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Previously, on Nerv Bridge Simulator : http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Nerv%20Bridge%20Simulator
Twitter: https://twitter.com/cegremo_hq

Wilson, Ophelia and Mark are about to enter the Main Containment Chamber.

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Good thing we took those HAZMAT suit. If not for them, that guard would surely have stopped us.

Only a little further to go now.

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[Dr. Wilson]
Keep your-gun ready --yway, Mark. I’m --ure we --n’t-

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Man, you keep to a strict tuesday and wednesday scedule, but the one time you start straight giving us major story revelations you do so on wednesday? My man, your work is love and life, but this is just mean.

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[Chief Medical Officer]
Alright, he’s coming back. Vitals are stabilizing.

I sure hope you know what you’re doing, Director. He’s going to have one hell of a crash after this.

We're tuesday.

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Yes, yes, of course. [He turns toward a security guard] The Chief Medical Officer did his job, escort him back to a shelter.

W-what? You said I would monito-

Major? Can you hear me?

I’m sorry to wake you up from you little nap, but we’ve got some matters to attend to.

The 8th angel has arrived. We need you on the bridge now. I’ll brief you on the way, come with me.

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[spoilers]I meant last thread you mumbean[/spoilers]

What occured while I was unconscious? Are all pilots combat ready? I'm assuming other questions will be answered for me.

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>middle of the workweek
>middle of day job hours in NA

I barely caught this thread, man.

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Can you tell me quickly what happened to me? Then, proceed to the sitrep.

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At least you're able to stay awake for the full thread, the europoors have it harder

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As a small time on and off QM, the art of attracting europoors to a quest thread is arcane to me.

How is it done, at all?

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The 8th angel has been spotted 3 hours ago emerging from Lake Huron’s Georgian Bay, 25 miles away from the north shore. It’s been steadily advancing toward Montréal-3 since.

We’ve sent Chariot along with Heart, The RCAF Fighter-Interceptor squadrons they’ve ‘’loaned’’ us. Until they’ve made a scan sweep, we won’t know much about the the 8th. MAGI preliminary visual analysis is as follows :

-The 8th Angel is covered by what appears to be an hardened outer shell, similar to the 4th’s angel exoskeleton.
-The 8th Angel is capable of hovering at approximatly 120 meters above the ground.
-The Core appears to be internal.

None of the Eileens are combat ready. The one who lost consciousness along with you is still in some sort of coma, while the other one can't synchronize with Eva 03. We're doing everything we can concerning her, though.

The First and Second Child are currently being prepared for their sortie.

Alright, we’re at the bridge. [He shake your hand and smiles] Our lives are in you hands, Major.

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What metaknowledge do have to cheese this angel with, currently? From the blue stuff dripping from the angel from what I can see, it's the acid tears angel.

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Does anyone have thoughts on unofficial character themes for NBS? I for one think that this fits the Major.


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[Head, Finance Division]
Major?! What's going on?

[Head, R&D]
Major? I was so worried! Are you sure you'll be okay? I mean, yo-

Come on, now. There's no time for this. You can make all your emotional reunions and juvenile ''movie night'' after Montréal-3 is out of danger.

What's the status of Chariot?

[Head, R&D]

[Computer Technician]
I'm opening a video feed as we speak!

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I vote that on our next shadowrun we sparta kick science into balkite.

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that was a given

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Good day, Major.

We're almost in close range and Chariot is close behind us. How should we approach this, Major?

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hey other voices, what do those aircraft have again?

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"Head Sci there is no need to be a jack ass."

Have you been able to get a target lock for you missiles? Keep your distance until we can acertain the angels abilities.

AtA missles.

>> No.47542224

If you want us to, my flight wing could initiate a strike against the Angel, as a diversion for Chariot's scan sweep. This would mean that Chariot will be without escort for a while, however.

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Can't stick yo the proper board, can't be assed with a simple "quest" in the subject, how about not bothering to breathe as well while you're at it?

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Stay back until we can get a read on it WGC. I don't want any nasty surprises.

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Yeah go ahead an poke it a little with your missiles while Chariot makes the scan. Let's see what we're dealing with here.

(It's not like the Angels ever came with fighter back up right?... right?)

Also what's the status on our other conventional forces? I'd like to at least get the YAGRs in the air while we're doing this.

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Add a filter and fix the salt shaker.

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Keep covering chariots' asses, if the angel doesn't bite the bait they'll be pretty screwed.

>> No.47542364

You're go for the diversion, we need a good scan pronto.

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>(It's not like the Angels ever came with fighter back up right?... right?)

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Boom and zoom Wizard. Dive on the target and use your speed to evade it once you've hit it.

You should be able to assist Chariot as soon as the Angel show some hostility this way.

You could also use the sun to disorient it.

>> No.47542428

Roger. We'll stay close to Chariot.

We'll need a d10 roll for the scan, Major. I hope it goes better than last time.

Here is the status of our troops. [He then turns toward a Computer Technician] Bring up the District Map.

>> No.47542434

Rolled 3 (1d10)


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Rolled 5 (1d10)

You jinxed it. JINXED IT.

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Rolled 4 (1d10)

>Major. I hope it goes better than last time.

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Rolled 2 (1d10)


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Rolled 6 (1d10)

Dun wurry gaiz I got dis

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[Computer Technician]
Here's the city map!


Commencing scan sweep.

>> No.47542639

[Computer Technician]
The Angel has launched something!

Angel activity observed! We're pu-

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The angel has missiles. Why does the angel have missiles?

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I'd like to suggest an immediate retreat for Chariot. We'll need its Eva cradle for my plan to perform an aerial insertion on top of the angel for close quarters combat with the vibro glaive.

I'd also like to suggest we start readying the positron cannon too. We'll need our best ranged options available for this.

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OH SHIT! That line goes right through all the important stuff.

Okay we need to hold the line at residential 10.
I want our tanks deployed to residential 10 along with EVA units 03 and 08.

Meanwhile have unit 02 set up in Industrial district 3 with the experimental positron gun behind a blast shield.

I also want our bomber wings on standby and our VTOL squadrons in the air now!

Finally someone tell the people in district 10 to get to the shelter if it hasn't been done already.

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Well thats one way of dealing with the ex I suppose.

>> No.47542827

Scan sweep aborted! We've lost two aircraft!

Nice job, Major.

We're down one aircraft, Major. The Angel launched some kind of orb that hovered around it. It then shot these blinding tendrils of light!

>> No.47542860


>> No.47542865

How come most of the HQ facilities are crossed off?

Also, I'm slightly suprised there isn't more than just a shelter at Res-10, considering that it's fuckhuge.

>> No.47542896

That orb looks suspiciously red, I bet's it the core.

