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Ow, that formatting hurts. . .

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I MIGHT have fucked up my first OP post.

I'm very sorry.

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Uh, where are you that you're meeting fanged women in your daily life?

So close, OP. So close. /claudiablackvoice

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So what're the best perks for the following:

>Bird training
>Avoiding notice by the Powers That Be
>Making clothes
>Flying vehicles
>Weaponizing hair

>> No.47552788 [SPOILER] 

People are worthless.

If everyone besides me dies tomorrow, the world would lose nothing of value.

Humans shouldn't have to compromise for each other, and in general, should only look out for themselves.

If someone is willing to sacrifice on my behalf, there's only one name for them; a fucking idiot.

I won't complain though. I have the world to gain. I won't sacrifice for others though.

Because you're just as worthless as everyone else.

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Flowey please go.

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>>Avoiding notice by the Powers That Be

Tenchi Muyo has The UnChousin One.
Xena & Hercules has Beneath Notice.

And for the mortal government version of TPTB, Deus Ex has Ghost.

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No need to be so sad Asriel.

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Most of Japan agrees with you on little fangs being cute, no worries. It's normal.

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That anon is actually posting from a parallel universe, where vampires exist, but are shunned.

Pity him, for he sees the forbidden fruit, it is within his reach, but may never taste it.

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I want you to stop for a second and consider something.

Close your eyes and think about everyone you saw today. The people you see on a daily basis, the people you only pass in the street. The people you see on your commute to and from work, or school, or while running errands. How many people would you estimate you see? Dozens? Hundreds? Thousands?

Consider: each of those people lives a unique life. Each of them have their own hopes. Dreams. Joy. Sorrow. All of them have their day in the sun. All of them will one day, as we all shall, be brought low by the grim specter of death.

Tell me, what makes a single one of them worth less than you?

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Any body know any relatively safe versions of the DC universe to jump to for someone going the mortal route early chain?

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>True Pacifist

>> No.47552868 [SPOILER] 

And last thread ended on the perfect note. HAVE ANOTHER.

Several cosplayer friends.


>It's normal.


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>tfw you have teeth so perfectly straight and even, that even your dentist feels the need to remark on them
Feels boring, guys.

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Have a Cosplay

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That doesn't look right in any way, but god damn she is cute as a button.

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Someone was asking about a perk to delay deadlines last threat-it was the New Immigrant capstone in Atelier Arland

>Bird Training

Divine Pursuits, Lord of Light

>Avoiding Notice by the Powers That Be

(Your preferred class) of Void, Sburb

>Making clothes

Fashion jump as a whole

>Flying vehicles

Four way tie between Breaking the Programming, Five Star Stories, United as One, Zoids Legacy, Hybrid, Battlestar Galactica and Mirthful Machinist from Macross

>weaponizing hair

Bodily Mastery, JoJo

The DCAU is pretty chill.

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Ya posted that last thread, so received already.

Also nice trips- Wait.

>8 is the number of sides most frequently used in /jc/'s dice

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I saw some people talking about Dishonered 2 and expanding your powers from that universe there but what about the new Dues Ex game? More augmentations! It is going to need a jump too!

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I know right?
It doesn't look like Seras, which she's obviously trying for, but it's still cute as hell.

Are ya going somewhere with this?

And the thread ended around then, so I wasn't sure if the post went through.

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>tfw the first DE:HR jump has companionable Adam Jensen

>take Adam Jensen to meet Adam Jensen in the new DE.

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The fact that the universe itself is utterly devoid of value aside?

I don't care about people on a basic level.

I'm not a sociopath, I feel emotions, I have people I like and care about, but my base level empathy is less than zero.

I actively detest humanity in general.

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That's very very sad.

>> No.47552957

>companion the new Adam Jensen
>have two Adam Jensens


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Everything in life has the value that you give it. If you choose to value nothing, then everything will be empty to you. And if you do, I'm very sorry that this is the case. I know everyone is different, some people can't help being that way, others choose it, but if you can choose, I certainly hope that you choose something different in the future so that you might get more joy out of life.

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>relatively safe versions of the DC universe

Oh, wait, "relatively". Hmm. The various movie/cinematic versions are (mostly) safer than their animated counterparts, which in turn are safer than their comic counterparts. Just stay out of the major cities regardless.

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Not that anon, but

I don't understand this point of view. What joy do you people get about being so self-assured of your worldview? I happen to be happy, but I value very little and place absolutely no special value on human life other than what I get out of a particular human's life. Can that be companionship? Friendship? Absolutely. Valuing less does not make you less emotionally capable, and it certainly doesn't have to make you less happy, unless you wish to imply that I'll somehow be more happy if I value 'more', which is quite frankly insulting.

>> No.47553026

I feel the same, I kinda struggle in caring about the people you're supposed to like family, but can still get attached to friends. Not sure what's wrong with me, but hey.

>> No.47553032

Actually I recall the DE:HR jumpmaker saying they'd look at making an expansion/update for it, once its out and played? Unless my memory is tricking me.

Okay, I laughed at this.

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I'm not saying that if you value more things you'll be happier, but if you view things as having no value in itself, you're not likely to be very happy at all.

Unless that makes you happy.


I mean, for some people it does, so... it's one of those whatever-floats-your-boat things. Pretty sure I didn't imply anything makes you less emotionally capable, though, so I will thank you to not try and put words in my mouth. I just happen to think that humanity as a whole is worthwhile, rather than a waste. Is that so wrong?

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They're sharing their worldview anon, not trying to judge you or convert you.

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I can't understand this perspective.

I dislike humanity in general, what of it?

I don't look at myself or others as members of some kind of collective due to the fact that we share a species, but as a series of individuals. The way I see it, most of those individuals are not my kin, they aren't interesting, or useful, they aren't even my competitors, they're just lifeforms that are totally irrelevant to me, to whom I have no relation other than that we are forced to share a planet.

I honestly find your perspective to be kind of degrading and reductive.

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That would be cool too, since they take place within a few years it would be hard to jump that place twice and have it make sense.

Hey that will buff my augments since I went with Give me dues EX for my augments.

>> No.47553084

What I'm saying is that I don't entirely understand your perspective. You make implications but then ask me not to put words in your mouth when I just apply your statement the other way. I'm in agreement with >>47553059 here, in all honesty. It seems like it just puts a flat reductive on other people's capability just by how they view the world?

>> No.47553086

My apologies for seeming so. You are welcome to your opinion. But as is Human Nature, I consider my opinion to be the correct one. Therefore, with what I construe as a "very pessimistic" point of view, I can't but help feel sad about it.

You are welcome to your opinion, but I can't help the way I feel about it.

>> No.47553088

Well, you're entitled to your opinion. You'll see that I'm not trying to change your mind. Unfortunately, I'm as entitled to an opinion as you are, and that's something you will have to learn to accept.

>> No.47553151

>they aren't interesting, or useful, they aren't even my competitors, they're just lifeforms that are totally irrelevant to me, to whom I have no relation other than that we are forced to share a planet.
- Anon posting to an anonymous planet-spanning message board

>I honestly find your perspective to be kind of degrading and reductive.
- same Anon, to the same anonymous planet-spanning audience.

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Listen, I mean this in the most polite way possible but-this is starting to sound a little like a blog. Maybe we should change topic?

Tell me about what you did during Supernatural, jumpers. And someone help me understand why the fuck witches and vampires on on par with demons and angels

>> No.47553183

>let it go.gif
The shitposters never bothered me anyway.

Bad writing. Bad, bad, baaad writing.

>> No.47553203

I legitimately don't understand the point you're attempting to make.

>> No.47553211

Thread getting serious with human nature debate so here's a rough rough unfinished draft for a Metal Slug Jump.

Shitpost it, comment, suggest ideas, have fun with it.

>> No.47553219


Haven't been there, no idea what I'm going to do.

How do I disregard God, disregard Angels, disregard Demons, disregard Darkness, and disregard Pagan Gods?

>> No.47553230

>Alaskan Anon
Anon how does it feel freezing you nips off up there?

>> No.47553238

Post it again after proof reading it. I'm having a hard time reading it.

>> No.47553241

I wrote a terrible series of books completely devoid of logic, reason, plot, and a near complete insult against basically every mythology, even the ones that where empowered to retarded levels. One of only a few jumps I kept a journal in.

>> No.47553255

Here's a random fucking Supernatural question:

Let's say I want to take full advantage of the show's shitty writing to attain as much power as possible.
Assume nothing is off the table. I am willing to go full edgelord if necessary, because I hate this god damn setting.
How do I go about it?

>> No.47553258

Currently sweating my ass, it was 66F today!

>> No.47553273


>> No.47553287

Yeah, I'm not a fan of yours Chuck. Especially after you retconned human souls to have the energy of 100 suns specifically. Which makes them ridiculously buff compared to archangels-the two strongest of which clashing cap out at busting HALF a planet-and raises serious questions about demons.

>> No.47553288

I don't consider it Hot until it's like Low 80s.

>> No.47553292

>highs of 66F
...So how difficult is it to move to Alaska, anon?

>> No.47553298

Look at the post name geniuses.

>> No.47553316

I have a friend who lives in Australia. I saw the fucking name.
Not gonna stop me for making fun of him for sweating at 66, or my Aussie friend for being freezing at 66

>> No.47553319

I know I'm just chuckling at 66F is considered hot to alaskans.

Also a Metal Slug Jump. Anon I love you.

>> No.47553321

You clever son of a bitch.

>> No.47553367

Considering some of us break out the shorts when it hits 10F, 66F is hot, 80s is a scorcher up here.

Learn hexes from witch and enochian symbols, trap angels and demons then either kill them or use mind control

>> No.47553372

Is the Ben 10 jump still going to be a thing? I heard it got raised from the dead and then nothing.

>> No.47553400

Need your help, folks.

I'm importing my Altaria from Pokemon Trainer as my Partner in PMD and I need to know which of these goes best with it:


>> No.47553408

You had a swablu as your starter?

>> No.47553410

Guy who's working on it is one of the jumpmakers that disappears for long stretches of time, in fact I think he holds the record.

>> No.47553413

Yep! Shiny and with an Egg Move, too. Only cost me 150 CP total!

>> No.47553420

None of them, particularly. Deerling I guess? Looking like a seasonal stag is more manly than any of those other ones but the Mankey, and I hate pigs.

>> No.47553425

>...So how difficult is it to move to Alaska, anon?
Not difficult, just expensive as shit. Most of food shipped up by ferry from Washington and if it breaks down (like it did this winter) better hope you are stocked up. But hey, get a dividend check from oil company just to live here woo!

>> No.47553433

If only Canada would agree on building that highway, eh?

>> No.47553436

Well I hope he returns an omnitrix would be really cool, collecting DNA samples from across the multiverse and all.

>> No.47553464

Aggressive telepathy and Dark Binding from Hellsing.

Rip the knowledge from the minds of witches/monsters/demons/angels, then kill them and take their souls.

Pretty much guaranteed to work for everything except angels, and since they're basically human souls with an awesome mod that let's them channel their natural power more easily.

If it doesn't work initially, just tear out the Grace, then kill them. They're canonically human without a Grace attached.

Maybe the Graces can be used in an experiment…

>> No.47553470

>storing food
All too familiar to me. In the ass ends of Montana the winters can hit hard, but even if you're snowed in and starving, the state won't hesitate to land your ass in prison if you try to hunt.

>> No.47553476

How to put this.... You (where you = the anon in question) tell a bunch of people (who you know jack all about besides a presumably shared interest in jumpchain) that you detest and give less than a shit about humanity unless they make themselves useful to you, and then find it "degrading" that their response is to express sadness and to hope that you'll find more joy in life?

The only degrading being done is by the anon, to themselves, in their own head.

>> No.47553495

Freezing at 66? WTF? Where on Earth does my fellow Aussie live that 66 is freezing?

>> No.47553521

That's why everyone I know hunt moose and fish the shit out of salmon. Grown moose can feed a family of 5 for a long time.

Eat moose tacos at least once a week
or bear...god I love bear.

>> No.47553543

>be making build for Sunrider
>You can import your companions into this jump. each companion gets 300cp for perks as well as an additional 400cp for Ryder or Star Ship upgrades. If a companion wants to purchase a ship it will cost them all their perk CP

>Ship's 1000 CP, comes with good freebies, and has 400 CP ship customization, is strong enough with just Vanguard Cannon to face an Imperial-Class Star Destroyer
>can get 8 of them for literally pittance


>> No.47553549

How does bear taste?

>> No.47553556

With his tongue, of course.

>> No.47553562

Congrats, you now have a fleet. Go forth and conquer.

>> No.47553575

Do we need to start making jokes about how a dog with /no nose/ smells terrible?

>> No.47553587

Er, updates on Kamen Rider Neo-heisei!

I've 'finished' with the drawbacks(as in I have a set of them I'm satisfied with, I can add more or refine them but due to computer problems I'm trying to get it done with as much efficiency as possible...)
However, I'm running into a problem with the scenario.
I have no idea if it's gonna be compelling or interesting at all but I'm gonna put my all into it so that it at least gives someone a good story.

Will put up a pastebin with the 1st scenario and the drawbacks as soon as I am able!
However, the gist is that the end is near and it will be jumpable, if not pretty.
(imaging will come later...)

>> No.47553592

Hey Crux, I think this guy's talking about you.

I tried bear once, it was okay, though that may have just been the preparation. It was a damn sight better than shark.
Also, snake really does taste like chicken.

>> No.47553593

Probably smells as bad as I did until my last chain ended.

Of course I'm still as badly off - instead of being Voldemort, now I'm a skull-headed vampire. Fun stuff.

>> No.47553599


Can go either way. A grizzly that has had a good diet of salmon, berries, and fresh kills has a very rich flavor and tender like a less fat cow steak.

A bear that has had a poor diet and likely eaten human trash in the area can be very tough and gamey.

Best bears in southern Alaska

>> No.47553604

Which two elements did you folks pick in the Avatar jumps?

Or, which element did you double down on?

>> No.47553617

This image makes me want a jump for whatever that show Drossel comes from is.

>> No.47553625

Earth and Water.

Mainly went Earth for Metal Bending.

>> No.47553628

First chain I went double Earthbending Genius. I could make cities in minutes. Stone cities with perhaps not as much variation as some would like, but it took very little time or effort, and I could customize things later. The metal and lava bending didn't hurt.

This time around I think I'll either go Air and Water, or maybe Double Water.

