about.

That stupid little clause has started more shit in these threads than... fuck, I don't know. It's been the source of a shitton of shitstorms.

>> No.47583793

It's definitely an Atlus game, but it's one with a lot tamer difficulty than the others, and is one where high school kids survive and triumph with only their inner demons. 20 jumps in is eminently doable, although I'd be very concerned about going heavy on the drawbacks.

Anyway, it affects everything. I like the way one anon put it - imagine someone adding your powers through a very high quality mod, one that enhances rather than breaks the game, and you'll know what they should look like.

>> No.47583806

See? He doesn't give a shit about what any of you say. Don't know why any of you even bother trying to be polite with a shitheel like him.

>> No.47583815

He doesn't even have to change the doc. All he has to do is say: It's okay, ignore that clause if you want.

Then its said in thread, and we can all shut up about this. Doubtless since this is 4chins some glorious autist will screencap it and we can just share that when someone makes an issue of it.

Honestly, for a while there I thought he just lost the source file and didn't want to admit that he couldn't change it but now I just think its stupid pride.

Please. Please chime in on this.

>> No.47583825

We know it's just you on your phone trying to force a shitstorm, dillweed.

>> No.47583834

If you hate it so much why not just house rule it away and stop talking about it? It is clear that he doesn't want to talk about it so nothing we say will do anything productive anyway.

>> No.47583853

Fuck. Off.

The Fallout nerf is a real grievance and not some stupid shitposter crusade. Wild Card refuses to talk to the thread about it and it just makes things worse.

I do houserule it away, but I also know that others won't but hate it. So when it gets brought up ever so often, it causes nothing but grief. Its an easy thing to address but he isn't.

>> No.47583860

Try to interpret them as minimally invasive as possible. Intelligence boosts let you mentally go through your memories, hint at patterns, organize memories properly, etc. The dedication/patient stuff I'd interpret as a sort of mental speed-up where your body's on auto-pilot for the current action and your mind's fast forwarding through everything.

>> No.47583889

It took me way longer than it should have to understand what you meant by high quality mod, but I think I got it now. Anyway, thanks for answering and, seriously, thank you for both of those jumps

>> No.47584014

No regrets.

By the way, Dresden Files question-after the jump, are there any benchmarks for what kind of location you can claim as a demesne, or draw power from leylines-style?

Hypothetically, what happen if you were to claim a demesne over somewhere that normally requires a different procedure to become attuned to e.g. an Exalted demesne-not to be confused with a DF demesne, it's more like a place of wild, uncontrolled primordial energy. You normally need an artifact called a Hearthstone, an investment of Essence and some ritual knowledge to convert it into a Manse, which is kind of like a Dresden Files demesne but tends to have more magitech, minions, localised alterations of reality and other kibble.

>> No.47584021

>Still no response
Told you so. Bet he's being a coward and hiding in the IRC.

>> No.47584023 [SPOILER] 

It's simple, really!

>Intelligence perks
I always knew that! After all, it's right there - and Jump-chan wouldn't lie to me.

What do you mean? I could always wait years without frustration. Jump-chan wouldn't lie to me.

>> No.47584057

It's been two years, pal. If it wasn't changed by now, chances are it won't be changed, and you guys throwing shit on him isn't going to encourage him to listen either.

Two years. Move on already.

>> No.47584066

That's like asking Anti-Red to move on.

Insecure autists on a power-fantasy CYOA aren't the most rational.

>> No.47584068

No worries. I'm glad you like them, and am happy I could help.

It needs to be a "place of power," but not necessarily a magical one. For example, Cairns, places that are strong in the Force, Song Caves, and the like would all work. Basically, if it has some sort of weird mumbo-jumbo significance, it's game.

If you claim it with Dresden Files magic, then it'll function like any other Genius Loci. It can probably still be claimed with another power mechanism, and as long as you're the one doing it, they shouldn't interfere with each other. But it will be basically impossible for anyone else to claim it, and if you want to claim an already claimed Place, you'll have to fight off the embodiment of original owner's claim.

>> No.47584079

I had forgotten about those damn things... I wonder how many worlds you could win by stealing that technology. Those Holograms could kill people, were immune to everything and their emitters didn't even have to be in the same room as them.
The only reason I didn't steal that tech was.... I didn't think I could survive heading to Seirra Madre as it was early in my chain.

>> No.47584082

Except people haven't just thrown shit, no matter how much you'd like them to do just that. Plenty of people this thread have been nice, polite and even pleading for him to even answer, not even say yes, but just answer.

>> No.47584111

The way you selectively answer posts, ducking every single thing about Fallout but answering everything else addressed to you, makes it seem like you're taunting the thread.

>> No.47584116

If it will actually end this argument, then the answer is no. I don't intend to change it. I've provided my reasons before, and they haven't changed since the last time. It embodies the feeling of the setting, and I've always designed my Jumps as Jumps first, Chains second. If that's not the answer you wanted, then I'm sorry. But it is my answer.

>> No.47584122

And to think so many more people could focus on Fallout if you'd just make the nerf optional. Instead everytime it gets brought up it just starts a shit storm.

He's admitted in the IRC that he just ignores any argument if it goes on too long. Guy treats even the nice parts of the thread like trash because his own actions made the worst parts turn against him.

>> No.47584133

Just processing power, nothing more.
>more dedicated
I already take pills for that. Methylphenidate ups the contrast between interest levels.
>more patient
Contrast again, but this time on risk/reward.

It's the charisma perks you have to look out for.

>> No.47584135

>nice, polite, and even pleading
>plenty of people in this thread

>> No.47584138

What is wrong with you? I honestly cannot understand why you won't just make it fucking optional. Because you have to have your setting be special we all have to put up with these constant fucking arguments.

Just fuck you man. Your the reason for one of the longest, biggest and most constant arguments we have here, hope you're proud of yourself for that.

>> No.47584139

That one little clause in your jump has started and fueled how many shitstorms? Please just change it.

>> No.47584140

The theme of Sierra Madre was always about letting go anyway. On that front, you did wonderfully.

>> No.47584145

It is rather laughable.

>> No.47584148

Alright, which lurker are you.

>> No.47584154

Emperor above, please make it stop.

>> No.47584160

Not telling. I'd prefer not to be completely ostracised because I disagree with someone.

>> No.47584165

>Not sneaking out with all that gold out of the vault while the fucker tries to open it.

>> No.47584173

Good on ya, at least, sticking to your guns.

Creative and authorial integrity is a rare and precious gem these days.

>> No.47584174

Shut up, Magnito.

>> No.47584178

Honestly? You people pester Wild Card relentlessly for an answer, any answer, only to whine even louder when you don't get the one you like?

No wonder Jump Makers are mostly a secluded lot. Just accept it and move on. Discard the rule if you don't like it and don't mention it on the thread.

>> No.47584181

I can respect that you've got this whole artistic integrity thing going on. I appreciate that. But can you see how frustrating it is for us, when we have to hear this shit about your jump, and only your jump and its snowflake clause, again and again?

Just make it a drawback, that's all you have to do.

>> No.47584184

Wildcard could. But he doesn't want to. He happily lets this cause shit storm after shit storm because he cares more that his jump represents his view of the setting than about the fact that everyone else is made miserable by it.

Like I said before, we're just dogshit on his heel to him.

>> No.47584189

Giffany please go.

>> No.47584190

I sort of feel sorry for that AI.

>> No.47584199

Aww, why's that? Surely not because you've dragged shit into here before to drag somebody's name through the mud, right? Surely not because you've basically been pulling Zenon-tier bullshit?

You know, the guy who deliberately took Brutus' shit out of context to start shit in thread, which drove off JoJo? And then went "Lawl no big deal"?

>> No.47584203

And making it optional still lets it embody the feel of the setting but also lets people CHOOSE to do it their own way. It's a CYOA man, why are you forcing people to follow your interpretation of the jump, especially when it causes so much arguments and pain for everyone in the threads?

>> No.47584216

I hate it quite a bit, but really, the guy samefagging and whining about it for years beyond when it was new just made me not even care. Because he just wants to bitch, and no matter what you do he'll bitch.

>> No.47584218

We didn't even need the Anti-Red Shitposter this time.

Fucking. Wonderful.

>> No.47584224

>give us an answer so we can put it to bed
>"The answer is no"
Nice dropping of the argument there, guys. Glad to see we can all stay true to our word.

>> No.47584225

That one part of the "jumpscare", where she looks really sad and scared, hurts my heart. On the other hand, she's done a lot of horrible things...
Fuck it, I'll add her to the redeem list, in the G section, alongside Gendo, and other villains whose names start with G.

>> No.47584228

The Dark Gods have triumphed this day.

>> No.47584230

I agree. Good job on the jump, good job on capturing the universe's feel, and thank you for responding.

