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Sword Without a Master
Light Footed Metal Man 100
Ninja Slayer 400
Gennosuke’s Doujutsu 1400
Ninja Gear
Sneaky, Sneaky 1200
Compulsive Gloating 1000

Don't know the setting but I think I have a nice balance of not getting in trouble and power.

Took Ronin as Ninja Slayer is a good capstone and Light Footed Metal Man is pretty great. Increase in speed and agility the more armour I'm wearing is great, means I can get some big clunkyass armour and it'd be fine. Speedster hijinks in power armour and so on.

Ninja Slayer makes it more difficult for people to use special abilities and sneak up on me and adds another danger sense to the pile.

Gennosuke’s Doujutsu lets me turn the aggression of those attacking me back on themself which is ridiculously useful when dealing with people more physically powerful than me. Doesn't happen often but in Superhero settings this potentially gets pretty great. The sort of thing you don't use often but it saves you whenever you do.

Drawbacks mean I'm totally unsubtle and am needlessly boastful. With my ridiculous armoured agility and my ability to force fair fights out of dirty fighters this shouldn't matter that much. Will probably set myself up as some sort of big-headed warlord Brian Blessed type. May actually be fun.

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Reminder that the gods of light are racist jerks for keeping the undead man down.

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>Justice is a Skeleton
>Secundo is a Skeleton three times over

Fair Rights for Undead!

But seriously. Someone wanna Toss Secundo?

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>> No.47545584

Austin Powers

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>> No.47545607

Also, for the Undead Union Edition

Already Been

That works.


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Daily reminder that in a setting with Gods of Light, you'd have to be a fucking moron to become undead. Unless you're in the Forgotten Realms.

>> No.47545626

Just because there are good gods, doesn't mean the afterlife isn't shit, or that you can't have valid reasons for not wanting to go.

>> No.47545729

I don't see it that way, care to give reasons for your thoughts? Especially since gods in most settings cant be assed to actually do shit.

>> No.47545783

Austin Powers- A light hearted comedy series? With my Biological Monstrosities? This'll be fun
Evil Son, Rolled for 18
Free Genre Savvy
Discount The Only Competent One In The Whole Movie
Death Traps
Show Some Leg- Whythefucknot. I'm allowed Vanity Perks
Free Film Library
Evil Lair

Bad Teeth+100

Simple enough jump

And just for You Anon >>47545588
I'll do Sugar Bowl, since you've asked like three times and been too late each time.

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Johannes Cabal would like to disagree.

Granted he is pretty much guaranteed to go to hell eventually for selling his soul to the devil twice before scamming the devil to get it back but that is beside the point.

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I can't believe someone else on this board knows about that series of books.

If anything deserves a Jump, it's Johannes Cabal. Even just so I can go and annoy the man.

On a side note, for those interested, Zootopia Jump is about 60% completed. It's all in paper notes at the moment, otherwise I'd be posting it. I just need a Capstone Perk for a few backgrounds, some more items to pad out the section, and then I've just got to make it all pretty looking.

>> No.47545960

Generic Sugar Bowl- Oh Gods. It's so....bright, and happy and...Cheerful. Now I know what Gnarl felt like in Overlord 1.
Rolled for Free Pick, and I legitimately do not care!
Drop-in, Rolled for 15
Free What I Had To Do
Anti-Censor- Fucking Worth It. You Cheerful Cunts.

Grouchy+200- So how I already feel about this hell hole?

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So, is anyone working on Killer is Dead jump? Because it's underappreciated game.

Also, how about Azure Striker Gunvolt?

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What are some good jumps to get mind control/illusion resistance/immunity

Pic Unrelated though it is my primary combat style in low powered settings

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No, because it's pretty...vague? It's got similar problems to bloodborne before it was made, that nobody really knew jack shit about it beyond a whole lot of vagary and it takes place over a pretty short timescale.

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One of the rewards in the The World Ends with You jump is Mental Fortress, which apparently grants complete immunity to all mental shenanigans you don't like.

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DC and Kirby have good ones, Naruto has one for illusions.

>> No.47546220

young justice as incomprehensible
dune if you don't mind being an abomination
psychonauts has astral layers
samurai has a good one

>> No.47546235

samurai jack, sorry

>> No.47546246

astral layers isn't immunity its ablative armor read it again

>> No.47546248

I... could see myself trying to write a Killer is Dead jump. If and only if I ever finish the Madworld jump I'm stumbling over right now.

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Are there any other perks out there similar to Overlord's "Use Any Magic Item" perk?

>> No.47546260

The Helm of Xorn + Brains from Marvel grants you an internalized version, rendering you immune to mind control.
Remember! You can combine perks in that jump and it's super useful.

As for illusions, although that would render you immune to direct mental fuckery, you can also get around light projections with alternate senses, such as force sight from Star Wars, scent from Secret of Evermore, or even aura or magical sensing depending on what the source is and what it's pretending to be. Basically if your eyes ping "yes" and your thirteen other senses ping "no", you're probably dealing with a projection of some kind.

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I desire more Tosses. More worlds unto which I will Destroy. Endless Plagues

>> No.47546289

Warhammer 40K, Imperium.

Death to the False Emperor.

>> No.47546292

Generic Sugar Bowl?

>> No.47546313

>40k imperium

It shall be Done.

I did that like 20 minutes ago, look up.

>> No.47546316

Already went there, anon >>47545960.

>> No.47546341

Crypt of the Necrodancer!

>> No.47546375

>Remember! You can combine perks in that jump and it's super useful.

Jumpmaker-approved interactions are the only thing allowed.

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>> No.47546405

Still hoping for Smite one day.

>> No.47546406

Would you rather have nothing?

Because most Jumps don't even give you /that/.

>> No.47546420

Then suggest it before other people do. Like I've said repeatedly. I just accept tosses

>> No.47546434

And if you want an opinion on a combo, just ask. I'm still here.

>> No.47546436

twilight just because
bleach because everyone theres making grand boasts for no reason
that banned jump with the colorful inhabitants

>> No.47546460

Well does Helm of Xorn + Brains work like this anon said>>47546260

>> No.47546473 [DELETED] 

>Because most Jumps don't even give you /that/.

Oh, you mean like the nerf bitch's jumps?

>> No.47546484

Looks like the shitposter(s) are deciding you're the next target.

I'm sorry Marvel.

>> No.47546506

Yes, I've ruled that before and am pretty sure it's even in the notes. It's still just direct mind control though, not pheromones/nanites or the like.

>> No.47546511

Fall from heaven.

>> No.47546516

I... got the combo from the list of approved combinations Marvel Anon posted, so, unless Marvel went and changed his mind, it should.

Speaking of, I wish I'd saved that thing for times like this.

>> No.47546531

Or, ya know, literally almost ALL of them.

In fact, the Marvel jump is the ONLY one I can recall HAVING this feature.

>> No.47546532

with i take kinesis for colored jell-o manipulation can i combine it with power armor for jell-o armor? i figured the flight and energy parts of that would work kind of like how luffy can fly and robs rokugan work.

>> No.47546539

I'm pretty sure It's on the drive

>> No.47546544

So, psionic bullshit, not sense-fuckery bullshit.

Sounds good to me.

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>> No.47546566

That's weird, and I don't know who those people are, but in theory, sure.

>> No.47546568

Could I take Regeneration + Speed + Energy (Mana) to have really fast regeneration of magical energy?

>> No.47546578

40k Imperium- So we return to this God forsaken Galaxy
Rolled for....Holy Terra- Hold On, let me Laugh.
Free Pilot
Discount Navigator
Psyker(Biomancy), Alpha Class- An Alpha Class Psyker? That's not suspicious.
Discount Viator of Nullspace
Faith Powers
Free Multifunction Data Slate
STC Printer- I know I could use this to help people. But doing otherwise will make me giggle

The Grim Darknes of the Present+0- What's That? Commorragh came down with a case of "endless plagues, and biological monstrosities"? Too bad
Hunted+400- What else is new?
Marked+400- See Above
Warp Currents+200
Dark Millenium+500-160 Years, great


>> No.47546581

You're trying to argue logically with him.

He's not interested in a logical argument, he's interested in trying to drive people away.

>> No.47546626

I wasn't here to respond to this last thread. That said, I'm responding now.

Interjump balance isn't something we usually support. Moreover, you say that as if it some how counters the argument; you'd still have to jump through those hoops, you just said 'well, yeah, but the average jumper is powerful enough to do that!'

I disagree with arbitrary caps on abilities, that jumpers have to invest their own effort to achieve rather than just pay cp for it, on principal.

Furthermore, the argument that because we have things from other jumps that would make it more achievable as and thus that it should be hard limited is nonsense to me. That's like giving us a technology perk and saying 'you're not allowed to use this to make anything significantly better than what already exists in a given setting.'

>> No.47546645

Like I said last time, i think it's squirrelly but yes. Sorry, haven't had time to update the combo notes.

>> No.47546651

Brutal Legend

>> No.47546684

I can jam to this

>> No.47546689

there are some really weird powers out there. i choose jell-o because it's not that abundant

>> No.47546712

Unless we get an alt form of our body in sword of the stars that it doesn't even matter, but limiting what jumpers can do in a jump with what you've given them never flies well.

It always leads to salt and more even more powergaming than what's being prevented. If you look back at the history of Raildex in this thread, the reason there's so much wank about Esper powers is because Reptoid made a ruling that we can never achieve Level 6.

So everyone forever decided to just completely abandon that idea and instead figured out how to achieve power by other means, and eventually, how to achieve Level 6 anyway mostly just to spite him. Reptoid could have made further rulings banning all the other stuff that people figured out to become powerful, but that's even more obviously shitty since all of it's stuff born from people's creativity, and supported by knowledge of the universe's metaphysics, and perks from other jumps.

>> No.47546718

>Interjump balance isn't something we usually support.

And yet people keep asking for shit to stand on par with shit offered in other jumps, or for jumpmakers to add shit "because X jump has it so why the fuck are you not, faggot."

>> No.47546744

Point at someone who's done that. I honestly doubt they actually exist.

>> No.47546745

That argument already ate up two threads. Whatever moral stand you think you're making, it isn't worth involving yourself with dolphingate up there.

>> No.47546753

Kinesis (Self)+Shapeshifting+Healing+Speed
Kinesis (Self)+Shapeshifting+Healing+Brains

>> No.47546778

Ok, so this is a weird combo, but I like the flavor.
If I take Adamantine X, and import my Honedge as a Partner with Shapeshifting, may I make it so she can shift between Adamantine blades and other material mods?
It seems like that would be cool, but I do have back up plans if that's not ok.

>> No.47546787

>That argument already ate up two threads.
You mean the argument about Speedforce?

The talk about Suul'ka hasn't run its course nearly as hard, and it's got more legs to stand on anyway.

>> No.47546808


>> No.47546814

Just like multiple shitposters don't exist, right?

Give me a moment with 4plebs, I remember at least two arguments where Asura's Wrath's existence was used to argue for why an ability shouldn't be nerfed.

>> No.47546834

That's just blatantly false. Where are these guys that outright demand jump parity? Have we seen them in the last dozen or so threads? If you point at one guy a hundred threads ago, that's not solid ground to base an argument off of.

>> No.47546836

>but limiting what jumpers can do never flies well


>> No.47546846

No, they would need to buy the Adamantium if it's "them" .

Would get you nigh-total control of yourself very fast and with even greater precision, respectively.

>> No.47546850

Yes really. I'm giving them snazzy names now.

>> No.47546858

We totally support inter-jump balance, though. That's why we do End Jumps when a setting's powers will render everything else in the chain meaningless. You might not like it, but there's well-established precedent.

Also, Intra-Jump balance is totally a thing, and if one race has the potential to become a God capable of enslaving entire civilizations and ascending to cosmic horror, and the others don't come close to that, then you really can't make that race expensive enough to balance it with the others.

>> No.47546872

Brutal Legend- A World Forged by the God's Of Metal. I can jam to this.
Tainted Coil- The Leader is voiced by Tim Curry. What's not to like? Sure I'm going to kill him, come on man.
Free Boiling Rage
Discount Power of Pain
Discount Children of the Grave
Brutal Legend:The Album
What's an Engineer?
Right Now! Let's Go!
Skin of Metal
Custom Guitar

Land Locked+200- Time for Anti-Air Units. And some really fast Monsters
Hair Metal+200- I am going to kill Lionwhyte myself

>> No.47546901

Jumpers are fine with being limited to what's actually fucking possible given what they have at their disposal, it's when you tell them, 'No, you can't use it like this, and you aren't allowed to develop these abilities no matter what you do even if the setting has precedent for it, especially because the setting has precedent for it!' that they get pissy.

>> No.47546927

>We totally support inter-jump balance, though.
Not part of this conversation, I don't even necessarily disagree with you, but don't speak for me or other people and assume you know what the consensus is.

>> No.47546929

... that picture is badass and I am saving it.

>> No.47546940


Even then you get people whining about being limited. They just are not well received here, at all.

>> No.47546941

I used it for what the filename indicates.

I wanted to play a Skeleton, and it was a Pirates game. GM ran with it.
He was a serious captain, with an actual name.
Everyone called him "captain bones" anyway.

>> No.47546947

Does that mean that when Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 comes out in english, there's a chance for that series to also have a jump?

Thank so much

>> No.47546965

A'ight, I'll just wait for Goblin Made Sword in HP.
Thanks for the answer, it helped me work out the budget.

>> No.47546971

No, you're just the shitposter.

>> No.47546988

>Imagination isn't allowed!
>It doesn't belong in this single player imagination game!

>> No.47546990

Suul'ka isn't even powerful enough compared to what a jumper with a few tech and magic perks is capable of making to justify locking it in the first place.

>> No.47546992

At the risk of looking like a powergrabby pedantic fuck, which to be honest I am, the description of the Armor+Strength+Toughness+Energy+Flight combo in the Notes says you "basically" have your choice of Stark's suits.

How much difference is there between whatever suit any given Jumper might go with and the real Stark-constructed deal? That is, are they really as strong/fast/durable/etc as their counterpart?

I'm finding it difficult to justify going with anything other than that combo, considering what even the weaker suits can do, so I'm asking now before I finish my build.

>> No.47547009

Honestly, I feel like an idiot for even asking the question in the first place. All I wanted to know was how much to price it, instead I triggered an argument about inter-jump balance and power restriction and all sorts of annoying things.

>> No.47547021 [SPOILER] 

The time has finally come. Let's rock.


Age 13
Pikachu (free)
Small Town -50 (950)

Physical Fitness (Free)
Freerunning -100 (850)
Mechanic -150d (700)
Survival Training -100 (600)
Combat Training -100 (500)
Champ In The Making -300 (200)

Thrust Pack -100 (100)
Wingsuit -50 (50)
50k Pokedosh -50 (0)
Motorcycle -100 (-100)

Swarmed +100 (0)

Couldn't decide on a capstone forever so I opted to just not take one and hoard perks and stuff I probably wouldn't take otherwise. Now post motorcycles

>> No.47547027

So, what exactly counts as Dying in Bleach jump?

If I use some way to separate my soul from my body, then cut the chain of fate and let myself turn hollow, does that count as death? I mean, I separated the chain myself and still remain conscious this whole time as the soul... and then I can just use a Gigai if I want to, although I am a Hollow.

Why? Because this would allow for one to develop somewhat unique powers as each Hollow seems to develop kinda unique ones, one would think, as they are manifestations of the heart. That allows one to just... ignore the bad character creation choices in that jump and just enjoy the setting. And Ghost Mexico. with Ghost Mexicans and Ghost Tacos and Ghost Burritos.

