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Yo, this anon, caught the tail end of the last thread. Could someone answer my question?

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Reply to last thread:

>The only thing I did with tony is helped him out of alcoholism.
I just kinda left them when they were in their own movies. They overcome their shit and the issues in their individual movies are pretty insignificant to me anyways.
Avengers, for example, I just kinda sat below the portal laser-ing any Chituari that came through, then instead of Tony taking the missile through, I just threw it instead. Followed by a few of my own.
Civil War, I just kinda said "Yeah, don't give two shits about these accords. Get bent." Then I just sniped Zemos and nixed that entire thing.

The one thing I did kinda fuck up though, I meddled enough and shut down Ultron so fast that Vision didn't get made.

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>Upon completion of this jump you will find a floating green Ihan Crystal manifesting either in your Ware- house, or in some form of your possession - nigh incon- spicuous. Touching it causes a small screen to pop up, floating a few inches off of it’s surface. On it will be a small portrait of Sarah Kerrigan, with a green check- mark on one corner. Should you have already completed the Terran or Protoss jumps, you will already have this - and checking it will reveal the Queen of Blades’ picture added to the roster.

What does this exactly mean?

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Rolled Free Choice, Char
Free Burrowing
Free Willful
Free Vision
Discount Tumor
Discount Zerg Rush
Discount Psionic Waveform
Essence Spinner
Overmind Model
Free Personal Zerg Strain
Elite Corpser Roach
Elite Swarmling Zergling
Elite Hydralisk
Elite Drone

The Sons of Korhal+300
Hostile Hive+300

I understand it now. The Song of the Swarm. Gods above it's beautiful. God I was trying so hard to be a Human, despite my rage and anger. But they have always been here for me. My Swarm, My Bugs, my Creations. Bound to me via Magics or Psychic energies.

I have been building my own Swarm for ages, never even realizing it. But Now I Am The Swarm. We will grow The Swarm, feed it, and let it consume as We will it.

Because, The Multiverse is Ours for the Taking. We Are The Swarm. And Our Rage is Constrained, but no less Great.

>Character Arc:Complete

Yeah, I know it's cliche as fuck. But it felt like the endless "I'm an asshole" thing was getting tiring, and he needed something more. This is it. Secundo has embraced being a Cerebrate/Swarmlord/TaylorHebert/Whatthefuckever. And he has his eye on Conquest, not just random Rage Burnings.

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What are some good events in settings that you've stopped from happening, either intentionally or not?

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If, someday OAA ever does finish the Protoss jump, he wants to have an optional "become a Xel'Naga" DLC that you can take if you've already done all three races' paths. The crystal is a symbolic token of that.

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Plus, you know.

If you were to get a Companion, it'd be MADE PERFECTLY FUCKING CLEAR. Instead of the topic being danced around like "maybe maybe not who knows~".

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An icky end for an icky man.

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Ah. Thanks.

My phone hates the imagesd jump, it doesn't like certain pages and clones the text. So you have like 3 lines of same text stacked on top one another.

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Rules you ignore?

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I sort of...cucked Hinata by proxy, I guess is the best way to phrase it. I used the fanverse option in Naruto to have Sasuke be female, because I was replacing Sakura thanks to MC-KUN/CHAN and you need to have a token female teammate. And, well, it turns out that with how many charisma perks I had, yelling "God, just kiss already!" whenever things started getting tense between them lead to them doing exactly that. So, yeah. Sorry, Hinata. If it makes you feel any better, given that Naruto refuses to abandon his nakama he was going to follow me after I left the jump anyway, so you would have had no future with him. At least this way Naruto and Satsuki can stay together as a couple, since as my teammate she gets to come along, too.

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Words that kill.

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>I have been building my own Swarm for ages, never even realizing it. But Now I Am The Swarm. We will grow The Swarm, feed it, and let it consume as We will it.

See, this shit is what happens when you have more than one waifu. You're a tyranid now, the Choir is weeping Justice.

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The idea that once you drop a retained drawback, you can't get it back. Nothing for anything that will gain me an advantage, just for joke drawbacks that I find amusing but don't want to use in every jump.

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I tend to ignore the memories gained from backgrounds, mostly because I have a hard time imagining what effect they'd have on my jumpers personality.

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It's not the end bro. Secundo will continue, but that character arc is done.

But I am done for right now. I'm gonna take a break from jumping for a few days, then I'll likely get back to work on my Main-Chain, with Justice.

You DO realize that Secuno waifued the Chaos Choir right?
And that they are all dead due to Orikan.

But yes, he's basically a Nid as the Hive Mind, or a New Overmind.. Arguably better, because he has like four or five different Universes worth of Mutation/Creation/Etc perks to draw from.

Including EVA and Geneforge.

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It's the end of him as man, instead of a thing.

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Son of a gun, what is the best perk to do this with? I know that this is when the jump ends, but the aftereffects just don't work. Please answer this time.

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>You DO realize that Secuno waifued the Chaos Choir right?

I don't keep track of all your OCs justice, but I assumed that you had just a little bit more taste than that.

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Do what?

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Hey man, the Choir of Lost Voices are sweethearts. Don't be rude.

>> No.47569041

Ah, Fair Enough.

I halfway considered saying THE MULTIVERSE. WILL. BURN!
Then posting a Link to the Kyras Speech from DoW2

The Chaos Choir aren't My OCs? They are from Light of Terra DLC 1

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I ignored the NGE "Pattern Blues can't import companions" part, with the caveat that A) we didn't know where each other were, and B) they didn't know I was an Angel.
Made the jump more interesting, so eh.
I'm of the opinion that since it's a goddamn single player imagination game, rules are fine to ignore if they make it more interesting.

This, too. Aside from the first jump, at least, since that one was actually important for character development, and NGE. A lot of other times I either do Drop-In, or treat myself more like a Drop-In, forgoing any contacts/information along with the memories.

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It depends on your perception of "good", but...

I slammed the brakes HARD on Voldemort's resurrection.
Like, "Holy shit, you fuckers better get out of my way, cuz I'm the new Dark Lord and fuck you if you think I'm letting you start shit while I'm not even done with school yet" hard.
I stopped that shit so hard the rest of the Death Eaters fell in line behind me and decided they'd rather wait for orders that never came.

But as a direct result of that, the whole Wizard Nazi resurrection thing never happened, which meant stuff like:
> Slughorn never got his redemptive arc.
> Fudge was still in charge of the Ministry.
> Umbridge still EXISTS.
> Snape was still the potions master and never stopped being a giant asshole.

Though, on the plus side, Dumbledore and Snape didn't die, Umbridge never became a teacher or really even set foot in Hogwarts, and Harry kindof got to take it easy for his last two years.

So, it really depends on perspective.

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Yes, but still that doesn't solve the problem. You see this in the examples given.

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The 'memories not from the jump you are in don't affect you' rule.

All my memories are on all the time.
That's why I stocked up on memory, recall, and sanity perks early on.

>> No.47569061

I think I'm the only person who sits down and writes entire backstories for my backgrounds...

>> No.47569070

>> Umbridge still EXISTS.
You didn't assassinate her in the background?
Or purposely meet her, then kill her for inevitably being a bitch?
>Umbridge never became a teacher or really even set foot in Hogwarts
Eh I guess it's OK then.

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Same. I remember ranting about that way back at the start.

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I do that in some jumps, the ones I really care about. Others I just can't be bothered enough, so I do about three sentences worth of summary at best.

>> No.47569092

>Snape didn't die
How is this a plus?

>> No.47569100

I didn't quite here you the first time anon, but it sounded a lot like heresy.

I'm taking about this Secuno guy

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I just sort of imagine them. I don't write them down, but I do think about them. Especially the ones where I have friends or family in the background, doubly so if they're canon characters.
So being Shinji's older brother in Evangelion was a wild ride, especially because I went the Kamina route when it came to being an older brother. Sans the dying part, of course.

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Does one really serve Chaos as we know it if they push for radical atheism? I mean as far as we know, Neco wafers doesn't grant mutations, or blessings, or corrupt anyone, or have daemons, he just wants people to destroy Chaos cults and artifacts out of a zero tolerance policy for hokey religion. He just seems harmless really.

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>> No.47569130

It's not worshipping the decrepit skeletal asshole sitting on the golden toilet.

Ergo, it's serving Chaos according to that lady's logic.

>> No.47569134

>have daemons
Secundo got a Daemon Weapon possessed by a Daemon of Necoho.

It insisted it wasn't talking to him, and that he was just going crazy.

>> No.47569136

You know, aren't BOTH choirs major anomalies in how they act? The Imperial Choir acts like the stereotypical anime harem, and the Chaos one worships the god of atheism, who doesn't exist of course.

>> No.47569142

That's fanon, but since the choir are too I guess I have to accept it for this conversation.

>> No.47569143

Yes. That's the joke.

>> No.47569144

They did worship other chaos fuckheads though, and are thus corrupted.

>> No.47569163

>Implying The Emperor isn't a Greater Daemon of Necoho
>Implying that The Primarchs and the Space Marines aren't people with Mutations granted by him.

>> No.47569187

But here's the main thing about the Choirs
One feels the love of the emperor in their hearts
And the other one is trash

>> No.47569197

The choir become companions at the end of the DLC you find them in, so yea, they have companion immortality. . .

>> No.47569204

So, if 40k anon is till out there, or any of the myriad better jumpers, could you answer my question.
If I take the full LCB drawback tree and my love is slain but they were with child, or already had the little one, is the kid under the, 'nothing but memories remain' thing or can one save their child?
Either way it's gonna end badly, i just wanna know which is the proper interpretation.

>> No.47569205

Bro, bro. People ignore the rules for the sake of their personal stories.

>> No.47569210

No companions, that's the rule of Secundo's jump.

>> No.47569229

You get nothing! Good day sir.

>> No.47569231

See >>47569205

The idea popped into my head when I was discussing with the IRC "I can't have Secundo go to LoT, due to the No Companions rule"

Someone suggested "Why not just have them die in the final battle? He finally made friends, and then they died"

The idea ran away from me.

That rule has changed. Certain types of companions are now allowed, as the Companion Zerg should show.

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Yeah, I mean... when I say "I stopped it HARD" ...

Basically? Imagine the scene at the end of the Triwizard Tournament, but instead of Harry and Cedric, they meet The Jumper.
And The Jumper, who has been very polite and low impact up until this point, playing along with everyone's stupid crap, has very suddenly decided that They Are Done With Your Shit.

That is how hard I stopped it.

So, like, Order of the Phoenix? Never happened. Fudge getting pissy because Dumbledore wants to tell people about Voldemort? Never happened. Attempts by the Ministry to take over Hogwarts? Never happened. Death Eaters take over Hogwarts? Holy shit that never happened.

I never actually met Umbridge. She's presumably still acting as Fudge's personal heiney huffer.
Three whole books of "Nope, didn't happen", and as a result Umbridge just never came up as a thing. Didn't happen.

So I guess I spared them that.

... be... cause... I don't subscribe to your idea of "justice"?

>> No.47569236

Just like >>47569078 said: The Jumps I really care about get detailed backstories, and personalities strong enough to remain as a distinct voice at the back of my head throughout future Jumps, rather than being quietly subsumed. This is also a convenient explanation for any mind-influencing Drawbacks I might have taken.

>> No.47569237

So it was revealed to me via https://parahumans.wordpress.com/2011/12/10/interlude-5/#comment-485 that apparently, if Taylor ran into bug-men, she'd be able to control them with same effort as controlling crabs. Those of you I ruled differently, I apologize - apparently that ruling's over-ruled.

You can, in fact, control Johj with Queen Administrator.

now if you don't mind, I need to go strangle Wildbow with a fucking trout.

>> No.47569256

That's not a confirmation, anon.

That answer was 'definitely maaaaaybe'.

>> No.47569263

Oy, don't use Quotation marks on me. I'm not gonna Kill snape.
I just said his Death is a good thing.
He's a terrible terrible person. Does he deserve redemption? Yes
But does he do anything in-series to earn than redemption? No, not in my opinion.

To Be Fair. He did say "it depends on the chemistry and brain make-up"

You could hand wave it as "their brains are a little too different from normal bugs"

>> No.47569275

They're still fucking Roaches though. That's something that's came up countless times, they're still insects even if they're now giant humanoids.

>> No.47569293

They're also arguably smarter and more evolved then humans.

>> No.47569299

Good, good! Now that I can control them, I can begin my master plan: USING THEM TO RE-ENACT JJBA!

>> No.47569303

>Not making them dance showtunes and JJBA
Anon we need to step this up.

>> No.47569312

Will you keep giving Johj Stands until some of them get the Right Stands, or will you just have a Johj dress like a Stand and pretend to do whatever that Stand does?

>> No.47569318

>And The Jumper, who has been very polite and low impact up until this point, playing along with everyone's stupid crap, has very suddenly decided that They Are Done With Your Shit.

/jc/! Have you ever broken the masquerade like that? Were you ever playing nice with a setting before just deciding "nope, fuck it"?
What happened?

How did they react?

>> No.47569338

Fairy Tail.

I played nice for most of the setting. Made good friends with most of the guild, even Laxus.

I kind of Lost It on Laxus' Father during the Grand Magic Games and brought out some of my more Insane Bullshit.

I got a lot of odd looks, people wondering "What the fuck was that".

Only two people had different reactions.

Natsu wanted a Spar

Juvia was waving a flag with my face on it.