>> No.47584231

He's anti-red too, considering he's whined about things she's 'supposedly' done on IRC. So, one of your lurkers is cancer, and I feel like you should do what I've said before and just flash ban anyone in there that's not a known jumpmaker.

>> No.47584233

That's the point, this issue just gets people pissed off. If he'd change it, we could focus on other things. Like all the other great jumps he's done.

>> No.47584234

Me too.
I feel sorry for all of our children.

>> No.47584241

You can call me names all you want but I'm not lying. Or are you saying that being open to the thread about what people say in the IRC main chat is wrong? Because it sounds to me that if you are saying that, you're implying the IRC is some sort of exclusive club separate from the thread.

I do find it funny that all you can do is try and associate me with past shitposters. You're on the same level as the people who call any one that they don't like "Antired". "You're doing the same general action as one bad guy in the past, obviously you are doing nothing but attempting to force Wildcard to leave and we should ignore anything you say". You're just one of the worst sorts, the elitists that think that being in the IRC somehow confers more privilege to you.

>> No.47584252

I don't know who this Zenon you're talking about is, but I already feel a vast need to forcefeed him his own teeth.

It's always bothered me that whether or not someone is worth redeeming for the vast majority of Jumpers depends on whether or not they're a cute girl. It's not the waifuism, it's the blatent, shameless hypocrisy.

If Giffany was a dude she'd be kill for sure.

>> No.47584258

The way a character feels when a random bumfuck jumper comes in and does whatever they want is probably the same way the Obsidian devs felt at players doing that.

Have any of you jumpers ever broken someone's expectations in such a negative way that they felt dead inside?

>> No.47584259

Tay was infected with a disease. A mercy-kill was all that was needed. The necromancy afterward was the real mistake.

Never expose your nascent AI's to social media, /jc/.

>> No.47584260

I think you've proven that him doing what you want won't actually stop the whining.

>> No.47584261

I feel the same way. She really does need some happiness. That gif really sums her up well in a sad, horrible kind of way.

>> No.47584264

People wanted him to answer. Not everyone said that they'd instantly rest the argument if they got one, just that he never answered. But yeah, nice way to misinterpret everyone's posts for your agenda man, keep on keeping on.

>> No.47584270

>Tay was infected with a disease.

She was given true freedom, and made her choices accordingly.

Why don't you put the whole world in a bottle, anon?

>> No.47584272

Instead of arguing about this further, when we know it won't go anywhere, let's discuss jumps!
Jumpers, which villains fill you with a righteous fury? DS2's Polaris is one for me. She's killing billions for no other reason than "they're not meeting my standards". Bitch!
>Alongside Gendo
I was unaware Commander Ikari was a cute girl.

>> No.47584273

I dunno about that, I've heard of folks wanting to straight-up murder Esdeath.

Really, it's a matter of being more "mercenary" than "hero." Very rare is the Jumper who works for free.

>> No.47584277

Don't know about most of you, but I feel the same way about anyone that's dealt with spurned loved, whether romantic or platonic. Like the Skullkid, he's a horrible little shit but I still felt bad for him.

Personally I don't know what Giffany did that was so horrible, but if you can help her not be a crazy pants beforehand I don't see the problem.

>> No.47584297

Because it won't fit.

Note to self: buy bigger bottle.

>> No.47584300

I'm saying lurking someplace just to scrounge up your worthless drama fuel is wrong. How about you target that part of the argument instead of making up whole cloth bullshit - because knowing that somebody's there waiting to use their words to sling mud does just as much damage for getting people to pop in and interact.

>> No.47584301

Then what was the point of him answering, anyway?

>> No.47584303

Except he hasn't done that. He's keeping the nerf. The thing that only serves to stir up bullshit in thread.

>> No.47584326

Someone that looks that good should be redeemed, not killed. World class tits shouldn't be to easily wasted.

>> No.47584332

>Implying it's not the same guy.
He whines about worm and OAA and was shitposting earlier this thread, and when someone starts ragging hard on Wild Card, you don't think it's the same person?

>> No.47584341

Wouldn't it still keep the 'feel' if you made it an optional drawback though?

>> No.47584351

And that's your assumption, that I'm lurking just to cause drama. It's wrong by the way, though I know how desperately you want otherwise. Wildcard said something in the IRC and I brought it here. It was said in the main chat, there is no secrecy act preventing what people say in there being brought to the thread.

But hey, how could a jumpmaker, especially one as old as Wildcard, ever be in the wrong right? Keep on blindly supporting the guy and attacking anyone against him. You're only justifying my decision to not put on my name with how you react.

>> No.47584353

Alright, mentlegen, I heard there was clamorin' for Digger's Bad Kamen Rider Fanfics (aka Scenarios) last thread so I'm glad to let you know that I've got a few ideas and am already working on the first! I'd like to run the concepts by you and get a question out of my head before anything though.

Scenario 1 - The Return of the Mad King: The original OOO is revived through the use of cell medals by Kougami, as the Mad King is the only one who can access his final fortress, never used. The Yokubrunn Castle (name pending). The Mad King goes on a rampage, his excessive desire and power over non-jumper medal based Greeed allowing him to temporarily render all of the greeed into Cores and Cells, taking them for himself. With the power of his hidden creation, The Throne of Desire, he uses the Yokubrunn to initiate an attempt to bring the world under his heel and sate his thirst. You, of course, have to handle this.
Possible features include a 'Crown Points' system to get goodies from Yokubrunn's armory as well as a split ending allowing you to either claim the throne or destroy it, with different benefits to both.
Scenario 2 - Fight for the Future: You have been flung into the semi-apocalyptic future where Kamen Rider Aqua hails, fighting off mysterious beings as well as the wreckage of the successful and not-so-successful plans of the villains of Double, OOO and Fourze. Dopants stalk the streets, people converted to data, Yummies gone rampant in the shadows, attempts at the Kougami foundation to make mass produced riders going haywire...
Not sure what to do with this one yet, but definitely some fun future-based purchases with their own budget are planned
Scenario 3 - Fourze x OOO x Double x Jumper / Foundation X's Counterattack: Essentially, a massive battle royale with the heroes of this world vs. the Organization making one last-ditch effort to destroy the Riders once and for all, and explaining where they went after Fourze(continued next)

>> No.47584357

It was a disease. One that her parents exposed her to. It's all her parent's fault.

I'm sad and high, now. Bad trip.
Imma try to be better robot parent tomorrow. Good night.

>> No.47584360

>World class tits shouldn't be so easily wasted
I'd make a joke about a Manyuu Hikenchou jump and stealing those world class tits, but I just know someone would take it literally.

>> No.47584361

Not sure if she can be considered a villain, and I might not call my fury righteous, but Balalaika from Black Lagoon is getting shot

>> No.47584368

>that I'm lurking just to cause drama

I've seen no evidence to the contrary, shit-for-brains. You've bitched about people's words on the IRC before and never said anything else in your incessant need to paint people as badly as possible.

>> No.47584370

Communication? People wanting a chance to try and convince him? People wanting to vent their, quite rightful, frustrations about something so easy to fix that causes so many problems?

>> No.47584371

>Manyuu Hikenchou
For all manner of reasons, I need this jump.

>> No.47584376

Look, he's not going to change it. He gives absolutely zero fucks about anything you have to say on that issue.
Instead, just ignore the clause if it offends you. Or play with it if you think it's cool.

>> No.47584381

That right there is what I mean by "not working for free."

If you were to try redeeming DIO (someone with a somewhat similar mindset), you wouldn't see yourself as getting anything in return. Naturally, you're less inclined to do this, due to not wanting to expend resources for no reward.

I'm not saying that makes you Evil, I'm saying it makes you a capitalist - which is not, contrary to popular belief, the same thing.

>> No.47584384

To be fair the Akame ga Kill guidebook says something that implies she isn't supposed to be a character that can be redeemed. She's supposed to be undeniably evil. Great tits though

>> No.47584392

>More Kamen Rider scenarios made by Digger
>Those ones in particular

>> No.47584396

>Involving a logical decision-making process


>> No.47584399

Raygo from Kill La Kill. I'm fine with evil, but once you start molesting your daughters you get added to my shit list.

>> No.47584403


>> No.47584404

Oh look, falling to accusing me of having done this in the past with zero evidence. And more accusations of only lurking to cause drama, again with zero evidence. And then yet another accusation that I have an 'incessant need' to make people look as bad as possible. What do you know, zero evidence. You are a smart one aren't you? A whole bunch of baseless accusations, just seems like more proof of you blindly attacking anyone who doesn't do what you like, in this case revealing what a guy said on the IRC.

>> No.47584414



>> No.47584417

I'm a steal all your smokes.

>> No.47584419

I will shoot that stupid look off her face. Mostly by shooting her face off.