Ghost Arriva!

>> No.47547043

It was described as planet busting psychic power and galaxy spanning mind control man. Dunno what perks you've been taking. And even then, you can't use having been t a bunch of jumps and gaining power across them to justify things in a single jump.

Well, does any other race in the series have anything on this level? If not, it seems like it's best to just not offer the full thing.

>> No.47547045

I am sorry to ask this but I am curious about a combo I bought for a companion. I tried to make force field Generation with Energy + toughness + Strength. I was wondering if that would put her on the level of Invisible woman for the strength of her force fields. I was also wondering if she could learn to do other tricks that the invisible woman could do like hitting people with force fields and creating force bubbles in small spaces then expanding them eventually?

>> No.47547060

It's the same as a given suit. That clause is only in there so nobody went and researched some one-off suit Richards, Stark, Strange, and everyone else built to punch Galactus in the dick powered by the Ultimate Nullifier or something. If you use it to get the standard suit, or the recon one, or War Machine, or whatever, it's the same as what he's using.

>> No.47547063

In-jump balance, not inter-jump balance.

If Suul'ka is better than every other option in the jump by magnitudes to the point where when you try to put a CP cost on it it's in the triple digits, you either limit it or just don't offer it at all.

>> No.47547073

The "I send you to reincarnate/destroy your soul" kind of death, I think.

>> No.47547077

But that is the consensus. End Jumps are a thing, Jumps blocking off ludicrously overpowered options unless you take the End Jump option are a thing. We haven't banned them or removed them. Therefore, consensus is that it's legitimate.

>> No.47547087

>what is SMT

>> No.47547094

Add Kinesis (for the ability to move them, expand and contract them, and Shapeshifting if you're changing their shapes) and then you're about there. As of the combo you've made, you can just make static strong forcefields.

>> No.47547100

Do you mean quadruple digits?
Because triple digits would mean the standard 100-800 point things.

>> No.47547115

I took Herald/Fiend/Vermin Tribrid in SMT solely to get that look with wings.

>> No.47547124

... I did mean quadruple digits, FUCK.

That just killed my argument.

>> No.47547137

Quadruple digits? Most perks are in the triples.

>> No.47547160

Stop claiming to have the consensus. You can argue in favor of whatever you want, stop assuming everyone else agrees with you as the basis of you argument.

>> No.47547174

Alright, I'm going to put my two cents in here, been a while since I played Sword of the Stars so my memory might be wrong, but if I recall correctly the Suul'ka weren't even the biggest fishes in the pond. In fact, no one has mentioned this, but the Liir rebelled against them and WON. In fact, they killed a lot of them with a bio weapon. Are they incredibly powerful? Yes. Are they omnipotent? No. Should they be allowed? I don't know, I don't care. But I wanted to clear it up that these guys are NOT all powerful, and they have been beaten, even by their supposedly inferior slaves.

>> No.47547178

>Well, does any other race in the series have anything on this level? If not, it seems like it's best to just not offer the full thing.
Not really. There are the Specters, but they're a random event caused by overuse of Nodespace technology (one of the types of FTL in the game). They're basically angry Warp entities that are pissed you're using their dimension for travel purposes. There's also the System Killer, who eats suns, but again, not playable. The strongest psychic races you can play other than the Liir are the Morrigi, who get pretty strong but don't have the immortality that allows Liir to go Suul'ka, and the Zuul, who are actually the creations of one of the Suul'ka and therefore can channel their power at a lesser level.

>> No.47547204

Seems like you have the answer then. Just say you can't grow to be a Suul'ka and leave it at that.

>> No.47547210

I... okay then.

>> No.47547211

>what is In Jump Balance

SMT Anon felt that those were balanced for his jump and as we can see fucking everybody and their mother flocked to those options so that's his choice to make. One jump shouldn't follow another jump's guidelines, because then we just start getting bland, standardized templates.

Like Mib's.

>> No.47547234

Discounting the typo, I'm just going to disagree outright. This argument was never about in-jump balance, otherwise being a Liir that could eventually progress to Suul'ka would be something tacitly accepted. The only reason I want it blocked is because of interjump balance.

>> No.47547255

The "bio weapon" was actually another Liir, not a plague or anything like that. The Black, a Liiran Grand Elder who managed to avoid the madness of the Suul'ka and instead focused his efforts on hunting them down and assassinating them. He fought them one on one after isolating them from contact with the other Lords of Winter, so they're still pretty big badasses. And yes, the lore does like to drop hints that there are older and more terrible creatures out there than the Suul'ka, but we never see them.

>> No.47547268

Really? So the other races on offer are going to manage to be balanced against this then? Because that's what in jump balance is.

>> No.47547283

Well it's for a companion so I had 300 cp to work with. I did the best I could. I can work with static force fields.

>> No.47547296

Obviously. Sword of the Stars is a video game, the races are already balanced.

>> No.47547317

You've never played the games then. Especially 2.

>> No.47547327

Ah, so only if Quincy's kill me or I get killed as a hollow/Shinigami?

Alright. Time to kick back in Ghost Mexico and become Vasto Lorde and then consider becoming an Arrancar in the future maybe...

>> No.47547330

I'm just surprised no one's done anything silly with Demon Summoner

Really, it's getting to the point I'm starting to think everyone has somehow overlooked the bolded text underneath the Demon background.

>> No.47547332

Give us some examples of what is on the level of the Suul'ka then. You're arguing that it is balanced in jump so obviously you have some evidence right? If you can't actually give examples we'll assume you are talking out of your ass.

>> No.47547356

. . . what does it say?

>> No.47547365

I keep missing the opportunity, or being a post or two too late. Doesn't really matter.

>> No.47547368

In fairness SMTAnon, it's not exactly surprising to see people focus on the whole "DEMON LORD OF EVIL" or "SUPER ANGEL", and so on and so forth, rather than the less flashy but still awesome tricks.

>> No.47547378

Underneath, as in, literally the next paragraph. You can just look at it yourself if you're worried it's some sneaky hidden text shit.

>> No.47547385

Not your fault. Everyone here has to deal with that guy.

>> No.47547402

I have Companions in one of each origin for just that reason, while I myself just kinda... focused on the Magatama perk.

But on a question - the Dormant Power 'perk boosts' seem to also modify backgrounds a tad. I'm assuming then, slightly, that using a perk-sharing power with Dormant Power won't work to boost a Companion's perk?

If it doesn't, that's gonna put a damper on some plans but it's fine. just need a clarification.

>> No.47547407


>> No.47547410

My opinion is Jump Maker has final say on his jump

As long as it is Jump Compliant do whatever you feel fits the tone of the setting

Deliberately OverPowered settings should be End Jumps

>> No.47547411

Do you anons use shapeshifting and lovemaking perks in combat?

How do you anons fight?

>> No.47547417

>Abilities and items that refer to demons will instead apply to all inhuman supernatural beings

>> No.47547424

Pretty much every other faction is as dangerous as the Suul'ka with their own end game shit. The Suul'ka are individually powerful, but the assumption of being able to chose a race in Sword of the Stars is which one you're going to be leading.

>> No.47547428

Speaking of Pokemon, why exactly can you only take it as a first jump? Seems like a stupid rule to me.

>> No.47547433

People here don't have class, mang. I'm going with my favorites and that's all.

>> No.47547435

I...I don´t know how THAT didn´t occur to me before.

>> No.47547439

No, give examples. What is on the level of the Suul'Ka? You keep being vague and relying on gameplay conceits, but you've given zero actual proof of your statement.

>> No.47547458

It's an artifact.

Like every other of QS's rules, you can tell it to piss off, but people here get defensive of that despite the fact we told the guy to fuck off.


>> No.47547465

Since lovemaking perks seems to restricted if used only for womance.

Do you like explosions anon?

>> No.47547467

>lovemaking perks
I thought lewd jumps were banned?

>> No.47547468

I have an entire chain made for perversion and maximum lewd

>> No.47547475

If I add shapeshifting to that person's combo could I basically get the Endo-Sym armor, or the latest one made of tiny hexagons?

>> No.47547476

Wow everybody got caught up in the easy instant power that they missed the most exploitable option, that is is hilarious.

>> No.47547484

>How do you fight
Speed Blitz and Beam Spam, with a meelee strategy of a few powerful, precise strikes.
>Do you use shapeshifting/lovemaking?
Used too on the former, but it exhausted me too much. For the latter...depends on who I'm fighting.

>> No.47547489


they are everywhere, in 80's setting, in fallout ,in star trek and many more. I am surprised that breeding perks exist.



>> No.47547500


>> No.47547501


Time to cull the drive then.

>> No.47547507

could you get the model prime iron man suit with the combo or would you need more perks for that

>> No.47547519

>but it exhausted me too much

get stamina perks anon

>> No.47547527


With all the people discussing power bullshit, which of you made oddball builds?

Shopkeeper who roadtrips
What are ya buyin'?

>> No.47547528

Hivers with their growth speed and unique FTL mechanics.

>> No.47547540


needs more perks for hugging and holding hands, not enough soft romance.

>> No.47547541

You picked the most generic of all pokemon, is all.

>> No.47547549

can you use the fma combination to make adamantine threads for later

>> No.47547557

So that's one. What about all the other races?

>> No.47547558

I use combat perks while making love, does that count? I only use sex appeal as a distraction in fights, though.

>> No.47547561

That only applies to the civilization, is there anything that can match up to the Suul'ka on an individual level?

>> No.47547564

Once adamantine is solid, you can no longer manipulate it.

>> No.47547574

>Hold Hands
>Soft Romance
Choose one anon

>> No.47547585

The most I've ever done is use extremely high end shapeshifting to dodge without actually moving from my position or changing my stance.

I don't have any lovemaking perks.
Not a one.

>> No.47547586

I'm currently going for a 'Santa/Craftsman' build.
Toys, weapons, toys disguised as weapons, weapons disguised as toys, etc.

>> No.47547597

I also picked that one, Pokemon Yellow was my first Pokemon game.

>> No.47547605

>Holding hands

>> No.47547609

no what i meant was could i make threads of it to make a cloak or clothes out of adamantine

>> No.47547611

It won't, sorry.

>> No.47547615

This. You can't cart around an entire civilisation like you can a planet busting space whale alt form.

>> No.47547617

What are you making the adamantine threads out of?

>> No.47547620

I don't, but it's a favorite tactic of one of my Companions. Ever since Forgotten Realms she's taken shapeshifting to a whole new level. She's since added aphrodisiac saliva and a stretchy tongue to the mix. She's makes for an effective, non-lethal infiltrator.

I prefer to dive right into melee. Holding a chainsword in one hand and tossing magic spells with the other. Of course, sometimes I get bored and mix things up a bit. Doors are quite fun as an improvised weapons. Cover Equals Concealment from Black Lagoon makes them supremely effective.

>> No.47547634

Dude, you're making a fucking ass of yourself. Every race has its strong points, Suul'ka are powerful individuals but 7 planet busting psychic space squid-dolphins aren't more powerful than another interstellar empire's entire fucking fleet.

>> No.47547651


So it's pretty much going to be "Capstones and Dormant Power" for all of their builds.

Sorry for being boring.

>> No.47547663

i thought that i could get hercules to let me see his hammer for a bit then once i have the formula or atomic make up of it i could go from there

>> No.47547664

Dude, you don't get to keep your body in successive jumps as an alt form unless it's explicitly given to you.

>> No.47547677

Hey SMTAnon, I have a question to ask you. Is there anyway to speed up the bullet hell attack that the Gun Bullet Children and Vampires have? As useful as unleashing a massive stream of bullets is, combat will be in a 3D environment rather than 2D, so it won't that hard to dodge.

>> No.47547679

We're getting to the point where he starts screaming 'cheaters!' again.

>> No.47547688

And which one is more useful to the jumper? You can't bring billions of people, entire planet's of infrastructure and resources along between jumps. You can bring your own body along.

>> No.47547696

Give them all Theme Music and I'll forgive you.

>> No.47547706

All I wanted was to introduce the thread to a neat sci-fi IP that I liked. How did it come to this?

>> No.47547721

You still haven't given any more examples then one rather dubious one. Come on man, if you really think the Suul'ka aren't unbalanced, show us why. Citing an entire civilisation doesn't matter, you need to show what each race could have on offer to purchase in jump that's on the level of the Suul'ka. Do they have some sort of mega big ship or weapon? Like a deathstar? Maybe some super great technology like that Paragon stuff in ACU?

>> No.47547723

Ah, yeah. I've been mulling over all sorts of pokemon as starters for every which-way reason for months now and at the end of it all I decided to just go with what kid-me would have wanted. Even sitting here typing this post up I've deleted like 20 starter picks I had been thinking of, but pikachu has always felt like a strong pick, though it conflicted me being such a plain pick. But for a first jump, first chain, it just feels right.
fuck yeah yellow

>> No.47547727


Is 2 that bad? Everyone said it was super bad when it came out but I heard it got patched down the line.

>> No.47547735

This is Jumpchain. We literally cannot go a single thread without someone shitting on everyone else.

>> No.47547738

See >>47547385

Don't let him get to you. Just ignore him and make your jump. All the rest of us will appreciate it.

>> No.47547751

>What is the Light of Terra
>The city from 1984

>> No.47547752

Don't sweat the flamewars, anon. SOTS is indeed a neat sci-fi IP, and I look forward to your jump.

>> No.47547759

Because you can't decide on whether Suul'ka should be limited or not. You've sat there and let people argue when you have the power to end the argument or at least discuss it with people. Without you, all people can do is spin their wheels against each other.

It is baaaad. It's just...crashes, bugs, awful gameplay, BORING gameplay (Mostly) and so on. The patches just make more problems and the guys in charge were gigantic cunts to anyone that disagreed with them.

>> No.47547773

You're fine anon. Just power on through! STAY DETERMINED! AND HAVE A KAMEN RIDER THUMBS UP!

>> No.47547780

Him being the guy (You) that thinks everyone who disagrees with him is one guy? Yeah, no. Get out you fucking shitstain.

>> No.47547781

I know right?

I should just buck up and accept that we're going to give ourselves free stuff and flagrantly defy jumpchain conventions, and then turn around and use that as basis for a jump maker needing to set in place new rules that we definitely will follow and not flagrantly break like we already do other rules, because if we don't put those rules in place, someone might acquire power legitimately through time and effort!

We can't allow that!

>> No.47547801

I can do that.

But hot damn that 8-Forked Drunkard's Shadow boost.

>> No.47547803

>Guy quoted the last post in the argument last thread, mentioning he had to go leave before he could reply, and continues his argument from last thread about this same topic.
>Noooo it's a new guy!
I shouldn't reply, but goddamn, you're not even trying.

>> No.47547804

Don't worry about it. Most of the Jumpmakers catch some kind of shit for one reason or another. Go ahead and make your Jump. Most of us will appreciate the effort and give honest criticism.

>> No.47547809

That reminds me, I should check out how the MOO reboot is coming along. Hopefully they won't fuck it up. 1 was good, 2 was great, but 3... was neither of those things.

>> No.47547814

Yeah, you're probably right. So, okay: No Suul'ka. You can get really strong, but that's just normal Liir power growth taken to its extremes like the Black has. To go full Suul'ka requires a proper state of mind, so you'll never go crazy enough to start eating planets. Does that work?

>> No.47547821

It's terrible and casualized.