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I did that in Gundam Seed. I was planning on having this nice, slow process of eliminating all the stupid from that universe. But then Patrick Zala tried to give me some big dumb speech about how the Coordinators were the most oppressed people in the history of mankind because everyone was so jealous over how wealthy and superhuman they were, or some dumb shit, and I just lost my patience. I rebuilt Junius 7 and brought his wife back to life (which ironically required some considerable patience, but I'm willing to delay gratification when spite is on the line), then made him watch while I nuked them all over again. Over and over and over, I did this about once a month for the remainder of the jump's duration.

>> No.47569356

The latter. I'll dress them up, turn them into ghosts, bind them to the Johj host, and set out from there!
In RWBY, during what would have been the finale of volume 3. Up until then, I had been an observer, an advisor, communicating through visions and dreams.
Then I showed up in Angel form, hijacked the Grimm, turned the city into a mad house with the Madness Wavelength, before nuking Cinder and her dragon. From then on, I was the BBEG! Though I didn't really give it my all.

>> No.47569426

>Jump 15: Vampire the Masquerade-Bloodlines
>King of Swords, reversed (Perfect clarity of thought, excessive use of force, and mastery of language as a tool for deception. One who, like a great tyrant, inspires not love or devotion, but fear, respect, and obedience.)
>Age: 24
>Location: Los Angeles
>Identity: Drop-In, Tremere
>Drawbacks: To Be Continued (+200)
I'm... a little nervous about how this is going to go, with that card in mind. That honestly sounds like a description of the masquerade being enforced.

>Dominate, Level 2 (1100, Tremere)
Literally disappearing from anyone within 75 feet? Nice. Plus the whole jedi mind trick...
>Auspex, Level 5 (700, Tremere)
Perceive any living or undead within about a sixth of a mile radius. So very yes.
>Thaumaturgy, Level 4 (400, Tremere)
Drain victims without having to touch them, it's like something out of a horror movie. Also making people randomly vomit blood, that's got its own value in terms of incapacitating people.
>Inspection (200, Drop-In)
Ah, the upgrades to my eyesight continue... useful.
>2x Fridge of Blood (0)
Hey, they're handy, and you never know when you're going to need blood for someone dropping by unexpectedly.

I don't really have any solid plans for this. I'm not crazy enough to trigger Gehenna, even with my hand cannon, but otherwise... I'm just going to keep my head down. I don't think I should go after anyone in particular, but honestly I don't think there's much I CAN do to make a lasting difference without blowing the masquerade.

And that's a bad thing because it isn't just vampires who rely on that.

>> No.47569439

>Jump 16: Vampire the Requiem
>Eight of Pentacles, reversed (Undue attention to small details at the expense of the big picture.)
>Age: 39
>Location: Berlin
>Identity: Investigator, Ventrue
>Drawbacks: Stereotypical Weaknesses (-400), Grip of the Damned (-400)
...but if I can drain from afar, I don't need to grip, now do I? Stereotypical weaknesses will be a royal pain, though.

You know what, let's skip the rest of the build for this one. I got Eidetic Memory, Light Sleeper and Precocious. I otherwise went scattershot and picked up a hilariously large number of skills. And I made this build before I pulled the card - that card described my build way too well. Undue attention to details... yeah, I never did upgrade my physical stats, I relied on other vampire form(s) to make up for it.

And I swear to christ. "It's time to spread your wings little bat." For every fucking background. I know I said it before but I maintain what I said the first time around: My fucking face when.

>> No.47569452

The first time it really happened was in Lyrical Nanoha.

See, in that jump, early on a combination of circumstances and the Befriending drawback caused me to have to fight Nanoha. I didn't really want to, but a combination of Worm powers, 40k tech and other paranoia basically resulted in Raising Heart just detonating on Nanoha, essentially crippling and hospitalizing her. She went on to become a commander instead of a training instructor, since she was basically only a C-rank after that shit and developed a fear of devices after hers just exploded for no reason.

Guilt really started to build up for me after that, especially considering Nanoha's very visible burn scars across most of her face and the left side of her body. Slight instability occurred as a result, but Nanoha couldn't nuke me into oblivion anymore, so she could barely do anything.

Fast forward to StrikerS-era, I was a dumb shit and got myself hospitalized... with the Mantle of the Saint Kaiser drawback, so I was spirited away to serve as everyone's favorite power source. Anti-mind control perks prevented Jail from controlling me, but I was still pretty much immobilized.

And then guess who comes busting through the wall to save me, running some insane Blaster III combo to make up for the lost capacity? Of course, Nanoha basically broke every bone in her body doing it, and essentially pushed herself even further into the territory of 'paralyzed with no recovery' in the process.

So there I was, with a almost dead Nanoha, some mental instability and untreated PTSD from LoT that was starting to take it's toll and Angel powers. And well... pic related happened.

It turns out particle beams work really well from inside something, especially if you have an S2 Engine.

>> No.47569470

Posting it up for people who didn't see it in the last thread, I don't think it's drive'd either so!

>> No.47569493

Never seen a flying bat before.

>> No.47569510

Anybody know where else I can get some healing gels?
I already know of the gels from Dead Space, Halo, Star Wars, Mass Effect, and the Stim Packs from Fallout.

>> No.47569543

Well, the obvious answer would be Tales of Symphonia and Tales of Vesperia.
Healing gels are an actual item in those settings. They heal based on percentage health, too, which means a dinky cheap one can heal 20% maximum health regardless of whether you're level 1 or level 99.

>> No.47569548

How does a 40k Warp Entity respond to Ra Tilt (Slayers)?

>> No.47569572

That's actually a pretty good question.

I don't rightly know.

>> No.47569580

Don't forget that they're fruit-flavored gummy candy too.

>> No.47569587

>Jump 17: The Vampire Diaries
>The World, reversed (Regret and disappointment.)
It's teen drama and angst bullshit, there is going to be a great deal of both of those things here.
>Age: 839
>Location: Mystic Falls, 2009
>Identity: Vampire (-300)
>Drawbacks: Thematically Appropriate (-300), Hunted by Finn (-400), Hunted by Mikael (-400), Hunted by the Brotherhood (-400)
God save us from the hormones of teenagers, no matter their actual age. The angst is so thick I can't see the far side of the room.

Well, let's do something stupid for fun.

>Freebies: Vampire Stats, Vampire Healing, Compulsion, Bad Bad Boy, Daylight Ring
At last! I can get a decent tan without burning in the sun! ...literally!
>Ancient (1900, vampire)
>Ad-Hoc Magic (1800)
While it will be somewhat useful here, this is truly going to prove its worth with other magic systems later.
>Original Hybrid (1000)
>Tribrid (0)

Okay. I admit it. I went a bit power-mad. But it was worth it, I say! If power corrupts, does unlimited power cause unlimited corruption?

Wait, shit. Am I going to end up looking like Palpatine as a result of this?

Screw that. I'm just going to try to learn magic and ... it turns out that didn't work because no one's crazy enough to teach a vampire magic and being able to use the magic means they want to kill him for being an anomaly. Awesome. Guess that's our disappointment.

Oh well, back to the drawing board. I think I'll mount said drawing board on this hill of corpses that I ended up creating.

Fucking teenage angst shows.

>> No.47569615

And the version in Tales of Symphonia gives you a recipe for making them out of nothing but fruit. You could make miracle healing potions out of apples.

>> No.47569637

This made me think of what it'd look like if Tom and Sheev had a baby.

>> No.47569706

Goddamn Crux, how many kinds of vampire are you now?

>> No.47569728 [DELETED] 

I saw there was an update to the Kenchi jump on the drive but there seems to be one thing missing. . . You can take Miu as a companion with out having a manly duel with her father!

>> No.47569742

Grandfather, but that is a travesty!

>> No.47569752

I saw there was an update to the Kenchi jump on the drive but there seems to be one thing missing. . . You can take Miu as a companion with out having a manly duel with her grandfather!

>> No.47569757 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 

Huh, I just realized why it was a good idea to have Fourze and Wizard share a jump...

>> No.47569797

This is absurd! For those attempting to waifu Miu their ten year stay should become a minimum because they shouldn't be allowed to leave with her until they win a duel against the Invincible Superman himself!

This would be funny.

>> No.47569798

>that tiny bit in the back

You maaay wanna delete that before the mods see.

>> No.47569803

Wait, there was an update? Since when? Why wasn't it posted?

>> No.47569813

Global Rule 15.

>> No.47569822

It is on the drive, it includes a 100cp option for taking disciple level characters as companions.

>> No.47569833

About all of them, I think.

>Jump 18: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
>Death, reversed (The refusal to let go of the past.)
>Age: 54
>Location: Sunnydale, California
>Identity: Demon (-200), subtype Vampire (-100)
>Drawbacks: End of Magic (-200)
Well, the End of Magic was going to happen anyway, so it's not exactly going to be a surprise; it just means I need to pitch in so that I don't end up a casualty.

>Freebies: High Stakes Fighter (Vampire), Cunning Linguist (Demon), Demonology (Demon)
>Sorcery Savant (300)
At last! Magic, and lots of it. All I need to do is get involved with the main cast, occasionally apply percussive maintenance to them when they're being particularly stupid, get Captain Hairgel to stop moping, and we might actually have a better series to watch.
>Green Tongue (0)
You know, I thought this would have limited use at first, and then I realized there are probably TONS of plant related spells that can be used. Even if I just limit it to accelerating plant growth, this means I can grow wood furniture for any purpose I desire! That's got to have value, especially when I plant a seed and grow a house.

There's really not a lot I'm going to be doing aside from smacking people upside the head when they need it, really. Except killing the mayor of Sunnydale if he refuses to change his plans for becoming a giant demon, because c'mon, you KNOW the big dogs will tear him to pieces immediately. Also ... well, honestly, I'm pretty much going to try and either prepare for the upcoming threats they'll face, and try to save some lives while I can.

Also also; going to shoot Glory in the face. Pretty sure that this is a thing that should actually work, in my case.

Hm. I've got a ridiculous revolver, I feel like I should invest in a nice coat and a hat, and maybe a pair of sunglasses ... oh. Well, now I understand a bit more of why Alucard is dressed as he is.

>> No.47569835


Got it covered.

>> No.47569842

Hail Photoshop.

>> No.47569849 [SPOILER] 

So, Marvel comics, Civil War era, I was that wandering kid who would show up every so often for some random ass chilling and talking with guys or some shit like that. Trying to peacefully talk people out of what was going to happen.

Then the Thor clone happened.
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EmtG15XY99Q
"You know Tony, Steve, I tried to be nice. I tried to show the both of you that there were other ways to settle this issue. But now...

"Enough is enough."

Conqueror's and Armament Haki + Hyougoku-enhanced Reiatsu and Kidou + Sage Chakra Mode + Djinn Equip + Bayonetta Magic + Primordial Runes + Speed Force + Aura and Jam Semblance + Technopathy + Kanka = EVERYONE gets shut down, I don't give two shits or a damn

So, yeah...I might had gone a little overboard. Partly because I realized that I could have done something sooner.

>> No.47569862

>Thor clone
I feel that given the trigger, your reaction was measured and appropriate.

Also they're still damned lucky that Odin didn't decide to go 'you cloned my son, I'ma smite you' in response as this would be an appropriate thing for him to do.

>> No.47569869

Thanks, I didn't notice it at all, honestly

>> No.47569884

> mfw I wake to this glorious thing

>> No.47569895

And you're using the Hover and Cube Memories already! Very impressive.

>> No.47569919

Few questions for that combo:

We can learn more Haki?
Bleach is jumpable as is?
Where are the Primordial Runes from?
You could have stopped this

On another note, Elantris jump will be served to y'all first, but should I make it my way (100/300/600 with booster) or like the Mistborn format of 100/200/400/600.

Also should I leave this in.
+0CP Cosmeric Continuity
This doesn't appear to do anything. What is a Cosmere, and why would your actions still resonate through it? There's a note from the boss here: Say hi to Hoid for me”.

>> No.47569935


>Bleach jump. . .
>Jumpable. . .

Haha, NO.

>> No.47569943

Sadly it is.

>> No.47569954

I'm fine with your way. I like boosters. As for the drawback, maybe clear it up a bit so that it's obvious to people who aren't familiar with Sanderson's work that it's making the other Cosmere jumps (currently only Mistborn, but maybe there will be more at some point) in continuity? It could be confusing. Also, I'm not sure when Elantris takes place relative to Mistborn, so would you have met Hoid already?

>> No.47569964

No, that jump doesn't exist and anyone who says otherwise is either lying or a hallucination.

>> No.47569971

>Bleach is jumpable as is?
I just made a new jump for it myself
I like Bleach, and I'm not gonna go through that pile of shit some people call a jump.

>> No.47569976

Yeah, I've found a citation on the Coppermind wiki that Elantris happens before Mistborn. It's actually the chronologically earliest of the Cosmere books and will remain so until such point as Dragonsteel is published. So that drawback would do nothing at this point.

>> No.47569984

Personally everything I've heard about Bleach makes me think of it as Naruto without any of its' redeeming qualities, so I don't give a crap either way because for all intents and purposes I've pretty much forgotten what my Bleach build was like

>> No.47569999

I would ask that you post it but I know the thread wouldn't accept a replacement. We will never have a proper Bleach jump. . . *sob*.

>> No.47570011

Well, the real problem is that the magic systems on Sel are all or nothing, if the potential exists, then you can be an expert, not like Misting-Mistborn or Ferring-Feruchemist, so each background has to take the capstone if they want any magic done.

And not one, but two boosters. But you won't get anything for doubling up, so just pick one.

Well, it won't do much until Sanderson is done with his ridiculously ambitious multi planetary saga. At most Hoid will freak out in Mistborn jump.

Yeah, well I couldn't get a hold of MistbornAnon so I'd set the precedent I guess.