>> No.47542898

Okay, plan B - can we use N2 bomb as a landmine? Or rather a cluster of them. The fucker seems to be going in a straight line, we just place them in predicted path and detonate when it's right above.

>> No.47542905

I really think we should put Florence and 08 onto Chariot and prepare for a high risk aerial drop onto the Angel. If we equip her with the vibro glaive and make use of her AT powers for max defense, she should survive the drop and be able to wreck the angel up close while Anna and the conventionals are providing support from below.

This is assuming we can get Chariot out of there in one piece.

Lets abort for now, we'll need the rest of our airforce in tact to support the Eva attack.

>> No.47542913

>Nice job, Major.

Well maybe if you relied on your own skills as a pilot instead of my ability to roll a 10 sided polyhedron you would have done better!

Ugh, Heart, what kind of on board sensors you got? Any chance of doing some fancy flying to get us some intel?

>> No.47542923

No point trying to sass me, focus on regrouping. Does anyone have a way of identifying what's up with the orb?

>> No.47542956

The angel is going to plow straight through Ottowa, isn't it?

>> No.47542957


Oh, yes. We've worked quite a lot on Nerv-Mtl's MAGI supercomputer these past few weeks. We were in the process of remove some... superfluous bits, if you will. You'll find out that it is now significantly more efficient. You can thank me when this will be over.

Roger that. We're pulling out.

[Head, Finance Division]
The whole district was blown up to hell and back, Major. Most of the facilities we invested in will be unusable for a while.

>> No.47543000

>Eva 01 and Third Child greyed out

>> No.47543004

That orb may be the core, if so the angel is only vulnerable when it is attacking.
We can bait the angel into attacking some VTOLs and then bombarding it with everything we have. Positron rifle, the long-range tanks and the howitzer from the bomber unit.

>> No.47543034

>Lobotomised Ophelia even harder
This fucking antagonist, he's perfect.

"Efficiency isn't combat effectiveness Doctor"

>> No.47543072

>Oh, yes. We've worked quite a lot on Nerv-Mtl's MAGI supercomputer these past few weeks. We were in the process of remove some... superfluous bits, if you will
Rippy dippy Ophelia.

>> No.47543128

Attention, NERV-HQ

This one of Major Anon's multiple personalities will be playing SMAC for a bit.

Moral Ambiguity and acceptable losses in the name of humanity's progress: Activated

>> No.47543150

People who work are often out by midnight, European hours. Most people work and/or have a day life.

Work with that.

>> No.47543159

Probably. I hope their emergency evacuation procedures will prove effective.

Anyhow, it will give us enough time to properly determine our deployment plan.

As I already said, Major, you're not qualified to comment on my division's work. Play with your lead soldiers, I'm sure this is more than enough to -

Enough. The Angel will arrive in 4 hours; you should be working on the deployment plan, not getting at each other's throat.

>> No.47543165

I like Head of Science

>> No.47543224

I wish to fraternise with the head of Finance!
I will put my Fun into her Funding!

>> No.47543243


My soldiers are made of flesh and indefatigable purpose! And so was the magi until you murdered her... you monster.

>The Angel will arrive in 4 hours

Right I'm just gonna stand here and smoke a blunt. If you need any more tactical decisions talk to Geist, CAGsuragi or any of the other voices. They're the serious ones.

>> No.47543306

Interesting that you say I'm playing with my lead soldiers, considering the stakes of my little game. However, this isn't the time. I'll focus on taking pieces out of the angels while you focus on taking pieces out of our staff.

Air divisions, regroup and return to the angel while exercising caution. You should prioritize evasive manouvers until the angel scans are complete.

>> No.47543328

Hush, only Rachel should know about that.

>> No.47543331

MAGI, devote some analysis towards the size of the object which generated the tendrils. Would it be possible for an EVA to snipe it down?

I like the other voices plan to airdrop Florence with the vibro-glaive while the other two EVAs and conventional forces distract it.

Is there anyway we could hide an N2 mine under it's projected path just before it reaches the residential area?

Also also we should consider fighting it OUTSIDE the city limits.

>> No.47543388

Here's my proposed battle plan:

>Our ground forces, supported by Anna, will attack the Angel from entrenched positions as a distraction
>Our fighter wings will then escort the bombers Hermit and Temperance as they launch an N2 strike against the target to weaken it
>Chariot will perform a high altitude aerial drop of Florence in Eva 08 directly on top of the Angel. This must be perfectly coordinated with all other support strikes to ensure a successful landing. Eva 08's AT field will be crucial for ensuring a safe landing.
>Eva 08 will then smite and cleave through the thing using the Vibro Glaive. If Florence is able to muster any additional AT strength, she will make use of that too in order to help bring the thing down.
>Eva 08 will either kill the Angel outright, or find a way to ground it
>If we can ground it, we surround and bombard it until it dies to death


>the other two EVAs
03 isn't an option right now, the Eileens can't synch with it.

>hide an N2 mine under it's projected path just before it reaches the residential area
I like this idea. We'll fire off that trap in coordination with the other supporting strikes.

>> No.47543406

One more thing to consider, it hovers at some 100 meters above the ground. It can launch dangerous anti-air "umbrella" above itself. But can it defend itself against attack from underneath? Does AT field go all the way to the ground or can there a possibility to sucker-punch it in the gut, so to speak.

>> No.47543476

Shit like this is why we should have saved papa Franku

Ceg, out of interest, how many character deaths have we saved and allowed? While Frank and David are obvious, could we have saved the second HSci? Conversely, if we somehow missed the red dot during interim 1, would we lack a daughterfu?

>> No.47543489

He sure have a lovely smile.

>> No.47543514

> But can it defend itself against attack from underneath?
It can belly flop.

An ARG is underway, but we've been missing most of the hints. The first one we caught was the one from last thread on the Tim Hortons receipt.
I expect that our negligence has killed Ophelia.

Here's my proposed battle plan: I want to hit it with artillery at least once before it reaches Montreal. I want to see if this thing has any BVR.

>> No.47543723

>It can belly flop.
Acceptable, I was worried it can barrel roll.

>> No.47543757

We forgot to investigate that residential apartment from Ophelia's hint.
God now I feel awful.

>> No.47543763







Do you mean Phillip? There was no way to save the second Hsci and interim R&D. Yes, Eileen would be dead.

>Is this the plan you'll go with?

>> No.47543845

Well we never had the time, unless we just abandoned our party of ladies before we began having head issues.

>> No.47543872

>Is this the plan you'll go with?

I'd say we should probably keep the Tank companies positioned near the strike zone, but behind hills or other terrain, as reinforcements and backup.

Get the YAGRs nearby. Are there any tall buildings or isolated trees they could use as cover in the area?