>> No.47553630

Is it bad that I'm thinking the bears probably feel the same way about the humans they're sharing alaska with?

>> No.47553633

Looking forward to it Digger!

>> No.47553641

I feel like I just robbed the jumpmaker though, holy shit.


>> No.47553646

Water and earth, good synergy since lava bending uses the forms of water bending.

>> No.47553662

Water, because it was early and is easily the most versatile element. It heals, purifies spirits, moves plants, moves people, can pulverize rock or form an ice barrier. It's a common enough element if you know where to look or are willing to use your own blood, sweat, and tears.

My build is largely centered around healing and transport. It's also why I took Electrokinesis in Infamous.

>> No.47553681

Lighting tether for the win!

>> No.47553726

ATLAB fire bender, was a ex-commando that hung out with Iroh

ALOK Earth/metal, kept iron marbles in my pocket to throw shoot people

Bears pretty chill, moose are assholes, know more people attacked by moose then bears.

>> No.47553791

Doubled down on Bending Genius for water-with Chi Genius & Original Master in The Last Airbender, and Healing, Life Bending and Spiritbending in Legend of Korra.

>>47553662 has the right of it. Most importantly though, the ocean is gross and icky and it is very important for us that we master moving it around so that we can waterbend the stuff out of the way instead of actually going swimming.

Also it's the style of bending that most directly does stuff involving transportation and manipulation of life energy so that's neat.

>> No.47553827

>Gross and icky
The sea spirits are crying.

>> No.47553860

I'm pretty sure this thing doesn't even have eyes to cry with, anon

>> No.47553871

Well it would if it could, don't pick on its disability.

>> No.47553872

Oh, you mean THESE sea spirits?

>> No.47553880

These never looked horrifying to me. The only gross part of them are the parasitic males.

>> No.47553881

>Avatar TLA has a purchasable dragon.

How many other dragons can you collect throughout the chain, /jc/?

>> No.47553894

Dragonlance gives you your choice of metallic or chromatic dragon. I think it has all the major ones, except Iron, who don't show up in Kyrn that I know of.

>> No.47553896

194. Naruto
Origin: Drop-In, Age: 13
Location: Konohagakure
Perks: Basic Ninja Training, Fine Control (-100), You Have Reserves (-100), Elemental Chakra Affinity [Lightning], Ninjutsu Specialization (-200), Sensor Ninja Training (-150), Medical Ninjutsu Training (-300)
Bloodline Limits: Lost Hyuga (-300)
Items: Basic Gear, Signed Icha Icha Series, Dosh (-50), Summoning Scroll [Slugs](-300)
Ninja Party (-100) Team Mates (-200)
Drawbacks: Stuffed, There's How Many Movies?, Hunted [Land of Iron] (+100), Verbal Tic [Chuchu~] (+100), Super Pervert (+100), MC-KUN (+500)

This is probably the most drawbacks I'll ever take, but all the talk of Naruto's people hating him a couple days ago made me want to give him a hug.

So, how do you get 12 Drop-Ins into the Ninja Village without being murdered in your sleep? You lie. A lot. And present official looking paperwork. Unverifiable paperwork is one of the easiest ways to trick people. When I presented transfer paperwork from the "Interdimensional Education Department", they were confused enough to accept the bribes that got us all an official ninja trainer and entry into the program. We just had to prove basic competency after that.

I had Sakura's spot in the plot, and had to keep Naruto and Sasuke alive, which was harder than it sounds without plot armor. I mean, I can buff the fuck out of people and leave them begging for more, but they're both pants on head retarded. My spot in the plot at least got me training with Tsunade, while having another me from Tweedlefied watch over Naruto during the whole timeskip training arc. Tsunade loved me, I could train and do paperwork simultaneously.

I'm basically a competent and helpful Sakura for this jump, who gets along better with Naruto. Sakura herself was left in a group with Ko'el and Isaac, who helped her develop into a useful side character for the story.

>> No.47553908

And speaking of being a vampire lich...

>Jump 13: Twilight
Lucky number thirteen.
>Five of Swords (A success earned through personal degradation.)
...well, at least there's some measure of success to be had, here!
>Age: 17
>Location: Free Choice (Forks, Washington)
>Identity: Vampire (-1000)
>Drawbacks: Belladonna (+300), Volturi (+200), Think of the Children (+100)
>Free: Enlightened, Student Identification
>Free due to vampire: No Sense, Bloodhound, Flawless Forever, Vampiric Speed, Vampiric Strength
>Our Monsters Are The Same (0)

So, I show up a month before the start of the plot. Dealing with the werewolves... well, honestly, they weren't really hurting anyone, were they? So they ended up being left alone, but a couple weeks before the start of the school year, there was a terrible accident. It seems that somehow there was a gas leak overnight at the Cullens' residence, and there were seven corpses found within the wreckage, horribly burned beyond recognition. Such a pity.

Unfortunately, the sacrifice I make is ... critically failing every. single. fucking. roll. that relates to the girl. Deal with the creepy vampire children popping up and hunting me? Sure. Deal with other covens trying to move in? Yep. Eliminate the Volturi when they come knocking? Positively.

Bella gets fatally wounded as a result? Have to turn her. Good thing she's a virgin, I guess. Fucking dice.

Well, no vampire babies happening here, at least. And I am NOT taking her with me. Even if she thinks I look interesting as a lich. And has matured into a decent person over ten years, without being subject to the influence of the canonical morons. And being open to broadening her horizons with recommendations from people around her... and she isn't perfect, but honestly when she gets a chance to bloom and isn't stuck being some lame teenage angst machine, she's actually not bad at all.

And she enjoys enthusiastic walks through the woods.



I think I fucked up.

>> No.47553914

>Dragon-type Pokemon (Trainer, PMD)
>Dragon Egg (ASoIaF)
>Dragon Rider (Dragonlance)
>pic related (Slayers canon companion option)
>Xiaolin Showdown
>Puzzle and Dragons when it finally launches

>> No.47553915

Naruto is probably gonna try to find some way to follow you out of the world, the little scamp.

>> No.47553926

>Belladonna (+300)
Worst drawback ever.

>> No.47553936


Oh my god end me
But I got the drawbacks and scenario 1 finished
Please feel free to tell me I'm a horrible writer or whatever, but I promised a Jazz Dopant scenario so
I wrote one

>> No.47553952

Well, there's Malefor.

>> No.47553954

What's your tarot generator crux?

>> No.47553958


That's debateable.

There's also Fanmode which makes think the entire cast is good people that you want to befriend.

Belladonna at least lets you rightfully dislike everyone else.

>> No.47553980


It's straightforward. I just go for a single card.

>> No.47553983

Chimmy: Drop-In, Basic Ninja Training, Fine Control (-100), You Have Reserves (-100), Elemental Chakra Affinity [Fire], Taijutsu Specialization (-200), Eight Gates (-400), Lost Hyuga (-300), Basic Gear, Hunted [Land of Iron] (+100), Thick (+200)
Falco: Drop-In, Basic Ninja Training, Elemental Chakra Affinity [Wind], Singular Reality (-300), Fuinjutsu Prodigy (-300), Uzumaki (-400) Basic Gear, Hunted [Land of Iron] (+100), Annoying Catchphrase [Caw Caw Motherfuckas] (+100)
Roberta: Drop-In, Basic Ninja Training, Elemental Chakra Affinity [Earth, Fire, Wind] (-400), Lava Release (-200), Dust Release (-400), Basic Gear, Signed Icha Icha Series, Hunted [Land of Iron] (+100), Super Pervert (+100)
Ko'el: Drop-In, Basic Ninja Training, Fine Control (-100), You Have Reserves (-100), Elemental Chakra Affinity [Fire, Water, Lightning] (-400), Boil Release (-200), Storm Release (-200), Basic Gear, Hunted [Land of Iron] (+100), Annoying Catchphrase [For the Light] (+100)
SoB: Drop-In, Basic Ninja Training, Fine Control (-100), You Have Reserves (-100), Elemental Chakra Affinity [Water], Plot Armor (-200), Senju (-600), Basic Gear, Hunted [Land of Iron] (+100), Super Pervert (+100)
Asriel: Drop-In, Basic Ninja Training, Fine Control (-100), We Have Reserves (-100), Elemental Chakra Affinity [Fire], Medical Ninjutsu Training (-300), Plot Armor (-200), Jutsu Mastery (-600), Basic Gear, Hunted [Land of Iron] (+100), Super Pervert (+100), THE CHOSEN ONE (+300)
Isaac: Drop-In, Basic Ninja Training, Elemental Chakra Affinity [Earth, Wind] (-200), Puppeteer Training (-300), Plot Armor (-200), Magnet Release (-200), Basic Gear, Hunted [Land of Iron] (+100)
Toby: Drop-In, Basic Ninja Training, Elemental Chakra Affinity [Water, Earth] (-200), Wood Release (-200), Senju (-600), Basic Gear, Hunted [Land of Iron] (+100), Verbal Tic [Chu Chu] (+100)

My companions, who are actually good ninjas.

He made me promise to come back post-spark. I've left a reminder on my warehouse door.

>> No.47554008


Any reason for not companioning them like MC-Kun lets you?

>> No.47554022

Maybe he doesn't actually like the kid and just wanted to be nice to him.

>> No.47554031

It's awesome Digger! I love the scenario, it sounds like an actual plot. Nice work.

>> No.47554044

Please anon
Don't say such sad things
Even if there is no god, no meaning to existence it falls to us to give it meaning.

>> No.47554059

...for a second there I thought you typed even if there is no god, or buddha there is kamen rider

I need sleep

>> No.47554066

Kamen Rider is that feeling that lies inside all friends of justice.

>> No.47554069


you're a big ol' ray of sunshine right now, It's 4 am and I was trying to make sure that it was something that SOMEONE, somewhere can enjoy
I'll work hard and get this thing done satisfactorily by the end of the day

>> No.47554070

I don't take on more than 8 companions, because I don't want to lock any away. I could maybe do the Uncharted Waters thing and import my ark, but that doesn't really seem to fit the lives I'd want for any of the Naruto crew.

Besides, they have wives and babies by the end of this jump. I'm not going to tear that apart. Taking Asriel was bad enough, just a few years after his parents got him back.

>> No.47554082


>> No.47554097

Is there a way to create new alt-forms by yourself without having to buy a different origin? If you can't, would it be fair game to just modify one of my alt-forms that I don't have too much use without modifying the others?

>> No.47554103

Not that I know of. EVO does have a perk that seems to grant five extra alt-forms, so that might help. You can also copy an alt-form across into it and then evolve (or otherwise modify) the copy without risking damage to the original.

>> No.47554106

Just become a shapeshifter. If you 'invent' a new form, you can just memorize how to easily shift into it.

>> No.47554126

So is Kamen Rider like a Power Ranger?

>> No.47554139

Kamen Rider is like a bug power ranger that works more independently most of the time and doesn't have a giant robot.

>> No.47554147

Kamen Rider could be described as a super sentai

There is less of an emphasis on giant robots and team work though

>> No.47554165

It's the same genre, but Riders tend to be either lone figures or only work in pairs. As Ryuki and Gaim have shown, multiple Riders usually means infighting instead of cooperation
In any case, they don't have a giant robot or fight giant monsters most of the time(Den-O and Kiva notwithstanding) and can sometimes tell stories that wouldn't always work on a kid's show normally

>> No.47554188

Beelzebub has one huge crazzy dragon.

Water hands down. Strongest element out there. Becoming a proto-Leviathan is fun.

Well, if you were somekind of demi-god or superpowered man, that perspective I could understand. But being a mere man made of flesh, you still need people.

Even if you want to play the narcissistic asshole, you still need people to listen to you, to make you laugh and to make you feel safe from the big and scary world where everything wants to kill you.

And although you might not know it or simply decide to ignoring, by simply coming here you're showing a need for community that is inherent to all humans beings.

>> No.47554203

I want them to work with 'This is in fact my final form'.

Basically I want to give myself an DCAU AMAZO alt-form by turning my body into nanites, without risking to lose any of my acquired body modifications. Specially the magical and ROB-granted ones that would be harder to replicate.

Why the answer to everything that it's has to do with bio-science is either EVO or Geneforge?

>> No.47554224

>Finally get some time to work on SS13 jump after so long
>Take a quick look at how servers have changed since I last played
>Mining's been completely reworked thematically
>Cargo's been completely overhauled
>Tons of changes to crafting
>At least 5 new antagonists and a fuckload of additional options for existing antagonists
>One of them is a techno-cult that I'm 900% sure will attract a lot of jumpers
And that's just one server. I'm scared to even look at Bay and Goon. Though apparently Bay has adorable space-birds now

So basically, SS13 jump is back on track, sorry about disappearing for... a really fucking long time. Now I just need to actually play the game I'm making a jump out of...

>> No.47554259

Whoops, I seem to have misunderstood item costs. Slight revamp of faux-Lord BallsDeep69-sama build for Overlord:

Drawbacks: Rival Guild (1600)

Rolled The Fortress City, E-Rantel

Local, Age 31



Innate Talent: Use Any Magic Item, Enhanced Summoning (Free)
Level One Hundred (1000)
The Realm of Heroes (Free)
Class Skills, Magic Caster: Arcane Caster, Divine Caster, Talismonger (900)
The Abyss of Magic (600)
The Ring of Elru (single item discount+200=>400)
Specific Specialisation: Warder, Summoning (200)
Dark Wisdom (0)


Not quite what you're looking for, but I think Cast Aside This Vessel from Sword & Sorcery is in the spirit of what you want.

Adaptation from Blame! lets you select and fuse different altforms though.


I suspect it's because those are respectively one of the most popular and one of the earliest jumps related to messing with biology. Biomega, Franken Fran, Gargoyles, Street Sharks, Swat Kats and Jurassic Park have good perks for that too.

>> No.47554265

Great to hear!

Uh, what is SS13 about anyway? I periodically see some threads on /tg/ about it, sometimes with clowns in the OP, but I've never played.

>> No.47554272

'sokay, life is always getting in the way.

Still wish there were singleplayer versions of it though.

>> No.47554273

Life a board a space station run by /tg/

It ends exactly as you'd expect.

>> No.47554275

okay ive read how to jumpchain and the pokemon trainer thing and still dont understand
what am I actually meant to be physically doing here

>> No.47554278

Time to reveal your true self.

>> No.47554290

You're supposed to be spreading Truth, Liberty and Justice across the multiverse anon.