>> No.47570020

Conqueror's Haki can't be learned, you either can use it or you can't
Anyone can learn the other two types of Haki.

>> No.47570029

So the idea is that you'll take the drawback in Elantris and then retain it when you go to the Mistborn jump?

>> No.47570033

It's not the best by any regard, but it's fun and enjoyable if you can appreciate the formula, and not take it too seriously. It also has some great art and fashion, though there are some exceptions.

>> No.47570035

In the forgotten realms jump if you take a race with no INT do you need to take the awakened creature template as well

>> No.47570048

> We can learn more Haki?
You can buy them all from the One Piece jump. Expensive, but well worth it.
>Bleach is jumpable as is?
...it was painful to go through, but it's somewhat there. I just ignored a lot of things, like the sheer wrongness of how the Shinigami Perks were arranged and described.
> Where are the Primordial Runes from?
The Fate Jump after having Scáthach teach me some ish while we waited for the war to kick off. Poor, poor, poor Team NTR.

> You could have stopped this
JC and my companions all actually gave me a hug after the Jump, then she sent all of us on another therapy Jump. FF-X, which it was compared to everything that happened after I snapped.

Like, the mutants actually had to come through to help try stop me. Even Sentry showed up.

It got bad.

>> No.47570070

We need a new bleach jump. . . replacing jumps is usually frowned upon but that one is just awful.

>> No.47570080

During my 40k jump I spent 159 yrs with a Eldar and we loved each other. Then a Lord of Change very suddenly kicked that beautiful relationship aside as we were preparing for our baby's birth, killing both in the process whilst reminding me of that one time back in the Eldar jump when I refused to be the Changer's little butt-monkey. I went so mad that I came full circle and simply stabbed the Lord of Change with Frostmorne. I then teleported onto the Light of Terra and had to convince two of my other companions to unlock protocol Saturn, a set of systems that I had in place that I considered worse than Extermidus. Klein only allowed me to once I Resurrected Big-E, which really didn't matter to me so I did so before holding everything in Quicksilver.
Activating the Eternity Gate I then teleported viral bombs with a modified Guardian Virus (Order of the Stick) that could effect anything as long as it was on the planet, and did so. It was enhanced by about forty two perks that enhanced bio-weapons and such so it worked on just about anything you could put a name to. Spamming Greater Teleport and Time Stops inside Quicksilver, I repeated this action until the entire Empire of Man and further was infected. I also mass produced the anti-Warp pylons found, and taken from, Cadia before seeding them across known space. This made Warp-Use impossible in a bubble of space. Master Autistic is the only thing that allowed me to finish but once I was done the only way in or out of the area I'd designated was a Warp-less four light-year trudge to the nearest .human/eldar world. Before I let Quicksilver go I Rewrote Reality, using up all of my D&D experience in the effect along with a few other things, so that neither of our species would suffer from my actions.

So, yeah I went full Grimdark super Edge and kicked Chaos out of my area before spending the rest of the Jump with my companions crying my eyes out. It was terrible.

>> No.47570086

As >>47569976 this Anon said, Elantris is one of the earliest books in the Cosmere setting that's been published, so why not, eh?

Wow, Jumpers tend to go off explosively when they do go off. Isn't there anyone who just has a regular meltdown and sulks on the coach with ice cream?

>> No.47570107

I do, depending on your definition of meltdown that is. . .

>> No.47570112

You know bleach started out ok... maybe if it had stopped after the first or second season it would have been a decent anime.

>> No.47570114

I'm building macross and I can assure you there is a lot of running into the backstage and crying at all the pressure being put on the jumper. He's socially strong but dear lord an entire species' or two's wellbeing on your head is not good
I might not even be able to save as many people as I can from earth, which is upsetting me a bit...

>> No.47570124


New entry for Fallout at the bottom. Surprise return of an old foe!

>> No.47570127

It would be better if there wasn't so much filler and they just let Aizen be the final boss.

>> No.47570136

Isn't the Formula basically that one joke like from Hellsing abridged?

"Now that they know about our plan they will plan around our plan, and we in-turn will plan around their planning around our plan!"

>> No.47570140

After the shit I did in Commorragh I did exactly that.
Cried on the couch and ate ice cream.

>> No.47570141

>Poor, poor, poor Team NTR.

>> No.47570157

Just enjoy the characters and the pretty action scenes, attempting to follow the plot results in problems.

>> No.47570164

Guess he couldn't handle the fallout.

>> No.47570171

"Drop-In" identities that mess with your mind or the minds of people in the setting; drop-in means drop-in.

>> No.47570196

Damn. Good work actually making the drawbacks feel like drawbacks. Vital's off to a MUCH shittier end in that jump.

God fucking damnit Carlos, stop coming here, we're not making a Magic School Bus Jump-Chain and that's fucking final.

>> No.47570198

I really liked the new doom jump but I just realized there is a big problem with it. . . there's no rocket launcher option :(

>> No.47570205

Speaking of which,
Jump 41: Macross
SDF Macross - 50 (Public Opinion +200, Rival +200, Big Red Target +300, Living Macguffin +300)

Perks: Serene Sinatra(0), Basic Training(0), Lyrical Repository(0), Graceful Reflexes(0), Voice of Gold(100),Hot off the Press(100), Music Meister(200), Listen to My Song(300), Spiritia Abundance(200), Listen to my Voice!(300)

Gear: Money x 3 (0), Flashy Clothing (0)

Damsel in Duet(200 + 100 for Zentraedi)
Travel Squadron(200)

Veritech Customization Table -
BYOM (50) [Chang'e]
Drums of War(100)
Sweet Song Seduction(100)
Fold Crystal Core (500)
Speaker Pod Gamma(100)
Feel my Voice(100)
Flying with Finesse(50)
Additional Thruster(50)

Imports in the next post, it's too long for all of this shit...

>> No.47570214

>Wow, Jumpers tend to go off explosively when they do go off. Isn't there anyone who just has a regular meltdown and sulks on the coach with ice cream?
Most of the time, yes, I just quietly eliminate what irritated me. However, this was special, I was fighting the Clone (who was still strong), while maintaining the Lock Down I had on everyone, keeping my Haki up to counter his shit, fighting everyone else who was depowered, keeping Goliath alive, and STILL making sure that Tony and Cap WOULD JUST FUCKING LISTEN TO REASON!

Add that to my meta-knowledge of the events after this, the fact that it would get worse in Siege and AvM, and a strange spiritual connection with the World around me due to Sage Mode.

My meltdown was pretty spectacular.

At least I managed to save May in time so Peter did eventually have a (kind of) happy ending.

Team NTR: Kenneth, Sola, and Lancer.

So, remember how badly played Kenneth got by Kiritsugu? Now imagine another Magus-killer in the contest with a Caster and is also an Enforcer and has secured an alliance with Berserker's Master.

Fun times.

>> No.47570215


Natalya (400/400, Pilot)
Perks: Serene Sinatra(0), Basic Training(0), Get a Feel for Her(0), Missile Macross Massacre(0), Killing Kaiser(200), Mind of War(100), Eye of War(100)
Gear: Targeting Module(0), Flight Suit(0)
Veritech Customization:
-Basic Variable Fighter
(1000/1000 VP)
Laser Emitter Pod(200)
More Missiles(100)
Armored Pack(300)
Cybernetic Link(200)
Improved Generator(200)

Arianna(0/400, Technician)
Perks: Serene Sinatra(0), Basic Training(0), Fingers of Silver(100), Fingers of Slyness(100), Savvy Sultan(200)
Gear: Overalls(0), Toolkit(0)
Veritech Customization:
-Basic Variable Fighter
(1000/1000 VP)
Ghost Units(400)
Tune Up(100)
Sniper Rifle(200)
Improved Scanners(100)
Silent Running(200)

Vanilla(400/ 400, Bridge Bunny)
Perks: Serene Sinatra(0), Basic Training(0), We're Here for You!(300) , Eye of the Tiger(100)
Gear: Officer's Manual(0), Crisp Uniform(0)
Veritech Customization:
-Basic Variable Fighter
(1000/1000 VP)
Extra Autocannon(50)
Additional Thruster(250)
Improved Scanners(100)
Additional Armor(300)
Tune Up(100)
Laser Emitter Pod(200)
Small Army(400/400, Pilot)
Perks: Serene Sinatra(0), Basic Training(0), Get a Feel for Her(0), Missile Macross Massacre(0), Shonen Syndrome(300)
Gear: Targeting Module(0), Flight Suit(0), Tactical Helmet(100)
Veritech Customization:
-Basic Variable Fighter
(1000/1000 VP)
Flesh of Vajra(700)

Citlali(400/400, Singer)
Perks: Serene Sinatra(0), Basic Training(0), Lyrical Repository(0), Graceful Reflexes(0), Voice of Gold(100)
Gear: Money x 3 (0), Flashy Clothing (0), Concert of Memories(150), Epicus Maximus(100)
Veritech Customization:
Veritech Cyclone(50)
(1000/1000 VP)
Improved Propulsion(100)
Improved Servos(100)
Laser Cannon(100)
Like a Wrecking Ball(300)
Speaker Pauldrons(100)
Echoes in the Air(100)
Bass Cannon(100)


>> No.47570245

Gloria(400/400, Cyborg Soldier)
Perks: Serene Sinatra(0), Basic Training(0), Sculpted Product(0), Enhanced Product(0), Just Another Part(300), Speed of the Machine(100)
Gear: Harmonica(0), Design Kit(0),
Veritech Customization:
-Basic Variable Fighter
(1000/1000 VP)
Additional Thrusters(100)
Melee Weapon(100)
Cybernetic Link(200)
Additional Armor(300)
Speed Unit(300)

Curly Brace(400/400, Cyborg Soldier)
Perks: Serene Sinatra(0), Basic Training(0), Sculpted Product(0), Enhanced Product(0), Maniacal Monster(200)
Gear: Harmonica(0), Design Kit(0), Tube of Optimization(150)
Veritech Customization:
VF-19 Caliber(50)
(1000/1000 VP)
Cybernetic Link(200)
Armored Pack(300)
Fold Quartz Unit(500)

Minette(400/400, Singer)
Perks: Serene Sinatra(0), Basic Training(0), Lyrical Repository(0), Graceful Reflexes(0), Voice of Gold(100), Hear my Song(300)
Gear: Money x 3 (0), Flashy Clothing (0)
Veritech Customization:
-Basic Variable Fighter
(1000/1000 VP)
Drums of War(100)
Sweet Song Seduction(100)
Speaker Pod Gamma(100)
Feel my Voice(100)
Ghost Units(400)
Extra Thrusters(200)


yeah, this jump is gonna be some major hell for Digger in a lot of ways, but it'll all be worth it when
he sits his companions down in the warehouse, gathers them around, and pulls out something nobody's touched in a couple hundred years...An old magical guitar, from Legend of Zelda.
Just a small melody, a private show, for them alone.
A thank you for sticking around this long, through thick and thin.

He never had the words to thank them, but he has the song, now.
Thanks, guys. For everything.

>> No.47570262 [SPOILER] 

This is the future you chose Digger-kun.

>> No.47570266

So, since i wont be able to post a WIP till friday night, i'll just drop this here for opinions
>Dungeon perk
>Portraits of Ruin (300cp): Apart from insane painting skills, you obtain the power to place the floors of your Dungeon into their own pocket dimensions, separate from the rest of the floors. These dimensions must always have an entrance in a floor, and their level will be one higher than that floor's. If taken with Jumpervania, these can be placed anywhere on your dungeon.
>Secret Floor (100cp): This perk, along with knowledge on hiding buildings from sight, allows you to place optional floors that are exempt from the level capping. Place your Bonus Bosses here!. You can become the boss of a bonus floor for 50cp

>> No.47570286

Ah, yeah. Really I only feel bad for Kayneth and Lancer. Lancer because he's trying hard to be a good servant but his master starts hating his guts because bitchwife gets the hots for him, and Kayneth because his bitchwife gets a crush on Lancer.

>> No.47570295

That's actually a really cool story, Anon.
... was Nanoha okay, after?

My Bleach jump was basically, "I was a Fullbringer! I hung out with X-Cution. ... including that whole time where they were presumably a group before they were introduced." ... and that's more or less it. My powers were [???]. They got an upgrade off Ichigo's power, and subsequently became able to do [???], afterwhich I ducked out on the fighting like a wuss.
I haven't exactly been keeping track of what I got there, it's basically just an excuse to do stories.
I mean, presumably I took some perks and they might've done some things, but. I gotta be honest. There's really nothing in that list that interests me.

Since nobody else is taking a stab at it, I'm gonna say no...? If only by jumpchan fiat.
I mean most of the mindless stuff isn't that great anyway, so whatever, right...?
You might have some weird sensory dep if you're like a jelly or something, though. Gotta keep that in mind.

The actual jumpmaker's long gone, I think, so you're unlikely to get an official ruling beyond that.

I like it!

... god there are so many things I want from this jump.

>> No.47570299

His bitchwife is being mind controlled by Lancer's cursed pimple. Not her fault she's mindfucked into loving him.

>> No.47570318

She's still not a nice person, even without wart hypnotism.

>> No.47570322

Wait, are you talking Diamuid and his face spot? I swear these Lancerfaces..

Does it affect all females, Servants even?

>> No.47570323

Sure, but neither is Kayneth. By all means feel bad for Diarmuid, he's a genuinely nice guy who just wants to do his best for his master but Kayneth and Sola deserve zero pity.

>> No.47570331

It affects all females without good magic resistance and causes them to instantly fall in love. Apparently being a good enough magi (Presumably at least better then Sola Ui) or being a Servant is enough to nullify it.