About the only thing you might like is how flirty the cats are.

>> No.47547822

Fine by me. We can focus on the rest of the cool stuff in setting now.

>> No.47547824

If you're a GBC, skip to the next step. If you're a Vampire, git gud at the whole "turn your bullets into needles" thing until every single one of your shots is that fast.

Then, stack metamagic and blanket magic/spellcasting-enhancing Perks to boost all of your bullet's attributes and your ability to fire them in general.

It's not great, but it's better than nothing.

>> No.47547828


>> No.47547830

You have my sword. I'm not sorry.

>> No.47547833

Works for me.

>> No.47547859

I'll accept it. I don't agree, but now it's settled which side you're on and how this setting should be treated.

>> No.47547865

Works for me. Also, if I may ask, does pain caused by drawbacks count for the Martyr ability?

>> No.47547894

Nor should you be.
I've got a spare axe he can borrow, but if touches my waifu, Imma gut 'im.

>> No.47547899

I hope you're ready for the consequences.

Like a fucked out whore?

>> No.47547907

So Persona, Franken Fran, and Firefly give some psychology perks. Are there any other jumps?
I kinda want to be the the best galactic Psychiatrist.

>> No.47547914

I'd say so, yes.

>> No.47547944

>you didn't do what I wanted, so I WILL throw a temper tantrum
Why can't you go bother CYOAG? They'll like you there.

>> No.47547955

I don't have any specifics off the top of my head, but Charisma, Sense Motive, and Planning perks are good side angles.

>> No.47547984

> combat will be in a 3D environment rather than 2D, so it won't that hard to dodge.

Isn't that just like... an interface thing? In-universe I assume it's as hard to deal with as the gameplay/fluff implies. Like you can dodge in three dimensions but that pattern of knives or exploding blood bullets converging on you is also a three-dimensional clusterfuck.

>> No.47547987

Who are the biggest threats to show up in Young Justice?

>> No.47548018

I don't care about the reasoning behind why an arbitrary limit is imposed, as a jumper, I only see those as challenges to be overcome and looked at with disdain. Arbitrary limits are garbage, fuck you for defending them.

>> No.47548040

I guess so, but the attack patterns seem to correlate more to a 2D battlefield, and I'm not sure how you could change it to 3D without losing at least SOME of the threat.

>> No.47548064

Imagine a cone instead of a ray

>> No.47548065

>Doors are quite fun as an improvised weapons.

Couldn't agree more.

>> No.47548071

It's you, anon.

>> No.47548077

How much of a boost to thinking speed does Brains+Speed give you?

>> No.47548080

Slice of Life has a pretty good one.

>> No.47548082

That's your opinion, and you're welcome to it. But I'd rather see an arbitrary limit than the ability not offered at all. More importantly? Threatening "consequences" against a Jumpmaker because he does something you don't like makes you garbage, and fuck you for trying to intimidate our content creators to get your way.

>> No.47548089

The Main Man, Green Beetle, Black Beetle, and Mongul and his Warworld.

Beetles are the kind of thing that fights on par with a Green lantern, and Green Beetle is a Martian besides. Warworld is a battle moon with armies of attack drones, and Mongul and Lobo are more than capable of going mano y mano with Superman, though they lack his diversity of abilities.

>> No.47548094


>> No.47548103

Hmm, fair enough. All right, thanks anon, that's actually pretty helpful, I hadn't thought of that.

>> No.47548104

Just let him rot.

>> No.47548121

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I heard Darkseid showed up as well?

>> No.47548141

Only if you fake the drawback, right?

>> No.47548143

Speaking of, did we accidentally chase of DungeonBuilderAnon? Or is he still here?

>> No.47548152

KOTOR Anon, if you're around, I've got two questions on Aberrant from the Star Wars KOTOR jump:

1. Post-jump, the perk changes from a passive, personal, defensive ability to an active, ranged, offensive ability. Is that supposed to apply when we visit your other SW jumps, or should it have the original in-jump effect?

2. WHY does it change post-jump from a passive, personal, defensive ability to an active, ranged, offensive ability?

>> No.47548154

As someone who's been around the thread since double digits, no, you're just an idiot. You always get to keep significantly inhuman forms as alt forms, and human ones are up to fanwank. What you're doing is akin to whining about people having their companions active in a jump without importing them. A misconception kinda possible if you come in with little information but completely false. Only instead of actually accepting it's wrong when literally everyone replying to you tells you you're mistaken you double down and insult them. So kindly shut up and quit being an ignorant buffoon.

>> No.47548167

He said earlier he was working on bosses and minions without his name on.

>> No.47548177

No, he's the guy that supplies tech to the Light. I just kind of forgot about him because he was a background player for the whole show.

>> No.47548188

Not sure. If I recall, Vandal Savage was working for Darkseid all along or something, but then the show got cancelled. He'll be much less powerful than comic/drawback Darkseid though, so you won't be entirely screwed even if I'm right-
Ah, so I was right. There you have it.

>> No.47548190

Good for you Anon breakthrough all limitations

Do whatever you want Jumpchain is a single player experience

What you do in your chain doesn't effect anyone but you

>> No.47548191

By the way, since Brains seems to be modeled after Peter Parker, how smart would you be with 2-3 purchases? What if you went batshit and purchased 16?

>> No.47548232

The consequences of an arbitrary limit are en eternity of people circumventing the ruling directly, as is their right, or wanking stupid numbers of solutions to achieve the same thing or even more through roundabout methods.

The jump maker shouldn't have put the limit in place, and the correct response is to ignore the rule or go around it, but definitely not to follow it.

>> No.47548252

Say, since Brains seems to be modeled after Peter Parker, how smart would 2-3 purchases make you? What if you went batshit and purchased 10?

>> No.47548263

That's wank though. Please stop pushing your wank as canon.

>> No.47548265

I've decided my JumpChain cannot be complete without a Dullahan on my team. Besides Ragnarok Online, what's a good place to pick one us?

>> No.47548272

I agree. That's why I always give myself all the perks in a Jump. Fuck arbitrary limits!

>> No.47548274

Wow, aren't you just a bundle of sunshine and encouragement.

>> No.47548283


If you take the Midgard Serpent thing as a vampire, does that make you a GBC project escapee or something? And does it mess you up when using any of your magic, or only the Twilight of the Divine stuff?

>> No.47548292

That's basically already accepted as jumpchain canon at this point by giving you free alt forms every jump.

>> No.47548296

I just interpret it as working on other forms of psychics the same way it does on the force.

>> No.47548299

... Yeah, you know what, fuck this and fuck you.

Dropping the Torchlight and Torchlight 2 jumps I was working on if this is the mentality I get to deal with.

>> No.47548301

He's just gonna scream 'wank' and 'cheater' at you. There's no point in talking to him, this song and dance happened yesterday.

>> No.47548312

You'd still be as powerful as one. The example I used was the Black, and given that he hunted down and killed most of the Suul'ka it feels safe to assume he's as strong as one. You just wouldn't have the nasty side of their powers. So still massive psychic power, just no mind-breaking civilizations or consuming worlds in your hunger or stuff like that. If anything it's probably a buff, Suul'ka need to eat other minds to fuel their powers, the Black doesn't.

>> No.47548327

>Our resident shitposter shitposts.
>Anon blames all of us for it.
Just ignore him. Most people here don't think like that. We can't do anything about him, but that doesn't mean we need to be punished more than what we already are by him existing.

>> No.47548335

Alright you do that Jump Chain is basically a glorified creative writing exercise so if that makes you happy do it

>> No.47548338

Oh my god-he is but one man! Why must you bring ruin upon the many for the sins of one?!

>> No.47548339

Okay, what. So how are you balancing an EVEN BETTER version of this power within the jump.

>> No.47548340

That's a valid way of fluffing it.

Only the power given to you by the Serpent. The rest of your magic is a-ok to use as much as you'd like.

>> No.47548341

I'm really hoping you're just trolling, because I hate the idea of someone actually letting one of our resident assholes win.

>> No.47548352

Nightmare Before Christmas?

>> No.47548362

You don't get to say this and then turn around and say it's acceptable to give yourself free alt-forms ever jump. It's literally the same fucking thing.

>> No.47548363

Woah woah woah, hey man. Look up here.
Take a look at the picture too. It's quite relevant to a certain shitposter.

>> No.47548382

Accepting another toss for Secundo.

My apologies, I fell asleep in my chair.

>> No.47548384

Don't engage him. He cannot be reasoned with.

>> No.47548386

Sorry, I'm phrasing it poorly. What I mean is, you'd be able to reach the same level of power, you'd just have slower growth due to not being a ravening psychic vampire addicted to the taste of dying consciousness. Same potential for power, lesser growth rate without the sort of mentality that can reap power from genocide.

>> No.47548389

Not that anon, but that gal is cool as hell.
Who is she, and where can I get the tech on her stumps?

>> No.47548394

Er...dude? You're kidding us right?

Ugh, could you at least tell us how you plan to make any other option in the jump as good as this "All the power, none of the downsides" one?

>> No.47548395

Yeah, fuck this. I was going to try my hand at that Mummy jump that was abandoned a while ago, but I'm not putting up with this shithouse.

Place is a fucking cesspool now if this is what passes for the average poster. I don't care if people pull the "oh it's one guy" excuse because that's just a cheap lie by now to sweep all the problems under the rug.

>> No.47548411

You know what, fuck off. We don't need any more whiny thin-skinned jumpmakers like you who'll throw a fit and leave their jumps half-finished like Jojo the moment thread does anything to hurt their precious feelings.

>> No.47548413

Don't engage him, he can't be reasoned with.

>> No.47548420

Now you, I don't believe for a second you're making any jumps. You sound like you're just gloating about the trouble you've caused.

>> No.47548425

No, I got that. My question remains. How is this balanced against the other races which can't reach this level of power?

>> No.47548435

Yeah, just wanted to get the one post in for posterity's sake. Letting him peddle his shit in a thread without someone explaining why he's an idiot is the sort of thing I'd like to avoid in case a new guy comes by and actually takes it at face value.

>> No.47548438

Breaking Bad

>> No.47548441

Good riddance.

>> No.47548442

>Anon is aping my posts now to try and discredit them.

>> No.47548450

Sure, why not. Drugs. For the walking biblical plague. This can't end badly.

>> No.47548456

Worst theard ever.

>> No.47548464

Yeah, let's just chase off any jumpmaker that won't put up with our entitlement bullshit. We don't need any of those guys, what have they ever done for us? We can just say we killed the Benefactor and go to whatever world we want taking whatever we please!

Clearly we don't need anyone willing to put in time and effort for us. Who would ever want that?

>> No.47548469

You're adorable. This isn't even close to as bad as the early days of JC.

>> No.47548472

Couldn't he just make that one more expensive?

>> No.47548476

>You're an idiot because you say things I disagree with and thus they're wrong! I'm right because I am, which means you're wrong because you disagree with me!

Fuck off with this.

>> No.47548478

How many times have you tried to shame him? How many times has it worked? Just don't reply.

>> No.47548482

Alas, she's just someone saved from random parts of the internet. As far as the technology goes, personally I'd go the Magitech route. It would be the simplest solution.

>> No.47548485

I don't know, okay? That's what I originally asked, "how do I balance the Liir". It just got into an argument, though. I'm starting to be put off the whole idea, to be honest. I haven't made any jumps before, I really should cut my teeth on something easier to balance before I dive into this. Consider it dropped, for now. Maybe I'll take it up again after I've got more experience with this. Not a claim for the future, if anyone else wants to do it they can, but if I'm ever going to do it it, it will be after other jumps for practice.

>> No.47548494

I don't. I only get alt-forms if I get a choice of species.

>> No.47548496

>> No.47548503

>Being Jon Snow
We have highs and lows nowadays but you know nothing of the depths we have sunken to in the past.

>> No.47548504

Or we could not believe people who could very well be attempting to fake it to start/continue arguments. If they want to be believed, they should have posted a claim or WIP on their jumps instead of suddenly claiming out of nowhere that they are no longer working on them.

If anything else was even remotely close in power sure. As is the sheer gap of power means it should cost way more then there should be enough CP for.

>> No.47548509

Does it make you feel better to believe that everyone who disagrees with your half-baked opinions is one person?

>> No.47548525

Yeah, this guy has just launched a consistent campaign this passed month, and this isn't even the worst product of it.

>> No.47548535

>That pic

I can't help but think that that hurts.
Like she's getting cut open and releasing the energy inside.

>> No.47548540

There's a few different autistic morons who seem to have been active lately. But they're not particularly representative of most of the thread. Please don't leave because a few asshats keep stirring the same shit over and over. IRC is also a decent place to go where there's usually none of those idiots around.

Frankly I dislike the "only one guy" stuff because the first time I came across it was Mega trying to insist that an entire thread of backlash against lewd was a single anon. It reeks of denial.

>> No.47548548


>> No.47548551

The level of self righteous bullshit in this thread is worse than any amount of 'shitposting'. I'd have quit a long time ago if this level of 'shitposting' was anything to write home about, but the amount of trolls who are so quick to call anything they disagree with 'shitposting' is on my nerves way harder than /jc/'s normal bitching and whining has ever been.

>> No.47548552 [DELETED] 

>trying to drag discussion away to the IRC

Piss off.

>> No.47548553

Do what I do.

Don't bother posting your ideas or brainstorming in-thread. He'll target you. Just make your jump in private and post it, he's too fucking lazy to actually read any of them so you'll mostly get legitimate replies and avoid being his punching bag for a thread.

>> No.47548558

Monsumu at least should be allowed, it's hardly a 'lewd' setting.

>> No.47548565

No, you fuck off. I'd rather have a thin-skinned Jumpmaker than a worthless lump who does nothing but leech off the thread and contributed nothing but garbage.

>> No.47548575

Not sure what to say man, I don't really sympathise much. When you asked, the prevailing opinions were "Limit it to post spark" and "Don't limit it at all". You then chose "Offer a buffed version of the full thing", which not only makes no sense but seems like it'd only agitate the people on the balance side further. The point of asking for help is to take it into account right?

Look, this is one part of an otherwise fine verse right? For now, just say it's unavailable. Work on the rest of the jump, see what sort of perks and power level will be available to all the other choices and THEN look at this Suul'ka business and decide whether you want to include it, whether you can and whether it's balanced. No need to drop the whole thing, just focus on other parts of it till you get a good grip on what you want out of this jump.

>> No.47548582

Wouldn't you be like a newborn one though (relatively speaking)? Without the huge amounts of power the older ones have and lacking the growth rate and disposition needed to achieve the heights of power in any remotely reasonable amount of time?

And when I say "reasonable" I mean psychic space wale's idea of a reasonable amount of time.

>> No.47548585

Also reduces the chances of the nerf police throwing a fit because your setting or perks are 'too powerful'.

>> No.47548595

You might, but every time it happens, it's before or immediately followed by an anti-red post, and the last time we circled around about his hate for a particular jumpmaker and what he was doing with his jump, he revealed he hated him because he was friends with Red.

You think it's denial, but posting style and behavior are consistent. The fact that he rants every time someone suggests he might be the same person just proves it more to me.

>> No.47548599

Ahh, and here comes the namefag elitism.

>> No.47548602

Considering she's an android, I doubt they'd build pain senors into those areas specifically to let her feel pain. I prefer to think of it as a limiter releasing. More energy vents opening, that kind of thing.

>> No.47548606

Yeah. Yeah, okay, that's a lot more reasonable. I'm sorry. It's just frustrating. But yeah, that's what I should be doing. Thanks for being a cooler head.