We should spread our forces out in an arc in front of the Angel.
I agree that we should drop Waifu on top of the angel as part of the main plan, but one EVA rarely does the job by itself. Having all the forces on standby ready to pop up and unleash !!~C:Fun:D~!! on the angel if it does anything unexpected (and it will) will help a lot

>> No.47543917 [DELETED] 


Or at least please put quest into the thread title next time so the filters work.

>> No.47543943

>NBS thread
>Its an Angel fight at that
Classes always seem to fall on the worst fucking days for these things

>> No.47543987

>Is this the plan you'll go with?

*Gzzt* *Snort* Huh? Oh yeah, that seems legit. Just make sure we bring along the Positron weapons, we didn't follow that line of research just so we could kill that one angel we were canonically supposed to kill with a positron gun and forget they exist.

>> No.47544024

Anna will like hitting the core with a positron beam. But remember, using one of those scrambles our communications and deals +++BADASS+++ AoE damage to anything nearby the shooter.

>> No.47544114

I'm glad I decided to slap Synthmetal on these formers.

Worms have been attacking them so fucking often that they've become Elite now.

>> No.47544260


SWORD, CLUB, CUP and COIN are now position at the edge of Residential District 10. Awaiting further orders.

>> No.47544295

Fuck, it's been so long I even forgot his name.

Have there been any death flags aside from them that we missed or that were activated but haven't come into play yet? I feel pretty bad that we missed one ARG and, judging by how shitty everything is, are generally fucking up out of combat.

It's okay though, this is Eva, everything's supposed to be shit, right? The Major's supposed to feel shit, right? The Major's supposed to spend evenings so alcohol and tears, right?

>> No.47544308

Eva Unit 02 in position.

I got the positron rifle with me...

>> No.47544318

Spread yourselves out, get into a decent position, make sure your gear's working, and think of something to shout in celebration when the Angel dies.

What's the range of your gear, soldier?

>> No.47544340

Dude you are the major.
I am the major.
I spend my evenings masturbating to images of 2D girls on 4chan. Don't focus on the ones you couldn't save. Focus on the ones you did, and the ones you're going to.
After all, this ain't Fire Emblem son. You ain't getting a 100% survival rate. Keep it above 0% and you're doing good enough.

>> No.47544341

Wait, what!? I didn't know that was the case. Okay, yeah have Anna use the prototype but only fire if we can get a solid shot.

"Commence combat maneuvers and engage at will. "

"Hold fire, keep the angel in your sights. Let me know when you have a shot."

>> No.47544345

Fuck, considering that this is NBS, I don't even know if this is supposed to be a mispost or an ARG.

I'd say hold fire until CANT STOP anon arrives.

>> No.47544377

Eva Unit 08 here,

My unit is currently on low-power mode until the launch. I hope the 5 minute internal power supply will be enough.

>> No.47544379

>I'd say hold fire until CANT STOP anon arrives.
I'm going to job my first CGT roll. I've had too much good luck.

>> No.47544457

Major! Hermit and Temperance are in range, they need a d10 roll each!

It begins.

>> No.47544459

Hey Anna... you don't look so good. Maybe you should get something to eat once this is over.

>> No.47544486

Rolled 1 (1d10)

Huh? Again the 10 sided polyhedron? Fine!

Oh RNGesus, our lawd and saviour. Deliver us from the mercy of Angels.

>> No.47544488

Rolled 3 (1d10)

here's hoping

>> No.47544499

Th-th-that wasn't me!? It was RNGesus! He has forsaken us!

>> No.47544503

Rolled 6 (1d10)

>Rolled 1 (1d10)
It can't even get worse from here, might as well try to save this with this 10.

Good to see you again Anna. You feeling alright? I've got a hell of a headache myself, but I think we'll manage as long as we work together.

You'll probably only need 4 minutes with how good you are. Save the last minute of power for a safe landing when this is over.

>> No.47544511

Rolled 6 (1d10)


>> No.47544534


>> No.47544584

The only way to appease RNGesus is to excommunicate you from the Church of Best Girl. Someone get the bell, book and candle, and maybe a d10 to flick at him.

>> No.47544661

No please! I did nothing wrong!

I-I... *sob*


>> No.47544665



I have visual confirmation the n2 mines exploded!

[Computer Technician]
Major! I can't reach any of our bomber wings!

What about our escort fighter?

[Computer Technician]
I- I can't reach them either!

>> No.47544676


>> No.47544700

MAJOR Bummer

>> No.47544828

[squeak of despair]

>> No.47544837

[weeps in Spanish]

>> No.47544841



>> No.47544859

> Cannon N2 mine reaction but both wings are gone.


>> No.47544867

Our n2 mines did no damage?! Did they missed?

Major! The Angel is still moving towards Residential District 10! Soon it'll be right above our ground troops!

>> No.47544919

The air units are all gone...
And with them the pilots...
And yet the Angel is completely unharmed...?
Only a character death genius-

>> No.47544951

That's just the interference from the N2 mine. We'll get comms restored in a moment... aaany moment now...

>> No.47544958

Major! Send one of our VTOLs team to scout the impact area, we have to know if someone survived!

Two whole bomber groups and an escort wing, fuck! [She seems agitated]

>> No.47544981

I now feel like >>47543306 was rather hypocritical of me, we're blowing plenty enough pieces out of our staff by ourselves.

>> No.47544990

Unless we have something seriously heavy (I doubt the positron rifle is enough) we'll need to find a way around that exoskeleton.

I would suggest we bait out that red orb thing again and target it's tether but we're out of aircraft it seems.

>> No.47545005

Stay calm people.
Ground forces, do not get yourself trapped underneath that thing.
EVA 02, do you have a clear line on the target?

>> No.47545040

>Rachel back in the VTOL
>VTOL name Scar

On one hand *our waifu is back* on the front lines. On the other, our waify is back *on the front lines*.

>> No.47545055

I plan on it, however we can't launch any lone unit until the Angel is distracted or they'll be picked apart.

I suggest we launch the conventional attack, once the orb is released we concentrate all fire on it using the rifle and VTOLS, leaving one to pick up survivors. I am not so sure that the Unit 08 is going to be able to rip n' tear its way sufficiently now that we know what we're up against.

>> No.47545117

We're ready to fire, Major! We only need your roll! Two d10 rolls!

[Second Child]
Yes, I do. Do you want me to fire or something?

>> No.47545118

Do NOT send CAG to ground zero, under any circumstances.

Fuck Rachel's gonna freak out if we don't send VTOLS but there's nothing left for them to find.

>> No.47545132

Rolled 6 (1d10)

Please RNG

>> No.47545165

Rolled 3 (1d10)

>Two d10 rolls!
This is where I come in.