>> No.47554296

this seems fun but im too autistic to figure it out

>> No.47554300

Make a build for Pokemon, maybe write a story or spend time imagining your story. Then you carry your perks and items to the warehouse supplement and body mod. And then pick another jump for that character to go to.


>> No.47554313

Best way to describe it is that it's a space station simulation game. Exactly how hard the simulation is depends on the server. It works on a round-based system, where you ready up and are assigned a job on board the station. On some (most) servers there's a chance that one or more crew members will spawn as some sort of antagonist, whether it's the simple corporate spy (with access to a whole bunch of illegal equipment via hidden uplink in their PDA) to a grand wizard intent on revenge, to a group of cultists that are hell-bent on summoning their lord to the station to destroy it.

At least, best description I can come up with at 4 in the morning!

>> No.47554317

It's a game on BYOND. You serve as a crewman on board a space-station run by a corporation and you have to deal with monsters like the Thing, Xenomorphs, the Blob, and Traitors.

>> No.47554328

I remember when I was captain and the AI wouldn't let me space a shapeshifter.

>> No.47554332

I press it

>> No.47554337

>make a build
what does this mean?
arent i meant to be playing myself

>> No.47554356

Yes; by make a build it means pick choices within the jump and list them

>> No.47554372

Make a build, post it here or on another forum where they play Jumpchain, write a story about what you do, or don't do any of that and just be content imagining things.

Also, come here daily to discuss how to attain omnipotence by combining no more than three perks.

>> No.47554381

Are you new to CYOAs? Okay, basically you pick choices in the jump. It's basically offering you a new life or upgrades to your current one if you go drop-in. Either way, you're wooshed off to another world with the choices you made.

And you're free to choose as much or as little as you want, but CP doesn't carry over between jumps. So, you can be you, or you with psychic powers and a perfect memory, or Doug, the Rich Kid with a helicopter and Aura, or whoever you bought your way into being.

>> No.47554388

So I guess I'll leave one question before I fall unconscious- is there anything that's been recently added to Space Station 13 that you'd like to see in the jump?

Alternatively, is there anything from SS13 that you'd like to see?

>> No.47554416

I just remembered I made this. Maybe it'll help, maybe it'll hurt.

>> No.47554443


>> No.47554503

>Bird training
Druid levels in forgotten realms

>Avoiding notice by the Powers That Be
slice of life from raildex

>Making clothes
we have a fashion jump, stacks and crafting perks
>Flying vehicles
Santa's Harley from Santa imported into Elite beat agents. Or picking up the hover modification in redline although you wouldn't be flying very high.

>Weaponizing hair
gourmet cell mutation from toriko

>> No.47554510

Rolled 2 + 9 (1d8 + 9)

pokemon jump
rolling age
same gender (male)
starter: charmander (shiny + mental bond) 200cp
savant 600cp
handgun 200cp

now am I meant to just imagine ten years?
it feels so impossible to do with so few rules being in charge of everything seems boring maybe im not understanding this correctly?

>> No.47554513


>> No.47554520

tiny Titans

>> No.47554536

No, you're right. This is a single player game and more of an imagination crutch to present ideas you may not have thought of and limit your choices. Or basically a writing prompt that's a game of choices.

If you can't think of what to do, take a drawback and get your story from that. If you can't have fun with this, that's cool too.

>> No.47554554

Yep, just imagine what you / your jumper might do during those ten years. It's up to you how much detail you want to go into (or not). Some anons roll dice to see how well their plans turn out, some don't.

And then you pick another jump to continue your chain, and so on.

>> No.47554576

ive noticed other jumps give me cp but dont tell me what i can spend it on
is there some kind of generic list im supposed to draw from?

>> No.47554587

say to yourself I am a 11-year-old with a gun in the Pokémon world, what kind of adventures would I have? Are the various officer Jennys okay with 11-year-olds having guns? How would the addition of this character/myself to this world change the stories of this world? How would having a gun and perfect aim change being a Pokémon trainer? What characters will I interact with and befriend? I.e. you're going up against Lieut. Surge, does he get distracted when he sees my holster and start having flashbacks allowing charmander to use a move he wouldn't of if they were in their right mind? Maybe the flashbacks cause him to forget it's a gym battle and you get hurt, maybe he loses his trainer's license, maybe this causes you to take over the gym ,can a 11-year-old handle being a gym master?

>> No.47554592

If a jump gives you cp, it should also give you a list of perks, items, etc and their cp costs.

>> No.47554595

Is there a Miraculous Ladybug jump?

>> No.47554607

scroll down, it
might not explicitly say CP but that stuff with numbers divisible by 50 next to it is the perks and items you are supposed purchase with CP
nope and it hasn't been claimed as far as I know

>> No.47554645

Just so you know, because you went Drop-in as your background you get a discount on Savant, so it only costs you 300. This means you have 300CP left in Pokemon. You can't carry CP across to other jumps* so you should spend it all there.

*There are some special jumps that you do all in a row and can use CP in one after saving it from another. They're special though, and will tell you that they do that.

>> No.47554713

>The Dead are Not Silent(+600

I do not have enough writing skill or a sufficient .Gif saved to convey the level of nope I am feeling right now

>> No.47554717


I may have gotten bored. Knocking out super settings, soldier settings and super soldier settings. Already done with the MCU build. Will continue tomorrow night.

>> No.47554726

I don't trust myself enough to do it. But usage of that thing that fixes all damage, the thing Ladybug does. I really want to explore limits of it. Wreck shit out of city, wreck more shit immediately after she uses it. Find its limits so I know how much can I finally let loose w
I thought worrying

Speaking of:

I unclaim any jumps I claimed except for Transistor, due to lack of time... And memory what else I claimed

>> No.47554738

if memory serves the generic magical girl jump has something similar if you want to do that kind of thing

>> No.47554794

> Fans of H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds and Japanese hentai rejoice

>> No.47554804

pick up aggression genetic infusion invader Zim, go pink tide in generic magical girl, now there's like 2 billion dragons following you

>> No.47554840

195. Minecraft
Background: Miner (-50)
Bonus Chest, Hardcore
Biome: Cold Taiga
Perks: Strength of Steve, Inventory of Steve+Inventory Tweaks (-200), Stamina of Steve (-200) Mystcraft (-600)
Items: 2 Resource Pack (-50), Monster Spawner (-200)
Multiplayer Server (-200)
Drawbacks: Skyblock (+200), Mo' Creatures+Mo' Creatures Peaceful Fauna Edition (+300)

I thank Jumpchan every day for toggle, because I know what it's like to miss being able to feel hungry or thirsty. That's one of those things that the chain sneaks up on you: missing basic human needs. I've been post-human arguably since jump 2, but now I feel like some weird battery for electricity and magic. Cold hasn't really bothered me since Sims. I spent my first 20 days in this jump standing still and thinking.

Oh well, at least I'm stranded on a floating archipelago controlled by giant monsters. That really just makes me feel like a person instead of an existential crisis. I can distract myself by raiding Mystcraft worlds for supplies, those are affected by drawbacks too. We're taking this world, together. Because there's not enough of it to live separately. Infinite food and drink perks for all. I guess this jump ended up pretty relaxing and methodical. Sunbathing in the Nether, the jump.

>> No.47554957

I've lived 20'000 years and thus objectively am more alive then them.

>> No.47555036 [SPOILER] 

> objectively am more alive then them.
> Not realizing your existence is no more valid than others
> Not understanding reality is an illusion that inevitably collapses.
> Not knowing you are only dust waiting to be scattered.

>> No.47555065

Could I use Doormaker to open up a portal to the inside of SCP-1733?

>> No.47555105

Disdidia has a dragon egg that you can buy. I think it is the child of the world eating dragon if I recall correctly.

>> No.47555126

that depends on whether or not it's an actual place, which it might not be.

>> No.47555149

Damn it feels good to be a pacifist.

>> No.47555150

>20'000 years

You're still a kid.

Who here is a million years old or older?

>> No.47555157


Dimensional Breach Controller is a way more helpful for this, since it can be programmed to reach not physical planes.

>> No.47555158

I had a gun at 11 years old. A shotgun my dad bought me. I hunted with that gun for years.

>> No.47555164

>who here took the Alcor perk?

>> No.47555172

Considering that are a lot of criminal gangs running around armed with guns or with magical monsters that could destroy entire cities as their slaves, I don't think that the gun is such a bad idea.

>> No.47555179

What is alcor from? Also question about drawbacks here. If I take a drawback that spawns undead but I have perks that allow me to control undead what happens?

>> No.47555187

Sweet. Thanks anon! And kudos for teaching Supes the wisdom of dodging!

>> No.47555228

Drawbacks beat perks that directly contradict them, so your perks won't prevent them from doing anything the drawback specifically has them doing. So if it says "undead spawn and come after you", your perk won't stop them.

>> No.47555352

>Tell me, what makes a single one of them worth less than you?

Nothing we are all invaluable and unique. Everyone's lives are precious beyond measure.

I just don't really give a fuck.

>> No.47555411

When everyone is special, no-one will be?

>> No.47555443

Syndrome get out.

...I should make an Incredibles jump.

>> No.47555453

>When everyone is special, no-one will be?
When I don't even know these people, what do I care about their unique lives?

>> No.47555509

I didn't say it was I just said that the authorities might not approve of a mystery 11-year-old with an unlicensed firearm, drop-in means he has no place or experience with this world.

>> No.47555524

Remember that this is Pokemon, where they regularly send children out to die in the wilderness as a rite of passage.

>> No.47555528

Can someone explain the unit companions in SC Terran? So I can freely import a single companion, then pay 50cp/per additional? Or pay 50cp + Cost for a generic unit, right?

Am I correct in this understanding?

>> No.47555542


>> No.47555660

R8 or approve my sims 3 build.

+200 Choice Points - Error 12
+200 Choice Points - Technophobe

>Perks: 1000 Choice Points
Free - Always Hiring
Free - Genius
Free - Disciplined

Discounted, -100 Choice Points - Athletic
Discounted, -100 Choice Points - Charismatic
Discounted, -100 Choice Points - Eccentric
Discounted, -100 Choice Points - No Bills Ever
Discounted, -200 Choice Points - Seduction Master

-400 Choice Points - Irresistible

>Perks acquired during the Jump
Gained through Effort - Fighting Style: You are a trained in the Black Tiger-Style Sim(Kung) Fu, or Heihuquan, a Chinese unarmed martial art. You are at the highest level of skill of the school, capable of focusing chi into your attacks. You are qualified to teach it, and are able to improve other people's martial arts more quickly. You are better at sparring and matches than usual.

Gained through Effort - Master of Meditation: You can, by spending time meditating, you gain a period of meditative focus at a ratio of about 5:8 to a maximum of 4 hours, during which you experience a state of zen, improved skill growth, and greater work quality. You also can, in exchange of 30 minutes of focus, instantly teleport any location that's visible to you via Tranquil Transference.

>Items: 0 Choice Points
>Items acquired during the Jump
Gained through Effort - A Large Collection of Cut Gems: A large and varied number of cut gems.
Gained through Effort - A Large Collection of Uncut Gems: A large and varied number of uncut gems.

---Ending: Onto the next jump

>> No.47555678

>Dat spoiler

>> No.47555689


>> No.47555732


>> No.47555747

>gained through effort
Sorry, you'll have to explain this a little bit more. Are these things from the game itself that you're devoting yourself to picking up?

>> No.47555787

Yes. What else would they be?

>> No.47555796


>> No.47555837


>> No.47555847

>wanting to enlighten humanity with the certain knowledge they'll fuck it up because all your choices come and go at the behest of an uncaring, callous master

But-other than the obvious, we're actually not sure about this. The Herald background from SMT says we've apparently served for "time immemorial" but it's not clear exactly how long that is.

I think that's correct, yes.

>> No.47555894

If you insist, Anon... I admit I already started thinking of backgrounds and powers to include...

>> No.47555934

Long as I can get my super suit - I need my super suit!

>> No.47555975

But of course. Super suits are important, and remember: NO CAPES! Wonder if I should have an entire seperate designer background...

>> No.47555988

Could be some of the drop-in perks, unless you have other ideas for it.

>> No.47556005

I don't know about an entire background, because it'd be hard to balance with the others. I mean, I can see it working, especially if you add in some psychology perks ("you are Elastigirl!"), but it's going to be a struggle.

>> No.47556023

Yeah, think I'll put the fashion/suit stuff and the government agent stuff in Drop-In for now. Might split it off in its own thing if I get enough ideas for it.

Probably going to have backgrounds and powers separate... But I'll see. At the barest outlines right now, really need to rewatch the movie.

>> No.47556075

Can you add in a Cape related drawback? Like you are forced to wear a cape whenever your superhero-ing but instead of being flowy and majestic it just gets caught under your feat and on dangerous equipment.

>> No.47556081

Going to do a "When Everyone is Special..." drawback that gives out your perks to people?

>> No.47556098

Those are both great. Will do.

>> No.47556220

clown drawback *shudders*

What >>47555228 said. But it's possible for perks that don't directly contradict the drawback to assist you.
So the drawback "undead come after you" can't be stopped by just controlling them, or being impossible to find. But if you have perks that make you good at fighting undead, or give you magic that just happens to be good for blasting undead with, then those would still help (at least a bit).

>> No.47556355

I wonder how she would feel about Batman's cape.

>> No.47556388

>not investing in breakaway capes

>> No.47556407

Jumpers! How many of you have taken companions from Touhou?
Who are they?

>> No.47556436


Is it odd that I kind of want to see if it's possible to convince Syndrome to develop robotic capes with a basic AI designed to adjust to avoid issues capes might cause while attacking people trying to use it to cause trouble for the person whose suit it's attached to?

Mostly because the idea of getting Syndrome to add 'one up the super fashion industry' seems amusing to me.

>> No.47556454

Presumably, she would call it tacky, and demand she redesign the entire thing.

When every dresses as a super, no one dresses as a super?

>> No.47556457

I considered Cirno, but then decided she was too dumb. Not even INT boost perks could stop her brain from melting on the chain.
Was that cold of me?

>> No.47556466

You're missing the "I've got to be the one?", "Wisp Brigade" and "Unleash the Greeed" drawbacks mentioned in the gear section.

>> No.47556529

Suika Ibuki. 40% of gold that I made using alchemy is spend on alcohol for her. In worm she was on Bad side there where not even one shop with alcohol that she didn't rob of alcohol.