>> No.47548607

They are useing every bait at once today and anons still keep biting.

>> No.47548612

There is no such thing as too powerful

>> No.47548620

I'm talking about you, you know. You fucking colon cancer.

>> No.47548626

I thought you'd learned not to bring this up anymore. You must know by now regardless of the reasoning the majority doesn't agree with you.

>> No.47548637

No, stop that. BAD.

Monmusu isn't even banned for lewd even, it is banned for lack of substance. We have jumps that are much more "Lewd" that Monmusu but they are allowed because they have some fucking substance to go along with the ecchi.

>> No.47548641

You should know that he never accepts anyone's reasoning so not to reply.

>> No.47548648

Breaking Bad- Didn't I try to be a Bargin Bin Doomrider in Commorragh? Might as well try again.
Chemist, Rolled for 31
Free Creative Chemist
Discount Remember My Name
Discount The Empire Business
Stay Out of My Territory-I'm allowed to be Scary or Creepy, nothing else
The One Who Knocks
Tread Lightly
Free Hazmat Suit and Gasmaskx2

Lung Cancer+300- Coughing up blood for 10 years? Annoying, but it can be handled
I Did It for Me+100- Yes?
Proud+100- Again, yes?
Hostile Working Enviroment+100- Fuck those cunts.

Next. I'm on a bit of a roll lately.

>> No.47548652


Anything stronger than this should be banned.

>> No.47548659

/tg/ has always been completely unable to not take the bait. This long predates Jumpchain.

>> No.47548661

Not that anon, but maybe if we don't want to scare people off to the IRC, we should learn a manner or two, collectively.

Not saying we should have kid gloves for everyone, but if everyone made their posts clear and concise, without all the vitriol that composes most of the posts these days, we wouldn't have jumpchain split between here and some other place.

Basically, if the shitposters would stop shitposting and start trying to be coherent individuals, we wouldn't have any problems.

>> No.47548667

Jumpers, when's the most memorable time you've been on either end of a siege?

>> No.47548670

And yet we have an axe cop jump.
I feel like the only reason people want to keep Monsumu banned is because they personally don't like the setting, which is an objectively horrible reason.

>> No.47548677

No, we just know that you're loud enough to drown out all the other voices for and against it.

>> No.47548681

Who, me, the guy that just doesn't like arbitrary limits?

Or are you talking about the guy that insists taking free perks is cheating?

Or the guy from way earlier in the thread that started the argument by saying you'd still have to actually work for it and should be able to get it because you have to work for it?

Are you literally calling any level of descent or disagreement 'trolling' and 'shitposting'?

Are you gonna say I'm a 'screaming', 'yelling' idiot who won't listen to reason next?

>> No.47548689

Aaaand this is why I never make anything, nor post my build.

I will never contribute to this shit. Neither the bad nor the good.

>> No.47548695

>I doubt they'd build pain senors


>> No.47548700

No worries mate. Sides, I like to think of it this way. Only reason people argue so hard and viciously is that they care about the jump. Yeah it might not always be true, but it helps to get through the day you know?

>> No.47548703


I also posit that sarcasm was a mistake. Guy in last thread was right, all it does is start more fights.

>> No.47548704

The more they bite the more powerful he becomes. Last week's threads are the product of about two months of escalation from no anons learning to ignore him.

Also he's probably out of highschool for the Summer so he has nothing else to do.

>> No.47548705

Indeed but this is still nowhere near as bad as the dark times, be glad you weren't here back then.

>> No.47548709

>Using sword of the stranger image for this jump.
Superb taste confirmed.

>> No.47548716 [DELETED] 

How about they fucking get a spine and learn to handle the 4chan posting that occurs.

>> No.47548725

Adam Sandler movies do cause too much pain.

>> No.47548727

It's a reason, and we're sticking to it.

>> No.47548736

I'd just like to direct all you idiots (Not you anon I'm linking to, just using your post as an example) to >>47548575 . Guy who just prevented a jump being dropped by being reasonable and nice instead of you colossal wankers screaming at each other. Jesus.

>> No.47548738

My point is there's no logical reason to continue trying when you know it's futile.

Not him but yes, having just read through the thread I think he is referring specifically to you. Assuming you're actually interested in an answer rather than being defiant for the sake of it.

>> No.47548742

>without all the vitriol that composes most of the posts these days
That's a good point, but no one is going to do that.

No one will tell you why they won't do it, either. You've just got to learn to tell the difference between people that are offering legitimate criticism, and people who just want to complain.

inb4 someone calls my post garbage and claims I'm saying people should ignore whatever they don't like.

>> No.47548743

Are... Are you legitimately saying that this shitposting is a good thing?

>> No.47548746


>> No.47548751

True but it doesn't matter.

To be honest we are just keeping it out to spite the guy who made it for being a truly legendary asshole.

>> No.47548757

In a dark corner of his den, anon giggles madly.
The harvest was good this day, and his offspring will not go hungry.

The cycle continues.

>> No.47548767

Sure, but the guy doing it won't learn and he won't stop.

>> No.47548771

It's painfully transparent that you're all the same person railing a potental Sword of the Stars jump because you hate /jc/ and just want to ruin the thread by driving out jump makers.

>> No.47548772

Or you could be a decent person.
Just because you don't have a name here and can say anything you want without repercussion to yourself doesn't mean you should.
We're all real human beings here, and should treat each other appropriately.

>> No.47548776

I really want to make a Generic Adam Sandler jump, but I don't actually know anything about Adam Sandler movies.

>> No.47548789

This post during the last half of thread
Fuck you're a beautiful being.

>> No.47548791

The issue is that I've been here a while and-honestly, I dunno if it's just the 4chan in summer meme but recently we've been a lot more vitriolic than per usual.

Accountability is a two way street, and assuming one side is always right isn't correct.

Still missing the point here-it's not going to change, so pushing the issue further is an exercise in spite at this point.

>> No.47548800

He knows it won't change, but he keeps doing it because you keep replying.

>> No.47548804

>Wolf eating a watermelon

>> No.47548812

>claims I'm saying people should ignore whatever they don't like.
You basically are though. There's no audio over the internet, and no matter how 'angry' a post 'reads', that's no excuse to dismiss it.

>> No.47548813

>be glad you weren't here back then.
I was, I'm just grumpy because things were starting to look better for a few threads, and now so much biting.

>> No.47548829

As someone who has always tried to offer legitimate criticism I totally understand why and how you'd feel that way.

>not anon's imaginary brood as he cuddles up to his daki of the month, the other dakis having long been thrown in the trash after the stains got too hard to wash out

>> No.47548836

So what's with the Gantz jump?

>> No.47548837

>We're all real human beings here, and should treat each other appropriately.
>pic related
I really do agree, though. We've got too many people suddenly thinking because they're anon and can get away with it that they should be complete assholes to each other. We should all be like This Guy, not That Guy.

>> No.47548852


>> No.47548856

You know what's with it.

You're just bringing it up to add more salt on the pile

Which isn't going to work because everyone's already hella salty

>> No.47548857

That gives me an interesting idea for an INFINITE CP chain

Due to GREAT COSMIC FUCKERY Jump-chan has accidentally given you an unlimited number of Choice Points for your chain

What do you do?

>> No.47548859

Are you kidding, things are way better the last couple of threads. I mean, fuck, were you here during the thread that got 900 posts? That's bad.

>> No.47548863

Be excellent.

>> No.47548864

Have the jump start out good, maybe even great in some places. But then have it progressively turn to shit as it repeats the same perks over and over with as little effort put in as possible.
That would perfectly resemble Adam Sandler's work.

>> No.47548878

He's talking about WAY back, like-I dunno, the 200-400th threads.

>> No.47548884

Whenever someone spells it like that, I always want to read it like it's a mineral. Inorite, some sort of high-water content jasper, or something like that.

>> No.47548887

It's also not gonna work because I don't care about expressing any moral outrage against Gantz when our shitposter is around. Like I may be a piece of shit, but I don't want the threads to die like he does, so I modulate myself to prevent taking it too far.

>> No.47548890

Still not enough CP for some jumps.

Never enough CP for some jumps.

>> No.47548897

What do you think he intends to rub the watermelon on?

>> No.47548900

Create the best burger in the multiverse

>> No.47548901

Anon, we were all That Guy to begin with, if you ask the rest of /tg/.

>> No.47548906

I can't even tell if this is actually sarcasm or shitposting, or if this poster legitimately believes this. These are terrible times.

>> No.47548907

No, he's probably talking about yesterday's thread that got to 500 replies without major arguments.

>> No.47548910

Make absurd and weird combos, also play matchmaker in Fallen London. I'm going to be the matchmaker of the stars!

>> No.47548914

I'm ok with that.

>> No.47548915

Final Fantasy 6 had some good sieges. I had taken the Empire Builder Drawback, rolled for Zozo as a starting location, and picked Half-Esper. It was a pretty glorious experience.

However, my most memorable siege was from Light of Terra. It was during the second part, when armies started invading. The Orks were making a particularly hard push through our underground tunnels and I was tripping absolute balls. I had gone from Morphine Addition to being addicted to a variety of interesting chemical concoctions that Hospitaler Lina has cooked up. Our position was close to being overrun and all of a sudden I spotted one of the Orks running towards me.

In a pink, frilly sundress.

So, I start laughing. Not normal laughing. Insane, crazy, wild laughter that has everyone around me looking sideways in my direction. And I can't stop, because now /every/ single Ork is running towards me dressed in pink sundresses. Even the Mecha units were painted bight pink with flowers.

I blacked out when a fresh wave of chemicals invaded my body.

I woke up to find myself standing in the middle of a huge pile of dead Orks, with one tied up in front of me beaten to all holy hell and back. My Companions told me that I had suddenly started beating Orks to death with my bare hands, captured one, tied him up, and started slapping him, screaming the whole time. "WHERE IS THE PICNIC?!"

Over and over and over again.

Lina and I both attended a /lot/ of rehab after that. But it's still my most memorable siege.

>> No.47548922

That was a beautiful thread.

>> No.47548927

No. I genuinely don't know what's with it. I've been away for last... I think 100 threads. Last time I checked, Gantz was in WiP

>> No.47548933

I politely hand them back, because this is clearly just like that one allegory about the chinese dude and the gold, silver and original ladles.

Thus I pass the test and get to continue my chain without being smited.

But that's forbidden love

Cool beans.

That's fair too.

>> No.47548937

>Jumper looks at his CP bank.


>> No.47548946


>> No.47548948

We could have it again, if people wouldn't take bait. The guy was trying occasionally for over a hundred post today before someone bit. We need a concentrated effort.

>> No.47548957

It's the same excuse they started to pull by claiming everyone's Antired.

It's easier to pretend this community hasn't gone to shit when you can blame everything on one person. Because that worked so well with Angra Mainyu, amirite?

>> No.47548961

Jump Marvel and become Omnikinetic.

Become a Divine Lion. Maybe a Sea of Chaos too.

Shit, let's get some Neutronium Golem action up in here too. Probably stronger monsters to cheese via FR, but whatever.

Drown the world in DOSH.

>> No.47548965

This, there were also some other good ones here and there this last week.

>> No.47548971

>Cool beans.
Yeah, I admit I'm a terrible person who gets into terrible shitstorms about things that only bother me, but even among the lowest of the low, we don't wanna be like this guy.

>> No.47548978

Well he's adopted the powers of Cool Ranch Doritos (TM) so

I guess?

>> No.47548983

Huh. So what's up with the pic? Did you take N-dawg's Reality Marble in Tsukihime and take control of it?

Oh alright. Basically some fannyflustered puritan started falsely accusing it of being focused on bestiality when it's really about some teenagers stuck in a room that have to kill weird aliens.

There's probably more to this but these are all the important details I remember.

>> No.47548984

Don't take this bait, it's just our resident shitposter falseflagging like he always does pretending like there are more than one.

>> No.47548985

Oh noes! Your next jump is Warhammer 40K! Wat do?

>Pick extended jump 6 times
>Pick blank and viator of nullspace
>Buy STC printer
>Buy Ship
>Copy any peice of useful tech (Doom's BFG, No More Heroes Beam Katana, that vitachamber you ripped from the wall in Rapture...)
>Trade "Newly found STC" to the Mechanicus for a planet
>Make that planet a fortress with all the tech perks you have

Alternatively... Get permission to use your Jumper healing BS on the emperor by walking up the imperial palace with Shin MegamiTensei's Herald Golden Ligth in full Glory.

>> No.47549005

I misinterpreted one scene and refused to let it go, basically. I haven't mentioned it at all since and haven't tried to stop the one or two guys who mentioned maybe making it after that.

>> No.47549017

>Yeah, I admit I'm a terrible person who gets into terrible shitstorms about things that only bother me
Then you're part of the problem. When it escalates to the point of a shitstorm, you just walk away. You're not going to win, you're never going to win, and even if you do you'll just fuck up the thread.

>> No.47549018

Part-Time Angry Manjew here.

Can confirm-

-oh wow.


So that's a thing.

Thank goodness for those theming perks, we guess?

>> No.47549020

As an addendum all Jump restrictions are still in place


>> No.47549026


>> No.47549032

So i got the shadow of the colossus "eat evil" perk...

Can eat the tainted grail?

Also, uber expliotable powers like that Anon that threw a weapon that improved with money into the core of the Treasure Planet and ended with a mecha?

>> No.47549035

>As an addendum all Jump restrictions are still in place

then it's a shit exercise.


>> No.47549041

I just told you I'm not doing anything like that right now. When the shitposter is about I don't want to get lumped in with him or help him in killing the thread.

>> No.47549042

Be the only sane person in Raildex.

>> No.47549046

So whats the story behind the pallet swap? Is it Mainyu's evil (good?) twin or something.

>> No.47549051


Look. There isn't a bad enough insult for me to reply to you with, so-for the sake of brevity?

Just assume I've typed every. Single. Insult, accusation, ad hominem and shitpost thus far in this thread, repeated 8 times and directed at you. Even the contradictory ones. Especially the contradictory ones.

You worthless, spineless, cancerous waste of skin.

>> No.47549055

What is the best shitposting you have ever seen on /jc/?

>> No.47549058

Oh, alright.

Did majority of jumpers finally allow the Gantz jump to happen then? I really liked the guns there... And the hulk buster suits. And vehicles.

Goddamn I liked Gantz

>> No.47549065

Infinite points?

>eyes Resident Evil's Double Is Deuce.

This is going to be FUN.

>> No.47549072

I am not going to simply roll over and let this injustice continue. It SHOULDN'T be banned so I will continue to press for its acceptance.

>> No.47549074

>>N-dawg's Reality Marble in Tsukihime
I have absolutely no idea what that entire series of words means. A lot of the pictures I post with my comments are simply ones I've saved from everywhere. So they don't necessarily mean anything. Sometimes they match up nicely, but other times it's just for fun.

>> No.47549076

Finish my Godly build in SMT

>> No.47549085

>Implying Secundo isn't going to become a Champion of Nurgle, and then plot his destruction.

>> No.47549086

Become Ultimate Santa-Craftsman Super God of Hyper-Generosity.

>> No.47549090 [DELETED] 

Have fun with the worthless bitch's jump.

>> No.47549092

No such thing.

The worst, though, is the retards who think they're being cute by being ironic

Kinda, basically it became open for anyone to make but for some reason nobody tried, mainly because this dense motherfucker right here >>47549005 never acknowledged his fuckup.