>> No.47570334

Thanks for >>47570035
Im looking at Slimes, Oozes, and Jellies for what I'm calling my amorphous build

>> No.47570350

While very pretty that is completely in defiance of the laws of physics.

Slime form overlord?

>> No.47570355

The only person worth ANY sympathy in that mess is Lancer.

Kayneth lost it when he started boasting about bloodlines (hey genius, those lines started from somewhere) and taking his fiancee? wife? I forget, to a WAR ZONE where she was nothing but a load and HEAVILY compromised thanks to the Love Spot. Then he took Kiritsugu lightly. You know, the man named the Magus Killer by the Association? The man who the fucking Einzbern hired to fight for them in the Holy Grail War because he was just that deadly.

There's arrogance and then there's the happy juice Kayneth clearly was sipping on when he made his life's choices leading up to the war.

>> No.47570364

So what're some good perks to take early on if I want to boost the power of this little beam of annihilation?

I've already heard about Infernal Sun in Touhou and some solar perks from Arrowverse.

>> No.47570367

>Taking his wife to a warzone
They went along together to form a team, with both of them supplying prana instead of just one magus. She came along as willingly as Kayneth did.

>> No.47570382

Slime from Overlord
Every Shapeshifting perk
Every Body Control perk
Biology related perks
and eventually more esoteric squishosity and liquiditude

>> No.47570385

Gross Incandescence, from Dark Souls. Lets you generate your own sunlight, charge your Solar Beam anywhere.

>> No.47570390

There's also Amorphous in the Avatar supplement of TOME.

>> No.47570391

>not hyperbeam

>> No.47570399

I've been occasionally watching Vampire Diaries with the spouse. She loves it.

I, on the other hand? When the Vampire Diaries comes up in my chain, I can totally see a "nope, fuck it" situation happening should my normally mild-mannered jumper self encounter some of the walking shitpiles of dickishness in that show.

And then there will be Enthusiastic Walks.

>> No.47570406

>My Bleach jump was basically, "I was a Fullbringer! I hung out with X-Cution.
I kinda killed and jacked the powers of Ginjo, Kutsuzawa, and Tsukishima, then I hijacked the Fullbringers and turned them into a group that helps protect Karakura....eventually. A lot of stuff happened in between, like taking in Chad and Orihime to train them properly and keeping an eye on Ichigo's other friends...oh and getting a job in the Urahara's store as well.

Still heavily compromised and quite frankly, not necessary considering Lancer's very energy-efficient approach to combat.

>> No.47570408

Hyper beam is terrible.

>> No.47570410

>needing to spend a turn recharging regardless of weather
>being super-effective on absolutely nothing and completely no-selled by Ghost

When I said "early on" I mean I'm still in the single-digits of Jumps. Basically fresh out of Mystery Dungeon.

Unless of course that's already enough to make some headway in Dank Souls.

>> No.47570418

...hey, you think that you could teach a non-human how to Hamon?

>> No.47570419

Certainly, but you also need keep in mind he originally intended to summon Iskandar and was forced to find a substitute. It's possible he didn't know what Servant he'd get, didn't know Diarmuid's legend that well or the plan was already set and they weren't able to decide otherwise (Politics in the Clocktower might go bad if Sola suddenly backs out or something).

>> No.47570436

Yeah, I mean... I'm just gonna say your Benefactor gives a little laugh and says, "Really? Okay, whatever dude", before cramming your mind into the thing and it somehow works.
Stupider things happen in jumpchain.

Looking at the base Monster Manual, Black Puddings seem pretty cool. They have a high DC acid effect that dissolves the crap out of any metal or organic material that hits them, meaning that it's really, really hard for people to stab you (and they might very well end up naked if they try from the splashback), so that's kindof hilarious.
There might be some other stuff in splats, if you're willing to look.

But, again, oozes and stuff don't have eyes or anything, so... you should probably make sure you have some alternative sensory perks or something.

>> No.47570439

I dunno but I'm not going to JoJo without some form of conceptual defense. Screw getting ganked by DIO "just to make sure."

>> No.47570440

You would think that simply banging Sola until she got pregnant and then going:
"Yup, she's got my heir, there's no way I'm taking her with me."
Would be an option.

Honestly speaking, the way he was just so fucking sure he'd win makes all his decisions so fucking questionable.

>> No.47570444

>I dunno but I'm not going to JoJo without some form of conceptual defense.
That's what the Stands are for bro.

>> No.47570471

Would taking Clever Girl from Jurassic Park help with that sort of thing?

>> No.47570521

>anon rolls the wrong kind of Stand before getting time immunities
>death by timestop knife rain

>> No.47570564

>Not rolling a Santa Stand to make you immune to Time Bullshit.
Step it up Senpai.

>> No.47570594

...I did learn something, or at least reasoned out what happened with the drawbacks and whatnot
>Digger has the only magical song at this point in time, Minmei MIGHT be doing that magic stuff but Digger has guaranteed Spiritia singing, though not capstone boosted to downright healing
>He can also inspire people heavily to the point of being able to turn the Zentraedi a la Minmei, just more effective on Meltran for obvious reasons...plus the ten thousand charisma perks he has stacked
>Eventually, this leads to the SDF hinging on his ability to spur the battle in his favor alongside my super combatant companions who all get their veritechs upgraded with armored core and pacific rim technology
>Soon, in order to try to match Digger, the Zentradi try and take one of their Meltrans and teach her to sing and inspire their warriors as well
>We meet in battle, but we manage to create a zone of truce as we sing a duet
>Digger steals her(Edeline, the Zentraedi damsel) away to the SDF
>Now the Zentraedi are pissed because I basically kidnapped the princess and the ship now needs Digger even MORE, forcing him to have to sing almost constantly while blaming him for the battles he can't give moral support to
>Not even submitting Armored Core weapon designs to be outfitted to the Veritechs help

Jesus christ.
Jumps like this make me glad Honey-blooded means I don't need to sleep, as well as for perks like Comes the Dawn from Darkstalkers and Short + Sweet from Sekirei for placating and pleasing the companions

also, a tenative pic of my new cutie giantess before she got dolled up as a meltran idol!

>> No.47570624

You've made the right decision, Digger. Any choice that results in cute Meltrandi waifus is the right thing to do.

>> No.47570631

What distinguishes Meltran from regular Zentradi?

>> No.47570641

I believe Meltrandi is the official term for female Zentradi.

>> No.47570646


Being a girl
that's literally it
Meltran is just the zentraedi word for woman

sorta like how we call it mankind(zentraedi) but woman is a seperate bit(meltran)

>> No.47570650

A Meltran is just a female Zentran. It's just a linguistic quirk that post-unification the term for the males became the official species name.

>> No.47570665

Yep. and it's not like I was alone in singing, as you can see I imported like 3-4 of my companions in as singers as well, and we basically all sang as a group
I can't imagine that looked decent, being the only dude in an all-lady idol group

>> No.47570690

She actually joined me as a companion, along with Fate and Hayate! Hospitalized and near-death experiences mighta made me start blubbering and tearing and next thing you know I'm pouring my heart out to a bemused Nanoha, Fate and Hayate. I also mighta had some major PTSD from Worm, Light of Terra, NGE and Dead Space being the four jumps prior to that, and I was in the middle of falling head over heels for Hayate, but that's different. I couldn't fix her broke as all hell Linker Core yet, but I bent my cybernetics knowledge I'd picked up in LoT and Dead Space to fix her body up as best I could and enhance it a bit to make up for the lack of magic.

She did elect to not have the burn marks removed, however. Something about a special memory being attached to them now, and a special person. Although she did opt to have the hair that had been lost because of it regrown.

>> No.47570777

>Wow, Jumpers tend to go off explosively when they do go off.
Oh, forgot to mention, think about all the power and knowledge a Jumper would have gained, so when they snap, everything comes out to play. Without restraints. Everything.

Makes you wonder if there are some Jumps where the Jumper would forever be known as something like an Endbringer.

>> No.47570795

Twilight, that world burned.

>> No.47570806

So CAN you make it through Dark Souls in the single-digits?

>> No.47570826

Obviously. Soul Level 1 runs are possible if you're skilled enough. Someone with a small handful of jumps behind them, including combat experience, and who also uses souls to power up, could do it. May or may not be easy, depending on your previous jumps, but it's possible to do the whole story of DS1 before jump 10 for sure.

>> No.47570841

Conduit powers are enough to roll most of the bosses in the souls games.

>> No.47570844


I've got a shiny Altaria, a Sawsbuck altform, a well-rounded Body Mod spread, and a gun from Mysterious Cities of Gold that shoots sun lasers, it's midnight, and I'm wearing a hat.

Let's do this.

>> No.47570848

Linker Cores regenerate. Even if they're completely removed, they grow back., if you'd like to argue that you basically turned hers into the equivalent of scar tissue.

>> No.47570911

While I do tend to react explosively to smug dickholes trying to kill me, I do sometimes have a more subdued reaction when that is not the case.

Especially when people use that most insidious of all tactics.
Genuine kindness.

That makes me kindof happy.

That's such a goto answer not that it isn't warranted.
I do always wonder more about the jumpers who DIDN'T torch the place, though. Just because that seems like the harder story to find.

I mean, if I hadn't taken the jump so early that it wasn't really possible? I probably would have torched at least large swathes of it, too.
You can keep your dumbass teenagers, but every single supernatural creature would have died.

As it was I just insulted people a lot to their face.

Kinda depends on what you mean by "make it through". All the Dark Souls games generally have a safe(-ish) area where you can hang out. If you spend the jump near there and advancing only very cautiously or by sending proxies, you could presumably perform the jump very early in your chain, even without a great deal of skill.

>> No.47570917

How dangerous is FF:TA to an early chain jumper who takes Ribbon Bearer?

>> No.47570932

Well, Linker Cores regenerate if drained, specifically. You might recall the incident that happened between A's and Strikers, the accident that Nanoha was involved in? It was established in both Strikers and the A's Manga that it did in fact permanently damage her Linker Core, so the scar tissue allegory is probably fairly accurate.

>> No.47570934

Don't take the Jagdbound or Marche To The Sea drawbacks and you literally can't die.

>> No.47570938

Yes. It's a drawback that's about hurt and loss. So you're going to hurt and lose.

>> No.47570962

>>47569229 already gave me the answer, but thanks for that >>47570938.

>> No.47570963

Everyone talks about how Vampire from Twilight is a good early power boost but what about the broken as all hell social perks? They are on a level where you could act like Bella to get the similar results to what she gets and if jumper isn't a total piece of shit. . . you get the idea.

>> No.47570974

That's what I jumped it for. You get the Mary Sue's "only terrible people who no one else likes don't like me" aura.

>> No.47570979

Not a single person called me out on that Charlie and the Chocolate Factory reference, it is kind of sad. . . Do we have a Charlie jump?

>> No.47571001

Oh thank god! I was wondering what the heck it was that made that line stand out to me. Like a shard of shrapnel in my brain reacting to a magnet. Uncomfortable as fuck, but just a head scratcher with my current build.

>> No.47571012

They're just as Mary Sue as the vampire perks, so I couldn't bring myself to touch them.

>> No.47571018

Fuck Twilight, even for the perks. I'm not going anywhere near that setting. I would take the Teen Titans GO! Drawback before I jump there.

>> No.47571029

In addition to Flawless Forever (which I'm actually totally into for looks) and the snack cakes, I also took "Quirky", which... it basically allows me to act like a total bitch and as long as I don't go TOO far people just think I'm being "independent" and "funny".

Being able to use that to flatly tell people how stupid they were was the only reason I stayed sane.

>> No.47571051

That would be hell
You'd never know if people liked you for you or just because of your Mary Sue aura.

>> No.47571062

But think of all the Mary Sues you could kill, you could end every week of your entire high school life torturing a different horrible character to death!

>> No.47571087

>think of all the Mary Sues you could kill
>there can be only one

>> No.47571109

Dude, no. Nothing, nothing is worth it.

I hated my highschool time anyways so I don't need anymore terrible memories to add to that bullshit. Thanks.

>> No.47571155

Question! Is Zoids ready or is it still a WIP? Says Version 0.1 but it looks mostly complete.

>> No.47571187

It's something Dirge does with his jumps. They're effectively done, but he doesn't mark them as such until he's 100% happy with it. Unfortunately he seems to have left, so it's as complete as it's ever going to get.

>> No.47571199

Ah, thanks.

>> No.47571229

Is there anything in jump chain that can help merge incompatible forces of nature?

>> No.47571248

Obtain one of them and have a kid with someone who has the other, copy your child's power.

>> No.47571338

Okay. It's done. Unless I've massively screwed up somewhere, we're good to go and ready to jump.


Now I just need to finally finish up Generic Pulp Jumpchain, and all my current obligations will be complete.

>> No.47571487

>Font of Knowledge
Well, I guess I'm going Inquisitive.

>> No.47571493

>Kerbal Biology
This is a really good perk. I think it should be 400cp, discounted for Kerbals, rather then as cheap as it is. Far as I was aware, Kerbals need to breathe too.

>Fast Forward
Bit confused, but this perk only applies to interplanetary travel right?

Other then those it looks fantastic! Love the humour and flavour you have, definitely makes it feel like a Kerbal jump.

>> No.47571550

It's mostly a convenience perk. You're overselling most of it. Since when have basic survival situations been a big deal?

>> No.47571574

Okay, guys, I need you input on something because this is quite possibly the single most stupid idea I've ever come up with.

Oh and you lot helped.