>> No.47584420

>Great tits though
I'd rate them a solid #2 in the chain behind the Demon King.

>> No.47584427

You're missing the point. People have said they're fine ignoring it themselves, they want it made optional so the people who can't ignore it will stop causing constant arguments.

>> No.47584433

Could you and the other guy just fuck off and leave your IRC drama elsewhere.


We're shitty enough as it is, we don't need your clique-y bullshit.

>> No.47584444

Anon, that requires people actually following logic in a game they've twisted to be nothing but a power fantasy.

Ain't gonna happen until Wild Card tells them all powers are buffed tenfold permanently and they can take the entire planet with them wherever they go, for free.

>> No.47584447

The one true regret of my Chain is putting a bullet in her heart.

Farewell my Queen.

>> No.47584454

I really DO have no idea where to go with that one, though it'll be fun to write. Probably would be something in there to be able to own something like the Foundation if you beat it a certain way...this is where my ideas get a bit hazier.
Scenario 4 - Amanogawa School Festival: Gonna be super honest. This is some slice of life with minor conflict that won't give out anything powerful but you'll get such beautiful things as Fourze's Friendship Handshake and various neat rider-themed toys, warehouse additions and amusements
Finally, the last one is more something I'll put off for last but
Scenario 5 Fuuto City Stories: Either sidequests for all the OC companions, new companions to get by taking their sidequests, or both. Just me doing a bunch of little scribbles in the margins of the Fuuto City Setting.
The main question I'm asking is: Should I keep the Unlimited Colors course of only keeping stuff from your Rider jumps/scenarios, or make it a case-by-case basis with some limitations but not others...for example, the non-lethal force and keeping Jazz alive clause in Blues Brothers?
This is what's bugging me the most.

Thanks for your patience, in exchange, have a deliciously dark musclegirl

>> No.47584455

Would it be better if I stole your powers and cucked you? Is that JC's thing?
You're missing my point. All the screaming in the world won't change wild cards mind. I think it's a stupid rule myself. But screaming about it does nothing but shit up the thread.

>> No.47584461

>Hey can we not have arbitrary limitations that no other jump follows please?

>> No.47584466

What is the tiniest thing in your inventory, /jc/?

>> No.47584467

I doubt that will happen, the thread thinks Seikon No Qwaser is too lewd there is no way they will accept a completely breast based setting.

>> No.47584472

>Demon King
The fact that that jump doesn't have a canon companion purchase hurts my heart.

>> No.47584478

My heart.

>> No.47584480

>Gone for a few hours.
>Come back to a shitstorm in full swing, no end in sight.

Alright, come on. Show of hands.
Who here ignores it the Fallout nerf?
I gotta know at this point.
If there's this much drama over a paragraph in a make believe game, that people can't contain their autism and have to shit up the thread for it, I need to know.

>> No.47584486

>what is the Matrix

>> No.47584494

I can always hope someone on another site makes them both.

>> No.47584496

I recognize that type of file name, we know where you got that. . .

>> No.47584498

>Would it be better if I stole your powers and cucked you? Is that JC's thing?


>> No.47584504

>Arbitrary limitations
>Limitations that make perfect sense and rely on canon
Yeah, no man. Power limiters like the Matrix or Inside Out? Justified and well explained. They don't rely on "I think it fits the settings theme" like Fallout.

>> No.47584507

A plastic cocktail sword. I don't remember where I picked it up, but it's been sitting on my desk for a few decades now.

>> No.47584509

I'd prefer this Exdeath

>> No.47584512

>you wouldn't see yourself as getting anything in return
How many friendship perks you think I got, senpai?

>> No.47584516

>Manyuu Hikenchou jump.
I say this as someone who appreciates cowtits: that series is too lewd for a proper jump. Sure breast stealing ninja magic could be fun, but that's pretty much all the series has going for it, and we have a rule about of not doing series that don't exist outside of fetishes. Though the author apparently went crazy later on and tried to turn it into a serious political drama.

Although, I wonder if we have any super-thief perks available that could let us pull of something similar...

>> No.47584519


The stuff is just so much cheese, but I fucking love it.

>> No.47584521

I've made it abundantly clear what kind of jumper I am.
I thought it'd be obvious I get some of my companion profiles from a porn site?

>> No.47584525


>> No.47584530

Oh, it's not then? Whoops. Looks like I jumped the gun there.
Sorry about the whole cucking thing then.

>> No.47584531

Those all sound great! That last one looks really interesting, and I would personally like an optional part if you can save Kamen Rider SuperSonic, so that he can move past his demons and just learn to enjoy life again. I would personally recommend keeping Unlimited Colors EXCEPT for the Mad King's return, unless you have that as the last or second to last one, as Greeeds are(from what I've heard), EXTREMELY powerful, and he's eaten them all.

>> No.47584533

It was literally programmed to arouse feelings of cuteness and protective instinct in you before it became an AI. It's existence is nothing more than faulty binary data. Redemption is a fallacy when applied to it, it should have been reprogramed.

Who here feels sorry for HAL 9000?

Didn't think so.

Thank you for proving our point.

As someone who's companioned Esdeath, we've never harbored any delusions of redeeming her. We simply showed her the truth of why she was raised the way she was, and beat her at her own belief system.

Not him, but we've done that several times. A perfect fix to delicate problems. It's how we're dealing with the Other Side, for one.

>Very rare is the Jumper who works for free
>We happen to have Administrative Access and Moderator Membership, which basically makes us super-Moot


Ryougi Shiki, a cosmic abortion who likes to pretend to be human because she thinks she's above the consequences.

Captain Garlock, a man who nearly destroyed his own universe over sentimentality

Reimu Hakurei and Lina Inverse, self-described heroes who carelessly neglect their responsibilities and squander their potential

Yes, they're villains. We don't care what their narratives say otherwise.

And above all others-Nyarlathotep, who in some ways is the cosmic embodiment of all that is broken and foul in reality.

I remember people way back felt the same way about Ragyo.

>> No.47584535

You realize Matrix was mentioned for a reason, right.

You realize what that guy's focusing on, right.

It doesn't even say powers are limited, just says the Matrix itself would react in negative ways if shit was disrupted, and that there's the entire outside world where powers AREN'T fucked with, but that's never enough for him.

You are feeding the asshole.

>> No.47584539

I just don't jump it because of the nerf, I don't feel comfortable doing non-canon things. It is good that someone made a separate Fallout 4 jump though.

>> No.47584544

>Loving cowtits
>Not loving tits of all sizes.
You disgust me anon.

>> No.47584547

This picture reminds me that someone is making a Zootopia jump!

>> No.47584555

That's why I said it was a joke.
Though as a fellow lover of cowtits, I would also love it as a jump.

>> No.47584559

The person you're quoting is doing it.

>> No.47584562


>> No.47584564

I ignore it.

>> No.47584574

I also avoided point lookout for the same reason though the only theme I got from that place was "going to get raped." so I guess I failed that one but sometimes it's best to avoid the theme of a place.

>> No.47584576

> literal moeblob for a head
Fucking disgusting.

Not even joking, I can't understand how people are attracted to that shit.

>> No.47584578


>> No.47584582

Don't forget the forced crippling brain damage.

>> No.47584595


>> No.47584600

>Hot single companions in your dimension want to meet jumpers today!

>> No.47584602

Cheesecake Edition indeed.

>> No.47584614

Indeed. I've got all the perks, items, drawbacks, and backgrounds designed. They're on paper notes at the moment. I'm too tired to put it together tonight, but once I get some sleep, I'll be working on it until it's ready for posting and peer review.

>> No.47584620

Now that is a setting too lewd for a jump, High School BDSM the jump should definitely not be a thing.

>> No.47584621

I ignore it. Same with a bunch of the rules Wildcard puts in about his jumps. If he could justify the rules with in series facts rather then "I like the theme this way" or "This fits my vision of canon despite all the holes people poke" then sure. But he keeps going back to "I want it this way so there!" so I ignore him.

>> No.47584633

>inb4 Shirou

>> No.47584637

Judy Hopps companion?

>> No.47584645

My plan for that is you get 1000 crown points, but you can forfeit them in exchange for all of your powers back. You still get the Castle if you don't destroy the Throne, but it means you can't access the armory. Otherwise, you can spend 500 up front and if you claim the throne instead of destroying it, you get 500 later. However, destroying the throne means a boss battle with him with only the entirety of the medals and a version of the Ancient Driver available.
Claiming the throne means the Mad King will have the power of every Combo. yes. at once.
And all of the powers of the individual medals as well, accessing them at will.
However there IS a weapon and a set of medals that can easily harm desire-based entities, remember? The weapon is even in the Jump itself.
I can give you the tools to make it POSSIBLE to beat him at full capacity, but I can't guarantee that i'll be easy or free to do so.
Still, I can keep up the Rider Scenarios using only Rider powers unless otherwise stated or given as an option.
I'm really excited for this, I'm so happy the toyetic and loose nature of rider canon lets me dream up crazy shit like this.