>> No.47545249

This is going to be to one of those threads isn't it?

>> No.47545256

Rolled 8 (1d10)

pls get better

>> No.47545257

Anna, are you feeling alright? Tell me honestly.

HSci, has the infection treatment compromised the pilot's capabilities for this battle?

>> No.47545267

Rolled 1 (1d10)

Ceg, can't you just fudge the rolls? Not like we'll do worse for it.

Rolling to bump up the 6, the 3 is a lost cause

>> No.47545294

>Rolled 3 (1d10)
No! This wasn't supposed to--



>> No.47545296


>> No.47545328

These fucking rolls, I swear. Shit like this really takes some of the enjoyment out of the game.

>> No.47545343

>3 -1 = 2

Only our l65 Ordinance seems to dent this thing's exoskeleton! Goddammit our M269 modules are useless!

[Second Child]
I- I'm alright.

Of course you are sweetheart.
She's operational, Major. Believe me.

>> No.47545350

Not for Ceg it doesn't... ;_;

>> No.47545402

"MAGI, scan that exoskeleton for structural weakpoints"

>> No.47545408

>Believing HSci
>Not giving him the Huey treatment like the shitty little rodent that he is

>> No.47545409

Hsci, you are creepy as shit. Like no joke. If Chris Hansen hadn't died in the second impact, I would have him on the next flight out here.

>> No.47545410

difference between operational and alright Doctor. And why are you still here on the bridge?

>> No.47545433

He deserves it is the thing, poor Huey didn't

>> No.47545441

CGT, have your squadrons fan out and start to encircle the angel as it approaches. I don't want any conventionals directly in front or beneath it while it passes.

Anna, take it easy and line up a shot. Once the tanks are out of the danger zone, we need you to take a shot. Don't worry about killing it, I just need that exoskeleton melted off. I think your positron cannon is our best shot at doing this.

Agreed. Wait for the MAGI's scan, then take the shot.

Also, what's the status on Chariot and Eva 08? I think it's too early to deploy them, but I want a sitrep.

>> No.47545442

Let's drop Eva Unit 08, Major. Just give the order.


>> No.47545463

You intend to strike them for massive damage?
Do you think this is a motherfucking game?

>> No.47545489

Double or nothing, Chariot. Execute that combat drop.

>> No.47545537

Firstly, report your status. How many vehicles have we lost?

>Refresh page
>CBW is back
>Scroll up to post
>4chan banner is the End of Eva hospital scene
>Mysterious ways.jpg

>> No.47545611


Moving out.

[Second Child]
I need your d10 roll for this shot, Major. [She's breathing heavily]

I don't know. None of my bomber wings are responding.

>> No.47545645

Rolled 4 (1d10)

>I need your d10 roll for this shot, Major. [She's breathing heavily]
Anna. Take it easy. You got this.

>> No.47545647

Rolled 3 (1d10)


>> No.47545658

Rolled 6 (1d10)

rolling thunder.

>> No.47545663

Rolled 7 (1d10)

"Stay safe"

>> No.47545707

Rolled 10 (1d10)

>Come back after work
>Everything is tumbling down

>> No.47545724

Rolled 10 (1d10)

OOC: It keeps happening.
Thank you.

>> No.47545725

Keep rolling like that and things will start to change.

>> No.47545739


Part of me regrets her not missing so we could give HSci massive shit though.

>> No.47545741

>glad I rolled before the 3 was counted
>feel bad that I rolled before the 7 or 6
Feels... weird man.

>based CAGsturagi saves the day
We still missed the shot though-


>> No.47545747

Time to kick some Angel intersideral ass

>> No.47545751


>> No.47545776

We should taunt him that even after what ever creepy shit he did, Anna still asks US to roll the dice for her. I hope we can fix what ever he did to Ophelia.

>> No.47545910

>4 +1 +1

[Second Child]
Hit Confirmed!



We're in position. Awaiting orders!

Alright, that's enough idling around. Drop the kid.

>Yes ma'am!

>> No.47545927

[First Child]
Wh-what? Major! I need a d10 roll!

>> No.47545963

Rolled 1 (1d10)

Don't worry!

>> No.47545968

Rolled 7 (1d10)

CUP and CLUB should slowly retreating toward the highway WHILE firing in order to not expose themselves too much.
COIN and CUP, fire at will.
Anna, begin to leave your firing position ... you're right on the angel pa...
> I need a d10 roll!
wh ... aim for the ... red thing?

>> No.47545973

Rolled 4 (1d10)

Sweet Jesus help us.

>> No.47545976

I refuse to roll this one, someone with more luck is needed.

>MFW MAGI is being used efficently

>> No.47545983




>> No.47545986

Rolled 7 (1d10)

>rolled first last time
>decide to let someone else have a go for the next one
>this happens
Cut my life into pieces

>> No.47545989

Rolled 5 (1d10)

Spread your self out so the force of the impact is distributed across your EVA... and not concentrated into your squishy body.

>> No.47545993


>> No.47546000

Rolled 5 (1d10)

Well fuck that noise

>> No.47546008

Rolled 9 (1d10)

Fuck it, let's try and make it a 2 at least.

>> No.47546010

What is with the rolls in this quest? I've never seen so many bad rolls in one quest.

>> No.47546029

Rolled 4 (1d10)

I really fucked up that one.

>> No.47546032

Major! An unauthorized sortie is underway!

Ace Squadron is taking off!

For fuck's sake.

>> No.47546034

Rolled 6 (1d10)


>> No.47546044


>> No.47546054


>> No.47546059

Its a shitty system. 10% chance of a critfail on every roll? Tons of rolls every combat? With big consequences like character death? Sure sounds great!

>> No.47546078

Ceg we may need to start allowing a save roll to be used. I've never seen so many 1's in one quest.

>> No.47546086

It does grab quite well the feeling of Evangelion though.

>> No.47546092

Are their call signs Deus, Ex, and Machina in that order? If so let them do what they want.

>> No.47546119

We managed to get through everything, before that.
It's not too harsh. It will never.
OOC: bad roll fest though.

>> No.47546127

We already have a system though. Further 10s add +1 and further 1s give a -1. We've saved ourselves from 1s plenty of times by stacking 10s, this is jsut one of those times that we fucked up. It happens.

>> No.47546153


Maybe but it kinda sucks when a great plan can be completely wrecked by the dice or a shitty one can inexplicable succeed.

>> No.47546294


[Computer Technician]
Evangelion Unit 08 is now running on it's internal power supply!

Countdown to complete shutdown has started!

>> No.47546332


[First Child]
I have a good trajectory, Major.

As you always say, CAN'T STOP!

>> No.47546348

This is going to end badly

>> No.47546351

I killed her didn't I

>> No.47546371

>> No.47546396

What am I looking at?