>> No.47556540

I never asked for this.

>> No.47556543

>Was that cold of me?

>> No.47556570

We rely on her too much.

>> No.47556574

Freeze! Your puns are going to get a cool reception here. I'm asking you icely to stop.

>> No.47556582

My bench of named companions is twenty deep, and there isn't one not!child on that list.

You chose your fate.

>> No.47556607

Not too surprising.
Does she do the 'disappointed teacher' act whenever she has to write away your fuck-ups?

>> No.47556609

Now you're just stoking the fires of contention, and making me hot under the collar. If you don't turn down the flame, you're gonna get burned.

>> No.47556641

After a few hundred years she knows when to preemptively deploy the disappointed teacher act

>> No.47556689

Remilia Scarlet, Girlycard, Evangeline A.K. McDowell, and Arcueid Brunestud who is not really a loli but the point stands.

>> No.47556714

>fashion/suit stuff and the government agent stuff in Drop-In for now.
Eh, if I get Edna's tech and the Agent's amnesia beam I fine.

>> No.47556825

All of those will be in there, no worries.

>> No.47556860

I can only hope there will be a Drawback:
WHERE'S MY SUPER SUIT?! - You constantly misplace vital pieces of gear at critical moments.

>> No.47556861

>Arcueid Brunestud
Not lolis.

>> No.47556992 [SPOILER] 

My point stands.
Send help.

>> No.47557196

You have no one else to blame but yourself

>> No.47557268

Hey jc, CleanupAnon here.

Kung Fury jump is finished, or atleast I hope so. Version 1.0 now.

>> No.47557300

>You have no one else to blame but yourself
I know... I regret my life decisions, We are the dead, a wasted youth is worse by far than a wise and productive old age

>> No.47557344

Flamio, my good hotman.

>> No.47557391

>Is This Ze Police
I never knew that I needed this perk so badly.

>> No.47557423

This is a great start. The perks and items really represent the source material, and it made me smile to read all this.

However, there are a bunch of spelling errors in this. I'm on my phone so I can't dig into the doc the way it needs to be done, but yeah it needs some spelling and grammar editing.

Other than that, this is great. Thanks for putting this together, anon. You done good.

>> No.47557464


I aim to please.

Damn. Thought I got everything. Welp, time to correct my spelling. Again. God, I suck at actually writing correctly.

Thanks through.

>> No.47557508

Same here. It makes me wonder if I can figure out a way use it to punch people in the face over the Internet. Don't say Real Eater

>> No.47557582


Would getting a giant phone, a giant gun, and a cloning ability followed by having one you enter the giant gun as a bullet and having another you pull the trigger thus firing bullet you at them over the internet fist first work?

>> No.47557642


Drawbacks: Kung Face, Yeah. That's My Bicep, Valley of the Laser-Raptors, True Survivor (1600)


Asgard, Viking Age

Hardcore Hacking Mode (Free)
Technobabble (Free)
Hacking Into... (1500)
Trace That Call (1300)
Hack Wounds (1000)
Keyboard and Powerglove (950)
Room full of computers (800)
You're The Best Damn Partner I've Ever Had (0)
Clothes (Free)
Gun: Barrel Replica (Free)

It's kind of telling that the most familiar thing to us in our entire stay here is the ancient drinking hall of the Norse gods, and the second most familiar thing is the army of bandits mounted of raptors trying to kill us.

Because this place is...weird.

Really, really weird.

Fuck, did Hackerman just...hack through time and space? That's not how time, space or hacking is supposed to work! T̴H͏̨A̵Ţ̷̛'̡S̸͟ N͞ÒT̛́ ͞͠HO̡͟͢Ẃ͟ ͢͠A̴̕͟N̢Y҉͜T͝҉͢H̡̛I͠N̶̛Ģ̨ Į̨͝S ͟͢S̶̡Ų͢͜P̴̷P͡O̵̧͠S̨É҉D҉ ̴͝͡T̶҉O͝ ͢W̸͏̸O҉R͟K̷.̡̀͢

Okay, okay technically there /are/ circumstances when you /can/ hack time and space but those involve much, MUCH higher tech tier equipment than a basement full of shitty '80s computers. This doesn't make sense, and we're damn well going to science it until it does.

At least Odin's having a nice nostalgia tri-whelp, Odin just got Thor to hammer a hole through time and space, and they've run off to hunt dinosaurs or something. This is the worst part, knowing this world actually RUNS on bad physics.

Grrr. Restrain rage, focus on science. We might as well finish setting up, marketing and patenting that rune & menhir computer system we always meant to finish but didn't have time to. At least THAT follows COHERENT, RATIONAL, DETERMINISTIC systems of operation instead of just happening because...'80s.

Because there has to be SOMETHING in this world that makes some modicum of sense to us, even if that something is technovikings.

>> No.47557753

I think it's obvious that I need to give Kung Fury access to Spiral Power. You know, for science.

>> No.47557875

Glorious. Simply glorious to the max.

Oh god. I just imagined someone using this ability in WoD.

>> No.47557894

>Ass weat
You may want to invest in better file names.

>> No.47558000

Actually, you're the first person to bring that up...ever. Not a bad idea, though

A slightly worse idea than giving fire ants access to jam.

Only slightly, mind you.

The Exarchs would freak out, and start blaming each other for coming up with some unforeseen ploy

The Aeons would be offended, irritated or mildly entertained depending on who's being shouted at

And who even knows what the God-Machine or Principle would do. They'd probably send assloads of angels/qashmallim to investigate though.

>> No.47558042

Then it's quite obvious what I must do with such an ability.
Write and then sing an epic rock ballad containing all their names.

>> No.47558063

I assume it's the usual +600 limit for drawbacks, but it's probably a good idea to specify in the jump.

>> No.47558114


Huh. I probably should, yeah. Meant to put that in there, forgot at some point... Through I don't actually care much if people take more.

>> No.47558159

...So, in RWBY...

The Dust for dummies book is what we buy to get dust post-jump rigth?

>> No.47558194

It says you can make substitutes, but for the real deal you'd probably need the Catalytic Converter.

>> No.47558205

Pretty much. Through the Dust Kit and the Catalytic Converter work too, depending on how much you need.

>> No.47558214

Hope so, my build is already strained as is. Had to drop buying Aura...

>> No.47558215

Or just take the dust blood perk and use leeches or something to refine it back into dust.

>> No.47558280

You mean the book to give others Aura?

>> No.47558311

No, buying the unlocked aura and semblance.

'Aura for everybody' is a training book, mastery just lets you /graft/ your aura into into non-living things.

Pretty sure you can awaken other's Aura if someone tells you how

>> No.47558464

>/graft/ your aura into into non-living things.
Speaking of which.

RWBY Weapons: what's yours?
I took Grimmoire, the hammer/bookstand/magic grimm book.

Then modded it to hell and back with Remnant's science/craft perks (only/frist ones i had)
Now the giant hammer has:
Axe blades
Chainsaws in front back and upper sides
Two sets of rockets forwards and backwards
Flame and lighting Dust enhacements
Chains and launchers to divide and shoot itself
Retractable Tenderizer-style spikes
Rocker launcher
Sniper rifle

And enough weigth to make the student-lauchers and beacon malfunction awkwardly.

>> No.47558503

That sounds like it would be clumsy to the point of uselessness.

>> No.47558581

Which two Avatar elements would be best for a Craftsman!build?

I was thinking Fire&Earth, for obvious blacksmithing abilities, but Water&Earth has merit too.

>> No.47558639

Wait. I can totally use Mjolnir to send any foolish warriors who step forth to oppose me to the future where my evil is law, right?

I kinda feel like a dick for asking you this without even really saying anything of worth about Kung Fury, but what do you think a God Tier Prince of Void would get? I'm going with blasts that erase things from existence rather than just destroying them (though they're no more damaging than any other Classpect beam), which also unveil the truth of what they strike (ie illusions are broken rather than just passed through, shapechangers/masters of disguise are forced back to their true form, etc), and a general affinity for finding out secrets. Also, would Grimdarkness nerf this particular combination, or is it one of the ones that play well with Horrorterrors?

>> No.47558641

I just went with a a basic gun/sword combo. Both imported through, so it was still kinda ridiculous. But simple enough.

>> No.47558656

With Marvel speed, Prototypes strength, SL's black blood boost and a minor Telekinesis perk is actually pretty manageable.

Besides, it only needs to hit once and the sheer mass can pulp anything that isn't armored or already liquid.


>> No.47558679

I think when se said element he meant conventional ones like fire, earth or plants...

>> No.47558694 [DELETED] 

So with Red gone, does that mean we can go back and edit his jump so they've got better quality? Kind of sad to leave them next to the good stuff and make people think its acceptable.

>> No.47558695

Fire and Earth, I think. Firebending is the canonical metalworking power and is good for all kinds of applications, especially when you get into lightning. Earth is good for basically everything else.

>> No.47558702


Don't forget the book that can reproduce Grimm's attacks, like a feather machinegun or what have you.

>> No.47558703


Oddly enough probably Fire and something besides Earth.

Metalbending has a lot of odd limits on what metals it can effect, which means that even if you upgrade earthbending to metalbending you have a good chance of it being useless for a craftsman!build beyond whats basically sculpting.

>> No.47558713

...I know. That was a question for SBURB.

>> No.47558717

Not heavy, clumsy. As in it wouldn't have balance worth a shit, so it would hit with much less power and accuracy than it should.
With the perk combo you pointed out you would be better off just punching or kicking people.

>> No.47558720

which jump?

>> No.47558728

Imported my FF sword. Now it's a swordwhip/rifle. What's that, Lightning? Not skilled enough to use a gunblade? Well fuck you, and fuck your gunblades!

>> No.47558738

Don't feed the troll.
It's trying to kill jumpchain.

>> No.47558751

Not that anon, but since when has practicality been a priority for Jumpers?

>> No.47558755

Went to Darkstalkers and took that Parting Gift drawback and made them a Demon Weapon when i got to Soul Eater. Then used the import option to combine them with Pandora's Box (DMC), Goln Nova (Slayers), and Nihil Forma (Persona).

>> No.47558756

can Mjölnir also open portals into the past?

white death chain sword from LoT combined with a necron gauss flayer, big, and dust chamber.

>> No.47558767

Stop feeding it. Just ignore.

>> No.47558769

Full Metal Panic's pretty bare bones and crummy, Bayonetta doesn't reflect the setting's power at all, God of War's backgrounds are just messed up and OC, MCU could use a serious update with all the new movies and the progression in Agents of Shield...

Seriously, how did he get away with this?

>> No.47558770

All of them obviously, We can't leave gems like the original Hitman Reborn lying in the refuse pile that is Red's Jumps.
You're replying to a frequent troll. It's more likely that Red hasn't left.

>> No.47558772

You understand that you're feeding him too, right? And that this message is also feeding him? Seriously, this is the last time I'm going to reply to you - if you genuinely want to get rid of him, stop posting about him. Don't even acknowledge that he exists.

>> No.47558782

not how this stuff works also could you be a dear and fuck off as far away as you can?

>> No.47558785

Oh, God, I still think I have the original saved somewhere for posterity. Have we ever had a worse Jump?

>> No.47558786

Commit Sudokku to reclaim your honor.

>> No.47558791

What was it like?

>> No.47558795

Probably not any worse, though there have been a few comparable ones floating around.

>> No.47558799

Yes, you can. You'd still need to make a future where your evil is law on your own through.

Sounds good, you'd also have more of a slant towards revealing secrets, instead of learning them.

You'd also have great skill at using secrets to destroy others, and /might/ be able to learn the 'destroy nothingness to create things' trick.

As for working with Grimdarkness... In some ways, it plays nice. In others, it really, really does not. Your destroying with Void powers would be augmented or left alone by it, while your 'destroy Void' powers would be pretty much entirely gone for the duration.

No. It can't. I think it specifically says so too? If not, I'll add that in more clearly.

>> No.47558812

>Kung Fury
Time Travel Escalation Loop, Kung Führer Wants to Claim The Throne, True Survivor, Valley of the Laser-Raptors, Yeah. That's my bicep., Hamtastic, Kung Face [2300]
>Starting Location
Nazi Germany, 1940s
We Are Not So Different [Freebie]
Nothing Can Stop Me And My Army Of Death [2200]
Is This Ze Police? [2000]
Jump Führer [1700]
Nazi Science [1300]
Norse God: Water [500]
Hardcore Hacking Mode [400]
Technobabble [300]
Hacking Into… [100]
I'm A Cop, From The Future [0]

I love the perks that allow you to put on stupid bluffs and make people believe them.

I'm Jumper, the greatest bullshitter that has ever lived.

>> No.47558816

Squirrel and Hedgehog. Coincidentally also by him. It's just more examples of how we're being fed manure and being told it's cultivated chocolate or some lie Red likes to pull on us.

>> No.47558817

Meh, part of the mods is a launchable pommel made of miniaturized mace.

I figured it would offset the weight.

Besides, Punching people wouldn't be as fun as going DDD on their ass. Sadly, Faunus can only be mammals...

>> No.47558837

Long story short, one background could get all 15 colors of Flame with no drawbacks. In a series where people normally have a single flame. Meanwhile, the other backgrounds were basically useless.

>> No.47558848

And you could by reality warping. Don't forget those rings you could buy to warp reality.

>> No.47558853


So basically the origin choices were 'You are God' and 'Your a moron if you picked this instead of the blatantly correct option'?

>> No.47558855

>Agent Puerto Rico

Is it a state now?

>> No.47558857

It actually let us keep up in the setting instead of smacking us down.

>> No.47558889

>You get the strongest Flame! 400 CP, student.
>You can stop your heart for three hours! 400 CP, everyone who isn't student.
Dear Jesus it's even worse then I remembered. So glad Red saved us from this shit.

>> No.47558892

Thank you.

Now I just need some shapeshifting, and I can start working on making the future that is Jumper a reality.

>> No.47558894

Still, isn't it a bit too cheap?

>> No.47558904

>It starts by letting you pick three
>Actually lets you buy more for 100/200 CP
I'm quite honestly surprised at how shit this is.

>> No.47558905

You know, SB has a drive for better versions of current jumps. You should totally try to get that masterpiece on there. The IRC illuminati won't let it on their drive but clearly the people on SB will see its surpassing quality.

>> No.47558908

If we can't keep up in the setting with the budget we're given, the jumpmaker is doing it wrong.