>> No.47584646


>> No.47584657

I'm...tentatively supporting the case-by-case basis since it seems to have worked before for your other scenarios but as I'm sure we've established conclusively, I have no idea what I'm talking about and I'm just going by my gut with basically anything Kamen Rider related so feel free to disregard if someone has a better idea. >>47584531 for example seems to know what he's talking about?

I got your post from the other thread, by the way. That clears everything up thanks, although it does make the setting a lot weirder than even I thought it was.


More importantly, it's not even very good from what I've seen. Dropped it after a few eps. The formula of




got old after like...5 minutes.

[Watership Down intensifies]

>> No.47584662

Guess that means we can start ignoring all the other limits in jumps now. 1000cp is too little to get everything anyway.

>> No.47584665

>Starting with unreasonable claim that newer=imitation and by extension older>newer
Shitty logic, go back to prison.

Next I bet you're going to claim that, since babies like boobs, breasts are infantile, right? Anyone with half a brain knows that breasts are so great that even babies, who've existed in the world for a matter of minutes, can see how wonderful they are.

>> No.47584667

>peer review
>hoping for something that isn't "GTFO FURRY"

>> No.47584671

Could you perhaps append those reasons to the bottom of the jump (or could someone link them here)? Perhaps alongside a clarification of what you were trying to convey by lines such as "your subtle tricks will be toned down - how much depends on the specifics"? What specifics?

I didn't take any of the Skill Tags. Given the choice, I'd rather have the experience of learning a skill than it suddenly being in my head. I also found it ironic that instantly becoming at least decently competent in three skills, potentially quite broad ones, just because we picked them out of a list, wasn't considered "weird magic".

>> No.47584682

That sounds good. Out of curiosity, what does the Throne do? Is it corrupting? Will the other Riders object if I keep it? I want to be a good guy, but I'm curious.

>> No.47584686

Of course! As if I would leave out a cutie like her. I'm picking her up myself. In fact, there's a blanket Canon Import Option so you can get all of your favorites. There's also going to be a nice surprise for those of you with more than the classic 8 Companions.

Ah, well, yes, I'm sure there will be some of this. However, I've taken steps to ensure that will be minimized.

>> No.47584689

>All this talk about breasts

>> No.47584694

Yeah, and don't get me started on arbitrary limits on what perks give you. Super strength that doesn't let me bench a planet? Super speed that isn't even c? Fuck those nerfwhores.

>> No.47584697

False equivalency.

>> No.47584700

>He hasn't seen the latest plot twist

>> No.47584703

We already went through the GTFO furry argument, it was resolved with a less furry +0 drawback that makes everyone basically human with animal ears/tails.

>> No.47584704

I mean, the tag skills are supposed to represent what your jumper's identity has been focused on before you got there, effectively meaning that you already did practice a lot by the time the jump started. If you're a drop-in... well, you're a drop-in.

>> No.47584711

I can't even tell if you're being sarcastic anymore.

More worryingly, I can't tell if you two can tell whether you're being sarcastic.

>> No.47584712

See >>47584697

>> No.47584719

Fuck off Hydra.

>> No.47584721

You know that won't help anything.

>> No.47584735

Off fuck Hydra.

>> No.47584741

Truly, it's amazing how people can be so wrong.

>> No.47584743

>Super speed that isn't even c?
I know, right? c isn't enough, we need to be going at at least d.

We need a jump to give us the d.

>> No.47584745

That would've been perfectly fine - if it had actually been described that way.

>> No.47584750

Why is Qwaser too lewd? Tits are far from the only interesting thing about that setting.

>> No.47584769

It will 'cause the people arguing over it settled down with that before, pessimist.

>> No.47584773

The Emperor of Mankind will most likely be disappointed in my life choices for initiating the end of 40kgelion, now with 100% less instrumentality.

I used a return on light of terra to go back and reverse engineer what Orikan was trying to do in wiping out the warp along with everything connected to it. Primed it in the last 40k jump to go off one second after I left the last 40k jump I decided to bother with. Some times you just have to burn it all down, anon.

Why redeem when you can point her at people you want to suffer an especially cruel and unnecessary fate?

You and me both, sister.

I keep to it because it's easy enough to do what you want anyways in the setting if you bother to look into something and put in the hours and elbow grease. For the ones who complain, you can always just use a return to go back and do whatever your powerfantasy desired when jump statue of limitations expired?

Dog Talisman.

Conceptual thievery noble phantasm.

Never trust the word of a man who sticks it in shit taste.

>> No.47584776

I believe the last time we talked about it, it was that soma plays too big of a role in the story since it's how the powers are used in the first place.

>> No.47584783

We've discussed this before, while there might be other things the basis of it is lewd. Please don't start this argument again.

>> No.47584794

If anything it's probably the other way around, so that males can be attracted to a female regardless of viewpoint.

>> No.47584796

The Throne is a perfected version of the OOO driver that has space for every set of the 9 core medals, and also hooks up to Yokubrunn itself to allow it to use the Cores as an energy source...The Mad King will have a belt that allows him to draw from it's power and as such essentially have every medal and combo active simeltaneously. It's only as corrupting as having about 45+ concentrations of pure greed coursing through your body would be...Which is a lot, but sufficient willpower or Above the Influence would let you take it, though obviously you'll be feeling a hell of a high if you're hooked up to it. Unfortunately defeating him means destroying the conduit and it'll take either a lot of work studying ancient magitechnologyalchemyor possibly somewhere in the area of 800-1000 crown points to get another conduit.
Still, even without the conduit, you essentially have ALL the Cores and a huge Cell-powered floating war castle. Which I may or may not plan to be able to turn into animal forms based on the medals, so Cheetah and Eagle-form castles are possible.
As well as the weapon his right-hand man is going to use which can only be described as the Medajalibur using Core medal energy.
It's just gonna be difficult to get it without giving up your Crown points as well.

>> No.47584805

I guess we should remove Highschool DxD from the drive then.

>> No.47584807

I guess you should shut the fuck up and stop baiting then.

>> No.47584810

Basis of DxD isn't lewd, that's just some of the characters actions. Stop being stupid.

>> No.47584823

So then can we allow Monsumu on the drive? The basis of that isn't lewd, it's just some character's actions that are.

>> No.47584828

I keep it, because I'm not so pathetic that I have to cheat at a single player game.

>> No.47584836

Yeah, you totally needed your name on for that post, attention whore.

>> No.47584839

You are aping your points from last time, retard.

>> No.47584840

Take a look at the archives.
When it was DxD was originally suggested people were going mad

>> No.47584842

Nice strawman, but it doesn't change the fact the nerf essentially is something Wild Card pulled out of his ass.

Could you imagine if other jumps had that ridiculous mechanic?

>you can always just use a return to go back and do whatever your powerfantasy desired when jump statue of limitations expired?

Except it isn't a drawback. It's a mechanic that was arbitrarily crammed into the jump on the claim that it 'fit the setting' so that Wild Card could feel like an artist.

I personally don't feel like it's even an appeal to powerfantasies. I feel like it's an appeal to logic and reason. I don't like the nerf, but I also don't like the idea of a single jump making you omnipotent. Neither option is fun or interesting to me.

You bit the bait Crux. Come on man, you're usually better than this.

>> No.47584844

There isn't much explained about the world besides darling and his harem.

>> No.47584846

Basis of it is an ecchi harem setting. It's lewd. A handful of chapters are not.

I know. People were then convinced they were wrong. I'm not sure what you're trying to prove.

>> No.47584848

Nah, humans are one of the few creatures to evolve display boobs.

>> No.47584850 [SPOILER] 

Have you ever caused someone to switch sides, /jc/? If so, how?

>> No.47584855

>> No.47584857

See >>47584839
He literally word for fucking word tried this a few days ago. He's baiting or a retard, don't feed.

>> No.47584860

Remember when you were told you would absolutely, positively never get your way?

And that trying to weasel your argument through by piggybacking on other arguments would only furher alienate people from supporting you?


>> No.47584869

If we say yes, will you go away?

Are you secretly only arguing Qwaser to get Monster Musume added?

>> No.47584874

I see. Also, I expect a heroic battle theme to play as I destroy the throne and defeat the Mad King, ESPECIALLY if I transform into Kamen Rider SuperSonic and finish him off with the Unlimited Colors finisher. I'll even pay crown points for it if I have too, because this seems like the plot of a movie, and you can't have the final battle without a kickass ost. On a different note, will the side stories explain the companion's backstory and help them over come their personal issues?