So, I Jump into Avatar: The Last Airbender, right? I don't take any bending perks, just spirituality and chi mastery.

Then I whip out the Nanban Mirror and enhancing (and hopefully) controlling its effects with Magic I learned in Bayonetta, I transport myself back into Avatar Wan's time.

There I proceed to learn all four bending arts (and try not to get eaten by spirits and stay out of Wan's way) starting with Water.

My Jump into Avatar: The Legend of Korra is to pick up Bending Genius amongst one or two other things and learn that girl some Common Sense because good god almighty does she ever need it.

>> No.47571594

No needing to eat, drink, sleep or breathe? That's crazy useful, it gives you tonnes of extra time to do things every day since you don't spend 6-8 hours asleep, you'll generally operate at top efficiency most of the time from not needing food or rest and so on.

It's a hell of a lot more then mere convenience to remove almost all the basic needs of life.

>> No.47571619

>Since when have basic survival situations been a big deal?
Sitting here right now you might think it's the best thing ever, but for a jumper? I don't think most are going to have to worry about scrounging around in the woods for food and water.

>> No.47571632

Doesn't work. You can only learn all four elements if you're in symbiosis with a spirit that can manage the elemental chi for you. Otherwise you can only do one at a time, even with a spirit helping you the best they can do is swap them out for you at will. So add in a way to reverse-engineer whatever Raava did for Wan, only then would it work. In fact, you might have better luck going to Legend of Korra first, because then you can get the Origin Spirit and skip the reverse-engineering step.

>> No.47571638

Nice to ignore my points eh? Never tiring is very good even for a jumper. Fight or train or research for months straight with zero breaks, so long as you aren't actively hurting yourself to the point of needing to heal. And basic survival situations aren't a big deal? We certainly have a good few jumps based entirely on survival, and a good number of perks spread throughout the chain about it too.

>> No.47571648

Unless you can get yourself an Avatar Spirit, I don't think you can ever gain multiple Bending Arts. You can learn them temporarily, but Vaatu had to hold the extras for Wan until their spirits merged.

>> No.47571650

They're not. You get a team of killer animals from like the first jump. If you can't hunt some deer using your Charizard then you got bigger problems than starvation.

>> No.47571652

Dude, neither of the examples he gave were about that. I can see plenty of applications to training if I have 25-40% more of my day free or if I never need stop to rest. It's not like he's saying it should be a capstone. I think it shouldn't be offered for free too.

>> No.47571665

400 point perks pretty much amount to the same as a capstone, it's very close in price.

>> No.47571666

I think 200CP is balanced for the jump it's in. Those things are not things that matter in Kerbal Space Program, so getting freedom from them for relatively cheap makes sense. It's like how it makes sense in a setting focused around magic to have cheap access to basic spellcasting. It's part of the background, there, you shouldn't have to pay much to get it.

>> No.47571668

There's not going to be much point talking to you if you obsess over 'basic survival' and ignore any other point I raise in response to that as well as any other argument I make. Don't respond unless you're willing to actually listen and respond.

>> No.47571677

I think it should at LEAST cost 200cp for everyone then. Having it for free is too much even if it does fit the setting, especially as like I said before, I'm pretty sure that Kerbals do actually need to breathe.

>> No.47571683

Why is it too much? You just made a declaration without backing.

>> No.47571684

So, I'll need to have my own 'placeholder spirit'?

Would an Appetite Demon work?

>> No.47571686

It's everything I dreamed it'd be. Only one question before I do my build - are the Tech Packs required for the Kerbals to build a type of technology in-Jump? E.g., if I don't take one, will they still develop life support systems or the Interstellar tech if I point them in that direction?

>> No.47571696

I explain in the my posts above that one. Repeatedly in fact.

>> No.47571697

...it isn't free. It does cost 200CP for everyone.

>> No.47571698

Just get your nine souls from Soul Eater and imprint the bending on some of those.

>> No.47571707

No, I can't see an Appetite Demon being appropriate for that. They're not really about balance and harmony with the world, too busy being endlessly hungry.

>> No.47571711

It is free with any origin other than drop in actually.

>> No.47571717

See the bit above the Perks section. It's free for everyone but drop in.

>> No.47571722

Huh. So it is. That's poor formatting, then. KSP Anon, no matter what ruling you decide on, could you add a "non Drop-Ins free" tag to the cost for Kerbal Physiology?

>> No.47571732

Gust use some power copying combo with Korra or Aang, this is the easy and obvious answer.

>> No.47571735

To be fair, you can use that argument for like, any videogame jump really. It's not that it's a part of the series as much as it's just not something that ever comes up, like how food or sleep never comes up in Portal, but that doesn't mean a perk like it makes sense there.

>> No.47571765

Well, I guess. The fact that Kerbals don't have biological needs has always seemed sort of like an important thing to them, though. It's part of their quirky charm, that you can just ignore most life support and have them be completely fine, because Kerbal science doesn't have time to faff about with things like "food" or "water". We're all about going fast, baby! Hydroponics isn't fast.

>> No.47571766

>This is a really good perk. I think it should be 400cp, discounted for Kerbals, rather then as cheap as it is. Far as I was aware, Kerbals need to breathe too.

Not really. Kerbal'll hang out just fine with just a spacesuit for years on Minmus(or in orbit) while you mount a rescue operation to get their stranded butts back to KSC.

I also get what you're saying, and I did consider that, but I can't really justify it to myself to make it that expensive. If you want it cheap, you're either gonna pay 200 CP or become a Kerbal. And not everyone's gonna want to become a Kerbal.

>Bit confused, but this perk only applies to interplanetary travel right?

x5 is the most you can get on a planet's surface. It increases up the farther away you get from a planetary body.

It doesn't increase reaction time, though.

>It's everything I dreamed it'd be. Only one question before I do my build - are the Tech Packs required for the Kerbals to build a type of technology in-Jump? E.g., if I don't take one, will they still develop life support systems or the Interstellar tech if I point them in that direction?

Probably. It'll be alot harder, however. Tech Packs are basically ripped straight from all the Mods you can get for KSP.

>Huh. So it is. That's poor formatting, then. KSP Anon, no matter what ruling you decide on, could you add a "non Drop-Ins free" tag to the cost for Kerbal Physiology?

>>Pilot, Engineer, and Scientist Background get the Perk 'Kerbal Biology' for free, as they are now
Kerbals. Or, if they so choose, they can forgo that perk and take the Background for free, but they
don't receive the perk in question. Also, they retain their human form.

Son of a biscuit. Thought I made it clear enough, but I'll make a note.

>> No.47571773

Use Lip Service to lend Sacrificial Bestowment to Aang/Korra and have them give you their bending through a magatama.

>> No.47571804

It is plenty clear but you should put that note on the perk itself rather than before it.

>> No.47571807

Except that this one is a sandboxish construction game that takes place over exceedingly long periods, where the Kerbals are observably active. Most similar games are abstract enough that you can hand wave them sleeping, or have their biological needs as part of the game's mechanics. Meanwhile, Portal can take a low enough time that Chell never having to get a snack is reasonable.

>> No.47571811

Any advice for my Eldritch Build?
>8-Bit= Black mage build for Non-Euclidean
>Lovecraft's=Shoggoth and Wastelands Aura
>DC= Eldritch Beams
>Dresden's= Outsider perks
>boodborne= Arcane build+scenarios
>Leviathan when it's finished

>> No.47571821

Alienist in FR.

>> No.47571833

That's...honestly a really poor excuse for handing out something so useful. But fine, your jump, I won't bother continuing further.

As for the other one- I think you should rethink it a lot. If you can quintuple your personal speed just on a planet that's pretty insane boost off of it. Reactions is again a poor excuse given how easy the chain is to get around that, but if you are going to use it please at least note that in the perk itself. The perk itself doesn't make too much sense as some sort of personal speed boost rather then just speeding up time overall but changing that wouldn't make ti a 400cp perk either so meh.

>> No.47571834

Naturally you need a mind control perk from somewhere, it doesn't really matter which one as long as you can speak in their heads and manipulate their thoughts.

>> No.47571841

...ah...about that?
I already Jumper Soul Eater and didn't grab it.

A pity that, since as it stands, I'm already embodying the whole harmony thing with my Sage Training and Hatsu.

Nah, that's cheating (for my chain), I've been working for my power, and I don't want this to be any different.

And plus, I already Jumped MedaBox and I didn't get Lip Service.

I suppose I could just ignore the whole thing and just Jump into Avatar with my companions each learning a different Bending art so that when do our 'we fight as one' thing, I could technically Bend them all...and each specializing in it would give us all more capabilities and gel well with everything we can already bring to the table. I did go into this wishing to better be able to utilize my Sage Mode techniques.

Anyways, just make sure of something, I'll need a spirit to hold each extra type of bending for me until we fuse during the Harmonic Convergence? Does it need to be a specific kind of spirit?

>> No.47571886

To be fair, I never worry about extra-Jump interactions when designing stuff. That way lies madness. Madness!

To be more specific, the 400 CP drop-in ability is based around the in-game ability to speed time in-totality - everything passes faster, not just you. That's pretty much the Drop-In perk tree's shtick.

I'll probably have to make a note of that.

>> No.47571893

There is no way to get all the elements without using a combo from another jump.

>> No.47571903

Not that guy but yeah, I was reading the 400 perk as a speed multiplier not as speeding up all time as well. Never played the game so I didn't know the difference, it'd be good to clear the perk up about that a bit maybe.

>> No.47571929

Cool, plan "We Fight as One" is a go then.

>> No.47571952

Go to Lord of Light and become the god of Eldritch Secrets or Strangeness or something like that

>> No.47572034

Should the intro be saying that Kerbin is in a remarkable solar system, or unremarkable?

I like the way you discouraged doing the space program yourself, without saying you can't do it anyway. Gives a nice incentive to doing it the 'right' way.

Jumper on your Shoulder says assist, when you might mean assistance. Or maybe not. English is weird.

I quite like the perks you've come up with. I don't know which tree I'll be going with because they're all nice.

What happens once you've completed the goal you set with There IS a Method to Madness? Do you get to pick a new goal, or does the perk just... stop working?

>> No.47572061


Division General Advisory: The "shonen symbiote" is transmissible via human bodily fluids, including across the placental barrier. Current theory involves deliberate simultaneous aerosol distribution at multiple international ports by agents unknown. It has a long incubation period; a month before the first symptoms appeared, by which time it had already spread to every major city on Earth and many smaller ones. Unlike a normal plague, this pandemic appears benevolent. Improved mental and physical abilities combined with a healing factor even capable of regenerating organs from major trauma - including the brain. Reports of bald individuals expressing amplified symptoms should be immediately forwarded to your section head. The price? So far, it appears to be threefold:

First, fertility is suppressed until post-adolescence and thereafter remains suppressed except in the presence of a diet sufficiently high in salt (to which the body has increased tolerance). Menstruation is also likewise suppressed.

Second, a divergence in skin, eye and hair pigmentation, in increasing order of occurrence and variation. This has given rise to the nickname, "Shonen Syndrome".

Third, mildly increased empathy and a high resistance to psychotropics (which is more than offset by the overall improvements to brain function).

Classified, ALPHA BLACK 002: The symbiote reacts antagonistically towards vampire venom and similar poly-mimetic faux-organic structures, and the presence of human blood is catalytic. Vampires are forcibly "humanized"; the process is reportedly at least as excruciating as human-to-vampire conversion. Werewolves and shapeshifters, if infected in canine form, must either become human or become trapped in their animalistic shape. The Volturi organisation collapsed within a week of the symbiote entering its active phase.

Resident Evil for the win.

>> No.47572073

>Should the intro be saying that Kerbin is in a remarkable solar system, or unremarkable?

It's remarkable. It's even got a habitable moon orbiting the Gas Giant and everything.

>What happens once you've completed the goal you set with There IS a Method to Madness? Do you get to pick a new goal, or does the perk just... stop working?

You get to pick a new goal.

>> No.47572139

What perks do I want do have/make money?

>> No.47572213

Get the money conversion perk from monopoly, the numbered account from heist, currency master from spice & wolf, and optionally the ledger from sherlock holmes. After all that just use alchemy to crash commodity markets on the last few days before your ten years are up in modern jumps and keep the money gained moving forward. Pretty basic combo but it gets the job done until you move onto exploiting galactic scale economies in sci-fi jumps.

>> No.47572247

Background: Scientist (900): Someone has to discover the terrible secrets of space!

Do What I Tell You (800): Pretty much required for making this doable.
Switch to Over View (600): Super useful for management and for future Jumps.
Aerospace Engineering Makes Things Go Fast (500): Also basically required.
They're Like Legos, Right? (300): Modularity will never not be useful. Good for so much technology.
This Is How I Want It (-100): ...I really can't afford this, but it's so useful for all kinds of technology that I can't not take it.
Visit Exotic Alien Worlds
Eating Into Space Time (-200): Look, ma, I'm the Doctor!
Method to my Madness (-400): Path to Science... How could anyone pass this up?
Extraordinary Thought (-700): If you made this 1800 CP no discounts I'd take it. This is what Jumpers do, and getting new science each Jump? Seriously, I cannot imagine passing it up.

Tech Packs:
B9 and KW (-750): I'll probably need this with my Real Life difficulty.
KSP Interstellar (-800): All the super useful stuff that I may never be able to figure out on my own.
Life Support Systems: A vital freebie.

Green Skinned Alien Babes: No comment.
I Need More Time: 100 Years should be enough, right?
Kerbals Mist Die (-700): If you're going to space...
Companions Must Die (-600): ...Then you gotta go to space, right?
Kerbin Technology (-500): Prerequisite.
Real Life (-200): So why play on easy mode...
Kerbal Needs Food (0): ...When it won't help me in the real world?