>> No.47549107

That's fine. I don't mind you hating me.

Because you see, I can let it go.

>> No.47549114


>> No.47549118

I kinda miss MGS Anon, actually.

At least he told us a story.

>> No.47549130

Fuck, I had hoped you left.

>> No.47549142

This is absurd. You don't understand, by "pressing for its' acceptance" you're completely alienating people from your stance. It's like, I dunno, trying to press for interacial understanding at a Klan meeting.

Fair 'nuff, he's a crazy artificial vampire who remade his body out of chaos doges

I didn't know you made jumps, anon

>> No.47549147

>Part-Time Angry Manjew
I thought you were Cantonese, ASA?

>> No.47549152


>> No.47549155

I'm a normal poster 99% of the time, and as I said, I haven't bothered anyone who has talked about it since.

>> No.47549171

And that's the tragedy of it.

The rest of us miss out on what could have been an awesome jump

You get to continue on your merry day whistling dixie with a thumb up your ass.

>> No.47549175

Its straight up Angry Manjew from the Third War created by whatever bullshit the FGO system came up with.

Symptoms also include but are not limited to:
Assassin Kiritsugu the Counter Guardian from an alternate future/timeline
Caster Grail Irisveil

And more as FGO is basically an alternate universe full of copious wack.
Current shenanigans include: 3 Trillion HP Boss Raids

>> No.47549179


Regardless of shitposting being bad, at least that fuck was funny.

Now there's no humor. Just shit.

you know what, I hope he does.

And I hope you're sitting there gnashing your teeth angrily at thin air, as somebody has fun.

>> No.47549180


>> No.47549188

>>Infinite CP
>>all Jump restrictions are still in place
I would buy all the pods. So many Warehouse Pods.

I may or may not descend into interdimensional piracy with my several thousand Companions.

>> No.47549201

I said like five times today that you can make it if you want.

>> No.47549207

>I didn't know you made jumps, anon

>> No.47549209 [DELETED] 

>actually bothering with the power limiter's jumps don't encourage her. We've been blessed that she hasn't posted, don't risk her returning.

>> No.47549219

Okay, figure I might as well ask this and try to get people's advice.

I'm trying to create a Jojo Stand, but I'm usually pretty bad at this kind of thing. I've already decided it's going to be called 「How Far is Heaven」, and will have something to do with 「potential.」 One idea is that would be and ability stand that I could use on mundane objects, probably with some kind of size limit, to make them the best they could possibly be. I.E, using it on a butter knife would turn it into a butter knife that could stand against a sword, and a clunker car under its effect could keep up with a race car. Things start getting crazy if it's used on stuff that's already high quality. Maybe it has the side effect of inevitably and quickly destroying whatever it's used on if the result is too powerful (because once something has hits its peak its downfall is inevitable)?

The requiem ability is something I'm not sure on because it's probably too powerful, but the idea I was kicking around is that it could awaken people's 「potential」 and turn them into 「protagonists,」 the obvious limitation being that it doesn't work on people who are already main characters, including myself for meta reasons. Basically, it would awaken people's latent strength, usually including special abilities of some kind, and give them the strength to seize control of their own destiny. It turns NPCs into PCs, to put it another way. The drawback is that, because they're protagonists, they can no longer live normal lives until they've finished their story, they have their own dangerous storyarcs they need to go through and they inevitably attract dangerous circumstances and plots.

Any opinions or thoughts?

>> No.47549227

>perk: Red Letter Media
>drawback: Fork in the brain

>> No.47549229

>Assassin Kiritsugu the Counter Guardian from an alternate future/timeline
>Caster Grail Irisveil
...Are they seriously pulling ideas from fanfiction now?

>> No.47549230

If you can blame one person, you have an Enemy you can Fight. You have Control of the situation.

If you have to blame yourself, you can't Fight yourself. You don't have Control.

If you have to blame an unstoppable force, you don't have an Enemy to Fight. You have an Act of God you have to simply Endure.

Man seeks to Control the world around him, because if he does not, it will destroy him.

It's all about knowing who's in Control.

>> No.47549236

>>>Infinite CP
>>>all Jump restrictions are still in place
>I would buy all the pods. So many Warehouse Pods.
>pod Alfie

>> No.47549241

You say that as if it were a bad thing.

uh...panic? that's usually my first response to anythin unexpected.

I started the Battle of Helm's Deep by jumpin from the Deeping Wall to land on the Uruk-hai commander dude on the big rock and squash his head like a tomato can. The remainin thirty minutes of the battle was me runnin around tearin Uruks limb from limb, just to spite Theoden after he said that a woman don't belong on a battlefield. Sorta "Up yours, you nihilistic dick."

Another time in Percy Jackson, I snuck myself over to the Roman camp during one of their War Games and walked right through the attackers, left a Jane Doe-shaped hole in the wall, carved "Jane Was Here" in eighteen different languages all over the central area of the guardy-thing, and marched right back out without so much as a mussed hair.

I miss Red.

>> No.47549246

Damn it, you beat me to it.

>> No.47549255

Mostly just use it to buy a few interesting perk lines per jump. Buying literally everything would be a great way to end up as an unfocused mess with abilities all over the place, some of which contradict one another. I mean I'd probably still end up with a significantly higher than 1000 amount of perks, just not going for more than a couple coherent powersets per jump. Might occasionally purchase random items en masse for fun though.

>> No.47549264

Listen, I know you're feeling down on yourself but you really shouldn't be such a negative nancy.

We're a community.

We're here for you, man.

>> No.47549272


lemme know when you actually make something.
I'll be sure to rightfully tear it apart.

>> No.47549273

Good lord no. If I met him in real life I'd actually fucking kill him.

>> No.47549293

>We're a community.


>> No.47549309

First: You think this is a motherfucking game?

Second: For Context: The event's plot was is that a time distortion summons an alternate Fate/Zero Grail War, and old Waver (who is a summoned demiservant (fused with some chinese general from ROT3K) in FGO but is also from the prime Fate/ Timeline (DONT ASK OR QUESTION IT I DONT HAVE THE ANSWERS)) attempts to and successfully derails the plot of Fate/ Zero

>> No.47549313

That actually sounds really creative and cool. Hmm, maybe in exchange for the strength of its; ability, the Stand itself is fairly weak? Like, low stats, not utter trash, but probably unable to take on most other Stands.

>> No.47549331

>What do you do?
>jump Career Model
>Hand Model: Infinite Buys
>jump Akame ga Kill
>buy Most Powerful, Most Beautiful
>be so fucking pretty reality just bends to my will
Win, anon. I win.

>> No.47549342 [DELETED] 

I don't. Good fucking riddance to the nerfwhore, she made this place a no-fun shithouse.

>> No.47549343

Nah. Alfie's mom. She's a stone cold Milf and I'm not even into those.

>> No.47549350


>> No.47549371

No one here tossed me so the IRC did.

Ace Combat- I'm a Fighter Pilot Now? Huh, you're being nice lately. Less Suffering.
Rolled for Osea
Rolled for 27
Free Soundtrack
Free Basic Flight Training
Free Missle Surplus
Free Comm Chatter
Free Running Circles
Discount Radar Maestro
Discount Demon Lord
Boom and Zoom
Missile Massacre
Free Hanger
Free Flightsuit
Free 4th Generation Fighter Plane- I have access to Eldar Tech at this point, pre-fall. I think I can upgrade my Fighter
Advanced Long-Range Air-to-Air Missle

Ace Combat+600- Well, fuck you too.


This is the correct Answer
So. Many. Pods.

>CG Kerry has the dark skin and white hair
That shit only happened to EMIYA because of his Constant use of Reinforcement.
Kerry almost never used Reinforcement.
It infuriates me

>> No.47549375

If you did that anon, I think that senpai would finally notice you.

>> No.47549377

>turn NPCs into PCs

Anon, I think you just accidentally figured out the 「Identity」of Jump-chan's 「Stand」.

tl;dr - I have no problem with this.

>> No.47549390

Anon, anon come now-it's time to turn that frown upside down. Why do you keep shittalking yourself so badly? It's true you are indeed responsible for making this place a no-fun shithole, but I'm sure you're a good person deep down!

>> No.47549395

Hahahaha I bet she'd totally do you if you did that, Mr. White Knight.

>> No.47549396

But seriously, if a Sword of the Stars Jump successfully comes through and I can't become one, I'm going to turn a Liir into a pilot-able Suul'ka like a fucking Evangelion Spaceship.

>> No.47549423

Not that anon, but how the fuck do you do those symbols?
I tried forever with my keyboard and couldn't figure it out.
Is it because I'm a Macfag?

>> No.47549424

You know he never sees himself in that light.

In his eyes he's a vaccine.
Which means we're all contracting autism from his injection.

>> No.47549425

If Justice approves, this is surely the true path of power and freedom.

I may adopt this Infinite Stasis Pod house rule for a future Chain.

>> No.47549436

I'd rather this place be consumed with this shitposting than Anti-red shitposting.

>> No.47549439

Fucking kill yourself you worthless piece of shit, you aren't welcome here.

>> No.47549440

Nobody cares.

This will not have any effect on him, in point of fact that just validates his shitposting to him. Letting him rot and ignoring him, while not personally satisfying, is the only way to deal with him.

Cute, snide, cutting remarks do not do shit to him.

>> No.47549448

I don't seriously think he feels that way. After all, once she stopped posting he started targeting literally everyone else. Either his idea of jumpchain is so autistically specific it'll end up driving everyone else out to achieve, or his goal is just to kill us.

>> No.47549450 [SPOILER] 

You asked for it!

>> No.47549451

So Blue?

>> No.47549456

>Fucking kill yourself you worthless piece of shit, you aren't welcome here.
Anon, what if I told you that you've jumped my jumps. What if I told you I made them on a mac.

>> No.47549464

Know who's not doing you?

Millia Rage.
No longer top-tier waifu.
CHOKE ON /THAT/ MANDATORY RESTRICTION. but only you're affected by it..

Everybody else isn't restricted as such.

>> No.47549467

Wow, are you really that hostile, or are you just joking around?
Either way you're stiiiiiilllllll a shitposter!

>> No.47549472

That is disgusting.

>> No.47549484

Please tell me someone made a Buttsmithy jump or better yet Generic INCASE Jump

>> No.47549489

Who is Millia tho

>> No.47549490

You know what; go for it. That's at least adding to the conversation, beyond just saying 'fuck you and fuck your limitations'

>> No.47549503

Just jump SoL and use the in-jump options to make it a generic fantasy world.

That's all it is.

>> No.47549507

Oh, you're talking about that halfling NTR comic. I wondered what you were going on about.

>> No.47549512

What do you do when you're sad, /jc/?

>> No.47549515


>> No.47549522

Hey. Remember last time you tried this? Remember how it didn't work?

>> No.47549525


God will not help you here.
There is only rot and decay.

>> No.47549532

Play videogames.

>> No.47549535

Meh sounds pretty solid.

If you are going to let a power capable of messing with relity for it...

Thing is:A butter knife is a butter knife, objects have no "potential". You could try the [STRENGTH] gimmick from the Orangutan in crusaders that possesed a boat and projected a tanker...


In that regard, then yes, it works. Can only be used for one thing at a time and sophonts possesed have to be willing, and you wont be able to control the guy in question, just let him borrow the stand's power. Now, if a random guy uses it they migth go "Master Roshi Full Power"-esque strength boost, but if someone with a special ability or skill like a psychic, archer or a martial artist, well you know, it becomes an enhacement based on the person.

Now, Awakened stands gain an ability that is somehow related to it's main power. No idea for this one.

Requiem, well, i guess yours ir reasonable, not as big as a borrowed boost but gaining the ability to reach their true potential is fine too.

>> No.47549536

Not an NTR comic.

>> No.47549548

Dunno, last I saw of it her mom and her dad were both cheating on each other and she was contemplating cheating on her boyfriend when that festival thing came around.

>> No.47549550

Shitpost on /jc/
I'm just so bitter and sad that Red won't notice me, that's why I lash out at her and the rest of the thread.

I'm sorry.

>> No.47549555

Cute blonde assassin who has a Forbidden Beast sealed in her hair, allowing for hair manipulation and power strong enough to fight Valentines and top-tier / Humanoid Gears, who are strong enough in their own right to be island busters.

>> No.47549558

I go to bed. Speaking of which, screw you guys, I'm going to sleep.

>> No.47549559

Play video games, read, do shit in /jc/. I don't get sad often anymore though. I'm that one asshole who "beat" Depression.

>> No.47549570

Huh, that's some serious hair.

>> No.47549576

Nurgle please go.

>> No.47549580

Soooo, is there any chance of a Gantz jump happening now?

>> No.47549585


For those of you who want to read something else, the next chapter of my writefaggotry is done. Might take a break on these for a bit. Might not.

>> No.47549587

Alright, cool. I'm probably going to go with this then.

In terms of punch-ghost strength, the original idea was that it would be purely an ability stand and have zero punchyness, but I'm suddenly attached to the idea of a half foot-tall, goblin-like thing that attaches itself to what I'm using it on and can throw pitifully small, E rank punches. I was very tempted for the requiem form to resemble a certain contractor, but I'm suddenly visualizing an 8-foot tall and very fat, though no stronger than the base stand, djinn for the requiem form.

>> No.47549591

Everyone in thread is just pent up right now. We should all take a few moments to masturbate or something before posting again.

>> No.47549592

>I'm that one asshole who "beat" Depression.

If I were to eat your heart, would I too gain this power?

>> No.47549593

Rule one.

>> No.47549597


Not in any of our lifetimes.

We must entrust Gantz to the next generation of Jumpers.

>> No.47549601

And there is a restriction of making her a waifu?

>> No.47549610

She doesn't have a boyfriend.

Two married people cheating on each other isn't NTR.

>> No.47549620


>> No.47549621

>he thinks that's going to work

>> No.47549628

If I made it it would suck, I like Gantz and don't want a jump there to suck.

>> No.47549633

Significant other, whoever. Guy she's courting.

I don't know the specific terminology for your fetish and I don't care. It's close enough.

>> No.47549650

How many jumps are you planning to do with this chain?

>> No.47549651

NTR is far worse than just cheating.

>> No.47549654

Harness the sadness to become more powerful. Open our mind to all the sadness, suffering and despair that has been, is, will ever be and could have been, drawing it deep into a bottomless well of blackest suffering internalised deep within the throne of our soul. Let it all trickle down through a rough imitation of Third Magic. Like how a fire burns hotter and wilder when doused with oil, so do our empyrean flames of lilac and octarine burn all the more for having fuel to consume.

Also, ice cream. Ice cream is nice. An entire desert of ice cream hits the spot when times are dark.

I just woke up and I'm struggling to make sense of what is even happening at the moment. I'm peacing out now though.


I knew I wasn't the only one out there. That said, even I acknowledge these things are pretty shitty when it comes to doing non-mac things

>> No.47549655

It doesn't happen often, but when you live as long as a Jumper does, there's bound to be a number of gloomy clouds. My Companions are pretty good at getting me through it, but when absolutely nothing will snap me out of a funk, I make a box of mac and cheese.

Yeah, that's right. An ordinary box of Velveta Shells mac and cheese.

A bit of garlic and onion powder mixed in there. Just the way my mom made it. That always helps me feel a little bit better.

>> No.47549656

Just inver this >>47549535
Giving people acces to their true potential<Having a giant shapeshifthing tank.