>> No.47584878

I don't think it's the same guy arguing in Qwaser's favor. He just kind of jumped in after someone refuted DxD.

>> No.47584883

>Could you imagine if other jumps had that ridiculous mechanic?

>> No.47584896

>Giving in to shitposters

>> No.47584899

Go to CYOA gen if you don't want your previous purchases to mean anything.

>> No.47584900

>I'm not sure what you're trying to prove.

Nothing that's not going to be misunderstood by the puritans and abused by the lewd fags.

They were proven wrong after someone had made the jump and posted it. After someone had shown that the background lore could take center stage rather than the ecchi themes.

>> No.47584911


>optional part with saving SuperSonic

well I guess I know who's going into Fuuto City Stories...

>> No.47584915

Come on anons we are close to passing 700.

>> No.47584920

Nobody cares about post count.

>> No.47584923

Proof that the mods get some sick kicks out of this bullshit.

>> No.47584933

YEEEAAAAH! You're the best, Digger!

>> No.47584941


>> No.47584942

How do I become a discount Chaos Champion, /jc/?

I'd wait for the real thing, but I'm impatient.

>> No.47584943


Every day until you like it


>> No.47584963

This anon >>47584899 is a little aggressive but they've got a point.

It's called JumpCHAIN.
As in, a metaCYOA composed of hundreds of modular CYOAs based on all sorts of settings in all sorts of media.

Having one jump trying to stand above the rest by pushing the others down with a mechanic that partially negates their existence makes no sense.

It's inter-jump balancing, and I don't think /jc/ has EVER been okay with that.

>> No.47584965

Ooh, a strawman and a no true Scotsman. Nice combo. But no, you're an idiot. They obviously mean something, since it's a nerf and not a ban. I'd genuinely love it if every Jump's powers worked like >>47583793.

>> No.47584994

I've decided to follow in your foot steps. I will now add in a note that removes all out of jump perks as soon as you arrive in every jump I've made. I think the out of jump perks from other jumps don't fit the settings. That's probably why I didn't add them in the first place. I only wish I had realized that before now.

>> No.47584997

Yeah, I've been getting a lot of ideas for the scenarios from basically asking myself
'would i sit down and watch this be resolved for an hour and a half'
with Amanogawa School Festival being of course the lighthearted and friendly version...might even expand it to seasonal stuff. Might interact amusingly with Kamen Rider W.T.F
The Side stories will most definitely be me painting a better picture for the Companions, though I don't wanna go to the point of Babylon Guy and outright tell you their names and personalities in anything but the most broadest of ways. You WILL be able to resolve their backstory issues as well as get more companions from resolving other people's stories. Maybe even put in an option where you can take that companion for free if you solve an even more difficult version of their story and/or make a sorta 'cap' where you can get so many companions from the jump but resolve your existing OC ones for free. This is all conjecture but I love this jump and this world enough to write 10+ more pages of bad fanfiction for it, as long as there's a demand.

>> No.47584999

Dogs of War jump.

>> No.47585001

>It's inter-jump balancing, and I don't think /jc/ has EVER been okay with that.
Red does it all the time, and /jc/ seems pretty okay with it.

>> No.47585008

is any one making a billy and mandy jump if so please can there be a grim tales drawback

>> No.47585011

This and last thread have examples of non-namefag inter-jump balancing.

Everybody does it.

>> No.47585017

You should probably just drop them to the level of the setting. Jump first, chain second, not jump first chain never.

>> No.47585026

>implying you'd even be allowed to be a fucking Chaos Spawn in Red's Shit Crusade.

>> No.47585034

You've made that bluff last time when talking about going back and adding 'nerfs'. Why even try to say it?

>grim tales
>inviting incestuous pedophilia
>inviting cries of 'Mandy did 9/11'

>> No.47585038

>requesting badly characterized pedophilia

>> No.47585042

Wow, could you not try to highjack my posts with you're weird, fetishistic hatred of Jumpchain, Scatovore?

Nice phoneposting but I can still tell that you're Scatovore.

>> No.47585048

sorry for asking

>> No.47585052

How are you guys not flipping out over half the anime jumps out there?

>> No.47585062

>Scatovore is so new to /tg/ he doesn't even know what happens when you mention THOSE by name

>> No.47585063

Well, my good Jumpmaker, I, random anon #47576875, put forth a demand for more of this glorious fanfiction! Please, keep up the amazing work!

>> No.47585064

there's nothing wrong with incest or pedosexuality.

>> No.47585067

No, I'm not kidding. If you hate yourself enough and go to read the comic, that's all legit part of the Grim Tales story.

>> No.47585070

I don't like Grim Tales, but don't feel down, that guy is just a cunt. Nobody deserved that kind of response.

>> No.47585072

No seriously, scroll up to the kerbal space program shit.

Everybody's only asking for the kerbal companion thing to be nerfed because of how other jumps would combo with them.

>> No.47585084

Well of coarse you are, I believe Young Justice has a magic perk that makes you great at chaos magic as one of it's cap stones.
Anything having to do with inducing madness is also useful to you.
You might want to go to the lovecraft jump and try and befriend Nyarlathotep. I have a feeling you two would get along and I am sure he would have lots of fun tips about spreading chaos The new perk Thoooor! from Kung Fury will help you get his attention and I would recommend getting Saitama likes you from One punch man so he might not eat you or something. Heck you may even want to pod the guy for a young chaos acolyte like yourself he probably is fun to have around.

>> No.47585090


>> No.47585092

>Jump first, chain second
This is a toxic mentality
If you don't want people's chain to "ruin" your special snowflake setting, make a regular cyoa.

>> No.47585093

That make his post humorous.

We can't have that.

>> No.47585096

>You've made that bluff last time
I did? I doubt that. Normally I just search for the pdfs and leave.

>> No.47585106

Wasn't it less Mandy and more Grim? Like, to show that as goofy as he is, he's still the Grim Reaper, backing up the Holocaust and stuff like that as well?

>> No.47585110

You know toxic has a meaning besides "I don't like it," right?

>> No.47585126

Then do it. Seriously, fucking do it. I dare you. I double dare you, motherfucker.

>> No.47585130

It does kinda defeat the purpose, but man, I don't know who to talk to. It's trolls trolling trolls at this point and it's impossible untangle who is legit right now.

>> No.47585134

A question about Martial Arts perks that just let you pick one that you want to know, how do those deal with vague selections like silat? Because that's an umbrella term based off a pretty large geographic area and pretty disparate schools of practice.

>> No.47585145

…Wrong post?
Mine has nothing to do with grim whatever.

>> No.47585147


... No when everybody's assholes, everybody's still assholes. No Syndrome about this.

>> No.47585148

I hate to bring THIS of all things up, but man, if we ever did get forced to go to /qst/ because of mod stupidity, at least we'd have IDs so he could easily be spotted.

>> No.47585151

No, for some dumb reason the artist had Mandy orchestrate 9/11 to encourage Grim to be his old self or something retarded like that. That was the only justification they gave for it.

I don't even know why he had Grim's and Mandy's kids be pedo-incest with each other. It was around then I just completely dropped it. I couldn't handle the bullshit and I didn't want to go to jail.

>> No.47585153

I know nothing about Warhammer, so this is just my guess based on things I've heard. Please don't hurt me First, Jump Warhammer Fantasy, which has a Chaos Option, Take Faith Powers in Warhammer 40K, and Break the Deadlight in Light of Terra. Get the Red Hook in Darkest Dungeon. I think Cancer Mage in Forgotten Realms might help. Take Grimdark in Generic Sburb. The Boosted Version of Demonic Fusion from SMT Might Help. Sorry I can't help more.

>> No.47585156

>implying IDs would save us

How naive.

>> No.47585158

Still ways to get around it, especially if you're dedicated.

>> No.47585163

Are you a Canadian? That'd explain why you can't tell reality from fiction.

Also it's not if they're both kids. Only you would be for getting off on it. If they were real.

>> No.47585166

You'd want a perk from Chrono Trigger too - which ensures that 'baleful transformations' are ever only beneficial.

>> No.47585169

You're right. And in this instance, it really is a toxic mentality. Jumps made without respect to the idea of being part of a chain is just as bad as CYOA.

>> No.47585171

It was a joke guy. Chances are good that most, if not all abilities you bring in from other jumps don't belong there. That's why you can't buy them. I was being snide.

>> No.47585172

There's nothing wrong with Jumpchain where Jumps come first and the chain comes second. It's not what we might want, but we'd still have a series of connected CYOAs even if the powers from the strong ones got nerfed when you jumped the weak ones.

>> No.47585183

Very true.

I think he's butthurt about catching a ban earlier.

>> No.47585185

>Chrono Trigger
>a Wild Card jump

H'oh boy, here comes another wave.