It's time to get humanity into the interstellar age. Well, Kerbin first. But eventually humanity! You know, when I'm done Jumping.

>> No.47572436

Oh yes, I have been waiting for this.

>> No.47572440

I love it! Everything I wanted out of the jump, right there. Now there is just one question.

>All Kerbals gained from 'We Have Reserves!' count as one companion.

Does this mean that if I buy it twice, both of those count as one companion slot, or is it one slot per purchase?

>> No.47572447

>Set Difficulty Level to Real Life!
Can we have an option to take this without the pre-requisite? I don't even care if its reduced to +0 CP, I just want the option.

>> No.47572522

Just noticed someone put the Coiling Dragon jump into the uploads folder. I don't remember what the thread consensus on it was, but it's there.

>> No.47572528

It's never been posted here, so it should be kicked off till it is posted here.

>> No.47572551

It was posted here about a week ago, man, you just missed it.

>> No.47572570

Not good. wip at best.

>> No.47572574

It was posted here and the consensus was that it was utter shit.

>> No.47572580

Yes, true. But it was posted here, was all I was trying to point out. This isn't some stealth upload thing.

>> No.47572591

If you're out there Brutus, please return that that thing to where it belongs: The trash.

>> No.47572611

Fair enough, then.

It's a shit jump that needs editing for style and content. It's generously a WIP, and more likely than not it shouldn't even be.

>> No.47572624

SCP. Just. SCP Foundation. All of it. Especially Cognitohazardous.

Maybe SBURB for Grimdarkness?

>> No.47572639

Found it in the archive: >>http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/47474809/#47480908. Consensus says it isn't ready, so either someone didn't realize or is doing an end-run. Either way, can we please get rid of it?

>> No.47572654

Eh, I say wip it, but I'll go with the thread consensus either way.

>> No.47572668

>Espirit de Kerbal (Free)
>We Have Reserves! (-50)
>The Kerbals gained from 'Espirit de Kerbal' all count as one companion.
>All Kerbals gained from 'We Have Reserves!' count as one companion
So, let me make sure I'm understanding this correctly.

Esprit gives me 20 companions for free that only take up on companion slot.

Reserve gives me the ability to field up to 720 companions and have that count as only one companion slot.

Is that correct?

>> No.47572674

Got any constructive criticism other than that you don't like it?

>> No.47572701

Adding on to this Anon's question, how does imports work for them? Are perks divided between them? Does it go to one of them in alternating order? Do we get to pick?

>> No.47572706

Yeah. We provided it in the previous thread, though, and no changes have been made yet.

>> No.47572710

There was a ton of constructive criticism offered to the jump maker when he put it in thread. His response to all of it was to stick his fingers in his ears and lalalala at us.

The perks are broken, the terms in the perk are ill defined, merely lifting the verbage from the source material and putting it into a doc isn't sufficient explanation, and so on, and so on. The jump was given plenty of feedback, the jump maker just didn't listen.

>> No.47572722

Wait. So for the cost of 2 companion slots I can have 740 active companions in a jump from here on out?

>> No.47572741

If that's the case, then this becomes a must-take in your early early jump order. It's low threat and the ability to add over 700 companions to your roster, which you can then import into other jumps and slowly empower, is unmatched.

>> No.47572757

>the ability to add over 700 companions to your roster, which you can then import into other jumps and slowly empower, is broken as fuck.

>> No.47572770

Read the thread yourself. Frankly he doesn't deserve any.


>> No.47572774

Well, 2 companion slots, and forsaking taking literally anything else in this jump, while going max drawbacks.

But looks like it.

Imports would probably be spread out over all of them through, like with other group companions. So most imports wouldn't do much spread out over that many Kerbals.

>> No.47572798

My gut is that every set of 20 counts as one Companion, so the most you can have is 160. It does need clarification, though.

>> No.47572804

There are enough teaching perks to get around that easily though. And you do get 740 soldiers who, when they die, resurrect good to go in 24 hours. Hook them up with the battalion worth of armor and weapons from ME's item purchases and you can really start steamrolling.

>> No.47572814

It actually does say
>All Kerbals gained from 'We Have Reserves!' count as one companion

>> No.47572828

Yeah, but the wording is ambiguous. If could mean "from each purchase" or "from all purchases" and both would be valid interpretations.

>> No.47572831

>Well, 2 companion slots, and forsaking taking literally anything else in this jump, while going max drawbacks.
Well worth it. The bulk companions are by far the best buy in the jump if they work the way we're discussing. You can get science and whismy perks wherever. Over 700 companions in one slot?

Shit, hook them up with your custom RE super soldier virus, or buy super soldier serum from MCU, and you're well on your way to beast mode.

>> No.47572838

Well, they would still be Kerbals, so they'd be focused more on Going To Space than on other important things like Killing The Bad Guys but it is still something the jumpmaker should clarify.

It's not the craziest multi-companion but it's pretty impressive none-the-less.

>> No.47572865

>Shit, hook them up with your custom RE super soldier virus, or buy super soldier serum from MCU, and you're well on your way to beast mode.
You're thinking too small. You could make them Reyvatiel easily enough if you went Origin.

>Well, they would still be Kerbals, so they'd be focused more on Going To Space than on other important things like Killing The Bad Guys but it is still something the jumpmaker should clarify.
Charisma and leadership perks are an easy enough way to fix that.

>It's not the craziest multi-companion but it's pretty impressive none-the-less.
Nah, its definitely the top tier multi-companion by sheer virtue of numbers alone. The pink tide is neat, sure, but each member counts as a companion.

The next closest buy is the IG platoon from 40k, and they cost 400'ish CP.

>> No.47572877

My apologies, just noticed a few Anons lately that don't say why they don't like things and made an assumption. Looked at the stuff and it could use a few limits and clarifications so my bad

>> No.47572899

That IG platoon is one of the most underrated buys in the chain.

>> No.47572925

>Charisma and leadership perks are an easy enough way to fix that.
...You mean Brainwashing perks, right? Because unless you're stacking like no tomorrow, those aren't going to change their defining personality.

>The next closest buy is the IG platoon from 40k, and they cost 400'ish CP.
And these would cost 1800cp.

Shit. Have you guys looked at the rest of this jump? It's fucking awesome.

>> No.47572926

It is.

No problem. To be fair, if that was the reason for your skepticism then it wasn't at all unwarranted.

The jump is just really broken and needs someone with more experience to work it. As someone pointed out in that thread, the guy that made it was the guy that wanted to make a SWTOR jump and not include anything non-Force related. To me that smacks of power grab, and that makes me suspicious of this effort as well.

>> No.47572945

>It's fucking awesome.
It really is.
Need... more... CP!

>> No.47572946

Hey, it's me, the anon who had this idea:

So I just noticed (I know, I'm stupid) a companion option in A:TLK's Jump.
> Origin Spirit: The spirit of twilight and balance, this mysterious creature has taken an interest in you and wishes to become your companion by bonding with your soul....
....and so on.

Can the initial plan still go through? Or am I missing yet more details?

Why do some Jumpers want so many companions?

>> No.47572947

It's good, but it's not changing my religion. The companion perk is where it's at, though. It offers the most growth for the least risk.

Everything else is available elsewhere.

>> No.47572966

40'ish IG soldiers = 400'ish CP

720 aliums = 1800 CP

There's a difference in terms of scale. Now, granted, the kerbal companions need more work to get up to speed, but when they do you're going to be able to melt face in lots of straight up combat scenarios.

To say nothing of retasking a set amount of them for R&D or engineering. It's a huge buy.

>> No.47572986

Because having any army, albeit a small one, at your beck and call is damn useful.

>> No.47572996

If you really wanted to cheese it, you could use VH's IB to turn them into dragons.

BOOM. 700 dragons all day, e're day. The most metal chain ever.

>> No.47573013

Give them Aura from RWBY, The Force from Star Wars, teach them the different bending styles with the Master Scrolls from Avatar the Last Airbender.

What else could you add on besides nanobots Son and magical items?

>> No.47573038

Element bending, Force using, aura casting dragons.

We need to go deeper.

Give them super soldier serum as well? Could you give dragons Marvel roids?

>> No.47573059

Jumpers, what was the most hard fought battle of your chain? The kind where you found yourself exhausting your perk list and were in actual danger of a painful chain end or failure?

If that's invalid, were there any enemies or rivals you respected? If so, why?

>> No.47573062

Forgotten Realms has a mass import for all you companions. Make them all Erudite StP variants and the can use any D&D magic or any psionic ability.

>> No.47573074

Oh, Magicka Magic. Maybe Harry Potter magic if you can find the 'magic gene' and make it work in other settings... Or if you can import them and they all get it...

Skyrim has a perk to master a school of magic and be able to teach it to others.

Might be able to get them Skyrim magic and Naruto Chakra just by importing them.

Arm them with RWBY Variable weapons that are power armor and weapons.

Give them force field shields from a lot of different sci-fi settings.

>> No.47573076

D&D magic, Elder Scrolls magic, Kung Fu DNA from Kung Fury, make 'em Demi-Fiend lite variants with SMT...

>> No.47573077

I made the only build for it (so far), I totally recognize how useful they are. I mean, Perfect Supervision? Being able to empower your machines with your own grit? Total modularity of tech components? Being able to assemble something in your head and tell people exactly how to make it happen? Drawing creativity and inspiration from awe-inspiring views in a CYOA based around traveling through the Multiverse? Path To Science? I couldn't afford half of what I wanted without a Green Tide.

>> No.47573093

Too late. We're gaming the Green Menace now.


What about the Zerg jump? There's some cool evolution stuff there, so if you gave them the dragon form from earlier you could make the dragon evolve.

>> No.47573094

Stellar, my green rocketman.

>> No.47573114

>Green Tide
Not enough of them to be a tide.

>> No.47573130

Urgh...A:tLA is freaking expensive when you want the good stuff. Chi Mastery is bleeding dry.

Say, if you're already a Chi Master (thank you Wuxia Jump!) do you really need to buy this one too?

>> No.47573132

Dragon Age Inquistion has a mass import option. You could make them all knight enchanters and just magic-sword-mage armies away.

>> No.47573154


Why stop there? EVO as well, and use Jurassic Park's genetics alongside other perks to splice in powers. Teen Titans Bioengineering can explicitly give animal themed super powers. Sekirei has a perk to boost biological things by 50%.

Learn to make all the cybernetics from Deus Ex after the jump makes them nanites at the end.

>> No.47573163

That many sexy green aliens would make you unstoppable in Star Trek: The Original Series if Kirk is any indicator. You could bring Starfleet to its knees. huehue

>> No.47573179

Dream Team from FFTA, teach them all FF jobs and magic. Might take a while though, unless FF jobs can be taught in classrooms...

>> No.47573180

Y'all realize you could do pretty much any of these things with any Companion, except 720x as good, right?

>> No.47573184

Eh, off topic but I don't like cybernetic peanut butter in my bioengineered chocolate. I like my robuts to stay robuts, and my squishies to stay squishy.

Kinda like how syrupy things have to stay in their on corner on the breakfast plate.

>> No.47573202

The difference being that one super tricked out companion is neat. 720 super tricked out companions is a level of opportunity we didn't have before, so you can reimagine these things in a new light.

One dragon lets you bully a city or some such. 700 dragons lets you more or less faceroll a continent.

>> No.47573205

Drawbacks: I Need More Time! (100 years), Solar Flares, How The Hell Did He Get Up There? (1300)

Scientist (1200)

Visit Exotic Alien Worlds, And Study Them (Free)
This Is Eating Into My Space Time (1100)
There IS A Method To Madness! (900)
Extraordinary Thought Requires Extraordinary Surroundings (600)
In A Junkyard, with a Box of Scraps (0)
This Is, Actually, Rocket Science (Free)
Some Old Friends (Free)
Espirit de Kerbal (Free)
Emblems (Free)

Wait so-that's it? Really? You guys...just want to go to space? Not even, as quickly as possible? You don't have any ulterior motives, you just wanna get all up in that airless void?

Alright, we can do that! Look, we just threw together some spaceships out of carboard, nerf foam, some bubblewrap and some masking tape. Mind the Drunken Tillar, it modulates the vehicles' takeoff so it's just the right about of rickity without being /too/ smooth or too violent to the point of crashlanding.

Also don't open the engine room. It's TOTALLY just Kerbal science and not a nullspace containing a miniaturised gravity furnace that warps space in order to enable a cardboard spaceship to move without fuel. Incidentally the ships comes with a tractor beam for safely pulling your buddies in from orbit.

The chrome surfaces are TOTALLY just spray paint and not Necron inertialess drive technology rendered so efficient it just needs necrodermis to do its' thing.

And the communication channels TOTALLY do not run on literal wishful thinking! Although if they did, we'd point out that faith is a very efficient information medium!

Anyway, we'll just be over here in the junkyard, with the fabrications unit. Do not make eye contact with the fabrications unit. The fabrications unit is homicidally curious about organic lifeforms.

>> No.47573215

If we buy Bending Arts in AtLA and then go to AtLoK, do we still need to buy Bending to get Bending perks?

>> No.47573218

ITT: Jumpers accidentally an army of Primarchs

>> No.47573219

ASA, why did you make the Kerbals cry?

>> No.47573221

Some of this is likely just trolling the jump maker for not catching an obvious loop hole, or abuse, call it how you want, in his jump.

>> No.47573228

I don't agree with any of your analogies, but I can see where you're coming from nonetheless.