>> No.47546422

I have a very bad feeling about all this.

>> No.47546425

tentacle lance?

>> No.47546441

[Second Child]
I saw Florence drop right on top of the Angel!

[Computer Technician]
Eva 08 has suffered catastrophic damage! Both legs are pulverized!


>> No.47546470


>> No.47546475

Can we eject the entry plug?

>> No.47546480

... good thing we put that armor plating

>> No.47546514

Yes. Eject the plug, initiate an immediate desync.

>> No.47546543





>> No.47546567

It keeps getting worse.

>> No.47546599

its like orbital angel


>> No.47546650

And this is where the "harass the ennemy until we are at Fixed Defense range" is abandonned.

What will happen if we destroy the Exoskeleton?

Massive explosion or stabilisation of the A.T. energy?

>> No.47546653

It's an angelic take on a glide bomb. Funny.

>> No.47546657

Aaaargh! Major!

[Computer Technician]
Syncronization cut! Engaging ejection procedure!

>> No.47546665


>> No.47546695

Do we have any air assets/anything really in the area that can quickly retrieve the entry plug?

>> No.47546709




F. F. F. F. F.
F. F. F.

>> No.47546713

>still conscious
The girl has balls of steel.

>> No.47546734


Rachel's busy checking the N2 mine site ATM, I think she'll care about the kid more.

>> No.47546741


She dead.

>> No.47546790

how fast can they recover the plug? Either way that's another EVA unit down the tube

>> No.47546819

Major! I'm getting the same readings as before!

The Angel is going to attack!

The plug has successfully ejected. At least she didn't fail her escape.

Every VTOL squadrons except Ace is still landed at the airport in Industrial District 03! Ace is almost at the explosion site!

>> No.47546847

fuck it, Divert ACE to retrieve Florence and have another Unit check on the N2 site.

>> No.47546865

FFS other voices? Why were the VTOLs sitting on their asses this whole time?

Get the VTOLs in the air now!

>> No.47546883

They were pulled off after taking major casualties. Units that take enough damage lose combat effectiveness.

>> No.47546892

So, we've determined that we've got a floating crab bomb incoming.

MAGI can you determine where these pockets are? Would a sufficient explosive yield detonate them with current available weapons?

EVA 02 relocate to new firing position, this thing is heading straight towards you.

Launch all VTOLS, keep them AWAY from the Angel. Deploy one squad for Plug retrieval.

If this goes BOOM near the explosion site and the plug no one will survive out there.

>> No.47546932

Good opportunity to push the tanks to do some damage.

Get the VTOLs airborne. If they can come in after the Angel fires its missile they can get some damn decent damage in.

Anna ready for another shot yet?

Also, how many of our Funding Unit Static Defenses do we have in range? Might be worth sending a 155mm Greetings message.

>> No.47546979

Well, one guy yelled for VTOLs...

I say the others provide covering fire while Ace try to scrape EVA-08 off the Angel and inadvertently add to the memorial wall.

>> No.47546981

Rolled 4, 6, 2 = 12 (3d10)

Don't worry guys! The next 3 rolls can't hurt us any more, I disarmed them

>> No.47547010


So would A.T. flares destabilize its binding force enough to cause the energy to "blowout"?

>> No.47547019

If everything comes to worse, can we send Florence in the spare unit?

>> No.47547028



...Roger. I'll scout the area for Florence's Entry Plug.

>> No.47547035

It would make sense.

>> No.47547053

Nuuuuuu Cheeki Breeki iv damke

Everything already is coming to worse

Use terrain to get LoS on the core but keep the main body out of range. Crest of a hill will work.

We able to get the remaining VTOLs behind a building or a hill or just away? Shit's gonna go up like the US Debt

>> No.47547057


>> No.47547065

Ohshit, it's gonna blow.

>> No.47547072

>its a fucking sculpin

OOC: Did Ophelia always Stop. After. Every. Word. Before?

>> No.47547104

I am guessing that the Exoskeleton is acting kinda like reactive armor which is why it has been taking so little damage.

>> No.47547111

No, we may need to Cheeki Breeki back down to the Core soon. And remember to bring more ammo and a knife with us.

>> No.47547120

Reread the thread. HSci lombotomized the shit out of her.

>> No.47547125

No, she's been.. leashed

>> No.47547133

I'm taking off with every VTOL unit!

Major! Which one do you want us to attack? The core or the exoskeleton?

We'll need two rolls!

[Second Child]
Preparing for a second shot with the positron rifle...

>> No.47547152

Rolled 5 (1d10)


>> No.47547155

>> No.47547162

Rolled 1, 3 = 4 (2d10)

Target the core, we're running out of time.

Rolls incoming.

>> No.47547181

Rolled 9, 6 = 15 (2d10)

core please.

Good rolls but check my duplicate numbers *points to the upper right*

>> No.47547182

Rolled 3 (1d10)

Lets try this again. Target the core.


>> No.47547187

Rolled 7, 9 = 16 (2d10)

I'd say core because I don't want the collateral damage, but angels explode when they die anyway... but still core.

>> No.47547221

>I don't want the collateral damage
Welcome to Evangelion!

Would you like the collateral damage on or off tonight?

>off, please

Too bad.

>> No.47547224

I don't want to see what happen next.

>> No.47547225

Major! Florence's Entry Plug is still on the Angel!

Something must've went wrong with the ejection trajectory!

>> No.47547227

Isn't it a bit silly to call this thread 20? That would ignore both interims and the april fools.

>> No.47547240


>> No.47547277

Send Anna to rescue her!

>> No.47547290

What he said, no pressure.

If you fail we'll just make another one.

>> No.47547309

Florence and Rachel die, and it's revealed that the bomber wings were vaporised.
Also Residential 10 is destroyed.

Welcome to despair, you're gonna be here a while. Want some coffee? :)

>> No.47547325

Time to make those sweet engines burn!

>> No.47547331

I don't Ceg is that cruel to us anons. Now if it was Planefag on the other hand, I wouldn't put it past that fat Greek.

>> No.47547341


>> No.47547370

I wish fap angel would run something that isn't the most japanese wapanophile daiotakujinshi nipponnicheness.

Would it kill him to run some bloody One Piece, Naruto, FMA, or Bleach?

>> No.47547388

implying he doesn't get off when the waifu wars start.

>> No.47547418


We're firing everything we've got!

Roger! Preparing for recovery!

>> No.47547462

I don't understand it.

The waifu are fictional characters.

You can quite literally copy one of them into your own personal headfanon. They are not limited in supply. There is nothing to fight a war over.