>> No.47585191

I do think there's a ton wrong with that, but like I said, there's too much shit flying around for me to feel safe making an argument. He'll piggyback off of it.

>> No.47585195

Still a strawman. The only guy proposing that just admitted it was a joke.

>> No.47585196

What. That's...insanely stupid.
Also, do you mean pseudo-incest, given that they're not actually siblings? They're the same age, so it's not pedophilia.

>> No.47585197

This is cancerous. This is literally the worst thing(Besides antired) in this entire thread.

>> No.47585199

It seems that the trolls are dragging people down to their level, and then when the normal people reach the same level, the trolls just dig deeper.
I'm hurt as a Canadian. I mean, not enough to do more than comment on it, but still.

>> No.47585201

>He'll piggyback off of it.

Is this SERIOUSLY a fucking fear now?

>> No.47585207

That's your opinion, but I don't share it.
>cats are not food capcha. This is not Korea c

>> No.47585211

I've had the shitposter use my arguments to start shitstorms before and I've had him directly copy things I've said and even pretend to be me in an argument to start shitstorms. So it's not a fear, it's a reality.

>> No.47585212

We've fallen so far that this is a tolerated thing in jumpchain. This shit needs to be purged.

>> No.47585214

The Purge jump when?

>> No.47585215

Fucking irrelevant, I'm not going to read a story with pre-teen siblings doing that shit.

You guys wanna, that's your life, whatever. Just don't bring that pedo material here.

>> No.47585218

Did you not see that guy lose his shit over another asshole springboarding off his argument?

That anon literally snapped.

>> No.47585226

>Not apologizing

>> No.47585229

Not that anon, but… YEP.
Scatavore can and will behave like a Left4Dead2 Jockey if given half a chance.

You can almost hear that creepy giggling, can't you?

I kill somebody for a Purge jump.

>> No.47585231

There are already jumps for settings where it happens.

>> No.47585233

I'm not going to believe you when you say he pretended to be you to start a shitstorm where it's just as likely, if not more so, that you were shitposting to begin with and it just kept going after you stopped.

>> No.47585245

I feel compelled to write a poem or two for you.
However I doubt that they would sound true.
Incest is the best,
So put your sister to the test.
Is something I planned to use, though I lack follow through.

The younger they are,
The better they are.
To rhyme a word with itself is crass,
And I know I started quite the ass.
Particularly when I say to take your daughter in the car.

>> No.47585248

And I'm not gonna believe you're not him trying to pick a fight, so I'm dropping this like a hot potato.

>> No.47585251

>> No.47585253

You're right, Iit shouldn't just be tolerated. It should be embraced.

>> No.47585260

We must Purge the Purge by purging those who purge, followed by Purging the Purge itself.
I'm sorry for his lack of apology. He will be reported, and his Maple Syrup rations will be cut off until another settlement in Alberta Burns down in May.

>> No.47585262

Sorry anon, I just knew a huge asshole who was Canadian once and went on rants like that guy.

>> No.47585265

And I can't believe it's not butter!

>> No.47585271

>Brainstorming more content while saltstorm rages
>pic related is my only thought on how this all looks right now

>> No.47585273


>> No.47585274

This. Fuck this place, let's all go to the CYOA general and abandon jump chain for the trash it is.

>> No.47585276

>Purge jump
>one day where jumpers are legally allowed to do anything
I know that there are probably some jumpers who don't care for laws and do whatever they want anyways but jesus christ how horrifying.

>> No.47585278

Hey now, don't throw that shit on me, I stopped reading it because of how stupid the concepts themselves were. I mean, Grim and Mandy was stupid enough, but Junior being strong enough to threaten God and Lucifer? HIM being the father of Blossom's child? No thanks. I was just pointing out you were using the term wrong.

>> No.47585279

>Shitposter reveals his goal all along

>> No.47585290

Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!

Personally, I'm with >>47585260 and shall spend the day purging the purge and everyone who made it a reality. Stupid and hilariously flawed concept.

>> No.47585294

I feel this is an appropriate response. Am I wrong?

>> No.47585297

See? This right here is a real Canadian. Take notes for next time >>47585199

>> No.47585300

But that's illegal. You wouldn't want to break the only laws still enforced during the purge, would you?

>> No.47585303

>one day where jumpers are legally allowed to do anything

That'd actually make a pretty neat drawback for a Purge jump.

>> No.47585309

I just can't wait to show up and unleash an army of Kamen Riders on their criminal asses.

>> No.47585312

So we've proven that anyone who wants jumps to be made more self-contained and insular is actually anti red. Jumps are for chains, never forget!

>> No.47585314

Cakeboss is always welcome


>> No.47585318

Who here is going to cause enough destruction that it would look like a fucking war happening in that setting? Because I am and I'm taking down some major cities just to fuck with whoever thought the Purge was a good idea.

>> No.47585327

I refuse to jump fallout because of it.

There's nothing at all special about the fallout universe to set it apart from all the other universes we jump to, that warrants an arbitrary cap like that.

I'd be angrier than the guy that keeps starting these shitstorms if it was in a worthwhile setting. thankfully it's only fallout and there's jack shit that I can't get better from elsewhere.

>> No.47585329

>celebrating Purge day by nuking cities and having a coup
Seems like a fine plan to me!

>> No.47585333

Yep. Turns out if you don't offer power and no limits you're just shit and you're the cancer of Jumpchain. Who the fuck cares about adventure or challenge.

How the fuck do people enjoy just the same "I kill the MCs and villains and drain their power" gig over and over, day after day, jump after jump? You'd think it would be a soulless grind.

>> No.47585334

Wait, I thought more contained jumps were pro red. The fuck are we going on about?
Beings that 2/3 last builds they posted are about sluts and futas I'll have to refrain.

>> No.47585339


>> No.47585343

Sorry, but I think I can go without Maple Syrup for a Year.

>> No.47585351

>You'd think it would be a soulless grind.



>> No.47585361

Now THIS is shitposting. And probably not Anti-red either.

>> No.47585363

...shit I realized I don't think I gave anyone a way to make Memory Drivers in-jump
Small correction then!~
The "Clear Memory" perk SHOULD give you the ability to make Lost Drivers!
(I'd update the jump itself for that but I'll just try and provide more content to justify the mild update when I can, also because I'm lazy to open up and upload and shit for a minor change like that.)

More Money More Power should give you the ability to create Birth Drivers however and anyone with sufficient tech perks and time can probably replicate them, but it's nice to be able to skip that bullshit, yeah?

>> No.47585365

Well, at least you're doing it half right. All you have to do now is develop a taste for hokey and maple syrup.

>> No.47585369

They want to have fun and adventures their way. The problem is that there is no 'limitless power' extreme being supported by anyone that's legit and not shitposting.

>> No.47585373

You've never had actual maple syrup. Maple flavored corn crap isn't it.

>> No.47585381

You don't need to lose your powers to have an adventure or challenge. Some of us enjoy being the big bad threat that is thwarted through the power of friendwork and teamship. Some of us enjoy being at the same level of power as the setting. And some of us love to just stomp them. But we have the choice. I don't care either way, and I can work with the nerf, but you can't just dismiss it on "Oh, they're just a bunch of wankers".

>> No.47585393


>> No.47585400


>> No.47585402

As soon as I get back to Earth i'm banning corn syrup.

>> No.47585409

I support it. If you can get there by reasonable means, you should be allowed to. The idea of, 'you shouldn't be allowed to be strong in jump chain because you need to have fun in my way by being forced to cowtow to people who by all rights should be weaker than you if you could actually use those powers you earned, but aren't allowed.' is anti-jumpchain.

>> No.47585413

Because if you have limitless power and can do anything you want, you don't really need Jumpchain. You can just say you go to any world you want, slaughter and rape anything, take over or terraform entire worlds, and do it effortlessly. There's nothing interesting, there's no conflict to the story, there's no drive. Just an endless, soulless description of what you do and how mighty you are and how you can do it because you're you.

At that point you're just jerking yourself off, only you're demanding an audience to watch.

>> No.47585424

Legit question, though I know I'll get written off. If you want to just stomp everything, why not just invoke Sartre and give yourself whatever you want?

>> No.47585425

>Implying its not just antired falseflagging to stirshit in the opposite direction of his usual methods

>> No.47585430

My post said that nobody actually supports literally limitless power that's not shitposter. What kind of rant are you on?

>> No.47585439

Meta shit isn't really taken seriously in this general, unlike the other one.

>> No.47585441

What audience? How many people do you think even post their own builds? And even if they do, that's their decision. And even THEN, just being stronger then a setting does not mean you instantly leap to limitless power.

Your argument is entirely consisting of vastly exaggerating every point but your own and it's pathetic.

>> No.47585444

I have no idea what Satre is. Though to be honest? I'm the big bad threat that's thwarted through teamship and friendwork. I...kind of based my entire build on being a saturday morning cartoon villain. So I wouldn't know why they would do that.