That was Red's first mistake, one he kept repeating.

>> No.47558917

I actually took 2 variable weapons:
- Halcyon Stray : practically a copy of a weapon I saw on Deviantart, its a sword/sniper combo with an alt-alt mode of machinegun/shotgun.

-Apex Shell: this one was a custom one, its a gauntlet with a rotary mechanism on the front extruding a 40cm blade cut into 2cm segments, allowing me to choose the length of blade i want to extend, and on the back there is a rotating track with Dust chambers on it (similar to Myrtenaster but with the Dust chambers arranged like the ammo-belt of Ember Calica) leading into a ejection chamber to make on-the-fly Dust mix.

If you want more precision, ask away.

>> No.47558922

I imported my Swiss Army Waifu, and now gun show puns are in the feedback loop. Our internal dialogue keeps revolving around her arms. We keep trying to hammer out serious discussion, but we just keep firing off jokes that cause our kids to recoil.
Poor tykes are going ballistic.

>> No.47558947


>> No.47558995

Soul/knowledge harvesting and a planet busting exterminatus. Some settings need a mercy kill when they get beyond the point of saving.

As the other anons advised, along with chowing down on the leviathans in purgatory.

Funny how the more things change the more they stay the same, eh?

King Arthur has a dragon drawback which becomes your companion at jump end. Skyrim has as many as you can stuff into pokeballs.


>Laughing Hourai Immortals.png

Given symbiote perception speed at 6.5 hours for every second, yes mentally.

Yukari, Yuka, Sanae, Byakuren.

>> No.47558998

>keep up with the setting
>Have everyone's unique special snowflake powers better than the original
So, are you this retarded all the time, or just when baiting?

>> No.47559014

>Fire and Earth
>Fire and not Earth

Well, I guess Fire is settled, but what about the second one?

Would Air be better than Earth? Or Water?

I suppose if I went Fire and Water, then I might be able to figure out how to cool metals in a way that's somehow superior to what's traditionally done and make them stronger for it.

>> No.47559027

>Student background: 100 CP
>Four extra Flames: +400 CP = 500 CP
>Sky2Earth: +150 CP = 650 CP
>Flames of Night: +200 CP = 850 CP
>Six Powers: +150 CP = 1000 CP
So no Drawbacks and you can literally buy all the superpowers in the entire setting. Christ, I know "worse than Bancho" is a meme now, but this is just pure garbage.

>> No.47559029


How do any of the non-student origins in Reborn's version or Reborn let you keep up with the setting?

>> No.47559037

Junko is a cute A CUTE!
I wouldn't mind podding her and giving her another child.

>> No.47559045

They don't.

He's trolling.

You dumbfucks keep feeding him.

>> No.47559054

Obviously you buy the Student background. Or you just stop your heart for three hours every time a bad guy shows up.

>> No.47559075

I consider this an opportunity. It's a chance to look back on our community, and see that for all the terrible things happening in our threads nowadays, at least we don't have to deal with the Reborn Jump any more.

>> No.47559100

Is she based on anyone or is she just an FO OC?

>> No.47559120

See >>47559037 and http://en.touhouwiki.net/wiki/Junko

>> No.47559128

So are Reborn and Mib the same person?
Because the Mib jumps are pretty shit-tier.

>> No.47559133

>Santa Prisca
>Agent Puerto Rico
>Etoile Islands native

Holy shit, is Vital Black Latino?

>> No.47559138 [SPOILER] 

Don't you people see? Turning everyone against eachother, feeding trolls, fostering idiocy...this could only be the work of one person!

>> No.47559146

Same, only mine was a rifle.

>> No.47559147

Yeah, they're the same person.

>> No.47559169

So what was Decade's deal besides effectively being a Kamen Jumper and having an evil future self?

>> No.47559184

Yes and yes.

>> No.47559197

>Puerto Rico
Does that even count?


>> No.47559205

Well for one thing, he usually had to kill the Kamen Rider of the worlds he went to for various reasons, he was meant to 'destroy' the A.R worlds by killing their riders, because the alternative was all of the universes merging into a super apocalypse
He was also really bad at photography

>> No.47559213

Well maybe we should convince him to surrender his grip on them so someone competent can turn them into something useful.

I suggest Red.

>> No.47559224

He already stole Warframe before leaving us like a coward, we're better off getting the guy who did Age of Ice.

>> No.47559225

Wait, is Odin a companion? Did you summon him in Extra or something?

>> No.47559227

>Yukari, Yuka, Sanae, Byakuren.
You have good taste, anon.
Youkai Jesus and Youkai Moe especially.
I think taking Yukari might be a bit much, though.

>> No.47559242

Well it's the future, it could be a state by then. I guess that explains his moral compass too.

>> No.47559244 [DELETED] 

Gonna stop you right there!
With this!

I was hoping to wait till next thread, but, it looks like y'all need some Kamen Rider Christ in your lives.
If nothing else, just reading the damn thing'll probably give you some time away from shitposting.
Except you probably don't care about jumping at all except as a way to get people riled up.[/spoiler[

>> No.47559251

>Not Kanako

>> No.47559255

>tries to run jump maker off with shitposting
>calls jump maker coward for not being in thread
Oh you.

>> No.47559257

Bitch, have you seen the Warframe jump WIP? It looks awesome so far.

>> No.47559270

I don't know what this is, but it looks neat so far!

>> No.47559292

Generic Horror has a perk that'll help you out. After all, you have a lot of mouths to feed.

>> No.47559299

You mean the same jumpmaker who yoinked Exalted and then disappeared?

>> No.47559331


>> No.47559354

Waiting till next thread, it looks like shit's a bit too loco for Rider right now.

>> No.47559360

>guy who did Age of Ice.
Is that a Babylon jump?
Looks like it.

>> No.47559375

you know. We had jumps dropped in thread, you assfucks.

And yet you'd rather feed the fucking troll.

Great job. Great fucking job. Way to show that you'd rather shower attention on the asshole than recognize OC.

>> No.47559392

Probably a good idea.

>> No.47559408

There are nine direct responses to the one complete Jump in the thread. Your rage is misplaced.

>> No.47559434

No, there was a Kamen Rider or KR'esq jump dropped: >>47559244

The shitposter and those unable to not respond to him ate it, though.

>> No.47559443

You signed up for this, anon. Take responsibility.

>> No.47559447

We had Kamen Rider dropped.

Did you even notice.
Oh wait, it's been deleted because the jumpmaker saw it wasn't going to derail shit.

Asshole's being shown he can impact content creation by continuing his shit.

>> No.47559452

He's probably working hard on Exalted. It's a big fucking setting.

Anyway, he's too busy to handle Reborn's Jumps, and Red's too busy with Warframe. Anyone else we'd like to see take over his Jumps? Especially Code Geass and Familiar of Zero?

>> No.47559457

I had Rider queued up but I'm getting the feeling that there's too much going on for it to get anythinb but maybe 3 posts if everyone'swhoever the fuck it is focused on trying to find the way to trigger the thread into dickery in the meantime
I still have it and I can toss it up, I just have no clue why I would at this point in time

>> No.47559461

Still lewd.

>> No.47559465

>B-but maybe I can convince him to stop shitposter despite two goddamn years doing nothing!

>> No.47559468

Those puns are bang'n.

>> No.47559485

Ah, well, I'd like to see a new Kamen Rider, but the thread's on autosage anyway. Posting new Jumps in autosage is dicey even when analinguist isn't in the thread.

>> No.47559504

Yeah, I'll wait. If it's any consolation, I can give a lil look-see at the Unlimited Colors scenario to tide you over.

>> No.47559527

>perk that lets you shoot people through phones
>perk that lets you become a humanoid dinosaur
>perks that lets you shoot with great accuracy, and through cover/without line of sight
It's everything I wanted from a Kung Fury jump, and them some.
This is incredible.

>> No.47559530

Great, time to open the can of worms.

You realize this is going to trigger people like Megacorp into demanding other jumps be remade, yes?

>> No.47559566

You realize their goal is to probably start a fight over that?

>> No.47559569

To be fair that Full Metal Panic jump needs a serious overhaul. And Ace Combat just plain sucks.

>> No.47559575

There are, as far as I'm aware, three sets of jumps which need to be redone by someone competent: Hellblazer, anything by Reborn, anything by Bancho. I'm OK with all of that happening.

>> No.47559587

Has anyone considered the possibility that AntiRed is Megacorp?

>> No.47559592

Glad to be of service.

Just trying to iron out typos/spelling errors now, and then it'll be ready for the drive.

>> No.47559600

Antired prime predates the spacebattles immigrants, though as more of them have shown up in thread this place has gotten progressively worse.

>> No.47559621

How bad an idea is giving out the following to the following?
>>Akiko: Kamen_Rider Jet advanced Showa package with the addition of Superman Invulnerability, speed , strength And flight.

>>Watcherman:Kamen_Rider spy advanced Showa package with the addition of anarchy reigns Drones upgraded for longer range and invisibility, at will ring of invisibility, heads up display for controlling drones, at longer range.

>>Santa:Kamen_Rider workshop= delineated crafting + samples of a great many materials)+(FMA alchemy+ truth dark+star generator)= building nearly anything he can imagine and see everything he can build

>>Queen and Elizabeth: Kamen_Rider twins advanced Showa package, collapsible indestructible Vorpal swords , fountain shields without firing capacity, additional set of arms which only appear when transformed.

>>Detective Jinno : Kamen_Rider handcuffs: advanced Showa package, with the addition of replicated chains of Hashut on each arm and a copy of the scarab gun.

>> No.47559632

Drawbacks (+1300CP): Hamtastic, Kung Face, Yeah. That's my bicep, Valley of the Laser Raptors, True Survivor, Kung Fuhrer Wants To Claim The Throne.

Origin: Cop
Location: Asgard, Viking Age

I'm A Cop From The Future (100)
You Got A Permit For Those? (Free)
Sudden Appearance (Free)
I Came Back In Time For You (400)
You're The Best Damn Partner I Ever Had (800)
Hardcore Hacking Mode (900)
Hacking Into (1100)
Trace That Call (1500)
We Are Not So Different (1600)
Is This Ze Police? (2000)

It ain't easy being viking cop. Certainly not when the crime rate has spiked due to a sudden increase of laser raptors, the punks who ride them, and the nazis who also ride them while coming to cause trouble at the precinct. There is in addition the issue that I am the only cop for miles. Nevertheless, justice must be done and I will construct a new birdcage to hold all of these lawless scoundrels until a time that the gods can convene their trials.

Thank you friend anon. I can't help but take yukari, even for all the trouble it's caused. Love is blind, but she has eyes for days.

I invited her but she wanted to work her faith racket more now that competition was going to be out of the way. Sanae is already in the mind of a go to another world protagonist and not bound by common sense.

>> No.47559634

And here I was thinking it was just summer in here.

Spacebattles is now actively trying to destroy us.

>> No.47559641

Oh my god the items are fantastic too
>free import of a weapon to make it never have to reload
>import a gun to make it ALWAYS hurt like getting shot in the dick would hurt, even against alien gods
>100 cp for either a huge wolf mount or a fucking LASER RAPTOR mount

I only see a couple.
"Arian Mustache" should be "Aryan Mustache." You're also missing a space in that description, "ofcourse" is two words.

>> No.47559664

It's a perfect storm: antired is more active than normal, it is summer, and the spacebattles kids come over here to act rambunctious.

>> No.47559669

>Sanae is already in the mind of a go to another world protagonist and not bound by common sense.
Poor girl see what allowing her to follow you has lead to. She is going to turn into a Chuunibyou at this rate.

>> No.47559675

Scatovore has been clinging to this thread ever since his favorite jump ever got replaced by one which was actually competent. At least, I think it's the same guy. It might actually be someone new, and we're just confusing him with our old troll because they're equally stupid.

>> No.47559678


That'd be funny to see, honestly, I think he could swing it, just expect him to maybe use them for his blog

All the good little boys and girls of Fuuto are gonna get some badass shit this christmas.

>The Twins: I can't actually tell you if they'd be up for fighting but I think they'd appreciate the capability, they're pretty typically highschool girl-ish anyways

>Detective Jinno: G3 intensifies, Ryuji wondering why he STILL barely does anything against the dopants

>> No.47559689

>Ace Combat sucks
Ayo, fuck you.

>> No.47559695

We are gonna die.


>> No.47559715

Care to give reasons why you say that for ace combat? I'd like some logical reasons before I make a judgement. It looks fine to me.

>> No.47559725

Dat name. . .

>> No.47559730

He has no logical reason, mate.

Look at every post he's made before that one.

>> No.47559735

Another few I see:
first Hackerman perk
>You can tap keys on your keyboard really fast at
random, to type out ridiculous amounts of code in a short amount of timr.

Laser-Raptor hunter
>Of course, if you needed to shoot other things too, you could but this
same training to work then.
Unclear sentence?
>Now you may riddle them with bodies from behind a hill
I think you mean 'bullets' not 'bodies'. Though shooting bodies at people would be pretty sick, too.

>> No.47559739

Summer is always a special time to be on 4chins.

>> No.47559749

>Unlimited colors scenario
Uh, I mean, that would be great, thanks.

>> No.47559752

Question about the Symbiote jump, is 'This is What You Think of as a Good Idea?' really as bad as it sounds? I've been reading through Symbiote, just got up to the point where A and B are introduced, and they don't seem that bad; definitely not worse than Bob or the U.S government coming after me

>> No.47559753

I believe this one isn't the same person but I'm a bit of an optimist.

>> No.47559760

Except traffic doesn't increase during summer as per mute.

You just chalk up normal every day retard to being summer. Because you're retarded.

>> No.47559762

That gun is the best thing ever. It's the ultimate answer to "how do I kill [insert overpowered entity here]" - namely, "nobody gives a shit, but let me tell you how to shoot them in the dick."

>> No.47559765

Your optimism hurts all of us, nineball.

>> No.47559774

Thanks. There's more, but I'm at it. Probably going to repost it next thread.

Fun, isn't it?

>> No.47559785



Evil laughter.gif

>>That'd be funny to see, honestly, I think he could swing it, just expect him to maybe use them for his blog

Part of the plan.

>>All the good little boys and girls of Fuuto are gonna get some badass shit this christmas.

Excellent, the various giftgiving holidays are some of my favorite, and as a former Santa myself he deserves it.