Yes you can fight over who the MC fucks but the MC was never (You), it was a vessel for /tg/'s collective neckbeard. People who take it personally when the MC doesn't represent their own personal interests are getting unhealthily invested.

You don't see me throwing a shitfit whenever one of the various Majors gets all "my feelz the loss, I am sad abloobloo" do you? fuck no. I'm loving this quest, I'm loving the collateral damage, and if the MC doesn't represent me then that's fine. I'll still have all the other stuff I like.

Best waifu is rolling a 1 on a really important dice roll anyway.

>> No.47547520

[Second Child]
It's coming towards me!

Major! I-I need a d10 roll!

>> No.47547529


>> No.47547531

Can we actually that this quest has really seen a full blown waifu war? As far as I can tell it was just a few people pushing aggressively to go after Sophie and occasionally musing "Hey! Florence is legal right?"

>> No.47547533 [DELETED] 

Rolled 1 (1d10)

Stay calm Anna, and pull the trigger

>> No.47547544

Rolled 2 (1d10)

Are you sure you need a d10 roll?

Because it might not help you that much.

>> No.47547553

Rolled 2 (1d10)


>> No.47547554


>> No.47547556


>> No.47547562

Rolled 4 (1d10)

Sweet colossal christ let this help.

>> No.47547563

Rolled 1 (1d10)

Okay people nine tens in a row. We can do this.

>> No.47547575

My waifu is the collateral damage, the loss, the Rolled 1 (1d10)s.
I'd say I'm winning the waifu war.

Nice [Deleted] bro

>> No.47547581

Rolled 5 (1d10)

Make it stop!

>> No.47547584


>> No.47547598

>we literally rolled a 0

>> No.47547607



Oh no you didn't. Now it's going to be a worse result because of you deleting your roll.

>> No.47547608

Rolled 2 (1d10)

Let me help you with that.

The only way to make it stop is to stop playing in the quest. If there are no players, the plot will not progress, and there will be no further grief.

You're not gonna stop.

>> No.47547619


>> No.47547628


I know right... say my name.

>> No.47547630

>Oh no you didn't. Now it's going to be a worse result because of you deleting your roll.

You do realise I'm going to exploit the shit out of this by trying to roll first and delete my roll if I get anything less than 5, right?

>> No.47547633

>penalty for cheating
we've effectively reached -1

>> No.47547650

Oh Shit...Prepare for impact
and I apologize for deleting my shame instead of standing by it.
by the way how do i use the spoiler function for text?

>> No.47547675

You seem to be having trouble with this Angel. Would you like to skip to the next one?

>> No.47547697

[spoilerIGNORETHIS]text to spoil[/spoilerIGNORETHIS]

Two 1 in one night. You're on fire.

>> No.47547711

Highlight the text you want to spoiler and press CTRL+W

>> No.47547739

>Give me a minute, I'm working on the next events.

>> No.47547744

So uh, how many of those armor plates do we have left over HQ?

>> No.47547763

I think we still had around half left from the last attack. Don't know how much was fixed though

>> No.47547791

Rolled 10, 1, 3, 8, 2, 9, 2 = 35 (7d10)


Hey, someone left some Good Rolls here! *accidentally tips them over and they spill on the floor* OOPS! hehe

>> No.47547806

It's 2 in the bloody morning and my willpower has faded.

Night lads, don't kill my waifu.

>> No.47547836

>> No.47547849

Don't penalize the rest of us for one jack ass. Otherwise you are going to have people trolling the fuck out of you. I will be one of them because that is stupid as fuck.

>> No.47547860

Those jets that sortied are going to shoot her aren't they?

>> No.47547886

Nah the Positron Rifle is probably gonna explode.

>> No.47547889

I apologize for doing such a thing anon. Had I had known what Ceg would do...

>> No.47547891

Major, getting salty reduces your chance of surviving in combat by as much as 30%. Major, please do not get salty.

>> No.47547910

We need another team building exercise. That would make 2 pilots ganked by team killing. Eileen came back but still.

>> No.47547919

Thats the fucking standard in quest threads mate. Never delete your bad rolls.

>> No.47547950

I still say there is a rather abnormal amount of 1's in this quest. I mean hell Space Pirate qust we've been rolling fucking 10's for days and shit.

>> No.47547960

There's been worse in /tg/ history. Did you ever read the first thread of Bleach Quest?

>> No.47547968

Most QMs are smart enough not to punish everyone because of one persons jackassery however.

>> No.47548001

Others have though. Its why you never delete bad rolls.

>> No.47548011


>1 -1 = 0

[Computer Technician]
M-Major! The Positron Rifle just had a catastrophic failure!


>> No.47548030

Is she alive?

>> No.47548032


>> No.47548039

Well, we're out of EVAs, we've lost the bombers and the fighters, we might be running out of options here I think.

At least our static defenses can shoot the core.

>> No.47548052

Shit, if's shes still alive and not dead, have her pull out of the fight. though would did this have happened had I not deleted my roll or would it have occurred any way?

>> No.47548109

Is the other pilot we found in vancouver operational? His name was karl i think.

>> No.47548110

Keep calm and retrieve the entry plugs while directing all remaining conventional forces to fire on the angel.

This is it people, no super weapons, heroic moves and clever stratagems are gonna save us now. Let's throw everything we have at this angel and hope we don't lose too many assets in the process, because as it stands I don't think there's any way to avoid a district getting pancaked by this angel.

>> No.47548138


>> No.47548149


Bring up all weapon emplacements, commence long range firing on the target.

CGT, begin fire and movement, the angel's counterattacks are very effective, use the residential buildings for cover. Just stay alive.

>> No.47548305

>fucked up so bad we went off the rails

>> No.47548310


To the Commander: Sir, in light of the tactical situation, I'd like to recommend evacuation of non-essential personnel from NERV HQ.

>> No.47548332


>> No.47548376


>> No.47548493

How does it all go so horribly wrong?

>> No.47548500

Let this be a lesson to NEVER delete your bad rolls in a quest, because cheating in a quest can hurt more than you think.

>> No.47548556

Well I rolled a 1 and then the other anon rolled a one so we were screwed either way. but yea gotta stand by your rolls even if their shit.

>> No.47548560

Was this from that Final Destination anime?

>> No.47548592

If we had just rolled a 1 we wouldn't have missed, now we lost the prototype positron gun and the angel core that powered it.

>> No.47548600

Rolled 2, 9 = 11 (2d10)

At least we haven't lost our pride.

>> No.47548601

[Nerv Commander]
Alright. We'll begin the evacuation.

Here's the mess we're in:
The 8th angel is currently separated into two entities. The first one, according to MAGI analysis, is a bomb heading straight for HQ. Once it reaches Industrial District 03, it'll be in range of two of our Static Weapon System. As you already proposed earlier, firing the A.T. Flares on it might destabilize the already precarious stability of the Exoskeleton. While it won't stop it from exploding, it might severely reduce it's magnitude.