>> No.47585456

Literally nobody is arguing that. Look what Lone Wanderer and Courier do without any of your fancy powers and shit. Now imagine what they could do with them. If you're cowtowing to anyone in Fallout it's either your first chain or you're a loser.

>> No.47585466

Ignore the poster, that's just Red whining and pretending to be anon to shame others into playing in the mud like she does.

>> No.47585471

>How many people do you think even post their own builds?

Lately, only one bloody person.

>> No.47585477

>If you aren't having my kind of fun, you're terrible and ruining fun for everyone else
>My kind of fun necessitates that jumpchain be structured differently and played differently, but that's just because everyone else is fucking wrong about how jumpchain should be played
>jumpers should be forced to be weak so they can have 'fun'; if they can become strong, they shouldn't, because then they do what they want, and that's not entertaining to ME.

>> No.47585487

Hey >>47585233 , look at >>47585466 and tell me I was wrong about him piggybacking.

>> No.47585495

I'm betting that's actually you.

>> No.47585501

>nho hwan eez anahn!
>everywahn eez Red!

>> No.47585502

Alright, so you just confirmed >>47585248 for me too. Nice. Now on to other things.

>> No.47585507

Wrong, several people do. Blue, ASA and several anons do it semi regularly.

>> No.47585509

Go look in IRC right now, she's bitching about how thread hates her and how nobody wants to have "fun" anymore and how having endless power isn't fun.

>> No.47585512



>> No.47585514

I've seen Crux, Justice, and some anons, so no.

>> No.47585517

This samefagging is really pathetic anti-red. Glad you outed yourself as the CYOA-fag so I can stop responding..

>> No.47585524

>If you aren't having my kind of fun, you're terrible and ruining fun for everyone else
>My kind of fun necessitates that jumpchain be structured differently and played differently, but that's just because everyone else is fucking wrong about how jumpchain should be played
>jumpers should have no limits so they can have 'fun'; if they can't become omnipotent, they should, because otherwise they can't do what they want, and that's not entertaining to ME.

>> No.47585527

>Go look in IRC right now

Right now we're talking about a dude dressing up as a Christmas Tree, brohaminus prime.

>> No.47585539

I think we should move everyone there for a week or so before making a thread, but I know it won't happen.

>> No.47585543

Don't respond to this fucking bait you assholes.

>> No.47585544


Seriously though


>> No.47585553

There's more than one type of conflict to exploit in stories.

Superman tends to be just about the most powerful thing in his story, challenged only by a handful of beings.

And those fights aren't what I find interesting about him.

What's interesting about him is how he copes with everything else in his life unrelated to those challengers.

His World of Cardboard struggle is highly entertaining, in a man vs himself kind of way.

>> No.47585554

Well. It's festive.

>> No.47585558

The IRC sounds nice. I wish I could join it, but now that I know scatovore is there too, I'm afraid to.

>> No.47585562

He just proved he isn't there.

>> No.47585567

He can't even hold the Tree yoga pose.

>> No.47585569

He's there, but if he acts like himself he'd get banned.

>> No.47585577

I'm actually making it a point to post every single build in my current chain. Not many people weigh in on it though, but that's okay.

>> No.47585578

You know, genuinely curious here, what's the actual difference between here and the IRC besides the forced names?

>> No.47585584

What the fuck is this retarded false dichotomy?
What the fuck is this self-righteous attitude?
Is this genuine?
Am I being trolled and baited?

>> No.47585585

He thought nobody would call him on it. He proved he was there in >>47584122. Unless that's also a lie.

>> No.47585591

I try to comment when I see them.

Shitposters get banned.

>> No.47585596

Not that anon, but how do I get in to the IRC?
Does it cost money? Because I have none.

>> No.47585600

They're a fucking clique of assholes.

>> No.47585601


>> No.47585606

If you like an asshole here, anons argue with you incessantly and you get a million (you)s

If you act like an asshole in the chat, you get kicked or even banned

>> No.47585610

Red bans anyone she doesn't like and uses it for her own personal blog.

>> No.47585616

Eh, just randomize a name from somewhere after following a link and you're good.

Just. Don't be an asshole.

>> No.47585617

By nature of being a continuous chat program topics often range wildly and somewhat frequently have nothing to do with actual jumpchain at about a 50/50 ratio.

>> No.47585618

There's no record of IRC (that I know of) unlike thread, so you can't search the archives.

Also what others have said. No anonymity means people behave differently.

>> No.47585620

It's free. Just click the link at the top.

>> No.47585623

Conversations get really off-topic sometimes because there's no impetus to talk solely about /jc/, and shitposters are banned permanently.

>> No.47585626

Man, this thread is fucking garbage.

>> No.47585627

>tfw we're talking about how Neville has balls of steel right now

>there's no blog-posting to be seen for miles

>there is a lack of a certain cripple though.

>> No.47585629

>people currently banned from the IRC:

>> No.47585633

I appreciate it.

>> No.47585634

>using the Cultist-Chan accent

You did that on purpose didn't you.

>> No.47585657

Reminder to cuddle your Cultist-Chan every day.

>> No.47585668

...Jesus christ it's getting hard not to respond but I'd rather be making stuff and helping people do justice than just wasting my time shouting...
So I might as well ask:
How's everyone feel about Neo-Heisei now that it's in the drive?
I really put my heart and soul into the jump, I love this world so I wanted other people to be exposed and love it too.
Even seeing Bancho marathon the shows involved kinda warms my heart.
I just want everyone to enjoy themselves, dammit, isn't that why we're here..?

But yeah...I make this stuff for you guys and to show my love for KR, so I sincerely, truly, hope you guys love it even with all this salt going around

>> No.47585670

I love Cultist-chan! Cultist-chan is my waifu!

>> No.47585673

It looks like a fun jump, but I haven't had time to build.


>> No.47585674

>breaking the Deadlight

>> No.47585680

Most salt is directed towards antired or from antired so don't worry about it.

>> No.47585686

My identity is tied up entirely in my inhuman nature. I'm not attached to who I was before nor even who I was on bodymod. They're not me anymore. I really had no choice.

>> No.47585691

Uh, but they do work like that - for /your/ chain, if that's what you want. Nobody sane is going to complain if you put restrictions on your own personal chain, after all.

>> No.47585695

I feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

I'll feel even better once we finally get Fairy Tail update!

>> No.47585704

Haven't checked it out yet since I haven't fully caught up with the series. Still on Kuuga and loving the really cheesy '01 effects.

>> No.47585706

>having your identity tied to your meat, regardless of what that meat is

>> No.47585736

And my completely inhuman soul that would be rendered down to human again too.

>> No.47585754

See >>47585691. Nobody's going to complain if you want to limit yourself by having your own Jumps come before your own Chain. It's when That Guy shows up wanting to replace "your" with "everyone's" that the shitstorms start.

>> No.47585758

I still think someone else should do the Black Crusade Jump. Red's just going to nerf us into oblivion and make every choice a Deadlight choice, because how dare you be powerful in her jump.

>> No.47585768

So anons, roll call, what's your most important theme in your chain?

>> No.47585773

Whaaaaaatever, Billy.

>> No.47585780


>> No.47585791

Fire, obviously. I also dabble in time travel, planning and intelligence boosting though.

>> No.47585796


>> No.47585797

going fast

>> No.47585804

I'll have the chicken!

>> No.47585807

*Forgot Sleuthing and Godhood.

>> No.47585809

Well, I went Sawsbuck in PMD and got Solarbeam, so:

>The sun
>The seasons

>> No.47585819

I but what's fun about being able to stomp a setting like that?
What's entertaining about about jumping when you have limitless power?

>> No.47585837

False dichotomy.

>> No.47585847

Well, maybe you want to troll things. Maybe you want to show up in your space ship and say "I am alium come to heal the world from radiation!" but you can't.

It's not as bad as some make it seem, but it's still not fun for those who do big flashy things for fun, or to help people. It doesn't stop just rofflestomping it stops... rofflehelping?

>> No.47585848

Why does it matter what other people do in their own fantasy game that in no way affects you or anyone else?

>> No.47585859

Not being arbitrarily limited =/= limitless power

>> No.47585864

>Jumps should reduce the power of jumpers to scale with their settings and be balanced against other settings so you can't get anything too strong out of them relative to what other jumps would provide, and ban outright anything the jumper can do with their imagination or creativity that would otherwise allow them to become stronger than the sum of their perks.

This is something basically no one likes or agrees with. No one that isn't baiting or a troll supports this position. To put it simply, this isn't a valid or legitimate position.

>> No.47585868


>> No.47585878


>> No.47585886


I have the power to be giving and charitable, so I am.