>> No.47549661

I don't know?
To be honest it happened when I broke up with my girlfriend of 5 years. I just go so god damn MAD. And then I realized something.

Despite the Depression, and the attempted suicide, I liked Me. If I met Me I would totally befriend me. Why the Fuck was I getting depressed about the small shit?

It was like an Epiphany.

>> No.47549667

What part of "I don't care about the specific terminology my condemnation stands regardless" do you not get? Jeez.

>> No.47549685

>Significant other, whoever. Guy she's courting.
She fucked a guy once. Then she fucked someone else. That's as far as that goes.

>I don't know the specific terminology for your fetish and I don't care. It's close enough.
A fucked up relationship doesn't have to be a fetish, anon. It becomes a fetish when it's fetishized. In this instance, it's not. The point of that plot line is not to titillate.

>> No.47549688

if you're a collector of waifus there's also Jam Kuradoberi with legs for days, Bridget for your trap needs, Dizzy for inter-species (she's a Gear with two sentient Gears for wings), although you'd be NTRing Ky Kiske, I-no for your sadist love, and finally Baiken for your crippled lover.

And Slayer.
Who is just the sexiest vampire.
No seriously.

>> No.47549692

Still in exams
Should be studying
Still cant figure how to work the alien origin to make it fair. Fucking Nurarihyon.

>> No.47549697

>I liked Me. If I met Me I would totally befriend me.
See, that's the problem. Most people who are depressed despise themselves. I know I do!

>> No.47549713

>Dizzy for inter-species (she's a Gear with two sentient Gears for wings)

So that's interspecies, AND group play.

>> No.47549716

The "It's close enough." part.
I'm not mad or anything, it's just that comparing cheating to be the same as NTR is kinda like saying an APC and a Tank are the same things.

>> No.47549727

They're both terrible. It's really like comparing different flavors of shit. I don't want either man, no matter which is worse.

>> No.47549734

I did as well bro. Hence "It was like an epiphany". I honestly can't help people with it, despite wanting to. I broke out of it through what was essentially complete and utter Rage.

The first time my Anger Issues have ever done me a solid.

>> No.47549738

Why would Nurarihyon tier be necessary?

>> No.47549747

>She fucked a guy once. Then she fucked someone else. That's as far as that goes.
If it becomes a jealousy or betrayal point for one of the ones involved, then that is NTR.

>> No.47549768


>> No.47549771

I hope you continue, I like them, but breaks are important too.

>> No.47549778

I would think that being an alien would be a drawback since the series is about a death game centered around hunting them.

>> No.47549796

Since we can visit the Yu gi oh world as a jump is there any perk that would let us summon monsters by using the cards?
It would be fun to destroy armies by layering spell upon spell over a kuribohand watching the little furball wreck everything in it's path.

>> No.47549800

>If it becomes a jealousy or betrayal point for one of the ones involved, then that is NTR.
It hasn't. Also, if you get jealous or feel betrayed because the person you randomly fucked is randomly fucking someone else, you may be experiencing some cognitive dissonance.

>> No.47549805

Go to Ancient Egypt.

Learn the spells.


>> No.47549809

I cook and sing. I also do that when I'm happy.
It's like alchemy, and I have great fun with it.

>> No.47549821 [SPOILER] 

Beg for death.

>> No.47549834

Maybe teach them some hygiene while you're there. That place will fucking smell horrible.

>> No.47549840

>last few spoilers

Well I mean
Look at how fast he's wiggling those fingers. Hand game is on point.

>> No.47549841

>That image
Oh you son of a bitch.

>> No.47549849

I refuse to lie.

I laughed.

>> No.47549854

Go to Egypt.

I'm with you so far.

Ancient Egypt.

And you've lost me. People have talked about time travel recently and it seems we don't actually have a good method.

>> No.47549857

The only major source of water is full of crocs and hippos. You dive into that shit as a normal human.

>> No.47549866

Isn't that [The Strength]?
"Control: Strength is capable of binding itself to an inanimate object and bringing out its true potential. When bound to a ruined yacht, Forever was able to transform it into a gigantic freighter. It is possible that Strength can have this effect on any vehicle or even any inanimate object. "

>> No.47549869

I was both enraged and laughed at the same time.

>> No.47549870

It's not time travel. You can roll it in the jump.

>> No.47549874

That's dumb
You're dumb

I'm going to get this dark party started right

>> No.47549877

They have a (0-pointer) Mandatory drawback that periodically puts them in the game as prey. It can be taken again to have them hunted even after Katastrphe by the goverment or resented hunters.

But they do have their advantages. For one the Dinasaur aliens could shoot fireballs or alter their bodymass, and the Oni aliens had shapeshifthing, electrokinesis and pryokinesis. Not to mention the other bits and odds...

>> No.47549904

I did not notice that option. A bit odd that they have cards instead of slabs but hey, magic!

That sounds really run.

>> No.47549909

The Egyptians actually were pretty fastidious. They're unhygienic compared to modern standards, but for the time they were doing a great job.

>> No.47549913

they had really small slabs and really big slabs

Ancient Egyptian engineering

>> No.47549917

Can I be one of those aliens that looks like a creepy ventriloquist's dummy, but then splits open horizontally to reveal they're actually some sort of moth-man?

>> No.47549919

>Everyone has lice.
>Don't know what lime is yet, don't have anything that can kill them.
>Just shave your head and body.

>> No.47549930

Hmmm, why not have the different types of aliens as options for the alien origin and costing varying amounts of points depending on how powerful they are?

>> No.47549941

Technically it's already over. Ended on 40 jumps. Yeah, I know that's early, but there were a LOT of early power grabs and at least two instances of capstone drawbacks. I'm vaguely considering retconning that and doing more jumps with Seven, maybe after a side chain.

It depends on how my time management goes. I'm working full time and only have small windows to work on these. So this will be happening a bit less often, at the very least. Still, I'm glad you enjoy my writing.

If anyone has thoughts or questions on recent chapters, let me know.

>> No.47549955

Pretty much. Idea was you get to decide aesthetics of alien and disguise.

Acids, poisons, etc, had a small cost. Like RWBY's custom weapon creation.

>> No.47549981

Umm... ok but if I wanted to go to Domino City and I wanted to use cards instead of slabs how would I go about doing this? It seems like the kids in the show can summon monsters from time to time. Some of them don't even have millennium item, Couldn't someone with actual magic maybe learn how to do it. Maybe there are some perks that would help?

>> No.47549990

Awesome. Time to be the creepy doll.

>> No.47549995

Jumper must haz hard suit.

I don't care if there are stronger power armors in the chain the damned thing is just so cool looking!

>> No.47550001

Bad taste.

>> No.47550014

That was something I was worried about when I was making it. I thought that if it just made things really, really good instead of turning them into bigger things and giving you control over them that it would be different enough.

I really want to do something themed around "make things better," but I'm having trouble breaking away from Strength. Maybe the stand "possesses" things and causes them to get their own stand while it's active? That's probably too versatile and meta, though.

If anyone has any ideas, I'd love to hear them.

>> No.47550015 [SPOILER] 

But anon, we already have one!

Isn't that right?

>> No.47550022

Hey, is it ok if picture you as a magic autist?
Because that would be funny.

>> No.47550031

Would Omega teleporter form X-Men allow you to teleport different parts of the same person in different different directions?

>> No.47550048

No, we don't have a FNaF jump. Closest we have is the FNaF room in the Spooky's House of Jumpscares jump.

>> No.47550054


>> No.47550059

>triple dubs
GANTZ anon is clearly a number spouting monster.

>> No.47550063

I guess I didn't see any of the tiny slabs, only ever the giant stones that would have made it really hard to have an entire deck.

Anyway, thanks for pointing out the setting roll I'd totally missed.

>> No.47550065

That's not exactly what I meant.

Or, rather, that's not exactly who I meant.

>> No.47550078

Isn't that what telefraging is?

>> No.47550093

No telefraging is teleporting objects inside of other objects, in a way that destroys them.

>> No.47550098

Im not the setting roll guy but im like 90% sure there were tinier slabs but watch as I'm totally wrong on something I havent seen in ever

>> No.47550118

Aiight then. First pass at Metal Wolf Chaos.


>> No.47550124

Ah, thank you.

I don't suppose there are any perks that would allow you to do it in other jumps?

>> No.47550127

Well then, who?

>> No.47550134

There could well be when they realised how silly giant slabs were. Impressive, but inconvenient. I also haven't watched in ages. I think I saw up to the first season with the school with the guy after Yugi... Or maybe the second with him? He'd gotten superhero cards and the first bad guy was now the 'cool loner' friend.

>> No.47550137

Could you spell it out for me? I'm afraid I'm not getting it.

>> No.47550148


>> No.47550161

Raildex teleporters can do that, it's why it's always pointed to in these conversations.

>> No.47550200

Wow, you work fast. I like where this is going.

>> No.47550207

So what would be better to take as my Gem from Steven Universe Jump, Tiberium, Rainbow Diamond, or Soulpeace, all found in Sims 3.

>> No.47550210

I think it's an old meme about Wakfu, but don't quote me on that.

Anyone seen them, by the way?

>> No.47550219

>a magic autist?
>Because that would be funny.

Triple Dubs Have Spoken

>> No.47550225


Are you sure you want to do that?

>> No.47550235

Fuck yeah, America!

>> No.47550242

Not since Eldar, no.

Oh christ, tell me they haven't left as well.

>> No.47550251

>Tiberium as a SU Gem

>> No.47550281

Gimme a second to read it but you already have my attention by referencing Enchanted Arms. I'll probably post any evaluations next thread at this rate

>> No.47550298

Sims 3 Tiberium only grows a little bit. Not sure what the anon would get out of it besides slow growth for a time.

I don't remember the others... Rainbow Diamond might just be pretty, though it might also have something to do with imaginary friends?

Soulpeace... I've got nothing.

>> No.47550300

I believe NuBee is doing Enchanted Arms.

>> No.47550305

They were here not that long ago, they just stay anon mostly.

>> No.47550314

>Not collecting Magical/Special Gems from every universe
>And turning them into Companions with a purchased Kintergarden

>> No.47550315

It also has radiation.

>> No.47550317

Some nice perks, here. My only real objection is that there's no willpower perk titled "Because...I am the President!"

>> No.47550324

>Enchanted Arms.
Wait, what now?
The Golem game by From Software?

I might be in love.

>> No.47550337


>> No.47550342

Yeah, Metal Wolf has a secret cameo in that.

>> No.47550356

Does Team Michael actually give you the choice to become President of the United States? Because that's pretty cool.

I don't have much else to comment on, once it develops a bit more I might have something to say.

>> No.47550362

There's a feeling. Deep in my chest.
I think it might be Joy.
Or Heartburn.

>> No.47550364

Jumpers, you may have given yourself theme songs, but have you given your companions one? For example, Frisk ended up getting this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_ASUCKMRCk as a theme.

>> No.47550388

Not gonna lie, I thought about it, but it was more of a catchphrase than an invocation of strength in my eyes.

Yes. Yes it does.

>> No.47550390

Anon, growth at all implies it has the expected Tiberium property of transmutation. Pretty much all crystals can grow after all, Tiberium just grows way more a and better. It also has the lethal radiation.

>> No.47550391

>new hero beats the shit out of my boss that once single handedly fought off a giant city-destroying monster
>i'm gonna threaten to blow up his school
You know, sometimes I forget that Bakuda's grand master plan of vengeance in canon consisted of actions that led to both heroes and villains gunning for her head.

>> No.47550395

Alright Update, I know its a drawback, but
needs to be some sort of reasoning/willpower/charisma Perk



Like after hearing it over and over again in game makes it sound so hilariously cheesey, dramatic, and awesome. Something like people accepting your cheesy speech logic if you actually have a high enough governmental position

>> No.47550417

>Enchanted Arms
>Your favorite summoning system
>SMT Demon Summoner perk, or the relevant system from Devil Survivors 1 & 2/Digital Devil Saga
>you could, theoretically, fuse Michael Wilson with Lucifer to create the ultimate being of freedom


>> No.47550421


>> No.47550429

I don't have a theme song. I'm not saying they're bad, but I generally don't like to take meta-ish perks like soundtracks or luck perks, unless they're from specific magic systems or something to that effect. Meta perks just always sort of rubbed me the wrong way for some reason.

>> No.47550435

I'm absolutely terrible at picking music. I don't even have my own Theme Song really.

>> No.47550438

In addition to being several months ahead of schedule. This leads to fun things.

>> No.47550449

I cannot into reading comprehension.

If you go Bonded Pair in Symbtiote and then let your Symbiote become their own person at the end of the jump do you still have the Symbiote abilities or do they go with the Symbiote?

Do you essentially become a Symbiote with your own body, even as your Symbiote gains their own body?

>> No.47550457

>fuse Michael Wilson with Lucifer
You stop that.

>> No.47550463

I think the only burning feeling is


Also yeah after a quick graze through the metal wolf chaos jump it looks fine

>> No.47550466

I think you legitimately need the Symbiote in your body for that shit to work.

>> No.47550471

Well, it does grow enough to notice after only a few days... Then again Sims live only a few months because time is weird in the games.

It seems to be a massively scaled down version just as an easter egg.

>> No.47550486

Man. I both love and hate you for making the bosses available. Any time a jump puts big dumb mechs/ships up for purchase, I feel the need to get them and give them learning AI so they become a real person and Companion eventually.

I don't even know why.

Also did you mean to write that the Air Force One can become a spaceship if needed? Zeppelins are a type of airship so I'm just making sure.

>> No.47550497

You guys are forgetting that SMT has a real American Hero in the demonic compedium
Defending japan america even in death

>> No.47550509

>Actually listened to the song.
Holy shit, I love this.

Only one complaint. Not enough Puns.

>> No.47550514

I believe the intent is that you keep your Symbiote powers either way. Symbiote hosts eventually learn to use their altered biology as well as the Symbiote does, so you should still be able to do it with the Symbiote having been given their own body.

>> No.47550519

hm... I could see that. Actually that's an idea. A very specific perk.

And The Reason Is 100 CP (free President of the United States of America): you can overcome anyone's doubt and win any argument by declaring a legitimate claim to being Commander in Chief. Only works if you are factually at this time the President of these great United States of America.

>> No.47550535

Well that's unfortunate. Guess I have to go Gray-Matter Transfer then.

I thought the only way for the host to learn was post-merge, which we can't do till post-chain?

>> No.47550550

They can? That is cool if it is true but the only thing I have seen them do is tele-fraging, tele-dismemberment is a whole different thing.

>> No.47550553

huh... I certainly wasn't thinking spaceships, but, if you're palling around in Star Trek or something then I don't see why not.

>> No.47550554

Maybe just become a lot more convincing and hard to argue against, instead of auto winning any argument whatsoever.

>> No.47550557

Hell yeah, I've got a whole playlist.

Here's Uncle Solaire's.

>> No.47550558

Don't forget to add Thor!

>> No.47550569

Are there any perks that could help alter when certain things are 'supposed' to happen? I think there was one that let you extend deadlines but don't know where it is from.

>> No.47550575

How early a WIP is this? The perks are really out of order price wise and the formatting and writing is a mess.

>> No.47550581

Yeah probably. I'm giggling at the idea of going into West Wing with it active though.

>> No.47550588

WIPs are WIPs.

>> No.47550590

The pantheons flip flop enough times I may as well not count them. There is only ONE type of Patriot after all apparently

>> No.47550596

It's a first draft I pulled out of my technicolor butt a few minutes ago, so pretty darn early.