I feel the need to remind you that Ace squadron is recovering the First Child's Entry Plug, which got stuck in the outer shell.

The ''real'' Angel is moving towards our troops. It is evident that it will try to stop them from intercepting the Exoskeleton.

Our VTOLs are our only troops near the exoskeleton.

Hermit, Temperance, Heart, Bell, Eva Unit 08 and Eva Unit 02 are currently out-of-action. We'll have to make do with what we have. Unfortunately the Fourth Child still cannot synchronize with her Eva.

What are your orders, Major?

>> No.47548613

Dude I rolled a 1 first and then the other anon rolled a 1. It would have been 0 regardless if i hadn't deleted my roll anyway. First time i've ever done that, wonder why i did it?

>> No.47548688

Send Florence in the spare unit. Use morphine if necessary.

>> No.47548694

Wait till ACE has recovered the plug or has knocked it off the exoskeleton. Have the ground forces stay mobile and take potshots at the orb.

>> No.47548715

Florence is still in the ejected pod anon. and remember last time we used the morphine.

>> No.47548733

When you play the game, you either win hard, or die on the altar of RNGesus

>I wish I hadn't lost the Ir-one throne pic

>> No.47548744

Science. Why are you of all people giving me the situation? Not that I don't appreciate the help, but won't you be more useful working to fix Eileen's synch problem? If that thing reaches HQ, her and Unit 03 are literally our last resort besides self destructing. Seriously, thanks for all the help here, but if there's something you can do to get that Eva moving then could you please go do it?

As for our orders... All static emplacements are to fire nonstop the moment the exoskeleton is in range, that's a given. I don't care about how much money it's going to cost, DON'T STOP firing until that thing is gone.

All VTOLs are also to try and intercept the exoskeleton. Lets try the AT flares too, it might give us an edge.

As for tanks, perhaps we should split them up? Have a couple units hold the line and delay the angel while the others chase the exoskeleton and put some more fire on it? I'm not sure about this one, need more input.

>> No.47548756

>The first one, according to MAGI analysis, is a bomb heading straight for HQ.
Let it reach its target. HQ district was already flattened by Pinky's strikes, repeatedly. Its damage will be minimal. Plus, we're kind of low on forces.
If we blow it up early, it might detonate over Industrial 03, which DOES have some valuable buildings that we should protect. I'd say let it pass.

Meanwhile, focus your attecks on the 8th Angel. Hit it with what you have, try to protect EVA-02 and Florence's plug with the smoke if you can. Otherwise, deal damage to the 8th Angel, and stay spread out.

>> No.47548766

Eliz, do we have anything we might be able to use from the R&D labs?

Any word if Eileen has woken up. If she hasnt give her an adrenaline shot. We need her awake. CMO, do you best.

ACE and SCAR, AT-Flares are authorised. Use one load on the area near the crashed EVA unit and the Entry plug. That should make them easier to retrieve. I dont expect to be able to recover the EVA unit but if can be rolled off the exoskeleton, that'll be great.

To sophie quietly: Sophie, go. Follow the evacuation.

>> No.47548775

Nothing could possibly go wrong.

>> No.47548790

I think we need both eileens in the eva entry plug.

Shall we give that a shot? Stuff her in it while shes still out? Or shall we try to wake her again first.

>> No.47548801

I am not-

I'm not out of action yet. I've lost the Positron Rifle, but I'm still walking.

>> No.47548822

I got you senpai

>> No.47548855

Fall back with the ground forces Anna. Your EVA's been heavily damaged. Leave the rest of the fight to us.

>> No.47548871

Desesperate times, man.

>> No.47548875

HQ was almost fully repaired...

Land forces should focus on the Angel. King and Ace should focus on retrieving the entry plug on the exoskeleton while disrupting the A.T. energy inside of it with AT flare.

Maybe we can try to lay down a smoke screen with Jack and Queen in order to disrupt the visual synchronization between both entity. If nothing can be done, they should stay ready to cover the retreat of any unit.

Fixed defenses will be used against the Exoskeleton.

>> No.47548889

Anna, what's your status?

>> No.47548892

Anna, are you hurt? We can get your old sniper rifle to you.

>> No.47548938

How close is the closest lift for her to get to? The ground forces can cover her retreat to the rifle.

>> No.47548960

Saved as
>RNGesus has sat on the IrOne Throne for a hundred Centuries-He is the Master of the Game by the will of Gygax and the Destroyer of a million games by the might of his inexhaustible crit failures.png

>> No.47548992

Its that or a VTOL can sling the rifle over. They can carry the lighter payloads of weapon delivery.

>> No.47549023


I can still fight.

My Eva is whispering to me. I can hear her.

We won't stop fighting, I promise.

>> No.47549045

Anna, fall back to HQ. Get to a lift.

We'll send you out with Eileen's unit instead. Your EVA's too damaged.

>> No.47549050

Eject plug. Now.

>> No.47549054

uhhhh..is that a good thing or a bad thing.
Either way, the ground forces will cover your retreat to a safe distance until we get your rifle to you and then we need you to re-engage.

>> No.47549111

Major! The 8th Angel is right next to Anna!

We need a d10 roll!

>> No.47549117


Not a good thing.

head unit damaged, skull showing: Visual data impaired.

Arm missing: Cannot use rifle without bracing.

The units quite badly toasted. Basically Mission Killed.


This works though.

>> No.47549140

Rolled 3 (1d10)

Don't Bully Anna Angel!

>> No.47549144

Rolled 1 (1d10)


/r/ best of 3 system

>> No.47549169

We won't make the same mistake we did with David. Anna go back to HQ.

>> No.47549176


aaaaaaaaaaaaa. not again.


>> No.47549184

dude come on

>> No.47549194

Rolled 7 (1d10)


>> No.47549213

>> No.47549217

What the fuck? the odds of this shit happening occurring repeatedly.

>> No.47549237


R.I.P. anna

>> No.47549254

She'll be heavily injured but it wasn't the 1 that rolled first.

>> No.47549277

[Computer Scientist]
The Exoskeleton has reached Industrial District 03!

Beginning A.T. Flares drop.

We're almost done with Florence's Entry Plug recovery. As soon as we're gone, blow this damn thing up, Major!

>> No.47549278



Its the first post thats linked to the request for rolls.

>> No.47549305

Train static weapons on the exoskeleton, prepare firing solutions.

Do NOT fire till the VTOLs are clear.

>> No.47549328

Move quick ACE. You've got less than 5 minutes probably. If you have to, just get the plug open and grab Florence and het.