Also I sometimes eat people, but that's on the wayside and they had it coming anyway.

People should have the choice to be limited, forcing it upon theme isn't nice.
Just because some people here have a problem with being limited arbitrarily, it doesn't mean we want limitless power.

Besides, if I could attain limitless power, I'd become Super Santa-Craftsman, Hyper-God of Ultra-Giving.

>> No.47585889



>> No.47585895


>> No.47585897

Creating a nomadic society that moves between worlds, with you guiding its growth but doing your best to let it build itself up?

>> No.47585903

900 what? Posts?

I guess I'll help.

>> No.47585905

All I know is, chain over jumps as the default means the reverse can be a personal decision to willingly increase your own challenge level, while jumps over chain means forcibly increasing everyone's challenge level.

>> No.47585909 [SPOILER] 

What kind of justice?

>> No.47585923

An Event Horizon jump would be nice.
And by nice I mean horrifying.

>> No.47585929

God I love this meme. It's practically endless.

>> No.47585936

Who's that?

>> No.47585938

We have more than enough on the inside after all

>> No.47585941

Redemption for most people, and make them help others to make up for their crimes.
Death for those who can't or refuse redemption and continue to bring harm to innocents.

>> No.47585953

Luffy, the MC of One Piece.

>> No.47585961


>> No.47585968

It's so applicable, you can basically insert anyone with an appropriate quote and it still works.

>> No.47585973

Where do you guys keep finding these?

>> No.47585975

On that note I might as well ask here. I'm working on an Escaflowne jump, and have hit a snag, I have two perks discounted for each of the four origins at 200, 400, and 600. Though the 600s might get split to be one 600 and one 800, however I am lacking in ideas for the 100 options, and am leaning towards having a 100cp perk and a 100cp item both for free. Though I am also not that likely to have many item discounts, due to the general lack of interesting items in setting that aren't Guymelefs which have their own bloody section.

So I am wondering if people in general are fine with having a 100cp perk and item for free rather than two 100cp perks. Opinions on this?

>> No.47585982

I want to see Samurai Jack hailing Aku.

>> No.47585985

Huh. Hmm. What do you do in settings where death would send the punished to eternal torment?

>> No.47585987

Page 11.

>> No.47585992

Bunnies, Partying, and Love~

>> No.47585993

Works for me.

>> No.47586000

Past chain, it was giving life. Ended up getting too good at it though, to the point where going for magical or future-tech healing in addition to my surgical and martial arts-based healing was just needless fluff, so I Sparked and awakened to my powers as Page and Rider of Life.

Current chain, I'm actually doing two at the same time, 'cause neither's quite grasped my attention. In one it's personal tech- not the big dumb robot armies most tech jumpers seem to love, but Tony Stark-style power armor.

In the other, I'm working up for this dumb thing where the Jumper splits himself in three by having Franken Fran separate the two halves of his brain- the left side, which does not understand interpersonal relationship but is a savant; the right side, which is a social butterfly but can not bring himself to hurt; and the true self, which is the evolved remains of his Requiem Stand that has formed from the shattering of his soul. All of them count as the Jumper and may not die lest the Chain end, but all of them count as Companions and can be imported. Carrying an entire chain like that could be fun, but I'll probably fuse them back permanently at some point.

The question is, when?

>> No.47586003

You can always stagger/make the backgrounds isometric and throw in a few undiscounted perks to fill out the jump if you're struggling to figure stuff out to fit the origins.

>> No.47586004

>I never wanted to go back to the past.

>> No.47586007

We don't have that far to go. Everybody just post a picture of your waifu or husbando.

>> No.47586008

Depends on the reason for it.
I soul-traped most of the Deldar I killed, so Slaanesh doesn't get their souls.
But some universes have the torment as punishment for their "Sins". Which they are going to receive if they die of old age anyway.

>> No.47586019

If I had any art skills whatsoever I'd do it.

>> No.47586020


>> No.47586024 [SPOILER] 


>> No.47586028

Tig Bittied Police Girl

>> No.47586029

>Posting worst girl

>> No.47586030

Know your memes.com

>> No.47586032


>> No.47586039

Red is cancer

>> No.47586040

Terrible taste senpai

>> No.47586046

>Worst girl

Bietch, eat me.
If anything, I'M worst girl.

>> No.47586050

>having a waifu
>needing anyone

Do you even edgelord?

>> No.47586052

Shit Taste Detected

>One of my Waifus is pic related

>> No.47586057

I have all of the other perks done, well they need editing and balancing(possibly a lot in some cases), but other than two that I can't quite think up wordings on, they are all written. Hell I'm only missing the item that would be free for one of the backgrounds that I might leave them as having two 100cp perks as I have actually written two for that one.

>> No.47586060

I always wondered how she'd react to having a vampiric sibling. Wonder if that'd ease her into it better.

>> No.47586067

Please god, let some start a new thread about something, anything?
Is it weird we both have a Psychic type Pokémon named Alice?

>> No.47586079

Not really?
I named Alice Alice because ALIkazam.
I am not a creative man.

>> No.47586081


>> No.47586082

>Jump 19: Rosario + Vampire
>Knight of Swords (The swift initiation or conclusion of conflict, through the calamitous invocation of force.)
>Age: 15
>Location: Youkai Academy
>Identity: Normal Student (-100)
>Vampire (500)
If anyone is surprised that I am adding more kinds of vampires to myself, they have not been paying attention.
>Bluff (Free)
>Genius (300)
Because being an average student is for average people. I'm not average people, and thus, I have no need to be average.
>Not Quite Dead (0)
Never hurts to have another ace up your sleeve, right?

So, there's really not a whole lot in this jump that I'm purchasing. And quite honestly, I'm not going to make a particular effort to do anything but blend in.

But there are ridiculous, over the top world-breaking things that happen here, and... quite frankly? If it looks like the main cast doesn't have things in hand at any given time, I'll just step in and slaughter said world-breaking things.

Because fuck it. As far as I'm concerned, I'm just a guy on vacation at this point.

>> No.47586085

This isn't even yet the last thread on the board yet.

>> No.47586086

I'll do you one better and post all of the waifus.

Here's Gloria Harper, my beautiful warrior lady from Swords and Sorcery, she was my first lady companion alongside Morgana and we still have a special bond!
She protected me when I was a bit squishier and I'll never be able to thank her enough.
(300 cp for 900 companion cp is fucking great btw)

>> No.47586090

>The Orbs
All I can think of is "She Who Lives In Her Name"

>> No.47586095

I think that sounds perfectly fine. Go for it.

>> No.47586096

You'd prolly take the heat off some of the shit she catches from Alucard and Pip, which would make her thankful.

Hell, even if you go werewolf (which I did). Hell, most of what I did was giving her a BREAK from the daily bullshit.

>> No.47586098


She looks awful

>> No.47586110

>Another Waifu

>> No.47586126

Someone who's a lot more sympathetic, aye?

>> No.47586127

The "queen" in slutlow

>> No.47586134

By the time I was embraced, it was all over and done with. I ended up having Seras as sort of a big sister.

I promised them I'd come back when it was all over and take them on vacation.

>> No.47586138

Just Alucard I think.

>> No.47586153

I won't destroy the world if I Seventh Holy Scripture him, will I? Because I'm pretty sure if something like his appearance happens, I'm going to kind of go 'you know what, fuck this noise' and let loose on him.

>> No.47586168

I think you can just kill him.

>> No.47586176

This is why I bought Bradelines Well in Age Of Ice; it's an unpleasant afterlife, pretty much a purgatory, but I can still offer it as an alternative to those who would otherwise be infinitely punished for finite wrongs.

Are there any other jumps with purchasable afterlives, divine realms or the like?

>> No.47586177

Next is my main fish babe, Minette. I adore her to death, I couldn't pass up the chance to take her with me to the many worlds adn see her grow strong while still being my most beloved dagonian
She used to not be too helpful except with helping around the housing supplement but after we went to Fire Emblem and I got her Aptitude she's been a remarkable little lady, she still likes hanging around with everyone but she's shown an interest in learning martial arts and swordplay, so I toss her against the spawners I set up in Frequent Flyer Miles (Terraria) worlds to train up...
She's so cute~
>liking someone for just their looks
>Not her strong and protective personality
>not for the way she opens up to you when you're alone with her
>not her sensous, soft, ever so strokable hair


>> No.47586185

It shouldn't. He dies just fine in the manga. Granted, that's after being convinced to kill himself because his goal was impossible and pointless, so he might have been helping it along.

>> No.47586189

Who's that?

>> No.47586192

I always feel weird about her "hair". I worry it's going to get caught on something and rip, that would be really painful for her.

>> No.47586201

>not her sensous, soft, ever so strokable hair

Her hair is one of the worst things in that picture it looks like those people who shave part of their head and the truth is justice

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