>The Twins: I can't actually tell you if they'd be up for fighting but I think they'd appreciate the capability, they're pretty typically highschool girl-ish anyways

I know, I just feel bad for these people getting involved with all this stuff and one meaning so helpless, it's unfair and I always do my best to fix unfairness.

>Detective Jinno: G3 intensifies, Ryuji wondering why he STILL barely does anything against the dopants

That's only partially the idea, he serves justice and deserves to be more than comic relief, and through the knowledge of Dr.Beetle he will.

>> No.47559786

I like it better than Antired. He's a shit-eater who stirs up shitstorms so he can feast on them. Why not call him what he is?

>> No.47559804

Welp, that's what I'm calling the cunt from now on.

I like it.

>> No.47559823

Where were you when /jc/ died?

>> No.47559825

Just for you, anon~

>> No.47559853

Spacebattles are a bunch of little cunts.

Like I heard about this one dickwaffle who decided that when I ruled in the Eragon jump "You can't learn the True Names of people, or of Magic" that that didn't count for the True Name of the Ancient Language

Which IS the True Name of Magic in Eragon.

>> No.47559873


>> No.47559881

We ain't dead yet bro.

>> No.47559885

Yeah, I've seen that cap too. But moot wasn't always the most forthcoming and honest of guys, and no one who has a couple of 4chan summers thinks that things don't get worse during summer.

So, I appreciate you're trying to start shit, but I won't be responding past this reply.

Here's your (You)

>> No.47559887

We aren't going to die you overdramatic cunt.

No matter how bad people wish it.

>> No.47559900

Standing at the ready with my diamonds. True Resurrection, bitch.

>> No.47559901

They're physical reality warpers who are so far beyond humans in thought/intelligence they might as well be an alien species. Their goals are to manage the human race and keep it from killing themselves off as a species. You are now their lackey who they will condescend to and never bother to explain while looking at you as a late jumper would a 2 year old demanding to know about the secret fun stuff.

>> No.47559908


We're already dead.

He's already won.

Even if everyone here proceeded to ignore him completely, new people and people who haven't been here in a while would come in and not know who he is and keep replying.

And telling people not to reply to him is STILL giving him attention. The more you shout "DON'T LOOK OVER THERE" the more folks will look.

Nothing but an outright ban can stop him at this point, and he's got protection of some kind.

We are the dead.

>> No.47559925

Didn't they do that in the last book?
I never actually read it though, only through the third, so I might be wrong.
So it might not be given to you with the perk, but it might be possible to work towards.

>> No.47559948

>Just finished reading it
Digger, this is...really good. Dead serious, I could see this as an actual movie or show in the series(depending on how you handle the fight with the WISP brigade). I really, really enjoy it. And I'm definitely going to take it. You did an awesome job man.

>> No.47559951

They did, and it was completely fucking retarded. Galbatorix turned himself into a Nuclear Bomb
That is not a joke.

>> No.47559956

Or we could just ignore the people who reply to him and go along our merry way instead of letting him control the thread by proxy. Have you considered that maybe you're the problem?

>> No.47559970

Well then, why the fuck are you still here? Get lost.

>> No.47559979

>Galbatorix turned himself into a Nuclear Bomb
[standing intensifies]

>> No.47559989

What is the point of that ruling anyway? With Inheritance magic you can do almost anything with enough energy and the ancient language is just a crutch to make it less dangerous.

>> No.47559994

It becoming more retarded is kind of why I stopped reading it, yes. And avoid that jump though I might just unleash a Zerg swarm/stomp it utterly late-chain
But hey, if it's canon, and they want to do stuff that's done in canon, is there really a problem? Even if said canon is idiotic?

>> No.47560009

>Be cyborg-jumper
>have nano-machines more important than blood
>be so heavily augmented you could pass for an Engiseer if you shed your artificial skin
>Have 40% of memories spread out across various brain impants
>Roll Harry Potter jump
How the fuck am I supposed to survive Hogwarts? Should I just decline the letter and try to find a tutor?

>> No.47560010

Wasn't it to prevent full-blown reality warping on a Capital-G God scale?

>> No.47560021


>> No.47560024

Use an organic altform.

>> No.47560039

What are you talking about? It's Dresden magic that's a threat to tech, not HP magic.

>> No.47560048

Hogwarts apparently has an anti-tech field.

>> No.47560068

Wait, the True Names of the Ancient Language, and Magic are the same word?

I doesn't matter to me, really, but I thought that they were separate.

I guess it makes sense though, otherwise everybody in the setting woulda been scrambling around for TWO words, instead of just the one.

Nah man, it's in the Notes. Completely unattainable, due to how ball-bustingly OP and hax it is.

Yeah, but with the Ancient Language, you could learn the True Names of people/entities, and bend them to your will, pretty easily.

Wild magic is completely unable to do that.

Having the True Name of Magic is like having an I Win button on hand at all times.

Take the Technomage/Startup Wizard perk.
Also, just wank that it doesn't instagib you because Jumpchan cares about you.

It's not like she'd drop you anywhere that would instantly kill you.

HP magic fucks with even basic technological devices.

Hogwarts is so enchanted that even compasses get fucked up the butt.
Anything more complex just doesn't work.

>> No.47560093

>compasses don't work in Hogwarts

So, wait, let me get this straight.


>> No.47560098

What. Are you serious? I don't remember that.
Oh, that's going to fuck with my build...

>> No.47560100

You see the thing that wouldn't really stop you if you were determined enough, which is really the dumbest part of Galb's plan. The ancient language is nothing more than a limiting factor or your magic to keep it from going wild and you can just do whatever you want with out it.

Galb spent so much time on the True Name but any thing he could have done with it could also be done with determination and sufficiently a clear mind.

>> No.47560113

>HP magic fucks with even basic technological devices.
>Hogwarts is so enchanted that even compasses get fucked up the butt.
>Anything more complex just doesn't work

But what if I bought Technomagic?

>> No.47560119

You still need to THINK in the Ancient Lanague to do it, saying it aloud is the crutch.


Hogwarts has a field that fucks with electrical items. We never hear about this happening anywhere else in HP.
I've always assumed it's due to just how fucking Old Hogwarts is, and how long Magic has been accumulating there.

If your shit doesn't work on Electrical energy, or you can modify it as such, it's no problem.

They are the same word. Because of how the Ancient Language came to be. It's complicated.

>Even compasses get fucked
The fuck are you talking about? Harry's fucking Watch works fine.
The Compass thing is because Hogwarts is "Unplotable". It's a spell that hides a place from maps, or anything that could help map it.

He's right, but for the wrong reason.

>> No.47560130

No, it was just one guy being a pendantic rules lawyering asshat. Because apparently SB just plain doesn't get the idea that trying to rules lawyer a purely fluff based system is idiotic and actively spites jumpmakers.

>> No.47560139

if I take the scenario how long will it take for the city to recover? There is a lot of other stuff I want to get done and I'm not going to be able to do it if Fūto isn't back on its feet

>> No.47560140

We'll,lol, there's no actual proof of such. And the only person to say anything of the sort is Hermione, who would probably take anything she read in a book as gospel. So, you could fanwank it away...

>> No.47560156

Not that anon, but I think it's mentioned offhandedly by Hermoine in one of the later books. Something about how a computer wouldn't work in Hogwarts due to the high levels of magic.

> even basic tech
Cars and trains seem to work just fine.

>> No.47560158

That place is space warped all to hell.
North is not always north.

Remember to mod your stuff /before/ you get to school.

>> No.47560161

Fuck me, I remember that now.

Still, I'm pretty sure HP Magic does /something/ to tech. And it ain't good.

>> No.47560179

I said what. ELECTRICAL items don't work. Even then an enchanted Car works fine.
Everything else is fine.

>> No.47560197

To be fair, we seem to be all about spiting jumpmakers lately.

>> No.47560214

It was mentioned that Arthur basically took it apart, enchanted all the bits and then put it back together again.

Somehow he still doesn't know how to say electricity.

>> No.47560229

It's not widespread destruction, honestly.
About a month or two tops to recover, it's not like Fuuuto tower is being exploded or something.

>> No.47560235

That is super sexy, although now I need to do the Rider Jumps in order.

Any suggestions on who to spite next? Its a joke, silly.

>> No.47560245

HP magic doesn't naturally fuck up tech, Hogwarts is just specifically designed to.

>> No.47560248

I'm aware, but I didn't want someone yelling at me "You're wrong, Arthur's car worked".
It's Electrical Items that don't work at Hogwarts. Non-electrical technology works fine.

>> No.47560264

Well, I mean you could conceivably fly out to Africa and teach some villager kid how to take apart and maintain a water purifier without ever having to explain the science of it, so it's not that unbelievable.

>> No.47560271

My headcanon on that is that he's only seen the word in text or talking to other wizards who make the same mistake. It's the equivalent of a weaboo who keeps mispronouncing all the names and terms because he only reads the manga.

>> No.47560281

Well, good thing I've been investing in gearpunk bullshittery since GG.

HAHAHHAHAHAAHA, gearpunk technomagic empire is go!

>> No.47560286

>Not using Crystal based technology

>> No.47560294


>> No.47560302

Anon, don't remind me that the Protoss Jump is just a dream.

>> No.47560303

There's regularly fifty to sixty IPs on these threads. I can tell you that at least one of them doesn't engage in all that.

>> No.47560304


To be fair Arthur's car technically didn't make it to Hogwarts, just the area nearby it. So it might not have reached whatever messes with electronics.

>> No.47560306

Okay /jc/ I have a shitton of physical power now, but still don't really have any Conceptual powers.
What're some good jumps to start getting Conceptual-level abilities?

>> No.47560320

That still happens to me even if I know the correct pronunciations.

I just keep stumbling over words when talking.

>> No.47560326

Personally, my hes canon is that it just fucks with wireless shit. Computers and such still work, as long as everything is hard wired.

>> No.47560330

He also doesn't now how Muggle Money works, or how Muggles Dress. He's better than most wizards on the dressing part, but he's still out of place.

It made it to the Whomping Willow, which is on Hogwarts grounds.

>> No.47560338


>> No.47560341

Dr Dinosaur plz

>> No.47560344

No you don't actually need to think it either, it is completely possible to do whatever you want with Inheritance magic (besides create from nothing or raise the dead) without using the ancient language at all.

It is just that such magic is way to dangerous to try and use, in the books only Eragon ever does it and he is treated like a reckless idiot for even doing it once.

Way back when before the books started, long before they started, magicians were running around doing whatever with magic and making really big messes whenever their errant thoughts made the magic go "wonky". One guy decided to tie magic to his language to create a much more controlled way of using it but people can still use it in the old way too.

The big benefit of the "True Name of the Ancient Language" is that you can use the entire language to construct your spells in a single word, in practice this lets you use magic almost as freely as they did in the old days but with out the risks of having it go off the deep end.

>> No.47560349

Arguably Ineffable from Eva does that. It's the weird-shit angel capstone, not the fitan-shit angel capstone.

>> No.47560352

>He's better than most wizards on the dressing part
Hey now, don't talk shit about Archie. He likes his healthy breeze.

>> No.47560358

>It made it to the Whomping Willow, which is on Hogwarts grounds.
You mean crashed in it.

>> No.47560365

Girl Genius.

>> No.47560376

Any Fate/ Jump.
Really. Just, all of them.

>or how Muggles Dress
And yet Ministry agent who need to work among Muggles are perfectly capable of blending in. They can even drive, and well.

Is Arthur Weasley autistic?

>> No.47560379

No. You need to think in the Ancient Language. That's how the "Grey folk", or whatever they are called, bound Magic.

It wasn't one guy, it was their entire species. They disappeared after they did that, presumably the cost of the change to Magic Itself killed them.

And then drove itself away.

>> No.47560388

That's just NP though, right?

>> No.47560393

My god.
The car crashed itself, because attained sentience.

The technomagical singularity is here.

>> No.47560411

>Is Arthur Weasley autistic?
Most wizards seem to be.

>> No.47560414

You didn't know the Car became like a Feral Animal? It shows up later in the 2nd book, on its' own, and saves Harry and Ron from the Giant Spiders.

>> No.47560417

Just being a Servant gives a bunch of conceptual bullshit.

>> No.47560434

I finally pieced it together.
I am not a clever man.

>> No.47560449

No you don't need to think it, they made a big deal of the fact that Eragon used magic for something that he didn't know the words for.

At first they thought that he had just done the spell in his head but immediately called him out on his reckless stupidity when he told them what he had actually done. He had used magic without the language and every one berated him over how dangerous that was.

>> No.47560468


>It made it to the Whomping Willow, which is on Hogwarts grounds.

True, but they don't actually clarify how far from Hogwarts the anti-electricity effect goes. Which means it could theoretically be outside the anti-electronics effects range.

Then again unless I'm mis-remembering cars in 1992 or so probably didn't have the electrical stuff current ones do

>> No.47560485

Hermione mentions the Technology thing in the fourth book, when Harry wants to Summon Scooba Gear to complete the Lake Challenge.
I would assume the Whomping Willow isn't farther from the school than the Lake its.

Also they still had spark plugs and a battery, both of which are very important for the running of the vehicle.

>> No.47560488

By the modern everyone-and-their-dog-inclusive definition, he might be. Realistically, I think he's just an idiot who doesn't get out a lot.

He's basically the wizarding equivilant of a weeaboo, idealizing them in his own mind while knowing nothing about them beyond some broad points that he allows to color his view like a jackass.

>> No.47560501

>Any Fate/ Jump.
Yeah, kinda figured they'd be a good place to start.
Especially since quite a bit of the concept-wielding entities are still vulnerable to "Hulk Smash" or plasma explosives or Time Stop Stab Time.

However, as someone that has not directly experienced Fate/whatever, what's the kind of stuff that they can pull?

>> No.47560531

Wasn't the main argument against SCUBA that it would be kind of silly to have a set flying across Scotland in full view of Muggles? And also that he didn't even know how to use one?

I'm suddenly reminded of that one fic with ballon ?Voldemort. I'm 'avin a giggle.

>> No.47560536

They also have a "Wizarding Wireless" radio service that was able to broadcast the Triwizard Tournament commentary, and that would have been from the Quidditch Pitch, pretty close to the school. It might just be the building itself that has an anti-tech effect.

I don't recall that. What I remember was her bringing it up when she said that Malfoy couldn't be using a walky-talky to speak to Skeeter, which Harry proposed as an explanation of why Malfoy was talking into his hand.