I ordered perks by identity first and cost second, is that verboten?

>> No.47550609

I'm more referring to how some origins have 100 200 600, others have 100 300 600, others 100 100 600 and so on.

>> No.47550626

Diamonds seem to be a big deal in Steven Universe, and Tiberium is the applied phlebotinum of C&C. Soulpeace as far as I understand is just a magic gem that can cure a curse? Probably not that good comparatively.

>> No.47550638

Ah yeah that was intentional. The costs aren't set in stone but slot B just wasn't offering equal value from one to the next and I tried to reflect that.

>> No.47550669


>> No.47550733

Diamonds are a literally huge deal. Ignoring the fact that they're bigger than even fusions naturally, and probably just as strong, they're practically worshipped as gods, and their symbol is everywhere. Hell, even their super weapon explodes into their symbol, as seen in Lapis' flashback in Same Old World. There are currently only three, though there was once a fourth.
Oh, and Experiment, which is the origin that allows you to import a gem, locks it at Rose Quartz level, so no Diamond stuff, unfortunately.

>> No.47550769

Who do they have beyond Yellow?

>> No.47550835

You can import as anything as long as its a gem and you have one, you just won't be any stronger than rose quartz.

>> No.47550852

This isn't all of them but:

Elodie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_c8kpplUkfs

Elune: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TgoAgYR4584

Odin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9OBf8f55tU

Nona (Slice of Life little sister): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9B_rQ3Gt5M

Radio Noise: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Npx1dvdJj6A

Alita: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DccEL_Kc-Fo

The Cloud of Darkness (both of them): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68wk6m05ojw

Kiara: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LSfbb3WHClE

Our ex-wife: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGiN5-43A74

Morathi: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUvVdTlA23w

Solaire: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bgiQD56eWDk

Necron Spyder: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3a5pFbpjSY

Jibril: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kmHF7UTW_0o

Jadis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7UI1EE21PsA

Esdeath: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SvGCtilIApU

Amane: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=853guf1Kz7A

There's a blue one, a white one-and it's implied there was a pink one who went rogue or something

>> No.47550859

So I guess it wouldn't matter if Sims 3 Tiberium is a scaled down version of the C&C stuff considering it'd be scaled down anyway for purpose of Gem import.

>> No.47550873

So, how do these sound as personal Chain rules?

1. No divine support. Martial ability is fine, high technology is fine, arcane magic is fine, psionics are a-okay, but this Jumper is scorned by the gods.
2. Following in the vein of 1, no becoming a "true" god or related to one by blood. Effectively godlike power is one thing, but true divinity of any form is out of the question.
3. Avoid demonic options as much as possible as well - the enemy of your enemy is NOT your friend.

On a tangentially related note, /jc/, which do you prefer as a source for your magic?

Divine forces or arcane blood?

>> No.47550880

Hey thread I have a question would this setting be a good low powered place to jump? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UV0z9i5hvRw

>> No.47550882

Blue Diamond and White Diamond. Blue Diamond was apparently the one in charge of Earth when it was a colony, and was the former boss of Saphire and Ruby. However, the two were forced to flee, after Ruby saved Saphire from Pearl during an attack that she had fortold would be the end of the rebellion. However, Ruby saving her changed the future, and this combined with the two of them fusing by accident saw them forced to flee from the enraged Blue Diamond and her court. After this, and Homeworld's defeat, she presumably fled back to Homeworld. White Diamond's role and personality is unknown, and the last diamond was unperson'd, so we know nothing about her aside from her maybe being pink and possibly going rogue.

>> No.47550889

>Here comes the sun
This shit, this is why I like you Man Of The Spiral

>> No.47550890

Wow, that plus 6000 year memory gain. Holy fuck, best not jump that before taking a few long hauls like Civ.

>> No.47550916

Looks neat, by all means man, make a jump out of it.

>> No.47550929

And I just realized I spelled Sapphire wrong. Damn it.

>> No.47550939

Divine magic a shit anyway, I approve.

>> No.47550950

>Divine forces or arcane blood?
All arcane, all the time.

>> No.47550956

That is good. I was curious if anyone would be interesting in finding ancient ruins, lost treasure, and mythological places while sort of doing a rat race against other explorers.

>> No.47550970

I don't remember what the ruling was, do conduit powers grow like you'd expect them to or are they static?

>> No.47550975

Looks fun, do it.

>> No.47550979

Fine I suppose? I don't think I've ever seen people ask for critique on personal chain rules before so I dunno what the criteria are, but those seem alright. The important thing is to have fun, and it does seem like there might be a story behind exactly /why/ you're hated by the gods.

Though we prefer not to cast magic in its' pure form so much as we prefer to enact a synthesis of magic, science, psionics and spiri abilities as an aggregate effect unified by the very concept of our being.

And ironically, we prefer being multiple forms of true god, the descendants of multiple undisputed deities, the host/representative/emissary of other deities and the collective consciousness of several other forms of cosmic being engorged on perpetually generated spiritual energy as our main power source.


stop that

>> No.47550984

They sure do like pink goodguys

>> No.47550986

Oh yeah, exploring ruins and finding treasure is always fun. Indiana Jones is a pretty popular jump for a reason, you know? Looking forward to this, and I wish you the best of luck.

>> No.47550995

They grow, but nobody knows to what extent.

>> No.47551005

So I'm doing Supreme Commander, which allows me to build pretty much all the technological things - but only if I have the plans for them - and at some point in the future I'll be doing Cortex Command. Which has a little beauty of a perk called Founder.

>You have the genetic information and fabrication plans to build units and equipment derived from one of your previous jumps.

But wait, there's a catch:

>Jumps which make use of exotic materials, magic, spirituality or have a higher technology level than Cortex Command will present difficulties in replication.

Furthermore, I believe I may be supposed to be limited to a faction within a jump; I can't just say "Star Wars" and get Every Technology Ever from the SW universe, I'd have to pick "Imperials" or "Celestials" or "Rakatan Empire" or something like that.

So what setting - and faction - do you think I should I try to jump before CC to get a great bang for my SupCom buck without running into too big a tech gap?

>> No.47551012

What's wrong Man Of The Spiral?

>> No.47551017

They grow, but we don't know how much. The level of Augustine and Eugene is probably a safe bet, and is pretty high to boot. Any further is up to your personal interpretation.

>> No.47551024

>exactly /why/

I was mostly planning to leave it vague as to whether the reasoning was "I was atheist back in real life, and everyone hates me for it" or "the gods don't appreciate Jump-chan very much," or some combination of the two.

>> No.47551042 [DELETED] 

>jumps with worthless, arbitrary limits and overpriced uselessness
Now now, let's not tell lies to other anons.

>> No.47551045

I'm kinda in the Why Not Both camp when it comes to divine and arcane powers, but that does assume the source is either myself or not going to turn on me.

>> No.47551046

> Divine forces or arcane blood?
Divine is just a fancy term for the arcane powers wielded by so called "deities". Their abilities are just as obtainable as any other, provided the required energy is present.
What's more, arcane "magic" is only an interaction of localized laws and signatures to create a desired effect, and is only referred to as such because the practitioners lack the required understanding to explain it.


>> No.47551049

Dragonlance, you gnome you want to.

>> No.47551058

>he doesn't like spawning giant boulders on demand

>> No.47551070

Someone said gnome?

>> No.47551071


>stop that

>> No.47551072

There is a theory that Rose Quartz is Pink Diamond, however the sheer size of the Diamonds may or may not have disproved this theory.
Celestials and the Rakatan Empire are probably bad ideas, given that from what we've seen their tech uses the Force. I would personally suggest Portal and Aperture, because their tech is insane

>> No.47551074


>> No.47551086

I always think of magic as a sign of understanding things, and how the worlds work. I don't really care much whether it's some nebulous radiation or talking with the forest that expands that understanding, and it's often more important to get the job done than to care who does the work.

>> No.47551093

The hands bother me so much.

>> No.47551095

Well well well, aren't you cocky? Honestly anon, you're getting boulder and boulder every day.

>> No.47551105

Stop. Engaging. The trash.

>> No.47551107

Oh no we are not doing this.

We are not rocking this thread with more puns today.

Not this time.

>> No.47551111

Doesn't Aperture tech basically run on Cave Johnson's personal reality distortion field?

>> No.47551118

You gotta take the good with the bad when it comes to demihumans, anon.

>> No.47551127

Can you just leave already? At least that guy has something to contribute, all you do is spam 'don't respond to people I don't agree with!' every thread.

>> No.47551149

I will.

Don't mind the faggot linked above. He'll tire from his shitposting eventually if we just ignore him.

>> No.47551154

Oh but anon, I've got some real gems! Besides, I'm not trying to rock the boat, I just want to enjoy my puns and fruity pebbles.
You can recruit Orks in Light of Terra. Problem solved!

>> No.47551161

I always wonder how much arrogance you have to have to suck your own dick like this.

>> No.47551165

In Overlord would 10th- or super- tier divine magic be capable of soul creation?

>> No.47551168 [DELETED] 

No, I just don't like it when a jumpmaker whines and moans because m-muh balance, bullies the thread to let her nerf things, then puts a cap on anything that leaves, making a jump about discovering super powerful items fucking worthless because now the items aren't powerful.

Swear she fucking nerfs things out of habit. Why haven't we taken her jumps for her stomping on anyone who wants to fucking matter in a setting?

>> No.47551170


Well, are you expecting me to beg? I'm not gonna gravel before you, Anon.

>> No.47551187

I don't know, but if anyone would, it'd probably be you.

>> No.47551193


>> No.47551197

Oh dear, he's snappy today.

>> No.47551201

You are still talking to him.

>> No.47551211

Just musing on the psychology of auto-fellatio dear boy.

>> No.47551213

Does it really surprise you that he's a blatant hypocrite?

>> No.47551216

Stop responding to that guy.

>> No.47551229

Souls are overated.

>> No.47551230

Hey now, don't start taking me for granite, anon. It's not very gneiss. Now, have you ever heard of the famous philosopher Plateau? Now, he might have gotten off to a rocky start, but I'll tell you, he was truly igneous!

>> No.47551240

You're full of schist, anon.

>> No.47551241

Nah, pretty sure you need those.

>> No.47551263

Has anyone claimed Twig yet? I know that the series hasn't finished and all, but I was planning on doing a few things to prepare a jump

>> No.47551282

What is it though?

>> No.47551285

Evened up the costs with some new perks, added a catchphrase buff, fixed a few typos.


>> No.47551301

Are you trying to aggregate me anon? Because you're not being very pelite right now. If I may quarry you, are you perhaps just getting out of sedimentary school?

>> No.47551308

Wildbow's new serial. Basically a grimdark setting where Frankenstein's Monster was real and kicked off it's own scientific revolution

the guy who wrote Worm

>> No.47551324

Oh fuck no.

>> No.47551332

Have you learned nothing from Terra Formars, Toriko, and Fairy Tail? I know they're Shonen, but honestly, is Wildbow any better?

>> No.47551335

Ho boy.

>> No.47551336

judging just from Twig, no

>> No.47551346

>inb4 Ninjago

>> No.47551378

What's going on in Twig?

Not it, but-has anyone claimed Pact for that matter?

>> No.47551425

spoilers from the 9th to current chapters ahead

so there are these things called primordials that self-evolve at a super-fast rate, and are about the only thing in the setting that has anything close to supernatural growth/regen speed.

Some idiots made a bunch of the damn things, and they evolved the ability to release spores of themselves. These spores create rashes on people/animals that eventually bloom into a flower before releasing more of themselves. That is where the setting is at atm.

honestly, outside of that I was really enjoying the series. I wouldn't say that it is ruined now or anything, but I do think that it feels a bit... contrived.

>> No.47551440

no one has claimed it that I know of

>> No.47551461

Not yet, still trying to figure which songs would sound amazing when they are all mixed together.

My companions and I kinda take the whole "Let's fight together!" thing a little too seriously.

>> No.47551529


I think I remember someone making a really crappy Pact jump pdf a really really long time ago, and it never making it to the drive.

So no clue if that counts or not.

>> No.47551537

>Not yet, still trying to figure which songs would sound amazing when they are all mixed together.
I suggest you look to anime and rap mash ups to realize this is easier than you probably think it is.

>> No.47551558

Oh I remember that one, it was posted for review on SB only and never approved here so it doesn't count

Dunno how you'd make Pact without everyone jumping for Drop-In once everything has been properly explained, though

>> No.47551627


>Oh I remember that one, it was posted for review on SB only and never approved here so it doesn't count

I thought I remembered it being posted here, and then completely ignored for being crap or something like that.

Dunno how you'd make Pact without everyone jumping for Drop-In once everything has been properly explained, though

The only thing I can think of is a 'You don't instant lose' freebie like Worm has.

Although considering how grim derp and nonsensical Pact is it's probably going to get called a trap jump.

>> No.47551698

>ignored for being crap

Pretty much, the fact that it didn't end up on the drive means it wasn't counted as such

>trap jump

That's just it-in Worm, you can narrow down the traps to a few individuals and entities-Simurgh, Contessa, Scion.

In Pact, the whole setting is effed and out to gut you in the name of Karma. Worse, if Rose Thornburn is right then literally everything from magic to Others is made by demons, except maybe angels. And demons here are more like entropy elementals barely compressed into a physical form.

>> No.47551756


So basically Wildbow somehow managed to out grim derp Worm a.k.a. the setting with periodic multiversal planetary destruction with Pact?

Yeah that plus their usual pattern is probably a really good reason for anyone interested to wait for Twig to finish.

>> No.47551819

It's weird beacuse Pact as a whole is way, WAY more grimdark than Worm but the MC has a much better ending than Taylor. He ends up immortal well, effectively so as a bird spirit and if he gets enough metaphysical spirit energy one day he could assume a human form after a while, gets to hang out with his best friend/ex-familiar forever who is also a bird spirit doing what they like and hangs out with his mermaid gf who's the scary abyss kind of mermaid but also super into him

>> No.47551878

i got a suicidal seduction build, you start with pokemon then civilization after that worm, finishing with young justice.

>> No.47551911

worms got one that reigns supreame

>> No.47551921

Naruto has a decent one.

>> No.47551939

Grab some from Sekirei as well, they're pretty awesome.

>> No.47551987

>>47550873 here. Nobody ever said a "no gods" build had to be depressing.

I can certainly leave in some grim implications, but on a more personal level I'm probably going to spend a lot of time knitting sweaters.

The question being what kind of sweaters.

>> No.47552007

Who is Red and why do you guys hate him so much?

>> No.47552014

I hope for turtlenecks. Turtlenecks with obnoxious patterns for your companions to wear, specifically.

>> No.47552037

Red is a jumpmaker, and only 1 or a small group of people hate her because they have a stupid grudge for something like a year ago.
It's probably just one REEEE-ing anon.

>> No.47552041

We don't. One anon has an insane grudge that spans across two years. He hates her so much he comes here almost every day to attack her.

>> No.47552045

Red is a jumpmaker, a her, and we don't. It's just one guy who has a hate boner for her.
And now, to wait for him to start his usual bluster about how it's not one person, giving himself away by using the exact same wording and phrases every time. Seriously, waifu, nerfwhore? Get some new material.

>> No.47552049

Red is a jump maker and one asshole really hates her, we call him Anti-Red and everyone hates his guts and wants him to die.

Red had some issues as a jumpmaker but most of her jumps were good ones, it is sad that the asshole drove her off.