>> No.47573233



>> No.47573234

Except they gain 1/720th of the benefits of a Companion import. So one Companion with Harry Potter magic versus 720 Squibs? Well, I know what I'd prefer.

>> No.47573235

Also, after much deliberation and as is practically tradition on this site, autism qnd completionism have triumphed over disgust.

That's right. It's time to jump Vampire Diaries.

Except without drawbacks, items, perks or a background.

Drop-In, Age 16

You know what this world really needs? Whips. Magic sunlight whips. We’re not even going to make a concentrated effort to wipe vampires out, just generally psych them out by keeping those things in circulation.

What we WILL be doing is moving in next door to Elena. Girl’s practically a magnet for all manner of misfortune-parents aren’t her parents, vampire boyfriends go berserk or evil, targeted by asshole creatures of the night in general-which adds up to a bumper crop of misfortune for us to siphon. She gets a better life, we get a nice meal for the price of a mysterious conversation, everyone wins.

There’s one exception: The second Qetsiyah becomes relevant to the plot, we are personally going to kick her in the cunt, because she is the perfect example of why yandere can be a shit. We couldn’t care less about whatever Silas wants to do, but SHE’S the one who created an afterlife for supernatural beings specifically because she was salty about being cucked. Upsetting the natural order because the only person she valued didn’t want to dick her. And it’s shoddy work too, things keep coming back and forth across that barrier so we’ll have to do some patch jobs to shore it up.

Heck, you know what? Just to add insult to injury, we’ll bind her to her own rotting corpse, resurrect Amara while restoring her mind and wed them in front of her in our capacity as a priest. And then we’ll force her to watch their honeymoon night so it’s the last thing she’ll remember before getting booted into her own afterlife.

And then we’ll just roam the land, making arbitrary deals with desperate folks, striking terror into passing strangers and challenging random people to fiddle contests.

>> No.47573236

Yes. It's in the jump.

>> No.47573252

That's why I said you'd probably need the gene, and why we're listing things you can do to each one rather than imports. It's just silly fun, like Jumpchain in general.

I know I'm not doing it even though I suggested a heap of things.

>> No.47573255

Ok great. Not sure now whether to go Waterbender Nomad with an Original Master or cut it for Chi Mastery now, decisions decisions.

Uh, ASA, you okay buddy? You usually read into the jump more than this.

>> No.47573257

Not with Infectious Bite they don't. Or super soldier serum. Or after you've jumped KOTOR and Clone Wars.

And there's something to be said for raw numbers, Germany and Russia in Stalingraad, etc.

>> No.47573274

Quantity has a quality all its own.

>> No.47573279

That implies Kerbals are intelligent enough to analyse magical disguises thoroughly enough to discover the clarktech hidden in secret subspace pockets within what are ostensibly even shittier approimations of their technology, literally made of yesterday's garbage.

Oh, we did. We simply don't think very highly of a Kerbal's ability to see through even a nominal attempt at supernatural disguises. Mainly because none exist in their reality.

You mean Ethereals, right? Primarchs are more, well.


>> No.47573296

I doubled down on bending perks while in the Avatars. They're unique enough to make it worth it, IMO. Most of the rest of the stuff in those jumps, while neat and canonical, can be found elsewhere.

>> No.47573346

Well, now that we've beat that horse. What's next?

How many of you have started your own religion? What were its tenants, and why? How did that work out for you?

>> No.47573350

If you get them into space like that they break down crying. Doesn't matter that they can't tell how it works.

>> No.47573366


>> No.47573372

If they're sapient enough to program, that's good enough for me.

>> No.47573395

Slave races have their place at the table, too. So long as you treat them right, no harm, no foul.

>> No.47573405

That's the point of the Drunken Tillar, actually.

Disrupts the flight during takeoff by sabotaging the flight systems so there's JUST enough simulated uncertainty to recreate the uncertainty-and occasional "crash"-that follows every genuine Kerbal space program

Based on a Discworld-native autopilot subsystem, which we adapted by basically taking the Bloody Stupid Johnson apparoach to reverse engineering. Portal's CEO capstone comes in handy in the dandiest situations.

>> No.47573415

I'm pretty sure they're going to be curious about those things. Curiosity is kind of innate to Kerbals. Then one of them tries making a ship without your tech, and then your fortress tantrums. Er, wrong jump. Same principles, though.

Also, it feels like you're missing an opportunity. You have an entire civilization with a cult-like devotion to space. You can use that to show them the right way - as long as your methods get them to space in the end.

>> No.47573449

Engineer [100]
This Is, Actually, Rocket Science [Free] Excellent.
Speak English, Dammit! [Free] Wacky Languages!
Some Old Friends [Free] Uh. Hi?
Espirit de Kerbal [Free] Yesss.
We Have Reserves! - Pilots [50] ...I need more. Also, the Espirit don't have that perk.
Zero G Angel [100] Nice.
Kerbal Biology [Free] Useful. Might slot this is in relatively early, to get this over the alternatives.
Do What I Tell You [100] This is useful as hell. Especially here...
Aerospace Engineering Makes Things Go Fast [Free] Moar Rocket Science!
They're Like Legos, Right? [100] Modular Tech is ridiculously nice.
This Is How I Want It [200] ...Wow.
In A Junkyard, with a Box of Scraps [300] Mwahahahahaha. Adamantium's the tip of the iceberg, my dear Kerbals.
Visit Exotic Alien Worlds, And Study Them [100] Science!
This Is Eating Into My Space Time [200] Fuck. Yes.
There IS A Method to Madness! [400] ...My god. It's. It's glorious.
>tech packs:
B9 Aerospace and KW Rocketry [50] Gotta go them up there somehow.
KSP Interstellar [50] Probably won't be able to get these otherwise.
Orbit Portal Technology Space Plane Parts [25] Nice. Space Planes, go!
Thunder Aerospace Corporation's Life Support Systems [25] Not all that useful here, massively so in other places.
Emblems [Free] Fancy.
Green Alien Space Babes [+0] ...I had to take it. Gender ratio is all-female.
I need more time! - 100years [+0] But of course.
Kerbal Must Die [+100] I'll... be very careful.
How The Hell Did He Get Up There? [+100] Talk to them over the radio, about SPACE! 'Save' them when I have time.
Kerbin Technology Superior [+100] I should do it properly while I'm here.
Set Difficulty Level to Real Life! [+300] Properly, I said.
Solar Flares [+200] ...Might have some difficulties through.

Goddamn, I love this jump. I wanted everything.

>> No.47573526


...you know, a long time ago we had an epiphany that our go-to approach to many, many problems in life has boiled down to "design better technology to exploit and overcome the problem"

We totally ignored that epiphany, but uh. You may have a point when one of the problems we're overcoming with our technology is our technology being too efficient.

>fortress tantrums

Oh geeze, we've been in THAT situation before. Actually it had to do with a space program too! There was this solar powered space elevator we were building that was supposed to harness sunlight to propel dwarves into outer space

Except uh...this is very embarrassing but somehow the schematics must have been upside down. Because that's the direction the space elevator launched its' cargo and riders towards.

Hard enough to crack open the adamantium bedrock, and let in a horde of !FUN! that proceeded to terrorise the local ecosystem. Until the carp swam upstream to spawn at the same time as elephant mating season started, at least.

You know what, that's objectively a better idea. Maybe this time, we could start with a space elevator that doesn't incorporate ancient Atlantean solar power.

>> No.47573554

Just realized you could turn 'em into TechPriests and eventually teach them enough to build and crew ships on a Jumper's level. Who knows, they could very well get to a point where they can become the new crew of LoT.

After you kill off everyone else because ENOUGH IS FUCKING ENOUGH!

....aaaaaaaand now I'm picturing green-skinned TechPriestesses.

Emperor have mercy.

>> No.47573580

>green skins
>red robes
Upgrade them to the smexy aliums and you've sold me.

>> No.47573602

... Y'know, I might steal that idea. Maybe not for the LoT, but there's other ships in a fleet...

>> No.47573619

I thought fighting Asura in Soul Eater was a good idea. Thanks to that perk in Banner Saga that lets you trick unkillable beings into thinking they died, I figured I could get around his whole "unable to be killed as long as fear exists" thing and do some real good for the world by putting him down. Turns outs, I probably should have had a few more jumps under my belt before I tried it, but I still survived thanks to the power of friendship.

>> No.47573630

Good sir! Have you a news letter? I wish to subscribe to it post haste.

>> No.47573659

You! You madman!
> Black Blood of the Earth

>> No.47573686

I'm rearranging my chain so I can bring them to Mass Effect.

Also, am I the only one that chose Green Alien Space Babes without the intention to lewd them? I just like being around pretty people.
Though, green short stack is a nice addition to the Swiss Army Wife...

>> No.47573701

Make sure you pick up the two items that give you a battalion's worth of weapons and armor. That way you can outfit all 700 of them with top end gear.

>> No.47573775

I think I might lewd one or two, but a harem of 20 space-addled madwoman seems like an attempt at suicide. But if they're all functionally identical, why not get some eye candy?

>> No.47573781

Originally, I was just going to read this and toss it aside for a bit while I work on my chain some more, maybe even slot it in somewhere later.

My mind's been changed so hard right now. Hilariously hard. For the first time ever, I'm considering taking in more companions now, but my current Jump's theme won't let me. So I'm gonna be doing a second Chain, involving me becoming a Space Lord with a crew mostly made up of short stack green-skinned babes (one of them wearing a fake moustache).


Good job AdmiralAnon. Good job.

>> No.47573815

>I do always wonder more about the jumpers who DIDN'T torch the place, though. Just because that seems like the harder story to find.

I've actually used it as a source of strength in early mid chain. After I've already got a bunch of mundane level jumps under my belt, but not much with the supernatural. It's one of the lower risk places to turn into a giant wolf.

The problem was the time I accidentally companioned and waifued Bella. Really, she was just impressionable clay, and in the face of "Sploosh" and "Sweet Sweet Candy" and some really ill-timed dice rolls, apparently a moldy old vampire isn't nearly so appealing as Jumper was.

Problem was, she wasn't really suited to multiversal adventure. She was ultimately just a pretty mundane teenage girl, and even after imports giving her the /power/ to be a competent comanion, she didn't really have the mindset for it.

Wasn't what doomed that chain, but I'm sure that expending all the energy I had to on her, didn't help me be ready when that chain broke down.

>> No.47573897

>I accidentally companioned and waifued Bella

>> No.47573915

I have only one complaint - the Pilot Capstone seems really eh compared to the others. I'd suggest either revising it to be more interesting and general purpose, or bump it down a notch or two, and make the "fly anything" and "boost your machines with your own spirit" powers better.

>> No.47573952

>Why do some Jumpers want so many companions?

Imagine you're going to live for over 30,000 years. And someone tells you you only get 8 friends. You can pay virtually all of your points for the warehouse and not even double that.

So, I can see the appeal in the efficiency of multiple people that count as one companion slot.

And there's a lot of people I want to save from their settings, people who die before their time or deserve a better ending.

And then there's the fact I'm a huge pervert and if I'm going to be sultan of space and time, I want the seraglio to go with it.

Nowhere near enough methods to make companions and build the team I really want.

>> No.47574038

the dice were really unkind to me, okay? And she's an impressionable blank slate. There may have been some drawbacks in play too.

Look, I'm not proud of what occurred. I played the hand I was dealt, and it went poorly.

>> No.47574061

Yeah, I houserule that my 8-per-jump companions are the only companions that can assist me on my in jump shenanigans. The rest of my companions get to go off and do their own thing. It was easier once I got the LoT, that let them go off and have space adventures while I was doing my own thing.

Makes end of jump reunions interesting. The two groups swap stories and catch up.

>> No.47574108

Yeah, I treat my LoT like a flying country. That's where all my companions live and work when they aren't helping me. I keep my Treeship for personal adventures.

>> No.47574132

That's cool. I'd be too prone to abusing that, so I don't really go any further than my fanwank that companions not-in-jump can be active in the warehouse while the warehouse is active.

Which is always, since I make copious use of self-duplication and we are many. my 50% strength Jumper Clone is my Librarian. He manages the information center we built in the warehouse.

But that's still a pretty small space to confine someone in. My active companions make a point of tagging out and getting some rest in the apartment we have attached to warehouse space so that the inactive ones can venture out and get some fresh air.

once I go to SCP, they'll have more to do and more space to do it in. I just haven't made it there yet.

>> No.47574146

Honestly, what little we've heard of the Volturi-and vampires in general-make them sound very reasonable. One gets the impression that even though they're gross parasites, vampires as a whole do a good job of policing their own; it's the Cullens who have a weird thing about making things personal, and flaunting their way around the rules.

So for us, it was less about burning the world and more charging up a bloodline curse with enough animal sacrifices to take out the Cullen clan, by targetting its' youngest member. Less scorched earth, more magical cold war. Really, the hardest part was hiding all the dead cattle remains.

Also we didn't really care about the werewolves. We might have thrown dog treats at one by accident, though. Some shirtless dudes sometimes gave us dirty looks on during their early morning runs in the forest, although that might also have been related to our beautiful, pristine skin.

There's quite a few contenders for that position.

There's our first duel with Umor, when the fucker really went to town once it realised it finally found an equal and opposing force to meaningfully interact with, and starting actually getting excited for the battle.

There's Niardi, who first fought us as a lightyears-long streak of flesh. And later got posessed by Chara after losing most of her biomass during the Overloaded Metastasis Event.

There's Nyarlathotep of course, but in hindsight-most of thos were less battles and more survival until we could exploit some local facet of metaphysics to blindside it. And it was a long, long time until we could fight it well enough to do anything more than make it laugh from amusement at the novelty.