>> No.47560539

That's probably it, though he's also a comedic character, and for Rowling comedy trumps internal consistency. So Arthur's a guy who's supposed to be an expert on muggles, and the joke is he enthusiastically misunderstands them.

>> No.47560580

Servant's can ignore the laws of physics and don't take damage from attacks without magic. Servant's also can't be killed until they're heart or brain is destroyed, can become invisible intangible ghosts, and attack or eat human souls out of people.

>> No.47560581

That was the main idea, then Hermione segwayed into the technology thing.

Or that. I may have made a mistake.

>> No.47560621

Wait, zero damage from ANY non-magical attack?
Even on the level of nukes and NGE Angel doom-lasers?

>> No.47560631

>RWBY Weapons: what's yours?
I gave my Companions the Demon Arms (Pandora, Gilgamesh, Lucifer) all modified to better fight the setting...though, I gotta wonder what the demon souls within are thinking.

Me on the other hand? I took my Armed Device (a dogtag that transforms into a pair of gauntlets and boots with anti-grav inline skate functions) and tweaked it to better channel aura and added a chamber to the cartridge system to use dust rounds. Best. Idea. Ever.

>> No.47560641

Couldn't angels be somewhat considered magic? NGE is a setting where actual souls are subjected to biological study.

>> No.47560676

If you were working under the assumption that you NEED the ancient language to do magic in Inheritance I think you need to reread the books. The Grey Folk weren't particularly special in how they used magic, apart from binding the language, and any sorcerer can can still do it the old way if they really want to.

>Users of gramarye had an innate power that allowed them to use their energy, directed by thoughts (though most people believed it was directed through spoken words), to manipulate the nature of the world.

It is just that it is considered too dangerous to do it with out speaking.

>> No.47560702

No, those would both kill one. An attack from an Angel would work because Servants have their invulnerability because they're materialized spiritual entities. Just like an Angel. And nukes would work because a nuclear weapon is a potent symbol of destruction, empowered by the collective unconscious the same way that Servants are. The fact that everyone thinks "nukes should be able to destroy anything" means that nukes actually can.

>> No.47560713

Can you make it any more obvious you're the SB guy trying to rules lawyer here?

>> No.47560743

Aren't Angels pretty much just AT fields/souls?
It's been a while, but I remember NGE doesn't break it's spine as hard as Worm does trying to matrix it's way away from magic.
Disregard my cock sucking if I'm remembering things wrong. My brain pan is leaky.

>> No.47560744

I took a BAR from Platoon and a regular old woodcutting ax and fused them, resulting in the Biggest Stick.

Also, a couple of regular old knife-pistols for backup.

>> No.47560746

Would it still work with the "magic must defeat magic" perk from Jackie Chan Adventures?

>> No.47560749

It isn't rules lawyering, I am not even taking that jump because I know how the magic there works and don't want to touch it with a ten foot pole. That shit is dangerous as fuck to even have, let alone use.

>> No.47560754


>> No.47560759

Wait, what? Since when were nukes supposed to be able to kill servants? I don't remember that being a thing.

>> No.47560780

Any nonmagical attack won't be able to damge their spiritual body at all. Even the material body of the servant has some pretty serious resistance to nonmagical damage. A nuke hitting a materialized servant might blow its body away but it won't damage the spirit so it can regen from it perfectly after a little while.

>> No.47560783

Since ancient India. The Vimana that Gilgamesh has in the Gate of Babylon isn't magical, it's just hyper-advanced technology from a lost age. And the nukes it's loaded with can kill Servants.

>> No.47560785

Not that anon, but Justice said the SB guy did a moronic houserule about the Name of the Ancient Language, while this dude >>47560676 is just saying that you don't have to use the Ancient Language to access magic.

Eragon and some crazy hermit both do it at least once, and dragons do it all the time when they fly or breathe fire.

Spirits probably don't use the Language either, come to think of it.

>> No.47560805

Yeah, but Old>New, so they're not comparable. They were also from the Age of the Gods

>> No.47560827

Completely mundane technology from the Age of the Gods. If it's technology, the dumb "the ancients were so much better than modern humans, despite the fact that we successfully landed multiple missions on the moon and therefore have accomplished something they never could" thing shouldn't apply.

>> No.47560839

Wait, Vimana isn't magical at all? I thought it was a noble phantasm.

>> No.47560850

No, it's stored in a Noble Phantasm. The actual machine is pure tech.

>> No.47560869

Excuse me, I'm not sure if this question has been asked before, but how exactly does Magic must defeat Magic work? It says supernatural skills can only be fought off with supernatural stuff, does that mean a magic attack that wouldn't normally be able to pierce a tank's armor now will? Furthermore, does that mean that mundane weaponry wouldn't be able to scratch a supernatural body, like an Angel's? It would be awkward if I ended up making it more powerful than it actually was.

>> No.47560872

Source please.

>> No.47560876

It literally moves at the speed of thought. Old tech just has way more mystery to it than new tech, which is really what matters.

>> No.47560885

It doesn't. Nasu magic is becoming shittier specifically because technology is destroying mystery and taking stuff that only magic could do before and making it every day stuff.
The Vinma was made using magitech.

>> No.47560890

It doesn't enhance their abilities in anyway. That attack still won't beat a tank, your supernatural body is just as durable as it was before so anything that could scratch it still can.

>> No.47560902

I don't know, and have no authority on the subject.

>> No.47560904

The True Name should still be blocked though, it allows you to do pretty much anything that is possible with magic structured through the ancient language through a single word. Effectively doing the same thing as "Wild Magic" without any of the risks.

>> No.47560908

No, it's dying because Gaia is dying because she refuses to compromise with humans and the growing power of the split personality they've caused is slowly killing her.

>> No.47560909

The Vaimanaka Shastra.

Old tech is shit. Modern humans are the greatest humans. The whole "Age of Gods" thing is just something Gilgamesh made up to justify his ego. You lived in an era before plumbing, Gil. You shat in the streets, and you dare to call us the inferior humanity? Fuck you.

>> No.47560943

Age of God's was a thing. Gilgamesh also owns literally every tech advance that will ever be made in the form of magitech so he probably has a golden toilet somewhere in his magic junk shed.

>> No.47560952

The Vimana is a Noble Phantasm, a high-tech one as is stated in the Fate/Zero Material. Quote:
> Vimana [Noble Phantasm]
> The King’s soul resides in golden armor. Vimana was flown in the sky for the first time in the third volume – His Majesty the King of Heroes’ mobile air weapon. It uses solar energy, produced from a solar crystal that burns mercury as fuel, to move – a high-tech Indian Noble Phantasm that would make even Area 51 pale-faced. Even though in ancient Indian mythology, it also had weapons ranging from ancient machine guns to ancient nuclear warheads, these surely have already been gathered in the treasury of the King of Heroes.

That is the original source material, NOT the Type-Moon Material where the term Noble Phantasm is relevant. See above quote for more information.

Next time, do your research on the relevant matter first.

>> No.47560962

Would that mean Solomon has uncountable golden toilets?

>> No.47560964

>Old tech is shit. Modern humans are the greatest humans. The whole "Age of Gods" thing is just something Gilgamesh made up to justify his ego. You lived in an era before plumbing, Gil. You shat in the streets, and you dare to call us the inferior humanity? Fuck you.
You know, if the Nasuverse was the same as ours besides the fact that it has magic, sure, why not. But it's not. The world is actually a giant Reality Marble, the Age of the Gods is an actual thing that was ended because of Arturia sealing it with her spear, and all the stuff about the past Gilgamesh talks about is true. It's just a fundamentally different world that ours, and not just slightly different on a superficial level.

>> No.47560976

Gaia is dying because everything does eventually in the Nasuverse. That's a pretty fucking major theme of Nasu's works. Humanity just speeds it up because they do bad shit to nature.

>> No.47560988

I agree, and it is.
Was there ever any contention on that article?

>> No.47560999


>> No.47561000

Fine, so he lived in a world where everyone else shat in the streets. So much better.

Actually, I know that, I'm just being flippant. Though the series does say that the descriptions of it in the Vaimanaka Shastra are accurate, so it is technology.

But it's not. We're still better than them. In the Nasurverse, the Moon is an evil spirit that hates mankind. And we flew up to her in a ship of fire and steel, and planted our flag on her face. Six times!`Modern humanity has accomplished greater deeds than anyone in the "Age of Gods" ever did, and we did it without the benefit of magic. We are the superior era.

>> No.47561003

What year does Nasu place the Arthurian knights anyway?

>> No.47561010

Arturia holds the modern world in place with her spear. The Age of God's ended because Gil was like "humanity fuck yeah" and Solomon did shit with magic or something.

>> No.47561018

>everything does eventually

>> No.47561036

I thought Gil started to entire "rejection of gods" thing and Arturia finished it. What did Solomon do? Mind giving a link to the full explanation?

>> No.47561042

It's an incredibly confusing perk that I wish we had clarification on, but to my understanding, it means that the magic works exactly the same as before, except you can't get around it with non-supernatural means. So if your shield can take any attack up to 500 KN of force, 500 KN of force would still break it, but Wesley Crusher couldn't use the Tricorder to destabilize it. Similarly, if you cast a mind control spell on someone, but the target can break it by exerting enough will, they still can, but the Doctor can no longer reverse the polarity of the Neutron Flow to disable your power.

>> No.47561046

The only toilet Solomon needs is Gudao.

>> No.47561047

Isn't the Moon a guy? I know his two prospective hosts are both girls, but the Crimson Moon itself seems to be referred to with male pronouns.

>> No.47561051

Some people think that this laboring on the lore is an excuse to allow using the True Name by jumpers.

Could we learn, but just not be able to use the True Name? And have that restriction released post spark?

>> No.47561066

Whatever! Doesn't matter. We're still far better than anything Gilgamesh ever did.

>> No.47561092


>> No.47561104


>> No.47561107

Can't fool me Crimson Moon, you're so much of a jerk even Gaia felt like you had to be stopped.

>> No.47561116

That setting might make a cool jump.

>> No.47561128

Notes says killing TYPES makes them your cute angel waifu. Get hunting
Gilgamesh start's ending the Age of Gods and makes humans the dominant race on the planet. Reality starts rewriting itself for humanity because they rule over it, the laws of physics change. Solomon's death speeds this up a ton and is considered the end of the Age of God's. Because Britian is really close to the Other Side of the World where all the magic monsters like dragons and shit went when the Age of God's ended it still runs on the old rules. Arturia has a magic spear that keeps the new Age of Man pinned over the Age of Gods. If it breaks the new reality would start to peel off the world and something else (not nessecarily the AOG's replaces it.

>> No.47561141

What's it about?

>> No.47561148

>Actually, I know that, I'm just being flippant.
Hey, dude, when someone asks you for a Source on your statements it's not the time to be flippant.

Yup, the Crimson Moon is, indeed a rather handsome fellow, who ran into the Wizard Marshall.

>The time before the modern era is referred to as the Age of Gods (神代, Jindai?, Age of Divinities), during which mankind was less populous and Divine Spirit were either more common or more active. This period is marked by a greater proliferation of Phantasmal Species such as the True Ancestors and Gorgons, and greater interaction between gods and mortals. This is the age of heroes and mythology, when rules of mankind and the laws of the world were different right down to the very fundamental physics of reality itself, but this period ended many years ago. Even Magecraft itself is described as being closer to Magic in this era and Caster's abilities reinforce this concept.
The jury's still out on that considering humanity existed in a World on that kind of level.

>> No.47561160

That's honestly pretty interesting. Why did Solomon's death speed it up so much?

>> No.47561170

Not sleeping with fucking everything means we really aren't.
Girls, boys, genderless mud, Gilgamesh would tap all of it.

>> No.47561179

You're on /tg/ and you say that. We're one of those places that would make him proud with our wide sexual tastes.

>> No.47561184

The main character is a lolicon.

>> No.47561193

>implying there is virtue in sleeping with everything

Look, man, when you hit the point you're going after corpses, something is not right.

>> No.47561196

That's not what the story is about, chode.

>> No.47561210

A few people have tried and given up. I mean I would be all for someone else to make a Needless jump, but I don't necessarily expect one to come about. That said I can't wait for Kami Imai to start working on Needless 2.

>> No.47561214

Wait for Grand Order to tell us. Probably something to do with modern magecraft, Jesus, or Gudako fucking up everything while time traveling.

>> No.47561224

Vampires are cute!

>> No.47561225

Hmm, alright. Honestly, the lore of the Nasuverse is surprisingly good, all things considered.

>> No.47561226

Basically two clones of Jesus have a power set that makes Superman blush, a bunch of people start showing up each possessing one of the powers that the clones had.

All the people with those powers are imprisoned in a walled off area that looks like a war zone.

>> No.47561233

Well, not that anon, but according to the original story, Solomon's ego and wickedness pissed off God, who only refused to punish him for the sake of David, Solomon's father. His kids, on the other hand? Their kingdoms(yes, kingdoms, after they started infighting), were miserable and filled with evil and suffering, and we eventually conquered by foreign powers. So, maybe in the same way, after Solomon died, YHVH withdrew his support and left them to rot, which sped up the end. That's just a guess based on the source of Solomon and his myth though, though.

>> No.47561237

Considering it was implied that he was the one who brought about Magecraft....some shady shit must have happened.

>> No.47561251

Question: What's the best/easiest way to grant monsters humanoid forms?

>> No.47561254

>The guy specifically blessed by god to be the wisest of all
>Still couldn't keep his dick in his pants or have the brains to know that appeasing his pagan waifus by building idols would piss off God

>> No.47561258

Yeah, about that...

>> No.47561274

Unholy Heights

>> No.47561279

It wasn't implied. Solomon asked God for wisdom, God beamed a bunch of magic knowledge into his brain. Solomon started modern magic using that.

>> No.47561282

Vampires are an abomination.

>> No.47561283

Splash 'em with Jusenkyo water from Ranma. You can even pick the gender.

>> No.47561295

Cute abominations through.

>> No.47561296

I'd normally make a comment about intelligence not equalling wisdom/common sense, except no, he was explicitly given WISDOM. Ironically, rather than being intelligent and lacking wisdom, it was the other way around: really wise, and also really stupid.

>> No.47561307

One of the clones, the MC, has lost most of his powers and instead has the power to copy other people's powers. The thing that caused him to lose his original powers caused a "small" amount of brain damage.

>> No.47561312

Here me out for a second.
What if she was really fucking hot?