>> No.47552052

Red is a singular tripfag that makes jumps, and she is hated by maybe 3 people here tops. They hate her because it gets them attention to do so.

>> No.47552057

Don't give him any credit by buying into his 'IT'S NOT JUST ME' bullshit. It's one pathetic loser who sucks at samefagging.

>> No.47552058

Sounds like a plan.

>> No.47552062

>wants him to die
I wouldn't go wishing death on anyone.
But if he were to fall asleep and never wake up, I'd lose no sleep over it.

>> No.47552065

Nah, he's just a jackass who pretends to be a girl for the attention while putting in useless, arbitrary limits on any jumps he makes while expecting to get praised for it. He also annoyingly spams thread with a trip.

It's really no wonder why he's hated around here.

>> No.47552074


>> No.47552076

Anti-Red is one guy but some trolls pretend to be him to start shit in the thread.

>> No.47552080

>Wants him to die
Whoa there, settle down! He may be a jerk, but I don't want him to die.

>> No.47552084

>Less than 60 Seconds

Confirmed, two people. Or two computers, I dunno.

>> No.47552092

This is Anti-Red, or a troll pretending to be him to start shit. Either way this is what we are talking about.

>> No.47552109

>Confirmed, two people.

>Totally can't be phoneposting.

Come on anon.

>> No.47552112

Anti-red's not the one that does that. Anti-red is only one guy, yes, but Anti-red never claims there are more than 1 person who hates red. The people who get called anti-red dispute never having posted anti-red sentiment and dismissed as shitposters as a matter of course are the ones who claim not to be anti-red, and rightfully so.

>> No.47552115

That's pretty miraculous timing. I'd lean either toward two computers or two retards backing each other up.

>> No.47552116

PC and phone, or >>47552074 was just pointing him out.

>> No.47552121

I said "or two computers"

>> No.47552124

This is the guy who hates her. You'll note he makes a lot of shit up because being wrong on anything will lead to corrections, which nets even more attention.

Basically, it's best to just ignore him and continue on as if he never posted. If you identify him, you can safely ignore the rest of his post and go about doing something worthwhile.

>> No.47552128

Or, you know, someone just acting like anti-red because he's an asshole and wants you all to shitstorm like idiots.

>> No.47552130

I was not, Red is probably the third or fourth worse jumpmaker here.

>> No.47552132



>> No.47552138

No, I'm pretty sure he's the worst. At least Bancho doesn't limit you most of the time.

Red just does whatever he can to cut off any creativity and laugh at you about it.

>> No.47552139

That happens more often than /jc/ will ever admit, the trolls know we can't resist Anti-Red so they use his image to start shit.

>> No.47552149


>> No.47552152

A gentle reminder, since you fucksticks woke an tired up.

>> No.47552159

Please anon, don't treat /jc/ like anything special.
/tg/ in general can't resist trolls. We're all autists

>> No.47552160

Why don't you just house rule away the limit and shut up if you think it is unfair?

>> No.47552162

I'm not falling for it, Antired. I know you're all just one guy false flagging like mad. We only have one shitposter, and it's all on you.

>> No.47552163

Don't respond.
Don't feed it.
Let the pathetic little monster starve and die.

>> No.47552169

...you know what? I have an idea.
Speaking of Red, let's talk about her jumps! Isn't great how Bayonetta get's you a jazzy theme tune? Or how about Indiana Jones, where you can become a literal grammar nazi if you aim for it!

>> No.47552171

I am mostly on these threads so I didn't want to assume.

>> No.47552172

Yeah but Bancho and mib jumps are essentially unjumpable they're so poorly made and you know that they'll never get fixed because of the asinine compunction this community has with fixing shitty extant jumps, at least in red jumps you can edit the wording a bit to ignore the nerfs and jump it like that

>> No.47552182

>but Anti-red never claims there are more than 1 person who hates red.
He of little experience.

>> No.47552187

Bayonetta is awesome, though I prefer Swat Kats and Macross. One has some of the most ridiculous cartoon science nobody ever talks about. The other has song-powered giant robots that turn into space jets.

>> No.47552190

Many has similar Jumps.
And the Three Jumps made by Justice are....not very high quality.

>> No.47552193

No, don't encourage his shitty limits and his forcing us in the mud.

Where's your proof.

Then we should be replacing his jumps on the drive with the proper wording so he isn't fucking us over.

>> No.47552198

The only way he'll stop is if he does die.

>> No.47552200

What I don't get it why she always puts in those "capstone boosters", she's essentially making you pay 800 cp for what, in any other jump, would be a 300 or 400 cp capstone. The only jump I think it's justified in is FEAR since it lets you give others psychic powers.

>> No.47552202

Anti-red refers to himself speaking for the entire community all the time, man. We talking about the same guy here?

>> No.47552203


>> No.47552209

Yes do this >>47552172 and shut up about her, you already drove her off and it is just rubbing salt in whenever you start pissing on her even after she is gone.

>> No.47552216

Swat Katz gave me a lot of nostalgia.

>> No.47552220


>> No.47552224

It's because he uses it to destroy our budget while claiming it's "giving you more power" which is pretty much a lie.

It's just another way he enjoys limiting us, but refusing to give us enough cp for basic purchases.

>> No.47552230


>> No.47552231

This is a good idea.

>The entire Peasant perkline in God of War, with the Capstone Booster.
>Combined with Adaptive Body, also from God of War.

Hit with lightning, become part lightning, make lightning metal and lightning constructs.

Rinse and repeat.

>> No.47552232

I'm not sure either actually, although I'm indifferent them as a concept; I know Bayonetta well enough to know the capstone boosters for Witches/Sages are little more than window dressing to the actual powersets you canl eventually train up. I've noticed it also shows up in Symphogear in SMT though.

>> No.47552236

He also loves to samefag in clusters, like he thinks having a chorus to echo himself at all times isn't suspicious at all.

I think he has brain damage or something, because he KNOWS we can tell.

>> No.47552242

It might just be me, but I never know what to do in Full Metal Panic.

>> No.47552257

Red is shit at doing capstone boosters himself, it's when other jumpmakers refine the mechanic that it's actually worth a damn.

>> No.47552260

There's so much stuff in God of War I would love to get my grubby little paws on, but after getting the perks I want I don't have nearly enough CP left for all the items I want.

MCU is also fun, but I like the Asgardian bonuses a bit too much, so I have a hard time affording all the other things I want from it since I spent too much CP on capstones.

Bayonetta is just fun. So much fun.

Those are the only jumps I know are hers that I've made builds for, but I really should do Indiana Jones at some point.

>> No.47552261

Resident Evil is super fun, especially all the virus fun you can get up to.

>> No.47552264


>> No.47552271

We COULD make that happen, you know.

>> No.47552275

God of War and Macross are insanely awesome for the crafting stuff in there. My jumper couldn't go without it if they wanted to.

>> No.47552277

I'm glad MCU is gonna get split into a part 2 eventually, because there is no way I could afford all the stuff from the new movies ni addition to my build

Don't even give him this much, anon.

>> No.47552286

I'm just saying, all of you should wish death on him if you like this place at all. Not all human beings have value, especially not ones who dedicate their lives to shitposting on the internet.

>> No.47552293

It's getting boring anyway.

I mean I've not even gotten one acknowledgement into this.
I'm just wasting thread space.

>> No.47552295

It's funny how when we want to blindly praise jumpmakers, it gets ignored or brushed off. But when we actually criticize a shitty jumpmaker the defence force rushes and hugboxes everything.

>> No.47552301

At least God of War has an item budget. Always liked section budgets.

>> No.47552302

I'm afraid I cannot wish death on anyone. Humanity is wonderful, even if there are particular examples of it that are broken. I'd rather wish he'd turn off his computer and find something worthwhile and constructive to work on, rather than thinking he's going to ruin anything for the rest of us.

>> No.47552303


>> No.47552306


>> No.47552307

I don't have value?

I post whenever I see something worse replying to. I'm just a complete asshole.

>> No.47552309

To be honest I find some of the God of War capstones questionable. Like the one you mentioned, which I guess if you REALLY squint can be explained as an extension some of the whackier weaponry like that nemesis chain whip or Zeus' thunderbolts. But then I have absolutely no idea what Empathic Environment is based on, why one of the 300 CPs for gods basically has you ripping off some other god's purview, what the hell Respondendant Monument is based on, and what Glorious Repairs is based on.

Or for that matter, why the background doesn't deign to represent the purview of a deity which is ostensibly what you are. If it's because of background parity, then that just raises the question of why it was offered in the first place.

HOWEVER, none of those issues are in themselves dealbreakers and I haven't made more of a deal of them specifically to spite the shitposter. Item section in particular is cash as fuck.

>> No.47552319

Yeah, he doesn't respond to anything he can't use for bait.

Your idealism is a bit idiotic, but whatever, none of you are logical.

Don't reply to him.

And I said 'not all', meaning people like him.

>> No.47552328

Idealism is about the ideal. He's probably never going to live up to it, but it's not about realism, now is it?

>> No.47552331

My joke was that my life is dedicated to shitposting on the internet. That and Vidya. Because I am a NEET.

>> No.47552333

Controversial opinions: I enjoyed the Reborn remake when it first came out.

>> No.47552334

To be honest, I just kind of pity him. He's so obsessed with Red that he brings her up even when she's not around. Remember that one time he posted literally less than a minute after Red? Honestly, I can't invest myself in hating him.

>> No.47552343

If you think that you can know enough about someone based on their posts on an anonymous imageboards to wish death on them with a good conscious, you're a fucking psychopath.

>> No.47552344

show more respect to the venerable elders

>> No.47552354

Nobody who can act like that and devote so much time to acting like that could possibly contribute anything to the world.

>> No.47552356

In other news, I just have this to ask about the Warehouse:

What could you ever possibly need the Free Space for? Even as it is normally, I sincerely doubt you could run out of room unless you had hoarding issues worthy of a TV episode.

>> No.47552365

Hence my comment about him needing to do something constructive with his life. I'm not even angry at the guy, I'm just... disappointed and sad.

>> No.47552366


>> No.47552369

It was hard to pick a background in Macross.

There are 600 jumps and a lot of them offer vehicles.

>> No.47552371

We've all got our kinks

>> No.47552372

>Humanity is wonderful

>> No.47552373

>hoarding issues worthy of a TV episode

Yeah, that's about it really. There's a lot of jumps out there, and a lot of stuff worth collecting for one reason or another.

>> No.47552378

>Implying I'm not a Hoarding Whore.
You have NO idea how much shit I loot. Plus I segmented part of the Warehouse into a Lab. No one is allowed in the Lab. Nothing is allowed OUT of the lab.

>> No.47552380

I don't understand the question, how could a jumper ever have enough space in their warehouse?

>> No.47552381

Bitch don't you be dissing others just because you don't approach jc with the same kleptomania that most people bring to video games.

>> No.47552391

Fear enhanced one of the core components of my build with all the scariness.

>> No.47552395

Humanity is a horrible broken mess and I love it with all my heart. It has potential to be wonderful, it has proven itself to be capable of horror beyond measure and of compassion that would move the coldest man. It's worth it.

>> No.47552398

>It's funny how when we want to blindly praise jumpmakers, it gets ignored or brushed off. But when we actually criticize a shitty jumpmaker the defence force rushes and hugboxes everything.

Well maybe your criticism was more complex or coherent than 'I DON'T LIKE [THING]' like some downy autist sperglord, people wouldn't criticize your shitty criticism.

You know, like:

>I disagree with [Thing], because it seems arbitrary/doesn't feel like it fits the setting/makes no sense, for [Reasons].

Rather than:

>> No.47552406

Don't reply to him.

>> No.47552409

If you haven't gained some form of kleptomania jumping, then you haven't been to the right jumps.

>> No.47552411

Crux, it's times like this I can't help but like you.
That's basically how I see things as well. Humanity is fucked up, but we can be BETTER.

>> No.47552412

Anon, to quote a certain psychic hedgehog:

>> No.47552421

Speaking of conspiracy theories-I'm starting to worry that the /tg/ mods are somehow amused by all our shitposting, and that's why only theads which have shitstorms take such a long time to get archived.

>> No.47552426

I love all the warehouse upgrades in her jumps. I'm honestly chomping at the bit to get to God of War and get some majesty in that place. I'm going to set it up in a chinese castle sort of way, I think. With a lake surrounding it that no one can actually get to, and koi.

You can accumulate a lot of stuff over ten thousand years, Anon. I could probably fill the warehouse with pictures of my grandbabies and great grandbabies and so on.

>> No.47552431

We are not the people that Mister Rogers knew we could be. But we can try to live up to that ideal.

I swear if there was a second coming of Christ, if you want to believe in that, then it could take no better form than that man.

>> No.47552435

We'll be even better if we separate the wheat from the chaff.

Humanity has the capacity to be awesome, but individuals have an amazing capacity for being exceptionally shitty, and should die for their shittiness.

>> No.47552438

If the mods are amused by our shitposting I would be surprised. Also COME ON THREAD LET'S SEE IF WE CAN BREAK 900

>> No.47552441


No clue. At first it seemed like it was probably them looking for a way to add expensive appearance and height perks, and then making them look more useful, but while that fits for some of them it doesn't seem to fit for all of them.


Are there any non-Red capstone booster perks besides the one in SMT, which doesn't really do much on it's own, and gets worse if you use it?

>> No.47552461

Killing people for being "shitty" is shittiness in and of itself. And if you kill someone for fucking up they'll never learn anything.

Human Beings will NEVER be perfect. Not in a Million years, not in a Trillion years. But we can Try. We can strive for that beautiful golden ideal of Perfection. Redemption is at the heart of that.

>> No.47552465

Fuck you we can't break 900 you deranged lunatic. Seriously 130 posts in the time it takes random anons to create 3 new threads? I doubt it.

>> No.47552473

Why should they die? People are capable of changing their attitudes, their behaviors, their beliefs. Why not try to inspire people to be better, or suggest to them something else that they might enjoy instead of bring down other people? You can't just chisel away all the imperfections of humanity. You won't end up with a sculpture of David, you'll end up with nothing but dust and ash.

>> No.47552474

>individuals are bad

Do you want the Borg, anon?

That's how you get Borg.

>> No.47552476

Hey, speaking of Mr. Rogers, isn't it cool how in the Generic Children's Television jump you can follow in his foot steps? Or even better, take him as a companion!

>> No.47552479

A few thread ago we were 16 posts away from 1000.

>> No.47552482

It's actually pretty boring. Same bait. Same non-arguments.

And even the people who reply are starting to have cyclical patterns.

Like I've seen all this before.

Everything they post, one both sides.

It's just




>> No.47552487

There's a capstone booster in Bloodborne.

>> No.47552488

They gave me a warning for reporting the shitposter last time. It's pretty disgusting.

>> No.47552491

Truly, the Dark Gods triumphed that day.

>> No.47552493

Don't worry batman, eventually we will have new things to shitpost and argue about!

>> No.47552504

Makes me remember the good ol days. You kids have it good, we used to have single arguments which would ending 1000+ threads one after the other, sometimes for 4-5 threads in a row. All over one topic too, not the whole slew of arguments you get each thread lately.

>> No.47552505

I know exactly how we're going to do it, anon.

We're gonna talk about waifus.


>> No.47552506

Often times, I wonder if we're caught in some kind of localized time loop, repeating the same arguments over and over again.

>> No.47552508

Men must shape themselves, as both the Stone and the Chisel. We need to WANT to change, to be Better. To ourselves, and to each other.

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