>> No.47549353

Welp RIP in peace Anna. Another for the wall.
unless Ceg wants to throw us a bone?

>> No.47549356

I'm running out of reaction pic here.
It's not even funny anymore.

>> No.47549397

tumbling down

>> No.47549453


>> No.47549461


O-our shots aren't connecting! Dammit!

[Second Child]
Let Eva 02 take care of things. Make a d10 roll for her.

>> No.47549478

Rolled 5 (1d10)

no. Survive dammit.

>> No.47549497

Rolled 6 (1d10)

Anna, this is a direct order.

Fall. Back.

>> No.47549524

Rolled 2 (1d10)

God damn it someone didn't roll a 1
I'm disappointed now

>> No.47549566

Rolled 7 (1d10)

Please run away.

>> No.47549572

Alright, we've got her! We're pulling out, light it up up, Major!

A.T. Flare run completed.

[Computer Technician]
Engaging Static Weapon firing sequence!

>> No.47549596

Get out of the there now ACE.

>> No.47549617

Rolled 2 (1d10)

Fire everything. In a tactical and fiscally responsible manner.

>> No.47549670

screw fiscal. We're just about in the last ditch here.

Fire everything.

>> No.47549684

What the everloving fuck. Come on.

>> No.47549736


[Second Child]
I told you, Major! I told you Eva 02 would protect me!

>> No.47549769

>Busy with work and shopping all day
>Totally forget about Nerv Bridge
>Get home and see the thread but am to tired to go and see whats going on
>Wake up
>Read through thread

>> No.47549777

Major! Eva Unit 02's Umbilical Cord has been severed!

She only have 5 minutes left before deactivation!

>> No.47549779


>> No.47549786


>> No.47549791


You could have stayed awake

You could have been here

You could have rolled something other than a 1.

You could have saved them.

>> No.47549817

Fucked if we do, fucked if we don't.


>> No.47549861

Good job. Now fall back. CQB with that angel is suicide.

>> No.47549938

[Computer Technician]
First Static Weapon system volley away, Major!

>Do you tell her to fall back, or to stay and fight?

>> No.47549962

Fall back. We get her a rifle, fuck it otherwise.

>> No.47549965

Fall Back and take out the undamaged EVA

>> No.47549968

Fall back Anna or go find a left so we can repair your cord., we've got a plan.

>> No.47549979

Call her back and send her again in the spare unit.

>> No.47550040

Anna! That's enough, come back!
Trainer MAJ. recalled Anna!
Trainer MAJ. sent out CGT!
Pointed stones dug into CGT!

>> No.47550056

[Second Child]
But- I'm-

Roger, I'm going back. Nearest Eva Rail-Launch system is one district away, I have enough time to get there.



>> No.47550085

What's the status on the other entity?

>> No.47550096

Attention, all units in its vicinity fall back away from Exoskeleton. Clear the blast area.

>> No.47550099

Hope we hit it with flares.

Now, which important structure is it going to land on?

>> No.47550116

its also taking out our other eva unit, goddamn.

I hate having to leave it on the bomb.

>> No.47550144

Thank you Anna
Now lets get the other Eve unit out here and finish the job

>> No.47550164

Good girl.

You'll be out again in no time.

>> No.47550202



It worked! The A.T. Flares really did a number on this guy!

Alright, CAS group listen up! Our objective is the 8th Angel. Let's finish this.

>> No.47550228

Well shit where are the bomber going to land now? And isn't that where we store our N2's?

>> No.47550230

Emergency crews to the airfield, try and contain the fires.

Static weapons, turn on the Angel core. Give fire support to CGT and his troops.

>> No.47550256

>Well shit where are the bomber going to land now?
1 runway is undamaged and most of runways 2 and 3 are still present. The Airfield has taken a hit, yes, but chances are it's operational.

If we were playing a RTS right now we'd be sending villagers or SCVs or bulldozers or whatever over.

>> No.47550269


We can probably divert them to a nearby airbase after the battle.

>> No.47550297

It's also going to explode rather violently so those runways are going to be fucked.

>> No.47550328

Major! The Angel has changed it's configuration!

It is advancing towards HQ!

[Computer Technician]
Anna has safely reached the Launch System Exit. She's being recovered as we speak!

>> No.47550366


Arm her with her choice of weapons and send her out.

All forces, concentrate fire on the angel.

KING, ACE, do you still have any more AT Flares?

>> No.47550434

>Major! The Angel has changed it's configuration!
>It is advancing towards HQ!
What's it gonna do, ram the ground?

>> No.47550455

>Quote from base rammed

>> No.47550477


>> No.47550521

I want to see another critfail roll
does that make me a bad person

>> No.47550539

Who cares. You wouldn't be on 4chan if you valued being a good person.

>> No.47550608

We'll end this here for tonight, thank you for playing!

This is seriously one of the worse thread I've seen concerning rolls. So many 1s. But it's been really fun!

>> No.47550625

Rolled 3, 10, 9, 9, 5, 6, 3, 3, 2, 9, 6, 3, 6, 10, 8, 10, 6, 5, 9, 6 = 128 (20d10)

Wonder how many of the next 20 rolls were 1s.

>> No.47550629

thanks for running.

Send dice relief.

>> No.47550632

Rolled 6 (1d10)


>> No.47550639

Oh look. No 1s. Three 10s, four 9s.

Good thing we stopped when we did, Lel oh Lel

>> No.47550645

Rolled 5 (1d10)

>all those good rolls
Th-Thanks, I guess

See ya next time

>> No.47550657

Pray for good
Pray for love
Pray for peace
and pray it's enough.

>> No.47550660

a good roll...but i still feel empty inside

>> No.47550697

Rolled 3, 4, 1, 7, 5, 8, 7, 6, 4, 4 = 49 (10d10)

Ceg throw us now and then so we can counteract some of these 1's. I mean what are the odds of rolling three 1's in a row?
And to see what i would've gotten if i kept rollin

>> No.47550708

*a bone

>> No.47550760

I'm somewhat disappointed with the Eva 08 drop. It could have been really great fighting on top of the outer shell.

The bombers and Ji Eun have been jobbing pretty hard too.

>> No.47550789

is EVA-08 recoverable?

Also, perhaps a once a thread save? Changes a crit fail to a fail?

>> No.47550974

Maybe. It will depend whether the outer shell explodes or not.

About the crit fails: It's the first time it happens in 20 threads. There's no reason to change it.

>> No.47551009

I thought we crit failed when David died?

>> No.47551135

That one was a special case. We actually rolled like a 5 on that one, then we got a billion 1s after it which is what ruined everything. We even had a 10 or two somewhere in there that got cancelled out because of all the 1s.

I think that's when Ceg implemented the rule that only the next 5 rolls count.

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