>> No.47561319

I have a confession to make, /jc/
In the NGE Jump, I ignored the 'Pattern Blues don't get companions'.
At least, with the caveat that the companions I imported didn't know I was an Angel, and we didn't know where each other were.
Did anyone else do this?

>> No.47561320

Make sure to get the locking ladle, though. Otherwise they'll turn back when they get hit with warm water.

>> No.47561330

What if you splashed an entire Tyranid fleet with it?

>> No.47561332

Cute abominations are still abominations that must be purified.

>> No.47561340

She's a woman in the Bronze Age and you're a famous and powerful king. You'd tell her to shut the fuck up and go back to the harem chambers.

>> No.47561348

Purity is a made-up concept.

>> No.47561350

There is not enough water to turn an entire fleet into little girls.

>> No.47561359

>God intentionally gave humans shitty magic

>> No.47561364

Every one would take either the Jesus clone origin (if that was available) or the TK power which is comparable to Tatsumaki.

Speaking of her, did anyone try to waifu Tatsumaki in OPM?

>> No.47561365

I don't see anything to that effect. Am I missing it?

That's... actually a great idea. I was hoping to find a way to let them keep some bits of their monsterous appearance, but I rather like that as a short term solution.

>> No.47561367

Just replicate it.

>> No.47561370

Hi inquisitor.

>> No.47561381

You'd have an entire fleet of very confused tyranid-people. Who're probably all the same gender, unless you got water from two different pools.

And that's why you go to Terraria, and pick up the Liquid Generator. All the water you could ever need.

>> No.47561382


>> No.47561394

killed me

>> No.47561397

I'm not sure Nasu knows the Church is nonfiction. Evil God would not surprise me.

>> No.47561404

>God's just as fed up with all the conceptual magic bullshit, so he purposely gave humanity shittier magic

>> No.47561410

Secundo requires a Toss.
Just as a Note everyone. I've figured out how I'm going to end Secundo's current Character Arc. Not his chain, but his Character Arc. He just needs the right toss.

Everything is a made-up concept. Fuck off.

>> No.47561418

Kung Fury? It's right up there.

>> No.47561424

>Fuck off
Y-you feeling all right, Justice? Anyway, Super Robot Wars.

>> No.47561429

Are there any chinese cartoons where God is the good guy for once?

>Fuck off.

>> No.47561436

The Ultimate Disguise - 400 - Discount Drop-in
Raids are troublesome. They kill your tenants & steal your money. No longer shall you allow this. Now the easiest way to hide non-human creatures in a human world would be to make them look like humans, and you've done just that. Good thing you had all that makeup right? Out of this jump you may give any creature a human form.

>> No.47561451

Sure, why not.

Anons. I'm an asshole. I try not to be, but I am in-fact an asshole. Also, I'm getting tired of the edgy "everything good is a made-up concept" bullshit. Or the "I'm going to interpret ever perk in the worst possible way" bullshit.

>> No.47561453

>They used it to make more fucking conceptual bullshit

>> No.47561456

Oh, yep, there it is. I feel stupid.


>> No.47561461


>> No.47561471

No problem.

>> No.47561474

Index had God as good, as did DxD. There was also that movie where the three hobos were taking care of a kid, and several times there were implied divine interventions. It was also set on Christmas Eve, further ramping up the God is Good aspect.

>> No.47561481

I think Jojo might have had that once?

>> No.47561486

>Everything is a made-up concept

>> No.47561496

>I'm getting tired of the edgy "everything good is a made-up concept" bullshit
I don't like it either, but the endless "MUST PURGE HERESY WITH HOLY FIRE" wankery is just as edgy.

>> No.47561499

Saint Young Men

>> No.47561506

A Needless jump would need a drawback where you'd get a sudden plot twist every week. Seriously.

Also, the protagonist in not a lolicon. The protagonist is the trap.

>> No.47561508 [SPOILER] 

How do I PEPSI MAAAN, /jc/?

>> No.47561522

Food Fight

>> No.47561523

Isn't that the place where Johnny Depp and Buddha hang out on earth?

>> No.47561530

I don't do that shit bro. I'm the "We should redeem people, and kill those who can't or refuse redemption.Also we should get Waifus, and try to make people happy" guy.

>> No.47561535

>A show dedicated to Slice of Life shenanigans with Jesus and Buddha as the MCs
Wait, what. That sounds cool, actually.

>> No.47561540

So, Needless.
That is it's title...

>> No.47561560

Tatsumaki is best waifu!

>> No.47561562

Aren't all the people working for the church evil cunts though?

>> No.47561574

Yes, but God himself is nice.

>> No.47561576

>Not her sister.
Fuck off mate.

>> No.47561585

Fuck no. They're humans, and there are good and bad people in there. Good examples being Orsola Aquinas and Fiamma of the Right.

>> No.47561588

Cute, but I like her sister more.

>> No.47561591

Yeah, but God himself is apparently a cool dude. I think someone theorized that the MC was only unlucky because the Imagine Breaker wouldn't let God help him out.

>> No.47561592

During the previous wankfest, anon told me he only stopped being evil after fighting Touma.

>> No.47561603

Fiamma of the Right started WWIII so that he could turn all of humanity into his enemy and point the "I Win Button" at them.

>> No.47561604

It's True

>> No.47561606


>> No.47561619

It's...a plan. It is a plan.
I question my odd fascination with waifu-ing girls who can probably bend me over their knee and destroy me

>> No.47561621

well, considering how shitty humanity seems to be in that world, it wasn's such a bad idea honestly.

>> No.47561642

Now someone is gonna try and waifu ORT

>> No.47561643

She is a disgustingly powerful TK of the casually pull a meteor out of the sky to crush giant monsters variety. She is also fucking adorable.

>> No.47561657

Kung Fury- Kung Fu Nazis? Well....it's interesting at least.
Rolled for Asgard
Free I'm a Cop, From The Future
Free Its' Holding You Back
Discount Jump Fury
Norse God(Ice as my Element)
Free Gun
Free Clothes
Discount Kung Penthouse
Personal Transportable Cellular Telephone.

Time Travel Escalation Loop+300
Kung Fuhrer Wants To Claim The Throne+300- Come and take it little man. I've got Endless Bilogical Mosntrosities. I've got Ice Magic. I've got Blood Magic. And I have your own men who have fallen to my Monstrosities!

>> No.47561661

What makes you think we haven't already?

>> No.47561682

I sure as shit did

>> No.47561683

You forgot that she is also a bitch.

>> No.47561688

You know, I was going for Good=Orsola, Bad=Fiamma, but oh well.

>> No.47561696

I remember seeing an option in a jump that lets you befriend any canon character and have them become a companion.

It was different from others in the way that in future jumps it still let you auto befriend one character of your choice per jump but not make them a companion.

Does anyone know which jump I am thinking of?

>> No.47561701

Crypt of the Necrodancer next. Let's see your boogie moves.

>> No.47561716

I kind of wonder what would happen if he got mindfucked into considering himself to be his own worst enemy.

>> No.47561717

Fine, since you insist.

>> No.47561731

Huh. I'd thought you'd go Nazi Science to get some kung fu in your bio-monsters.

>> No.47561745


>> No.47561751

This would probably work.

You see stuff like this is much better than the idiots who thought they could beat him in a straight up fight.

>> No.47561752

GI Joe, I believe?

>> No.47561755

...Didn't OPM have that?
I swear it had something about befriending a strong person...
Or Jojo's canon character thing...I don't know

>> No.47561772

You would be a threat to him.

>> No.47561780

I do have a thing for girls with green hair, yes

>> No.47561794

You also seem suicidal wanting to have that woman as your companion.

>> No.47561799

No that was the Saitama is your friend option. In future jumps it just makes people stronger than you like you more than they otherwise would have.

>> No.47561822

She's actually pretty mellow as long as she gets a good fight every now and then.

>> No.47561840

Yes that one, unfortunately it cannot be used on anyone stronger than you.

>> No.47561861


>> No.47561878

Obviously, the solution is to git gud.

>> No.47561883

Anon, that hardly needs to stated. The solution is always "Git Gud"

>> No.47561887

She Hulk is a wonderful waifu, did you know that she is stronger than baseline hulk?

>> No.47561889

Shulkie is EX-Boss tier.

>> No.47561891

just don't mess up her garden

>> No.47561895

For your Insistence. Here you go.

Crypt of the Necrodancer-
Rolled for 21
Free Phat Beats
Discount Neverlost
Discount Master of the Funk
Rhythm Dance
Scytherophone- I think I've found a weapon to use when I'm not using my Lightsaber. I wonder if I can made a Super Edgy Lightscythe
Nimble Toes
Explorer's Boots

Vow of Poverty+400
Golden Lute+400

>> No.47561898


>> No.47561913

Digger, a question about the SuperSonic Shieldstriker from the Unlimited Colors scenario: How good/bad an idea would it be to use the Tri-Memory Driver along with it so that I could perform an Unlimited Color Flash with every single WISP Gaia Memory? On the one hand, I remember that it tended to cause some nasty backlash for Philip and Shotaro when they tried to use every Memory Slot they had at once to initiate a Memory Break. On the other hand, having it do the full list of "______ MAXIMUM DRIVE" announcements for one attack would be pretty awesome. Could I get around the downsides if I had sufficient physical toughness?

>> No.47561924

Yep. Then he gets angry and smashes her. All night long.

Too bad she slept with every guy in Marvel Universe.

>> No.47561940

That is only true when they are both calm, She Hulk starts out stronger but she gets a much smaller boost to her strength from her anger than the original hulk.

Whether that is because she is less prone to anger due to her greater self control or that she gets less out of her anger is unknown.

>> No.47561945

Anon, she's his cousin. Don't be crude.

>> No.47561946

>Good waifu
>Huge bitch who sleeps with everyone and everything and wouldn't stay monogamous for a million bucks
She might be a good fuck, but she's a shit waifu.

>> No.47561949

Why does she have to be a slut, a sexy slut, but still a slut. Takes all the fun right out of it.

>> No.47561965

Didn't Dan Slott retcon away half of those relationships as being dopplegangers from another dimension and not really her?

>> No.47561968

That was a plot point, she has a large horde of inbred children with him in the future.

>> No.47561987

Didn't stop him in Old Man Logan.

>> No.47562001


Dark Age, 3132
25 years old
Kerensky's Clans
The Mercenary's Star
Xi Sheng 400
Skilled in Rhetoric 800
Trial of Possession 200
'Bug Mech

I know I say this every build but this is a weird jump. Not as weird as Bastion which is sort of unjumpable if you haven't played it but it's strange to have to roll for an identity.

Identity I rolled was Kerensky's Clans which is actually really good as they've got one of the 400 CPers I would have wanted anyway and they get access to better tech.

Elemental makes me more of a big guy.

Xin Sheng makes it easier for me to persuade people of my more reasonable beliefs and inspire people.

Skilled in Rhetoric makes me a better orator.

Trial of Possession means I can challenge people to duels for things in ways that make them accept. Some would argue it's cheap to duel people who have no chance in hell of winning for their possessions and it is so that's how it comes across. Handy though.

Bug Mech gives me a little mech.

Clantech means my mech has the tech of my clans.

Not entirely sure how I got into this situation. I'm some sort of chatty space spartan with a little mech on a mercenary planet. Maybe I got sent on a diplomatic mission or something. Kerensky's Clans don't seem very diplomatic.

For my plan I'm probably be going to do a coup. Several coups.

That and, as always, steal technology.

>> No.47562007

Considering her hugeness, it'd still be basically a hotdog down a hallway regardless.

I still hung out with her, but mostly to learn law. Wound up becoming the Best Lawyer In Existence as a result of her teaching + perks and knowledge.

Wasn't the Old Man Logan plotline just a 'what if' scenario?

>> No.47562012

These are their kids.

>> No.47562028

Also this is called Battletech and I got confused. Got that right in my cherrytree file and the image title but not in the main post.

>> No.47562038

God it was so satisfying to see those little shits get butchered.

>> No.47562040

>Wasn't the Old Man Logan plotline just a 'what if' scenario?
It was, but it's still a valid counterpoint to that, since it shows it's a potential scenario.

>> No.47562054

Nope, like everything in Marvel and DC it was an alternate universe.

Everything in a Marvel/DC anything is canon but it happens in a different universe, this just how both of the big comic brands do things.

>> No.47562089


Fun fact about that, I actually was thinking of updating the scenario while I waited for the next thread so it was capable of handling every Wisp Gaia Memory without needing outside help...As it stands, you could do that and it'd definitely work to create the full Unlimited Color Flash. I'm hoping to make that unnecessary, after all, you have to basically sacrifice 800 potential cp and a chance at ending your chain to get it, might as well make it super badass awesome, right?

The physical exertion from the full 9 memories can be handled if you're a bit more superhuman, though the memories themselves will probably get fucked up if that's used constantly. Definitely can push 2 or three successive uses out of the Unlimited Color Flash otherwise.

wait a minute
>9 memories...
>2+3+4 = 9
holy shit

>> No.47562099


Yeah, but it's a scenario that requires a very specific, fucked-up set of contrivances that it may as well be an out-and-out what-if.

I mean you make good points with the "alternate universe" asspull, but still.

>> No.47562127

What did those ones do?

>> No.47562129

Is there any universe in DC that I can head to in the DC jump where the Earth is not threatened by something that can blow it up.

>> No.47562137

Cool, thanks. I've never even played Sonic Colors, I just think that calling out every power source you have for a final attack is really cool. One of the better parts of the recent craze for having Riders' final forms be all of their previous forms combined.

>> No.47562141

Bitch, pic related.

>> No.47562144

>it's a scenario that requires a very specific, fucked-up set of contrivances
Isn't that like, every comic book universe, though?

>> No.47562152

They killed and ate Wolverine's family.

>> No.47562155

I don't know, Dan Slott is a retard.

>> No.47562174

What >>47562152 said.
The goon up front loved how the little girl screamed.

>> No.47562183

Even if half were retconned, she's still a slut, anon.

>> No.47562184

That is how they do things though, the war between to different universes populated by a super Patriarchy/Matriarchy respectively? That was canon in its own universes too.

>> No.47562200

Earth Prime.

>> No.47562234


It would probably sound something like this.

>> No.47562268

The first enemy that the JL faces in that universe is Darkseid. . .

>> No.47562274

Yeah, you posted that a few threads back, that's why I asked. Because that just sounds cool. Even if "Cube" is kind of a lame power theme.

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