Overall though, SMT's Lucifer going all out has been the most brutal duel we've faced so far. He's also a pretty suave motherfucker for being the Creator of Chaos so-we can respect his commitment, misplaced as it is. He also cost us a third of our celestial mass from Megidoladynespam alone.

>> No.47574176

I do the same thing as him, and I just make a rule that they're completely incapable of assisting me through any means, direct or indirect, via Jump-chan fiat.

>> No.47574228

>Being able to put up a meaningful fight against Nyarlathotep
>Weaker then SMT Lucifer
Haha. Funny man. All Outer Gods are infinitely far beyond an infinite number of dimensions. You're joking if you say you can beat one, much less one of the stronger ones.


Post a few bits down of the first page, a nice number of quotes to prove how fucked even a guy like you is against N-man.

>> No.47574229

So in Animorphs I took xenophobe and stupid human among other drawbacks. Which ended up being nothing but condescending from all the yeerks in hosts and andalites, including the prince who crashed to Earth. So I just played it cool until I read the series item that comes with it. Decided that this wasn't going to be a thing, and the plot was going off the rails.

Picking up the space slug's ray emitters I tinkered with them until I got a frequency that had the opposite effect on the suckers. Went around using it on hosts, arming them upon freedom with a ray and scanner, then went around cleaning up the town before moving on to the underground complex. Froze the pools solid, busted open the locks, and ray gun pew pew on anything that was a host. When the aliens looked down on me for saving them, it was the proverbial last straw. The warehouse portal opens and the improved men of iron marched out, and then marched them up into their ships for deportation.

From that point things escalated rapidly out of control as we had no allies and a parasite invasion. So I decided to bust out all the tech thus far including 40k dark ages, supreme commander, sins of a solar empire, and more genetic engineering than you could shake a stick at. To make a long story a little bit less long, I ended up becoming pic related starting with purging the yerks from the face of the universe, uplifting humanity to a new evolutionary form, and taking over the milky way galaxy. All to keep the filthy xenos off my lawn.

>> No.47574235

That's how I keep myself in check. We can interact in the warehouse, and if I need to swap out companions I can do it there. Other than that, though, they're two completely separate groups.

I like to think of them as the spin-off of the Jumper show. Lots of cross overs between the characters, but the plots are independent save for those jumps that allow for mass imports.

>> No.47574264

>jumps that allow for mass imports
What jumps do this? I know that Generic Magical Girl does it, but are there other jumps that let you bring in as many companions as you want?

>> No.47574281

You're just asking for the fanboys to come out of the woodwork now, anon.

>> No.47574291

Well, the other reason I don't do that is that I rule that the whole "You get eight free and up to 15 if you buy the pods" is what Jump-chan gives me for free. But that this isn't so much a hard limit as a challenge for me to overcome. and that if I find clever loopholes that aren't unlimited, I can use those to get around the limitations.

Like Soul Eater Demon Weapon companions. So long as we carry them out of the warehouse in weapon form, Jump-chan allows it. But I can't make more companions into demon weapons just to get them across the barrier. Just the ones I imported in Soul Eater.

I wanted to use some companions for that, who were already weapons or artificial themselves though, so most of my team's demon weapons are my Kancolle shipgirls. Who I also imported to Strike Witches. and my personal Demon Weapon is the Archer AI Girlfriend, Mitsuko, who's also my Nanoha intelligent device.

>> No.47574310

Jumping on the answering one question while ignoring the other bandwagon!
>Why do some Jumpers want so many companions?

Because I like having friends, and I can't stop taking cute things with me.
I-I don't have a problem... Adoption is a good thing. Ha ha ha ha ha...

I also have to admit, after gaining the title of Neufeu in Wakfu, I went a /little/ power mad.


>> No.47574328

I know Forgotten Realms does. You can import as many as you want for 600CP, and they all get CP to spend on classes and whatnot. You can more or less set up your own mercenary company or kingdom depending on how many companions you have.

>> No.47574331

>Why do some Jumpers want so many companions?

It's less that I WANT so many Companions, and more it just seems to be a natural result of how my chain's progressed.

Right now I'm stalling at around 47, because I'm at Jump #583 and anybody who joins is going to need a LOT of ramp-up time.

>> No.47574376

Speaking of

Holy shit fleet mode after companion imports in Homeworld and Sunrider.

8 Assault Carriers
2 Capital Ships (Carrier)
3 Super-Capital Ships
8 Corvettes
3 Frigates

>> No.47574377

If you're a ninetales, pic related.

>> No.47574412

So, what's peak human durability? Iron Mike Malloy?

>> No.47574433


1. As per the Recurring Nemesis Fanwank, the Nyarlathoteps ASA has fought have mostly been encountered through drawbacks. Like the Persona version of Nyarlathotep. Or the random encounter in Elona where it's just a high level mob.

2. The OG, Lovecraftian one basically played the role of a malevolent Benefactor-going for fear and panic before annihilation. There's a reason why we specified the most brutal DUEL as opposed to most powerful opponent, period; circumstances have yet to be arranged to motivate the most powerful form of Nyarlathotep into fighting us with all its' strength.

3. Anon, if we had thought we had a hope of outright beating one in the past? We WOULDN'T have made the life decisions that led to being who and what we are today.

Magical Girl Noir Ques and Nanoha has one too.

Kind of the opposite actually-during our stay in Tropico we set up a series of educational videos on applied magic.

Which other nations initially mistook as ridiculous, North Korea-style propaganda.

>> No.47574456

I think it's meant to be more like Bruce Lee, or Mike Tyson-level stuff. Or maybe on par with relevant Olympics-level feats.

>> No.47574518

Eh, durability is the ability to withstand damage isn't it? Malloy survived a lot of shit.

>> No.47574545

I guess? I figured that guys trained to be tough professionally would have even better feats

>> No.47574599

>they got the pun

>> No.47574653

>tfw you finally understand exactly who your patron is

>> No.47574720

Anons always remember Muscular women are the best.

>> No.47574722

Hah. Four guys wanted to cash in n his life insurance policy so they decided to kill him. Malloy drank antifreeze, horse liniment, turpentine, and then mixed in Rat poison and survived. He ate raw oysters soaked in wood alcohol.

Then, he was fed spoiled Sardines with a helping of hard tacks. Seeing that none of this had worked, they ran him over. Three weeks later, in walked Mike the Durable, ready for another drink.

>> No.47574738

Fuck, meant to reply to this guy >>47574545

>> No.47574742


Anon, if Nyarlathotep was your patron every jump would be Ravenloft, you'd be awarded negative CP for not taking drawbacks and instead of Body Mod you'd have a selection of nightmares and squamous disfigurations to choose from.

There is something disturbingly similar about references to its' thousand forms and the concept of altforms, though.

>> No.47574750

>Looking only at the muscles.
Pleb. The best women have high-tier muscles, tits, ass, thighs, waists, hips, hands, eyes, faces, noses, ears, feet, arms, hair, etc. etc.
All must be perfection.

>> No.47574774

So now may be a good time to mention that I brought a companion along and left her in Vampire Diaries because she enjoys enthusiastic walks, yes?

I'm not naming any names, but that fucking drawback...

>> No.47574808

was his uncle Rasputin?

>> No.47574858

You'd think so, wouldn't you? This was actually real though. Just search for his name and you'll find books and Wikipedia articles about it.

>> No.47574913

>We meet in battle, but we manage to create a zone of truce as we sing a duet. Digger steals her (Edeline, the Zentraedi damsel) away to the SDF
>Cue https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Xk0bNMidCI

>> No.47574939

Wrong God, ASA. Jump-chan is the Key and the Gate.

>> No.47575295

I'm a firm believer in applying wabi-sabi to my choice of ladies.
Nothing lasts, nothing is finished and nothing is perfect. Finding beauty in the changing and varied nature of the people around you is the thing I love doing the most.
why else would I have a harem?

On an off note, I'm already trying to brainstorm a few scenarios for Part 1...
might title them 'net jumps' as a lame joke based on the net movies tossed out for the various kamen rider movies as promotional footage

The only solid idea I have might be saved for part 2, as it's pretty extensively about the Zodiarts and I don't wanna waste all my stuff on that...
I'd hate to have Gaim show up as a cameo to fill in the blanks I create with Fourze
The other ideas include the old king OOO reviving from the dead as a Greeed a la Nobunaga in the Kamen Rider Core movie(god that was some trash, only Skull was good)
or something like the Movie Wars Megamax as a Scenario, Foundation X throwing its weight around in one last stand
Maybe an investigation mystery, similar to the Blues Brothers scenario but without needing to get the Jazz Dopant?
Hell, might even give all of the companions an optional sidequest in the form of its own scenario supplement thing
Might as well go full Lost Valley of the Dinos on this if I'm gonna write more for it


>> No.47575327

...Okay, I know I should've expected this kind of thing, but for some reason I thought goatmom would be off limits.

I mean, now that goatmilf is here I'm not... I'm not not seeing the appeal?


>> No.47575334

In the Undertale jump, is there any special effect to taking magic options as a human? I was just wondering since I think I've seen people talking about the fact that the powerboost that comes from having a human soul and a monster soul comes from using DETERMINATION-powered magic.

I'm probably wrong though.

>> No.47575335


Random question about that coin flip Driver. It says i get the arm abilities from both the head and legs coins but the only abilities listed are for the appropriate slot. Do i just make up something that makes sense or am i misreading something here?

>> No.47575337

Ok, so we know from the jump text that Kerbals will cry a lot if you get them into space with too much out-of-jump tech. But we also know that they LOVE space and explosions. So, what would happen if I were to hand them schematics for a ORION-type spacecraft ? I imagine it would go something like this:

Jumper: SO, you little guys like spaceships ?
>Kerbals: YEAH !
Jumper: And you also like explosions ?
>Kerbals: YEAH !
Jumper: So what about a spacecraft that PROPELLED by HUGE explosions ?
>Kerbals: *mindblown.jpg*

>> No.47575362

Orion spacecraft work via real-world physics, so it should be fine.

>> No.47575380

normal rockets are propelled by huge explosions anon, that isn't anything new to them

>> No.47575422

Well, its a maybe. But spend a jump or two with it to train it up and you should have no problem handling the Johj, they are nothing more than the biology of a roach scaled up to human size.

Im suprised people aren't pointing at the fact that she could control pic related without issues, considering she could control Atlas in canon.

>> No.47575440


I meant to say you get the arm abilities of that MEDAL SET
So for example, if you used say, Mouse head with Penguin legs, you would get both the Biiba blade(from the Mouse's Rodent Combo) and the Seiuchi tonfa (From the Penguin's Arctic Combo)
and to expand hte explanation, if you use the Mouse and Squirrel medals with it, you get the Beaver medal's arm weapons at twice their normal strength. I hope that explains it, I didn't go too much into detail with the Coin Flip to be honest


>> No.47575441

Yeah, but they don't produce the big *crash-kaboom* that a spacecraft powered by nukes would, unless its suffering from a big malfunction, so, to them, a spaceship that manage to make big explosions while still working properly would probably be pretty awesome.

>> No.47575482

And what if they win the fiddle contest? Do they get to tag along to a world that doesn't suck?

>> No.47575484


>> No.47575516

please just let me rot in my hole.

attempt to throttle wildbow with a trout failed.

>> No.47575527

I get it, thanks. Still thinking that it's a little under powered compared to that triple driver but that could just be me underestimating the strength of OOO's weaponry

>> No.47575563

Might be the case, but the double-strength effect is not to be fucked with either way, if I can be entirely honest.

>> No.47575722

Well, I'll reccomend that Fire Ant perk from Simant. Get the water attribute.

Then yuck it up knowing you can be made out of any potion or alchemic mixture you wish to be, and you can also have a bunch of poisons brewing in your body.

>> No.47575731

Fair point if we presume that riders are of near enough equal strength (which I'm sure they are) then that extra power should more than tip the scale over the lost utility. Can it also be presumed then that using 2 medals from the same set to get the double strength weapon also grants the full set bonus? I mean technically it's all there.

>> No.47576146


>> No.47576214



>> No.47576252

noun: cheesecake; plural noun: cheesecakes

a kind of rich dessert cake made with cream and soft cheese on a graham cracker, cookie, or pastry crust, typically topped with a fruit sauce.
photography, a movie, or art that portrays women in a manner emphasizing stereotypical sexual attractiveness.

>> No.47576266

Unfortunately no, it's too cheap to give out the full set bonus capabilities
you don't understand, combos are inherently kind of amazingly broken, even if I didn't play up the extent of their powers in the jumper medal ones
Giving out the capability to use one with something drop-ins can get for free(discount w/ 200 free CP for gear) seems...like a not smart plan

You understand, right?
also, just hit a super big plot twist in Ghost. JFC.

>> No.47576333

So what about it?
Do have some?
Are you gonna share?

>> No.47576380 [SPOILER] 

Here's some good stuff.

>> No.47576494

Certainly, I just wanted to get the creator's confirmation before writing up builds. The last thing I'd like to bother you for is this, am i right in thinking unless stated otherwise, all driver's are capable of preforming a maximum drive? Meaning that there is a very large combination of possible drives depending on memories/medals/equipment being used

>> No.47576598


All Drivers are capable of doing a Maximum Drive/Scanning Charge/Limit Break-esque finishing moves unless otherwise stated!
You are correct, and that's part of the charm.

>> No.47576602

I had my b-day leftovers for breakfast.

Hell yeah, motherfucker.

>> No.47576711

I will don't you worry... and thanks for putting up with that list of questions not really something people usually enjoy so i appreciate the effort

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